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Can we have a confession thread?
>What were you like as a weeaboo?
>Ita mistakes
>Terribad cosplays
Extra points if you add a picture!

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>Babys first lolita meetup
>Handmade mess
>Old skirt with shitty seams coming off the waist
>Shitty fabric sewn to bottom to make it longer (at least I knew that much)
>Yucky clay pins I made
>Dirty sneakers
>Handmade petti poking out
>Neon yellow earrings
>~fairy keiiiii~
If anyone in my comm sees this I am truely sorry for that day.
>At least everyone was super sweet!

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My old DA profile says it all...
Hi, I'm Akiko, And i looove Anime!!! Go hetalia! and deathnote, and code geass, and fruits basket, and angel beats, and baka no test. a bunch of other stuff too...
And of course VOCALOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also like other japanese music, like smilage! anyway, I'd love to open a restaurant/boutique in tokyo :) I traveled to germany as an extchange student twice. super fun! it was awesome, since i had no parents to stop me from spending 50+ bucks on chocolate. seriously, i must have gained at least 10 pounds in 3 weeks. seriously.
Also, i am vegetarian, and kinda animal rightsy and stuffs. so i'm gonna be posting awesome pics and stuff, so ya!

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but anon chocolate has milk

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>not enough research and trying to do first complete coord on the cheap.
>get Milanoo something
>luck out and it's really nice
>never tell a soul and still wear it.

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Different anon, vegetarian =/= vegan.

Vegetarians don't eat meat, vegans don't consume any animal products at all.

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Seeing your post made me look at my Deviantart from 2007 and I forgot just how weeby I was, one of my posts was one of the edgiest and least original things on the planet and I was completely serious and thought I was really original and most of the rest of my pictures were bad drawings with random Japanese symbols.
I was basically everything people make fun of on /cgl/.
How many years ago did you write that on your DA?

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Dark chocolate is god tier though

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oh you

im not sure if i have many remnants of my weeb days. i was and still am a major lurker. never got into DA. had gaia and myspace... maybe i'll dig up some dirt there

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Princess Jellyfish... that is all

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oops spoke too soon

>Hi Gaia. I'm anon
> I love Hello Kitty too much for my own good.

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Some vegetarians eat meat.

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no, then they would not be vegetarians... there are stupid different labels for the kind that only eat one kind of meat.

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>Tfw I never was a weeb.

I did want some godawful milanoo ita monstrosities as a kid, though.

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Then they're not very good vegetarians

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No they don't. If they do, they aren't really vegetarians. They're just trying to be 3cool and calling themselves vegetarians.

Some eat fish, because they don't consider fish to be meat or something like that, but I think that's fucking stupid too.

And some people eat certain types of meat only, but then they aren't vegetarians.

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Not true, pesco vegetarians are technically vegetarian but they eat fish meat.

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You mean the ones who eat fish, but just fish? That has a name, though it escapes me right now

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Was more of a closet weeb, I never had friends who enjoyed anime or anything, so at home when I'd watch Mahou Shoujo or anything with attacks, I'd get up and scream "WATASHI NO KOKORO, UNLOCK" and spin around. then be like "Chara Nari, Amulet Clover!"
I still do it but less.

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No... they are not vegetarian... they have their own label, pescatarian...

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I have a lot of free time because I require little sleep and I fancy myself a writer. So I was on gaia for the rp forums pretty late every night roll playing as some of my favorite animu characters.... I'm not on gaia anymore but... I've been carrying the same rp for eight years with another girl who lives half a world away and doesn't sleep either.

>rp as a dude with a white knight complex
>mild mannered white girl

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Seventh grade I think. Luckily my weeb phase wasn't too long, it went from mid sixth to early eighth grade....

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Lucky you. Most people have a weeb phase, maybe when you're an old lady in a nursing home you'll weeb out to whatever the ~kewl animu~ is in the future

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I want to roleplay, but I don't know how to get started and I can't seem to find a site I like. It's a bummer.

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Don't ruin the thread with stupid arguments please

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A good friend of mine has been doing a RP with somebody on DA for over a year now.

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Ugh what didn't I do as a weeb? Back when myspace was the place to hang my page was covered head to toe in ridiculous "OMGZ SO RANDOMZ XDXDXD" icon shit. I was "married" to my friend, my anime twu wuv changed every week I found a new show and I roleplayed as various oc's for hours. They were all obviously from Japan and had sad tragic backstories. I ran up my mothers phone bill ($200+ charges) by buying all those clothes and elementals and shit for your avatar on Gaia. Around the same time my parents went through a rough patch and separated which allowed me to develop my own uber tragic backstory and start dressing like the cool kids which meant going emo/scenester. I was totally edgy cutting my hair super short and listening to My Chemical Romance while teeheeing at teh yaoiz because omg boys having sex omg I'm reading something meant for the 18+ crowd! I look back and sigh profusely...

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I know that feel, sort of. I used to love RP's but lately, nothing I can find interests me, and I can't find anything better than Gaia.

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... do... do the RP yahoo chat rooms still exist? Or are they just completely gone into the past at this point? I used to do text based RP in the yahoo chat rooms, was tons of fun. But didn't have anything to do with anime or whatever, just fantasy.

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My (now) friend and I have done email and have really liked doing so through face book because we know when each other has seen or is just taking their time writing... its really heaven compared, no more having to be late to a promised time and being able to do so with phones is just soooo convenient. As for starting, I have a few saved because I would type them up in word. Basically you're putting a character in a situation that would allow others to join. I enjoy the tavern setting because it allows for a lot of different characters to interact at first and wouldn't seem out of the norm for two different walks of life to meet.

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What about starting an RP with other Seagulls? Doesn't have to be on /cgl/ or /cgl/-related or anything.

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This dress. I think like 14 when I bought it at a convention. Still have it because there are a lot of memories attached to it.
Also, cross dressing as a boy on vampirefreaks so so girls could tell me how hawt I was and shit just because my females friends were doing it.
Screaming random Japanese phrases in the lunchroom and laughing at the normies staring at us. They clearly didn't understand.
Losing the game.
Anime posters on every inch of my room.
Shitty cosplays at local mall in my shitty Ed Elric cosplay with a super shiny yellow wig.
Glad I didn't have a good camera back then.

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I weeb out over my shojo animu, collect manga and dolls and wear hello kitty roomwear in private with just my bf. I just never came to a point where I stopped doing these things and they are comforting. He thinks it's charming. I'm perfectly happy and well adjusted in our normal adult social situations too, of course but I'm not sure I'll ever give up some aspects of my weeb-i-tude and I'm ok with it.

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A selection from my DeviantArt journal entries.

by [name omitted], Nov 17, 2009, 8:29:55 PM

[Anon] got new shoes today...
Lolita shoes (Mary Janes).
They is kewl.
[Anon] is happeh.
And she shall wear her new lolita shoes tomorrow and look totally awesome.
[Anon] also got something else she has wanted for ever so long...
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde.
It is thoroughly fun to read, because Oscar Wilde is way too gay for anyone to handle, and you can totally tell just by reading his work.
[Anon] is finished, continue your work (or, since you're on the internet, your search for porn)."

Basically, I was a pretentious little chav who liked to talk in third person.

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i don't think yahoo chat rooms exist at all anymore, cause some perv tried to molest an underage girl or something

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I'd be willing but hesitant... Some characters I plan on publishing and others, I'd be getting some flack for because of them being in the popular trends at the moment. Things were so much nicer when people weren't effing up the worlds I loved with film garbage.
>I'm looking at you Desolation of Smaug and Twilight

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Yeah, I'm a closet weeb too. Never let it out into public past middle school because I started hanging out with normal people. It wasn't until I starting dating my husband that it became a thing for me again. But again, only in private.

