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New feels thread, last one is autosaging:

Try to keep it /cgl/ related, please.

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This is less of a feel and more of a confession, but I figure this is a good place to ask.

I’m 100% white but I was born with sort of Asian-like features, especially my eyes and round face. In high school I was a closeted weeb, and did my best to hide my power level. I did, however, convince a bunch of people that I was a quarter Japanese when I first got into cosplay and everyone believed me. To this day, at 22 years old, most of my cosplay friends other than my best friend still believe I’m part Japanese. They even tell people, “Anon is actually a quarter Japanese! Pretty neat, huh?” and ask me questions about my supposed heritage.

I’m past my weeb phase and wondering if I should tell the truth or keep rolling with it. I feel like a complete ass living a lie and giving people who are actually ¼ a bad name, but I don’t want my friends to think less of me.

What should do I do?

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Honestly anon, if you're certain none of your cosplay friends will ever be in risk of finding out the truth (from meeting your family or something), then I'd say you don't have to tell the truth. It could cause more harm than it's worth. It also depends on how close you are with those friends. If you consider them your real, very close friends then I think continuing to pretend around them is a bit mean. Next time the subject of your heritage comes up, you could simply say "yeah, there's something I wanted to talk to you about that" and tell them that it's actually not true and that you had a weebphase when you were a teen and you just didn't know how to say it. It's not like it's a touchy subject in that it hurts or involves someone else, and your friends should understand if they're cosplayers too since they probably also had a weebphase.

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>be overweight
>want to do a 300 cosplay
>can't until I get my shit together and lose weight/bulk

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honestly? tell the truth to your closest friends and just don't mention it ever again to the people you don't know well enough.
I used to be a weeb myself as well as a child with a bit of an over-active imagination (think Tracy Beaker), except people eventually found out and I didn't really need to tell anyone but my closest friends who oddly enough still don't hate me despite it all. It had been proper embarrassing but that's really a low price to pay.
In retrospect, it was dumb but I don't understand why some people get as upset as they do over it. It's just dumb teenage shit, now I feel bad about it but I don't consider it as bad as the shit some weebs did, so I don't think you should worry about it too much and you aren't giving anyone a bad name. Just get it over with and try to pick up the pieces.

In related feels
>tfw have to lie about which country I come from because people start to ignore me or treating me like shit if I say where I'm actually from
>if they knew they would blame all the bad things I do (accidentally) on me being from that country/ethnicity
I am white and don't really look typical of any particular place, so it goes well. I'm just irritated that when I do complain about it to people who don't have this problem, they always tell me I'm imagining it and that nobody cares because they've never experienced it personally.
I don't even feel bad about lying about it, it's nobody's business and I don't feel the need to explain myself to anyone. I'm just scared of the inevitable Streisand effect because I still don't want to lie and become reluctant to do it when people ask me where I'm from. Like the thing with Tommy Wiseau and people snooping around his public records because he didn't want to tell people where he was from.

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>friend got me hooked to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
>suddenly, new favorite characters and husbandos everywhere
>want to cosplay them all
>tfw I'm a 5'8" 121lbs girl
>tfw one of them wears pretty much nothing but a loincloth and a scarf, how the fuck am I gonna hide my boobs

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>mfw swap meet soon but $850 phonebill

Life is pain

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Don't truth the truth, lie the truth.

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>$850 phone bill

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>bulking for 300
Nigger, they are cut like Greek Gods or some shit.

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Roommate and I are on same plan
Both just got new phones
(So phone change fee)

And the idiot didn't tell us he cut our data usage in half (I should have checked but whatever) so the fee was $0.05 a mb and I think I used 5gb

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Phone Salesmen are some sleazy fucks, can't trust those fuckers.

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Quit bitching on several different threads and just go to the gym then, fucker. If you want it bad enough, work for it. Law of Power 35: Don't rush it. Don't do a 300 cosplay until you are absolutely certain you have achieved optimum fitness. Work hard and work long and the results will be worth it.

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Holy fuck. I would be flipping tables and switching to straight talk or some shit. I don't put up with that shit. I bitch and make threats to management until THEY are paying ME. I feel bad being "that person" but it's the only way to keep phone companies from pushing you around when they think they can not tell you important shit. Student loan companies are the same way, you can't take their shit, man.

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>I don't understand why some people get as upset as they do over it
because it makes you a liar and breaks their trust. They don't know what else you've been lying about, and they don't know if you'll lie again. What if you've been lying about something important, are they sure they can still trust you? How do they know you're not doing some skeevy shit, or secretly laughing at/taking advantage of how gullible they are? It might not seem like a big deal to you, but you have to think of the implications which makes it a huge deal to others, even if it's a small white lie.

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Sure but if they know that you've been a megaweeb, they should know that you never meant any harm by it.
I don't get people who get so anal about it, my roommate has lied to me about taking out the rubbish several times but I don't go all 'I can't trust her anymore, what ELSE has she lied about that I don't know?!' about it. That's just stupid.
Besides, you lied about yourself, nothing that anyone else has or hasn't done, and I don't know a single person that didn't do that at some point in their life.

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Did a couple hours of just playing with my wardrobe today and goddamnit, I've definitely put on some weight since Christmas. My thighs are going the way of my mother's and I love her but she's not exactly j-fashion idol of the year material.

I'm going to have to... exercise.

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This anon has it. I HATE being that person, I try to be so kind and considerate to people, but when it comes to shit like this, you cannot fuck around. It's something I've only started doing in the past year or so, but you'll notice that if you start off being polite and then immediately switch to being a bitch the second someone's trying to dick with you, you get what you want so much faster. Don't let them literally steal your money, >>8100468, he's not an "idiot" sales guy, he knew exactly what he was doing. They probably tell their floor people to pull that kind of shit as often as possible.

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>Wanted to hit up a second con this year for the first time
>Bf whines about it being too expensive
>Whatever, we can just focus on our normal one then
>Been paying for all his cosplay because he's 'so broke'
>Tell him he really needs to start saving money for our con coming up, he says he is
>Drops on me that he's going to another convention next month and all his savings are going towards that instead

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You can cosplay Jolyne/Lisa Lisa/Yukako/Hot Pants/Mariah/Daiya etc.
There are a lot of girls you can do. I mean if you want to genderbend, go for it, though I'd recommend a Jojo like Josuke/Johnny, well anything part 4 and up because they arent as ripped as the Jojo's of 1-3.

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Yeah, I'll probably tell a few of my closer friends because they don't deserve to be lied to and I'm sure they'll forgive me, even if they get annoyed at first. I'm beginning to think it would be a really bad idea to tell the people who aren't close to me, as some of my acquaintances are pretty judgmental people, and one of them is actually full Japanese so she'd probably hate me for it. They'll probably spread rumors about me too, I've seen them do it to other cosplayers.

I was really expecting people to tell me I should reveal my secret to everyone, so glad I asked here first. I appreciate the help.

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Ayo yo, /fit/fag here. You should exercise anyway, but you'll lose more weight more quickly by just reducing caloric intake.

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There's shitloads of jojo females

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Where are you from?

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>I’m 100% white but I was born with sort of Asian-like features, especially my eyes and round face.

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Weight that comes on fast is very easy to lose. I gained 8 pounds over winter break myself but lost it all within a few weeks.

Just eat extremely healthy for the next few weeks (no cheats whatsoever). Try to limit starchy carbs (like rice, bread, cereal, corn, and potatoes) as much as possible, get some lean protein in you (fish, lean meats, greek yogurt, etc), and cut down on sugar. Definitely exercise too, but what you eat is really what will determine how much weight you lose.

I'd rather not, but I will say that I've been told by several people that my celebrity look-a-like is Bjork when she was young. Though the only things that are really similar are the eyes and hair color, I have a much smaller mouth and lack dem cheekbones.

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Thanks for the advice ! I'm still early in the series, so there isn't a girl I really like to the point of wanting to cosplay her (though Lisa Lisa is awesome), but I'm sure I'll find one as I progress through the story.
At least, now I'm motivated to stop eating crap and exercise to do justice to whatever character I'll do, no matter their gender...

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>tfw want to crossplay, because my most favorite characters are male
>tfw can't escape these hips, no matter how much weight I lose

Genetics, y u do this?

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Diff anon, but this kind of thing happens. I have two white friends who get asked somewhat regularly if they're part Asian.

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I don't doubt it, I just wanted to see a picture because she sounds like she has an interesting face.

Is Bjork Asian/part Asian? I know she's from Iceland but she doesn't look like a Nordic person.

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I've been asked that too. It's what originally inspired me to claim I was Japanese, since people already assumed I was part Asian.

Bjork is actually 100% Icelandic, it's just a mix of features she inherited that caused her to look a certain way. Not all Nordic people have light hair, there are plenty of us with dark hair too. I'm 100% Norwegian myself and look similar to her so it's not completely unheard of.

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I'm sorry Anon it can't be helped, but hips don't lie.

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>want to be lolita's cute lesbian ouji
>want to buy cute lolita brand
>can never get a date bc too weenie
> :(

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Björk is 100% Icelandic actually. You also have the Saami who sometimes look similar.
Also you need to remember that people with dark hair and eyes exist here too, and that a lot of natural blondes here are actually mousy, ashy blonde but bleach their hair lighter.
Americans have these stereotypes that if you're from x country you have to look like y otherwise you must be mixed, when that is not always the case. People come in all shapes and sizes. I remember some Irish girl mentioning on here that people in the US tried to convince her that she's mixed because she has dark hair or something.
Just like not all Italians have dark hair, eyes and tan skin.

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>Meet a super cool girl at meetup
>We get along nicely, plan to hang out sometime
>Horray, a female friend!
>She gets posted to cgl and lolita secrets by some anally pained person in the comm when she looked fine and it was probably just rumors.
>defend her, saying "she looks fine, and is a really sweet girl"
>life goes on

fast forward a few days later
>same anally pained person from the comm starts talking about me, says some bullshit things about me which are completely false
>suddenly girl I met completely drops me, doesn't respond to my texts, FB messages, or anything, just completely and suddenly dropped.

I'm so bitter.
You'd think having yourself posted would make you relate more but apparently not. Sadly, she wasn't the only one that dropped me.

I stated that I'd be willing to clarify some things if anyone asked, but no one did.

Fuck drama stirrers man.
And fuck the dumb seagulls that believe everything they read.

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> saved up money to do my cosplays
> also a lolita though
> dream dress comes up so ofc I snap it up
> domino effect of browsing other secondhand pieces as well
> now fucking tempted to buy more dresses
Nooo, that'll fuck up my budget. Stop it buying impulses!

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>tfw Star Wars Celebration soon

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This sort of thing is why I'm nervous to become more active in my comm. I know people being mean online is nbd, but I'd hate to be unable to maintain a friendship because someone wants to stir up needless drama.

Though if people bail on you like that, they probably wouldn't be good friends anyway. It hurts, but just keep that in mind.

