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Can we get a lolita in public thread? Feel free to share your best/worst experiences

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Not just stories, pictures too!

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>Mother takes me to San Fran to buy me lolita for my birthday.
> All dressed up in lolita because birthday
>Go to Walgreens to get Red Bull for myself
>Get two steps in the door before being grabbed and dragged outside to have some middle aged woman show me to her friends.
>Go across the street to get coffee for my mom.
>Cute little Mexican girl is flipping out over me
>Suddenly get grabbed again and spun around to have an iPod shoved in my face for a picture.

Never get anything weird where I love, though. Just people asking the occasion. Just posting this because people are grabby and it flipped me out.

>Same night we go to Teatro Zinzanni and we take a cab to the hotel
>Cabbie starts asking if I was a ~Japanese idoru~
>Mfw I am white as fuck
>Politely say no and that I wasn't even performing
>Talks about how he wants a lolita girlfriend.
>Starts rambling about how I am probably only into Japanese guys and how he wishes he could be Japanese so he could date me.
>Mother and I are just laughing awkwardly in the back.

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Studying abroad in Tokyo.
It's my birthday, I decided to go shopping in Harajuku with friends. I'm dressed in lolita, they're dressed in casual American style. "Hey XXX", they whisper. "I think someone is following us". I turn around and just like in the movies, I see a figure duck behind a corner, out of view. The feeling of being followed continues. We keep shopping. As we exit a store, a camera is shoved in my face by a dirty, otaku-looking ojisan. He snaps a few photos. I'm too shocked to say anything. Then he disappears.

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>Live in Indonesia
>No fucking lolitas here anywhere, online or anything
>Go out with boyfriend to local arcade to play DJ Max
>Fucking tournament happening on the same day
>Get sneered at by some fat girls and their friends with their greasy hair who are in the competition
>Wait around play some FPS with BF
>mfw fucking tournament ends and still 20 odd people crowded around the one machine
>fuck this

My bf told me that a couple little girls were gaping at me when I walked past though, and when we were leaving the mall a lady saw me and her face just lit up. She said "Lovely! Lovely!" to me a bunch of times and looked super giddy, it made my day a lot better before going home. Also wearing lolita on a motorbike is no fun, super ungraceful.

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Cosplayers too?

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I love how nobody is paying special attention to her. To go out in loli and get a similar reaction would be my dream.

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everytime I go to my local comic book shop, no one even bats an eye-even on crowded days, no stares or anything.
I liked it, but it was a bit for me at first considering all the attention lolita usually draws.
I actually get to shop there in peice, its nice.

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Go for it.

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>daddy issue bitches try to attention whore
>nobody cares
>they loudly proclaim how much they love the lack of attention

You're not fooling anyone you stupid cunts.

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That sounds like the worst idea! I mean, even wearing normal clothes is bad (shorts? Road rash) and protective gear is required.

I mean, in theory it's a badass kawaii idea, but I know too many people who've had just minor injuries, it's just a thing that's to be expected.

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True for the most part. Though there are people that just want to wear things they like and not get attention for it.

Just sayin.

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>Neckbeard fedora wearing thundergut complains.
>Nobody cares
>Loudly proclaim supposed superiority while momma cooks your hotpocket

You're not fooling anyone, stupid fuckwit.

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I taste jelly.

What, upset that you never get attention?

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FACT: Lolita bitches only like to dress up in those frilly tit curtains because they can hide a 40 inch waist under them.

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> At Dunkin Donuts to use bathroom while in lolita
> Employee: May I ask a personal question?
> S-sure... *internally cringing and preparing for a nasty misled question*
>Employee: Do you have a tampon?
> Yeah! *phew*

Better that what we expected!

