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This just came up on Ivy's page. Since it's a well-known fact she tightlaces into corsets, I wanted to know your thoughts on this picture.

Also, I know photoshop threads are commonplace, but how about "cosfamous" photoshop? Discuss!

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>the rippling around her stomach
As if it wasn't obvious enough this was photoshopped...

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Oh I know. I'm just baffled that she thinks this is believable enough to post. I'm surprised that more people haven't called her own on this picture's post.

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I see people call her out but she instantly deletes it. Most of the people that like her page are chubby chasers anyway.

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Or there for the tits...

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this are my two favorites

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can't stop laughing tbh

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Do you think she will wear this to a con? She can't photoshop real life.

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Hell no

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She probably tightlaced her waist but the ass is just comical

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Nah, and you probably wont see it from other angles either where it's more difficult to photoshop.

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Since she wears cinchers and corsets so much I could believe it has made her waist at least a bit smaller

I'm not saying this isn't photoshop, but I don't think she has the pregnant gut like everyone is alluding to

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She's definitely pudge though.

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I've met her at a con before, she doesn't look a thing like that.

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Oh I agree
But I think she does have a pretty big natural curve at least

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It's fucking rare to find a picture of her without any shapewear or photoshop done to her.

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Saffels dropped the ball on this one

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She's a fucking giant.

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That's so fucking gross.


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That girl on the right. Her name escapes me but what happened to her? I know there's a lot of drama about her

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I thought her boob armor was her actual tit shape at first.

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Frank Cho is pretty damn small himself, lol

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Okay, I'll bite, why is she famous? (This may be one of those well-know things in the community but I am still a newb to cosplay and don't know much about big names) I haven't seen a single pic of Ivy looking good at cons and she's quite ugly and the wholly ungraceful kind of big but she is invited all over the place to judge etc. Connections or???

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Big tits, does cosplays heavlly catered/centered around those tits, a "Body positive" ambassador to all "plus size" female cosplayers.

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Here's some more photoshoop.

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I kinda wanna see you try this with one of Nigri's photos, lol

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...but...but tons of fat girl cosplayers have big tits and show them off in cosplay (more like almost all of them), and there are many with a better face + smaller waist than Ivy (Her face always looks so gross and tremulous to me. She is a model?). It still isn't clicking why she's famous. Well, maybe she just got in the self-marketing game early like Yaya.

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She's been really buddy with this look-a-like for a while now also. A lot of her updates have had this chick.

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but you see...no one gives a shit about those other fat girl cosplayers bc they are stupid gross

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that is EnvyUs Deviant, she's a Cosplay Deviant and made a solo masturbation video

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Someone else do it. Unlike Ivy, Jessica's body is actually fit and all she really needs is smoothing for photos Id think. I havent really seen any HUGE photoshops of her cosplays to trust myself to find them all, if any. People may not like Jnig, but her body is on point and doesn't need much shopping.

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Is she famous like Ivy? Seriously. All her updates have her face in them. Was it the porn video? Surely no one gets famous off of CosplayDeviants. Especially with sewing skills like on that shitty skirt.

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Oh god they're multiplying.

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Velma's outfit isn't red... Its burgundy.. I hate all these Velma cosplays. They are all inaccurate as fuck. It drives me crazy.

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She looks like a fat Yaya here

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What cosplay is this even supposed to be?

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Here's the video link and the gif is from the video

motherless 3F1B7E7

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>from afar
Looks pretty sexy

>the face
>the ugly belly ring
>shitty wig
>body not too horrible, but probably couldve been shopping to make it a little better

Please say this isn't why she is famous. Its so shitty.

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Whoops sorry

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Come on faggot. Blue board.

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Figured she would get famous for this if cosplay didnt work out I guess? LOL. That side shave doesn't help her at all!

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No she stills cosplays, this was during her early years, she was selling for like $9.99 >_>

>> No.8237966

Wooooooooooooooooooow. That much for a video? Now its on the net forever! Good job, Envy. Sure priced yourself high.

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I tried watching this video but ended up skipping through it. Lots of fake "it's too big" faces while using a decently sized dildo followed by slipping right into her with ease. I ended up not enjoying this video like I expected to.

