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Can we get a reactions thread going? Stories welcome, mostly wanting pictures, specifically that image of homestucks with the janitor in the bg. Cosplay and Lolita welcome~

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Anon, that picture is part of a staged photoshooting. I surely would look like that at her too, but onnly because fahr is a wanna-be mangaka who published a weird shota-manga.

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This isn't part of that set, this picture is years old.

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I mostly get hit on by black guys and older men. I get a ton orlf wolf whistles too, which is odd because lolita really isn't sexy. A lot of people love it and compliment me. One guy told me that in a few months, everyone will be wearing it, he was super sweet and wanted to find out the locations of the shops in SF so he could buy his teenage daughter a dress. People LOVE rocking horse shoes for some reason.

I also had a cop suspect I was a prostitute on Thursday night while I was waiting for a cab.

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Stop bringing her Manga up anytime a picture of Fahr surfaces, what does that have to do with anything?

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Reposting my favourite.

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they said it because they were talking about how fahr is a shit
shota-fan detected

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>I mostly get hit on by black guys and older men.

I get older men, but black dudes?

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No one knows why but black dudes are really attracted to lolita. This is going to sound racist as fuck but maybe it has something to do with the colonial times and how they were slaves and they wanted to fuck the cute blonde rich girl who was the daughter of their owners?

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Ok so I noticed this too, its very true that black guys seem to notice more or at least be more vocal about girls with something interesting going on appearance wise. And I actually think I know what the cultural difference is, because I work in the beauty industry and noticed some things.
>black guys
>way more time spent getting hair done in general
>want it fully styled
>will generally buy some of whatever product was used on their hair
>more likely to be interested in manicures, skin care, etc
>often show up in a well-coordinated outfit for what amounts to a casual day running errands

>white guys
>want a quick 20 minute haircut
>want little to no styling ("just put some gel in it")
>will rarely buy product (the only group that consistently does is middle aged with thinning hair, they always want the thickening pastes)
>will only come in for non-hair-related services if their wife or girlfriend drags them in for a couples day
>usually come in wearing what looks like the first shirt and pants that they could find

Black guys just care more about what they look like, it seems. They're willing to spend time to look good. Therefore they appreciate more when women also spend time to look good, and they will compliment us on it. White guys tend to want to spend as little time as possible on themselves, and even though they *want* hot girls that are all done up, it doesn't seem to occur to them that it actually takes time to look like that (as every sitcom with a white couple has made that "omg women take forever to get ready" joke).

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I think it's because it's something different. A lot of men grew up with fabulous black mothers and sisters who do awesome things with hair, clothes, and makeup. To see a white girl do something crazy looking and fabulous might remind them of their family and childhood. It's familiar, yet unfamiliar all at once, thus alluring.

Sorry for generalizing people of color, it's just an observation of cultural differences within the same city.

With older men, it can be the whole childhood thing too. Lolita has similar silhouettes and demureness as 50's attire. Or they could just be old perverts.

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I love you, anon.

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I love you too

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Black girl living in a mostly predominately black area. I wear classic lolita about 2-3 times a month. Most black women think I dress too old for my age. I also get the "why don't you show your curves. You have such a cute body" comments. So far black guys haven't come up to me to tell me what they think. Maybe it's because I am black too? I actually have older white women come up to me the most. They say that I look like a doll or that they wish more women would dress like me.

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The majority of attention I get is from middle-aged white women, and it's usually negative. If I catch someone giving me a nasty look I'll do it back to them though, or ask them what's wrong. It catches people off guard.
My funniest experience was when I was walking downtown. An asian family walked past me and one of the boys said "look, there's a weeaboo!" while looking at me (I'm white.)

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Her shota manga is anti-shota. Go read a summary of it. It's as pro-shota as a movie featuring a dramatic rape scene is pro-rape. Apparently she made it to show how god-awful shota is.

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You're right, middle aged women are usually such bitches. Almost as bad as groups of tween and early teen girls.

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I love asking people what's wrong. Sounding all concerned and shit.
Love watching them try and back out of it like they werent just outwardly judging

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Yeah, keep telling yourself that. If you actually *see' the manga I promise you will start to feel uncomfortable pretty soon. Parts have been posted to cgl, and I get the same feeling with it like when all the Black Butler people on tumblr whine how a demonic butler buttfucking a twelve(?) year old boy is totally not shota beacuse ~tru luv~ or da story is so awesome!!!1 - "I can totally draw a little boy in questionable outfits working as a prostitute and being abused, because if I include a ~deep and dakr 2edgy4me story~ and declare how much I am against shota it's definitely NOT shota!!!"

Sorry, there are some great anti-pedo books, movies and maybe even mangas around, but this is definitely not one of them. Even if it was intended that way, she failed horribly.
/sage for OT

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>"look, there's a weeaboo!" while looking at me (I'm white.)
Since when can weeaboos not be white...?

We have a big convention in my town, and a Japanese garden that attracts weebs as well as Lolitas for a meet up. We usually have a few articles about the conventon in the local newspaper, so some people are aware that Lolita/Cosplay is some weird japanese thing. When I tell them I wear japanese street fashion or they recognize my style, I usually get something like "Wow, what are you cosplaying?" or "Are you one of these mangas?"
In general, people tend to stare, but usually they leave me alone. When I have another Lolita with me people are much more open and often approach us with questions or want to take pictures. Until now 95% of the time I get positive reactions, so I cannot complain and don't mnd people staring anymore - at least they are not bothering me.

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Slightly off-topic, but I've had middle-aged women tell me on more than one occasion that I was wearing too much makeup WHILE I AM SERVING THEM IN WORK.
I fill in my eyebrows and usually have winger black eyeliner. My makeup is no heavier than the next person's

>mfw I must hold my tongue or risk losing my job.

I even had someone ask me once if my (brown) hair was my natural color. Even in civvies, I seem to attract intrusive, pass-remarkable sandpeople.

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they love the rosen ladies

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>sweet lolita, almost exclusively hit on by black men
Warning: i am about to make some sweeping generalizations, I know there are exceptions everywhere.

I think >>7791127 is on to something. Crazy fresh hair, nails, shoes, purses, and clothes, is just the thing to do as a fashionable black woman in my country. Whereas a fashionable white woman wants to look as much like a basic bitch as possible, same brunette bun on top of the head, same F21 leggings and gladiator sandals. People are going to like what they like, but I think standing out of the crowd like crazy rather than blending in is more socially acceptable in street fashion, and therefore easier to call out and compliment, within black culture, imo.

To stay on topic:
>Black wonder cookie jsk, black sheer/opaque striped tights, black bodyline heels, lacy blouse and black cardigan.
>No cleavage, no leg, no arms, not even wrists, I've got wristcuffs on.
>Feel cute but not sexy, random people smile and compliment like its normal.
>I'm sure it is still someone'e exact fetish, though, it always is.
>put in headphones
>"Excuse me miss, I'm sorry to bother you, but I never expected to come down here and see my exact fetish." Not paraphrased.

He was super polite about it, just expressed how much he liked my outfit and was on his way, but apparently he would have happily taken me any my tiny feet right home.

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I'm not very polite about staring when I see a cosplayer in public (outside of a convention of course)

>State fair
>Cows, fried food, tractors everywhere
>See a Homestuck cosplayer from a distance
>Red/white tshirt one
>You know the one
>Complete with wig
>Shake head quietly to myself and move on

>Later that day
>Standing in line for ride
>Cost me $5 for this one ride
>Bitter about handing over so many shekels
>The homestuck appears
>She is with her mom
>Feel a little bad about judging her because she's obviously so young/tumblr probably told her this was cool
>Suddenly the troll appears
>The two homestucks greet and kiss and hold hands
>14 year old lesbian homestuck cosplayers with mom in tow
>Regret being made before my eyes


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>Since when can weeaboos not be white...?
Asian weebs are the worst kind.

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Black female here, and you're basically right on it. While the girls tend to hate white people in outlandish fashion, black dudes fucking eat that shit up. The girls may glare at you because, in our community, there's a real thing about all the 'nice black men' ending up with white girls.

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black men are really the only straight male group in america that's allowed to care about fashion without being seen as gay etc.
why it's like that, who knoooows.

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OP here, I get a compliments from black ladies as well. I get a lot of "You keep doing your thing!" comments or "where'd you get those shoes?" (Especially RHS)

I get many more positive comments than rude ones, other than the police officer who thought I was a hooker. A lot of "Are you in a play?" comes from white people, as well as asking why I'm wearing it or what the name of the fashion is. Same with Alice in wonderland comments, I don't see them as negative, more curious. Black folks just see it as me doing my thing, where white folks want to know what specific style it is. Mexicans are the only generally outspokenly rude people towards my fashion choices and Asians tend to do silent admiring or scorn.

Cultural differences are crazy even though we all grew up in the same country or even city. They seem to define how outspoken you are, what you admire or dislike and how. Even the type of neighborhood white people grow up in defines how we behave. I grew up in a small town before moving to Portland Oregon before moving here, and tend to see more good in people compared to my friend who grew up in Chicago and carries a knife everywhere and won't speak to homeless people if they try to make conversation. I also tend to "know my place" and don't go into high fashion shops to browse unless I'm particularly well dressed because I know I can't afford it, and she goes in without a second thought.

Once again, sorry for racially generalizing.

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Black men get a whole lot shit everywhere too
So it is kinda weird that they don't get it there

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It may be a generalization, but this is pretty much how it works most of the time. I have made pretty similar experiences, even outside the US.

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I live in Germany. I've found that most people ignore it or just give curious looks when you're alone, except for old people and teenagers, which are often kind of nasty, especially women, but that goes for any kind of slightly alternative fashion. Maybe I just live in a shitty town, lmao.

Another thing is that a lot of people seem to confuse Lolita for Dirndl for some reason, especially around Spring and Oktoberfest. I actually had a woman exclaim "Than GOD you didn't make me wear this!", when she thought I me and my friends were in dirndl. That was probably the most negative experience I've had, so it's pretty chill.

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I'll just greentext this shit

>end of the year art show
>friends wanted to see me in full frills
>still a beginner making my wardrobe, but sure
>lots of people saying I look like a doll
>except one weird Asian guy
>one weird Asian guy who comes up to me and starts asking me weird questions
>says he finds lolita really sexy
>friends catch him trying to peek at my bloomers as I walked down the stairs
>later he walks by me and stares at my butt

Mmmmmmmmokay, that was an interesting experience. I've also had one fellow run through traffic to take a picture of me. It was my first time actually wearing lolita, I wanted to get a feel for it before I started attending meets, and the reactions were pretty interesting. Apart from the cameraguy, I had a few compliments on my dress and a ton of people just gawking at me. Now I know I definitely can't go without a partner or group.

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Again generalizations, but maybe it's just because black guys (I've also heard this same thing said about Latino guys too) just tend to hit on white girls a lot regardless of what they're wearing.

I'm a Latina sweet lolita and I never get hit on by black guys, sometimes they'll stare, but really only white guys hit on me.

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Holy, I don't know how many times people ask if I'm Alice or if Alice is my favorite fictional character. It has gotten so bad that strangers have started asking me while I'm not even wearing lolita. Some guy even sprung some awful pick-up line on me saying something about Alice and destiny.

After attending a con a drunk guy started fondling my dress asking me why I was in a costume. He proceeded to ask if it was a fetish, where it was from, and how I bought everything. My friend had to pull me into the subway so I would stop trying to convince this guy it was just a fashion. I think he was pretty drunk and harmless, but she kept saying he was doing it to pick on me instead of being genuinely curious. Oh well!

Overall I've had a good experience dressed up, especially in a group. When I'm solo I get lots of nasty comments from cracky ladies and obvious stares, like, heads turned to stare at you. People do compliment me and I've even gotten street punks to tell me to keep doing my thing. The good usually outweighs the bad! Though, I have gotten a tomato thrown at me from an apartment balcony. It didn't splash on my outfit, but that was still a fairly unpleasant experience.

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>coming home from meet-up, get on train
>carriage is really full, no seats left
>stand in "entrance" area where they have cushions to lean against the wall
>keep getting dirty looks from this mother with her toddler and an infant in a pram
>whatever, put headphones in, try to ignore her
>people get off at a stop, so seats on the bench across from her finally empty, so get to sit down
>woman immediately gets up and off the train with her kids, though it's really clearly not her stop and the doors were about to close

... oooookay.

