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Old thread maxed out
Post your cgl related feels here

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>have a new bf
>he's really handsome and tall
>he knows how to knit, sew and is into cosplay
>he plans on cosplaying together with me
>and he has nothing against my lolita dresses
I feel like I won a lottery or something.

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I really want to lose weight so I can fit brand better. I started running and eating healthily, and I got down to 131lb. I wanted to keep going, but it plateaued and now is creeping back up - I've gained 3lb already and I'm so mad at myself for not having the discipline/willpower to eat healthily. I also stopped running due to a foot injury and long work days. I want to lose 2" from my waist so I can wear skirts, and generally be smaller as my arms and legs are huge. But I'm 5'7" so AP will never look great on me. I just want to be a beautiful lolita but can't seem to get my act together.

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Do you drink soda? if so stop, that will help ALOT.
It will also make you not crave fat foods as much.
Change up your workout often so your body won't get used to it.

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Thanks anon, I don't drink soda, it's foods high in sugar that I have trouble avoiding. I'm hoping to start running again soon, do you mean switch between intervals one day and distance the next, or change to something different like cycling etc?

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Change all together, from month to month.

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Not an expert, but maybe try swimming? It's less damaging for joints.
Also, you could still look awesome in AP even if you are 5'7"! Try finding longer pieces, and also UNDERSKIRTS. Seriously, they are your best friends; get a few nice ones in matching colours for your dresses and you are done. n1curr if you show a little knee.

Don't get discouraged, I am sure you will lose that weight and rock AP!

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same here anon
>have new bf
>share the same political views and life goals, he's really fun around too, we share the same hobbys (except for lolita/fashion), what do I want more
>even though he would not wear it himself he really adores my lolita clothing and he's always excited when he sees me in a new coord
>he consantly encourages me to buy new stuff and to wear it to every possible occaassion 'caus it's so pretty and he just loves to see me so happy and passionate about something
>told him that I feel kind of old already and that I'm worried about the future and if I can still pull it off when I'm getting older
>he told me I should do whatever I feel comfortable with but if it was him to decide he would say I should never give up what makes me happy, and he would love to see me as the lovely old lady by his side in those crazy frilly dresses.
And lolita is just one aspect, he's just awesome in so many ways.

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>tfw no boyfriend
C-congratulations though ladies, I wish you all the best!

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one of my favourite kawaii bloggers just posted her weight loss, thats motivating me to eat better and try to start running

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Kinda /cgl/ related because it takes me to cons
>grandpa is quitting driving
>grandpa drives a 2010 Lexus rx-350 w/low miles and tech package
>grandpa wants to give me the car for free because I drive my brothers old riced out accord
>feel kinda bad taking the car he paid 65k for new from him for free
>I try to at least give him the 12k I have saved up+ whatever I can get for my accord to him
>he won't take it

How do I get gramps to take the money? I feel kinda bad, granted not bad enough to say give the car to my brother but enough to where I want to give him at least something for it

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>tfw heaviest ever been in my life - 155 pounds
>decide last night that I need to lose weight, stat - somewhere between 30-35 pounds
>Plan on eating nothing but yogurt and fruit for breakfast, and a large salad at both lunch and dinner.
>Cutting out all shit.
>Last night dreamed about eating lots of donuts and cookies.
>also, significant other likes to share a pint after work with me, and keeps buying drinks despite me asking
>tfw little self control, not sure if I'll ever succeed.

Losing weight is so hard when there's no support.

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Maybe try to find something he'd like to have

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just take it anon, he obviously wants you to just have it

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I know it's what he wants, but I've always had a problem accepting gifts from people, earning it myself feels better to me

I'm thinking about paying for a suprise visit to Disney world for the whole family, including flying my grandpas brother and my aunt, uncle and cousins down from New Jersey.

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>be a girl lolita
>have no boyfriend
>want a boyfriend who dresses up in JSKs and OPs
>most of the boy lolitas are gay/trans

Anyone else have this feel too? I want a guy who has a feminine side. Also would be great in bed with me and would care about me which I would do the same too.

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I'm a brolita and I'm straight and not trans. We're out there, just keep looking

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More new bf feels

>first bf in almost 3 years
>taking bf to his first anime convention this weekend
>never been at a con with a bf
>get to have bf see me perform at con

I really wasn't looking forward to this convention, but now I'm feeling super fuzzy and excited.

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> tfw too poor to live in a dorm

Please tell me that living in dorms or the alike is actually really shitty so I can stop feeling sad

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>I'm trans
I need no further explanation.

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Sounds like a plan. Maybe even considering setting aside some money to do something nice for just the two of you. Maybe pick up your grandfather a nice gift. Does he collect anything or enjoy things like a nice glass of whiskey?

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I've heard my alma mater's dorms were some of the nicer ones in existence, but they were shitty AND expensive.

My freshman dorm constantly had mold on the air conditioning unit and I had to share the actual sleeping space with a girl who decided to stop washing her laundry except when she ran out of everything once they fixed the washing machines to be pay - leaving the room smelling completely like her body odor 24/7, which led me to abandon my dorm room and stay at my boyfriends rented house and share a single bathroom with him and 2 other guys and their girlfriends. Talking to the R.A. did nothing, so I just gave up.

Sophomore year I lived in a more apartment style dorm where I had a tiny ass bedroom to myself and had to share the bathroom with one other girl. This girl shaved her facial hair, and once I went to the bathroom and there was menstrual fluid on the toilet seat. Needless to say, back the boyfriend's I went. The sad part is, that dorm was more expensive than my first and both were financed with student loans.

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Living in the dorms is incredibly shitty. You're not missing out on anything.

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>want courage to go to lolita meets
>want courage to go out anywhere and not feel like shit
>finally figured out I have ADD on top of my obvious social anxiety
>waiting list for psychiatrist that take my insurance is 6+ months long
>my anxiety + inability to function like a normal person is causing me to be depressed
>and occasionally contemplate death
>I wouldn't ever kill myself, and I KNOW I don't have depression
>but this shit it literally making me hate myself
>there is a crooked doctor I just found out about that basically gives out meds if you just ask
>this could help me out SO much
>mfw I'm too anxious to go to his walk-in clinic


I've taken Adderall xr before, but the come down makes me act ridiculously angry and aggressive.
Maybe I'll try Vyvanse?
Shit, I don't know what to ask for.

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So my boyfriend has had a lot of shitty dorm mates. There was one year where he had this great idea to stay with friends and it was a coed room. Which was a good idea until they realized that the two that were dating broke up a week before they moved in. It was not a good situation, as they had a bad break up and the guy got pretty violent. One of them had to move out half way through and it was a lot of drama.

Another year, for the summer semester, he had these group of really gross people. They left the door open so their friends could walk in at any time, hid at their friend's place to avoid chores and so thed garbage piled up. While my boyfriend tried to do his part, he made sure that they failed their room check then cleaned up so they coudlnt get away with it. Keeping the door open meant one time a raccoon decided the bathroom was a great place to nap. Their rooms smelled like shit the whole time, thank god we all get seperate rooms but their mess was all over the living room too. They got booted out of the dorm system after the semester but it was pretty bad. I wasnt allowed to come over because it was that bad.

My bf's last year was good because he befriended the people next door, but bad because the guys in his dorm were also gross. There was one guy who like didnt clean his room so there were rotting dishes in his room, a shit stain somewhere on the floor, and a bunch of issues with washrooms. It was just that one gross guy who had no hygiene, but because it was generally kept to his room it wasnt that bad, since it was contained. He was also a douche and called my friend a slut for no reason, so overall he was not a good person.

Also one of my friend's gf had a situation with menstrual blood. She had one crazy roommate who decided to rub it all over the walls and mirror of the washroom.

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I've seen student accommodation/dorms. Urine around the sinks in their own rooms, milk cartons and crusty underwear in the airing cupboard, forgotten food, cookers coated with decades worth of grease. And that's after they were supposed to have been cleaned.

Those are places where people live in them long-term too, it's even worse in places where they're only there for a few days.

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>someone's selling a dress on my wishlist
>charging way more than it's worth
>no demand for it whatsoever, why so high priced?
>check at past sales for dress, all of them lower prices
>ask someone who owns the dress, they agree that it's too much
>seller says "make me an offer"
>makes offer
>"that's too low anon"
>her dress doesn't sell, obviously
>now she's back trying to sell it again a few months later
>I'm still interested, tell her we can negotiate if she's interested
>still won't budge
>no one's asked after the dress except me

Guess I'm gonna have to wait till it pops up somewhere else.

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>mfw I live with my boyfriend and if taking care of the flat was up to him it would be exactly like that

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I lost a load of weight at the beginning of the year (50lb) but the last two months have been con followed by work stress followed by holiday followed by con followed by my brothers wedding and now yet more work stress and I've just stepped on the scales to find I've put 10 back on and now I feel like a disgusting fuck.

Need to get back on the diet asap. Luckily there's no more events until november now and work should calm down by the end of this week. Need to try and lose that 10lb plus another 10-15 before mid november to hit my target weight for the next con.

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>spend fuckloads of money on lolita
>piss scared to wear it in public

I always try and make excuses saying "it's too hot" but in reality I'm just afraid of getting shit from normalfags.

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I also have social anxiety and ADD. My doctor told me that it's actually a fairly common combination girls. I've been taking Strattera for my ADD since I was 12, and started taking Prozac for my anxiety when I was 14 (after finding that therapy didn't work). A few years ago I switched to Zoloft, and I believe I've seen a noticeable improvement in my anxiety since then. I do still have high anxiety, but I find that I'm able to do things and talk to people that I wouldn't have been able to do in the past.

As for the Strattera, I really can't say exactly how well it works for me since I've been taking it for so long and I still struggle a lot with my ADD. I believe they gave it to me because it was one of the only things that wouldn't conflict with my other medication. It's also a fairly new drug, so it's ridiculously expensive, but the patent is supposed to expire in a few years.

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going with your comm helps!

>waits in the car until I spot other lolitas
>okay it's time to get out

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>halloween meet coming up
>still august
>what do i wear
>oh god what the fuck do i wear
>mfw coord block

I'm worrying now because if I want to order any stuff from overseas I want as much time as possible in case anything goes wrong.

