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last one is 1 post away from autosaging, had a question to ask and it would've been pointless to be the last post.

I have pretty clear skin, generally I don't wear any sort of foundation unless I'm dolling myself up for something special (like going to a wedding, a fancy party, etc.) or if I just happen to feel like doing a full-face routine that day. I use and am satisfied with my mac face and body foundation, but I never realized how heavy it is for daily wear (or at least, for me it is since I don't really need too much foundation in general). I think the maximum thing I need for daily wear is something that will do a bit of color correcting to kinda cover up any uneven skin tone and pinker areas on my face - I was thinking of a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Basically I want something with light coverage but will still even things out. any recommendations? I've tried the garnier bb cream before but it seemed really heavy? (I heard western bb creams are heavier/not as nice as the actual asian ones) in my mac face and body foundation i'm a c2, i have asian skin with warm(yellow/golden) undertones, if that helps anyone. (i know some brands are more friendly to certain undertones than others)

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There is a sephora where I live- already gonna get some of that clinique creme eyeliner with the brush, what else is good that I should pick up?

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Try looking into asian cc creams (color correcting). They sound exactly like what you're looking for, they are light coverage and good for evening out your skintone.

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tried urban decay's perversion mascara for the first time

jesus tapdancing christ its beautiful never going back ever ever

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I finally got a Dior mascara and I can back up this feeling x32358450000

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What makes a good mascara good? I seem to keep ending up with free samples so I just use whatever I have, usually Clinique, but if there were really life changing options out there I would spring for them.

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False lashes, why don't they work out for me? I see that in tutorials and makeovers that they make your eyes look way bigger which is what I need in photos but I don't think it makes much of a difference. Is there maybe a common mistake I'm making? Is it normal to actually be able to see the false lashes from my own eyes? They get pretty annoying and uncomfortable.

The hardest part for me is usually the inner edge of the falsies, any tips on how to apply that part easily?

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What type of falsies are you using? There are so many types ranging from natural (just for adding volume) to ridiculous for both volume and length. It definitely makes a difference.

You should not see the falsies when they are on. Put some mascara on your own lashes, then after putting on the falsies, curl both your lashes and the falsies together and add more mascara to blend them. You can also cut the falsies if they are too long. I don't apply them too close to my inner corner since it will just irritate my eyes.
What else do you need? I also like Clinique's Almost Lipstick line - lots of different colors, moisturizing, and almost like a tint.

Anyone got a recommendation for a primer that is more like a lotion and is lightweight, preferably with SPF? I have been using a Skinfood one but I would like more options.

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I've tried different types from elf, ardell, diamond lash, and maybe one or two others but those are the ones I can remember on the top of my head.
I tried to get a variety of lengths and designs (simple, crisscross etc..).

I got the diamond lash and a few other Asian brand ones recently and those were the ones I actually found to be more uncomfortable and able to see the falsies. The elf ones actually fit and applied the best but there's not a lot of variety there. I do try to curl them with my lashes but I don't see much of a difference. I cut them too and some bands are already naturally short enough to fit on my eye alright, even then I find that the inner corner is a bit hard to apply & hide for me, not because they are too close to my inner corner but that end of the band is just kind of weird and uncomfortable.

I felt like I got to apply my elf lashes on pretty well which is why I started branching out to some other brands but my new ones proved to be more of a problem for me.

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you will get that feeling when you find your perfect mascara! a good mascara doesn't flake, doesn't clump (sometimes clumping looks ok, but i'm talking bout gross clumps), lengthens, and gives volume! i recommend too faced better than sex, benefit theyre real, and the loreal telescopic butterfly mascara if you want a rlly good drugstore mascara.

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I'm gonna assume something that doesn't get all clumpy and doesn't harden.

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Do they have bb cream there or should I just buy that from Korea?
Also what are the sales people like usually? Are they pushy about certain brands?

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Some people stack them slightly higher then their natural lash line. If you have smaller eyes it opens them up a bit more. Trim them so they start where your eye starts to slope placing close to your tear duct kind of closes your eye. I just got Sugarpill lashes they're pretty fun and huge. I usually do individual it's easy to get them right next to your lash line and position them to better suit your eye shape.

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The formula was thin and highly pigmented, curled my lashes, and with one coat alone they were completely covered and splayed nicely. I was going for a sweet, natural look, but more would build up nicely. It was amazing on my bottom lashes, made them noticable without being clumpy and oversaturated. The lashes didnt stick together at all.

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Wait, what mascara does this? Sounds amazing.

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Urban Decay's Perversion. I can post before and after shots if you want. I got a sample of it in my bb5 and I was so hype because the last box was filled with disappointment. Pic isnt mine, just one I found.

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I think some Asian brands tend to use a thicker band, hence why they aren't as comfortable. I like those because they are a bit easier to put on since they are a big more rigid.

Maybe you can look into Red Cherry? You can get them at some online retailers and eBay - lots of variety from simple to outrageous, and they are pretty comfortable too.

You should probably just try to get BB cream online (from a trusted source - there are fakes out there!). As for Sephora people have varied experiences, but I don't find the people to be pushy and some of them are really helpful.

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Cool, thanks!

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I am 28 and have never worn make up in my life except for when someone else put it on me.
My mum never wore make up either.
I wanted to learn to do it so I bought a bunch of good quality stuff after doing research but no matter how many times I try it, it is a disaster.
When I was in New Zealand a make up artist told me that bobbi brown does 1-2 hour lessons for beginners. I feel like this would really help because I learn better in person than watching tutorials.
But now I'm back in Sydney I can only find online stuff or classes for people who want to be make up artists.
Does anyone know of any 1-2 hour or even half a day sort of thing make up beginners classes in Sydney?

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Gentlemen would you mind bumping my thread, thank you.

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For light coverage that stays dewy, I use Maybelline BB Cream; it is a definite repurchase.

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I have nice skin too and rarely wear foundation but when I do I use a combo of smashbox camera ready bb cream and a josie marren powder on top. it's light, evens everything out and I love it!
I got them both from sephora.

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Go to Myer in the city anon, I know Chanel has make up classes for 1 hour, mac I think has makeup nights every few months (you gotta ask the girls/its part of a Myer promo) and there's a bobbi brown there as well if you need some 10 min classes. Get yo brows done at benefit if you're bothered I suppose.

Good luck anon.

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I'm not in Sydney myself, but generally Myers' Bobbi Brown counters have lessons available. You can call them up to book one, or go to the counter themselves and ask about it. Last I walked past, they had a few different services available.

I just go into stores and ask for some help with certain products. Or if its not too busy, the shop girls are more than happy to put stuff on your face (they do expect you to buy stuff though, so I only do that if I'm certain about a purchase). Good luck!!

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Cool thanks a bunch.
I didn't think of myer.
I'll report back if I make any progress

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not either of those anons but good luck! if your a beginner in general I would just try to stick with some basic stuff; try not to start doing like complicated graphic liners and smokey eyes if you aren't comfortable with the tools in your hands yet. if you decide to try stuff on your own in the mean time I would just do simple things like learn how to do a simple 1 eyeshadow and liquid liner look, how to apply foundation, how to apply 2 different shades of eyeshadow, etc. I remember when I first got into makeup even applying 1 eyeshadow was a bit of a learning curve lol so it just takes time and patience. don't be afraid to just mess around and follow videos when you're home alone with some downtime too. good luck though and I hope you find a class that suits your needs!

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That makes my lower lashes print onto my under eye skin through the day. I just get loads of kohl marks and I look sad.

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I have this problem. I have hooded deep set eyes, and falsies obscure my vision when I put them on. I think they do open up my eyes, but it definitely is annoying to wear them.

You may not be doing anything wrong, it could just be the shape of your eyes.

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On the note of falsies, I have a habit of pulling my eyelashes when I'm nervous. The other week, someone commented on it for the first time when I thought it wasn't that noticable.

I want to get falsies to cover up the damage I've done temporarily, can anyone recommend me a good brand to start with? I'm UK based and have no budget, I just want to fix my lovely eyes

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Best eyelash curler for short eyelashes and monolids? Most eyelash curlers are too curved for me.

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HOW do i get sharp lines with liquid eyeliner?
when i try it's hit or miss and the 'hit' usually means "my eyeliner is even and wearable i guess"

i think i might go back to gel but i hate cleaning brushes

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nobody requested this or anything, but if you're a pasty palechan, stay away from pur minerals. attached are some swatches of their liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, and disappearing ink concealer, all in their "light" shade.

the liquid foundation looks okay-ish on me (I'm east asian and live in los angeles, so I always have a bit of a tan) but leans toward orange, and the tinted moisturizer is definitely straight-up orange and also has a shitton of shimmer to it (it also dries a completely different color than when you first put it on). the disappearing ink concealer is also much darker and orange-y than it appears in my photo; it's visibly darker than even the tinted moisturizer in person. the concealer is a real shame because the consistency is nice and the coverage is decent, but for being a "light" shade it's too dark for skintones even in the light-medium spectrum.

the only things by pur minerals that I've liked are probably the green color corrector, which is okay but honestly way overpriced at $31, and the pressed powder foundation, which I haven't used since I tried to repurchase in a darker shade and ended up with something way too dark/orange for my skintone (I went from "light" to "golden medium" at their suggestion; couldn't be assed to return their shit again to try the "blush medium").

have you ever tried the spoon technique? also, have you tried using different types of applicators (a super fine-tip vs more of a pen/"marker" kind of tip)? I personally find using a pen tip to be a little easier with sharp lines than the really fine-tipped ones.

