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Since the line thread disappeared - anime/cosplay/fashion/japanese app/game thread?
Lineplay, nikki up2u, moe can change, love live etc

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Moe can change has some great egl/lolita stuff.

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hmm I never got into moe can change I should try it again. Not sure too much about fashion related ones, but I'm obsessed with the love live! game and There's barcode Kanoo and Avatar Factory 2 ( which is just a cute dressup pretty much)

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barcode kanojo*

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Style Savvy trendsetters/Tokyo girls mode fir 3ds
You get your own store that you can decorate, tons of hair and makeup choices, avatar customization, and the objective is to coord the customers in outfits that you'd think they'd like!
They collaborate with japanese fashion brands such as liz lisa and BTSSB, and have other interesting (free) promotional DLC as well.

there are over 12,000 items with styles (including but not limited to)

>pop kei
>Lolita (gothic, sweet, and classic)

If you streetpass someone with the game, they can pick an outfit out for you, and send it to you via wifi.

If you like dressup games and don't have this game yet you better step it the fuck up

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Which of these allows for darker skin tones? I love these things, but I want to make brown girls.

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Style savvy does

I will post this game every one of these threads until you guys like it

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barcode kanojo is both fun and infuriating. One in maybe every 10 looks different...

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I love this game. Husbando date simulation when? Or did it already come out for the US games?

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I hope they make another where you can make a boyfriend huhu

all I know about dating is you date your deliveryman on your birthday.
haha, dating the cute boy that ships you your dresses.

I hated his hair so I didn't like it much. I'd rather a dominic

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>making boyfriend.

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I play "Boyfriend Maker" and "Animal Boyfriend" on my phone, but my favorite despite not having a huge rank of clothing is Boyfriend Maker, conversating with him is hilarious

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did you actually name your shop Satan Taint

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>Names shop Satan taint
>Not remotely gothic

Such disappoint

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I don't care what fashion it has, if there was a store actually called Saint Taint I would wear the fuck out of anything they had.

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>birthday yesterday
I.... I didn't know

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No its not my shop. I just googled.
If you'd like images of different styles/outfits or whatever, just let me know.

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Any seagulls playing Fairy Doll? I guess it only came out in English recently, so it's nice to get sort of a head start.

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looks cute, just downloaded it

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All of mine look different

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Rage of Bahamut. I have wasted so much money on that piece of shit game but I love it. Too bad that the anime is crap and doesn't have any of the interesting characters plus Lucifer is way off.

The only character that's the same is the vaguely annoying Cerberus.

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lots of lolita-ish outfits in it too.

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you must be in a place other than murica.

every time I scan one I get a black girl.
>scan a box of crackers
>get a white girl
top fucking kek

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No, I just scan a lot of foreign items.

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being brown myself I enjoy the fact they have brown waifus but I always got some busted ass looking girls.

Like I got a bald one..wtf..

Fairy Doll is super cute but reminds me of that Cocoppa play and moecan change

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>best game
>named my store Liz Lisa
>life is good

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not that anon but it should be in your app

android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.ne.ambition.googleplay_fairydollGLB

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fairy-doll/id956705627?mt=8

you can get in on bluestacks if you don't have a smartphone

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>barcode kanojo
>I actually want this!
>Set to close this Nov

Kill me anons

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Thank you!

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>best game
>bring 3ds to large meetups hoping to streetpass someone with it
>no one plays it for some reason
dammit cgl

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>I have to pay to be black

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I've been playing MCC since it started (back when /mkg/ was still shitting itself over bags in Barcode Kanojo). I never really saw this as a jfash game as much as a way to make my perfect dressy waifu, but it's nice seeing what other outfits people have.

This is a very old picture of my girl before my phone died (so I can't get a recent one) and I don't really feel like cropping it out.

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>I have to pay to be black
ayyyyy just like real life

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love live school idol project stole my life

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Actually, during beginner first 6 days, you can buy a skin change ticket for drops instead of DP, which is a hell of alot easier.
Not the same anon but Animal Boyfriend in the app store is from the same company of Moe Can Change and Fairy Doll.

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ugggh bad layout for an app, might as we be a website

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I don't bring my DS to meets because my burando purse can't fit it...

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I have a burando purse and a purse from taobao that's very roomy. its good to have two (one for phone, wig comb in smaller one) and a larger one which you can set down for pictures.

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Well in style savvy you can't make boys, but you can make and dressup mannequins.

my dream style savvy is one where you can make your own boyfriend, who will show up to help you with your store and take you on dates.
Dressing him up, choosing hairstyles? hnnnnggg
style savvy get on this stat.

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Not /cgl/ related, but its so cute and easy to play. You have to buy food and stuff so the cats can play or sleep and you can take photos of them. Sadly its only in Japanese.

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This looks adorable, and I love cats. Thank you for sharing.

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Is anyone else having problems accessing the public areas in line play, like times square and the park? I keep getting that "too much traffic" error and I am missing out on those high five gems...

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Isn't this the character that was based on Kooters?

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No, she was just in the commercial

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It happens when I'm on shitty WiFi.

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welcome to idol hell

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Does anyone get the point of Gold Rush in Line Play? I sort of like it because grinding and leveling up is one of my favorite things in games, but I'm incredibly confused to what it's good for. It's not like you earn any gold...

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sometimes there are events where if you beat a certain level you get gems. i've made 40k gems just by beating levels in gold rush.