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>want to get autographs at con
>No idea what procedure is
>Do I have to pay?
>can I bring personal art items to sign?
>can I get more than one item signed?
>con site has nothing about autograph rules
>tfw am bothered, forsooth

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Who do you want to get an autograph from?

>> No.7784233

If it is anime related, they usually do not have you pay for autographs. Those guys arent that famous. If they are real celebs, there is usually info about how much it costs, and the more famous they are, the more it will set you back by.

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Sailor Saturn at AWA

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Anon, weight loss is a good thing, but if your body type is at odds with your clothing (ie inverted triangle or rectangle shape) no amount of exercise is gonna make you China Tiny.

Just try to find lolita clothing that is flattering for your shape. I know that sounds easier said, but I honestly think thatll be better for you in the long run.

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!! I'm really excited to get her autograph too. And Mamoru/Amuro's. Aaaaah.

Are you going to the BTSSB fashion show or tea party?

>> No.7784263

Same boat anon. But I love making stuff so I need to figure out what I'm going to make since there's bound to be a Halloween event this year(Fairytale Boutique had one last year) My coord last year was cute but needed a lot more UMPH to it, so I want to go a little more OTT this year.

>> No.7784267

I'm going to both! Do you know how autographs work at AWA?

>> No.7784272

Aaah! I'm going to both too. I applied to be in the fashion show but we haven't gotten any answers yet on who they selected. Fingers crossed!

I think it depends on the guest. Sometimes they do lines/panels several times through out the weekend. Other times it's a one time event, but I would have some sort of official merch just in case, and they'll probably want your name so they can autograph it directly to you, that way you can't turn around and sell it. c:

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I didn't apply for the fashion show, but I can't wait to see it! Good luck!

So is bringing fan art out of the question? I don't have any official merch that I want a sig on, tbh...

>> No.7784283

I'm not really sure. I know in the past it had to be official merch, but I can't say for sure. You might be able to do fan art though.

I'm bringing some official merch for Toru Furuya. I am so excited, I'm such a Gundam nerd and a Sailor Moon nerd and it's like someone sprinkled fairy dust on AWA the last two years, since last year we got Zun.

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my dorm at SF state didn't have a bathroom connected to the room, we had to walk down the hall to shit and shower. It was pretty sucky. It can be a lot nicer staying in your own home, especially when you're trying to study and there's not people outside partying and being obnoxious.

>> No.7784320 [DELETED] 

Ugh, I've seen the dorms at SF state and they were ghetto. Some black chicks gave me the stink eye on the elevator. Would not pay or accept payment to live there.

>> No.7784323 [DELETED] 

Mine died.

>> No.7784345 [DELETED] 

tbh youd never be able to pay me to live in a dorm. the dorms on my campus in maryland are ghetto as heck and very disgusting.

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You should treat him to something nice in return he would use. Like a new recliner or a TV or some kind of home appliance he needs so he can relax and enjoy his retirement. That would make his life more comfortable and you can take his car in exchange. Look around his house or ask him/your parents what he needs.

>> No.7784380 [DELETED] 

My dorm was the worst, but I went to a shitty community college so it's probably to be expected.

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I hate newfags and how the board has come to handle them so fucking much. It is no one's job to coddle a bunch of twats that don't want to lurk, learn on their own, and figure out how to use 4chan properly.
But god forbid you say this or you'll have a hoard of momma seagulls descend upon you.

>> No.7784408 [DELETED] 

I will tell you a story, my friend. My first year as a college student, I didn't have any say in roommates. I was coming from out of state, and got tossed into a room with three other girls. There were issues that all three were involved in, but one girl was the absolute fucking worst roommate I have ever had. Ever. Even worse than the bug-eating girl with a monobrow from Brownies camp.

>roommate is from Zimbabwe
>try to teach her to do her laundry at her request, and discover she goes commando every day
>also appears to have some kind of horriblehorrible infection going on
>everything stinks
>starts dating a guy and buys sexy mesh thong panties to wear every day
>she decides that the laundry machines are too expensive/hard to use, so only washes her clothes once a month
>"washing your underwear with the rest of your clothes is unclean in Zimbabwe."
>"washes" her underwear in the shower more often
>without soap
>then hangs these underwear on the shower rack by our door
>people no longer want to come visit me in my own fucking room
>I don't want to be in my own fucking room
>one other roommate and I confront her about the stinky underwear
>she claims cultural differences, calls us racist/colonialist pigs/and rushes out
>later ask her cousin if her claims of washing clothes in the river on rocks are true
>he scoffs and tells us several very important facts about her life in Zimbabwe
>daughter of a rich military advisor to Mugabe, I shit you not
>has had maids her whole life and doesn't know how to do anything herself because of it
>things she had said hinted at this (multiple houses and “workers”), but now we know the truth
>we go to our RA for advice and she just shrugs, tells us to Febreeze the shit out of the offensive clothes when that roommate is gone, and leaves it at that
>we start doing this
>barely bearable
>somehow survive the year

After that, I was able to pick my roommates, but that was also pretty shit while we were in the dorms.

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You still sound mad about being told how much of a cuntrag you are from the Lolita general thread.

>> No.7784426

I wasn't that anon, actually. I just saw that while going to check up on a post about IW and was pretty pissed at how everyone else handled it. I think the one anon was a bit over the top, but since when is /cgl/ full of spoonfeeders?

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Oh, get over yourself. It's not like your advice was actually good. I shudder to think what you look like if you really do trust lolita-tips.

And eat my dick :)

>> No.7784429

Since never, but it happens now and then. Just like anywhere. You probably need to calm the fuck down.

>> No.7784430

Is this from the iron giant?

maryland is generally ghetto though.

>> No.7784432

Dude I'm 30 and I have literally been posting on 4chan since I was 19. You are a salty bitch who needs to get over some people being nice. If you want assholes, there are plenty here - you just happened to catch an instance of some people being chill and offering up some sage wisdom to the newfag. Get over it. Move the fuck on. You sound like some moron who has made 4chan their whole life. Jesus.

>> No.7784433

Oh it's you from lolita general. I'd love to stay and chat but you're a total idiot.

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Talking about idiots, you should look at a mirror sometime. Better to know you're one than to throw your weight around like you actually know anything.

>> No.7784447

Yup, that's Kent.

>> No.7784448

the salt in this thread is real

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There's enough salt in here to put the dead sea to shame

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You got Asuka?!? You lucky bitch! Love him hard.

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I do this too, anon. I'm also too scared to approach my local comm in case they're incredibly critical and shun me.

>been eating healthy and going to gym somewhat regularly lately
>look in the mirror and wonder if I'm deluding myself into thinking there's been progress
>turns out I gained weight instead
I know that muscle weighs more than fat etc etc but ughhh I still want to be lightweight too

>> No.7784500

Think about how it's also rude not to except something someone clearly wants to give you. Don't buy your Grandpa something if you're doing it out of "duty"

>> No.7784506

I've know a few bi brolitas, I'm sure there are straight too. Keep looking

>> No.7784508

Don't worry, I'm accepting it. It is a beautiful car (can post pics if wanted) I just wana do something to show my appreciation because no matter how
Many times I thank him it still doesn't feel like enough

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> go through several really abusive relationships
> end up in hospital for trying to kill myself
> diagnosed with chronic depression and severe anxiety as well as PTSD from childhood and adult trauma
> resign myself to being an old cat lady, no one could ever put up with someone as fucked as me
> meet boy at convention
> has matching gundam tattoo as me
> start talking, everything in common
> he doesn't mind my issues
> goes out of his way to spend time with me and make me feel wanted
> loves lolita fashion, buys me my first JetJ dress
> Helps me set up new apartment
> Cosplays with me
> Cute, asian, works out
> Feel better about myself than I have in years, hopeful for future

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We share the same feels, anon. Let's feel together the feel of no qt gf who likes Lolita and share interests with me.

>> No.7784521

> amazing sex
> mutual friends are excited about us getting together

>> No.7784523

Ops i meant bf

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Good for you Anon!

>> No.7784527

Thank you kind anon. I think my life is finally turning around. Internship as a wedding planner now too. c:

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>Find site that has some cute loliable shoes.
>Prices are reasonable to boot.
>Nothing in my size

God damn it. It's not like I have even ridiculously huge feet either. But the cutest shoes seem to stop at size 8.

>> No.7784544

That sucks, anon. But... sauce on shoes/website?

>> No.7784545

Try non-weight bearing exercises like swimming and biking! Good luck, anon!

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The website is dresslily.com

They seem to be pretty slim on the sizes and color choices of shoes. But they've got some really cute shoes.

>> No.7784581

Oh, that's another sammydress-esque site. Don't feel too bad, anon, the quality of anything you would have ordered from them would've been questionable at best, assuming you get your package at all.

>> No.7784681

it generally is shitty.
dont give into peer pressure and the "cool factor" of living in a dorm because youre a college kid.

i rather live at a nice, clean home and commute to school everyday than deal with other roommates who probably cant clean after themselves

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>broke up with my bf earlier this year because I know nothing good is going to ever come out of this relationship
>still love him, want the best for him, want to be with him, but I know I can't
>our lease ends this month, I'm packing all of my stuff
>we've lived together for the past 3 years, we've been together 6, don't know what it'll be like to not live with him/be around him all of the time
>just packed away the AATP set he wore last weekend that I let him borrow, it's hitting me hard
>sucks because I want us to stay together but he's never going to fucking grow up and stop being a manchild and I've put off college to be with him, I need to go back and figure out my life, I can't take care of both of us forever
>he still doesn't know where he's going to live, he has like 4 more days to figure out something (keep in mind he's had since march - 6 months - to arrange something)
>feel bad for him but I can't keep enabling him to keep doing stuff like this

just all of my everything that I own has a faint scent of him. this is so fucking hard. I still have so much to pack and clean...

>> No.7784724

Good on you for changing your life for the better. Most people are unable to escape damaged relationships.

>> No.7784736

I'm just going to drown myself in VN husbandos until I feel better, which might take the rest of forever.

