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Anime Boston is only about a month away, is anyone going?
Who are you cosplaying?
They're doing some out of the ordinary things this year, with the differences in tickets and prices.

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Just got everything done today. Super excited this year.

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I'll be going as Jinx from League Of Legends. Still haven't gotten all my shit together..
But yeah some of the changes are really weird? AB is a good con but $65? Anime Expo costs in that range. And no rave this year either.

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I'll be going too (Rico Brzenska/Franziska von Karma/Matryoshka Gumi). Hopefully some of the teenybopper/normalfag crowd ducks out due to no rave.

This looks sick as hell!

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I've lost a lot of weight so I only have one cosplay that still fits me... So my line up's looking something like:
>Friday: Lolita
>Saturday: Armin Arlert
>Sunday: Lolita
I was pretty excited, this is my first convention in a while (I sort of dropped out of the con scene for 2 years, but I'm back) and I wanted to cosplay each day. But I'll just wear some exciting coords for the other days.
I'm kind of out of the loop, but does anyone know if there's going to be any worthwhile lolita panels? Or if anyone applied to host one/some? I think there was one last time I went in 2011, but I didn't get to attend because it clashed with something else I was attending. (I don't see anything on the website atm, either...)

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Yeah, I'm excited. Haven't registered yet, need to shore up some cash for that.

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Very navy line up planned this year. That way I only have to pack one pair of shoes, my boyfriend is still mad about me bringing 3 different pairs of pink shoes last year haha
But I am very excited, my only hope is that MSND comes in time, got it in the second round of re-releases and the first round just got there tracking numbers....
Also have a taobao order to finish up and need to get around to getting a SS for some stuff for my dream sky coordinate. Hopefully everything will start to come together soon.

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forgot the picture.

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Ill be going as pic related, a Skaven warlock engineer from Warhammer fantasy. I really wanted something worthy of a craft challenge, but not enough to be mistaken for some furfag. So I took the horror route. Best friend is going as a lizardman from WH as well, mortal enemy of skaven.
Looking good!

I'm so happy my best friend works at a hotel, we got a room at the convention for about $100 a night. Hope to see you guys there.

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The Boston lolitas are most likely doing the lolia 101 panel with the fashion show as they do every year. They're just waiting for the panels to be approved I think /:

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I got mine in the second round and it arrived today. I only got the jsk though. If you got a bow or something it may be longer.

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D-did they email you a tracking number? I got a jsk and a bow

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They're always pretty shit though.

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Boyfriend and I are going as Ephraim and Eirika from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. I'll probably do lolita on the other days.

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Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to check it out for myself, but at least there will something.

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Anyone interested in a photo dump from last year?

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Yeah, I'd be interested in that. I've never been before so it would be cool to see.

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I am not super impressed already this year. Only a month or so away and I only just heard back about the hall contest.

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Yes please!

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yes please!
As for this year, I'm hoping for good panels and guests. Anything exciting to look forward to? I like how the artist alley is now in a larger room; that helped a lot last year.

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im trying to finish mine but our power/heat keeps fucking up because of snow apocalypse im so angry

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Don't think I can go this year. I had this freak out last year because of the crowds and I didn't feel safe. I hadn't gone in a while before that and was super excited. I just freaked out for some reason. Sucks because I used to really enjoy going as a teenager and I never freaked out. Last year was my first time going out in lolita. Pretty sure I didn't look that good, I didn't even have any head accessories, but the lolitas I ran into were really nice to me anyways. I wonder if there's an active community in Boston.

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I've heard the Boston comm is full of itas. Are there any other Massachusetts comms?

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My friend is a part of the Rhode Island community for this exact reason. The Boston community is catty and cliquey and ita.

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Is it full of teenagers, then?

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Damn. Are their panels at least good? Maybe I can show up in my best coord and sit right up front. If they really are itas I want to see their faces contort with disgust and rage at the "over privileged brand whore" in the front row.
Or at least I'd assume they'd act like that. Most itas do.

