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Old thread >>7851711 on autosage.

Please refrain from shitposting.

>cosplay/lolita/jfash related

Continue to feel.

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>tfw the fucking Catalog doesn't work

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Package from Baby got hit by customs, tracking info shows that delivery was apparently attempted and failed both today and yesterday because of unpaid fees, but I've been to reception where I'm living and they don't even have a customs slip for me, which they usually get in situations like this, so I have no idea where my package is. Might go down to the post office tomorrow and see what's up if I wake up in time. Thanks, Italy, you're a pal.

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>A while back, a friend wanted me to come in cosplay for his studio photography class at uni
>Arrive at his class in Chrom cosplay
>The students were in their late 20s to early 30s except for this one guy that's in his 40s
>Guy in his 40s looks like Gordon Ramsay if he spent a couple years in prison
>All the female models get uncomfortable when he steps up to take some shots
>Think "He's trying to be nice and he's not raping you with his eyes hurr durr"
>It's my turn
>Guy starts taking pictures and asking weird questions while doing so
>"Is your grandmother nice? Do you love her? How do you feel if you think about your girlfriend right now? Can you think of something that REALLY makes you happy?"
>Start to feel extremely creeped out for some reason.
>Get photos back from him and I look constipated in all of them
>Fast forward to today, that guy got kicked off campus for getting touchy feely with a nude model for the figure drawing classes
>Remember that photoshoot and instantly shiver

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> Chrom cosplay

You have a good taste

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Sorry to hear that, Anon. It's great he got kicked off the campus though, that's more than most colleges are willing to do. I mean, you can literally rape a girl and still get away with it because hurr durr shes so asking for it!!1

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All I heard about italy's postal service as well as aout customs sounds like hell. Is it really that bad in your country? I though Germany was a pain in the ass, but what I heard from you guys seems to be even more awful.

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That feeling when you're making character items for artist alley and your least favorite character (and the one that everyone loves) always ends up looking like shit.

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>join video game club two days ago
>meet really cute and friendly boy
>don't know how to talk to him
>"Oh, you figured out the game, anon? I'm so proud of you."
>want to say something sarcastic in return, but literally unable to open my mouth
>mfw he ever says anything to me
I hate these feelings and I want to die

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>got a promotion
>dat fucking 3 dollar raise
>sit down and fuck with excel all day
>gay guy I called a faggot is fucking jelly

Man, I'm so happy right now /cgl/

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>was promised $1 raise four months ago
>too spergy to nag boss about actually getting it


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Dude, just go for it, he's surely gonna say no but the more you nag about it and tell him about how hard you work (if you actually do) will eventually make him change his mind overtime.
Just keep at it anon, if a fucking lowlife like me who barely has anything going for myself can do it Im pretty sure you can too
It just takes some time and courage man
Do it man

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>Finally get some free time to work on my cosplay
>Literally alone in a room with a massive table and various fabrics to sew until late-morning

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>Interviewed with big city newspaper today
>Super nervous but I think I did well
>Praying I got the job because a decent salary = more burando

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well dont stall any longer or he's going to think [lolspiolers] youre too slow [/sanic]

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I'm pretty sure if I bug him about it, he'll do it, I just can't bring myself to ask about it.

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Do you have any sort of projects soon at your place of work? If so, it's best to remind him about the raise before or during a project. Or, er, so I've heard. I've never had to remind a boss fora raise before.

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>looking for cute dark chocolate brown shoes
>every time I find something that looks like what I want it's listed as "black"
>fuck this

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Oh, I don't have much experience with it to be honest, I'm just studying here for the year, but yeah, my first impressions aren't great. I'm from Ireland, where the postal service isn't super, but there are rarely any major fuckups (or at least I've never been on the receiving end of one) and it's super rare to get hit by customs because our workers are lazy. Man, everyone says Italy's so lazy and chill but they work so much harder than us and they're like a thousand times stricter about most things. It's nice here on the whole, though. I just want to know where the hell my dress is.

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>face breaks out in acne for first time in a year
>no longer want to leave the house
>hikki mode strong

Someone remind me why sunlight is worth it.

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Just make sure you're getting a lot of vitamin D in your diet if you're gonna be a homebody, anon!

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there's a dick joke in there somewhere but I'm too tired to make one
also what has vitamin d aside from supplements?

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>Man, everyone says Italy's so lazy and chill but they work so much harder than us and they're like a thousand times stricter about most things.

Haha, you must be in the wrong part of Italy. Not sure where you are, but I can say Sicily is definitely more like the cliche you just described. Also, almost every single package that did not have tracking never arrived at my family in Sicily. Even with tracking it's a risk when you don't make sure it's packed properly and doesn't look like it contains anything of value.
Depending on what you want to send/where to, it is also adviseable to slip a little tip inside the envelope to make sure the mail actually reaches it's destination. Not really sure about the international mailing system, but well, everyone is lazy and chill- and greedy. It's worse around small villages though, at least from my experience. It might not be that bad in the bigger cities where more tourists and (international) buisness are.

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Fish, milk, eggs, mushrooms, pork, etc.

but nothing as much as vitamin d supplements give

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Yeah, I'm in Trentino-Alto Adige which I think is separately governed so they're more strict and Austrian-influenced. I don't mind, I guess, but there's a lot of really unnecessary procedures! They're big fans of pointless bureaucracy, it's not very efficient. And Ireland is hardly the picture of efficiency so it takes a lot for me to say that.
And I wouldn't say that Ireland is an unselfish country, but we're sometimes lazy to the point that it could cost us money and we wouldn't care. Which I guess is why it's uncommon to get hit with customs fees. And why our economy isn't doing super great. I might try the tip thing if I ever want to send something somewhere, I'll see how it works!

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>a few weeks ago
>birthday week
>meet a wonderful guy with a lot in common with me by chance at a bar via a friend
>made me feel very happy the last few weeks
>things have been going fast but we both feel the pace is comfortable
>want to get him something good for his birthday at the end of the month
>need to decide on a suitable birthday present
I want it to say that I care without coming off as an obsessed tryhard

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I've met a lot of people through lolita, so they make up the majority of my friendslist. Even when they leave lolita, we stay in touch. Now, a lot of these friends are housewives or on disability. I have no issue with either of these points. What I do have issue with is that they all seem to be hopping onto the same trend of exploit-your-friends-to-start-a-business-that-never-pans-out at the same damned time.

So far, they've spammed my Facebook for:
>Pampered Chef
>Eclipse Candle Company
>Jamberry Nail Wraps (??)
>Stella & Dot (???)
>Avon ... which has happened since I was a kid
>A bunch that I can't remember names for

I'm getting so irrationally angry about it. Stop inviting me to your mid-week house parties to try and sell me garbage, ESPECIALLY SINCE I LIVE IN ANOTHER STATE NOW. It's a shitty thing to do to your friends and if y'all keep it up, I'm going to have one hell of a purge this week.

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>be at meet up
>we eating
>a girl decides it is a good idea to wipe her face on her BRAND CARDIGAN
Why? Just why?
>lipstick stains so rori

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>Not really experienced buying things from Asian places
>Always scared it will be 2 sizes too small
>fuck it, gonna do it anyway
>Get a really cute ruffly shirt for a living doll costume for Halloween
>Super nervous, constantly emailing the seller to make sure it gets here in time for party shenanigans so I can try it on/ modify it if need be
>Mostly worried about my fat ass arms
>Ordered a size above what I normally need just in case
>Finally get it in the mail yesterday
>Try is on, fits arms a bit snug but still movable
>Mfw I can't button up the shirt all the way because tits.
>Mfw I didn't want this to be a sexy cosplay and I now need to wear binding on my boobs to be cute not slutty

This some bullshit.

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I usually bake cookies or a cake if I have no idea what to get someone.

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Seconding this.
Baked treats in pretty wrapping is a perfect gift anon.

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Is one of these girls from Texas? She's been spamming me with Pampered Chef and Jamberry along with pictures of her cat sitting on her.

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>be me, order some cute sweaters from aliexpress
>nervous because the last time I ordered something from china I used taobao and didn't realize I needed a ss had to cancel order and died from embarrassment
>trying to track order
>it won't work
>fuck I think I messed up again

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I was thinking of baking a spicy recipe?
He loves spicy stuff (I'm already buying him a cock sauce tshirt after he seemed rather enthused that I sold some at my workplace at one point). Thanks for the ideas. Hm...chocolate/pepper sounds like a good combo.

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Go back to tumblr you unlikeable dyke.

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>rejected from small cons as a guest
>"lol just do panels"
>just got a high-profile job that would have these cons drooling

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I know this sounds a bit weird but I have a recipe for truffles, chocolate, and brownies with a bit of heat from peppers. Maybe you can try it if you're down to experiment.

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>think anyone can cosplay whatever they want
>the hobby can be what you make of it
>as long as they're having fun, who cares
>still disgusted by fatties in skimpy outits
I'd never tear someone down over their weight, but I still feel like a huge hypocrite inside. It might be that I've struggled with body image and disordered eating for as long as I remember, but I just think obesity is gross in general, and as much as I try to respect others no matter their appearance and in no way think fat people should be treated poorly, I still feel a little physically repulsed when I'm around them. But I still encourage my larger friends to do what they want, so I'm not all bad, right?

