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How many of you are lone lolitas?

>why are you a lone lolita?

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?

>where are you located?

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Don't really have much of choice really, closest active communities are 4-5+ hours away and I don't have a car- as I don't need one. I tried to start a community here, there just isn't anyone in this area as far as I can tell. I have a few lolita penpals, which is fun, getting mail is always nice. I don't have much of an online presence, but I'm okay with that, but it would be nice to make some friends.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Sure, why not? I had a "acquaintance" at school last year who was a lolita, we weren't really friends but it was awesome to have somebody who actually understood what I was on about. I'd like to have maybe two friends who like lolita, and would like meeting up regularly, or just to hang out, rather then a big group of people I don't know well.

>where are you located?

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>Why are you a lone lolita?
Due to my age/location I feel a bit isolated from the other members in my comm. I also feel more comfortable hanging out with just a friend or two dressed up rather than a whole gaggle of lolitas.

>Would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?

>Where are you located?
Long Island (631)

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after living in New England for quite some time, I feel sorry for you.
I remember going to multiple stores and they had a "makeup section" that was just some wrinkle creams. it was the most depressing shit.

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Burlington isn't so bad- I mean it kind of is, I had a really hard time moving back after being in Toronto for a year.

But I don't really know what I want to do right now, and VT is pretty cheap compared to the rest of the world so I'm sort of drifting until I get a better direction.

At least I don't have problems when I go out dressed up- but its such a small town some times I worry it will effect my ability to get jobs, and that makes me a little nervous.

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I am. Started wearing lolita ~2008, discovered comms ~2011, became fed up with them by the beginning of 2012. I don't relate to most lolitas, even the ones whose taste I admire, and almost every comm is dominated by the ubiquitous itas and weebs with whom I'd rather not associate at all.

I have always worn relatively expensive designer clothes and I see lolita brands as just more of those. People who wear Prada rarely feel the need to go to parties exclusively with people wearing Prada and I feel the same way about Mary Magdalene.


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Someone started a VT comm on Facebook somewhat recently. Not sure if you're part of it already but thought I'd let you know just in case. Fb.com /groups/585621578143248/

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Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately it hasn't gone anywhere, everyone who joined so far seems to be out of state.

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Ah, I'm not part of that comm, just one nearby so I didn't know. I guess at least it'd be a way to meet some online friends?

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>why are you a lone lolita?

I haven't found any active comm that is near. Closest is 3+ hours with a car (that I do not have).
There are two big meet ups in my town each year that I know of but I haven't had the courage to go because I do not know anyone and the meet ups are so large - knowing myself I would probably stare at my feet, never talk to anyome, feel horrble out of place, feel badly dressed next to all those beautiful girls (I saw some photos, they were all so perfect!) and almost start cyring because of my terrible social skills.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?

I would. But I have a hard time making new friends because I am shy and an introvert. That is why I would not like to go to a big meet up without knowing anyone.

>where are you located?
Duesseldorf, Germany.

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Well firstly going to meets takes about 2/3 hours and I seriously can not be arsed to drive all the way across the UK just to eat cake and look fabulous.
The largest community in my area is full of egotistical bitches who own brand but wear it badly and constantly BTB each other. The second community is only a small group of newbie close friends that are pretty good at lolita but don't like new comers and the other community is full of nice people but they are all ita's and try hard cosplayers.
Just can't win this one.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
TBH no, I prefer being on my own with my fashion and would rather make friends for who they are over what they wear, most of my friends are quite normal looking anyways.
There is something about lolita fashion that brings out the bitch in us all when we all group together. It's like a tank of piranha slowly starving until they gang up and tear someone apart to fulfill their daily drama needs.
I do miss the tea parties though, I've only been too about 3 meets and literally just sat back to watch the drama and backstabbing of the first community.

>where are you located?

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>why are you a lone lolita?
I have never seen another lolita around here and while I do live close enough to some comms, I haven't heard too many good things about them.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
I think so, it would be fun so long as we can talk about other things when the lolita topic has ran its course.

>where are you located?
New Jersey...

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>Why are you a lone lolita?

Because interacting with people is annoying and none of the girls in my comm share my interests. Either that or they're too chicken to admit that they're just as big a weaboo as I am.

>Would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Only if they're not saccharine and boring like my comm seems to be.

It's the Houston comm.

Seriously, you guys. You're all either really cool but seriously ita, or really well-dressed but seriously boring and fake. Please find a balance.

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:D Me too! North or South? Morris County representing.