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>bf lost a promising job at the beginning of this month
>doesn't have enough saved up to pay rent for himself
>bought a dress before this happened, checking account too low to pay for his rent too
>crap we're screwed
>start listing things we could sell
>he has nothing, all of his hobbies are relatively cheap and the secondhand market for them sucks
>say I'm willing to sell my dresses, but emotional attachment is high and do not want, last resort for me
>but wait
>think about all of the manga from my younger, weebier days, still at my parents
>pick it up from parents', post it on some sales groups for anime merch
>actually sold just enough to cover his rent while he job hunts, and still have several more up for sale

Wh-who knew my teenage addiction to manga could be so helpful down the line... I mean, I'm only selling for about 25% of what I paid for them, but at least it's cash when I need it...

>> No.7784751

Holy crap, you lucked out this time. General rule of thumb: always keep 3 months worth of expenses in your bank account. That means no dresses for a little bit, but it also means you're not fucked over in emergencies and you don't have to sell things to scrape by.

>> No.7784757

Yeah, I'm aiming for that amount in my bank account actually! I'm trying to force myself to get over a shopping addiction, and overall it's working - that was my first dress purchase in months, and I only bought it because it was my dream dress. Before that, I was saving up pretty well, but lately things just keep happening, and I've been needing to spend more money on unexpected bills and hours at work have been cut down a bit too... oh well. Things will eventually get better. I'm so satisfied with this dress purchase too that I don't even think I want to spend money on lolita for awhile, which is amazingly refreshing.

>> No.7784758
File: 63 KB, 209x242, 43876894678944965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be mtf trans
>have loved lolita for a long time, never thought I'd be into it because self esteem too bad
>several months ago start dating ftm who's very into the fashion
>he expresses desire for me to try it since I've seemed so interested
>try on one of his AP prints, fall in love
>mfw friday hes buying me one of the same prints in a different colorway so we can be twins

>> No.7784762

Not trying to be rude, I'm genuinely curious. Why would a FTM be interested in lolita?

>> No.7784765

Ahh well that's good. I hope things improve for you!

I'll be honest, people who want to present as male but wear girly things confuse the shit out of me. But w/e, have fun you crazy fuckin kids.

>> No.7784767

Because it's fun? The same reason some cis men are interested in the fashion, I suppose.
My boyfriend isn't traditionally masculine by any means, he loves lolita and japanese fashion in general. But only because its so OTT comparatively speaking. He would never at this point wear normal womens fashion.

>> No.7784774

I'm trying to lose weight by eating less and working out more. I'm doing it for my health first, but also to wear Lolita. I wouldn't be caught dead in those dresses at my size. I feel really shallow about it too since so many girls are wearing what they love in spite of what people think of them.

>> No.7784780

That makes sense, I suppose. I always raise my eyebrow at "FTM" people or "agender" people who are overtly girly, like lacy/frilly things, makeup, etc. It always seems like they want to enjoy female things without identifying with the gender, because "ugh girls are so bitchy and gross, yaoi and guys forever!!! xDD!!"

However what you two have going on sounds great for you both, and I bet you'll have a lot of fun twinning.

>> No.7784789

There is such a thing as being a girly boy though, regardless of your designated gender. There are also plenty of mtfs who are more butch/masculine than the majority of girls, although I'm not one of them.

I don't see why it should be surprising, though. Being trans in general kind of forces you to, at some age, break social customs and get used to the idea of not fitting in with the norm. Because of that, an ftm being into lolita/makeup/sewing or an mtf being into cars/sports doesn't surprise me at all.

It also might have to do with the fact that before coming to terms with your identity you're kind of pushed to be interested and comfortable with those things. Still doesnt necessarily apply to everyone, though.

I know exactly what you mean, and he feels the same way about most ftms, especially in the con scene where female cosplayers try to pass themselves off as being trans because they enjoy cosplaying male characters; outside of that however, they are completely typically girly. He's definitely not like that though. He's very much the man in the relationship and makes a great effort to pass outside of lolita and other fashions.

>> No.7784794

>Be me
>graduated in spring, decide to take a year off
>at home with parents and 11 year old sister
>sister has anxiety and anger issues, plus is 11
>pretty much whenever she's nervous about something she takes it out on me (going on a trip, she bitches at me for months before because anxiety or whatever)
>grandpa dies
>shitty enough for me without her
>Can't go a single day without her being a complete bitch
>walk downstairs
>are you really wearing that?
>look i have this super cute dress in the mail!
>oh my god thats so ugly ew
>tells her to stop bitching about some stupid thing
>starts hitting me/ throwing things/ biting me/ scratching me
>try to be nice, make food, take her shopping, talk about stuff, she just keeps doing it
>occasionally she'll apologize and we get along but then it's right back where we started the next day
I know I shouldn't let her get to me this much, but I can only take so much. I really am regretting taking the year off, fuck.

>> No.7784800

>move to new area
>be considering joining local comm
>haven't met anyone from it yet though
>be walking through mall
>a wild lolita appears!
>compliment her dress and ask her about local comm
>all through conversation she is givin me weird look
>as we part she turns back around and says over shoulder
>"By the way that's a really shitty Meta replica. If you're gonna be a cheap bitch at least get something cute"
>look at reflection in glass and try to figure how a retro sundress and a biker jacket remotely look like Meta's work
>well now I guess I can forget about the comm

>> No.7784805

Omg anon I'm sorry but that's hilarious. Do you have any pics of the sundress or is it just kind of a bargain-bin type thing? I'm really curious about that mistake, too.

>> No.7784806

Aha, I am actually both anons you're replying to. And yeah, I get you. I'm leery for the same reasons. Though I'm not trans myself, I am tired of people equating their hobbies, interests, and/or dislike of other people of the same gender with their own gender identity. Polite sage for OT.

>> No.7784811

Damn, what a cunt.Where?

>> No.7784821

Thank you anon for making this newfag trans-ita feel better about trying to be involved in the fashion. You just made my day.

>> No.7784823


Seconding this, >>7784800 - we need pics of that sundress. You poor thing, god. What a bitch.

>> No.7784827

The problem here is that you're a weak ass bitch who hasn't nip that bullshit in the butt.

Next time she hits you? Slap her cunt face across the room. I swear you people need to grow a backbone

>> No.7784831

I reaaally need to know the comm.

if she was wearing MMM it would make so much sense, MMM brandwhores are the worst.

>> No.7784834

>tfw I'm 5'7" and thought if I got down to that weight I'd have no problems with brand/wouldn't be chubby anymore.

Oh well, my AP Loyal Rosette skirt arrived and fits but really tightly so if I can get down to at least 65kg I'd be ecstatic. Time to stop being lazy I guess (I lost and have kept off only 5kg so far, my bad.)

>> No.7784835
File: 39 KB, 364x679, 71kontASm6L._UY679_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No pics, this is the closest I can find on Google though. Pretty standard rockabilly girl dress I guess, I got it at the thrift store. Wide straps, fitted, and then flared but not very full at all skirt. I literally can't fit a petticoat under it, at least not a good lolita one. Mine's in a red Hawaiian floral though.

>> No.7784843

New Jersey. And definitely not MMM, it was definitely a sweet print (I don't wear sweet so I'm not sure which brand though)

>> No.7784844

wow what an ubercunt, what state?

>> No.7784852
File: 15 KB, 295x400, cowboyfeels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>best friend whom I used to cosplay and go to cons with died in April
>It's been two conventions since he died
>First one was rough
>feel weird doing western stuff now without him
>Not sure really what to do at cons anymore without being able to get into mischief with him
>TFW I miss Westernfella

>> No.7784855

Sorry for your loss anon.

>> No.7784858

This is the first time I've been back on /cgl/ since back in April to see the thread someone had made about him. Thought I'd pop in. It's neat this was the first thread I saw so I felt like posting.

>> No.7784859

Terribly sorry, anon. I give you my condolences.

>> No.7784865

sorry anon

>> No.7784870

I leave for Dragoncon tomorrow

I'm still up
I'm not even working on my own unfinished cosplays
I'm working on my Littles [sorority]
Who hasn't said thank you
Or offered compensation for my time

What am I doing with my life, when did I become a doormat?

>> No.7784884

>didn't post on tumblr for months
>came back
>posted a nice but really plain outfit
>mfw almost 100 notes in less than 12 hours.

I know it's not that much for some people, but I feel a feel.

>> No.7784921

Please join the comm and show up looking way more fabulous than her and steal all of her nonexistant loli friends because she's such a bitch.

Perfect retribution.

>> No.7784924

I feel bad though, she's so much younger, and retaliating would just make it worse. Believe me, I've tried.

>> No.7784925

Seriously, I have two sisters who are 10 and 12 and they act the same way, just don't put up with her shit. She hits you, hit her back. Make it a fight. Don't go overboard, she is only 11, but fight back with the same force she's fighting you with. If she insults you, just call her a fucking bitch and act indifferently.

"That's ugly."

"So's your shitty attitude."

Shit like that. She'll stop.

>> No.7784927


Do not do this, she will resent you when she realizes how childish both of you were, even though you should have known better. Whenever she is unpleasant just avoid her.

>> No.7784933

Thank you, I feel very motivated now! I will try swimming, isn't it really bad for your hair though?

>> No.7784934

My boyfriend and I keep having talks about how he doesn't want to keep doing things for me - which I understand completely - but it's all because of my horrible anxiety. I don't think he understands that it doesn't make sense, and even though I know none of it makes sense, I still worry / am unable to do certain things.

Today I had to call the PO on the phone (one of my worst social anxiety issues) so I was really worn out. His dick of a stepdad made some really good curry and I really wanted some, but I didn't want to just like... take their food. I eat dinner there sometimes, but I feel weird when it's just like... food in the fridge. I explained it to him, and he refused to go and grab me a bowl. I didn't want to go myself because I'd have to face his stepdad who already doesn't like me, and the whole thing ended up with him telling me that I need to get my shit together or he can't stay with me. All over a bowl of curry.

I need to see a therapist. I need to get help and I need to fix this, but I'm so anxious, I don't know if I can. And he doesn't seem to be willing to help me out with it. I don't know what he wants me to do - I'd rather sit and starve while there's perfectly good curry in the fridge, all to avoid facing his stepdad who I see every other day, but he thinks I can handle making the appointment and going to a therapist all on my own.