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I don't wear lolita but more jfash and inspired by harajuku stuff, I can't remember the name for it but very pop-y fashion, bright colors and cute clothes?
I tend to wear more dolly kei type things now but I used to dress in the brighter colors when I was in high school and my classmates loved it, I got lots of cute compliments, it was very sweet.
I've noticed its mostly middle aged women, like others have said, that are critical. I help my grandmother out sometimes with the volunteer work she does for her church and every time the middle aged- elderly women have something nasty to say about the way I dress or wear my hair.
Also- People just love rockinghorse shoes. They're one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own and everytime I wear them I seem to get compliments.

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what even

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Weaboos can be any colour.

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>have gotten a tomato thrown at me from an apartment
Seriously? I thought people only threw produce in medieval films.

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Old ways die hard, with the older women and they're thinking. It's a kind of "I don't understand it, so you must be wrong" mentality. I mean, generally speaking, a lot of people are like that, but older women (and older men) are the most likely to voice it. Turn into assholes if you ask me.

Don't let them bug you though, they apply that mentality to everything, not just you.

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Hmm, maybe that's a part of it also. Fwiw though I am not, and don't pass for, white, and am also sweet lolita. But yeah, generalizations. Fun to think about the why, though, because it totally does happen.

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If only that were the case. Such a waste of a tomato.

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Used to live in a small countryside town, I was spitted on and insulted fairly often. Now that I live in a big city litteraly everyone fawn at me and call me cute/pretty. It happens at least once or twice everyday when wearing lolita, aomoji or even regular punk-rock fashion or fashionable 'goth' things. I upped my fashion game, bought high end make-up and invested in good accessories and I always get question about where did I bought my things and if I'm a celeb/an artist. I don't go out that much these days, because it's the tourist season and they keep asking me for pictures with them.
Overall, if you got the style and live in a big enought city, you won't have any problem. Truely fashionable people know the difference between trendy and stylish anyway, so I'm not out of place in popular shopping places or restaurants in my finest lolita.

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Fellow German Lolita here, I feel you. I get the asked if I wear a Dirndl all the time too - I don't get it when other Germans ask me that, because I live hundreds of kilometers away from Baveria and no one here wears Dirndls, and we don't have the Oktoberfest here. I get these questions a lot from tourists too though, and I think there are now dozens of pictures from me taken by various tourists that are uploaded on fb or shown to their family: "Look, a German in a Dirndl!!"
I get the "Is it fashing yet?!"-comment a lot though.

If people don't think I wear a Dirndl, they sometimes think I am some kind of strange foreigner wearing traditional clothes from whatever country(I don't look very German). I have been mistaken for all kinds of nationalities, from Spain to Italy to Russia/Polish (the most common), and people often start to talk to me in English.

Other than that I agree, it's pretty chill. Didn't have any really bad experience, and after reading various horror story threads I am glad people here stick to staring, because at least they leave me alone.

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What a rude bitch

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The hell is this comment.......

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I never thought about it, but that is true. Black me tend to care about the clothes they buy and how they look, They have to be done up from head to toe. While white guys for the most part just don't really give a shit how nice they look.

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Idk. There are a shit ton of gay black dudes around here. Apparently jail really does make you gay as fuck.

>> No.7792639

Really? It's like you aren't even trying.

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The most genuinely positive comments I get from men while wearing lolita are from black men and flamboyantly gay guys. White and Muslim (not an ethnicity I know but I can't think of a better way to describe them) guys tend to think I'm a freak and only really approach me when they think I'd be kinky in bed. I get more of the latter when I wear gothic, but sometimes when I wear classic they think I'm some sort of virginal Catholic schoolgirl who would be fun to "break".
I live in a really shitty neighbourhood full of assholes is what I'm saying.

Older men are either downright rude or really creepy. I once had this guy who kept asking me to peek under my skirt because it reminded me of his mother.
Older ladies are great, though. It's teenage and middle aged women who talk shit behind my back, thinking I can't hear them.

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>reminded HIM

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I always get pestered like hell when I go out in lolita. I wear gothic and men seem to all think I'm either a weird goth-whore or just easy. I don't know. Though I once had a black guy walking towards me going "Aaaaaaayy maaa" while I was waiting at the bus stop, out of reflex I simply put my hand up and said "Nope" (something I normally wouldn't dare do, since I was alone) and he just steered away like pic related and left me alone. That was a great experience.

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It kills me when people make little bo peep comments or like "hurr u no it not Halloween yet rite?!?!?!" Type comments.. you are not witty or original? It's just rude, who are you even trying to show off for?

Little kids and old people are usually super adorable and kind and give compliments though! And at a meet i went to recently several girls with their moms came over to ask us about it since they were interested, and that felt nice!

There's definitely a mix of good and bad but i think the good usually far outweighs the bad!

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Really tempted to try this.

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I never understood why they're such bitches to people dressed in Jfashion. I dress himekaji and every time I go out, at least two or three middle aged women give me these dirty looks, roll their eyes, and scoff at me. It's fucking rude.

My friend made a pretty good point on day when she realized it was mostly middle aged women being nasty. She said these are women that are starting to go through the whole midlife crisis thing because they have a crappy life at home. They have ill mannered kids, a shitty husband who probably cheats on them, have probably let themselves go after having kids, and seeing people living out their youth makes them uncomfortable and jealous.

Ngl if I was in my 40s and had annoying kids and saw some 20 something year old dressed cute, I'd be jelly. It still doesn't excuse the rudeness, though.

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The problem is that they don't know that we hear Bo Peep and Halloween comments every time, they think they are super creative and so very funny with their "creative" comments.

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I've only ever gotten positive reactions to loli, aside from stares (which you can totally feel on you like some evil force lolol). I've noticed that people approach me the most when I'm with another loli or two, and least when I'm with my SO (he's super tall and has a stern resting face haha~ so I don't think people want to get into that).

I've had a really nice bus driver compliment my dress and ask more details about it, I had some awkward mid 20s dude ask all sorts of questions at the bus stop (do you wear this every day, is it expensive, what is it called etc) but he was very polite. Also had a cab driver point out that he could see people staring into the cab when we were at intersections and joked that people must think he's delivering a life size doll. He was very sweet though, haha.

My best story is when I went to rib fest with my SO. I wanted to wear a pearl necklace that day, but it broke right before we left the house (relevant). There was a lady who had a jewelry stand and she was very excited about my outfit, asked about it and said she'll the fashion up and maybe do some lolita inspired pieces so my comm can do a trunk show if we ever want. She noticed my pearl bracelets, said, "You like pearls, here, it's yours" and gave me a pearl necklace. For free. I was absolutely floored. I did buy another necklace as well, but that really warmed my heart.

Now, himekaji is a different beast altogether. One time I wore a particularly short skirt to go drinking with SO & his friends. I'm sure the length plus the fact that I wore crocheted overknee socks maybe looked a little scandalous, but compared to regular bar slut kind of clothes it wasn't that bad. I literally got raised eyebrows and some black lady first moved her head up and down sizing me up and then started shaking her head (???). But then later some chick who looked like a hot amazon told me I looked like a doll and that my face is girly and exotic and I pull it off so well so that made up for it.

>> No.7792853

Weirdly enough, the only rude reactions I've had to being in cosplay are always AT a convention, from normal fag dudebros who are wandering around an anime convention and heckling cosplayers for being dressed up. I don't know why they think they're funny but whatever.
The very rare times I've been approached by adults outside of a convention (literally outside the building, photoshooting, or walking from hotel to convention, I haven't cosplayed in public since high school) it's always been very polite. They ask what I'm here for, I explain there's a convention and that people like to make replica costumes for characters they like, they always tell me that's so cool, sometimes ask for a picture, then go about their day.

>> No.7792866

>sometimes when I wear classic they think I'm some sort of virginal Catholic schoolgirl who would be fun to "break".
I feel like most frillseekers are like this. It's like they have a weird "purity" fetish, so they want to fuck lolitas.

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>someone doesn't like my hooker-lite fashion, they must be jelly!
stop projecting, please. The reason why they're bitches is because they're bitches, pure and simple. Most women with shitty lives won't care about your clothes because they have better things to worry about, like feeding their children and not getting syphilis from their husband. They are bitchy because of the "those darned kids nowadays" syndrome if anything.

I've gotten plenty of positive attention from both teenagers and middle-aged women and I even live in a tiny town in Eastern Europe. Most people who grumble about it do it because they don't like change and attention-grabbing clothing, not because of some Sigmund Freud bullshit you tell yourself to make yourself feel better.

>> No.7792902

Oh and most negative attention I get tends to be from male teens/young adults, usually Chads or bydlos.
Once I got laughed at at a bus stop because a horde of youngsters decided touching my headpiece was funny (along with "hahaha, look at what she's wearing!") and only backed off when I threatened to punch one of them in the kisser. Most other people just assume I'm headed to a street play or costume party since we have lots of tourist areas where people dress up in historical clothing and roleplay on the street.

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Okay, grandma. Middle aged American women are the source of jealousy. All they do is gossip about celebrities and watch Bravo and TMZ.

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>college campus, wearing lolita
>going to the library
>as I'm getting close to the entrance this mixed race (probably white and black) guy carrying a shitload of books comes out
>he just freezes the moment he notices me
>asks me if I'm a lolita, he's obviously shy as fuck
>asks me if I'm wearing classic
>tell him yes and say "you know a lot about lolita, don't you?"
>he stutters that he "watches anime" while avoiding eye contact
>tells me it was the first time he saw a lolita in real life and asks me if he can take a picture
>tell him yes and pose for one
>ask him if he wants to take one with me
>he says "yes please" and we take one together, he has the biggest smile on his face
That was the most positive experience I've had.

>> No.7793073

I always had great experiences when I saw Lolita in public, and when my daughter was with me she always oo'ed and aww'ed at the pretty dresses and the frills. You Lolitas need to be careful how you act around children due to the story im about to relay to you:

>Out and about with the little bear at the mall
>a con is coming up so Lolitas arw testing their cords by judging reactions of mall goers
>many recognize the rugged cabin man and his little daughter and bee-line to her, asking her what they thought of their dresses, etc
>daughter of course eats it up
>Now I suppose this Lolita was having a bad day, because she was wearing this brazingly pink outfit with a baby bonnet like head dress and actually had a rattle
> as shes walking by my daughter goes "Why does she look like a baby?"
>This lolita whips around and points her rattle at my daughter and lets loose a very crude and mean remark at my daughter.
>I stood up and went into Ex-Military Asshole mode and knife handed the Lolita.
>After a brief verbal exchange her friends, testing their homestuck, drag her away.
>Daughter is visibly shaken and clinging to me
>Take her home
>That weekend I take her to the con and try to find some of the nicer Lolitas
> Daughter is so afraid I actually had to bribe her with candy to come out from behind me
>Lovely Lolita in this library book looking skirt finally breaks her out of her shell
>she ends up enjoying the con, finally.
>permanent damage averted

Homestuck players still creep her the hell out.

>> No.7793143

MAYBE you should teach your daughter to reserve comments and questions like that until after the person in question is out of earshot.
I mean this whole story reeks of bait because no Lolitas I know of "test out" co-ords for events in public OR care about responses from Joe Soap, but just on the off chance it's real, maybe train her not to offend instead of getting mad at strangers for getting offended?

>> No.7793155

>maybe train her not to offend instead of getting mad at strangers for getting offended?

The word you are looking for is teach, you mo-tard, as she is not an animal. Secondly a child will speak their mind whether or not you want them to. Third, the lolita should have been mature enough to recognize that she was a child and that she was mearly asking a question, at which she could have answered it without acting out like a ill-mannered little shit. Fourth, all because the three or four you know dont test out cords in public doesnt mean that none of them do, so your opinion on the matter is discarded. If the other Lolitas can answer questions and take things in stride, the one in question would be viewed as below status. Take your snarky demeanor and shove it so far up your ass that it comes out cleaner when it exits your nose.

>> No.7793162
File: 32 KB, 286x400, 1407253838892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>7793155 to >>7793143


Hey sister, you need some ice for that burn?

>> No.7793166

Weird thing happened at a recent meetup. A tiny one, with only 4 girls, at the botanical garden.

As soon as we asked the cashier lady for tickets she insisted that we have to pay an additional fee for doing photoshoots. She told to our dumbfounded faces with no visible equipment that we're obviously there for professional photos "because of the costumes and all that makeup" (foundation and eyeliner, so basically she was more made up than we were). After we started explaining that these are our regular clothes she threathened she'd send security to follow us and only let go after we showed her we only had phones. We weren't even particularly flashy for lolita standards, since the weather was super hot - light dresses, thin tights and regular sunhats.