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Hey guys I need some help here is anyone able to tell me what my eye shape is? I'm trying to find the best makeup techniques for my eye shape. I made a thread on /fa/ and now here and now have been directed to this thread, hopefully someone knows!

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Gonna try this one tomorrow

I use BB cream though so I dunno if it's gonna do whatever he claims it will..

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I think 'hooded' and 'deep set' best describe my eyes

They're not symmetrical, the right one is more curved across the top than the left. The left has more saggy eyelid fold (bottom left pic..) which arranges itself differently day to day. If I wear eyeshadow it all ends up rubbed off at the crease or hidden when my eyes decide to be like the top makeup vs no makeup picture. The space between the fold and my eyebrow seems too small and too high up to put anything there. Also the outer edge of the fold tends to sag down diagonally on my right eye (like the middle right pic) which would make eyeshadow look retarded with half my eyelid sloping across it... I do the same eye makeup every day and it's getting boring for special occasions. I can do gradient eyeshadow and it looks ok if looking at the camera slightly below eye level (bottom right) but again it all ends up inside the crease and rubs off by the end of the day. Sorry to include lots of pics but as you can see stupid saggy eyelids decide to do different things every day

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Btw I know my brows are disgusting but more upset over saggy right eyelid

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Your eyes are gorgeous anon, you have like a permanent smize going on.

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Holy shit I love your eyes anon, they look very. Sultry. I'd love to see you with some gold eyeshadow or gold eyeliner below your eye, I think that'd be so pretty with your skin and draw more attention to your eyes!
Also, are you using a decent eyeshadow primer? I used to have a lot of problems with creased shadow, I switched from a drugstore primer to Urban Decay's and it changed my life.

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I use physicians formula tinted moisturizer and I absolutely love it! Very light and evens out my skin tone. I like their cc & bb creams too. I prefer tinted moisturizer for daily wear in the summer.

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If they really are hooded you may have luck evening out their appearance with eyelid tape like the Asian girls use. I have very deep-set eyes myself and my left eye is more hooded than the right, so I use a little eyelid tape to get it to even out. Definitely prime your eyes and use a base--NYX's jumbo pencil in white or a nude shade are great bases.

Side note: holy crap you have beautiful eyes

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Thankyou guys! The most annoying thing is the inconsistency, like they look ok one day and wrinkly as shit another (I've been really tempted to shoop the bottom left photo) I do love to use white jumbo pencils and NYX's eyeshadow- will have a look tomorrow when I get my prescription

I have to admit I didn't realize eyeshadow primer was a thing. Eyelid tape looks fiddly but guess it is worth a shot, even just on the left eye. Probably best to look up a video tutorial. I've also seen some q tip type things used to push eyelid creases into different shapes but that looks like a serious accident waiting to happen

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I love Urban Decay's Eye Potion Primer. The little travel sized one has lasted me for a year, and I use it daily. Its awesome and definitely helps with eyeshadow transferring on your eyelids.

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Does anyone have any advice on how to keep your eyeliner tight and clean? I use gel eyeliner because it's easy to apply but no matter what I do I never get that perfect eyeliner like in the OP. Tips? Brand recommendations?

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That long, seriously? That's the second mention of Urban Decay so think I'll take the plunge. I have a wedding to attend soon and want to try the gold another anon suggested (I usually opt for darl blues, reds or silver that show up well on my skin) With a good primer hopeully it won't just rub away and leave me with the regular brown and sparkly residue. Thanks again!

Looking up tutorials for hooded/deep set eyes and none of them quite fit. Some do half the main shade on the little bit of lid visible and some on the browbone whilst others make the entire lid the pale base color, darkening the very extremeties/outer edge of the browbone, which is closer to what I usually do. I would love to see pics from other anons with similar eye shape if you can make it look nice accounting for the possibility of the upper lid being completely hidden AND/or showing. Sorry if that's asking a bit much but if any anons have the spare time..

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I use a really soft kohl pencil, then use the edge of my fingernail to gently swoop everything in the direction I want which leaves a sharp line on the inside and little bit of smudge on the outside. Then I dab with my makeup sponge like an eraser

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I mean, you don't use that much primer on your eyelids, so a little goes a long way.

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Use liquid liner or use a angled brush and seal it with black shadow. I like gel liner for doing a smokey eye, but it doesn't get the crispness of a liquid liner.

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If you want to try an asian BB cream, missha is probably your best bet. They're pretty cheap for the good quality you get, and it's pretty easy to find on amazon/korean makeup sites.

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Has anyone had good luck with the pore perfecting primer from UD? I've used their eyeshadow primer and setting spray and love both products, but I'm wary about using a full face primer since I have naturally oily skin and am concerned using yet another product along with my makeup might make the problem worse. Thoughts/experiences?

Damn anon you have gorgeous eyes! I'd agree with what >>8408772 said about eyeshadow primer. It'll be very worth it!

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I sold my soul to Kiko. Kiko is love, Kiko is life.
No really, it's incredibly cheap for the quality you get. The packaging is crap though.

Also I'm looking for a good european dupe of Kate Von D's lipstick line, especially the unusual color such as navy blue. And dying for a green lipstick too. Any suggestion ?

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I'm East Asian and really I haven't found a method that works other than maybe doing different parts of the eyelashes at a time or doing something painful to curl them all at once.

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Anyone have suggestions on a Japanese alternative to Benefit's Erase Paste for covering undereye circles? I'm moving to Japan in a week, and my pot is almost empty and I'm not keen on dropping $25+ on something I only use on my dark circles. I was looking on ebay but I'd have to pay additional shipping to Japan...

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I have no idea about UD's primer, but I got the travel size of Smashbox's primer (the clear gel one) and it lasted me 2 years. Then again it lasted that long because I don't wear makeup every day, but a little bit goes a long way and really helps with the staying power of my concealer.

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Ohh nice! I'll definitely look into that one then, thank you!!

>> No.8409325

Don't remember for sure if Tonymoly is sold in Japan, but I always grab their panda eye brightening base.

>> No.8409355

Remember that you have to match your primer to your foundation. Oil-based foundation on a silicone-based primer will usually cause pilling.

>> No.8409357

Skinfood has a really good undereye concealer. "Salmon dark circle concealer" I think it was.

>> No.8409363

I love Smashbox's Photofinish primer (which is what I think >>8409241 is referring to), but it is kind of a "dewy" finish which you may not like if you have oily skin. On my combination skin, it looks great for like 4-6 hours, but after that I need to touch up my foundation or go over my face with some oil blotting sheets.

>> No.8409436

Shiseido has a good flat-ish one and I also heard good things about the Shu Uemura one from a lot of East Asian bloggers.

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I posted in the last thread about wanting suggestions from Sephora since I got my first job and can afford nice makeup.

I got one of the Anastasia brow dip things and it's heavenly, thank you to everyone that suggests them! Unfortunately though, their 'auburn' really is very brown and even though it matches my current hair color I do need something in a bright natural ginger, does anyone know of any brow products that come in that color?

I also got Bad Gal mascara because I love the wand/the way it applies but quickly realized it's not waterproof.. What're some good /waterproof/ mascaras available from Sephora that don't clump?

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Naturactor. It's pretty good and has a lot of reviews online.

>> No.8409523

Thanks for the suggestions!! I'll look into those.

>> No.8409626

Literally just mix foundation with your favourite moisturizer to the desired thickness. Make sure it isn't oil based. You're welcome.

>> No.8409734

I use a precision eyelash curler. I can only cover about 1/3 of the eye at once, but it's the best way for me to get really close to the lashline.

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That's what I've been doing but it is very tedious.

Thanks! I'll look at these ones at Sephora.

Do you mean ones like pic related? I've never seen them in person before.

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Anyone got any tips on getting your eyebrows like OP's picture? I'm always too afraid mine will look like big thick slugs

>> No.8409867

Can anybody help me at all?

>> No.8409902

It's pretty easy to google pictures but I'd say you have round eyes

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Anon who recommended me the "Me Now Generation" lipglosses THANK YOU SO MUCH. These things are great, and for $.99, I'm order like 4 more.

>> No.8410441

Thankyou, I'll look it up. I was just confused by all the different terms like hooded eyes etc and wasn't sure because I have difficulty finding makeup styles that suit my eyes!
Dramatic winged liner never seems to work for my eye shape for some reason.

>> No.8410630

Ok, I'll make sure to double check that before I buy, thank you!!