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Anon, no nudes.

>> No.8237972

Hey $10 add up fast when a buncha people buy it, and it's a decent length

>> No.8237980

My bad

>> No.8237981

Jesus thoses arent even half the mistakes,but still fucking bad.

>> No.8237989

Whats with the mark on her leg?

>> No.8237990

What kind of drama?

>> No.8237992

They are the ones I could point out at 3am and living off this protein bar.

From what I could find, not many people bought it. Its been removed from the actual site it was on previously too. She took it down, but now its on Motherless, so itll be there on the net forever now. Goes to show you that doing stupid shit is stupid.

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Should've done Lois. Meg is supposed to be ugly.

>> No.8238005

Not alternate universe Meg...but even then she was still ugly in that universe, lol

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Which cos-famous cosplayer would you most likely want to see a porno of?

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I don't really watch porn. : / Ive had my share of oohs and ahhs, so Im kind over it. I know some people are still in that super horny stage, but got too much in my life to worry about watching porn. Not even trying to lie. I have like no sex drive anymore. Totally cool with it. Not a teenager anymore, so not like its needed.

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Anon in another thread wouldn't stop bitching about this one. Apparently she photoshops everything she cosplays.

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Can birthmarks get that big? Its not like a burn or nothing? Just asking.

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Better shooping that I can do, but she better not be making money off of this shit. Like...Selling prints of this crap.

>> No.8238032

Yea they can

>> No.8238037

Is she suppose to be the ME!ME!ME! chick? Also was he bitching bc he didn't think it was shopped?

>> No.8238046

Is this even a cosplay or just extreme shooping? I fail to see how any of that real.

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Friend of my swore up and down that this wasn't photoshopped >_>

*NOTE* My friend would drink Yaya Han's piss if she asked him to, that's how much he worships her.

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They can. I have a birthmark on my leg that's like 2 inches long.

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In real life she looks this good, but not her face. They cleaned up her skin a bit, but I dont see that much shooping. The pic with her ass though, yeah. Yeah that is way more.

>> No.8238058

Even with all that photoshop, she still looks ancient. The over shopping makes it more obvious.

>> No.8238060

They erased so many lines on her face and some on her neck, but she really does have a pretty nice body in real life. The angle is good too. Makes her look taller because she is short as fuck.

>> No.8238063

You think so? Bc this picture was taken like 2 years ago, lol

>> No.8238067

Bitch is like 32 now, lol

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Sheena Duquette, while she gets my condolences for what happened with Monty, will always irk me as a cosplayer because shE PHOTOSHOPS SO MUCH.

>> No.8238074

I thought I was looking at an actual DRAWN image for a second.

>> No.8238079

Lets no. Just... Anon, no. Just no. Not cool.

>> No.8238081

People pay for this chick to come to their con when she can't even brush her wig?

I'm just getting real tired of Ivy acting like she's the ambassador for ~body positive cosplay~ when she corsets on the regular and every pic is shooped.

>> No.8238083

I have seen a lot of cosplayers suddenly turn to corsets and cinchers because of fucking Ivy as a means to 'lose weight'. Thats NOT how it works. Please do research and shit before doing this.

>> No.8238084

he died like two months ago. She isn't going to see this, who cares?

>> No.8238085

is there a problem?

>> No.8238087

What? this is in no way disrespectful to her situation.

Just because something awful happened doesn't excuse her from people not liking her cosplays lol.

>> No.8238088

Oh go back to tumblr.

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Nana Doom Drops/Bear w/e she's going by now, is one of her lil followers

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Whats with all the chola looking girls suddenly all cosplaying and following Ivy in hopes of catching her 'fame'? Its gross.

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HER TOO. Omg. Can these bitches just stop copying each other already?

>> No.8238107

That shitty trying to hide a corset look. We can see the snaps.

>> No.8238110

He was bitching because he claimed she shops literally everything. Like....this pic....is just her face on the character. What's more is that she slapped her logo on it and claimed it hers.

You could just check her FB Page and see if she is selling prints.

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She's fair game man, just because monty is ded doesn't all of a sudden make her untouchable

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File: 70 KB, 640x960, NB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Not enough Photoshop.