He said he makes me do this kind of stuff so that I can get better, so that I'm exposed to it, but it just makes me anxious and sick. I don't know how to explain anything to him in a way he can understand, and his dad has all kinds of mental issues which caused problems in their relationship, so I feel like he's got very little patience for them.

>> No.7784945

Well I think if you aren't seeking professional help it's bloody unfair to expect your boyfriend to understand and do it all for you, especially since you don't even understand it yourself.I think he's right, you either get a therapist or lose a boyfriend. Can you not email about one rather than calling?

>> No.7784951

How did you even get a boyfriend in the first place?

>> No.7784952
File: 1.87 MB, 187x155, 1341400281943.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never change /cgl/.. never change

>> No.7784955

This. I used to act like that when I was 7-9, and my mom would retailiate with the same force I used. I obviously stopped, but whenever I think back on it I think about how fucking childish my mom was when she shouldve known better. I mean, christ, she was already in her 40s.

>> No.7784965
File: 11 KB, 300x300, Download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By a swim cap four your hair! This way it won't be damaged. They look butt-ugly, but whatever, better than having damaged hair.

>> No.7785169


>There's a lot of my weird shit happening this weekend.
>Loli meet Friday night, rat show Saturday morning.
>Really want to do both.
>Really want to spend time with boyfriend.
>Don't want to drag the poor thing around where he'll be bored.

..But at the same time, I always go with him to literally everything he wants to. I have to admit I'll be a bit offended if he won't, heh.

>> No.7785181
File: 381 KB, 180x135, 1376928265985.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's hard Anon, but it's the best thing for you to do. You need to figure your own life out before you support his, going to school and getting an education was the best thing I ever did(as cliche as that is to say). You're doing what's best for you and you know it, you can get through it Anon, but it'll be hard for a while.

>> No.7785186

That really sucks anon, maybe try to condescendingly ignore her negative emotions and only acknowledge her positive ones? And make sure you have some places/spaces to yourself.

>> No.7785459

It's only gotten bad like this in the last few months. I used to be relatively alright.

What I don't understand is, he seems to be perfectly willing to do things for me just because I'm too lazy to do them (like he'll offer to get me drinks and shit even if I don't say anything but it's been a while since I've had one) but when I actually really need his help, when I'm too anxious to do something, he seems set on not giving a shit.

Like, he'll carry my bags for me when we go shopping, he'll just take them out of my hands, no matter how much shit I bought, but when I asked if he'd go to the therapist with me, just go along, he refused.

He tells me like every other day how sick he is of me, and how tired he is of having to help me when I'm feeling bad, but then turns around and tells me how much he loves me and how he never wants to be away from me. I just don't know what he wants half the time. And then on other days he seems so caring and so concerned about how I'm feeling.

>> No.7785474

I know some straight guys who are into lolita

>> No.7785479
File: 497 KB, 320x263, tumblr_ls93h7uH3s1qafrh6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just put in my second Closet Child order

>> No.7785492

>tfw I've been into lolita for two years
>tfw I bought a dress almost two years ago
>tfw I haven't worn it yet because I've been wanting to lose weight for two years
>tfw finally lost 50 pounds, but want to lose 45 more (being 5'10 and large framed sucks sometimes... All the time... I've just wanted to be a petite qt all of my life whydidIhavetobethishumongous)
>tfw occasionally starting to not care about lolita anymore
>tfw wasting my dream dress

What am I doing.

>> No.7785498

>GF and I both order brand new the first time around the same time as each other
>Decide we'll both make unboxing videos for fun
>Package got here today
How do I make my video not shit

>> No.7785499

Stop doing it. Do yours. She's your little anyway, she should appreciate you for taking her under your wing and should be kissing your ass, not the other way around. Continue on hers after yours is done

>> No.7785505
File: 59 KB, 500x684, 1399902200449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good for you anon !!

>> No.7785509

Get a video editing software, Microsoft has one you can download for free if you're on a PC. Make sure you have good lighting, natural is best but use indoor lights if you have to. Cut out the awkward bits. Play some cute music in the background. Fast forward through/ mute parts that you're not doing much (for example, say "Alright, I'm going to open this now!" And then fast forward through the actually opening of the packaging)

>> No.7785514

Thanks anon! I'm probably going to rush the "my package took this long blah blah" since I always skip that part when I watch other peoples. I still want it there, though.

>> No.7785515

No problem! Good luck with you video :) oh and make sure you can hear your voice above the music

>> No.7785521

Thank you! I'm not even sure if I should post it, I'll see how it turns out!

>> No.7785524

Wouldn't it be better to add the music later in the editing program? That way it will be better quality (not a recording of a recording) and she can more easily play with the volume and even turn it up/down depending on when she's talking.

>> No.7785527
File: 76 KB, 500x419, tfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no gf

>> No.7785529

That's what i was going too do

>> No.7785662

Aww, thank you. I know I made the right decision, but the right decision isn't always the easiest. I wish I hated him, that would make this easier.

>> No.7785677
File: 19 KB, 345x437, 143604-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw boyfriend thinks lolita is cute and is mostly supportive BUT
>"Oh anon what are you getting dressed up all fancy for? We're just going to the zoo/ a restaurant/ the park/ a museum/ a concert/ someone's birthday/ a graduation ceremony/ my parents' 25th wedding anniversary, nobody's expecting you to be all dressed up like that!"
>"Hey anon why do you collect all those fancy dresses when you never wear them out?"
By lolita standards my coords are casual-tier (along the lines of pic related), but any time I'm wearing something other than a t-shirt with jeans my boyfriend thinks I'm overdressed. It's especially annoying because the frills are what attracted him to me in the first place and I only started dressing more slovenly when I started slipping into depression.
I just want to look fucking kawaii on dates again, damn it.

>> No.7785682

Just do it and tell him you're doing it to feel cute.

>> No.7785699


She's at the stage where she still can't differentiate right from wrong. The good news is that she's still at that stage where she can still be taught, and it's up to all you adults to teach her what is and what isn't wrong.

So don't give her any slack. Tell her what she's doing is fucking wrong, and discipline her for god's sake. She sounds like she's well on her way to becoming an insufferable brat.

>> No.7785705

just ask guys youre interested in if they like girls wearing it show them a pic for ref
did you try to change him? I dont think you shouldve went as far as dropping out but not give up on him altogether.I used to be the same way and be a neet, I got my shit together and now were better off.
moving out is where you fucked up:
>established relationship
>dumps guy with immature tastes but plays dress up past her teen years.
>girls are looking for guys with the same tastes, you bailed on a unicorn.
Enjoy your cats.

>great sex
>asian pick one
youre not even together yet and youre already giving it out?

>> No.7785708

Just let him know you're dressing cute because that's how you want to be, man. In the end, since it's a style you love and something you're used to, it's really not that much more effort than casual clothes. Doesn't feel like work to you, doesn't feel like you're going to fancy.

Judging by your pic, you style doesn't seem overdressed for most things and you seem to know when different clothes are appropriate.

My boyfriend's used to Walmart tier clothes and he's only now starting to look at stuff that's a little more flattering to his body but I think since my clothes were one of my hobbies he just always knew that's how I rolled. He never felt sloppy next to me or like I'm overdressed all the time. I think that's something that comes with knowing something's kind of important to someone.

>> No.7785711

>Try to make a costume in one week
>Fail because I didn't buy certain pants on the right day

>> No.7785713

I finally got the courage to delete a good handful of "friends" whom I know from the usual cosplay community off of my Facebook including my ex-boyfriend, especially him. Staying friends will just never work and he proved more than ever it wouldn't have done in the first place. Strangely enough I'm great friends with his little friend group though and they like me a lot.

Moving on feels good man. His loss for sure.

>> No.7785714

>like girls in lolita
>cant mention it in public without sounding like a creeper/ feinting an interest

my ex used to wear only jeans and graphic tees, shit drove me up the wall, I was trying to get her into girly clothing and not look like a potential SJW at the time, she gets in lolita but cant cord at all and says I have tacky taste at best. Also did this alot>>7784934(nothing against you), family was glad I broke it off since she would piss them off and use me as shield. I had to be an ambassador for both parties and making excuses for each side.

>> No.7785718

>New Jersey
Fuuuuck New Jersey, though

>> No.7785719

>best friend tells me he has feelings for me
>fuck fuck fuck
>only friend, don't want to lose him

>> No.7785721

Say goodbye to your emotional tampon.

>> No.7785722

you know what you have to do anon
pity sex

>> No.7785725

I never used him as a tampon. We just play games together and he talks to me about his problems, and we're both kind of broken and we just spend time together.

B-but.. I can't.

>> No.7785728
File: 142 KB, 751x700, 1339213021720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are welcome to have him if you think he's such a "unicorn" lmao. When I mean "manchild", I didn't mean he likes anime, I meant he acts like a fucking manchild, as in I'm expected to pay bills/clean house while he plays GTA. Enjoy working 40+ hours a week while he sits on his ass and uses your money for pot. I've tried helping him get a job, paying for various licenses so he could do something he liked, even just part time, for 3 years. I'm not his mother, and I'm definitely not some saint. I will very much enjoy my cat, cheaper to take care of, thanks.

>> No.7785729

This either goes two ways: one, he leaves you because he shouldn't have to spend time around someone who he loves but doesn't love him back; two, he stays around, hoping one day he'll win you heart, tries to act like just a friend, in the meantime you get another boyfriend, he constantly compares himself to your bf, you get more and more disgusted with him in your life, and it ends horribly.

>> No.7785733

make it full femdom, make him uncomfortable as possible, when he chickens out, tell him that he cant handle you or you can just reject him and watch your friendship deminsh.
you shouldve known better by dating a dudebro
you made him sound like a submissive femboi at first

>> No.7785735

He's not really a dudebro though. I wish he was a submissive femboi...he easily could have been, but noooo. He'd only hardcore crossdress for cons and never any other times, no matter if I asked. Sigh...

>> No.7785741

I think it's because getting you things while you're lazy seems "normal" to him, but when it's related to anxiety he's reminded there's a problem that needs fixing. If he's from a family that doesn't "do" therapy--either everyone's very stable and well or they don't BELIEVE in therapy/certain mental illnesses or believe that psychology is a crock--then that could be why he doesn't feel comfortable getting involved in your therapy.

