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Don't ask how, but I ended up getting Suave body wash all over an IW JSK and a Taobao blouse. It actually stained the two pieces as well. Would I be able to hand wash it? Or should I take it to the dry cleaner?

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I could've sworn I posted about this in a different thread, but I can't find it anywhere, so apologies if it ends up being repetitive.

Is there a portal or website where I can find coords of specific dresses? Sometimes I want to see how other people coord things, especially since most of my dresses are pretty uncommon/unpopular.

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Worn threads here.

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what is the difference between op and jsk

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Op has sleeves, jsk has straps and is meant to be worn with a blouse. there are minor variations (ie mini-sleeve ops, jsks that have weird shoulder bits) but that's the general rule.

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Can I start a feedback page on my facebook account since I don't use lacemarket or egl comm sales? Where would I post it?

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This gives me a great idea for a tumblr.

OP literally means One Piece. AKA you don't need a blouse with it.

JSK means JUMPER SKIRT aka you need a blouse with it.

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how do you tie corset lacing? i have a blouse that has the lacing in the back, so do i just tuck the excess ribbon into the waistband of a skirt or leave it to hang?

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Is it ghetto of me to ask truly darling boutique if I can get a discount if I send multiple dresses in at once for alterations? I need 5 dresses to be resized.

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Yes, you can. I use my eBay feedback as mine, but if you don't use that, you can create your own.

I would create an album that says 'lolita sales' and post a picture of something, anything, with 'feedback' across it. There's a few templates around, but have people comment on there for feedback with the date, item, whether they were the buyer or seller, shipping, etc.

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I lace from top to bottom and tuck the excess into the waistband, but I've also seen people lace bottom to top and have the bow as decoration.

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Technically with an actual corset you lace both from the top and the bottom so that the bow is in the middle, however I've noticed on blouses and other corset lacing lolita it goes from Top to Bottom

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Corset lacing on blouses will never achieve the effect that corsets have, the lacing is only to fit the bodice to the waist, not reduce it.

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That is true, however I mentioned it for interest, also - I did it for a JSK I had with corset backing and I found it fitted and looked so much better (but that'll be down to my hourglass figure)

I'm sorry, I really like corsets haha

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You should be able to hand wash them

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This is really dumb but how can you see what the front of a wig is? Is it the thingy with the clasps? And what do I need to do with those clasps?

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It usually the side opposite of the clasps, and there might be a little rectangle of lace or some variation in the lace pattern on the underside of the wig. With the claps, you hook them in little holes that should be right below where those clasps are shown, and there should be multiple that you can hook them into. This will make the wig smaller or larger for you. If you have a small enough head, you can also just latch the hooks together.

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How would you style this hair? Just lots of spikes?

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What is the context of this?

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Why is this board so degenerate?

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why don't you fuck off back to r9k?

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how about you fuck off you degenerate roastie

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I'd very much like to join the local lolita comm, but I'm currently trying to get /fit/. I wouldn't call myself a hambeast, but I'm definitely up there. What would you guys say are good measurements for a 5'4" woman who wants to start a lolita closet? In addition, the sticky says to start as a beginner with Bodyline, but that stuff seems really low quality? Would I be better off buying from them first anyway? Or should I go second-hand first, then move on to buying directly from stores? Is there even a hierarchy for this stuff?

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I'm the same height. Ideal measurements for brand are <35 bust <30 waist
I'm kind of a fatty Chan now. My measurements are 40 bust, 34 waist. I fit AP fully shirred jsks but that's about it :\

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Has FanPlusFriend changed at all? When I entered the fashion I heard that FPF was a complete scam, but I've seen people actually wear some of their stuff, is it a trustable store? Is it kind of Bodyline-tier?

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I would say that it's definitely better than Bodyline, and yeah, they've improved a great bit. However, you still have to keep an eye on the lace they're using, and custom sizing and the costumes are still a crapshoot. Outside that, they're good for necessities like bloomers and blouses, as well as the only tried and true place for odder fare like cage skirt panniers and v-kei style bustles.

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Can someone explain to me what exactly otome is?

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Cheap second hand > bodyline, yes. Most newbies can't figure out how to buy second hand and that's mostly why they get sent to bodyline.

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is this dress A line? im also unsure if i should use short or long sleeve. plus a headbow is okay i think..?
im buying from bodyline at the moment and planning to buy used online and then thrift maybe. although you probably wont find much.

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I'm looking a ciciwork's taobao and the address is world.taobao - there are australian price conversions under the chinese prices as well as 'transported Fujian Nanping to Australia'. i'm a taobao noob, but does this mean i won't need an SS to order from them?

