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You know the drill. Share your own stories or classics.

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I have a story from 2 years ago.

>Be 17
>kind of shitty parents, neither notice much whether I'm in the house or not
>stay at my house one night because my friend is out of town and it's too cold to sleep outside
>forget to lock my room
>wake up, go to get dressed
>normal clothes are strewn around the floor, but all of my brand is missing from my room
>go downstairs and ask my brother what's going on
>he has no clue
>check my email
>mother sent me an email accusing me of stealing stuff from her closet, so she took everything in mine
>run outside
>see that my mom is pulling my clothes out of her car trunk
>"I didn't take your stuff mom, please give me back my clothes"
>"I know that, anon. There's some things I want to keep here though."
>"I bought all of these with my own money, I need them back. They wouldn't fit you anyway."
>"I'm keeping them because they're pretty."
>mother comes inside, lays my clothes out on the couch and sorts through what she wants
>discards everything except my prized possessions, a VM JSK and a MM OP
>"Those are my favorite clothes, I paid for them and I really need them back"
>try to take them out of her hands
>she pulls on them
>basically burando tug-of-war
>I'm trying to get them back but I'm afraid of damaging them
>she throws them behind her and hits me
>brother hears, comes into the room
>he's autistic but he's protective of me and he's 8 inches taller than either of us
>"Do you really think anon deserves these clothes, anon's brother?? Do you know how expensive they are?"
>”She paid for them, they’re hers. Leave her alone.”
>brother grabs pile of clothes and brings them upstairs for me, I grab my two dresses and run behind him
>mother is involuntarily hospitalized for mental illness two weeks later
>friend lets me keep my clothes at her house until I'm 18

I had to sell some of my dresses but I still have that OP and JSK today. Now I live in another state and I'm only in contact with my brother.

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Good lord anon your mother sounds like she needs some help.

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anon...i legit teared up a little.

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She's mentally ill, and refuses to take her meds. She definitely needs help but she's an adult and I can't really force her to get it.

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your mother sounds (literally) paranoid
like I had an uncle who used to behave just like that and he was diagnosed with paranoia

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>It's our anniversary
>Boyfriendu taking me to cabaret style circus/dinner theatre.
>Website for theatre encourages people to dress up and wear fun clothes, such as top hats, feather boas etc.
>Wear circus print and gold tea parties.
>Boyfriend and I get called on stage.
>Boyfriend gets the worst of it
>Only two jokes about my dress.

I guess it could have been worse.

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your brother seems to be really sweet!

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At that point you just have to go with it!
Related story.

>go out to a nerdy bar w/ boyfriend
>am dressed in gothic lolita
>surprise it's apparently "cosplay burlesque night"
>also a costume contest
>girl comes over to me and tells me to get on stage
>I say I'm not in costume, just wearing lolita
>literally dragged on stage
>I didn't win and it was embarrassing
>Still got a hug from a hot burlesque girl

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if you ever need support/ an understanding ear from people who have been through or have parents with similar disorders and personalities anon.

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>placed order with QutieLand in mid April
>three of the items have been processed by May
>the other two items, both Infanta, remain "checking stock" until today
>check my email every day this whole time waiting for an email from them
>finally decide today to go digging through my email history
>I've had the same email since middle school, which basically means I get a massive pile of garbage messages delivered to me every day
>after a fucking hour of digging, I find the email I was waiting for
>they had messaged me three weeks after I ordered that the two Infanta items were out of stock when I ordered them
>they said I could pick two different items
>message them back today
>I am an idiot
>the true horror is how stupid I am
>die from shame

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Don't worry anon, we all make mistakes.
>pats your shoulder

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I'm so sorry you had to deal with that kind of abuse. I am happy you were able to get out.

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Your mom sounds nutso and your brother sounds sweet. Good luck with your life, anon. And don't let your mother muscle her way back in if she's not taking responsibility and refusing to take her meds.

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That reminds me:
>friend of boyfriend is throwing an Alice in Wonderland themed "high tea" for her birthday
>invitation is so pink and glittery it would put any OTT sweet lolita's tumblr theme to shame
>"strongly encouraged" to dress up according to the theme
>don't know friend that well so I keep it relatively simple
>Alice-themed ETC OP, plain tights and tea party style shoes, would get me booed off CoF for being too boring if I tried to post it there
>still end up being the most overdressed person at the party
>literally everyone else is wearing jeans or track pants with t-shirts and hoodies
>one girl has a small plastic bow in her hair, another dude was fidgeting with a pack of cards
>get tons of compliments but the girl whose party it is kept sulking and glaring daggers at me the whole afternoon
>probably thought I was stealing the show on her birthday
>not expecting to get invited next year

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I had the same thing happen several years ago. Ordered a dress when it was still in stock, only to get an email much later saying it's actually out of stock. Three years later and I finally have that stupid dress I love second hand.

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Wow, what was the birthday girl even wearing?

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call me for some fun, I love cosplay and I have a new outfit i'd love to show off from my new mlp oc. Give me a call if you'd like to start up a nice chat with me~

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I like your OC Anon, i'll be sure to give you a call, maybe we can create some chaos together~<3

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>trying to work through college
>still living with parents
>always lie about how much brand costs because they only yell at me for spending that much
>parents decide to move
>"time to purge everything anon! We're moving to a smaller house so you'll have to downsize your wardrobe!"
>get rid of a bunch of normie clothes
>"anon, I told you to get rid of some clothes! Your closet is still full!"
>get home from work one day, more than half my lolita wardrobe gone
>yell at parents
>"we helped you purge your closet so it looks bigger and the house sells faster! Don't worry, in a couple years you won't look good in those clothes anymore anyway and you'll thank us"
>go to goodwill and buy back most clothes (still missing a couple blouses; couldn't find any wigs)

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>Don't worry, in a couple years you won't look good in those clothes anymore anyway and you'll thank us
Hate to say it but they have a point. Lolita has an expiration date, and I'd say its anything above 30.

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>worked at Goodwill
Any items like wigs come through, they hold it off until either the end of September or the beginning of October for Halloween.

I hope you the best to retrieve your wardrobe. If my mom did that to me I would flip so hard and throw a WW3 fight. Then move out and sue for whatever remaining items I would not be able to get back.

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It's so sad when people feel this way about themselves. You'll just sell off all your lovely clothes because you turned 30? You'll stop enjoying it because of your age?

>> No.8460966

Would I be able to talk to an employee and possibly have them let me look through the wigs?

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It's because no non delusional 30+ woman wants to be the 30+ woman who tries to dress like a 13 year old.

>> No.8460985

Not that anon, but it is always worth a shot. If you are >>8460939, explain your situation. They are more likely to pity you and allow you (even if it is against store rules) if your clothes were donated by mistake.

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Yeah so whenever she gets tired of it she can sell all the shit she's accumulated and throw that money at whatever her current hobbies are, not donating that shit to goodwill.

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I'll try tonight, thanks!

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Jeans, converse and some kind of simple top I don't remember. She's a cosplayer who I thought was also in Jfashion but apparently not? I don't even know anymore.

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Shelbycloud is in her 30s and she's cute as fuck.

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That's fine but anon should have the option to sell her clothes if she feels that way

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If someone is a sweet lolita, I think they should stop between 25-30. Older women have plenty of options with classic and gothic lolita. I think there is an expiration date when it comes to certain sub-styles, people need to dress age appropriate.

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Disagree. Many girls can pull sweet off at that age. Just depends on the person.

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It depends on the kind of sweet. It's not all pastel vomit.

>> No.8461134

Thank you so much for linking that.

>> No.8461139

You have to be super young looking and the average sweet lolita doesn't.
I know, pastel vomit sweet is just more popular.

