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Is it too early for an Otakon thread? I'm excited.

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I'm kind of annoyed that we're only starting to get semi-decent guests trickling in NOW after being promised an ~avalanche~ of guests by staff on the boards. But maybe that'll change in the coming weeks, I don't know.

Also I had to reduce my cosplays down to one because of financial troubles. feels bad man

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ready for that ice cold watah

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Guys. Currently we have the Sheraton City Center as our hotel, but have the option of moving to Four Seasons in the inner harbor. It'd be $50 more each, much longer walk since I hear the shuttle isn't reliable, BUT it's supposedly in a safer area...
Anyone have experience with the area north of the convention center? My friend said it was pretty ghetto past the hotel we're at now. I heard Baltimore has crime but is getting better.

Also yes the guests so far are shit. Only one I'll see is the Eva Rebuild animation director.

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It's never too early.

What's everyone planning? Lineups, meetups? Otakon stories? This'll be my first time going to Otakon so I'd be interested in hearing peoples' experiences.

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I've walked a mile from the inner harbor to a friend's apartment with two extremely white gay men in hot pink leather hot pants. No one said shit to us.

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really bummed that the lolita fashion show isn't happening again this year, but i am excited for the tea party! not sure if i'll be bringing cosplays with me, but i'll be wearing lolita. haven't decided on any coordinates just yet, though.

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I've stayed in the raddisson and farther away hotels since I was like 16? (25 now) and have never had any problems. Try to stay in groups at night as much as possible if you're nervous. There will probably always be other congoers making the trek within eye or earshot also. The people of baltimore you're probably afraid of don't give a fuck about you.

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Oh no! It's such a great show and is so incredibly popular when they allow for it to happen. I am really disappointed to hear that.

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Only for a dolla?

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Gonna be Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening partly cause Yusuke Kozaki is gonna be a guest.

I'm hyped for Otakon. Gonna be staying by myself at the Hyatt Regency, though. I want a roommate pretty badly cause i get lonely at night.

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right? i'm very disappointed as well. Otakon staff hasn't been very forthcoming about why, either.

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Mako Mankanshoku, 1st transformation ver. Sailor Moon, and maybe comiket ver. Kirino or Konata.

Also, what's the deal with having one of the guests be a sumo wrestler? It's cool, but has very little to do with anime/manga besides the fact that he's Japanese.

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My only guess that it's because it's not Anime and/or they want more variety of programming. Idk I'm sure they will allow a panel or two that are Lolita related, but there will of course be a whole bunch of really dumb panels that I wont be interested in.

Well they have an attendance cap this year so maybe the convention center won't be super crowded. The con is kind of like a super line con, I like to look through the schedule with my friends the week before the con so that we can go ahead and figure out what we all like to do.

If you get there on Thursday just skip the street festival. It's pointless and that's time you could spend sleeping or doing some kind of shopping for things you will need in your room. The CVS in the inner harbor runs out of bottled water fast. There is a Walgreens another couple of blocks away but there is a homeless guy who hangs out in front of it that looks like he's cosplaying from Street Fighter.... he is not he always looks like that and wants to park your car. If you will be eating fast food at the food courts near y during the convention I would recommend calling ahead. Normally we just phone up Royal Farms and get some bomb ass fried chicken, or Noodles & Company, or Five Guys and send a couple of people in our group to go pick it up so we can skip the line.

Also Baltimore summers are humid. So be prepared to sweat.

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Where did you hear/see this, because there hasn't been any word on the fashion show on Charm City yet.

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I dont know my time frame but I'll be bringing these costumes;
Chitoge (Nisekoi), 2x Hanayo (Love Live!), Miichan (AKB0048), Hajime (Gatchaman:Crowds), Isabelle (ACNL)

The last two are my thursday/sunday depending if my anxiety flares up again this year.

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My current lineup. I still have no idea what I'm doing for Sunday... I may end up rewearing an older cosplay, depending on time and finances. Really looking forward to the con, though.

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as far as i know, the only lolita programming Otakon is accepted is the 101 panel.

from one of my friends on Facebook. i contacted Otakon's Panel staff shortly after and they replied confirming they rejected the fashion show and accepted the 101 only.

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Still not 100% on that Maria Holic cosplay, other two are set already. Sunday cosplay is still a shot in the dark though...need to see how well Anime Midwest goes.

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>tumblr in a nutshell

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My lineup! Going as Captain Tashigi on Friday & Apollo on Saturday. I tend not to cosplay on Thursday or Sunday. Super excited! Going to get to see some friend that I haven't seen in MONTHS.

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So they do let you cosplay anywhere, right? The site says they have something called "Cosplay Coordination"

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So any chances of them getting more celebrities? I mean last year featured Cristina Vee, Crispin Freeman, Kyle Hebert, and Vic Mignogna

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If I give one of you free board in my room at one of the more expensive con center hotels will you be my friend for the convention

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That's just for photoshoots

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I really hope so, every guest is so disappointing at the moment.
Sumo wrestlers? Really? Why?

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Whats so good about Otakon moving to DC?

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Much bigger convention center and more room overall for more attendees.

I think the biggest impact of Otakon moving is how much of an impact it had on Baltimore and the Inner Harbor as a whole. The only other event with a similar impact is Maryland Death Fest and that's an extreme metal festival held over Memorial Day weekend.