But on the other hand while inside a middle aged lady told us that we look gorgeous and that she hadn't seen such pretty dresses for the longest time, so it zeroes out, I guess.

>> No.7793168

It's a kid, kids don't have filters. She'll develop one later in life, in a few years. If you honestly get offended because some kid asked why you look like a baby when you're carrying around a fucking rattle, you're too autistic to function in society.

>> No.7793171


"...Well thank you, I think."

>> No.7793174


Funny, I've heard this story before, but with a different line from your daughter (can't recall what it was), and there was no happy ending.

Meh. Whatever

>> No.7793180

I guess I could take it as a complement, if it didn't meant paying additional $40 on top of the ticket.

She wasn't very polite about it either...

>> No.7793189

if you didn't go on a date with him afterwards i'll be v disappointed

>> No.7793212


>> No.7793240

Last time I went out with friends, I was wearing a coord that didn't stand out much(baby's pocket embroidery, black tights/blouse, RHS). Granted i did get stares, but I'm sure it was mostly from my shoes.
>on train with friend, going home
>older man in his 40s asks us what we're wearing
>he compliments friend but I can tell he's taken a liking to me
>proceeds to bullshit his stories, tells me he worked with Disney, Pixar, and joined the navy and air force and got his phd ALL before he was 25 or something
>I zone out because he's literally going on for 15 minutes and I just want to go home
>"you look really nice. Like a dark bo peep or maleficent. You would make a good character"
>what the fuck
I swear to god I could have iced a three layer cake with all the bullshit he spewed in that conversation

>> No.7793301
File: 87 KB, 500x600, Derp Pony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fellow portland anon! How do people react to you in lolita anon? I am moving there in a few weeks and I come from a super small town. I can't wait to actually wear this huge wardrobe I have amassed over the past year and a half.

>> No.7793329

Lul baww on parents who give up without trying. All kids are dicks no matter what? Teach your child manners. Their reaction sucked but your kid would be far less scared if she knew what caused that reaction. Lazy.

>> No.7793337

> kid was scared because suddenly the always nice itas decided to call her nasty names


>> No.7793367

Ita was a dick, doesn't mean your kid doesn't need manners. Bet ita wasn't taught them either. Austist irony.

>> No.7793458

The best experience I had was when I was wearing a fairy-kei outfit, pink all over with a huge pink rhapsody wig. I was in a restaurant with my mum and this little girl comes over, looking completely awed. She asks me if I have an instagram and that she loves my hair and outfit. I'm nearly crying by this point and so I write down my tumblr and give her a huge hug. It was absolutely amazing.

>> No.7793494

I normally don't get really bad lolita reactions from people in the public, but a few weeks ago I was in another city for an event while there the worst thing happened. I was hanging around a friend who was borrowing one of my dresses for the day and were in the mall just browsing. We were waiting by the bathroom for someone when this old white man comes up. He just kinda stares at me for a few seconds before coming right into my face and places his hand against the wall behind me. I have like a legit fear of men to begin with, especially old guys. He starts asking me all kinds of weird questions like "what are you are your friend doing around here?" "Where do you live?" "What cute dresses, do you work for "Disney?". I was in shock and my friend didn't realize what was going on for some damn reason til I shoved her into the ladies bathroom to escape him. In which I hid in there with her for like 40 minutes with him constantly trying to peek into the bathroom and he tried to walk in one time. He scared the shit outta me, I'm no good in confrontations like that. It didn't help I was embarrassed to be wearing lolita and just felt so uncomfortable. I felt like I just wanted to die.
What is worse is that it wasn't the only bad moment with the public that day either, like it was the universe's day to make up for all the good times I had in lolita in the past.
I wish I wasn't such a pussy I should of kicked that fucker in the balls, being old or not he had no right to back me into a corner like that.

>> No.7793523

Hello fellow german lolitas.
Lolita silhouette is pretty similar to modern dirndl dresses. Petticoats, patterns and bling are kinda what it's at now, so I can understand why people confuse it with lolita. Also the lacing might look similar, even if it's usually on the back.

>> No.7793558

I usually have great reactions in cosplay, but recently I went to meet up for older homestuck fans (21+ it was a nice break from the usual type of homestuck fan you get.) I had on full grey paint and black outfit with a long skirt. Sadly my horns had gotten caught on a tree earlier in the day so I was lacking those.

Some guy asked me for photo in a thick accent (might have been turkish but somewhere around there). I should have twigged something was kinda weird when he only asked me, not the others I was with (including another full troll outfit) but I went over anyway because I get really awkward when older men try and talk to me. In any case he tried to sit me on his knee for the photo and then complained when my friend told him to stop. Then she grabbed my arm and pulled me away. He grabbed my ass as she did so.

Eugh. Worst experience cosplaying thus far. I don't know what he found so attractive about me but I guess he just thought I was a goth or something.

>> No.7793635

What a fucking creep

>> No.7793647

Yep, anon is clearly baiting. Last time the daughter asked why she was dressed as a little sister from Bioshock.
You could at least come up with a new story, anon. Be more creative!

>> No.7793674
File: 192 KB, 2356x1571, im comin papi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me, visiting friend in a city about 2 hours away
>Wearing sailor Lolita
>Early evening
>Hung out a friend's parents' restaurant for a bit before deciding to talk a walk down at the waterfront
>Place is pretty empty, spare a few people walking their dogs and people closing up shop along the boardwalk
>Pass by two middle aged men getting drunk on a bench, surrounded by empty liquor bottles
"Parachute woman... parachute woman, land on me tonight..."
>We cling to each other for dear life as we burst into loud cackles, unable to contain ourselves
>End up walking past on our way back, this time way above them as we're on the street and they're passed out on the bench
>Friend leans over the railing and spits on them
>They don't even move

>> No.7793678

Your friend SPAT on them? Why?

>> No.7793720

Eh, we were pretty high up; it most likely didn't even land on them, but rather in the bushes behind them. We were 15 and so edgy desuu so it seemed like the proper form of revenge.

>> No.7793822

Im actually the OP of the original tale that anon skimmed the cream on. I like the edition of the rattle and the complete lack of dialogue

>> No.7793833

Wait the little girl asked about your instagram or the mom?? I hope little girls aren't signing up for IG

>> No.7793859

> waiting at the bus stop, on my way back home from a con
> dressed as a character from a childhood anime
> a group of teenagers, 5 guys and 1 girl, head towards the bus stop on the other side of the street
> girl is some basic bitch, obviously trying her very best to get these guys to like her and give her their full attention
> she notices me and starts laughing loudly
> she screeches: "Oh my god, look at that ugly freak! Why the hell would anyone want to look like THAT!"
> guys look at me
> hear one guy: "Hey, isn't that person dressed like the character from that one thing that was on TV when I was a kid?"
> another one: "You're right. Man, I used to love that show so much."
> guys get into a nostalgic conversation, smile and give me a thumbs up, tell me I look awesome.
> the girl watches this turn of events open-mouthed and gives me a furious look when the boys start ignoring her in favor of me

Felt good man

>> No.7793874

Semi relevant but
>get home from Fanexpo
>get first kigu so want to show it off
>show it to mom
>mom: Oh you brought home a furry!
>all of my wat
>explain to her what it is
>put it on to parade around in it
>mom: Well, if you ever want to go to a furry convention, you're all set

I'm more peeved at the fact that she only knows anything about furries and conventions are because of her friend's (probably) autistic daughter who goes to furry conventions. I can't really blame my mom because she doesn't really know what actual furries are like, but I still wasn't expecting it.

>> No.7793900

Are you from Maine, anon? I wasn't there, but heard something about some rude lady, and it was at the botanical garden...

>> No.7793927

Copypasting from an old thread:

>crossing road
>wearing blue and white outfit
>guy in old Cadillac convertible (also blue) starts crooning at me as I go past
>"Cindereeeeellaaaaaa! CinderEEEEEELLA! Your pumpkin coach is here!"

>standing at street crossing waiting for light to change
>wearing casual coord and make-up
>fully covered except for hands and face because it's winter and rainy
>traffic jams up intersection, so people start crossing against traffic
>woman rushing across gets in my face and screams as she passes
>think she probably meant 'whore', but she was word-slurringly drunk

>walking to meet friend at restaurant near a bunch of uni-age-frequented bars
>guys on balcony start shrieking and hooting
>try to call us over to their side of the street
>friend yells back:
>"WHY? So you can drop bottles on us?"
>clearly they didn't expect a response, go silent until we're about to turn the corner
>suddenly: "FREAKS!"
>bottle smashes in the street
>cop who lingers in the area gets off his motorcycle and heads inside bar the bottle came from
>don't stick around to see what happened, but expect the guy who threw it likely was sent home or cited

I have had situations I thought were going to go badly that went surprisingly well, though:

>on train on the way home
>very dressed up from tea party type event
>reading on my tablet and ignoring the world
>older man in construction/contractors group shirt with orange vest hanging out of his pocket sits on seat across from me
>says nothing, reads paper
>notice that every time someone walks past or looks ready to sit near me, he glares
>especially at teenage boys
>at end of train ride, I get up to leave before him, he quietly wishes me a "safe and good night"

>> No.7793955

And new encounters since then:

>standing on platform waiting for train after meet
>approached by a man who looks like he walked out of a period film
>straw boater hat
>white suit
>dark red bow tie
>starts asking me about why I'm dressed up/what it's all about
>cautious at first, explain it's a street fashion from Japan, skip the name and just explain the aesthetic
>"Oh! Lolita then! I wanted to be sure, my daughter has been nagging us to try it."
>conversation ends abruptly because his train arrives, wishes me well and heads off

>doing quick shopping after meet to get dinner on my way home
>waiting in line for the cashier
>feel something brush up against my skirt and think someone needs to get past, so step forward
>little girl who was tugging on/looking under my skirt ends up falling over, face-first into my ass
>mother grabs her and tells her not to touch people like that
>"But mum! She's wearing PILLOWS."

>headed into a bar with a couple of friends for a birthday outing
>walk past a table of young guys who are all clearly hammered already
>one nearly falls out of his chair trying to grab my arm
>he misses because I've mastered the art of gently spinning away from strange, groping hands in recent months
>sudden spin prompts the table to cheer
>He's Aussie as fuck, so just laugh at the terrible Spanish and keep walking
>for some reason, this became their drunken chant later in the evening

>> No.7794030

Aww sweet older guy! That made me smile

>> No.7794037

yeah, ok breh. Super believable.
Where do you live that you get a bunch of lolitas pre-wearing coords at the same mall as test runs before cons?
Sorry, life isn't actually like your mangoes and animus.

>> No.7794135

>japanese garden
>large convention

Are you an SD lolita?

>> No.7794190
File: 113 KB, 594x294, FUCKING DUCK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, wow, I've seen this thread for days and I forgot I had a story.

>Boyfriend and his friends come up from VA for a convention
>The host hotel is NOT the one attached to the con because Homestucks got us kicked out in years past
>Shuttle is too crowded
>Walk through the city to our room in the host hotel
>A ducky tour (for those who don't know what that is, it's pic related and the bus can go on water and land) passes by us
>We're dressed in cosplay, two of us are from Bleach, I'm in a maid outfit, boyfriend is from One Piece
>It was just us, we were too far from the con center for there to be other cosplayers around
>"Up on your right, you see some very weird people! Let's quack at them!"
>Everyone on that fucking bus quacked at us and started laughing

Fucking normalfags, man.

>> No.7794587
File: 374 KB, 742x1725, What feminist think is happening.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I never understood why they're such bitches to people dressed in Jfashion

Because as /cgl/ proves again and again, women are their own worst enemies.

>> No.7794601

ugh what a creep

>> No.7794620
File: 2 KB, 90x90, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7794623

I would have punched you in your mouth.

>> No.7794692

For spitting in your general direction after you were a publicly drunken lecher towards two teenage girls? Not that anon but I'd hate to see how you manage to interact with people in your daily life.

>> No.7794726

Wait.. Black Butler is shota?
Or are you just talking about the fan base retards because I read the manga and the gayest thing so far was the corset scene and that was just a gag?

>> No.7794738

I see what you did there

>> No.7794771

Well the lolita had a rattle, AND asked anons daughter about her dress so....
ageplay-chan detected?

>> No.7794779

You'd be surprised, my 11 year old sister already has one.

>> No.7794790


The official stuff, no, the actual manga, and even the anime, is good, non sexual fun with just a few innuendos thrown in.

