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Anyone able to translate this from Japanese?
Also just tutorial thread

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Can't help you, OP, but I'm down for a tutorial thread.

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I'll work on translating this. It will probably take me 15-20 minutes or so (sorry, I'm slow)

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Heres this link, picasaweb.google.com/maillor101010/PatternsAndStuff?fgl=true&pli=1

It was found in the LARP thread i think, i'm not going to post the tutorials because it would take eternity+

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Does anyone have any more literal fake boobie tutorials like this? I've got ones like pic related that are about moving your own breasts around with pushup bras etc, but I'm looking for an entire object you wear like the OP's.

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There's legitimate ones marketed for those who went through mastectomies, but they're usually pretty expensive (~$100). The cheaper ones look really bad. Though sometimes the mastectomy ones go on sale for ~$50. I haven't looked very far into it all.

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Seconding, but for underboob. I'm doing pic related.

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Thank you :3

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these ones go chesp on aliexpress. theyre made for transexuals

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please never let me see those transparent straps and off-colored boobs in your cosplays. Use a little effort to make them look good if you do use them.

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I don't get people who wear fake boobs after mastectomies, why go to the trouble when it doesn't look or feel good? Why not rock the flat chest? Shirts will fit better, if nothing else.

This. You can work on painting and blending them into your skin tone, but it'll never be perfect. I recommend doing closed shirt cosplays using >>7769946

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Or Taobao

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It's because people who undergo masectomies are pretty much having a body part amputated. And it's a very disfiguring process that may not leave them with a flat chest. Googling pictures will show that masectomies can literally leave a dent in your chest or be very uneven. It's not as simple as rocking the flat chest life, and having these fake breasts give women a sense of normalcy and dignity to feel beautiful despite the surgery.

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>I just want to feel like a real woman again!
>mfw I'll never have boobs anyway

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Some people only get one removed.

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I don't think most mastectomy patients go for the fake rubber yabbos. They usually just stuff their bra. I think only young women who had mastectomies preventitively because of a strong family history of breast cancer would benefit from these.

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Any good tuts for making props with fiberglass?

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The ones in your pic are super, super, SUPER cheap quality though, I wouldn't recommend anyone every buy them if they look like that. You really get what you pay for with chest plates. The ones in this picture can set you back close to $1000, but look so real that you probably will get your money's worth in stares. They are designed for transgender women. Brand is "Realbreast" btw. The ones designed for drag queens (a la Boobs for Queens) are a bit cartoonish, but high quality and unclockable if hidden in the right ways. Still expensive, but less than the prosthetic kind. The ones made for mastectomy patients don't generally look "realistic" per say, as they aren't made to be shown off, but hidden beneath clothing.

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that chart is all shades of wrong though.

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With accompanying pattern.

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I remember seeing once someone posted a tutorial for covering tattoos with makeup, does anyone have that? I wonder if that would be good for hiding scars too. I have a bunch of scars on my arms from a injury when I was young, but I want to cosplay a character who shows their arms.

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Has anyone tried this? How well does it actually work?

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Doll-customizing people have been doing this for a long time, and it has always been and continues to be a shitty method that yields crusty-feeling wigs.

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I feel like its good for maybe just tips or a streak of color. But a whole wig will get crunchy.

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I can honestly say this is one of the most retarded binding tutorial I've seen.
1) it can slip off, no matter how tight/boob coverage you have
2) anything remotely natural WILL rip before the ties do, and anything not well sewn will tear at the seams
3) That's not the correct position for the breasts. You don't just "smoosh" them together and expect the lumps to look like like anything other than a-cups or moobs.

Tips from a habitual cross dresser:
1)GET AMPLE COVERAGE. None of this "Mulan" shit. You bind the twins AND you give them an anchor to hold onto. This is why sports bras have straps and you don't see joggers running around in strapless bras.
2) Get synthetic material. Elastic roll material holds onto the girls and is meant for wear & tear. Do your homework on what brands are best, and go for total width coverage of your boobs. Pantyhose under binding material can help hold their position so they look symmetrical.
3) Guys don't have pects near their neck. You want to shift the twins down and to the sides so that all the "fat" doesn't clump upwards, as they would do under any normal (read - non-shifted) binding.

Polite sage for rant and apologies for not formatting this into a tutorial.

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That's fair enough.
My family has a history of breast cancer, and I hope, if I get it, that I'll be strong enough to just go without falsies and say "What? I had breast cancer, jerk."

