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Old thread >>7838465 on autosage.

Continue to feel.

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My boyfriend hasn't contacted me in three days and I don't know when to ask if there's anything wrong. We usually talk once a day, and he's seen my message from three days ago. I've been keeping myself busy making cosplays, but I feel worried. I also feel like I shouldn't be worried.

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I just wrote an exam, and I think I flunked, and I lost all motivation to do anything else now. Rationally, I know it's not the end of the world, but the perfectionist in me just wants to die so I won't have to deal with my failure.

> If only I had studied a bit more, then maybe...

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I've been thinking lately of a lot of shit I did when I was younger that I realize was really rude, like not doing favors for my parents when they asked or flat-out refusing them. On the other hand my parents also acted terribly, things that I assumed were "okay" when I was a kid but realize now or through other people that they definitely weren't. I hate that our relationship has always been skewed, it's frustrating now because I still live with them but all I can think about is how badly we act towards each other. All I do is work and hardly speak more than a couple sentences to my mom during the week, I don't even talk to my dad. It makes me sad when I see how other people get along with their parents because we have always been messed up and nothing's changed with us getting older.

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Same thing is happening to me, although it's with a girl I've only been on a few dates with. The waiting and not knowing is excruciating, but I don't want to pester her either.

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>got off birth control
>got on lower dose
>mellowed my moods to the point where I can tell it's not a placebo
>tfw I denied MAH EMOTIONS were from the bc all this time


>/cgl/ friending thread actually worked
>meeting new friend at 3pm today
>oh god what are we going to talk about
>mfw spaghetti

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>tfw no more /cgl/ friend finder threads

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She found me off the zeemap which was the best part.

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>be watching a dress on lacemarket
>overpriced by $100-$200
>says "final reduction" but seller keeps upping her prices despite no one bidding
>send her a message saying I'll buy it now for a reasonable price
>deletes my message, lowers her prices by $30
>20 hours left on the dress not a single bite

Jesus this girl is dumb as a brick, I hope no one bids on her overpriced crap

>retail value around $400
>used dress, not popular colorway
>she wants $500

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Can I ask what prompted you to switch birth control? I've been considering doing the same to see if my moods will mellow out, but I've been depressed for as long as I can remember, and I genuinely don't know if this is just me, if I'm actually doing better with the bc I'm on, etc.

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Find something you'd think he'd enjoy and send him? Even if he doesn't respond at least you'll know if he saw it without seeming like you're obsessive or controling.

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Hey seagulls, join the migration to the promised land. Let us have our old /cgl/ back.

The way is infinite.

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it could get better when you'll get a place on your own. i know my own relationship with both my parents got a lot better after i moved out.

maybe it's not your case, but the fact that i was so dependent on them when i lived with them made it impossible to be on equal footing, and because of this i couldn't get any kind of point across

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>Dream dress came in
>Fits perfectly
>Teared up a little bit tbh
>Feels SO DAMN GOOD because the jsk in a diff colorway looked like shit on me but this OP is heaven sent

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Congrats, anon, what dress?

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Theres a girl I want to fuck but were both taken so instead I made her in sims and made my sim fuck her.
Im a sad person.

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>Friend moved to England years ago
>Suddenly regained contact with them
>He's depressed and stressed out
>Convince him to go to therapy
>He's doing well
>Days later, wake up to picture of his suicide letter he sent me
>"Anon was a good friend and has supported me through my tough times."
>Frantically message him
>Week later, nothing is being read

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Thank you! It's the AP Cosmic OP in lavender. I had the jsk in sax and it just looked awful on me. Hopefully the girl that I sold it to loves it, though!

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Holy shit. Is there anybody in England that you could reach out to and maybe see if he's okay? Maybe a FB friend of his? That's absolutely terrible...

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He doesn't have an FB and I'm practically the only friend he talked to within a year. He's kinda estranged from his mother and I have no way to contact her either. I do have a friend (that doesn't know him) that lives a good 4 hours away from the city he lives in but I don't know his exact address.

I'm trying my best to stay as calm as possible.

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>have bullshit college math teacher
>hardly speaks english so you cant understand them
>even if you get the answer write she'll mark it wrong if you don't get it right her special way.
> for example, friend put a = -2 instead of x = -2 and she got it wrong even though we did the same exact math and everything.
> giving multiple choice test but still counting answers wrong if you don't get answers right by her magical standards.

Not everyone's brain processed this shit the same. It's just bullshit, I hope I can pass this class.

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Holy shit. That's terrible. I hope he's okay and I hope you're doing all right, too.

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I think I know what dress you're talking about, is it a dress set? Yeah, shit's overpriced.

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>tfw feels in the feels thread are not /cgl/ related
>tfw feel sandy for pointing it out

feels bad man

my heart goes out to >>7841225 though. a friend of mine killed himself a couple days ago. must be agonizing to not know or be able to get closure.

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Any idea where he lives? It's kinda creepy stalker, but I can see if I know anyone there who might know of him, and I am at least located in the same country...

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Assuming that's literally the same answer, a and x weren't representing different things in the equation, you need to talk to her about this, because that's absolutely ridiculous.

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Exactly. And then people complain that janitors are deleting the feels threads.

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We did. We both did. My friend insisted over and over and the teacher eventually yelled at her, told her it was wrong, refused to give her partial credit and made her leave for insisting politely. Everyone in class was shaking their heads in disdain.

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I want to do stuff, but I can't bring myself to.

Just, in general.

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What's worse is she even wrote " a = x " IN her work. She got ALL of the work I did, but still got it all marked off as wrong.
I'm just getting really stressed because I suck at math and with this stubborn, non-english speaking teacher I'm not sure what's going to happen.
Doesn't help that she assigns an assload of homework that she refuses to go over in class so we don't even know if we're doing our problems right.
This on top of me working my job and attending school full time.
fml, at least I'm getting my dream dresses...

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>TFW only lolita within 100 miles on zeemap

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>tfw someone next to you in a panel stinks

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>tfw some fangirl of your character wants a picture with you
>okay, sure
>she cuddles your side during the photo
>she reeks of sweat and dirt and general filth

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Dude, you need to go to a higher-up and complain. Tell them that nobody can understand this bitch, and show them both papers and explain what's going on/

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>tfw something you ordered didn't come in time for a con
Nothing I can do, I guess. Still bums me out, though.

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I'm in the exact same boat as you. Freaking sucks, but I think it'll get better when we both are able to move out.

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>tfw some guy and his family come walking by outside a con and ask if he can get a picture of you pretending to swing a pickaxe at his mom's head.

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I'd like to, I know the individuals in charge of academic counseling absolutely hate her as I've heard them gossip about her and when I went there to hand them a paper relating to the class they didn't understand what the hell I was giving them because my teacher couldn't be bothered to check everything correctly or do her job.
They're not too happy about it.
Fuck the education system, will they just employ everyone? Who would think hiring someone who can't fucking speak English is a good idea?

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>tfw somebody you book a hotel room with decides less than a month from the con that they don't want to go anymore.

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Is she Asian?

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Or they suddenly are like "oh, I don't have enough money, I can't afford it."

I understand if something suddenly came up and you had to use a large sum of funds unexpectedly, but when it's this repeat shit where you say you want to go and commit to it, then feed me this bullshit a month of two before the con it's obvious that you have no idea how to manage your money and have no fucking business trying to room with people at cons. Get your own fucking hotel next time.

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were you cosplaying an AC Villager?

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>Tfw all your internet cosplay friends meet you for the first time at a con and the first thing everyone says is "YOU'RE SOOOO SHORT!!1! LOL"

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This is why you have to collect money from people right off the bat.

Unless they're your best pal and you know they'll pay you and keep with it, collect the money ASAP.

Related, I'm looking for like 2 more people to room with for Katsucon, and i have no idea where to look. There's a bed available, we're not cramming, I just want to split the cost.

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Does 'pissed' count as a feel? Because if so then oh boy.

>just had surgery, insurance fuck up my vlasim and so I have to cover it out of pocket up front and wait so I'm in massive debt
> start selling some stuff, ask some friends to help me signal boost
> several pairs of Dr. Martens, burando, nice wigs, etc.
>friend expresses interest in a wavy pinkish shoulder length wig, tell her I want to sell it for $35 But I'll let her have it for $30
>nice wig, shop doesn't sell it anymore
> friend goes "didn't you pay that much for it shipped?"
>no, I paid about $40 after shipping
>"so you're gonna charge me shipping on a wig you can just drive to my house?"
>bitch I'm selling it to make some money, not to get rid of it.

She keeps trying to do this with a Sex Pot Revenge shirt I'm not even selling.

>Anooooon, when you sell your blue SPR shirt can I have first dibs? I really want it!