Anon, for your own sake? I'd say go for it, e-mail someone about setting up a therapy appointment. I know that;s terrifying, but do that for YOURSELF. I can't guarantee he'll be supportive after that, but as much as he's flip flopping he seems to want to help...somehow? There are two ways we can see this as outsiders: he's a boyfriend who wants to help but maybe feels like he's making things worse by doing things FOR you.

Or, he's emotionally manipulative or prone to gaslighting. He seems okay, so I'm leaning toward the first.

But for you? Get yourself some help. If you can, find a friend that will come with you/support you when you start therapy. Vent in threads like these when you freak out about going. Whatever helps you. And doing ANYTHING, even setting up the appointment, HELPS you.

>> No.7785743

>not picking the quirky shy guy that goes pulls off of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde when he gets in bed that cuddles afterwards only to warm you up for seconds.
vary your tastes anon, you might be surprised in what you find

>> No.7785750

Well Im a afraid to admit it but, using a B.O.B helps me calm down a bit but they are always in the house

>> No.7785755

Eh, my sex drive isn't really that high, so that might be too much for me. I don't really want to date for awhile, anyways. If my ex just got his shit together even a little bit, I would totally take him back, ugh...

>> No.7785763

I posted in the old thread but now I keep fucking up more...

>move to new city 2 weeks ago with bf
>bf pays for everything
>need to help out
>get job at mall food court for minimum wage
>late first day because couldn't find keys
>walk 1.5 miles to work
>everything fine for week of work
>quit because found higher paying job
>left keys in bfs car last night
>late again to first day at new job
>walked 2.2 miles in heat
>$200 left in bank account but spent half on new dress clothes and shoes for job
>get to job
>girl instructs me poorly
>head chef gets mad bec I cant cut sushi with a dull knife
>anon, I thought you said you did this before
>how old are you
>yes, in high school about 9 years ago with an actual sushi knife
>head chef keeps giving me shit
>keeps asking if this is my first job
>district manager comes in
>wow all of you are doing this incorrectly

I hate this already, and I'm sure they already know i'm a moron. I am, though. but the managers have high expectations because I have 7 years food service experience and a bachelors

>> No.7785778

bring your own knife to work and see how it "cuts"

if anything go to a con for a fling, you probably have more pent up frustration than you think. The rush will clear your head and forget about everything

>> No.7785788

Thanks, anon. He's really sweet and I feel so bad, like I'm a mooch or something, but I wish he'd just understand that sometimes I actually need his help with these things.

I'm going to make an appointment when I get my next work schedule.

>> No.7785799
File: 2.00 MB, 236x309, tumblr_mr01hrhMls1rjfa9oo1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

um...no thanks, like I said, low sex drive, plus strangers scare me....I'm good.

>> No.7785803

Nah just slut yourself out to the hottest guy in the showroom.

>> No.7785817

>You go to a con and you don't even enjoy it

>> No.7785821

>tfw you didn't fuck the hottest guy there so it ended up being bad

>> No.7785830

>You didn't fuck anyone at all because you're a guy and ugly
>You didn't socialize
>The panels weren't good
>Didn't want to spend a bunch of money
>Spent most of the time in the game room
>Went 1-2 in the Street Fighter tournament
>Didn't go to raves because friends were too tired and had to take them home
>Didn't even have a costume because short notice

>> No.7785841

>tfw you could have used that con money and time to fuck an escort

>> No.7785846

I don't even wanna bother fucking an escort. I don't wanna do anything at all except play video games and I can't even do that well apparently.

>> No.7785861

/v/ goes to a con

>> No.7785896

This is what living is like.

>> No.7785900

How bad were her coords?

>> No.7785902

Lmao enjoy being racist and alone

>> No.7785911

Im new to lolita since I cant dress up myself, but the stuff she wanted was clashing in colors, hippy-ish style, dirty colors and most of it wasnt even lolita,lets just say she wouldve easilly been called out for it. Aside from that, she was one that would start fights with people and make me finish them like some kind of berserker. I like making people feel comfortable enough to be themselves, not to play papa bear.

>> No.7785915

That's because he is your boyfriend and he enjoys doing nice boyfriend things for you. He doesn't want to be your hand-holding enabler that you can shit on and expect amateur therapy from the minute your heart starts beating faster and you feel icky about doing something that every other adult has to do on their own. While I also have anxiety and I also feel down in the dumps when my SO and friends don't want to go the extra mile to accommodate me, I (and you) have to understand that it is just that - the extra mile. Not the basic expected behavior. Please work on growing up. Send an email. Stop moaning about people not holding your hand.

>> No.7785973

> be bipolar psycho lolita
> finally get my dream job after two years of fucking up my life
> today, three weeks in, have a nervous breakdown and spend half an hour hysterically sobbing in the bathroom
> clean myself up and leave bathroom, run into half of the department just standing around in the hallway listening to my manic whale cries
> clock out for the day, nope the fuck home
> spend this month's paycheck and then some on burando and a Taobao order while sobbing into a tub of strawberry ice cream

I'll just hand in my resignation better tomorrow and strangle myself with some OTKs afterwards. Fuckfuckfuck what am I doing with my life.

>> No.7785978

Don't resign! Maybe tell your boss you had a nervous breakdown and keep your "dream job"? I wouldn't give up that easily.

>> No.7786072

>want a lolita friend to teach me how to not suck at lolita
>scared of lolitas
>scared of seagulls
>act like a highschooler still
>collect weeb trash shit and I don't even watch anime that often, just like the aesthetic
wat do

>> No.7786082

I agree with other anon, you don't have to give up because of one breakdown, sometimes I need one occasionally just to get by. Some employers are really understanding if you explain the situation to them, you could probably get a second chance if you persist.

Don't fuck it up now because of one thing.

>> No.7786091

Yeah and they can't fire you over that either, so don't give up!

>> No.7786101

Do you know if there is a comm near you?

>> No.7786393

be friends with me
we'll probably never talk because both scared of seagulls + lolitas
so we can just admire from afar

>> No.7786416

tfw no comm

>> No.7786427
File: 87 KB, 414x260, 1402865456308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I added a few anons on Skype and went a few days without talking to them because I didn't want to come across as weird and now I feel even weirder.

Also, all the lolitas in this state live waaaay far south or east of me(everybody lives in Orlando I swear to god), so no matter where I go, I'm doomed to be the lone lolita.

>> No.7786441

Don't resign, anon! You can do this and you are not alone. I had a few bad breakdowns when I first started my dream job, and it was embarrassing at first, but I stayed. Everyone saw me cry and everything and I left for the day once. But I explained where I was at mentally with my manager, took the time I needed to pull myself together and came back the next day, I even leaned on a few friends for support and HR for some guidance on work load and work stress. No one even remembers my breakdowns, and I'm known as that kickass coordinator that can roll with any punch now. If I had left, I would have forever been known as queen weepy who left after accidentally releasing a first party game for free to thousands of people... And leaving like that can create a reputation that follows you into your next job. Stick it out, I really think you can do it, just have a good cry for now and find some friends to help you through it!

>> No.7786486

I-I'll be your friend anon...

>> No.7786495

there is. I'm scared of them. I wish I was joking.
I tried to make friends with at least two of them and they havent returned any of my messages and it has been about a year. I don't even know what I did.
They seemed excited to be my friend and then just dropped me cold turkey. maybe my coords are too plain, I dunno.

whats your emails?

>> No.7786504

[email protected]
sorry in advance if I'm a boring loser

>> No.7786525

I sent you the most horrible email ever. I was probably dropped due to my inability to socialize

>> No.7786587

I emailed you back anon!

>> No.7786618

So, i'm going to a smaller con this weekend. It is my little sisters birthday present from me. It will be her first con, she wants to cosplay and everything and is super excited.

Though, I'm a NEET, I have bad depression/anxiety and its been acting up really bad lately. I don't know how I'm going to keep up my usual confident happy act. My little sister has been having a hard time you know, with starting high school this year and I want to make sure she has a great time for her bday.

I need to be strong but, I'm feeling like I can't keep up. She doesn't know of my major issues as its kept secret from her. It's so hard to make sure you make sure the people around you are happy when I feel like this. I'm near suicidal with no real solution. I can't even cosplay like I loved to the last couple times ive been to cons because i just have lost all little confidence i had.

I'm also a little worried her cosplaying will make her super nervous if she gets some of those socially awkward guys wanting pictures. I know for someone shy it can be quite uncomfortable. *The ones I mean that like to get real close and touch for a pic*

Should I be more protective or let her handle it? She'll be 14 but , where we live that kind of stuff doesn't happen... Advice would be great.

>> No.7786634

>tfw trying to make a costume in one night

If it doesn't work, I literally give up.

>> No.7786699
File: 1.29 MB, 242x302, iveseensomeshit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>enjoys watching vintage educational films
>decide to watch old driving films for the shits and giggles
>they graphically show real victims of car accidents
>it is literally a car accident and can't look away
>now can't go to sleep because of what I saw

I made a bad choice, a very bad choice.

>> No.7786715

If you tell them about your problems they'll likely be accommodating. Especially since they could get the shit sued out of them if they fired you for it since it's a legitimate condition.

>> No.7786850

you should probably never go to real gore sites online then either
>people die in much more violent ways than car accidents every day
>first world problems

tfw being on the bad parts of the internet decreases sensitivity levels. tfw cannot feel.

>> No.7786884

>tfw used to be fascinated with gore when I was a preteen
>tfw you've been desensitized since and nothing has fazed you
>tfw 21 and don't have any feelings when you actually see death in real life
this is not a good feel

>> No.7786888

>had to do research on Sinaloa cartel
>what these eyes have seen they cannot unsee

I made an even worse choice.

>> No.7786898

You guys should work as EMTs/Paramedics. Unless you're so unfazed that you can't even be bothered to help someone.

>> No.7786902

w-what sites

>> No.7786907

Don't forget morticians, I heard the pay is better

>> No.7786908

I'm already majoring in something that puts me to work in a hospital and pays 5x as much as a paramedic/emt but t-thanks

>> No.7786909

>best gore is the main one
generally google searching things like 'aftermath of engineer being sucked through jet engine' or 'violent chainsaw execution cartel south america' sort of stuff will bring up that sort of thing
I can deal with the sight of blood/death/etc, not so much with the smells and sounds associated.