The fandom, on the other hand -- shota porn everywhere. Sebaciel is the most popular ship, and apparently a lot of girls like seeing all the uhh explicit details. I have two doujins from Japan where it doesn't even matter if you can't read moonrunes, because they're basically doing it in 80% of the pages, and that ratio includes the rambling introduction page and the table of contents.

I think the corset scene gag is really a poke (or a nudge and wink?) at the portion of fangirls that like explicit shota yaoi.

>> No.7794797

normalfags are fucking wierd lmao

>> No.7794800

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying!

>> No.7794819

So this happened to me this weekend.

>Go to a con close to where I live,so instead of booking a hotel I just take the bus each day
>Cosplaying Shinku from Rozen Maiden so obligatory lots of weird stares.
>Traveling home from the con on Sunday, quietly reading a manga in the bus.
>Hear some voices behind me yelling ''Hey, red riding hood, where's grandma?'' etc.
>Look behind me, and it's a couple in their 40's. Just average adult people probably with job and kids.
>They keep yelling and insulting like fucking 12-year olds.
>Tell them how immature they are for being mature people picking on a single person in the bus.
> The guy threathens me that if I won't shut up he'll do something to me
>I'm 18 and look even younger, and this is a full grown man I don't even...
>The women said I was asking for this because I was wearing twintails.
> The worst part was that it was a crowded bus and nobody said or did anything they just all stared while those two kept on for the whole ride.
> When I finally could get of the bus I had to walk past them and when I did the women tugged one of my twintails really hard and shouted goodbye red riding hood.
> I lost all faith in humanity.

I understand it's pretty weird to see a person in a big red dress and twintails to their knees on a bus, but these were two adults and even most teens have the common sense not to act like this at random people.

>> No.7794879

Unfortunately its common for low class scum to ride the public bus, which is why i avoid it as much as possible

>> No.7794889

> The guy threathens me that if I won't shut up he'll do something to me
>"Well maybe you can tell the police alllllll about what you'd do to me if you're not going to shut the fuck up."

Seriously, I'd fucking lose it if people were harassing me in public. If that bitch fucking touched me I'd slap her shit and run. Gah.

>> No.7794902

It honestly fucking shocks me people think it's okay to say shit like that out loud.

>> No.7794959

Oh god was this in the Netherlands anon? Aren't those freaks living in that part of the country used to fucking carnaval???

Im so sorry that had to happen to you, had I been there I would've stood up for you.

>> No.7794998

10/10 would quack at

>> No.7795020

What I want to know is what anime he supposedly learned about lolita from.

>> No.7795032

If you're going to change a story to be more bait-tastic, could you at least make it good? I was cringing while reading this and it was not at the "Lolitas" you totally met for realz.

>> No.7795048

There's plenty of anime with "lolita" characters, but he obviously did some research on his own.

>> No.7795057

It's not lolita, but I did have the privilege to see a guy in one of those super-detailed, moving, glowing sort of cosplays on the train. I don't know why exactly he wouldn't have other arrangements for someone so dedicated, but I saw some little kids asking him if he was a superhero so it turned out ok in the end. They were so excited when he lit everything up.

>> No.7795059

Nothing teenagers say or do shocks me anymore. Adults like in >>7794819, though? And nobody else called them out on it? Jesus.

>implying people like this actually view Carnaval as a costume event and not just an excuse to wear a cheap wig, get completely hammered and behave like animals
I've been heckled and insulted for wearing an elaborate costume during Carnaval in Noord Brabant. I give up. However wearing lolita outside of Carnaval just gets me "hurr durr it's not Carnaval yet" comments at worst, so my experiences have been pretty positive overall.
When I'm wearing classic I often get asked whether I'm attending a concert or play rather than whether I'm in one.

>> No.7795103

>"But mum! She's wearing PILLOWS."

the best

>> No.7795165

They looked like really normal middle-aged people tho, which shocked me the most.

I'm a really shy person so I got scared and didn't dare to say anything after that. I still feel bad that I couldn't do anything against them.

Yes I was traveling home from Abunai. And the carnaval thing can get really annoying too. I wear lolita sometimes and all those ''carnaval is over already'' comments are starting to get on my nerves.

>> No.7795404

>"Parachute woman... parachute woman, land on me tonight..."


>> No.7795424

>but I think standing out of the crowd like crazy rather than blending in is more socially acceptable in street fashion, and therefore easier to call out and compliment, within black culture, imo.

I was going to say 'no lol im black my family was iffy re this' but I remember well it's mainly my grandmother, my mother was iffy also but I guess more 'neutral' (noe) so it might be age/generation based

>> No.7795426

>to my friend who grew up in Chicago and carries a knife everywhere and won't speak to homeless people if they try to make conversation.

I'm black (and male) and live in Chicago and I speak to homeless people. I just dont give them money all the time.

>> No.7795428

turn that nigga OUT in jail

>> No.7795435

ayyyy lmao

>> No.7795441


this is ignorant as fuck

>> No.7795767

I know, right? I'm the first one who questioned him and apparently I only know 3 or 4 Lolitas. (Try an entire comm and a half-dozen from other countries.)
We want to keep our co-ords fresh and unseen, ESPECIALLY for events.

>> No.7795823


I don't know if "normalfags" realize that they're the weirdos. This is a classic case of groupthink.

>> No.7795838

Seriously? Why the fuck would a tour guide do that? So professional..

>> No.7795856

>Carnaval where I live, too
>Pass through city at the last day of celebrations where everything is a bit more laid-back
>wearing Lolita
>guy stops in the middle of his walk to look at me
>I can see the gears grinding when he tries to decide whether he should shout at me for being weird or if I'm part of the celebrations
>after a long pause he seems to have decided that I'm just part of carnaval
>walks along

It was so weird. I could see him doubting, waiting, looking, and then he just shrugged and continued.

>> No.7795934


>streetwalking in lolita

Come on copper, that's a logistics nightmare.

>> No.7795978

Those sort of tours just DO that. It's not in a mean-spirited way or anything, usually just mild fun.
My town has a Viking-themed one and all the guests "RRRRAAAAGH!!!" at couples holding hand, people carrying coffee, anyone waiting for pedestrian lights to change, ANYONE REALLY.
It's a fair exchange though because the people on these tours usually wear silly "viking" hats, so the amusement goes both ways.

>> No.7795981

Dublin, right?

>> No.7795990


This baffles me, I can't imagine any average parent would allow the same to be said to their child, regardless of age. How can people think it is an acceptable thing to do to another person's child and human?

>> No.7795997


>> No.7796008

>"Up on your right, you see some very weird people! Let's quack at them!"
That sounds really cute, actually. I want to go on a ducky tour now..

>> No.7796061

Filthy normalfags everywhere mang they're such weirdos omg

>> No.7796093

This is my favourite post

>> No.7797075

I usually get cool reactions about my Miku wig when I'm on my way to conventions. Little girls tell me they like my hair.
Best was this cashier at an arby's, he seemed really amazed and asked me how I got my hair like that. I told him it was a wig.

In jfashion clothes I can tell people around here don't care for it because Utah, I wore a kind of OTT hello kitty outfit to school once and this ham planet in the hall was like "Woah, Hello Kitty" kind of loudly to herself.

When I was in LA for AX though some black guy tried to hit on me and asked if I was from around there. Said I looked like it from my clothes.

>> No.7797079

That's actually kind of awesome. 12 year old me would have eaten that shit up.

>> No.7797111

Motherfuck. Every now and then I have to work at one of these stupid duck tours. Those quackers haunt my nightmares.

Sage for no contribootin

>> No.7797120


>> No.7797739
File: 618 KB, 400x229, 1359512021205.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> be me
> ILD meet with 12 other lolitas
> at the mall
> about to head down stairs with lolita gf
> suddenly hear a tiny "Heyyyyy!"
> little girl no older than five grabs gf and hugs her
> lets go of gf, does the same to me
> girl's mom is falling over herself apologizing
> girl is saying shit like "I hugged princesses!"
> nearly die because it's too cute

Little kids are the best.

>> No.7797762

agreed on the black guys, once I was wearing a split wig and I was approached with

"You got a lady gaga, nicki minaj kinda swag thing going on, I like!"

"ah, it's a Japanese fashion"

"Well you look like Cinderella! I would take you out on the town all fancy like that"

I wasn't used to it because I'm not from LA, or the US for that matter, but it was a flattering experience!

>> No.7797764

Yeah no definitely not. They'd still heckle you of course. I'm from the West, which is considerably less annoying I guess. I feel bad reading this, honestly.
Lolita is such a cute style and fuck the Dutch for not at least keeping quiet.

Ugh I'm so sorry anon. Fucking douchebags, I was by car this year so I didn't have to experience any bus rides. (thank god). I hope you're okay!

Yuck. So the only reason why he shut his mouth is because he thought you were part of the rest of the partying crowd out to get drunk.
Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with that, but goddammit. Thankfully nothing happened.

I've been meaning to get into lolita but in this country....

>> No.7797912

Eh, it's not THAT bad. I guess it depends on where you live and what your style is. OTT sweet is looked at strangely anywhere you go but I've personally only ever gotten positive comments on my more toned down outfits. I went out in gothic in Utrecht a few weeks ago and I was actually approached by a few totally normal-looking middle aged people wondering where all the "other goths" had gone this summer since the city is usually swarming with them during Summer Darkness. They were actually disappointed that there wouldn't be an event this summer!

>> No.7797964

Black guys tend to be into weeb shit more than most people think. Comes from the fact that loads of black guys from low income areas would play fighters and JRPGs, the games which offered the most value for money.
Just my two cents

>> No.7798009

>work at a second-hand clothing store
>wear lolita from time to time
>everyone who works there really appreciates it and the customers think it's really cute
>one girl really takes an interest in it
>she starts doing things like lifting up my skirt to be able to count my pettis, touches my boobs because she wants to "feel the seams of the dress".
>how fucking socially inept can you get

>> No.7798014

Well you're not being any better by not getting her removed, which you should. That's not appropriate.

>> No.7798024

I actually did report her to my supervisor, but apparently "she didn't mean it" so she just had a talk with my supervisor and that was it. She did in fact stop after that so I'm not complaining, but I just think that one would have to be extremely dense to not realize it was wrong in the first place.

>> No.7798110

I mean the laughing at the "weird people" the quacking would be sorta cute if it wasn't for that.

>> No.7798124

Oh I get you. If he said it with a flippant "I don't know what I'm looking at but I need an excuse to make these fuckers quack so I'm grabbing the first term that pops into my head and- QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK" way then fair enough, but if he was buckling his Judge-y Pants on tighter than usual then to hell with him, let's see how well his boat-car handles lakes of brimstone.

>> No.7798428

>"Get out of here, you burando buying slag!"
That one, right?

>> No.7798456


>> No.7798556

Yep, that's the one.

>> No.7798605


Quacker OP here, I would have loved it (I like normalfags normally and their reactions are amusing) but he was definitely doing it in a jeering-at-us way, and not a curious and interested way. I'm not an autist who can't tell social cues so I can tell the difference. It made me sad because I probably would have put on a show for them if he wasn't a douche about it.

>> No.7798613

"Hey look, it's an asshole who has to quack all day"

>> No.7802288

>to hell with him, let's see how well his boat-car handles lakes of brimstone

>> No.7803302
File: 1.13 MB, 165x201, tumblr_ml9md4JFvT1rqbtm2o1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> 1 of 2 black girls on my campus, keep to self and wear normalfag clothes 24/7 while there to not stand out anymore than I do
> Finally build up the nerve to wear lolita to class (why spend that much money to never wear it)
> Confidence starts to wane since I'm getting bad reception - literal following around, muffled giggles, full out shitty comments - the usual biz you run into
> Getting tired and worn down, ready to jip my last class to run home and change
> Feels tap on shoulder, see other black girl on campus - wearing Onee, looks amazing
> "I saw you at the mall last week! You look upset? Sorry to bother but you look really nice, keep doing what you do."
> Drop spaghetti all over her while she glares at all the people starring then suck it up and go to class

> Eventually started dating and got access to cute clothes among other things

Best experience probably, I see why some people travel in pairs. Its a real confidence boost and people tend to not be as douche-y when there's more than one person. Helps that I got an awesome SO outta that too. Thanks to her, I've gotten more confidence to expand my wardrobe and wear it out more often

>> No.7803341

>be at first comicon since I was a 14 (was 19 then)
>dressed in some amazingly horrible closet cosplay, my version of Harley Quinn of course
>be smug as fuck for no reason
>the con is right next to the mall so we strut into the food court and get some Chinese
>Lady smiles a lot, is entertained and says "Oooo it Rady Gaggaaa!"
Took it is as a rad compliment, she wasn't being mean.