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Sorry guys, the photos on my laptop are too big for the chan.. but I'mm find some extras to dump here.

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Western Mass comm is tiny, but okay.

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No, just 5/10s who act like the popular girls they wish they could have been when they were in highschool.

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Teens and college aged girls. They're all up in their own shit and aren't welcoming of new people at events. You get bitchy glares for trying to gently ease yourself into the community in order to meet new people. My friend prefers the RI one because even though it's smaller, they're not cliquey and they're welcoming.

There's a lot of, ~*My shit smells like roses desu*~.

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I was told a few were at least 17/18.

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Not cosplaying this year, not enough time to prepare, but I am gonna' do a panel. I hope so, at least. I sent in my application, but haven't heard anything back yet. Anyone have any idea how long it'll be before I hear anything?

On a side note, I know that some cons give panelists free badges. Does Anime Boston do that, too?

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Isn't that a shitty con?

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Ugh, don't even show up if you're just going to be a bitch.
The girls running the panel are usually in head to toe brand and look really good. The problem is about a third of the models look kinda tacky. But that's just a small portion. Chances are if you show up in your brand and sit in the front row you'll have other girls coming up to you and telling you that you look nice and asking for pictures. No need to be a jerk for no reason.

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Anime Boston does not give free badges to panelists. No idea when word gets sent out, though. I'm waiting too.

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>I had this freak out last year because of the crowds and I didn't feel safe

lol AB is probably one of the safest cons in the country... not counting the dumb rave bullshit, thank god they finally wizened up to what a bad idea it was though

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Woah woah woah, who said I was going to be a bitch. When I was told "they're all itas" I was expecting... Well, for them to all be itas.
Don't tell me you wouldn't feel at least a little humor in dressing better than people running a panel. Now I know differently, and all I'm feeling is, "Oh, that's cool, too."
Doesn't matter how I showed up, or where I sit, or who gives me what looks. I'm still going to be nice to everyone (just my disposition, I can't NOT be nice to people in person.) Just thought it would have been funny is all.

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that backpedaling lol

>I want to see their faces contort with disgust and rage at the "over privileged brand whore" in the front row.

nope, no bitchiness here...

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Didn't say the thought wasn't bitchy, just that I wouldn't act it. Sometimes people have bitchy thoughts they think are funny, which I stated before (albeit with different words). So while I would have the singular such terrible bitchy thought, I would still be kind in person.
I'll restate it a little more for you. When someone in this thread told me they were itas, I was expecting people in milanoo or crappy BL coords. People who wear milanoo or BL coords usually get "disgusted" with girls who aren't. Or at least that seems the general consensus of them.
You seem like a "all lolitas must be pure lovelies! No bad thoughts! All good, no human nature allowed!"
Please tell me that assumption's wrong and you just feel like raising a little tiff.

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Fuck the other anons, I know if I had a chance to show up some Milanoo/BL itas in full brand I would. No sense of fucking humour in this thread, it's cgl on egl.

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that wasn't remotely the point but nice samefagging to defend yourself I guess

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You wish it was me samefagging, unfortunately for you, someone else shares my horrible, terrible opinion. Let's just drop it now and move on with the thread.

Thanks, glad to know it wasn't lost on some people.

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I'll be track suit Inumuta from Kill la Kill one of the days, and Nightwing on another.

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I'm probably gonna be cosplaying Benny from the LEGO Movie for Saturday at least, and on the other days, I'll be carrying around a touched-up version of the Yip-Yip Martian puppet replica I brought to AB 2012. Come to think of it, is it just me, or are the guests pretty shitty this year? I mean, JAM Project is fucking amazing, but there's like three other people tops.

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The reason they look shitty is because the Boston comm won't let anyone outside their community be in the show. I never understood that. Why do you need to be friends with a comm to be in a fashion show dedicated to lolita at an anime convention? All you're doing is walking down the pathways between the rows of chairs. It's not exactly the kind of thing you need to get to know a person to recruit them for.

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