>what part of NOT FOR SALE don't you get girl damn

Every time I sell something sher likes she tried to get me to give it to her, then gives me low ball offers. Like, no.

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*fucked up my claim

Sorry, I'm on my tablet and the pinned thread watcher box was hiding half the reply box so I couldn't boring read shit.

>> No.7841414

Ugh, wish it didn't do that on tablet.

On topic, is it possible to just get rid of her? 'Cause that is just way too annoying to have to deal with.

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>girlfriend wears lolita sometimes
>explain what "ita" means in reference to cosplaying/lolita
>she calls things she doesnt like ita now
>she still doesnt understand it's short for itai which means pain or hurt, as in "bitch yo fit so ugly it hurts"

"This food is so ita"

>> No.7841430

Hahaha, how awful! I'm going to start doing this around my lolita friend.

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We',be been friends since middle school, in our small town we were the weird kids. She's always been spoiled by her parents but her personality wasn't ever bad until recently. Suddenly she turns 22 and gets her first "bad boy" fuckbuddy and does a few one night stands, now all she ever wears other than our work uni is sweats and her worn out middle school band t shirt and her ol, ragged converses from middle school as well. Yet she has a bedroom FULL, and I mean stacked full with nice, cool visual/punk/goth clothes, shoes, and accessories she literally has never worn. She never wants to hang out unless she can drag her fuckbuddy along (and I don't hang with felons who beat up on their babymommas so fuck that) to mack on in public.


Now she's not replying to my texts because she swears I told her she could just /have/ it. My favorite wig. My nice, thick lace front heat resistant kanekalon wig direct from Japan.

I don't think so. Go ahead and throw your tantrum, girl.

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Try again, tard.

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No pickaxes in AC.

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why doesn't it say (you) by your original post

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It's so dumb when people try to post screenshots proving they weren't samefagging because it's so easy to fake. Remember how 4chan has no memory? All you have to do is close the tab/window, then open the thread in a new one. Voila, no more samefag!
>pic related, it's samefag chan

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>Dad isn't around for most of formative years because Navy.
>Constantly hearing about how he regrets not really being there for me
>Was really proud, was nice, still thought I should've become a Marine
>Decide to let him try and get some proper fathering in now that I've got money and time for projects
>Airsoft Air Rifle, for apocalypse themed event (A-la Metro 2033 Tihar)
>Dad's MMCS, retired, so totally in his field
>"Go to this website, because I don't really want to teach you the basics of pneumatics."
>Not even about the pneumatics
>Literally already understand more than enough about pneumatics to do this shit, it's a regulator, a quick release valve setup, and a tank adapter, all attached to some tubing
>Dad just fucking blew me off, after finally giving him some form of opportunity to be dad
>Fucking sad, for the first time in a while

Seriously, I normally get pissed when shit like this happens, but now I'm just really mellow and sad...

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>*Was really proud when joined Navy

>> No.7841524


Sweetie you care way too much about this. Calm down.

>> No.7841620

> calculated the dates for my period

>> No.7841622

I only posted in this thread once. I just found it funny.

>> No.7841663

This is my life and AX every year. Sorry anon.

>> No.7841670

>oh no I have regular periods weeeeeh

>> No.7841671

> tfw the other way around for me

Thanks. I'm tall. Glad you informed me about it.

>> No.7841674

Sorry that you don't? That shit sucks too.

>> No.7841679

Periods in general are a fucking nightmare LBR.
Besides, it's not like cons fall on the same day every year and it's not like periods do, either.

>> No.7841682

My period is pretty regular, but the dates of the con change. They just so happen to coincide for the last few years for some reason, and it's a pain in the vagina.

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> On FB.
> Oh, a new meetup in a few weeks! Join!
> Browsing through the list of other people attending.
> Realize ex's best friend is going.
> Start panicking.
> Shit, I thought I was over this. Panic more.
> Drop out of the meetup almost as quickly as I joined it.
> Fucking hell, what is wrong with me?

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>tfw want to do the perfect group cosplay but gathering so many people to do it is pretty much impossible, much less find fans of the show
I'm in despair!

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It was like 50th time that I burst into tears. I freaked out with my boyfriend over trivial sex stuff because I was obsessed. I thought, "maybe I should change my bc and see what happens."

The fact that I previously switched to a higher dose to throw my period off to 4x a year, coincidentally around the time when I started to have crying freak outs, also helped in my decision.

It's been two weeks and my emotions don't feel to intense anymore. Definitely switch, it wouldn't hurt just to see if it does anything.

>> No.7841764

I've recently switched to a lower estrogen dose (well, I was off for like 1.5 yrs but the first BC I took put me in the ER. Eesh.) and it's SO much better. Still feel depressed at times, boobs still hurt a lot, but everything else is just a million times better.

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>waiting for the new IW book print
>browsing Lace Market
>one of my dream dresses is for sale
>it's little overpriced but the first time I see it for sale

I purchased it anyway. I have no patience; at least the seller is from my country so i do not have to pay a shitload of taxes and shipping. Now I hope I am able to get a hand on the new IW book print, and that IW will take their time until they invoice me...

>> No.7841768

What did it do to land you in the ER?

I'm on progesterone, so I have no idea about estrogen BC.

>> No.7841773

Anon I'd cosplay with you.

It's my dream.

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1 down, 13 to go

>> No.7841789

I'd have to be either Nozomu or Harumi do, I'm blind as shit.

I wish we could actually make it happen, anon.

>> No.7841793

I'm a huge fan and I'd love to, but I've never cosplayed anything in my life.

If you want an extra to hang himself for authenticity in pictures, I'm right here.

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Same, the series deserves so much more love. I could do Nozomu on my own but it works a lot better when you have a group.

Or maybe we could get someone to do Kafuka and just say we have everyone, fufufu

>> No.7841809

>tfw I got interested because Nozomu seemed like a caricature of Watanuki and I was/still am a CLAMP weeb

She could switch off wigs throughout the day and become someone else

>> No.7841810

Where do you live anon? I've always wanted to cosplay SZS.

>> No.7841812

Hmm, I think I'm actually already using a low dose birth control pill, but I may ask about trying something else. Thanks, guys. Like I said, it's kind of hard to tell since I've always been prone to downward swings. I feel like, in general, I'm a lot happier, but when a mood swing hits, it's shorter but sooo bad. We'll see. Sorry to babble, and thanks again!

>> No.7841819

UK, but I travel quite a lot

>> No.7841822

Tfw ur best friend hates ur other good friend because of dumb bitch drama that happened awhile ago and you feel bad for wanting to go to cons and get closer with that friend more than your best friend

>> No.7841903

I'm the one who wrote this >>7841414.

I can see how you thought it was all her though due to my horrible wording. (Clarification, my tablet does the same thing as hers so I was sympathizing.)

Anyway, sorry about that and sage for OT

>> No.7841923

Wow. Well, if you can, you should probably get rid of her/block her/move away. 'Cause that really is annoying having to deal with her weird bratty-ness.
Otherwise, caps for later laughs perhaps?

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>just reserved this dress
>tfw poorfag and did not dare to reserve a back up just in case

I hope it was worth spending 3 hours chained to the PC during reservations, and I manage to get the dress. ;_;

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I've wanted to do gymnastics since I was young, but my family didn't have enough money when I was child. I'm turning 19 and thought about joining an adult gymnastics class, but I'm so hesitant. I guess I feel embarrassed about doing it? Like even though I'm small, I came 15 years too late to be into this sort of thing and will get shit for it? Not sure exactly what it is. Oh well.

>> No.7842052

Anon youre not getting any younger here
Give it a go
I missed so much in life because "meh im too old" but then i realized if "not now, then when?"

>> No.7842076

>ex tells me dating was the worst decision of her life
>says being overly bitchy
>i disagree
>will die alone

>> No.7842093

are you talking about merry making in the ghost town?

>> No.7842097

no. I wont say which dress in case she doesn't want to sell it to me, but she has changed her prices several times (up and down and up) and outright ignored my messages.

>> No.7842099

*In case she sees this and doesn't want to sell to me

>> No.7842101

...then why buy from her, anon? There will always be other listings, and hopefully better sellers who actually deserve your money.

>> No.7842113

I have a huge lady boner for the items she has up. Plus its kind of a challenge.
If I do find something else I will snatch it up immediately and get into more detail about how horrible said seller is

>> No.7842126

Fuck, I'm 24 and I'll do it with you.

>> No.7842128

My friends and I say desu as an adjective as a joke with a bad accent, as well kawaii and jikan. Pretty embarassing when I let it slip in front of other people.