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North, Union

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Oh wow, pretty close! Honestly the style sense of the NJ comm is a mix bag, but most of them are very nice girls. What kinds of things interest you outside of jfashion?

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essex here. hello

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I tried being in the comm for a while, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason and I did see that some looked as if they could use a push in the right direction.
I cosplay, read, drawing and play video games.

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>why are you a lone lolita?
No other lolitas around and I don't live in a major city. Closest community is 6 hours away, or around 3 hours by plane.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
It would be nice to have a friend that dresses in it as well that I could hang out with while I'm in lolita. And a part of it being that it'd be nice for all the attention to not be on me when I go out.

>where are you located?
Small city in Texas.

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Anon, please tell me where the German comms are. I'll be in Heidelberg next year, and I keep asking, but no one answers my cries.
Also, my bf is from Duisburg, so go NW!

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Sorry, I was scrolling through down the front page when I saw 3 lolitas apparently in my immediate area. Just kind of shocked me.

Anywho, I'm not grill, so feel free to ignore this post.

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Like >>7275209, I'm over the whole community for the sake of shared fashion interests. I've made one really good friend as a result of a local community, but I've met way more crazies and dramallamas who I would be happier not knowing about at all. The remainder are people who I have absolutely nothing in common with apart from the fashion.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
No, see above. The ratios are not worth the hassle. I have friends already, and the things I share in common with them I value far more than a shared love of frilly clothing.

>where are you located?

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>why are you a lone lolita?
i live in alaska
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
i live in alaska
>where are you located?
i live in alaska

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Anon, I'm sure there are other lolitas in Alaska. Granted, probably nowhere near you, but still.

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Hi ladies! Amazing, I seem to never be able to find lolis in North NJ.
Union-chan, same. I haven't drawn in a while though, artist's block of sorts. Are you guys going to AnimeNext this year? I think I'm going to cosplay friday/sunday (Leafa/Anna from Frozen) and wear lolita Saturday.

Ohai! But are you a lolita?

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I switch between the Houston and Austin comms (college @UT), I think the Austin one is a lot more friendly, well-dressed and genuine. There are quite a few more itas in HLC :'(

Side note, are you going to Anime Matsuri?

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Yes, I am. Not sure what I am csosplaying yet as I just started planning for my costumes.
Depends on what I get finished and am satisfied with or if anything else comes up that just steals me away.

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No way, I'm in Alaska.

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Why are you a lone lolita?: Because all the girls in my local comm are prettier/better than me and I don't't want to waste their time trying to be on their level when I am below them.

Would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?: Yes! As long as you don't ignore me and let me sit there while you and another girl talk (like every meet I go to)

Where are you located?: Saint Louis,MO

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Too shy to join a group of fab (an popular) lolitas.
Other reason: a lot of lolitas I met are really young and I just can't really be friend with a 16 years old.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yes, actually I would be interested in having friends who are into alternative/japanese fashion styles.

>where are you located?
I'll take the risk and say Yvelines, just in case there are some fellow lolitas in the same area.

Personnally I really don't want big meets but rather have a few friends in the same fashion or close, to share things with and hang out to show our latest buys etc. So far I have one and shopping is really fun now, it's awesome.
I want to have friends like that in my town so we could casually meet in our flats and talk about releases, stuff like that.

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>why are you a lone lolita?

Just because we wear similar clothes doesn't mean I should be their friends.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?

Only if we can be friends with or without Lolita

>where are you located?


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>why are you a lone lolita?
I used to have a great community until I moved. There's really nobody else in my city that's as active as I am. The two other girls I know are only con Lolitas and I tend to wear my dresses as everyday wear. Also, this city is boring and judgmental when it comes to things that seem even remotely different.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
I go on a 1.5 to 2 hour drive every two months or so to hang out with Lolitas from neighboring cities. Also, at the beginning of my move here, there was a language barrier. That has solved itself now, but it was really tough.

>where are you located?
If there's anyone else in Magdeburg, please show yourself.

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Country I'm living in doesn't have an established community, it's actually quite poor and although otaku culture's pretty popular most people would only be familiar with oldschool stuff like in anime. Also I don't speak bahasa so it's sorta hard to communicate.
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Fuck yes. I don't have a big wardrobe yet since I've only been a lolita for a year, but I'd love to go to a meetup or plan one.
>where are you located?
Jakarta. I'm moving to Bangkok next year and I'm so psyched because I know there's lolitas there.