Ahh that's good to know, thank you!

>> No.8410648

Does anyone have photo tutorials saved?

>> No.8410837

seconding this.
or just post good youtube tuts.

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What eye shape is this? And can I get some makeup advice for them? I'm sick of looking like a toad all the time.

>> No.8410906

If I mess up my eyeliner and I don't have anything else on my eye, I'll just take some make up remover and clean up the edges. It could also be what type of brush you're using, I actually like the brush that comes with the maybe line gel liner, its tiny and flat, so you can get some pretty thin lines with it.

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incase some people didnt know
still love the look tbh

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I have mixed oily and dry skin and their primer works perfectly for me! You can even use it on your eyelids if you need to. Coupled with a good foundation, it makes my skin look really clear and not cakey.

>> No.8411571

Oh, I have that same type of combination skin, so that information's really good to know, thank you!!

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Can anybody recommend a good eye shimmer/sparkle like the kind Kyary uses on her lower lid?

>> No.8412773

Ive been using tape lately, it leaves my wing liner so perfect, oh and i use gel liner too.

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File: 60 KB, 626x207, IMG_1067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you say these are close set?

I haven't honestly been interested in make up until just recently and mostly because of the huge dark circles under my eyes from years to late nights. Any suggestions?

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File: 24 KB, 350x350, 943502[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can literally buy a palette like this at dollar tree. They're a dime a dozen.

>> No.8412907

any pink/gold shimmery eyeshadow will work. I really like Urban Decay and Inglot but really any will work.

>> No.8412910

BB creams tend to be thick. I've only used asian ones though. You could try BB cushion compacts, they tend to be lighter than BB creams. as for light coverage, the lightest coverage you're gunna get is using powder.

>> No.8413022

Pasty pale chain here, thanks for the heads up!
Also adding bare minerals foundation. Popped in for fun with my gran this weekend and the girl turned me into a grapefruit trying to "cancel out redness" with freakin yellow.

Any recommendations for neutral-to-pink-toned pale faces out there? I've had good experience with the sheer nars foundation in Siberia, but I've got quite a bit of scarring and the fuller coverage version is super yellow on me.

>> No.8413024

Pasty pale chan here, thanks for the heads up!
Also adding bare minerals foundation. Popped in for fun with my gran this weekend and the girl turned me into a grapefruit trying to "cancel out redness" with freakin yellow.

Any recommendations for neutral-to-pink-toned pale faces out there? I've had good experience with the sheer nars foundation in Siberia, but I've got quite a bit of scarring and the fuller coverage version is super yellow on me.

>> No.8413059 [DELETED] 

I think she uses a shimmery light yellow or light gold in this photo if that helps.

>> No.8413061


I think she uses a light gold in this photo if that helps? i do the same and i like the look.

>> No.8413087


Pretty close to the bridge of your nose but still cute as fuck in shape and color. Could see you going crazy with vibrant autumnal colors. If anyone gets back to you regarding your undereye area I'd like to know how to get around that too (I have DSPD and can't sleep before 4-5am)

>> No.8413100

Thank you anon. My eyes are honestly the only thing I like about my face and that's slowly getting fucked by how tired I always look. And I super feel you about the sleeping thing. I used to be lucky and have a third shift job, but that crapped out and now I just have to lie in bed forever so I can hopefully get sleep.

>> No.8413429

i'm going to Ulta soon. anyone have any recommendations for some good products there?

>> No.8413440

What you looking for? Foundation? Lipstick? Eyeshadow? Other stuff?

>> No.8413500

Anyone have any recommendations for a good make up primer for mildly dry skin? I've been trying to find one but I have no idea what to look for.

>> No.8413606

mostly eyeliner and brow powder but i'm down for suggestions

>> No.8413631

I really like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Pencil, but I use it in colors other than black. They're very pigmented and go on so smoothly. My oily eyelids need primer to make the liner stay put though.
I've heard people rave about Stila's All Day Stay Eyeliner, but I haven't used it myself.

I don't use brow powder, so I can can't give any suggestions there.

Don't forget Ulta almost always has coupons!


>> No.8413682

As far as dark undereye circles go, I have very dark genetic circles that are amplified by a terrible sleep schedule. I never had luck covering them with regular concealer and felt kind of doomed to them, but last time I went to Sephora one of the ladies showed me that Bobbi Brown undereye concealer pack and put it on me and it's absolutely amazing. It's a concealer and a setting powder, it's kinda pricey but it actually worked for me. Have one of the workers put it on for you and try it, I'm so serious. I'm amazed.

>> No.8413723

Close your eyelid more. It might be less noticable protruding if the lid is lower because you don't really see the entire iris of someone with a normal eye.

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File: 55 KB, 634x248, IMG_1069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried some eyeliner today, but can barely tell. Am I doing this wrong?

>> No.8413842

Can't see your outer corners, anon. Makes it hard to gauge how your eye shape is taking it. Lower liner looks good, though. I love that upward slant your eyes have!

>> No.8413921

Try using something that doesn't break up on your waterline, I'm a fan of using Kohl eyeliner, Particularly from Avon as they've got lots of different styles and colors for cheap they also sometimes have tutorials on how to use them.

When you feel you've got the hang of it you can also try doing your upper eyelid but with how your eyelids sit it may make you look like you've done the whole eyelid instead of a little bit

>> No.8413924

So I should squint all the time?

>> No.8413955

What do you think of Lush's cosmetics?
Also, not sure if this would belong in the skincare thread but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask here- what Lush face masks are good for normal skin types? I got their Cupcake because I adore the scent but obviously it left my face a little dry.

>> No.8414052

Has anyone tried the NYX Avant Pop! palette in Nouveau Chic? I'm looking for a new shadow palette and just had a major strike-out with their Stormy Skies Dreamcatcher palette.

>> No.8414644

Thanks. I love my little slant too. I only put some on my lower lid. Mostly because I have such thick top lashes.

I'll have to look into that. Thank you gulls so much. I'm such a novice.

>> No.8414749

>Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade, it's somewhere between a cream and a powder in consistency but it blend like a dream and is sweat/water/humidity proof. Coupons won't work for ABH unless it's a special sale one.

>Maybelline gel, my second favorite drugstore product of all time
>Urban Decay 24-7 Pencil, glides on and is beautifully easy to work with
>Essence eyeliner pencil sharpener, the only sharpener I've found that works even on the softest pencils without a problem

>Too Faced blushes, they're just super cute and fun as well as good quality. I like it when looking at the things in my makeup bag makes me feel cute.
>L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara in blackest black, my favorite drug store brand product and the only mascara I buy anymore. Look up reviews, mascara is largely a matter of personal taste, but I have naturally long lashes and this mascara allows me to layer on major volume without looking clumpy or giving me spider lashes. I have been asked if I'm wearing falsies before by half a dozen people, including a makeup artist I was working with.

Fun knowledge:
>Yves St. Laurent and L'Oreal are owned by the same company, so if you find a YSL product you like, check L'Oreal out for a dupe. I paid $35/tube for YSL's Blonde Ingenue (nude shimmery beige) until I swatched it against L'Oreal lipsticks and found a perfect match in Jennifer's Nude from the celebrity lipstick collection.

>> No.8415329

why is she so qt

>> No.8415330

Wow I never thought eyes could be ugly

>> No.8415335

I guess you don't own a mirror then

>> No.8415372

Get the Nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Yoghurt or Strawberry Milk.

>> No.8415434

Any Japanese make up brand recs? Or where to get good brands cheap?

I know the general consensus when this is asked is to stop being a weaboo as Korean or even American brands and such are better and there is not point buying them just for the fact that its Japanese. However I live in Australia so American make up already retails for so much more here and I will be in Japan anyway and I want to pick some stuff up if its worth it.
I've tried a pore cover and eye shadow primer from Canmake which were pretty okay as well as two eyeshadow palettes which although swatched really vividly when actually applied they seemed to lose nearly all pigment. I also get a fine pointed eyeliner by KATE which I really want to get again because it was amazing, super black and lasted for months, I've tried maybelline master precise and it just dries out so quickly by comparison and its the only one I can find. I also got a heroine make mascara which was amazing although difficult to get off but I would buy again, I think I heard the company isn't actually Japanese though?

>> No.8415440

You want to ignore most general makeup advice because it's focussed on making eyes look bigger. You want to do the opposite and close them off and pull them back.

>> No.8415870

I'm going to buy something from Sephora for the first time today. I can't decide between Kat Von D's Monarch and Shadelight palette.

What's the protocol there on swatching colors? Anybody here bought her palette's before?

>> No.8416134

So OCC is having a 40%off sale on everything on their site. I've heard really good things about their lip tar, but I'm still hesitant. But they have a ton of colour and I'm sooo tempted! Does anyone have experience with their products?

>> No.8416165

Ginger anon here. The problem with dip brow in auburn is that it pulls cool toned. It's better suited to girls who have more of a black cherry type artificial red than a natural red. Try dip brow in caramel. It looks more brown in the pot than auburn does, but it's warm toned and will warm up your face. It won't "match", but it will "go", if that makes sense. You don't need to worry about a stark contrast between the two. I'm very happy with it!