>> No.7842139

Whoops, never saw this. I had really bad chest pains and back pain and was super nauseous/faint/couldn't breathe soo they thought I had blood clots. I didn't but they never determined what was causing all that pain lol. Super.

to make this /cgl related, I need to stop window shopping on Lolita sales sites until I get another paycheck ugh

>> No.7842147

>break up with boyfriend
>really sad but starting to feel a little relieved because he was a cunt who was leeching off my life
>later remember the costumes I was going to make for him, the cosplays we were going to do together, the perfect lolita bag-holder bf he was
>don't know any dateable guys who are anywhere as near attractive or as well dressed
>doubt I'll find one ever
>fucj back to my ice cream carton then
I feel so superficial for that being my main trouble right now

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File: 16 KB, 320x240, cannot unfathom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>suddenly want to cosplay as Radagast
>still have a good chunk of Ben Nye stuff to mess with
>kind of out of practice, but with some practice runs, it's probably doable.
>staff would be hard to make since I live in an apartment
>wanna walk around with my giant rabbit plush for good effect

>tfw Asian gril

>> No.7842158

I'm going to be traveling alone to a convention in lolita for the first time and I'm scared. advice?

>> No.7842164

For me, it's ballet. I had no interest as a child but it just looks so beautiful to me now. I'm afraid I'll be the worst one in the class because I'm not coordinated or flexible at all.

>> No.7842168

>I had no interest as a child, but it just looks so beautiful to me now

Oh, girl. I know that feel. My mom suggested dance to me, but because she got me into swimming and track before that, I went into tomboy mode. Now, I'm obsessed with watching dance choreography and concerts/recitals.

>> No.7842173

They probably hired her because they assumed she would accept lower pay than someone who actually knew English as a native language.

This is a problem in universities and colleges which have less and less funding, but still want the same number of courses being offered, by hiring fresh doctorates from abroad who are desperate to leave their home country. Surprise, a lot of educated people from abroad who are willing to accept crap pay will likely be from India, China, or southeast Asia.

The administration figures that if the subject is science or math, the students will eventually figure out their teacher's accent. OR, if the teacher result is impossible to understand, students can at least learn something from the books. Because those subjects are logical, objective, have mathematical equations and proofs which supersede human language barriers, [insert whatever praise about science and logic from the internet here ].

That stunt is also pulled in some arts and the more soft sciences like psychology, but to a lesser degree, because Day
One of class would be awkwardness all around, because of the teacher and students being unable to communicate with each other.

It's a shit move by universities for trying to take advantage of both the desperate fresh doctorates as well as the students, who either paid or went under loans to get a good teacher. (Did I mention that in the U.S., government student loans are one thing that will still stay with an individual after they declare bankruptcy?) The system is fucked, and half of it is the fault of soaring administrator costs.

>> No.7842175

Seconding this. I learned the hard way when half the people in my room one year suddenly "couldn't afford to go." One told me 2 months before she couldn't afford it, then went days later to get a big tattoo... The other one told me 2 DAYS before con. Lesson learned, nobody's ever confirmed for my room until the check is in the bank. I'm polite but firm on that because it's not fair to foot the bill from people backing out on you.

Current feelings? I have this huge crush that I probably shouldn't have on someone, I don't even think they realize how I feel and I don't even know if I should pursue it. Distance is the main issue. It feels so high school-ish to feel this way. I know I should just talk about it but I'm absolutely terrified to. :(

>> No.7842178

This one time I was cosplaying as Mami at a convention and then this really ugly boy said Hi to me. I couldn't believe it, I sighed and walked away.

>> No.7842185

/r9k/ go you're not fooling anyone but props for knowing creamy mami

>> No.7842186

anti-props for not knowing mami tomoe
this is entry level shit, anon. get it together.

>> No.7842188

pls cosplay headless mami for real

>> No.7842190

Advice on traveling with Lolita clothes or in Lolita or both, anon? Miss Lillith has a good YouTube video about traveling in Lolita, like how to pack your stuff and what not. If you're just anxious about being alone, that's understandable. I would bring books or something to just keep you occupied that way fewer people will feel inclined to comment on your fashion choices.

>> No.7842196
File: 129 KB, 1280x720, CmP5I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>women take BC and it fucks with their shit THIS much

How horrifying it must be to be a woman. Do most women have such negative reactions to the pill?

>> No.7842204

Anon contact the local police via e-mail or ask your friend in his country to call them. They're obligated to check anyone who's a suicide risk. I'm based in the UK and contacted police in Sweden over an online friend who was going to kill herself. I provided them with her full name and her approximate location, physical description and they found her and made sure she got help.

>> No.7842205
File: 99 KB, 1600x896, 1389478262446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>intrested in fashion
>has always wanted to try dressing in lolita at least once because i like the aesthetic (would like to make dresses and skirts for it too)
>too afraid of being written off as a fakeboi to actually do it

yet another thing that would not be a problem if i had a penis.

>> No.7842208

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I'm the opposite; I depend on my BC because without it, I can't eat a single bite of food or I'll start vomiting until I can't get out of bed.

>> No.7842211
File: 957 KB, 500x418, Contemplative Jazz Music.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, so... You're trans but you want to crossdress? Well okay, I guess that's understandable? Maybe? Wait, what?

How would having a penis make dressing as a lolita more "viable" for lack of a better term? Am I missing something, here? Is a transman dressing up as a woman less acceptable than a cisman dressing up as a woman in the eyes of society?

I don't think I get it, but I'm pretty sure having a penis wouldn't actually change anything.

>> No.7842224


if a cis guy dresses in lolita he's a brolita, but if a trans guy does it he's a "fakeboi". it's part of the whole ridiculous "if you're not 110% masculine, you're faking" standards people hold trans guys to because of the transtrenders on tumblr.

i don't agree either but i don't want to risk suddenly not being masculine enough to other people.

>> No.7842236

I think you have it wrong. If doing feminine things isn't what people care about. It's girls who stay girls without dysmorphia that do feminine things and then go "teehee but I identify with a boy~~" Like, they don't try to identify physically or via gender roles so it's basically just them saying they do, which is entirely meaningless.

I don't think many people would have any issue with you trying to pass and still being feminine.

>> No.7842245
File: 119 KB, 500x667, tumblr_na4fbv8L3W1r43izao6_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw fat women cosplay as your husbando

>> No.7842247


i'm mostly concerned with being mistaken for the second when i am the first? i don't like talking about my gender issues online, so i'm concrrned people will take that plus dressing in a frilly dress as "oh clearly faking". i'm not, though. i just think wearing a cute dress at a con might be fun.

>> No.7842262
File: 1.45 MB, 400x270, 1409189916825.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The lgbt community is a venomous place, isn't it?

But even so, why does anyone have to know? If you're ftm then (I hope you don't take offense) you could probably pass as female just fine if you tried for it (unless you're really deep in the transitioning and have facial hair, I guess).

You can wear your dresses and still be a ftm, so????

Really, the lgbt community is the last group of people that ought to judge anyone for anything.

This Pinocchio ("I'm a real boy!") business is just silly.

Pic related. This is how ANYONE who has two braincells to rub together will act if they see you wearing a dress at a con. If they only have one (or none), then you might get a reaction, but really? A con is NOT the place to go if you're looking for someone to openly criticize you for how you dress.

>> No.7842265

and on the note of passing, there's gonna be other guys wearing dresses even if you look like Freddie Mercury or Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you're looking to look like a manly man in a dress.

>> No.7842276
File: 8 KB, 185x125, y_u_do_dis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>going through BL's site for pending haul
>doesn't normally wear sweet
>stumbles upon a sweet ETC-esque print
>decide to look up review
>finds out that it was a replica of an Infanta print
>Infanta original is 10x's better
>Be still my heart
>Chinese holidays


>> No.7842277

trans talk ruins every thread on cgl

>> No.7842280

Years ago finally starting to deal with it.

>was having an out door reading/tea party with friends at the library pavilion
>wearing full loli
>having a jolly time
>me and one friend are eventually all that's left
>friend's bf pulls up suddenly and says she needs to go
>I mean okay but you're still driving me home right?
>well what the fuck am I supposed to do?
>dunno sorry
>they leave
>alone in the dark
>library has long since closed
>call mom
>mom doesn't pick up
>god damn it
>guess I'm walking home alone at night dressed like a victorian toddler
>suddenly I'm being pulled
>suddenly hit in the head with something hard
>see stars
>jesus christ what the fuck is happening
>next thing I know I'm on the ground with a gun to my head
>"If you fight me I won't think twice. Just shut the fuck up and it'll be over fast."
>are you fucking kidding me
>the first time I go outside alone at night I get raped at gunpoint
>this is bullshit
>can't even fight because I don't want to be fucking murdered too
>he does his thing
>gets up with the gun pointed at me
>"Lay here for ten minutes or you die."
>lay there for ten minutes
>get back on my way home
>wake up everyone
>"Welp. I just got raped at the fucking library. Call the cops."
>mom asks why I didn't call the cops sooner
>told her I wanted to get home to get the fucking rape semen out of myself
>mom says I ahve to leave it so the police have evidence
>oh that's fucking great
>that's exactly what I want to fucking hear right now
>mom calls the popo
>realize as I'm waiting how torn up my dress is
>it was Flying Love from Juliet
>I loved that fucking dress
>I fucking loved that fucking dress
>decide that I would rather be angry about someone destroying my Baby than about being horribly violated
>when the police show up tell them what happened
>they seem perplexed that I'm fuming not crying
>the male cop acts like he doesn't believe me

Fucking bullshit.
Still makes me rage.