Before it was cancelled for the next couple of years, the biggest event for the Inner Harbor area outside of Otakon was the IndyCar race and that only brought in a third of the revenue that Otakon brings in with much lower hotel occupancy rates.

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Maybe they just blew their load after getting Yoko Kanno last year and couldn't get anyone else?

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Baltimore will probably try and poach several other Cons in the DC area. Both MAGFest and Katsucon are getting up there in terms of attendance. Probably not Katsucon cause they already tried the con in Baltimore in 2003 during a major blizzard.

Shame the indie lolita fashion show got cancelled again, but few lolitas from my comm are going to the tea party. Not going to Otakon this year due to the uncertainty of my work schedule. Think I might travel to Chicago that same weekend for a meetup.

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>Baltimore will probably try and poach several other Cons in the DC area.

Katsucon and MAGFest are not leaving the National Harbor since both are 24 hour cons. Even if they did move, it would be to DC as a big as fuck Marriott Marquis with 1100+ rooms just opened up right next to the DC convention center a few days ago.

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The convention center in DC is much much bigger Like the room where I can see the dealer's room and artist alley being in is like 3-4 times bigger then the space at the BCC. For me just the fact that there will be enough space to actually move around the convention center... also hopefully we can get more panels too if there is more space.

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So where do we want to do the seagull meet this year?

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A place where Jkid will never hang out at.

I caught him jerkin it at Otakon last year. I think he may need some help.

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he was jerking it at the convention center? or in a hotel room

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Regardless haven't we known there was something wrong with him for years now? And no matter how hard we try he will always find us... always.

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Current Lineup:
Me-Emboar Gijinka, Hubs-Samurott Gijinka, 9month old-Tepig!
Since there's multiple meet ups for Pokemon photoshoots, these costumes will probably be worn a little bit everyday.
Saturday (and for the Hall Contest), I'm doing an original design called "The Queen of Card Games" and it's an Elizabethan styled gown made almost entirely out of Trading Card Game Cards. (ani-mayhem, pokemon, MtG, Wow, and possibly Digimon, Sailor Moon, DBZ, and Yu-Gi-Oh...all cards I have collected for like 20 years...)

It's gonna be hella fun.

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Story please

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I don't think they accept original designs for the hall costume contest...

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They do not.

>Original designs are not permitted because the lack of consistent reference materials makes it nearly impossible to judge accuracy. However, you are encouraged to show off your costumes/fashion in the hallways. Gothic and Lolita will only be permitted if it is a design from an anime or J-drama series, this includes brand designs for anime series, BUT you still need to make 85% of the costume yourself.

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Lemme git that ice, ice, ice, ice...
cold, cold, cold, cold...
Ice cold watah.
Only one dolla.

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Also after the 5yr contract is up with DC hopefully the BCC and 1st Mariner will be done with its renovations and the new Hyatt hotel/underground parking too..

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I fucking love Otakon. I've been going since 2007. I'll probably finally stop going once it moves to DC though.

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I don't remember, but did they cut it this close last year with guests and stuff?

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Here's what I'm thinking:

>Middle school Satsuki with a middle school Nonon for the KLK meetup
>Punie for drunk times

>Da Capo Nonon (which I still need to, um, start)
>Maybe something else to change into bc that hat's gonna suck to wear for long periods of time
>Need to figure out what to wear for evening drunken adventures

>Beni from DMMD kek

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So... after reading through their 'guest request' topic on the forums and seeing that they wouldn't accept anyone who didn't fit within the scope of Asian culture, they get THIS guy? I mean yeah, they're going with a space theme but this seems like a hypocritical and nonsensical choice.

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uhhh the katsucon blizzard was in a crystal city hotel.

>> No.7636904

But anon they know better than us. We don't want them to get more guests actually related to an anime con, we want to see a telescope nerd.

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I would also like story on this.

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>Not having a giant collection of space telescopes in your luggage ready to be signed and kissed

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I have half a dozen telescopes, I love space. Hell I even have a copy of Infinite Worlds. I'm totally jazzed about Ray Willard as a guest... but it just doesn't suite an anime convention.

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Also he used to date Iris

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Ahahahaha why are you even still online. I know the article is exaggerated, but wow. Most people tend to keep a low profile when their shit gets all over the internet.

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Problem is being unemployed prevents you from dating at all. Its amazing that someone is still updating that page.

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What? No it doesnt. Maybe you're just nasty.

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And in light of this video, I do have a job now. It's in the IT industry. It's pays well around 50,000 salary with vacation and full benefits.

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What does my post even have to do with you dating or being unemployed? Also, no one cares about your basic job, stop fishing for compliments and whores.

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lmao some guy on the forums is getting really whiny and pissed off about it rn

if you're going to get THAT angry about it (I admit it's a weird choice but it's not like I'm forced to attend his talk or w/e) then you probably shouldn't go

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That guy IS pretty buttmad over it. I think it's a dumb choice too, but being all like 'BAWWW if they don't get someone I want then no one's going to hear the end of it' is a little much. Entertaining as hell to watch though.

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Dunno, usually when an event disappears it either means:

1) There are no senior staffers willing to put up the hard work and champion the cause.
2) Too much drama and hassle for the rest of the staff.

I've been with the staff 15+ years, I'd help out except been lazymode for the past 5+ years. Plus I don't know any Lolita community members in real life.

