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Let's vent, seagulls.

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I'm debating on bringing my fnaf cosplay to a local con because the fanbase here is total shit. It's all fucking terrible cosplays from 14 year olds, and the panel they run is even more shit. However I have friends who really want me to cosplay this character, And I spent a lot of time and money on the costume/makeup itself.

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I'm pretty chubby but I don't look it and I want to lose weight but I won't lose any in my face because even when I was younger and thinner, my cheeks were still really big and looked really disportionate. I would rather stay a little chubby so at least my face kind of matches

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My brothers girlfriend is so fucking fat. I'm sick of her eating my food! She's not even hungry.

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I know I've complained about this before but my tree trunk legs will foreverror be the death of my self esteem. It can work for cosplay but I'm more into lolita so I feel like it ruins everything.

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I kinda hate that I have a full time job now because I cant have two jobs.
There's enough money to pay bills and gas+groceries but not enough to buy extra things like clothes and traveling

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I'm sick of the HLC/AM Lolita drama and them trying to spread their drama to other cons

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Wow you just reminded me of something

>Make my roommate 12 complicated, highly decorated cupcakes for his birthday. Each one is sculpted from 2 cupcakes, so 24ish normal cupcakes total
>Me and roomate go out of town for weekend to con
>Let mutual friend crash at house/"housesit" because we have AC
>Return to find she's eaten ALL BUT TWO cupcakes without asking
>She's not even that fat how the fuck?!

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My mother and father told me their selling our house and getting an RV in november. They said I have until them to move out and they told me I have to sell all my lolita dresses but lolita is the only thing that gives me happiness. I went to a meetup last night and I was too focused on what my parents said to enjoy my night.

In short, my parents have taken away the fun from lolita and I'm contemplating quitting.

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I put on weight over the winter and I've had a really difficult time losing it. I can do okay dieting and just doing some workouts at home but lately we've been eating out a lot and my weight shot back up again. I'd just like to be where I was this time last year. I'm so sick of yo-yoing. You'd think 15lbs is nothing but it's a pain in the ass when your lolita things don't fit properly anymore.

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Maybe you should learn to take care of yourself

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If you're moving out then why do you have to sell a specific thing you own?

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>I have to sell all my lolita dresses
If you're moving out/away from them, why?

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Anon, I hate to ask but how old are you? I am assuming you are over 18 and do not pay them rent, in which case you lose the right to whine about your parents' living demands. Making you sell your lolita is kind of a dick move (but you are an adult and could refuse by moving out rooner). But stomping your foot because your parents are selling their home is really childish. What do you want them to do, keep paying for an expensive house so that you have a free place to keep your pretty things?

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that feelio when no female significant other

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What makes you think I'm not taking care of myself, the fact that I only find joy in lolita??

You know, there is this thing called major depression and it makes it hard to be excited or happy about anything. And antidepressants don't make you feel happier they only help give you the motivation to get out of bed.

Or if you're shitting on the fact that I still stay at home, I'm barely 18 and I just graduated last month

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Different anon, "take care of yourself" implies being self sufficient. You live with your parents, thus, you are not responsible for your living situation and what you are and aren't allowed to own. We don't need your sob story.

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This ^

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JFC you sound like those tumblr kids who cry depression at the slightest upset. Stop being pathetic and weak and take control of your fucking life.

I have "major depression" but even I was self sufficient when I was 18. Grow up.

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anon-chan hide your frills in your friend's house and look for a job asap. At first you may only afford a room or even a bed in a room but it will get better! Be strong!

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I bet anon doesn't have any friends

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Try myfitnesspal (there's an app too). Cutting is difficult when it really isn't "that much" and making yourself report to a computer overlord every day helps you stay on the fastest track to being back at your preferred weight.


I want to cosplay and don't want to go alone but none of my friends are interested in cons.

Maybe it's just the area I'm in, but it's very hard to find weeb friends who aren't the insufferable wo/manchild type. This side of me has been starved for attention for years.

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Why are you an asshole to 18 year old girl, she's still a teenager.

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I feel you. Mine is fat or thick muscular there is no such thing as stick legs for me. I just wear tights

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You could just live at your local homeless shelter :^)

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I'm trying so fucking hard to lose weight and It's working but I'm losing it from the wrong areas so I'm still conscious of the areas I hold fat and I'm still not comfortable enough with myself to do the cosplays I want to do.

I really want to do lots of superhero stuff, but because I've got man-tits and a weirdly shaped torso, I never want to wear anything skin-tight. Yet if I wear something loose, it makes it even more noticeable that I'm trying to hide myself.

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You'd think that by 18 they would figure out that they need to get a job, or go to college or both.

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The biggest eaters I know are all skinny fucks with stupidly good metabolism (bf and myself included). But how did she not even think that the cupcakes could be for a special occasion or that she should ask first? Jfc learn some manners.

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Same. I wear tights too but my other issue tends to be skirt length. If it covers my knees my legs become giant stumps and if it's a bit shorter than my knee, you see my knees. My knees are gross because I tend to retain fluid. I feel embarassed of this even with tights.

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>tfw you travel by train 1hr 30 min to get to work
>tfw about 14% of your pay check goes to your commute
>tfw no hope of raise or telecommuting

>tfw you're stuck

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To be honest I'm not sure how it is in america but here children usually live with their parents until they finish uni or the parents pay for their accomodation if they are studiyng in a different part of the country, so we are pretty much helpless at 18. If you say it's completely normal to be self sufficient at 18, well, I find it impressive.

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>wrong areas

Spot training is a myth, so you're just going to have to keep at it until your body gets around to losing the fat where you want it to.


Do you know if it's fat or gynecomastia? Weight loss will fix the first but if it's the latter you'll probably want gyno surgery.

Do you lurk /fit/ at all or is your weight loss plan "oh I'll just eat less"?

Sorry if this seems like I'm singling you out but you seem distressed about it and spoonfeeding beginners is my fetish.

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I think it might be gynocomastia. Cuz I've lost around 30lbs and my chest hasn't gone down at all.

I don't lurk /fit/ at all, I'm just eating healthier and exercising more.

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People on this board keep saying Nozomi is chubby or even fat and it's like?? Holy shit what standards do gulls have these days where someone with a 23 inch waist and 35 inch bust is considered "plus size", like it must be a troll but at the same time multiple people keep insisting she's chubby and just... what? How? Why? This is so dumb and a really silly thing to be upset about but I'm genuinely frustrated.

Yo anon that does really suck, and I know it can be really hard becoming self-sufficient at a young age, but it's not impossible. If you're not in college, see if you can look for super cheap apartments with a friend (living with a partner is always cheaper) and apply for a job everywhere you can. If you save enough come the time that your parents move, you might not have to sell all of your brand.

It's not different in America, anons are just being assholes

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Different or not, she is 18 and her parents can throw her out if they want to.

You need to get your shit together fast and not cry about it online. You sound like a spoiled brat and now you only have 6 months to learn how to survive on your own. Good luck.

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Different anon but going to college is the reason why I'm tied to my parents.
>tuition around 10k/year for next 4 years
>going to school in another part of country so have to pay for dorm rent around 8k/8months
>maximum student loans are 11k
>shitty minimum wage job to buy self groceries and have to stop lolita for a while
>parents tell me they can loan me money to cover living expenses until I graduate after struggles in first year
>takes offer, borrows 5k to start
>gets back into lolita with spare money from shitty job
>best time of my life
>parents tell me that I need to stop working because it interferes with school
>B's aren't good enough
>they threaten to take back money I borrowed and stop helping me financially at all
>parents find out about lolita
>they force me to sell most of my wardrobe
>can eat without constantly counting change but withdrawal from lolita hurts
>mfw I'll be in debt to them for the next decade or so
It's not that easy, anon.

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I'm not saying they can't, and never said that they can't; they absolutely can. However, it sounds like their parents just sprung it on this person that they need to move out quickly or essentially be homeless, which sucks and is pretty intimidating if you're only just turning 18.

yo tf? so they go from "pay for it all yourself and we'll loan you money to cover it" to "ok we'll pay for all of it so that you can concentrate at all" back to "ok grades aren't good enough, gl paying for that yourself"? that's pretty shitty tbh, they need to make up their mind about whether they'll have you pay for it or not and what their expectations for your grades are going to be in each situation

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This will sound like complaining about a good thing , but I've lost about 15 kilos in the past year and my bust is still at 100cm so I have issues with buttoned blouses and JSKs :(. Sport bras/minimizers or even just normal bras my size are fucking expensive here.
Still got about 7 kilos to lose until I hit my goal weight.

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It's common here too but not out of the ordinary to live on your own once you're out of highschool. OP bitching and moaning about how dare her parents sell their house (which is VERY extreme - if they're moving into a trailer I'm guessing they can't afford it?) is really childish though. 6 months is pretty fair notice unless she lives in a major city with high rent prices.

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Some people are just shit at finding jobs, while it seems to be second nature to others. It also depends on the job market and economy, so honestly, I can understand if someone is having trouble job hunting, provided they actually put effort into the search.

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Because she is acting like a whiny bratty kid?

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>want a cute boyfriend who will cosplay with me
>all guys I've met at cons are creeps or taken
>online dating is shit


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Have you tried girls?

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I really just want to go to a con with some buddies and not bring girls with us. Just once.
Its not even about the sex really. I get plenty of it being a /fit/ hybrid. What I really want is to just be able to talk to girls and flirt a little bit. It makes me feel nice.
Problem is, I live with two women, who are both good looking but pretty judgemental. We all love to cosplay and weeb out and go to cons, but they always seem to scare off girls, get pissy at me for talking to anyone of the opposite sex, or talk shit if my buddy is trying to talk to a girl.

I just want a bro time, me and a couple friends just go to a con and not give a fuck about catty as bitches and the inevitable (sorry to generalize ladies) mood swings of "I want to go....NOW!".

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sounds like you're friends with some pretty high maintenance women anon...ever thought one of them might want to date you? It almost sounds like it.

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I will never, EVER understand people who eat things from other peoples' fridge/cupboards without asking a permission first. What's wrong with assholes like these? How can anyone think it's okay? And they never go for the basic foodstuffs like take a sensible amount of bread and butter, they just gobble down the most exquisite things that quite clearly are for a special occasion. Like if you have a cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANON in the fridge that screams "don't touch", the douchebag will eat half of it. Or if you have some expensive premium brand yogurt/ice cream in the fridge, they eat all of it. Do they do it deliberately to be assholes or are there actually people who don't have the slightest sense of good manners?

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we have fucked plenty of times, all three of us. Im a pretty chill person and dont get clingy, but its just so easy to see that instinctual territory marking in the girls. Im not a slut by any means, but I just want to have fun.. Both are really great friends, but they only get like this at cons.