>all this prompted by fat cosplay friend bawwwing about fat-shaming in the cosplay community
>you do what you want to have fun, but i don't necessarily disagree with those comments
>sorry i'm the worst

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> 21st birthday coming up
> tfw all my friends are younger than me
G-Guess I'll be buying my own drinks and drinking all by myself.

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If you'd be willing to share them anon I'd take them with gratitude. Thank you.

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Kind of know that feel. At least, I have a friend who whines about fatties in cosplay getting picked on ALL THE TIME. Like, she's probably in tears over it literally. (Not to mention she's always qqing about white people in bronzer, but anyway) And I just want to tell her to can it. Anyway, at least you're not a jerk about it and say you have fat friends despite your hang ups. Don't feel too bad.

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Here it is! I played around with these recipes to adjust the spicyness.


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Bring them to Canada, then you can all celebrate.

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>Be me
>Be 22
>Have tons of people tell me I'm funny and cool
>Have females call me attractive
>No GF
>Never been in a relationship more than a day
>Good at getting my buddies laid
>Not so much for me
>Mfw almost every girl I meet admit to having a crush on me years later
>Mfw they're not interested now
>Mfw everytime someone says I can't believe u don't have a gf
>Mfw everytime someone says they'd love to have bf like me
I'm just the unluckiest guy when it comes to having a relationship that actually lasts.

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>went to awa last weekend
>was looking for my madotsuki crush from the con before the whole time
>didn't see her until sunday
>played it cool, didn't talk to her 1 on 1
>didn't seem to click that well anyway
>crush fading...
I dunno, she seemed more wacky than I thought. Plus I dunno if I wanna deal with another NEET girl again. I'll see how it goes next time I see her, but eh.

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>Mfw almost every girl I meet admit to having a crush on me years later

Maybe they're intimidated by you or afraid of rejection?

>Never been in a relationship more than a day

Well, those aren't relationships, those are dates. But why do they end?

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>get offered to get paid to collab in an official vocaloid concert

hold me anons I'm gonna have a heart attack

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>tfw no avg fit bf

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>what I'm really good at
>getting caught at the friendzone

>what people first notice about me
>my classy fedora

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/u/ shill pls go

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>find nice, mature, nerdy grad student
>working on double major
>painting and master's in geology
>knows everything about anime and games
>wonder how he manages to do all of this
>tells me he just doesn't sleep well
>I know it's unhealthy, but the bags under his eyes just give him a sexier look
>shows me pics of all his old cosplays during the early 2000's
>all ab-bearing characters
>oh god, his abs
>for the first time in forever, finally feel like I've connected with someone on every level
>finally ask him to go watch the Box Trolls tonight
>tells me that he has plans to watch it with his girlfriend already, maybe next time

I'm not sure why I didn't think such a catch already was taken, but looking back I just feel really dumb and embarrassed.

>> No.7857063

TFW noone is joining the CGL decks against society game
password: Cglagainstsociety

>> No.7857066

i wonder what it's like being able to fit into pretty much any piece of clothing without worry

>> No.7857090

Just because you fit, doesn't mean you look good.

>> No.7857128

>tells me that he has plans to watch it with his girlfriend already
I'm rolling my eyes so hard at this. It seems to me people like this just enjoy the thrill of being desired, and don't leak that they're in relationships already until the last concealable moment possible for the fact.

It's always been my personal courtesy to make it known that I'm in some sort of relationship early on if I can tell that someone from the opposite gender seems interested in me. That way they're not wasting their time or emotional capacity hoping that it would amount to something. Idk, just seems narcissistic to me.

>> No.7857158

Part of me wants to agree with you and put the blame on the guy for not being up front about being in a relationship.

Another part of me is saying that I've probably done this before with others in my life and it's a little hypocritical to think this way seeing as it might just be an honest mistake of him being oblivious.

What really gets me is that either is a possibility.

>> No.7857159

My doctor keeps forgetting to refill one of my medications and I'm having a couple hundred mini seizures a day because of it. It's like I'm being electrocuted every time I move.

>> No.7857162

Which meds?

>> No.7857170

>tfw in love with a robot

I sit behind him in one of my compsci classes. He doesn't know how attractive he is. Literal Arcanine, he doesn't give a fuck that he's browsing /r9k/ in class.

I try not to, but I read his posts over his shoulder. He has the angry misogyny thing going for him, but he has the tragic feels too. I don't really want to, but the more I see how he thinks, the more I want to help him.

It's a pretty esoteric feel.

>> No.7857175

Try talking with him without letting on you've seen him on r9k, he might be salvageable. Then see if he says anything about you on there. It should let you know whether or not he's beyond saving.

>> No.7857181

Sounds like you don't want an equal relationship, you want him for a project to fix and nurture. These types of relationships never work out.

>> No.7857182

I've talked to him a few times before. He's pretty smart when it comes to the computer stuff, but then there are parts of him that make me infuriated.

I commented on his laptop stickers before. He looked surprised that I even knew about some of the animu symbols that were there.

>> No.7857184

It's one of the reasons why I don't go for it. The risks of finding out if he's worth it are too big when you compare them with what he is right now.

>> No.7857185

>surprised that a girl in compsci watches anime
What a winner.

>> No.7857186

Psych meds, I think the culprit is Paxil or Lamictal. SSRIs can cause them if you don't taper off properly and you're on a high dose.

>> No.7857187

you can't use the same logic for each gender, it's extremely likely that he tought she was a bro instead of a potential partner

most of the time girls just know if a guy likes her. with the other way around it's not the case, men are oblivious and girls are not upfront enough

>> No.7857189

>making up stories on the internet about yourself in third person

>> No.7857190

>tfw she thinks I made up this story about myself
I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's felt this feel.

>> No.7857203

Yes, but no photos of cats involved. Could possibly be someone who got started on these things because of her or vice versa? Same girl does Avon too.

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>guy hits on me at the library on tuesday
>thursday, wearing lolita bc no more finals that week, same guy comes up to me says "what the fuck are you wearing" condesendingly and immeditaly walks away giving me no chance to tell him to fuck off

>> No.7857220

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

>> No.7857223

Yeah nah.

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>got laid off in mid august because company shut down
>still havent found another job
>gf is international student, mother is a doctor making bank and gives her a bunch of money to spend
>I dont have any money
>tfw she pays for things
>tfw i want to provide for my gf but cant

>> No.7857262

but it's true

just take a look at /fit/ and it's full of missed opportunities greentexts

sometimes they even take months to realize a girl was hitting on them

men are oblivious

>> No.7857269

if your story is true and you've fallen for an stereotyped robot, then it's extremely likely he isn't relationship material

but then again why don't you fucking meet him anyways, what is there to lose, really. a greentext on r9k about this geeky girl who tried to chat him up, at best

fucking live m8

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Similar feels. I have friends that are clearly terrible at cosplay due to body type and general construction but I'd never tell them to stop because they enjoy it so much.

>as long as I don't have to witness it, it's all good
>tfw planning on not ever rooming with them again

>> No.7857292 [DELETED] 

I never know how to handle this because I genuinely can't tell when someone might be interested. I've gone and not mentioned my boyfriend just because it never came up and I wasn't going to force him into conversation and had guys get really pissy about it. I've mentioned him right off the bat with someone I thought was pretty cool and a possible new friend because it was relevant, and the guys I've done that with have immediately shown less interest in interacting at all if they're not getting their dicks wet. You can't win.

>> No.7857304

probably because being fat actually doesn't look good, and it's something that can be avoided by not eating like a landwhale

it's on the same category as, say, people who are addicted to surgeries. it's their responsibility, and they look bad

>> No.7857330

I feel the same way about fat people in non-cosplay clothing. Dress in clothes you like, that are comfortable, that make you feel beautiful, whatever. Do what makes you happy.
But that doesn't mean I want to look at it or that I will agree that it's beautiful. As long as you're not seeking my validation that shouldn't be a problem, right?
An acquaintance of mine has taken up cyber goth and always has cleavage spilling out of her PVC corset... at both ends. To me this looks horrific, but it makes her feel sexy and confident and apparently a bunch of dudes think it's sexy too so whatever, do ya thang. But I'm still going to avoid seeing her whenever I worry that she'll be wearing the corset again.

I kind of hope people feel the same way about my weird fashion choices (otome). It's fine if people don't like it and would rather see me wear something else but I'm not going to. As long as people aren't rude to me about it I'm happy. I'm not wearing it for them. I believe the problem arises when people start looking for validation and acceptance from people who aren't ready to give it. You can't force someone to like things.

>> No.7857339

4chan losers, maybe. Most of the men (I use this term loosely) I know are well aware when a girl is interested. The ones that already have a girlfriend like the attention anyway and some of the douchier ones make a game out of leading her on, especially if she's unattractive. The latter type seems to think I'd find these stories entertaining because they always come to me to brag. Of course not all men do this and most are very decent about it, but they DO know.
Meanwhile I'm a woman and I'm fucking clueless. I didn't realize my now-boyfriend was interested in more than friendship until he tried to kiss me. Many girls, especially those who run in geek circles, are not very socially aware.