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I was always really shy, so even in my weeb phase in high school, I was never obnoxious and loud. I was still pretty weird, though.
I think I started drawing anime with pokemon and then digimon, I can't quite remember, but I did quite well, since I'd been drawing other types of cartoons already. My drawing caught the attention of people who liked anime. This one girl, though, I think she might have been a bad influence because I noticed my behavior changing little by little. Maybe I just admired her bold and outgoing behavior, as I thought it was back then. She was one of those weebs who would act like an obnoxious squeaky anime character. She'd whine and make cat sounds and she was aggressive and spoke random japanese. She'd push her yaoi onto me and it made me uncomfortable.
I picked up some of these habits, though. Not to the extreme she did. That just wasn't in my nature. But I did some really weebish things like wear cat ears to my afterschool club. I wasn't the only one doing it, though, but I'm still a little embarrassed. I guess my weeb phase was just a phase I went through where I thought my friends were interesting and i wanted to fit in. I also thought I was cool to shout japanese insults at people who I thought were picking on me, and doing that anime thing where you stick your tongue out and pull your eyelid down. That was pretty stupid. Also, I did the lol so random XD thing online, too.
Oh, those were dark times.
I'm pretty sure my nonweeb friends still talk about me and the embarrassing things I did in high school.

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I was 13 when I drew this.

I'm incorrigible. I still have this OC and still use the nickname I share with this character (because she'll always be my kawaii catgirl fantasy self). But it feels really comforting and I try to keep this side of me on the downlow when dealing with people in real life. Close friends know and share some interests with me so I know they won't judge me, but I really don't want to be seen as an obnoxious snowflake by anyone else.

My husband also doesn't mind and even thinks it's kinda cute.

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ayyy another /ck/ bro in here maybe?

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this is all I have to say about this matter, besides the fact that I got my 1st boyfriend after he gave me a necklace with the Sand Village symbol on it.

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Honestly? I don't think many people will mind too much, as long as it's not over-the-top mary-sue/gary-stue.

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oh yes, and I forgot to mention- this was made on pixlr.

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By no means, but having an elf or a half vampire character nowadays has been forever ruined.

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You made me dig mine up anon. why would you do that.
it makes it worse than this was only 7 years ago for me

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Though honestly I kind of want to re-draw this character.

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if anyone wants my cringier "omg im so funni" shit I'll do it. I'll do it man.

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>all those stupid things I said on various anime forums when I was 15
>all those emoticons
>"(My Name)The Kitsune"
>wore the badges "Otaku" and "Weaboo" with pride

>all those "furry" webcomics I followed
>had no idea what a "furry" actually was at the time
>looking back I realize everyone on those webcomic forums used shitty furry OC's as their avatars

thank god my friends through highschool were the "in" crowd so I never talked about that shit in public. I could be a furry, weaboo, meme-spouting, emoticon-abusing faggot right now. "foam_adventure.flv" incarnate.

I just want to curl up in a ball just thinking about it.

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This thread is doomed. Opinionated faggot's won't be able to resist saying how vegetarianism and veganism are bad and wrong and terrible. This is true, but who fucking cares about this shit in a thread about weebs and itas?

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I found my folder full of old ass art from my first DA, I'm filled with shame

Pic related, my stupid artist persona.

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hahaha, oh shit I found more. 1/3

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I made this for jailbroken iphones/ipod touches

oh god why. please kill me I don't deserve to live.

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wait jk, found one more edgy as shit drawing.

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Do cosplayers do drugs at cons? Or at afterparties?

Trying to assess the market opportunity, thanks qties

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Your drawings are actually good anon!And more please

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makes me slightly depressed that I haven't finished a drawing for a long while. I was a lot more creative with poses even if the anatomy was bad

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found some shitty comic

I don't even remember what spawned this

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I'm pretty sure I deleted a lot of stuff one day a few years ago

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and done as far as the more cringey stuff goes, the rest is just more badly drawn oc stuff, many of whom were my friend's

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Oh god, seeing yours just made me dig up my old journals from dA.

Some lovely excerpts:

Do you remember your first impression of Deidara?
"...KYAAAAAAAAAAH~~~ Must molest nao! x3"


And this quiz:
Where was your ID picture taken?
SOUPPP. In my room
Do you speak any other language?
I'm LEARNING JAPANESSSSSSSSSSE! And stupid spanish. Que?
If you could have any last name in the world, what would it be?
Haha me and my Death Note obsession :D

I guess my ~so random~ thing was soup.

Also found this travesty of a "bunny" cosplay. I think I was 15. Why...

These are pretty cute, to be honest! Do you still draw?

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The online friends I've had the longest were met through lj rp. They still rp on dreamwidth but I've fallen out of it a few years ago so I don't really have much to talk about with them as I used to. I do miss it sometimes though, always having someone to interact with online and share your ideas with and stuff.

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Well, Kari-chan had this brilliant idea of making one journal every week with random thingz 8D
Not that anyone cares anyway. And I iz a copycat! Well, it's vacation, an oasis of peace, sleep, drawing, internet and....... NO SCHOOL 8D
But still, it's pretty boring too, my friendzies live so far away T^T
I've suddenly got addicted to Gaiaonline btw. It's cool, really. And people are reeeeeeelly nice. Come join pwease >w<"

14-year-old me, please stop. Attached, a beautiful picture of me from that time.

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yes but I haven't really finished one in a while. These are just some more recent things, one being a loli from a draw thread though I want to change the pose and fix the nose, and the other is a friend's character

>> No.7378287

Oh my god, I used to wear that hairstyle like every day. Classic weeb hair, so good.
Nice! Your skills have developed really well. The loli one looks like it's going to turn out super cute.

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My shameful confession is that I am obsessed to be like Frank Wolf aka some kind of fujoshi/weeby baito famous on the internet (I'm a canadian fakeboi.) I shoop my pics,I wear kawaii uke crap like oversized pokemon hoodies,I have a persona to maintain. It makes me so happy yet so sad.

>> No.7378441

And the worst/best (not sure which one should I pick...) part is i'm actually beginning to get famous

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>"Baka No Test"
Anon this wasn't very long ago.

That's also really pedestrian, I think everyone's made a post like that.

In fact what the actual fuck guys? This thread is for real cringey confessions, not for "when I was 14 I said 'cheese was random'".
This thread reads more like a list of things everyone did in 2007 than a confession thread.

Tell us about how you carved your OC's name into your arm in hiragana for your school's world culture day or something.

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I wish the round Honey Cake JSK had no shirring so that I wouldn't always have to fight a bunch of fatties for it.
I like the look of the front more than the bib version.

>> No.7378591

>This thread reads more like a list of things everyone did in 2007 than a confession thread.

My confession is that I'm starting to hate loads of lolitas and I don't even have real reasons.

>> No.7378613

Related fatty confession:
I have started to consider the max measurements of any piece I don't absolutely love and passing on the bigger ones. I don't like to wear the same dress that I know is going to be seen heinously stretched all to shit. I'm appreciating skirt versions and smaller brands more.
I don't go around pissing on fatty chans but I do feel this way and I'm not sorry about it.

>> No.7378643

Jesus, anon, just because they weren't being a horror story doesn't mean this stuff wasn't pretty embarrassing, especially looking back at it now.
I've never seen someone saying, "Your weeb phase wasn't weeby enough, try again."
Assuming the majority of these posters are 19/20, seven years ago, they were twelve or thirteen; that's the prime age for weebing out.

>> No.7378672

You sure thats hate?
Probably jealousy.

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> be in middle school
> totally into Sorcerer Hunters manga
> folder full of print outs
> scuzzy boy sees pictures of Chocolate Misu in her battle gear
> "is that even possible?'
> spaghetti pockets me: "yeah! I can totally do that with my boobs!"