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I'm always amazed at seagulls' ability to make anyone that's not photoshopped skinny anorexic fat. I've seen underweight girls called chubby here because they don't have a perfect thigh cap and completely average, normal-weight, BMI under 24 girls called fat. Makes me wonder if the people on this board are fat-hating fatties themselves or severely underweight. Like if your waist is over 20 inches, you're considered chubby.

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I honestly don't care if it was your first contest. When we got a judges award and you felt that since I already had another award on my wall from a con years ago, you felt like you deserved it over me (and never even offered to photo copy it so I could have a copy). I guess me making both my cosplay and most of yours (including wig styling) doesn't mean jack shit to you.
But whatever.

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Exactly! Like whatever the reason, it's so unhealthy and unreasonable to have that kind of attitude

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Sometimes you just gotta say "hey ladies, it's been fun and all, but I need my own time away from you." Offer to meet up later, or something, but you don't really have an obligation to hang out with them the whole con. If they only get territorial during the convention, I'd say have the talk with them at least a month before.

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I was really pissed off about it, but my roommate refused to be bothered because "they were made to be eaten anyway." She also got into the huge candy stash that I'd been using to make the cupcakes, and ate a really unsettling amount out of 5 huge bags. It still blows my mind that she managed to consume all of this sugary food in two and a half days, or that she thought that ANY of this was hers for the taking since she doesn't live here.

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I'm living on my own and I can barely pay for my rent, food and other expenses while studying and I still have 2 years to go.

I'm pretty sure my electricity company is outright scamming me and my government aid isn't coming through so one takes too much and the other isn't giving me what they should.

It's summer sale and I can't spend any money, I'm going to lose it. I want to buy so many things but I can't spend around 500€ in one go. On top of that I'll soon celebrate my first year being single.

>Basically seriously consider being a sugar baby to kill two birds with one stone.

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It does seem better to have two jobs than just one full time job. I had two jobs last year so I could get a boost in money. Then I lost the second job because the people there didn't like me.

Definitely gonna get a second job next month again. Summer is the perfect time to work hard it seems.

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That, and anyone with a mature-looking face automatically looks 40. 2D really fucks with some people's concepts of their and other people's bodies.

People who steal food without asking deserve to go to the special hell. I had a roommate in college who did this and I very nearly murdered her by the end of the year.

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I've known a lot of people like this unfortunately for me because I've lost a lot of food because of knowing these kinds of people... it's really infuriating but the truth is, the people who do this, don't seem to give a single shit about anyone but themselves.

There is a girl at my job now that will take any free food that is laying out. She's a skinny crack head wigger and sometimes she's adorable but mostly just full of herself and thinks she deserves everything.

also green text story for fun:
>live with bf at the time and his family in single wide trailer
>his mom and bf live there with us
>I bought steaks so my bf and I could have a nice dinner
>come home after being out all day with bf
>steaks are gone
>what happened to my 14 dollar steaks "bf's mom"
>her bum bf responds with "She needed to eat"

My bf at the time was hella pissed and her stupid fucking bum bf's reasoning for stealing my food was "We should be grateful because otherwise his mom wouldn't be able to eat"

I lost fucking 20 some dollars of food and had to eat cheap ass mac n cheese for dinner because my ex's family was a bunch of greedy ass bums.

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>multiple people keep insisting she's chubby and just... what? How? Why?
Its because the mentality on 4chan is to troll. If one person jokingingly says someone's fat, others are of course gonna jump on the bandwagon cause it's the fastest way to get replies. Especially on /cgl/ where everyone who wants to use this place as a hobby board, will easily take bait from trolls because they're caught up in their own world where this board works perfectly and other people are here to just chat about this hobby too, except that those other people are also wanting to troll cause it gets you simple attention in the end.

Always remember, 4chan mentality = contrarian.

There was a girl, I think it was HelloBatty? Not sure tho, but her pictures got posted in a Closet of Frills thread and it seemed like everyone was gonna just like her outfit because there wasn't much wrong with it other than it included some alt fashion items that aren't widely accepted here... and it got mostly positive comments until the contrarians rolled in and had to point out the trendy things they didn't like cause it's so cool to not like things on this forum.

And I called it too. I knew someone was gonna find some reason to hate her outfit. And sure enough it got posted to an ita thread.

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Crossplaying is the only form I can express that I feel like my real gender. My family would loose their shit if I told them I never felt like a girl.

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Anon, just get a job? Do you have a car? Like think realistically. You can have your cake and eat it, too.

Move out, move in with some friends, keep your lolita and sell pieces you might really need to for emergency money.

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Uh actually anon, there's legit problems with that coordinate due to blatant fetishwear and it being more of a pastelgoth outfit, and not lolita.
It also doesn't help that people don't really like HB.

>> No.8428297

This is exactly what I was talking about. Not to say you are just trying to be contrarian, but you are insisting on taking a different side because of something like fetishwear. Your opinion that is subjective.

People are allowed to like the outfit and there seemed to be way more people in favor of the outfit until assholes felt the need to expose the other side of it until it got posted to an ita thread even though it's not fucking ita.

Also newsflash, Lolita can incorporate other styles and still be lolita. Lolita Fairy Kei is a thing, for example.

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I'm almost done with my degree in special education and just got a job at a pretty prestige academy being an assistant coordinator. I kind of envy my friends who are going for that e-fame schtick with cover dances, fashion, cosplay, and maid stuff. I always here about them having fans and being invited to guest at places. I dabble a little, but not enough to be noticed. I'm always afraid it would interfere with my career in a negative light. It makes me almost want to say "you guys are lucky for not choosing your career yet." I had the opportunity as well at one point, but was offered to go further in my field and actually start working on salary. I don't know, it makes me wonder how it would of been if I had waited on all that "adult life" stuff.

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My mom does this. I'm trying to lose weight and recently found out I'm allergic to a lot of stuff (chicken, strawberries, milk etc etc) so my diet has become quite limited but my mom still thinks it's ok to go in and eat the food I have for myself. The kicker is that my grandpa used to do this all the time to her and she hated it.

>Inb4 why are you still living with your mother.

Lady can't live alone.

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i hate how lolitas are such bitches. cant trust noone,i swear

>> No.8428311

Anon, do you have a job or can you get one? You should save some money up and then try to get an apartment with friends. I was in a similar situation as you (except with cosplay stuff rather than lolita) and moving out was the best thing I ever did. I didn't get any respect from my family before and they never supported my cosplaying at all, despite me paying for it all off my own back and getting through college. The only reason I didn't move out beforehand was because I sick at the time and couldn't face the stress of moving.

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>Your opinion that is subjective.
It's an opinion that a lot of people agreed with when her outfit was posted. I'm also not saying you're not allowed to like it, but saying "there's not much wrong with it" is also your subjective opinion.

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The way you're explaining this kinda seems like she invited people over for a party, and they ate your stuff. Makes sense when you think about the amount of food consumed within 2 days.

>> No.8428320

I wouldn't feel too bad, I bet the majority of them won't get that far and if they've made no investment in a backup career then they're fucked. I'm not saying you should have any ill feelings towards them, but e-fame isn't actually as easy as it sounds and personally i'd hate to be airing my laundry out for money. Each to their own, but if it's money you're thinking about, then you probably have more financial security than they ever will.

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My name gives away my cosplay interest.

I know it's "I liked it before it was cool" but oh my god fuck the MCU. I'm so bored of a solid 75% of any capes groupshot being either Winter Soldier, AoU Scarlet Witch, sharpie-goatee Tony Stark or people in black suits (SHIELD agents, apparently).

Not to mention


>> No.8428359

Yeah but the first time it was posted, everyone liked it. I mentioned that someone was gonna disagree to be the person who doesn't like it, and I was right.

I know it's an opinion, but at this rate, with the amount of trolling on this forum, you really can't know who is telling the truth or who is trying to just be cool. And the ladder does exist. It makes talking about a hobby useless here. This is the exact reason Moot left.

I just want people to be honest. And sometimes that means not being the person who "doesn't like it cause it's different"

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In western fashion I've always worn small and extra small sizes but I recently bought an innocent world skirt that barely fits and I really want to say it's because the elastic in the waistband doesn't have very much give but part of me keeps saying it's because I'm getting fat.

>> No.8428469

I was suppose to pay my commision today, but my job didn't pay me. I'm hella pissed because I gotta wait another week before I can pay.

>> No.8428482

I procrastinated on my costume and now the con is only a few weeks away and I still have tons of shit to do. I've spent somewhere closer to 8 hours today working on armor and I feel like I need a stiff drink right now.
Also, one part of the costume that I already finished now looks like shit because the newer parts look better so I want to remake the shitty part, but I don't have any time, materials, or patience left. I know I'm going to be self-concious over the shitty part the whole time I'm gonna be wearing it. Bleh.
Next costume I make, I'm gonna pick something wayy easier.

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File: 539 KB, 400x222, https%3A%2F%2F38.media.tumblr.com%2Fb6579a39dd51479d0a3f973b1709a9ee%2Ftumblr_n1xqhhpxzn1qz8x31o1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm struggling with a cycle of anorexia/bulimia and I hate myself because of it, but I hate myself for being overweight even more so it keeps happening.

>> No.8428509

>get a job
>acting like jobs aren't stupidly hard to get straight out of high school with no degree especially if you have no previous working experience
>go to college
>acting like college is easily affordable to everyone everywhere and ignoring the fact that anon's parents are obviously in a tight financial situation and unlikely to be helping her out with that at all
>or both
>see above
although to that OP, anon, if you have a legit diagnosed disability, you may be able to qualify for disability benefits if you don't already.

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Gonna start this out with that yes I'm aware that I'm completely pathetic, but this is a vent thread so here it goes

So I really want to cosplay my favorite characters, but I'm very picky about female portrayal so 9/10 times they're usually male. The problem is that I'm 5'5 plus wide hips. So while there are binders for the chest out there nothing can compress bone and my thighs.
>mfw wore spanks and fucked up my lower back for days
>mfw didn't even help

Genderbending would solve but I'm such a pussy that I'm afraid none of my hard work would be noticed
>"hhAHA look at this female tryin so lazy"
>"why couldn't you just cosplay oc? special snowflake much"
>"that's transphobic honey uwu"
And there would be hard work because momma didn't raise no punk, but if I'm going to put so much effort into something I want it to show. Can't decide if I'm more deflated or frustrated.

Sorry for clogging the thread with my bitching and moaning but I needed to get it out somewhere because I can't even vent to my friends. They're SJW and think body type doesn't matter
>"everyone's beautiful the way they are uwu"
>"who cares?"
>me? anyone with standards?

You could be the best oil painter in the world but its still going to look like shit and warped on printer paper.