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>lineplay new games
>not compatible with your device

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I can pretend I'm married to my husbando with my AR cards

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>clearly a lolita shop
>fuckers come in asking for sporty clothes

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yesss i have this
i recently made a Japanese itunes account so i could get puyopuyo on my phone and found this in their cat section
it's so cute, recently my cats have been bringing me presents
i wish I could read the japanese in the diary though, I'd love to know what it means

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Anyone fairydoll here? Ambition recently released this and they were advertising it on moe can change. I like it, the errands thing makes it easier to level up and I like the clothes and "chibi" style

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I hope PT adds me on Line. I'll gift her cute stuff if she does to win her favor.

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In the JP version of the game you can make your own boyfriend and "date" him - but really you're just dreaming apparently and not actually on a date ( ;_; )

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Anyone still play tomodachi life?


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This isn't a game but I just found this app in the japanese itunes store
it's a period tracker and even though its a Japanese app it's still avaliable in english
fuck it's so cute
also im thinking of making an easy guide for making a japanese itunes account for apps if anyone is interested? i know there's some out there but a lot are kinda outdated and i had to retry a few times to get it right

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I don't know how wise it'd be since I used to have a japaroo account and I couldn't keep any of the apps I do download after I switch to my regular iTunes account.

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I don't have that problem at all? I switch back and forth all the time

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what's it called?

>> No.8156083

I do.
Gets boring after a while, to be honest.

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Anyone have a recommendation for a windows phone ? i'm just dying out here

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I just downloaded Lineplay. Now what's the best way to get gems without inviting?

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There's already a lot of guides I don't think it's necessary. It'd be awesome if we could all compile a list of cute JP apps to have tho/
I kept all my japanese apps as well, you just sign in with your other account it doesn't un-download them or anything

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playing games, doing the daily quest ( hearting, high fiving etc, inviting through line is the easiet way though ( not talking about the invite code thing) , Here's a list of ghost names so you don't have to bother anyone, and it's 1k a referral up to 200 people..


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> Is it bad that I like to sit and play these for hours at a time and draw my horrible creations. I miss TM.

Have you guys ever made stuff on the dream avatar creators?



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the problem is that i'm using my account through a fake facebook account (which I use for games that I don't want to share with anyone). and I'm not sure how to invite people not from facebook.

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Ahh with he link I sent you, you invite people through the line app not the lineplay game itself and you just refer them to the game so you shouldn't have to deal with facebook at all.

Sorry if I'm not exactly understanding you or I'm not explaining myself well enough but I think I can find a guide real quick and post it for you if that helps.

but yeah other than that I usually get godl through fruit monster, hearting people and the daily bonus, and since you can recycle items now it helps a bit.

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Oh man...Tinier Me.
I looked for any Screenshots I had of my character but alas I kept none. Sadface.
However I did find all the artwork I commissioned for items of my character. Those were some good times.

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I just picked it up 2 days ago. They kinda lean towards mircotrans stuff. But slightly better than MCC

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I never knew. why can't we have it too???

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Has anyone here on Lineplay figured out how the room party thing works? I really want those gems ya'll

>> No.8156991

I'd like one! And it would give this thread some life. Also, list of cute jp apps you have from the itunes store/google play would be nice, too.

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*cryes over 10k+ lost items*

Also yo p. sure I knew you that blue selfy looks hella familiar.

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It does. I honestly just want to collect everything. I play it at convetions as an "Ok I'm waiting in line and need a quick game" type of deal

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Not trying to discourgae that anon but instead of them wasting their time and others waiting around there are tons of guides if you just google them, all pretty simple.




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Not trying to discourage that anon but instead of them wasting their time and others waiting around there are tons of guides if you just google them, all pretty simple.





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iirc the 2014 guide still works,

>> No.8157055

Thank you! Should have googled that first.

>> No.8157080


I just found it in the US app store, it's called Menstruation Calendar Selene, no need to get Japanese itunes

>> No.8157082

I dunno if anyone once to do it but I started to make an open spreadsheet of cute/cgl apps. breaking them down into types(photo editing, dress up, platforming, pet games ) , Whetehr they are on Iphone or android, and if they are Japanese or english. If you guys want to start posting the apps you know of or edit the sheet itself I can post it.

>> No.8157097

Go for it

>> No.8157122

It's pretty bare bones since I just made it but I'm compiling as fast as I can so hopefully it will look decent by tonight. Anyone with the link can edit it and if you guys have suggestions feel free to let me know.


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I'm surprised I never see cocoppa play in these threads.

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I found this game through Cgl and now I can't stop.

add me as a friend: 5961972

If you want to join use this code and get free shit: 244e5c11

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It was crashing for me every 5-15 seconds (literally, I counted) and now that I'm on level 25 it crashes whenever I open it
>Want to poke that stupid fat squirrel

>how the room party thing works
What do you mean? You invite a friend/s over to your room and you say "hello" just like high fives in the square. My LP friends are all only down for idle chit-chat, so I haven't done it with real people, just tested it with my alt account.

I really liked cococppa play, but then I realized line play was better. Oh well.

Please do! We'll have to make sure it's posted in the OP of the next thread, or at least in the first couple of posts.

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On a side note, there's this game...

You take a photo of a cat, and it turns into a magical girl thing that you use to fight. More cat photos more magical girls.

Google: nekosaba

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bess u based anon this looks cute as fuck

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i dont know but ive literally become addicted to it. ive played click games before but i cant stop. someone help me please.

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