>> No.8238123

>fishnets over curdled milk thighs
Jesus, if you're going to shoop heavily, at least pick a costume you can shoop away the worst part.

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This one though she claimed Monty took this picture.

What if he shopped it? (Shrugs) Something to think about.

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atleast she's actually ugly.

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Actually, guys, if you think about it this cosplay is actually pretty good.

I can totally believe that this is what a angry barbarian warrior woman would look like, I'm not even being sarcastic or ironic. If a woman was to stand toe to toe in a melee she'd probably have to be pretty beefy. A tiny big-boobed waif with a little sword is probably a lot sillier.

>> No.8238137

At first, I thought the 1% spandex in the shirt had given out unevenly.

>> No.8238138

Can't they fucking photoshop the snaps and cellulite out? Or at least the hair.

>> No.8238143

>If a woman was to stand toe to toe in a melee she'd probably have to be pretty beefy.
But this woman isn't muscular, just fat.

>> No.8238144

fat =/= beefy. i would believe a skinnier chick before a cow because guess who has more fighting stamina?

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Id be scared too, but this compared to how she shops everything is a different story.

carbon copies. All of them.

>> No.8238148

>yellow/grey/black batman shirt
>bright red hair
>purple/green/blue panties
Am I missing something here? Did she just take off her pants and say "hey photoshoot now"

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File: 119 KB, 800x959, Barbarian_by_Mr__Jack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont see the resemblance.

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File: 48 KB, 810x540, NB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8238154

Obvious James Holmes genderbend.

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File: 66 KB, 960x720, NB9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8238160

I really wanna see a skinnyfat cosplayer with horrible love handles, chubby thighs and a small belly pooch get popular. That would be real 'body positivity'

>> No.8238162
File: 45 KB, 960x635, 10526068_10155433743515370_7281890961828699495_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to fuck up hair in photoshop 101.

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File: 104 KB, 672x960, NB10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8238175

Did she SERIOUSLY not photoshop anything else but her trucking cleavage? Really.

>> No.8238178
File: 62 KB, 616x920, 11149347_662646360506692_4419622195060512788_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone should photoshop whatever is going on with her neck.

>> No.8238179

They really need a new photoshop guy. Like all or nothing ffs.

>> No.8238184


male here sounds hot as fuck i love girls who have sloppy curves like that

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File: 76 KB, 621x960, NB11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8238205

There were actually cosplaying Red Sonja

>> No.8238211

I found a default beefy barbarian as an example of how it should look.

>> No.8238214

Oh my bad

>> No.8238228

she doesn't look fat though, stop kidding yourself.

>> No.8238231

Did you read the fat =/= beefy thing at all?

>> No.8238256

Was she using that rubber band to hold in her gut?

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File: 97 KB, 726x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rob actually posted the before and after of his edit of this photo earlier. Pretty dark photo to begin with which was lightened dramatically. Nothing was touched with the overall shape of the person.

>> No.8238289

What kind of photographer has no lights?

>> No.8238292

The arm was touched. The chin was made more elongated and lifted.

>> No.8238300

Kek. Okay. Whatever you say.

>> No.8238303

You mean it looks different because of the lighting?

>> No.8238306

>Is she suppose to be the ME!ME!ME! chick?
Mad irony, man

>> No.8238311

cons would probably ban her for it being too revealing or w/e

>> No.8238314

Not in Japan though. Fan service is common and revealing cosplays even more

>> No.8238320

Jnig's face is disgusting. Her skin is terrible but you can't tell because she cakes layers and layers of makeup on. Her body isn't shooped but the rest of her sure as hell is.

>> No.8238323

I don't give a shit about ivys weight but can the girl get some new wigs? PLEASE? She consistently has the worst wigs of any popular cosplayer I've ever seen.

>> No.8238329

You think all the money she makes from con appearances that she'd be able to do that

>> No.8238330

Thats basically what anon said. Also, in my opinion, she's pretty cute without makeup. Pretty plain, but not exactly disgusting either. You can tell her age without makeup for sure.

Really wish she'd do other shit with her makeup.

>> No.8238334

I think it's Dejah Thoris from John Carter/A Princess of Mars?

