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So I just found out they're a couple. I know this may be old news to you but I'm absolutely astonished! Mila is my sweet lolita idol and Marie is my favorite gothic lolita of all times. They're the perfect lolita couple, imo.

Cosplayers have couples threads all the time, I was hoping this could inspire a "lolita couples" thread? No need to be gay couples only, boystylers and aristos are very welcome too.

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let me bust ya in on some hard cold facts 1 this thread is kinda gay 2 their just young i give them 3-4 months longest before they both start getting cock bruises

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These two are too adorable~

This isn't the best picture of either of them but it was the only one I have of them together.

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Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a more ignorant comment on 4chan.

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That's such a weak troll. Try harder next time.

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Cute lolita lesbian couples are my favourite! It feels creepy saying it (perving on others' relationship) but it's true. I'm not normally attracted to other women but I'd love to have a cute lolita cuddlebuddy.

>homosexuals are gay
well gosh

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Cute! Now I want a sweet loli girlfriend.

Such a pretty couple! Who are they?

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anthrodraco and porcelainsong, they're literally the cutest things ever.

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Marie is teh hotness, total girlcrush here.

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>TFW no qt lolita friends
>TFW BF won't dress up, even in dandy or aritsocrat with you


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lurk more.

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I mean. I hang out on /b/.

But that was pretty fucking stupid.

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Oh I have a folder for this. I mostly got these pics from tumblr, so I don't know if these people are couples or just posing.

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So adorbs!!! I want my boyfriend to twin with me. How do I make him into brolita?

In the "loli famous" couples series. I love their style.

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who released that dress again

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And that's all I've got.

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Y-you have a folder for this?

Oh thank God I'm not the only one. You'va already posted pretty much everything I have, though.

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I don't want to collect photos of lolicouples I actually know for some reason, but I guess people rarely do save photos of their friends coords.
Just those of internet strangers.

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ugh i actually have such a huge girl crush on cadney. i think she's fucking cute as hell.

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Fuck I want a lolita girlfriend now.

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this feel. i know it.

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Horton has two noses. Omg.

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but they're not a couple though?
pretty sure rune is dating a fedorafag

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I know they're just posing but these hover kisses are very unsatisfying.

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wow, the gothic lolita girl really suits gothic!

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Is it the angle or does he really have Auschwitzcore calves?

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WHAT they're a couple?! haha i had no idea! marie is my favorite EGL as well. she rocks MmM like no one's business

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>I mean, I hang out on /b/
1) You shouldn't have admit to that
2) You should never even feel inclined to admit to that
3) Don't feed trolls, you moron

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Lolita couples are so cute.

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that's all

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are they still together?

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Haha, now I have an excuse to use this gif.

Man, I have to wait for nine and a half months for my boyfriend to come back from Japan (he's studying abroad), so there will be no photos of us while I'm in loli in the mean time, but in the mean time, we've agreed that he'll be my mbok shopping service (I wouldn't pressure him into going to a lolita store, even though he's done some weird-ass shit before). I plan on wearing something he helped get me when we meet in person again.

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Have you thought of going over to Japan to see him as a surprise? It's a long time for you to be a part with him.

I know friends including myself who have traveled over to the Far East to see their best friend or SO when he/she was gone for a year.

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It is a long time. I'm honestly torn since my brother moved to New York after he graduated last May and he isn't planning on coming back to the Midwest in two years. My bf and I are going to graduating about the same time too (granted, Japanese school system is weird - he didn't start his semester until three weeks ago). I don't know how feasible it would be for me to go unless I take out a loan and/or find a way to work full time before he comes back.

Another factor:
>He could always just do one semester in Japan and finish the rest in the U.S. (which then I could totally visit since our colleges are an hour and a half away from each other)

>His visa last an extra 3-5 months (can't remember which now), so he could stay and dick around in Japan if he wanted.

Of course, I'm sure my folks would be concerned about me traveling abroad on my own. I'm sure that there will be a point where we'd go to NYC (I'd rather that they visit their families back in the old country though).

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*going to graduate

Good job, me. Excuses, excuses. It's funny that we've been friends for a while before we admitted into liking each other a lot. I'm trying to imagine this situation being no different from when we decided to go to different colleges, but it is a little harder now that we're aware of these feelings.

Even though it sucks, I'm still glad for skype. It helps a little.

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Man, I hope so.

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So anon's, just for fun, if you could date any loli, who would it be and why? And where would you go/what would you do on dates?

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I wouldn't worry about going abroad... you're in college, right? I went to Japan on my own right after I turned 17, and it wasn't scary at all. Homesickness is really all you'd have to be worried about, and since you'd be going to see your SO you probably wouldn't even feel that.

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Why is this feel a bad feel.

Sucks to live in a country with less lolitas than fingers on 1 hand.

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I hate to burst your bubble but mbok needs a japanese issued credit card... and unless he is a permanent resident he cant buy anything without a shopping service.. unless a friend is kind enough to let them use their card for the 315 yen monthly fee and buy the stuff....

>> No.7156921

Gah is there any way to coord a male's matching outfit to a lolita that doesnt make him look like a little boy, really effiminate or just slapping on a tux like >>7155691?
I guess not all guys can pull it off?

>> No.7156937

Um, I went on a student visa and got a credit card from the post office? To be fair I don't know how or why exactly I got it but they made me fill out the form and then the card turned up .. but well I know it's apparently difficult, but it's not impossible?

>> No.7156952

There's not many options for guys that aren't "little boy", "effeminite" or "goth" - matching an EGA to a goth loli is the easiest way.