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I once had a nigger try to feel me up while I was in lolita. I wasn't full on decked out in Lolita, it was worn in a way that could be a little more acceptable in society. I had on a pink IW dress with no blouse or accessories. Anyhow, the nigger was working at this clothing booth, and I was looking at the clothes. This one lady started asking questions about how they fit, and he asked to use me as a model. He used my body to show where to tie (which was completely unnecessary) and made every effort to put his hand on my tits while doing so. Like, while showing where they tie, he put the side of his hand up to my breasts. Rather then levitating his hand over my bust, he actually touched them. The first time, I was surprised, the second time he got away with it as well, and the third time I put my hand up to stop him. He looked at me like he was all offended. It was weird as fuck. Oh, and before this happened, he was eying me with those dark, soulless coon eyes. It left me with a bitter taste in my mouth about black people, I have to be on my toes around those chimps. I never liked them to begin with, and this didn't help.

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I like you.

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>>wearing lolita while visiting Japan
Uggghhh. I hate you stupid weeaboos, I wish there were a way to ban you from entering the country. Don't you feel any shame?

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bitch must not know about my burando

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Wearing a japanese fashion in japan is bad? What?

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You boastful bitches are veritably insane if your zenith is dreamt as a poorly dolled-up 18th century gutter whore strolling amongst shoppefolk. Get real, retards.

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Do you honestly think lolita is common, socially acceptable apparel in Japan? How deluded are you? Fucking weebs, man. Jesus.

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>skinnyfat thinks hiding her gut pooch under a waist curtains instead of tit curtains means she's not pathetic too

Listen, sugar tits; if you had a good body you'd be wearing skin tight clothes, not hiding it under clownish burkas.

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sorry troll that we'd rather be kawaii as fuck and keep our goods under wraps for those deserving of them.

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Why even care? You seem to be uptight. Did you used to be a weeaboo? Is it the past shame?

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But them we would be whores.

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It is the shame I feel for my race, and how you disgrace us.

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Wearing figure hugging clothes hasn't been seen as whorish since the 18th century.

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Good point. there's just no winning against someone with a penis. Too bad he'll never see a vag.

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But I don't even wear lolita I just think you're unreasonable.

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That which is "good" cannot be called if not so.

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Feminism: the last refuge of the fatty

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Wut. You just said you did in >>7060186
Unless that wasn't you, in which case, why are you defending this embarrassment to the white race?

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troll has a good time, samefags it up, and gets what they came here for.
they've been delivered a bowl of laced butthurt and bloomers in a knot.

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it aint trolling when it's the truth, sweetcheeks.

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Look, if we do or don't do what you say, we are in the wrong. Reveling clothes=whore, modest clothes=LOL u must b fat. I honestly don't see what you're trying to achieve here other then trolling. Can you please go be a fedora somewhere else?

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>Revealing clothes=whore
Who said that? Oh that's right, other women.

>modest clothes=LOL u must b fat
What you call "modest" is the fashion equivalent of a wooden barrel.

>Can you please go be a fedora somewhere else?
We're discussing cosplay, mlady. If that bothers you perhaps you should leave.

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Brandish wear does not make you a whore; it's an inward act. I believe the phrase is, "head up your own ass." Try investing in a less selfish hobby. One that doesn't present you upfront others' ridicule.

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Oh fuck....
Lolita is the female equivalent of a fedora.
At last I truly see!

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>We're discussing cosplay
>lolita in public thread

Pfff. 1/10 for making me respond.

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Whatever - playing dress up. Whatever you female fedoras want to call it.

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The stench from that picture is almost palpable.

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Thread got taken over by a dumbass troll, huh?

Ah well. We'll try again another time, ladies.

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see ya later, femdora

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>implying that's offensive

Fedoras were originally women's hats anyways. What's your point?

>> No.7060468 [DELETED] 

a bloo bloo bloo

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>autistic fatty cites historical factoids of dubious merit that nobody cares about in any case

So should we just cyber here or do you want to go to chat or something. Because I'm hard as a rock.

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Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.

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No seriously, you sound smart which is hot as fuck. Start shlicking.

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Ha, cute!