>> No.8461141

I agree with this. There are plenty of older women in the style who look amazing. Porphyria_Ash I believe is in her 50s and still looks amazing in gothic/classic styles, the last time she posted pics. I'm in my 30s, and favour these styles, and Aristocrat. Some of IW's pieces are great if you're after something not too loud, with a mature feel. I adore my Glen Check Flare jsk, as it looks very classically tailored, and not too out there. It's nice as it also looks nice without a petticoat, in a non-Lolita outfit.

>> No.8461158

That's fucking awful. Whether they thought it was cheap or not they can't just go donating your shit.
Hope you get it all back, you should definitely go talk to the goodwill staff.

>> No.8461165

I kinda hate this mentality. What if your older and don't like classic or gothic? i fell in love with "pastel vomit" sweet and I still love it. Gothic or classic has never interested me and not all older women are going to be interested in those styles.

>> No.8461175

Then it's time to leave the fashion. Sorry but that style of sweet looks horrid on older women unless your Asian and look really young for your age.

>> No.8461214

I don't get it, either. Misako is 33. The brands fashion designers themselves are getting into their 30s and 40s, with lines growing on their faces and everything.

The grannies in the documentary "Advanced Style" have their own thing going for them. One could argue that their personal styles, while more modern than lolita, are just as eye-catching and "odd" in the eyes of normies.

As long as your eccentric fashion doesn't violate the dress code of your workplace or a special occasion like a wedding, I don't see why anybody has to stop wearing fashion they like when they're about to stop looking "young". If you have thick skin to handle the snide remarks of strangers, there's really nothing stopping you from wearing sweet lolita when you want to.


>> No.8461520

Like >>8461175 says, unless you have very youthful features, it can look terrible. Some older women look amazing in styles you would not expect, but if you have mature, angular features, it's harder to be taken at all seriously and not just ook like you're playing dress up. Sweet-classic styling is much better an option. I used classic and gothic as examples as they're the styles I'm interested in. IW's Yumi Fujiwara is a perfect example of an older Lolita who gets that balance spot on.

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Most people think we are playing dress up, young looking or not. I have "youthful" features and people still give me shit.

>> No.8461578

Why did you have to buy your clothes back from Goodwill? Surely you could have said your parents donated your clothes without permission and requested GW returned them?

>> No.8461596

You see, the nice thing about getting older is you have less and less fucks to give.

I'm in my mid 30's. While I own some classic and gothic, I still love sweet and will continue to rock that shit. I don't care if anon on /cgl/ thinks that my face is perhaps too mature for sweet. I wear what I want. I do what I want.

Beyond that it's fairly different IRL, seeing a person in three dimensions and in movement is entirely different than staring at a 2d picture. They may look perfectly fine in sweet to the same person but if they saw a photo without seeing in person they might nitpick. Lighting can effect it too. I've had some pictures taken where I look like I'm in my early 20's and others where I look older because shit lighting.

That said, do what you want to do, wear what you like. This is an strange fashion to most normies anyway and even in some toned down looks some people are still going to call you Bo-peep, Mary Poppins, or say "nice costume" because you're dressed differently. If you want to roll around in pastel vomit at 50, go for it.

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I have mature angular features and wear AP's most sweetest crap. No one really says anything negative to me and I get positive comments. The only ones who have issues with it are other lolitas, everyone else just doesn't care.

I also think it's creepy to push that only those with very youthful features can wear sweet. Makes me think the goal is actually looking like your under 10.

>> No.8461745

This behavior is classic narcissistic abuse.

>> No.8461750

Or not. There ain't no expiration date on any clothes. If a 60 year old woman wants to rock sweet Lolita, then I will cheer them on. As long as the coord looks good, I don't care how old they are and I won't care how old I am.

>> No.8461754

Another nice thing is we're generally more financially stable, so we can buy what releases we like and higher quality accessories.

>> No.8461755

I understand this mentality if the person in question is quite obviously wrinkled (which usually doesn't happen until mid 40s for the average person) and their way of dress is too OTT.

But please, don't project your life's plan onto everyone else and think it necessarily a fact. I'm 23 and get told I look 18/19. I think I've got well more than a few years past 25 to enjoy sweet, and even after that I can style sweet in such a way that isn't pastel vomit. Namely through softer, muted colors and less poof.

>I don't get it, either. Misako is 33.
Emphasis on this.

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This weekend I went to a Baby Q&A panel but had to leave early to give my friends their badges. As I walked away from my seat I dropped all my shit (badges, con guide, phone, purse) and after I picked it up I took 2 steps and dropped everything again. Kumiko Uehara saw.
Maybe not a real "horror" story but it's still killing me inside.

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I think old school sweet would look good at an older age honestly.And really though as long as the person feels comfortable in it who cares?

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Capped because holy shit anon that's fucked.

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I've posted this story before, though with bits changed a bit since I still had to deal with the chick involved. But basically it boils down to:
>can't have kids cus hereditary health stuff
>foudn this out well after getting into lolita so completely unrelated
>go back to school post-normal-college-age cus bf and i want good stable life so we can figure kid thing out later
>weird weeb girl gets attached to me cus im polite to her and i dress 'animes'
>weird weeb girl gets oddly obsessed with me becoming a mom (we work with kids) to where i have minor breakdown and tell her i can't
>she then gets on this huge kick of 'helping' me and goes on about adoption, magical solutions, 'gods plan' and the like
>by the time i finally finished classes she actually started to get it in her head that my lolita fashion was me trying to BE the baby
>i wear toned down gothic but ok
>hear her discussing this with classmates
>she's telling them its 'very painful' for me so not to ever bring up kids around me
>i fucking love babysitting/being an auntie so this is actually pretty distressing when everyone suddenly stops talking about their kids
>pregnant girls actively avoid me
>eventually i get this all straightened out
>weeb girl continues to help
>like she's leaving pamphlets on surrogacy and shit in my work bag
>we are assigned next to each other so can't escape it
>telling my clients all about it when i go to set up which makes it horribly uncomfortable when I'm working with them/their children
>graduate but am stuck with her in social group because of mutual friends
>not gonna be that person who forces friends to drop other people so deal with it
>but then suddenly
>gay marriage all across usa
>cue tirade from her
>gay marriage/adoption "steals resources and babies from hopeful parents like Anonchan"
>sudden drop in her hanging out with us
>surprisingly to her, living in second gayest city in US means you will end up accidentally befriending a lesbian or two

>> No.8461851

Even teens can have mature features. Does that make them still too old? My 7 year old neice has a long angular face, deep set eyes and her nose is slowly becoming more prominate. I guess that makes her too old as well. How young do you want sweet lolitas to look? Do they have to have the faces of toddlers to be ideal?

Lolitas are so obsessed and anal when it comes to age. Everyone is different and has different tastes. If I still like pastel vomit sweet when I am a wrinkly old granny, I will wear it if it keeps bringing me joy. I can't help that classic, sweet classic and gothic don't appeal to me, it's just not my taste.

>> No.8461864

I'm both happy she's not a plague to you anymore and saddened because I'd love to hear more stories.

>> No.8461868

This. All of my family is cursed with long potato noses and high, sharp cheekbones and we've never been 'cute kids'. I've finally grown into my looks now and look way younger because of it.

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File: 258 KB, 500x281, dying in Baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck the haters, I'ma be the kawaii neighborhood grandma one day.

I'm not trying to look young, anyway. I just like cute dresses.

>> No.8461943

While all those fresh out of high school youths are pinching pennies just to buy some 4th hand bodyline I'm over here buying new releases and snagging up all the good 2nd hand bargains in one sitting.

