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What's your Local Lolita Community like?

Any dramawhores or speshul snowflakes?
Do you love then or do they grind your frilly gears?

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My comm, as in the people who actually go to meets, is great. The Facebook comm? Not so much. Newbies constantly asking stupid/irrelevant questions. There's one or two really annoying people, but they've never really gone to meets so eh.

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Okay. What's a snowflake?

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I really don’t care for my comm. It was a weird situation where I was at the bottom of the totem pole and didn’t even realize it until I decided to get out. Thank goodness my self-esteem is too grandiose to give a damn if those women liked me or not.

I have realized I wasn’t going to the meetups because I genuinely wanted to go…. Because when I decided to stop attending I was very depressed that now my opportunities to get pictures of my outfits will diminish. Now I use any excuse in my daily life to dress up and have pointedly forced my significant other to start taking pictures of my coords. So I guess everything went better than expected…

I don’t know if I’m going to buckle under the pressure and start attending meetups again to get pictures taken. Or if I will just bite the bullet and get a professional camera to take selfies with. Honestly, when I went to meetups I was the only person who took pictures and seemed to WANT to take pictures. It was bizarre.

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I'm honestly considering just becoming a lone lolita because the core of the comm has become so fucking cliqueish, and thanks to a falling out with the Queen Bee, I'm no longer "in". Outside the main, actually-show-up-to-meetups girls, it's a sea of newbies and itas. I'd really rather just schedule small, private meets with people I know are my friends than go out with the Heathers of the group and get posted on /cgl/ later.

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Sounds like my comm atm. We've had the biggest influx of new members in a short while that I can remember.

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Maybe we're in the same comm, anon. Wooooooooo ~

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Honestly, I almost wish I was in one of the bigger, more drama-filled comms. At least I would have a chance of making friends or at least being entertained. My comm is pretty small and incredibly boring.
While most girls are nice enough, there are only one or two veteran lolitas who can dress themselves. We have a lot of noobs and a few high school age, attention whore tryhards. Meets are pretty standard but infrequent. Despite everyone being fairly nice/helpful online, most girls don't seem to know how to talk or make conversation. During the three that I've been to, I've only had conversations with maybe three girls, all of whom were part of the older, better dressed group. Most of the other girls talked to their friends or spent time on their phones and didn't respond to my attempts to talk to them.
I just want lolita friends.

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My comm is chill but the FB group is filled with 20000000 people that never go to meetups, and like 8 regular girls. IDRC because I like all the regular girls. No drama, everyone dresses well, A plus.

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Are you NC?

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Ohio EGL is bad. That's all.

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My local comm is small and pretty inactive. We don't even have meets once a month. The girls are really sweet and I enjoy their company, but I always have a better time when I visit other comms nearby.

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[citation needed]

We had a Northern and Southern tea party for Valentine's Day last Saturday and we Skyped. There's was that sushi meetup at a very nice restaurant at Ohayocon too.

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Arizona here ;-;

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>Ohio lolita's

Are there any of you in Toledo by chance?

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I disagree. The comm itself is great, but not everyone is perfect in regards to how they are dressed. But that's fine with me. I just enjoy being around people with similar hobbies.

I'd much rather have a friendly and enjoyable comm where I feel comfortable going to meets than constantly worrying if I'm going to end up being posted in an ita thread or on behind the bows because some bitch has a vandetta because I have her dream dress or some shit.

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I disagree. The comm itself is great, lots of meetups. Great people. Not everyone is impeccably dressed all the time. But that's fine with me. I just enjoy being around fun people with similar hobbies.

I'd much rather have a friendly and enjoyable comm where I feel comfortable going to meets than constantly worrying if I'm going to end up being posted in an ita thread or on behind the bows because some bitch has a vandetta because I have her dream dress or some shit.

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Depending on what you call "bad". I haven't come across any big dramawhores, but I do question some peoples' taste in clothing. Regardless, it could be a lot worse. My only beef is that everyone's so spread out. It's not something that can be helped, but it makes getting to meets such a colossal pain in the ass.

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Part of the reason I'll never be a loli.

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I disagree. The comm itself is great, lots of meetups. Great people. Not everyone is impeccably dressed all the time. But that's fine with me. I just enjoy being around fun people with similar hobbies.

I'd much rather have a friendly and enjoyable comm where I feel comfortable going to meets than constantly worrying if I'm going to end up being posted in an ita thread or on behind the bows because some bitch has a vandetta because I have her dream dress or some shit.

And yeah, it's very spread out. There's the Cleveland/Akron, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinatti. I don't see much from the Toledo group but I know most of those people seem to be more active in the Ohio/Michigan comm rather than the main Ohio fb comm.

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During the three that I've been to, I've only had conversations with maybe three girls, all of whom were part of the older, better dressed group. Most of the other girls talked to their friends or spent time on their phones and didn't respond to my attempts to talk to them.
I just want lolita friends.

I share your feelings, anon... My comm is like that, too. When I went to my first meetup, there was a giant group of noobs, and like three or four people dressed well, only one of them being good. The well dressed people didn't talk very much at all and at the most would only giggle about "TEEHEESONURDYILEIKANIMALCROSSING" stuff online.

The comm is so utterly boring and bland. I would like to talk to the girls again, but I don't feel like I share anything in common with them. Not anything fun or interesting, at least.

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Where in AZ? We have the main community on facebook for the Greater Phoenix Area (Arizona Lolitas, hurr), a Tuscon Comm, and a Flagstaff Comm that started up just recently...

Arizona Lolitas a rather large community with 200+ members, but only the same 10-20 people actually attend meetups.

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There's an Ohio/Michigan comm?

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what is see in this photo is a bunch of girls in good coords. there are a few that do need some improvement, but in time they will improve.

have you ever been to one of the Ohio EGL meetups yet?

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lol what AZ's comm is huge, search for Arizona Lolitas on facebook

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Now I remember why I hate the Houston comm:

You guys are closed as hell. anybody who isn't dressed to the nines or able offer you nice things and opportunities is instantly alienated.

You're all enclosed in little circles and give off an aura that is just overall unwelcoming. May all of your brand pieces get stained.

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yes. several of the girls there smell awful and bring their awful boyfriends. they were very weeb, too.

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These all look so bad.

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yes there is!

Search the term 'OH MI Lolita' on Facebook.

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Oh please. Are you fourteen? Get the fuck out.

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Really? They all look pretty average to me. Especially compared to the photos I saw of the N. Arizona comm... shudder.

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ok so maybe some of the girls have bathing issues, but bringing bfs who are weebs too is kinda of expected from time to time.

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Which one of the fat ones are you?

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I haven't slept yet, I just meant I'M non-existant in the azloli scene, I'm like in cocoon mode right now trying to get to my goal weight and save up for some nice frills. I hope one day I can leave my room and go to a meetup

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I don't think you understand what a weeb is.

Your average weeb is not someone who might like some anime or cosplays, attends conventions. Maybe partakes in a fandom or two or creates some fan art or fan fiction here and there for their own personal enjoyment. That my friend, is what we can a fan.

A weeb is someone who is fucking annoying, obnoxious with their fandom, takes their enjoyment for Japanese pop culture far and beyond your typical fan, speaking in motherfucking tounges level of crazy. I've seen these. I've experienced them in the wild. None of these people apply.

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>Implying that if I disagree with you, I must be fat.

Please. Like I said, get the fuck out.

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No, you're just probably part of the Cleveland comm, and that means you must be fat.

