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Lifestyle Lolita thread! How can I make my daily life a little more loli? What are some loli elements you have in your life now, and what do you wish to have? Inb4 autists sperg up the thread because we're too loli for them.

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I'd really like to lolify my room but I wouldn't even know where to start. I have so much junk and clutter and no where to put it. Maybe when I own my own place someday I'll just deck everything out in frills.

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I think flower tea is lolita as fuck. Picture related, cherry blossom tea. You can buy it on Amazon.

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Couldn't you sell the junk? On that note, my room was pretty ugly for a while. I grew out of the style it was in. I just started collecting porcelain/embroidered handkerchiefs/doilies, and decorated my room one shelf at a time. I arranged the porcelain in an aesthetically pleasing manner, using boxes to give some of them height, and covered the boxes with the handkerchiefs/doilies.

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What think?

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It seemed so promising, but it's so dead!
As an aside, whatever happened to that group that was supposed to be formed in the last lifestyle thread? (>>7762165) I e-mailed my submission and never got a response past the automatic bot.

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iirc europeans almost westernized Japan in the 14th century but St. Xavier made everyone upset by telling the Japanese their ancesters all went to Hell and got white people kicked out until further notice(read: centuries) by the emperor

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Condense and organize. Took me a ling time but man, it feels good.

I'm hoping to get moved into a bigger place where I have a room or at least enough space that I can go feminine and have a bit of a Halloween/gothic sewing room. I want it to have more feminine style furniture and accents, but not be super frilly.

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Idk. I don't really like facebook anyhow. I wish we could start a forum, but I know it would die out fast. Maybe we could make a group on an existing forum? God, I wish livejournal was still around. It would have been perfect for this. Fuck tumblr, it's the cancer killing lolita.

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Are there any lifestyle blogs? Not blogs that make a post about lifestyle, but whole blogs dedicated to it?

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I have a dream of creating a lifestyle lolita group which functions much like an 1800's secret society. Weird initiations, crazy rituals, ect.

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That would be kind of amazing.

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Yes. Especially if there was some secret crest that you could pin to your headdress or blouse in outfit shots to signify your affiliation to other Frilluminates.

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That's a neat idea. I'd also been thinking about hand fans that are decorated in a certain way.

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I would join this group and be happily hazed by its members

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Does anyone have any lolita music recommendations?

Something I can listen to on the bus whilst daydreaming about all those pretty dresses and tea parties.

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Not lolita per se, but still.

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The only problem is that it would need to be in person, and there just aren't that many lifestylers/weirdos in one area.

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Obligatory Kanon Wakeshima.

I like a lot of instrumental and orchestral music. My weaknesses in particular would be music boxes and piano/instrumental/orchestral arrangements of Disney pieces, especially the 'Princess' movies.

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Not necessarily, there's ways to haze somebody over the internet.
> Having to take a timestamped picture of something embarrassing or crude (like going on Omegle in OTT sweet)
> Having to submit a secret to BTB insulting themselves or revealing drama
> Take a 100% serious outfit shot in the most ita coord they can put together and post it to COF or Tumblr
> Etc.
All timestamped images could be stored and used as blackmail if a member tried to reveal the existence of the Frilluminati to the ignorant masses.

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I know that feel. I put little oraganisers under the bed, that helped a lot.

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Studio Ghibli OSTs are rather nice.

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Lol fuck "lifestylers" are so pathetic and gross. Look at this thread for examples. Frilluminati? Please. 90% of "lifestyle" lolitas probably don't even own more than one bodyline dress. And ya'll bitches never leave your houses! That's why you get these crazy notions in your head of a fashion style having an associated lifestyle.

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Real princesses rarely leave their castles and fraternize with the peasants.

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I would consider myself a lifestyle lolita, but most of the activities I did before I got into lolita.
I drink tea nearly every day
I collect and red old etiquette books
I read and write for hobbies
I have many penpal and write with cute stationary.
I enjoy going to operas and plays.
I wear lolita out and tone down classic for work.

I don't advertise it since it's more of a 'this is how I am' not like I'm trying to 'live a lifestyle'

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*I collect and read...

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I think of it more of how there's 'gothic fashion' and a 'gothic lifestyle' I feel lolita can be the same.

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Lol fuck casuals. You tan your skin, listen to rap and take it in every hole. You make all lolitas look bad with your casual whoring around.

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I don't know if I aspire to be a "lifestyle lolita" as I feel like it's been tainted by itas and noobs, but I do want to reach the point where I can wear lolita or otome every day. I love thelastcookieinthejar's most recent outfits for this reason.
I enjoy all of the basic bullshit (reading, cooking, crocheting, flower arranging, etc.) but probably spend too much time on the internet to be a "real" lifestyler. Also, I'm not sure when I'll ever settle down in one place long enough to actually lolify it.

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I miss the days when the lifestyle was automatically associated with the fashion. Tumblr killed it with hipster faggot teens wanting to hop on every bandwagon fashion they see on their dashboard.

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You have been thinking about this way too seriously anon...but I like it.

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Me too, I miss Novala's GLB articles and the lifestyle and etiquette guides that used to be all over EGL.
I actually wasn't the >>7762408 anon who came up with it, but I can't deny that I love the idea way too much.

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That sounds like fun...

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start with cute boxes to shove random junk in. I bought four old hat boxes and filled them with electronics/small cosplay wits etcetera. I stacked them and use them as a nightstand now.

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Man, white people fuck up everything

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Nah, more like Christians and Christianity fucks up everything. The Germanic people and other native Europeans were fucking badass

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You recalled incorrectly.
The Portuguese first arrived in the mid 16th century and were allowed for quite some time. The idea of Christian hell posed a problem for conversion, but it wasn't the reason they were kicked out. They were tolerated well enough under Nobunaga, but Hideyoshi, who came after, feared that Christianity and the recent converts were working to disrupt the social order.
Since his power/the power of the shogunate to follow was reliant on the status quo, they booted all of the foreigners and outlawed Christianity. Thus, the Dutch became practically the only Westerners allowed to interact with the Japanese for a few centuries, and even they were restricted to a small area.

God bless Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu, saviors of the Japanese from the Christian devil.

Back to the topic at hand: does anyone do embroidery, esp. silk ribbon embroidery? It's something I would like to get into.

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I used to do embroidery, but just with standard cotton floss

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I love it.

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Yeah, pretty much anything composed by Joe Hisaishi is lovely.

You should really browse /mu/ sometime. Their classical music threads pop up quite often and those people know their shit.

