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you're at the con and this girl slaps your boyfriend's ass. wat do?

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Say to him "wow, she was rude, are you okay?" and continue on with my own life because I don't have a stupid vendetta

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Laugh and let him deal with it himself.

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Slap her ass.

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Laugh at my boyfriend's misfortune

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The only real option: beat her to death with a yaoi paddle and scream "WHO'S THE UKE NOW BITCH?"

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help my boyfriend stop crying

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Feel a little weird because my boyfriend is into fat alt sluts.

>Not implying that she's a slut. The statement is more or less separate because I don't know who she is.

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are you an alt fat slut?

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i would probably joke around with my boyfriend that he is the new dish on her menu

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if an ugly fat cunt slapped my ass I'd slap her right back

and if my gf has a problem with that, I'd slap her as well

white bitches need to know their place, I ain't letting no cracker motherfucker touch me like it ain't no thing

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pic related

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I can tell from the pic that you never had a boyfriend in ur life

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ya good observation m8 top kek

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Knew I was right.

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I'm not her, I was just saying damn because that was harsh

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Violate every human right in no particular order.

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Laugh my ass off, because I tink that shit is funny as hell

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Stop him from trying to shoot a harpoon at her.

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Jokes on you I don't have a boyfriend.

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Get the fuck out of there because she could kill me in an instant?

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laugh really really hard and make mooing sounds

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When a male sexually harasses a female, it is serious and horrible, and entitles the female to physically attack the harasser.

If a female sexually harasses a male, it is considered funny, and if the male physically attacks her in response, it wouldn't be acceptable, and the female would be the one seen as the victim.

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If you don't have a boyfriend, join the lonely girls club on Steam!


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Tumblr please go

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you forgot the feels guy face you pleb

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I would verbally abuse the shit out of her (I really swear a lot in general)

That's because in general, men have a stronger built, they are able to hit harder and are able to take harder punches. And before you start any other of your tumblr bullshit, this does not apply to everyone

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Call her a fat whore, jiggle her fat and make out with my hot boyfriend in front of her while she cries and eats.

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Probably have to hold him back from raging too hard. My boyfriend really, really hates fatasses.

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you're at the con and this girl slaps your boyfriend's ass. wat do?

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kate upton got saggy tits, try again.

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Shove him aside and start making out.

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>no homo
I sometimes have this look of disgust and or inferiority in my eyes. You can really see how the expression on people changes and then they back off.

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Reminder that only those ITT who said they would step up and fuck that bitch up (either physically or verbally) are good girlfriends. If some nigga slapped your ass and your bf was there you'd want him to show that fucker that it ain't OK do to that, right? Well, although your bf could easily defend himself because even the weakest skeleton nerd is stronger than any female, no matter that she a landwhale, he can't do so because other guys would gang up on him and beat him up due to whiteknight syndrome if he laid a hand even on the ugliest manatee. But you can do anything you want to that bitch. So it's up to you to protect his honor this time, a'aight?

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>If some nigga slapped your ass and your bf was there you'd want him to show that fucker that it ain't OK do to that
I don't want my bf to cause a scene, possibly get arrested, and possibly upset me and others at the convention because he felt he had to prove himself.
I can fend for myself if I don't like it.

If that happened to him I would also not want to cause a scene and upset people because of my selfish insecurities. Some obese chick slaps my bf's ass? Well shame on her but my bf should explain his own boundaries; I shouldn't have to defend his personal space. And our trust should be as good so that I don't have to feel jealous/insecure about him cheating on me with some random girl wearing tacky lipstick and obnoxious glasses.

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Probably report that to the convention staff so they will speak to her about her behavior and note it in case she acts inappropriately again so she'll get her ass booted.

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you and me both...

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you sound boring, snitch

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Wtf. Its just a slap on the ass. I mean fat and uglos are disgusting but only insecure betas would even give a damn shit
>i know i can pull better
>gf knows shes better than some ugly whale
Give her a look of disgust and go away.
If my gf ever would make a scene or thinks she has to "defend" me i'd be mad.
I like confident woman but not those who think they have the biggest balls or are overly emotional unstable.

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Laugh at my boyfriend and watch him deal with it.

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Slap/grab his ass myself, look her in the eye and tell her to keep her grimy hands of my property, then probably proceed to makeout with him.

Then again no one would want to touch his ass anyways.

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Sounds like your hate fun and other people having fun.