>> No.7842289

Holy... holy shit anon. I'm glad you're okay and dealing with it. FUCK your friend for not giving you a ride, what the shit. Fuck that cop, fuck the guy with the gun, fuck everyone. Jesus.

>> No.7842292

Pretty fucking much.
Luckily for me the lady cop who was with him totally believed me and checked me out briefly in the bathroom just to prove to his ass that I wasn't lying before I went to the hospital.

>> No.7842295

did they catch the guy?

>> No.7842299

Yeah they did, he had already been convicted of for the rape another girl, so his parole officer heard his description and what happened and immediately had him taken in.

>> No.7842300


yeah, you're right. i'm probably worrying too much about it.

>> No.7842306

Go on birth control, skip your periods. No more periods ever again!

>> No.7842347
File: 156 KB, 1600x900, doggie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bf was 3 years older than me, not particularly fond of animu or cosplay, more of a larp and sci-fi dude. Super mature and caring. We were together for a few years and he started to feel pressured since he hadn't furthered his education. I started university as soon as I graduated and I've always been bright. (Scholarship yada yada.) I approached him a whole year in advance of the possibility of doing a short exchange abroad a few months since it was vital for my studies and he agreed since he didn't want to stand in the way of my dreams. I told him that I would absolutely stay if he wanted to but he insisted that he was fine with it.
I leave. He gets moody and almost impossible to reach. He comes to meet me over Christmas but is kinda distant. A few weeks later he drops the bomb that he has feelings for his best friend. (Girl) but ultimately we patch it together… For a few months until we have a super painful break up. He is in and out of the ER since he just breaks down a lot of times because of guilt and other issues and starts heavy medication and what not. In all of this he makes sure to blame me for everything. EVERYTHING wrong in his life. He's like a totally different person. Made sure to tell me that he had realized now that I never made him happy and that his best friend was better than me in every way. (They didn’t even get together, I just think they friendzoned and fizzled out. Pathetic really. I have no respect for women who play with men in relationships.) He basically had an awful mental breakdown and crisis because of a lot of issues and he made sure that I felt every part of it. Most of his former friends distanced themselves and frankly felt disgusted at how he treated me. I could continue this story for ages because there is so much to it and I’m bad at keeping shit short.

>> No.7842348
File: 12 KB, 320x240, doggie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In short we broke up more than one and a half years ago and I still think about him. I never got to meet him since I was still abroad and he would never give me any answers. Last minute he also declined to meet in person in order to exchange our stuff. I feel like an idiot who still misses him. Also someone recently confessed to me and my anxiety levels are through the roof since I can’t handle if this would happen again. TLDR; My exchange was months of relationship hell and why can’t people handle their issues like adults ffs.

>> No.7842376

I'm sorry you had to deal with a shitty partner and it isn't your fault he couldn't break up and handle his issues like an adult. In regards to the person who has confessed to you, how do you feel about them? It doesn't sound like you're ready for another relationship and it'd be completely fair of you to say that.

>> No.7842391
File: 653 KB, 500x281, Yui_cry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck do you guys deal when you have crushes on your friends who are already in relationships with your mutual friends?

>> No.7842393

Get over it and don't screw up their relationship.

>> No.7842397

tfw too chubby and white to cosplay szs


>> No.7842410

And how do you deal with having a crush on a friend who is on a relationship with someone who is not your friend. He doesn't seem to be happy, though he is in love. Is there any scenario in which I could be excused for trying to get in between them? I'm going crazy.

>> No.7842415

You could try talking to him about it. If he's legitimately not happy then you have valid reasoning for trying to break them up. If he is happy, just give up or wait to see what happens.

>> No.7842416

you can tell us more anon if you want to, we will listen

>> No.7842418

No, you're a rubbish friend if you do, you said it yourself that he's in love and in a relationship. You should never get in between them unless the other person is abusive and even then you don't want to be trying to replace them. Now buck up and stop trying to justify being a selfish fucker for some crush that isn't even reciprocal

>> No.7842419

The only time he's fair game is if they break up of their own accord. It'd be shitty to try and drive a wedge between their relationship or encourage him to cheat, and if he did cheat on his gf with you who's to say he wouldn't do the same to you in the long run?

>> No.7842424

He is not happy, but he feels really really strongly for this girl, it's heartbreaking when he talks to me about it. Right now, they are sort of broken up (the reasons why are complicated), but he wants to get back together, and I don't have the heart to discourage him. He believes she is the one, and that he'll only be back with her, so I want to support him, because I want him to be happy.

But every day...
I wish he could just be happy with me.

>> No.7842429

Even if you discourage him, he still won't like you and he probably won't be happy at all. You'd be the rebound and you'll basically end up like him how he is now. Stop being stupid, and start being a better friend.

>> No.7842430

I see no reason to encourage him to stay in an unhappy relationship, but if you talk him out of getting back together and then express interest you'll just look like an asshole. It sounds like they're not going to last so just wait until everything clears up before making a move.

>> No.7842433
File: 93 KB, 500x333, doggie3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this person, but I'm not sure that we would make a good couple. I'm very serious with relationships and I can't really see us together for the long haul. They’re nice, with similar interests and not bad looking, but the initial attraction has kind of gone down a little. Attraction is important, but for me it’s much more important to have a stable lifelong commitment and as I said before I’m not really sure I feel ready to commit myself again to that kind of love. Also, this person has been depressed and also suffers from anxiety and so on. I feel like such a dickbag but it’s a major cause of concern for me. I almost died trying to handle my previous relationship and I’m not sure I’m able or willing to be that partner again. Which feels horrible because I know how devastating depression is and how incapable you are of controlling it.
It also doesn’t help that I am on the verge of going abroad again, for a much much longer time this time around. (Since I’m single I had no reason to decline the nomination.) My line of studies and work will make me travel a lot, and I need someone who is willing to see the world with me and work in a similar capacity. To be crass we are miles apart when it comes to education and life goals and I hate that it matters so much to me. When you are young you don’t think that stuff like education level and work matters that much but it really does. Thank you for listening anon, I just really needed to get it off my chest. My friends are out on vacation right now and I can’t reach them.

>> No.7842437

Here's the deal.
He was feeling a little depressive/distant, and acting weird towards her - he kept imagining she did things she actually didn't, and started to mistrust her for no reason, So they broke up and he's been seeing a psychologist. And we've been talking a lot about it, since he's never been to therapy before and I have, so we bonded over our issues.
I know nothing of this girl, to be honest. I met her once, she was super nice. But I've been falling hard for him since we got closer. He's such an amazing and caring person, the fact he started to act like that towards her, just out of nowhere, kinda makes me wonder how flawed his perspective has been all along, though I've never questioned it to his face.
I totally agree I have no right to interfere. But I can't support him while feeling the way I do either. So I guess my question is: should I just step back and stop being his friend?

>> No.7842438

where will you travel?

>> No.7842441

Be honest with this person that you're not ready for a relationship and right now you need to sort out your own issues and that your studies take priority and a long distance relationship wouldn't be viable. All the reasons you've explained to me are completely viable.

Have you thought about seeing a therapist or a counsellor about your issues? Alternatively if you just need to vent you could try the website blah therapy. Good luck with your studies anon, I'm sure you'll do well!

>> No.7842451
File: 197 KB, 1200x900, doggie4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Singapore. This time around it's much further than last time and for a longer period.


I'll have that in mind. And perhaps I really should see a counselor to at least talk about it.

As someone who has been there please don't be the one to drive a wedge between them. You don't know her at all and what they've been through. The reason you question his feelings and his perspective could be because you really want it to be that way. (You can't even be certain that he will return your feelings, he might just see you as the friend who he shares similar experiences with.) If they break up, feel free too be there, but please don't be the girl who meddled. It's really painful.

>> No.7842454

What's your job?

>> No.7842458

I can't be there for him anymore, anon. It's painful for me too. I either do it, or we're done. And I think the best is to be done. I'm just backing off and hope my feelings for him to fade.

>> No.7842461

I think that's fair enough. If he feels hurt by the distance, just explain that you need to look after yourself and that although you want to support him it's difficult to always be there without being really hard on you emotionally.

