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How annoying is your lolita comm. when organizing events? Here we just got one cancelled because some members insisted on doing the cupcakes because (it was cheaper) of the quality. Aparently, the ones on the left are "too bad" for their taste, but the ones on the right (their master work) are really yummy~

Tell your experience with crap like this too

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They're judging by taste and not appearance, what's the problem?

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Well, the problem is not just the looks, but the attitude. Also, I wont bet that the one on the right tastes that good

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not the same anon but the ones on the right were not only obviously frosted too soon (the frosting is clearly melted all over the place) but they put what i can only assume is red velvet chocolate chips which sounds disgusting imo, especially with the vanilla looking cake they used.

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Those ones on the left look totally fine to me.....but then again eating something with that much icing as the right one would give me diabeetus.

My comm gets along okay. We have some obnoxious newblets and two "crossdressers"/brolitas who just look like crap (some random offbrand JSK with no petti, men's socks and nike shoes, head half shaved or whatever) and are only in it to be "owesum" but I think every comm has a bit of that.

The girls I am getting to know are really kind. It's a pity that it's known as a bit of a "hole" comm but it's not really that bad

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OP here. Ours was good in general until Misako came (to Mexico), we got alot of fights during the con. and afterwards its been hard to get along and do anything that works. There is less activity and the few events that are out there are not really working out that well, mostly because we are bitter with each other.

We have some mean and toxic people around too, leading some of the groups, so that doesnt help

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My area community is slowly growing in membership, but so far, very few actually commit to attending any meets. I try to be conscientious about budget, age range, and location, considering how spread apart everyone really is.

It would be nice if others came up with ideas and hosted themselves, too. Taking turns hosting meets would help make us feel more like a community as well.

I dunno. I'm trying to keep my chin up for 2014.

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My comm always meets at expensive restaurants where the good is bad...the ambience is just average. I'm a foodie and I rather go someplace without food that's cheaper or free, if you want me to fork out so much money for food then the food better taste good!

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I'm surprised Misako would set foot in Mexico.

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The ones on the right look like they were made from boxed ingredients.


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Sorry but I wouldn't touch the left with a bargepole, I hate nuts.

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My comm has really grown over the past year, with a huge insurgent of members. Recently I've been thrown into the position of a defacto organizer of the group, since everyone has started getting sick of the whole 'small cafe' thing that the group was doing before I started really organizing the meets.

It's nice, but I hate being the only one to choose the meets. I try to organize them by myself, but then I always have the few that complain that it's either boring, not in their taste, or too expensive (for a $10/pp meet!) I've even tried to poll people for what they're interested in, and have got minimal feedback.

I think I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and just try to find fun things, and keep doing the alternating restaurant/active activity/passive activity organizing that I've been doing for the past while.

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Dumbshit, no one asked about your comm, they asked about meetups in your comm.

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Whoa, did you have a bad day at work?

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Wait what, your comm cancelled a meetup just because the cupcakes weren't right?

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my thoughts exactly... who cares about the damn cupcakes its not like you are going to eat more than one if you intend to keep fitting in brand.

But hey, Im sorry OP, but when you said it was Mexico I just thought on the nasty landwhales I've seen around posted and suddenly all made sense.

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My comm is slowly dying and being overrun by itas. The older good members are growing up and getting busy with careers and family things. I'm kind of in the middle, so I would still like to do meets, but I'm worried that I would organize a meet and end up being a herder of 8-10 young ita. They're not the spergiest, but they're the kind that no one would want to see in public.

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I don't think it's melted... I think they used the canned whipped cream and it's been sitting there too long. It's way too glossy to be frosting.

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Maybe try organizing meetups in less public areas? Like brunch at someone's house or maybe a picnic in a really sparsely populated area?

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> How annoying is your lolita comm when organizing events?

> Hildekitten in my comm

'nuff said.

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I am so sorry. Mind sharing any screencaps?

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pics or didnt happen

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Fuck cupcakes.

