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Post pics of what you wore for International Lolita Day. Strut your stuff.

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I didn't leave the house, but I still got all dressed up for ILD
I really just wanted to put on my new dress
Suggestions are more than welcome

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I got to wear my dream dress. Still working to completely flush out my coord and have gotten lots of helpful concrit, I can't wait to wear it again

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Your face is adorable.

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You look amazing!

Oh gosh thank you so much!

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I would suggest against puff sleeves and doing that pose. It's really unflattering and makes you look like a linebacker or PT.
coord is cute though, I'd nitpick the cuffs.
I really like the style of that wig and the headpiece

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Thanks, it took me a while to get used to, since I'm used to regular bows, and not things with wire in them.

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Thank you!

Yeah I see what you mean about the pose + puff sleeves :/

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Which dress is this?

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It's Kidsyoyo's Cloudy OP Set

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I would suggest a 3/4 kind of like this crude stickman I made

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Lol, that stickman is glorious. And I have a different blouse that I was tossing around but opted for this one because it was hot as heck. Though, this blouse is way too big for me so I think that probably made the problem worse.

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Didn't get any good solo pics during the day but I took one when I got home at like 11PM
We went to a tudor manor and had high tea. It was pretty amazing. Not super happy with my coord, shoes and blouse I wanted to wear with this dress didn't come in time. Fuckin' EMS.

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*flesh out

super cute though!

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you look so precious. something on your arms, or maybe a vest over the dress, could give it a fuller look.

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I was posted in the CoF thread yesterday I think, so I don't wanna repost, but if anyone saw the Victorian Tassel coord that one is me.

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>inb4 100 replies, 15 images

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I hated my coord once I got home and looked at the pics of it so I'm not even gonna make an ILD post. Sucks, was looking forward to it. I guess it doesn't matter since I didn't have a big comm meet or anything to wear it to anyway...

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My dress for IDL got here on time but it didn't fit my bust so i just threw everything on last minute. Concrits are more than welcome.

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I love that dress!

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Thanks anon!

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put a little bit of red in the bonnet and it'll be a great outfit. One or two bows/roses would suffice

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thank you anon

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Went with my gf to a meet, this was my coord. Haven't really got any feedback on it though. It was my first completed coord. I've done other since it, It's just my most complete one so I wore it for ILD.
Any critique is welcome!

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The two things I dislike the most about the coord apart from the lack of red hairpieces (which anon already mentioned) is that the socks don't match the JSK in terms of colour or motif, and the fact that you chose to wear one of the easiest to clock replicas.

Other than that the coord's solid, if not a bit basic.

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Looks great! Love how you balanced out all the colours.

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Thank you! I felt like, this being my first complete coord that I might have missed something or done something wrong but I've been getting only good feedback in the places I have posted it. Gives me confidence about finishing the rest of my coords to completion now.

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Love the coord, I think your hair could be styled differently? It's a nitpick, I feel like it doesn't frame your face well with the tight curls

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Super cute!! If you wanted, you could go a liittle heavier on makeup? It's not exactly a casual coord, and I feel like if you had some red lips or something it'd look pretty elegant.

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My 2nd ILD ever. I'm a newer Lolita, probably been at it since October of 2014. I'm glad that I managed to skip over my ita phase by starting it when I was 21, but I'm sure I'm still in my nitpick stage.

>inb4 you look angry

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You're cute. All I can say is maybe different tights next time.

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More like
>inb4 picture with ipad
what are you doing?

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I'm planning on getting a sax bolero soon

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I like the cuffs with it a lot. I feel like the printed socks are overload, but that's just a personal preference because I'm a boring hag.

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Phone was charging at the time and I try to get at least one photo with my baking pan at every con because I think it's funny.

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Went out with small local comm to my first tea outing.
Didn't do much planning and threw together a simple coord, but I'm very happy with it nonetheless!

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Ok thanks for the critique! I have a friend who's good at makeup, I'll have to get with her and practice makeup more.

I actually didn't have any lipstick when i put everything on, so I had to borrow my girlfriend's lipstick and use it (she was wearing a sweet coord, and pink matched it).

I'll need to expand my makeup cabinet a little bit more

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Simple but great. Nothing to complain about here, well done. I love the curls are the end of the braids by the way. Stiff straight tails weird me out for some reason on wigs.

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I love these threads, 'cause I get to see how hypocritical and ita /cgl/ is.

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There hasn't been a single ita posted yet...

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You look familiar, have you self posted on here before?

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it's a troll, just ignore and move on

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This is the first ILD I ever attended so I was pretty excited!
This was taken at the end of the day so try to ignore the fact that my hair became mostly uncurled.

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Yeah, I self post too often.

You're so pretty!

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They're coming. Besides, most of these outfits are sub-par at best. Like the shit lolita-tips puts together.

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Oh wow thank you!

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Not everyone can afford to go all out for ILD, especially if they don't really go anywhere nice. For some people, ILD isn't really a big deal, just another day, especially if they wear lolita often.

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Everyone's so matchy and uninspiring though, where's the creativity guys?

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That piercing does nothing to compliment your face. It makes you look like a bull version of PT.

I think a different headpiece would have done the coord better, or a stiffer bonnet.