>> No.8428760

are you me anon? because holy christ, me too

>> No.8428789

I feel you... but I think you're trans.
Like I get the whole liking guys better. But I still think from what you're saying, you're probably second guessing your gender every now and then.

>> No.8428794


Same :I although I have it mostly under control, it tends to get worse when I'm depressed.

>> No.8428795

I know this feel anon. I don't get paid until the beginning of next month and I already have to go get a small loan to pay off my taobao shipping cause I'm a dumb ass ugh..

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My brother started to buy cheap wigs and lolita lacemonsters from taobao and when our mom found them he said they were mine.

>mfw he browses /cgl/ and could potentially see this post

>> No.8428813

Wait what's bothering you more?
>Your mom thinking you like shit sissy dresses
>Your mom thinking you have shit taste in sissy dresses

>> No.8428817

how in the world did you come to the conclusion that she might be trans from she wrote........did you actually read it properly?

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When I was a senior in HS, our drama club put on a play and the costumes were GOD AWFUL. They were literally just fucking sweatshirts and sweatpants. Last year, I went back to the school to talk to some old teachers of mine about how I was doing and such and saw the Drama teacher/club sponsor. I told her point blank that if she ever needed help with costumes that I could do them for her. She told me flat out no because the school wouldn't pay for it. I even told her that I didn't want money, and I would do it for free because I didn't wanna see my school disgraced by that ugly shit again. Still said no.

>mfw they keep using the same sweatshirt/sweatpants combo

>> No.8428937

The worst part is that because I can't get that under control, I can barely exercise because I get weak or lightheaded. Not to say I don't try, I just don't get much done.

>> No.8428988

Look into carnet tickets. You buy a months worth to a years worth at a cheaper price.

Don't buy train tickets online, either - the sites all use cookies to track your data and bump the price up on your regular routes.

You could also try cashback sites. I thought they were a complete scam until my Dad (who's very financially sensible) suggested them to me.

I'm guessing you're working in a very specific field and can't just find a job like it nearby, but it might be worth going freelance, depending on what your job sector is. I spent all of last year waking up at the crack of dawn to go to my editing job in London, but this year I decided to use my contacts to go freelance. Now I don't have to commute, but I also barely get to leave the house.

>> No.8429015

Yeah, anons are just being catty. It is unusual to graduate university at 18, so I'm guessing OP has had to drop out for some reason, probably her depression. There's no way her parents should expect her to be self-sufficient at that age and in her situation.

It sounds as though her parents are in a tough spot themselves though, and imo OP should try to understand what they're going through. It's not easy to accept that the people you've always relied upon cannot always be relied upon, but what they're saying is true.

OP, you might not have to sell your dresses, but try and think of ways you can cut back without doing that. In the meantime, don't buy any more. If you buy a new item, sell an old one to make up for it.

You can definitely get it together in 6 months. It might mean working a shit job, but it might also mean doing something you really enjoy. Personally, I got a fast food job for a few months. It was nice and low-stress.

>> No.8429022

Check with a doctor.

>> No.8429057

>carnet tickets
>don't buy train tickets online

You don't understand. I'm in the US. I take MetroNorth/MTA. What I buy direct from the company is the cheapest monthly ticket avalible.

I work as a tech pack artist for a fashion company, which I may be able to freelance as, but I've freelanced before as an illustrator....and it wasn't for me.

>> No.8429062

People here keep bitching and fighting over money after one of my family members died and I just want to be able to go to another anime con. I mean how much money do you need? If you really are so selfish to not give your sibling part of your 90k then you really are a bitch.

I just want to hide in Canada or Russia or the UK or something.

>> No.8429064

Try getting a mini-fridge for your room? That way you can reduce the risk of cross-contamination from her stuff, and if you have a lock on your door you can stop her eating all your food.

>> No.8429069

B-both of those options are the same...

>> No.8429080

SJW shit in general at cons.

Like I understand weird nerds aren't the healthiest of the bunch but "fat-shaming" should not be a real word among those people.

Also, to fat girls who want to show off their skin and be sexy, I know you probably heard "oh it's fine some people will think you're sexy and the others will just ignore you." We're not ignoring you. We're actively retching at your presence. Goes for fat guys too that pick a costume with too much skin showing.

>> No.8429081

I need to get this off my chest holy crap. Hope nobody from the group browses CGL.

>get invited to be part of a QA/rivia/Etc panel for a lesser-known series I love
>series gets no love and for a long time I was one of the few cosplayers repping the series at cons in my state
>Person who invites me want to get a group of the full cast together and they don't have the character I cosplay yet.
>i've never done a panel like this but I love the series too much to let the opportunity pass
>Say yes because why the hell not and I was excited to see my favorite series getting some representation.
>Have a full group of 13+ people doing all the main characters and some minor ones this is incredible I'm so excited

So it started out well but of course it goes downhill very swiftly.

>Series has a whole bunch of different matching outfit sets
>We all decide we want to wear the same set of outfits but 13 people can't decide on an outfit because of course we can't
>"I ONLY want to do outfit A and I won't take no for an answer!"
>"If we don't do outfit B I'll leave the group because I don't want to cosplay any others"
>"I can't wear outfit A it's too skimpy can we pick something else?"
>Offer to make a Google Doc for the group that outlines which costumes would be easiest to make and coordinate
>Completely ignored by 2/3 of the group
>Quickly figure out I'm significantly older than almost everyone else in the group
>I'm early 20's most of them are still in high school, youngest is like 12-13
>Based on the way they're talking I don't think any of them can sew
>Oh no
>Half of them want to make their costumes and half want to buy them
>Eventually decide to break off into groups of three, and each group will do a different outfit set.
>Most are sad that we aren't all gonna match but we can't decide so what else are we gonna do


>> No.8429083

Oh sorry, I'm in the UK and you can get carnet tickets from the station.

But yeah... that sucks for you, I suppose. I guess you could always start haranguing your boss about working from home, if it's making you that miserable.

>> No.8429085


>My group is me, Orange, and Yellow
>Yellow is upset that the groups didn't cater to what she wanted, promptly quits group
>Two days later she comes back
>Orange and I are getting along well trying to decide which outfits we're doing
>we've narrowed it down to 2 when Yellow comes back to the group and says she doesn't like either of the ones we've picked
>Yellow wants to do super complicated outfits
>Me: "We can't do those Orange can't sew that well. Any other ideas?" Yellow: "What about (more complicated outfit)?" Me: "What did I JUST say"
>Now she's just completely ignoring every message I send asking for her input on outfit choice
>She's responding to other people's messages but not mine and we need to decide on outfits so we can start planning them soon
>All communication is being done through Instagram DMs
>Suggest a FB group to keep communication more organized
>half of them don't have FB
>Those that don't have FB don't want to make accounts

Part of me wants to leave the group but doing a full group from this series has been a dream of mine for a while so I want it to work out but I KNOW it's going to be a train wreck. An absolute train wreck.

I need a drink.

>> No.8429086

I'm an androgynous girl, and I love cosplaying males and everything...

But I've been getting more and more urges to wear more girly stuff, yet I hate how I look in them. I feel so uncomfortable but I want to. I really enjoy looking at cute lolita stuff but whenever I imagine wearing it I feel really uncomfortable and self-conscious.

A little part of it is weight (though I'm not overweight and I honestly have some pretty awesome fat distribution, I just feel bloaty and weird in my stomach region), a little part is that I used to be bullied for looking like a boy when wearing dresses. I also hate make-up and have my friends do it for me if I have to for cosplay.

Also being somewhat hirsute reeeally doesn't help.

tl;dr I wanna be a cute girl for once but I'm a better cute boy and I also have some body image issues.

>> No.8429090

Ouji? I bet you'd look cute.

>> No.8429095

Ouji's also something I'm honestly interested in, and I might even try that, but sometimes those cute co-ords I see on these threads just kind of make me pine for feeling more comfortable as a girl and being able to really try it. Y'know?

Ouji is a nice mid-ground, though.

>> No.8429098

>Your opinion that is subjective
yfw your opinion is subjective too
>People are allowed to like the outfit
and people are allowed to dislike an outfit too. You're allowed to say what you like about said outfit, and other people are allowed to say what they dislike about it. It's a two-way street anon, if you don't want negative opinions, either hide them or go to tumblr.

>> No.8429101

>And the ladder does exist
Of course ladders exist, how do you think people have been building treehouses all these years?

>> No.8429104
File: 53 KB, 500x281, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to try Lolita once but i'd like to do a good outfit with it but in order to do that I would have to spend a lot of money on just one outfit. Should be fine with that since I do it with cosplay all the time but ??? Idk it just feels different.
Especially since i'd have to buy so many Lolita exclusive items (sorta)

I really wanna do it but then again I don't know where I would even start.

>> No.8429129

Holy fuck where are you going? My apartment rent costs half that!

>> No.8429145

>actively retching in public because you saw a fat roll
Seek therapy, you spineless pussy.

>> No.8429148

Seek a diet plan.

>> No.8429151

Just buy a good chunk of the coord offbrand and maybe you can wear it with your normal clothes? And buy a jsk secondhand or something.

>> No.8429156

I pay 500 a month for a 2 bed 2 bath upstairs. Jesus fucking christ

>> No.8429160

I would reccommend lucky packs

>> No.8429162

Are you rooming with people? I pay 550 for 1 bed 1 bath, but I'm don't have roommates.

>> No.8429164

I've had a swollen neck for almost three weeks now and haven't been able to eat any food that isn't cold liquid without my throat tightening up and refusing to swallow anything else. When I went to the doctor she said my thyroid was swollen but my blood work was only borderline abnormal. It isn't just in my head because other people have commented on the swelling. I'm at my wits end with the doctors because I want to know what it is so I can live normally. If I have to drink one more bottle of ensure, I'm going to scream.

>> No.8429169

Ouji-anon here, I had another thought: what about salopettes? I've never worn them, but I've been lead to believe that they're designed for exactly your body type. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

If not, there are lots of cute ouji coords out there.

>> No.8429180

Ive been exercising everyday (minus sat and sun) and i haven't lost any weight because i can't cut out the dairy an carbs.

i fucking loathe myself.

>> No.8429182

No, it's because your eating too much

>> No.8429185 [DELETED] 

I recently got a Sex Pot Revenge shirt and my parents wont let me wear it out of the house because its "vulgar" / they don't want me to be seen in public wearing this.

I wasn't planning on wearing it around here to begin with- I bought it for when I go to Japan as well as part of a cosplay I have planned (not a closet cosplay, character canonically wears clothing exactly like this outside of their school uniform.) Still, I'm getting shit because I have a shirt with the word FUCK on it.