>> No.8416509

I have their lip tar in Vain I think? Kinda weird mint and plastic-y scent first of all. And for this particular color (which is a blue) I needed multiple layers for it to be opaque. The key is to wait for each layer to dry completely before adding another layer on. This can be achieved faster by blotting. And a little goes a long way.

>> No.8416534

I like their products. I have a few lip tars, the basic color test tube set, and a bunch of pencils. You definitely need to line your lips it does feather, but a little goes a long way.

>> No.8416782
File: 932 KB, 2124x1793, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any recommendations for a nice, subtle pink lipstick? Like pic related.

>> No.8416814

exfoliation and lipgloss

>> No.8417151

how do i make my lip edges soft like this? the concealer method makes my lips look super dry...

>> No.8417159

Does anyone recommend any natural make up for guys?

>> No.8417312

I think this is just a tinted lip balm because of how sheer it looks. I don't have any good recommendations though.

>> No.8417335

I want to try a heated eyelash curler but all of the brands I can find seem to be getting very mixed reviews. Does /cgl/ have any opinions about them?

My eyelashes are very long, dense, dark, coarse, and straight. My e.l.f eyelash curler gives a bit of lift, but it barely lasts long enough for me to put mascara on.

>> No.8417357

Budget brand, but try Makeup Revolution #happylips in Love a Hug. It's one of those layered lipsticks with the pink surrounded by a clear lip conditioner, which gives the soft-edge effect >>8417151 is after.

>> No.8417785

I'm MtF, are there any makeup tricks I could use to help hide my adam's apple?

I'm guessing concealer could work

>> No.8417796

Bless you anon!

>> No.8417800

I've been using brtc's jasmine water bb cream for about a year or so now, it was perfect at first, but suddenly (or not, idk) it seems too be too dark for me.
Anyone know any bb cream for fucking ghost white skin? Preferably similar to the brtc one.

>> No.8417824

I've never used a heated eyelash curler outside of blowdrying the one I have to warm it up, but I almost never bother because I'm just too lazy.

I also have very long, very straight lashes, and my daily routine for getting them curled:
- warm the eyelash curler in the palm of my hand or against my neck (holding it won't work if you have cold hands, obviously, but I have naturally very warm hands, and if it's cold that day I just hold it against my neck instead)
- curl eyelashes a bit at a time from root to tip, holding each section for 5-7 seconds at a time
- use this trick: http://thebeautydepartment.com/2012/10/pinch-me/
- coat with a thin layer of mascara
- wait about a minute, warming up the eyelash curler again in the meantime
- carefully curl eyelashes a second time
- apply second thin coat of mascara

if I take my time with that application process the curl will last me all day (though it won't be nearly as dramatic or perfect by the evening, unfortunately). my go-to mascara is covergirl's waterproof lashblast fusion, and it does a decent job.

I use a shu uemura eyelash curler that I've had for nearly ten years (I just replace the pads every so often). having never used any other kind of eyelash curler I can't say if an ELF one is good or bad, but it may also be the curler itself?

contouring with a darker shade to create the illusion of something more sunken in, I'm guessing. check youtube for tutorials?

>> No.8417945

How good's your skin? Try a sheer, mineral foundation, like bareMinerals Brightening Serum, or a tinted moisturiser. I'd recommend a BB cream but a lot of them have very powerful smells and can look cakey.

Eyeliner flatters men - get a pencil no darker than your lashes and fill in the gaps between your lashes, under the line. Done properly it is impossible to tell you're wearing makeup and looks amazing. All men on TV will be wearing it.

If you want to cover blemishes, look into colour correction concealers - if you have light skin, that's a green cream for redness, purple for sallowness, yellow for blue eyebags. I like Makeup Academy's.

Thanks for this. I'll try this tomorrow.

>> No.8417968

tbh I have ginger hair and I use eyeshadows instead of 'brow products' because I have never found 'brow products' to be the right color ever.

>> No.8418204

I mean, brow powders are basically just eyeshadows anyway; I have dipbrow but I also use eyeshadows from my naked basics palette. Crave and faint are the perfect shades, I get some great brows when I use them. I just wish they sold crave as a single eyeshadow because it's the perfect brown-so-dark-it's-almost-black and matches my brows so well.

>> No.8418261

Do eyebrows always need to be filled in? They're not thick cara brows, but they're also quite visible.

Also regarding mascara, what's the consistency supposed to be like? I think the one I have is too dense? I read that you can revitalize it by sticking the whole tube in warm water.

>> No.8418277

How do you stop DHC oil cleanser from getting in your eyes and making your vision all milky?

>> No.8419500

I like to close my eyes when I wash my face.

But seriously, when I use cleansing oils I just shut my eyes tight if I'm going near them. If you're still having trouble just avoid the eye area and clean it with normal make up remover.

>> No.8420363

They really help shape the face and give definition but it's not offending looking as long as you keep them clean looking.

>> No.8420632

Shu Uemura S curler, do them in sections. Or oldschool thumb + spoon.

>> No.8421090
File: 37 KB, 500x500, Etude House - Styling Eyeliner brown picture 2-500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been alternating between creme liner pencils like the Etude House one pictured and gel liner with the brush and pot. I like how much easier it is to twist a pencil and apply over remembering to clean a brush every day, but the creme pencil smudges and fades a lot quicker than the gel does.

Are there any creme pencils out there that'll stay on my eyes? How much will eyelid primer and/or eyeshadow base help keep creme eyeliner from smudging?

>> No.8421130

Try Korean eyebrow pencils/mascaras in light brown. They're usually orange-tinted. I mix a bit of brown eyeshadow with mine to get a more auburn colour.

>> No.8421138

Tbh I've used this cheapy Chinese one
(Plastic, battery-operated) and it was the best 70c I've ever spent

>> No.8421343

I really like the cream pencil from Sephora, actually. It's water-proof and sticks on pretty well, even in you rub your eyes.

>> No.8421346

You could spray your face lightly with hairspray, it's what drag queens do to keep their makeup from melting and smudging

>> No.8421549
File: 138 KB, 1280x482, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are these hooded Asian eyes objectively the worst?

>> No.8421617

I use the same one in black as well as alternating with the play101 pencils, using a primer helps them stay put for me.

>> No.8421621

Hard to line?

>> No.8421657

no eye makeup will show unless you use eyelid tapes. NONE. Not eyeliner (unless you do a huge wing), not eyeshadow, not mascara.
The shape of my eyelid is weird so that I cannot put on eyeshadow without looking really weird.

Pretty much 100% dependent on double eyelid tape, contacts, and false lashes to look anywhere near good.

I swear, just putting on eyelid tape makes my face 70% more attractive.

>> No.8421699
File: 65 KB, 500x500, gelpressoclio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Clio gelpresso line is lovely, they stay put and have a nice range of colours. And they're only about $9 so if they don't work it won't hurt your wallet.

>> No.8421700

I have the same eyes as you, anon. It sucks when you have to have your eyeliner be an inch thick just so everything doesn't get swallowed in that inner eye fold. I settle with eyeshadow on the eyelid for everyday makeup, but it makes me cry how much double eyelid tape I have to use just to look good in cosplay makeup.

>> No.8421757

Guy here. I can't figure out how to make my full coverage foundation not clump/pill.
I've tried liquids, creams, and powders in different brands.
I've tried various primers and moisturizers.
I've followed tutorials from every queen I can find.

No matter what I do, it always clumps or pills, no matter how much I apply. The only thing that doesn't pill is CC cream, which doesn't give enough coverage to hide my beard shadow.

So far, the only routine that almost works (i.e. doesn't pill/clump too much) is:
> Shave
> Apply aftershave balm
> Wait an hour
> Apply 50/50 aloe gel + Cetaphil moisturizer
> Wait for it to dry
> Apply Elf mineral primer (silicone-based)
> Wait a few minutes
> Apply MaxFactor foundation (silicone-based)
> Wait a few minutes
> Apply concealer
> Wait a few minutes
> Apply translucent powder
> Finish with Elf setting spray

This will last 1-2 hours before it starts to look powdery. Skipping the translucent powder makes me look really shiny and doesn't prevent the powdery look after a while.

Any ideas on what else I can try?

>> No.8421863

Stila Kitten

>> No.8422021

What kind of translucent powder are you using? I've found that if it's mostly silica (like MUFE HD or Elf HD) it will make my silicone based foundation/primer pill instantly.

>> No.8422427

try benefit's big easy or too faced bb

>> No.8422586
File: 406 KB, 1112x1600, original..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry make-up is a pain in the ass for you anon but for what it's worth, I think your eyes are beautiful, they're like a perfect full-almond shape.

You can certainly have fun and experiment with make-up, just search for monolid tutorials and keep practising.