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You two are awesome

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This. I agree, it's obvious bait.

Men are not fully human, we all know that they want sex all the time so even if a fat unattractive girl touches their butt they gonna love it and get aroused.

This is why it's also impossible for men to be "raped" by women.

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Am I the only one who noticed that at least two of the members are seagulls? One has a pic of smoker as his avatar and another has Princess Amai.

Sasuga, /cgl/.

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Rub his butt better and tell him it's ok

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"Holy shit that's Kate Upton! Never clean your butt again"

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From reading your post, it is obvious that
a) you can't get better
b) your hand is your girlfriend

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>If some nigga slapped your ass and your bf was there you'd want him to show that fucker that it ain't OK do to that, right?

No, actually. I would be incredibly embarrassed if my boyfriend felt that he needed to do my defending for me. I mean, if I was being physically attacked, obviously I'd want him to fend me from harm, but if it's an emotional insult (like a butt-slap), that's something I can handle myself and certainly wouldn't want by boyfriend getting involved. It would only end poorly, and besides, I'm and adult and perfectly capable of telling someone to back off.

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>you tell Jamal the destroyer of worlds to "back off"
>he slaps you with his massive 1 foot dick and a bunch of your teeth fall out
What now?

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I think he's going to be happy about the attention, since he's a bit of an attentionwhore.
It'll make his ego swell.

I would just chuckle a little bit, but I wouldn't do anything.

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>a butt-slap
>someone physically slapping your ass with their hand
>is an emotional attack
>and not a physical one
What fucking bizarro tumblr did YOU come from?

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Oh, man.

My boyfriend and I were at a gig once (Small place, friends' band.) and some guy walked over and straight up asked me for a blowjob. My boyfriend turned around and went "u wot m8." while I was laughing my ass off.

>Our faces when he then turns to my boyfriend and asks him again.

Eventually his friends realized what he was saying as dragged him away, apologizing profusely.

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You should be glad they did that. He'd fucking cave your Beta boyfriend's head in if they hadn't.

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i'd probably just look at the bitch and laugh at her.

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Unlikely. He was just some drunk kid who could barely stand up.

>you mad at the world because you don't have a girlfriend yourself, anon?
>etc etc etc

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>implying you are a girl
>implying you have a boyfriend
>implying you aren't some Beta who watched this happen once to someone from afar
Only a neckbeard virgin would get this salty and defensive immediately.

Oh man, or even better
>MFW you were actually "the drunk kid"

OW SHIIIIIIIIIIT now this makes sense

confirmed neckbeard loser until proven otherwise.

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I was making a joke about how overly defensive /cgl/ usually gets, which is why I threw the etc in at the end.


>> No.7470702

>he says /cgl/ gets defensive
>he gets turbobutthurt when I point out his story was made up
back to >>>/r9k/ m8

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Equal rights bitch.

>> No.7470726

Fuck off neckbeard virgin man-ape. Equal rights doesn't mean it's OK to hurt girls. It's only OK for girls to fight back physically to verbal abuse because men are more privileged nad have a postionsion of power

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If it was a hard slap, inquire about his well being.

If it was not a hard slap and he does not look physically injured, laugh. He'd do the same if she slapped my ass.

>> No.7470744

Yep, this really is a make-believe purely imaginatory scenario

a) no bitch would dare to slap my ass;
b) if bitch tried to slap my ass I'd punch her fat ass to the ground first.

>> No.7470803

>your boyfriend
Words can hurt, OP

>> No.7470811

>mfw boyfriend is not a con-goer in the first place

But if it happened, I'd probably tell her off and report her. Nothing physical; those cons are pricey just to risk getting kicked out.


>> No.7470812

Wow I forgot I had more to say.

*Also, I'd like to keep my teeth, etc. Not exactly a large person or a trained fighter.

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I assume it's a troll post.

I think it's a very bad idea for a grill to try to use violence on a man. It's true that nowadays men for the most part are pussies, and wouldn't fight back because they are conditioned to fear any kind of violence, but everyone has a snapping point, and he would have no problem overpowering her, and beat her to a bloody pulp if he was pissed off enough to forget his white knight education.

I'm a fit girl. I lift and has an athletic body type. My BF is a fatty who does zero sport, he still can easily overpower me when we are playfully wrestling, though it's a bit more difficult for him since I started sport.

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i feel u

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He would probably blush and get very flustered, and I would probably laugh and drag him off while he stutters that he didn't mean to, even if he didn't do anything.