>> No.8101500

Maybe she thought it was you who posted her?

I wouldn't dwell on it though. If she was that quick to drop you as a friend without an explanation, then fuck her. She was probably a shitty friend to begin with, even if she pretended to be nice.

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Yeah, this. I'm sorry that happened to you though, anon.

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I'm sorry this isn't related, but I'm so frustrated.

>have pinched ligament in at least one shoulder, possibly in both
>only way to fix it seems to be surgery, they've not been improving at all
>parents keep putting it off because no money, I can't afford it either even with insurance
>pain interferes with work
>if I don't get this taken care of it will get worse, possibly lead to tears
>both parents have dealt with tears, dad has three of them in one shoulder right now
>sister hurts her shoulder at baton practice
>parents suddenly rushing her off to the dotor
>she's got a pinched ligament
>only way to fix it is surgery
>this happened 3 weeks ago
>they're already scheduling her
>I've been suffering like this for over a year

Thanks, mom, dad.

If it didn't hurt so much I wouldn't even care, but I took two naproxen sodium like 5 hours ago (they should last 12 hours) and I'm already in so much pain I'm nauseous again. I'm 98 lbs, my body can't handle that much medication so I have no choice but to deal with it.

I can't carry my bags whn I go shopping, even a small purse-like backpack with a few pill bottles and my sunglasses makes my shoulders ache. Thankfully my SO is understanding and will carry heavy (heavy to me, not him) things for me, but it's so frustrating being so... useless.

My parents, I guess, expect me to pay for all my medical bills on my own, but even with insurance it costs at least $25 every time I just go in to the doctor for any reason, and the surgery for some reason isn't covered.

>tfw genetic joint problems 4lyfe

My hips have started giving out on me too lately. I'm 21, this shouldn't be happening already.

Holy shit, anon, even months when I only use my phone and not my computer (because my home internet is shit and cuts out constantly) I only manage to use a little over 2 gb

What the fuck are you doing on your phone? 24/7 youtube?

This definitely happens, my Polish friend looks more asian than my Filipino friend

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Haven't done anything cosplay related in over a year, too busy working on my thesis.

I have one chapter left to write and a meeting today with nothing to show for it and I'm browsing /cgl/, daydreaming about the cosplay I want to do when I'm done.

What the actual fuck brain. I'm such a bad procrastinator I feel like I have no control over myself sometimes, which is totally idiotic because of course if I stopped procrastinating I could be done with my thesis AND working on cosplay.

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A really good friend of mine has the same issue, she has really large breasts on top of that

>> No.8101620

Are you me?

>> No.8101631

>be me
>want to cosplay ME!ME!ME
>look super young
>tiny breasts
>i'll never be able to do a sexy cosplay, I'm doomed to crossplay forever

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>most friends have all been mopey fucks lately who lash out at their other friends then act like the victims of their situations
>whenever I post about the fun things happening in my life atm they respond with how sad and pathetic their lives are (I get a new dress, they talk about being fat and gross. I talk about planning my wedding, they talk about being single and alone, etc).
>can't be happy about anything without cheering up someone who only has themselves to blame
>2 reasonable friends work opposite hours from me so I can never talk to normal human beings

>> No.8101678


I hear you...

>have friend who moped about everything that went well in my life (me getting a boyfriend, getting more feedback on my art, and so on...)
>usually I don't fight with friends but even a big one about a year or so didn't help and she still clings
>can't ignore her because she showed severe signs of depression and has a shitty family and I feel sorry
>friend at least got a boyfriend last year and the talking about being forever alone stopped
>still talks about how no-one likes her art and it drives me nuts since it's her fault for not investing more time into networking and practicing and she gets the same amount of feedback as I am (counted in comments)
>now I barely ever tell her anything about me or what's happening in my life because all I usually get as a reaction are emoticons or three words, at most
>tfw my other friends are rarely online for chatting

>> No.8101684

my mopey friends all have depression so I can't tell them to quit being annoying assholes (or they'll threaten to kill themselves...again) but I have it too! I've been struggling my entire life and finally when I have my shit going nice with my job, lolita, and relationship I can't even enjoy it because they have make all these weird fishing comments!
I haven't been talking to many of them lately and one keeps making these "Everyone leaves me :(" posts. Maybe stop being intolerable to talk to.

>> No.8101696

>threaten to kill themselves...again
Look man those kinds of people are bullshit.
I'm not saying they aren't depressed, I'm saying they're rotten for saying something like that to you.
To go anecdotal on you for a bit, the only time I've ever told any of my friends I was having plans was when I was at my wits end.
I'm talking EVERYTHING went to shit, and not like drama that /cgl/ considers drama, I mean like my parents were almost divorced and my family almost fell completely apart.
And I didn't tell them out of demand for pity or compliance, I told them because I was broken.
And that's only because they could tell something was wrong and I gave in when they convinced me I could trust them.
And I've been on the receiving end of that kind of emotional crisis, where someones at the brink of completely falling.
It's hell for all parties involved.
And to take that, the sheer trust you've got to have in one another to confide in someone that you feel like this.
And to twist it into a threat, a way to manipulate you into doing what they want by ripping apart the deepest part of your heart.
That shit is just disgusting.
Never put up with that shit.

>> No.8101711

Seconding this anon.

Sadly I've been (and am) very close to several clinically depressed people and while it can be very difficult and draining, there is a difference between people who have an illness they can't cope with and assume it (no matter how shit it gets) and those who use it to manipulate others.

I'd never expect a depressed friend to force themselves to express joy when they're just not able to, but they also know not to go planting seeds of doom deliberately in every relationship they have. Often they'll feel like that's what they're doing just by being depressed, let alone by even saying anything about it. I suppose it's a more complex issue than that and sometimes people aren't aware they're doing it, but you've got to be really careful with how involved you are with those types.

It sounds to me like you're not supporting people who need help because you care, just that people in your life may be struggling with depression but are forcing it down your throat at any occasion, and that's no good for anyone.

>> No.8101714

I seriously doubt any of these 3 would ever actually try to kill themselves so they're not forcing me to do anything by saying it, it just pisses me off so much that they make these grabs for attention with threats. And when I back away they just continue this "See, everyone always leaves me. I'm not important to anyone" shit. If I said anything I would be the bad guy and they'd be victims in yet another way.
They were fun before they started this but I don't know if they're ever going to become reasonable again. Some of their other friends will rush to deliver asspats whenever they can. But I'm not doing that.

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Valentines Day sucks. I've been reading so much manga lately that I no longer have any idea whether it would be awkward or not to send valentines chocolate to one of my best friends. I know he's utterly uninterested in me on account of tried-that-didn't-work several years ago but even so... Maybe If I send some anon it'll be okay? Maybe that's even dumber? He'd probably be able to work out it was me from the postmark.

Doesn't help that I put together this classy grey and red co-ord thinking about Valentines but also with the full knowledge that I'm not spending it with anyone. I can;t go out and grab some nice food by myself in it or anything, I'll look like I got stood up.

Who the fuck ever thought emotions were a good idea.

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>downloaded cosplanner
>everything is so much easier now holy shit
thank you so much anon i could kiss you

>also mfw i see how much i spent on one basic costume so far

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>tfw can't talk about money among our group of friends because nobody agrees on what's too high or too low without getting into a sandy argument

I need better friends.

>> No.8101853

Do the following:
>dress cute
>stroll to city with friend or alone
>treat yourself a piece of cake somewhere
>make gifts for family and other friend, and yourself
>buy bouquet for yourself
>slap own ass, feel awesome
Celebrate yourself.

>> No.8101859

Not that anon but thank you for the fun ideas.

>> No.8101863

well there's your problem

>> No.8101864

You both should cut out the idea that a bad friend is better than no friend and that you are responsible for them.

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If you want to give him chocolates do it! If not, keep them for yourself, it's okay anon. You go get some nice food, go shopping, treat yourself! I actually have a boyfriend and he doesn't give two shits about valentines day, but i'm going to put on a nice coordinate and take myself to get some cake and tea, who cares what people think anyway.
Pic unrelated

>> No.8101875

Three words and an emote: "sucks to be you :)" every time they post about how their life is miserable, and then go on to say how good you feel about [blank].

>> No.8101880

This, I just recently convinced a friend to drop someone out of his life and he's so much better for it now. If they threaten suicide, call the police, other than that, you're not their nanny and you need to be worried about yourself for your own sake. It sucks getting dropped, but they sound more like attention whore than people with actual depression.

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Customs bill arrived and the Import VAT was less than the Handling Fee. Again. Thanks Parcelforce, ya cunts.

>> No.8101961

You could try cosplaying male characters with more baggy clothing? Cosplaying guys with tight pants might give you away though. the best you can do is lose as much weight as possible because thicker thighs on top of wide hips are a dead give away, but not necessarily hips by themselves if you've got skinny legs (depending on your characters clothes, of course)

>> No.8101966

I have relatively wide hips but I've always managed to pull off a male character. Your best bet is using characters with non skin tight clothing as that will instantly be a giveaway, when it comes to trousers try baggy or straight legs not tapered or skinny as that will show off your thighs and be a dead giveaway

>> No.8101992

are u pt

>> No.8102063

Well.... okay, yeah.

But she's lighter skinned and does have the 'asian' eyes, and my Polish friend looks like she's right out of Seoul.

She could be a kawaii idol if she stopped being such a lazy fuck and wore makeup and did her hair.

The Filipino's parents are straight off the boat and she looks mixed at best.

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>cgl just reminded me valentines day is coming

>> No.8102107

>tfw Italian and living in the south
Shitty place but most of people here is white, not tan at all, some have also blonde or red hair. I see some mid-tanned people but hey most people is usually 100% white. So, ethinicites are more varied than we think and not stereotyped.

>> No.8102114

>character I want to cosplay has piercings
>I have none
>Order a bunch of fake piercings
>only a few arrive
>contact seller about this
>they resend the ones they forgot, but it takes almost a month
>piercings don't fit right
>seriously debating on getting the actual piercings now

>> No.8102119

If it helps with ideas, I'm hitting a museum, an aquarium, maybe a movie, and dinner on my lonesome.
You don't have to stay in with a Netflix date on that day.

Also, good luck with the gift. I want to give one of mine one, but it might be too awkward.

>> No.8102121

Don't do it honestly.
What piercings do they have?
Most peircings take 6+ months to heal, and they're going to leave scarring once you take them out. Is it really worth the $$$ and after effects?

>> No.8102129

>have little experience with sewing
>Big piece of my cosplay I'm going to have to buy
>no places have the exact thing I'm looking for and I can't modify it because don't know how to

And any place that says they can custom make it to my fit never get back to me when i ask if I could change 1 little detail.

>> No.8102200

This appeared on my feed earlier. I had to share it with /Cgl/ feels.

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Annnnnd I forgot my pic.