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Are there other lolita groups in Northern California? SF is kind of far for me (1.5-2 hours)

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Top Row
>Girl on far left: That fucking wig and skeleton tights need to go, and her petti is showing pretty badly.
>Girl in huge bear hat: hat screams weeb; blouse, collar, and vest do not go together; and that wig looks like it's intended for cosplay.
>Girl next to her: once again, cosplay wig; blouse appears to be gaping; huge bow at neck looks bad.
>Girl to the left of the one wearing the cross necklace: not "terrible," but the dress looks a little too small for her, and the blouse/necklace combo is bad.
Bottom row
>Girl in bear hat: she doesn't even appear to be wearing lolita. At least she is wearing makeup and accessories, unlike half of this group, I guess.
Girl in mint/pink wig: Wig needs to go, shirt/cardigan don't look lolita appropriate and are doing her large bust no favors.
Girl on end: okay, I guess, but mini hats rarely work, and once again there is another huge, plain bow attached at the neck. I would say the colour of her blouse was a poor choice, but maybe she balanced it out with accessories or something.

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>bringing bfs who are weebs too is kinda of expected from time to time.


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You obviously have never met any of the members. Everyone is very sweet and they don't care at all how you dress. Why are you trying to start drama?

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Not everyone who wears lolita primarily cares about photos. No wonder people didn't like you, all you cared about was getting pictures of your outfit.

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not that poster but I'm starting to lean towards you being either fat, or one of the horribly dressed girls in the photo.

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I have. they are all very sweet, but I'm pretty sure half of them are mentally retarded or otherwise impaired. I wish the local comm had people I could befriend instead of awkwardly smile and nod through.

>> No.7374373

>Why are you trying to start drama?

Of course, of course, when you see anyone trying to call out the unfairness in your comm, you pull the drama card.

Take a look around the comm, you'll see that their little hierarchy isn't the paradise it seems.

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>mfw one of the black girls is talking about how we should go back to the 'more refined and sophisticated early 1900s'

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How hard is it to meet up /make friends with people in the lolita or harajuku scenes in Tokyo?

>> No.7374377

i wasn't at the meetup

seriously what is your problem with weight issues? gtfo

>> No.7374382

are you mentally retarded?

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I lurk the houston community, they all seem really nice on their facebook page. Do they have a dark underside?
I need details!

>> No.7374396


itas are expected at every meet up? They don't look bad to me at least

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My comm had some crazies and a few ita's in the past but recently the standards have dropped completely. Girls used to be guided into lolita, concrit was given, now ita's roam free unguide and half of the group is ita or fat. I missed the days where fat girls didn't do lolita bc they knew they were too fat for it. I miss the days where ita's stayed away bc lolita was too expensive. Now we have well dressed fatties encouraging other fat girls and ita's flocking to bodyline with their cheap prices.
One girl in our comm keeps showing up in these hideous outfits, her wigs are cheap and shiny and she never wears a blouse, she ruins every photo she's in and another girl wears nothing but walolita and mini tophats.

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What do you think of Maine?

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is that precious?

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I don't know, am I? I don't think I am. I've never been told by a doctor that I am. I'm using a computer right now and typing coherently, and, as far as I know, that's not something most retarded people can do.

Gee, I don't know, anon, I guess I'm not retarded. Maybe you should listen to me when I say that the Houston comm isn't as great as it's made out to be. You know, since my mind is intact.

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I can tell you that there's a hierarchy. Since you lurk, it probably won't take you too long to figure out who the 'royalty' is.

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Yeah generally they just dress bad.

Not the poster you were responding to but yeah, they're weeb.

Yeah, they seem nice. It's just.. God. If you're going to spend so much money and time on Lolita. Try to have good hygiene, lose a bit of weight.. Etc etc. Chubby is fine obviously but Lolita is generally about aesthetics, NOT completely.. But generally.

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I've been in a comm so god-awful it might paralell or even surpass the NYC comm when it comes to drama.

anyone who ever spoken out against them, the heads successfully went in a group, and stretched the facts so much about them they've made them lolcows, and didn't give up until these girls quit lolita.

fact stretching so hard it isn't even the truth anymore

its kind of stressful to watch someone new speak up against them, because you're just like "oh, there goes a new one, I hope she's ok"

"that's there new scapegoat"

>inb4 please tell me the comm

nope, but if you're comm is like it, I'd like to know

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Theres a tokyo international lolita group on facebook.. but ive yet to make a meet....

>> No.7374479

I believe in you anon!

>> No.7374483

Ahh, okay, I'll have to check it out. I'm more interested in meeting/hanging out with Japanese lolitas than other foreigners, as I'll be in Japan mostly to improve my language abilities, but it will be nice to have a comm to meet up with nonetheless.

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do you have any familiarity with japanese social dynamics? i hope you know they wont really accept you
sure they'll be polite, but you'll always be an outsider. you can still hang out with them and stuff but for real friendship, seriously you'll be better off making friends with other foreigners

>> No.7374497


People like you think they know so much about japanese society and come in here and give advice about things you don't know about.

Really? Japanese people are only friends with other japanese people? Not one japanese person has ever made a friend from another race?

>> No.7374499

i didn't say that at all. i really didn't. please read.

>> No.7374505

Thanks, but I really don't need your *knowledge* on how Japanese society works.
1. Your stereotyping is pretty stupid; you honestly think I, as someone going abroad clearly for study, wouldn't already know about the myth of the cold, exclusive Japanese race?~
2. Thanks to my uni's exchange program, I already have a few Japanese friends with whom I'm pretty close; if our friendship isn't *real*, oh well, it's nice enough for me.
3. Friends of mine who've studied abroad never had issues making friends.
4. And I never even said I was worried about making life-long friendships in the first place. I simply want to hang out with some fun people and practice my Japanese.

Sage for totally unrelated.

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Besides a few people my comm is okay...
I do kind of find myself drifting away from them though. A lot of new people have come and i'm waiting for them to grow a little before attending meets.

>> No.7374523

All lolitas are special snowflakes and attention whores. If you don't accept that fact you're kidding yourself.

>> No.7374528

Jesus, who shit in your cereal today? They aren't a group of perfect 1000+notes worthy lolitas but they aren't so terrible that you should feel a need to systematically break down why each one sucks.

>> No.7374529

My comm has been boring as shit lately. Now that we have FTB, it's the center of all meetups... that tiny little store. No more outside meetups, everything centered towards Miki making sales.

I don't know if you could sayw e have a hierarchy of lolitas for the LA comm, though. I think a pair of certain girls try, but aren't very successful. That's one of the good and bad things, sincee veryone is welcomed.

>> No.7374531

0/10 you tried

>> No.7374532

you're right anon. I've been putting it off for years.
its time to wear jeans, a low cut tee, a pushup bra, pornstar makeup, and uggs. I've been putting it off too long. I'll start with the uggs.

>> No.7374535

You just made me feel so good about myself and the progress I've made, it really means a lot to me thank you ever so much!

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Since I've moved since coming to uni, I've only been to one meetup as they seem quite infrequent. Also, all the girls are already really good friends with one another so I don't feel like I fit in.
It was the same with my comm back home as well.

>> No.7374550

Really? I haven't gone to a meetup yet. How so?

>> No.7374551

Not that anon but I hope you keep it up and get to a point where you feel your most beautiful :) Lolita will wait for you to be ready~

>> No.7374605

From the looks of that picture, there's a great disparity between the veteran dressers and the newbies. I've been to a few meets and everyone is generally lovely and kind, if not somewhat weird. But social awkwardness is to be expected because we're in a club based around the kind of expensive clothes we like.

>> No.7374608

Meh. I haven't seen a single "vet" in the Ohio EGL.

All I've seen it nice dresses/JSKs worn & accessorized terribly.

No make up, shitty tights, bad shoes, off-shade colors, no make up, plain hair, etc etc. Also extremely overweight people. Like, c'mon, being chubby is totally fine! But being overweight just shows disrespect for yourself.

But, they seem like nice people.

>> No.7374612

I don't think there are any drama whores period in Ohio EGL. We don't have anyone really trying for e-fame (at least that I know of) and there isn't really a lot of drama for years. Until I guess someone has a problem with us now?

OP Anon, which one were you? There were only like 40 ladies at the V-day meetups.