Emma, A Victorian Romance has a cute OST, and Kuricoder Pops Orchestra (and Chamber Quartet) makes a lot of cutesy music beyond their Azumanga Daioh OST. Yann Tiersen is kind of overrated, but I still like to think that he makes whimsical music that works well with the lolita aesthetic.

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I'm trying to replace everyday items in my apartment with brand novelty items that I come upon. So far I have some adorable teacups(a surprising number of brands make these), a bowl and a deck of playing cards from AP. It's not much and it doesn't make a big impact on the look and feel of my apartment, but I feel just a little bit cuter drinking from a brand teacup than a regular boring one.

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I suggest Kaya, Ali Project, Yura Hatsuki and obligatory Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois if you are into gothic lolita. Also, lurk a lot doujin japanese music circles on youtube, you can find some good gems. Mainstream jpop isn't that good as indie jpop i think.
>i feel happy anyone didn't suggested Kyary, i got really bored to see her mentioned by most lolitas
Yes, anon. I think it's the same concept.

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Finally anyone who thinks like me. These people are the first to judge you if you have a lolita lifestyle because for them lolita is only a fashion, like wearing a graphic tee with jeans or a long black dress with combat boots.

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I can accept that

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World's End Girlfriend. Not really reccing their more energetic/experimental stuff but their movie soundtrack pieces are really pleasant sounding, especially the one for Starry Starry Night.

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We kind of created the modern world, you would be living in mud huts and chucking spears without us. Our world, our rules.

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Kanon Wakeshima, her older albums, Haruka Shimotsuki as well, particularly, lots of fantasy/classical sounding stuff.

Link very related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVXxzmdJ6j4

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I know I'm gonna get shit for this, but I seriously can't stand the way Japanese sounds.

>> No.7764018

I'm the same with Korean, haha.

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To me, it's really beautiful, especially in more melodic/soulful songs (as opposed to modern pop songs). I am a really big fan of Japanese blues, which I guess isn't really lolita.
Then again, I dislike the way Spanish sounds, and I have never understood how/why people like most anime intro/outro songs.

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I almost feel the same about this kind of music. I enjoy Japanese in a lot of other things, though. If I could find music in other languages like this I would definitely go for it, but this is just really so good in the composure, instrumentation and everything.

>> No.7764035

Or even better than selling junk:

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lol sure

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I like Emilie Simon's older stuff especially when sung in French.


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Exactly! See this gem right here? Off with fucking whiteys and their fancy buildings, THIS is how it should be!

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Exactly! See this gem right here? Off with fucking whiteys and their fancy buildings, THIS is how it should be!

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I can't help myself, I'll reply to the bait:

White people were the most backwards ass motherfuckers until approx. the 1800s, which is when Europe's Industrial revolution happened and you see all these ingenious inventions and scientific advancements coming from white folks.

Before that? Europeans were so disgusting and idiotic. When some of the first European explorers came to Japan, the Japanese were absolutely disgusted by them and their refusal to bathe. The Japanese have been bathing daily for centuries, whereas not too long ago Europeans bathed a few times a year and thought bathing was bad for you.

The Moors and Ottomans were waaaay more advanced than Europans throughout most of history, too. Basically one of the best places in Europe to be during the Bubonic Plague was Spain, because it was mainly inhabited by the Moors. The Moorish people actually had real doctors to care for people, doctors that realized that washing their hands was necessary and that praying wasn't doing their patients any good.

That's just the tip of the ice berg. Don't talk out your ass bro. This is coming from a white chick who runs an anti-SJW blog, btw.

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How about this? Japanese girls singing in French. It's kind of cute.

>> No.7764355 [DELETED] 

same anon, I'll just add that we dominated other cultures by brute force not simply because we wee "better"

>> No.7764364 [DELETED] 

Are there any other white nationalist lolitas out there? I feel like I'm the only one. And no, this isn't bait, I'm legitimately curious.

>> No.7764374 [DELETED] 

Oh right, whitey has been SO helpful thus far. You are a bunch of pasty ugly fucks with no redeemable qualities other than your constant need to spout "FIRST".
You scrambled to the top and knocked out the ladder behind you. I would shank the majority of the white people I encounter on a daily basis if it didn't mean I would get killed on the spot because lul the american justice system.

>obesity rates are skyrocketing in native cultures touched by westernization
>please tell me again how captialism

>> No.7764387 [DELETED] 

I want to splash boiling oil on you while wearing brando.

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Hahahaha, wow. 1800s? First time white people got into the world was the 1800s? Are you retarded? What are Greeks? What is Rome?
"Brute force"? Hahaha. Arabs and Africans were fucking barbarians. The whole reason they could afford to be polygamist is because they would go and raid other town, taking the women as slaves and killing the men. We were much less violent then them in terms of culture, we just have better technology. Instead of running around, hacking people into pieces, we could just pull a trigger and the deed is done. You two are acting as if Europeans were the only ones with desires of conquest. Other races had similar goals, we were just the ones who won and won. Arabs had a shit ton of slaves throughout history, and they took a long ass time to cut it out. Africans enslaved one another like no other, they just didn't have the intelligence or tools to conquer other nations.

>> No.7764406 [DELETED] 

I'm sure you would enjoy working all day picking maze, only to die at the age of 40. When those who brought civilization die out, so does the civilization. You want the white mans world without the white man. Oh, boo hoo, I'm sorry injuns are to dumb to eat right. You're just an ugly, fat race in general.

>> No.7764408 [DELETED] 

I'm not a white nationalist, but I really hate how it's acceptable to be casually racist against white people.

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What the fuck is this thread

Why can't we have nice things

>> No.7764420 [DELETED] 

Because everyone on /cgl/ was originally from tumblr.

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>white people are the ones who have their depressive or outright manic episodes where they go trigger happy with the general public
>white people always have problems when it comes to bearing children. Either your whores can’t carry them or your faggots can’t keep their tiny penises up to properly impregnate someone
>white people are in a decline in comparison to other racial groups
The day your weak race goes extinct will be a grand day indeed.
Calling my race ugly? Your fat noses and buttchins are cringe worthy. You guys are prone to acne and wrinkles moreso than any other group. Brb laughing too hard.