Stay mad kiddos~

>> No.8461967

Your brother sounds awesome, good thing he was there to have your back. Sorry about the shitty parents, anon. :/

>> No.8461974

I can't really think of any specific story that happened while there but I guess a little background on weeb might be interesting?
>looks like a kid, short like a kid, acts like a kid (middle school weeb type), wears actual preteen girls clothing bought from Justice (but my clothes are babyish ok)
>except she has ridiculous anime tits
>i cannot describe to you how weird this looks that she has actual honest to god H cups on a 12 year old's body
>tries to jam them into her child-size hoodies with minimal success, usually just results in massive and apparently unwanted cleavage
>would then freak out on anyone who looked at said tits even though it literally looked like a 11 year old trying to smuggle stuff out in their sweater
>despite appearing clean and wearing fresh clothes every day, if you are within 5 feet of her you will smell mildew
>got away with a lot of shit during classes, I assume because of her being so much like a kid that no one could believe she did anything on purpose
>would also use her "troubled home life" as an excuse but would never elaborate, nor does she make any effort to leave it despite having opportunities
>flipped her shit one day upon finding she'd have to use public transport to get home, she had never done so before (this is a grown ass woman mind you) and coerced another girl into driving her home instead

yknow in retrospect i'm wondering if maybe somehow her being so obsessed with me having kids has to do with her being a weird woman-child. I really hope this wasnt some weird adult baby grooming thing.

>> No.8461993

Tbh a lot of the Justice stuff looks pretty mid-20s-Glastonbury-attendee to me from the site at least

>> No.8462004

That's their fault for not following directions.

>> No.8462044

Why put such a definitive expiration date on something you love? I can understand stopping due to finances or limited ability to wear it but even so, i'd stay in the fashion even if i could only go to one meetup a season. or even a year. It's like saying that fun has a expiration date. sure, adult responsibilities will limit your fun time but gosh, you can't tell me that life changes that dramatically once you hit the big Three Zero! i'm 28, no plans of stopping anytime soon, and i work 3 jobs. Even when i have kids i'll still dress up (just not bring them to meets- those aren't play dates)

>> No.8462050

Yknow I haven't been in one for a long time so I looked at it and I agree. I know some of her stuff had to have come from there cus of the logo, but now I'm wondering if it wasn't older stuff she's had this whole time or from a thrift shop? Cus her clothing definitely had the obnoxious glitter and sparkles and bright rainbows thing that I know I've seen tons of little girls wear, but maybe a few years ago? Like with the randomly super bright hot pink stripes/stitching and tutu skirts and ruffles on hoodies and stuff.

>> No.8462080

still using hotmail? don't.

>> No.8462110

If you don't have the face for sweet you're gonna get shit. Look at Lor for example. She looks much better in aristo. Sweet doesn't suit her. If you have a mature face wear more mature styles.

>> No.8462119

I think it's more about how you look when your older than anything else. Some believe older girls shouldnt wear lolita period, some believe age is restricted to sub style.

>> No.8462148

Good thing some of us actually wear lolita for ourselves and not other lolitas, like Lor.

>> No.8462169
File: 92 KB, 256x256, efg4piwisx1tcco4byit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why am I going to waste my time and money on styles I don't like? I don't care if I get shit from anons hiding behind a screen, it's only other lolitas who have major issues with it and everyone else just doesn't give shit.

>> No.8462182

>If you wear lolita out in public at all you're gonna get shit because it's a fucking niche fashion that looks like a costume to everyone else

Seriously get over the arbitrary gatekeeping. "You must be X tall, X pretty, X weight, X age to wear this frilly dress that basically everyone will think you're weird for wearing no matter what." Come on.

>> No.8462215

I think people like that are just projecting their own issues onto other people.

>> No.8462234

I don't like those mature styles. I love colorful and cute things, even before lolita. Those styles arent me, even if they may look better on me. I can't force myself to wear something I don't like.

>> No.8462282

Are you going to stop wearing lolita becuase someone may think it's stupid and doesn't like how it looks on you? Are you going to stop when they give you shit? No? Then don't tell others what they can and can't wear.

Also, people should start telling young looking girls to stop wearing mature styles and to only wear sweet. It's only fair since we have to wear the correct substyle to match our faces.

>> No.8462327
File: 159 KB, 1191x670, tmp_21137-1436169651528-1409995929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes please.

>> No.8462336

I know this is very unlikely, but you wouldn't happen to be able to provide a picture?

>> No.8462472

Most lolitas are pretty hypocritical. They want everyone else to accept them and what they wear but they can't even accept people in their own fashion having different tastes than what is considered "normal". If they can't accept something as simple as an older/mature faced girl choosing to wear sweet, they shouldn't demand acceptance from others.

>> No.8462537

I'm sorry your niece is ugly, anon. Ugly people don't look good in attention-grabbing fashion in general, especially attention-grabbing fashion that emphasizes cuteness and youthfulness.

>> No.8463003

Then don't wear attention grabbing fashion either. You know for every person that says you're beautiful, another is going to think you're ugly and not for them. Obviously, since we're basing this whole debate purely upon the perception of others, we're all ugly and homely as fuck because someone has this opinion somewhere.

JFC you'd think everyone here is in high school.

>> No.8463144

Yet she gets a lot of comments about how cute she is. I'm sure someone out there thinks your ugly too, so you need to stop wearing lolita. Not everyone in the world is going to find you attractive.
I swear, this fashion attracts that some of the most immature people out there. It's sad to think that most of these people are actually adults.

>> No.8463336
File: 216 KB, 1500x1000, Gothic-Lolita-Punk-Japanese-Fashion-Show-2012-03-001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went to Japan last year and was told by a Japanese girl that lolita is mostly for ugly girls. I saw what she means, the Japanese lolitas I saw, (sweet or other) would be seen as ugly by cgls standards. Most of them didn't have the cute youthful look that everyone fawns over and tries to copy. I didn't personally think they were ugly but everyone here seems to think you need to look like an AP model or those highly photoshopped lolitas all over tumblr.

You people need to stop watching anime, dramas and Jpop and actually go to Japan. Even in the birthplace of lolita and kawaii culture, most people outside of the media don't fit the ideal your trying to push.

>> No.8464261

Really sorry but I don't. Not fb friends with her any more and even when I was, her pictures were all heavily cropped cus she hated her tits. I do remember that her proper bra size was a 24H, which I don't think is a thing that anyone makes so she wore special-ordered 32Ds or something. Like her proportions were really weird.

>> No.8464446

God, I feel awful for her. I'm petite with a large bust as well, but nowhere near that large (I'm a 30F) and I constantly get shit from randos on the street because of my bust. I wonder if she was actually scared of going on public transit because of that.

>> No.8464512

>constantly get shit from random on the street because of my bust
I have bigger tits than you and I have never gotten shit for it. The worst is "I can tell the difference between your sister and you because you are the one with bigger boobs" and "I wish my boobs were that big".
I don't understand this. Wonder why that is.

>> No.8464574

Your brother is a fucking hero

>> No.8464603

I had a nightmare about this last night since I read that

>> No.8464739

Damn I was super curious. I'm sure I've seen some one who looks similar it just sounds so bizarre when read.

>> No.8464760

Well I mean cus of how she dresses, she really squishes them flat so most of the time it doesn't look as insane as it is. Lots of layers and stuff.
I really don't know. It always came off more "I'm scared to do stuff by myself someone hellllllp" cus she also had no desire to learn to drive, and has never had a job (and despite being qualified, seems unwilling to look for one).

>> No.8464785

I have gotten literal comments from guys on the street, ranging from "nice boobs!" to whistles, to dudebros circling a parking lot while I walked into a grocery store just to hang out the window of their truck and howl "I LUV UR TITS" at me.

Honestly, it might be where you live? When this was all going on I was in a pretty college-age area so I was always around dudebros/fratboys. This doesn't account for the weird 40-somethings that would come into my work to leer at me, but eh.