> Still going to wear

>> No.8429188

I recently got a Sex Pot Revenge shirt and my parents wont let me wear it out of the house because its "vulgar" / they don't want me to be seen in public wearing this.

I wasn't planning on wearing it around here to begin with- I bought it for when I go to Japan as well as part of a cosplay I have planned (not a closet cosplay, character canonically wears clothing exactly like this outside of their school uniform.) Still, I'm getting shit because I have a shirt with the word FUCK on it.

> Still going to wear it

>> No.8429190
File: 162 KB, 374x510, FwmJiX2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8429193

That's pretty trashy, anon.
And also please don't walk around Japan in cosplay.

>> No.8429198

I meant cosplay at cons, not cosplay as street fashion. I wouldn't ever do that.

Also deleted the original post just because bad typo.

>> No.8429204

>Genderbending would solve but I'm such a pussy that I'm afraid none of my hard work would be noticed
That part.
It's a hard thing to understand but I used to want to dress up as a guy and I used to like guys better than women and then one day it stopped thank god... but I think that other anon is probably just gonna keep going until they're a guy.

>> No.8429215

>still living with your parents after 18
Don't make the mistake I did anon... get out while you can.

>> No.8429217

They're complaining about genderbend cosplay because people usually disregard it as being a cheap alternative to dressing as the original design. Their craftsmanship wouldn't be commended if someone just thinks "Oh jeez, another girl made a female version of ___, how lazy of them"

>> No.8429221
File: 87 KB, 500x427, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 23
>still live with parents
>absolute hell but no rent and 10 minutes away from my job

>> No.8429222

Please go back to tumblr.

>> No.8429233

> 22
> 5 minutes from job / could literally walk

This is my hell too, anon. Rent here usually starts at 1k too, so moving out terrifies me just a bit because I can see the debt happening fast. I'd love to move my gf out here and share rent with her, but that'd mean her moving out of state and finding a new job, which is hell in this area.

>> No.8429235

>finally feeling motivated to work on cosplays for con in a month
>get stupidly sick with same thing my entire graduate program has after retreat
>fever so bad that even sitting at my sewing machine completely drains me

UGH. I just wanna get better so I can work on cosplay. Please. I just hope I don't have a fever tomorrow.

>> No.8429245

I've gained about ten pounds recently and hate my ugly, fat body. I'm so disgusted with myself right now. I'm about twenty pounds from "normal" and forty pounds from where I want to be (slightly underweight, but it looks good on me), and I know I can lose it again, and probably even quickly with minor changes, but I'm so pissed that I let myself get this way. I fit Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden ten pounds ago, but I'm afraid to even try it on now. I don't want to work on cosplays because I know I'll look awful. I hate my ugly body so much.

...but venting aside, I am working on it, and I'm trying to remain positive.

>> No.8429260
File: 161 KB, 540x304, tumblr_nmra9hNvOH1s5oev9o5_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>working with highschool kids at a pizza place 10 min away by car
>only goal is to move out into boyfriend + his mom's place
>I-I'm not a fuck up right?

>> No.8429291
File: 234 KB, 600x800, wow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Skin too thin- this amplified my buyer's remorse. I already got a friend wanting to buy it off me for the price I paid (it was cheap as hell)

I honestly didn't think it'd be so frowned upon here. I know "ooh bad language" on a shirt can be pretty trashy to some, but shit man. I remember a ton of gulls wanted pic related and I don't see how that is any better.

>> No.8429318
File: 692 KB, 240x180, mfwicantfindaface.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes I hate how much of a perfectionist I am when it comes to cosplay. I'm working on Electra from the Cowboy Bebop movie. I just ordered a wig but the fact that its slightly too dark bugs me. I can't find pencil pants without pockets and don't want to make her belt buckle out of Sculpey because it won't look like real metal.

When you live with your parents you at least have the ability to get your feet on the ground and get on the right track to adulthood before you have to start paying living expenses on laughable minimum wage income. Some people get lucky and have everything fall in line as soon as they leave school but that's rare these days. There's almost no reason to leave your parents home before you're established unless its a truly destructive environment. Disagreements with parents is better than homeless shelters and living with total strangers.

>mom dies right before High School graduation, lose home since it was just me and her
>move 15 times in 3 years
>unsafe homes, unstable homes
>crazy lady tries to institutionalize me when I call her out on abusing her adopted children
>reunite with childhood best friend, find out the hard way he became a physically, verbally, and sexually abusive fuckhusk, attempts rape, fails embarrassingly
>live with psychotic couple that gets in verbal battles at 4am every night and the wife is regularly having affairs
>live in a squalid hellhole, cat shit everywhere, reeks of cigarettes even outside the house
>live with drunkard who pisses on furniture, and kleptomaniac FAS baby who eats everything and throws tantrums complete with suicide threats over literally everything

>I-I'm not a fuck up right?
Absolutely not. You're working an you have goals, that's more than a lot of people in their early 20s can say, lol.

I have faith in you. You can do it, Anon. Just keep your focus and don't beat yourself up about it.

Hope you feel better soon, Anon.

>> No.8429390

>be at league of legends cosplay group
>girl posts "For Anime Expo, I'm doing "Hentai Ahri" and i'm making it as publicly decent as possible. Since I'll have essentially no clothes on (just Velkoz' tentacles wrapped around me) I didnt know how to hide a harness on my body within the costume."
>mfw everyone is praising her idea


>> No.8429459

There's a difference between wanting to and actually doing. I want to kill half the people in my classes because they ask the stupidest questions, but I'm not actually going to do anything about it other than just headdesk every time.

>> No.8429469

I want to make friends with Asian cosplayers, but it's impossible because they exist in an impenetrable bubble of other Asians.

>> No.8429474

>coworkers are all shit
>creepy neckbeards constantly messaging me
>parents upset with me because I cut my hair the way I wanted to (after donating it all to charity)
>siblings harping on me for taking too long to get through college
>don't even like taking martial arts anymore
>I'm slowly hitting my all time low

>> No.8429492

Why asians??

>> No.8429541

Because I'm transracial. I've been learning Nihonese and practicing kendo. I'm saving up for eye surgery so I can look more Asian.

>> No.8429554

The fuck

>> No.8429557

This is some great bait mate.

>> No.8429567

0/10 baito

>> No.8429584

Why are you talking to me like I'm better than you/have it easier because I left my parents to live on my own?

Life is hard, dude. I used to starve once a month cause my paychecks would get so little and I was trying to find a second job so I could live just a little bit better. I eventually did get a second job, but still.

Stop letting your parents baby you by making your life easy. That's all I was saying.

>> No.8429596

>Why are you talking to me like I'm better than you/have it easier because I left my parents to live on my own?
Sorry if that's how it came across, but that wasn't my intent.

Was just pointing out that sometimes up and leaving home isn't really the best option for everyone.

It wasn't directed at you specifically, just the situation in general.

>> No.8429598

I'm with you on this.

I also came to the conclusion that even if I could afford the transition I never would. I was always taught that you work at what you have and work hard at it/for it to be rewarded much more greatly.
That and I've seen one successful transition among my friendlist. The rest are stuck in that void of looking terrible as either gender.

>> No.8429627
File: 500 KB, 339x200, fuckyou.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get out of my fucking house, you've done enough damage.

>> No.8429658

maybe this isn't the right thread but, fat girls who use corsets what do you think you look like? yeah your waist is like smallish but it looks so fucked up. I can't deal with these girls. As soon as the corset stops, fat just explodes out. It destroys their silhouette more than a fat waist would. I guess part of this is that they're shitty ill fitting corsets but still.

>> No.8429670

People are liars, completely unreliable, and won't listen to sound advice until they crash and burn.

Dogs aren't. More dogs less people 2k15.

>> No.8429673

dogs will lie to you to get food don't deny this

>> No.8429675

Which thyroid hormone were they testing? Did they check your TSH and T4? Not every doctor checks both and swelling could be indicative of Hashimotos. You could always ask for a PTH in case it's a parathyroid issue. Hope it works out I understand the frustration.

>> No.8429677

True, but at least they don't lie about having the money to fly over for a con and then suddenly ask for $2000 a week prior because they're "broke." ...While also posting $500 worth of waifu figs on their instagram.

>> No.8429682
File: 92 KB, 582x433, 1434910371372.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a friend I cosplay with. I support her in every decision she makes, promote her, and do everything for her to get noticed because she has confidence and trust issues. I just want to make her happy with herself once again. Yet she doesn't help me back, talks behind my back, and she is now, how she says, "more popular now" and wants to hang out with other people.

I don't know what to do /cgl/. I've tried talking to her about it, but she ends up making herself look like the victim and makes it sound like I use her instead especially since, according to her, she is "more popular" now. I'm stuck because I don't want our friendship to end sour but at the same time I want to tell her how I have been feeling about this whole situation without her getting mad

>> No.8429688

She doesn't sound like a good friend. She sounds ungrateful. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.8429690

ok that person is a psycho. dump them and pet a bunch of dogs. kiss em on the noses too.

>> No.8429691

>tfw 24 and live with bf
>2.5 hr commute roundtrip
>make around $150 for a 6 hour shift
>still spend $10 on gas a day
>bf works 1 mile away
>12 hr shifts
>rarely see one another between 7am and 11pm
>low bills but dem college loans
>both work weekends without exceptions

But we have an alright apartment and I can afford cheap burando and figures now that cons are no longer a thing for us. We feel that by February next year, he will be able to get a week off so that we can go to glorious nippon.

>> No.8429692

You could just stop being her friend. She sounds like she's going to be a bitch regardless of what you do. If you're her friend, she's annoyed because you're "using her." If you tell her she's being a bitch, oh boy, be prepared for backlash. Maybe just quietly walk away.

>> No.8429693

Thanks anons. This really helped. I'm also worried that she may start bad rumors about me in the con scene, online and offline. I don't want my reputation to be ruined, especially since I'm gonna be a guest at a small scale convention soon. I'm just worried what she might do if I go against her since she also had a army behind her as well...

>> No.8429694

A thin person with chubby cheeks could look pretty cute too!

>> No.8429698

"Good metabolism" doesn't exist idiot.

>> No.8429699

She sounds awful. Why wouldn't you want the friendship to end? Friends aren't savings accounts - you can't expect to keep depositing with the promise of a later payoff. It sounds like she's showing her true colors and you'd do better cutting her off sooner rather than later. Continuing to give her attention and your friendship only validates her position.

>> No.8429702

Sorry, you replied to me so that's what I assumed...

Sometimes leaving home is the best option and sometimes people don't realize until it's too late because they think they have it good...