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holy shit

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>want to ask a friend of mine to go to the upcoming con with me
>wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have history or if he didn't have a girlfriend
>not sure how he feels about me nowadays anyway
>rationalize it would be too awkward but it would be so fun if we went
>still haven't booked tickets 'cause of this circle of indecision
>probably going to end up opting out of this year's con and just get fitter/healthier for next year's con and use the money for a Valentine's date for myself to try and feel better.

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>a few months ago
>bf goes to one of his major LARPing events
>he knows I'm interested in it
>brings me home a LARP "dress" for my birthday
>it was a nice thought...but...
>it smells like smoked ham
>the dress is about 2-3 sizes too big and fits like a nun gown (and looks like it too)
>the dress gets thrown on a chair in my room and forgotten

>be a couple days ago
>bf springs it on me that a LARPing event with my campus is Saturday
>don't have anything prepared but he expects me to wear the ugly dress
>don't let on how annoyed/irritated that I have to wear it but remind him that I don't have any other garb or a weapon
>though my weapon would either be staff or bow because I can't melee in a dress
>casually joke about wearing the "potato sack/nun outfit"
>I actually think I hurt his pride a bit, as he thought his outfit choice was pretty good

I feel like a bitch. I apologized to him, but I don't think he'll ever feel comfortable with buying me clothes again. I buy him new clothes and he seems pretty grateful most of the time.
I just can't feign gratitude for something so ugly. I feel like he picked the most unsexy thing on purpose.

>> No.8102281

>Roommate quits her shitty job to find a better one
>I'm so happy for you!
>months pass
>still no job, I use my clothing budget to buy necessities for us.
>daddy wires her 5 grand
>bitch is walking around in Baby and still won't chip in for toilet paper.

can't help feeling sandy as fuck.

>> No.8102291

They honestly sound like just terrible people trying to manipulate you.
I've had to live with clinical depression, among other things, for most of my life now and I can tell you on my end at least I've never used it as an excuse to get people to do shit for me.
If anything I've been like what >>8101711 said and pushing people away because of my issues.
Like, I don't want anyone getting involved and finding out about my problems because of how draining it is.
And in general it's just something I never bring up, sure my behavior is still different and they can tell something is off, but I never even hint at it when talking.

>> No.8102297

>quitting before finding new job


>> No.8102306
File: 29 KB, 475x355, 37587843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep your toilet paper in your room and have that bitch wipe her ass with her brand. If she asks about it, tell her you're out of tp and that maybe she could go buy some.
>mfw richie parents wiring their kids multi-thousands
>meanwhile my parents treat me like a jew when I ask them to send $50 for groceries until I get my student loan money

>> No.8102312

why do you sound like a dumb cunt who just wants to slut around at LARP?
>wah wah it's not sexaaaay
>wah wah 2prude6me!

>> No.8102326

pics of dress?

>> No.8102334
File: 472 KB, 1680x1050, you're gonna love my nuts too.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because wanting a more fitted dress or tunic that I could move around in while I haven't decided what weapon class I want yet is equitable to wanting Nigri tier boob armor? For the love of humanity, calm the fuck down. Here, have some chocolate.

>> No.8102336

I always considered myself spoiled because my parents send me grocery money while I'm away at school and still let me mooch off them in the summer even though I'm 20.

It wouldn't even bug me if she didn't treat her dad like dirt, or helped out around the house while she's living the NEET life on his dime.

>> No.8102341

there's a difference between wanting something well fitted and needing something 'sexy' you ungrateful cunt.

>> No.8102343

>For the love of humanity, calm the fuck down
Anon, you sound like you should probably calm down...

>> No.8102349

Not that anon, but I think they used 'unsexy' in the sense of the dress being homely and unflattering more than 'not enough ass and tits out'.

>> No.8102353

Email me if you still need help. I'll do what I can

>> No.8102354

I might later tonight. For now, just imagine a black traffic cone with some grey detail. I could take it in a bit at the waist but that's about it.
The bf insists I leave the corset lacing undone so it "shows" thus making the tent even bigger on me, but in order to make it the least baggy I have to pull the strings in all the way.

>mentioned unsexy
>wehh wehh u must be a fake LARPer gurl abloobloo
Fuck off before I steal your fedora.

>> No.8102357

Thank you!

>> No.8102368

please do, I need to see this thing

Maybe you could just come up with a character (someone who would never be caught dead in it) and say you've been sitting on the idea for a while to spare his feelings a bit.

>> No.8102385
File: 110 KB, 376x627, LARP dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, the dress just isn't salvageable in the least.
Pic related would be my dream LARP dress. And even at that there are embellishments like the belt and embroidery that just require time to make.

>> No.8102392

Sadly I think you've got us all too curious about the dress now.

Never in my life has anyone, especially men, bought me clothing I liked without me seeing it first. Of course your boyfriend was really sweet, and I don't think you could've not hurt his feelings over it... But hopefully he can understand why these purchases are better made with you there in the future (if anything, just to make sure something fits right), even if he chooses it.

For the time being I'm sure there's something you can do... Is there any way you can make it part of the character, so it doesn't just feel to you like people will see you and think you have no sense of how to dress yourself? Not that it honestly matters at a LARP, and I guess your prime concern is actually being able to move around in it argh.

>> No.8102416

Recently I suspected that I had a mental imbalance due to depression. Went to several doctors and the said I was fine. Found out (that I already know) that my stomach pain and depressions are all due to extreme stress.

>Extreme stress due to past abuse, rape, and dropping out of college from ex bf
>Extreme stress due to mother calling my job drunk and getting me fired
>Extreme stress due to living with said mother because my other relatives won't take me in and she fights with my equally drunk uncle
>Extreme stress due to working a part time job and trying to get a full time job with no college degree in the last four years
>No friends, no boyfriend, and none of my relatives care outside of pity obligation

Seriously I want to kill myself. The only thing keeping me sane and from doing so is cosplaying and talking with fellow people about anime/video games/cosplays. I was stupid enough to try to get a degree in Game art and Design without considering the job market and even more so when I went to a shelter just to avoid my ex bf and mother. I feel so damn alone.

>> No.8102423
File: 117 KB, 250x250, 1398471586753.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw half the shit on fairy kei sales isn't really fairy kei or it's people trying to promote their shitty storenvy

>> No.8102456

>spoiled because you get grocery money
Oh Anon, you're so sweet. But you really need to put that bitch in her place, something tells me those dollars Daddy wired her were supposed to be used for support.
Not for more burando.

>> No.8102501

You're not spoiled, you're too responsible for that.

My roommate is the same fucking way, except instead of buying burando he's just a fucking lazy pig.
>never helps clean the apartment
>he dirties the kitchen via doing shit like letting things overboil and never cleans the stove
>hoardes my dishes and doesn't bring them down into the sink until weeks later where he'll leave them there until someone else does them
>shaves and gets man hair all over the bathroom, never cleans the bathrooms either
>gets trust fund checks in the mail but hardly ever offers to buy apartment things like soap/cleaners/tp/etc
>has no problem spending money on ordering Pizza Hut delivery for three nights in a row
>doesn't even eat all the food and leaves it in the fridge to rot/mold
>won't leave his room unless he has class or buys beer
He even had the audacity to return from winter break whining about how his room was still dirty (just the way he left it) and wished he had a maid to clean up after him. He'd rather fucking hire somebody than do the simple task of cleaning up after himself.
His mom and dad are rich enablers though, so obviously they didn't teach their son to be self-efficient.

>> No.8102515

lot and lot of men are lazy pigs.

Their inability to put their dirty smelly socks in the laundry basket is amazing.

I wonder if it's genetic.

>> No.8102542

Honestly it probably has to do with how they were raised and their general personality. My boyfriend has taught me to be less of a slob, actually. His mother like, borders on OCD about a clean house, but in a way that made her kids neat freaks too, not lazy fucks who expect mommy to pick up after them.

Also, my sister and I were always mess-makers growing up, while my brother was super neat and orderly. I think men that grow up with 'let me clean your room for you, honey' moms are the ones that become pigs.

>> No.8102549

Tired of sharing room with sibling, and it's so gross living with her, I'm about to break
>leaves hair on ground after she cuts it
>her dog pisses on the floor, she'll leave it on the floor for about a week until she cleans it or someone else cleans it
>has a pet rat, and 2 rabbit's, only cleans the cages twice a month max
>smells like ammonia 24/7
>leaves dirty laundry everywhere, smells terrible
>her excuse for not cleaning up is that she'll be late for work but spends 2 hours on make up
My brother was supposed to move last may but he's still living here. I just want my own kawaii room seagulls ; _ ;

>> No.8102551

thanks, I actually feel much better after laughing at the idea of her wiping her ass on her 400$ dress rather than dragging her ass to the store for tp.

My only consolation is that she doesn't know a good place to get an extra panel sewn into her brand so she can't actually wear any of it.

We met some 14yo kids at the last convention we went to, and she has (unsurprisingly) taken to their group of weeby friends. Their kind of immaturity is fine for little-uns and they're not bad kids, but she lets them sleep over here and acts like...well, acts 8 years below her actual age.

>> No.8102557

>have two housemates
>they all live in the upper floor of the house, I live in the lower floor so everything ok in my side
>one of them, long time bff, cosplays and plays MMOs so is sometimes noisy with calls/sewing machine
>other one talks really fucking loudly, has people over often and has the TV on all day
>today they fight because both of them claim the other is too noisy
>bff acts maturely and actively tries to solve the situation but housemate behaves like a brat
>can't be on either side so both of them are buttmad
>i don't wanna leave my room but probs i'll have to trade rooms with one of both

I'm getting a studio next year, this is unbearable.

>> No.8102558

I died. It was all so normal until.....

>> No.8102562
File: 217 KB, 1024x576, sQpoosU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw trying to transition my wardrobe into a more mature, less print wardrobe
>lol this print can go, too lacy
>I should sell this print but omg books
>I should sell this print but I'll never see it again if I do
>I should sell this print but damn it pretty
>I should sell this print but I'm not going to get my money back for it

>> No.8102574

This bothers me. I'm usually a very well put together person but I'm pretty positive I have some bad depression, I just hide it very well. My brother is schizophrenic, so if I show signs my mother will assume I'm insane like him, so everything is typically smiles from me.

Recently I got into a fight with a friend who literally called me fake, materialistic and empty out of the blue (I hadn't talk to them in a week, he only said he wanted to hang out two days ago to "see if he even liked me.") and it made me have this massive breakdown and say I wanted to kill myself. I feel dumb, but was I being manipulative?

he later posted me saying that on his facebook where everyone decided to call me crazy, so I feel stupid as shit now.

>> No.8102583

>tfw haggling for the first time
So nervous ;__;

>> No.8102597

I don't think you were crazy. In my country at least, saying "I'm gonna kill myself" is kind of commonplace and not taken that seriously since a lot of people say it ironically (also we're poor).
A lot of people here don't get the whole story and then decide to judge the person based on only one person's account, so keep that in mind. The Facebook friends only have his word to fall back on and nothing else, they only know his side of the story.