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Magdeburg Anon here! If y'all weren't so far away, I would scoop you both up into my frilly arms and we can have great, gossipy meetups.

Also, the Western German comms are more active than the Eastern ones, but they always look so intimidating. Heidelberg anon, have you checked Animexx yet? It's a pretty weeby website, but a lot of comms plan their meetups there.

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Where in CA? Im in the 805.

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Check animex, especially the Gothic Lolita circle. That's what I did since there's no way to get into dunkelsuess (fucking shit, I hate this so much).

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>why are you a lone lolita?
I live 5 hours away from the local comm and my car is broken. There are no other lolitas here but two girls who are my brother's age are starting out although they only one a cosplay shop so far.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yes, I really enjoy meetups when I do go. I wish I could attend more. I do have a few lolita friends in the closest comm so it's lovely to catch up when I can.

>where are you located?

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Same. Dunkelsüß can go die in a fire. I still have no idea why the fuck they keep the membership so exclusive. Like, is it so hard to find extra servers? (I don't think so.)

>> No.7276292

Not hard to find, but expensive, and unless someone is pays for a larger server, the membership is restricted

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Düsseldorf has a lot of meet ups. Almost every two month the 'royal pony' for example, also there are a lot of meet ups in essen, dortmund and other cities. Just check animexx event calender or join their Facebook-page. Düsseldorf is maybe one of the best place to live for lolitas here. And the girls are really nice.

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Not a lolita, just a cosplayer here.

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Because I never met another loli I could gel with.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
I was, but there wasn't anybody I had anything common with. I don't think I'll attend meets anymore. The most popular and active girls in my comm are very looked up to online because of their massive wardrobes. I don't feel like I fit in with them because I'm a poorfag and they don't try to make me feel welcome either, then you have lots of girls who aren't local and keep speaking to themselves in their native tongue.

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winter lolita most year round oh boy!
its summer in australia and i cant even gain the stamina to sweat and die all over a simple skirt + blouse combo

not even considering OTKS/stockings. my friends keep asking me "are you sure you're not too hot in those??" yes i am hot and you better believe it darling.

>why are you a lone lolita?
far away bogan city

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
YES just as long as you're happy to talk about other things than lolita and we what we make in common isnt about what we hate (friendships based off conversations from negative things never last)

>where are you located?
darling downs, qld
gosh i have a feeling posting here so much with my location now is sounding pretty sad and desperate now

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Because the people in my local "comm" are ita as fuck and I don't want to be associated with them.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
In theory, but all the ones I've met here are pretty weeby and don't have other interests outside of OMG JAPAN DESU

>where are you located?
The desert.

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Bad experience with the local comm. at the cons. Really shied away from any meetups.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yes, if we can talk about Lolita and non Lolita things.

>where are you located?

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>why are you a lone lolita?
A (probably) well-known loli used to be a mean bitch to me, spreading rumours about me. So I'm too shy/afraid to hang out with the comm.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yes. If you don't care that I'm just a part-timer.

>where are you located?

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The Royal Pony isn't that often, I think. Yes, there are some meet ups around, but no real comm, I feel. I'm too much of a beta faggot with no social skills to join a meet up with many other people that I do not know. it just seems so scary.

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Do any of you go to Rutgers? ;_;

>> No.7276880

I do not, sorry.

>> No.7276893

Oh no poor anon it really is hot there. I have heard there are some lolitas in Toowoomba and there was a loli at Gatton at one stage.

>> No.7276901

>why are you a lone lolita?
I'm shy, crap at hair and makeup, missing a decent petticoat and shoes.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yea but I'm also worried I'll look shit compared to others.

>where are you located?
UK not far from London

>> No.7276909

I did not even know about animexx, so thank you, anons.

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>why are you a lone lolita?
School and work keeps me busy.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yes of course.

>where are you located?
New York, NYC
I haven't found any NY communities on fb, idk if I'm looking properly.

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I was once a Toowoomba loli, had no idea there were others.
I'm in the military and travel a lot so I have a tendency of going to one or two meets in whatever state I'm in then posting out and having to start over. Right now I live in the ACT, there's a comm here but doesn't seem to be very active and work commitments make it hard for me to attend anything.

>> No.7277212

>why are you a lone lolita?
I've looked at my local comm's FB group several times, but I'm too shy to just go ahead and add myself to their group. They seem like a fairly close-knit community already, and I'm really afraid of coming off as rude or intrusive.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
I would love to actually meet other lolitas! My only interaction with other lolitas so far has been here on /cgl/.