>> No.8238348
File: 110 KB, 554x739, 4761rc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right. Here's a more accurate "cosplay".

>> No.8238359
File: 97 KB, 489x743, wow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This looks fucking horrible

Who the fuck enjoys this shit?

>> No.8238393
File: 213 KB, 1024x1024, tumblr_mm4we3VI8v1qhk81qo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think she plans to remake it. This wasn't too long ago. She tried it on again. Not too bad, but needs a bra for sure. Lopsided titty.

>> No.8238441
File: 217 KB, 960x1278, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Destiny melts all her fat off in photoshop and looks completely different in person. I say next to her for a full few minutes before realizing who she was.

>> No.8238444
File: 80 KB, 960x456, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It just gets more and more unrealistic.

>> No.8238446

what character is this?

>> No.8238459

>That shoop on her neck

>> No.8238498

Same, a friend of mine is so far up Ivy's vag that she started corset training too because "Ivy does is and it makes me feel sexy" ...you were just telling me about how you loved how body positive she was, what kind of brainwash...

>> No.8238509

ew what kind of face is that

>> No.8238540


My friend too. She's a pretty bad idol. I dont care if she is making fat acceptance cool, but maybe make a fucking PSA about the DANGERS of tightlacing instead of getting people into it without explaining anything besides 'Corsets help me shape my body and lose weight'.

>> No.8238587

sign me up, means i can stop doing crunches

>> No.8238742

I'm surprised she allowed this to be posted

>> No.8238757

>motherless 3F1B7E7
Okay now I had to watch it out of curiosity. I agree with you. Just a wholly boring video overall

>> No.8238763

The face is really creeping me out. And how is this "photography"? Everything is so drawn on and shopped that it could probably be classified as digital art

>> No.8238778

Just a lingerie shoot

surprisingly, this is probably the least photoshopped image of her. She's really tiny in person, but the face definitely got doctored.

I'm 5'0" and I towered over her when I met her. Kinda freaked me out

I don't see how faking your body type with a corset is "body positive" in the least.

Same panties lol

Same, the porn star makeup got pretty old pretty fast. She does it like that every day too

Which is sad because she's not bad in person.

>> No.8238829

she wishes she was 32. Closer to 37

>> No.8238964

I feel like she's going to have a massive crisis when she hits 40.

>> No.8238992

Mike Saffels is a dbag and overblows all his photos with photoshop. He only shoots the cosfamous cosplayers for likes.

>> No.8238995

She should lose the gut first.

>> No.8238999
File: 371 KB, 500x281, 4uf84.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yaya is cosplaying Jnig duh.

>> No.8239007

Dat menopause, lol

>> No.8239019

Your right on that part.

>> No.8239069

Why does Ivy host panels about body confidence if she photoshops?!? Little touch ups are fine but ugh she annoys me so much. Can't believe she's a judge doesn't even make her own shit

>> No.8239080

Because she has to pander to both men and women to make maximum profit

>> No.8239086

Try again, you've obvioisly never met the guy

>> No.8239095

She doesn't? I know a lot of "cosfamous" don't, but ... Oooo now I'm curious.

>> No.8239138

I have met Saffels. Not impressed. He's nothing without his OD'ing photoshop and cosfamous cosplayers. Fact.

>> No.8239198

Love how in her bio she promotes herself as a HOC judge, like her costume quality makes her an expert. Not the fact that its in Stan less contract she gets to judge the costume contest.

>> No.8239262

It's really a part of his contract?

>> No.8239499

this girl's body is the dictionary definition of 'dumpy'.

>> No.8239519
File: 45 KB, 528x960, 11081007_850401188364679_7874148091272662581_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ivy can look gorgeous

>> No.8239522
File: 101 KB, 640x960, 10463903_844697592268372_7048937428883341348_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But 95% of the time she looks half asleep or high

>> No.8239524


Someone's mad he didn't shoot with them

>> No.8239573

wtf? there's no way the top image was turned into the bottom image. how the fuck?

>> No.8239580


Lots of other cosplayers to shoot with, cosfamous or not. The non-cosfamous ones will give you more of their time.