>> No.8429817

Just tell her. She might not realize what you're feeling and if you just cut her off without saying anything about her behavior, she'll develop even more trust issues. I have a friend that has supported me through depression and I was a bit of a dick to her but that was because I believed she didn't care about me and talked shit about me behind my back herself because she never was straight with me or told me anything about her feelings. It was like she was hiding something from me so I guess I kind of "tested her loyalty" or some shit because I had such bad trust issues that I just assumed she hates me in secrecy.

>> No.8429843

>liked guy
>asked him out
>he gives vague answer
>i ask him directly do you like me yes or no?
>says a lot of words that arent yes or no
>goes missing for a week
>ask again
>get mad at his indirectness
>start getting aggressive
>he still hasn't answered the question months after the fact

I really hate cowards.

>> No.8429864
File: 31 KB, 493x495, 31f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friends with qt trans guy
>10/10 handsome face short as fuck perky porn star tits absolutely hilarious
>dude is my dreamboat
>ask him out
>says no but we can still be friends/fool around
>consolation prize
>move to another country for job, no big deal we've done long distance before
>suddenly gets boyfriend
>suddenly stops talking to me

Months later a mutual friend told me that his boyfriend was uncomfortable with the fact that I got him a gift for his birthday. I got my friend a gift for his birthday, and that threatened his boyfriend enough to force him to cut off all contact with me. That, or the fact that I was fucking his brains out before they even met, IDK. Mostly just annoyed.

>> No.8429874
File: 478 KB, 250x161, 478.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honey you need to tone it down a notch or you're going to end up chasing him away completely.

>> No.8429917

I'm fat. Really fat. And I hate myself so much for it sometimes I wish it would end, but it never gets too far because I don't want to die fat.
People have told me to 'just have more self-control' and honestly I don't think they get it. I can't. I've tried so many times and I just can't. Even though I cry anytime I even bother buying new clothes, I can't stop. Even after I binge eat and feel like a horrible human being, I can't stop. Even though at this point I've been avoiding getting my picture taken because I hate how I look and I can't even look at them.
I rarely feel so sedated with food I truly can't eat anymore. It makes me wish I could get a gastric bypass or something like that but it's not like I can afford it. I can't even afford the gym.

Mind you, I'm an aspie so that probably doesn't help either, other then being more prone to addiction thanks to it, it also generally means less self-control.

I just want to be able to finally lose all this weight, and start cosplaying and wear pretty clothing I've been wanting for years at this point. I'm too ashamed to even think about wanting to do those things. I used to love swimming but now I don't dare to go anywhere near one since it would just make me feel way too ashamed of how I look.

>> No.8429996

Instead of feeling angry or sorry for yourself, think strategically about getting a job, saving up the deposit for the rental in a convenient location close to public transport if you don't drive or have a car.

Seriously, panicking about it just makes you come across as a spoilt brat with zero responsibilities. Take ownership and prove your folks wrong.

>> No.8430001

Pretend there's a zombie apocalypse heading your way in six months, you have to find a way to survive but you don't want to lose your frills either. Where would you store it/hide it while you sort yourself out?

>> No.8430003

The problem is not him, it's you. You're way too aggressive. It's not cute and romantic, just scary.

>> No.8430013

Why not try getting addicted to exercise and change your eating habbits?

It'd be amazing if instead of eating a whole family sized pizza you eat enough salad for a family.

Self control is hard, but you need to keep trying.

Swimming won' do much actual workout for you, try doing some walking/jogging least once a day?

Don't beat yourself up over it, being depressed just makes you reach for more delicious cake.

At least you're able to admit you have a problem unlike those tumblr shitlords, just change where you can.

>> No.8430027

>studied in college for 4 years
>certain I was sure I knew what field I was getting into
>good paying job
>most co-workers are ok and chill, others passive-aggressive, cliquey, can't trust, will backstab
>only one co-worker close enough to call friend
>work is stressful and unpredictable
>become more stressed and moody af
>large portion of money to parents
>use spare money to mainly buy lolita/weeb stuff
>draws during breaks
>"anon, why are you working here?"
>questioning if it's not too late to switch careers

Am I holding myself back?

>> No.8430033

I swear to god I am going to lose my temper at my delivery people.

>Order some taobao stuff
>Says it will be delivered today
>Check tracking
>Says it was delivered and signed for at 9:30 this morning
>I've been home
>Landlord has heard nothing

I swear to god USPS if you delivered my package to the wrong house, I will rip out your eyeballs and replace them with a functioning pair using my bare hands.

>> No.8430066

A-Anon, you can switch employment without switching careers.......... If your job is stressful, go look for a new one unless you happen to be in a particular industry where they are all like that by nature.

Also it is VERY normal to have hobbies that have nothing to do with your job, I don't really see why liking drawing and weeb stuff is giving you a crisis.

>> No.8430084

Go to the gym with a good friend. One that knows actual working out isnt just pushing the limit and selfies.

Best thing I ever did as someone who was fucking skeleton mode was start going to the gym with my best friend who got back from the military. He begged me to hit the gym with him everyday but I thought it was just going to be some hulk out grunt fest. Until I went:
>We get there. Hes built and I'm withering away, embarassed
>"Biggest rule here bro: Fuck everyone else. Grab weight for you. Dont try to impress anyone."
>Helping me out, giving me pointers. Really encouraging me
>"Fuck yea bro! That was a good set! Doing awesome man!", even when im just curling 10lbs.

The motivation and help seriously got me into the gym. I'm not a meat head, but I'm looking fantastic, and literally its just an awesom time with a friend just shooting the shit, feeling tired afterward and haveing him go, "fuck yea! we killed it today man!"

tl;dr- Get a friend to do it with you. Your less likely to fail when you got someone to let down. Also, what helpped my dieting: Never shop unless its shopping day. Eat before you shop, and ONLY buy healthy. I cut soda out completely because it was never available. Now it makes me sick to drink.

>> No.8430088

I don't get e-fame mongerers. I was e-famous once. I'm not going to say how or why but it happened, I had a huge following for something I liked. It was fucking hard. My page that had once been my safe place to talk about things and post things I like became more something that I did for thousands of people that I didn't know. You become something under constant scrutiny, and it bleeds onto your friends' pages if you guys get into a chat, it bleeds into your life... And the payout is super minimum.

I got out of it when people started recognizing me on the street. I'm sitting in a coffee shop and suddenly a fan is sitting there, talking to me, waiting for me to say or do something interesting! But I'm not a very funny person really, outside of the internet. Conventions were easier because I knew what to expect but I never expected there to be people outside of cons to pick me out of a crowd. It was awkward and made me very uncomfortable with my surroundings.

I just don't get why people would want that, to turn something you love so much into an obligation in which your every move is questioned. I'm done with e-fame, I'd rather stay anonymous.

>> No.8430092

>Randos regularly recognizing e-famous cosplayers in the street

.....Yeah uh huh.

>> No.8430106
File: 70 KB, 674x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>have the worst measurements
>decide I have to lose weight if I want to buy qt clothes and cosprays off taobao
>buy a cosplay 7" smaller than my breast measurement to motivate me
>have all the right reasons to start losing
>start losing weight
>drop 8 pounds on the first week
>feels good man
>tell my parents how great this diet is going
>they show up to my house a day after I talk to them bringing me donuts, brownies, lasagna, and more

>> No.8430109

I wasn't famous for cosplay dumbass. I didn't get into cosplay until recently. Start a vlog and get super popular if you wanna know what it's like.

>> No.8430141
File: 29 KB, 225x218, 1430520914838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>see qt in cosplay
>paranoid they'll be taken
>talk to them after con
>they admit they're into me
>live an entire state apart

I was honestly gonna post this.I know that feel. I hate it.

I'd say I'm half shallow since after years of dating generally unattractive people (I'm pretty open minded and it's what's inside that counts) my self esteem has taken a dive. Then when I go to a con, with thousands of people, any guy/girl I take interest in is taken/straight/gay. And as an attractive woman, it doesn't matter what I post online, people only come looking for sex. And thus I've resorted to trolling because the thirst is real and people will still try for me when I reply "uwotm8 i swer on me mum il rek u".

>> No.8430169

>Posting on a cosplay/lolita board
>Mention getting recognized at a convention (where people wear these)

Hey, "dumbass", if your post is about something off-topic, you might want to point that out first. And thanks but no, low/mid tier fame is enough for me right now. Minimum maintenance effort, and just enough online and at-con recognition for a nice ego boost.

>> No.8430211

Thanks anon, I'll keep trying. I don't want to give up because it'll be the death of me if I don't. Especially that second to last line is true; the more depressed/stressed out I got, the more I started eating..

Thanks for the tips anon! I'll try to see if I can find someone since I don't really have a lot of friends. But I"ll try! I really want to change!

>> No.8430212

>still live with parent
>job is literally at the house
>get paid to live at home
>mother is supportive and loves my cosplay
>only condition that would lead to moving out is not going to school and/or getting pregnant

I live in a big city and when you see 1 Asian, be sure that there's 4-5 of them in a tight circle and they're never alone. The minimum I've seen are usually old couples or 2 together on the subway. I often wish I was white just because I have the view that everyone is racist or don't want to be associated with darkies. So cons are the only place I can actively feel comfortable talking to people of other races because I know there's a common ground we share in interests.

I was like this, then I learned that honesty will only be awkward for a little bit and if it doesn't work out, it's ok because there's plenty of other people out there. Just stay calm and politely explain how you feel and if he feels the same. Explain how he's not giving a straight answer and that working out the problem together would be helpful to both of you.Talk out your feelings and tell him why it is that being indirect is frustrating. If he refuses to understand, then maybe you need to move on. Yandere only works in 2D.

>> No.8430218

He has answered you in an indirect way probably to either save your feelings or prevent you from going full batshit over rejection. Some people do not like to directly say no but if he had any interest, he wouldn't be vague, he'd be slightly encouraging. Unless he's just playing a weird game, in which case, you don't want him anyway.

>> No.8430550

The normal procedure with thyroid problems is to do a total blood count. They check for everything.

>> No.8430559


>> No.8430596

Nah those are all separate tests from a complete blood count/blood chemistry, and other poster is right, they'll often just test TSH. I'd definitely find a different doctor or go back to yours and be more insistent, anon.

>> No.8430679

This bothers me so much.

>bought for $250
>sold for $856 with otk and wristcuffs

>> No.8430720

For context, I have aspergers and am great at remember unimportant things, and forget important things I'm supposed to do within 5 minutes.

Basically my parents are suggesting me to look into assisted living (best translation I could think of) so that I can live on my own, but with less chance of failure. Even if it's going to be that way, it'll only be temporary until I learned how to be completely independent.

It all sounds nice but I actually really don't like the idea. I already hate how I can't function normally and even had to spend a year in special education before. I'm 21 and just want to be an independent adult but I feel like I'll always be 'the weird one' and in need of help in one form or another.