>> No.7842466

question: when a relationship ends or doesn't even starts because of reasons why is that most girls automatic response is cut off all the fucking connections and never talk with you again, ever and HONESTLY think this is a good idea?
I mean is it really something that people think as a good idea instead of discussing the problems and finding a proper solution or just one of the excuses?

>> No.7842471

This is called a defense mechanism and it keeps us from feeling any pain. Ever.

>> No.7842473
File: 125 KB, 700x461, doggie5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go Go Dancer. Jokes aside, that's a little too private in a "it could pinpoint me more than the info I already left out" did. Hope you understand.

I hope you find someone really nice to love and cherish you anon. Wishing you luck!

>> No.7842475

>Go Go Dancer
how did you get the job I've wanted to do this

>> No.7842477

or is it?

>> No.7842490
File: 53 KB, 376x500, doggie6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry anon my bad sense of humor doesn't always translate well online. It's a joke. My occupation is a secret. If you really would like to become a go go dancer I would imagine there are a lot of ways to start though. Maybe not the career with the longest prospects though but you might be able to branch out.

>> No.7842494

but what if talking about it won't cause pain because she is not even interested in you. But you still want to know what could have you done better or just still keep contact.

Ehh, whatever, I'm probably just ranting

>> No.7842496

Maybe she just doesn't want to deal with you at all. She doesn't want to give you hopes, she doesn't want you making advances and she doesn't trust that you won't try, or that your feelings for her will fade. It's a clean way to deal with people we reject. Keeping them around makes them suffer much more.
Also, suppose you start dating a girl - how comfortable would you feel knowing she still talks and gives attention to all this thirsty guys who might still be into her? It's already hard enough to deal with exes we can't get rid of because of a common circle of friends.

>> No.7842497
File: 166 KB, 842x949, 137586920394[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to dance, have people think I'm hot, and get paid for it. maybe tase a guy or two if they follow me outside of work.
all wins.

>> No.7842502

when did the feels thread turn into a fucking relationships forum for teens

>> No.7842503

maybe I'm just too naive and think problems can be solved through discussing things

>> No.7842510

You're one of those people who post cryptic messages on Facebook so people would reply and ask "what's wrong?", aren't you. God, maybe that's why she's doing that?

>tfw I've done this to a guy who does exactly this

>> No.7842514

nope. Actually I don't communicate that much, not good with it.

>> No.7842516

I have this horrible mentality with myself that everything I do has to be perfect or passable. I have to be perfectly beautiful, perfectly skinny, doing well academically, working hard and polite to absolutely everyone. And I do all of these things but I'm terribly malnourished from lack of food and properly taking care of my health when I'm running off of four hours of sleep everyday just to get things done because I hate the feeling of wasting time.

And even when I'm perfect by my standards or succeed at the things I do, I don't feel anything. no success. no warm, happy feeling. I just feel like it's something required of me or I'm a failure. I've never felt happy about anything I've accomplished, even when people say "Oh anon, you're so talented! I wish I could be like you!"

I just laugh nervously and say aha, thanks. I don't see myself as talented at all, just as someone struggling to meet a standard met for them or else they're nothing.

>> No.7842519
File: 70 KB, 625x415, 1322686330252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7842539
File: 561 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mlnoj7ARMi1rh9eaqo2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having such a hard time getting into the cosplay mood. I feel demotivated constantly and I've dropped several projects because I can't see myself finishing them.
I don't feel like any of my finished products are good enough, even though I've improved vastly, and it's demotivating me so hard to never be fucking satisfied with what I do or always finding mistakes later on.
I've got a con coming up in two weeks and I've done fuckall with my cosplay, and yet even though I have all the materials I need and good time I just can't start working.
I feel like cosplay is dead to me, in a way.

>> No.7842541

That's the issue. I want to get over it because I love them both very much as my friends (they're always gonna be my friends first and foremost), but I'm having problems not letting my emotions go all over the place.

>> No.7842548

>Doing well financially, building up a nice savings again after a vacation
>About to preorder a new 3DS XL system that I held out for
>About to start buying dresses more actively
>Everything going nice and orderly
>Dog acting strange
>Go to emergency vet
>Dog has blocked urethra and 3 large bladder stones
>Have to get expensive procedure done on him
>Even more expensive surgery follows
>Mom says she will give me money towards it to help
>I ask her to just let rent slide for a little bit, she agrees
>It's been about 2 weeks, tells me today I need to start paying rent again
>I'm only at 32 hrs a week at work due to being in classes full time, often going to work directly after class until 10pm to wake up early the next day to go to classes
>She let me slide for $120
>That's nice but I have to pay off 3,000, 1,500 before october is up
>I only make about 250 a week after taxes at this point
>Doing commissions on top of this is inefficient making customers wait longer than I like and making my physically ill which makes everything harder
>Taking that 60 a week out is really going to fuck me
>She complains I don't do enough chores on top of that

I'm going crazy, guys, I just want to be able to enjoy small things and not put literally every cent of my paychecks into a debt like this. I want to keep my good credit and not lose the 'interest free' grace period on my card from this, but I also have other expenses like school supplies I need to buy for upcoming projects, and school loans being taken from my account each month..

>> No.7842552

God me too, except I can't actually live up to that perfection so I end up laying in bed for 12 hours because nothing I will ever do will be good enough.

>> No.7842556

I feel this way too. It doesn't help that my family seems to think I'm so smart and the reason that I didn't get good grades in high school was because I was lazy and didn't apply myself. I'm not satisfied with anything less than a perfect score, but I'm lucky to be passing my classes with Bs. The worst part is that my friends here know that I'm not all that smart, so I always hear that there's no way I can get a good grade in a certain class if they couldn't.

>> No.7842558
File: 81 KB, 530x394, cheetah bucket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I organized a cosplay group for NYCC but I'm really behind on my costume and I know it's gonna be a crunch to get it done. Honestly I'd be fine dropping the costume and bringing it to a later con, but I feel like I need to finish it for everyone else in my group and it'd be shitty of me to drop out when I'm the one who put it together in the first place.

Also just kind of salty because my costume is 1000x more complex than everyone else's, and half of them are basically closet cosplaying anyway.

>> No.7842563

well I always been curious, does it feel good?
Dont want to go living out the role play fetish I have.

>> No.7842571

I was raped at 9 years old by my cousin and had an orgasm, but it doesn't mean I enjoyed it.

>> No.7842581

>well I always been curious, does it feel good?

Never been raped, but I can guess that even if your body might feel good because of stimulus you're still going to be mentally scarred because you're not enjoying it mentally.

>> No.7842583

what if you have a fetish for it?

>> No.7842584

>things that never happened

>> No.7842586

Then it depends if you find your attacker sexually attractive

>> No.7842590

>before entering university was nervous as fuck
>now it's past first week in uni
>cgl told me uni will be great and i'll make a lot of friends
>lots of acquaintances made
>not a single person i can click with even for the most casual of conversations unrelated to coursework
>i forsee myself friendless through this whole university thing, fuck

>> No.7842591

Rape by definition is unwanted sex anon. :/

>> No.7842592

I think even if you have a fetish for it, it's a very bizarre different environment, and too many things to consider - who is the attacker, am I actually going to die, is he giving me a serious disease, is he making me pregnant? Pretend-dying in a dark alley might sound sexy if you are that twisted, but actually dying in it, certainly isn't.

>> No.7842593

>I totally dont want to be pinned down by a masked stranger with a member that feels like is going to leave me gaping while he chokes me out
i-i cant be the only one right?

>> No.7842594

what the fuck you gross pieces of shit

>> No.7842598



>> No.7842604

i posted religiously in those threads last time i never made a friend from it...

>> No.7842610

Whereabouts are you from?

>> No.7842615

No, it's forced sex. You can plan to force something you know. And you can have a fetish for someone forcing something on you.

>> No.7842659

Not the person you're replying to but no, it does not. It's maybe the worst feeling ever. I don't know how to explain how violating it feels, especially when it's someone you're supposed to trust. I'm working on it, but not only does it physically NOT feel good but mentally it doesn't either. I can't trust anyone, I've no interest in sex anymore, etc. It's awful.

>> No.7842666
File: 49 KB, 1111x1024, feeeeels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can't trust anyone
>I've no interest in sex anymore, etc.
>It's awful.

You said it. I'm personally slowly coming to terms to what happened to me. I can see why I like things more than people.

>> No.7842693

Same here, it feels horrible.

>> No.7842701

I really appreciate this. I don't ever talk about this with anyone so a response like this is nice. I'm afraid people won't believe me or friends will think different of me. It's complicated but it all makes me feel absolutely horrible.

>> No.7842710

>Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse (or other forms of sexual penetration) initiated against one or more individuals without the consent of those individuals. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is incapable of valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, or below the legal age of consent.