>attempting to keep this on topic
s-so uh, gore in lolita is uh
>always too childishly idealized
i give up

>> No.7786913

i am >>7782953
sooo i broke up on tuesday it is now friday

he can't really take things i think he believes he can still 'salvage' it, i just ignored him altogether, completely cut off everything. but i am having trouble myself. rationally speaking i know we broke up, but i feel as if i'm just having a period of time where i am not speaking to him but still a couple. it is very strange i actually don't love him would care for him as a friend at most, but all the leftover "couple feeling" lingers and i don't know how to get rid of it.

things that happened so far
>mope around at home
>go on omegle and flirt with random guys like a cheap whore
>wore dream dress out yesterday OMG got crazy complimented by so many random strangers, also went to japanese supermarket in search of some pickles and i was spinning the heads of all the japanese food promoter people, they were like "kawaii!! good good!!" (they were just old men and women in 40s~70s btw)
>mope around in my bed
>sleep past 3am
>faze in and out of sleep throughout the day
>drink at home cos can't sleep
>get drunk and do stupid shit to strangers i met on omegle, become free fap material rendering myself essentially cheap and worthless
>feel like shit
>spent a few hundred dollars on taobao - luckily nearly everything i buy has some kind of lolita resale value in case i regret it later hah

i don't know why i feel so sad like i don't love him but i feel very sad. can somebody explain what is wrong with me and how do i get out of this shit

>> No.7786914

ohhh yeah. Nobody ever mixes really gross SFX makeup with their guro coords. Its always corn syrup blood drops on a white dress and an eye patch.
>not lolita but my favorite lady as far as gorey fx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKtnqTbNSI8&list=UUpnr0wfypsOU1yILwamOYiw

>> No.7786915

things i am not sure about
>how much to sell shitty waloli for - he paid like 150 for it, on LM it will be worth 30~40 lol
>after selling waloli should i return money to him
i feel like the correct thing to do is to return him the money, but i feel like being selfish and keeping it, as if i was 'paid' to nanny him and carry his emotional load for the 3 years
>presents from him
he has given me some jewellery so i HAVE to return those - i don't even like the designs anyway honestly. how and when do i return them to him?
what about the cheap presents from him? small little random shit? what do i do with those?
>paint tools
he bought me some REALLY expensive equipment for painting during our anniversary early august. i am very unsure what to do with this. am tempted to keep, but if i do i can't really just throw money back at him he won't take it. should i just selfishly keep and treat it like "nannying fee" as i said above, or should i try to buy him something back for the equipment.
>box of memories
i also keep a few cheap gifts or pieces of paper and little objects, i did not touch that box in months, however i am not sure what to do with it now. should i chuck it away, throw it to him, or keep it or what the fuck i don't know what to do. fuck i don't even want to go open that box.

and when is a good time to go sort out all these items - should i do it now or when i feel less hurt/painful

i'm sorry for being all spaghetti all over here.

>> No.7786921

>American but live in Japan
>boyfriend is Japanese
>tfw he says I can use his Yahoo auction account

Arigatou boyfriendo ;_;

>> No.7787008

>Meet guy on okcupid who isnt fugly and not a 30 year old creeper
>Actually have decent conversations and have stuff in common
>Lets me jokingly harrass him and doesn't get all passive aggressive

Not sure where this is going but right now it's nice to possibly have a relationship in the future. Might see him at the next con I go to

>> No.7787028

Of course it's weird, even though you know it's the best thing for both of you -change is terrifying even when you want it to happen. There's nothing wrong with you, it's like a stages of grief thing because it's the end of something that you were used to, plus you've basically lost a best friend right now. I promise it gets better. With the stuff, just keep it, sell it, or post it back. Don't go see him, because he is actually going to be better off with more distance between you to let him come to terms with it, if you talk with him he is filtering things through his perception of you guys still being in love/there being hope so he will misinterpret everything you say even if you are basically telling him there's no fucking way. It's like, when you have a crush on someone any attention is suddenly a possible sign they like you, it's the same thing for him right now. The only way he'll get the message is if you ignore him.
I know it sounds super shit because you want to be friends but he is not capable of being just friends with you right now, there will always be a subtext of him wanting/expecting more from your relationship unless you make it really clear, and unfortunately that may mean being very blunt and direct in your actions and basically not talking to him if he brings up wanting to be more than friends. He also sounds immature, if he believes he can change things/you it doesn't actually sound like he really cares about your feelings, just his.

>> No.7787032

Oh, and keep cheap presents and paint tools, return jewellery by post, sell wa loli for whatever you can get for it on eBay, burn the box.

>> No.7787072

I stopped buying any sort of clothing except absolutely necessary things for three years bc I hated my weight and the way I looked in clothes. So you're not alone and I don't think it's shallow. You can do it!

>> No.7787140

I have a friend that does that, the pay is very good.

>> No.7787150

not that anon but I"m doing exactly that right now because I hate the way I look

>> No.7787175
File: 96 KB, 332x333, 1400791969982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>few years ago become friends with a guy
>skinny, tall and looks like a typical nerd
>shy and bit awkward but actually a cool guy when you get to know him
>start falling for him
>but have no confidence to confess
>he seems to like me too but nothing happens
>he has to move out to another country because of his parents' job
>he keeps contact with me all the time
>sometimes comes to visit, hang out like the old times
>meanwhile he decided to hit the gym and change his looks from nerd to....jock?
>as years pass we aren't in contact as much
>suddenly he starts sending me messages me 3 months ago
>says he is here and wants to see me
>we meet
>he has gotten really attractive, which is great, but something is off
>it's his personality
>very self absorbed and douchebagery behavior
>constantly comments almost every girl that passes
>checking social media on his phone all the time
>tries to hook up with me
>i know he has a girlfriend
>feel disgusted, cut contact with him
>currently feel sad

It's a complicated kind of feeling, I hate the new him, but I still like the old him and since he changed his personality a lot, it feels like the old "real" him has died.


>> No.7787206 [DELETED] 

>t-thanks /fit/

>> No.7787209

>t-thanks /fit/ ;_;

>> No.7787317

Westernfella was my fave trip. I miss him too anon, I feel for you.

I lost a real life con friend too this year, I've started going to a brand new con with no connections to departed friend to contain the feels. While I was at this con, a different friend had a suicide attempt which to me seemed to come completly out of nowhere. I'm going back soon, very worried as I couldnt convince them to come with. they say they are fine now but I'm not buying it.

>> No.7787338
File: 47 KB, 500x375, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Make lots of new friends at cons, good times had by all.
>Fast forward to today.
>One friend started a ton of drama and stopped coming to cons.
>Another friend just stopped talking to me altogether for no reason.
>Just found out yesterday one of my closest cosplay friends is moving to San Fran.
>Wife wants to move. Not sure if I'll be able to afford going to cons come next year.

God it hurts cgl. ;_;

>> No.7787364

Just be sure you stay with her, anon. In my experience the guys who prey on the innocence of underage girls are usually scared off if the girl has a male escort with her. Even so, you may want to take her aside before the con and gently remind her that if she's ever uncomfortable, you'll be right there to step in. A lot of young girls are afraid their peers won't believe them if they report poor behavior and keep quiet - so assuring her that you'll be there if she needs you can go a long way.

Have a good time at the con! I know cons usually do wonders for my mental health - being surrounded by people with similar interests is always a good feeling, even if a few cringeworthy weebs come with the package.

>> No.7787577

this is why you get them while they are still some what timid but not fat shits or roided normies

>> No.7787606
File: 31 KB, 500x332, tumblr_naqnz2TwIg1qzgmjdo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are people from /fit/ so obsessed with posting in in cgl? They look a bit lost and I just want to pat them on the head and send them on their way

>> No.7787614

they want to prove they arent overweight neetbreads that fish for mentally ill girls on an anonymous christian imageboard.

they do this by catering to thier fetishes of tall slim men that have same interests or pity them

>> No.7787640

>Buy dress with wrist cuffs and head piece from girl on eg sales
>I'll ship it this weekend, Anon!
>A week goes by without a message from seller.
>Message seller
>Hey, Seller? May I have a tracking number if you shipped it?"
>Oh, sorry, I got sick over the weekend, so I couldn't ship your package but I'll do it for sure tomorrow since I don't have to work!"
>It's been days since the last message and still no tracking, no messages from seller, nothing.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I've heard a lot about how lolitas like to get conveniently sick/ill when it comes to shipping things and I'm worried this is what's going on now.

It doesn't help the last person I bought something from "forgot" about my package for a month and it wasn't until I asked about it that they shipped it, but the seller fucked up the address to the point it was almost nothing like my actual address and then didn't put my name on it, so getting that package was hell. I just don't want another shitty buying experience.

>> No.7787645

Tip: Quit fucking being late for work on the first day. When you end up leaving they may not be inclined to give future employers a good reference.

>> No.7787750
File: 728 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n3qj94FbIh1r922azo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you can finally see your first coord coming together nicely

hold me, seagulls

>> No.7787769

They hate fat people and want to either help them help themselves, or hope that they die off quickly and stop being a drain on the world. And well if you hadn't noticed about 99% of this board is fat and crazy.

>> No.7787772

Decently /fit/ bro here, I took a job at advance auto parts last year and had to shave most of my hair (looked kinda like shaggy from scooby doo) and I now wear it in a faux hawk because it's the only short style that looks good with my consistency of hair, I also started going to the gym because a lot of my coworkers invited me and it became a habit. However though all this physical change I go through my taste in women hasn't changed, I still like the same pale, blue haired weeb girls I did when I had my shaggy mane, goatee and did nothing but smoke pot all day. Problem is, I look like so much of a normalfag douche now, most girls I find attractive don't give me a passing glance because they think they have nothing in common with me or that I'm messing with them somehow.