Not a fan of the tights. What color are the shoes pray tell?
It's just an average coord. Nothing to really pick at.

You look very nice.

Not a huge fan of the socks with this coord but it's decent. Maybe try curling your hair?

I'd rather see average coords than costumey OTT, if that's what you're saying.
Yes I know one can have creative accents on average coords too. However I don't remember average, "matchy" coords ever being a problem for pepole until OTT became more popular and so expectations grew more outlandish for "event" coordinates.

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Lol when girls get creative cgl generally calls them itas. They're probably not confident in posting. I don't want to post mine either. I respect the girls who have the guts to self post.

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you look perfect, thanks for the contribution

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i only ended up taking one picture over the day.

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She posts in like every self thread. Some anons call her star chan

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This was my first summer ILD My comm went for a picnic in a botanical garden, so I tried to go for something light and summery.

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>dat messy room
at least blur out the background or something

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You look perfect? How tall are you if youndon't mind me asking? I need this dress but also need it to not look like a tent and flat measurements don't always work out

>> No.8389264

You look fine, some of us are constantly worried about our hair being too curly

>> No.8389269

Things match...cgl complains.
Things don't match...cgl complains.
I gave up trying to please salty bitches.

>> No.8389270

I really wouldn't call that that messy. Not compared to some of the horrors we've seen on here.

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Cropped out my friend since I didn't want to post her without her permission. Her sewing machine died not long before the meet so she wound up having to cannibalize part of my outfit (a velveteen bustier from baby) but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out!

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Be nice anon. She asked for concert on her coord, not her piercing

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girl you need some bangs
that's my dream dress and you wore it well
i'm sorry but this doesn't look very lolita

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I'll bite. I had a different Coord planned but it didn't work out so this was my back up and I'm glad I went with this after all. I did a smaller/casual poof intentionally.

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Agreeing with >>8389327
It's like you tried to dress up for a renfaire.

>> No.8389342

I know, but I haven't found a style that suits me yet. My hair is very fine, and I look like PT with straight bangs, so I really don't know what to do

>> No.8389345

I think it's the skirt length and the amount of poof that doesn't give off the proper aesthetic. It just ends up coming off as more of a historical costume.

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I was really nervous doing gothic since I'm like a sweet lolita 98.9% of the time but I love doing new things for ILD! I wish I had less sweet shoes, but they are wine not pillarbox red like the picture makes them look

this is just too precious, the hair and glasses really make it
the blouse and bow is just so cute, I wish you did different hair/wig though because it looks a little cosplayish?
just perfection

>> No.8389391

aw thank you. im not entirely sure what to do with my wigs though, as my normal hairstyle isnt really suitable. on top of that there's not much help for ouji hair in general.

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I find there's nothing wrong with an updo if your hair's a bit too long! I just feel the style should be smooth and sleek rather than spiked

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an updo would be a little tricky with my hair like this anon but thank you anyway. ill see what i can come up with before next ild.

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Thanks. Probably just looks off cause I'm a dude though. I actually like how that wig looks on me.

>> No.8389426

I like this but I would have worn tights instead of knee socks. Other than that it looks really nice.

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>not part of the way you dress and hence the coordinate
I don't have to sugarcoat it for you. If you want your ass kissed then go back to god-modding on the plus size sales page.

>> No.8389571

bumping for more photos

>> No.8389577

I've seen casual coordinates that look more creative than the shit in here.

>> No.8389585

Lets see your ILD coord then, oh great one.

>> No.8389603

I really like how your hair looks. It goes with the softness of the dress, and wow does your hair color compliment your skin tone. I really love how you look w/o bangs here! You have some gorgeous facial structure.

>> No.8389606

So much salt

>> No.8389611

You were adorable in the ILD video for the NY meet.

>> No.8389616

You don't need bangs anon, you look fine

>> No.8389619

>can't handle a comment about a piercing
>calling someone else salty
You shouldn't come here.

>> No.8389639

Yeah I take out all my piercings now when I am in Lolita because I realized they aren't really suitable. Though I am definitely lenient on that if it is a new piercing that could grow over.
Also I care much less when used in a gothic coord.

>> No.8389641

I'm not whipped kitty anon or the anon that told you to be a little nicer. You should really keep an eye on the Posters counter before accusing someone of samefagging.

You can critique someone's coord without literally saying they look like an animal. Is this not something you've ever been taught?

I called you salty bc you brought up her being a mod which has no relevance to anything so it makes me think maybe you're upset about being banned or warned or something.

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You're getting unusually defensive on behalf of someone that isn't yourself. Just saying.

She looks like a bull with that nose piercing. In fact, that's a common opinion about that type of piercing that even normies have. People get called worse shit here all the time, and I brought up modding because it seems people like her (re: you) are not used to having no power on the internet and so you throw tantrums at people whenever you feel even the most slighted. A shame you can't throw a warning or a ban here for people speaking their minds...

>> No.8389665

I agree with this anon. The septum only adds ugliness to your face. It makes the gorilla nose more obvious. You dont want to highlight that shit

>> No.8389675

The point is you could have just said "piercing looks bad, take it out next time" rather than go the extra step and tell her she looks like PT.