>> No.8102601

Thanks anon. I wondered if maybe I was the one who did something wrong, but seeing as he messaged me out of the blue with a handful of insults and justified it as him just "being honest" and therefore better than me, I shouldn't waste my time or worry about it I guess.

>> No.8102604

another upside, at least I don't have to drive their ass to conventions anymore and they can quit leeching off of me for rides.

>> No.8102626

Poster you referred to here, how did what I say bother you? Is it because I referred to generalised behaviour?

I wasn't trying to imply that people with depression are more prone to manipulation, just that some people combine manipulative behaviour with other mental issues and that can be really difficult to deal with as a friend. You can only really make judgement on these issues with first hand knowledge of the people involved, and even then we all tend to be very complicated.

Having suicidal thoughts alone isn't what'd make you manipulative or crazy, and if anything it's probably safer if you have people in your life who know you're dealing with that kind of struggle. I'm really sorry you were made to feel so awful and confessed it to someone only for people to use it to single you out and make fun of you. That's just as out of order.

>> No.8102667

Oh I wasn't bothered by you in particular, it just made me worry a little. I didn't want to be manipulative on accident.

>> No.8102708

>lol this print can go, too lacy
>I should sell this print but I'm not going to get my money back for it

at least for these two or the latter, maybe you could look into trades instead of selling? could be worth it

>> No.8102871

I've got tiny happy feels:

I joined a lolita contest recently, and it's part facebook 'likes' contest(which I didn't know about when I entered). I just wanted to get just enough votes to not look pathetic, but after I shared my entry to my normalfag friends they've started sharing and liking it like crazy. I feel really happy, I didn't expect my friends to do that since they don't really care about jfashion at all.

>> No.8102876

I feel like shit
>meet qt girl at university about 1 year ago, name her G
>both have nerdy hobbies and she is a lolita
>we talk and spend more time together as the time passes, mostly during the last quadrimester of the year
>have a crush on her and wasn't sure what to do (I feared that it was a bad idea to ask her out and it would end up bad,like pretty much every time I did it on my life).
>grew some balls and tell her that I lked her
>she basically said that was flattered and she kinda liked me too
>didn't want a relationship at that moment.
>Even with that, I was happy as shit. But I decided to ask her a month later, thinking that her problems were "done", I thought it was only some temporary issues.
>Christmas begins and make plans with my group of friends in which she also was involved.
>G didn't go to any of them and we barely talk during Christmas and January
>I almost feel like she is trying to avoid me
>Two weeks ago some friends tell me she has a boyfriend, they began the relationship about a month and a half ago..
>She talked to one of them about a "problem" that might involve me on January 3rd.
>G explained that friend of mine the whole story in person, and that friend tells her that she and I should talk about it in person
>It has been over a week since that and we both haven't talked about it, and she hasn't go with us after class like we used to do

I only blame her for avoinding me, why she didn't choose me is most probably because I'm not good enough pretty much for anyone. Also, she was the one who introduced me to 4chan and we had good times, I just want to have those again.

/cgl/ related feels:

>wants to do a cosplay project
>Can't advance on it a lot due to studies and laziness
>When I do a step I stop at the next one
>I don't know what should I do and/or don't have the materials or tools
>Feel like when I finnish it's going to look bad because of my shitty physique (5'9'' manlet,etc..)

This year I'll try to end this shit, I swear.

>> No.8102901

>try to make the most difficult part of a character's costume

Oh well.

>> No.8102927

I don't like telling or showing people what I'm working on, since I'm so slow at getting costumes together. And I worry it won't turn out as well as I had envisioned, which makes me a procrastinator. But working on costumes still makes me really happy and excited for the final project.

>> No.8102954

Maybe you could invite him and extend the invitation to his girlfriend or invite some other friends too so it's not just the two of you

>> No.8103053
File: 998 KB, 245x184, 1404709632726.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>one of many breakups happening amongst friends
>tired of boys not understanding emotional needs
>dating a girl sounds so much better
>tfw no social skills and scared to ask qt3.14 girls out

>> No.8103129

>bf takes a pic of me
>think it's kind of ugly but w/e post it to fb
>hair isn't done, is frizzy, and is thrown up into a clip
>wearing a jacket
>minimal makeup
>yet everyone is liking it and commenting on how it's sexy
>actual pictures I put effort into and photoshop
>where I think I look good
>makeup, hair, good lolita coord etc.
>not as many likes or comments

What the actual fuck? Do I just have really bad body dysmorphia?

>> No.8103139
File: 385 KB, 675x512, 1414443267557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It isn't genetic, I've met a lot of guys who keep their places clean.
Like other Anon's also said, it has a lot more to do with upbringing.
My friend's personal area's are ridiculously slovenly, but any space he has to share he makes damn sure he keeps clean.

>hanging out with 14yo weebs
You outgrow that shit for a reason man, holy shit.

>> No.8103147

ayo faggot, wanna go on a valentines date, we can go to a nice resturant and then go back home, get high and watch anime

>> No.8103154

I'm pretty sure Japan's Valentine's Chocolates customs are different. At least that's what I read in my h-mangos


My favorite one relating to Valentine's day
>dat move on page 8
I wish someone did that to me.

Also just ask him if he wants to go out on a Valentines date, no fucking biggy, the worlds a big place and one small date ain't gonna change it, have fun with your life.

>> No.8103166

Aren't you still covered under your parents insurance, assuming you live in the United States. Also you should really check with you're Insurance Provider whether or not you are covered for certain things rather than relying on your doctor or physician to do so. This is because I have had some fucking douchey doctors try to swindle hundreds from me by saying something wasn't covered.

>> No.8103822
File: 213 KB, 400x799, tmp_20723-1422817185730-1742000682.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw new gentleman caller is interested in lolita, asks relevant questions, likes the look, and vicariously enjoys my frills.

>> No.8103828

People don't care about your lolita pics.

>> No.8103840

Alternatively, I have this feel
>bf takes picture of me
>end of day so makeup/wig off and I look tired, sweaty and frumpy
>he posts it on tumblr tagged
>next day I'm in the Ita thread

I fucking knew it

>> No.8103851

Cut my wig last night, which is good because progress, I guess. But it's a bit too short, and I can't justify spending money on a new wig to replace this one. It'll still work, I think, but it doesn't match what I had in mind when I started cutting it and that's a little frustrating. Like, it's not a huge deal, and the costume isn't something super huge or important or anything, but man, if only I had stopped a little earlier and tried it on again...

>> No.8103854

I had a dream last night where I was at a party with all the /cgl/ lolis celebrating /cgl/'s 22nd birthday... It was in someones room at a college or something, and we had invited another board over, but idk who they were. After going to the bathroom I passed 4 lolis who were going in the bathroom together to shit talk us I guess. I wasn't even wearing lolita... Just wanted to share that silly story with you.

>> No.8103882

I just stayed up past 6AM to watch this fucking auction and in the last 10 mins of fighting with someone I lose it. Fuck this gay earth I'm going to bed now.

>> No.8103884

Honestly why do you people put up with this shit.
Find a new roommate, pack their belongings when they're not at home and change the doorlock.
I read those freeloader-stories way too often here as well as seagulls being thrown out by the parents or bfs.
Be the ones to throw out for a change.

>> No.8103887

If the freeloader is on their lease all they can do is wait until the lease is up and then move. In the US at least. Or break the lease and move. The latter is how I had to dumb a freeloading ex. Until the lease was up he had legal right to be in the apartment despite not having any money.

>> No.8103890

Dear Santa, for my birthday, please can I have a couple inches off my boobs. I've had enough of shirts and blouses that gape open even though in pure numbers terms it should be okay. 28D would be nice and acceptable. 28GG is a fucking nightmare.

Maybe I should just get a binder.

>> No.8103924

Eh, next time they mention it just take them aside after and explain that it was an honest mistake on your part - the kind all kids make when they see they have features of more than one race. Say that you just assumed and in hindsight it was really dumb, which is why you never admitted to it until now.

>> No.8103928

Give your friend something funny and ironic it's what I do. I usually give mine cheesy little kids valentines cards with cartoon characters all over them so they now I'm playin and not making a pass at them

>> No.8103950
File: 496 KB, 500x289, 1421201830401.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bf and i have been having sex less and less lately. I asked him about it earlier, if he feels less attracted to me and he just said he "doesn't see the point" in having sex anymore. Obviously this upset me pretty bad and i'm not sure what to think now. Do i spend too much time talking about frilly dresses, do i annoy him or what? I feel like this is my fault somehow but i'm not like a sex maniac or anything, i like to feel close to my partner sometimes though, this fucking hurts.

>> No.8103954

>implying I'm going to pay a lease fee when I've got only 4 more months to go
Nope. And my parents sold their house and moved states away last semester so I had to find a place to live quickly to finish up my grad program. And since I live in a college town, what with landlords gouging rent $500+/month, living on my own would mean intentionally drowning myself in debt.

Sometimes life just sucks and you have to play the circumstances.

>> No.8103988

Might just be because you've been in a relationship for a while. There's a quite normal biological reason for lusting for someone and also for stopping after half a year or something like that.

>> No.8103992

I understand wanting to feel close to your partner. It felt really weird for me too after my bf and I stopped having sex everyday after a few months of dating to maybe now ~4 times a week. Apparently even that rate is still pretty high compared to most couples.

But don't let that squash your hopes, there's other ways to share intimacy without necessarily have sex. Is he apathetic to other romantic things that might give you a sense of closeness? Like cuddling?

>> No.8104008

Welp, he just broke up with me. After 4 years, just dumped like that and we live together. At least i know whats up now i guess.
>Happy valentines day to me

>> No.8104040

Welp, that explains his apathy and disinterest. Sorry to hear that anon, I hope things get sorted out for you.

>> No.8104048

>tfw see new meta necklace
>3,240 yen

>shipping 2,400 yen

ugh no.

>> No.8104218

It happens, unfortunately. After four years though, I feel like the breakup process takes longer than just one discussion. Things may yet be salvageable, anon, give it a couple days. But if they're not then...kick him out and find a rebound guy to fuck you silly.

>> No.8104249


Try $2000 per month.

>> No.8104253

Just get to know someone properly, anon. Ask them out when the time feels right and you think they'll reciprocate.

>> No.8104256

This. Also if you have a bf better you ask him to do his personal cleaning like clothing washing, room or help you in whatever thing at home using a calm and relaxed tone not like: "you lazy ass clean the bath or i will kill you". It's just a question of habits and if he doesn't want to compromise, fuck him. Also, usually guys that live by themselves and not at mommy house are more prone to clean their crap.

>> No.8104258

$500/ month
where the hell do you live?


I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my husband. Gas and water is included, electric is every two months, we have to use a pay per use laundry room.

>$1,196/ month
>$440/ for train to work

quit whining man.

>> No.8104267

I'm working 6 days a week for a total of 60 hours while also going to school and I have the hardest time staying motivated to work on cosplay. I end up laying bed reading or playing video games when i get home how does every stay motivated?