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According to your Facebook you work at chicos

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This is me and the gf's plan, just something easy for us first-timers. And luckily we didn't have to rent a hotel because her grandfather lives just outside of Baltimore.

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They should allow that user to have his own crazy rant panel thing. All I can think of is an upset man child crying. It would probably be the high light of the con for me.

>> No.7641417

It'd be funny for a while but judging by his posts he'd just repeat himself over and over and it would become the song that never ends... with periodic apologies for his complaining thrown in.

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So it would be like 90% of all the other panels held at a con.

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Oh my gosh I love seeing AKB0048 cosplayers!! I've never seen a Miichan irl before~

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Basically. So it would pretty much fit right in. But since it's Otakon there has to be a minimum of a 2 hour wait time and then the line will end up getting cut off right in front of you.

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I decided not to go this year. It's gotten too pricey, plus they did away with the day passes, so I can't really justify spending $80+ to go for a day or two (since that's all I would be able to get off from work).

It feels weird because Otakon was always my main con for the year, but it's just gotten so dull to me over the years. The guest list this year isn't anything special, and I feel out of the loop since I've noticed a lot of western things taking over cosplay wise. I think I've just outgrown it....
You guys all have fun for me!

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Something like this. If anyone wants to join our Love Live! group, we're missing Rin, Hanayo, and Eli!

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Otakon plans. Working on Beethoven right now actually. That's probably the one I'm going to regret wearing the most haha

HOLY SHIT. I hope I run into you guys. AA AND VLR, yesss.

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>bossman says I can take 14 days off
>buy plane tickets
>3 days later
>bossman tells me I can't go

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I'm planning a Gamagori final uniform (Been lifting for it and progress is pretty good)

It'll be my first otakon.

>> No.7642612

It'll be humid as fuck (it always is) so you may want to take that into consideration when you go to decide your lineup. Although having said that my group almost never dresses for the weather at any con because we're dumbasses lol

>> No.7642628

What humanized design are you using for Chrysalis -- just a wedding dress + wig? I'm not even a pony fan really, but I saw that episode and loved that character, there are some really great gijinkas and cosplays of her around.

>> No.7642629

And by that I mean, I kind of want to do one myself and am curious about yours, not trying to tear down your idea or anything

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Last year was my first Otakon and it was great. Looking forward to this year.
I don't know my lineup yet, but I'll be bringing Ichigo-Aikatsu, Chibiusa, Fem!Nagisa-Free, and maybe Daenerys or Yasuho if I can get my shit together.

>> No.7647110

So the KLK dub cast is gonna be there every day, right? I really want Cabanos and Vincent to autograph my Neptunia MK2 and one of my BlazBlue games. Though seeing I'm gonna be cosplaying as Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist, should as Cabanos to sign the volume of BE with her character (And Rin's semi-love interest) on it

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Part of why it's such a big deal is Otakon doesn't announce panels until way too close to the con for the lolita community to actually put together a fashion show.

So the designers that want to participate spend months designing and creating pieces (not to mention a hefty amount of money) on the off chance that Otakon will say yes. It was a thing multiple years running. Then early last year the staff asked for feedback, the lolita community figured it was a go... so designers made pieces, found models, everything was planned out, the panel was put in, and Otakon rejected it, so everyone was (understandably) really upset. Otakon gave some reasons about it being their 20-year anniversary and stuff, ok, fine.

But then to have it rejected again this year is kinda like "well, does the con just not want it?". I mean, half the panels out there are kids with power points they did in a couple of hours. This is something that takes months to put together, and probably 30-60 people involved in it. So, it's really frustrating to the people trying to do the panel to put in all this work and get told no, and no reason.

I'm not involved, mind you, I'm just friends with some of them, and it's really sad how hard they all work on this, and how much time they end up wasting, just to be told no with no real reason other than "whatever, didn't think it was as interesting as other things".

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I've been to Otakon a couple times. I used to go with my dad when I was younger, then I went with a friend and his brother.

This is going to be my first year independent; my friends and I are getting a room and staying for the week. I've heard all these stories of hotel parties and crazy times, and I'm excited to be a part of them. Anyone know of any planned or whatever?

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I hate that shit, my apologies. Some cunt-sucking skidmark who worked part time tried to take off just because she could the Friday I was supposed to be at con last year, and asked if I could cover not only that day but the god damn weekend, without consulting our boss first. She knew the boss would veto the fuck out of it, so she tried to bribe me into doing it by saying 'I'LL TAKE OTHER TIME FOR YOU' which she never fucking would do before after saying the same exact thing.

I lolled, told her I put my time in centuries a-fucking-go, and fucked off to Baltimore that Thursday after work. She called me Saturday asking if I could work the rest of her four hour shift. She'd only been there an hour and was whining that she wanted to go home and watch a show or some shit. Told her I wasn't driving all the way home and that next time maybe she would prepare for vacations I had told her about almost six months in advance better. What a complete cunt. And yes, that was my only fucking vacation that year. Three days. That was it. Bitch still didn't see why her behavior was bullshit.


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First time going! Zero progress on cosplays ;__;
Will likely be bringing a sailor senshi group, Maizono from DR, and hopefully one more but undecided at this point (maybe someone from Love Live?). Need to buckle down and get started though.