I don't know whether the dude in OP's post was oblivious or having his ego massaged at her expense, but both are definitely possible.

>> No.7857342

Find what thread he's posting in, post "look behind u it's ur new gf" and then you're set and his life will be made.

>> No.7857344

>new housemates
>normalfag straight couple
>trying to keep power level low
>this is only going to work up until the point when they walk in on me doing my cosplay blog or until the next con when I'm in sewing hell

They're great housemates and nice people, just my exposure to people this normal is limited and I'm suddenly becoming super aware of how awkward my hobbies are. Doesn't help that all three of us work shifts so I literally have no idea when they'll be in and out of the house. Found out last night that one of them has the same day off as me this week so so much for getting some cosplay stuff done on my day off.

>Trans guy, 1 year + on hormones, waiting list for surgery
>male housemate likes to wander round in his boxers

Torn between jealousy and dnw. I'm trying for stealth and so far so good, but thank fuck I'm pretty small up top and I have a robe as a towel because I got caught out coming out of the shower last night and if I'd had a towel around my chest that would have been that.

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My boyfriend keeps hinting that he doesn't like the way I dress but doesn't just come out and say it even when I ask him to.
>Oh, you're wearing THAT? Okay...
>Would you prefer I wear something else? I can do that, no big deal.
>No... It's fine... [heavy sigh]

I've tried talking to him about it so we can reach a compromise because I want him to be happy with the way I dress. I'm not going to change completely but I don't want him to feel uncomfortable being seen with me. But every time I bring it up he's evasive as fuck and it's really starting to get on my nerves.
>What style of girl's clothes is your favourite, boyfriend?
>lol I don't care about fashion anon that's a girl thing
>But isn't there anything you'd like to see me wear? Like a certain skirt lengths, certain fabrics, colours, whatever
>I'd love it if you just wore lingerie around the house huehuehue
So fucking unhelpful. If he's not going to throw me a bone so I can compromise I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing and he's going to keep on being unhappy with it. I don't even dress that strangely - I generally wear otome (mostly ETC) and an average daily outfit consists of girly printed dress + blouse or cardigan + plain tights + simple low heels. Does he not like the printed dresses? Would he prefer I wear jeans, or something sexier? I don't fucking know because I'm not a fucking mind reader.

He's not usually this much of a baby but for some reason he gets really immature when the topic turns to fashion. Maybe it's a good sign that this is the only point of friction in our relationship but I still don't want it to turn into a Thing.

>> No.7857467

He just sounds like a typical man, to be honest. "Lel I don't like this dress but talking about fashion is hurting muh masculinity!!1"
Seriously, most guys I know couldn't even explain the difference between a skirt and a dress, let alone wanted to participate in anything fashion related because uuuuuh, that's for girls!! I know several couples where the girlfriends buy their bf clothes because they are too manly to enter a shop and try on a shirt.

I think it is great that you wnt him to be comfortable around you, but if he doesn't want to talk about it, it's his problem. Try to sit him down and talk to him in the simplest manner: You dress like you want, you take requests if he ever wants you to wear something, and if he is not going to tell you his problem he should stfu. Let him go through your closet so he can pick out the pieces he likes, which might be easier for him than to describe what he likes.
Good luck, Anon!

>> No.7857472

>this is only going to work up until the point when they walk in on me doing my cosplay blog or until the next con when I'm in sewing hell
Why don't you just tell them you are doing costumes? No need to mention mangos or conventions, just pass it off as costumes for halloween/comics/whatever. You could also tell them you are taking sewing requests for friends. It's not THAT weird, at least in my opinion. As long as you keep your power levels low and don't go full weeb mode on it, they probably won't care that much.
Better tell them something at least, the more you hide it the more awkward and suspicious it will get.

>Trans guy, 1 year + on hormones, waiting list for surgery
>I'm trying for stealth and so far so good, but thank fuck I'm pretty small up top and I have a robe as a towel because I got caught out coming out of the shower last night and if I'd had a towel around my chest that would have been that.
Damn, that must suck. Is there no way to let them know you're trans? That behaviour must be exhausting.

>> No.7857553
File: 73 KB, 700x525, 1402996342804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's probably it. He's by no means some macho man, though. This is a guy who absolutely loves cooking and baking and is teaching me how to knit. I don't know why he suddenly gets all ~muh masculinity~ around frilly dresses.
>Do you like this outfit, boyfriend?
>Um, ah, I-I'd like it a lot better if I could see your butt! HUEHUEHUEHUE
I did the "Let him go through your closet so he can pick out the pieces he likes" thing once and he just picked out a red bra. Apparently he likes red on me. That's a start...?

You're right, though. I'm just going to keep on doing what makes me happy and if he has a problem with this he'll have to put on his big boy pants and talk to me like an adult.

>> No.7857571

>if he is not going to tell you his problem he should stfu
telling this loud and clear to your bf is the most important in my opinion, because there's a good chance he doesn't even realise he's being all shittily passive agressive about this.

>> No.7857580

any man that thinks fashion ruins his masculinity is just so dumb. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that shit.

Honestly anon, I'd just be straight up with him. Sit him down and be like look dude I don't appreciate the passive-aggressive bullshit. You obviously don't want to fight with him about it, but the passiveness isn't really helping. Ask him to pick out anything he thinks looks nice, ones her particularly likes, or if he doesn't like any of it at all.

Part of a relationship is communication. If he doesn't like something you wear, he needs to tell you what and why. It's not fair to deal with passive bs just because "durrr fashion 4 gurlz" bleh.

Sorry anon, I hope you can get him to answer you. Good luck

>> No.7857586

>loved to cosplay
>loved creating costumes and armor
>drafting and patterning was always fun
>got to hang out with my best friend for hours 7 days a week to put our cosplays together
>cons eventually become shittier and shittier
>costume contests are rigged to hell and back
>staff and judges are massive cunts
>only one decent con in the state
>massive attentionwhoring all over the facebook page all the time
>drama drama drama
>no real lolita comm
>cosplay comm is complete garbage
>friend and I say fuck it
>stop cosplaying altogether

I would like to say i have more money now but it honestly just goes towards magic the gathering. Sucks, I had fun while it lasted though.

>> No.7857600

You just live in a shitty state, m8

>> No.7857608

>paying attention to any of that bullshit
Cosplay for yourself, for fun. You don't have to join a community or enter a contest to have fun cosplaying or going to cons. If you think your local con is shitty, either try to help by making a good panel, or fly to a better con.

But whatever, have fun with Magic.

>> No.7857613

I'm the anon who was talking about the nice guy I started to see earlier. TL;DR my mom is a dick to me about guys I'm seeing and it makes me really irritated.

>"Mom I really like this guy and I want you to meet him."
>sighs heavily
>"Oh nothing anon. I just know how you are, you go through boys like how some girls go through lipsticks. It's nothing serious is it?"
>I haven't had a boyfriend in over a year
>my relationships usually last close to a year minimum

The guys I do date she always finds a "flaw" about and guilts me into not dating them.
>"Oh anon, you aren't really going to get serious with him are you? He works at a sandwich shop, you're going to college. Don't you want someone with more ambition? You know, money?"

It's all about money to her. And what drives me especially insane is that if anyone was bad with men and "went through them like lipsticks", it was her. She's been married three times and didn't get it right until she was in her late 30s. At least I can say that I wouldn't get married to any assholes who beat the shit out of me just because they offer some financial security. I understand that on some level she's trying to protect me (which I don't really need), but on the other hand she need to learn that I'm reaching mid twenties, and going to be making my own decisions.

>> No.7857629

is he twelve?

>> No.7857633

if it's possible and not already done, have your boyfriend meet your father instead, see how she'll react.

>> No.7857644
File: 954 KB, 988x876, a7d134b98900bbbd4f602f0348f2180c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, we're not talking about the same person but the Texas community IS riddled with these pyramid schemes. Sometimes, this girl posts her knitting project or dinner and tacks on "It matches my Jamberry manicure!" or "Made with my Pampered Chef dutch oven!" Since I don't really want to purge her off my friends list, I just used FBPurity to filter out Avon, Jamberry, Pampered Chef, etc.

I remember back in the day Eyeko was targeted towards weeaboos and all the girls in college would be roped into their pyramid scheme and try to push the eyeshadow sticks on the community and such.

>> No.7857646

I've been driven to suicidal thoughts by my ADD and not being able to finish my jobs [sewing and things of that nature]
My parents will NOT help me pay for a psychiatrist or seek further help because they don't believe in medication.

Did literally everything to try to get help, and all doors were shut in my face.
Don't take my insurance, "not my specialty", 8+ month long waiting lists, and even doctors telling me they don't even really believe in ADD.

Went to a counselor, told them my problem and the roadblocks that keep coming up, and the counselor was floored.
All she could say was "I-I'm sorry, I don't know what to do. I can't get you meds or anything, but after hearing you, I wish I could.."

I'm finally going the non-legal and more expensive route and buying the drugs I so desperately need.
I tried to go legal, and I can't wait anymore for help.

Just curious.. can any of you Gulls have experience with Vyvanse?
I took Adderall w/o a script some time ago, but the come-down effects turned me into a rage monster, and I couldn't have that. Totally altered my personality, as I never get anger, like, ever. Didn't like that.