>> No.8104282

Assuming that you also sleep for ~8 hours everyday, you have 52 hours that isn't taken up by sleeping or working, what else do you do?

>> No.8104355

> Want to do slutty makeup or a chola costume for Halloween
> Too baby faced/Asian-looking to pull it off
> Can't do high school cosplay comfortably because of my nasolabial folds

I know it sounds like an oxymoron but I basically look like an old baby. I wouldn't mind getting fillers but fillers only last a few months. I've been dermarolling for 3 months but I haven't noticed a huge change. And it's only going to get worse when I lose more weight

>> No.8104376

Haha omg I too look like a prematurely aged baby! Pitiful high five, anon!!

brb crying

>> No.8104377

Amazing. I've never heard of such cheap rent

>> No.8104392

Different anon, but I live in Louisville KY and most rent here is between 500-800 a month. I used to live in a 2,000 sq foot mansion apartment in a literal millionaire neighborhood for $600/mo but it was also kind of falling apart. Pretty sure we have some of the lowest cost of living in the country, though.

>> No.8104399

I've always looked like an old baby tbh
I look like that "this nigga look 40yrs old fresh out the womb" meme

>> No.8104425


I was going around the country recently for interviews. I can confirm that in some places you can get $500 a month but my god those are either in the middle of the sticks or middle of a ghetto. You can't really win.

>> No.8104502

That's dorming in the townhouses on my campus.
>where the hell do you live?
A rural college town.
It's not cheap when you're a student who makes less than $5k a year.

>> No.8104508

Oh and btw I do live in a very small, dump like apartment. Anything nicer will start at $800 onward.

>> No.8104589
File: 351 KB, 425x535, 1423114624507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw no qt cosplaying gf to go to Anime Boston with.

>> No.8104649
File: 294 KB, 800x710, 1392532287074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>haven't been dating for... must be four, five years now, after a bad break-up
>finally take a chance and ask a girl out after much prodding from my friends
>hit it off excellently, I start getting excited
>goes amazing for a few months
>other night at her place, she gets upset with me
>neighbors call the cops
>I open the door
>officer puts me on the floor

>> No.8105014
File: 56 KB, 620x620, 1365012933348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been sewing and cosplaying a long time
>get noticed in the local community
>suddenly all sorts of "friends" and acquaintances are wanting help with their cosplay
>had a very bad experience last year with a friend screwing me over with cosplay related stuff
>this is giving me all sorts of anxiety because I don't want to be called a stuck-up bitch
>I have 15 hours of school, work on top of school and can't even get my own stuff done on time

>> No.8105217
File: 27 KB, 320x240, 1410698652987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have shit week
>nothing going according to plan or just sucked in general
>just got $70+ refunded to paypal
>mfw time to get more lolita accessories and turn this shit week around

>> No.8105228

This app is amazing thank you

>> No.8105243

>tfw got a gym membership in December to get in shape for cosplay!
>been losing fat and running farther errday

>fast forward to earlier tonight, changing clothes at the gym
>Suddenly hear loud retching and choking sounds echoing the whole locker room
>wtf is that
>woman next to me said there's a girl purging in the bathroom, apparently she comes here often

I am an extreme emetephobe and am terrified to go back, despite my progress so far. I feel bad for her but why the fuck can't she purge at home or outside? Christ.

>> No.8105313

League of Legends is the bane of my existence and I wish it never entered my friend circle. Ruined a relationship, now all the others talk about is League, I've been pinched out of the group because I don't play, people have connected through it and now act differently, etc.

Worst is tfw u a loser because you don't play, even though playing is pretty loser-ish in the first place.
>"can't beat em, join em"
No it's not fun to me.


>> No.8105331

> still dating a lazy ass piece of shit who cares only about himself

>> No.8105332

>be worthless piece of shit
>like comic books and cartoons
>i-i-i'll have fun at comic-con m-m-maybe meet people
>go to comic-con
>talk to no one
>buy nothing
>walk in circles
>go to 0 panels
>continue to be a piece of shit

>> No.8105349
File: 9 KB, 251x223, 1322165879966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My project's nearly finished, better keep sewing!
>Nah, I can play some vidya and finish it later
>Waste day.

Fucking hell, this shit right here, with M:TG and Dota as well. I just don't get those games. You see people talk about it and all they do is bitch, you read their forums and it's a fucking toxic waste dump, their pros are wankers, and when you watch them/play with them it looks and sounds like they're actively suffering. I'm glad I started listening to myself while playing ASSFAGGOTTs, saved myself a lot of time, money and pain.

Every goddamn time I go out. People will respect my craftsmanship and I won't be a nobody when I show off my kit, right?

>> No.8105352

>Ruined a relationship, now all the others talk about is League, I've been pinched out of the group because I don't play, people have connected through it and now act differently, etc.

League does that, it's either you get good or get ready to lose friends. I've lost two because I',m so bad at the game(which I find amusing, since my ranked win rate in Dota increases in proportion t how badly I'm losing in LoL)

What I'm just sad about is that LoL is so well-entrenched in the West Coast cosplay community that for some reason, Elo actually matters to a lot of cosplayers. I just honestly wish It's like Portland where at least it's a split between Dota's MMR and LoL's Elo.

>> No.8105355

That happened to me at Katsucon last year. Except I bought a sushi pillow.

>> No.8105521

This feel.

My boyfriend plays non-stop and at first I tried to tolerate it but he literally does nothing but play, eat, and sleep all day.
Not to mention he plays until maybe 3AM in the morning, and I have to constantly remind him to shush because his roommates have gotten upset at him before for yelling at night.
I mean, I guess I'm really selfish by being like this but I really wish he would pay attention to me more; he'll barely react when I try to talk to him, even if it's important, and it gets pretty depressing after a couple months of this shit.

Sometimes I try to get into league too so I can play with him, but I'm really bad at it.
He's always playing ranked games with his friends so I cant even hop along.

Unrelated: I've been getting really into the character designs though, thinking of cosplaying some of them. A lot of the designs are slutty af though, and I've always done modest cosplays. Oh well. Battle bunny riven here we go.

>> No.8105542

>tfw live in the next town over from my university, 1.5 hours away by bike
>tfw $500 is less than half of what my shitty little apartment costs per month

Many of us are poor students, anon. Just accept that you're actually quite lucky.

>> No.8105549

Tell a manager of the gym if it happens again. It's sad that she does that, but she can't do that in public. You're paying for a gym membership, don't let one person ruin it for you.

>> No.8105646

>living with a pig roommate is lucky
Welp, okay anon.

>> No.8105651

Trust me, you don't want to play with him if you're bad at the game. It'd just make things worse. Nothing will make a player madder than a bad player on your team.

>> No.8105656

Could be worse. Could be paying that $1000 and only having a room in San Francisco. Not even the whole apartment, just a room, in a house with a bunch of other people

>> No.8105660

>cheap housing
Yeah, lucky.

>> No.8105665

I'd rather be living on my own working a full time job and living in a clean house. Being a maid to a manbaby is not that charmed, and just because it's cheap relative to you doesn't make it better.

>> No.8105675

Go do that, then.

>> No.8105677

>tfw dog ive had since i was 2 years old is finally dying at the age of 17
>tfw gonna have to put her down soon

in /cgl/ related bullshit

>eager as fuck to get a wig online to finish my first cosplay
>it will take like 2 months to ship and i'm moving to a different place in a month
>i just fucking want this piece of shit already
this shouldnt

>> No.8105678

As soon as I'm done with this last semester of my grad program, anon. For now I reserve the right to resent my hambeast roommate.

>> No.8105683
File: 2.22 MB, 243x300, 1359320728097.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I realized I have slightly hooded eyes.
I was never big on makeup because it never looked right on me, now I understand why.
I'm pretty upset that I can't wear eyeliner properly.

>> No.8105708

>need heavy foundation and powder in order to make it look like I have normal skin
>thought I'd try a 'cool' powder thinking it would match my paleness better instead of my neutral
>friends coming over for tea in a couple hours
>put on the powder after foundation
>it turns my face PEACH
>bf confirms it's bad
>can't find my emergency backup
I'm panicking.

>> No.8105711

How horrible would it be to drink tea with a friend without a caked face?

>> No.8105713

Or well eat dinner if you're British and that's what you mean.

>> No.8105718

The sass is unnecessary. I want to look nice since they're friends from my campus. And one is bringing three new people.

>> No.8105731

I know your pain. Does concealer + foundation alone not work?

>> No.8105733

Usually if I don't use powder the foundation doesn't set and then I get smudges/lines. But I'm not panicking anymore, I found my emergency powder.

>> No.8105742

Thanks anon although i'm not one to quickly move on. I briefly managed to talk to him for about 5 mins and he revealed that a big reason he wants to split is because i have gotten way too into lolita in his opinion and he feels we have nothing in common anymore since i got into the fashion after we got together. What do? I love lolita so much and i wear it multiple times a week, but i love him too, i feel like he's being very cold with me and i am finding it difficult to talk to him.

>> No.8105766

Just let him be and don't force it. It's done, it's over, time to move on. If he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore it won't work out.

>> No.8105772

It seems weird that a long-term boyfriend would break up with you just because of that. Do you think lolita has turned you into a different kind of person?

>> No.8105778

>pros are wankers

And yet friends act like they aren't. Isn't there someone better out there to idolize? Then again, to me, anything pro-gamer is kinda..."why" anyways.

Iktf. I'm starting to get forehead wrinkles from forcing my sad eyelids up all the time. It ain't kawaii and makes makeup so pointless. One time in high school a girl said to me "you wear barely any makeup".
I wore thick upper-eyelid liner and eyeshadow every day.

>> No.8105780

>breaking up with somebody over their hobby

I could understand if this was from the viewpoint of someone leaving their partner because they're glued to a monitor playing WoW 20 hours a day and neglecting their health despite your protests but this is a whole other level of retardation. This is coming from a guy. I've been in relationships where I had very little in common with my girlfriends but I tried to include them as much as I could and show them why I found said hobbies enjoyable.

Into the trash he goes anon.

>> No.8105787
File: 26 KB, 400x343, 1416025321773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay anon, thanks.
Well i have changed a lot over the past 4 years, but who stays the same? I have always wanted to be a fashion designer so that hasn't changed, only my tastes. I guess i do have a bit of a shopping problem and i'm willing to work on it but he never expresses any concern or talks to me about these things because he's a bottle, he's previously bought me things to show his support.
Well he says he just doesn't understand because he views clothes as useless things, whereas i view them as a way to express myself and it's just fun. I'd still be into fashion even if i didn't like lolita. He has no real hobbies/real interests so maybe thats why. Geez i'm making him sound awfully boring. I think i'll just let him be as hard as it is for me to do and see what happens i guess.