>> No.7842722

That's just what happens. Either you'll get to know them better and realize they're a person just like you or that you just don't have anything in common and don't click. Keep trying to meet people and be social. Talk to people in your classes and don't turn invites to hang out.

>> No.7842727

Agreed with this. Don't turn down any invites unless you absolutely have to. Even if you aren't into what they're inviting you to, go anyway. You never know what might happen or who you might befriend.

>> No.7842761


No, wtf, having your teeth broken, nose broken, skull bashed, nipples twisted until they bleed, cigarettes put out on your bare flesh, being spat on, humiliated, punched, kicked, un-lubed penetration, or having painful items shoved inside typically does not feel good. Neither to the SDTs, reputation of being "broken" and mental scaring you are left with.

The fetish you are describing is often called a "rape fantasy", but in truth it is not and is very hurtful to the cause of rape being taken seriously (the whole "every woman secretly wants to be raped" thing). It is a mutual agreement for rough and forceful sex, which by definition, is not rape.

Sorry, had to get that out, I'll sage and go back to tumblr, now.

>> No.7842774

>Sorry, had to get that out

Don't be sorry. People need to understand what exactly rape is and stop throwing it around lightly. I worked retail with a guy and after one busy trade day he described it as "being so busy he was getting raped at the counter". He thought he was hilarious.

>> No.7842794
File: 16 KB, 160x380, mousse-007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn I feel old... Barely recognize any "modern cosplay" and my first costume wouldn't be recognized either.

>> No.7842822

Omg it's Mousse... I loved him so much when I was little, haha. Nice taste anon.

>> No.7842844

Ranma 1/2 rocks. You'll get plenty of people who knows the series.

>> No.7842856

>am bi girl
>in hetero relationship
>have regular sex with bf
>still sexually frustrated
>need a woman
>would never cheat on my bf though
>watch girlporn and weep over the ladies I won't be sexing

>> No.7842863

what you need is a hermaphrodite

>> No.7842939
File: 1.78 MB, 2432x4320, IMG_20140925_182303974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made that costume when I was 16. No way in hell it still fits. And then the army happened so I don't fit into my old skinny ass clothing any more.

>> No.7842943
File: 74 KB, 412x351, 1409869490766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no gf

>> No.7842969

Seriously. I haven't had a period since March.

>> No.7842977

Just started at a new school; transferred.

Joined anime club, think I have the dokis for a guy there... need to get to know him better but constantly dropping my spaghetti, guys!

>> No.7842985

>went to get a bra fitting at Victoria Secret
>turns out I'm a 34 DDD now
>bra selection is tiny
>at least I'm not a fatty chan with these
> I will never fit cute lolita clothes with these tits
> no brando for me...

Can I get some cosplay suggestions? That doesn't just emphasis my boobs? I like armored cosplays...

>> No.7842986

Would he open to a three some?

>> No.7842988

My uni is a huge school and I checked out their anime club recently after transferring. It's big with lots of members but it's exactly what you would imagine an anime club would look like ;_;

>not a single attractive person

>> No.7842989
File: 9 KB, 133x200, batman_pin_up___harley_quinn_by_tacuma123-d6909ni.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congratulations... You're in your own slice of life anime.

>> No.7843001

> mfw I know this feel
> mfw I have no face

>> No.7843003
File: 228 KB, 1236x1600, Concept-Art-Harley-Alt-Earth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3d fits... Yeah you're out of luck. Any costume that hides that will be a sheet. Anime characters with large breasts normally show them off in some way.

>> No.7843018

I'm fine with some cleavage, heck you cant avoid it easily.

I just don't want to look like yaya and J Nig where ALL the cosplays are "HEY LOOK AT MY CHEST"

>> No.7843032


He came in the club room after me so i noticed him, thinking how cute he was and then when we took a break for food i was sitting alone and he came over and sat to talk with me/has sought me out on campus too I just had the same friends for so long I've kind of forgotten how to socialize..

But.. I really want to make this work so I'm going to put my best foot forward!

>> No.7843053

>victoria secret
>bra "fitting"
I bet you like anything you're actually a 30H or 32FF. VS are notorious for putting people in back sizes that are way too big...

>> No.7843072
File: 47 KB, 854x480, [Over-Time] Express Sentai ToQGer - 27SD [EA57FBDB].mp4_snapshot_03.40_[2014.09.26_16.40.38].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I want to be the first Nero cosplayer
>tfw no money for materials


>> No.7843084

I actually am moving in January, to Washington (state) from Florida (inb4 LOL THERES URBPROBLEM, I know, its why I'm going), which is why I'm selling so much of my good stuff for so much.

She keeps saying"im totes coming with you LOL we can live together!" but the truth is, I'm moving to get away from her and the rest if my friends who have just completely let themselves go and given up entirely on... Well, pretty much everything. Conventions, concerts, shopping in actual stores, combing their hair (not just to leave the house), so on.

I don't hate her or have anything against her, she can be a bitchy, spoiled brat sometimes but nobody's perfect. I just don't need to be surrounded by 19-20 something's who can only bitch and moan about how shitty the economy is and make excuses for not doing anything with their lives besides working retail/food service and watching TV. I'm just sick and tired of being surrounded by people my age who have given up before they ever even tried.

>> No.7843098


Suggest a 3way. If you're all close and comfortable with each other its pretty bomb.

>> No.7843105
File: 1019 KB, 250x250, bigeyeddachshund.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> normalfag friend is Chinese
> her father's in China
> sees me using taobao
> offers to bring things over for me so I don't have to pay expensive shipping $$$
> mfw I don't want her to know my wishlist is full of lolita dresses

>> No.7843110

Why is that every male's solution is a threesome?

>assuming you're male

>> No.7843112

>all these feels
>me too, anons

Am I the only one who gets angryvand hurt when my friends want to talk about their sex lives with me, knowing that I don't want to hear that stuff because I can't identify or relate to it being an enjoyable experience at all?

>> No.7843118

Because the impulse to get a boner comes from the spinal cord not the brain, so penises are the only things brainless idiot men can center their lives around.

>> No.7843120

Female, but bisexual. Because its hot and people make their relationships way too goddamn complicated for no reason by being too vauge with their desires and making each other guess.

>> No.7843122
File: 1.39 MB, 1600x1200, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw i've been on my period for three and a half weeks
>started birth control 2 weeks ago
>nothing has changed
>when will this end

Side note, should I be eating anything or taking any vitamins to help with the blood loss? I'm really tired all the time and I feel the two are related.

>> No.7843126

I would've said harden the fuck up. It's your friends' relationship. Not yours. You learn to deal with it, or stop being their friend, because you should have already come to that conclusion, and if you haven't, there's a pretty fucked up problem.

>> No.7843129

Also there was only a 2 week interval between this period and my last period SO I basically haven't stopped bleeding in two months

>> No.7843133

Anon you should see a doctor.
And yes, eat things high in iron like dark green veggies and raisins.
Please go to an OBGYN, periods shouldn't ever be that long

>> No.7843135

I was last at the doctor the 2 weeks ago when I got put on the BC, I'll see about making another appt

>> No.7843141

>tfw beating myself up because I tried to do cosplays in such a short time before a con

Fuck, man. I'll have to wait until the next big con to really debut some good new cosplays but for now I'll just have to re-use the ones I have... again, and it's really bumming me out.

>> No.7843148

MOST women are fine on their BC or else people wouldn't take it.

It's a matter of finding out which method works best for you, sometimes it takes some trial and error.

>> No.7843149

It sounds like you're definitely iron deficient, I had iron deficiency anemia after a rather bad surgery; you get tired all the time and dizzy. Just try and supplement your diet with as much iron as you can. I hope you get better.

>> No.7843157

Sounds like what happens when I don't take em properly. If you start in the middle of your cycle if van be unending. Of course, you could be taking them right and they're just not for you.

Gotta say moving from the Pill to Nexplanon was the best decision I've ever made. 2 week periods into nothing at all for four years. God bless the NHS

>> No.7843161

I started according to the directions, I don't know what's wrong. I already know I've got a hormone imbalance, I'm not taking them to actually prevent births since I'm single. Guess I better get my ass to the OBGYN

>> No.7843165

Yeah, I'm getting about 11-12 hours of sleep through the night and still exhausted during the day. I'll try and eat more, unfortunately my stomach has been iffy as well

>> No.7843166

why are all of you so fucking superficial? escpecialy you, >>7842988
how many people were in the club? how could you instantly put yourself above such a large number of people with just a quick observation? for gods sakes, you browse 4chan and like anime, those facts alone (along with the likely large variety of mental issues you likely have) only the 10% ugliest men would be in a league below you, with at least 60% of men higher than you. get off your high horse, you aren't that fucking great.