If it makes you feel better to pretend that I'm her, knock yourself out, kid

>> No.8389680

Quit being butthurt because someone equated you to PT. This board is hardly ever nice, and it seems the reason why you hate it now is because a not-so-nice comment has been directed towards you. Gtfo.

>> No.8389681

Every human being has a septum. You're thinking of a septum piercing

>> No.8389693

Oh god I'm so dumb

I took the bait, like a chump

8/10 you got me to respond a total of 4 times.

>> No.8389695

Septum (Piercing) was implied

>> No.8389698

PT would be pretty too if she wore more flattering things and dressed appropriately for her age. Why is it okay for you to imply PT is uglier than the black girl? That doesn't seem like very nice behavior, anon. You're not nice.

>> No.8389700

Thanks, I give all credit to her editing, she cut out the other really stupid stuff I said lol.
>>Have you ever been catcalled or received negative comments?
Someone called me bo-peep once but I was wearing a bergere or "shepherdess" style hat so...I guess i was asking for it...just that one time...
>>massive awkwardness

>> No.8389701

We all know that anon wasn't trying to say that whipped kitty anon looked pretty, let's not play this game.

>> No.8389705

The world isnt your personal hugbox. /cgl/ might as well teach you that

>> No.8389706

>weh b8
>still responds
You're making a fool out of yourself. Just take out the piercing and shut up already. It is good advice whether or not it was said more harshly than your liking.

>> No.8389712

Okay, 9/10

You're very persistent.

>> No.8389714

But she would look better if she didn't have the piercing, which is exactly what anon said. You're awful mad.

>> No.8389717

You misunderstood what I said anon.

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I ended up working a yard sale so I wore generic ruffle socks over my tights but didn't take an outfit shot before I changed.

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Rating my "bait" doesn't take away the truth of the matter.

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>> No.8389723

Not the same anon but she isn't that pretty and the piercing isn't helping.

>> No.8389726

>anyone who disagrees with me is trolling

Whew you're upset. Ugly piercing girl detected.

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File: 451 KB, 1152x1743, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posted the wrong image like an idiot.

>> No.8389730

>forever crying for not buying MK

>> No.8389732

I assumed trolling because of the refusal to believe that I could be anyone other than her

now I am pretty much just screwing around for the hell of it.

>> No.8389741

Or maybe you've just gone such full-retard there's no turning back now.

Reminds me of the whole Kate controversy about her hipster glasses. At least Kate had an excuse to be wearing the glasses and eventually took people's advice to get rid of them. What excuse does someone have for a piercing that doesn't even match the aesthetic of lolita? No excuse.

>> No.8389748

Nah, just boredom I think.

Also this is kind of interesting, like talking to a YEC

>> No.8389786


Y'all really must not have that much to do with your time. Lawd, I go away for a few hours and you gulls lose your damn minds.

Yes my face looks like shit in this picture, but I'm pretty sure I was posting my coord. So much salt. Also, white knight-chans I don't need my feels protected from anons on cgl.

>> No.8389792

You're embarrassing and it's quite obvious you've been posting the entire time. Nobody cares. Shut up and quit hijacking the thread with your horseshit.

>> No.8389797

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool up in here, up in here

>> No.8389809

So much salt. I'm flattered that you think I care enough about cgl to samefag though

Bless you anon

>> No.8389816

You care enough to respond just because someone doesn't like your piercing. Seems you're a basic bitch.

>> No.8389820

You are just as guilty of shitting up the thread as everyone else so how about everyoen just simmer the hell down

>> No.8389824

I couldn't care less about people liking my piercing. Hence the reason I still wear it despite constant concrit against it

>> No.8389831

Wow you're so kawaii desu desu!! Just like a middle schooler!! Tee hee.

>> No.8389835

Yet you'll get your whiteknights to spam the thread and call anyone who doesn't like it salty. You're such a cuntrag.

>> No.8389836

wtf are you talking about? i'm horribly underweight for my height because of a medication i have to take and eating disorders
why do you assume i'm a fatty-chan for defending her?

>> No.8389838

>samefagging this hard
I thought you didn't care?

>> No.8389846

samefagging? do you think i'm the girl in the photo?

>> No.8389847

Might very well be no one tied to piercedchan. Might just be someone who thinks a lolita has a right to wear whatever piercing they want. Probably want to adopt a low-sodium diet there, prudechan.

>> No.8389848

Poster count much? Anon you are really on my cock, tho. Like if you want me to do you that much all you gotta do is ask

>> No.8389849

Lowercasing each sentence and pretending not to be isn't exactly the best cover, dear.

>> No.8389855

Holy shit, STOP. This is why we can't have nice things

Moot why wouldnt you give us user IDs when we asked ;-; look at what you've done.

>> No.8389856

>Might just be someone who thinks a lolita has a right to wear whatever piercing they want.

I'm an anon who believes that people can have whatever opinion about facial piercings that they want and aren't necessarily salty if they believe they don't fit in lolita.

Septum piercings rarely work. And it doesn't for that girl. If you disagree then you disagree. That's it. You can stop arguing now.

>> No.8389858

>Anon you are really on my cock, tho.
So you ARE a brolita.

>> No.8389862

Sure, why not? We'll go with that.