>tfw qr3.14 bf

>> No.7470856

>all dis "tfw no bf"
Is /cgl/ the female version of /r9k/?

>> No.7470862

honestly he would probably just call her a fat bitch and we would move on from there

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However, the posters you are quoting are most likely trolling - either pretending to be female or pretending not to have "a bf".

>> No.7471065

more like the female version of /fa/
tfw no gf

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Now now, let's not get deluded here. That would imply that you dweeb fucks knew something about fashion. The fact that this is part lolita board alone disregards that, objectively. Lolita is tacky clothes for girls with mental issues, no matter how you look at it.

>> No.7471077

>and wouldn't fight back because they are conditioned to fear any kind of violence,
Fucking retard, they're not "conditioned to fear violence" it's only because they're told by society that they're worthless compared to women and that it's "NEVER OK TO HIT A GURL!".
See how a DYEL nerd loser completely fucks that bitch up with just one slap (and he wasn't probably even trying), while when she slapped him first with all her bitch-ass might it did literally nothing to him.

But of course, then the whiteknights came.

No feminist is willing to abandon the whiteknight system because everyone knows that you're not for "equality" - you want to keep your privileges and also get everything else on top of that.

The fact that you keep repeating over and over the "women are underpaid!!!"-lie (they are not, how hilariously stupid does someone even have to be to think that -- if employers could pay women less than men for the same work done, then why aren't they the majority of workers, being the cheapest labor and all?); meaning that they want men (the bigger taxpayers who get a pathetic minimum of their taxes back compared to women) to pay them extra, so that their shitty jobs that anyone can do pay as much as high risk / high demand jobs that women refuse to do.

>> No.7471078

wait I'm from /fa/ m8, i just bored and browsing around. i was just considering the similarity of it i wasn,t talking about clothes and shit. btw i have cgl friends who dress pretty nicely not the taobao shitier

>> No.7471082

tru dat bro

>> No.7471084

yeah my man i know this is like the most amazing post i have ever seen in my life, holy shit, futuristic

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Earn the "girlfriend of the year" award by inviting her for a threeway, unless her personality is awful, or she smells bad or something.

>> No.7471144

Or you could suck his dick and eat his nuts instead.

>> No.7471160

>tfw you can tell 90% of this thread is males pretending to be female

>> No.7471178

i'm not even that girl but what the fuck with this rant? she didn't even say anything about women being underpaid.

>> No.7471183

*is with

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This reminds me of one of my friends.

He was walking down the street with his girlfriend and they heard I dunno, a wolfcall? Like in this old school cartoons.

Now my friends gf is pretty strong and independent and she turned around to tell the guy off...

Only to find a shirtless dude in a rainbow mankini wearing rollerblades, sunglasses and a military hat. (basically like a village person)

And he says.

"Not you honey"

Keep in mind they were close to the gay part of town, my friend is 6'6 and a beach volleyball player.

I lol errytime.

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Let boyfriend go for it. Bigger girls are his type but I've lost too much weight to be sexy to him. As long as there can be some kind of proof he hasn't picked up some STI and he gets tested after, he can go for it.

>> No.7471259

Reverse-Cuckolding is the hottest fetish. So I'd invite her to a hotel room and tell her to lay down with me while my BF makes love to her and calls me a stupid worthless bitch. I'd lay there crying and fingering myself right next to them as they fuck passionately.

Afterwards I'd want him to hit and choke me while wiping her juices and his cum off on my face.

*issues* I know.

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If it was hard enough to bruise, I'd beat the hell out of her
If it wasnt, Id call her a landwhale and tell her to fuck off or i would beat the hell out of her
crazy girlfriend mode activate

>> No.7471288

firmly tell her he's taken
then probably cry later because shes hotter than me

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the bait has been taken

>> No.7471307

on /cgl/? Unlikely

wow grow a spine maybe

>> No.7471320

why would you use katakana for a Japanese word?

>> No.7471326

Your stupid reaction only makes me more inclined to support the other guy's position.

>> No.7471346

independent party here, are you always this retarded, or just when you're on the internet?

>> No.7471358

It's probably an r9ker pretending to be a girl

Some people just shouldn't do 4chan. it makes them a little insane

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What? We legit don't have bfs.