>> No.7843171

I just always feel really awkward because people talk about and joke about sex and I feel extremely uncomfortable about it. It makes the situation awkward.

>> No.7843172

>uggo in an anime club detected

>> No.7843177

I got asked out by a cute guy and I aquired my dream dress today!

>> No.7843178

Jealous neckbeard alert

>> No.7843183

I think if they know you don't want to hear about it you're really quite justified in being angry and hurt.

>> No.7843185

jealous of what exactly? and i'm not even in an anime club. i just cannot understand how you walk into a room and say "none of these guys are good enough for me :^("
holy shit, how can one person be so full of themselves? to completely such a large number of people is just astonishing
exactly what kind of person do you think "deserves" you?

>> No.7843186

I am a Goddess amongst my kind. I definitely need to be treated as such. I am only looking for clean, classy, and submissive gentlemen who are willing to spoil and take care of all my needs. To treat me like the true Queen that I am and in return I will treat them as they deserve. Why should I grace my presence to mere peasants in an anime club? I AM better than you, and I know it.

>> No.7843190

you're the type that dates uglies for their personality lmao

>> No.7843197

No one said they joined for dick hunting. Just because you're perpetually cheeto stained and inadequate doesn't mean anyone here wants to hear your beta crying

>> No.7843204

at first i was thinking that this is a guy who is being sarcastic and mocking them, but now i am not even sure. it struck me that there probably is quite a few people on this board with that inflated of an ego.

she said ">not a single attractive person"
it was a response to a person talking about a cute guy, so i assume she was saying that there wasn't a guy there who met her standards.
and i'm not even talking about guys specifically. she just walks into a club and says "wow, all these people are ugly"

is this supposed to be a bad thing? my physical standards aren't that high.

>> No.7843232

Cute guy op here

Didn't go to club looking for cute guys, just cool people to enjoy Chinese cartoons with. Talked to other people since I'm chicken shit with people I'm attracted to.. of course I'd be happy if someone i thought was cute approached me!

You're so sandy and bitter haha

>> No.7843252
File: 395 KB, 800x600, 9aca4b1c48e337875277b8480993eb46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shared passion between three people can do wonders, if you're prepared for it

>> No.7843263

As long as the balls don't touch

>> No.7843265

i wasn't really saying there was anything wrong with you, more so the person who went in the club and said "no one here is attractive"
i find it hard to believe that everyone in that room was hideous, and i was saying it wasn't right to judge people so quickly.

>> No.7843267

What are you, gay?
Who cares about that when you're busy thinking of more important things

>> No.7843271

Ha, I'm actually working on a prototype for a divider that will prevent inadvertent ball contact during mmf threesomes.

>> No.7843286

Well that's cool and all but it's really not a big deal

>> No.7843300

Sorry I'm not bi like you dude. Don't force your gayness onto others.

>> No.7843308

Haha alright came off pretty abrasive and lumped together so I wasn't sure..

>> No.7843311
File: 163 KB, 960x540, 1411231571763.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your loss

>> No.7843329

Im not this anon but,

You're a fucking idiot if by now you haven't realized

1. attraction is important in relationships and you cant have a successful one without that

2. You cant choose who you are attracted to, you either are or you arent, so its pointless to call anyone shallow or superficial.

Its stupid to judge them for something out of their control. I could call you pathetic and say you're settling for uglies but you obviously dont see anything wrong with that and you already stated your physical standards arent high. You're either a jealous butthurt neckbeard or you cant handle that people have different tastes. Either way fuck off back to /r9k/

>> No.7843359

Holy shit. I know you're probably not looking for any sympathy but I'm so fucking sorry that that happened to you. But I'm really glad that you're dealing with it and that you can talk about it. But still, holy fucking shit.

>> No.7843376

Lol idk why that weird bitter dude thinks that the majority of people in anime clubs have these glowing personalities and that we should look past their poor hygiene and/or plain appearances when the majority of them are screeching weebs or try to drag homestuck or Doctor Who into every damn thing. Not to mention the stereotype of poor hygiene choices is very, very true. So yeah, as an appropriately groomed person who takes care of themselves and who acts my age, I am going to be repelled by these people.

>> No.7843392

Went on a vacation while having student debt.

Is that a thing murricans do? Spend money when they owe more?

>> No.7843393

I hope your friend regrets that.

>> No.7843427

Its simple really, there is a very deep seated sense of victimization that probably came from being bullied or excluded. It usually results in feeling entitled to relationships, sex, fulfillment, and anything that would make them feel like a special snowflake. Which of course results in ignoring just about everything else that doesn't tie into that (like getting your shit together and improving your life).

To be honest given the circumstances surrounding people like this, its really natural they end up that way. So I'm not actually mad at this guy. Instead i just pity him

>> No.7843453

Our debts are thousands of dollars that take decades to pay off. If we waited until we had no debts we'd never do anything

>> No.7843459

I used to be bullied a lot, too. Kids threw rocks at me for being a weird anime kid. But then I grew out of my special snowflake complex and hopefully bitter guy can, too. Girls are damned for being too shallow or not being shallow enough, anyway.

>> No.7843467

you need to switch whatever birth control you're on to something else if you've been bleeding 2 months straight. That's not supposed to happen. At most maybe an extra few days or some spotting while your body adjusts, but never that much blood.
wrong kind of bc story
>always used pills, get new birth control (the patch)
>first patch, 3 weeks in, everything's alright, having a patch on my butt is a little annoying but whatever
>period hits
>the most painful thing I have ever experienced
>feels like I am having contractions
>every 4-5 minutes I get a GIANT surge of pain, I'd have to bite down on something to not cry out at work
>after 3 days of this nonstop, only getting worse, rip off the patch
>feel completely normal when I wake up the next day
those fucking patches fucked me straight up

>> No.7843478
File: 36 KB, 320x320, ccs_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got home from a party. It was the first one I've ever been to, and it was terrible.
>friend drags me there and tells me to "go socialize", but then doesn't want to do anything but sit around and stare into space, occasionally looking at her phone
>"Go talk to people? No way, anon. I'm antisocial :^)"
>eventually, she basically goes home and abandons me
>phone is just about dying, so I can't dick around and distract myself
>shitty Top 40 music blasting way too loud
>people are playing basketball and/or swimming in the pool, but I'm too awkward and anxious to join in
>attempt to dance for a bit, then feel like I'm embarrassing myself and stop
>someone puts their hand on my ass out of nowhere
>the whole time, I just wanted to go somewhere quiet and marathon shit from my backlog
>before this, I was a shut-in NEET and I'm honestly starting to miss those days even though I'd never go back to the
The only highlight of this is that I purposely drank from the same water bottle as some cute boys and added two people on Snapchat. It gets better the more you go to, right? Please tell me it does.

>> No.7843483

>I'd never go back to the

>> No.7843488

That I can understand. Good luck and hope the new area's better! :)

>> No.7843496

Im pretty sure all of us were bullied or excluded at some point. I was always the ugly one in any group ive been in so everyone subconsciously paid less attention to me and didnt treat me as well as the prettier ones.

>tfw im no longer the ugly one and got control of my life

>> No.7843504

not those types of parties.
the best type of party is a table-top gaming party.

>> No.7843520

At least they didn't make you go to a club, I've had to go to two bachelorette events that wound up at those and...I don't even know. Trying to get free drinks from guys hitting on you and listening to music that's so loud you can't talk to anyone standing next to you without having to yell isn't my idea of fun.

Ngl the weekly board game/pizza night at my friend's house was the highlight of my high school years

>> No.7843533

No, they do happen. Not that anon, but a few months ago posters were being placed all over the section of the city I live in. A man in a long jacket would threaten and beat lone females at night, finger them and do his thing. The third woman managed to beat the shit out of him and call for help before he could do her harm. Unfortunately shit like that does happen.

>> No.7843560
File: 453 KB, 500x279, ChisSweetHome_superkawaii.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>found out crazy medical thing that's been plaguing me for months has a simple cause and can be cured quickly
>no longer stressed because of it
>can finally get back to being artistic and also back to sewing lolita dresses
>got more protein powder for my work outs, chocolate flavored this time
>lost an inch all around so can now fit a little bit better in lolita dresses that currently fit (gonna lose more of course)
>find out that one of my dream dresses is coming tomorrow

Today's been a pretty good day for once. :)

>> No.7843565

>depressed and in therapy
>apparently wellbutrin makes you drop weight
>thinkin about pushing to go on that just to get thinner
>therapist has been asking me about meds anyway soooo

>> No.7843580

Yeup. As soon as I got cute, people started being nice to me haha. It's stupid that the world is so shallow, but I don't use being bullied as an excuse to lash out at people for having preferences FFS.

>> No.7843581

Glad that your day went well and that you're doing better!