I just want to hang out with lolitas who want to go to a steakhouse type place past 10pm and get some drinks with them. Every meetup i've seen is tea and cupcakes.

Or maybe even a meetup at someones house who cooks. Though you'd probably have to know your community really well to host a dinner, but it sounds so much more fun than 90% of meetups.

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Please tell me if I'm annoyed over nothing: a comm member was asking people if they wanted to have a meetup on a particular date and had people vote on a few different options. It ended up being a meet where part 1 everyone would go shopping together for craft supplies and part 2 was going to the organizer's home to make stuff, but said only her friends were allowed to go to pt 2 unless there was a friend of the organizer or comm member that could vouch for the person. Now, I understand not wanting to let random people in your house, but am I wrong for thinking it's really fricking dumb to advertise a potential meet like it's public and then change it to private? Like, was there no community center space she could've rented or something? It just seemed like this was entirely thought out properly. There were a bunch of people who wanted to go and now it's limited to just a few. Dressing up and going supplies shopping doesn't sound like a very good meet to me? Especially when the whole idea was to get together to make crafts in the first place.

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No. That's really quite dumb. She ought to have made it a private event instead of a comm meet if she didn't want people other than friends in her house.

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idk, it's not like there's anything horrible going on on the forum, it's just that meets are often conveniently situated for her and usually convenient for her budget at that time. If she's got money, we'll have dinner or something, if she doesn't, we do free museums or cheap things. It's getting better now since more people are organizing meets on FB, the forum's dead anyways. She doesn't have as much influence on FB as she does on the forum.

I'm sorry I didn't deliver all the delicious dramu, anons. She's worse at actual meet-ups than when organizing.

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Shit. Steak & Lolita sounds like my kind of meet up.

I enjoy hostign dinner parties for my friends outside of Lolita. I pretend I'm on Come Dine With Me. Don't know if I'd be prepared to do it for my comm though, I don't know the girls well enough to invite them over or if they would even go for that.

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> How annoying is your lolita comm. when organizing events?

My comm has an organizing committee of sorts, so most of the time things are really put together. I guess the biggest downfall is predictability (they typically do things at the same six or seven places throughout the year) and sometimes they try too hard to accommodate everyone. I'd really like to go to a fancy tea room or expensive restaurant, but the organizers usually try to stick to more moderate places to make it more accessible for all the members that are students. Sigh.

Other members are encouraged to do more meets, too, though, so on rare occasions there will be really old shit that gets suggested or organized by random people.

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The mod of our comm always sets up a vote on which date we'll have the meet.

The one with the most votes almost never gets chosen if one of her favorite people say they can't go. (She's done that 3 or 4 times now for two different girls)

Like I get that she organizes the meets and can chose the dates, but why even enter the date if you're going to ignore which one has the most votes? Seems foolish to me.

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I attended a winter meetup at an ice rink, then afterwards we all got dinner at Ruby's diner.

IT was pretty fun and I had some pretty decent shrimp tacos.

Hosting a dinner meetup would be pretty fun. Though I have the issue of having a tiny place that couldn't accommodate a larger group.

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if it was melting the icing would've been flat and dripping out of the cupcake.
They probably used the canned type or the room they were in was too warm.

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It looks more like they frosted them with canned whipped cream.

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That's the worst. If you're going to do a whipped cream frosting it has to have some kind of stabilizer unless you're serving them immediately. Whoever decorated those was an idiot.

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What does she do at actual meet-ups, spill! I don't know why but I've had a huge drama boner for her since I laid eyes on her in her exquisite AP tea party outfit.

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my comm had a dinner meetup and we had ramen, it was great. another comm near my hometown had a meet at a diner/bar and it was a blast. later they had a meet at a pizza place known for being good when you're drunk. some people were butthurt about it but they had a good time. real food + lolita makes me happy.

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Oh god. I suddenly remember my friends taking me to a really good ramen place. All the weebs go crazy over Orochon in Little Tokyo but their ramen is really mediocre. The place I went to was REALLY good.