>where are you located?
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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>why are you a lone lolita?
Intimidated by going to meets where everyone already knows each other, don't want to feel like I'm intruding on some close knit group.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yes ;_;

>where are you located?
Cambridge UK

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There are, but the comms are kind of a mess.
Theres gonna be a meet at bryant park on January 18th.
I've never been to a meet before and am considering going but idk..

>> No.7277259

Its nice to see some NJ ladies! Union county here too.
I have yet to go to a meet, should I give it a go?

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Long Island here, too. Are you Nassau or Suffolk? I'm in Suffolk and no one ever wants to have meets out East. Plus I don't feel like being seen with some girls in the comm... You probably know. (also curious, by 631 did you mean the area code? If so then it's probably Suffolk and I'll feel a little dumb for asking.)

>Why are you a lone lolita?
As I mentioned before, there aren't very many meets in my county, and the ones we do have are really far away and aren't worth the drive. Also, some of the girls who are most actively attending meets... Are a little less than well-dressed, and I feel embarrassed being seen with some of them. Especially since the meets are so small, they usually make up a majority of the group. There was also a little drama with one girl basically calling me out for owning too much brand, but I don't think it escalated too far. It also doesn't help that I'm a bit shy, and the worthwhile (3 hour bus ride) meets in the city can sometimes be a bit too many people for me.

>Would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Definitely, so long as they're nice and not too-terribly ita. I think small outings with friends is more suitable for me.

>Where are you located?
Long Island

>> No.7277872

I might be visiting Austin soon one day.

>> No.7277879

I'm actually scared of joining since i'm such a big weeab and i get really awkward around people. ;

>> No.7277883

>why are you a lone lolita
I'm an oldschool lolita who doesn't want to deal with newbie bullshit.
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas
no thank you
>where are you located

>> No.7277884

>why are you a lone lolita?
I live in the greater toronto area.
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Have you ever encountered any of the gta lolitas?
>where are you located?
The GTA. Unfortunately.

>> No.7277920

I live in the GTA and I've always wondered why the lolitas here get a bad rap. I thought about joining them a few times, but everyone seems to hate them.

To stay a bit more relevant:
>why are you a lone lolita?
Pretty new to lolita (still building a wardrobe), and I like to keep to myself. Communities that have already been established also intimidate me
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Eh, maybe.
>where are you located?

>> No.7277937

I know it's old drama, but holy shit, she's awful.

>> No.7277942

I'm in Suffolk too, left my e-mail in the field if you want to get in touch!

>> No.7277965

>why are you a lone lolita?
because my comm is filled with either fatties who can't dress for their body type, old itas (think nearing 30), or newbies who adore bodyline but can't dress well in it. there are a few decent ones from what i can tell but i don't want to be associated with any of the others more than i have by trying to go to more meets to find out.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
yes! at least one other loli friend would be nice. someone who knows how to dress themselves and has a decent personality would be nice.

>where are you located?

>> No.7277976

Thanks! I just sent an e-mail to you.

>> No.7277977

adding that i'm also someone who'd prefer a friend i could talk to even apart from lolita stuff, but, of course, comms aren't the greatest meeting places for people who with similar interests outside of lolita

>> No.7277981

Where are you located in Cali and what kind of things are you interested in?

>> No.7278006

>why are you a lone lolita?
I don't care about all the intricacies of the fashion enough to talk about them with other lolis, don't like group gatherings, and avoid weebs like the plague. Basically, same reasons why I also don't join any anime/game/other hobby groups.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Unless we were already likely to be friends, nah. I'm sort of a lone person anyways, I just like being by myself. So, unless we were already friends or you seem interesting outside of lolita, nope.

>where are you located?
Seattle, WA, USA.

>> No.7278025


Not gonna lie, if you don't know a few people in the comm already the meet ups are hardly worth attending.

>> No.7278164

>why are you a lone lolita?
Shy as hell, also only really started wearing it this year, so afraid of fucking up even though I've gotten couple compliments of what I've posted online before. Also, even though local comm is fairly close, still personally a hassle for me to get to especially if I don't have a buddy with me.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
I actually have a couple acquaintances that are into lolita, but I don't get to converse with them often. But otherwise, yeah, I would like to have a friend to wear pretty dresses with.

>where are you located?
Northern CA.

>> No.7278203

If you want to be accepted in that comm, don't be awkward. Seriously, don't. Don't ever let your guard down. Nothing will ever slip by. Not even a hint of weeb.