>> No.8430805

...I meant the clothes wouldn't fix me right

What >>8429217 said

>> No.8430808

god damn

>> No.8430829

Man...This is definitely an American thing, right? I come from a Hispanic family and there was never that "get the fuck out of the house when you're 18" mentality in this household, and my parents just don't understand it. Neither do I. How are you expected to have a car, a job with a livable wage, and an apartment at 18? You're not even old enough to drink yet. Obviously at some point you have to become independent, but I have friends who have a good relationship with their families yet their parents are literally counting down the days that they move out of the house excitedly. I'm really close with my family and I know not everyone else is that fortunate, but I just don't understand why these parents are so eager to get rid of their kids.

>> No.8430870

In America, shit parents raise shit kids and don't want to live with the consequences of their bad parenting. Most kids are unplanned and unwanted, too.

>> No.8430885

Is there a friend you can move in with who'll put up with you (for lack of a better phrase)? If there's someone close to you who knows your needs, maybe you'll feel more comfortable. Either way, iktf, I have social anxiety disorder, and while it's gotten better, sometimes I cave to it and need my friend to do stuff for me. It feels horrible because I can't talk to a shopkeeper like a normal person, but you make the best of what you have.

>> No.8430903

The market wants what the market wants. Lots of dresses re-sell for higher prices, some girls fund their wardrobe by re-selling for a profit. Educated people in the know about prices laugh don't buy over-priced stuff but some people either don't know or don't care about cost when they just WANT the item. Then some tattletale about it and whine on CGL. So see? It takes ALL kinds.

>> No.8430904

They did a CBC and my Basophils percentage is high, and so are my lymphocytes. Neutrophils are low.

The idiot didnt even check anything but bit thyroglobin which irritated me. I have to wait almost a month for the ultrasound. I messaged my doctor so hopefully she'll get back to me soon.

>> No.8430912

The people who are good at getting jobs just keep going until they get a job and stay motivated. That's really all it takes. If it's a shit job they still take it and keep looking for a better job afterwards. This is not a mysterious talent.

>> No.8430914

>Different doctor
>dealing with the VA

Kek, I went to the ER the first time it happened because I was afraid I'd stop breathing in my in sleep and they told me it was because of a pimple on my chin.

Unfortunately that's the only insurance I have, unless I want to bother my dad to pay copay on his insurance.

>> No.8430956

I think it depends on location and how far they're willing to go in a search or what they're willing to do for the job. On my own, I found nothing and everything I applied to, I got rejected.

But there are some jobs people never think to look for. I encourage everyone I meet to see if they have a family member or acquaintance who's elderly because they could work as a home care agent. The company I work with hires anyone and everyone provided you can answer some questions of common sense. Only downside is the union and the process of getting the job. Doesn't pay much, but a job's a job.

>> No.8430983

Eh, I had a friend who would get jobs like nothing then throw away the opportunity because she either didn't like it or fucked it up some how. I may just be that socially retarded, but charismatic people seem to be able to get jobs more easily.

>> No.8431008

Nah dude, some people pretty literally get jobs handed to them, and I'm not even talking about people with family connections. There's some people that just get a job the moment they even think about getting one.
The most frustrating part of this is the people that get jobs easily, then proceed to never do their job, stop working, and get a new one just as easy.

Also some people live in villages where there simply aren't many jobs and part-time jobs go to everyone's cousins.

>> No.8431011

I am a bmi of 21. I am not fat or underweight I just think skinny people look better.

>> No.8431015

While I think so too, I honestly think /cgl/ screwed with my perception at least to some degree.Mostly because the ones that get praised the most on here are cute petite asian girls that have stick legs.
I've gotten so used to seeing petite girls get praised I've started to think that it's only good when you get to that point, which I'll never be because my body simply isn't build like that.

>> No.8431025

Sigh...the VA. Good luck, anon.

>> No.8431041

Eh, I feel that most people think anyone who can decently fit into 1/2 shirred brand isn't 'too fat'. Of course slimmer girls get more praise. And people are harsher here but it's not THAT bad.

>> No.8431063

I'm tired of ass-pats in the FB lolita groups and legit concrit getting frowned on. When someone takes time to give you good concrit, they are helping you become better. When did that get turned all around? Where are people supposed to get actual honest concrit these days?

>> No.8431090

ya know, girls bitch all the time about creepy con guys, but creepy con girls are just as common. I love that you love my work, but if you run and jump on my back, or scream and jump around causing a scene at a restaurant, or randomly shouting shitty "cat calls" while giggling like your the funniest thing ever. stop it. you're just as bad as those mouth breathers that try to touch you and shit.

>> No.8431098


>> No.8431103

When someone is consistently indirect, and then disappears, they're politely saying no, anon. hate to break it to you. He's probably nervous because of your aggression.

>> No.8431106

tbh why would you spend money on luxuries when you loaned that from your parents and you are getting into dept.

>> No.8431123

I have 2 things but they are related. 1. Often wearing hundreds of dollars of clothes on your back, you whine when the meet is at a restaurant where the food is nice but a little pricy. I didn't buy expensive lacy frills to go hang out at cheap or free places all the time. 2. If you can't afford a meet, learn to graciously decline the invitation without mentioning about your finances for everyone to see. It's impolite. Also in both cases, re-evaluate because why are you wearing a fancy fashion when you can't even afford to go anywhere equally fancy? Picnic is fine once a year or so but I'm not for hanging out in the streets or the park like a hobo for every meet that it isn't freezing, or just wandering the indoor mall in winter and maybe seeing a movie.

>> No.8431133


>> No.8431143

This. Fat people just don't look as good as fit/skinny people so you can't really call it fat shaming just because people think you look disgusting.
Like guess what if you put no effort into yourself you aren't going to look good.

>> No.8431265

Haha that sucks. Let us know how it all works out or if it doesn't. Why don't you email or text/whatsapp? No one really does facebook anymore except older people, mainly because they don't understand how much of a privacy invasion it can be.

Yikes that's a pretty large red flag towards their relationship unless the birthday present was a plastor cast of your genitals or something.

>> No.8431378

I'm with you anon. Not everyone instantly turns into an adult when they turn 18. Where I'm from people live with their parents until they are married.

>> No.8431448

When girls with big round western eyes follow Japanese eye-make tutorials and end up looking all googly-eyed. Use the same colors sure, wear lenses and lashes to emphasize the doll-eye look but please learn to do flattering make up for your own eye shape!

>> No.8431481

Just keep it simple, anon. Go for a walk each day, increase the distance, or speed, or difficulty once it starts getting too easy. I've known a few overweight people who lost a tremendous amount of weight just by walking each evening for an hour. Just keep a good pace to keep your heart rate elevated.

And then just try cut out the crap in your diet where you can, little by little. I personally find counting my calories is really helpful for me, and can help you make decisions about what you're eating - being more mindful and planning what you eat.

I've been trying to keep my calories around 1,300 - 1,500 per day and eat 3 large meals a day. I found snacking was what was making me put on weight, so I've cut most of that out, and am doing fine. Also just reduce your serving size so you start to feel uncomfortably full if you eat too much.

Keep it simple and don't overwhelm yourself, and remember that you are only human. You will make mistakes, you will eat something you shouldn't now and then and that's okay, but if you do, be mindful to make a better effort the next day to make up for it.

>> No.8431489

I believe in you!

>> No.8431507

Your post is full negative. The only thing I can thing to tell you is that you really have to want to do it more than you want the food and make the choice over and over. Eating healthier and getting some exercise are great ideas but it comes down to the fact that you have to be willing to really choose a walk over a sit down, a salad over a bag of chips and portion control over binging...and choose them over and over. It's not a big mountain to overcome, it's all about making good little choices every single day and getting right back on track if you falter. The better you can stick with a plan, the faster you'll see really good results at the start so maybe if you experience this it will give you confidence to continue. Commit to a sensible diet and moderate beginner exercise plan for a month, 30 days straight, and see how you do. Baby steps.

>> No.8431538

I dont know whether to post this here or the feels thread but

>Be tiny girl with small mouth, always been self concious about crooked teeth issues
>mouth too small to hold all my teeth, causes major issues
>a few years ago get jaw surgery to fix hairline fractures that wisdom teeth cause
>Mouth cant open wide much anymore, permanent result from surgery, makes eating hard
>Lose insurance, cant see dentist anymore but do my best to clean them

Fast forward to now, new insurance new dentist

>Dentist tells me "Anon-chan we can fix your teeth but first you need surgery on your gums"
>Teeth are pulling at gums and causing problems
>Need fluid drained from them and need special cleaning and repairing of damaged tissue
>Getting braces afterwards but repairing my mouth is gonna be harder than ever now
>Angry at self for being poor-Fag and not being able to get looked at sooner

I just want to look and feel pretty and be healthy

>> No.8431540

I was in a similar situation myself.

I binge ate because food was comforting. I stress ate because it was comforting. I ate when I was bored because it was something to do. I ate a ton of crap and I went from 130 to 215 over the course of a few years.

To this day I could probably sit down and eat a whole extra large pizza myself and still probably shove food down my pie hole a few hours later. Some habits are hard to break.

One thing that helped me was to start small, and to just make a small challenge for myself that I knew I could keep. It takes about two weeks for something to become a habit. I started walking and calorie counting. Once I started seeing small results, like not being able to walk a half mile without being in pain to being able to walk two miles and back with no issue meant progress. Before I knew it, the scale started going down and clothes started getting smaller.

If you feel the urge to snack drink water. Chug it if you have to. I started keeping healthy snacks in the house to keep me from binging on crap. Popcorn also helped (lightly salted or kettle corn, no butter, plain is best but you might still require a taste there at first) and it's low calorie and filling. Veggies make good snacks too, I like dipping them in hummus.

Anyway it's important to make small changes you can live with. You might not be able to stop eating out entirely, but you can make a choice to take half your food home and take it to work the next day. It takes a while to get used to eating just to eat something. But you don't need to eat until you are full. I know some people who struggle with weight for this reason, they eat a crapton in one sitting, go home and eat more because they're not full. You don't have to be full.

And as for a gym, I've not set foot into one. You can do a lot of good workouts in your home with little to no money.

>Really does not help with these god damn food captchas. I want some fucking hamburgers now ugh.

>> No.8431625

There's a wanna-be model (has no experience outside of iphone photoshoots with her mini tripod) who has been trying to break into the fame and is trying to do so by pandering to "geeky boys XD<3". She's been trying to be friends with me as well, since she knows that I go to cons and I cosplay, which would be perfectly okay... if she wasn't a two-faced and arrogant person who is obviously trying to use me. I can't delete or block her because we have mutual friends and often run into each other in RL.