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I don't see why, just be like "Hi I've got 5 dresses to resize and was wondering if you did any bulk pricing?" Just ask anon worst case she says no...!

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You're so right. Thank god it's the internet so I don't feel nearly as ghetto about asking for a discount as I would in person!

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That's a high waist skirt, anon, and it's an A-line one. High waist skirts typically use less fabric.

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Don't buy this one, it's ugly

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What print is this? It's adorable but I can't find any information on it.

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TV show promotion in the UK. Not a real arrest.

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Found an old sales post for it. It's ETC, but dunno about the name. The sale lists it as "tea party JSK"


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So after posting, I noticed the two dresses are slightly different. Here are the lolibrary pages for each:


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Thanks, anon! You're a wizard! I had no idea that ETC made such cute stuff.

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thank you!
..is it really?? ugh i guess its too late. if not i guess i'll sell it. it'll be first coord so hopefully i do something right.

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Taobao does forwarding to Australia, but according to the TB threads the world.taobao site is just an international redirect (something to do with Alibaba going global). Some people still prefer to use an SS even with forwarding options, particularly with lolita stuff, due to needing to speak with the makers regarding customization, deposits, wait time, etc.

If it's an item you know for sure is in-stock, then you should be able to purchase it yourself and have the forwarder send it on to you without much of a problem.

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which one of you fat bitches want to suck my dick?

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Don't be upset, it is not hideous. Maybe you can get some help with it on the Coord Help Thread. What color did you get it?

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thank you, i got it in blue. i was thinking pink shoes and maybe a red headbow because the matching blue one was out of stock so i'm kind of stuck.

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I made this version specifically so I'd never have to see the original again. UGH.

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Go to Arda's youtube channel. They have a pretty good spiking tutorial video done by Malindachan, queen of spikes.

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Have to agree with the other anon on having under a 35 inch chest. But it's best to have under a 28 inch waist so that you can fit into most skirts too.

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And I love you for it anonchan and appreciate your efforts.

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Would being a free photographer on the East coast be a good or bad idea?

I don't care about making money because I have plenty. I'm going to be taking some photography and photoshop classes this coming semester, and thought it might be cool to build a portfolio of pretty costumes once I get good.

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Thank you. I cringe every time I see the original, like I want to punch whoever drew it.

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Red is not going to match. I'd go with a pink headbow to match the print and shoes. Maybe you could wear a straw hat with pink accents, so it would be a country coord; add some ankle socks, a short sleeves shirt, some wristcuffs.

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What is wrong with OP pic?

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Pink shoes and headband sound nice, i just cant find a suitable one? Do you know any?

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For those who ever did crossdressing / crossplaying, how far can a man fake his appearance without becoming a trans? Are famous MtF crossplayer (take nonomy for example) really convincing as a girl when you see them in person?

I’m a straight man but i'm really interested to become a trap as a cute girl. I’m not looking to do wear anything revealing though. At most, i will expose my face, hand, arm, legs, and thighs

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If you're not trans, you're not trans. You can wear whatever you want. We've had some trap threads with a lot of helpful info if you want to check rebeccablacktech for guides

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Ah here's a question.

I'm thinking about getting into cosplay

The thing, I fucking suck at sewing or doing anything remotely creative other than having fun and playing games.

I'm looking to get a character done from a certain video games (it's not a popular one so fuck)

Now how would I go about getting custom made apparel? How much would it cost? What's the smoothest way to do this? Is there even a way?

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I found these sewing machine feet in my father's old sewing chest and have no idea what they're for. I don't even know if the top watchamacallit is even for the sewing machine. Could someone help me out? Sorry about how washed out the white one is.

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You can always buy premade costumes on eBay/AliExpress/Taobao, though it might be harder to find something for an unpopular game. If you want something higher quality and custom you can find a commissioner. Check out >>8533978 and maybe ask around.
Custom's gonna cost you, though. Be prepared to spend at least a hundred, up to thousands for something really complex.

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How do I start to sell my items? Idk how to use lacemarket so could I just do it off of FB? What should I do i f I have no feedback? On average, how do you know how much to charge for shipping?
I know its a lot of questions but I really have no clue, thank you

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Crossdressing and trans aren't the same thing, dude. As the other anon said, you're either trans or you're not.

But yeah, hang around for the trap threads. I've noticed height/build tend to be the biggest factors when it comes to how convincing you look.
Do you want to trap as a specific character or just see what you look like as a girl?