>> No.7278234

>why are you a lone lolita?
because of lolitas that are huge weebs , itas , and bitches.
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
If they are well dressed, arent weebs, and dont crave drama, i would consider.
>where are you located?

>> No.7278281


Anon, I'm always looking for English-speaking Lolitas in Germany to hang out with and stuff and if you're interested, we can trade Facebooks? Throw-away e-mail is in the field.

>> No.7278313

>why are you a lone lolita?
too shy, feel like I'd be too out of the way to carpool with, don't want to be a burden.
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Hell yeah, maybe even local jfashion enthusiasts.
I've been hanging out with no one but guys for months now, and I really miss female interaction. because girls can actually hold a decent conversation about clothes. I'd love to try different styles, and maybe we can be shopping buddies.
>where are you located?

>> No.7278400

Yeah, thats what I had figured.. which is why I've been putting this off for forever.
I just wish I could meet up with some ladies and have a good time rather than stand alone awkwardly and wishing I wasn't there.

>> No.7278461

>why are you a lone lolita?
My local comm seem to be a bit of a mess. It's a small area and there are two comms for it. They try to organize a meetup every now and then, but it rarley happens. Too less people seem interested. Even though I know there a quite some Lolitas in my area so I wonder if there's some drama in the comm?
Wierd thing that everybody and his cow attend the christmas meet, although it was organized by a girl which doesn't seem to have a good repuation.
I would love to join but all the mess makes me unsure about it.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?

>where are you located?
nothern germany

>> No.7278583

No lovely, but I was considering it after ccm to finish my teaching degree.

>> No.7278588

Yes, do! :o

>> No.7278796

>why are you a lone lolita?
Because I'm too nervous to get off my arse and contact the comm. I've met the unofficial comm leader before at a small meet-up near my hometown (there were just three of us), and she's really well-dressed and successful, but when I saw her again recently she didn't recognize me (which isn't surprising in the slightest, it had been a long time and she was pretty busy running her stall). Anyway, my point is that I'm really worried about trying to ingratiate myself into a group of close and very well-dressed people without really knowing anyone, since I'm not that memorable as a person (I only really stand out due to the fact that I wear lolita every day, and obviously that's not going to be that impressive to them) and due to my uni commitments there's long patches where I don't have time for meet-ups.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yes! I'd love to be part of a comm! But I feel like I need to make friends with one or two people first. Even if they're not part of the comm, we could all join together or something. Otherwise I tend to just stand around like an awkward lemon until somebody talks to me.

>where are you located?
London, UK

>> No.7278814

I'm >>7278796 - don't worry, I'm shy and crap at hair and make-up too! How far from London are you? What county are you in?

>> No.7278817

I will email you!
I won't be in Germany until mid-summer, but I would enjoy potentially hanging out then and getting to know you beforehand.

>> No.7278833

I probably am the Toowoomba loli lol
Though I'm going to assume the other is kodona/ouji, they're actually a great friend of mine! But I want a lolita to relate to more and he doesn't go out in his stuff much, its normally just me in my lolita when we chill and that's it.

But this surprises me! Did you leave Toowoomba like 2 years ago and do you still do lolita? I remember I actually bumped into a random garage sale selling lolita stuff, if that was you, I still have the dress and shoes! They were the first pieces I ever got :)

>> No.7278834

Sorry, I kinda worded myself badly there, I don't mean to ask "do you do" but "did you quit lolita at some point" my mind was thinking one thing and saying the other gah

>> No.7278950

>why are you a lone lolita?
Our state's meet ups are usually held in two of our biggest cities. I dislike driving alone in places so far from where I live & have bad traffic but don't want to have to use my boyfriend to bring me.
I also don't put enough effort in to remembering dates for meets.
I always feel bad though.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Well yeah, I have before but I haven't kept up good contact with anyone.

>where are you located?
Louisiana, USA

>> No.7278977

About 40-60 mins train ride away from Euston. I'm in the county Buckinghamshire but I can't drive.

>> No.7278990

>why are you a lone lolita?
The lolitas here are either intimidating because of how much older they are than me, or they're around my age and really annoying/boring. I've met one or two who were cool but I've never interacted with them since seeing them once.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Yeah, as long as we have similar interests (giant weeb here)

>where are you located?
San Diego

>> No.7279024

Me either (not that there would be much point, living in London an' all).

I've left my email in the field if you'd be interested in keeping in touch (no worries if you don't want to, I don't mind). Do you attend MCM Expo at all?