>> No.8422591
File: 81 KB, 500x630, son_ga-in..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also check out Ga-In for some monolid inspiration, she's absolutely stunning and wears beautiful make-up looks.

>> No.8423031

same anon who posted hooded monolid eyes.
Obviously I don't usually line my eyes like this, this is just to show how ridiculous it can get.

>white people will never have to experience this bs ;_;

>> No.8423037
File: 568 KB, 362x861, demo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shiet forgot image, i'm retarded

>> No.8423060

I love gain

>> No.8423284
File: 188 KB, 294x713, 6656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you do need to create a thicker line than if you have double eyelids but it needn’t be quite as extreme of hash as in your pic anon. If you look at pic related, you'll notice that the shaded area is about as thick as your eyeliner, however it's been graduated and softened so that it still looks nicely blended and pretty when you close your eye. The actual eyeliner line isn't that thick either, the rest is created with graduated dark eyeshadow.

Keep practising anon and don't give up!

>> No.8423297

a gain inspired tutorial


>> No.8423298

>those eyebrows

>> No.8423314

yo man, I've had this video favourited so fast when I first found it years ago.

>> No.8423318
File: 201 KB, 800x800, 12873255375_4758620236_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only a few stray hairs away from ultimate 'Korean' brows - I'd rather have eyebrows like that anon than my sad-ass thin ones.

>> No.8423319
File: 77 KB, 394x410, burtsbeesliptint322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Burt's Bees has nice tinted lip balm. It's subtle and hydrating. As someone who doesn't like the feeling of lipstick, I prefer this stuff.

>> No.8423635

i dont care enough about my appearance nor do i have enough money to take care of them
truth be told though, all i need to do to prepare for cosplay with my eyebrows is just trim off the ends to give it a closer to "korean" shape

>> No.8424198
File: 379 KB, 540x959, 2015-06-23 23.03.41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I checked catalog and couldn't find a crossplay thread so I apologize if this doesn't quite fit in here... I really need help with male crossplay makeup. No matter what I do it just looks bad. I have chipmunk cheeks and a weak jaw so contouring looks really weird. My eyebrows are also rather thick and high--they are fine for a girl but look odd for a guy. I also tried varying degrees of eye makeup with no success. The most "convincing" I have managed to look is as a 13 year old kid, pic very much related. Any tips would be really appreciated; I am incredibly frustrated at this point.

>> No.8424528

I can definitely recommend; Burt's Bees is my go to for pink lipbalm

>> No.8424734

>recommending dollar tree palettes

who are you, asherbee

>> No.8424739

it's fucking eyeshadow

>> No.8424746

there's like no pigment to them. they're a waste of money.

>> No.8425673

You could always just use eye primer beforehand.

>> No.8425679

omg you're actually fighting for dollar store eyeshadow, amazing

there were like better recommendations here

but if you want to use your money on garbage, go for it

>> No.8425687

Dollar store eyeshadow is good for what it's worth. Just saying it is a cheaper alternative. Don't have to get all up in your ass about it, anon.

>> No.8425722

It's really not. It's made with cheaper materials, it's less pigmented, usually more fallout, and caking on your ELF eyeshadow primer you bought at walmart to help try and bring out what little color it has is not going to help or keep it looking like shit.

If you're on a budget, google makeup dupes for cheaper alternatives, but coming in here and recommending garbage products is counterproductive

>> No.8425725

But if you have good primer, you can use even the crappiest eye shadows just fine. Also, on many people all eyeshadows don't work without primer, so there's no way to say what's waste of money and what not.

>> No.8425733

Have fun covering your eyelids in lead

>> No.8425752

I can't argue with stupid, I tried and failed

>> No.8425762

Have fun with creasing and oily mess!

>> No.8425787
File: 671 KB, 500x200, basic bitch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh my god anon is referring to the lead in eyeshadow, not primer.

No amount of primer is going to fix shitty eyeshadow, how are you this stupid?

>> No.8427805

What would you folks recommend for a hiding dark bags under my eyes, (I'm a guy if that changes anything). I inherited hard lines crossing diagonally from the top of my nose, each about an inch long (which would be great if I wanted to cosplay Kiritsigu Emiya or Itachi, but in day to day life it gets old). This is made worse by my lack of sleep or poor health giving puffy bags beneath my eyes as well. I know nothing about makeup, but I'm willing to try it if it'll hide them.

>> No.8427831

not gonna lie-- thought you were a guy

good job

>> No.8428241
File: 75 KB, 700x789, before.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I have eyelids just like this but with tapered inner corners. I feel like I have little to no options because of the gross hooded eyelid. When I do makeup I usually just walk around in public raising my brows so my eyelids are more noticeable. It's so dumb, but I feel like I look old with such hooded lids. All the tutorials I find for makeup looks I like are on perfect eyelids with parallel inner corners and it's so frustrating.
I hate my eyes so much.

>> No.8428338

If you don't want chipmunk cheeks, stop putting nuts in you mouth.

Just kidding isn't there like a cheek tightening cream or am I crazy?

>> No.8428492

I have this too. Look up tutorials specifically for hooded eyes, they're out there. It is a pain in the butt though iktf

>> No.8428496

That's not eyebags, that's just your tear troughs. It's genetic and there's p much nothing you can do about it besides surgery. Still some concealer under your eyes probably won't hurt, what with the puffy bags.

>> No.8428527


I recently did a test of colors Dollar Tree vs the also the same palette from lol. Cosmetics eyeshadow.

I will show you the palettes, the swatches, and how they're no different. Deal?

>> No.8428561
File: 638 KB, 501x585, example.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They work pretty well for me.

>> No.8428598

kelly jean is a slut

>> No.8428620

Oh gosh anon you look so cute!

>> No.8428650
File: 199 KB, 595x260, make up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if this is the right place but does anyone know how to apply makeup on my eyes to get this look?

>> No.8428692

I would recommend layering false eyelashes over your real lashes for this look. Get one pair of full false eyelashes, then trim another pair of noticeably longer false eyelashes so you only have the outer corners. Layer the longer, trimmed lashes on top of the untrimmed lashes, and there you have it.

>> No.8428718

I was about to ask about this! Thanks anon. I'm pasty pale with pink undertones. I'm trying to get more into makeup, but literally everything is too dark for my pasty pink coloring.

Other pasties, can you recommend your favorite foundations and BB creams? I'm at a total loss and I've tried multiple brands and they're all super dark. In terms of coloring, the lightest usually being a "1", I'm like a "0".

>> No.8428726

Anon, do you have thyroid issues? I had hooded eyes from that, but once I fixed my thyroid they literally went away.

Also, they're annoying for makeup for sure, but they don't make you look old. Some people just have them naturally.

>> No.8428915

anon who posted the purminerals swatches here... I'm not pale enough to have a super hard time finding makeup, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt:

- true match by l'oreal in W1
- covergirl trublend in ivory
- covergirl + olay simply ageless foundation in 205 (discontinued, so you'll have to purchase on ebay)
- revlon colorstay in ivory
- missha, skin 79 BB creams
- illamasqua 01, to lighten other foundations
there are also plenty of higher-end products you can try, of course, but drugstore is a good place to start for a very basic foundation.

make sure that you find a place with a good return policy on makeup products to minimize the risk of something not working out for you. also find some beauty bloggers who have pale skin similar to yours to see what works for them:
littleporcelainprincess, sjmwelll @ blogspot
Youtube vloggers - ThaTaylaa, peachyteaful, mypaleskinblog (this last one is great if you have bad acne/scarring etc)

>> No.8428965

Who is Kelly Jean?

>> No.8429008

Thanks anon! I didn't think I would get a reply this quickly!

>> No.8429490


not my lover

>> No.8429515
File: 1.35 MB, 245x272, tumblr_n62j86iSiZ1tx8h89o3_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So...should I actually be contouring? I've never done it but it seems to be in a lot of makeup videos on youtube.

>> No.8429526

...what? In any case, the pictures there are all of me.

Are you happy with your face shape?

>> No.8429553

It's okay I guess, but I worry about my face being too flat after putting on foundation, It looks fine to me but I'm not sure if it actually looks okay to everyone else, if that makes sense?

>> No.8429555


>> No.8429561
File: 34 KB, 400x698, wych with hydra gauntlets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're happy with it, then don't do it. I'd have to judge for myself, but usually contouring is used to combat high contrast and flash for cameras. I hate my nose but I find that contouring my nose makes it look even worse. Looks good on my cheekbones though. You can't force anything with contouring really, only enhance. If you're super curious, try it.

So if you feel you look too flat, maybe use some bronzer on your cheekbones and temples, but otherwise, try lightening up what you're wearing.

If you end up liking it, use it. Just don't use it to excess.

>> No.8429565
File: 344 KB, 1024x1416, amethyst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any tips on lip plumpers or makeup effects for big lips?

I'm cosplaying someone with distinctive large lips (not steven universe, just an example) and I have average white girl lips. How do I get them bigger or visually exaggerate their shape? Does that suction cup device really work? I'd rather not use it even if it does, since I want the effect only for one day. Are drugstore lip plumper glosses any good? The color I need in addition to the effect is a subtle pale pink gloss, if it helps.