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Lineup from a while back, almost everything done now, except Barfight Mikasa is getting replace by fire nation Suki since I just now watched the show and I joined a small fire nation group. Keeping the swim pimp chain cuz fuck you I think it's fun and at least kinda relevant (compared to gangsta megucas and the like)

Anyways my friend can't get off work Thursday, so after driving 6 hours and getting there early Friday, should I expect hell on earth?

And what time do the hotel rooms usually open so people can get into the costumes? I don't think it said so anywhere or else the friend in charge of the room would've said so.

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File: 166 KB, 242x568, killing_floor_mr_foster_by_atagene-d2x5ax7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time going with some friends, hailing from NYC

I'm planning on two cosplays which is an Assassin from AC and Mr. Foster from Killing Floor. Both cosplays are basically complete, I just need to order my gas mask and some prop weapons.

>tfw I want plan to attend the rave dressed as Mr. Foster
>get in the middle of a dance circle and start throwing up fake money screaming, "It's rainin' money!!!"

>> No.7647970

I'd like to see/take pictures of your Mr. Foster costume. Although thats an easy as fuck costume.

>> No.7647975


Yeah I know, it's mostly because I wasn't really planning on going to Otakon. My friend asked me if I wanted to go like a week after AnimeNEXT, figuring another con would be fun I decided to head along. I realized that I only have around 5 or 4 weeks until the con so I didn't have time to do anything complex. I'm saving my complex costume (a post-apocalyptic Finn) for NYCC.

Besides I've always wanted to give Mr. Foster a try, I might spice it up by wearing my chest rig under the suit with one tactical kneepad and a leg-holster.

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File: 587 KB, 590x836, 3778515-2896495409-70159-what-fox-should-look-at-to-make-a-deadpool-movie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm gonna be going as Deadpool. I'm still waiting on my knife and I'm still working on a couple things such as a Headpool prop, my weapons, and other bullshit. I promise I won't act like cancer.
>"But Deadpool is always a cancerous cosplay"

>> No.7647990



I'm actually okay with this cosplay if you find ways to make it unique. Sure people always complain about Deadpools but what about those who add a little extra edge to make it stand out?

>> No.7648002
File: 33 KB, 706x530, 1264557887703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>comic book cosplay at an anime convention
>not cancerous

>> No.7648169

When does Otakon normally release the panel schedule? I know panels have been accepted already.

>> No.7648173

you see it's funny because he is...

>> No.7648209

Do not get a hotel two blocks after Marina, specially if you're going to be walking in cosplay.
Always spend that extra money to be as close to the con as possible.
The 4 seasons is great, I stayed there last year.

>> No.7648216

I'm going as Akibaranger Red and my gf as Kyoruger gold.
Otakon is a huge con and there is always something going on. You will always have something to do even if you don't go to a single panel.
It's so huge that it's rare to see the same cosplayer twice in a day.
Also, pick up badges Thursday. Picking them up Friday morning can cost up up to 3 hours in the hot sun. Do not cosplay if you gotta wait.

>> No.7648222

Did you walk by herds of young and old horny African American men who hit on you every step of the way?
If not, I'm going to call you a liar.

>> No.7648225

You can pull off Maria? I'd love to see that.

>> No.7648232

You can cosplay and get stopped for pictures anywhere in the con, even as you get out of the bathroom.
They have a special section where con staff takes your picture so you could be in 2015's event booklet.

>> No.7648236

Katsucon 2014 was held during a huge snowstorm too. Tons of people couldn't come and the dealers room was half empty.
They couldn't refund tickets since the storm happened Thursday night.

>> No.7648240

I been going for 10 years now and it keeps getting better. The move to DC will only make it bigger. Don't stop going.

>> No.7648242

Hall costume contest registration should be opening today. If I'm a total novice (haven't competed before much less won an award), is it worth it to enter or should I start at a smaller con?

>> No.7648247

You should go for the people, not the panels, guests or prices.
To be in the same place with other people who share your likes is bliss.

>> No.7648255

>Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
You made me smile.

>> No.7648263

Fire nation meetup? Hell yeah.
Get there as early as you can on Friday morning. If you get there after 9am you should expect a 3-4 line in the hot humid sun. Do not get in cosplay until after you get your badges.

If you call ahead you can request early hotel check in, but some hotels don't do it. Earliest you could get in is 11am.

>> No.7648269

Video games characters, american cartoons, and MLp also show up at anime cons.
Just do whatever you wanna do. Don't like it? Then don't ask for a picture.

>> No.7648323

The hall cosplay contest at Otakon is completely biased shit anyways, so yes, I suppose it's worth entering.

>> No.7648392

Shit I'm getting worried now. We may have the option of arriving late Thursday night...do you know how late badge pickup goes to on Thursday? I can't find anything on the site.

I really, REALLY don't wanna waste that much time waiting in line ugh.

>> No.7648395

Did you walk or take the free shuttles?

>> No.7648459

You can pick your badge until 9pm, I think. Check out this link

>> No.7648464

I walked 4 streets away from the con.
I got a cheap hotel for $130 a night and I regret it. I got the cat whistle from street bums and mean looks.

>> No.7648492

biased in what sense?

>> No.7648891

Exactly what I'm thinking.

>> No.7648926

But you can go to other cons for less money and get that same experience. Soooo what's you point?

>> No.7649060

In my opinion they choose stuff that they like to win rather then stuff that deserves to win.

>> No.7649069

from series that they like I mean.