>> No.7378706

This is pretty embarrassing
>Be 8th grade me
>About the end of weeaboo phase, occasionally watch animu and mango but not too much wapanese shit.
>Wanna be a rorita designer in japan
>Signing up for classes for next year
>Languages are: Mandarin, Latin, Spanish, and French.
>Well since they use chinese characters in japan I'll take mandarin!
>Weeb phase finally ends in summer
>Okay well we get a lot of chinese students at this school I can take mandarin anyway so I can talk to them, maybe I can use it later
>Turns out Mandarin is awesome, small class and teacher gives us food

>> No.7378711

Particular ones or just in groups that do crap or drama things? Or jealousy?
Why are you starting to hate them?

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That hairstyle was truly the typical weeaboo hair. And it so reminded me of this SNL segment called J Pop America Fun Time Now.

>> No.7379058

I do like the sos brigade logo slider, just that.
looks pretty and isn't too weeby. Most people don't know or remember what that is.

>> No.7379069

Can we stop with this stupid thing? I hate Katy Perry enough as it is, and the irony that she's a vapid weeb moron just makes this cringeworthy.

>> No.7379084

I have a similar story
>want to learn japanese
>mum buys me an "learn mandarin the easy way" thing
>tells me it's the same thing
>it's not the same thing

>> No.7379087

Ah confessions?

When I was like 12-14 I was dead set on going to japan to be a mangaka because ohmygodjapan right?

Irony is that now I am actually going to japan for work, but to teach. English. I would feel bad and weeby but the japanese salaries for fluent English teachers compared to non asian countries? Yeah no contest.

But while I sit in my kitchen practicing japanese I cant help but feel that inner weeb spring up again, and I must smother her back down because I will not go to japan and be one of /those/ people.

>> No.7379119

How much does teaching English pay anon? I also saw an anon on another thread aiming for this job.

>> No.7379190

Most programs have quoted me about $3,000 a month, that's on top of free housing and flight reimbursement though, and considering rent prices in japan that's pretty dang good. If you are certified to teach ESL you can get higher wages, (It's oddly not required by a good chunk of schools... but its a good perk that gives you a step up in getting hired) and I've heard of some teachers also taking up tutoring for some extra dough.

It's by no means a job that will get you rich, but you get to live in an exotic country for decent pay plus free rent, and most other countries will only quote you about 1.5k to 2k a month and not offer help with housing.

Hong Kong and South Korea also are really good for ESL teaching. They pay about the same or higher than Japan and from what I hear also help with rent and hat not.

If you don't go through a program like JET for instance (the most popular choice) you have better say in where you get placed and can maybe negotiate a better salary. I'm not as much an expert in it as I want to be yet, I only recently made the decision to go for it and I still have like a year and a half till I'm done with uni.

>> No.7379468

A former classmate of mine at uni was paid $45k per year to work 25hr/wk at a private English school in Seoul, and he received a good stipend for housing/living expenses on top of that.
If JET wouldn't look so good on my resume/CV, I would apply to other places. I might still have to considering how competitive it is. Like you, however, I have another year of school before I have to worry.

>> No.7379503

Yeah I was nervous about the price quote because it does really depend on your school. I'm going to apply directly to the private schools hopefully, since they pay a lot more.

And yeah it goes up and down in competitiveness, I'm taking a year off before I go straight there so I can get as certified as I can to teach and do everything to give me an edge over the competition. Thankfully I've got a pretty good resume building up behind me.

And yeah it goes up and down in competitiveness, I'm taking a year off before I go straight there so I can get as certified as I can to teach and do everything to give me an edge over the competition. Thankfully I've got a pretty good resume building up behind me.

I also really laugh when people tell me you don't need to know japanese. Like I've heard you can get by with out it but I'd rather air on the side of caution and learn it.

My current plan, if I can, is to teach for a bit in Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan since they all pay well and I don't do good being stuck in one country for too long.

I think the one thing I'm really concerned with is I wouldn't be able to go home for christmas or back to the states at all much. Their holidays and times off are so different, not to mention teachers are often expected to work on holidays over there. I still have a pretty strong attachment to where I grew up and I know its going to be hard moving so far away for so long.

>> No.7379535

I hope you don't like Kyary then.

>> No.7379627

so japanese people can be weebs now? okay, also i don't like kyary she's shock value garbage.

>> No.7379648

Part weeb, part 'why was I a such an emo twat', haha.







My anime fanfictions. I got Mibba when I got into MCR (which is how I discovered fanfiction), but deleted all my MCR stories after I had the revelation that real person fiction is creepy as shit. It's a shared account, so anything less than five years old and not anime-related was written by my best friend.

And my profile (I'm the top half and most of the lyrics at the bottom); http://www.mibba.com/Member/8076/Profile/

>> No.7379682

I meant that Kyary fucking loves Katy Perry and has called her one of her main inspirations.

>> No.7379894

No, some Japanese are self admitted Francoboos, Ameriboos or Britaboos though. And ape US, French and British things. Cowboy culture, Rococo, Punk/Westwood, high tea, vampire romance, forest maiden with long golden hair, blue eyes, princess in pretend castle bedrooms. Every culture does a bit of it, I think.

>> No.7380055

I got banned from a chatroom on dA because I wouldn't stop talking about fucking yaoi.

>> No.7380317

Don't forget about the hip-hop weebs. There's even a substyle of gyaru where they try to look like rap video babes. There was some youtube video of a bunch of them at a club and it was painful.

>> No.7380406

I got banned from neopets for joining in a deathnote yaoi roleplay with the kids (near, mello, matt). Those roleplayers directed me towards youtube play throughs of a shota eroge with those characters.
I was so young at the time...

>> No.7380426
File: 22 KB, 320x240, screen03np.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found it, it was called 'Poisoned'

>> No.7380534

What if
>Be 13 yo japanese girl
>Discover american comics
>Wow i wanna b american!!1111
>Wear filthy adventure time shirt and ratty cowboy hat every day
>Listen only to lady gaga
>Talk like the simpsons because wow so american right???
>Dream of going to america to make cartoons
And if you have to deal with a weeaboo use this to show them how fucking stupid they are

>> No.7380542

I used the mimic over-the-top anime character mannerisms... posing, hand gestures, etc. I actually still do it now because it became such a habit, although it is toned down. I get the feeling I come off as more than just an animated speaker, though...

>> No.7380607

I pretended to be half-japanese, got really sad if someone told me I didn't look asian and watched kawaii yaoiz. Oh and I started studying Japanese and was a fakeboi on vf + gaia.

I apologized to people I lied to and they said it's cool, they knew, apparently I was really quiet and hiding my powerlevel otherwise so they didn't mind. I was about 14 back then.

One good thing I got out of it is that I am majoring in Japanese translation and still love it to bits after so many years, although not as violently. And I can actually dress okayish now.

>> No.7380846

I want to see it! I'm a fashion masochist tonight. Name or link, please maybe?

>> No.7380850
File: 192 KB, 600x795, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japanese Rockabilly

>> No.7380853

I... I definitely played that and enjoyed the hell out of it.

>> No.7380865
File: 2.97 MB, 3456x4608, DSCN2950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Check shops like Babyshoop
This sale assistant was awsome, I'm sure she had booty implant to look more black

>> No.7380876
File: 1.97 MB, 450x253, 03.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never understood this even in full weeb mode. I thought it was really weird that there were people who did that. Tumblr nonsense makes me cringe incredibly hard.

People mistake me for being a halfer(always Chinese Korean or Japanese. Though more often Korean) and it just kind of annoys me, even in my weeb phase when people asked I informed them I was quite white.

Literally get asked 2-10 times a year, even my chinese boyfriend I was at least 1/4. My ex's friends apparently made a bet with him that I was at least a little bit. I think they're just retarded and see pasty olive skin+round face+brown eyes+dark hair=AZN

I think the worst I got was some Korean kid pointing to his korean basketball shirt during some kind of conversation about it and saying "You know what I'm talking about" or this Chinese girl's relative ((during her birthday party)suddenly speaking to me in Chinese and then a giant OHHHH when she explained why I was confused.