>> No.7156959


Whats EGA if i might ask, i dont frequent /cgl/ too much.

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Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, mostly black items with a very clean silhouette. Guys and girls can wear it, long skirts and such. Brands like Atelier Boz and Moi-meme-Moitie

>> No.7156970

Are you sure that wasn't an ATM card because I've never heard of the post office issuing credit cards, and they certainly wouldn't give a card to a student with no job.

You can sign up for mbok if you have a Japanese contracted cell phone. It can't be a smartphone though, otherwise you have to use a credit card to sign up. But you can't get a contract (which lasts for 2 years) unless you're on a visa that has more than two years of stay time left on it. Prepaid phones don't work because you can't access the Internet from them.

The easiest way to get a card is to have a few years of residency under your belt, a steady job, and a decent income. Getting one from a department store like Marui is the easiest for foreigners. Citibank is easy too.but again you cannot get a credit card on a student visa.

>> No.7156971

Really? thats weird... i know when you open a bank you can get a cash card.. but i havent heard of getting a visa, mastercard or jcb card being a forigner yet you need it to buy on mbok.

>> No.7156980

Not to steal the thread or anything.. but if you were staying in japan as a transfer student but under two years.. what would be the best way use mbok? is there a decent shopping service if you live in japan.. besides asking a friend to do it for you

>> No.7156985

Yeah they are anon.

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aherpderpderp selfpost
when we`re both being fancy at the same time, he doesn`t do aristo, but puts on a suit and stuff
though there`s only one photo out there where neither of us are making a stupid face, and it`s not very good quality

>> No.7156991

Yeah, it was a Visa/Mastercard, issued in connection with my JP Post bank account- I had both it and the ATM card and the book. Trust me, I'm not even sure why I got it.

>> No.7156993


I couldn't remember which (this was two years ago) so I went looking: jp-bank.japanpost.jp/kojin/tukau/card/credit/kj_tk_crd_top_index.html

They woman at the post office helped me fill in the form, I didn't expect much from it- we'd been told it was an option with our accounts but that we didn't have to do it, I was told by the lady at the post office I had to- was pretty sure she was wrong, and that it would just get rejected. Then it turned up in my mail box. I never used it, because I didn't actually know what the terms were on it and just handed it back in when I left four months later.

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Oh wow. I know this is a wig but I have exactly the same skin and hair colour.
Good to see that someone else who looks like a Zombie managed to get a bf. Makes me feel better about myself, I guess.

>> No.7157041

Wait in what way does she look like a zombie? Dark brown hair goes with ivory skin really well.

>> No.7157045

THESE TWO. it hurts how adorable they are

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Too bad she's 500x more beautiful, and classy than you'll ever hope to be. Don't even compare yourself to her, pleb.

>> No.7157086

naw man it`s cool, i know i`m pale as fuck

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>this post

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this guy's face creeps me out so much

>> No.7157811

I already have a bf but there's one girl in my comm who I would totally bone.

>> No.7158633

i think it's pretty normal for lolitas to have ginormous crushes on each other lol
we can be a pretty attractive bunch!

>> No.7158651


Weird seeing that guy vaguely dressed like a dude.

>> No.7158665

What's with all these whiteknights today? What website am I browsing? I thought you guys were used to much worse than "she's so pale lol".

Also, please stop posting pics of your bfs in normalfag clothes. Dress them in egl, ega, boystyle, ouji or just gtfo.

>> No.7158697

I think it's disgusting for lolitas to date other lolitas. Especially guys who dress up as girls. It's just creepy. Guys dressed up in AP's new jsk print or IW are just obvious homosexuals.

>> No.7158732


Why would it be disgusting? I think its rather cute. I mean ok i find guys in lolita clothing kinda disturbing. But if 2 lolitas date its kinda cute.

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Dis bitch is just bitter that Mana turned her sad ass down

>> No.7158818

Idk, it was weird to me at first but then I realized just think about how much courage it takes when you first wear lolita out in public. It must be so much harder for a guy to admit he likes lolita and then it takes a lot of courage for him to actually dress up. I've known a couple of straight brolitas and I think they're genuinely interested in the fashion itself. People should wear what they like.

>> No.7158820

So you don't like lolita couples, what about other gay couples? Is it because they're in lolita fashion or you find homosexuality wrong? Just curious.

>> No.7158839

I can imagine the courage it takes. Im a tad interested in the fashion, but honestly lolita looks amazing but i hate the lack of male fashion like Gothic Aristocrat, or victorian fashion.

>> No.7158842
File: 606 KB, 440x237, tumblr_m1u9ow0JpI1r83dkzo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just, like, your opinion, man.

>> No.7158846

You're an obvious homosexual.

>> No.7158847

Fucking calm your shit.

>> No.7158874

Omg. I just started dating a lolita. We get to do this. Didn't occur to me until now. Yessss.

>> No.7158879


Only if you record it or make pictures of it.

>> No.7160543

can we get back to posting hot lolita couples please

>> No.7160648

There are a lot of these that are just suggestive posing.

That said, I'm actually dating another lolita and even we were told by a photographer to do a hover kiss pose, so they might not all just be posed; I'm not sure.

>> No.7160652

Friend of mine is a wedding/engagement photographer and deals with this a lot. Very few people look all that good having a pash for photos, so it's generally the more aesthetically pleasing of the options that tend to come up. There are a few couples in the thread that have found ways to have 'real' kisses that don't look like mother birds feeding their young, but that's surprisingly rare.

>> No.7160678

Me too!

A elegant gothic lolita/aristocrat girlfriend with whom I can read books, drink wine and listen to folk metal.

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