>> No.8389863

Well, in fairness it is in your obnoxious namefagging.

>> No.8389864

Sarcasm is what?

>> No.8389866

Cock in your mouth is what? :^)

>> No.8389870

You look really nice!

>> No.8389873

That's just Tuesday

>> No.8389874

RIP thread we hardly knew ye

>> No.8389891

Thanks for shitting on a thread that started off on topic and was decent, gulls. Take a fistful of Midol and come back when you're done being bitter.

>> No.8389917

>134 replies, 21 images

gulls pls

>> No.8389932
File: 445 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-09-12-36-40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or maybe because i'm a different person??? with a different typing style??

>> No.8389938
File: 315 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-09-13-08-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more proof

>> No.8389956

What are you trying to prove with those caps exactly? Anons are more annoyed that nobody has contributed to the thread for 100 replies and here you are trying to shitstir posts that were made more than an hour ago. Get over it.

>> No.8389958

hide your piercing for gods sake

>> No.8389960

try matte shoes, curly hair or use a wig, and change out the tights

>> No.8389965

perfect. no flaws

>> No.8389972

just a nitpick-id perfer black shoes to tie it together better. but its still fine as is

>> No.8389973

The hair looks fine and those are not tight curls. Now goldilocks ringlets look bad

This is why I keep saying that historical costume and painting inspired 'lolita' needs its own fashion entirely. All that J et Jet stuff can go into that category too as well as Elizebethan, Tudor and whatver stuff

>> No.8389975

add a long wig, and a headdress to make it look less cosplayish

>> No.8389977

change out the socks

>> No.8389984

add bands, and hair volume. and invest in a good petticoat

>> No.8389989

Haenuli's The Little Mermaid is also pretty cute with a similar level of detail

>> No.8389990

the pearls on the head bother me--meh. thats all

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File: 1.57 MB, 2560x1920, 20150609_181252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is pretty much my first coord and was worn to my first meet! The picture isn't very good but I cba to retake it

I love it but I agree that the shoes need to be changed for new ones
I hope they come in time for the next time you want to wear it so you can do the dress justice!

Hot af 10/10
But I would suggest some white in other parts of the coord to balance it out too

It looks really simple and clean! #goals

>> No.8390004

Looks really cute anon. If you work up the courage to self-post wearing it, I look forward to seeing it. How did you do your hear with it? I love hats in coords.

>> No.8390015

Thank you, a lot both of you^^

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File: 83 KB, 659x623, jesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8390101

I think you missed my point. I wasn't arguing with your opinion, but with your assumption that if someone tells you to stfu that they must be a whiteknight or peircedchan themselves.

>> No.8390119

Such a cute dress!
What brand/print? I may want to mimic you because imitation is the best form of flattery.

>> No.8390131

You're kidding, right

>> No.8390139

Not that anon but she did say her hair was curled earlier in the day.

>> No.8390150

any suggestion on what kind of print/type of tights I could use, I have some I mde myself with silver crosses on the front and back or would that be too much black?

>> No.8390159

It's the Lotta JSK rerelease from Innocent World.

>> No.8390173


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This was what I wore. Gonna revisit it to add a couple more punk elements..

More details @ http://pottergirl26.tumblr.com/post/120895578846/happy-ild-i-wore-this-coord-out-to-the-chicago

>> No.8390188

I like the harlequin, it's just my opinion that elegant/gothic looks work better with less leg skin showing. OTKs or if it were me, tights. It looks just fine how it is, that's just my opinion.

>> No.8390190
File: 77 KB, 491x760, il_570xN.234191274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah! All alternative cultures are the same and can be mixed together into one big mess! Just look at my goth-steampunk-punk coordinate I made!

>> No.8390196

Oh I see! they were just otk but they kinda drooped in that photo if it makes it any better haha

>> No.8390234

Eyyyyy South Side Lolita! Are you a part of the Chicago comm? I don't believe I've ever seen you before~

(Southside/NWI as well)

>> No.8390272

>punk lolita
I love you

>> No.8390273

Yeah that's part of the reason for my suggestion, I have similarly shaped legs (t-rex life). Knee socks look ~ok~ but usually draw attention to the fact that my legs are upside down triangles and OTK never want to stay up or worse, they squish the flesh just above my knee so that my thighs have a muffin top. Tights smooth the legs out, don't usually add any poorly-placed horizontal lines like socks, and I honestly find them cooler, temperature-wise, than bare skin & bloomers, avoiding swamp-ass when it's hot out and you've got half a dozen layers on. I'm self concious about my legs but that doesn't mean you need to be, the socks look fine, as I said, but having a similar body shape, I'd have worn tights.

>> No.8390274

Hey girl! I joined in the fall so newish. I'm in Hyde Park.
No idea if we've run into each other. But I'll be at the swap meet, the pinic meet, and Midwest.