>> No.7374614

what do you think is a "vet"? What does your comm dress like then?

>> No.7374687

If anyone from the Rhode Island comm is around can I just ask what city you guys usually meet in?
I live in the cape cod area and Boston is pretty far to join that community.

>> No.7374688

>oh please. get out. oh please. get out. oh please. get out.

Maybe you should be the one to leave, seeing as you bring nothing of value to this thread and can't even hold an interesting argument?

>> No.7374695

Not from RI but I am from Boston. I usually hear about meets in Providence and the immediate surrounding area. There's one coming up in Cranston and there have been meets in Warwick in the past.

>> No.7374702


>implying hurr durr u must be fat is adding anything of value to this argument.

>> No.7374705

calm down it;s ok

i never said you cant make friends
if you feel the need to be so defensive when no one made any overt threats to your self-esteem, well... maybe check yourself

you seem to already be an expert on nihonjin so why are you even asking

>> No.7374709

I hear the RI comm is pretty nice and drama-free - anyone know anything about them?

>> No.7374713

I feel like the London comm has the huge meets with everyone once per year but after that, only has tiny small meets at the same couple of tea places once in a blue moon. I think people have separated into friendship groups and rarely do they actually post any meets publicly or if there is one, it has limited places or something that doesn't sound all that interesting.

>> No.7374716

That I can handle. Not dressing great isn't the worst crime you can commit. I am new, too. I do wish there were some great dressed ladies to help me on my path but I guess we can evolve together if they are kind.

>> No.7374720

Yes, they're lovely-nice. The comm started out as a group of friends who decided to jump into lolita fashion at the same time, and you can tell that they really embody the spirit of friendship. It's kind of cheesy to say, I know. But they don't have the general cattiness of strangers who are trying to 1-up each other, which is the dynamic of practically every other lolita comm in the US.

But do watch out for Boston. There are a lot of nice people there as well but mostly meet-ups have been co-opted by e-fame-seeking itas.

>> No.7374721

Thanks for the answer, anon.

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>> No.7374726

What about the italian comms?

>> No.7374729

I'm new to London, and I'd really love to organize meets (I like organizing trips and outings and such). I just posted in TPC/London Lolita about the V&A exhibit that I was thinking of organizing something for. I'd heard the London comm was quite active, but is that not so? And do you think there's a need for more frequent/varied meets? What kind of thing would you be interested in?

>> No.7374732

Girl with the corset and cross necklace is wearing her corset upside down.

>> No.7374742

It's just an under-bust corset, she's wearing it correctly.

>> No.7374743

Can anyone tell me about the Florida comms? Going to be moving there, and I'm curious...

>> No.7374744

I used to laugh and laugh when people complained about how their comm was full of ita newbies who think they're the shit. But now we have one. And I agree that it's the most enraging thing in the fucking world.

>> No.7374752

What part of Florida? I live there, but the state is so big, I know of four comms in the northern part of the state alone.

>> No.7374755


is your comm my comm

>> No.7374761

Oh, really? I know of only two. The central FL Society and the Southwest FL Lolita Society are the names on FB. If you know of other good ones that have meets not too ridiculously far from Tampa, I'd be interested in learning about them though.

>> No.7374767

Central Florida Lolita Society. I live in Tallahassee, so haven't been to one if their meets, but they'd be the closest to you. From their Facebook page they seem relatively well dressed, but that's all I know of them.

>> No.7374769

I'm not too keen on the local group. Theres some fabulous and sweet girls, and if it were just them it would be the best comm. But there's a spattering of bitches and lolcows that drive me up the fucking wall and no one will say anything to them. We have all the stereotypes covered.
>tryhard edgy kid
>home sew 'designer' (nothing against home sewers, i'm one, this girl is just so bad at it)
>that girl that is always on welfare and bawws about money yet goes to all the cons and buys all the dresses
>fat girl constantly eating sweets
>lifestyler that is way too into 'the rules' (I was scolded by her because I didn't make my boyfriend dress up to match me at a non-lolita non-comm related event that we happened to both be at)

>> No.7374776

That's great to hear. I'm new (and trying very hard to not be ita, avoid drama, etc.) so it's a relief to hear that there's such a nice comm nearby, especially after all I've heard about Boston. Thanks for your help!

>> No.7374780

We've already had a couple of meets at the V&A thing. It's not really that interesting of an exhibit, it is literally a couple of outfits on a mannequin. The late night lolita event that was held was pretty fun though.

I mean maybe it is active but I am probably not in the right main circles or something. For the past couple of public meets I just haven't really been interested in say, £25 for fancy tea. I feel like for people in London, at that price we could do more interesting things like going to the theater or an interesting tour. They did try tours one time but it was tours of walking around Soho because someone in the group knew the tour guide for it. I don't really need to pay a tour guide to walk around Soho in lolita.

>> No.7374781

Oh, you already said Central Florida. I don't think Tampa has one of their own. Sorry about that.

>> No.7374783

What's the Michigan comm like? I just moved here. Any e-fame bitches? Super cray-cray behavior?

>> No.7374800

The exhibit I mentioned hasn't opened yet though? I wanted to start with something like that since I've never organized an event with people I don't know before.

I'd love to do a meet like going to the theatre, or maybe the opera. A tour sounds good. As part of my uni project I went on a tour at 18 Stafford Terrace (http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/subsites/museums/leightonhousemuseum/aboutthehouse.aspx) which is a preserved Victorian house, and that was really interesting. They do costumed tours as well. Things like that would make for great meets, I think. I want to branch out, but I'm a nobody in the community so I don't feel like I have the experience or the pull to organise anything too unusual for the moment, which is why I want to start with something small so that people will know I'm reliable (and that I'm not going to create another A&tA fiasco).

Are you talking about that thing with the noses? I think that was before I lived in London. If I'd been local I might have gone.

>> No.7374804


>> No.7374807

Yeah, I have them added. I'm currently stalking some photos, and it looks like a good mix of "ehhh" and good lolis so far.

>> No.7374808

i heard Mana moved to Milano recently, afaik

she would make an awesome kawaii ambassador for Italy.

>> No.7374811

Tampa... If you're moving there, are you, by any chance, going to be attending UT? I'm going to be attending there in the fall and it'd be great to have a loli friend on campus, haha.

>> No.7374814

Austin and the Abbey I guess

>> No.7374816

You made an asinine comment and people called you out on it. Just give up already.

>> No.7374818

Michigan comm is incredibly nice and has very little drama. It is also just small and sort of spread out. You should join the facebook group if you haven't already.

>> No.7374822

I'll actually be living in St. Petersburg, but I figured it would be easier to find a comm centered around Tampa. I'll probably end up going to Hillsborough community college for a year or so before I go to a university.

>> No.7374832

Ahhh, I see, I got worked up, sorry! I know how you feel though, I've been attending community college classes ever since I started highschool (not underage b8, btw. 18.) to help keep costs down. I wish you luck in your move and everything! Maybe I'll see you at a meet, haha.

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Never been to the LI comm. From what Ive seen one fb its:
-transgender feminists tumblr girls
-realllyyy small and far away

>> No.7374841

Ahh, same! It's ridiculous, but it keeps costs down, and I think my family needs to save money considering I'm moving from around St. Louis to Florida... And thank you! I really hope so. I might make an introduction post closer to our moving date, heheh.

>> No.7374855

Yeah, that.

>> No.7374858

I'm from LI. It is. Oh god it is.
I've chosen to become a lone lolita simply because how terrible the comm is. I'd rather sport my frilly good by myself than around a group of ita messes. Also, every time I went to make a meet.
>Ita-chan, "Oh anon-chan, let's move the location to -here-! Because it's closer to me."
>Me, "Uhm... That's great but I already made reservations at -there-. Maybe next time."
>someone else, "I vote for Ita-chan's option!"

my meet gets taken out from under me, location changed, and then no one shows up. Done with that bullshit. I've also had smaller meets with 10 people rsvp'd and 2 girls come. Dressed terribly to boot. Weebing out in the middle of the location. Saying "kawaii" when it's really really not needed. Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon. More Sailor Moon.