I've heard good things about Vyvanse, but it's harder to get because it's not a "popular" drugs like Adderall or Ritilin.
I think I'mma start out with 10 or maybe 20mg.

Fingers crossed.
I want to be productive so I can be happy.

>> No.7857658

1) you're an idiot for buying illegal drugs
2) "experiences" aren't worth much as one person can have an adverse reaction to something but someone else won't
3) it could be that you don't have ADD at all but something else like anxiety, which can render people incapable to concentrate and cause suicidal thoughts. Instead of coming to a doctor's office and proclaiming "I HAVE ADD NOW CURE ME" you should try phrasing it another way and explaining the symptoms first then saying that you're afraid it could be ADD/you were told it's ADD.
I was once diagnosed with epilepsy even though I have a very textbook example of anxiety so it's very much trial and error.

Call a hotline or wait until you go to a doctor to get medicated, don't be an idiot.

>> No.7857659

drugs (as in medicine) illegally*, I meant

>> No.7857661

>self-medicating illegal drugs to cure a self-diagnosed disease
sounds great

>> No.7857668

So I've done counselling, and I know my issues, and drugs are not my end-all cure-all. I just need to be able to focus so I can function in society. I literally am NOT able to do that and I have had jobs where ADD had caused major problems for me.
Obv everyone's experience is going to be different. I'm asking what others who have taken it have experienced so I know what to expect, at the very least.
I do have anxiety as well as ADD. It's commonly coupled. I'm not looking for meds as a "cure". I need to get on my feet in order to survive. I have bills to pay, and my mind in getting in the way of me being able to do so many things.

My survival can no longer count of "waiting it out" or just "trying harder". I need something to manage this.

I was diagnosed by a psychologist but not prescribed anything.
But thx.

>> No.7857669

I like how easily you can tell that shit was designed by a white person, too

>> No.7857670

Get another diagnosis until they realize it's serious enough that you need to get medicated

>> No.7857674

if you were diagnosed by a psychologist you should have got a reference to a psychotherapist who would prescribe you pills.
And I know, I was diagnosed with anxiety at 12 but I was unable to go to school for long periods of time due to fear. I understand your situation must be more dire but you can apply for some kind of assistance in your country. But you should never be so desperate as to disregard all the rules that are there for your protection and just go and get addled on drugs. Talk to a therapist, don't make rash decisions. Wait it out.

>> No.7857675

>self-medicating illegal drugs that weren't considered necessary by a doctor
makes complete sense

we don't want you to die of overdose or to become crippled because you're a dumb person

ask a doctor and get them to thoroughly explain to you why you don't need treatment or meds. if that doesn't make sense to you keep asking to different doctors

if it really is that serious to you that you've considered suicide I can't understand why you think money is an issue

>> No.7857677

The reason I can't do that is because I literally have no way of actually getting an appointment with a psychiatrist, in which there lies my problem.

I actually called and told my local "emergency" community mental health center that I was having a crisis and suicidal thoughts, but they actually informed me that their specialty lies more with recovering addicts and that with my current diagnosis, they couldn't take me in and give me any help.

It's so fucked up, which is where there's nothing else I can do. I wouldn't resort to this if I absolutely didn't have to.

>> No.7857684

I was diagnose a couple years ago when I was urged into it by my parents, after my counselor suggested a better analysis.
I have since moved out and lost my insurance, so I'm on state-funded, but, the only psychiatrists available that take my insurance have a VERY long waiting list.
I'd rather disregard a precaution than waste away in my own misery.

Fun fact:
Psychologists generally diagnose.
Psychiatrists generally can diagnose and prescribe.
I was referred to another doctor [don't know who, thought, as it's been some time] for medication, but since my parents dictated it, as it was under their rule and insurance plan, they were and still are anti-med, so I never saw the psychiatrist as suggested by the psychologist.

tl;dr: diagnosis doc suggests a doc who can give meds but parents opt out because they're anti-drug.
They were thinking it was necessary, but I never could follow up.

>> No.7857685

well just threaten to kill yourself in front of your parents to scare them shitless so they stop being dumb religious american shits who don't believe in medication

or just outright call the police and tell them your parents are denying you assistance

as I said if you even though about suicide you shouldn't really care about what your parents think of you going to a doctor (really, just read how fucking stupid it sounds) or spending a bit too much money. your parents will be sadder if you die, you can't use your money if you're 6 feet underground

>> No.7857687

>we don't want you to die of overdose or to become crippled because you're a dumb person
I do.

>> No.7857690

fun fact:
doctors generally are against self-medicating

>> No.7857691

I wish I had friends to cosplay with. Or any friends at all. It's hard to make new friends especially at this age.

>> No.7857692

You keep changing your damn story you fuck. Just admit you're a self-diagnosed idiot who doesn't even know symptoms of the condition they are describing.

>> No.7857699

I'm an adult who is currently moved out.
Nothing I can really do.

Thanks for the tip.
Still can find a doctor who can help me, though, and I need to get better.
Wat do?

Sorry that I didn't type out my life story in its proper timeline for you, hun.
Sorry you're so confused. Nothing I can really do about that.

>> No.7857702

Please just kill yourself for the good of the world.

>> No.7857706

find a doctor who can help you, grow balls and confront your parents, take them to the authorities for negligence if you need to. there are many better ideas than self-medicating or thinking about suicide

>> No.7857708

>I'm an adult who is currently moved out.
I didn't know they let 15 year olds move out on their own.

This story doesn't add up at all because so far you've blamed...
>your psychiatrist for not thinking meds were necessary
>your parents for being anti-medication not allowing you to get pills
>everything else but you for not going to the fucking doctor right now and getting meds.

You are really an idiot and you're doing this to yourself. If you're on your own like you say, and your doctor suggested pills like you say, you can just go back to him and get the prescription. You're digging so many holes into your story right now and you wonder why no one sympathizes.

>> No.7857781
File: 74 KB, 300x300, 1412435695140.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What, you'd thought he'd be single? A prince charming like that?
C'mon anon

>> No.7857784

>have social anxiety
>only talk to people when drunk
>zero libido when sober
>crippling alcoholism on both sides of the family
>legal alcohol purchasing age is approaching
>tfw doomed

>> No.7857792

All my life I've prayed for someone like you

>> No.7857793

Sounds just like the UK, really

>> No.7857818

Are you the silly cunt who joined GameSoc last Thursday?
We had a good laugh about you after you left early.

>> No.7857821

>Having that much of a comedown from adderall

Bullshit. Unless you're taking well over a safe dose than you don't have ADHD. Adderall only really works like it should when your brain is malfunctioning (ADHD) even if I take a higher dose than recommended by my doc, I just don't sleep for two days. No comedown, no side effects other than raging insomnia, which is already an issue without adderall.

Severe depression causes lack of focus which may be your problem. I've been diagnosed by an ADHD specialist when I was getting depression treatment and couldn't even sit through a movie. When the depression got treated properly and I started to come out of that hole, it got better. My concentration and productivity are still shit, but I can give at least an hour of attention to something if I really try hard. Crippling ADHD is really rare, and usually there's a secondary problem making it worse.

Please don't get offended, I'm calling bullshit about the side effects if you're on a safe dose and that there isn't a secondary problem if you have attention issues. They do have mental health clinics for people who can't pay a psychiatrist that offer reduced rates and payment plans. Otherwise, go to a school counselor if you're in college or HS and tell them exactly how you're feeling, they'll pretty much force you to go to a mental health clinic because your suicidal ideation makes you a danger to yourself.

>spent four months total in psych hospitals for various issues this year alone.

>> No.7857825
File: 820 KB, 250x188, why.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

topic died down and you brought it back up.

>> No.7857826

Anon, the point is that getting drugs from your friends or god knows who else to treat something that it sounds like you may or may not have self diagnosed is NOT a good idea.
I did a stupid research project on the adverse effects of ADHD medication for people who don't have ADHD, and guess what? The side effects can range from no appetite/bad headache to severe anxiety/stomach pain/flu-like symptoms.

You might have anxiety. I have GAD and often can't focus or feel hopeless/suicidal. Taking something like Adderall or Vyvanse would likely only *increase* feelings of anxiety because it's a stimulant.

Do some research. Consult MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS and don't get upset when people on 4chan tell you you're being rash and stupid because it sounds like you're being rash and stupid.

>> No.7857827
File: 62 KB, 507x337, Alphas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Sup Tyrone"
"Yo Chad?"
"You know that loose snatch who I've been hanging around with to impress Stacey?"
"Stacey's friend?"
"Yeah that's the bitch. She gave me fucking cookies for my birthday"
"No way man"
"Yeah I had to accept them becoz Stacey said I shouldn't be mean to her. Man, was so fucking pathetic though, she put pink icing saying happy birthday on it, made me want to laugh"
"Man, you should have told her to get back into the kitchen"
"Ha, fucking YOLO man"

>> No.7857837

Also, I work in medical so I know that 99% of doctors fucking hate it if you come in saying you have XYZ unless you were referred there by a doctor for XYZ or in the ER after seeing someone for a while for that problem. Even then, they'll ignore it and make their own diagnosis based on what symptoms are presenting. When you make an appointment tell them your issues and problems without a diagnosis unless they ask. Especially with mental health because it can be any number of things, I've been diagnosed with 12+ issues that have been thrown out when they finally figured out what they were. (Ones that have been thrown out range from simple stuff to scarier shit like Personality disorders because I've been this way all my life. There was also a doc who thought I was schitzo because the first time I went to the hospital, I tried to kill myself at work and couldn't really figure out why I started trying to cut major arteries when I had no history of self harm.)