>> No.7649144

Quality over quantity.

>> No.7649150

Not that person, but popular anime cosplay wins over high quality cosplay.

>> No.7649229

thanks to this thread alerting me to the hall contest opening today, I just entered my Princess Zelda costume for my ~*~first ever~*~ contest.

Am I going to regret signing up for the Saturday catwalk?

>> No.7649246

We'll this is embarrassing. Guess I ruined my chances.

>> No.7649369

If I recall the masquerade goes loooooooooooong and the catwalk isn't until the end. I also entered (with a costume I haven't made yet, haaaaa, better get on that) but decided to skip out on the catwalk.

>> No.7649635

He needs to bring chimichangas. They can be fake props that he "eats", or they can burritos that he made with his own tortillas, using yellow food coloring to give them the same color of a fried chimichanga. Keep wrapped in foil to keep them warm, make them with beans, rice, but no meat so they'll be safer to eat.

Ah yeah.......... Go talk to /ck/ for ideas.

>> No.7649700

NOOOO. I want to see bar fight Mikasa! At least photo a pic or a tumblr link so I can follow you?

>> No.7649784

Haha I'm still gonna finish it (100% done refers to regular Mikasa since I was her already, so I still need the extra items. Gonna get one of those redneck front-tie shirts to show off the abs lol) but proooobably not in time for Ota with the new plans. But yeah my tumblr is chann-bee.tumblr.com.

>> No.7649788

First time going to Otakon. Still new to the area so I don't have any friends to go with.

Taking Samwise and young Remus Lupin. Finding a con buddy is such a daunting task.

>> No.7650058

I'm looking up their website, and the Marquis DC doesn't even have a quarter of the space of Gaylord National

>> No.7650101
File: 12 KB, 275x213, 20070920-1190328188558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it's hot as balls outside, but is the con indoors at least reasonably cool/well ventilated? Trying to decide how much I want to torture myself with heavier cosplay.

>> No.7650166

Better be the new Hyrule Warriors Zelda if you wanna get first prize.
She's very popular in /v/ right now.

>> No.7650168

The outside of the con is humid and hot so you'll be sweating bullets if you're in heavy cosplay.
The inside is very cool. It's very interesting how they managed to keep it so cold with all the windows the con has.

>> No.7650759

yeah no, I'm actually working on Hyrule Warriors Zelda right now but the costume won't be done anytime close to Otakon. It's Link Between Worlds Zelda and in the Novice category. Not concerned with winning, just always wanted to see what competitions were all about~

>> No.7650764

Inside is pretty cool in most areas. I find that the fountain area almost always has a nice cool draft thanks to the cold water and stone floors.
I haven't been to an Ota masquerade in years, but I also remember it being long. It's just a matter of if they ask catwalk participants to show up for rehearsals and sit around for the whole thing or if you're able to show up at regular seating time.

>> No.7650768

...Just bring water okay?

>> No.7650793

I'd just try to avoid more populated areas unless absolutely necessary. Those areas can get pretty hot due to all the people there. I wore a long sleeve blouse and lots of layers in Lolita and was fine until I was outdoors for more than 15 minutes and then I was getting a little toasty, but I have a high tolerance toward heat so maybe my advice doesn't help haha.

>> No.7651260

Good luck, I'll be cheering for you then.

>> No.7651270

Just carry a ton of $1 bills so you can get that ice cold woahtah. Looking forward to seeing you.

>> No.7654095


>> No.7654103

The Marquis is connected to the DC convention center, which is like, twice as big as the BCC. Otakon will probably be taking up both places.

Not to mention there's other hotels I. The works in the immediate area that'll be ready by 2017 too.

>> No.7654126

How's the charm city circulator? Should I just avoid and take the taxi? Or is it relatively reliable and safe?

>> No.7654129

>anything in baltimore being reliable or safe
top kek

>> No.7654175

Must suck working a skilled job.

I just tell them I'm taking those days off and then they tell me I'm not taking days off and then I just do it anyways and so far I still have a job.

Work with a doctor or some shit, slip him a couple bucks and have him write up a doctor's excuse. Pick a random person out of the obituary and say you have to go to the funeral. Your grandpa just had a heart attack and lives three states away and you're the only living relative.

Bunch of shit you can do.

>> No.7654353

lol grow up it's the fucking harbor

i live in the suburbs of the city and idk where you're staying or the circulator's exact schedule, but i've heard good things and the only thing i'd recommend over it is the light rail if you're close to a stop. taxis overcharge here

>> No.7654599

Just a heads up the saturday of otakon the fire alarm will go off. Its the cue for something bigger.

>> No.7654635


Oh god what are you people planning?

>> No.7654716

I work downtown and the circulator has never failed me. However, they do tend to slow down a bit when there is heavy traffic in the area from events. So keep that in mind.

>> No.7654739

Something stupid as fuck I bet

>> No.7655242

Don't you fucking dare.

>> No.7655282

Please don't be that asshole.

>> No.7655285

Time for them to step up security everywhere because somebody's going to show them this post. Way to make the con worse for everyone.

>> No.7655378

Why would you be this much of a prick?

>> No.7655421

Remember 3 years ago? Cosplays died in the sun. The hard work people put into their costumes melted away with their sweat.
Please do not be that asshole that pulls the fire alarm.