>> No.8429606

It's very easy you don't need to do the suction thing. Line slightly outside the natural lip line with a slightly darker lip liner. For more dimension use a slightly darker color for the outside corner of your lips and a highlight in the center to give a pout illusion. I already have very large lips, but I still like to give the illusion of even fuller lips. I'd love to post a example, but I'm not in the mood to be ripped apart today.

>> No.8429620

I am pure white. The only make up I've found light enough for my skin color is Sephora's spray foundation in the lightest color. I've used so many department store brands and hell even higher end brands that are found in Ulta, but none of them are as light as Sephora's lightest spray foundation. Even their liquid foundation and tints are too dark for me.

>> No.8429625

I thought you were a boy crossplaying as a girl. I showed my boyfriend this picture and he said "it looks like an asian. asians look androgynous as hell"

>> No.8429632

I desperately need a primer to put on after washing/moisturizing my face that will keep my foundation on. I use IT cosmetics setting micropowder and urban decay all nighter spray. Currently I'm using stila all in one 3 step primer, but I've also tried hourglass veil and various shit by smashbox. I need a primer that will not break up my foundation after 8 hours. I sweat really heavily throughout the day and my face ends up looking like a splotchy mess. My face is naturally extremely oily since I sweat so much. Help? Suggestions? I went to Sephora and they suggested hourglass veil (shit is $52) and ulta only suggested smashbox (which I've tried and does not work with my skin).

>> No.8429783
File: 250 KB, 285x400, 1387780541666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay seagulls, my Missha Perfect Cover is unfortunately making me look a bit cakey in places so it's finally time for a change.

I'm open to BB cream or general foundation recommendations, but to be specific I would need very high coverage in order to cover up some discoloration. Bonus if they're not super orange. For reference Touche Éclat doesn't give me the coverage I need and Mac's Studio Fix/Sculpt made me look like I was a Jersey Shore extra, even in their lightest shades.

>> No.8429979
File: 39 KB, 359x99, 2015-06-16 13.57.36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

total makeup noob here
what do you think my eye shape is
what kind of makeup should I wear?

>> No.8429980

What's your skin like? It's hard to recommend something without knowing if you're dry/oily/acne-prone/etc. I have a few I can recommend but they all act differently in different skin types.

>> No.8429989

I think the new Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation is has medium-to-high coverage but still has a thin consistency. They also have a good shade range. It's best for oily to normal skin though, it's not so great on dry skin.

Unfortunately I think a lot of full coverage foundation can look a bit cakey and unnatural, you could trade using a high coverage concealer on your discolouration and use a medium coverage foundation for the rest of your face. Lisa Eldridge has a nice video about that! Watch it!

>> No.8430241

Well I've definitely tried to look up tutorials for styles I want but no matter what I search I get 4390572952 results including old ladies or generic white lady makeup.
No one who does tutorials for gyaru, fairy kei, etcetc has these eyelids and if they do they're just as bad as me at putting makeup on.
I just want to make my eyes look round or something ffs.

I'm not sure, actually.
I am due for a doctor appointment soon so maybe I can investigate that.

Yeah i know, i just hate it. I wan to be able to do nice shapes and colors and have them visible on my eyelid.

>> No.8430243
File: 211 KB, 554x520, p3 ken.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw being mistaken as a guy is a good thing
I guess I should clarify that I agree that I look male in pic, but my issue is that I think I look like a kid. When I apply more makeup to contour, it starts to look really tacky (especially the eyes). I feel like I'm either doing my makeup wrong (this is very possible) or perhaps my facial features/shape only allows me to crossplay shota.

Please tell me more about this wonderful, miraculous cream.

>> No.8430362
File: 215 KB, 527x224, eyes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just want to make my eyes look round or something ffs.
One thing I learned about eye makeup is that you won't be able to do everything, and you will unfortunately have to resign yourself to the looks that only work with your eyes. In this case, making your eyes look round probably isn't going to be possible, however what you have going for you is still workable and can look nice! For example, Jennifer Lawrence has hooded eyes so there's a good jumping point when doing google searches for tutorials.

one of my eyes is like this and the other is a double eyelid, so annoying. I have actually been using eyelid tape to correct it (single-side adhesive type). I'm at the point where I've been wearing the tape long enough that the hooded lid now can hold a crease by itself for 24~72 hours (see pic). This is after 6 months of wearing tape pretty much 24/7.

It may not be a permanent solution but it works well enough if you want to have double eyelids on a certain day; you can plan your eyelid tape schedule accordingly so your eyes look nice that day.

Anyway, it may be something to look into for yourself if you really dislike your eyes, although to be honest if my eyes were even in the first place I probably wouldn't have bothered at all. The tape is rather noticeable (I have bangs which skim my eyes so not as big of an issue for me) and sometimes it will make your lids swell and become uneven, plus you can't really wear eye makeup with the tape.

>> No.8430368


thanks! I'd been trying with my too-light pencil and it just didn't look right. The darker pencil worked a lot better.

>> No.8430388

No no don't do the suction cup thing (like the Kylie Jenner whatever challenge). You can break veins in your lips and cause bad bruising.

Honestly, use a lipliner/eyeliner and draw over your lips the desired shape and fill in with lipstick.

>> No.8430773

My skin is fine other than the discoloration (which comes as a result of having Rosacea, unfortunately; it's centered on my nose so I have a mostly pale face... then this Rudolph tier nose).

I looked up some reviews of that Nars foundation and people were very positive indeed! I saw a couple of Rosacea-prone before and after pictures too so that's definitely a good sign.

>I think a lot of full coverage foundation can look a bit cakey and unnatural

Yeah it is unfortunate. I never considered the concealer/foundation mixing idea but will definitely look up that Eldridge video, thank you!

>> No.8431670

Anyone gotten those cheap knock off beauty blenders on eBay? Are they as good as the real thing?

>> No.8431706

no theyre terrible imho, they're always really rough

>> No.8431708

I don't know if you live in the States or Canada, but I'd hit up your local TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning etc. for a Beauty Blender. They often have them for pretty cheap, like 2-4 dollars tops and they'll be a better quality.

>> No.8432538

I always wondered, why do you need specific tutorial for, let's say, fairy kei? The general rules are the same, just make sure you flatter your eye shape and it matches your outfit. Even for gyaru eye makeup rules aren't as strict as they seem to be. I'd say 'generic white lady makeup' is harder to do on hooded eyes, and I'm telling this as somebody with eyes so hooded, that they look almost like monolids.

>> No.8432547

come on... anyone? *sadface*
or should I ask about it somewhere else? help thread?

>> No.8432561

you're asking a super fucking vague question.

>> No.8432565

What do you mean? I'm asking exactly same question with >>8410897

>> No.8432571

It's more about inspiration and ideas than anything. If I look up specific tutorials for specific styles I'm more likely to see things I like in the makeup.

I think our definitions of "generic white lady" makeup are very different, then. If I wanted a million tutorials of the same eyeliner look with one shade of neutral eyeshadow, tons of mascara, and nothing else, I'd look for them specifically. It all looks the same to me. Bland and uninspired. Looking up tutorials for specific fashions has a higher chance of yielding something interesting and/or new for me.

>> No.8432649

have you tried searching for japanese tutorials at all?

you can try these channels on youtube:
TheGODMake - lots of different styles, loads of different models, so you're bound to find somebody with something similar. you can search ギャル to find specifically gyaru makeup styles, but they have a shitton of videos available for you to peruse regardless.

KAWAIIpateen - admittedly some of their videos are a bit cringey or questionable or give you second-hand embarrassment, but most of them are subbed and they have tutorials specifically for things like fairy kei or more kawaii/pastel fashions.

yoshinarisatosi - a dude with hooded eyelids who does lots of different (and pretty random) makeup vids.

and some search terms:
奥二重 - hooded eyelids, but it seems like it gets mixed up with other things occasionally
ギャルメイク - gyaru makeup
ロリータメイク - lolita makeup
there isn't too much on fairy kei/more pastel fashions, however

>> No.8432651

Thank you, anon! That was exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate you posting those bloggers as well. I'm definitely going to try some of these and see how they work for me.

Do you have any recommendations for concealers as well? I have one right now that's a little too dark and "orange". Anything that's more pale and on the cool, pink side.

>> No.8432668

sadly I am also on an endless quest to find the perfect concealer (specifically an undereye concealer in my case). also I'm asian and not a pale sheltered princess, so my skin is likely darker than yours, and my suggestions will more than likely come from pale beauty bloggers and the like.

is your skin oily, dry, super sensitive, have redness issues, scarring? do you have some kind of shade reference (MAC foundation colors or otherwise)? are you leaning more towards drugstore, high-end, korean/japanese products?

>> No.8432696

What's your favorite foundation, gulls?