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you can do it on fb but you need feedback to sell (use your ebay feedback if you have one). LM is the easiest way to sell, it's popular and easily searchable so you'll most likely sell fastest there. If you live in the US, just look up the priority mail rates, i think a medium box is like $13 (big enough to fit a normal jsk usually) so I tend to charge around that. US to Overseas I charge a ridiculous price so I don't have to deal with it/at least make a profit if the buyer wants it that badly.

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Is there such a thing as entry level cosplay, and if so, what are some good projects for a noob to start with?

>> No.8560555

Yeah, everyone starts somewhere.

Start with characters in outfits that wouldn't be too out of place in every day life. You can find this stuff in thrift stores or if you're lucky, regular clothing stores. You might need some alterations but they'd be minimal.
Try not to fall into the "my hair looks just like this person's" trap because if you want to get better at cosplay, you need to get used to wigs.

If you have a sewing machine and are familiar with using it, you can make simple jackets or dresses/skirts as well.

>> No.8560562

They make heaps of cute stuff. I've often been tempted to buy their stuff, because it's just the right level of kitsch, but it wouldn't suit me or match the rest of my wardrobe. So. Meh.

>> No.8560601

It's annoying.

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Western cartoon characters tend to have really simple clothing designs, so they're good for beginners. If you ever watched cartoons as a kid you could do some nostalgia cosplays. It's easy and you'll get a lot of positive attention because people love that shit.

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I want to get into the local cosplay community, but I'm not sure how to get started. I've never been good at making friends or getting lots of followers on any of my accounts in the past.

I know a lot of people have separate instagrams for cosplay stuff, and later get Facebook pages once they gain popularity. I really want to be part of the con community, with friends and all that, but I have no idea how to go about doing it.

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Want to cosplay pic related with my bf, it's only my second cosplay, so I was thinking of using a simple fitted dress pattern and making the "wings" fall free like a train. But I'm not sure what to make the belt/necklace/bust decorations out of. Some cosplayers use worbla or foam, some use fabric, but I'm not sure..? I wanted to use worbla because I've never used it and it'd be a simple project to start with - but how would I attach it to the fabric? Snaps?

As a side note, the bf's costume will be mostly store-bought and modified because we're long distance and I don't know if he'll be able to measure himself accurately. Good weathering tips/tutorials for the cape would be much appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance.

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So i have stretched lobes and dermals on my wrists, i'd like to get into lolita and i know body mods are frowned upon, and i agree that piercings and tattoos can look really bad in lolita. so my question is this: with the lobes would using pretty [like flowery shit] plugs be okay looking and should I make an effort to conceal my dermals?

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1. Idk, normal foot for a set position needle, maybe?
2. Clear normal foot
3. Clear zigzag/ satin stitch foot
4. Invisible zipper/ narrow piping foot
5. Probably part of another foot, like a button hole foot.

>> No.8560894

I'd try to cover your ears with your hair/wigs.
And yeah, hide the dermals.
You can try doing some interesting punk stuff with them, but they're really out of place on any other kind of lolita.

>> No.8560963

Agreed; have any suggestions on a places to find good wristcuffs?

>> No.8560971

This is actually something I wanted to do, but I don't have the Lolita knowledge to make it work

>> No.8560987


if you're just starting out in the cosplay scene you need to start free to build up a good client base. very few people will chuck out cash for somebody with no experience or portfolio. once you're established, charge or don't, but if you charge you have a responsibility to really follow through with shoots, returning photos, etc, so I'd say it depends on how seriously you want to take it.

>> No.8560995


1) braiding/piping
2) satin stitch foot (see channel at the bottom) but they make great standard feet
3) the red marks make me think it's some kind of quilting/piecing foot
4) photo is shit, are those rollers? if so they're for pleather
5) can't remember the name but it's for quilting

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How do i hide Vpl or boners in tight pants?

>> No.8561019

Just don't. Everyone enjoys a nice bulge.

Put a piece of foam or slice of bread in.

Cock ring or not being a 16 year old boy

>> No.8561024

Every guy gets unwanted boners

>> No.8561041


Dance belt. Please, for the love of god, get a dance belt.

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do we really have to explain to you why the word "faggot" is rude or what

>> No.8561293

There are tumblr's for it, but idk if they still update. A facebook with different albums would be awesome though.

>> No.8561309

I have super long thick hair(almost to my butt) but I'm shit with styling it. What's the best way to get it under a wig? I've tried wigcaps and braiding, but it always winds up lumpy.

>> No.8561311

how could i do freckles for cosplay without being homestuck tier?

>> No.8561315


use a toothbrush and liquid makeup to do a natural splatter. DO NOT USE AN EYELINER PEN.



>> No.8561335

those look gay!

>> No.8561356

is it still okay to wear cutsew and skirt coords in lolita? i never see them anymore. are they just too casual?