Honestly I got way more shit in normie casual clothes than I have since I started dressing up more, whether in retro stuff or jfash/lolita. In the latter I get compliments if anything at all, in the former I got creeps.

>> No.8464793

those are average japanese faces, imo. the average person doesnt look like a model.

>> No.8464815

Why do so many Japanese people have fucked up teeth? I also hope the tall one is a man.

>> No.8464827

>After a horrible winter, weather is finally nice
>managed to get a dress I really really wanted while it was cold out
>Has a rare day off, doesn't have to work or go to class
>Decides to wear new dress, coords it with a cute cardigan. Not OTT, but it's still a very sweet print
>Since I'm a lone lolita, decides to go downtown to get lunch by myself
>While walking there I see a car slowing down
>Looks over at the passenger
>They're taking a picture and laughing at me
>Feels so heartbroken I turned around and went home sans lunch
>Now refuses to wear lolita unless I'm in a group
>Tfw I have no lolita friends closeby

>> No.8465119

When i first became interested in lolita, my bestie and I were looking for where to start besides the bodyline dresses that my buddy already had. A "Friend" who was a local designer offered to make us Dresses that were "As good as brand!" who am i to refuse? It's like those street vendors who sell Louis Vuitton ripoffs for cheap to tourists who wouldn't know better. So, I go out, buy 6 yards of fabric (yeah, way to much), matching thread, have the girl make the skirt for me and i get it back well over a month or two later reeking of smoke. I pay her for her services (somewhere between $60 and 100, i forget) and head on home. instantly, I realize that the skirt wasn't half elastic as i had ordered it. fully elastic, which doesn't sit on the waist the way i like. then i put it on and realize there is so much room in that skirt that me and my bestie could fit inside it at the same time with so much room to spare for another. Now mind you, i am plus sized but i don't think anyone in this world (or most people) have a 100 INCH WAIST! (254 cm). On top of all that, i realized that she kept the remainder of my fabric! I had to verbally wrestle her on the phone to get her to give me the rest of the fabric as well as fix the skirt. She refused to fix the full elastic and make it into half because it was "too much work." After letting her keep it for another month she made it reasonably smaller and i just went with it. wore it once, never again. what a waste. If i only knew then what i know now about the fashion. if only.

>> No.8465132

Because dentists charge by the hour and not by the individual service service

>> No.8465148

Damn, that sucks.

>> No.8465340

So I should give up something I enjoy because I'm over the age assigned by some random anon on 4chin.
You sound underage.

>> No.8465410


I don't know how well it applies with Lolita, since I think it probably needs makeup and such done, but if you're worried about being overdressed, you can always bring your clothes and change into them if street clothes are underdressed.

Of course, I get the feeling with things like petticoats that might not be viable.

>> No.8465432

Most lolitas in Japan leave the fashion around 20.

>> No.8465438

Thank god we're not in Japan!

>> No.8465454

>giving a shit about the rebellious teens of animeland


>> No.8465483

They are just smart enough to know they don't look good in it anymore. It's a young girls fashion, accept it and move on to something more mature.

>> No.8465487

Fuck, meant to reply to >>8465438

>> No.8465498

the average Japanese person is really unattractive compared to the idols and models we see in their media, I thought that was common knowledge.
Just look at a Fruits book. Cute outfits, ugly people. because they're not models, just random people on the street.

>> No.8465501

were they really laughing?
i mean, could you hear them at all?
maybe they thought you looked cute/unusual

>> No.8465503

> the average person is really unattractive compared to the idols and models we see in their media

>> No.8465510

they could have just been smiling at you, maybe youre reading too deep into it, anon

>> No.8465516

Obviously, but right this conversation is specific to Japan and Japanese fashions. Which is why I specifically mentioned Japan.

>> No.8465519

*right now

>> No.8466175

It's not uncommon in America really. People make it no secret they think you're weird and I believe anon because of all the online embarrassing photos and this one time I saw a fatty-chan in sweet lolita featured in one of those people of walmart calendars. Her weight aside, I just thought it was plain cruel because people get a laugh out of a fashion they don't understand.

>> No.8466481

Most people here think Japan is full of kawaii animu princesses. They are in denial about how ugly most of the people are, the average lolita is probally a weeb/japanophile.

>> No.8466528

There are tons of older lolitas in Japan, anon. It's more common among the younger set there because youth is often an excuse to do a lot of things for Japanese people. People who continue with their "alternative" hobbies (this extends from unusual fashion to video games and anime) openly in Japan are sort of odd ducks, not because of their hobbies being "only for kids" but because of the restrictive nature of the culture for Japanese adults and social norms. In the west people don't have the same social norms, and it's much more common for people to openly enjoy their hobbies as adults. Looking to Japan for expiration dates on hobbies is a generally bad idea because they consider anyone into subculture stuff that doesn't have an office job working 6 days a week a chunibyo. (Kind of an exaggeration, but still)

>> No.8466572

>my first year as a lolita
>befriend comm's brolita, people avoided him but there was not much said about him either way.
>be nice, he shows me a few things, like how to pre-order, in return I help him coord.
>fast forward a few months and i'm being cornered by mods about making secrets
>i've never made one
>brolita-san said you told him you did.
>explain it wasn't me
>they didn't think it was and suspected him originally, help clear my name somewhat.
>he is ostracised from the comm, never speaks to me ever again
>if I met him today I would probably pour whatever drink I had with me on his damn dresses

seriously peter warburton was the most disgusting piece of shit I have ever met I hope you have left lolita you sick, stinky sonovabitch.

>> No.8466623

I have never seen an older Japanese lolita. Only once I read somewhere that someone saw some women who looked to be in their 40's wearing sweet but no pictures. They must hide themselves or something.
I also thought they stopped becuase of their age alone, they have a pretty messed up view about what is old over there. I think the women are seen as old at much younger ages than in the west and Japan has an obsession with young women looking and acting like kids. I thought most would stop due to not being seen as young and cute anymore.

>> No.8466893
File: 575 KB, 302x228, 19284854923.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw when mom works at a dentist office and i get literally everything for free

>> No.8466904

>they must hide themselves or something
Yeah, I think there's definitely some social/cultural embarrassment for a Japanese woman who openly engages in "frivolous" hobbies. I dunno I tend to take "well GLORIOUS NIPPON does it THIS way" with a grain of salt because the minute you start studying Japan past the cute clothes and anime, you start realizing that they have some pretty fucked up aspects to their society. Especially if you're a woman. Like, if you're unmarried at 25 you're considered a failure and you need to get your shit together. That probably plays into women ending their hobbies too.

>> No.8467653

not sure if you're still here anon, but there's a great website (https://unroll.me/) that lets you unsubscribe from all the dumb stuff you don't want.

>> No.8467695


I wouldn't say it's great for anyone. There are several reasons why the hikikomori phenomenon is mostly male - while there are great pressures for women to return to the household, there are equally great pressures for men to 'take responsibility,' which can mean anything from taking over a family business which they may not like to trying to find a job in an economy that's been in a 20 year long recession.

Not to say that I'm trying to undermine how women are treated in Japan though. I really wonder sometimes how women fare at work though if they're still in a career past 25. Like, do they get pressure from their boss (who's most likely male) to quit work? The pressure's already great enough in the States to try to balance work and family, I can't imagine what Japan would be like what with their attitudes towards social movements and all.

>> No.8467697
File: 155 KB, 720x960, 11050211_1091726230844913_4820012303799489587_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idk if this counts

>> No.8467771
File: 34 KB, 405x306, a36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is a good example of why old women should not dress cute.