Is it just me or does anyone else get super confident when they're in costume?

>> No.7803349

> 1 of 2 black girls on my campus
That's crazy anon, what kind of place do you live in?

>> No.7803352

>I swear to god I could have iced a three layer cake with all the bullshit he spewed in that conversation

saving in my brain for future use, kek

>> No.7803361

I live in Kansas but I go to school on the military base. Not that there aren't any black folks on the base but they don't go to that particular school.

I've had awesome reception from the airmen, its just the randoms that get passes to the base for their classes that act like they've never seen anything past the tips of their noses.

>> No.7803390

>Out shopping with a friend. I'm in sweet, friend in classic.
>Bro walks by, does a double take, stares hard.
>I whirl around as he passes (still staring) and I give him the most exaggerated angry stare I could muster.
>Walks off like wtf did I just witness.

>Also ran into a cute stylish girl who knew about the fashion and also cosplays. Wants to get into it and listed some stuff she wanted. She should. She'd look lovely and classy as fuck.

>> No.7803603

Kinda forgot one incident...it's minor so it's not like it scarred me for life.
>go out to eat with my husband
>very simple gothic coord
>as we are eatting, I hear "Omg, look at her. Ugh, they should keep that shit in the bedroom"

>> No.7803625

Oh my god anon that's really cute!

>> No.7803635

I think sometimes with this it depends on the style. Black here too and I've had a 100% success rate with black guys and little Hispanic children. Black women sometimes compliment me, and sometimes I get "why are you dressed up all weird? What kind of costume party are you going to?"

Half the white people I run into in my neighborhood ask me if I'm dressed like a doll and reference that fucking TLC special.

But here's a story:

>live in predominantly minority apartment complex
>black people hang out on all the steps or under the parking covers every warm weekend
>heading out in full coord to meet up with a friend
>black lady in her car rolls by and stops, car's all nice, just got her hair did, the works
>"You're one of those anime girls aren't you? My daughter loves that stuff! Did you go to that convention thing? It was last month, right?"
>Um, thanks! Wow you're really knowledgeable.
>Suddenly there are 20 people just listening in on this conversation

And my friend in her car was dying of laughter by the time I actually got to go in her car.

>> No.7803644

This reminds me, when I was a kid, like 4/5, me and my friend and younger sisters decided to have a tomato tossing fight like they do in the old cartoons, only to end up covered in bruises because tomatoes don't explode on contact like water balloons like they did in the old kid shoes.

>> No.7803645

what's the sauce on that gif?

sage for ot

>> No.7803661

Its from [email protected] Dunno where exactly since I ot it from Tumblr and it wasn't sourced completely.

>> No.7803671

[email protected] Gravure For You
>tfw almost typed "grave for you"

>> No.7803697

> 9 volumes of that
Idolmaster plz just put in in one game

>> No.7804758

>Twix mcflurry
Where is this wonderful McCocks?!

>> No.7804768

Every face you can see in this pic is rekt excpet for Vlad in the back there. He looks like he wants to bang that Lolita.

>> No.7804773

I'm honestly not surprised more disgusted that no one seems to care

>> No.7805218
File: 358 KB, 727x607, 1406955505180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really want to make a thread for this question and this thread seems kind of within the topic, but why do people dress lolita?

I'm not bagging it, it's not something I'd ever do, but I have this fascination with it. I just can't understand why people will spend so much money on outfits that they won't wear every day and aren't conventional. Maybe it's just because I personally will buy clothing based on how much I'll wear it, same for make up, but then again I'm a poorfag.

Please change my mind /cgl/, I really do love the outfits but I guess I'm still wrapping my head around the culture.

>> No.7805222

Germany probs.

>> No.7805319

Because it is cute and suits their taste? That's for any kind of fashion period.

Generic answer is generic.

>> No.7805385

Some wear it everyday/very regularly.

>> No.7805399

Why do professional sports players keep playing despite the risk of injuries? Why do women get pregnant despite the pain of childbirth? Why do most people continue to exercise despite the muscle pain afterwards? Why do people design games despite strict companies, tight deadlines, and harsh criticism from fans? Why do famous people still do their jobs despite being harassed by paparazzi and stalkers?
Because it's fun, rewarding, or at least enjoyable, it's something they like, and to them, the positive outweighs the negative.

>> No.7805405


Is there like a screen of this?

>> No.7805432

I wear it every day.

>> No.7805599
File: 550 KB, 843x552, drunk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7805617

I laughed for a least 30 seconds, thank you

>> No.7805621

Personally, I admired it for ten years. Once I finally got it, I was happy. I started cheap, with bodyline, so the risk was lower. I only own a couple of brand items and both are second hand.
I'm into all sorts of fashion. Lolita is for when I want to wear it and feel comfortable enough to deal with others (some days it's funny, others I am very anxious). You don't have to spend a lot. Start small and wear it on a day you feel like you can take on the world or at least laugh at it and see how it feels. If it doesn't work out for you sell in lacemarket!

>> No.7805878

that's actually hilarious

>> No.7805881

>eats a mcdonalds
>bitches about BURANDUUU being too small

>> No.7805906

It's ok, here in Mexico most guys say rude things unless they are into geeky stuff, women not so much unless they are in group/with other men. Maybe because we live in a "macho" culture.

>> No.7805908

Quit shitting up all the threads I'm following! Nothing you post is contributing content or interesting even if it was related to each thread.

>> No.7805909

go to settings
filter his trip/name out

>> No.7805933


I found out my black manager is a deep sci-fi and anime fan by running into him and his asian gf at this past dragoncon. He had his girl dressed up like a miko.

He showed NO signs of being a geeky dude all this time I've been working with him. His reaction to seeing me there was "So that's why you wanted this week off?"

I still don't believe it.

>> No.7805941

>Holds a booth at a convention with loli friend
>Selling second hand dresses along with handmade accesories
>Two hambeasts in their 40s came by, dressing in T-shirts and shorts
>Roughly tossed the dresses around and exclaimed loudly how expensive it is and how can anyone buy it
>Shouts back at them, "If it is so pricey to you I bet you can't afford them if you ruin them!"
>Hambeasts runs away

Damn, you are in a convention, what the hell you are expecting?

>> No.7805979

A place I would never vist

>> No.7806668
File: 78 KB, 301x639, thats dandy baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw my old friends this weekend, one of them knows I wear lolita, but thinks it's dreadful. My group of friends start calling me a harajuku girl, nerd, and a fucking weirdo. One of them looks at my phone and sees Guts as my screen saver. NEVER ENDING JOKES.

God damn normalfags.

>> No.7807009

wow that bait. I have women do this maybe a total of 5 times in the past 6 years, online and IRL. While I have had old white men and stupid fucking dudebros at cons say the top four panels to me at least 4 times a month. Just saying.

>> No.7807026

Looks like it's time for you to get a new group of friends.

>> No.7807043
File: 38 KB, 559x155, 1402497360891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wow that bait.
Well, congratulations on being the only one who took a bite. Now let's keep this thread on track with lolita & cosplay stories.

>> No.7807114
File: 510 KB, 546x661, oh uhhhhhhh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me, wearing toned down classic, my friend wearing toned down sweet.
>Walk over to the bus stop, see two guys, look like boyfriends or close friends, about 20 - 25 looking, sitting on the bench.
>They see us, politely give up their seats for us, very sweet guys.
>Bus arrives, hop on.
>Sit in back.
>Same 2 guys sit a little big close to use, one of them turns around and starts a chat about how he likes what were wearing and how wish he could wear it.
>Friend goes "You can wear it! You can wear whatever you want!".
>Gives us a happy smile.
>Other guy out of nowhere literally yanks his hair and makes him turn around and starts whispering to him.
>They both get off on the next stop, doesn't even look like the stop that was theirs, seems like one of them just wanted the other one away from us.
>What even.

>> No.7807201

It's seen as fetishistic.

>> No.7807231

You're supposed to use rotten tomatoes anon.

>> No.7807340
File: 1006 KB, 256x199, 1387232048438.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anon I freaking love you.

>> No.7807497

Yup well we figured that out after the fact haha

>> No.7807928
File: 14 KB, 300x329, abbcc45e-c042-4513-9d06-8c48145f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>at AX
>on the bus that shuttles people between hotels and the con
>see a girl sitting in front of me
>can only see wig, an interesting color
>ask my gf "I wonder who she is cosplaying
>turns around and stands up
>turns out she's a sweet Lolita
>gets fairly upset and lectures me on how it isn't cosplay but fashion
>undoubtedly thinks I'm a casual because I'm a big guy and was in a bro tank as I getting my cosplay repaired by a friend
>I tell her I got it and to calm down and sit because the bus is moving
>she gets really pissy and starts mumbling stuff to her friends
>she probably wrote a greentext story on /cgl/ about how a normalfag dudebro harassed her

Most Lolitas I've met have been very pleasant though.

>> No.7808060

It's fun, I love the community (even the drama), I love the clothing, the history, and I feel cute when I wear it.

>> No.7808076

I wear it most days, except where it would be impractical and/or social, professional, or literal suicide. Con lolitas confuse me, like I know some girls who literally only wear lolita to conventions, and I just don't get it. There's only so many cons in a year, that seems like a waste to me. But I guess whatever floats your boat. For what it's worth, the girls I know who do that exclusively wear OTT sweet, so maybe they just think it's too out there for anything else.

>> No.7808563
File: 18 KB, 376x260, 1406634581829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha oh wow these are some dumb examples.

>Why do professional sports players keep playing despite the risk of injuries?
>Why do women get pregnant despite the pain of childbirth?
1. it's a necessity that comes with having children (unless C-Section, but even they're painful). 2. Pretty sure most mums would argue that temporary pain is nothing compared to the pay off to getting a kid after. 3. I just, this is such a dumb example - we're talking about clothing, not children.
>Why do most people continue to exercise despite the muscle pain afterwards?
Because muscle pain is lactic acid and usually means you've worked that muscle group well. It only takes a day or less to heal.
>Why do people design games despite strict companies, tight deadlines, and harsh criticism from fans?
Money - indie games exist too.
>Why do famous people still do their jobs despite being harassed by paparazzi and stalkers?
>Because it's fun, rewarding, or at least enjoyable, it's something they like, and to them, the positive outweighs the negative.
Yes, they all do come with positives but also good incentives for doing so - lolita is expensive as shit and you get no payoff for it. If it's something to do an an enjoyment, cool, but I guess I don't get how obsessive it is.

>> No.7808653

You must live a pretty empty life if you think everything people do is only for money.

>> No.7808664
File: 720 KB, 500x315, 1398118718505.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wears obvious wig in unnatural colour
>wears what sounds like ott sweet lolita to a con where many people go for cosplay
>gets upset when someone mistakes it for a costume
I hate this shit so much.

>> No.7808685

>wearing lolita to a big pop culture con
>it's crowded as fuck
>I'm desperately trying to move through the crowd with friends and my brother
>I can hear someone yelling from behind
>my little brother says that the person is trying to get my attention
>they're repeatedly yelling 'steampunk girl'
>I was wearing Honey Cake at the time, so I was fucking confused
>the lady eventually gets to me and compliments my outfit before walking off
>my little brother calls me 'steampunk girl' for the rest of the day

>> No.7808727

One time when I was at a costume contest my friend was participating in, some guy came up to me and kept calling me "Pokémon girl". I was wearing a brown dress with semirealistic fawns on it, styled in a super toned down otome-esque way. He even sang this weird little song about me being a cute little Pokémon girl and him wanting to catch me. I just looked super confused and told him that I didn't understand what he was talking about but thanks anyway.
Later I heard from my friend that this guy was going around telling people about how he totally epic win trolled this weird girl in a Pokémon dress and it was sooooo funny.

Like, what? At least when people call me Bo Peep or Alice I can sort of see where they're coming from but this guy must have been high or something.

>> No.7808732

I also draw for no pay, just enjoy doing it. Must get these obsessions under control, amirite?!

>> No.7808947

Not sure if this belongs here or in feels thread but w/e

>go out with some friends to eat
>decided to go OTT since I've been mostly toned down or classic recently
>head to toe AP, wearing dream fantasy, feeling great
>waitress hurries over
So is that AP's Milky Planet or the dream of lolita knock off?
>gives me this weird side-eye look as she says it
Er, no it's an AP lucky pack print from 2013? Dream Fantasy?
>she kind of nods and walks away

Not sure wth that was. If you're reading this for some reason you really caught me off guard and came off kind of rude IMO.