A lady at work once pulled me aside because "you're the lolita"! Turns out, she figured if anyone had eye lash glue she could use, I would (and did)! I was expecting a lecture or bizarre questions.

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less talk more shlick

>> No.7060498

Aw, that's sweet. By the way, what kind of eyelash glue do you use? What I've got right now is shit.

>> No.7060501 [DELETED] 

she uses the weeks old cheese from her web encrusted vagina

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Ah, I just had Duo that day, which I hear is actually really lousy compared to others - I've just never had a need for anything better, gets the job done for me.

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Ah, alright.

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lol. Best stories always involve the darkies.

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You're trying to hard, aren't you?

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You just can't ignore the faggot, can you?

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well, OP of that story is from Indonesia where the road laws are a little bit different.

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She wants it, bad.

And by "it" i mean "dick", aka penis.

I'm referring, you see, to her desire to initiate recreational sexual intercourse involving vaginal penetration in the missionary position.

>> No.7060577 [DELETED] 

want to fap. please post pics of your shitty weaboo dress up

>> No.7060579 [DELETED] 

"too", not "to", you vapid twat.

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Do strangers really touch or grab without permission? I always hear these drinks spilled on me, people touching or grabbing, and just invading your personal space. I can't imagine those people get by so easily without any consequences.

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>drinks spilled on me
I've had that happen , but it was another lolita, not a stranger.
But people willing to do things like that to a total stranger are usually the ones who will just do it to anyone, for any reason they can find funny to pick at. So it's not so much about how you're in lolita, it's more about how some people can be tremendous douchebags.

>> No.7060617 [DELETED] 

Just the non-white ones. Seriously.

>> No.7060619

It's not common, but yes, in my comm a girl got coffee tossed at her on the way to a meet, once.

>> No.7060639

Only slightly true. Have to have a tiny waist to fit into brand but the dresses do hide my mahoosive thighs.

>> No.7060657

I have old white ladies touching/grabbing at me all the time without my permission. Old people just think they can do whatever the fuck they want sometimes.

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In a larger city in the northwest in the U.S. Most reactions in public, if they're at all noticeable, range from slightly surprised to outright compliments. So far nobody has touched my dress, nor have they asked to. So far.

However, the black guys on the street in the inner city. One black dude started out okay, just complimenting my style instead of my body, but then when he used the line "That's sexy", my expression dropped in horror. The only skin I was showing was my face, and my chiffon blouse under my JSK was see-through. It's either I'm doing something completely wrong, or he was just desperate for non-white female attention and had no fuckin' clue (I just walked away then and there; I didn't have time to educate him about the style).

>> No.7060768

Maybe he finds a lady-like look to be sexy? There's still kind of a line between fetishizing something and thinking of it as sexually attractive, I think. Or maybe he found it attractive that you're dressed confidently. Or maybe that's just how he knows how to compliment.

In any case, it sounds better than dudes who fetishize it and actively look for a qt lolita gf.

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I'm sure it was totally sexual. Be careful, or those feral old white ladies will rape you in the ass and give you their AIDS.

>> No.7060774

I'm going with this too. It doesn't make it an appropriate compliment, nor does it make your feelings and reaction any less valid, but some people just aren't taught that there are other ways to compliment people, especially women.

>> No.7060779

Yeah, like other commenter, some guys (like girls) find well-covered attire very attractive and or sexy in a way. Kinda not cool to tell that outright to someone you hardly know though, that's kind eh.

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what does lolita and "daddy issues" actually mean? what is daddy issues?

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This too.

>> No.7060914

While in a large city a homeless guy attempted to rub against me. That's as close as I ever came to having random people try to touch me.

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I used to have a lot of shitty experiences (Upskirt photos, things thrown at me, yelling, etc.) in my town, but it seems like as I've gotten better at dressing and the longer I've been in the fashion, I don't get anywhere near as much of a negative response. I used to get so much shit, but now I get barely any. I wonder if maybe it's just my town has gotten used to me, or people have given up on hassling me.