>> No.8467816

I know. lmao. I am barely over 30, with no wrinkles, but a matured bone structure. I lean towards a more elegant sweet, or pastel classic. But, even if I wanted to rock out in Surgary Carnival, then how these poorfags going to stop me? I'll buy a new dress every paycheck if I wanted to. I'll use their tears to moisturize my face, because this old lady is not going to stop.

>> No.8467850

Dude fuck you she's an adorable little old lady. I would gladly walk her across the street.

>> No.8468029
File: 204 KB, 375x500, Arika_Takarano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just my observations but all the lolitas I saw in Tokyo over the period of about a week were over 25, with many very likely in their mid-thirties or older. There are almost certainly lolitas that discovered the fashion in the late 90s and early 00s still doing their thing as well. The lolitas I saw still looked fairly youthful but you could see up-close that they were no youngsters.

Japanese women tend to really look after their skin, avoid staying out in the sun etc so rarely look 'old'. Take the musicians from kokusyoku sumire, they are in their 40s I think and even Misako is 33. Arika Takarano from Ali Project is 51 and still wears lolita fashion (amongst other j-fash plus stunning stage costumes), although she does look astonishingly young for her age, even by Japanese standards (also looks great in candids so not just photoshop magic).

>> No.8468069

Shit doesnt mattter. half of japan isnt procreating anyway. Their country will fail and has been failing for decades. The end of japan is near

>> No.8468091
File: 226 KB, 1280x1311, 1435370960530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A cute granny being cute

>> No.8468121

I highly doubt this. With all of their schooling, where would middle/high schoolers even get the money/time to get a lolita wardrobe? Their parents...?

>> No.8468162

>Japanese women tend to really look after their skin, avoid staying out in the sun etc so rarely look 'old'. Take the musicians from kokusyoku sumire, they are in their 40s I think and even Misako is 33. Arika Takarano from Ali Project is 51 and still wears lolita fashion (amongst other j-fash plus stunning stage costumes), although she does look astonishingly young for her age, even by Japanese standards (also looks great in candids so not just photoshop magic).
I wouldn't be surprised if those people had cosmetic work done as well. I heard it's very common in Japan but they aren't vocal about it. Skin care and avoiding the sun helps with wrinkles but doesn't do anything against sagging. I noticed they start sagging around late 20's to 30's.

Part time jobs?

Makes me wonder about the future of lolita when most of Japan will be old people. Will lolita die out or will there tons of granny lolitas?

>> No.8468165
File: 119 KB, 1500x1244, weeehhhh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> I <3 Ana mug

Grandma-chan, no.

>> No.8468172


Fuck you, I aspire to be as free as this grandma.

>> No.8468195
File: 81 KB, 500x753, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its not lolita but it's still pretty fucking cute.

This is the only picture I have a seen of an old Japanese lolita but it's a man.

>> No.8468201

That foundation colour though...

>> No.8468227

I'm not really getting why it's sad? Help pls.

>> No.8468317


'Ana' is the cutesy name for anorexia, and the idea of this sweet-looking old woman who's probably already been through enough starving herself on top of that is almost too sad.

>> No.8468354

Are you retarded?

>> No.8468356
File: 19 KB, 389x388, 1368637595256[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dunno if this counts as a horror story but
>Look up old mess of a lolita friend on a whim
>She's gone nuts
>Posts public pictures of her sucking her bf's (?) dick on tumblr
>tags them with "daddy's little princess" and "sucking daddy's cock" and other shit

>> No.8468383


> ana (uncountable) (Internet, slang) Anorexia (used especially by the pro-ana movement). Derived terms . pro-ana

I'm not about to jump at you for not knowing the slang of a group of people obsessed with personifying medical conditions, but come on.

Look, I even found a link for you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pro-ana

>> No.8468388

When you Google 'I love ana,' all that comes up are pro-anorexia blogs. Holy shit.

>> No.8468399

T-this is so cute. That Candy Candy bag...

>> No.8468406


>> No.8468416

Holy shizballs, anon, utmost sympathies. I understand what it's like to have a nutjob mum but remember to love yourself as much as you can since she's not able to show that normal side to you.

>> No.8468427

Their stupid fault for not following the brief

>> No.8468468

Yes. Teenagers in Japan are given huge allowances. This is how young women/girls are able to obsess over niche street fashions, makeup and other grooming habits.

They get good money for good grades.

>> No.8468508

Anon I am pretty sure Japanese people don't have the same slang name for anorexia. Ana is probably a romanization of some actor/idol/model's name or nickname.

>> No.8468512

Short sighted teeny bopper. I sure don't envy you.

>> No.8468524

So someone who's over 30 with a wrinkle free face should just stop? And someone younger like Lor with an old face is good to roll?
>alright then

>> No.8468530
File: 29 KB, 500x375, 1429328607195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Omg I kind of have a similar experience, though it was with my husband's ex-wife
>Be on Tumblr, scrolling down dashboard
>Husband's ex-wife shows up, doing weird hentai (agehao?) faces while trying hard to expose her cleavage
>Check out her Tumblr for the lulz
>She moved back home with her parents, probably after her boy toy ran out of student loan money to buy her lolita/gyaru clothes
>Lying about her age in her profile, is also apparently a lesbian now
>Pics of exposing her nasty raisin titties and cottage cheese ass and thighs while wearing school girl uniforms
>Has a separate nudes only blog but you have to give her money to access it
>Top kek
I told my husband about it and he laughed so hard over the phone.

>> No.8468532

>wears weird fashion
>gets made fun of

This thread isn't for pissbabies crying about hurt feefees, it's for true horror stories. 99.9% of people who wear any kind of abnormal fashion get made fun of. Fucking ignore it.

>> No.8468534

So true.

>> No.8468575

Great, more for us!

>> No.8468586

In Asian countries, you're used goods if you have kids & 30+, and a reject if you're 30 & unmarried.

>> No.8468593

Nah, most people think she should leave the fashion because of her looks.

>> No.8468609

Thing is that even the girl whose party it was, who came up with the theme, who made and sent out the invitations, wasn't remotely dressed up. I'm starting to worry that my idea of casual/dressed up has become completely warped by lolita. Kind of like how cosplayers always end up overdoing it on Halloween, except for me it's every day.

>> No.8468619

Straight white teeth aren't a beauty priority

>> No.8468652

thats not true. maybe if you have no academic plans, but if you have school youre expected to finish school and maybe start your career before marriage. i can see the poorer asian countries marrying young.

>> No.8468659

now anon, that's not how asian countries act in my animes so you can't be right

>> No.8468730

I used to hangout with the Japanese Lolita circle and always thought everyone is around 20-25 by the looks. Apparently most are +30...

>> No.8468858

See this is what I don't get. Most of these comments are "In my personal opinion it looks terrible beyond blah blah" or "stop liking what I don't like". If someone wants to wear pastel vomit sweet when they are 50 what business is it of yours? And if you feel like it is ugly, who cares? It's not your place to force your own personal preferences onto someone else.

In the words of Momoko (or words to this effect): If it makes you happy. Do it. Fuck everyone else.

>> No.8468882

Cassandras Closet??

>> No.8468889

Thats actually more of a social issue than a "boohooo I don't look good anymore". Despite what Nihon loving weebs might like to believe, Japanese culture is so fucked, and the particular cultural norms that apply to this is that women are still expected to marry early, and overt individualism is frowned upon. Lolita fashion inhibits both of these things. Can't find a husband if you are dressed weirdly, can't perform your gender role and you actively pursue a lifestyle that acts against a collective society. Fathers will literally burn clothes they have payed $100's on to get their daughters to conform to what is considered correct and proper for their now adult young ladies to enter the market.

>> No.8469348

I heard most Japanese women have a skincare routine that lasts 20min+

>> No.8469355

How do you know it's a man, could be a masculine looking woman or a woman with shitty skin with resting bitch face

>> No.8469361

Example of a huge allowance in Japan?