My parents were also anti psych med until I ended up in the hospital, to the point of my mother throwing out my antidepressants when I visited her for a week.

>> No.7857839

b-b-but they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

>> No.7857841

the man's heart is located in his penis

>> No.7857845

No, is his penis

>> No.7857847

>tfw no qt gf to bake tasty protein cookies for me
why live

>> No.7857849

That's advice given to fat girls by better looking women in order to convince them that Mr Right will happen for them some day. It's the same bullshit no doubt trotted out by attractive men to losers about how it's what's inside that counts.

Baking cookies or cakes for someone is only going to win you the heart of two types of men - faggots who won't fuck you anyway, and fat men. Giving cookies to Chad as a present is only going to make him laugh at you. Examples - have you ever had a really ugly shy boy come up to you and give you a flower in front of your friends? Do you remember what it was like having your friends laugh about it afterwards? It's like that with Chad and those fucking biscuits you think he'll like.

>> No.7857850

>Chad, Chad everywhere
r9k pls go

>> No.7857854

Dip that shit in chocolate and feed it him then.

Cooking for guys is a nice gesture to tell them you care though and aren't a pump and dump kind of girl. My ex traveled a week out of every month and I always cooked him a huge meal from scratch when he came home and packed him a bento the day he left. All the coworkers he had were insanely jealous.

>> No.7857857

*Feed it to him

I need more sleep

>> No.7857859

It's just shorthand for hunks, whore. Get used to it or stay on tumblr forever. Now, if you'd kindly fuck off, the big girls are speaking - bye-bye!!!

>> No.7857862

You're stupid

If he likes her he will be really moved if she bakes something for him
If he doesn't like her he will like the gesture anyways, and may or may not start to see her in other ways

I'm pretty sure she doesn't like the kind of dude who would laugh at her because most guys aren't like that, most guys are actually flattered and happy to get a girl to like them

The only chance something may go wrong is if you're too ugly, in which case cookies, cakes or even offering sex won't work

>> No.7857863


Fuck you

>> No.7857864

>My ex traveled a week out of every month and I always cooked him a huge meal from scratch when he came home and packed him a bento the day he left.

One - you were in a relationship. You doing the cooking in a relationship is expected and makes you more desirable to him (that is, if he isn't a stupid push over who takes gender equality too far). Far removed from baking fucking cookies as a present.

Two - it's a fucking lunchbox, not a bento, you weeb.

>> No.7857865

Nobody says Chad here you beta faggot. Go back to your home board and stop pretending to be female.

>> No.7857866

It was in a bento box, a lunch is different. It usually involves a shitty brown bag full of store bought food. Also, I did that before we dated. We were friends for a good month. That being said, if you don't know the guy don't feed him. At least be friends first, otherwise it's creepy.

>> No.7857867

Trust me, no one is going to laugh at this girl in public. They'll thank her and say it was nice. But when she's gone or when he's talking to his friends, she's going to be called weird and jokes will be made.

>If he likes her he will be really moved if she bakes something for him
No, he won't. He'll respect her more if she gets him nothing, or buys him something simple like a cologne or something. Baking cookies just screams that you're a twee (probably fat) little girl who's pretending to be a woman. Girls like that, you want to take them by the shoulders and give them a good shake.

>> No.7857869

>We were friends for a good month
He must have been desperate if he only made a move after a month. How does it feel to be settled with?

>> No.7857870

Then again, I have a reputation for feeding everyone because I like to cook but because I grew up in Mormon land, I for some reason end up cooking for ten even if I don't double the recipe.

>> No.7857874

> I for some reason end up cooking for ten even if I don't double the recipe.
You know what that says, right?

>> No.7857877

Military, shit moves faster because you at most have two years before one of you leaves. It's common for people to get engaged after only six months of dating. We made it seven because I dumped him for being a pretentious douche.

>> No.7857878

You obviously haven't been around Mormons anon. It becomes habit because if you feed one of them, their siblings want some too and they have more than eight of them. That's why I give most of it away, because it's a waste otherwise. I bring it to my work and give the rest to my roommate and friends.

>> No.7857880

A herp a durr amma reeeeal glad for ye' to be marryin' into redneck society (or blacks, or whatever poor dregs exist in America).
Being part of the armed forces is a sure sign he's retarded, no one wonder he fell for your charm offensive of "let's bake some cookies like I'm 9 :)"

>> No.7857882

>people who gave food to workmates
Easily the most hated and despised people in the office. If you're some old widow, maybe OK because we can all understand that you'd be lonely and want to garner some attention, but if you're a young woman it just suggests you're a self righteous bitch who thinks she's better than everyone. I bet you even say "Oh, I made too much for me and my bf, we had such a good time yesterday!" You offering your shit tupperware lasagna just insults people.

>> No.7857883

m8 no amount of autistic shitposting is going to bring daddy back, might as well give up and go back to your perch in r9k. All you're doing is being incredibly obvious and sounding like a fucktarded spanner

>> No.7857888

>uses m8
>has the audacity to suggest that I'm the one from shithead central

>> No.7857890

No, just no. Boys aren't like girls.

>> No.7857892
File: 32 KB, 442x510, let it out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all this shitposting, r9k has invaded

>> No.7857893
File: 62 KB, 237x198, 1412034795558.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slowly trying to make a friend of my own
>I just need one friend of my own and that's fine
>bf's friends all have different sense of humour than I do
>I find their humour unlaughable and dumb, and they feel the same about mine
>the friends all like madoka and we are sharing youtube videos
>show them this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hofaaFTUnf8
>everyone is just dead eyed
>one of them says "it'd be funnier if it wasn't from 4chan"
bf tried apologizing for them but I think his friends are ass.

on the topic of friends, I realized why I have difficulty in finding them.
I'm a total loser that thinks memes are funny as hell (within reason, no old garbage)
I haven't had many friends in school so I grew up on the internet, leaving me with a neckbeardy as hell personality.

I wish I were normal, then I could make cute seagull friends.
and we could talk and be so stupid and send eachother taobao links
>"what do you think of this dress, would you wear it?"

I can only dream. god I'm so fucking annoying.

>> No.7857896

So I am, either that or you're pigfuck without a trip. I've only ever seen edges that sharp on there and that's coming from someone living in stab city.

>> No.7857898

This proves you're a child. Men and women have a lot more in common than you think, especially when it comes with how they deal with weirdos who bake cookies for birthday presents. No one wants to laugh at the retard in the open because most people are nice, but they sure as hell will laugh about it over drinks.

>> No.7857900

>makes fun of someone baking cookies
>'I'm a man, you're a child'

>> No.7857902
File: 57 KB, 600x600, bcc30eb3031bcbb53d0be05d1529ec755b564e29554845959b716db64cc159ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Original anon who needed birthday ideas and um....you need to calm down a bit.

For one we're fucking on a regular basis and he sleeps over all the time. Second of all, he enjoys my cooking and I think anons were right to say that I should bake him desserts with a special interest in mind, which would be spiciness.

Lastly, he's a good guy within my circle of friends (I went hiking with him and his friends yesterday and we held hands and kissed in front of them), and has already expressed a level of commitment to building our relationship. He says how he loves my confidence, intelligence, and my body.
He's not some insecure Chad Thundersnot who's going to pump another girl next week to fix his ego. Genuine gestures of good will are NOT signs that someone is "ugly." And the fact that your argument rested on so many assumptions should say something to you.
So good luck mulling over your theories; I'll be out with my guy at dinner tonight.

>> No.7857904

I'm pointing out that giving cookies as a present is a childish thing to do and will actually make him view her badly. I'm trying to help the poor sot, admittedly in harsher language than I usually use, probably because the idea is so idiotic.

You meanwhile, are doing nothing but arguing with me- not actually giving advice at all, just sitting here, shitting up things and doing nothing. A lot like a certain group of manchildren elsewhere on this site...

>> No.7857905

>enjoys my cooking
>should bake him desserts
> I'll be out with my guy at dinner tonight.
Is that all you can talk about you pig? Food?

>> No.7857907

I'm already getting him a shirt at least so calm your salty shriveled balls down already, damn.

Also how is baking cookies childish? Explain yourself. I was going to make him chocolate truffles, but I'm actually curious as to how cookies threaten your masculinity.

>> No.7857908

nigger stop biting

>> No.7857909

Oh, oops.
You're shitposting. Nevermind, I'll just leave this useless banter alone then.

>> No.7857910

>I should bake him desserts with a special interest in mind, which would be spiciness
I haven't read any of the rest of this argument because it's clearly one person running around with bait in all /cgl/ threads today, but what do you have in mind for this? I want to make something for myself and that sounds so good.
>Tried ancho chipotle hot chocolate for the first time this year
>Life will never be the same

>> No.7857912

It's not shitposting when I'm pointing out the truth. You can't help yourself mentioning food all the time, suggests something to me.