>> No.7374863

Oh, and more Sailor Moon.
(I've never watched the series so I just scroll through tumblr or FB on my phone because I have no idea what the fuck they're talking about. Nothing against anime, I watch it myself, but seriously shut up for two seconds.)

>> No.7374869

I live in the Dayton/Cincinnati area of Ohio (Miami University to be precise).
All the Ohio stuff seems to be up North. Am I just missing stuff or should I just try to plan meets people would be willing to travel for? I have no problem traveling but it would be nice to have some closer sometime.

>> No.7374872

IN lolita here, comm is pretty good. We've only ever had one dramallama problem (the infamous bunny suit), and the FB's owner quickly drafted up some rules that led to said dramallama's flounce.

All the girls are pretty cool, otherwise.

>> No.7374881

Yeah, another IN lolita here. Our comm is pretty awesome. Whoever posted the pics above is an asshole with no back bone. The probably did this because of the new rules. Cause they'd be banned if the moderator found out.

>> No.7374896

The CFLS does meetups in Tampa and Orlando mostly, but anyone is welcome to host meets so sometimes we get them in St. Pete or Lakeland. The comm is pretty much drama free, people are polite & nice at meetups. There are cliques that have formed over the years, but it is really easy to make friends in the comm if you are nice.

>> No.7374900

There are multiple comms for smaller local groups with Ohio EGL being the umbrella group. If you find that one, they can direct you to the others.

>> No.7374904

It's because it's resurfacing. I'm trying not to be that obnoxious about my love for the series, but worry that I probably annoy my community in the same way any time new merch comes out.

I apologise to you on behalf of the idiots, anon.

>> No.7374922

It really does save a lot of money, doesn't it? And I'll be making my introduction post in mid/late August! I'll probably mention how I'm coming from the opposite end of the East Coast (New York), haha.

>> No.7374929

That's really nice! Now I'm kind of excited to meet people...

>> No.7374941

Oh gosh, I missed that other post, now I am, too! My comm's pretty... Uh... Dramatic, so I'm happy I'm going to get a good comm.

>> No.7374963 [DELETED] 

My comm is kind of dead. It's a little dejecting because some of the members were really cool girls and I liked hanging out with them. Nowadays, because of old drama, everyone has pretty much become a solitary lolita. It's almost to the point that I've thought about trying to arrange for and host a meetup myself rather than rely on the mods any longer.
We used to be fairly active, but a vendetta-chan started posting information about our members on sites like /cgl/ or tumblr and began spreading really nasty gossip about our city even though she really only had beef with one or two girls. These girls aren't even active/local anymore but the rest of us still got shit for it. It got to the point that nobody wanted to identify with the group because they'd invariably receive the reaction, 'oh, I heard that comm is full of bitches.'
The vendetta-chan seems to be inactive these days, but there's still fear that she'll (or someone like her) will re-emerge. At the worst of it, being active in the comm was a little like living out a lolita soap opera. Nobody wants to get caught up in all that shit.

>> No.7374964

What are the best UK comms?

>> No.7374968

whoops, didn't mean to respond to another post. let's try this again.

My comm is kind of dead. It's a little dejecting because some of the members were really cool girls and I liked hanging out with them. Nowadays, because of old drama, everyone has pretty much become a solitary lolita. It's almost to the point that I've thought about trying to arrange for and host a meetup myself rather than rely on the mods any longer.
We used to be fairly active, but a vendetta-chan started posting information about our members on sites like /cgl/ or tumblr and began spreading really nasty gossip about our city even though she really only had beef with one or two girls. These girls aren't even active/local anymore but the rest of us still got shit for it. It got to the point that nobody wanted to identify with the group because they'd invariably receive the reaction, 'oh, I heard that comm is full of bitches.'
The vendetta-chan seems to be inactive these days, but there's still fear that she'll (or someone like her) will re-emerge. At the worst of it, being active in the comm was a little like living out a lolita soap opera. Nobody wants to get caught up in all that shit.

>> No.7374980


I hear really good things about Scotland and London?

>> No.7374983

I really like my comm. I just don't know them very well yet and they are all such good friends, it makes me kind of sad. I hope after a while I will get friends like that too...

>> No.7375001

Are they doing gang signs

>> No.7375022

Has the Chicago comm cooled down? I saw a meet recently. I'm spending at least a month there this summer, thought it'd be cool to meet up with some people in a city I'd be potentially going back to. I heard that a lot of people split up though and now are a bit afraid to reach out because of the past drama being blown out of proportion. Is that still the case?

>> No.7375048

well Cleveland is the ghetto so they probably do hoodrat stuff in lolita

>> No.7375135

What are the Aust comms like?
I'm travelling there later this year and wouldn't mind checking out a meet or two. So far my family has agreed on Perth and Sydney but we're still tossing up where else we'd like to go.

>> No.7375152

Sydney is very welcoming to visitors/people just dropping in. Not sure about Perth, since they're a bit more scattered. Largest communities are in Sydney, Brisbane (a bit fractured recently) and Melbourne. Adelaide also has quite a big community, but I've been told they mostly gather in smaller friends groups.

Wherever you go, drop into the Australia Lolitas comm or Oz Lolita on LJ and let them know. They'd probably be happy to organise a meet for you and show you the sites.

>> No.7375158

It's the same for me. They are all so nice and I want to be friends with them, but I feel kinda like maybe I'd be intruding almost...plus I'm a fatty-chan so I feel like I'm ruining their pictures if I don't step out of the shot, because they are all so well-dressed...I will probably just stick to being a solitary lolita

>> No.7375166
File: 53 KB, 407x600, la_gang_signs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes those are gang signs. What do stand with your hands to the side like a robot when you talk?

>> No.7375178

b.k. blood killa...?
Burger King Blood Killer? Man, some people really will do anything for a whopper.

>> No.7375179
File: 249 KB, 600x400, 1356908381789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I looked at the drawing of a gangster and sighed and thought "couldn't gangs dress a little cooler?"
I'm a terrible person

>> No.7375183

Horrible. Terrible. Oh god, anon-chan, I could never possibly stand how horrendous you are. Please, don't assault my precious loli-eyes with such vulgar and disgusting words.

>> No.7375187
File: 518 KB, 450x257, 1365991420636.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7375189

I'm bothered by the socks with sandals. It's not just you

>> No.7375197

No but I don't do gang signs

>> No.7375198
File: 498 KB, 260x200, 1365362684239.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could never forgive such a piece of trash such as you, Anon-chan. May you be assaulted every day with bad tattoos, baggy shorts, and dirty socks with sandals.

>> No.7375202

I don't think you know what gang signs are.

>> No.7375203

I was just jokin' around there, fattycakes.

>> No.7375206

The Adelaide comm is actually very open, they have open meets at least once a month and if you let them know you are coming, or contact their events coordinator, they'll likely be able to organise a meetup for when you are there (provided you know, you decide to go to Adelaide- which I would suggest, the surrounding areas are beautiful).

>> No.7375231

There are a few Sacramento girls (and Melissa). But they're pretty ita.

>> No.7375258

I think its been way less dramatic for a while now but it has also literally cooled down... it's been a really bad winter with subzero temperatures so we haven't had a ton of meets. There are a couple coming up and it should get a little more active once spring hits. Baby just got confirmed for one of our smaller local cons (Anime Midwest in July) which should be interesting.

>> No.7375276

What is it with all these anons lately that obviously know nothing about corsets, yet try to comment on how people are "wearing them wrong". This is like the third comment I've seen. Even beyond overbust and underbust, there's a bunch more different types than jsut those two. Everything that isn't an overbust corset isn't being "worn wrong", guys.