I've need the money for car parts, con hotels, cosplay, miscellaneous and food. But I'm more depressed than ever on the inside. Help me /cgl/

>> No.7787802
File: 1.25 MB, 350x265, tumblr_n9jj1tytQJ1td3k3fo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got to help someone out with something lolita-related that I feel confident with, and also providing with really good information.
I finally feel like I'm of some use

>> No.7787831 [DELETED] 
File: 93 KB, 1280x712, damn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm gonna get banned for this but yolo

>be 19 y.o. virgin girl
>guy who is intelligent and cute is interested in me, go on a few dates with him
>he was a bit sexually pushy at first
>this makes me nervous, tell him I didn't want to do that and wasn't ready
>he says he's ok with that
>talk to me about various things for hours, tells me how much he likes me, I come to like him too, I was very happy
>made me his gf and even facebook official
>even met my parents
>eventually trust him enough to have sex with him
>going on trip for 3 weeks
>he seems a little aloof the couple days before, making me uneasy
>halfway through the trip I find out he reactivated his okcupid profile and was looking for dates
>depressed the rest of the trip, wake up crying and practically stopped eating
>after trip I confront him in tears, no intention of getting back together but I wanted to know why he was so fucked up
>he tries to deny it at first but eventually gives me an apathetic sorry
>blocked me from facebook

>little more than one week later
>find his bodybuilding.com profile from internet sleuthing
>read his posts about how he's had gfs but kept multiple women on the side, his psychological manipulations techniques such as asking a girl for nudes so he can have the "upper hand"
>also has posted pictures of himself and his flings, even a censored nude a girl sent him
>tfw was too smart to send him nudes
>spent the last hour screenshotting his posts
>feeling high as fuck from power and justice
>might send the posts to his family, friends, heck maybe even his employer as well as register him on a cheating website with a high google search priority along with the evidence
>Might wait a few months to do it so he knows it isn't me
>All the while he is going about his daily business, unaware of how I could destroy him in a few minutes

Feels good man.

>> No.7787832

Are you 12?

>> No.7787834

send it to his family. fucking do it. He deserves it for how he treated you, and apparently other women.

>> No.7787845

I plan on it

>> No.7787848 [DELETED] 

I would post his posts too just to show how fucked up he is; I don't think my description did it justice but I don't some reverse whiteknight ruining this for me.

>> No.7787851

I don't think you should. I'd also delete this if I were you. It's not /cgl/ related and you actually sound 12 especially with stuff like 'his employer will register him on cheaters website' and that kind of shit. No one in reality is going to give a shit.

>> No.7787855
File: 45 KB, 453x613, 451953189.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw dream dress is becoming ever more unattainable
Going for over 80k with no proof photos on mbok atm

>> No.7787861

Thanks anon! We will have a male with us which does make me feel better about that. I tend to be over protective as an older sister.

>> No.7787862

Same. I finally got to see one of my friends from uni after summer was over.
>smokes daily now
>hides weed in his room with questionable roommate/boyfriend??(not really sure)
>drinks a lot and is becoming an alcoholic

I can't help but feel like dorms and uni have caught up to him and I'm just slowly fading into the background again. He was my first friend there(I'm pretty antisocial) and it hurts a lot more than I think it should to think about it. I feel so lost. What he does isn't my decision so I feel I should sit back and let him go.

>> No.7787864

IMO any gifts given in a relationship are yours to keep. I'd sell the jewelery, honestly. They were gifts to you, they're yours, unless he like just bought them for you, give those back and keep the rest.

>> No.7787869

>>be nerd
>>spend time on /fit/
>>become fit
>>still a nerd inside
>>"well i'm hot now, where should i go to talk to girls that are qt and also into nerd things, i want to prove to myself that all that time i spent getting jacked wasn't a waste"

This is the thought process. It's dumb but, I mean, they aren't wrong.

I was almost one of those guys, but I found my qt nerd gf on /r9k/ instead. She's a total domme tomboy but I can live with it, finding a gf on 4chan pretty much guarantees weirdess.

>> No.7787876

>Bought some Kreepsville stuff from a UK website
>A couple weeks later, noticed email said they'd take 28 days to dispatch
>Looked up company online, turns out there's a lot of complaints about them not shipping or not giving refunds on missing items or returned goods
>5 days ago filed paypal dispute and escalated to claim as they haven't shipped and rather have refund
>Today receive package from them
>Received 4 out of 6 items
>Note says "[...] i'll wait to hear from you re: your 2 outstanding tee's."

I'm so confused, why do I need to contact them when they should be telling me why they didn't include two t-shirts. Also I'm not sure if I need to change the claim to 'Items not as described' or it still counts as 'Items not received'. There's nowhere to leave a comment on paypal to say I've received SOME but not all the order.

>> No.7787919

vaguely related

>Be with bf of two years, same views on life and hobbies, everything is going perfect except for the long distance
> Making preparations for bf to move country
> Sudden school fees rising
>parents just blew 15k on their wedding and can't help
> No money for anything anymore have to cancel cons and most project me an bf had planned
>Feeling like shit for having to let everybody down
> Unfinished projects laying everywhere
> Part time job won't pay enough

All of my savings are now gone and we'll mostly have to wait another year before we can contemplate moving in together.

also not /cgl/ related but
>Switzerland being a dick about legal immigration
> Illegal migrants everywhere, getting better treatment and easier access to everything

It doesn't feel right being jealous of illegal migrants, I don't want to be that kind of person but it's just so frustrating.

>> No.7787920
File: 51 KB, 800x800, 1396354084950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 5'4, 130lbs and super clumsy
>tfw want to do ballet but scared I'm too fat and graceless and I'll just embarrass myself
>tfw I keep making up bullshit reasons to never take it up like "i'll just give up on it anyway, it's not worth the time or money", "i'll just get hurt, i'm too weak to stretch my body", "the music is boring anyway", "my armpits are ugly, a leotard won't be flattering", etc
>tfw I know I'm only hurting myself
I want do what I want, but I'm very anxious and scared of being judged.

>> No.7787939

Don't bother. Take yoga instead if you want grace and flexibility. Once you're over 12, ballet hurts more than it helps. You'll be much more comfortable too, trust me.

>> No.7787940

Agreed. I never ask for gifts back and I never give them back. I knew what I was doing giving expensive gifts, all my exes keep their property and a gift I gave to them, is theirs. If he pitches a fit, ignore. No legal standing to argue, nor moral imo

>> No.7787943

I'm the same weight,trying to lose 12pounds. I feel even fatter now that you think you're fat ;~;
I think you're a cute person anon,I feel you so much though and I think you should go for it and try your best and do what makes you happy

>> No.7787946

Anon do what you want, I'm 20 and i just started, you can do it even if it takes a little work.
Do what makes you happy, life is too short

>> No.7787964
File: 43 KB, 500x500, 752921277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree wholeheartedly with >>7787939. Unless you can find a beginner class at your local community center or something, somewhere that can really ease you into doing it properly, you can mess yourself up. Also, and this part by no means describes the entire community, I've found that many of the ballet dancers I've met are self obsessed and rather two-faced to beginners, especially if they've been dancing their entire life and you're starting at 16 or 17 (bad personal experience; like I said, this definitely doesn't describe all ballet dancers everywhere). They have a right to be, since they invested a ridiculous amount of time and energy to get where they are, but I found it wasn't an environment that I wanted to place myself in at such a comparatively "late" age.

Yoga's become stupid popular in the last few years, so there's almost guaranteed to be beginners classes somewhere near you. It'll help your flexibility and balance, not to mention get yourself comfortable with your body and perhaps more motivated to lose weight if you want to do so. I think people would tend to be less judgmental in those classes too. You sound adorable, anon, and you deserve to be more confident in yourself.

>> No.7787969

I disagree with this entirely. The only thing that will "mess you up" about ballet is going en pointe before you're ready. Normal ballet is not dangerous at all. I started at 16 and couldn't be doing better.

>> No.7787971

>pull one of my only ever sickies
>boss found out
> fired with no notice
>boyfriends contract finished on the same day and it's not being renewed

on a depressing good side
>started camming
>500 followers by my third day

>> No.7787974
File: 23 KB, 260x194, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie dude, you literally explained my entire thought process down to a T

>> No.7787982

Wow congrats! I mean sucks that you lost your jobs but that's impressive!

>> No.7787988

Where do you cam?

>> No.7787990

Upon reading my previous post, I sound sarcastic as shit but im actually not, this niggas on to something, although I also browse this board because I legitimately enjoy cosplaying not just the qt's that browse this board

>> No.7787992
File: 103 KB, 1280x720, 1393544121610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just go for it anon ! I used to dance ballet for a few years when I was younger and only got good memories out of it despite not even being that good or graceful. I don't remember anyone in the group ever making fun of the bigger girls and in fact most of the basic practice includes calisthenics and stretching so it should help you lose weight / get more fit along the way.
If you just keep making excuses you'll definitely regret it. I still feel a bit bad for quitting back then, so if you're feeling nervous or shy then try to think of it like you're doing it as a favor to a fellow anon who can no longer be a cute ballerina. You have my full support, and I bet you'll look beautiful while dancing !

>> No.7787997

>qt nerd gf on /r9k/
So which underaged psycho with body dysmorphia did you choose?

>> No.7788000

>and I bet you'll look beautiful while dancing !

Fatty beginners don't look beautiful while dancing. Stop lying. It'll be awkward for her, but if it's a personal goal, that shouldn't matter. With practice and dedication she'll look beautiful, not with babying comments.

>> No.7788027

Chill, no one looks good as a beginner be it a fatty or not. I'm sure that everyone, including anon herself, knows that she won't be the most gorgeous dancer from the get go, but nothing wrong with offering support and compliments. But sure, have it your way.

>> No.7788079

>never heard of that car
>google it
>it's an SUV

>> No.7788087

It's coddling to compliment like that.

>> No.7788128
File: 246 KB, 1177x892, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying Lexus isn't a Japanese company
>implying the RX-350 is an actual SUV when it's really a crossover (lrn2auto)
>implying my Grandpa didnt put that SUV to use, helping drive around his friends in homes and taking them to hang out when he knows their families haven't been visiting them as much as they should
>implying the biggest, fattest, heaviest and gas guzzling SUV on the market isn't the Range Rover (a European car manufacturer)

Come on yurop, it's like you're not even trying anymore....

>> No.7788133

anon you're so cute

>> No.7788146
File: 40 KB, 184x184, 1400609485219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm going through the same thing right now, anon. A gift is a gift. If somebody gives you something or says you can have it, that's that. Choosing to part with it due to the stress and sadness it causes you is a whole other thing, unfortunately.