>Also how is baking cookies childish? Explain yourself
Because it's something that children do? See here - >>7857849 - exact same reaction a guy will have if you try this.

>> No.7857913

why aren't you at home helping ur mam suck all those cocks then, if you so desperately want to be helpful

>> No.7857914

Ladies, how would you feel if your boyfriend asked you to get bigger for him? To put on some weight?

I love chubby chicks so much but my girlfriend is twig-thin and I don't know if she'll be offended if I asked.

>> No.7857916


>> No.7857917

Another anon kindly gave me some recipes for brownies and truffles >>7856931.

>> No.7857919

>mentioning food all the time
>implying nobody eats dinner
>implying nobody eats desserts on their birthday
You should leave your man cave and get some sunlight, it's having bad effects on your brain clearly.

>> No.7857922

Hnng, thank you.

>> No.7857923

Keep up the delusion that it's a man critcising you. Like a child, you can feel you can discount critique at will. Fact is, no one makes so many references to food in one post. It's all about baking, or food, or dinner in every single post you make. Where you going tonight, an all you can eat buffet? Sushi perhaps? Careful, by the way, I hear the Japs attacks whales, you may be harpooned.

>> No.7857925

You're from Limerick?

>> No.7857926

>it's a man criticising you
Oh, so you're a dumb jelly bitch? I feel even better now. Have fun being angry and alone on your saturday night <3

>> No.7857928
File: 468 KB, 500x264, giphy[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You know, I actually had /adv/ and /cgl/ open in two different tabs and didn't even realize my mistake.

>> No.7857934

I'm not though, that's the precise point. I have a boyfriend, have had several, and I'm giving you this blunt advice to not make yourself appear like an infant in front of your man.
Continue to be a child about it though. You give him cookies, he'll give you pity, how you like that. Also you'll embarrass him in front of his friends by doing that, suggest his gf is a fucking five year old.

>> No.7857935

cgl pls stop taiking the bait so easily

>> No.7857938

I feel like we could be friends, anon, haha. I have super meme loving fuck friends that love anime but don't have any opinions of lolita fashion other than "aw that's cute, anon"

>> No.7857941
File: 108 KB, 926x559, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, it's more like
>I'll give him birthday presents plus the truffles I plan to give him, we have a wonderful night of drinking with friends, and I get laid
You on the other hand will continue to lie and rage on the internet to feel better about yourself. I feel secondhand embarrassment for you. You sound like a fattie uggo.

>> No.7857943

Stop giving your shitty b8 asspats, people are probably just bored and got nothing better to do than argue with a 12 year old shitposter today.

>> No.7857945

>have had several
what a slut

>> No.7857950

>talks unceasingly about food and baking
I know who the fat uggo is here. I feel sorry for your boyfriend though, who's going to have endure you embarrassing yourself and him with this.
"Lol did she really give him cookies?! Is she five?"
"I think she's a little sensitive that's all"
"Doesn't she watch those cartoons though?"
"Yeah but..."
"That's really childish. Baking, watching cartoons, and she sews and dresses up too"
"I think he needs a real woman to treat him right!"

>> No.7857953


>> No.7857955

If you're going to shitpost at least be entertaining and follow logic. Especially considering how she just said she's making truffles, not cookies.

>> No.7857956

>says the neckbeard or spinster who probably has a yeasty vag
Not my fault you can't get it.

>> No.7857962
File: 53 KB, 680x600, 389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>met a few weeks ago on birthday week at a bar
>already fucking regularly and moving at a fast pace towards a relationship

does 'love' happen this fast?

>> No.7857963

Man, what the fuck? Cookies are delicious. My husband and I bake cookies and scones and all kinds of stuff all the time. It's delicious. Stop being so sandy because you're lonely or miserable that one of your several boyfriends broke your heart or whatever. Let someone be happy and do their thing.

>> No.7857966

Yes, stay jelly.

>> No.7857969
File: 596 KB, 300x170, 1411187489695.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there seriously an argument about baking cookies going on in this thread?

>> No.7857976

No, just some sandy cunt who apparently thinks baking cookies with an SO is "childish" despite the fact that the person she's talking about is giving chocolates to hers making the whole thing moot anyway. Stupid.

>> No.7857977

not as bad as the cringe thread and arguing about a pair of socks

>> No.7857979

Typical child, attention span of a 5 year old.
Want help with some of the longer words? Nah, never mind, go watch Dragon Ball or whatever it is you obsess about.

>> No.7857985

I'd like that.

>> No.7857986

>Dragon Ball
And it would still be more entertaining than reading whatever swill your lonely vagoo has to dish out to strangers online today.

>> No.7857987

Damn, how old are you? You sound too old and bitter to be on cgl.

>> No.7857991

Too bad you probably live in Narnia. Every time I meet someone online and I'm like "Hey, cool, we have common interests" they end up being across the country/globe.

>> No.7857999

>unironically using the term 'real woman'
confirmed for ambulocetus

>> No.7858052

>not baking and sewing
If the guy wanted to date another man he'd be doing so.

>> No.7858062

>tfw the secrets thread was deleted
We've had several full-length threads that were 100% comm bitching and were titled as such, but we can't have secrets threads that are at most 75% comm bitching and 25% various lolita-related topics? I don't understand this fucking janitor.

>> No.7858077
File: 263 KB, 710x947, waitwhat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure what to feel about this. Is it who I think it is?

>> No.7858080

I'm always spammed for Mary Kay and fucking Scentsy. I DO NOT LIKE PUMPKIN SPICE, YOU KNOW THIS. DON'T SPAM YOUR PUMPKIN BULLSHIT ON MY WALL. Goddamn.

>> No.7858081

Why, who do you think it is? I'm pretty sure it's not Dakota, if that's what you're thinking.

>> No.7858084

It really, really looks like her, but she's always been a shoopshifter so I'm not sure.

>> No.7858093

Can we please be friends? I'm also a meme loving fuck who likes anime, cosplay, lolita, etc. We can link 4chan threads, talk about our feels, and call each other faggots!

>> No.7858097

isn't that chokelate

>> No.7858100

No that doesn't look like choke.

>> No.7858101

That video isn't funny at all, but I get how you feel. I like completely spastic shit, and my boyfriend probably thinks I'm a retard, but whatever. I lucked out and found my best friend a few years ago who loves all of the horrible, useless things I do, so I hope you find your neckbeardy match, anon.

>> No.7858142

>be in college feminist production
>everything is volunteer and non-academic
>it's lots of hassle & circlejerking; wouldn't be in but the money we raise goes to a women's shelter and it's important to me
>been in it for three years
>this is my fourth year
>never given a major role at all
>recently cunty (self-volunteered) directors get indignant that they have to be at every rehearsal
>pissed off when people unnecessary to that particular rehearsal are no-show (ie Act 2 not showing up on Act 1 only rehearsal day)
>enact strict 3 strikes attendance policy
>it's a waste of peoples' time who don't need to be there, directors are just being whiney bitches at this point

>> No.7858146
File: 406 KB, 570x489, le itty bitty trashman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7858147

Now I will preface this next block by saying it was not crucial for me to attend any of the following "rehearsals," and I say that in quotations because two of them were only sexual-assault awareness presentations that I've seen before and not actual rehearsal.
>I missed one "rehearsal" due to me forgetting- didn't send an email in time, my bad
>miss another for stress related reasons and sent in an email after the fact- no response
>had to miss last week's rehearsal due to sickness, sent an email prior-no response
>went to my email to send the director a notice that I would be late to rehearsal tomorrow because my grandfather is currently dying in the hospital and I need to go see him in the morning
>go to check my email and notice there's a passive aggressive email from my director
>went straight to accusing me of having missed three rehearsals
>must have been too busy being a fat idiot to read her email
>basically threatened to cut me from the production
>email her back
>tell her how shitty it is that it was never made known that there was an attendance problem until today
>tell her my situation about my grandfather and how I'm offended that she's implying I don't care about the production given the fact that I've been in it for 3 years without issue
>receive email back

Stupid cunt.

>> No.7858153
File: 43 KB, 603x315, escalated-quickly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>supporting and understanding women
>lol jk just bitching about missed rehearsals and emotionally blackmailing people into doing stuff

>> No.7858156

>that video
Anon I am sorry but you may just be autistic

>> No.7858159

Sounds like a cop out. I hate it when people lie about stuff like that just to have the upper hand in an argument.

>> No.7858161

>miss another for stress
this triggered me

>> No.7858165

What did you expect?

>> No.7858168

It might be true, but still, to even say "I know what you're going through but" is a crock of shit.
I'm a grad student with a job. The directors are undergrad seniors who don't have jobs or much else on their plate besides bitch and take #feministselfies

>> No.7858184

Boohoo. Don't put too much shit on your plate and then complain to everyone else about it.

>> No.7858185

Speaking of baking and cooking and giving spicy desserts to boyfriends,
>make cream puffs
>like playing pranks a little too much
>give bf cream puff with red pepper pods in it mixed in with cream
>bf doesn't even flinch/notice and asks me what's wrong when I make a confused face after he eats it
>discover your bf has the fiery taste buds of satan's 5 star iron chef.