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>cannot eat more than one cupcake without bursting out of her brand
I have bad news for you, honey.

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Orochon used to be good, three or four years ago. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I went back recently and it was not good at all.

Luckily, there's a great local place where I live, and we occasionally have small casual meets there. Way better than Orochon.

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Not in her comm, but according to others I've heard from, she feels like she is the only one with the right to photograph the community, and if the comm is in public and happens to be photographed by strangers, she will throw a tantrum and make them delete it, even small children.

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not same anon
but seriously I dont know what is so delicious about cupcakes. I hate them, they are always dry or overly sweet for me.

I dont even bother in eating those little calorie bombs, if Im going to get fat I prefer to actually enjoy it and buy myself a fancy piece of cake.

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ugh, I feel the same about cake pops, but I like cupcakes.
they always are so dense and they are either are sickeningly sweet, or taste like eating soggy, compressed bread with tasteless "chocolate" on the outside. plus, it's nasty when you accidentally bite into the now somewhat soggy stick.

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If you make cake pops in those cake-pop makers they're actually just regular cake baked into a ball shape and then not all dense like the traditional kind (which is cake crumbs mixed with frosting and rolled into a ball). They taste a lot better imo.

I agree though they're definitely style over taste, like those fancy sculpture "cakes" that are 60% rice crispy treats and wooden dowels covered in fondant. Yum.
I'd rather have a cake that looks edible like pic related than one shaped like a car or some bullshit. Who the fuck wants to eat a car?

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Cake pops made with frosting are just way too much. You may as well be eating a spoon full of frosting and doing that sober isn't very satisfying.

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Yeah, I made them that way once, and it was way too sweet, even with dark chocolate coating to try and off-set the frosting. Maybe if you made it with a bittersweet ganache instead of frosting it wouldn't be too overwhelming, but I'd say at this point, if you really want cake pops just get the stupid little pan to bake them as balls and screw the mashed-cake-with-frosting part.

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There's always going to be complainers--it sounds like you're doing a really good job. If they don't want to give you input beforehand, kindly suggest that they let you know what they'd like next time and tell them you'll see them at the next meet since they won't be coming to this one.

>I just want to hang out with lolitas who want to go to a steakhouse type place past 10pm and get some drinks with them. Every meetup i've seen is tea and cupcakes.
Best meetup idea ever. I want to go to your meetup, anon.

Sounds dumb. She shouldn't've made it a comm meetup; she should've only invited her friends in the first place if she was going to be rude about it later.

I've tried a cakepop maker and was disappointed--it had to bake the outer part very well (to the point of tasting slightly burnt) for the inner part to be completely cooked. Then again, I enjoy the frosting-made cakepops--they're never soggy, though; I don't know how those cakepop makers managed that; one is only supposed to add enough frosting to the point that the cake crumbs will form a ball.

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> repetitive meets
> offers of organizing something different are shot down
> people are hell flaky and can't seem to rsvp or show up if they have

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You wouldn't download a Snickers.

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I'm the only underage person in my comm, afaik, (20 in a few months), but I would be all over a steakhouse meet. I don't think any of our girls are vegetarian, and since a lot of the meets end with everyone else going to one of our more active girl's house for drinks, I don't think anyone would be opposed. As long as I've been in it, my comm has never done the traditional 'tea and cakes' type meet.

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>calorie bombs
>get fat eating a slice of cake

Are you all borderline fat or do you just have slow metabolisms? Eating a cupcake isn't going to make you gain six pounds.

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I don't know if there is a comm in my area, and if there is, i wonder how much they would judge a newby like me.

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Probably hate you with how pathetic you sound.