>> No.8390288


what is this garbage

>> No.8390335
File: 64 KB, 143x415, 11393237_1658118241089351_3827947154710433420_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was deliberately going for a historical classic look, I was wearing two petticoats (my skirt was super full, fyi, just not showing up in that photo because i was standing close to my friend)
i've seriously never had comments like this before when i've worn this dress so i'm pretty sure it's the french hood that's throwing you guys off and the fact that i went for a more comfortable/historically accurate hairstyle than a hime wig like i often do at events

>> No.8390346

Cute, but the hat is too floppy imo. If you have time, I'd just buy a pink beret and put the bow on it

>> No.8390353

Don't get me wrong, it looks nice, I think it's partly the shape of the skirt that's doing it.
BTW sauce on the headpiece?

>> No.8390360
File: 102 KB, 960x960, 11414775_905444606182001_1955812836_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First ILD, and first coordinate that I was even slightly proud of. I have nitpicks of my own, but my wardrobe is too small to do much about it yet.

>> No.8390392


>> No.8390394

Sweeeeet. I didn't actually join the comm until Summer last year; I had been a lone Lolita up until then. I'm originally from East Chicago/Gary area, but am further east now. I'm trying to make it to the swap meet, but regardless I'll see you at Midwest!

>sage for OT

>> No.8390499

I do like the idea, I just think the execution is poor: the tights and shoes clash terribly with the rest of the look, and your hair is incredibly plain, plus the photos you've posted make it look like you have 0 poof. It just adds up to a combo of "this isn't lolita" and "this is a coord made of nitpick"

The French hood, while lovely, overwhelms the rest of the look, and your head. In lolita I would expect to see it more balanced, either with tights or shoes that complement the gold. The clutter of necklaces also overwhelms in comparison to the plain bottom of the dress.

>> No.8390501
File: 409 KB, 785x785, 2015-06-09_20.37.20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did try for a beret but it turned up bright pink instead of baby pink so I'm pretty pissed like, it changed the whole tone of the coord
The hat was also picked up at a £1 store halfway through the meet so it was a good last minute find rather than something immaculately planned

I have no full pictures of the coord worn which is why I just posted this but I have a selfie so you can see my hair?

>> No.8390782


>> No.8390792


>> No.8391081
File: 177 KB, 1280x960, IMG144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP and OTKs: Innocent World
Headdress: Bodyline
Bag: Dream V
Shoes and Accessories: Offbrand

>> No.8391132

Both photos show you with little poof, which may be that the dress is heavier than what your 2 petticoats can handle. It also looks like you were using petticoats that were either shorter than the dress or a cupcake because it looks like the poof disappears and the rest is just hanging in that picture.

>> No.8391320


The event theme was Royalty and the dress is Juliette et Justine. I thought >> 8390335 looked great in person, given the event theme! She and her friend had a nice take on the "royal" theme, compared to all of the hime lolitas and mini crowns.

>> No.8391346

every time I see that dress I'm amazed by how ugly it is

>> No.8391448

it's almost as though standing close to people causes skirts to squish?!

>> No.8391457


I really do want that dress. It was so pretty, and soft looking.

>> No.8391464
File: 358 KB, 650x361, course de laristocrate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is SUPER comfy! The other colourways are really unusual but I like them lots-- definitely plan on getting them at some point.

>> No.8391481

Holy shit that purple

>> No.8391489

She is standing to the side of 1 person in both pictures, so it isn't like she is squished between people.

>> No.8391497

I'm standing between two people in one of them

>> No.8391530

Please iron your clothes. That at the very least you cannot get defensive about, accept the fact your outfit sucks and get better for it.

>> No.8391540

things wrinkle when you sit or spend time in a car
not everything is made out of the same poly-cotton basic weave

>> No.8391541
File: 57 KB, 733x720, 1390105514515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon! I think the same, but this wig curls perfectly on its own and just naturally does that when I braid it. It's great.

Thank you so much for the flattery everyone!

>> No.8391547

What wig is that? Super cute!

>> No.8391551
File: 118 KB, 503x684, 46983749086921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Turn other the cheek

>> No.8391558

Yeah... I'd need to see that worn. Shit looks like your puppies will be hanging out.

>> No.8391597

Shut up , your dress look like shit.

>> No.8391604

read left to right, you doof

>> No.8391612

why are you so mad tho
are you one of the girls that spent a huge chunk of the event complaining? :(

>> No.8391618

don't dead
open inside

>> No.8391682

>don't dead open inside

>> No.8391697
File: 638 KB, 200x150, tumblr_inline_n18dv6kYAg1rigfuk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anon, my soulmate

>> No.8391737

Man itaqueen, usually I love your outfits but I have to agree with some of the anons this time.

The tights and shoes look terrible out of place, and the length of the skirt is really awkward. It might look better if we had a picture that wasn't you squished between to people but it just looks weird. Also as another anon said, the imbalance between the large headdress and multiple necklaces and the plain bottom half just adds to the weirdness.

Basically the top half looks pretty great but the bottom half looks very weird.

>> No.8391756


I'd pass on the circle lenses altogether if I were you. You don't need them and they don't suit you.

>> No.8391760

itaqueen is living up to her trip

>> No.8392038

Noted. I'll ditch the lenses next time.

>> No.8392048

I didn't take part in it.

>> No.8392196

Nice Co-ord, Simple and Elegant.
Loving the neat pleates, too!!