I have a friend who used to/still does to some degree act as a fake boi online, it kind of annoys me but I'm still sad that we live in different parts of the country now since she was a good friend.

>> No.7380886

Low self-esteem, feuding parents and an alcoholic dad. Seriously, it made me embarrassed to be their child and always made fun for not having a dad who's a lawyer or a doctor, as if I can help it.
So, being 14, I made shit up. Suddenly my dad was successful and I was happy for the time being. Then I moved away to college and away from them, so I didn't need the schtick anymore.

Really. People actually accuse those weebs of being the living embodiment of Satan for making up dumb shit no one should care about, but the answer is really that simple.
I'm not even ashamed (I was then) as I realized that it's dumb kid shit I stopped doing a year later, so I don't get /cgl/'s collective buttpain over it.

>> No.7380889

Are you me?
>Infected will never be released

>> No.7380892

Yeah, I never understood that either.
Like, they're dumb kids, you can clearly SEE they're dumb kids, they'll likely do dumb shit until they learn better. I don't get the whole "*GASP* OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU" crap, as if you haven't seen teens doing that before. I thought 18+ adults knew better.

>> No.7380895


Every female fan of anime seems to go through this phase.

>> No.7381801

>you can get by with out it
really? I want to visit Japan but I figured I'd have to learn at least a little Japanese. Do a lot of people know at least some English? Like store employees and all that?

>> No.7381814

oh fuck that brings me back.
watch out posting it on 4chan, your fb profile is linked there

>> No.7381888

>That Shugo Chara reference.
I love you anon

>> No.7381904

I confess that I fear I might be going crazy because I could have sworn there was a new ita/bad J-fashion thread up with posts in it, but there doesn't seem to be one actually up.

I'm half serious and half joking here. I'm thinking the janitor deleted it, although I'm not sure why, since the old ita thread is in auto sage.
But occasionally I space out so badly where I'm half asleep and half awake and I mistake something I imaged as something that happened.
Like for example, I'll be sleeping and my alarm goes off and I wake up and just lie there and imagine I turn off my alarm, but minutes later I'll go "what is that sound?" and realize that I actually didn't shut it off.
>but seriously, what happened to the thread?
>was there even a thread...?

>> No.7381930

I posted my worst ita moment on egl when I was a noob. I don't know how I've never seen myself in an ita thread. It was so long ago, but I still worry about anyone seeing it.

>> No.7381980

Me too anon, me too.

>> No.7381990

I have low self esteem and probably some mild form of social anxiety. I mostly got into cosplay and cosplay photography for the social aspect, to try to mingle with people in a social setting without spilling my spaghetti everywhere. When I first started, usually I'd limit my interactions with shittier cosplayers and mostly guys, because the thought of approach an attractive female cosplayer still terrified me to my very core. Nowadays I feel a lot more comfortable around people at conventions. It's still pretty obvious I'm trying not to spill my spaghetti, but it's a lot awful than it used to be.

>> No.7381999
File: 114 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mp2j9pm2261qe0bcho1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7382002
File: 106 KB, 316x750, tumblr_mhdrq0jnNA1qe0bcho1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7382021
File: 149 KB, 704x396, 1384402509619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This with 50% more runescape, 20% more beastiality, 100% more shitposting, and 200% more fedora.

>> No.7382050

Must have been a terrifying sight.

>> No.7382069
File: 150 KB, 480x340, pixiv41601747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hates snobby people
I bet you hate yourself.

>> No.7382687

Holy shit, anon. I played that game and watched LPs of it when I was really young too. I completely forgot about it until now.

>> No.7382769

This isn't a weeb confession or anything but OP's photo reminded me.
>be me
>ages 5-7
>great-grandmother stitched me gorgeous handmade pajamas, always trimmed with soft rachel lace
>she dies a few months after I turn 9
>still have the pj's after all these years
>can't bring myself to hate raschel lace
>never will

>> No.7382793

If it makes you guys feel any better I used to be a juggalo. Like, really into it. I wore the shirts to school, had a shit ton of their CDs, the works. I even went through this phase where I thought there was a deep spiritual nature to ICP's music or some retarded shit like that. I don't think anything you guys have done can quite compare to that shit.

>> No.7382797

I tried the marshmallow trick after I saw the infographic posted here as a joke. I think it'll just be a once in a lifetime experience for me because I've heard you can cause permanent damage to your internal ass-region from doing that.

>> No.7382802

You're gonna have to elaborate.

>> No.7382805
File: 688 KB, 1500x3750, Kdhe6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have fun!

>> No.7382810

Stick 8-12 marshmallows (normal size, I guess the inch-wide-ish ones?).
Wait a few minutes.
Have to poop really, really bad.

It's a thing in diaper fetish circles mostly. Funny as a dare or something, too, I guess. A lot of people turn it into a game to see how long they can hold it before unloading into their diaper. Others just do it because they enjoy the lack of control it gives them, forcing them to mess a diaper "against" their will.

Basically works because glycerin (?) is in marshmallows and is a natural laxative.

>> No.7382811
File: 67 KB, 377x616, Lion_Magnus_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really bad Leon Magnus cosplay when I was about 15 ( no pic..) I only did it because my cousin was too phat for the costume she ordered and was nearly crying. The costume's cape looked like it was a shower curtain. I still had fun anyway. She ended up going as PaRappa. We pissed off a bunch of girls trying to do the Hare Hare Yukai with our own music from PaRappa. It was great because everybody started dancing with us and totally ignoring the fuck out of them.

>> No.7382814
File: 296 KB, 400x225, tumblr_m3gs4cqw0h1rqfhi2o1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7382816

Sounds strangely erotic.

Did it actually work?

>> No.7382818

he's a trap who often dresses up as a baby..he did a segment for TLC and it's so weird.

>> No.7382819

Yeah, it hurts but it feels good.

>> No.7382820

Oh, it works. By the time you've got 6 up there you'll probably already be feeling it. I assume it works the same way putting alcohol up your ass is supposed to get you drunk fast as hell, it's just absorbed REALLY quickly through your colon(?).

I've never heard of it not working for someone. If you're allergic to glycerin or whatever obviously don't try it.

>> No.7382823

Now that you mention it, I do see a bit of dick peeking.

>> No.7382832

I know everyone has their kinks, but this is one of the aspects of ageplay that pisses me the fuck off. When you are an adult that suffers from a condition that actually causes a loss of continence, it is practically crippling. Finding a public toilet on bad days is terrifying. There are times when I avoid leaving the house when I'm mid-flare, because I am terrified of being reduced to that infant-level control and the possible humiliation that comes along with it.

The fact that its how some people get their jollies pisses me off to the point I can't even begin to articulate properly.

>> No.7382876
File: 21 KB, 344x226, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man this is pretty embarrassing, so I cropped the picture on half my face.

>Death Note shirt
>Death Note pendant that I ALWAYS wore
>pendant got really dirty after the years, but I never washed it
>Grey skinny jeans I always wore
>Bangs look bad as fuck, I remember asking my mom to cut it like *instert anime character here*
>always carrying around sketchbook with mango in it
>draws yaoi in school

I mostly started the weaboo phase in late 7th grade because I liked this guy who liked Death Note. He dressed as Near almost every day at school. Eventually he noticed me and we became good friends, but then he suddenly started going out with this girl and I stopped liking him. I liked vocaloid, death note, shugo chara, bleach, and some other things I can't think of. I brought boxes of pocky to school once. I remember always wanting to go to this con but my parents never let me because I was too young.

I have some old drawings somewhere hidden and I can dig them up if anyone requests. I had a big thing for drawing, and my art teacher loved me because I was *so good* when half of the time I just traced images off DA.