>> No.8105789

He's a bottler*

>> No.8105793

>Well he says he just doesn't understand because he views clothes as useless things

I'm the same way. I like to look nice but at the same time my wardrobe isn't really that varied and I don't personally see the point in spending a lot on clothes but I'm not going to force my preferences on anyone else and it sounds like that's what he's doing with you.

I think lolita is fucking brilliant though and if I was a woman, I'd probably be just as into the fashion as you. The costs seem steep but it's not really any more money than I spend on my enthusiast level PC or videogames in the long run.

Do what you enjoy anon, and find someone that'll enjoy it with you.

>> No.8105799

I have unrealistically high standards due to Chinese cartoons.

>Only masturbate to nippon drawings
>Watch 3d porn once in a while, everyone is completely hideous to me--downright disgusting.
>Browse /cgl/ and look at pictures of "attractive cosplayers" and google "models"
>They don't look attractive at all
>The few times I see pictures of people online I think are "Attractive", they are all men. Not "sexually attractive", but "this person is handsome and near the human ideal" in terms of face aesthetics.
>Mfw unrealistically high standards when I'm most likely below average myself.

>> No.8105802

I'm 100% Finnish and I have slightly Asian features and naturally dark hair, as do many people from around these parts due to our common genes from the far East. It's mostly Scandinavians (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) who are more of the generic "blond hair and blue eyes" type.

>> No.8105803

I feel like he really has other reasons for wanting to split but is using lolita as the main excuse. It's hard to see now but there is life after this and I wish you the best!

>> No.8105810
File: 152 KB, 400x399, 1391834502693.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im so tired and stressed from school i want to die. i keep falling asleep in class and in work. but i think its because i started up my anti depressants again.

>> No.8105815
File: 70 KB, 500x500, 1423315737425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>100% Finnish and I have slightly Asian features

>> No.8105817
File: 196 KB, 700x450, 1423315612450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait no i wanted to use this one

>> No.8105819

Either anon is stupid, like most finish or he wanted to say that he is Finish with asian features, see this as OMG I HAVE SMALL EYES, MUST BE ASIAN XD

>> No.8105826

it's a common joke on /int/ actually, but it stems from fact. I'm a Finn myself and it isn't the eye size but eye shape as well. I've actually even seen Finns (blond, blue eyes) with monolids.

>> No.8105830

That's interesting, because I'm quite far north in Italy and most people are actually pretty tan. Of course there are pale people too, and it's not like they're rare or anything, but most people have the dark hair, tanned skin, and dark eyes you think if when you think of Italian people.

>> No.8105864

Well, I think if he'd break up with you just because he doesn't see the value in one of your hobbies, he's probably not a great guy in the first place. I don't see the appeal of watching football, it doesn't mean I think less of my friends who are into it. It probably is because he doesn't have anything that he's really into himself. If he did, he'd probably understand. I wish you well in getting over the breakup in any case, anon.

>> No.8105987
File: 19 KB, 425x372, 1421895321704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>diagnosed with assburgers
>have to change schools to a ~~special~~ school just before exams
>have to leave all my friends behind
>shitty school
>tard rages at least once or twice a day
>through one of my exams a cunt got into a van and was peeping the horn for hours and refused to leave
>constant physical fighting
>already used to playground scraps but this was over some fucking inane shit and i always ended up involved
>two guys in my class are also assburgers
>nothing like me
>obsessed with war and think its like a video game
>can't use a bus because no social skills
>cant order anything because again, no social skills
>everything must be war or halo
>somehow get vaguely good gcse grades
>pestered by "life coach" type shit to stay in sixth form at tard school and then shitty dumb people college
>go to college but drop out twice because of other, undiagnosed, physical disability that flared up and hasnt gone away

>4 years later

>anon it turns you just had severe anxiety and were never autistic

>> No.8105996
File: 31 KB, 500x332, tumblr_naqnz2TwIg1qzgmjdo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did you have to change? Didn't you do well in your old school?

I got diagnosed with the assburgs when I was 12 and I never had to change schools since I actually was socially functional (introverted and quiet, but I could hold a conversation if needed), just needed some extra help with the school assignments at times.

>> No.8106011

>everything must be war or halo

>> No.8106015

One of my eyes is hooded while the other isn't. It's the worst feel, because my eyes look lopsided and I look drunk/high in every photo. I'm barely 20 years old too, I can't imagine how horrible I'm going to look 10 years from now.

>> No.8106018

i was in a grammar school that necessitated having over 96% on a test to get into who also mysteriously had no disabled people attending. i barely talked to anyone (because i felt like i was going to puke or physically couldnt)

the SENCO people who deal with this stuff did some weird tests and concluded i was 'tismal and ultimately they were the ones that took me out of classes becuase i "barely spoke", didnt answer questions out of sheer terror of fucking up, didnt make friends "easily" (read: i had and still have friends from that school, it took a while to get me out of my shell, and the SENCO people never actually looked at my behaviour outisde of the classroom, freaked out over tests, etc

being isolated/one-on-one made me even worse - i was fine totally 100% on my own with work but i apparently had to have someone watching over me like a hawk - and eventually it was decided i should go to the aforementioned tard school.

its a pretty long and confusing story, but trust me it makes sense (and is an almost certain fact) that it was anxiety and not autism causing the problem.

>also something sent me into a REALLY bad panic attack once in year 8 and i apparently bit someone
>that probably didnt help

it was fucking tedious. we did medical history instead of WW2 and they literally stormed out of the classroom.

>> No.8106020

>*outside of the classroom)

>> No.8106056

I have a learning disability and I'm part of a tutoring program at college right now that mostly caters to aspies and retards.

I hear you on the tard rages, almost every week as I'm trying to do my fucking math in a tutoring room there's always somebody throwing a screaming tantrum in a neighboring one.

I hate that a lot of people with asperger's are so arrogant and think they're entitled to behave like toddlers because "muh disability requires special treatment and understanding". Like fuck, having a disability that doesn't affect your intelligence is no excuse to not better yourself. What's worse is that parents and autism organizations often defend their actions and declare that all people with autism should be excused from their bad behavior, including those who act violently and shoot up schools. All my rage.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just so frustrated with these people it's unreal.

>> No.8106071

>tfw I've had a massive internet crush on this one girl for a few years
>She's reasonably well-known and respected in her small corner of the internet
>I have relatively no significant online presence and/or following
>Last year I finally worked up the courage to message her and tell her how much I appreciated her work
>She replied, thanking me, and we had a brief but polite conversation
>That was it.
>There was nothing after that.
>I never messaged her again for fear of blowing my chances by being a nuisance
>tfw I had foolishly and naively hoped that she would take in interest in me when she saw what a kawaii rori I am
>tfw I'm pretty sure she hardly knows I exist, even though I do frequently leave nice comments for her when she updates
>I have no idea how to make friends with her without seeming like I'm sucking up or being a bother

Sorry, I just really needed to get that off my chest. I would give anything just to be friends with this girl. She seems like such an interesting, intelligent person, but I'm fairly certain she already has a fairly busy life with lots of friends.

>> No.8106096

Don't let your phobia get in the way of you losing weight anon. Overhearing someone puke for a couple minutes is a lot less horrible than being out of shape and not being able to cosplay what you like. If it happens again just cover your ears and tell a manager.

It surprises me that nobody at your gym has complained yet if she does that often.

>> No.8106107
File: 22 KB, 640x360, hime a sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mental illness stuff flaring up since the start of the year
>missed half of the classes for my current modules
>Have to go back to class on monday or fail the modules due to not attending enough to learn the material
>Terrified of talking to presentation group for mandatory mini presentations for one of the modules
>can't really take year out and restart next year, financial reasons as well as I'd just stop being able to do it
>I'm three fucking essays away from finishing my degree
>have pretty much given up on anything higher than 2:2
>Just don't want to go on

It'd be the stupidest thing to quit now but I'm so fucking scared of everything. It should be possible to function normally but I've just spent a week trying to send three fucking emails and reducing myself to tears every time I try.

>Stressed out spending spree haul comes in
>most of it doesn't properly fit my bust
>Wouldn't be able to look nice in it anyway with my hair as ratty as it is right now
>Want to look cute but don't want to do anything involving hairdressers
>Hair hasn't been cut since November
>Spots breakouts
>Can't stop tearing those up
>fuck off universe

I'm not really fit to be a human right now.

>> No.8106153

She probably does notice you, and your presence makes her happy, but she will not consider you as anything but a good fan.

It's partially due to the way you're idolizing her right now. How well do you really know her? How well do you know her faults? Do you like her, or what she does, or your fantasy of her? That's the kind of thing I wonder when a fan starts becoming overtly friendly with me. It's not impossible for a fan to transition into a friend, but it's difficult to open up to someone when you don't want to lose them [your fan] and it feels like you're walking on eggshells all the time.

By the way, your online presence should mean jackshit when you want to befriend someone.

>> No.8106229

I feel you fellow emetophobe. I agree that complaining to a manager might help. Maybe you can switch gyms or workout at home (especially if you are just doing cardio), maybe even have a sympathetic friend to go with to watch out for the purger? Best of luck to you with your phobia, it sucks major ass I know

>> No.8106240

>see people bitch about store bought cosplay
>buy some parts of cosplay from stores e.g. jackets

Is it really that bad that I just want to dress as a fictional character holy shit

>> No.8106243

>married and living with my brother
>my mom spots us like $100 for groceries every 2-3 months
>I honestly don't know what we would do without the help
>thanks mom

>> No.8106246

boy have I done that before

>go to work tear stained
>whats the matter with you anon
>stayed up all night to lose this auction
>only i can feel this feel

>> No.8106248

theres a difference between buying and wearing items as they are, and having to modify it in some way (painting, embellishing, etc), as well as how major of a component it is

>> No.8106255

If I cosplay a uniformed character and I buy a jacket for the sake of the badge and nothing else, do I deserve to be demonised?

>> No.8106259
File: 103 KB, 231x784, cgl in a nutshell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ya'll bitches be crazy

>> No.8106261
File: 277 KB, 500x376, I DONT BELIEVE THIS SHIT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hit top of clothes budget
>No more buying clothes for a while
>Cool clothes I want still exist and are selling out right now


>> No.8106282

>surgery to fix it is $5 000

>> No.8106310

I'm sorry, but you're a fucking idiot yourself. Check it up, the Finnish gene pool has links to the central/east Asian ethnic groups. Asian doesn't equal Chinese or Japanese you moron, there are plenty of Siberian and Uralic tribes. Hell, even the Finnish people first arrived from behind the Ural mountains. It would take you like 2 seconds to google it.


>> No.8106315

anon, that's why we have credit cards! for responsible adults to go crazy on a whim and pay it back when they are in their right mind again!

>> No.8106411
File: 63 KB, 648x245, 1413252483338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cosplay motivation dropping
>half-finished project that's been on hold for months
>keep seeing more and more things I want to cosplay

>> No.8106428
File: 881 KB, 617x555, Yukako_cinderella_pt3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working on a costume a few days before Katsucon while working and going to grad school full-time is like I'm purposefully trying to make myself sick.