>> No.7375283

Depends on how far and in which direction?

>> No.7375297

>I totally read that as milanoo

>> No.7375305


>> No.7375320


ever since lina and ellyjay left the comm, the drama has quieted down in chicago. on the other hand, the drama in sf has ramped up considerably.

i heard Melissa is coming back to the sf comm meetups even though she left the comm, what happened here?

>> No.7375322

There are two "sects" (too big to be called "cliques") in my comm that have almost no cross-over members. We all use the same Facebook group and events are technically open to all, but half of the group goes to one set of meet-ups and half goes to the other. I wish one group would just splinter off and make their own FB page already, but I know having one big comm is the only thing keeping us from talking major shit about each other. Plus we have to keep up the appearance of not being dramallamas. Plus then people would have to secretly play Romeo and Juliet. But fuck, we could have delicious lolita gang fights and shit.

>> No.7375348

which comm is this?

also, lolita gang fights sound awesome

>> No.7375413

I live near Santa Cruz/San Jose

>> No.7375430

Is there an India comm?

>> No.7375455

Any more info on Brisbane? I'm moving up from Canberra late august

>> No.7375493

The Lolitas in my town are very cliquey and apathetic. Lots of shy girls, or girls that have reasons for not attending meetups. I don't know if this is because the organizers/leaders of the comm are their own tight knit clique, but I'd love to have a more active and vibrant comm that is attractive, appealing, and inclusive. I just don't know how to make this happen without stirring up drama. As it is, I'm already unintentionally becoming part of my own little clique/faction, despite hosting carpools every time a meet rolls around, or suggesting traveling to other comms to go to more events. Also, I've applied and been approved to host two lolita related panels at our local university's free convention, but getting people involved is like pulling teeth. Any suggestions? I'd love a more active comm, but I don't want to come across like I'm trying to take over control of the group.

>> No.7375569

It's been fine. No drama for several months now. It's too cold to fight.

>> No.7375588

I believe someone did make a separate Santa Cruz comm, but it's quite small/I haven't heard about them having meets. If you join just the regular Bay Area comm, we do have a ton of south bay meets, actually, more than normal. Just this month there was tea and the Tech Museum, and then shaved ice for Valentine's Day.

>> No.7375591

Any big info on NM, NV, and AZ? I go there a lot because of my families job and my relatives. [from MN and in interested in joining non local comms on my visits

>> No.7375595

I believe he was kicked out of one of the comms (the general J-fash one), but since the other one is more used, I assume he can still see the meets. I know he went to the J-Fash walk, but I don't think he goes to every single meet like he used to? I've also been to meets where he was purposely not invited. At least, it's pretty easy to avoid him, now.

>> No.7375603


NM doesn't have a con, AZ has been posted a lot in this thread, not sure about NV

>> No.7375608

The main community is actually everywhere except flagstaff I thought. They are the only special snowflakes to make their own comm. other then that Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa are all active within the Arizona Community-because duh it the arizona community not the Phoenix community.

>> No.7375648

Well duh I know I live here. The only thing I see about AZ is that it has over 200 members and one pic of about 15 girls and some city being made of special snowflakes and no specifics tho about tge other places I asked about

>> No.7375654

Oh NM sorry I mis read its late here :/ fit my letters backwards

>> No.7375687


I think I know which comm you're talking about and if not I'm sorry that there are two comms like that. My condolences.

>> No.7375698
File: 475 KB, 588x579, 1379695823226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did you want to know? I assume the fracture anon is talking about would be a few secrets that someone posted recently?

-a lot of pent up rage in the secret poster apparently- lol

No one is paying it any mind though, I am sure they will untwist their bloomers eventually.

>> No.7375706

As always, I'll be boosting this doc and email me anything missing or if I accidentally linked to a cosplay/ita comm. /sage


>> No.7375714

Ah, actually I was talking about some posts made by people claiming to be from Brisbane in a recent lolita comm thread. I'll look through the archive and see if I can find the specific posts for you.

>> No.7375736

>"cocoon mode"
>goal weight
>money consciousness

My kind of girl. I hope you make it.

>We're all gonna make it, sistah

>> No.7375743
File: 475 KB, 160x156, tumblr_ly3stb0Fh21r2v7tio2_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My comm back home is the best. No drama, vets willing to help newbies. etc. I honestly don't think I'd be as decent as I am without them constantly giving me feedback. I'm currently studying abroad and can honestly say that one of the things I get most homesick about is my comm back home. I miss my lolita friends. :(

Just 8 more months, MKE lolitas~~

>> No.7375793

No Oklahoma Lolis. Fuck.

>> No.7375799

I... haven't seen anyone around here wear lolita. I finally saved up enough and bought my first frills, but I think I'll be doing it alone. Anyone from the SCV in California?

>> No.7375822
File: 53 KB, 960x540, CEASE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the NYC drama's been run through to hell and back in the past few weeks, but I just wanted to point out that the most recent 17 year old special snowflake to introduce herself into the NYC Lolitas Facebook group plans to run a "lolita panel" at SpringFest. As of four weeks ago she claimed to have owned ONE SKIRT and ONE PETTI, and I just saw her two days ago on another page saying she wears "hime" and "classic". Pic related, that's the heart attack she came into the group calling "lolita". Why? Why do itas get into the fashion for a month and then think they can do panels on it? Please just go to Victorian Ladies and stay there.

>> No.7375946

Someone tell me about the St. Louis comm? I have relatives in that area and it would be cool to meet up with lolitas when I'm in the area.

>> No.7375973

Jesus man, you are so mad.

Look, Japanese people who visit America tend to be very open minded about forigners, exploration and other cultures. They're there expressly to create connections and friendships in other countries.

Having lived in Japan both for work and as an exchange student, not EVERY Japanese person is like that. I lived in the countryside in south Japan, and a lot of people weren't interested in being friends. They were very polite, but after my newness wore off they esentially left me alone or thought I was really strange. If you're there for a year or more you'll see that it is very hard to be close to some people. You'll likely make two or three lasting friendships, and others will just hold you at arms length. As a foreigner in Japan you often get treated as an entertaining oddity or a guest, but not as anyone close.

Stop being such a dick man, and maybe take the advice of others who've actually lived there.

>> No.7375976

I saw Melissa last december. Honestly she's not very inviting of a person when I introduced myself to her....
What's the story on her anyway? How'd she get kicked out of the jfash comm?

>> No.7375984

Does Sydney have many meets though?
Been in the comm for a few months now and the only event I've seen and went to was the Misako tea party, but didn't keep in contact with the girls I met.

>> No.7376010

yes. do plz.

>> No.7376052

I really wasn't mad. I am just tired of hearing this from literally every person who thinks they know about Japan.
I'm well aware of the challenges that await me when I'm there. I know I'll be stared at, find it harder to fit in, etc.
That said, plenty of people overexaggerate this sort of thing, imo, and I'll be living in downtown Tokyo and studying through a university program that is all about internationalism, so I doubt fellow students are going to be as close minded as a country bumpkin.
I think it's funny that people think that you should be able to get close to people quickly and easily. I've always just had two or three close friends, and from my experiences in France and Germany, this seems pretty normal outside of the US.

>> No.7376055

Mostly fine and dandy except a few:

Ellejay the special snowflake attention whore ( nemesis Lina is pretty annoying too, but tolerable IMO).

Then there's Tiferet, Melissa, and Gwen, 'nuff said,

>> No.7376058 [DELETED] 

Mostly fine and dandy except:

Ellejay the special snowflake attention whore ( nemesis Lina is pretty annoying too, but tolerable IMO).

Then there's Tiferet, Melissa, and Gwen, 'nuff said about them,

>> No.7376083

My community would be perfect if it wasn't for this one belligerent ita who loves oversharing about her bleeding arsehole.

>> No.7376133

I'm in the same boat. I'm here to improve my language abilities, so I'm reluctant to join an English speaking group. Also, I'm about 3hrs away from Tokyo by train so there's that.