>> No.7382934

FRIENDS I'm preparing a presentation for my local anime convention about cosplaying and why wigs are important. Is someone able to provide me with a picture of themselves in a fairly recognisable cosplay (regardless of quality) without wearing a wig, or wearing somehting really really bad? Thanks!

>> No.7382939

>give small presentation in graphic design
>use an Alice and the Pirates graphic as one of my examples
>have social anxiety
>start getting really nervous
>say the wrong thing about all the wrong examples, including the AatP one
>some girl raises her hand
>get mad because I said it was a brand symbol and not a graphic
>internal panic mode engaged
>cry in my car after class

I feel pathetic for crying, but people absolutely terrify me
I try to talk a lot to seem like everything is alright, but it's all scary

She probably goes on /cgl/
I hope you're happy, classmate girl

>> No.7382970
File: 13 KB, 240x320, sx2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's no need to hate it, anon..

>> No.7382981

*pats your back* There there anon,it's ok,we all make mistakes. And I hate people too,they're fucking creepy, maybe you're dealing with social anxiety like me?

>> No.7383736

Oops. I'll just take that out.

Mibba is a terrifying place. I wonder what's happened to all the Lostprophets fanfic?

>> No.7384593


My confession? I've never seen that SNL skit before. I'm ashamed I laughed so much and wish there were more than four.

>> No.7384641
File: 160 KB, 600x200, Tiger___.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit my old Deviantart, I can't beleive my posts were serious. This is one that is more weeby than “lol so random” like my others.
"This is a picture that I made on corell painter essentials 3

I tried to make her look emotional, I also put japanese symbals :)

You can see she has tears, she is angry

The rest is a mystry hidden in the picture, please, post your Ideas on what you think happened to her in the past that she is now so angry about, or ashamed of ^_^

Depending on what you put as ideas will impact how she turns out when I draw the full picture! :D

* This is a character idea for an up-coming manga I will be trying to submit on Deviantart, and will someday, with hope become a TV series! :D *"

How on Earth did I ever think this would turn into a real manga?

>> No.7384665

Linku please? I only found two

>> No.7384752

Which ones do you still need?

>> No.7384757

Oh damn, I thought I recognized him. He's the one that slept in the crib or something too? I'm ashamed that I watch those shows.

>> No.7385236

Al would be great

>> No.7385272

>What were you like as a weeaboo?
naruto fanfiction
avoided dating until i was 17 because I "preferred fictional men"
used japanese words bc i took classes in high school

>Ita mistakes
"mom i bookmarked some things online can you buy them for me"
>>>everything milanoo.com

>Terribad cosplays
haruhi from ouran
>no wig (brown dyed hair)
>acne / no makeup
>shitty lenses
>borrowed shoes from mom's friend

i cant even post a pic i'm so ashamed of my past self

>> No.7385518

What program do you use? Your lines are great.

>> No.7385529

>Like I've heard you can get by with out it but I'd rather air on the side of caution and learn it.
>I'd rather air on the side of caution

Please don't fucking teach English

>> No.7385556

I bit someone.

>> No.7385589

under 17 is too young to date anyway. I didnt have my first real relationship til i was 19, going on 20.

boys and girls 17 and under are beyond idiotic.

>> No.7385600

Because everybody under 17 is the same. I had my greatest relationship between 15 and a half and 17, and now it's been two years I can't find anyone really worth my time, even if I dated some guys. Not every body has the same standards for relationships, and not all teenagers are stupid brats.

>> No.7385658

This. I started dating my wife when I was 14, and I knew I was going to marry her for a fucking long time

>> No.7385681

Oh that's really cute anon ! Did you dated throught all those years or did you takes some breaks, if you don't mind me asking ?

I have friends (older than me) that dated in high school, then broke up during college, the guy even married another woman and they had a child, my friend had a long time relationship with another person. Then they just stumbled upon each other after years and did fall in love over again, they married each other last year.

>> No.7385693

Wait, so he cheated on his wife with her/dumped her to be with his high school sweetheart? That's fucking nasty.

>> No.7385744

>had my greatest relationship between 15 and 17
>two years later

Jfc do you understand how retarded you sound? You're fucking 19 or 20 right now. That "greatest relationship" will mean jack shit in in a few years. At your age, you're like, still at the same level as a teenager anyways, so you can't really use your experience to compare and contrast.

>> No.7385749

No, he was already separated from his wife and they were divorcing.

>> No.7385761

And do you realize how sandy you sound ? I know that this was a good relationship, it was a really important thing for me and saying it'll 'mean jack shit in a few years' is fucking insensitive.
I've always dated men older than me because I know what kind of relationship I want. I know the one I had was a really great one, we don't loved each other anymore so we broke, period. I had only a few other relationships, right, but I've friends that are my age and older than me, I listen to their story because I know their is no 'best way' to have a long lasting relation with someone and I want to know how people live it. And from what I've gathered, the only person that discribe relationships like the one I had are my way older, married friends.
It was so great I've actually trouble finding someone I get along with half as good as it was with my former boyfriend. I know I'll find someone one day, but my age doesn't lessen my capacity of having a mature relation with someone I love, period.

>> No.7385767

You can be sandy but you won't squish or diminish young love, anon.
I think it's sweet and nostalgic to read this kind of thing.
The older I get the more I put this into perspective. Feelings don't have an age.

>> No.7385770

>saying it'll 'mean jack shit in a few years' is fucking insensitive
>wah wah wah don't say mean things you meanie

stopped reading right there

>> No.7385791

All those years! I almost wish I got to do all the dating stuff in my 20's, but I'm glad we're still together

>> No.7385795

Oh I don't care you're mean, you just sound really sandy, that's all.

>> No.7385807

>write huge essay of butthurt
>the other person is the sandy one

>> No.7385827

It's not butthurt, it's explaination. All my short life I've been treated like some fancy little animal with no opinion because I was young.
Nobody like it.

>> No.7385858

You're not special, everyone was.

>> No.7385876

I know, that's why I said that my opinion weren't invalid because of my age.

>> No.7385881


No it isn't invalid because of your age. It's invalid because you aren't a fortune teller.

>> No.7385892

I didn't say I would not be able to find any better relationship. I've said that was the best I had so far and as it is, it'll always take a place in my heart.

>> No.7385900

These are kawaii as fuck.

I wasn't a drawing weeb, I was a roleplay weeb. I saved all of the roleplays I've ever participated in, and they number more than 300. I keep them mostly to see how I've progressed with characters, comparing the ones I have now to my old mary sues. I also keep them for cringe factor because every one of them was a yaoi roleplay, and we would always move onto a new plot once our characters had sex in the current one.

I did all the other weeby things though. We would give each other nicknames. For each anime that we watched, we picked a character that we were and I was always the strongest, and wouldnt allow anyone to be stronger than me. For example, I was Lord Aizen from Bleach and no one could be Ichigo, and I was Giratina and no one could be a legendary Pokemon. I tried to be edgy and dark, always talking about horror movies, ghosts, and demons and shit.

I thank the Lord that I never went on 4chan during my weeb phase, and I never had a Gaia either. I was on Neopets, though, and made them my own Naruto squad. I also had a Deviantart where I posted my shitty writing since I couldnt draw.

>> No.7387378

i'll post here instead since id be derailing

i remember seeing that business statement way back when i just thought of lolita as a fashion you got the excuse to wear a fluffy skirt.
made me realise what i truely wanted to do for myself that made me feel so good, since that WAS the childhood dream i wanted

i wanted to be a "fairytale princess" and now i can do it simply by buying myself into it. huh.

>tfw have the silver BTSSB butterfly scepter
>tfw really need a tiara to match but keep missing everyone whose selling

>> No.7388232
File: 160 KB, 512x392, 1351642374577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a pedophile.
a fucking pedophile. I'm smart enough to not do anything in real life, because damn that would be fucked up-I can seperate fantasy from reality, and I know the law. but doesn't help me from being attracted to them (age 10 minimum age, anything else is gross to me)
I'm ashamed of myself, deeply. so to satisfy it I've had my boyfriend do ageplay.