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Yes. As we all know, wearing alternative street fashion in Japan is illegal. There is literally no underground fashion scene in grorious honorable nail-that-sticks-out Nippon. Nope, not at all.
Just because Japanese companies sell those clothes doesn't really mean anyone in Japan actually wears them.
Delusional fuckin' weeaboos, shaming us good gaijin.

>> No.7060943

If you're going to go that far, not blending in 100% is socially unacceptable. Any kind of alt fashion would be socially unacceptable. Dyed hair would be socially unacceptable.

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I have two when I went traveling across Europe in Lolita

>Wearing Lolita, Paris, just left the Louvre
>Go to McDonald's right outside to eat something quick
>When it's my turn the cashier gets huge wide eyes and tells me that she, too, is a lolita
>She pulls out her phone which is an AP phone case
>We're trying to speak to each other through the language barrier with the 30 seconds I have without holding up the line

Next a few days later,
>Went from Amsterdam to Cologne for a day because my travel mate wanted to go to a big guitar store there
>Four/Five hour train ride, I'm regretting going bc there were things I wanted to do in Amsterdam
>Get off the train and at the station there is a group of cosplayers & one lolita
>It takes me about 30 minutes before I finally get the courage to go up to the lolita
>Travel mate goes off to his guitar thing and I end up chilling out with her & the cosplayers at the park
>Ends up being an awesome day, no regrets

I was in lolita every day I traveled but those were the only two particularly special moments that stand out.

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oh rly?
get yo ass to harajuku
but, the rest of Japan, sure

>> No.7060987

Anon, I was being sarcastic.

>> No.7060997

When I was in Tokyo I saw a lot of Japanese lolitas and not only at Harajuku.
While weeb behaviour makes me cringe, I really doubt any Japanese person gives a shit if a white girl is walking around in lolita if they don't give a shit about Japanese girls doing it.
Talking about Harajuku I DID see a girl all covered in black frills from head to toe. She was morbidly obese and we had over 30 degree celsius at the time and the sun was shining harshly.
Wore black long wooly gloves as well.
Looked horrid but man, it must have been so unbearably hot.
Some girls really are willing to suffer to make a fashion statement.

>> No.7061005

False. It's not socially acceptable per say, but as a gaijin, they don't fucking care. You're already a spectacle if you don't look Japanese, even in Tokyo. On the weekends, it's no big thing in the city to see girls dressed up.

>> No.7061020

In Japan I saw lolitas from time to time, in parks, crossing the street, maybe about 1-2 a day. Less for sure than women wearing kimono though, interestingly enough. Not even old women either, younger women. In and out of yukata season.

The reason why I mentioned is because of this- I always said I wanted to go to Japan and wear lolita, kimono, etc. and this is what they told me.

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The first time I ever wore Lolita in public I had a group of teenage boys ambush me at a food court. One of them grabbed me by the back of my neck and tried to kiss me while another filmed it/took pictures. So yeah, strangers really do crappy things when you're dressed differently.

>> No.7064186

I live on a military base and get a surprising amount of good reaction. The only person who hates it is my pissmate, who's a loud, dirty, raging cunt anyways. I think the most vocal are the retirees, who seem to think it's a novel idea for someone to dress so pretty nowadays. I get called princess a lot, but most of that is good-natured teasing. I wear pretty casual lolita though, with a small petti and nice cutsews.

>> No.7064211

I was sitting around at a convention and some idiot threw one of those stick crackers with cheese packs in my general direction. Greasy cheap cheese byproduct splattered on the floor inches away from my day dream carnival. Oh hell no.

If any young budding douche tried to do that shit to me they'd have some AP plastic jewelry marks embedded in their face for a week. Homeboy better not mess with me, I'll beat the shit out of you. I'd send my husband but I'm a lot more physically strong than he is.

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