But... Jojo.

>> No.8106564

Thank you so much, Anon. I really appreciate your insightful and honest opinion.

Some of the things you've mentioned have crossed my mind... On one hand, you're totally right; I really don't know much about her as a person other than what she's revealed about herself online and what I've seen of her personality from her comments/interactions with her friends and acquaintances. On the other, I would love to be able to get closer to her and actually learn more about her and what type of person she truly is.

Your words both grounded me and gave me hope, if that makes sense. I suppose I'm happy knowing that my presence at least brings her some happiness, even if it will only ever be from afar. You were very sweet to take the time to reply to me, thanks again. I feel much more clear-headed now, and I'll definitely put a lot of consideration into what you've said.

>> No.8106650
File: 23 KB, 446x362, 1423303235448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make a tumblr post with an original illustration from an artist I really like
>it's only getting hundreds of notes because someone reblogged it with some fanfiction they wrote

>> No.8106660

Who cares? It's not like the picture you posted was even yours to begin with.

>> No.8106666
File: 14 KB, 260x319, why-(n1293651509231).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have a baby on the way
>want to cosplay with the baby
>realize that babies are fucking expensive and I probably won't be able to cosplay with baby, or go to cons at all for a while

All I want is to do a kangaskhan gijinka, fuck.

>> No.8106672

>It's not like the picture you posted was even yours to begin with.
Well it was from an art book I purchased and the original intention was to give more attention to its illustrator, except now it's being diverted to someone's gay headcanon ramble.

>> No.8106695

Submit scans to a tumblr dedicated to illustration, then? The fanfic is likely helping them get attention anyway, considering context for art always makes people more interested, as long as the writer didn't delete credit. Who's the artist?

>> No.8106709
File: 31 KB, 500x391, tumblr_lrqawji2ln1qdpm0jo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Used to be pretty slim back in highschool. (4 years ago this summer) 95 lbs at 5'1
>Got thin in a really unhealthy manner and stopped. Put on some weight after.
>Know I've put on some weight recently since I've been depressed and stopped giving a shit
>Look in mirror, see love handles, thighs touching, gut protruding. horror.jpg
>Not sure how I didn't realize I was so fat earlier., must have been in denial. Step on scale and it says 115 lbs.

Feels really bad, man. I don't know how I let myself go so much. I'm going out to buy a gym pass at the local gym tomorrow and immediately throwing out the crap in the house.

>> No.8106733
File: 14 KB, 121x218, 1416542889403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got in an art funk I never really recovered from since I was 17
>Suddenly an urge to be artsy again
>spend a day drawing and painting again, hoping that this will become more of a thing because I really want to improve
>boyfriend comes home
>sees my works on the floor to dry
>I tell him excitedly about it
>he just goes"oh"
>I ask him what
>"I mean, an entire day doing this? you could of cleaned
>ask him why
>"I mean I wouldn't mind so much if your art wasn't well... its not good."


>he's hanging out with his friends
>I stay home because I enjoy time alone
>I've got some music blasting from my computer
>made about two drawings today
>get a message on steam
>"are you cleaning?"
>"do you not want me to have fun? Should I come home to make sure you do your chores?"

Blocked him. Is this being a whiny baby artist that should really clean up more, or him being an asshole that just wants me to do chores he wont even touch?

>> No.8106734

>Looking at new wonfes stuff
>No $$$
>No fucking chance favorite characters will be anything other than rare as fuck garage kits


>> No.8106751

Right, just a bunch of fuckin Kancolle and Love Live this time.

>> No.8106753

He sounds like an ass. I mean if you constantly ignore your responsibilities, it's an issue, but it sounds kinda like he just wants you to be his maid. I know we don't have the whole picture but still...

>> No.8106755

It's called puberty, anon. I'm not sure if you're just posting this so that people pat you on the head, but if you seriously think 115 pounds is fat then you need to get help.

>> No.8106759

Break up with him, immediately.
He can fucking pay for a maid if he wants one.
>"do you not want me to have fun?"
Seriously, fuck this guy. He is USING you and MANIPULATING you.

>> No.8106760

Are you the one staying home all day? Do you do chores as well as art? Does he do chores as well? We don't know enough about your life to really judge as to whether or not he's being fair, but it basically boils down to "are each of you doing your fair share of the house work".

>> No.8106770

Do not eat cake from the Walmart. My redneck brother got a camo cake from there and I've been violently sick all day today. His bday thing was last night. My mom and other brother told me they've felt sick too. I feel too gross to do anything but lay in bed and be a hot mess

>> No.8106845

Just from what you've provided, he seems to be an ass.
Take it from another artist, always date artists or those who are supportive. It's just hell otherwise.

>> No.8106953

>tfw memories of being almost raped are hitting me
>if im not having nightmares about that im having nightmares about cheating on my bf
>tfw want to cosplay again but all i hear about are stories of girls being raped at local cons
>tfw random guy at concert grabs you by the collar/choker and chokes you so you dont even go to concerts anymore outta fear he will be there
>tfw dont even have the motivation to wear lolita anymore
>tfw left the house for the first time in 4 weeks today, only to get groped by random guy
>tfw all my friends are leaving me
>tfw relapsed on my eating disorder
fuck this all /cgl/
only thing sopping me from killing myself is my bf
but im pretty sure he could do way better than me

>> No.8106964

Damn, anon, that's all really shitty. All I can say is hang in there. If you want someone to talk to you can add me on skype, my SN is in the name field.

>> No.8106969
File: 27 KB, 500x359, tumblr_n5s4evfg3k1sq1wnso1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm finally in a happy relationship with a guy
hes cute and wants to cosplay with me
but im basically the worst girl he could have dated
he could have done so much better than me,
dbefore i went back home thw week i spent at his was mostly me crying over stuff
dont want to tell him i havent eaten in 2 days
dont want to tell him ive started self harming again
i love the fuck out of him but he could have easily gotten a stable girl who was not constantly making him worry
hes super kind and stuff and like loves all my interests like jfash
if i loose him ill feel like shit
but if i dont ill feel like shit because i know he can get any girl he really wants

>> No.8106974

If he is giving you a hard time over something that means a lot to you then he isn't worth your time. Is he non-supportive and dismissive in other areas? Couples support each other's interests regardless. I think there is someone out there better for you, art-anon. Just because the relationship 'isn't that bad' doesn't mean you should stay. You should stay because 'the relationship is GREAT'

>> No.8106982

I wonder its because we are living together. Couples always face troubles when living together and finding out their differences.

>> No.8106984

I fucking hate the way my boyfriend's socially awkward cousin and his fuck up retard brother just drop in unannounced to our house, then progress to ask dumb fuck questions about the lolita outfit I am preparing for a meet and ask if they can come along to pick out girlfriends.

As if I'd wish them on any of the girls in my comm on those two ungroomed jerk offs who think picking up is like going shopping.

>> No.8106985

sounds like a bastard
especially if he wont touch these chores like youre saying.
break up with him anon
he is only going to get worse

>> No.8106986
File: 622 KB, 1366x768, WAR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 115 and also 5'1

seriously though as someone who used to have severe body dysmorphia, you are not chubby.

>> No.8106987

>"I mean, an entire day doing this? you could of cleaned
>"do you not want me to have fun? Should I come home to make sure you do your chores?"
>Since I'm having to look after you like a child, you may as well get on with having one
>By the way, you have cleaned the kitchen haven't you? Better stay there and clean it again
>Also, frankly, what do you think you're doing wearing shoes?

That "do you not want me to have fun?" line is shady af

>> No.8106991

Honestly to me this sounds like a completely one sided story.

We don't know if anon is actually a slob and the bf is annoyed because he works and pays for rent and everything and she does nothing in return but do some kind of shitty mango drawings.

I don't mean to completely dismiss your feelings anon because it does sound like your bf is being pretty inconsiderate and also a controlling ass, but I'm always wary when I read these stories and more context is really needed to form an opinion. If anything I hope your situtation is as straightforward as you put it. Keep up drawing and improve so he can shove his unsupportive comments. Maybe he's just worried you'll put lots of time into art and get nothing back from it when you have other areas of your life to be worrying about... But that really does sound too optimistic from what you said. I think part of me reads this and thinks "why are you even with someone like that in the first place".

>> No.8106995

The story kind of reminds me of Nana when Nana K moved to the city to live with her boyfriend and she spent all day making food and when he came home he was like "ok but you really should have been looking for a job".

>> No.8107010

It's just a fancy trim, not embroidery. Just make the gown, then measure up the edges to see how much you need to buy.

>> No.8107015

We both work, I actually make twice as much as he does.

I didn't want to make it into to much of an essay to be honest. I do all, and I mean ALL the household chores. My room, I will admit, is out of control and causing my boyfriend to act like a huge twat

>> No.8107060

Yeah, the frustration is perfectly understandable. Good luck with your drawing and you can talk it out because this doesn't seem like behaviour you should have to put up with long term!

>> No.8107070

sounds like he can go fuck himself. does he pull his weight elsewhere? do you pay for more stuff because you make more? do you have fun together at least sometimes? if not sometimes, start thinking whether or not he's worth having around.

>> No.8107079

I feel you anon. When I was diagnosed with the assburgers I thought that getting to know other aspies would be nice and I could maybe make some friends, but holy shit. I've met maybe two people who aren't complete assholes. During one meeting a girl insulted another girl and made her cry, and the supervisor just watched. Then when I called out the first girl on being an asshole for no reason I was reprimanded for being ~oppressive~ and not understanding enough. It's like the more of a piece of shit waste of space you are, the more you get coddled and told you're fine the way you are.

>> No.8107082

same idea for fat acceptance
big is beautiful desu~

>> No.8107095
File: 183 KB, 600x800, 60502_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw after almost two years of wearing lolita at least twice a month, boyfriend apparently still thinks it's a costume

>maybe going to costumed event in a week
>"anon you should dress up!"
>but I don't have a costume
>"yes you do, that little red riding hood costume!"
>own no red cape, capelet, hoodie, jacket, coat, poncho or anything else that could possibly be interpreted as a red riding hood costume
>turns out he's referring to pic related (not my picture)
>not even the OP version with the cape
>not even in red
>just a dress with appliques

I'm more peeved about this than I thought I would be. I had to stop myself from passive-aggressively referring to his aviator-themed t-shirt as his "aviator costume". Bluh.

>> No.8107164
File: 17 KB, 471x431, kuroneko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>with friends two days ago
>one friend starts talking about her opinions on people
>"Anon is just a frightening person. I could see her coming to school one day with guns. I've seen what's on her Tumblr"
>laugh, but actually get sort of annoyed
>literally no one else was laughing
>mfw I'm still bothered now
Am I just overreacting over nothing? I know it was a shit attempt at a "joke", but it still pisses me off.

>> No.8107167

do you even have guns?