I'm a fucking pedo sweet lolita who blushes a bunch whenever a little boy calls me "cute" -it just makes me want to wear sweet lolita more.

>> No.7388295

I found a square dancing skirt in a thrift store. It's perfect, black with a ruffle trim, soft black lace, but it came with this hideous blouse I cut up and made into a bow. I thought it was a lolita skirt that someone abandoned but the tag said Malco Modes. I know it's a cardinal sin among lolitas to wear square dancing items but it works so perfectly, and it is such a comfy skirt, so I'm keeping it, 5 dollars what a great deal.

>> No.7388296

that. fucking. feel.

I actually tried to talk to a counselor about it and she said something about how a woman of family-starting age is supposed to find kids cute and it's a lot different from being a pedophile.
I just. "umm yeah you're right of course"

I just tell people I'll never have kids cause I hate them.

>> No.7388346

ah yes. that feel. /ss/ seems to do the trick for me.
I think the most important part is learning to control it.

I think your therapist wanted to turn a blind eye towards it all

>> No.7388359

I sort of understand. I developed shotacon (so, 2d only) tendencies because lol trauma despite being a lesbian and hating children.

My close friends know about it, but I'm afraid of making friends with normal people because if they find out anything remotely related to it I'll be in jail faster than I can blink.

>> No.7388364

Anon, it isn't like you can help who you are attracted to.
I struggled with being lesbian for years. I know this is different, but it really isn't your fault.
As long as you don't act upon it, it's okay.

>> No.7388369

what country? I couldn't imagine being in Australia, I'd be arrested so fast
>As long as you don't act upon it, it's okay.
that's exactly how I view it.

heck, my boyfriend looks kinda 30

>> No.7388372

What is /ss/?

>> No.7388380

I am in Australia, actually! I joke about it to deal with it on my tumblr which is probably not the best idea, but there's nothing linking my tumblr to anything I do irl, so...

>> No.7388381

I think part of the problem was that I was afraid to really describe it. I've literally never told or hinted at it to anyone in my life, besides that.

The worst thing ever is my dad trying to convince me to work at a camp during the summer semester. It's not that I would do anything stupid, I still know what's right and wrong, but I wouldn't feel right having them placed in my care.

>> No.7388387
File: 49 KB, 247x403, 1348603355336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm in australia
how do you live??

>> No.7388393

straight shota board on 7 chan

>> No.7388395

I don't think it's that difficult? I mean, like, I mostly keep to myself, so...

>> No.7388396

>watch tons of crime shows
>"we found blah blah blah on his computer including drawings" - head cop
>oh god they're coming for me

>> No.7388402

just straight shota in general
ah, in america, if you search certain things online you will be tracked

>> No.7388410
File: 105 KB, 800x560, levihugeasstree.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think this is more for /ic/, but since everybody is talking about their (weaboo) past, why not.

I'm not pretty confident for drawing atm. You can say its an art block, but I feel like no matter how much I show progress, my art still is unnoticed even for my close friends. I love to draw to myself and the few people that does notice it, but still feel its not enough and I really envy when someone does a quick sketch and gets hundred of comments and favs while a pretty ass watercolored pic of mine doesn't. I remember a topic about envy here, so I think I'll apply it too. (Pic related, the last pic I'm working in).

And on topic:

>Started to study Italian after of studying Japanese.
>Everybody in my class studied Italian just because they had to travel to Italy/business.
>Feels like an Italianboo.

>> No.7388411

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but...you suck. I'm sorry.

>> No.7388412

Don't be sorry. I had to expect some comments like that anyway.

>> No.7388413

you can be arrested for 2d stuff? sorry ignorant 'murrican here. I'm not even quite sure what the laws are here tbh

>> No.7388416

I know that feel, anon.
>tfw gay male but constantly fantasize about being a loli prostitute getting fucked by pedos over and over

>> No.7388424

Oh, uh, shit, really? I dunno if they have something like that in Australia, but if they do, the cops haven't kicked down my door yet, so...

>> No.7388428

There are a few records (read: literally like, 2 or 3 cases) of people being arrested for having 2d stuff in Australia, yes. Because they're so infrequent, though, and the laws apparently vary by state, nobody's really sure what the actual policies on this shit are.

>> No.7388433

I don't know I'm so scared I have recurring nightmares about mind readers/room mates checking website use with our isp even though idk if that's even possible.

>> No.7388436

how much time did you spend on that anon, and how much time do you usually spend drawing in general? if you're taking it as a hobby chances are you won't get the kind of progress you want in a short amount of time.

>> No.7388441

For the trees it was supposed to be on 30 minutes (speed painting purposed), but I saw it will take me a little more, so I dropped that and I'll put more details on the trees for sure. In general I spend 2-3 hours (traditionally) and 3-4 hours (digitally).

>> No.7388467

That's a shit amount of time for a finished digital piece, and even shittier with traditional media. If all you do is speed painting then slow down a bit.
Try to work out where the lights are coming from, and spend your time working and reworking the details, refining them as much as possible. Especially those trees.

Don't be afraid to use a reference to recreate the textures convincingly, mess around with brushes more, use bigger brushes, etc.

It would also be more appealing to the viewer if there was some composition, instead of just a flat background covered with the same color, and an interesting color palette (think saturation, values, all that color wheel nonsense that you can fuck with in digital)

Anyway that's my two cents, you can probably go to the /ic/ board on one of their stylization threads to get proper verbal abuse.

>> No.7388471

Thank you, anon. You really have good points and I'll use them from now on.

>> No.7388485

Another anon, but speed painting is generally not the best idea when you're still learning more basic aspects of art. Get yourself to a more comfortable level and understand how digital media works a bit more before giving that particular aspect of practice a shot.
Other than that, that anon knows their shit and if you can dredge through the shit, /ic/ is pretty rad.

>> No.7388516

we should start an /ss/ lolita club.
my best friends have been into /ss/ its great.
pururin has some good stuff, if you check under the contact tag.

yeah. freaking terrifying. I assumed you had the same thing over there. but you have a LOT of stupid laws.

>> No.7388595

I feel like the three of us are an embarrassment to lolita but...yeah we should

>> No.7388619

yeah, us, ageplayers, and sissy lolitas.

but yeah. not sure how it would work. talking about shota is just so satisfying

>> No.7388638

Ahahaha, about that... I'm actually into gay shota, because I'm a horrible fujoshit.

If you can stand me, I certainly wouldn't mind having a little club thing.

>> No.7388647

that's fair, it's what I see most of! It's not like I'm gonna judge you, over here with my Jocasta-type complex.

>> No.7388651

I like blonde shotas the best.
incest shota is popular but its creepy as fuck to me because I want to have kids one day and have younger relatives.

>> No.7388658

Get a room please, guys. This is going beyond confession into exhibitionism.

>> No.7388660

I like dark hair. curls, of course.

>> No.7388668

shit it's the fuzz. I'm outta here.

>> No.7388670
File: 1.57 MB, 260x289, 1352974095500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've brought up the idea, but you know we'd be followed. if anyone has an idea to where we could talk, let us know

>mfw someone complains about us in the secrets

>> No.7388671

Nah, just a friendly reminder that some of us are a bit squeamish about the deets. I'm surprised no one shamed in the thread but I'm glad too.

>> No.7388674

For so few people, all I can really think of is a skype group?

>> No.7388676

nah you're right I forget it's not 2am everywhere. No one needs to shame us anyways, we already know.

>> No.7388679

I'm not really sure how you could arrange it, I've never taken a topic off 4chan so maybe you could contact each other through throwaway emails?

>> No.7388681

I don't think you deserve shameing but I'm not for encouraging it here either, I think that's fair enough.