>> No.7656062

If I see you, you or anyone trying to fuck up my one vacation of the year, I'll be giving you a a free vacation to the hospital.

>> No.7656779


Fuck you. Ive worked way to hard om this armor to let it go to ruin and to fucking die of heatstroke in the sun. Not cool, not funny, grow up.

>> No.7656905


I remember 3 years ago someone pulled the fire alarm it was a random anon from 4chan supposedly. Luckily for me I was eating out outside at a restaurant and I just noticed all the congoers going outside like this huge mop and I was thinking wtf happened. Then someone explained and I was all like oh okay. But if it were to happen again I wouldnt be surprised.

>> No.7656908


>one vacation of the year

You got children or something whats wrong with you saying that otakon is your one vacation of the year? There are better places I would honestly call a vacation then some shitty crowded con full of smelly weebs. You honestly think such an environment is considered a vacation? Ever been on a luxury cruise ship before? Or some trip to the Bahamas? Now those are a vacation. I figured you are someone who have either low expectations or dont see much out of life.

>> No.7657183

>how dare your vacation be a trip related to your hobby and not spending hundreds a day to be drunk on a boat

>> No.7657276

>Picking them up Friday morning can cost up up to 3 hours in the hot sun. Do not cosplay if you gotta wait.

That's horrible news. This will be my first time attending and i can't possibly make it Thursday night due to everyone in my party working.

I have a hotel 15 minutes away by the airport.
Can anyone tell me about the parking near the convention? If need be I suppose I could just get a taxi to take me but I'd rather be able to save more money for spending there.

I probably shouldn't have tried to save a few dollars on the hotel

>> No.7657407

>being this much of a normalfag

It's like you don't even know where you are. Go back to tumblr or reddit.

>> No.7657416

Try to make as early as possible Friday morning. Do not cosplay because you will be in the humid sun.
Paid parking near the con costs around 20-30 dollars per day, so I wouldn't recommend taking a taxi. First otakon I stayed in a hotel was about 5 streets away from the con. After walking the first day I decided to drive my ass those 5 blocks because of how unsafe and harrassed the locals make you feel.
Cops only watch the first block.

>> No.7657421


hey so you can "book" a spot in a parking garage ahead of time with the website parkingpanda, until 7/15 they also have a discount with the promo code BALTSUMMER20 for 20% off your parking. i live in the suburbs of the city too close to justify getting a hotel and this is what i do every year. the parking lots closest to the con are like $20/day. i think the airport has a shuttle? or some kind of transport into the city? i can't recall. if at all possible you might as well take that on thursday for prereg and sunday since the con is shorter.

>> No.7657457


Are the locals really that bad to the con-goers? I just keep hearing about how locals act like dicks to the cosplayers and shit

>> No.7657489

Due to circumstances I had to book the hotel for my group late last year so we ended up about that distance away in a La Quinta. We never had any trouble finding parking within a block or two of the con. I know at least a couple of the garages have special rates if you get in early enough.

>> No.7657497


no. locals are dicks to anyone and everyone year round in certain parts of the city but not the parts you'll be in for the convention. the entire inner harbor is generally swamped entirely with con goers during the convention anyway. you might pass by a group of tourists and hear something like "wtf is that" but if you think that's bad then idk what to tell you. most of the locals i ever see are always like "oh it's that time of year again!! can i get your picture?"

>> No.7657749

I've personally been harassed by locals and they can get pretty darn bad. My first otakon we had a room at a hotel about 5 blocks in the opposite direction of the inner harbor. The farther away from the harbor you go the more likely it is that you'll run into scumbags/people trying to scam you/creeps.

Just use proper city etiquette and you'll be okay - never walk anywhere alone (preferably with 3+ people or wait for another group leaving the con area and walk with them), and don't make eye contact or respond to random comments you get.

>> No.7658116

Nigga, I've been to hawaii. It's just that yeah, after paying for college, and all my shit, I only have enough money to go to one place this year for a trip, and that's my god damn weeaboo convention. I'm going to enjoy the shit out of it, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

>> No.7658126

Also worth noting that the Orioles are going to be playing at home the same weekend as Otakon but I've never had a problem with their fans before. Just stay out of the sports bars before and after the games and they won't bother you. They're used to the con weirdness by now.

>> No.7658590

Anyone see the Akemi Yukimura Cosplay thread in the Otakon FB group? Go now before it gets deleted. http://spankbutts.tumblr.com/post/90825864493/shiraz-binyamin

>> No.7658725
File: 209 KB, 1920x1080, 1780962_633373330049713_7255880460355774910_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I have a hotel 15 minutes away by the airport

I have a room for the Hyatt Place hotel by the airport. It's about 15 minutes away, but right next to the light rail. I hear the light rail is a good method of getting to the convention center, because it goes from the airport to the convention center straight in about 30 minutes.
If you need anyone to group with for the light rail, I'll be in a group of 4, and we're all friendly.

>> No.7659497

bump for one month away

>> No.7659506

Straight to the convention center in 30 minutes? Yeah that's not bad at all. I'm still considering taking a car though just in case I had to leave for whatever reason.
I'll also be traveling in a group of three to four, depending on if my friend decides if he's going to go or not. I wouldn't mind traveling in a big group though. The more the merrier (and safer)

>> No.7659532
File: 166 KB, 600x361, otalineup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm excited tbh

>> No.7659784

Only issue with lightrail is that it stops service at 10pm or 11pm I believe on friday and saturdays and its about a 30+min ride from the bwi stop to convention center (I live 10min from Cromwell stop but the early closing hours is the reason why I get a hotel)

>> No.7659976

So, what's the latest to book a room by before they all get full?