>> No.8469370
File: 145 KB, 800x600, 1435503632740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this make you feel?

>> No.8469379

I've never dug for specific horror stories before, but has anyone ever lost brand in a fire or accident? I've had nightmares about being out in town and the house burning and my whole wardrobe being charred.

>> No.8469381
File: 112 KB, 437x408, 1433803942983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm somehow turned on and uncomfortable at the same time.

>> No.8469459

i'm not about this shit

>> No.8469465

They are just projecting their own issues with aging onto others.
Some of the japanese girls I met didn't seem to be care that much about skin care, I know korean women are more obsessed with it.

>> No.8469486

That is my biggest fear every time I leave the house.

>> No.8469549

thinking about how hard I have worked and saved for my lolita items, I would have been raging in tears, possible would have destroyed my parents clothes/ give them away. That's absolutely ridiculous I'm so sorry that happened.

>> No.8469575

This happened to my friend. She lost maybe 60 burando skirts/dresses including two chocolate rosettes. However she almost died in the fire so she ended up not caring so much about the dresses and stuff.

>> No.8469580


Nah, it honestly varies by group. Some of my friends will just stick on animals ears or a party hat and call it a day, on the other hand a different group of friends go all out, actually buy new clothes to put together an outfit, style their hair and makeup to suit the theme. And then there's those few who will just "dress nice" and can't be arsed about a costume at all, costume party or not.

In hindsight, the "strongly encouraged" wording might have given away that the costumes were rather more optional. But the best way would have been to sound out her friends or someone who knew her group of friends to gauge how serious their idea of dressing up would be. Kinda sucked that you didn't know the girl or her group of friends so well and couldn't guess their level of enthusiasm for dressup accurately.

>> No.8469592
File: 151 KB, 765x513, 20bb373fd4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But wait, there's more.

>> No.8469668

do you really think this little grandma just goes on the internet and browses/knows what pro-ana is?

>> No.8469678

this is well-drawn and also kinda hot, can't be mad.

>> No.8469687
File: 158 KB, 665x598, 1362609883203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Them boots
How those legs work lmao

>> No.8469695

That outfit would be so ita irl though

>> No.8469714
File: 194 KB, 500x375, 89-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

non-surgical procedures are very common that I do know, plus skin peel treatments etc. Removing moles etc and 'age spots' is common for even an average income housewife as well.

Arika on the right, this shit is ridiculous.

>> No.8469718

Oh, those are ballet boots - they're meant to be basically impossible to walk in so the wearer can't move unassisted without crawling.

>> No.8469725
File: 55 KB, 396x373, 1427561666999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course /cgl/ would know.

>> No.8469726

Dang. I need to start looking into these treatments. This thread has made me super paranoid about aging, I want to keep dressing cute for as long as I can.

>> No.8469729

I want her to knit me a jumper and bake me biscuits

>> No.8469730

Hey, I have a passing interest in BDSM, what can I say?

>> No.8469732

>not wanting an ita domme to humiliate you by forcing you to wear ita coords

>> No.8469733

Asian masterrace goddamn.

>> No.8469737

>this thread
>not the Lolita hive mind
I for one aspire to be an elegant old lady like Audrey Hepburn

>> No.8469800

Just take care of yourself the best you can. Reduce stress, take care of your skin, dont drink or smoke and eat well. I hate the look that women get to make themselves look younger because they look fake and plastic like. It becomes an obsession and never ends. Don't seek these producers just so you can wear clothing, these producers can fail and screw up your face.

>> No.8469832

Lol uh I know what it is. I seriously doubt little granny does. Ana can mean various things. Ffs, ana is also a Japanese airline. It could mean a lot of different shit, and anorexia is at the bottom of the list.

>> No.8469857

>Sacramento Wizard World
>helping boyfriend and friends in the video game room
>wearing a casual sailor coord
>I walk outside to get some food
>another lolita spots me
>no offense to her but really she's an ita
>bodyline Love Jewelry skirt altered to be a miniskirt, plain white cotton tshirt, mint x pink split wig, grosgrain ribbon tied around her head, red tights, pink socks, and chunky black platforms á la old school gothic lolitas
>she runs up to me and asks for a photo
>I explain that I need to grab lunch and run back immediately because I needed to start my volunteer shift and I don't have time right now but she can come find me in the game room in about 20 minutes.
>she says ok so I start walking off
>walk a couple blocks and happen to glance in a window. she's behind me.
>walk a little faster to deli. glance in window when opening door.
>she's still there. wtf.
>luckily there's no line so I get my order and sprint back
>look in convention center door as I'm going back in, she's still behind me wtf
>luckily when I actually went in, she didn't follow me

I don't understand why she didn't just go to the game room and wait for me since she had a weekend pass. Instead she tailed me and ended up not taking my photo??? Dunno what happened there.

>> No.8469928

Whenever I hear "you shouldn't wear sweet after 20/25/30 (the cut off date seems to vary greatly)" or "you can only pull off X if you're cute/thin/petite" I just chuckle. With every passing year I just become more and more sure that seeking approval or status is not a path to happiness. I used to suffer from severe insomnia and depression - only battled them after I learned to let it all go and not give a fuck what others might think. Wearing lolita helped a ton.

Related, a few years back:
>meet a highschooler at a friend's party
>she fawns over my clothes and look
>says she'd love to wear lolita too but feels too old for it
>she's 18
>I'm 25

>> No.8470006


I had this happen but with an older lady. She admired my outfit, I was wearing Sugar Dream Dome. She was just so in love with the dress and everything, said she has always loved Japanese fashion. She said she missed her chance to get into it and now she is too old.

It makes me sad that people give up or are too afraid to do things that make them happy to seek approval from others. It's not worth giving up your happiness just to please others.

>> No.8471104

Part time jobs in high school are generally frowned upon in Japan since you're supposed to dedicate your time to studying.

>> No.8471115

Why does this sound so similar to my situation in every aspect (except I'm 22 and I've caught my dad 'borrowing' shit from me when he didn't realize I was in the house)

>> No.8471119

I've done QutieLand and it was arduous, though it was (apparently) largely the fault of a new seamstress at Infanta who used up the last of the fabric making a dress in the wrong size. They said altering it was impossbke. I should have just bought the existing stock on My Lolita Dress. With them, I ordered at New Years like an idot but after the notified holiday period was over there were no issues.

>> No.8471126

New school lolita just looks like regular formal wear nowadays. You could get away with the classic or gothic stuff worn in a 'casual' way until about 45. Beyond that I would gradually turn into an eccentric old lady wearing clothes closer to actual period wear.

Even still they basically stole your clothes and donated them without affording you the opportunity to sell them to get some of your money back

>> No.8471134

How old are we talking?

I will never get why people think lolita has a cut-off date. I'm like you and stopped giving fucks. I hate my younger lolitas who say this when they're like 21. What is the prime for lolita, much less sweet? No one really knows. It's two years, as far as anyone can tell. Do you have to toss it after it's expatriation date? What if you look older? Are you just screwed by default? The invisible rules lolitas apply to themselves are just the worst.

>> No.8471165

>How old are we talking?
She looked like she was in her 40's-50's.

>> No.8471239

That is a shame. I probably won't be wearing something like Sugar Dream Dome at 50 but I can rock some classic and gothic with ease then. I'm not giving up my frills.

>> No.8471417

everyone probably is in high school

>> No.8471442

This just isn't true. Most lolitas in Japan *get into* the fashion in their 20's because it's so expensive and because school takes up so much of their time when they're younger.

>> No.8471505

You would think someone on a Lolita thread of all places would get the idea of "asian people not exactly getting the connotations of english words"

>> No.8471607


Mfw I know that lolita on the right.
He's actually a brolita and creepy as fuck.