>> No.7388683

opened my lazy shota sideblog to asks and submissions. anon is off, but you can contact me through there

>> No.7388685

That should work.
Thanks all around for letting the topic remain civil.
Best of luck youse guys.

>> No.7388692
File: 96 KB, 500x506, affafa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so sorry to do this to you guys

>> No.7388693

yikes I just sent you a thing from what was apparently my main oops oh well

>> No.7388699

sent you something from my main back. if anyone else sends me anything, I'll let you know

>> No.7388705

I have a sideblog about shota stuff, though I need to send you an ask from my main.

>> No.7388720

yeah, it wont be a problem. just send me the sideblog too, and I'll send you something, as well as the other person that sent me somthing.

>> No.7388726

I have a confession...
You're a butt.

>> No.7388733

I have a real confession ( other than OP being a butt)
I make snap judgements about people sometimes, usually other Lolitas, based on a minimum set criteria I think we should all aspire to. It started as just a way to weed out people who I'd obviously just not get along with, to prevent conflict.
But it's turning into a pretty full time judgmental attitude.

>> No.7388773

its better going there with a bit of knowledge... expecially if going shopping for clothes really look for vocabulary/cultural things. For example no shoes in dressing rooms almost always, even in western stores. Its doable but at least have some sentences wrote down and what not for getting around

>> No.7388787

I have actually prostituted myself for brand, back when i was 19-21. It was good money, boyfriend didn't know but relationships are never serious that young. I still have sex for money on and off, if i find a guy at the bar/club scene hot, and i have a feeling he would pay for it i just start bringing up pay-girl terms

>> No.7388793

i like j-fashion, culture, would love to visit someday but i think jap guys are disgusting, even half-breeds. I also find Asian girls to be unattractive, i would never date outside of my own race (white). Not racist though.

>> No.7388856

>not racist though
comeon now, at least be honest.
you called them "half breeds" ffs

>> No.7388859

Thats what they literally are, half bred asians are half bred asians, were you dropped on your head or something?

Not even that poster, damn you're dumb as rocks.

>> No.7388882

Do you seriously not see how offensive that is? its like your referring to people like you do dogs.
its like calling someone a nigger and then whining "that's what they are though"
yeah, its true, but you could put it in a way that isn't offensive as shit.

damn you're dumb as rocks

>> No.7388883

I'm half Asian. She probably just doesn't know a better term. Also, I find Asian guys really unattractive and only fuck White guys too. Can't help who you're attracted to. I used to work with a really sweet White girl and she told me she found White guys the least attractive. It's just how it goes sometimes.

>> No.7388887

I'm half arabian and I'm into nordics, pale skin, long blond hair, blue eyes, all the jazz. I don't find arabian guys attractive at all, plus they often are pretty misogynist so yeah, I understand you.

>> No.7388896

Oh god, I wish I saved that comic of the Japenese dude who becomes an Americaboo after watching The Simpsons, drops out of college to become an American animator, and yells at his friends on how anime is crap and isn't pure like American cartoons.

/r/ing the comic if anyone has it.

>> No.7388909
File: 188 KB, 1023x341, ReverseWeeaboo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its spongebob though
but yeah, both yellow

>> No.7388910

Not really related to the board, but when I was ten years old I made a website about how much I hated Hilary Duff. It's still up, surprisingly.


>> No.7388915

I'm half black and not attracted to black guys. dated a couple. just fucking horrid. I'm attracted to blue eyes/dark hair or mixed people with soft features like mine instead of blatantly black features (I see my exes in those black features)
>tfw most people attracted to you are black as well

also, if someone called me "half breed" I'd be pretty pissed. just call me mixed.

>> No.7388916

Oh yeah that was it, my memory of it was a bit foggy. Thanks!

>> No.7388919

fucking amazing
1.If you say I suck because I said My Opinion that just means You suck because you said Your opinion!
2. Why would I be jealous and make an Anti Site???

I made a site on how much I hated naruto's english voice actress. and a petition, and it was pretty much the same. can't find it though.

>> No.7388927

Further proof that every women loves the white dick.
White men: 1
Asian men: -1
Everyone else: none

>> No.7388939

eh, not going anywhere near your dick.
truth is, I prefer asians and mixed guys. white guys are just easier to find.

>> No.7388940

Haha I would make petitions as well on Petitionspot, and I was dumb enough to use my real name so this one guy made petitions against me

>tfw there was a point in 2005 when I searched my name on google and 10+ results of FUCK ANON AND HER PETITIONS would come up

WebArchive may work to find your websites

>> No.7388943

ah, I deleted it way back since some local lolitas were digging stuff about me in my weeb stages trying to make it look recent because it looks like I haven't aged a day since I was 13.
(and it worked, people on /cgl/ ate it up when it happened)

ah I freaking hated that woman. it was mainly the videos of her being a gross hambeast lesbian that made me nope.
not even a homaphobe, hell, I'm bisexual. but looking up a voiceactress and seeing things that you did not want to see?
oh god

>> No.7388946

hilariously im a half asian male and i find asian women unattractive, ditto mixed females

>> No.7388952

the fact that holliester t-shirts re-sold for $65+, and that japanese pay thousands of dollars for redline selvedge levi jeans from the 60's, the fact that TIDE laundry detergent and cheetos sell at 10X retail price in japan should tell you somehing about their culture

>> No.7388956

Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, is that you?

>> No.7388968
File: 115 KB, 834x619, sorandum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>actually pretty good at figure drawing and could get great with practice
>refuse to draw anything but weeby crap
>make up my "persona" which was basically just me drawn shittily with a moogle hat cause "lolol FF for lyfe!"
>printed out all the Final fantasy art I could find and taped on my wall
>only wore hello kitty t-shirts, greasy bangs to hide my pimples
>only had ffx, kh and a ps2 cause I bought it with my confirmation money, parents refuse to buy me any other video games cause they think I'll grow out of it. Being a girl and all
>play those two games to death
>Barely anyone saw me at my worst cause I didn't have any friends anyway

>> No.7388999

>I know it's a cardinal sin among lolitas to wear square dancing items
since when?

you do you girl. I wish I could find cool shit in thrift stores.

>> No.7389000

>ah, in america, if you search certain things online you will be tracked
Fucking shit.

>tfw into dd/lg
>tfw search for erotica on this topic
>tfw stumble on some real bad shit sometimes

I-I didn't mean it officer, I swear!

>> No.7389002

>pay-girl terms
Like what?
And what kind of sex was it? I've thought about doing that but I was always scared they'd demand anal and want to choke me or piss on me.

>> No.7389003

are you me? holy shit. I seriously just sat here for 5 minutes trying to figure out if I had posted this myself or not..

>> No.7389012

>watch out posting it on 4chan, your fb profile is linked there
Yeah, once I posted my fb on /cgl/ and my family got murdered.

/cgl/ is one terrifying place!

>> No.7389019

>Be 13, weeaboo phase engage
>Start watching animu and shit to make up for my lack of social skills and friends
>Parents hate me so I become edgemeister
>Meet up with old guys in my County and have sex with them for money
>Start wearing girls clothes all the time
>Doing butt excersizes and stuff all the time, eat literally nothing
>Start to look like a girl, weigh like 6 stone too
>Regular sex at 13, plus money to fuel my animu addiction, plus a hotbod
>Fuck yeah

Not really embarrassing but looking back on it, it was really stupid.

>> No.7389029

Yes I am you, in a Tyler Durden sort of way.

>> No.7389031

Just say no. You can tell your conditions beforehand.
Anyways, anal is ok welle it's well done, but choking and dom is a really different thing.

>> No.7389032


>> No.7389089

I started dating my husband at 17 as well. It's 16 years later now and we're still very much best friends and in love. I don't regret not dating more. Sage for off topic, just sharing.