Take into consideration the sentimental value before the monetary value. Before you sell those things, think about the memories behind them. I'm not saying hold onto junk forever, but take a little time to think about how you felt when he gave it to you. Don't let yourself grow cold and materialistic. I know this is /cgl/, but you know what I mean. The fact that you're feeling doubt means you are a human being with a heart, anon.

Focus on healing before you start dealing with the painful mess. You can't progress further if material things are holding you back. I hope you do what your heart feels is right.

>> No.7788155

you can find shoes like that for cheaper an aliexpress

>> No.7788160

How the fuck old are you?

>> No.7788163

thats only because you're new.
followers will die off and drop you when your new status isn't there.
also if you ever take a day off people will drop you.

>> No.7788214
File: 169 KB, 691x366, Cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently at Dragoncon, scored a room at the Marriott.

I told two of my close friends they could stay with my boyfriend and I. No problem, they are cool people.

One of them, we'll just call her Loki, asks if her friend Sif can join, way back in March. I say no problem.

Now I am not too fond of rooming with people I don't know, but I made an exception.

But just 20 minutes ago, Loki's cousin and friend come by and ask to stay in our room. Loki is now mad at me because I said no.

I don't want to loose a friendship over this, but I'm not comfortable with anymore people staying here.

I'm not in the wrong here right? Why do I feel so bad?

>> No.7788219

You are in the right, and don't let them make you feel bad.
People like them are fucking assholes, and I've dealt with too many of them (and the horrible experiences that they put me through) to have any sympathy.

>> No.7788229

No, you're in the right. She should have asked you in advance instead of trying to manipulate you to make a decision at the con instead. By doing it there she was trying to force you to say yes since "they're already there, anon".

I had a friend who used to do the same thing quite often until I dropped her. Dealing with her was suffering.

>> No.7788234

Lmao implying girls in /cgl are anything other than cold, materialistic whores. I'm sure all of you only got in your relationships in the first place for the boyfriend buck$.

>> No.7788238


You lived with an ex BF for 6 months?

That sounds like a terrible idea.

>> No.7788242

>3 months worth of expenses

Is it common to be this broke?

>> No.7788245

It's more of a they were supposed to stay with friends but the friends bailed and she feels responsible for them.

She is currently giving me the silent treatment but I'm trying not to give any fucks.

Thank you, I feel slightly better about it now.

>> No.7788250


You are getting bullied by a fucking 11 year old?

>> No.7788261

6 years you incompetent baboon

>> No.7788263
File: 42 KB, 500x542, 1397095621170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>27 yo with his shit together
>dating nothing but normalfag females
>tfw can't find a seagull gf

>> No.7788267

Then you must like getting put down by an 11 year old
Making excuse about why you can't do shit only gives her more power

>> No.7788269

No. I told him I wasn't renewing the lease in March and that I didn't want to live together.

been together 6, lived together 3

>> No.7788372

>March to August

Fine, maybe more like 5 months.

Still, if I was breaking up with someone I wouldn't continue living there.

>> No.7788400

I use Vyvanse. I've been on it for 3 years now after trying Ritalin, and 2 other medicines I don't remember the names of. So Vyvanse is pretty good IMO.

Oh, something else to mention though, don't know how old you are, but after you get older usually people need less of a dosage. When you first take it and your heart pounds a lot and you feel the need to stretch a lot then you might have too high of a dosage. Thats what happened for me, I'm currently taking 40mg and that seems like a good amount to keep me focused during the day.

>> No.7788406

>tfw no local /cgl/ qt to be my gf and buy her all her lolita things

>> No.7788409

Anon it sounds to me that you need to hit her back, fuck shit like her resenting you.
She's a little bitch.

Honestly some kids are shitty and need a taste of their own medicine. If she's really pushing your limits she really needs to know what it feels like to get treated like shit.

From what you're saying, you're a pretty patient person, so I think that if you slap her back when she's basically attacking you and if she sees you really fucking mad, the message will be sent through. Sometimes that kind of tool is to be used, especially if your parents aren't doing shit to correct her behavior.

>> No.7788415

That sounds pathetic as fuck, bro.

>> No.7788416

I think the problem is that they had a lease together. It would be kinda unfair to suddenly dump someone with rent they can't afford and are contractually obligated to pay for until the lease is up.

>> No.7788417


>> No.7788418

They don't care

>> No.7788433

I'm smaller and heavier, wtf? Reading all the people here being taller annd lighter than me makes me really insecure...

>> No.7788434

Northern California

>> No.7788436

Hit the gym, fatty.

>> No.7788441

I do, almost every day, for 3 years. Did other sport before that, fuck, I even teach sports occasinally. I'm fit, have lots of muscle, about 90lbs.

>> No.7788448
File: 169 KB, 720x576, IW8xCOO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>about 90lbs.

>> No.7788451

Socal, baby

>> No.7788452

Wow, why so sandy?

>> No.7788456

Obviously kidding. You originally complained about other people being lighter than you. 90lbs is plenty light.

>> No.7788458

I don't get it, is 90lbs too few muscle? Sounds like a lot?

>> No.7788462

No, 90lbs of muscle, plus my bones and organs an, I admit, a bit of belly flab. But I never worried too much about it. I figured it'd be fine as long as I fit into brand.

>> No.7788465

Wot. How do you know the weight of your body muscle?

>> No.7788466

fatties make stuff like this up to feel better about themselves

>> No.7788467

I get it measured at the gym from time to time, it shows your muscle and body fat percentage, and where exactly you're suupoed to gain/lose muscle and fat.

>> No.7788472


>> No.7788473

If the measurement is with the caliper thing a majig, that shit aint accurate. Let's just settle this and post a picture of your body.

>> No.7788478

There's certain types of scales that measure it.

I remember in middle school on a field trip, I used one and was only like 20% muscle. It made me so self conscious and I wasn't even a fatty. But it did motivate me to work my ass off in high school.

>> No.7788483
File: 158 KB, 822x882, IMG00269-20111221-2341_edit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't have a good pic on my phone, my measurements are 38,27,40 though. Pic related was meant to show off my dress but kinda shows off my body type, I've gained a bit of muscle since then though, it's a really old pic.

>> No.7788487

pls be in cali

>> No.7788488

Nope, but I've been there and LOVED it, hope to go there some time soon.

>> No.7788489

Where do you live?

>> No.7788522

calm your thirst

>> No.7788525

Where do you live though

>> No.7788606
File: 38 KB, 329x376, glass of water2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7788610

I'm 20.

>> No.7788615

>hang out with bf's friends and him today
>two of them make a joke about how I have no friends of my own at the same time
>that feel

I've been playing the new PW/Layton game though and I can't wait to cosplay from it.

>> No.7788651
File: 34 KB, 254x277, 1394082479164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lolitas who play the violin, viola, or cello

You're the best. Just letting you know.

>> No.7788652
File: 760 KB, 928x960, 1388979749423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not the piano

>> No.7788653


Pianita pls go. Your instrument is too unwieldy to add to the allure of a coord or entertain people on the go.

>> No.7788657

>Want to cosplay one of the backup dancers / singers from Sound Horizon's Marchen
>Can't find the masks, guides, or cosplay online
>Will probably have to make my own cosplay
>Have lots of sowing machines but every single one has something wrong with it
>I'll have to take apart some sowing machines to fix the one I'll use


>> No.7788663

No woodwind love? I play bassoon and flute (and sax, but that's not exactly super refined like bassoon and flute are).

...But nobody properly appreciates bassoon, anyways.

>> No.7788664


>flute and sax

You're alright too. But you know what would really spice up your routine? A violin.

>> No.7788665

>sowing machine

Didn't know you could make a costume with a tractor, anon.

>> No.7788672
File: 902 KB, 953x534, 1393782698653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I lol'd.

>> No.7788685

Bassoon is awesome, but I don't agree with reeds so it's just flute and piano for me I'm afraid. I have friends who play bass clarinet as well as bassoon which I always thought was pretty cool.

>> No.7788687

>Have shit-tier skin prior to discovering /cgl/
>Blemishes and scars everywhere
>View a few skincare threads
>I've got an 8/10 complexion now and know my way around makeup
>Not even into cosplay or lolita

It's a good feel.

>> No.7788697

Is anyone else here a virgin?

>> No.7788698


Is there anyone here who isn't a virgin?

>> No.7788699


>> No.7788700

I'm just new here and kinda heard some negative things about /cgl/

>> No.7788715

well welcome, heres some things
>you all are sluts
/r9k/ is retarded, they shit talk all women, and since /cgl/ is the "girl board" they make up a lot of shit, come in here pretending to be females in raid threads. any post you see that says something like "I fucked 5 men last night, lol" is a troll. and those robots eat it up thinking its really up. and of course, people from other boards will see these trolls and believe it as well.
not everything on the internet is true, and a lot of the capped "horror stories from /cgl/" fake.
people lie on the internet. its internet 101

>/cgl/ is super bitchy
I think so too, but I personally find /fa/ worse. at least we're nice and give advice, /fa/ggots are just vapid man-bitches. a lot of 4chan boards are mean, if you are hurt by this, you probably shouldn't 4chan

>> No.7788717

That's good to hear, thanks

>> No.7788833


>> No.7788912

Virgin reporting in. I vaguely remember a thread about only virgins being worthy of wearing Lolita.

>> No.7789165

Jesus Christ dude, you might wana talk to your doctor because your daily salt intake is way to high...

>> No.7789225

>grandpa drives a 2010 Lexus rx-350 w/low miles and tech package
Is it bad that my first thought was that that sounds like the model number for a Gundam?

>> No.7789351

>be male
>goes to tons of conventions
>always see those qt3.1415962 girls wearing lolita
>tfw i don't have the balls to talk to them because i don't want to come off as a creeper

>> No.7789365

I understand, it's kinda hard not to in a way.

>> No.7789371

Yeah, especially knowing the people on this board too...

>> No.7789394
File: 14 KB, 256x196, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So much this

>tfw no cosplaying/Lolita gf in west FL

>> No.7789869

I've met a decent nuber of people who post her irl, some of them are really nice and friendly, some are not. Most of the nasty ones won't say anything to you at the con, just things about you on /cgl/ afterwards.

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