I think that the sweet may narrow out the spicy a lot of the time, so if you're making spicy desserts keep that in mind otherwise the spicy may not be as evident. I should've used curry powder...

>> No.7858188

Okay guys, I really want to be efamous. I'm cute, thin, dress well...what do I need to do without exposing myself?

>> No.7858189

Let me be your QT lolita assistant and we can reach our way to efame together.

>> No.7858191

Do you just not have any idea about anything at all whatsover or what?

The milk fat in the cream is what cuts the capsaicin not the sweet. "Curry powder" isn't even a thing you dumb american, and the thing you guys call curry powder isn't very spicy in the least. Next time you want to make something spicy you emulsify it in the cream, it also works better to use something like chili oil that won't be as easily cut by the milk oil.

>> No.7858194

Let's do it anon. <3

>> No.7858195

get kawaii outfits, post pics, post cute videos of you being uguu and just spam them everywhere.

>> No.7858196

I-I'm new to cooking anon... P-please be gentle.

>> No.7858197

Alright. Where should I spam them? tumblr?

>> No.7858198

You serious cause I'm down for a potential friendship/efame disaster.

>> No.7858199

Boohoo nothing, you know that's fucked up.

>> No.7858201

Wow. So it's a Texas thing and not just a my-friends-are-idiots thing. My sister-in-law is getting into it, too, and I thought it was a little bit weird. She keeps pushing some cupcake baking system and Pampered Chef.

I'll use FB Purity though, I had no idea such a thing existed.

>> No.7858203

That's feminism for you, deal with it

>> No.7858205

Here, like Dakota and Jnig did

>> No.7858209

I'm kinda serious. Even if it doesn't work out, if I've gained a friendship, then it's worth it!

>> No.7858210

No, it's just the cunts who happen to be directors. Really.
Same logic could be applied to anything. If you worked at a job that meant something to you but your boss was a dick, you wouldn't say the concept of the job was bad, just that your demanding boss is a fucking trainwreck.

>> No.7858216

Well damn. My throwaway email is in the field. Email me and I'll send you my Skype.
I've never made a /cgl/ friend before, I'm kinda excited.

>> No.7858218

Forgot to put email, I'm dumb. Here you go, anon.

>> No.7858226


>> No.7858227

Sorry babby, I was a bit peeved there, mostly cause of my mighty need for creampuffs, in any case I did give you advice and tough love~

>> No.7858234

If the job's structure allows shit people to become your boss and act like that without consequences then the idea isn't that good

Look at communism. It's an invitation to become a tyranny so it sucks despite everything else

>> No.7858238

This video is extremely cringeworthy. Comedy songs are almost never, ever funny. They're just embarrassing.

>> No.7858240 [DELETED] 

I-It's okay... I'l write your advice down in my cooking notebook. I'll get better one day.

>> No.7858243

this video is awful.

>> No.7858245

I-It's okay anon... I'll write your advice down in my notebook and get better.

>> No.7858248

It was a little awkward/sad anon, not something I'd laugh at sober.

I just smoked a big bowl of weed though, and now I find it a bit more funny. Though if these guys hadn't watched Madoka or got the culture behind 4chan, they especially would have not got how it was supposed to be humorous.

>> No.7858265

the fucktard who made the video didn't even quote the 4chan post correctly. It would be hilarious if it was something like a dramatic reading, but joke songs are never funny.

>> No.7858287

> funny
Anon, it might be you who has shit taste.

>> No.7858294

So little money, so much potential stuff to spend it on.

> Should I do a huge Taobao haul?
> Should I buy the stuff I need to fix up my old cosplay?
> Maybe I need more makeup
> But skincare products are important to splurge on too
> Should I commission art?
> Should I buy Hannibal merch?
> Should I save money to use during con season aka my personal vacation time?
> inb4 just buy a little of each- I don't want to spend the bulk of my cash on shipping

>> No.7858368
File: 645 KB, 500x580, 1382429244955.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when talking about burando in bed with boyfriend
>tfw you have all the sex you want but will never have Cat's Tea Party

>> No.7858478

>tfw I can have all the brand I want but I will never have a significant other again

>> No.7858492

>kicked out of house
>moving in with friend for a bit until i can get a job and make money (barely any savings due to me helping pay bills and whatnot)
>wont be able to afford any of my hobbies
>suuuper tempted to sell panties


>waiting for three big packages, all brand dresses
>no tracking on two of them
>wont be able to get them due to being kicked out
>mother will definitely trash them or sell them

backstory: mom has been a massive cunt for the past few years ever since my brother passed away, today she said if she cant have him in her life she doesnt want me either

>> No.7858498

I hate depression. I know I enjoy sewing and crafting, and when I can finally make myself do it, I feel better, but I'm so apathetic lately. I haven't touched my machine in at least a month. And even though I like working out and I like eating well, I haven't been able to make myself do those things in a couple months now, which I know is only making things worse and making me feel worse about myself.

>tfw the only psychiatrist in my area I might be able to afford has a 3+ month waiting list for new patients

I'm going to try to start running again this week, eat a lot of salads, and make something cute and easy to try to tempt myself into working on my half-finished costumes that are gathering dust. Wish me luck.

>> No.7858514

>Literly never had a gf in my life, never even missed a girl
>apparently told that I'm handsome by some girls, don't know if that's true since I'm a beta faggot
>genuinely enjoy hanging out with female friends and even help pick clothes for them
>I just like to be the nicest guy I can
>have an a awesome job that pays extremely well
>never cosplayed but thought about just buying some Ezio costume because I don't know where to even start
>some of my female friends want to help make me a costume
>suddenly start being REAL nice to me
>instantly start to get a bit anxious

I'm just fucking weird. I love all things animu and video games and I love to workout, so I can pull off costumes pretty well. But lately they've been really clingy and I don't even know what to do. I really like them all as friends, and I'm very sociable. But as soon as it gets into intimatcy territory, I just start getting real nervous. I always like to buy them gifts every so often since I have more money than Jesus, so I was just thinking about getting another gift that's more along the lines of "let's be friends". Thoughts?

>> No.7858517

*never even kissed a girl
I apologize for all the spelling errors.

>> No.7858518


Dunno if you are still around anon, but I have used


before, for things. But, really pins shouldn't be too hard to get, depending on your state laws.

You should be able to just walk up and buy them at a pharmacy or Walgreens, or if your town has a needle exchange, you can do that.

>> No.7858525

>today she said if she cant have him in her life she doesnt want me either

>what the fuck

>> No.7858536

tell me about it. i always thought she was being reasonable considering what happened (despite me greiving just as much), and that everyone thinks their mom is a bitch

>> No.7858574


>> No.7858612

>have internet bf
>move in with him in his country
>tell parents been living with a female friend
>been living here a year
>working on getting legal partnership so we can leave country together whenever we want and i wont be overstaying my visa
>gonna get married when this is done
>really need to get around to telling my parents but everything is so fucked now that i've been digging myself into a hole this long

i would ideally tell them i met a guy here unrelated to the people i'm staying with but they've asked for the address and have sent things and thus know his last name, and i cant have him lie about his name to them
and if they ever met his family i cant expect them to lie
and my parents are super conservative too and my mom is ultra against living together before marriage

i know i fucked up but pls advice

>> No.7858641

Take it to /adv/, this is not at all cosplay or jfashion related.

>> No.7858650

maybe i'll post about it on /adv/ eventually. i've been browsing these threads lately though and noticed tons of friendship/ relationship/ general depression and anxiety related posts with no issues

>> No.7858652

Thanks anon. Everywhere I found online required a doctors note or for you to be a doctor, and there are no places IRL to get them around here, aside from insulin needles which are the wrong size.

>> No.7858692
File: 961 KB, 245x250, 1402153836535.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go away
>come back to a million fucking responses telling me I have shit taste

I know I have shit taste.
but I want a friend that has shit taste too.
not much to ask.

"lol anon your humour is weird"

"hey guys, lets joke about knee penises"

that video actually FIT their specific brand of humour, but the reason they didn't laugh at it was BECAUSE its from 4chan. my boyfriend pulled me aside and told me this afterwards

I don't find it that funny myself actually, I just knew they would like it.

>these million responses telling me I'm not funny
jesus fucking christ thanks for the feelpocalypse fuck you guys

>> No.7858710

you moved countries

just tell them

who gives a shit

>> No.7858757

I have posted here previously talking about depression and whatnot.
Just weighed myself for the first time in a couple of weeks and I have lost a lot of weight.
But I can only remember having eaten really shit food lately, so I can't understand what the hell is happening.

>> No.7858759

Is it because those girls are not your type anon? asexual? repressed gay? Though for real the most "let's be friends" gift you can give is not giving a gift at all, or at least much less than I assume you're doing now. Try having more mini house parties or lunch/coffee with everyone instead of specific gifts.