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I don't think you understand how population extinction works. It's not that we are overpopulated, but rather that niggers and muds are overpopulated. The population of apefreaka just keeps doubling and doubling. With each nigglet a sheboon shits out, each nigger becomes less and less significant. Niggers are like the pack mules of humanity. Nigger blood is cheap. Niggers can't figure out things like preserving food or resources. Lets see how they handle their population crisis. There are more whites in the world now then there ever have been in history, and we live a long time. Europe is overpopulated as well, and it's citizens are doing exactly as they should. You shitskins are doomed, on the other hand. The white race will rule the world!

>> No.7764453 [DELETED] 

Oh, I'm so sure white fucks are real great at land preservation... oh wait, isn't that why they came to America? Because timber was getting scarce in Europe? Coal and oil only came to be because your wasteful asses continued to rape your land of everything it was worth. Now you are ruining America with your pollutants and chemicals instead of using proper techniques to reap from the land something that wont give you and your children cancer down the line.

Your blood is worthless and the fact you are the weaker face is almost pitying. If it weren't for the fact that a majority of your ugly asses weren't so damn vain there might be something of virtue about you.

Alas you have done nothing but create strife in the cultures you've touched outside of your own. You truly are some dirty scum.

>> No.7764457 [DELETED] 

Anywho, I've got to head to bed~. Have fun being kawaii rori racists you ugly white pigs.

>> No.7764461 [DELETED] 

What the fuck does land preservation have to do with anything? We're talking about extinction of humans, did you get distracted? How could we possibly be inferior? Are you an Injun? Don't you find it a little upsetting that a few boats filled with white people were able to conquer your entire continent? Europe is just a little speck on the world map. Meanwhile, Africa and the Americas are huge and filled with people. Yet you couldn't come up with one society that could take us on. All I'm hearing from you is "Whaaa you guys won whaa". Cry harder.

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what the fuck is going on here

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Lifestylers are hardcore.

>> No.7764493 [DELETED] 

Lifestylers are idiots who think playing pretend equates to being a real life princess.

>> No.7764498 [DELETED] 

Lolitas are idiots who think playing dressup equates to being a real life princess.

>> No.7764501 [DELETED] 

I'm a lolita and I wear the dresses because the clothing caters to my tastes.

I don't prance around with made up rules in order to feel more 'certified'. Get it right dumb ass

>> No.7764509 [DELETED] 

I am, and slowly turning my comm into it as well. We've seen first hand what "refugees" can do to a small European nation when they refuse to assimilate and the government continues to give them nothing but hand-outs and arse pats.

>> No.7764510 [DELETED] 

Lolitas are idiots who dress up like retards to draw attention to themselves.

>> No.7764518 [DELETED] 

You are a dumb ass beta male who scours the internet on lonely nights to 'troll'.

1/10 you are a fucking failure at life. Kill yourself. Or I will do it for you.

>> No.7764522 [DELETED] 

Hit a little close to home there, sweetie?

>> No.7764525 [DELETED] 

Must have for you, since you didn't have some snappy comeback.

Please do get brutally assaulted and die in a fire.

>> No.7764526 [DELETED] 


Your behaviour on this board makes you appear like a retard.

>> No.7764528 [DELETED] 


>> No.7764530 [DELETED] 

We are two different people...
And I'll admit that lolita looks stupid but it makes me feel beautiful so idgaf.

>> No.7764534 [DELETED] 

>dat feel when indifferent to this asshat
>dat feel when I just want all terrible retards like you to just stop existing

Okay... sure. I'm SO ANGRY right now...

>> No.7764535 [DELETED] 

Go watch American History X, you bigot.

>> No.7764540 [DELETED] 

>>White people who are proud of their race
>>Offends you
Typical. Does white unity intimidate you?

>> No.7764553 [DELETED] 

I am a white person who believes in unity. Unity of all races not just one extremist group.

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*tips bonnet*

>> No.7764665

>a race
u srs
for a "no edgy allowed" lifestyle group that's pretty 2edgy4me

>> No.7764675

Gotta be better than somebody, anon.
And casuals, fatties, whores, itas, and tumblrinas just aren't enough.

>> No.7764677

I can't imagine the butthurt from brown and black girls.

>> No.7764762

Nah not me personally. As a 'brown' girl who lives in a upper middle family in a well to do part of London (father is a doctor), I am probably in a much better position to be a lifestyle lolita than the person who posted this. I don't consider myself a lifestyle lolita, however some of the things I do might be considered so. I feel like alot of individuals aspire to lolita lifestyles as a form of escapism, imagining living like princess in an mansion, sipping tea from a porcelain cup with their pinky out. There's nothing inherently wrong this, with using your imagination to escape the drudgery of everyday life, with wanting beautiful things in your life to uplift your senses; I feel the person who posted >>7762165 is fairly delusional however, in more ways than one.

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Beyond the lolita lifestyle as a whole, are there any practices which in your opinion pertain to certain branches of lolita (i.e. baking for sweet lolita, gardening for country lolita, I don't know I'm just making this shit up as I go along)?

I'm really curious to know.

>> No.7764887

I feel the same. However it's sad, I never dare to discuss my hobbies with anybody, lolita friends or not, since I'm afraid of just coming across as pretentious or trying to be fancy. I actually genuinely enjoy opera, classical concerts and theater and I love going to museums. It's a bit sad to always go alone though since I never dare to ask anybody to go with me ;_;

>> No.7764889

Witchcraft and rituals for gothic.

>> No.7764890

Lifestyle lolita is something for an iddle richfag, since it's supposed to mimic the life of Victorian bored rich women.
So either be a spoonsilver with generous parents or the wife of a dotting rich husband.

Not achievabke for the majority of us.

But I guess we can still have fancy tea in a nice porcelain tea cup from time to time.

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>> No.7764898


I love all those things too, and I understand completely. In my case, I've gotten to the point where, while I do try to not sound pretentious, I just want a fancy friend so badly that I will bring it up.

We probably don't live anywhere near each other anon, but I'd be your friend anyway.

>> No.7764984

I don't give a toss if people think I'm being pretentious. I was very involved with classical music groups, theatre, and choir all through school so it wasn't a weird thing to enjoy - it's not like people are going to stop being your friend because you have some different interests, and if they do, they weren't you friend.

>> No.7764989

My sides, holy shit.

>> No.7765341

going to solstice festivals in sweet lolita is wonderful as well

>> No.7765501

please tell me you're on your phone

>> No.7765584


There were a bunch of lolis when I went to see Kokusyoku Sumire, Iruma Rioka and Roman So Words. Off the top of my head there's Yousei Teikoku, Sound Horizon and love solfege too.