>> No.7376135

Has Melissa gotten improved at all? I haven't seen anything of her lately, so I'd assumed she'd either quit or gotten better.

>> No.7376200
File: 268 KB, 640x345, nononocat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7376206
File: 170 KB, 500x750, chubbygirlface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats ging on at her waist lmao

also does anyone know miss lillith gray or whatever? is she in nyc?

>> No.7376213
File: 254 KB, 720x720, ari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

then why do you keep asking "hey guys will i fit in nippon roris?" you seem to already know the answer
if you must, go hunt around tumblr for gaijin living in japan and ask them

>> No.7376217

shes very cute. she can dress herself if pleases, but most of the time i think she enjoys experimenting with her clothes. shes a perfect lolita.

>> No.7376223

>I doubt fellow students are going to be as close minded as a country bumpkin.
I don't think you actually no much about Japan. It's not about being a 'country bumpkin' or eve close minded in the sense you're giving it, nor is it about being racist or something. It's more about not wanting to do anything that might attract attention from others positive or negative, not wanting to rock the boat so to speak. People will probably talk to you and depending on the group you hang out with, maybe even be come friends with you, but most people will be doing the simpler option of just ignoring/avoiding you in order to keep their own lives the same as always. I really think you're mistaking something that is part of Japan's cultural ideal for something else.

>> No.7376236

Curious about the Indiana comm? I might move there in a year..

>> No.7376244

She is in Texas. Glad she finally updated her makeup recently to something more flattering instead of the full circle of thick black eyeliner she used to do.

Personally pretty jealous of her lifestyle. Her mom must be loaded with the amount of brand she buys on a monthly basis. She has no job and I think she's homeschooled and they go on trips all the time! I do notice she rarely buys new accessories or blouses though, just dress after dress.

I'm not a huge fan of her style and the choices she makes but I guess I get trying new things since she does an outfit shot every day.

I wonder if she was the one who bought the shoulder frill Gloria jsk in black from lacemarket. I know she always talks about wanting it.

>> No.7376248

My comm is pretty good. We have one elitist (she seriously said she'd never come to meets unless we banned bodyline), I don't think many girls dress particularly well, but they don't dress particularly badly either, aside from one girl that wears lace monsters, but I don't think she actually says she's wearing lolita either.

Aside from that I wish that they didn't expect me to organize every meet. I work tons, and live 45 minutes away from them so there aren't meets that often. However when anyone else organizes a meet, pretty much no one else shows up. It's frustrating because they complain there aren't enough meets, but then don't show up unless I organize it.

>> No.7376249

Different anon, but I'm a newbie Houston Lolita and have only been to a couple meets. The first meet I went to many of the girls literally walked pasted me while saying goodbye. Goodbye to the person on the left, goodbye to the person on the right. It had a very clique feeling to it. Not all the girls were mean, some were very inclusive and nice, but majority.

>> No.7376256

I'm so amazed by reading about the ohio comm I might join soon once I finish one coord

>> No.7376263

probably because you are new and no one knew you? Did you make any attempt to say goodbye to them?

Idont know anon, a lot of the newbies have been acting really stupid. Maybe you did something to piss them off?

>> No.7376371

I met ellejay a few times and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks she's an attention whore. Everyone oohs and aahs over her so I thought I was being a bitch or the entire sf comm was crazy. I really like brie though so whatever makes her happy

Melissa can fuck off and I hope I never see him at meets. His Facebook was full of liberal and controversial shit, yet barely says a word in person. The only time his real life persona matched his internet one was when he called another lolita vulgar things, and that was enough to validate my incredibly dislike for him. He's a fucking creep inside and out and I hope the comm continues to stop coddling him.

>> No.7376381

> tfw you would like to attend NYC comm things
> work in the city, so really sick of traveling to it
> feel really old
> spaghetti in my pockets
> reading posts on the comm FB just turns me into a cranky pants (why the fuck why don't you use google?)

>> No.7376425

Are you her or something? Nobody even insulted her.

>> No.7376437

>why the fuck why don't you use google?
I am exactly like this. I just try to tell myself that they don't trust everything they find on Google and would prefer the opinion of someone they look up to/trust, like you/me/the com/etc.

>> No.7376458
File: 669 KB, 433x593, lilithHoly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the info
yea her room decor has some awesome goth touches
and she's only been into lolita less than a year i believe and she has some of the most expensive pieces... im both inspired and jelly

>> No.7376499

I'm kind of glad that LA isn't my main comm for that reason. I do come up to the FTB events, but my local group (SD) has tons of their own, which is nice.

>> No.7376503


Same here. Ellejay thinks she's some kind of celebrity or something, I think she has a serious case of narcissistic personality disorder.

People aren't even being subtle about Melissa being creepy anymore, I hope he gets the message.

>> No.7376508

Those sound like good ideas, I'm not far from London (local comm looks kind of dead) but would definitely be interested in theatre/gallery meets. I hope you can get a group together.

>> No.7376522

A while back, I carpooled with Melissa and he made all the girls in the car uncomfortable. He would talk about how his then girlfriend hated the lolita fashion because to him, it WAS a fetish... And nobody believed us when we told people that he was in the fashion for the wrong reasons :/ Every time I saw him RSVP to a meetup I refused to go so for a long period of time I was MIA from the comm because it felt like they (the SF community) was.. idk, I guess protecting him? That it was ok? I'm really happy he hasn't been going to meets as of late and making passive-aggressive comments on the facebook group about how he's "tired of not being able to go to meets."

>> No.7376527

My comm (SD) is generally awesome. We used to have some trouble with drama, but it's been quiet for over six months now, which is really nice. Sometimes we get bored over from LA drama, but it's rare.

We have recently gotten a big influx of newbies, and while some of them are pretty ita, they seem to be learning fast, and taking the advice of veterans seriously. There are one or two I think might be lost causes, but at least they're nice, and don't come to many meets.

We also met super frequently, which is fun, and we sometimes carpool to larger LA events. The core group is really well dressed and close friends with each other, so I can see how we might come across as clique-ish to outsiders, but I hope that that isn't too common.

>> No.7376540

SF doesn't want to seem transphobic by calling him out on his shit. Trans lolitas, and to a lesser extent PoC lolitas, can get away with murder.

>> No.7376541
File: 474 KB, 1366x2048, 1392665237142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's been around for at least two years, used to be incredibly ita and then disappeared. Came back with her new stuff. The May 2012 Meet photos in HLC have the pictures.

>> No.7376542

How is her personality

>> No.7376548

seems sweet, but shes super quiet so its kind of hard to talk to her. Heard shes kind of sickly and had to get a bunch of surgeries.

>> No.7376550

i really liked when that secret that was made about melissa a while back. when he was at j-pop summit he really looked like an angry snorlax wanting to cause a drama earfquake.

>> No.7376556
File: 75 KB, 720x960, 1392665763758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people have said she comes off kind of snobby. She may just be socially awkward as at all the old meets she would be standing off to the side, not smiling or participating in any group poses.

>> No.7376564

i think she has social anxiety or something and is trying to over come it? or depression or something. it said it in one of her videos on yt

>> No.7376578

SF everything in general, every aspect of life and business, is like this
effin hipster

>> No.7376580

im assuming it's something like that. I much prefer her over the other Brooke in our community.

>> No.7376596
File: 27 KB, 500x375, pikachu-crying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really have a comm, I live two hours away from the LA one and I have only been to one of their meets (the halloween witch themed thing), so I don't really feel a part of it. I would go to more meets and stuff, but I don't think there are very many, and I only find out about the ones that do happen well after they have happened. It doesn't matter anyway, when I do go out I can't talk to any of them because I am cripplingly shy.

I don't want to be a lone loli, but I am really bad at making friends.