>> No.7809158

Well as the waiter didn't even know what milky planet looked like (I mean, come on. Milky and dream fantasy look nothing alike except maybe the colorways and space themes) perhaps she didn't know that it was rude to ask that? Maybe she was just getting into lolita and had seen Lors shit lolitas say video where they beat up a girl wearing a replica. When I got into the comm I thought you were supposed to be rude to those who wore replicas because i am an idiot. Maybe she is just an idiot too. You will never know.

She isn't me. But I find that really funny for some reason.

>> No.7809914

Haha maybe! I tried to kind of laugh it off and point out that the castles are really similar (or even the same? Dunno don't own milky planet) between the dresses but I almost felt she thought I was lying about it being another print and not a replica simply because she didn't know dream fantasy or something. I should try going back in a completely different style and see what replica she thinks I'm wearing every time

>> No.7810064

I seem to attract a lot of little kids in my cosplays.

>Dressed as Privateer England for a con
>Standing with some of the quieter Hetalia people having a chat
>Felt something brush against my boot but figure it was someone going past and keep talking despite losing my voice throughout the day
>"Mummy, is that a boy or a girl?"
>Keep my back turned but smile as I hear a very stern hiss of "Shush, don't speak like that."
>"No but mummy I need to know if that's a girl or boy! The shoes say girl but the rest says boy!"
>Mother continues to tell her daughter how rude she is being to me. I turn to get a face full of apology from normie mother.
>I smile at the girl and she takes one look before throwing her hands up and stating. "Nup! I still can't tell!"
>Finally laugh; assure the woman it was fine and bend down to the girl to reveal myself as a woman.
>Girl merely replies "ooooooooooh, cool. Okay bye" and skips off with her mum.

She was like 5. But like it is said kids; despite being told, have no filter of what's right and wrong to say in circumstances.

I also have a lot of little kids playing with mny cosplay dresses and any outfit with either wings, a tail or frills. I've had a kid follow me around as Pit and actually got worried when a feather fell off my wing. When I told him he could keep it his face lit up light a Christmas tree.

>> No.7810087

GO BACK! This has limitless trolling opportunities! I think it might be funny to wear a dress and tell her that it isn't a replica and it is real brand, and if she asks anything else about it to tell her that it is actually a replica because you would never pay real brand prices and anyone who does is stupid. And since it has the same print it is pretty much the same brand anyway. Of course that would make you unable to play the replica guessing game with her anymore, but it would still be funny.
If you are going to do something awesome like this, please film her reactions.

>> No.7810116

>No but mummy I need to know if that's a girl or boy!
>No I NEEEED. I don't care if I'm being rude!
Children, ugh. I'll only put up with them if they grow a sense of sympathy and empathy.

>> No.7810121

I think they are really cute when they do this. And dont tell me you dont see certain people and really want to know their gender. Little kids are just more vocal about what they want.

>> No.7810122


>> No.7810123

>crotch fruit
>I died

But seriously the American attitude towards children disgusts me.

>> No.7810150


if you had to deal with ignorant republicans and teenagers constantly shitting out retarded children "because condoms/abortion murder innocent widdle babbies/God said be fruitful and multiply/ we have to preserve the white race before the niggers and spics outnumber us" you'd probably hate kids too just sayin'
My bf's aunt has 14 fucking kids because they're catholic and don't believe in contraception

>> No.7810157

well if you're a black guy and you don't look nice, cops assume you're a thug and shoot you 16 times

>> No.7810158

>Have a lolita barhopping meet for my 21st birthday
>Start off the night at a nice vegan pizza restaurant
>It's like 7pm on a Saturday so there's families there
>A little girl comes over to our table with her aunt
>"She says she wanted to say hi to the princesses"
>Little girl is in awe of me because I'm wearing a hime-styled dress, a crown, and a sash
>She comes over and pats my dress
>Smiles a huge smile when she sees how poofy it is
>Wants to know all of our names and our favorite colors

Usually I don't like kids but she was so cute and well-behaved, I think she actually made my night.
Also my crown and sash were generic "21ST BIRTHDAY PRINCESS" fare, not normal lolita stuff by any means.

>> No.7810164

You actually have autism, sorry you had to find out this way

>> No.7810166

Kids aren't usually retarded, they just have idiotic parents.

>> No.7810167



Are you Israeli?

>> No.7810172

>ben garrison
go back to /pol/ faggot

>> No.7810180

it's a /pol/ thing tardo

>> No.7810185
File: 34 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_mnp06pWb7d1qz4rgp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7810189

You know, I would've called her an ita, just to see how much I could ruffle her petticoat.

>> No.7810227

My shitty little Europeanen country has a Catholic Bible Belt too and I know your pain, anon. I'm 23 and I've been told I'm selfish for not having at least one kid yet, even though I'm atheist and wouldn't give my kids a religious upbringing in the first place. Idk logic is FOR THE DEVIL

At least they think my lolita is cute and modest, though. I just make sure they never find out it's from Japan.

>> No.7810229


>> No.7810465

How is that an "American" attitude?

>> No.7810476


same, its so amazing

>> No.7810478

>used to wear lolita every day
>became depressed and started wearing it less and less
>friend from highschool invites me to his birthday party
>I'm in a tshirt and jeans
>"oh, thats dissapointing, I like watching everyone's reactions of you.. you're dressed normal. boring"
I'm not sure how to feel.

>> No.7810483

i read this so many times as "crochet fruit"

>> No.7810484

You have not seen what I have seen. it's not an attitude of all Americans, but in america it seems the majority oppress children while in other countries I have been too it's the opposite.

When I lived in the states around 10 years ago my moms friend had a "brilliant" restaurant idea where under each table there would be a cage you could put your children into. She was being 100% serious.

>> No.7810489

Yeah, modern Dirndl are also a lot shorter, I guess most people don't look too closely.

I don't like anywhere near Bavaria either, but we do have Maifest and Oktoberfest celebrations, so I can kinda let it slide.

I guess it depends on your style. One of my friends is pretty OTT sweet, and she gets harassed so much by random people, although mostly they just want pictures or make snide remarks. We once met this whiny 40-year old man who wouldn't stop bothering her for a picture even though she said no, until we left the store.

>> No.7810490

>my moms friend had a "brilliant" restaurant idea where under each table there would be a cage you could put your children into
Holy shit. Are you sure she wasn't just crazy?

I'm not American, but I really dislike children who are not polite and well-behaved. Same as >>7810116, pretty much.

>> No.7810499

It is sadly an attitude of most Americans. I'm from America and I know a lot of people who hate children. I think it is mostly the children of poor people, because most children who's parents look like they have money are really well behaved and obedient. I've also noticed that white children are generally the least well behaved and asian the most. It's strange, but I think the hate comes from dealing with incompetent parents raising incompetent children who end up bratty annoying and out of control.

>> No.7810506

Yes, it is the parents fault. It's especially an American problem and I have witnessed it firsthand when we went back to visit a few years ago. Stayed at my aunts house, 5 year old cousin was throwing a fit so she gave him a chocolate bar to be quiet. Needless to say he already looks obese. If the kids don't learn their behavior is innapropriate, they will do it in public. If parents let their kids have what they want after innapropriate behaviour then the behaviour will continue. It seems like for some people they just don't have that 5 minutes to reprimand the kid and they just do whatever it takes to make them shut up. In most of the other countries I've been to there is a more relaxed attitude and people spend more time with their children, so they teach them appropriate behaviour rather than just having school teachers do it.

>> No.7810510

we have it in brazil
there's also m&ms, bis, ovomaltine.. and even oreos now

>> No.7810513

I think much of it is like >>7810150 said, people are almost pressured into having children, or not using contraception that it becomes a chore rather than a desire.

Heck, it may even start with the pressure to have sex. It does exist and there is a lot of it towards everyone.

>> No.7810516

>White people control everything but they're own damn kids

If I ever acted in public like some white kids do I would be dead by now

>> No.7810527

Sounds like he was too much of a cheapass to just hire a clown. Did he at least treat you well otherwise?

>> No.7810529

no. I was the "whipping boy" of that friendgroup. I've dropped them since and still get messages occassionally. they legitimately have no clue why I stopped hanging out because they are that dense

>> No.7810532

Ew. Good riddance, then.

>> No.7810534

I nanny for a rich workaholic family and the kids are well-behaved at school, mostly well-behaved for me (we're working on it), but with their parents they're not well-behaved much at all or they overdramatize their problems because they've figured out that the best way to make their parents pay attention to them is to be upset or to misbehave. It's sad. I like the kids and I'm glad to be employed but I don't even know why that family had children at all. I think it's because they're both older with high-powered careers and figured it was "now or never." That's another thing that sucks about America - our work/life balance is so shitty and we're taught on so many levels that our careers define us. I'm glad I was born here and got to grow up here but I don't want to spend my adult life here.

sage for no reactions

>> No.7810566
File: 27 KB, 599x400, 1406768087705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's another thing that sucks about America - our work/life balance is so shitty and we're taught on so many levels that our careers define us. I'm glad I was born here and got to grow up here but I don't want to spend my adult life here.

Unfortunately it's seeping into other countries' mentalities as well, no offence.
I live in a SE European country (imagine a poorer Poland with more gypsies and less jerbs) and the gap between the rich and the poor is pretty much the same as it is in the US, which is a shock to us because we used to be socialists (arseblasted people will say commies, but we weren't) and people lived more or less the same, however bad that may be. Now imagine transitioning to modern capitalism in a few years and what a shock it is for a lot of people. The few that got rich in the process act like nouveau riche dickwads and try to be a bad copy of rich Americans.

My mother is a governess to these two girls, their parents are workaholic lawyers who drag her along even on vacations and can't handle their own fucking children because they "stress them out". Then they got pissy when the kids took to my mum and prefer her over their own mother, so they started bribing them and buying their love with sweets and expensive presents.
I wonder, if you care about your career so much then why have children in the first place? But if you tell them that they will call you lazy and a "dirty commie, it's your fault you don't have a job because you don't want to work". I'm sure you know the drill.

But yeah, the American lifestyle was pretty much forced on us and even in schools some children get new iPhones and personal chauffeurs while others don't have enough for lunch and are shunned for it, so the children are conditioned from youth to give up everything they have for status and material goods.

>> No.7810573
File: 39 KB, 436x298, 1392172944808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every sperm is sacred, anon
Every sperm is great
If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate

Oh and abortions are illegal here (doesn't stop the women from taking a ferry to the UK, but it's still an idiotic notion nonetheless)

>> No.7810723


It's not so much going over to the UK that's the problem, it's poorer people who are desperate and can't afford a ticket over there who then take black market abortificants, which may be either ineffective, dangerous, or both. Legalizing abortion would most definitely eliminate this route, the way Roe vs. Wade miraculously cut emergency room admissions for dangerous abortions by nearly 100% back in the 1970s.

I've kind of noticed though, that people are not so much against the idea, as they are hesitant about it. It's like mentioning the word sex - no one does it here. It's frustrating at best. If there's no frank discussion about it, then there's no movement on the matter.

Okay, end rant. Sorry I got carried away there.

>> No.7810900
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I gotta ask, do you guys mind when people come up to you and talk about lolita with you? When I see a girl in lolita I just wanna go up to them and know what brand they're wearing etc.

I dunno if it comes off as weird since guys don't usually know about lolita, you know?

>> No.7810909

>>Wants to know all of our names and our favorite colors

that's the most adorable thing I've ever heard

>> No.7810922

If you approach in a friendly way and show that you are knowledgeable about the fashion and don't act like a creep, most lolitas will probably be happy to talk to you about it. Learn some of the basic brands and terminology and start a lighthearted conversation and she'll most likely be happy someone knows about the fashion.

>> No.7810939

As long as you're polite and genuine there should be no problem. I'm always happy to answer questions if I know the person is interested, I just hate it when people ask the same stupid questions over and over.

>are you in a play?
>why do you look like Alice?
>what holds your skirts out like that?
>why are you dressed so weird?

>> No.7810949

Go for it! I love it honestly, I once had a girl come up to me at the station and ask "Is that skirt from Baby?" All I could stutter was that it was AP, she smiled and said that she'd been into Lolita some years ago and was happy to see someone still wearing it. She was in a hurry so we didn't get to really talk but I really enjoyed that small encounter.

>> No.7810959

Rude children are the worst. I have a 10yo 2nd cousin who is just going to turn into a huge bitch in a few years.