Is now too late? There were some issues, and basically I might not have a room. Worst case scenario I sleep in the car and borrow some hotel showers.

>> No.7660041
File: 843 KB, 192x256, 68733477gw1dw6cvjeg54g.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on how much money you will spend/how shitty you can live in.

Most in the middle have been taken, if you want to stay in the harbor area.

>> No.7660071

I can do super shitty, but I'd prefer close.

I've heard baltimore is a pretty rough spot and I don't need to end up in jail or something.

>> No.7660190

Can't wait for some fucking nigger to keep my change when I ask for 1 water and give him a 5. Guess my friends all got free water, but god damn man what the fuck.

>> No.7662071

You going to be at the maid cafe?
Out of my 10 years going to otakon I haven't been there once.
Would you recommend it?

>> No.7662077

Search kyayak right now and apologize to your wallet later. It's really late in the game, but you might luck out. A lot of people cancel their booking because of personal reasons.

>> No.7662086

A nice roll of $1 bills cannot be stressed enough for any con. They even make $1 coins in rolls if you're short on space.
I'll be wearing spandex as a super sentai character, so I'll be strapping them bills to the inside of my belt.

>> No.7662253

holy shit i know this girl. i had no idea that she acted like this though, every time i met her she was so nice

>> No.7662331

This'll be my frist time going to Otakon, usually just stick with ACEN and Anime Midwest. How similar is it to ACEN in terms of size?

>> No.7662585

They're just about the same size, but Otakon's a smidge more populated than ACen. Like 5k difference according to last year's numbers. Of course last year's Otakon was pretty stellar in terms of guests so it may have drawn a slightly bigger crowd than it otherwise would have. Hence the 35k cap this year, because it was pretty ridiculous.

>> No.7662591

>Haman cosplayer
my hero
should I cancel my plans, throw together a Mineva cosplay and join you?

>> No.7663056

yeah I work in the cafe! this is only it's third you, so you've only missed it twice :P It's a fun time, we are almost entirely cuties and it's a nice little break from the chaos of the con :)

>> No.7663426

Got pics of the crew? Now ya gotta have a few fatties or weebs in there.

>> No.7663492
File: 1012 KB, 909x600, cast photo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is our cast photo from last year. I'd say we're pretty alright... I think I'm actually one of the uglier ones lol. The girl in the different dress is our staffer/head maid.

>> No.7663538

You are pretty alright! Yup, many cuties. I may stop by with my party.

>> No.7664067
File: 108 KB, 828x472, otakonlineup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hah, I have no idea about Lilith just yet, depends if I finish it though.

This will be my fourth year, and I've moved hotels steadily closer and closer to the convention center. I'm not going through the ghetto area again, no matter how much cheaper the hotels are. It's not even the men that I have issues getting harassment from, heh.

In the actual inner harbor area around the center, locals are pretty cool about it all and tend to be curious.

>> No.7664159

Never been in the city, according to google it would take about 10 minutes by transit (I'm guessing it's the light rail?) from where I'm staying to the con. Are my friends and I going to get a lot of stares on the light rail? Are we going to be harassed if we're in cosplay? I didn't think it'd be a big deal since it's the weekend of otakon but it sounds like everyone is actually staying in the inner harbor area and that the city is pretty dangerous .__.

>> No.7664188
File: 746 KB, 477x747, Poison Ivy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yes!!!!

This will be my second year going to Otakon and I am super excited.

I am going as Poison Ivy ( Yeah I know not technically anime) as long as I can get my costume finished.

The group I am going with is staying in a hotel room 3 or 4 blocks from the convention center, however there will I think 9 or so of us in a suite. It's not so bad but I worry that they will wanna party and I will be more concern about getting sleep.

I expect to sweat my ass off no matter what so of course I will bring my ice cold water ;)

Just curious what other people are doing for parking? I know the hotel we are staying in has a parking deck but if I recall it cost an arm and a leg to stay there even for a day.

Super excited and I can't believe it's in a month!

>> No.7664508

Original guy with the question about maid cafes here, and I have to ask: which one is the ugly one? I see nothing but hotties in that picture.

>> No.7664510

Looks like a great lineup. But quick question, what's the time limit for each costume? One per day? Two a day?
Otakon is most lively Friday and Saturday. Does anything happen on Sunday besides dealers room deals?

>> No.7664518

The light rail is not that bad, just crowded. Do not walk to the con if you're going through the city in cosplay alone. Always spend that extra money to room in the inner harbor.

>> No.7664527
File: 48 KB, 600x450, 1401313326928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If your hotel has a parking deck then parking should be free if you're a hotel key holder. If you'd rather drive to the con it should cost you about $20-30 daily parking just a block off the con.
Also, make sure that you talk to your roommates what they wanna do and when. I have seen many con goers get into fights with their roommates and sleep in the hallways.
This usually happens because of drinking, cheating during the rave, or people trying to have sex in the room you paid for.
I cannot stress about infidelity during the rave. In my 10 years of going I have seen it happen 9 times.