>> No.8392215

I think it might just be the angle, but too much leg in my opinion. Opt for a longer JSK or wear some OTK's or below the knee socks. (preferably in a colour that matches your JSK, that way it brings the whole coord together)

Pretty sure just the angle though... Nice first coord. :)

>> No.8392218


>> No.8392799

my bad, thought it was a strapless bustier-style JSK, now realizing it's an op

>> No.8392835


>> No.8393008

You are perfection
Do you have a website or a blog by any chance?

>> No.8393089

They're brown and they actually match the brown in the print. Still not at all what I wanted. Do you even read?

>> No.8393595

Do you have a close-up of your headdress? It looks really cool, I'd like to see the details.

>> No.8393687
File: 252 KB, 500x281, 1353766040860.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon!
It's a lockshop mermaid beachy.
Despite the mermaid waves, it actually curls very easily. I just made separate parts before using my hands to twirl the parts into ringlets before braiding it. (And the curls brush out just as easily, so it's a super versatile wig!)

Ahh thanks for the flattery! It means a lot to me.
I don't actually wear lolita often... I do have fb.com/usagimonster but there's very little lolita content besides one ILD picture.
so the only other I have to offer is my instagram @usagimon, although I barely update that.

>> No.8393691
File: 141 KB, 960x832, 11377355_2304431413858_382544411248259723_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My puppies were safe. Idk if you can tell from the picture but there's a white lace modesty panel. See grainy pic.

>> No.8393703
File: 68 KB, 480x640, ild_me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This summer's ILD outfit. A little plain, but it works. The shoes I'm wearing actually match the cameo jewelry I have on, but it's hard to see in the photo.

>> No.8393765

Your hair looks pretty bad. Wear a wig next time?

>> No.8393839


I don't think a wig is necessary, just some more bangs styling & maybe curl product.

>> No.8394148
File: 319 KB, 300x663, it-me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's my outfit, unfortunately nothing too fancy, there was no meetup to go to and I'm still working on building up my wardrobe. But I had fun hanging out with my normalfag friends!

>> No.8394677
File: 81 KB, 259x383, 1359548872628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you for real

>> No.8394806

weak b8

>> No.8394864

What do you mean, what's wrong with it?

>> No.8394873
File: 13 KB, 200x230, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8394909

So kawaii!!! ^__^b

>> No.8395115

...what's RIGHT with it?

>> No.8395120

Okay real talk now, that cupcake frosting overskirt thing idea could have so much potential in the right coordinate if it was constructed better and didn't look so out of place.

Imagine with a chocolate print and it looked like dark chocolate dripping down? Or if it could be achieved with chiffon?

>> No.8395121

Oh noes guise.
She went to "Asspats of Frills" cause we were so mean. We even got called out! D:

>> No.8395125

screen cap?
I'm still pending

>> No.8395130

>cat eye lenses
oh fuck no.

sorry to anyone who likes them but the damage is real.

>> No.8395136

you look angry

>> No.8395142

Lotta has been iconic/infamous forever. You and just about ever other sweet/classic lolita ever are gagging for it, myself included

>> No.8395151

Totally agree with you. Don't like this coord but could see the idea being taken further/done better in the manner you described. What is really frustrating about this fashion sometimes is people come up with some creative ideas but might not always have the budget to best execute/express them and it ends up looking tacky. Like bittersweet- I hate that WAMH jsk and just about every google image result where you can tell the coord was cobbled together with whatever anon had already. Now if it were done with prints like Holy Lantern and Cinema doll and less mismatching offbrand accessories...

>> No.8395165
File: 66 KB, 495x779, nobiggie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's... really not that big of a deal, guys. She just asked for concrit.

Anon, you're in my comm and you're super sweet and I know your ability to coord far exceeds this, but I'm just going to help you out here because I hate getting attacked on CoF. I think some of you other anons are exaggerating a little bit, this isn't HORRID but you've got some issues in the coord, though you started with an overall good idea. I think the big issue is the blouse. Normalfag peasant blouses are frowned upon in lolita, to say the least. They just don't fit the aesthetic at all. Don't be the next Folk-chan. I would switch it out with a cute white, red or pink cutsew. They're really easy to make so unless you're terrified of working with knits I would give it a shot. I think your hairstyle is cute, and I feel it's a little nitpicky to get on about the glasses in a casual coordinate. Like the other person said on CoF, the replica skirt might be an issue as well. For me, I feel like the apron is a little too blaring. It's a really cute idea, but I feel it would work better to redo it in white, as the bright color combined with the unique cut is a little much (though I do love the idea of it being worked into a chocolate coord, would you mind if I tried my hand at a similar style apron in chocolate?) Other than that, some jewelry would be good, at least a necklace and a bracelet. Don't be too discouraged, I would really love to see you give this outfit another shot!

>> No.8395241

That JeJ dress is the ugliest fucking dress I've ever seen. It doesn't flatter you, WannabeWolfHall-chan, if you're still reading the thread. My advice is sell it, or go for THIS silhouette. This is the silhouette you're going for with that dress.

>> No.8395247

u mad?
she looks totally fine

>> No.8395296


Well.... if she seriously wants con crit, here it is:

The biggest problem is the apron. Ditch it, and the coord is instantly 50% better. The blue is a bit too bright and clashes with the pink, which is really difficult on the eyes. The shape of the apron is really narrow and appears to be squishing the pink skirt down.