>growing up whenever she'd say something rude, her grandma (my aunt) would act like it was "cute" or "sassy" or she was acting grown up or some other bullshit
>the kid thinks she's being funny when in actuality she's being rude/mean as hell
>she knows not to talk to me or my mother like that because we'd set her straight but talks to her grandma like garbage, while gma just eats it up like she's just funny
>kid also craves constant attention and is loud (not screaming but purposely talking loud enough to draw attention)
>people stare at them when this happens in public

But hey, it takes the negative attention that could've been from my outfits so I guess it's not all bad.

I can't be the only one who has seen this right? Kids rewarded for being little shits because its "cute"?
I'm sure high school will reward them a few years down the line with getting beat up and learning actual social skills, but I digress...

>> No.7810960

If someone is genuinely interested and respectful, that's great! Of course sometimes when I'm out and about I'm actually quite busy/tired/stressed out/what have you so I'm not in the mood for a discussion with a stranger, but then it's nothing personal. Generally though I'm always happy to get good feedback and genuine interest from people, and it would be pretty cool to make a new friend this way.

>tfw having shitty day, hurrying to catch my train
>someone yells that they love my lolita dress
>look around me for a few seconds, probably look kind of grumpy because bad mood + resting bitchface, then hurry on to my train because I have no idea where in the crowd that came from
>tfw probably the source of at least one "I met a lolita and she was totally rude, lolitas are bitches!" post somewhere

>> No.7810973

I hate the whole "sassy" trend with a fiery burning passion. It's possible to raise a happy, well mannered child respectfully, but nobody wants to put in the effort. Your child is not sassy, cute, or a firecracker, they're a shit who won't behave because they have lazy, stupid parents.

>> No.7810989

Unfortunately I have several cousins like that, all from different parents.
One is a boy who is outright aggressive and destructive who always got "boys will be boys!" responses from his mother whenever he acted like a little shit. Once when I was little we were visiting and he went through my bag while my parents and I weren't in the room but his mother was, and he ate all my snacks and drank all my juice and almost stole my gameboy. Then he had the audacity to complain that there wasn't any soda and he wanted soda so what did his mom do? Laugh and get him a bottle of Coke. I'm pretty sure this kid is going to be someone's abusive spouse one day.
Another one from the same side of the family is this girl who is just extremely vapid. She has literally no interests beyond makeup, boys and partying (she's 15) and is flunking out of high school. My mom once gave her one of my favourite books as a gift in an effort to get her to read and the little bitch threw it out the window into a pond, then pretended it was an 'accident'. I wouldn't be surprised if she makes a MFC account the moment she turns 18.
I have less contact with the other side of the family but I do know that at every family function, including funerals, there are a bunch of kids running around and screaming, throwing food and destroying shit. I'm never sure who their parents are (this is the trashier side of my family where all my cousins had kids as soon as they turned 21, often earlier) but pretty much everyone but my father just lets that happen and thinks it's cute. My father isn't that close to them either but when one of them ran into him during my grandfather's funeral he picked the kid up by the scruff of his neck and just glared at him until he finally stopped laughing and started whimpering a little. I'm pretty sure my dad was told off for this afterwards.

I'm starting to think my parents were both adopted or something.

>> No.7810992

I know a lot just from browsing here so that's why I wanna talk to lolitas in person. You're all awesome for devoting yourself to it.

>> No.7811016

Shit, I'm amazed at some of this. If I acted like that when I was a kid my parents would have beat the shit out of me. I'm genuinely worried about that generation of kids who will grow up to be little shits and then raise their kids even shittier. God help us all.

>> No.7811024

I do agree with all that, on top of the fact that the govt would have to pay for the children (at least partially) if the parents cannot. If said parents can't afford abortions, they certainly won't be able to afford to take care of a child. So we inadvertently pay out of our pockets for someone's idiocy, and legalising abortions would fix that.
That being said, I know some slappers who use morning-after pills as contraception and some who are too daft to remember to take a pill once a day, so they get pregnant. In many Slavic countries women use abortions as contraceptives pretty much, so at least it would be on their own head rather than ruining the life of both the people of this country and the children whom they would mother.

>> No.7811036

Oh I have a neighbour with a child who does similar things.
>"Hahaha what a dear, she told me she'll glass me! How precious!"
I expect her to start getting into knife fights and going from door to door asking for scrap metal in a few years, from the looks of it.
I swear, these kids all need a good smack on the gob from time to time.

>> No.7811039

I don't understand people who honestly think the only "easy" way to control a kid is giving them a treat.

>babysitting litter of cousins (ages 4,6,8 and 10)
> 6yo a handful
>throws tantrum
>physically pick her up and put her in bedroom (10yo watches the other two in the next room)
>hold door closed and tell her she can come out when she calms down/says sorry/whatever
> freak out for at most ten minutes, and then allowed to come out
>calm kid who also didn't get whatever it was she threw the tantrum over
>doing it less and less throughout the year as she learns how it works
>no yelling on my part, just "okay lets go"

If it's an irrational child tantrum, put them somewhere where they get zero attention and they will stop relatively fast, and even if they don't, they do tire eventually, and you wont end up with a spoiled brat at the end. I weigh 110lbs and have little muscle mass but even I can physically move most average weight kids under the age of 10, and any kid older than that still throwing tantrums has much deeper issues than a little brattiness.

I know parenting is way more work than just that, I'm just talking about dealing with at home tantrums in a better way than "throw them a kit kit"

I'd like to give mad props to parents, I know I couldn't be one full time! But I do hate seeing half-assed childcare and the bratty kids it produces, no props for you.

IDK a quick fix for one in public other than the car, which isn't always an option

>> No.7811056

It's just so sad that these children are clearly rebelling and pushing boundaries to get attention and all their parents do is go "teehee! silly kids!" and pat them on the head, then go back to doing whatever they were doing. I'm not a fan of corporal punishment but if you can't sit down with your own child and tell them to quit being a little shit or else there will be consequences, what else is the rest of the world supposed to do? I really feel for the teachers who are having to put up with this every day. When I was in high school my class managed to make several substitute teachers run out of the room in tears, and none of the kids in that class were as bad as my cousins. There's no security in schools in my country but if this is what many children nowadays are like then it might become necessary.

Kids these days!
>"Children began to be the tyrants, not the slaves, of their households. They no longer rose from their seats when an elder entered the room; they contradicted their parents, chattered before company, gobbled up the dainties at table, and committed various offences against Hellenic tastes, such as crossing their legs. They tyrannised over the paidagogoi and schoolmasters."
- Kenneth John Freeman, 1907

>> No.7811059
File: 3.94 MB, 640x360, EZe360I.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>one out of 3 married siblings
>other two siblings have 2 kids each
>I have one kid
>other siblings used to talk about how happy they are to not have had an "unplanned" baby like I did

>mfw their kids are "sassy" and wear them right the fuck to their last nerve
>mfw when they don't believe in anything other than "time out".
>mfw when no one in the family wants to babysit their kids without huge compensation
>mfw they dread taking their kids out in public, heaven forbid they go shopping

>mfw everyone loves my kid and volunteer to watch him
>mfw cashiers at our grocery store love him and know him by name
>mfw my siblings are both frantically looking for new daycare centers
>mfw I never hear about they're glad they "planned" their babies ever again

There's still hope, folks.

>> No.7811061

good work anon!

>> No.7811069

You're fuckin' great, anon.

My kid responds badly/fearfully to yelling because his da used to fly into drunken fits and yell at everyone, so it puts him on edge.

Usually to stop his tantrums or whining, I:
-explain that what he's doing is rude and/or makes me very sad.
-I'll ask him what the correct way to get what he wants is.
-If he can't get what he wants even when asking correctly, I suggest things he could do instead.

A ton of times, I notice that people are always yelling at their kids when they do bad shit, but I hardly see any praise.
I babysit my sisters kids sometimes, and they're more behaved for me. Why? Because they're always constantly being told "no" or "stop".
I usually take some time to say "Good job, Jay! That was super nice of you to share with your sister!" or "You didn't hit! Great job! I'm very proud of you!" when I see them being civil.

>> No.7811080


>> No.7811085

>good parents on /cgl/
aw yiss
I bet your kids have the best Halloween costumes, too! Or at least I can dream.

I was raised in a similar way myself. When I behaved well or did something nice for someone I got praise, and when I did something wrong I got a stern look or at worst was physically removed from the situation. The stern look worked for me because it was relatively rare and I knew it meant I had displeased my parents which was mortifying! Behaving well meant happy fun times and attention and praise so behaving badly was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind.
>tfw parents didn't want me to move out because they actually enjoy my company
>tfw now that I have moved out I'm always welcome back at home and they always have goodies ready to bribe me to spend more time there
>tfw friends were practically kicked out once they started university and their parents would rather go on vacation alone than spend time with them
>tfw friends think I'm "imposing" on my parents when I go to visit
>yeah I'm sure that's why there's cake, so that I stop imposing

>> No.7811179


>> No.7811365
File: 32 KB, 480x360, suffering_gorilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I work as a cashier right now, and it stuns me the number of people who reward their kids for being little brats. I got a swat on the ass for that behavior when I was younger, and I knew I fucked up because my parents didn't like spanking. I probably feel the most sorry for a pair of girls not even ten years old, but already obese as hell. They were stamping their feet on the ground and everything.

Parents thought it was cute I wanted to eat as much as Daddy. Now I'm a whale.

>> No.7811441

>Brother has three kids
>Oldest son refuses to go to bed
>mother bribes and negotiates
>won't let brother discipline
>rinse and repeat for any other bad behaviour for all of them
>kids are little shits because of it

I haven't visited in a few years, but I feel terrible for him since he wasn't ALLOWED to correct their bad behaviour. Hopefully now that they're not together he can set them straight, but it's mind boggling how some people don't know how kids work.

>> No.7811474

Shitty parents? Oh god. My brothers wives have conned them into doing the "gentle parenting" thing, which is basically being a doormat. Now they've decided that school is for "average" kids and their darling snowflakes are being home schooled. One of them is almost 4 and still in diapers because they're waiting for him to decide when he wants to be potty trained.

>> No.7811477


Homeschooling is the worst. I haven't seen a single homeschooled kid who hasn't had some sort of major issue socialising. Say what you want about mean kids at school, but there's something to be said about learning how to navigate the treacherous waters of sociopathic little gits in middle school.

Plus, homeschooling sometimes is just an excuse for the parent to push their ideals on the kid with no other intervention of any sort. It's the worst for brainwashing your kids into your ideals, and even parents with the best of intentions will have biases that inevitably get imprinted hard on the kid.

>> No.7811479

>Mother force-fed me as a child because I didn't like her cooking
>Still a hungry skelly with coat hanger collarbones
>Still disgusted by 90% of the food that's offered to me due to bad experiences

T-thanks ma
She was a shite cook too

>> No.7811498

Education in my country is so shit (I'm finishing it right now and it's a complete joke) that if nobody reforms it by the time I have kids I'm seriously thinking about homeschooling my children too.

I haven't researched it very deeply so far, but I don't see many setbacks, really. What you said about "pushing your ideals on someone" and having biases is already done at school, so what's the problem?

>> No.7811500

Some kids really are just little shits, though. My nephew and niece are both exhausting to be around, but their personalities are so different that being around HIM is a delight even if he does wear you down, while being around HER makes you want to gnash her teeth. He's just gone four, she's not quite six. And she's been slowly turning into a brat over the past two years, and none of us can figure out why. They get the same treatment in terms of punishment and reward.

>take kids to park
>both run loose because, hey, it's a park
>within 20 minutes, older sister is picking on a little girl in the sandbox area/destroying her little sand castles
>little girl is getting visibly upset and keeps moving away from niece
>call niece from the bench where I'm sitting
>she ignores me
>walk over and talk to her from right beside her
>continues to pretend she can't hear me and rolls her eyes
>take her by the arm, sit her on the bench for time out, tell her if she doesn't straighten up we're going home
>huffs and sighs and rolls her eyes through the entire encounter
>end up following through on the threat and make her sit in the car while her brother plays a bit longer, then go home
>she cries and screams the whole way home that it's not fair

>different day, same park
>nephew is on rope bridge with a boy a bit older than him
>nephew starts jumping up and down to make the bridge bounce
>older boy almost falls and gets scared, shouts for nephew to stop
>don't have to even intervene, nephew stops, looks sheepish, and says sorry

And every time we take them anywhere, that's how it is. She acts up and ignores reprimands, until we actually carry through on the discipline. I've talked to her parents and they've said it's the same way for them. She's apparently an angel at school and helpful and sweet, but for anyone else, she just acts like a total brat. I have *never* seen a kid that young roll her eyes quite like that. It's almost as if she's a tiny teenager already.