>> No.7858924

I'm sorry to hear that anon. I once threatened to kill myself and my boyfriend called the police on me, where they volunteered to have me taken into the mental health ward. I had been seeing a (shitty) psychologist but this was the tipping point where they decided to prescribe. I'm sorry your community has failed you like this, since mine has really overreacted. Maybe you can try an anonymous suicide hotline? There are clinics that will do affordable care too.

>> No.7858926

This shit is the last thing you need to be telling a suicidal person. What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.7858929

OK, I'm not OP, but she said she went to a psychologist, which by the way can't prescribe.

>> No.7858961

My dressmakers dummy and sewing machine were out when they came round. It's not the sewing so much as the wearing that's going to be awkward to explain. I'm never going to pass completely as a normal person (and don't much care to) I just don't want to make living together too awkward.

As for the trans stuff, I don't want to come out. I think most trans folk would prefer that, aside from transtrenders who are more interested in being trans than actually transitioning to their gender. Aside from having no downtime from a binder aside from in the shower I'm not doing anything I wouldn't normally.

I'm just venting anyway, none of this is the end of the world, just a minor annoyance. Thanks anyway!

>> No.7859021

you suck mane

>> No.7859022

>find a doctor who can help you
>This shit is the last thing you need to be telling a suicidal person

>> No.7859058

> tfw had a few shitty stressful years
> tfw finally starting uni, everything is going to be better!

NOPE, I still feel as unable to do anything useful as ever, can barely do homework so I'm already behind as hell, and when I get back from uni I always just want to sleep and not do anything.
Some friends suggested I'd look into anti-depressants, but even if I'd qualify for them I go to a psychologist who can't prescribe them.. yay..

>> No.7859061

forgot to add, I don't feel joy in any of my hobbies or at least not as much. Drawing has been something I've done for as long as I can remember and I can't even find the concentration or motivation to work on it. Same goes for anything else.

>> No.7859065

All of my stress, anxiety, and depression problems are a direct result of me being in school. If my only priorities in life were to wake up, go to work, do chores, exercise, and hang out with friends on my weekends my life would be fine. As of now it's a juggling act and a matter of keeping my head above water each day.

Anon, I'm sorry to say, but you should see if your uni has a psychologist. It's useful to be in touch with your uni's mental health sector, that way you have school based documentation that you are going through shit.

I wish I never listened to my parents and went back for my master's work, but I'm too deep in the rabbit hole to get out now.

>> No.7859070

I'm already seeing a psychologist (hurr assburgers, which is also an issue since everything gets blamed on that) and uni is already aware in a way.
And yeah school has always been a big issue for me too, it's been so long since the last time I had motivation to do anything and sit down and work. Like I mean many years ago. I just don't even know how to anymore. Thanks for your tips though, and good luck yourself.

>> No.7859078

>want to buy some random lolita a dress from christmas just for the fuck of it
>don't know how to even do it

Does cgl even do mail threads?

>> No.7859102

no u

>> No.7859117

By mail threads do you mean like gift exchanges? Because we don't, but that might be a nice idea. I imagine we'd get a lot of flakes, though.

>> No.7859126

make friends with a random lolita. I'll be your friend, I'm a 2hu too.

>> No.7859132

Even so, what do her parents being anti-med have to do with the psychologist not being able to prescribe. She's said a lot of different excuses was my point, all of which are just that, excuses. If she lives on her own now she can just go to the fucking doctor.

>> No.7859183
File: 51 KB, 442x351, 1411939195607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, cause I've done some with /a/ and those were fun as shit
Yeah no kidding though, I kinda feel like /cgl/ is one of the flakiest boards

It's be cool to make friends off cgl but i'd prefer to give it to some random seagull

>> No.7859199

>i'd prefer to give it to some random seagull
How would you have any idea what they liked? It's not as if lolita is 1 style.

>> No.7859229

Still, now that you mention it I'd really like to get something like that going, maybe I could try and organise something in November, I guess it's still a little early now. I could ask people to provide some sort of feedback and if we made it a yearly thing we could have a list of flakes that'd be banned from participating again.

>> No.7859244

Anon, you're trying too hard.

>> No.7859254

Trying too hard at what?

>> No.7859330

horrible idea. please stop while you still can

>> No.7859406

g-give one to me

>> No.7859477
File: 92 KB, 350x399, 1411078129481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that would be a problem
Since sizes and styles vary
I don't know man, I just wanna surprise someone but it can't really be a surprise since you have to know their address and shit

I'd be totally down
Though Im pretty sure alot of bitter lonely seagulls are going to hate this shit

>> No.7859504

Different person but I don't see why it's so horrible?

I've participated in the /a/ ones, there's different present tiers, so people giving out big things will get big things in return, etc.
Everyone would just have to give some info: what style/s they like, themes they like, some dresses they own, and size/height.

it works out on /a/ even if some people get gimped it's not that big of a deal, it's the kind of thing you go into knowing you might not get something back so.

>> No.7859527
File: 498 KB, 500x283, 5881d37ebe94.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It really, really fucking grinds my gears when people comment on something of mine on facebook, use my name, and somehow manage to spell it wrong.
My name is RIGHT THERE.
I know it is an uncommon spelling of a common name BUT REALLY IT IS RIGHT ABOVE YOUR POST, COME ON PLEASE.
Fucking shit.

>> No.7859539

/a/ is different from /cgl/

>> No.7859541

You just keep saying no don't! Without giving any reasons.
I know /a/ is different but /cgl/ but still, sending someone a pretty bow or some wristcuffs and not getting something back isn't the end of the world....

>> No.7859544

You can do it, just don't expect a proper secret santa to work in here.

/cgl/ just doesn't have the sense of community.

>> No.7859545

why did your parents hate you so much to spell it like that

>> No.7859547

>TFW posted an outfit shot on tumblr, really bad lighting and wig looked like shit but content is content
>expected maybe a few notes at most and that's how I wanted it
>so of fucking course a super popular blog reblogs it and now it's getting around

I should never have posted the damn pictures. So much regret.

>> No.7859548

I would say /cgl/ has even more of a sense of community, if anything, we have meetups and people go to cons together and stuff.

>> No.7859551

Man. I might have hit a plateau. I haven't been working out all that much, but I'm usually on my feet - whether it's biking back and forth to classes or running around at work. I wish I could devote time to proper work out sessions, but my job is physically (and mentally) demanding), so I'm usually too tired.

Ugh. I just want to finally graduate and so I can dedicate to being healthy and in better shape, and I can fit into brand better. I'd hate to think that plateauing is also coming from age because I'm still fairly young (23), but I guess it's faster for females than males.

>> No.7859555
File: 41 KB, 645x428, 1309384428381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lots of people said my otome outfit was cute yesterday

>> No.7859557
File: 1.74 MB, 719x477, firework.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking it was the pain meds.

>> No.7859559
File: 221 KB, 266x429, baww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I've noticed that when I do work out, I'm definitely not as vigorous or energetic as I used to be. I seem to be at a standstill, weight wise. It's funny how people still think I'm skinny, but my weight just mostly goes to my legs - lately, my waist has gotten bigger (29") and it's not very comfortable at all.

>tfw I want my 27" waist back

>> No.7859577

>being in a video games club

how are you in any position to laugh at people
I can imagine you bunch of immaturely dressed 20 somethings with shaky nasal voices and acne ridden faces trying to make mean comments about someone behind their back

>> No.7859580

>female /r9k/

>> No.7859584

cut off contact to them
all they did was fuck each other then raise you
if they you know they wouldn't be cool with what you do, there is no reason to stay in contact

>> No.7859593

how tall are you? 29 inch doesnt sound much unless you are like 140 cms

>> No.7859598


>later comes on /cgl/ friend finder
>tfw no gf ;_:
>why don't girls like nice guys like me

Boohoo cry more tears jesus christ. No wonder all the decent guys leave your shitty club.

>like every other soc on campus if I think I know who you are
>tfw archery is more welcoming than LGBTsoc

>> No.7859614
File: 33 KB, 250x334, rainbow rush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Latest con is done and I'm enjoying the feel of not having any looming projects to jump on besides sewing a tutu for my niece's birthday.

>> No.7859643

Isn't illegal to do anything with mail that isn't yours? You could get the police involved if you're feeling vindictive enough.

>> No.7859661

>implying it's niceness and not looks that matter

>> No.7859668

I thought we told you to go home, r9k.

>> No.7859715

What the hell

>> No.7859732

5'5"/165 cm. Thank God I'm not short

>> No.7859790

>Friends keep telling me to see a therapist and get medicated
>I don't trust the psychology industry at all.

>> No.7859835

New thread: >>7859834

>> No.7863783

>transtrenders who are more interested in being trans than actually transitioning to their gender

this is so good.

>> No.7863932 [DELETED] 
File: 255 KB, 421x790, Screenshot_2014-10-07-20-41-10~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Halloween is coming
> only a couple more weeks before the annual "dress up as oh so edgy references to recent misfortune, tragedies, and blackface" shit show.
>People who weren't affected by the situations will insist that they're using humor because "you only give power to those things if you don't learn to laugh" and totally not because they're attention whores, hungry for the salty cum the news sites well feed them

What'll it be this year? Naomi Oni might be too long ago, but I'm sure someone will manage a physical representation of JLaw's nudes, somehow. Lots of accusations of butthurt and sjwness will fly.

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