(I like the concept, but the execution here just doesn't work, especially in that blue with that pink).

The second biggest problem is the blouse. I don't know about the characteristics of a folk blouse, the main issue here is that it's really shapeless, so her entire front looks like it's potatoes. She needs either a better fitted blouse that shows where her boobs are and then comes in to show where her waist is, or a cutsew like anon suggested (which would naturally be tight enough to show her silhoutte).

Everything after the apron and blouse are fixed would just be nitpicks, like not wearing enough jewellery (the neck looks so empty), or the socks being too sheer (the colour is somewhat unbalanced with the block of white for the blouse and the block of pink for the skirt).

Her hair is cute, I really like the little buns.

>> No.8395304


p/s - I'm not active on FB, so I'm not on CoF. I guess someone feel free to copy paste the info to her, although I was expecting her to be lurking on here as well.

>> No.8395310
File: 127 KB, 870x1162, 11357268_1660108004208740_4616069543246806685_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I posted my ILD coord in CoF hoping to get feedback on how to better my coord but didn't get any. I know it's missing something but I can't put my finger on it.

>> No.8395311

It's most certainly the petticoat which looks very deflated btw. You need more volume.

>> No.8395322

Hm...you do need more volume, I think that's it; but it doesn't seem as if that JSK can fit a much bigger petti underneath.
Is there more room under there? If so, try another petti along with the one you have now or a fluffier one.

>> No.8395334

I can't see much of it, but that blouse is unflattering and makes you look like a linebacker. Also it's possible the shoes match better irl but in this particular picture the bluish green looks kind of weird, I see where in the dress you pulled it from but it's not pulled in anywhere else in the outfit. If I'm trying to bring out an accent color I usually shoot for 3 things with that color in the coord, even if it were just a blue-green headbow or something.

>> No.8395367

god I hate CoF.

>> No.8395426

thanks for the concrit. Finally getting a haircut this weekend and bringing life back to my haircape.

>> No.8395437

There was a very fluffy petti on under it that was A-line. Maybe a cupcake petti? Maybe I should try it with too or add more fabric to the skirt, I still have a lot left.

I do need to get another blouse an the other ones that I own were not he right white. I also have linebacker shoulders so almost any blouse will look the same. Maybe try a OP next time. I want to bring more of the accent color out with maybe a wrist cuff and neckless other than the pink. More in hair bows?

>> No.8395441

more volume, a different neckline because that's way too wide on you, and a longer fringe because it's giving you a weird face shape
also i dislike the ears but idk if it was a themed meet

>> No.8395442

I think adding fabric to the skirt and a cupcake petti will help.
Though, try adding just the cupcake petti first and see the results.

>> No.8395481

There was a animal theme and I went with bunny, but I will say that the ears were a bit rushed. I went with this wig because it was a pony clip and the longer wig that I was wearing was making me very hot. So I went for comfort over look. But that is something I will keep in mind for later.

I will try a cupcake petti first before taking it apart to add more. But I think that's what I'm gonna have to do. not looking forward to it, but I want this dress to look great.

Thank you Anons for the input.

>> No.8395486

More volume, accessories, and a different headdress. Try a bow

>> No.8395492

But I have bows. One big bow?

>> No.8395507

It's so full of whiteknights, sjws, and people who's feelings are more delicate than a spider's web

>> No.8395533

Why would you selfpost on cgl in the first place if you're going to run and cry on CoF.
Like, if you were posted by someone, fine. Understandable.
It's like purposely hurting yourself and then crying to get attention for it.

>> No.8395658

I just said that the response to my outfit was negative and I'd like concrit as how to improve it, since the most informative response I got before i posted was "lol nice bait". Since 4chan obviously wasn't going to help me out I figured I'd take the issue somewhere else.
I realise the blouse isn't all that great, I'm working on making one in yellow to actually match with the skirt. I just put the outfit together out of what I had to work with, and I'm in serious need of a short sleeve lolita blouse. All the ones I have are long sleeves. And I agree with the chocolate idea, the apron I made is actually reversible with bitter chocolate and pink accents on the reverse side! I think its really cute and although people may not think it goes with this skirt, I'll find something that it looks great with.
Thank you very much, I've got a few necklaces and things on the way but they haven't arrived yet.
I didn't selfpost with the intention to "run and cry on CoF", I went to CoF after there was apparently something horribly wrong with my outfit and no one told me what it was.

>> No.8395704

>posting on 4chan
>expecting anything different

I mean, no offence anon, but it really looked like a shit post.

>here's my outfit

>messy hair
>incomplete coord
>replica skirt
>cateye lenses

If you've been here long enough, and browsed the nitpick or ita threads, you'll know that this was a recipe for disaster

>didn't ask for critique
>I had fun hanging out with my normalfag friends

The whole post felt like somone just found a nitpick image off the net, posted it here as a shitpost

That's why you got the b8 comments about it.

keep lurking, improve your coords, ask questions in the coord help threads when putting together coords or thinking about buying/coording things together, and you'll be well on your way to making great things

but this just isn't the best.