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This is gradually turning into a feels thread right before my very eyes

>> No.7471447

maybe you shouldn't be a beta bitch and go grab a man

>> No.7471483

>"there are autists in this thread therefore they must be male"

>> No.7471516

Laugh, because I'm a model, and don't have to worry about anything from that beast.

>> No.7471524


>that would imply you dweeb fucks knew something about fashion

I'm an /fa/ regular, and I know for a fact /fa/ knows nothing about fashion either

>> No.7471569

Sorry, that was really poorly worded on my part. What I meant is that if someone were continuously physically attacked me (Ie, punching me, or threatening to do so) then I would definitely rely on the physical strength of someone stronger to defend me. But if it were a single butt-slap, meant not to physically harm but to harass or draw attention, I would deal with in on an emotional level, i.e. by defending myself verbally.

>> No.7471575

Exactly. I mean if my boyfriend replied with humor it would be fine, I don't mind that. Like "Dude are you serious?". I just don't think it's necessary for a boyfriend to like, step in and try to seek retribution of some kind. I think when a loved one is involved it's really easy for things to escalate way more than they would if it was just kept between the two people the conflict involved.

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>look at her and smirk
>walk away laughing with bf

Maybe a blow to her self esteem will teach her to keep her hands to herself. A good way to get at a girl is to make her feel unattractive while paying her as little attention as possible.

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>beta bitch
Yo, females are omegas. lrn ur ethology

>> No.7471660

Girls don't exist on /cgl/
lolita and boobs are for traps

Get out asshole, this is the one place on 4chan I can talk about being a woman on

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this is me not giving a fuck
L2boyfriend noobfriend

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I'll have you know I've been in a long-term relationship with a lovely fellow for quite some time. Nice try, anon. U JUS STOOPID

>> No.7471780

Push her back in the water where she belongs.

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>still thinking i give a fuck
go home anon

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Knowing him he'd probably some kind of immediate emotionally passionate retaliation and publicly call her out and I'd quietly slip off to find con security while this was happening. We're ESFJ/INTJ; we compliment each other well.

>> No.7471894

You retarded fucks. The ones saying "tfw no bf" are obviously /r9k/ pretending to be women.

>> No.7471903

>dating an autistic sperglord misogynerd from /r9k/
Almost every male 4channer is either INTJ or INTP.

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>Anon posts anything about anything
>"go back to r9k!!!"



>> No.7472084

M-male INFJ here. Least-successful from a natural selection standpoint...."rarest."
Makes sense that someone willing to assume they are correct because of their Thinking, would be more successful with women.

I only have feelings...so many feelings...and I don't trust them.
So I always wonder if I've done something wrong...or wonder what is the root cause of a disturbance.

Clearly, you can see how this would make me unattractive to many insecure women, who want the certainty and illusion of security someone preaching they are correct provides...

/stupid rant that is probably wrong, if so please tell me how and I'll try to learn from your response

So....what are most women on 4chan? Is there a commonality? How does the experience as a poster online as a female differ? Aside from the tits or gtfo crap, which is so horrible I can't even imagine guys who post that seriously even have mothers...is there a different kind of bonding? Seems like there's a lot of one-upping (equivalent penis-wagging) on /cgl/ from what little I have lurked, but also a lot of support...that's gotta be kind of nice.

>> No.7472137

Lolno, shut the fuck up. INFJ is not the rarest, INTP and INTJ are.

>> No.7472381

>tells me to shut the fuck up
>is wrong



>> No.7472657

Sure is a lot of guys ITT pretending to be girls who have no boyfriends to make themselves think that such girls are out there, waiting for them.

>> No.7472666

my boyfriend is an estonian illegal immigrant transvestite

>> No.7472677 [DELETED] 

Probably INFJ as well (at least that's what I get most frequently when taking tests online, but then those are supposedly flawed). I am curious if those who post on 4chan consistently belong to a few "types"/

>> No.7472687

>implying my boyfriend is interested in anybody who isn't 6' masterrace 200 lbs 12% bf
>implying I'm gay, we just like to cuddle

>> No.7472968

>Aside from the tits or gtfo crap, which is so horrible I can't even imagine guys who post that seriously even have mothers

lol faggot

>> No.7472988

I'd likely turn round, confront her aggressively and get really up in her face until she got scared and left.

>> No.7473277

>you're at a con
Why would I be there? I don't cosplay or care about cosplayers.
>boyfriend's ass
I'm a guy, I'm straight, I don't have a boyfriend.
>wat do?
Ask /cgl/ if they want to be my gf.