>> No.8239626

There was a rumor, she's on Stan Lee's staff, so part of his convention rider is she gets a table/booth as well, along with a con judge position for any con doing one.

Just a rumor, but it would explain her constantly riding Stan Lee's appearances (aside from the typical "nerd girl" credit/fandom BS)

>> No.8239632

32 in cosplay years, 37 in real-life

>> No.8239653

She was born in 1982...it makes her 32 in IRL

>> No.8239666

I think she looks pretty good here.

>> No.8239673

Someone posted a screen cap in another thread of her actual birthday, that she changed later on.

>> No.8239675


If you took a chance to look at his page, half the people he shoots has under 10k likes

>> No.8239778

Was is going on between her chest?

>> No.8239807

Has anyone ever seen Ivy without makeup or did she get permenant make up? She has the same horrible make up on in every photo I've seen of her.

>> No.8239874

Different anon, but I feel the same way. I hate over-shooped pictures, and going by all the pictures he's taken of Courtoon and those in this thread, I probably wouldn't shoot with him even if he asked.

>> No.8239994

I've watched a panel of her online and she said she goes to sleep with it on... Everyone else on the panel was like wtf

>> No.8239997

I'm unsure about every costume but most of her stuff is basic clothing, or underwear. I know she gets stuff commissioned a lot as well. You should make your own stuff if you want to be a judge, it gives you more credit to actually give awards cause you know what it takes to make a costume

>> No.8240109

Her skin has got to look wrecked af O.o

>> No.8240147

>she goes to sleep with it on
A lot of girls do that. I used to follow a girl that said 'Okay, I'm going to do my make up and sleep!' but I didn't understand because (besides having your skin getting fucked up) how was she going to prevent her make up from smudging all over her bed?

>She has the same horrible make up on in every photo I've seen of her.
Because she doesn't know what else to do, it's like Yaya.

>> No.8240162

I can get forgetting or just passing out without washing it off, but why would you put makeup on just to go to bed..?
Enjoy your potato chip skin.

>> No.8240187

Yaya sometimes posts pictures of no or minimal make up.. Ivy has never to my knowledge which is why I can see why anon asked about Ivy having permanent make up

>> No.8240192

And it's fucking terrifying

>> No.8240208

She says she edited it, i think.

>> No.8240290

>Yaya sometimes posts pictures of no or minimal make up
No, the pictures that SHE posts are heavily edited like, she has no expression lines? Even a baby have ones. She magically has no dark circles? There are non-edited/candid photos of her and even without make up she looks haggard

>> No.8240332

>'Okay, I'm going to do my make up and sleep!'

literally the dumbest fucking thing ever

>> No.8240342

This is one of the worst ones yeah, but most of her photos aren't shopped this badly at all.

>> No.8240443

Monty was an asshole now a dead one and shes just an ugly fanewhore with no dick to suck

>> No.8240451

Is that a real shirt?
Need one!

>> No.8240555

Yea it's real

>> No.8240598

Who's milking his death for all she can.

>> No.8240612

God forbid she actually greive her husband's death, how dare she love him and want to try and continue his work or be a better person because she realized life is too short!

You guys gotta worry about more important things. Go bitch about JNig or something. Y'know, someone who isn't doing anything if any real value for the community.

>> No.8240643

Do you miss his cock too anon.
It's okay let it out, no1curr.

>> No.8240758

Her name is Rosanna Rocha Cosplayer

>> No.8240777

>boo hoo your husband died it's already been two months get over it
You're either a robot or a fucking gargoyle to be that stone cold.

>> No.8240779

there is one anon who comes into threads and bitches about people grieving or shit like that very often.

>> No.8240780

There's grieving then there's slapping his name on things with the purpose of solely getting more sales, views and likes.

>> No.8240793

And that has to be true because whatever it looks like to you must be the actual reason she ever mentions her husband. Its pretty pathetic you're this bitter about her. I didn't like her as a cosplayer and I still dont but she's a fucking human being and I don't understand why you people have to treat her as less than one. She actually gives a damn about her and Monty's fans. One of the few popular cosplayers who does that and you still have to make up shit about her.