>> No.8395823

I didn't ask for critic because 4chan isn't really the place where critics have to be asked for, it's not like CoF where you've got to specifically state that you want critic.
After a few "lol gr8 b8" posts I specifically asked what was wrong and no one answered.
Also can y'all stop riding my dick about my glasses? I need them to see so I can't really go without them. What glasses shape would be acceptable for you because wire frames look like trash, thick frames are equally bad and anything else is gonna be a plastic colour that wouldn't match some things.

>> No.8395835

I got them bad eyes too, I've been trying getting frames from zennioptical, they are pretty affordable even if you blind as fuck like me, a $10 pair became a $25 pair with all the stuff I needed but I got a lot of compliments on them (seen here >>8389333)

If you don't like a pair you can return and get credit to spend on a different pair so it's not a total waste if they end up looking terrible.

Also I used my optical insurance to get single use contacts a few years ago and since i don't wear contacts very often, a 1-year supply has lasted something like 5 years now. Keep them stored in a cool dark place and you don't have to worry too much about the "expiration date". One more option to consider.

>> No.8395874

>posted this on cgl with, let's just say incredibly negative results, and no hint of what's wrong with it

>implying you wanted critique but didn't ask for it here on cgl

All I'm trying to say is, if you had asked for critique here, you wouldn't have gotten the troll posts, as people thought you were trolling posting someone else on here.

>> No.8396840
File: 317 KB, 1366x2048, 11118477_10205301108900657_4871287259270919123_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what I wore for ILD. We had a nature/animal themed meet I co-hosted. I later took off the long sweater and the fur because it got into the high 90's. I was going for a mori-kei inspired look. I posted on CoF but didn't get any critique. Dish it! This is totally away from my normal style. I had different shoes planned but I broke a toe and had to quickly find a replacement pair that weren't high heels </3

>> No.8396879
File: 67 KB, 570x428, rosependant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think I see what you were going for but this just looks like a mashup of Tumblr Favorites to me.
I'm glad you ditched the Urban Outfitters sweater. I'd also ditch the Urban Outfitters belt.

I'd also... not wear the dot tights with socks (or at all) because I thought you had terrible ingrown hairs on your legs for a few seconds. Cute dress though, is that meta? And I like your wig a lot, where is it from?

The bright purple necklace doesn't go with the dusty rose/purple crown, and the motif seems almost gothic, definitely more flamboyant and geometric than the rest of your outfit.

Pic related is a vintage painted porcelain pendant, I think something like this would be perfect for your outfit and they're not difficult to find for ~$10 . This one was listed at $13 on etsy. I bought one locally for a few bucks less.

>> No.8396897
File: 86 KB, 728x1088, ild84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both the wig and dress are Bodyline.
Here's what it looked like after ditching stuff and breaking an antler (because, you know, low hanging branches)...
I agree the pendant you posted looks a lot better. Legit just wanted to wear that necklace haha, no excuse.
Plain sheer tights instead or just no tights?

>> No.8396923


Is it Wig 050? Because I think I just bought it in a color that doesn't suit me. Do you remember which shade yours is? Did you treat it after receiving it to reduce the shine?

It's a cute necklace, and I agree it's suitable for other coords. It'd even be nice with this dress with other matching accessories.

Sheer tights if you want the coverage/skin correction, otherwise just the socks are fine. You (unlike me) aren't so tall that you need to try to cover up that space, I think.

>> No.8396933

Suggestion: don't be star chan

>> No.8396938

Yeah it is wig 050! I chose the pink/brown shade 8. I think the one I chose ended up just not being shiny. What color did you get?

>> No.8396948

pdx represent

>> No.8396949


Siigh. I got medium brown 4 and it's really warm toned. I look better in ash. I just bought a different"brown" wig that ended up purple so I was worried about doing that again. Your photo just looks cool-ish brown, are there violet fibers mixed in?

>> No.8396996

nah I'd say they're more baby pink
i'm sorry your wig didn't work out

>> No.8397000

you know it
seriously though if this is who i think it is, this is all your fault

>> No.8397017


>> No.8397027

People think you're a troll because you look fucking ugly as hell. Also you don't need to get disgusting rockabitchy frames. They don't suit your(or anyone's face) and make everyone who wears them look like a frumpy secretary from the 50s with a stick up her ass.

Nothing about this coord is good, it's ill fitted, the melting stuff makes no sense with the print and holy shit that blouse makes your tits look like bags of sand.

Once I found out you were serious I got embarrassed for you and then laughed a lot.

>> No.8397148

Is the wig noticeably pink? In the photos it looks more milk tea

>> No.8397155

not to me. it really ends up looking milk tea.

>> No.8397181

Kek. Anon certainly covered all the bases here

>> No.8397299

I like it except
- no dot tights
- those socks look like they're straining on your legs and they cut off at a really unflattering point
I think either ankle socks or tights would be better on you

>> No.8401629

thank you for the honest critique :)

>> No.8401669

>what's left with it?

>> No.8401696

>stop riding my dick
i think you are misusing this idiom, to ride one's dick generally means the rider is trying to get approval/attention from the idiomatic dick-haver.

riding one's ass has the opposite connotation and may be what you meant.

good luck in your english-learning journey

>> No.8401819
File: 308 KB, 245x184, fullhouse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a BTSSB dress anon...

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