>> No.7843607
File: 50 KB, 500x600, tumblr_n5pf48pzyA1t0y2cqo2_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see someone in this dress
>they looked cute in it
>too spaghetti to compliment them
>compliment them without fucking up

The best feeling.

>> No.7843618

>tfw want to wear cute baggy mori stuff
>tfw 32F tits

>> No.7843624
File: 19 KB, 400x300, Chibi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, anon! I really hope the medical thing stays gone.

>> No.7843645
File: 120 KB, 640x427, 1369508304221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Ngl the weekly board game/pizza night at my friend's house was the highlight of my high school years

Dood! Mine, too!

Ugh, speaking of parties, I seriously cannot wait to move out of campus. I'm glad my friend is finally getting a vacation, but I wish I could have had a copy of his house key so I could crash at his place - far away from drunks and rowdy bros living above me. I usually work on weekend mornings.

>waiting for the chamomile tea and sleeping pills to kick in
>anytime now.

>> No.7843652

I never noticed the bow is sparkly. Makes me want it even more now.

>> No.7843662

Me too, but I'm 32B. I think I'm going to buy a T-Kingdom binder, but that just feels weird to me.

>> No.7843755

>generally feel cute in my fashion style, feel like I present myself ok
>look decent in selfies
>take pictures w/ qt friends
>see pictures when posted online
>big nose, awkward smile, bad bangs, terrible posture (how do you pose with short people without looking awkward anyway?), boobs look saggy
>meanwhile friends look cute as heck
>die a little inside
>tfw i just want to take cute pictures with my friends...

>> No.7843800

>tfw get all pics back from photoshoot
>tfw face looks fat/double chin in all of them
>photoshop them, dont change anything but slim down my face/get rid of double chin
>feel awful afterwards

i've gained a little weight recently and it mostly went to my face/arms/stomach, i'm working on losing it but whenever i take pictures it really, really shows. i feel dishonest for photoshopping but i didn't change anything about my face other than slimming it down a little....if someone found the original pictures im scared ill get called a fake/ugly even though i'm just a chubby-chan right now. should i feel bad about this? do you guys edit out any insecurities in your pictures? is it ok to do?

>> No.7843809
File: 70 KB, 501x582, 326b02a4-1b72-4278-870b-a73224efe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> find a cosplay that would work well for me
> cannot find a wig of that character anywhere
>can't dye my hair because of job

>> No.7843822
File: 124 KB, 944x540, isntfabulousmax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm Asian but I'm not an average petite Asian. I get a sort of pass when cosplaying because I'm considered cute so I don't get called out on the cosplays I do but at the same time, all these characters I want to do are either really skinny/petite or super busty and mature looking, both which I am not. I just end up looking 'meh'

I want to order so many things off of taobao but I know they will look odd on my proportions especially with anything to do with bottoms or dresses. If I go to US or EU owned shops they look odd as well because I'm too short to pull it off

>> No.7843823

wow I love that. I'm not even lolita and I really want to buy that...

>> No.7843825

We are conditioned to believe that owing money on student loans, cars, and houses is "good debt" that we should have and so in general we walk around owing all this money and not thinking of ourselves as being "in debt" if we're paying the monthly amounts. Often you can't pay extra without penalties anyway, so trying to pay it off sooner doesn't help.

>> No.7843838


I've always had rape and rough sex fantasies and so when I met a guy who was into S&M and knew how to do things safely, I was thrilled. He made me learn all about the S&M lifestyle and being safe and whatnot so I was fully prepared for what I was getting into when he became my dom. I was in no way prepared for how much it would destroy me emotionally, though. I couldn't enjoy it at all and I was very much traumatized.

I still get off to imagining being gang-raped, but if a guy wants to touch me at all it had better be sweet and gentle and non-threatening.

>> No.7843853

I have it in lavender and all the little details just make it that much cuter to me. The buttons are opalescent looking--so cute!

>> No.7843889

Are you me anon? Do your friends also say you're still cute? I feel the same way you do but my friends call me cute and insist I'm just being hard on myself. I see so many flaws in myself and i dont know if people are being honest or not. I'm also too scared to selfpost here but i know its the only place where people will give the brutal honesty i need.

>> No.7843892

>TFW bitches arguing that you don't deserve to be paid a living wage because you "only" work in fast food

I fucking hate people like this. I'm sorry you're a selfish cunt, but it's kind of hard to get a better job when I don't have time to go to school because I have to work 60 hours a week just to pay basic rent and starve most of the month.


>> No.7843903
File: 49 KB, 400x274, tumblr_mxxw8joRSv1rzd89uo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate being stuck in areas where the cost of living is ridiculous. My parents live in an area where they pay 1K a month for a three bedroom house with a ridiculously huge yard. I live in an area where 1K doesn't even get you a one bedroom apartment(or you have to really dig to find one)

Or even when looking for a place, I was advertising that I was looking, and listed a budget. I had people email me and complete ignore it.

>Hey I'm looking to rent a studio or bedroom, my budget is 800 a month max.
>Oh hey, I can rent you this studio for 1200 a month, that doesn't even have a kitchen.

Fuck that shit, Fuck the job market, Fuck the housing market.

>> No.7843906

I'm on wellbutrin and it's a mixed bag. My depression manifests itself as severe fatigue so it's a lifesaver because it keeps me alert. I did lose about 5 lbs when I went on it. However, at 300mg and higher doses, I get unacceptably bad hand tremors, anxiety, palpitation, and muscle weakness. The tremor is especially bad because I do bench research and need my fine motor skills. I'm currently at 150mg XL and my side effects are way better, I'm just hoping I can stay on the lower dose.

>> No.7843910

>1k for a 3 bedroom house + huge yard
I'm so fucking mad, dude. I'm in the same situation as you, 1k will get you a 1 bedroom apartment that's literally falling apart around you but you're damn lucky if you can find that because even the hotels in the area are being completely rented out by big companies that are bringing in workers from out of town/state/country and housing them there. They literally pay by the night to house these people in hotels because there's no other housing available.
Fuck everything, man. Fuck absolutely everything.

>> No.7843914

San Francisco? New York? or where?

>> No.7843924

>Tfw when jobs in your field insist you need more experience
>Tfw when hourly jobs either deem you "overqualified" or only offer 10-15 hr weeks (the fuck?)

>> No.7843927

I'm in Orange county, CA so it varies. When I was looking for something closer to the Irvine/Santa Ana area. Most of the one bedrooms ran 1200+, not including gas or electricity. Hell one place was so stingy that they didn't even allow caged birds but still wanted 1200 a month.

I managed to eventually find a one bedroom place in Anaheim that was 950 a month. Though had to give that place up after I lost my job. It wasn't perfect, but it was quiet, had a corner unit, and the place had garages instead of the covered parking so many apartments have.

>> No.7843932

I'm in west texas. This happens every oil boom, and then when it busts housing prices will plummet and many people will leave, but there are always so many people (especially young people and foreigners) who get stuck here with no marketable skills because they opted for quick oil money in an entry-level rig job over getting an education or finding a field where they actually stand a chance of moving up in the ranks. Sometimes these guys don't even graduate high school and oil companies will hire dropouts to throw on rigs, which is really dangerous work and a lot of people are either dismembered, disabled, or killed in accidents with the heavy machinery and explosive chemicals. And don't even get me started on the exposure to carcinogens.
Sorry for not being cgl related, I'm done.

>> No.7843935

Sorry for being so drunkmad, but I am very fucking mad.

>> No.7843948

I'm in Shithole, PA, but it's a college town so mommy and daddy / loans pay for most peoples' living, so it's kind of expensive.

There's a place with two bedrooms for $900/month, but that's excluding utilities, and there are fucking never any vacancies.

>> No.7843974

oh. Yeah, socal is another one of those zones. I'm up in SF and if my family didn't own property I'd be pretty screwed. One of my grandpas fucked up and didn't buy property but rented and now he and grandma are losing their apartment and moving in with one of my uncles. My family has a lot of bad choices (more like inaction) in its history...

>> No.7843996

New thread : >>7843995

>> No.7844003

Which character anon?

>> No.7844235

I'm a big, bulky guy. My shoulder width is enormous, even before I started getting in shape.

I'm always excited to go to a con, and even try to cosplay most of the time, but I always feel like there's never anyone I can go as.

In short, big lummox here can't be a bishi boy... Or most characters period.

>> No.7844371

Kanji from P4. An anon from another thread suggested I find an existing wig and modify it, but have no experience with trimming wigs

>> No.7847111

I have finally moved in with with my husband. I thought this would make me the happiest I have ever been but in reality this feels like the lowest I have ever been. Military bases suck. All people want to do is work on cars, talk and start dramu for days, fuck, or pop out 10 more children. Ohio doesn't seem too bad anymore after leaving...

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