>> No.7279033

I've only gone to Hyper Japan, never been to any of the expos before. Usually it was because I was at uni but now that I've finished I had not much money this October so maybe I'll go next May (London).

>> No.7279039

>why are you a lone lolita?
There aren't any around where I live. The most I've seen were a couple of weeaboos who were curious about it for, like, a month and wore terrible Hot Topic crap then lost all interest pretty quickly.
>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
I'd love to have a lolita best friend. I don't care what their style is as long as they don't have a superiority complex about it, but my ultimate fantasy would be to have a friend who loved AatP as much as I do, but liked lighter colors, so we could twin with her in the light colorways and me in the dark ones.
>where are you located?

>> No.7279047

Ooh, cool. I usually attend Expo, only went to HJ for the first time last year (as in, 2013). HJ definitely has more lolita and j-fashion oriented stuff, as well as being much calmer and better organized in general, but MCM is much closer to my house (HJ is a good hour away by tube) and it's the one all my friends come up for, so I guess I enjoy them equally for different reasons.

>> No.7279057

I just moved out of Alaska 3 days ago

>> No.7279063

>why are you a lone lolita?
To be fair, I've just started. Only just got my first OP to start on my first coord. I don't really feel comfortable going to meets on my own but hopefully I'll be able to meet some people at Expo this year as well as flesh out my wardrobe.

>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
Of course! I'd like to be able to dress up in frills with other girls on the weekends or whatever.

>where are you located?
UK, Southampton (About an hour and a half or so from London)

>> No.7279082

I am in shock. There is another Lolita in Vermont.
No chance you're close to Burlington/Montpelier?

>> No.7279083

I live pretty close to there! I'm planning on holding a meetup soon, so maybe you could come along!

>> No.7279087

>why are you a lone lolita?
I am old and most lolitas around here are 18 - 20
Much like this anon, >>7278006 there are a lot of things about the fashion I don't care about that many lolitas do care about. They're just clothes to me.
I like drinking and local music venues. Not interested in going to a tea party or having a frilly picnic in a park or walking around in a mall/zoo/whatever dressed in frills.
>>would you be interested in hanging out with other lolitas?
I am open to the idea, but it would have to be someone I got along with just in general, and the lolita thing would be secondary. I have some friends who wear lolita, but that wasn't the primary reason that we became friends.
>>where are you located?
Southeastern US

>> No.7279095

Yea I went to the HJ in 2013, there were complaints about queues but when I showed up 10.45am on the sunday it was dead so I was lucky.

>> No.7279097

Was a reply to >>7279047

>> No.7279099

Sounds pretty nice, where will you post the info? I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

>> No.7279105

South UK Lolitas FB page, I'll post it within this week hopefully.

>> No.7279118

Ahh, yeah, we went on the Sunday; it was really quiet which was nice, meant we got to actually look at all the stuff we wanted to. We didn't arrive 'til like 4pm, though, and stayed right 'til the end; I wanted to see the geisha show. I'm looking forward to going again this year. Might try and get a weekend ticket this time.

>> No.7279370

Sadly, Burlington is about 2 hours away from where I live. I'm in the Southern part of the state, near Mass.

>> No.7279375

Vancouver island, Canada...

>> No.7279583

That's a shame it would be nice to have someone to meet up with, especially another AATP fan.

>> No.7280136 [DELETED] 

Dude, that place is just a void of lolitas. I only one girl who lives there. There used to be a somewhat active community, but I don't know where everyone went since the lj comm died.

>> No.7280148

I thought that place was a void of lolitas. It's a long drive for me since I'm in Illinois, but I would not mind hanging out with you. Maybe I ought to go to Anime St. Louis at some point. Natsucon sucked in my experience.

Do you know Jo? I don't know if she lurks here, but she's from that area and is kind of alone lolita.

>> No.7280331

I'm a lone cosplayer
closest sewing buddy is an hour away

>> No.7280351

Feel free to shoot me an email if you want (in the field). My friends and I go up to Burlington every now and then, especially in the Spring and Summer. After getting to know each other and establishing being murdered is unlikely, I'd be down for meeting up during one of our road trips up there.

>> No.7280357

I thought there was a Victoria comm? Couldn't you just ferry to one of the Vancouver groups?

>> No.7285916


>> No.7286080

If you visit, please let us know and say hi on the facebook group. We have plenty of people who have joined that aren't full time Austinites but what to be aware of events they might be able to make in the future.

>> No.7286116

Got an area code, anon?

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