>> No.7376601

That's not even ita. AH is tacky and she needs a petti, but it's not ita, just more old school.

>> No.7376607

I used to like my comm until some self absorbed girl who openly tries to manipulate people into liking her so she can take advantage of people/get them to buy her things moved here. So far things are working out for her which pisses me off because I know that no one would like her if they knew the things she told me. Why do you have to go and ruin the comm with your need for attention and e-fame, ugh.

>> No.7376613

Are there any comms in virginia? I recently moved there and would like to make frilly friends

>> No.7376630


How does she manipulate people?

>> No.7376655

How is the german comm? Or the european comm in general?

>> No.7376661

Wow, the photography is wasted on them.

>> No.7376675

Mainly by trying to get them to buy things for her, but then she says nasty things about them behind their back. She's obsessed with e-fame too and wants lots of attention. She gets genuinely mad when some random guy doesn't find her attractive. She is always victimizing herself and even got kicked out of her old comm. I would be more specific but I don't want this to get any worse as I don't feel comfortable at meetups anymore after she dragged me into her drama.

>> No.7376684

Which country would you guys say is the worst in terms of:

- drama
- quality of outfits
- events

and which is best? You can list state/province if you want to.

>> No.7376689

What direction from LA are you (as in north/south/etc)? There are several SoCal comms, so maybe one of the smaller ones is slightly closer?

>> No.7376713

This sounds like my community. Coming as a "leader" who in one of those "leader cliques", my thoughts are that you just go to meets and be friendly to the new/shy girls. I realize looking in to the "leader clique" it looks exclussive and bitchy, but for my comm at least, it's just because myself and my friends are always busy so meets are a time to hang out and catch up with those I'm close to. Speaking personally, I like if another member takes charge of trying to organize more meets and interact with the new people.

>> No.7376714

I was thinking of doing this when I visit. About to start planning my trip. I'd like to know what group to find them in for when the time comes.

>> No.7376740

They had drama a few weeks back in the Secrets. It looks like some general "eww you're all itas" shit but the response from the members just made it worse.

>> No.7376751

Really quiet, but they looks like nice girls. It took me forever to find them when I joined. One or two really good coords for a meetup with a handful of not too terrible itas. They seem nice.

>> No.7376842

Please say you're north of LA, I live about an hour and fifteen north and there's no one out here.

>mfw cowboy country and yuppies

>> No.7376940 [DELETED] 

They all seem a bit immature. Even the supposedly married with kids ones tend to blow up with the enthusiasm of twenty puppies over everything.

>> No.7376943

There tend to be more meets in autumn/winter/spring than summer, for obvious reasons. I don't think there have been any recently though. Maybe put out some feelers on the Facebook page?

>> No.7376964

My local comm (such as it is) was started by an overweight replica-chan and it's mostly she and her weeby friend getting together to do stuff. It never really took off either as a group or friend circle b/c they are kind of awkward and lacking good social skills, I think. I am mostly a lone Lolita and I like it that way but I'm invited to meets at a nearby city group. That is a lot of fun. There is one local girl I may invite out to tea though, she seems like someone I'd like to have dress up fun with sometimes.

>> No.7376969

does a Kansas city, MO comm exist and how is it?

>> No.7376975

I'm going to kill myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAlhxPuD3lA

>> No.7376982

That's from four years ago. Surely it can't be reflective of how the community is *now*.

>> No.7376995

Are you in Northern CA? Just asking cause it sounds like the reason I'm avoing my comm, I've only seen horrible pictures. I just want to meet more local girls who dress well and are good company.

>> No.7377011

Nope, but I think this situation is not uncommon. I'm like you, I just want even 1-2 local friends to dress up nicely and have a pleasant time with. I was friendly, went to a few meets, to try and be part but it's been awkward every time and not gotten any better. I've decided that a bad local comm is worse than none. I'm not going to support mine anymore at all.

>> No.7377018

I'd be curious to know if they have improved.

>> No.7377035

She's in HLC met her in a couple of meets and she's chubby pretty but shy. I really like her coords she'll incorporate something unique sometimes.

Also HLC is indeed a bit cliquey at first but once they get to know you more they're pretty friendly. I was new to the comm last year and if you make friends with the mods its pretty easy but there are sweet individual girls who will take the time to introduce themselves to you. Right now the comm page is full of newbies but no big drama or anything.

>> No.7377056

Curious about this too.

>> No.7377060

are you in Chicago or SF?

>> No.7377131

Sounds like SF.

>> No.7377293
File: 705 KB, 457x587, lil.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that could be true. she seems to be really into the fashion (or just shopping) and she makes informative albeit unoriginal videos, maybe as some kind of compensation.
"THESE MOY MEEM MOYTEE socks are in IMPECCABLE condition" ... "omg omg omg i got holy lantern"
i still really admire her for some reason

>> No.7377301

she has something weird going on with her father is all I know. She mentions him once in one of her videos with some kind of vague 'but we don't like to speak about him...' comment attached to the story

>> No.7377487

I don't think I've been acting stupid. I've hardly ever posted on the fb. The last meet I went to was a while back.
Whenever I was leaving, I said goodbye to everyone. These girls were leaving earlier. I mean if someone is saying "bye, ____. bye ____." I'm not going to butt in to the middle of her speaking. But I looked many of them in the eyes and waved and they didn't even acknowledge me. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but HLC is very cliquish. You'd think for a small meetup it would feel more inclusive, at least. If it was a big comm meet I wouldn't have taken it to heart as much.

>> No.7377559

MS Paint-chan, I see you in these threads and BTB from time to time with observations about the NC online community. I'm discouraged you feel you can't share (what I'm perceiving to be) frustrations with the content on the Facebook page. The post you link here was erased shortly after it was created, and atrocious spelling aside, even the trash is harmless. But I'm sorry it annoys you. What would you do differently to make the community better?

>> No.7377580

I always wondered this too.

>> No.7377589
File: 423 KB, 567x640, 1392694014107.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which part of Virginia? There's a Northern VA group I believe and a Southern VA group that I'm a part of as well as a Hampton Roads group that's relatively active. I've yet to go to a meet since I'm new to lolita and I'm trying to get a decent coord together but here's the facebook pages for the latter two if you're interested.

>> No.7377595
File: 203 KB, 500x523, 1392694169206.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Argh 4chan thinks my links are spam. If you look up Hampton Roads Lolita and SoVa Lolitas I'm sure they'll pop up

>> No.7377609

If they were leaving right when you got there, maybe they just didn't know your name. Did you introduce yourself to them beforehand?

>> No.7377708

They're all really nice. I don't go to too many meets because it's a bit hard for me to go, but they're nice to new people, and most of the regulars are impeccably dressed. It's true that there was a bit of a hugboxing a bit back because some anons were attacking a girl on anon via tumblr and then there was a btb post that someone made a reply to, but it's mostly just because they try to stay very drama free. Honestly, that's the only type of eventful drama-related thing going on here, and it's otherwise pretty good. All of the girls are really awesome.

We do have a few itas, but most haven't shown up to meets to my knowledge. They're all really chill too, and you can post whatever questions you want to the group page. The name is "St. Louis/Missouri Lolitas" on Facebook.

>> No.7377721

I kinda doubt it, it doesn't seem like a very good environment for wearing lolita. There probably are a few lolitas scattered about the place, though.

>> No.7377726

Also, they would definitely be cool with people swinging by for a meet while in town.

I'm pretty sure there isn't one, and most people just join the STL one mentioned >>7377708

There are some central MO meets on that comm page, but if you join it, you could ask about making a Kansas City side comm page, do you can keep it separate or something.

>> No.7377755

Does anyone know anything about comms in Louisiana? The only one that seems to be active is in New Orleans and that is a bit far away

>> No.7377798

They have a few Baton Rouge lolitas, and Lafayette lolitas. Where are you from?

>> No.7377815

Pineville. I guess Lafayette would be reasonably close, at least once I am able to get a car again.