I have a (somewhat) horror story involving him actually.

I used to hang out with him and a few other lolis when I was in Japan.
Heard that he got kicked out of the comm for being a creeper.
I didn't know the details but ended up meeting him in my home country. He seemed like his usual self, didn't seem particularly creepy or anything.

Then I met him in Japan when I went over. Bad idea!

He was ok for a while but insisted that we have dinner at Odaiba and see the harbour view. I went along with it, but he started doing strange things like asking me to sit right next to him in the restaurant.

I think he was trying to get me drunk at one point.
He ended up having like 6 drinks and was 'acting' drunk. It seemed like he was using it as an excuse to try and hug me and grab my hands.
He followed me on the train back and kept trying to grab my hands again. Thank God I told him that my parents were waiting at the station.
The image of him staring at me through the glass as the train left the station still stays with me...

I wish I just left when he started being weird. I did call him out on his shit, but he just kept doing it. It was my first time being harassed like that, so I was a bit slow tbh.(I know I know)

And then he messaged me recently to tell me that he was staying at the same hotel I was staying at before. That's just fucking creepy in this context.

>> No.8471614

Aww, I think she should just do it. There gets to be a point when who even cares. If you want to be sweet, I totally respect you for it.

>> No.8471617

That makes a lot of sense to me. I spent years tracking street fashion photographers and the number of teens in lolita seem pretty low to me. 20+ seems to pretty much be the norm.

Given that the Japanese scene is not immune to young lolitas having an ita phase, it would be terrible to leave when you hit 20 anyway. That's just when so many people start to flourish and find their style (nevermind kind of settling physically after the garbage storm that is puberty).

>> No.8471622

Anon, this sounds incredibly harmless and like he was just hitting on you. Unless I'm missing something like you being 12 and him 30.

>> No.8471632


Problem is that he's done this with so many girls in the comm. He also likes really young girls and he was showing me kinky pictures of crossdressing guys on his phone. It just added up.
I didn't think he would have hurt me or anything, but it was just an uncomfortable experience.

>> No.8471634

Misako says otherwise in an interview. 24 and up is the average age range there because that's when they start being able to really afford the fashion. I think she'd know and she has no reason to not tell the truth about it so...yeah.

>> No.8471659

>missing the joke this hard
Original sad anon was joking, the joke being that it in English it means this, jesus

>> No.8471689

Thank guys...
It's been five days now and they haven't messaged me back.
I have a bad feeling I'm out $416.

>> No.8471953

The same reasons 40yr old women should stop wearing skanky clubbing clothes and booty shorts.

>> No.8471955

Not the same, but okay.

>> No.8472085

The part that really upset me was that she wasn't even going to wear it. It wouldn't fit her. She just wanted it to take it away from me because she knew I cared about those dresses. She also tried to tell my brother they were 'too expensive' and I didn't deserve them while she spent thousands of dollars a day on designer clothes.

>> No.8472087

> thousands of dollars a day
So you're millionaires then?

>> No.8472108

B-but anon, it's the magical place of Japan! What do you mean everyone there isn't a magical kawaii desu schoolgirl?

Honestly I'm so sick of people idolizing Japanese people.

>> No.8472139

Is she doing chemistry at her vanity?

>> No.8472140

>almost 25
>no problems to look too old for AP toy prints or salos
Who cares, i want to wear lolita even if i m very old and not limited to classic. I saw a middle aged woman in BTSSB toned down sweet, she look so cute! I forgot her nickname...

>> No.8472347


My animes would never lie to me, anon!

>> No.8472791

Uh, not the same thing. I rather see a 40 year old wearing pastel vomit AP than skanky clothing. At least lolita covers their sagging bodies.

>> No.8472792

No, we're lower middle class. She did grow up rich so every so often my grandfather will give her a significant amount of money. She has a shit ton of credit card debt.

>> No.8473182

I just wanted to tell you that as somebody who went through the same thing, except a decade ago, that it'll be okay. If she isn't a narcissistic personality and it's something else (in my case, a paranoid schizophrenic mother), she probably didn't actually mean it. Now, I don't know your situation and I don't know her, but please don't let the illness win in your relationship with her. If she takes her medication, she could be somewhat functional and a loving parent again. I want you to try if this is the case, anon, because you only get one mom.

>> No.8473538

Sometimes it isn't worth it. You are not obligated to have a relationship with someone who treats you like shit. It doesn't matter what their excuse for it is, you have to take care of yourself first. I just wanted to say this, because it seems like the entire world pressures people to have a "good" relationship with their family members, even if those family members are terrible people. Yeah, you only get one mother, but not all mothers are equal. With a few of them you'd be better off not having a mother at all. You can be happy without your biological family, and sometimes you're better off that way.

I don't know your entire situation, anon, but I hope you can make the best choice for you.

>> No.8473612


>> No.8473621

Since another anon asked for examples and anon hasn't provided any, I guess it's not fully true.

>> No.8473623

Only things I could find when I looked it up for myself.

"High school students receive spending money from their parents in various ways. Some get a set amount from their parents on a specified day; others receive cash when they need it for particular expenses, and so on. According to one survey,* the largest proportion, or some 38.5 percent, of Japanese high school students receive an average monthly allowance of between 4,000 and 5,000 yen.
* Karaza Report '99 vol. 3, Kumon Children's Research Institute, 1999."

"Otoshidama (???) – Most Japanese children and teens look forward to New Years a lot more than they do to Christmas because they know that they’re going to be New Year’s gift money from each and every older relative of working age. Elementary school students get about ¥1000-5000 per relative, junior high students take in ¥3000-10,000, and high school kids get ¥3000-20000."

>> No.8473626

Seems like books and comics are highest on the list of things they buy with their money. Next is food/sweets, then cd's, then clothing and cosmetics are the lowest.

>> No.8473628

This is from 1988, but is says that readers of Olive were spending ~$160/week in average, and that parents were giving students money:

>> No.8473631

This is also why teens get allowances. There isn't much income inequality in Japan (yet) and the average family has money left from bubble era investments so they can afford to let the kids have some cash. Also the grandparents and other family members give out tons of money.

>> No.8473643

>Tfw can't share horror story because I know they and their friends browse cgl and I would be recognized immediately

>> No.8473648

Agreed, you see the same with street snaps. I mean tons of street snaps look like hot masses but it's okay because they're Japanese.

Mediocre cosplay or outfit? Doesn't matter if you're an Asian girl because everyone will gush over you.

>> No.8473767
File: 882 KB, 1200x1706, 1434945583539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have one

>> No.8473940

Wow anon. You are me. Literally. I lived exactly same thing, but it wasn't lolita it was my cosplay costumes. Just wow.

>> No.8474273

>looks like a kid, short like a kid, acts like a kid (middle school weeb type), wears actual preteen girls clothing bought from Justice (but my clothes are babyish ok)
>except she has ridiculous anime tits

wow this is kind of sad since this description fits me like a glove... i look like a kid and i have anime tits too, how bad is it?

>> No.8474318

Is his name Tomo?

>> No.8474332

what is classic

>> No.8474528

She might be my mom, but she's not my family. If she ever takes her meds and apologizes I'll think about it but it's pretty unlikely and I'm not going to wait around for it.

I have people who actually care about me now, and they're my family.

Thanks, anon. I really hate when people are like "but she's your mother!". I don't have any obligation to try and keep up a relationship if she doesn't care.

>> No.8474935

Where can I find more of these?

>> No.8478531

What does it say? What is this even from? I have this vision of a vengeful lolita who hired a hit man to snuff another lolita because she bought their dream dress. I want to know the story of this. Is there even a scanner/program that will translate the moonrunes on pictures like this?