>> No.8107176


>> No.8107181

If your tumblr is tumblr core glorification of sex and violence (that's what I assume) you shouldn't let anyone see it.

>> No.8107220
File: 663 KB, 340x340, 69o0bc-1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my first tea party was a huge success
>out of my casual friends one even showed up in toned down classic
>everyone loved the thrifted tea cups I got
>lots of positive comments on how everything was fancy
>tea party was only supposed to last from noon-2pm
>people actually stayed until almost 5pm
>graduate classmates even post5ed fb statuses about it
>tfw very good vibes
I made a good impression and people had a good time, I'm so happy.

>> No.8107224

Congrats anon! I'm looking for cute thrifted tea cups and hope to hold a tea party one day too. Sadly, even though I have a bigass house, it is too far away from the regional comm for that

>> No.8107227

I wish you lived near me anon, I miss LARPing and would totally help you make this!

>> No.8107231

Bitch please. I like looking hot sometimes AND kicking ass. Wanting a flattering costume doesn't make you a shitty larper, only when that is the ONLY aspect you care about is when that is a problem.

>> No.8107235

If you post le edgy porn gifs of fannies and guns, expect people to draw conclusions

>> No.8107263

>bf and I want to live together
>finally after months we get a letter we got invited to see our possibly first house
>house is decently sized, with extra bedroom we can turn into sewing room and there's a space big enough for a walk in closet
>first week internship goes great
>but no money for the new velvet bodyline set

the visit is wednesday, I hope everthing will turn out okay.

>> No.8107266

>tfw single since april
>high sex drive
>really picky about potential partners (I have trouble being interested into people in the first place)
>pretty introverted with a small social circle
>was attracted by that guy who turned out to be a total aspie and didn't understand what was going on
>still single
>can't even go out with friends because they won't do anything than shopping and talking about classes or just plain staying at home
>I just want someone to go to fancy restaurants and the theater with
>tfw lonely wandering around the city taking picture instead.

>> No.8107275
File: 914 KB, 245x168, shit_kings_speech.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3 days left to work on costume
>still have to style wig, make armor, and finish some sewing

>> No.8107499 [DELETED] 

My blog is mostly art, scenery, cute animals, dolls and/or other girly stuff and weeaboo shit. Some of it can get a bit gruesome or suggestive (I like horror manga and artists like Shintaro Kago, Trevor Brown, etc) or I might reblog some sort of injury or birth deformity or generic bloodstained object/street, but that's about it. No porn, either.

>> No.8107515

My blog is mostly art, scenery, cute animals, dolls and/or other girly stuff, vaguely religious subjects, movies and weeaboo shit. Some of it can get a bit gruesome (I like horror manga and artists like Shintaro Kago, Trevor Brown, etc) or I might reblog some sort of injury or birth deformity or generic bloodstained object/street, but that's about it. No porn/sexual stuff, either.
I honestly don't see how that might make me seem "frightening" as a person or like the school shooter type. I'd get it if she thought I was some sort of Satanist, I guess.

>> No.8107595

>Family going through financial trouble at the moment
>Mom has been jobless for almost a year
>haven't been able to buy stuff for cosplay because trying to help Mom with groceries and occasional bills
>Sister has a job but spends most of her money on junk food and weed
>Sister got back together with sociopath and kleptomaniac ex who has had a history of drug problems
>Mom finally finds a well paying job, but is still going to need some help for a month or so
>Buy groceries for house that will last hopefully a week
>Sister gets angry saying "All you bought is stuff for dinner and things to make your lunch. I'm going to go to McDonalds"
>Tell her that I got a bunch of things and that she doesn't need to spend her money on junk food
>Start getting pissed and tell her there's peanut butter and bread, Bananas, apples,etc and also some pizza rolls in freezer that I got for her
>I am getting really frustrated
>Let out a frustrated grunt
>she starts yelling bloody murder at me threatening to throw glass plates at me
>Slam the door and get into car for work
>cry the entire time up there

She is 17 and says she's mature enough to be independent. I know this is blog shit, but I really needed to unload somewhere

>> No.8107607

fuck now I gotta go read Nana thanks anon

>> No.8107660
File: 218 KB, 600x347, cure princess bewd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get new debit card
>card design changed from white to silver background
>I know it's just the standard design but I feel like I spent so much I levelled up
>obviously I must spend a lot more in the next 3 years to get gold next time

Y!J auctions here I come

>> No.8107663

Do her a favor and mess that bratty bitch up. Reading that just makes me so angry

>> No.8107699

That sounds like me, and I'm mentally ill.
She probably has emotional problems. I'm not saying that excuses things, but try not to let her know when you're pissed off at her when she's acting retarded. It'll only escalate things and either one or both of you will end up crying.
Try being completely blank and allowing her to take a second look at her own shitty actions. She'll probably suffer and stew in her own autism, won't be able to stand it and will inevitably stay out of your way from that point on and/or apologize in a bit.
I mean it's completely possible she's just a fucking brat, but if she's always like this and hasn't learned how to not act this way from any previous confrontations...

>> No.8107711

We've tried everything. Believe me. She's always saying things about how our mom "Doesn't care about us" or "Is putting her needs over ours". I also learned an hour ago that she had told our mom that I was the one threatening to throw shit at her, but she could see through the bullshit.

I don't think she does, but it wouldn't surprise me at this point. She's always been kind of a brat, but she only really started escalating since she first started dating her BF. He and his entire family are mentally ill. I could list all of the sick shit they have said and done to our family, but I really do not want to delve too deep into our family's personal life

>> No.8107714

What you do Anon is you wait until she's sitting at a table and then smash her head into what she's eating.
Then you kick the chair out from under her and seal the deal with a snappy one liner.

>> No.8107730

It sounds more like it was his awkward way of trying to say you had something to wear so you could go?

>> No.8107756

I don't think so, unless he was very confused. Usually only ~50% of attendees dress up and he's planning on just showing up in jeans and a hoodie anyway.

>post in the morning
>check back in the evening
>look like you've been obsessively monitoring thread all day

>> No.8107800

It's good that you're able to see what's wrong there, I have a few good friends with autism who are awesome people but most autistic people I've met are a nightmare to be around. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was young and nobody ever gave me a molecule worth of sympathy for my outbursts. I'm glad they didn't because I can't imagine what I'd be like now if I was constantly told I was a perfect angel and didn't need to change.

It sucks that some people have to deal with autism and other disabilities, but if certain behavior is wrong for a non-disabled person, it's just as wrong for a disabled person.

>> No.8107830
File: 429 KB, 1280x720, Nutbladder_puella_magi_madoka_magica_-_03_7ec0e521-mkv-00012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else ever have nightmares about not being ready for their con?
I always have dreams about showing up and forgetting stuff, or my partner not bothering to bring their matching cosplays, or not having anything prepared.
I can't be the only one, can I?

>> No.8107833

I've had dreams where something really embarrassing happens to me at a con, like slipping and falling on my ass in front of a ton of people or my costume falling off randomly so I'm naked. I also have recurring dreams where I gain a ton of weight right before the con.

Never had one about forgetting stuff though. Don't give my brain ideas. ;___;

>> No.8107841

Yeah, I've always had dreams the night before a con of getting there and forgetting something crucial from my costumes, or even worse like forgetting plane/train tickets.
Because of it I try not to sleep the night before a con.

>> No.8107885
File: 70 KB, 249x699, 1413625253433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

had the same feels recently
> want some socks from meta
> ready to check out
> shipping even more expensive than the socks
> ain't gonna drop 5,000 yen on one pair of non-fancy socks
> thinking about asking for a group order with the comm
> hesitating because customs

I just want some socks.

>> No.8107888

>Stalking a dress on yahoo auctions I've been wanting for a while
>It's at a reaaaaally good price
>Getting second thoughts because I don't feel pretty enough for it

I'm just a filthy casual gdi

>> No.8107905

I had one yesterday night. The con's still months away, but I'm so stressed. ;;

>> No.8107935

Guildwars ruined my friend group.

Two of our best friend group of five got insanely involved in guildwars, so the rest of us bought it to make an effort with them.
TFW they play every day for 8+hrs and they think they're hot shit and are incredibly nasty to the rest of us..

Idgi, they were such sweet hearts before when we all played other games together.

Shit sucks

>> No.8107963
File: 117 KB, 600x600, 1353766999448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to lose weight
>eat less, exercise
>don't lose weight fast enough
>get discouraged and depressed
>stress eat
>start a part time job, still in school though
>have no time to eat healthy
>stress eat some more

I hate myself. I lost weight easily last year over the summer and I didn't even exercise.
Why is it so hard now? Why can't I deal with stress normally?

I just dyed my hair a lighter shade of my natural color to cover my gray hair (I have shitty genes that make me go gray prematurely, though being under a lot of stress adds to that).

>> No.8107966

Stress actually causes the body to put on weight easier. Also: Gut bacteria.

>> No.8107972
File: 71 KB, 500x282, tumblr_mgapwj9u1l1rm00neo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stressed from everything going on in life
>Can't afford to buy myself anything to blow off stress
>Don't have any friends to rant to
>Everything I find relaxing is not an option at the moment
>Stress over not being able to relieve stress

>> No.8107973
File: 34 KB, 500x281, 1396899636188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>date night yesterday with the bf
>spend the rest of it lazily cuddling and watching tv
>talk about stuff
>the future
>end up unofficially engaged
>ring shopping this summer

Girls, hold me.

>> No.8108007

Life is enough of a nightmare.

>> No.8108009

Make her buy her own food, or she can starve.

>> No.8108029

Congratulations, anon!

>> No.8108036

I got into lolita to socialize, since I found it pretty and there is quite a big community in my city.
I stayed in lolita because I met a few very good friends in there.
But now, I've drifted apart from those girls and they go to meets while I stay here. They never tell me about the meets, they want me to stay in stupid FB groups which I avoid like the pest.
But they could just tell me privately about the meets?
I guess I am not that important anyways.
I feel like not dressing in lolita anymore. Afterall, the real reason I wore lolita was because I had fun at the meets. But now that they don't call me for the meets, it seems stupid.

>> No.8108059

get it
you're only going to get older, it's the best time.
no ragrets

>> No.8108089

Signed up for rufflechat valentines day.
>andrea and a sissy are on there
>were sending to everyone on the list
>theyll get the ugly Vday cards
>cant just not send it because theyll have my address

>> No.8108098

New thread here >>8108086 since this one is on autosage.

>> No.8109918 [DELETED] 
File: 995 KB, 500x281, 1382413460508.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> be me
> join a new community
> really happy when instantly invited to a facebook group chat
> all of these people are awful except one
> endure for months
> one is a dramatic attention whoring replica chan who changed being upset at a morally wrong situation when it gave her more exposure
> other is creepy brolita who asks weird questions and looks weirder
> finally confess to cool lolita that I can't stand the others
> neither can she!!!
> break off into own group and becoming closer

Finally a lolita friend! I'm so excited!

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