>> No.7811511

I also want to add that she *lies*. A lot. We take them to lunch sometimes after the park, and one of the places we take them is near a toy store. She has on multiple occasions tried to convince me that her mom/my husband/her dad/someone else has promised she could pick a toy out from that store.

She also lies about other things, like when I catch her picking on other kids. The sandcastle incident, she didn't say a word, but another time when she hit a kid in the face with a swing, she claimed he'd bit her.

We watch those two like hawks at the park, because we know how rough they can get, so I know that she was completely unprovoked in smacking that kid with the swing seat. But she tried to convince me that she was just defending herself from him.

>> No.7811513

I work as a cashier, too, and I completely agree with you. Kids act like rude little shit stains and their parents buy them candy and toys. It's fucking ridiculous.

There's this regular who's kid is seven and curses and brags about how he calls teenagers faggots on Xbox. And she got him a PS4 for Christmas last year. People just have no parenting skills. Why would you reward your kid when they suck?

>> No.7811515

Some kids wisen up as they grow. I was always really mean to my mother & grandmother (although they insist it wasn't that bad) but now that I've grown up I treat them nicely as long as I don't have to stay with them in the same room for several days. Though I never had those problems with my father or anyone else.

Also, not saying it isn't her fault but maybe she has an issue with her parents or brother? Usually when a child behaves at school but misbehaves at home the problem is somewhere at home.

>> No.7811521


It's hard to interact with other kids when you homeschool, particularly kids you may not get along with.

I'm not sure how terrible your schooling is (I'm going to assume along the lines of both terrible teaching and some sort of weird government indoctrination from the sounds of it) but my high school was very good at introducing controversial topics and bringing good discussion into the classroom. My classmates also had different views, not just on school subjects, but on life, which helped shape my own values and opinions just from being around them.

I can understand schools not being great at teaching that though. We have a few students from different countries at my school, and they practically made fun of the lib arts education because their country basically brainwashed them into thinking it was useless crap. The only useful sorts of education to them were practical sciences - e.g. engineering, actuary science, health sciences, etc. That's really unfortunate, and I do think that people benefit from a lib arts background as people who can function in society (e.g. hold debates, are interested in the arts, and can communicate well) even if the results are not apparent at first. And I'm saying this being in one of the 'useful sciences' with no intention of changing major.

Anyways, I got off track. I see what you mean though, and I guess being very fortunate, I forgot to take that into account.

>> No.7811522

Gross. I personally could not handle kids, but I think they are cute and I enjoy them for short periods of time. So instead of giving birth and being a pathetic mom, I allow suitable parents to have them. If you don't like kids, don't have them, and avoid them. Easy.

>> No.7811523

We thought that maybe it was something like that. Maybe jealousy of her little brother, but she acts this way even if we take her out on her own. They've actually considered taking her to a child therapist at this point, to see if they can sort out what's making her behave this way.

If you ask her, she just shrugs or parrots things she'd heard other people say. "I was bored" usually, because she's overheard her dad saying that maybe she needs more stimulation/activity and she's acting out out of boredom.

>> No.7811524

because it temporally shuts them up. lazy parents don't have long term goals, they look for quick fixes.

>> No.7811526

Also please don't think that everyone who is insufferable stays that way or that everyone who is nice stays that way. I know people have a tendency to think that if someone is mean to them they are always mean to everyone and were entitled pricks as children, and the other way around. Life doesn't always work that way, people you don't like aren't cartoon villains and people you do like aren't flawless angels all the time. Many of my friends who are decent people have had misunderstandings with their other friends and family, and many whom I don't see as good people have had perfectly lovely childhoods and their parents think them little dears.

Just putting that out there.

>> No.7811530

Yeah, no, I understand all that. We just can't figure out why she went from being a sweet, lovey dovey thing to such a moody pain in the ass.

Her mom blames the school she's been at for the last two years. It's a pretty rough school, and not exactly highly regarded (they're moving soon specifically to get her into a new school). So if the therapist can't figure something out, maybe the switch to a new school will make a difference.

>> No.7811538

I think you should anon! Just don't creep. It would be a nice change from "i saw ur sheap arownd duh cawnah ovah derr hurrhurrhurr"

>> No.7811542

Oh that could definitely be the case.

>> No.7811546

The only thing that has us all confused is that she's popular at school and behaves really well. So even though it's a bit of a rough/bad school, she doesn't get affected by that all that much AT school. So why would she suddenly be so nasty to everyone at home?

Either way, they're trying to figure it out, because disciplinary measures have no effect on her. She's never talked back at me, but apparently that's all she does to her mom when she gets in trouble. Backtalk and eye rolling and huffy pouting.

>> No.7811555

Mostly when I go out in lolita nothing happens, but this one time when I was shopping for Christmas gifts with one of my good friends something awesome happened.

I was in the mall, our mall is 3 stories and I am going down the escalator to the bottom floor. Santa, and a train, and a kids play land were all set up on that side, and next to it a group of children for some event were all in tuxes and Christmas dresses and they were dancing in a circle. Must have been at least 30 kids, and there were mass amounts of parents/guardians taking pictures too. I get off the bottom and as I walk by, I am watching them all dance and stuff. Some of the little girls who were not dancing at the time came over and asked very politely if they could touch my dress. They were in awe it was so cute and i nelt and let one wear my headbow.
The ones dancing had stopped, the song had run out and many more came over to me to talk me to about it, I ended up taking photos with most of them, and a little fellow asked me to dance with him in the circle. It was so nice and I talked for a minimum of 30 minutes with these children and their parents. Best experience of my lolita life. Really made me feel that 'Christmas spirit'.

>> No.7811562

I was homeschooled for a while in fifth grade. I got pulled out of private school because of money and the fact they were too focused on ~nurturing us~ to teach me how to multiply. Since both my parents worked, I went to work with my mom and she would give me work. I took advantage of this, and I remember specifically one day that my mom was so fed up, my only assignment was to buiild a snowman.
It was only a few months before my parents threw me in public school.
I have trouble with math to this day, and we weren't even one of those freaky religious families.
TLDR don't homeschool

>> No.7811571

Thats so cute anon! I hope that happens to me someday. Kiddos are cute.

>> No.7811572

Thanks for response.

It's really off topic so I won't go into the lenghts about how much education here is a joke, but I'll just say that our country has banned kindergartens from teaching how to write or read.. It also banned any additional (paid) classes such as learning foreign languages, dancing classes etc. there, because it's "unfair" to others who can't afford them.

Oh, yea, and our government has recently issued that children in primary school will need to use the "free textbook" - produced by them of course. The school has no option to choose any other textbook, only the one passed by gov. This is ridiculous.

>> No.7811580

I'd do my best to save up now and move when you're older. I couldn't stand to live in such a restricted place. What country is this anyway?

>> No.7811596

Why not public school in the first place? I'm sorry, but your parents are kind of dumb to think they can educate a kid AND work a full-time job in the first place.

>> No.7811600

I'm dying to know where this is.

>> No.7811605
File: 98 KB, 499x612, 1408682371865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is going to sound racist as fuck


>> No.7811607

My bf's family is the model for all the fails of homeschool. It's really unsettling to me. Their mom is hyper controlling, and homeschool is just an extension of that so she can control their lives 24/7. She definitely uses it to push her ideals

They are religious and the books they use are all religious based. I remember seeing one titled "The Biology of Creation" and it was separated into "the creatures God made on each of the 7 days of creation" There is no structure to their homeschool. His mom wakes up around 11am-12pm each day. They do schoolwork maybe one hour a day.

His 18 y/o sister has aspergers and her only socialization comes from church. When her mom tries to make her do anything related to schoolwork, she throws screaming tantrums like a child. She's never had a job, can't drive, and their mom tells her what to do from when she needs to shower to what her bedtime is.
His brother is 15 and a little better off I guess. He lies on the couch all day, 7 days/week doing nothing but playing xbox and eating junk food. His only friends are people he plays with online. He very rarely leaves the house.

Luckily my bf escaped the crazy because he went to public school and told them early on that he didn't want to go to church. They still try to micro-control his life though

>> No.7811653

>country has a Catholic Bible Belt too
Spain? Italy?

>> No.7811690
File: 153 KB, 590x417, 1397196900290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw i see homeschooling being mentioned

When I was younger, my family moved from a large city up north to a suburb. My mother (who is all kinds of crazy) said that teachers from the south were hicks and decided to homeschool me. After the first year, I told her I didn't want to be homeschooled anymore and threw a huge fucking fit, saying "we're sticking with this whether you like it or not". As the years went on, I got further and further behind and eventually I ""graduated"", but I probably have the education equivalent of a 9th grader. That whole time, my father didn't say a peep, and now that I'm not going to college he suddenly gives a shit. To this day my mother will never say that the homeschooling failed and tells all her friends I'm in art school on my way to work for Pixar or some shit. I can't even get a job because I don't have a license and have a pretty severe fear of driving, but that's getting better recently with my friend teaching me.

On the social side, I feel like I'm constantly spilling my spaghetti all over the place and it's hard for me to hold a conversation. I think I'm improving though, with going to conventions and joining my local lolita comm, but it's still really exhausting for me.

At the end of the day I'm a NEET who browses 4chan all day.

>> No.7811786

There was a cosplay contest at my university once.

>contest doesn't start fir another hour so club members are just engaging in club activities
>am already in cosplay
>get super hungry and let my friends know I'm gonna cqtch a quick dinner
>head out the bulding to thw university cafeteria happily swishing my cape in the wind behind me
>a guy moves to walk past me while running his eyes over me
"I'd let you rescue me anydayy"
>i wasn't a super hero, but oh well
>internet persona activate
"Don't go getting into trouble now just because you wanna see me now, you hear?"
> wink as he and I both walk away
>I return with food with no further incidents at I stood in the elevator wondering where the helll that came from

>> No.7811952

See, I have a little cousin who is a total shit and my mom has been trying to convince everyone else that this is what he needs. The kid wants attention to be on him at all times, positive or negative. The best way to deal with that is to put them alone (obv where you can see or contain them like a chair in the corner) and just... ignore them. Don't react. Just let them scream their fucking head off until they shut up. When they're quiet, they can come out.
Also for the in public part, my mom would just leave. She would just say "Ok, we're going, get in the car", physically drag us if needed, but otherwise would just not react at all. In the car, drive home in silence, go straight to your room. Yeah its inconvenient and can't always be done, but she only had to do it very few times before we knocked that shit off. From then on all she had to say was "Do we need to leave?" and we would immediately stop.

But yeah, my little shit cousin is the most spoiled child I've ever seen. Last time I saw him he completely wrecked a whole weekend with my family, the first time I had gotten to see them in over a year.
>grandma cant say no to anything regarding this kid
>she agrees to watch him the weekend I'm staying with her
>this means I'm babysitting too
>kid is 6
>talks like he's 3 because he knows grandma loves it
>throws fits and breaks things when he gets less attention than me
>again, haven't seen family in over a year, so yeah everyone wants to talk to me
>he gets dragged along when someone tries to take me out to eat
>throws fit that he can't have a second milkshake
>fucking mission-impossibles his way out of the booth and chases our waitress around to tell her he wants a milkshake
>throws food
>throws a fit when we go to go up an escalator because he's suddenly terrified of them
>turns out that to get to the elevator, we must pass the toy store
>he runs in, it takes 45 minutes to get him back out

>> No.7811966

Both my baby brother and my friend's daughter are homeschooled, but they both also only had to complete high school. Both for pretty much the same reason too, the local school district has an incredibly shitty policy when it comes to severe or chronic illnesses that require hospital time. Apparently if you miss more than a month of in-class time, regardless of whether you keep contact with the school, complete all your assignments, have all your transcripts, and pass all your tests, you are still considered dropped out and expelled.

>> No.7813193

>last year, new job. Started at the beginning of October
>has shitty uniform/dress code for work, but get to dress up for Halloween
>wears simple kuro coord +mini caplet and mini witch hat and "dress up" as cute witch
>walking through front doors, no one notices, isn't till 30 minuets later the building secretary says "Anon! You're so cute and that outfit looks so natural on you I didn't even realize you were dressed up!"
>no one knows of my frilly secret life

I've been there for a year now and most people know what I look like outside of work. One co-worker always tells me to take pictures at cons or meets so she can see my crazy elaborate stuff. She's on my Facebook and says things like "anon I saw that new skirt you posted about buying! I bet its so cute on you!" It makes working with the normies even more fun. Can't wait to see their faces for this years "costume"

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