She just annoys me a lot. Especially since she has already tried to be famous by pandering to certain "guys" like "country boys" and "car boys" but those attempts failed, so she's trying to look like "one of the nerds" now.

>> No.8431665

I'd really like to find a con and get friends to go to meets but all the lolitas I find in my area are either tumblr-tier pastel shit, ita weebs or daddy's girls.
Plus, J-fash is still very underground here and treated as something only weirdos do. This contributes even more to those little shits thinking they're awesome and speshul snowflakes. Being solo gets lonely after a while, even more when you're the weirdo of your friends group.
Not only that, I'm not in the dollar zone. Conversion taxes, customs taxes and shipping makes even Bodyline cost a whole fucking paycheck. So I have to stick to handmade and loliable offbrand until I get a better job and the dollar get its shit together.

>> No.8432110
File: 3.00 MB, 273x240, Being+deadpool+is+awesome_1ab744_5269225.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've been away from /cgl/ and all other con communities for a couple years, but when I'm bored I've been lurking on imgur, who are basically the spectators of the internet. The first time I saw a dump of deadpool gifs and read all the loads of comments saying 'wow so funny, deadpool is great, this is so great that someone is doing this'.
All I, who had actually been to conventions, could think was 'wow that is going to go so badly so fast.'

Glad to see I was right. How bad is it? Has anyone been arrested yet?

>> No.8432132
File: 42 KB, 500x375, feel_express.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kinda uncosplay related but I got talking to someone that I haven't spoken to since 2013 properly. Basic run down is this:
>be me in 2013
>be 16 at college (britfag)
>Get talking to qt boy and get real close
>dude tells me he likes me
>I'm all confused what to do bc this guy is literally my only friend and have nobody else to speak to about the my feelings r/n
>Tell him I'm not interested basically friendzone the poor fuck
>Really do like him but I'm scared of the feelings of liking someone because never experienced it before
>He gets gf later on in same year
>I get bf later on in same year after recognising the feelings and riding them out this time

I got talking to him again a few days ago and I'm scared I'm going to start getting feelings for him again even though I have a bf and he has a gf. But I still want to talk to him because he's literally one of the funniest guys I've ever met.

>> No.8432170

>I think it might be gynocomastia.
if you are in your puberty, it usually vanishes after some time

>> No.8432176

>I'm always afraid it would interfere with my career in a negative light.
I know that feel. If my clients or co-workers saw me in a frilly dress, they wouldn't take me serious for sure.

>> No.8432182

I'm really starting to dislike /cgl/ obsession with faces. Especially in sweet. First of all there's very little chance half of you even look 12. But more importantly, seeing stuff like "Omg her face is too man-ish for sweet" annoys the shit out of me.
The outfit can be prefect, everything can be wonderfully styled and yet every single comment will be "Nice coord... but her face is so unfortunate.."

Also I feel like there's some yellow fever going on at times. You see this in the self-post threads or just that I feel like some outfits get excused because an Asian girl is wearing it. The latter mostly referring to street snaps because half of that shit would cause cgl to have a breakdown if you'd post it in a self post thread.

>> No.8432185

You are a little judgmental towards others for someone who only wears less than Bodyline herself and makes do with loliables, don't you think?

>> No.8432188


I'm 22.

>> No.8432189
File: 29 KB, 814x294, 1410908222403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As shitty as it sounds, their assessment is usually an accurate reflection on how people think.
I have a mostly perfect cloud that always falls short because of my nose. best ribbed knit top, best prop sword, best wig (ive so far seen) and for every 100 comments i get saying it's great, that one pointing out my nose hurt the most because i know it's true.
can't change your face without surgery (or fitness/makeup), but going under the knife for cosplay is certifiably insane.

>> No.8432190


It's just generally them being dumb fucks and making the rest of the capes cosplayers looking like dumb fucks by extension.

>> No.8432193

There's definately yellow fever. Which is why I loved Chinese Gossip calling out Chinese itas and watching CGL have a stroke sometimes. But yes, giving people a hard time to over their bone structure or facial features is unfair. Critique the outfit coordination, hair skills, makeup skills as harshly as you like but people need to have a little empathy for things that would take unnecessary surgery to change. I have a large nose. It is not the prettiest nose but it functions just fine so I do not 'need' a nose-job to 'fix' it so it matches someone else's idea of beauty. I'm really glad Lor didn't change hers either.

>> No.8432208

Unfortunate but true. Nose contour only goes so far but when you have an awesome cosplay that you've obviously put effort and care into, sometimes a dig like that is just sour grapes because something like your nose is the ONLY thing you can't change so they snipe at you from jealousy or because they are having a shitty day or even just because they are being a snarky little bitch. It's very petty.

>> No.8432210

I feel sorry for all the shit Lor gets on her face here. Her outfits are nice but every time she's posted it'll end with 'aha manface"

>> No.8432212

Then yeah, see your doc and get a referral to an endocrinologist to get some testing done.

>> No.8432216

It may bother her at times but she rolls with it and doesn't let it get her down. A lot of people are pretty jealous of other things in her lifd it seems so they pick on pretty much the only thing they can find. If she continues and decides to model or work with companies, she might decide to get cosmetic work done, msny models or public persons do...and of course she will be criticized if she does THAT too. I'm sure she knows it to so her attitude is to choose not to let it bug her.

>> No.8432227

Yeah I think it's great she still dresses the way she wants. She can handle quite a bit.

But also agreed, without surgery it's "LMAO LOOK AT THAT NOSE" and if they DO get surgery it's "WOW LOOK AT THAT LYING BITCH WITH HER NOSEJOB"

you can't win

>> No.8432232

>you can't win
Only way to win is to be Asian.

>> No.8432238

Then Chinese Gossip will come tell you you are fat if over 49kg and that your whites don't match and that your underskirt is too long. :^)
No one escapes the picking of the gulls.
No one.

>> No.8432245

>be me
>be one of the last fossils in their 20s without a facebook account
>tfw solitary lolita for a few years already
>I couldn't give any less fucks since I can't stand drama and I don't care about social media or e-fame
>well, it would be nice to have access to sales groups and lolita updates on FB and be a little more involved with the online comm
>decide to give it a try and sign up
>huh, lots of lolitas add me, that's nice, I guess?
>check out my feed
>SJW bullshit everywhere
>crazy cat ladys everywhere
>grown up women whining about the most blatant and trivial things
>literally worse than tumblr

Man, and I thought I missed out on something.

>> No.8432293

Not really, I'm using Bodyline as a price standard, not style. As cheap as they are, all the taxes I talked about makes them 4x more expensive than just a loliable, well-made retail dress.
Plus, I'm talking about people I HAVE MET, show me different ones and I'll change my point of view.
>implying that just because I can't pay for imports I shouldn't have standards

>> No.8432321

Anon, get help for your depression and then worry about lolita. Your mental health comes first and lolita second. If lolita is the only thing making you happy then you need to talk to someone about it. You won't have to give up lolita forever and you can always come back to it. It's going to be hard and you're probably not going to want to hear this but it'll be worth it.

>> No.8432376

Don't blame her, you're the one who can't fuckin read. She said she wasn't going to say why or how she was e-famous. You're the one who assumed it was from cosplay.

>> No.8432379

No lie I have a weird western-ish eye shape and I don't know how to make my eyes look more like anime eyes...but I'm not going to do the "put a falsie 2 inches below your actual lash line for bigger eyes" bullshit because it always look horrible. Waiting for someone like me to put out a tutorial so I can have a better idea of what to do. Everything I've tried doesn't work.

>> No.8432403

>they're just jealous!
Most of the time, this is not true.

>> No.8432414

>post coord online after meet up
>get decent amount of attention online
>girl in comm posts on my photo "so perfect! I totally didn't get the chance to tell you but I love your dress! I LOVE JetJ."
>sick of fake nice online to gain your efame
>especially since it happens after every meet up or convention event

>> No.8432449

A lot of this is true though, people need to dress for their bodies and their looks. Especially with your example, a lot of girls with manly faces in sweet will look like dudes in drag. Same with mature girls trying to cosplay younger characters.

I actually had this problem, I was dressing in things that looked just bad with my looks and always wondered why it didn't look as cute on me as it did on others, or just in the general sense, then I changed how I dressed and I looked so much better, felt more confident and got more compliments.

It's mean but the sad truth is that some people look bad in shit because of their looks.

>> No.8432457

Why do old brolitas always have awful fried bleached and/or dyed hair?

>> No.8432471

they're stuck in that barbie blonde mindset. they think blonde makes them more girly.

>> No.8432479

Weirdly enough the photoshop thread is the most face positive on the board right now.

>> No.8432967

I'm a little drunk, and I've had a good day.
You're all terrible people /cgl/, and that's why I love you. Because you're terrible, just like me.
I don't even know if that's a vent, but fuck it.

>> No.8432975

I did not mean personal jealousy, more like jealous that someone (not them) is getting positive attention or can cosplay when they can't or similar petty BS. So they feel they want to shoot them down to take the wind out of them by saying something pissy.

>> No.8432979

Idk but most all of them would look better with nice chestnut or dark brown hair. Ashy blonde just makes them look older and more golden blonde usually makes their makeup look darker and more orange.

>> No.8432987

Most people don't think that far. I'm usually the one to point something negative out but it's just a passing thought.

>> No.8432990

Most loliable stuff from the high street shops looks like crap, for lolita, that's why its not that great a 'standard' unless you are remaking it to the point that you might as well be making your own lolita dresses from legit patterns. I say show me a wardrobe example full of loliables that doesn't look like a half-assed cheapskate coordinated it and I'll maybe change my mind.
Link to your wardrobe post, perhaps?
I didn't think so.

>> No.8434065

It's important not to try and quit junkfood cold turkey, that just leads to binge eating. You've gotta wean your body off of sugars first.
Don't worry about eating less. Worry about eating better. Replace your sugary snacks with delicious fruits. Strawberries are great, they are absolutely delicious and can curb some of your sugar cravings easier. Buy so much fruit, buy all the fucking fruit and stop giving yourself access to candy/pastries/junk food. If you have a snacking problem, start leaving delicious tiny oranges all over your desk so you can grab one when you're feeling peckish. Start gradual.
Take a walk every day. Don't worry about hardcore exercise until you've got that down.
Source: these are all things I've started doing after nearly killing myself with eating 90% junk food and no real food.
The biggest game changer for me was realizing that while diet soda doesn't put on much in the way of calories, it does perpetuate your sugar addiction. Even if it's not adding to your calories you gotta cut back on it. I've gone from 4-5 cans a day to limiting myself to one in the morning on weekdays, it's gotten much easier not to crave sweets.
It's also really important to remember that you're not gonna notice a change for a long time at this pace, but you have to keep trying. Losing weight takes a long time. Don't let lack of progress discourage you. You will get better if you keep it up.