I'm heading to Sephora&Ulta tomorrow, and going to blow some money on foundation. Any recommendations? I currently use Revlon Photoready in 'Ivory', and I have kind of oily skin with acne/acne scars. Would like something less than 45$.

>> No.8432698

I just got one in the mail, I don't mind reviewing if you'd like? It's nice and soft to me.

>> No.8432735

Why not go a week without in order to cleanse?

>> No.8432741

I have. I only wear makeup about once a week. But I've got conventions and other big events coming up and want to invest in something better. That's why I want recommendations please.
It's hormonal acne too.

>> No.8432758

can anyone recommend a primer/foundation etc that's i guess..waterproof? i got a new job where i'll be working outside most days..sometimes 14 hour days in 100+ weather when i'm a northerner used to the cold so i guess i'm going to sweat a lot(not a physically demanding job, just general sweating from heat)

can anyone recommend one that will most likely stay throughout the day with some sweat going on, preferably with spf in it too.

>> No.8432766

Don't. The foundation is just going to slide off and look oily with the sweat.

>> No.8432768

Quoted wrong person, please see >>8432766

>> No.8432770

Hey anon! I'm having almost the exact same issue as you except i can only pull of maybe 15 year old looking guys and want to be able to pull off more mature looking ones (also P3, good taste!) I found for me lowering my eyebrows, extending my eye length with brown liner or eyeshadow, and darkening my lips at bit at the corners helped? Hopefully this helps you and good luck!

>> No.8432780
File: 400 KB, 854x832, summercoloring.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My skin tends to be pretty clear and is towards the dry side, but I do have a little bit of scarring from when I was younger. I don't really get acne because of the lack of oil thankfully, so maybe just something to cover up a little bit of scarring.

I always try and invest in higher end stuff so anything you could recommend that's on the higher end. I almost bought some MAC, but I read from some pale bloggers I stumbled upon it's a brand to possibly avoid if you're too pasty. The picture here is MAC's "STUDIO FINISH CONCEALER DUO W10 / NC20". The W10 part would be something that would work for me, but even a bit of the beige in most makeups wouldn't work for me and is usually too dark.

What is your pale coloring like since you're asian? I've always really wanted to get into Japanese and especially Korean beauty products, but I'm afraid I'm a bit too cool and pink in coloring for them. Bottom part of the picture is basically my exact coloring. Do you have any you can recommend? MAC, high end makeup, and quality Japanese and Korean brands especially if you can.

>> No.8432834

Oh thats a really good idea, thanks anon!

>> No.8432836

I would love to hear your review tbh

>> No.8432845

I too have hormonal acne. Doctors says my hormone levels are okay so I don't know what is the problem. I tried using birth control pills but it didn't really help. I guess my skin is just sensitive to some hormones or something like that.

>> No.8432857

Thank you very much!

>> No.8433109
File: 198 KB, 1200x1040, Xv2QNzd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well I would say you have a combination of almond-shaped and slightly deep-set eyes. They are also quite wide-set but not in the extreme - only fractionally wider than the width of your eye. It's not unusual to be a combination of the typical examples, it is just a guide after all.

From the chart you look like a combo of protruding almond and round deep-set parallel - probably why you've been struggling to find your shape.

You can probably pull-off most make-up looks but I wouldn't go too thick with your eye-liner - it could give you the illusion of 'droopy' eyes.

Other anons may have a better idea of what you're closest to from the pic related chart.

>> No.8433141

>dry skin
alas... unfortunately I have pretty oily skin, so I tend to stick to more "dry" stuff for mattifying purposes. this is what I've found that seem appropriate for drier skin types with decent coverage:

- nars radiant creamy concealer in chantilly
- OCC skin conceal in R0
- MAC pro longwear concealer in NW15
- the balm's timebalm concealer in lighter than light

I pulled practically all of these from self-proclaimed pasties (some of whom were called out by other paler-than-thous as not actually being as pale as they claimed to be...), so I definitely recommend swatching them in-store to see if they actually hold up to the pale test. some of the swatches I found also seem suspiciously beige-y to me, but supposedly they have more pink undertones, so...

I'm still sifting through the asian concealers, particularly the japanese ones, so I'll get back to you on those.

as for my own coloring, I'm only relatively pale for an asian living in a very sunny place. I'm still definitely more yellow-toned and darker than your average caucasian pastychan, but I have more of a neutral undertone in comparison to some of my warmer-toned asian friends (which gives the illusion of being lighter than I actually am). out of the three shades most asian BB creams and concealers tend to come in, I'm usually a 2.

>> No.8433188

I have Etude's House Blooming Fit BB cream and I put it on over basic moisturizer (because combo skin). I know that Korean products and beauty trend is geared towards a dewy look, but I want a more matte effect - I don't want to look greasy. I'm currently using the finishing powder from my Ben Nye kit until I find something else to seal my makeup in.

>is there any way to achieve a less "dewy"/more matte look
>tips and product suggestions are welcome
>including a different korean bb cream for future purchase

>> No.8433265

Ah, I see. However I'd say in makeup, it's more important to match it to you, not the style you're wearing (unless you're doing something very specific). Then you can play with colours, eyeliner etc.

About "generic white lady" thing, my first association was cat-like eyeliner and highly arched brows, both insaneny popular and very hard to get with hooded eyelids.

Not than anon, but I;m going to check this, thanks!

> pale and on the cool, pink side
Have you considered mineral makeup? I think we're the same in terms of coloring and everything listed above is way to dark and yellow/orange for me, however I was able to match my foundation and concealers from meow cosmetics (and it works wonders on my acne prone skin).

>> No.8433803

>mfw I just realized how shitty matte makeup looks on me

>first start cosplaying
>buy cheapest foundation at the drugstore
>"wow this is too oily for me, my oily teenage skin isnt fit for this"
>better g et matte foundation!
>after lots of experimenting with samples and reading reviews, decide on a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana foundation
>Finish using it after like 3 years
>just now discover that matte foundation has looked shitty on me, since it accented the tiniest oft imperfections like little bumps on the cheek, nose area, etc

>> No.8433850

I see what you did there

>> No.8433867

I personally own her monarch palette and I absolutely love it. I was in the market for a neutral pallette that wasn't so...well neutral I suppose. Everything else hard the same stuff while I feel monarch was more unique and had an almost grungy vibe. The shadows themselves are all really nice quality with loads of pigmentation and are extremely blendable. Just a word of caution they are very finely milled so there is a lot of kick up I usually have to barely press my brush in to get enough product. Also I wouldn't recommend wearing these shadows without a primer. Hope that helps enjoy your makeup!

>> No.8433970

what BB creams do you gulls use?
My face is oily, but I need redness/minimal coverage.
Ive been using concealer and powder and its just not doing it for me, even after I consulted with the girls at Sephora and Ulta and bought what they sampled and recommended.
Never again

>> No.8434027

it seems like the blooming fit BB cream is meant to have more of a dewy finish? how oily is your skin? etude house has a cotton fit BB cream that seems like it has a powdery finish. also are you using any primers? a mattifying primer may help some.

...3 years? what kind of shelf life is that? anyway, how dry is your skin, anon? certain liquid foundations will accentuate your imperfections anyway, depending on their consistency and whatnot.

I've used skinfood's peach sake BB cream, which was pretty light on the coverage, and I'm currently using the face shop's power perfection BB cream, which has slightly better coverage but wears off for me (but I'm oily as fuck, even with a primer).

what kind of products did they recommend, and what happened with those? like did they slide right off, break you out, etc? and do you have a skintone suitable for asian BB creams?

>> No.8434037

I've never understood this "you have to throw x away after y months" thing. I store my shit almost paranoid-ly clean, and even with stuff like mascara it can be good for me for over a year.

And uh, I have dry patches in the middle of oily skin. But even the dry patches are oily sometimes, if that makes sense? Basically I have patches on my face that has the look of dry patches, but are oily.

>> No.8434450

>I've never understood this "you have to throw x away after y months" thing

Ditto. Obviously there are limits to how long you can keep stuff but a lot of the so called recommendations are ridiculously ott. Just use common sense and bear in mind that most of these expiry guidelines are fuelled by marketing bullshit.

I read some crap the other day about how bras 'go bad' after three months ffs.

>> No.8434454

Eh, depends on the stuff. Sunscreen can definitely stop being effective after a year, but unless you're dipping each lipstick or eyeshadow cake into a muddy puddle there's no reason to toss it.

>> No.8434779

I guess it would apply to people who are more messy about their makeup. I see a lot of teenage girls that are so dirty with it, you know, like the type that touches their phone with oily chips fingers.

And I'm actually the same way about food lol. Bread can go about a week past its expiry, especially if you refrigerate it. poorfags [email protected]

>> No.8435162

Thank you very much anon! This chart is very helpful. I think I am round or almond protruding parallel.

>> No.8435246

I can only tell you about Heroine Make's Long and Curl mascara, but it's great stuff. I usually buy it off of ebay and it lengthens my eyelashes, holds a curl forever, and is 100% waterproof. I've also heard that Dolly Wink makes great eyeliner and mascara.