>> No.7473302

They answer in unison "No."

>> No.7473321
File: 272 KB, 720x960, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is what I looked like

now you wish you hadn't refused me don't you

>> No.7473330

are you 14 years old

>> No.7473331

Button up your collar jesus christ what are you, twelve?

>> No.7473424

Not the one who posted it but katakana is also used to emphasis a particular word similar to italics or a bold font type.

>> No.7473733

A robot in disguise as a pubescent male. We know you tricks by now, robot-anon.

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Laugh because she has no fucking chance with my boyfriend then call con security on her fat ass.


>> No.7473904

I lol'd. Bretty gud post, mate.

>> No.7473938

That's just an average Sunday afternoon, anon. There's no excitement there. A threeway is rare enough to be a treat.

>> No.7474056
File: 44 KB, 500x370, tumblr_n2tgty7FLM1ste46co1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let her suck my dick on the low cuz I like fat red head broads.

I'm black.

>> No.7474086
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I would be fairly confused, because I don't have a boyfriend.

>> No.7474557


Pretty much. I would bury my face in those tits.

>> No.7474586

> tfw

>> No.7474700

Marry me.

>> No.7474807

N-nice Anon-kun!

>> No.7475028

/r9k/ neckbeards, just stop... even if we didn't have bfs we wouldn't want you guys

>> No.7475044

I would just be confused as to why something so repulsive thinks she has a chance with my boyfriend and laugh it off.

>> No.7478713

It's time to leave 4chan for good.

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Not from r9k but holy shit, I've been on this board for all but 5 minutes and can already tell you broads are just as crazy as the faggots that post in r9k.

>> No.7478819

You'd think that'd make us friends, this... craziness that we have in common, haha.

Yet the cycle keeps going and nobody makes any effort to get out of it. Or at least, when they do, they aren't taken seriously an we all just go back to our usual ways.

It's pretty sad.

>> No.7478822

>implying a 3DPD landwhale can touch my 2D husbando

Checkmate, atheists.

>> No.7478825

I'd probably just smirk at her and give her a look that says "you wish"

>> No.7478888

something something landwhale and be done

>> No.7479001

IDC go back to whatever shitlhole you crawled out of, virgin shit

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Wonder why I have a boyfrined because I'm gay.

>> No.7480301

He'd probably laugh in her face the second it happens, which would cause me to laugh. We'd laugh and move on like rational people.

>> No.7480320


>> No.7482046

Just replace her with Jamal and your boyfriend with girlfriend.

>> No.7482422

>tfw no wealthy, successful, underwear model bf who will meet my unrealistic standards unconditionally love me for being a fat, mentally unstable legbeard

Edited for truth.

>confusing pump and dump as genuinely wanting someone

>> No.7482441

Can we please be friends, that would be balla as fuck.

>> No.7482446

But yeah

Bitch can go play that WarioWare Shove-it-up-yo-own-ASS game. I don't give a FUCK.

>> No.7484566

Look, asshole. If I wanted to, I could easily become "10/10 best gf material ever!!!" for you. You think you are special but a little wink here, a little smile there, and a little attention payed to you and you'd become my willing whiteknight.

>> No.7484603

*grabs him by the throat* "back the off!"

>> No.7484637


>you broads

I can feel the fedora from here.

>> No.7484654

>implying she's not already touching herself to him at night

>> No.7484694
File: 529 KB, 625x626, bait3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7485387

wonder why I have a boyfriend because I am a straight male

vomit all over her anyway because I was forced to look at her fat jiggling as she slapped his ass

>> No.7485665

>implying you actually have a husbando
Reminder, if you had sex with 3D, you don't have the right to call him your husbando.

>> No.7485682

Of course, most of them don't - /fa/ is basically /r9k/ who discuss what's the most fashionable fedora to wear (just like on /fit/ most of them are just /r9k/ man-babbies with the same old mentality thingken that if they lift they will stop being man-babbies). But you know the rule, 90% is shit, the 10% is good. So the 10% of /fa/ do actually know about falchion also realize that lolita is the tackiest shit possible. And let's be honest - even /cgl/'s normal half realizes that lolitas have mental issues. t's no different from fucking ageplay and soon enough they'll be wearing fucking diapers.

>> No.7485687

You concealed the b8 pretty well at first, but you went too hard at the end and outed yourself.
I'll give it an 8/10. I'll try to copy your technique from now on.

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