>> No.7765603

Another Yura Hatsuki fan! She's amazing, my favorite song of hers is "Verthandi" from the album La Pucelle.

>> No.7765704


Have you heard her duet minialbum with Konori, I forget the name of it now, but it gives me the shivers and normally I prefer female vocalists.

>> No.7765721


ah, here it is

>> No.7765793

Shit like this and this is just grandma lifestyle. It's not lolita lifestyle until you're wearing the clothes every day. Go join the faggots at http://www.innocentmusumesenshi.boards.net/ if you think drinking tea is lolita.

>> No.7765809

How is called?? Konori has an unique voice, never heard something similar ever in jmusic!

>> No.7765818

Doujin Japanese circles on youtube?

Who are some lolitas (with blogs) who wear it (almost) everyday besides Fanny and Lillith?

>> No.7765838

Oh yes, i forgot to mention also them. Yousei Teikoku is so cool. Not a fan of Kokusyoku Sumire, their music style isn't my cup of tea, instead i have to try Roman So Words.
I would like to do it, hehe.
I really dislike how my mother tongue (Italian) sounds in music, i way prefer Spanish instead it's more melodic and sound good even into more edgy music genres like Industrial or Metal.
>listen mostly to "un-rori" and loud music

>> No.7765845

I know mostly Touhou music circles, they do mostly trance techno music or just various electronic styles like East New Sound, Alice's Emotion, Lila c Records, Alstroemeria Records and so on. About more "lolita" music i suggest to search for Gothika, Yura Hatsuki sings on them.
>Gothika is also a movie and i think a japanese industrial band too

>> No.7766232

Yeah, Soleil is my favorite song from that album.

>> No.7766306

Dimmu borgir

>> No.7766315

Lifestyle Lolita's have literally always been a fucking joke wtf are you talking about? Princess Sky anyone?

>> No.7766426 [DELETED] 

>Princess Sky

Hahaaha, yesss. It's a little cringe worthy now, but back then, even though I didn't like how pretentious she and the blog was, I had to admit that many of her entries were endearing. I'm going to have to way-back machine her pages now.

For a second there, I thought you were talking about Kinoko Teikoku (a Japanese shoegaze band). Damn. I guess their name and vibe is more mori-girl "lifestyle" appropriate.

>> No.7766439

>Princess Skye

Hahaaha, yesss. It's pretty damn cringe worthy now, but back then, even though I didn't like how pretentious she and the blog was, I had to admit that many of her entries were endearing. I'm bummed that I can't trace her on wayback machine.

For a second there, I thought you were talking about Kinoko Teikoku (a Japanese shoegaze band). Damn. I guess their name and vibe is more mori-girl "lifestyle" appropriate.

>> No.7766952

>tfw no qt lolita friends to attend concerts with even though one of the best concert halls in the world is right around the corner
Only ten euros if you're under thirty! A great opportunity to dress fancy without looking out of place! Why can't I find anyone who wants to go with me?

>wife of a doting rich husband
Working on it :3c

It used to be all over the GLBs when I was just starting out, and really appealed to most western girls since real lolita clothing was so hard to get without actually flying over to Japan. Back then we had more girls who were "lolita at heart" than girls who actually wore the fashion. Now it's the opposite, with much of the online comm being casuals who wear lolita one day and some other tumblrcore fashion the next.
I honestly kind of miss the close-knit pretentious rori at heart community. It's probably more due to nostalgia than anything, but it really did feel like more of a community back then.

>> No.7767684

I really enjoyed the music from that youtube link you posted. I looked up the artist but she's done quite a lot, I'm confused where to look for more of her stuff, apart from the stuff in that specific album. Other random stuff I found didn't have the same 'feel' and I didn't like it.

>> No.7769119

A decent amount of the Sound Horizon fanbase is into lolita.

>> No.7769157

Soleil is epic!
I came from gothic subculture where fashion is often associated with a lifestyle, so i tend to associate also lolita fashion with a lifestyle, depending also of your tastes because every lolita style can have differences in lifestyles, for example a gothic lolita will have a more gothic related lifestyle compared to someone who dress sweet who will have a preference for more cute and sweet things. But issue is i'm into cute and sweet things and also the spooky ones, infact i'm goth and dress in sweet lolita (black prints mostly) rather than gothic.
The loli at heart thing remember me of Novala Takemoto quote from a GLB, i think.

>> No.7769405

I would absolutely love to go with you, anon. ;_;

>> No.7772647

I wish we could find a way to weed out all the casuals. Like, go back to pastel goth, tumblr.

>> No.7772764


If you like Yousei Teikoku, you might like Iruma Rioka, PolyphonicBranch's Gothika album, Rokugen Alice and Asriel. Check out Suilen and Syoko too, two of my favourites that have seemingly vanished. Also give Kokusyoku Sumire a try again, they play a wide range of music.

>> No.7772765

God I love this. I've had it saved in my cart for months. The only problem I'm having is what to do with it.

>> No.7774000

I know also Iruma Rioka!! She is awesome and has an unique voice. And as well Rokugen Alice with Asriel.Maybe i need really to try again Kokusyoku Sumire, maybe some song i would like from them would come out.

>> No.7774003


Iruma Rioka is at Saboten in Arizona next weekend btw.

>> No.7774014
File: 68 KB, 400x534, 1314907154746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not OP, but I like this thread. Mind if I contribute with some cute shit for around the house?

>> No.7774043
File: 32 KB, 310x310, mint_sad_elephant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not related to pic, but does anyone do any antiquing? Any steals or cool finds?

>> No.7774053
File: 37 KB, 300x400, swimmer_clock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do? I mean, "go".

>> No.7774056
File: 7 KB, 236x314, kawaii_toiletbrush+holder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Swimmer so awesome?

>> No.7774144

I have found that shabby chic decor is perfect for lolita. This pic is lovely too. :)

>> No.7774516

Shit that's kawaii as fuck

>> No.7774522

I do! I've gotten great jewelry, handkerchiefs, hand fans, and lots of fine china. I particularly collect antique Royal Albert.

If anyone is in the New England area, I cannot recommend the Brimfield Antique Show enough. It's wonderful.

>> No.7774787

Issue is i'm not from US (Eurofag here) so i can't.
I listened to Suilen, they are amazing. It's the gothic music i like, powerful with amazing non annoying weird screamo voice. I love deep female voices too.

>> No.7774802

I love this Rakuten shop, there is mostly children stuff but some bags or home deco/stationery is cute enough also for adults. Also.... strawberry pillows and rugs and Usamomo plushie dolls!