As far as the 'Korean and American' makeup is better thing goes, that depends on the products you're interested in. I watched a Lisa Eldridge video recently where she mentioned that big, cute eyes are really fashionable in Japan right now, so Japan would be a great place to find reasonably priced, yet effective mascara and eyeliner.

>> No.8435349

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good lip-stain that works for dry lips? Most I've tried dry my lips out like crazy within an hour.

>> No.8435545

I think I have meant to buy the cotton fit because I like a powdery finish (like Its Cosmetic's CC cream), but ended up ordering the wrong one. And no, but I think I'll invest in a matifying primer and wear underneath Blooming fit and see how it works.

>> No.8436884

I'm the same way. Usually I finish mascaras before recomended time (I'm carefull to not have more than one opened), for the rest it's better to test it for changes in smell and texture.
And some dates are completely unreasonable. Like, 18 months for a powder eyeshadow, I don't finish that quick even ones I use daily, not to mention less used shades.

About oily dry patches, how do you exfoliate and moisturise your skin? Are you taking any medication, which may affect skin?

>> No.8436888

got dry lips as well and have innisfree's lip stain coming in the post soon, so I'll let you know!

>> No.8439642

How do you remove yours? I love that it doesn't smudge around my hooded eyelids, but it's a pain to remove.

How easy to remove is Majolica Majorca's lash meister?

>> No.8439668
File: 126 KB, 293x293, Stila swatch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How long do felt tip liners usually take to dry out?
I have the Stila Stay All Day liner and when I just got it it was fucking magic, with the perfect dark brown almost-black-but-more-natural colour and it didn't budge even a bit until I'd use makeup remover 10+ hours later. Now I've had it a little under two months and the colour is a lot lighter than before and it's completely gone after a few hours. I don't think I've used it often enough for it to be empty. Is there something I can do to revitalize it or is this normal for felt liner pens?

Pic related it how it looks now on my paper-white skin (sorry for the shitty lighting), whereas it used to be almost black before.

>> No.8439988

In my experience, it's normal for felt tip liners to dry out after a few months, especially if you use it so often. I actually do have that same liner in jet black, and it's the second felt tip liner I've gone through just from Stila. Have you accidentally left your felt tip liner without the cap on before? That can drastically shorten its lifespan.

>> No.8440043

Seagulls, does anyone have any waterproof makeup recommendations? (especially eyeliner and foundation/contouring materials) As in, can go underwater in the pool with it on. I'd love to not break the bank since this would just be for a photoshoot, but all of my usual stuff has held up very poorly so far.

>> No.8440165

What exactly is your budget for each piece of makeup? One eyeliner that I would like to recommend to you is $20 at Sephora, but you don't have to worry about it washing off.

>> No.8440253
File: 266 KB, 498x475, gggerh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any advice or tutorials for someone who's never used makeup by themselves?

I'm particularly freaked out about doing the eyeliner, because when I tried before it looked shit.

>> No.8440373 [DELETED] 
File: 74 KB, 348x105, eyyeyeyes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my eye shape. I look really cross-eyed looking into the camera

Massively appreciate any tips i can get

>> No.8440719

you cant do eyeliner with a tutorial. just keep practicing.

>> No.8441139

What makeup do you guys wear when you're on the beach? I don't feel comfortable without concealer and such on, but I want it to look as natural as possible

>> No.8441250

try using gel eyeliner, it's much easier than liquid

>> No.8441254

what about tinted moisturizer?

>> No.8441739

Hi Lisa.

>> No.8441837

You can try a waterproof makeup setting spray? I think I watched a review video or show recently and I remember the girl dumping her whole face in a bowl of water and nothing came off. She blotted her face on a towel after and nothing came off either but she wasn't rubbing just blotting.

>> No.8442267

More skincare than makeup, but I am in love with Rohto Hada labo gokujun "lotion".


I put it on after washing and my skin has never been so moisturized. If I want extra care I'll put an occlusive lotion over it at night.

>> No.8442296
File: 576 KB, 2159x3600, 1411278347374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you want pictures or just a written one?

>> No.8442355

Gel liner and pencil liner are very beginner friendly, just go slow and remember you can easily clean up any messy lines with make up remover. When I started make uping I skipped eyeliner all together and just used dark brown eyeshadow around the outer corner of my eye.

>> No.8442387

Does anyone have a photo of their everyday makeup on they could share?

>> No.8442406

will makeup go on better if i get rid of the fuzz on my face? how do i get rid of it?

>> No.8447468

bump for interest, i've tried shaving off peach fuzz and it doesn't go anywhere.

>> No.8449354

This is more of a cosplay makeup question than a personal makeup question. I'm going to be cosplaying a young boy, and I'm wondering if anyone has tutorials or tips for that specifically? Or anything that would explain how to de-emphasize feminine features while still keeping a young look?

>> No.8449361


Makeup probably won't go on any better unless you've got, like...a LOT of peach fuzz going on.

Anyway, don't shave it - wax it or try an epilator maybe. You can buy facial wax in the skincare section of just about any store.

>> No.8449364
File: 86 KB, 240x240, j3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the fuck is Lisa? My name is Sarah.

>> No.8449653


>reduce any signs of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, spots, dark circles, as you would with normal makeup
>do NOT attempt to draw attention to your eyes. going without eyeliner or mascara will go a long way to de-sex your face, since people interpret defined eyes as feminine
>however, round eyes are childlike, as are eyes that are not deep-set; maybe try brightening the eye area
>follow tips for thinning and muting your lips
>eyebrows may seem more arched but not so defined; avoid over-plucking (what kid has groomed, even eyebrows?) but a flat brow is usually a sign of age
>a rosier skintone may seem more youthful, but could also emphasize your femininity. i would experiment to see if you can capture rosy-cheek childlikeness or if it skews too girly on your face
>kids' faces are a lot less defined than adults', so look for tips on rounding out facial features, especially cheeks and chin; a child's face might even seem squat or flat, with a stubbier nose
>bone structure is less visible on children than on adults
>kids' heads are proportionally bigger compared to adults' so when buying or styling a wig keep that in mind
>kids' ears are often awkward, seeming large compared to their head size. wouldn't recommend prosthetics exactly but if you can find a way to get them to protrude a bit...
>kids' facial expressions are less complex, even exaggerated at times compared to adults.

>> No.8449809

only do that shit if you're too poor for fixing spray god damn
also fixing spray doesn't always help with eyeliner

>> No.8449862

I've been trying out a few cheap eyeshadow primers before I take the plunge on buying urban decay, and apparently ELF's essential shadow lock eyelid primer does amazing things for me even with my super oily lids. my eyeliner and and my eyeshadow didn't move at all for the entire day I was at AX despite the heat and all the accompanying sweat.

though to be fair, I was using etude house's oh m'eye line liquid eyeliner, and that stuff sticks through everything (and is a huge hassle to take off later, much like that heroine mascara). etude house's eyeshadow primer doesn't do much for me, and neither does ELF's regular studio eyeshadow primer.

>> No.8450210

What's better, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, or UD's naked palettes?

I have pinky skin if it makes a difference..

>> No.8451943

Is there some big masterlist or picture of entry level recommendations for makeup especially basics like foundation?

I've never used much makeup because I sucked at it and it sucked on me but I think I've been doing it wrong by buying from drugstores and being clueless about primers and all of that shit.

>> No.8451963


No clue if there's a master list, but what kind of skin do you have? Dry/oily/normal/combo/sensitive etc. And what's your budget? I can give you some suggestions!

>> No.8451984

My skin is dry. It's not super flaky though, I've got it under control since I stopped using only moisturizer and started applying actual oil. It's also sensitive.

I have a big budget but I wouldn't be so happy dropping big cash on something I don't actually end up using if it doesn't work for me.

>> No.8451986
File: 146 KB, 650x409, [email protected] [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone rec me a baby pink blush like on the left? Asian or western brands, doesn't matter. The blush pictured is limited edition and sold out in most places. The longer lasting power, the better. Thanks!

>> No.8451989

Maybe Candy Doll's blush in peach pink?

>> No.8452041

Makeup Geek's First Love looks pretty similar

>> No.8452332

Revlon's Oh Baby! Pink

>> No.8452984

I remember in high school wearing eyeliner for the first time, i got into a tantrum because i thought i looked like shit in it and all the oh so hot chicks looked perfect. Guess I needed to practice because I feel wrong looking in 2015 without it. Give yourself time to acclimate.

>> No.8453042

well if you shop at sephora and get something you don't like, even if it's like half-used you can return it for at least store credit. so if you're going to buy something expensive i'd see if they carry it first.

>> No.8453063

>tfw almond, tapered

Eyeliner is the biggest pain in the ass.

>> No.8454250

any tips on looking more awake and less haggard in photos? I look fine in the mirror and then I see pics and I look 10 years older than I actually am. I just went to sephora for new concealer and hoping that'll help, but anything else I can do?

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