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are you talking about this one anon?

also if they're really reddish, i'd suggest getting one of those pale green concealer sticks you can find at drugstores, it will cancel out the colour and make it easier to cover up with other makeup

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File: 1.58 MB, 900x6159, madoka_petticoat_tutorial_by_animeangelcosplay-d47fssz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 590 KB, 640x4014, Cosplay_Metal_Texture_Tutorial_by_Risachantag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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bless you based anon

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Thank you so much, I'll give that a try.

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>mfw anon never came back
I-I was counting on you anon...

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I intend to wear them underneath clothes.
>Shirts will fit better, if nothing else.
Shirts are a pain (especially button shirts) if you have huge boobs, but completely flat doesn't make it better. I have 30D's, which aren't DFC, but anything structured will gap at the chest. I have to take everything in. Stretchy t-shirts are okay, though.
>I recommend doing closed shirt cosplays using the Nude Bra Cleavage Creation tutorial
Honestly, that technique just hurts me after a while. It looks great, especially for the cleavage, but I won't be showing cleavage.
I don't want to shell out $1000. I don't even want to shell out $100, which is why I want to make them. This is for cosplay, not for dysmorphia or medical reasons.

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I need some help making this suit. I have an entire year so I have plenty of time apart from work. Can anyone help me with in terms of instructions for the suit and the armor?

Apologies about the shitty quality. It was the best I could find in terms of an example.

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Does anyone have anything about making realistic new-looking metal stuff?

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It looks like you'd have to start with the actual black bodysuit, first. Did you have anything planned for it? It seems like a spandex or lycra blend male leotard would be a good choice. You might have to get some tights to go with it, but that's likely a good thing if you're uncomfortable wearing thongs or regular underwear is too noticeable.

What sort of part were you curious about?

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So much sanding. And when you think you're done, more sanding. That's it, that's the whole trick. Also metallic spray paints and clear coats. But most importantly a fuckton of sanding

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>This is for cosplay, not for dysmorphia or medical reasons.
Bitch please.

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you'll have a significantly better time if you watch videos rather than looking at static tutorials.
google it. there's over a metric fuck ton of tutorials online regarding this.

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pls, anon. come back. I need this

>> No.7775569

you sound like you don't know what you're doing even in the first place. you need to start smaller first and work up or else it's just going to be a nightmare

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I can follow instructions pretty easily and like I said. A lot of time. So trial and error is going to happen and I will enjoy it.

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Make sure you have enough material to make trial versions of each part. If you're just starting out, you'll make a crap-ton of mistakes.

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shoot, I've tried this many times on my hair but I can't seem to get it to work. can anyone give me any pointers? my hair is pretty long, it's about an inch below my waist

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this. there's an extremely steep learning curve to a lot of this stuff.
you're going to feel it in your wallet, I guarantee it.

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Does anyone have a higher resolution image? The kanji is a bitch when its that blurry at points. I'll actually deliver, working on what is legible right now.

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I'd like to comfortably cosplay boobie monsters. Is that an uncommon desire?

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Do you have more cool wig tutorials?

>> No.7779039

Yep, big ol' folder of them, anon. Will dump when I get back to my computer in a few hours
Sage for no contribution...yet

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Don't let this thread die! I love tutorial threads!

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Dropped my image, woops.

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Here you go anon, commencing dump
hope some of these help!

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Seems like a good thread so bumping so I can read this later tonight.

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This is such a cleaver thing to do to make an ice mask.


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File: 3.36 MB, 920x4824, noiz__dramatical_murder__wig_tutorial_by_noiz_bleu-d6qe1j7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my first tutorial made! Hope it helps :)

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> this bait

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>the BL game

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Now if only I could do that in real life ;_;

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How would I go about making Death Propehet's hands?

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can't understand shit

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>dem body hair on the armpit
Dude no

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For sewing kigus, it is best to use a sewing machine, right? I have just developed a interest in sewing and a kigu seems easy enough to start with. Sorry for being an idiot.

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Apparently I forgot to save it and don't really have the time go looking through them all for you again, but there was a cool idea for these sort of hands in anon's tutorial folder here >>7769892

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Dem fake boobs tho

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apologies in advance for shitty formatting and rusty translation

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Thanks for this, anon! Maybe now I can finally find somebody to cosplay the incredibly busty character for our cosplay group...

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I tested this a while ago because an anon in the last tutorial thread asked if you should seal the lipstick before applying concealer. It worked better for me when I sealed it (with powder, I don't own sealing spray, so I couldn't test it). When I didn't seal it, the concealer slid off of the lipstick and wouldn't dry or blend and was just generally a huge mess.

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Pic of this in action

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