>> No.7775500
File: 17 KB, 240x320, teacart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7775529
File: 44 KB, 139x156, tumblr_inline_n79uoeoLBc1qc9d9a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all i can think of while reading this thread is cute girls taking huge shits in tiny pink porcelain toilets.

but seriously the lolita lifestyle sounds like it would be cool for a day or two then I would miss doing all the fun normalfag stuff I like doing cause its not **L0li**

inb4 people think i suck dick for fun

>> No.7775707
File: 1.36 MB, 948x1200, queen bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being a 'lifestyler' doesn't necessarily mean becoming a child-minded nun.
Even women back in the day were quite trashy. They were just elegant about it.
>pic related, our goddess of scandalous frivolity, Marie Antoinette

>> No.7775748

You listen to shoegaze, anon?

Also, Kinoko Teikoku is pretty great. Good taste.

>> No.7776393

That's how i feel whenever i heard 'lifestyle lolita'. Isn't being a lolita just being into the fashion and wearing it whenever you are able to? I don't understand the people who force themselves to drink tea and buy antique items because it's 'lolita style'

I dont get it at all. You can like a fashion and be into it without having to conform to the invisible rules and guidelines others are making up.

>> No.7776771


Yeah, Lolita is just being into the fashion and wearing it.

The thing about Lifestyle is that usually the people who do it? Nobody's forcing them to buy tea and antiques. We just genuinely like that stuff.

>> No.7776819
File: 69 KB, 1280x720, 1406232518854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't get over this "Victorian Era"-shit. Like, seriously, OP sounds like one of these normalfag idiots who think eveything past the middle age, from history to fashion to frilly dresses, is "Victorian". It's my personal pet peeve.

>> No.7776839

This. I actually enjoy antiquing(/thrifting), reading classic literature, knitting etc. and the fact that these interests compliment my style is just a bonus. I doubt anyone here is forcing themselves to drink tea just because it's so rori. I like the idea of a 'lolita lifestyle' community because it's a combination of all the things I like and an opportunity to discover even more enjoyable pastimes that match with my other interests and personality. Just look at all the music recommendations in this thread! It's even more fun knowing that these recommendations are coming from cute girls who like the same frilly dresses you do.

I don't think anyone should have to give up other hobbies just to fit in with the ~loli lifestyle~ (unless you really do suck dicks for fun because that ain't kawaii #tw: slut shaming). I'm not going to stop hiking and listening to Die Antwoord just because I also like to dress up all frilly and listen to Liszt and Chopin.

>> No.7778063

Agreed. Also
>Die Antwoord
I like you.

>> No.7778128

Another pet peeve of mine when people think Blacks/non-white POC weren't in England/Ancient Europe.

>> No.7778245
File: 42 KB, 500x461, heavybreathing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ye. Thanks.


>> No.7778254
File: 40 KB, 410x410, mistyrosecomforterSBAshwell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a sucker for shabby chic interior design. It's been very hard avoiding Target just to see the Shabby Chic bedding items. I want the comforter set in pink, however, I heard that while it's pretty, the quality isn't very good at all.

>> No.7778261
File: 2.92 MB, 250x411, 1398382763094.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely seconding/thirding/etc this opinion.

I like certain girly 'lolita' things and may or may not happen to be wearing lolita while I do them.
I also listen to metal, make chainmail, breed rats and any number of of other non-rori activities.

People who force themselves into a lifestyle by doing/eating/wearing/living in a way that they don't enjoy probably have minor psychological issues, or are young and have no 'sense of self.'

>tl;dr to sum up most of the thread:
>It's just clothes yo.

>> No.7778267

It's really bad. I have it on my bed right now. Within a year, all of the batting piled into one corner, leaving me with one super fluffy corner and the rest of the comforter completely flat. Not only that, but it tore HUGE (like 1.5-2 foot) holes in it within a month or two of normal use.

The designs cute, but I'm going with a duvet cover next time...

>> No.7778268
File: 16 KB, 260x260, Tar-Jay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


btw, I was browsing around for some SB and other interior design blogs and ran across this one

At first I was like


but you've got to admit, it is pretty damn impressive, and to be fair, she's a Pharmacy technician and I think that's admirable. I have no idea what would be in store for me in the future, but all I want is a house that's as cute as hers (definitely not all SB inspired) with a garden and a dog (definitely not 10 poms though - a corgi is the smallest I'll go). Having a nice job to fund my lolita and other related interests would be a plus.

>> No.7778281
File: 19 KB, 236x236, beddingteal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's really disappointing. I guess I'll hold off until I run across a bedding with romantic details.

>tfw most bedding sets are too grown up looking (aka: boring) or geared toward teen-20 something year olds with bold designs

I found something sort of nice from Gordman's the other day (pic relate), but it's teal and I don't know how well it would go with the existing SB like set up.

It's nice that it's a two-way design, but I really hate the other side of it - reminiscence of those patterned wall tapestries you see in many college apartments.

>> No.7778315
File: 333 KB, 778x526, enlargetnrebecca2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh shit, ilove shabby chic looking stuff. If any of you are looking to loli-fy your room with shabby chic stuff, this place has UH-MAZING quilts, some of which (Tennessee Rebecca and Tennessee Anna imo) are totally fitting for a loli room:

I got a set from them a few years ago (Mini Rose) and it is so soft and pretty and damn durable. Plus it's super cute and girly.

>> No.7778318

Holy shit, this is great! Thank you based lolitanon!

Also, the website's cover image is just kekworthy.

I kind of want to move along from the interior design topic since it's blurring with the lolita/otaku room thread:

>does anyone actually own any etiquette or old-fashioned/retro beauty books?

I kind of want to do some casual reading in between school texts

>> No.7778376

Seconding this, I love reading about etiquette and old-fashioned beauty tricks. The more outrageous and impossible, the better.

>> No.7778453

Maybe too late for you gals' tastes, but I've a norweigan bool from the late fifties aimed at teenagers. It's not WAY out there but it does give off a "did girls of the fifties do NOTHING but look pretty"-vibe. There's advice against fat ankles involving bandaging them in lead-water...

>> No.7778601

Haha that's so pathetic. "Lifestyle lolita" here. I own brand and indie and I live in feminine decorated place. I do drink tea, even my pens/notebooks/book covers have feminine/lolita feel and look.

>> No.7779267

What's the book called? I'm from Norway too!