>> No.8240798
File: 237 KB, 600x900, Love-Me-Chain_800_2-600x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that blur

>> No.8240824

Most girls do not, if you're into makeup then you know that this promotes breakouts and other shit

>> No.8240927

He never had the ball in the first place.

>> No.8240945

That's some lovely shoop but they started with a crappy picture.

>> No.8240963
File: 209 KB, 495x403, 1321506209517.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go back to tumblr. This thread is about shooped faces. We all can see that it's shooped. God forbid that we have to stay mum about how heavily shooped it is.

>> No.8241066
File: 89 KB, 960x540, 10629851_10153062322091085_4733298590428181720_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mike and his cosfamous friends disagree

>> No.8241091

Okay so i'm a pretty big girl, I follow cosplay because i think the entire idea/culture/hobby whatever is freaking amazing. I've tried cosplay a few times in my bedroom so i'm no where near 'qualified' to have any kind of opinions but...

I couldn't go outside with my podge just hanging there, Congratulations for having that kind of confidence, i commend you on that, yes, bigger girls should be able to cosplay for the characters with smaller body types, and the same goes vice versa, but please for goodness sake at least cosplay someone who has clothes on, or more than just little to nothing on. It's really unflattering for the person and it's hard to look at for me atleast and i'd personally hate to put myself out there knowing that everyone could see all my lumps and bumps that shouldn't be there.

>> No.8241270

>Okay so i'm a pretty big girl,

for me? :3

>> No.8241275


Dunno who that is if she is cosfamous. Oh look, he's not making his derpy expression that he does in 99.99999% of his pictures.

>> No.8241277


>> No.8241290

I don't know how or why people spank it to her. She looks like a chola troll. Like the kind of bitch that would pick random fights in my neighborhood because she thought everyone was an enemy.

>> No.8241293
File: 63 KB, 572x355, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As you wish

>> No.8241305

She's not skinnyfat at all. She's fat. Look at her thighs and arms. The only reason no one calls her out for looking like a bloated ogre is because of her implants. Without those implants she wouldn't get a look from ANYONE.

>> No.8241311
File: 1.49 MB, 780x1024, 1421699498804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so i'm a pretty big girl

>> No.8241315

for whom?

>> No.8241316

I can see all of you are newfags. Do you genuinely believe Yaya is 32? Look at some healthy 32 year olds irl. None of them look like worn whore. Her husband came on a few years ago and said how much full of shit she is. I regret not taking screencaps.

>> No.8241325


If I take your clothes off, would you die?

>> No.8241335

You mean her fiance?

>> No.8241337

Well she's 33 as of today, since it's her birthday

>> No.8242313
File: 113 KB, 640x785, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8242331

oh thats me. where can i get popular
i have all of that

>> No.8242332

but do you have a pretty face?

>> No.8242353

ive had plenty of compliments of cute and pretty. sort of a square jaw though

>> No.8242448

Jokes on you, I hate tumblr. And as I said I've no problem with people saying she is shooped heavily because she is. It's when you bring her motives into it that I have an issue. Stop acting like you know people because you don't.

>> No.8242462


>> No.8242563

Oh cool and just to clarify, I wasn't making fun of you.

>> No.8243746

Yaya was married when she was much younger for dat green card. He said it was the typical green card story of how she was a sweet demure thing and once she got her green card the mask was off. She then cheated on her husband and broke up with him.

>> No.8243748
File: 63 KB, 722x349, 1428415248845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those eyes

>> No.8243995

Damn, well what was her first husband's name?

>> No.8244078

All of her shoops look like ugly paintings.

>> No.8244179

Any proof?

>> No.8244354

Show proof

>> No.8244415

Any fatty can look beautiful, but what happens when you zoom out?!

>> No.8244623

Her Weiss photos are the worst tbh. The overshooped blush makes her face look incredibly red and sweaty while the rest of the photo is all a cool blue.

>> No.8245453
File: 239 KB, 1366x2048, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything SGH Photoart does

>> No.8248767

The glow... I want to cry...

>> No.8250015
File: 84 KB, 498x487, 1301948342565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10/10 troll had to reply

>> No.8250020

> Believing it was her man
You are the forever newfag aren't you anon

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