>> No.8434075

I hate it when I see lolitas who whine about getting their pictures/video recordings of them taken without permission, and then they turn around and take pictures of random people on the streets who they think look like weirdos. Like piss off, you fucking hypocrites.

>> No.8434167

>ugh fuck cgl full of losers and bad cosplayers who give bad advice
>cant fucking stop coming here
>downloads phone app to block the url
>can no longer deny i am also a loser

>> No.8434231

one of us
one of us
gooble gobble
gooble gobble

>> No.8434247

keep telling yourself that, fatass

>> No.8434283


U dumb m8? Calories in, calories out. Metabolism hardly counts for an extra 200-300 kcals at most. That's an extra chocolate a day.

>> No.8434287

I think "Good" is the wrong word. Fast/slow works. As someone with a fast metabolism, I can eat junk food and greasy crap all year (which I do) and all I've gotten was a bigger bra size and bigger hips while my stomach doesn't pudge at all. Also I'm a smidge over average height so genetics help.

>> No.8434296

I like chocolate

>> No.8434352

Was told the other day that because I am an ally of the LGBT community that how I feel on the marriage equality issue didn't matter and me celebrating was wrong.

I have no idea why but it rubbed me so fucking raw. I have friends in this community I have been beside, listened, held them when they came out, held them when shot with their parents happened. I was support for them and I still support by being happy. I don't understand why Allys are found non important and shouldn't celebrate a victory like this. It makes no sense. Not to mention a person was bashing hetero on their fb. A friend of mine..im at a loss. I'm not saying I understand the struggles and pain my LGBT friends go through but, for me to be told I cannot be happy pissed me off.

>> No.8434359

Step number 1: don't listen to whiny tumblrettes

>> No.8434364

protip: never activitly support a community thats not your own. It doesn't matter how much you empathize with them, they will always view you as an outsider and chastise you.
The only reason i see so much support outside their community is the beta liberal guys that hope to score a hot chick in thick nerd glasses, its fucking pathetic.

>> No.8434366

Yeah, I mean she's definitely a Tumblrina but still man, but it isn't just one person that's said some hateful ass shit. Like one person said that by posting fictional character or cosplay photos in support it was making it seem like we were making the win trivial. I posted a cosplay photo of me and my friend and tagged it with #lovewins how is that so horrible. Idk it just makes me feel so pissed cause shit man can we not just all be happy and show our support for eachother however we want

>> No.8434369

no you can't, because you're a man and im guessing not black.

>> No.8434371

That's just kinda fucking dumb to me. How can I be chastised for being happy for everyone to have equal rights to marry.. It makes no sense. But maybe your right. Just fucking sucks considering

>> No.8434373

I'm not a man.. I'm a woman.. A married het woman. Lol

>> No.8435586

Ok /cgl/ I'm hungry. WTF with all the damn food captchas here? Cake and hamburgers day and night and it's pissing me off way out of proportion to its importance but damn, I'm annoyed!

Captcha: select all rivers. THANK YOU!

>> No.8436106

>Settings -> Quotes & Replying -> Legacy CAPTCHA

>> No.8436120

Omg, thank you! Such relief!

>> No.8436142

Got into a fandom too late, all the kink memes are dead and no one's posting new things in any tags.

TFW there's no places left to gush about your new OTP...

>> No.8436143

happens to me every time
>tfw even my side of the sherlock fandom is dead

>> No.8436155


Omg, I'm a Sherlockian too!

>TFW I like BBC, but sometimes just want canon and all the canon stuff is buried under the BBC avalanche

>TFW the BBC avalanche stops so there's not even that anymore

>> No.8436161

I don't think hijabi lolita should be allowed. I don't have anything against her religion and for all I know she could be the nicest person on earth, but I don't think she shouldn't ruin the lolita look with the headscarf.

>> No.8436178


...whaaaa? How on earth does a Hijab "ruin the look"? Everyone coos over adding things from all sorts of different cultures in Lolita. Religious icons of all sorts are certainly used. Why are crosses allowed? Hell, I've even seen praise for crows skulls and ram skulls being added with Satanist symbols.

Also it's not spelled "hijabi".

A hijab can be made of beautiful and intricate fabric, which is totally in keeping with Lolita as well. If it doesn't match the outfit, then it's bad for the coord, but a hijab in and of itself can look quite beautiful.

>> No.8436183

>I s-swear I'm not racist!
Because crosses are a tad different from scarves that flatten your hair and make you look like a cancer patient.

>> No.8436195

They can be incorporated within the rules. If they match the coord, I'm fine with them. I'm not crazy about the look personally but I don't see any reason for others not to wear them. Live and let live, Anon. There are plenty of itas actually breaking basic lolita rules, I'm not sure why you'd zero in on this.

>> No.8436197
File: 56 KB, 500x746, h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Such cancer, much wow.

>> No.8436202

yes, very cancer

>> No.8436203
File: 4 KB, 240x178, 1417978137336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm fucking pathetic. I have exactly two friends. I work a dead-end job with self-absorbed teenagers and drug users. The only people I really like at my job are two retirement age people who only work because they have no retirement fund, and this one autistic guy who is a pain in the ass, but at least we share similar interests.

I have no fucking idea how to make friends or meet new people outside of getting a new job, which would require an education, something I can't afford. Was sexually and socially repressed as a youth making dating and relationships in general seem like a M. C. Escher-tier nightmare.

Going to a con and cosplaying or larping seems like it would be fun, but I'm too scared and poor to go to one alone, and the only con my friends care about is E3, which is industry-only.

>> No.8436221

Thank you, can you take the trash out too please? Remove kebab etc

>> No.8436234

Please shut the fuck up, if anyone is the cancer here it's clearly you as evident by your use of ages old meme in a completely inappropriate context.

>> No.8436241

So she should just not do lolita because it makes you feel uncomfortable?

>> No.8436252

No, but the scarf ruins the silhouette and doesn't match with the fullness of the skirt.

>> No.8436270

Once a Muslimah chooses to wear hijab, she can't really cast the concept aside just to "fit in" with a fashion subculture because that would go against the whole principle.

I mean you're allowed to dislike whatever you want, but saying she "shouldn't be allowed" to do lolita just because she's chosen to partake in hijab is pretty dickish.

>> No.8436273

My dad reminded me on friday night that I was still on his insurance so I went somewhere that wasn't the VA on saturday and they finally tested thyroid. I didn't get the data, but they said it was normal and referred me to an ENT clinic that I should get a call from tomorrow as well as seeing if I can get a sooner ultrasound. Still can't eat solid food but my dad also brought me a bunch of stuff I didn't think of getting, like V8, which has saved my sanity for now.

>> No.8436315
File: 35 KB, 362x640, 9dc33fae6ea00ff65f783c6ccc5fe22b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you fat? You must be fat. Please never wear lolita ever again. Lolita with hijabi looks awesome and it's the last thing I think of to ruin Lolita,

>> No.8436334
File: 28 KB, 1280x768, 1435521596438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no friend to go to the gym with

>> No.8436335
File: 139 KB, 500x655, 76wEa9O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know, if I was fat, I probably wouldn't wear lolita either. I think fat lolitas are disgusting.

>> No.8436337
File: 14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

THANK YOU. I wouldn't even have anything against hijabs if they're voluminous, elaborate and billowy like some girls wear them (there's this one youtuber that does hers really well) but the ones I've seen worn with lolita make the girls look like worms in a dress.

>> No.8436341
File: 14 KB, 174x296, int.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats a qt3.14 and a half, and im from /int/

israel pls

>> No.8436342

you could've at least picked a better example, that just looks bad.

>> No.8436347

go back to your cancerboard, untermensch

>> No.8436363

>want to have lolita friends
>local comm is full of itas who can't even put together a proper meetup

>> No.8436367

Wouldn't it be great if you could put together your very own meetup?

>> No.8436370
File: 531 KB, 896x672, charlie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no i like it here :^)

>> No.8436381
File: 121 KB, 500x846, lvMMxr0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tbh crosses and being obese aren't even in the same ballpark.

Crosses are a religious symbol, hijab is a concept and way more than just a symbol. Obesity is a health condition and there's nothing stating you have to remain obese for any reason.

I mean I understand what you're getting at, but those aren't the greatest comparisons to defend hijab lolita with.

>Also it's not spelled "hijabi".
Hijabi is just a slang term sort of synonymous with muhajabah.

>> No.8436395

It's really not. I mean she's still ALLOWED to wear the fashion but I personally think it looks fucking ugly and ruins her coord.

>> No.8436399
File: 36 KB, 500x322, Why-Are-You-Sad001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been job searching for 3 years only had one seasonal job.
>mfw i just want to lolita

>> No.8436419

Yeah, but none of those other things hide the persons hair.
wearing something overtly feminine and them hiding or not having hair on your head is weird. Sorry that religion has a fashion faux pas and that other religions are more fashionable.

>> No.8436435

You'll get there anon. I was unemployed for 2 years but got a job.

>> No.8436463

>lmao fatty there's no such thing as slow metabolism

and at the same time

>I eat 30000 calories a day and never get fat because of my super fast metabolism

Why do some people think that the other end is able to defy basic physics? Either you eat less then you think you do or you burn way more calories then you think you do, in the case of 'I eat tons of food and never gain any weight". If it's neither of those you should probably see a doctor.

>> No.8436467

I had something like that from one of my friends who is part of the reason i am so supportive. I think it was probably her non english that made it seem offensive but when i said how i and most americans didnt even realize it was being passed until it passed she said "thats the point. If it doesnt directly effect you, you shouldnt care about it." I think she ment you as in people in general. I was still butthurt because her and majority of the people in the group chat are the reason i was really happy that it happened. But maybe she took what i said offensively....

>> No.8436751

How did you get out of your rut?

>> No.8436824



>> No.8436892


I know from experience that dogs are terrible at budgeting, I think you're just going "grass is greener"

>> No.8437386

This reminded me of someone I used to be friends with that emptied half the whole box of my favorite ice cream in one go when they were over at my place. And who "offered" me a chocolate bar of one of my fav chocolates but then proceeded to eat a huge chunk of it.

>> No.8439149

Oh my god, you mean like wearing those masculine pants and having long curly girly hair? So...I've been ruining that look forever? Shame no one noticed or nit picked, right? Where would we be without your keen sartorial vigilance to guide us? Lost I fear, just lost! :^)

>> No.8440656

>Basically seriously consider being a sugar baby to kill two birds with one stone.
I've always thought about this in high school, but I've felt that would be too mean (and I'm kinda ugly anyway). If you can do it, go for it

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