>> No.8478560

It's not Japanese, it's Chinese.
The speech bubble says,
"Please obediently be collected by me and be my doll, Princess."
No idea where it's from though.

>> No.8478563

You.. You do realize that it's pure fetish fuel, right?

>> No.8481468

Just sell em you're not cut out for being anything but a beta sheep sorry sweetheart

>> No.8481772

I posted here earlier: >>8458820
It's been over a week, I emailed them at qcuteqcuteqc[email protected] on the 6th and again a yesterday.
They haven''t responded.
I think I'm out 412 dollars.

>> No.8481775

When all's said and done, they are a charity. They get so few donations that they can't just give away their stock to whoever shows up claiming it was theirs. It was probably infinitely cheaper than she bought it for, anyway.

But yeah, I would insist that the parents paid for it. Their mistake, their loss. They're grown adults and they need to learn that they can't always get their own way.

>> No.8481777

Just open a claim damn.

>> No.8481785

I mean I would, but this is my fault, I didn't check my email thoroughly enough.

>> No.8481796

By selling their Dad's old yakuza gear, duh.

>> No.8481799

Why is his face that colour? It looks like he got dipped in nicotine.

>> No.8481802

Look at the rest of the body, anon. It's obviously a man.

Wrong foundation I'm guessing.

>> No.8481853


>> No.8481891

Google "yaeba." Japan has different beauty standards concerning teeth than Western countries do. I remember reading somewhere that having crooked teeth on an otherwise pretty girl is supposed to make her more cute and approachable or something.

>> No.8482011

All you have to do is search eBay for boots and tons of them pop up. It's kinda hard not to know tbh. You don't really have to be looking for it.

>> No.8482022

It doesn;t matter, they still can't just keep your money. Open a fucking claim.

>> No.8482029

thank you

>> No.8482032

Girl looks like Misako, Misako would never wear such a tacky looking dress.

>> No.8482034

Probably but since there is text and its a panel, there's a story. And no, I'm not a perv., I'm not turned on by seeing this, just curious what the context of story was. I'm nosey like that, can't help it. The dress is drawn in a pretty realistic way.

>> No.8482365

I mean, their teeth are way more jacked up than something as simple as yaeba. Major overbites and underbites, most of teeth are crooked. Yaeba can be cute if that is the only issue but a lot I see have major dental problems and a lot of them also have very yellow teeth.

>> No.8482390

So you agree with her parents donating her stuff behind her back was the right thing to do?

>> No.8485086

And the occasional game at the pachinko parlor, provided they don't get caught for being underage.

>> No.8485556

It's a little odd to see them actually pick a recent print rather than give her a generic gosurori look though.

>> No.8485611

Aaaaaand it worked,
Thank you, /cgl/.

>> No.8486224


Everyone else who responded to this is a cunt,don't let other people affect you so much do what makes you happy.

>> No.8486836

You have to be assertive when sellers try to fuck you over.

>> No.8489975

And they didn't respond today.
Do the Chinese take off work on Saturday?

>> No.8490139

I want to be her when I'm wrinkly

>> No.8490390

my country its the other way around

>> No.8491758

Thank you, anon. The truth is that people are always gonna hate and you might as well just do your best and be happy with it.

Unless you're an ita.

>> No.8491792

Anon, you made me so sad with this. Go back. Prepare some reactions for anyone who gives you trouble. Own your style

>> No.8491802

She's so ADORAB-
>tennis shoes

>> No.8492102

>really like EGL fashion
>all I've reblogged these few weeks are cute dresses and frilly things
>tfw remember I'm a guy
Is this the first step to being trans, or a serial killer?
I haven't watched anime in years and have no friends into this so I don't know what is influencing it, I've never thought about cross dressing and have no intention on being trans, obviously nobody knows I like it it's completely secret and it's really killing my self esteem.
I just really like the style, the make up, the accessories, the shoes, the fashion as a whole.
Is it normal for guys to like this?

>> No.8492312

Yeah, there are lots of brolitas out there. Totally possible for a dude to like lolita,

>> No.8492455
File: 33 KB, 610x343, wink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And there are also plenty of girls who are into guys who are into the fashion. Same interests and all that.

>> No.8492461

you like what you like dude. It doesn't have to mean anything, there are plenty of guys who are into the fashion just because they think it looks nice

>> No.8492667

Eh, she's old.
She might not be able to walk in anything else.

>> No.8492728

They have a skin/body/hair routine that lasts 2+ hours because of how many chemicals and shit they put on their bodies to look cute.

>> No.8492729

doesn't matter, look cute

>> No.8492736

Doesn't ANA stand for All Nippon Airways also?

Promo mug?

>> No.8492741

you should go for it, if you like the fashion. there are plenty of male lolitas out there that you could connect with if you think that would help. i believe in you bro

>> No.8492750

I don't think there are as many brolitas (and girls who like them) as other Anons seem to think but a guy wanting to dress lolita isn't really a weird thing. There's a lot to it though, it's hard! So many guys just fantasize about it and never do it. There's a fair amount of people who don't like or accept brolitas too, even if they are good ones. Read up on the subject then decide if you want to actually do it or just like the idea as a nice daydream. You could try makeup and a wig first to see if you like evrn that much before you invest hundreds of dollars in clothes for full coirdinates, you can't do lolita 1/2 way. Chances are if you don't get wig and makeup right first then the rest won't satisfy you either. Maybe you can find a lolita or brolita to coach you?

>> No.8496341

There are a few in fruits.

>> No.8496347

a lot of lolita designers are male, and they are not trans, though some are crossdressers.

men can be into types of fashion, and even wear it. it is not unusual in the fashion world. however, it is unusual in regular society, so you would still have to deal with other people's idiotic assumptions.

>> No.8496548

I want to call this a fashion, but look at us, we're pushed together with the cosplayers. We can't even be on /fa/, we're just a giant joke.

>> No.8496568

>OTT yaeba

>> No.8496608
File: 865 KB, 2000x1339, comedian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made this for you. Enjoy.

>> No.8496782

So who are the male lolita designers? Isobe owns BtSSB, the designers are women. The only one that I know for sure is Naoto & some of his sub-brand designers but they aren't always lolita, and Putumayo

>> No.8496798

Are the Triple Fortune designers m or f?

>> No.8496852

Umm? Moitie?

>> No.8497071

Female. Kaie and Babi are both women, though they usually dress very androgenously.

>> No.8497693

Novala Takemoto though his older designs for BTSSB are more lolita than his recent things, who knows what he'll do in the future.

>> No.8497725
File: 98 KB, 960x641, IMG_3272[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Did you miss his new designs earlier this year? Pic related. So rori, so elegant, yes?

He wasn't a designer to start with, he was a light novelist. The clothes for the movie were provided by Baby, and then they later collaborated with him -- but how much of that collab is actually him designing and how much of it is Baby slapping his name on things is debatable.

So basically I'd leave him off the list of male designers.

>> No.8497731

I don't think Mana does much designing, he's just the face

>> No.8497785

he's been wearing lolita since his Malice Mizer days. while it is possible that someone else cultivated his look, he rocked it for a long time and it defined gothic lolita before he started Moitie.

are you one of the people who think Shakespeare wrote nothing, too?

>> No.8497794

The designer of BPN/sheglit is male, right?

>> No.8497953

>$160 a week
Good lord, I wish my parents had given me that much when I was a kid.

>> No.8499869

>The average reader of 'Olive,' a fashion magazine for high school girls, spends $160 a month for designer wear
>spends $160 a month


>> No.8499933

>$160 a month for designer wear
>designer wear

>> No.8500027

Lor does have a manface and would benefit greatly from rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery, but I'm not gonna stop her from wearing what she loves

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