>> No.7389146

This is hilarious, I'm white and I find white guys the least attractive too. It's pretty common, considering more of them act like >>7388927 than you'd expect.

Maybe it's just that where I live that there are so fucking many so I see uncute white guys everywhere I look.

>> No.7389168

I have wondered about that too. All my friends who come from a predominantly white area either prefer white guys or a man of color for exotic reasons (whut). Does the area you were raised somewhat affect your tastes? I would say so.

For myself, I am Asian and while I agree that there are attractive men in any race, I prefer white since I love Scandinavians or the brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes combo.

>> No.7389189

dark hair, pale skin, blue eyes are the most attractive white people ever.

>tfw mousey brown hair
>tfw murky hazel/green eyes
>tfw womanlet

I think it's probably normal to actually be chemically attracted to other races, dat delicious genetic diversity. Whereas it's probably socially easier to find people within your own racial group. My old housemate did teach me to distinguish between white chicks who date white guys cause they think they're cute, and people who date them because they're fucking racists though.

>> No.7389198

>dark hair, pale skin, blue eyes are the most attractive white people ever.

This. I have a soft spot for blue eyes dark hair or really pale blond hair and pale skin.

I'm flirting with this wonderful beauty these days. Blue-eyed, black long-hair, fit, pierced and tatooed perfect metalhead man. God I don't even know why does he seems interested in me. He really is top tier.

>> No.7389338

I wish a ex bestfriend who wears lolita would apologize so we could be friends again. I want to buy things and give her them so bad.

>> No.7389351

Lel. Where do you think the fabulous Malco Modes uncrushable pettiscomes from?
Same place.
I'm looking for a vintage one locally but the edgydesu hipster vintage shops that snap them up are getting
expensive. A shame.

>> No.7389387

maybe she's waiting for you to apologize anon

>> No.7389511

Its one of those situations were it would be like asking a cheating girlfriend to come back to you.

>> No.7389522

Anon let's become best friends instead.

>> No.7389552

My worst cosplay was of a blue-skinned character. This was when I was first starting out and didn't know anything about more advanced makeup, so I just used cheap Halloween face paint and no sealer. Unfortunately, the lighting in my hotel bathroom was way different than just average lighting, and I didn't realize how dark the makeup looked - I looked like I was wearing blackface, and people kept glaring at me and I didn't realize why until I passed a mirror and screamed, I was so mortified. To top it off, my costume was ruined with little blue finger prints everywhere I touched. Lesson absolutely learned.

>> No.7391280

It can be, a couple people I know doxed a couple people who put too much of their info here. I usually post nothing personal here, it's not just them who do it.

>> No.7391289

To the girl in Walla Walla Washington who I accidentally sent an orange peel to and who's dress got moldy, sorry.


>First sale ever, actually need money to pay rent due to emergency that wiped out my savings
>No job
>Terrified as fuck
>Go to put item in package
>See that it needs to be washed
>Wash it
>Afraid to put it in dryer so I'm letting it air dry overnight
>Still not dry
>Get pm "Why has my item not shipped?"
>Terrified of getting bad feedback
>Pack it carefully using what I THINK are clean plastic walmart bags to keep it from getting messed up in shipping
>Turns out there is an orange peel in there
>Since item is still damp, arrives moldy
>FREAK OUT, Panic attack, handle badly, you can look for yourself
Basically I didn't know that paypal can refund money without overdrawing your bank account and you can just make payments on the amount. If I HAD known that I would have just refunded the money and worried about it later. But I'd never sold anything online before, and basically I was off the internet for over a year and came back to find the lolita comms a much bitchier snarkier place than I'd left them and I was pretty much sure that no matter what I did if I wasn't absolutely perfect as a seller that I'd get screwed over somehow.

Yeah, closing this thread now because I know I'll get an ocean of hate.

>> No.7391326
File: 51 KB, 170x220, too edgy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>edgy as fuck
>draw edgy circus themed shit all the time, because clowns are SCARY AND EDGY (pic related)
>pretty much a furry but obsessed with animu and books about regular old talking animals like Ginga, Warrior Cats, and Wolf's Rain instead of anthros
>feel immense sense of pride when my friends call me otaku
>draw art of these twins that used to harass my friends and I a lot making out, etc. we 'ship' them
>in anime club, constantly try to get the club to watch my dog animes and the AWESOME SLASH
>wear wolf shirts all the time
>thank god I was too worried about my mom's reaction to ask her to take me to Hot Topic

I finally snapped out of it once I was in 9th grade and joined the highschool anime club. I saw a lot of seniors, and the occasional visiting alumn, there acting like my friends and that woke us up to how embarrassing all of us were, so we started putting an effort to change so we didn't grow up like that.

>> No.7391394

Australia has a national firewall, and as long as you don't run into blocked sites a certain amount of times there's very little chance of police ever discovering what you're up to (they can't wiretap without probable cause). If you do get a message telling you a site is blocked, you're still not in trouble if you stop right there. A few times is considered an honest mistake, but do it many times and your ISP will tattle on you. When you know for a fact that even shota is being blocked, consider whether you're addicted to such a degree you're willing to pay for a speedy encrypted proxy.

BTW if it's your own personal AV suite/firewall saying a site is blocked, then it just means there's probably a virus at the other end. Apart from the heart attack it's nothing to worry about.

>> No.7391407

The comm isn't any bitchier, it's just not okay to send clothing with a fucking orange peel.

>> No.7391413

>and books about regular old talking animals like Ginga, Warrior Cats, and Wolf's Rain instead of anthros

Oh, man, anon, that was almost me. I loved me some Redwall growing up, and damn near everything I wrote was about talking animals. Ngl, though, Redwall is still my favourite series, hands down.

>> No.7391426

why would you ship wet clothing with an orange peel
like what

>> No.7391460

>Field movement
>sitting in the gunners turret of our ASV
>watching GUP, strike witches, Chobits and trigun
>Have my phone mounted so I could still watch while firing at targets
>Platoon still doesnt know

>> No.7391463

>if I wasn't absolutely perfect as a seller that I'd get screwed over somehow.
It's your fault for lack of communication with her, you could have just told her than you washed it and were air drying it for her, she would have probably been very happy. Also it doesn't take more than 5 seconds to actually look in the bag. This was definitely your fault because you seem really really stupid.

>> No.7391470

Today doesnt seem to be your morning for pulling punches

>> No.7391474

I thought you left the thread orenji-kun.

>> No.7391500

....whom do you refer to?

>> No.7391974

I hate bodyline and look down on anybody who wears it, it's all extremely ugly and cheap looking.

>> No.7391988

Was this the story that made get off egl in 2011? It's still up and searchable you know.

>adds to the do not buy list.

>> No.7391994

I browse /ic/, anon.. and I can tell you that your composition is way off. If you're really upset about quick sketches getting noticed, then why not do your own? Are you sure you're not suffering from turd polish..? Sometimes, it is better to practice a bunch of sketches and studies instead of making every single picture/painting/drawing/model/wtfever you do a damn huuuge event. Marry your hobby/skill/career, not your the drawing.

>> No.7391999

I don't think you are the only one to think this by far...but few have the guts to say it openly.

I am this way about replica-chans. I associate with them as little as I possibly can and never invite them anywhere.

>> No.7392036

you really need to work on doing everything at once when working on a drawing. otherwise it looks like a copy/paste type thing. and use bigger brushes for goodness sake.

>> No.7392057

are you rich, anon-chan?

>> No.7392071

Oh, I see! I've actually never run into a blocked site, since I don't really do much browsing beyond tumblr, twitter, 4chan and figure collecting websites. Thank you for calming me down a bit.

>> No.7392078

Nope but I'm not badly off either. I have a reasonable budget for my Lolita clothes, same as most people should.
You can dress well and at reasonable cost without replicas or Bodyline. It's just a bit more work.
I'm not the Bodyline hater but I know there are lots of them.

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