>> No.7664538

Thanks! I'll actually be with a small group of friends and most of us are cosplaying. I don't plan to walk because it'll probably take us 30mins but if the passengers on the light rail/ccc/buses are going to give us a problem then I might just taxi. None of us know the city so I'm sure we'll stick together the whole weekend.

>> No.7664544

Not that poster, but I have a hotel that's a five minute walk from the con (~0.3 miles). Is it so dangerous that I should be worried about walking even that distance?

>> No.7664697 [DELETED] 

no you'll be fine. Just take basic big city precautions

>> No.7664705
File: 22 KB, 236x283, 1403173216673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll be fine, just use basic big city safety. walk with a friend.

I've been going to Otakon for 6 years, never had a problem. daytime is super safe and it's definatly worth the extra money to stay in the inner harbor for the sake of convenience of being able to change when your clothes get sweaty from it being Baltimore.

>> No.7664810

You'll be fine if it's a short walk. You can change, and recharge quickly. Just be careful whenever you walk to the hotel after the rave. The inner havor can get shady past midnight.

>> No.7664813
File: 44 KB, 229x231, 1399491181232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me know if you have a question about otakon. I will be monitoring these threads until the con.

>> No.7664972

I'm confused about what exactly is the "inner harbor"? Would my hotel three blocks north of the convention center count?

>> No.7665012

If you google "baltimore inner harbor" it outlines it on the map. But it's basically the touristy area with the hotels, sightseeing, malls, aquarium is at. 3 blocks is within it, yeah.

>> No.7665092

We normally parked along Baltimore St across from the Arena - I think it's like 12-16 dollars max each day.

>> No.7665111

I normally limit mine to one costume a day, but if I only have two I wear one of the two again on Sunday - mostly since the day is really short.

Sometimes interesting panels happen on Sunday, but they're usually either all at the same time in the beginning of the day, or at the very end.. once again at the same time of things.

>> No.7665166

Why are they covering their faces in embarrassment?

>> No.7665171

It's an Asian custom. When the girls smile or laugh they cover their mouths.

>> No.7665259
File: 451 KB, 841x1200, 08_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

panel list is up, anything catch your eye?

I really wanna check out the horror manga panel

>> No.7665271

Anyone know if they'll put up a list/schedule for photoshoots?

>> No.7665290


>> No.7665302

>no Space Dandy shoot
>no Maria Holic shoot
>no -monogatari shoot

guess I won't be a part of any shoots this year

>> No.7665370

well, those are just the "official" shoots taking place in the big 3 gathering spots. You can check coscom for other shoots

>> No.7665440

This may be a stupid question...but could I get a link to coscom? Having issues finding what I need :P

>> No.7665453


>> No.7665455

Nothing really stands out to me besides the Kunihiko Ikuhara and Ai Yazawa panels (the latter if only because I want to talk to people about Neighborhood Story goddamnit)

Is this just the panels or is this both panels and workshops? Kind of concerned there's no Jojo panel on that list

>> No.7665463

Thank you anon, will have to look through this a bit more in depth after I get back from work. Here's to hoping I can find myself a shoot to attend. Went to the Space Dandy one at ACEN and had an absolute blast, would like to do that again.

>> No.7665970

Which 18+ panels other than Beyond the Tentacle are worth it?

>> No.7666298

there was a bondage one last year that was p. neat, i didnt see it on the roster this year thoigh

>> No.7666320

I can't recall the last panel I went to at Otakon I think it was a DBZ Panel like 4 years ago when I cosplayed Android 16. I am sure I will find myself bored as shit this year and make my way into one

>> No.7666331


I'm doing a genderbent Black Starwith a couple friends doing genderbent soul eater. Not my favorite, but hey. Also, I'm Black, so of course they wanted me to do black star..
I'm planning on doing a ginjinka Xerneas with my BF doing Yvetal on saturday.

Considering posting progress pics because I'm having trouble with the mantle-like thing for Xerneas..

>> No.7666346


Gurl you best get to work bitch.
Don't be pullin' no HoC shit and try to finish it in your hotel and miss the whole thing.

>> No.7666358


I've always really wanted to do that taokaka!
Are you making or buying?
If making, post a pic of it finished! If buying where do you trust to get it from?

>> No.7666363


Is there a specific place to list all the meet-ups or is it a kind of find it in a board type of thing?

>> No.7666623

How late does the con last until on Friday? Is there overnight programming stuff to do? Might have to leave early to pick a friend up and just wanted to know if I'd be missing anything cool.

>> No.7666738

I think the typical schedule goes until 2 or 2:30 Friday/Saturday night and ends at 3 Sunday.

>> No.7667428
File: 165 KB, 363x444, taokakablkalt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I make mine - I keep redoing it every other year to make it less crappy and more accurate. I don't have this year's, but here's the last one I wore.

>> No.7668702
File: 39 KB, 750x600, AkibarangerFullteam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not that anon, but that looks so good!
I do the same thing by remaking and getting better at armor making. This year will be Akibared mark 3.
I hope to see you at the con!

>> No.7672771

It'll be my first Otakon too! First con at all even! Also first time cosplaying. Lots of firsts. I'm very excited.

>> No.7679067

Live, damn you. Live!

>> No.7680454

Voice Actors After Dark is hysterical 100% of the time. Two years ago, we had them read 50 Shades and a passage was read in the voice of Chopper. It was gold.

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