>> No.7377822

Well the comm is pretty calm in general. No real drama, and we always welcome new comers. We just recently got allot of them and they all seem pretty chill. Your best bet would be to join the facebook group and wait for a Baton Rouge meet.

>> No.7377827

Thank you

>> No.7377828

The NOLA community is pretty much the main community in the state. There's a good bit of members located in the Baton Rouge area and a few in Lafayette. There's even a small community for the members located around Shreveport.

>> No.7377832

spotted the newfag
a special snowflake is someone who wants to be "Different and unique snd totally original desu!!! ^_^" and they usually are weaboos. their outfits generally look terrible because ether try to hard to look different form "the average (insert anime character name/insert any other fashion here/lolita)

>> No.7377835
File: 92 KB, 296x300, 1392699653932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>save me

>> No.7377851

is anyone part of the oregon comm? I might be moving there in a few months.

>> No.7377886

They're great! Everyone is really sweet!

>> No.7378181

Yes, at first I thought he was just shy and socially awkward, since he's much more active on the comm. A lot of people disliked him at first because of general creeper vibes, and because he was so, so bad at dressing himself, and never improved despite encouragement and advice. Then, this year at J-pop, and incident happened where some girls refused to hi-five him, and he screamed at them and called them whores, then went on to post on Facebook about wanting to beat one of them up. After that, it was revealed that he was posting those sissification lolita images on the brolita comm. I don't think he was even "kicked out" really, more like quietly removed. I think he also finally realized that he wasn't liked by a lot of the community, so he's toned down going to EVERY SINGLE MEET ever.

>> No.7378217

...Which part of Norcal are you talking about?

>> No.7378219

Maybe it's Sac or Sonoma county?

>> No.7378307

Thank god he's not at every meet these days. I always got the creepy sissy vibe from him, but I didn't want to say anything and get labeled as transphobic. Kinda glad my concern was validated though.

>> No.7378317

I thought that at first, too, but there's been multiple times where the issue has come up. I think the comm is just dealing with it by not inviting him to things when they can.

>> No.7378327


That's the thing.. They've abandoned the live journal and have ceased being a comm since then... I hope they have improved though.

>> No.7378353

if anyone speaks up against them, would you back them up?

>> No.7378368

i wasnt defending her exactly. i just know a lot of seagulls hate her because shes "ita," but i think she just gives no fucks. still kawaii if you ask me.

>> No.7378383

That's the stupidest thing ever. Of course lolitas don't back each other up.
I had the delightful time of having such an occurrence. People in my comm didn't like something so I spoke up. Everyone who was sounding off before was now silent while I took the brunt of it. Now several years later and my name is still brought up as nemesis mud. Fuckers.

>> No.7378386

Her videos seem a little awkward and slightly condescending. I can't decide between pretentious, nervous on cam or just a little insecure.

>> No.7378391

I want to see her wardrobe so bad.

>> No.7378392
File: 9 KB, 250x226, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't get offended by this or anything, /cgl/ but are there any actual "cute" or "good looking" lolitas in this hobby/lifestyle of yours or is this it? so far I'm not liking what I'm seeing.

>> No.7378394

>shes a perfect lolita
my head says no that the odd coords and the weird personality + severe wealth and maintenence of freetime/no job envy, my heart still holds her as my favourite lolita. shes so right for it (in my opinion). i wish i were her friend, or got to know more about her. i guess im a "number one fan".

>> No.7378397
File: 118 KB, 477x319, ur opinion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everyone has different tastes?

>> No.7378405
File: 76 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I've seen a couple dozen pictures of different girls and I still don't like what I'm seeing, I don't think it's a matter or opinions at this point, honey.

>> No.7378408
File: 25 KB, 400x400, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7378409

well, my opinion of a perfect lolita isnt someone that just puts on flawless coords 24/7, its someone that genuinely seem to love the fashion and isn't afraid to make her lolita style her own. i admire the experimental aspect of her style.

>> No.7378411

not sure if stupid or stupid.

>> No.7378413


>> No.7378418 [DELETED] 

Thats because you are an ugly piece of shit. Infact what the fuck is this board? And i thought lolitas was supposed to look hot, not like some unkempt fat pieces of shit trash. Pathetic

>> No.7378419

lolitas are not meant to look 'hot', we don't care about your opinon, go back to >[r9k]

>> No.7378420 [DELETED] 

Yes they are, they are girls right? girls that dress up, thats the only reason girls do it, to look hot for men, otherwise they are fucked up in the head. And im not from some fucking r9k, so just stfu and stop protecting ugly bitches

>> No.7378423
File: 43 KB, 396x385, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

H-hey stop it that's mean, respect the ladies.

But yeah, so far I haven't seen an actual cute or good looking one but then again this is my second time here

>> No.7378424

You sund so angry and bitter, are you in the friendzone m8 ?
So what you are saying is basically both sexist and homophobic, projecting much ? Your life must sucks, apparently you can't get laid man.

>> No.7378425

it's like all the same person just arguing with themselves because they're bored

>> No.7378428 [DELETED] 

Ah, the classic friendzone, vant get laid bit. As i happens i have a wife and a daughter, none of wich im allowed to see(i got sent to prison for domestic violence, steroids and drugcharges).

I fuck guys when im on speed, but im not a faggot, and ofc its sexist, thats whats its all about you litte faggot. All in life is about looks and sex, that you cant see otherwise tells me you where raised by a single mom and dont have balls to stand up as a man.

But you have one thing right, my life is pretty much fucked up.

>> No.7378429

Sounds like it

>> No.7378430
File: 42 KB, 564x371, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice try dummy

>> No.7378432

Sounds like my old comm, you're not from the South Island are you?

>> No.7378433

Actually I didn't mean to quote you froggy

>> No.7378436 [DELETED] 

and it's not like

>> No.7378459

well, it depends. where in Italy?

agreed, she is the cutest!

>> No.7378460

If you are serious, I really don't know what you were expecting as an answer. No. No one is cute in this style. We know this as a fact. No one will ever be cute to you in this style. Better?

And why post to this thread? It's about communities. You are a troll, riiight? If you want a dump of cute-faced, good lolis, just search around. Ask in a related thread for some pics because you have to find a kawaii girl or something. Don't bother everyone by being dumb, man.

u ok

>> No.7378478

I'm not that anon, but I'm gonna be studying in Trentino in September, is there a comm there or would I have to go down to Milan?

>> No.7378503

Look in the archive for the 2 recent top tier Lolita threads before you go further with this line of posting, maybe? If you still feel the same after that, then you may be misunderstanding Lolita all together.

>> No.7378542 [DELETED] 

Don't come at me flapping your rolls you fatass.

>> No.7378548

facebook /groups/197342920311802/

>> No.7378555

And you think we're fucked in the head.

Sage for now a troll thread.

>> No.7378588

this so much goddamn much. the head of the group I used to be in had leaders that were just awful, and on the side, the other members all knew it and spoke about "how we needed to do something", but in person just took their abuse.
when I spoke up against them, it was me vs them and their stretched stories. its been years, and they still harass me to this day. I told each and every story they did, and each and every complaint that the other members had, but left them anonymous because I didn't want them to go through the hell I was/am going through about it.

maybe if a couple of people speak up about them, I'll have their back. but I'm sick of being dragged through the mud and /cgl/ being stupid enough to believe lies about me.

but anyone who fucking tries to join that community will nope outta there after they see the crazy staminarose like drama that goes on on their facebook page, so, why be concerned?

>> No.7378629

It's not too bad. They are, over all, very welcoming. There's only one person who isn't right now. And another who is very socially inept but, is getting better. Just make sure you read the comm's rules or you might get bounced on trying to apply.

>> No.7379799

The Oregon comm is lovely. Its pretty big, so there are of course a few weeaboos and annoying girls, but overall it is great!

>> No.7379928

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