>> No.7779285

Found a few whilst searching for something related. Here you go:
>In 'The Art of Beauty', Ovid suggests that young women suffering from breakouts do this:
>"Make haste and bake pale lupins and windy beans. Of these take six pounds each and grind the whole in the mill. Add thereto white lead and the scum of ruddy nitre and Illyrian iris, which must be kneaded by young and sturdy arms. And when they are duly bruised, an ounce should be the proper weight. If you add the glutinous matter wherewith the Halcyon cements its nest, you will have a certain cure for spots and pimples."
>So lead, scum from cave walls (aka nitre), and bird spit.

>Arsenic for bright skin and eyes. This one's been recycled a couple of times. Elizabethan women would put a mixture of arsenic, chalk, and vinegar on their faces to whiten their complexions, and in the Victorian era, arsenic eye drops were extremely popular for making eyes look large and bright. Of course, you couldn't see well after you used them, and they eventually caused blindness and poisoning.

>From the medieval period well into the 19th century, one of the most popular ways to attain perfectly pale skin was to use leeches. The blood loss would blanch women out for optimal whiteness. According to the 1834 Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine, one could even keep things discreet with "frequent application of a few leeches to the anus."

>> No.7780726

>loli elements in your life now
Practice piano every day, nature walks a couple times a month, take care of my garden, have glass jars of different colored hard-candies as decorations....
The most loli-lifestyle thing I do though is take care of my bangs. Only got them recently and this daily maintenance is fucking unbelievable. So worth it for pictures, but so much time in the morning...

>> No.7780767

>can't be black, mexican, or any race that historically sucks
>any race that historically sucks
LOL what on earth
i feel like this is what USA lolitas from the deep south are actually like.

>> No.7780772

>Shitskin projecting


>> No.7780822

you're right, just projecting. let me take my shitty Asian face and petite stature elsewhere.

>> No.7780882

I think its stupid to call yourself a lifestyle lolita. I don't consider myself a lifestyler, but many of the girls in my comm do because I love antiquing, knitting, sewing, playing piano, listening to classical and "kawaii" music, tea, and wear lolita on a daily basis.

Idk. Am I weird for thinking that? I don't consider myself a lifestyler because I've loved all that stuff before I ever knew that lolita existed. But of course I do have a few style inspirations who I'd consider a lifestyle lolita, though they don't call themselves that. For whatever reason, people who call themselves a lifestyler just put me off. Probably because the majority of them are noobs and weebs, itas and the socially inept. It's just ruined it for me. And that category has become even more obnoxious and ridiculous since I first joined the egl community in 2003.

>> No.7780884

as someone from the northern US, I can more or less guarantee you that this is EXACTLY how some deep south US people (lolitas included) act. It's disgusting.

>> No.7780890

I like the idea of there being an all-compassing term for these collections of interests but like you said, it's been corrupted by noobs and itas who buy their "lolita" outfit from H&M and then listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to feel more connected to their inner princes rori-chan. We could come up with a different word but they'll probably end up ruining that one, too.

>> No.7781404

When I think of lolita and particularly lolita lifestyle, I think of Paris, London... I definitely do not think of some redneck Americans in the southern U.S.

>> No.7781438

Coming from a northern state, I can confirm that rednecks can exist in other places besides the south. On another note, I imagine that lolitas in southern states who are appealed to lifestyle aspects could somehow related to ladies in the genteel Southern belle types

>'that old-school plantation white girl swag

>> No.7781440
File: 27 KB, 260x233, 4807226_f260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, down here we only live in mobile homes and chew tobacco.

>> No.7781609


>> No.7781616

Europe is just as bad if not worst

Where do you think America learned from?

>> No.7781737
File: 161 KB, 480x270, tumblr_lpoaa2UUcB1qktqch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lifestyle lolitas exist in this country? is this real life?
I remember when you couldn't even mention lifestyle lolita without being laughed at, not even on GLZ, which used to be a tumblr-tier hugbox before it died. I wonder if it's accepted now.

>> No.7782641

It's something along the lines of "the teenager's guidebook", but I have the Swedish translation so.

>> No.7782648

Nah we exiled the worst of us to america. Not that we're not pretty ba at times but let's be real here.

>> No.7782649

There's a local shop near me that sells it. I'm seriously considering picking up a couple yards and making myself a skirt for this year's Halloween coord.

>> No.7782662

Possible to have a picture of the book cover?

>> No.7782711

>exiled the worst of us
lol what country are you from? The UK didn't seem so bad when I visited (England, Scotland).

Australia is definitely the most racist place I've lived in, but France was a close fucking second. I've heard some pretty bad stories from Germany as well.

>> No.7782716

i can't either. japanese sounds so...i don't even know the word. lazy in a way? but chinese is my first language so maybe that's why.
i don't particularly like finnish, but i find myself listening to more finnish music than anything else. the trophy for worst-sounding language goes to french, though. jesus christ.

>> No.7783107
File: 1.41 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found it!

>> No.7784031

For me, being a lifestyler is more about wearing the fashion on a daily (or near daily basis).

>> No.7784164

that's more of a cowboy/texan thing that a southern redneck thing.

>> No.7784218

Same for me. These are (warning, opinion ahead!) the guidelines I think are necessary to be a lifestyler:

>be a good lolita
learn the basics of what makes the fashion what it is, learn to coord well with all the bells and whistles like makeup and hair, outfits must actually be considered lolita, not just brand items or inspired by.
>do this regularly
self explanatory

When so many girls wear lolita about 4 times a year (and I still consider them lolitas), it kind of makes sense to have a word for the ones who just do it all the time. Be a lolita. All (or almost all) the time. Lifestyler.

>> No.7784232

I personally love the way Japanese sounds, because I love how many vowels there are. It sounds a lot more fluid than most languages to me. I also love how French sounds.

That being said, I absolutely detest the sound of German.

>> No.7784237

I personally call the term you've describled a "daily lolita". I separate the two; Daily lolita being a person who wears lolita on a regular basis, and a lifestyle lolita being someone who engages in "lolita" activities, I guess? Although it's up to interpretation what is considered a "lolita" activity.

>> No.7784339

>many vowels
...Are you serious? There are only 5.

>> No.7784376

>disliking German
>liking French of all languages
That's what someone says who has only ever heard exaggerated accents on TV but never the actual language IRL

>> No.7784391

She probably means how many more vowels are used in a word/sentence than English.