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I'm someone else from that comm. Oh I love that fb has taken over. What annoys me most about her is that she takes these horrible pictures (seriously, have you(belgian girl) seen the groupshot?) and then she goes around, adding her watermark on the least terrible ones, putting them up somewhere were you can't download them unless you ask her...like she's some sort of professional photographer, her pictures aren't even straight, I mean how hard is it to take a straight picture of somebody on STAIRS!
And the magazine, it's always about her interests and the concerts and stuff she went to. Why the hell is it a lolita and steampunk magazine anyway?!
Thank god we have a lot of other and better photographers, someone else has been hosting the last meetups and the last time she went, she disappeared because there were too many people to her liking. She also has a really annoying voice and a terrible accent!

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As somebody who once trained to be a pastry chef, OP's image depresses me.

My comm is great, or at least the regulars/the ones I've met are.

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*Posted too soon.

As somebody who once trained to be a pastry chef, OP's image depresses me.

My comm is great, or at least the regulars/the ones I've met are. For organizing meets, all of the ones I've been to at least have been really nice.

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Both seems delicious ;)
Too bad I can't taste a photo XD

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>I wonder how much they would judge a newby like me

Well anon, are you this whiny and assumptive in real life? Do you dress like shit? Then they'd probably judge you quite harshly. Human nature.

However, if that (very leading and possibly baiting) question is just a one-time thing and you genuinely want to try dress nicely, learn the style well and make friends. then I imagine you'll be fine.


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Nobody gets fat for eating a piece of cake, come on anon.

I meant that is much better to eat something delicious full of calories than eat a full can of frosting with same amount of calories and not delicious at all.

>> No.7296871

Half of my last comm were militant vegetarians or vegans who liked to think of themselves as superior for not eating animals.

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>typing like a mother on Facebook
You cut all that shit out right now

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x-DDDD :-D :-D :P

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JFC. I've been pretty fucking overweight before, lost most of it. I can eat like 2500 calories a day, eat fast food, have a cupcake or two, and sleep most of the day and not gain a pound. It's only when you do that shit in excess every day do you really see weight gain for the average person. Normally if I know I'm going to be eating sweets or very high calorie foods, I plan for it or make up for it.

>> No.7298959

What? :P Am I making you mad? xDD
problem bro?? xDDD lol

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Different anon, but stay on topic please.

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>Make private birthday meetup for high tea, friends only.
>Girl who's been to one meetup. "B'aww, why wasn't I invited?! That's so elitist!"

>Plan meetup at local wildlife reserve, tell everyone the price 6 weeks in advance for entry, and rough public transport cost.
>Day of meetup, resident cheapskate "This is way too expensive why weren't we told in advance?"

>> No.7299496

>comm decides to try a meetup with drinks for once
>underage girl bawwws in thread that she is too young and this is age-ism
>point out that its an all-ages club with soft drinks on tap
>"but I can't AFFORD A SODA ANON"
>then why the fuck are you bawwing that you can't order the $8 drinks jfc

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There's a girl in my comm, who isnt even really a lolita, that always tries to change meetup dates to fit her schedule, when we try to make it on a date that works for the majority. One time the organizer did change it, and she was a no-show.
When given the suggestion that she should organize her own meets, she did so halfheartedly. Then made passive-aggressive whiny comments about how nobody wants to hang out with her. Well obviously if you make it on a day when most people don't have that day free, they aren't going to come.
She somehow expects the whole comm to cater to her schedule only, schedule or change dates of meetups just for her, and take time off to come to the ones she plans. IDGI

>> No.7299800

>>wildlife reserve
>>wearing expensive dresses
>> some might even be in heels

Wait, wat. What kind of wildlife reserve is that

>> No.7299815

Not same-anon but some have pathways or are drive-through. Depends on what kind of reserve they are. Some are more like parks with full boardwalk/paved paths, and are more about making a nice place to observe wildlife than a 100% pure environment.

>> No.7299879

I had one a my house that was a wine and cheese tasting. Everyone brought either some wine or some cheese. It was great.

>> No.7300436

You just need to dress accordingly for outdoor events. Probably about the same as a picnic meet.

Larger reserves also have indoor spaces, usually with historical photos or mounted animals and information on the local wildlife/plants.

>> No.7300851

There's a paved nature walk right through the park.

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