>> No.7784416

I can see that. I just always figured that, usually, at least to some extent, daily lolitas are inherently into other lolita-ish stuff anyway. Maybe from being constantly immersed into the aesthetic so it carries over into their home decor or other hobbies, or they just liked that stuff enough to begin with that wearing lolita regularly comes more easily to them. Though it would be funny to meet a daily lolita who is just a hardcore chain smoking, swearing ratchet chan who hates sewing, museums and tea, lol.

>> No.7784434

This is exactly what I meant. I meant they use vowels in their words way more than English does. Generally every two or three letters is a vowel, which I like.

>> No.7784510


This is wonderful! Thank you so much anon!
Do you have any more of her albums?

>> No.7784540

I'm a lolita because I perceive myself as one.

>> No.7784550

It's so sad I have to laugh. All the 'historically sucky' races existed in the Victorian age and plenty of them wore elegant clothes.

>> No.7784612

Verthandi anon from above and you can find more albums at Nakidori no Rakuen and Hatsuki Yura fansite as well as other places. La Pucelle is my favorite of her albums btw.

>> No.7785103

Does anyone remember that tutorial about shitting marshmallows

>> No.7785343

I really like how Cantonese sounds, way nicer and more melodic than Mandarin (but also super terrifying when the aunties have a go at you...). I'm sad you can only really use it in Hong Kong these days.

>> No.7785374

French is beautiful! But fuck, lolitas CANNOT pronounce French. I do understand that the Japanese have mangled these french words together to make names for their prints and brands that don't make sense half the time, but jesus no one can pronounce them right (especially if they can speak japanese).

moy me me moy tee / mwa mem mwa tee ay
temps de fill / tom de fee

>> No.7785975

And there weren't. There were very few, but they were often merchants/temporary residence. The massive immigration is relatively new, due to better transportation and Europeans being overly tolerant. (To the point of it being against their own interests.)

>> No.7785982

you must be new to history

>> No.7785983

Wow there are so many! I only knew about Hameln before this thread so I'm pretty excited about all the new music. Thank you!

>> No.7785984 [DELETED] 

We don't want you ghetto hood rate bean monkeys causing drama. Mud women are extremely jealous of white women, and it shows. Beaner lolitas are always huge weebs and terrible itas. Go back to your tacky cheetah print and fake jewelry, stop trying to look elegant. Dark skin looks bad in lolita, there are plenty of other fashions for you.

>> No.7785987 [DELETED] 

>>All the 'historically sucky' races existed in the Victorian age and plenty of them wore elegant clothes.

No there were not. Niggers were slaves and beaners were poor as dirt. We hated them, they weren't allowed into white culture. They also had their own traditional dress.

>> No.7785988

Europe is more racially intolerant than America. Only countries that aren't are Scandinavian and anglo. You can look that up.

>> No.7785990
File: 73 KB, 500x500, 1400946716687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7785998

>Wat is history?


>> No.7786002

I'm curious, what exactly is "white culture"? I've always heard this term bandied about but I've never understood it.

>> No.7786019

People in southern European countries are pretty chill with other races, too, since we've had decent diplomatic relations with hispanic and african countries for ages. I'd say people are the most racist in France and Germany. Heck, my grandfather worked in Germany for two years back in the eighties and Germans wouldn't look at him in the eye, and from what I've heard things haven't gotten much better since then.

>> No.7786020
File: 118 KB, 768x600, fashionplate1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They where around way before that too, go figure!

>> No.7786025
File: 33 KB, 310x394, 1404348118004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh dear anons, even if this person isn't a blatant troll there is no way you're going to change their mind. Can we stop feeding them, please? I like this thread and don't want to see it go to shit.

>> No.7786029

no troll ever goes hungry on this board

>> No.7786033

I really wish /cgl/ wasn't so easily trolled. They don't even have to try.

>> No.7786036 [DELETED] 

>>posting free niggers with their mulatto chilbren


>> No.7786040 [DELETED] 

If you know what white is, then you know what white culture is. There are many different white cultures, chimp. In sorry your culture isn't important enough to learn about.

>> No.7786041

Having seriously dealt with this sort of thing so often in my life, you would be surprised at the amount of people who genuinely think likr this. Its not unual at all, in fact its unusual to find someone who *doesn't* think all colored people where slaves running around in rags and 'their own cultures clothes' back then.

>> No.7786044

It's a myth that racists believe in, so that they can pretend that no non-white people have made any worthwhile cultural contributions ever.

>> No.7786048

>Enslavement wasn't even a thing in Europe.
> there where no "free slaves" at that time.

>> No.7786049 [DELETED] 

Maybe your grandpa should stay in his own smelly country. Aside from that, Shitaly and Greece are filled with neo-nazi political groups, who are gaining popularity. Hail the golden dawn.

>> No.7786053

>southern europe
I'm just going to namedrop Greece and Golden Dawn here. Also Scandinavian countries are...better. Still not great but we're at least a bit better than many others.

The world is pretty scary in general right now.

>> No.7786054

>>Implying all those niggers are from Europe
>>Implying there was no racism and eugenics in European history
>>Europe didn't have nearly as many niggers as America


Disregard that, they all loved niggers.

>> No.7786056

>>at least a bit better than many others.

You guys are fucking retarded with your Social justice shit. You're a great example as to why tumblr needs to be banned.

>> No.7786057
File: 124 KB, 640x869, Ira Aldridge as Othello.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shakespeare probably wrote Othello after traveling to Africa amirite? No way there were "moors" in England at that time. Also this wildly popular 19th century actor who often portrayed him is probably just a guy in blackface.

>> No.7786064
File: 1.76 MB, 360x193, abandon_thread_despicable_me.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whelp, there goes this thread.

>> No.7786067 [DELETED] 

Moors? You mean those Arabs? Because Arabs loved niggers.

Anyhow, black servants were very sought after at that time. They thought it was exotic, and used them to show off their wealth. They were practically slaves, though.

>> No.7786088
File: 77 KB, 751x546, c5d36edc-08e0-48d5-a32d-668079e54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I like this thread and don't want to see it go to shit.

Way too late. This is now a /pol/ thread

>> No.7786143 [DELETED] 

Were talking about fashion boo. No one gives a shit if they loved niggers. And you're grasping at straws.

>> No.7786148

This is actually the second time it happens on this very thread. Moot just deleted the wank last time, maybe this time too?

>> No.7786153

Theatrefag hurr.

Shakespeare probably never traveled very far from his home island. A lot of his plays may take place in far parts of Europe and beyond, but many aspects have been exaggerated or dramatized as just part of the story.

This is most likely the case. Black face was an American invention. I'd look more into the history of minstrel plays if I were you.

>tfw many girls in comm mispronounce these brand names and use "coord" (and pronounce it as "cord") in actual conversation

Probably better off in a feel thread or the cringe thread, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

Say, since we're on the topic of Greeks and Shakespeare, here, does anyone like attending live theatre or have even taken their community to a theatrical performance?

>> No.7786163

That's what happens when half of the population happens to be jobless and struggling to get by. Y'know, like Germany pre-Hitler and pre-WWII.
Italy and Spain are pretty chill. Scandinavian countries may be "better" because people have better living standards over there and there are not as many inmigrants.

>> No.7786188

>How can I make my daily life a little more loli

Kidnap a couple of them.

>> No.7786194 [DELETED] 

And niggers were naked and covered in lard-based paint. Try harder.

>> No.7786199


>> No.7786201 [DELETED] 

Maybe if you muds didn't bitch, we wouldn't need to correct you.

>> No.7786212




>> No.7786225


Wow, I've would've figured the UK and USA would be a lot worse from what I've experienced.

>> No.7786226

The only one trying hard here to dispelle history is you redneck.

>> No.7786358

You're welcome! Always love helping out other fans.

>> No.7786366

I had no idea /pol/ was full autists?

>> No.7786639
File: 1.05 MB, 1456x2592, IMG_20140530_171057026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Mm...I should really visit my family in that side of the country soon. I don't know how much I could help salvage this thread, but I'm going to go ahead and post some antique/retro goods anyway.

>> No.7786643
File: 1.25 MB, 1456x2592, IMG_20140530_171432579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow. My apologies for the shitty phone quality.

You think you'd be ok if you spent quite a bit on a smart phone, but that doesn't seem to be the case. My old qwerty phone took better photos.

>mah vanity

>> No.7786648
File: 1.08 MB, 1456x2592, IMG_20140529_143428947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>fireplace bellow

>> No.7786651
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>up-cycled cabinet a là pinterest

>> No.7786654

Eisley, they are an American band, but the two lead singers have voices like fairies

>> No.7786655
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>> No.7786658
File: 99 KB, 640x434, LolitaCocinayTequilaBar_CT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, speaking of New England, there's a bar in the Boston area that's totally Lolita friendly (in fact, that's the name of it). I'm sad to hear that the one in Connecticut and Miami Beach closed. I imagine it would be nice for a 21+ meet or even a lone lolita to feel comfortable drinking in.

>> No.7786664
File: 172 KB, 867x513, LolitaCocinayTequilaBar2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ignore the file name. It should be the one in Boston, not their old Connecticut location.

The one in Miami Beach had a similar feel, but much more spacious, a little lighter, and had a tree inside.

>> No.7786736

>>from what I've experienced
You mean television?

>> No.7786742
File: 631 KB, 3475x4111, unique-ear-stretchings-and-lip-plate-piercing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would you want to be a Lolita princess when you can be an African Queen?

>> No.7786748

Let me tell you something, if all of the horrible, disgusting, things white people have done to everyone else on this earth for power didn’t make me hate them, their response to people of color talking about racism fucking would, especially this kind of response. It’s not about you, it was never about you, it was because of you. I only talk about “white people” when I’m talking about the systematic oppression they’ve inflicted on everybody else.

And then, considering the fact that “white” is a construct created by white supremacy to give their kin privilege, money, and power- saying “I hate white people” is so much more about the disgusting system that created it than the actual human beings with white privilege themselves

>> No.7786770

Oh my god that sounds amazing. I don't even drink but I'd love to go there.

>> No.7786775


From living in England for 20 years and visiting America for a couple of months.

>> No.7786779

I think you used the wrong accent on the wrong word.

>> No.7786789

>not as many immigrants

Bruh, Denmark and Sweden are like immigration ports to Europe. It's not about that. There's racism here too, both Denmark, Finland and Sweden have racist parties with Nazi background in their governments. There's just also a strong opposition movement especially in Sweden.

Also, the fact that the situation in large parts of Europe is so reminiscent to pre-WWII is just all the more reason to oppose racism because even if you think it's some social justice bs we still don't want a goddamn third world war. Astounding that people don't realize this is happening because it's not that long ago.

>> No.7786797
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à la*

Time for bed.


Apparently, this was the outdoor patio to the old location in Norwalk, CT.

>> No.7786939

Depends where in the south. Spain doesn't even have a "racist party", while a lot of other contries do.

>> No.7786943

Denmark has very strict regulations and take few immigrants compared to Sweden. I'd say Germany ad Swedentakes the most immigrants instead. The party is not as big in Sweden (although way too big), but the ones in for example Norway are currently ruling the contry together with another party...
It dosen't feel very good when that sort of governmet deides on whoshould get the Noble peace price...

>> No.7786958

Get your facts straight dude. Finland does have a "racist" party, but their background in politics is a party for rural areas (Suomen Maaseudun Puolue), not Nazis or neo-Nazis. Also they are not part of the Finnish government, they just have seats in the parliament.

>> No.7787034
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>> No.7787041
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>> No.7787046


>> No.7787060

>no source
>not looking to the size of the countries

>> No.7787079


>> No.7787786
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Going back to the topic of books, do you or does anyone have any good recommendations for tea etiquette books or recipe books for tea parties? It seems like a lot of the latter are geared toward kids and that's not quite what I want to look for.

>> No.7787871

how the fuck do you have a decimal number of refugees

>> No.7788049
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Friend of mine brought me back this as a gift from his last trip to England. Lots of recipes for traditional English tea treats, plus an overview of the history of tea, it's really enjoyable!

>> No.7788050

That's adorable. Thank you!

>> No.7788150

I'm not sure if true lifestyle lolitas exist in Italy but i bet yes. Most of only wear the fashion but i think there are some into some lolita lifestyle or gothic lifestyle if they dabble in gothic lolita. I'd like to have a more lolita lifestyle too one day.

>> No.7788339

It's multiculturalist propaganda from American television that ended up spreading to the rest of the civilized world.

>> No.7788455

It's called averaging.

>> No.7788502


There's a ('000) next to the year 2009, meaning all the numbers are in thousands. So 0.1 on the diagram actually means 0.1 x 1,000 = 100 refugees.

I'm pretty sure they rounded up and averaged out the figures as well, there were probably either 97 refugees or 102 refugees and two babies or something like that.

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