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File: 127 KB, 550x577, IMG_0666-090512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kind of like this? I'll def. give it a shot

>> No.8561359

Dancers tend to wear leotards so they have bulge problems frequently. It's literally meant to hide the dick under tight clothing, grow a fucking pair.

>> No.8561378

Meh im gay so it doesnt matter :D

>> No.8561479

Don't. You're really better off going without them.

>> No.8561480

looking for a general opinion thing, so i haven't bought a lolita dress yet, still learning. and my dilemma is this: i'm very weary of dropping a few hundred dollars on a dress i'm not sure i'll like once its on me. so, i'm almost tempted to purchase a replica, see how it feels, make sure lolita is something i actually want to invest in, THEN buy the brand. kinda like pirating a game, test playing it, then buying the real game to support the creators. any advice?

>> No.8561486

Just buy taobao, bodyline or cheap brand. Its like buying an indie game before triple A stuff.

>> No.8561488

That's just spending more money when you don't need to.

>> No.8561573

For circle lens, is it really that bad to wear lens a little bit off your base curve? I got my eyes checked, and my base curve is 8.6mm, but most of the lens I like have a base curve of 8.7mm.

>> No.8561588

The word faggot is triggering you fucking shitlord

>> No.8561594

Go away tumblr

>> No.8561611

It does matter if the lens doesnt fit properly. On the other hand, base curve itself actually varies between manufacturers so it is a little arbitrary so even if you stick with the same number you might end up with an ill fitting lens. Some people say you can go up or down .1 for that reason, but I personally try not to even though I am an 8.8 and my selection is limited by it.

>> No.8561614

Also, for real? 8.6 is pretty much the standard curve as far as I've seen; what are you looking for?

>> No.8561902

Thank you anon! Does the $13 include tracking?

>> No.8561906

I just now realized that the gold designing on her dress says 'cgl' and are seagulls
Same with her blouse
>mfw I feel stupid

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File: 1.22 MB, 4125x5120, Pit-Super-Smash-Bros-4-WiiU-3DS-Official-Game-Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do I have to shave my legs as a guy if I want to cosplay someone with no leg hair? My leg hair is super thick, black and I've never shaved it before so it's like 2cm. I feel like it would be horrible growing it again (growing hair against jeans on both legs). What are your thoughts, is it mandatory? Pic related, intended cosplay.

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File: 125 KB, 778x583, mcandy2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Replicas cost more than secondhand brand or bodyline and are lower quality with worse fit.

Unless you get super shitty replicas from DoL. In which case, let me save you the trouble. Go to your local halloween costume shop and purchase a maid costume. It will be roughly the same quality and probably cost less.

If you want to try out the waters, buy bodyline or a cheap second hand brand dress or skirt. Try lacemarket or Y!J or mbok.

>> No.8561928

I would
Leg hair grows back a lot faster than you think
I'll shave and the next day I'll already be prickly, and within a week or two, I'm back to my usual hair length

I don't really have an issue with the growing hair against jeans issue

>> No.8561929

Belladonna, IW or AP.

AP uses contrasting elastic sometimes though which looks cheap.

A lot of Baby's are scratchy.

>> No.8561932

If you shave with the grain, it sometimes thins the hair, but doesn't remove every inch of it. Test that one out, though.
Also, you only really need to shave your knees and thighs. In my experience, calves are the weird ones when it comes to hair growing back.

>> No.8561941

I think Pit would look pretty weird with a leg forest. Leg hair won't grow back weird, and jeans won't mess with it. Not for me anyway but I usually wear tighter jeans.

If you do end up shaving, male swimmer shaving tutorials should help you.

>> No.8561947

It's not the faggot part that bugs me, it's the 'you're so cute when you're wrong'
I heart you too

>> No.8561953

The gauges that look like classic pearl earrings would look cute anon.

>> No.8561963

Depends on the rest of the coordinate and if the cutsew and skirt go well together. Not many people take pictures since it's more casual, but that doesn't mean no one does it.

>> No.8562010

If my hair is long, I should trim first right? What about waxing or Nair, what's better if you have a hair forest?

>> No.8562021

Waxing looks best, but you can run into problems with growth cycles if you need to be smooth more than once in a few month period.

Nair is questionable for thick hair.

>> No.8562040

Get a bottle of nair and just use as much as possible, apply it thick and agitate it every so often. It'll feel weird, just so you know, but it'll get a lot of it out of the way after you wash it off. Then just shave the remainder.
It's what I did when I first started shaving my legs because I kept slicing myself open all over the place.

>> No.8562261
File: 47 KB, 450x450, c12f08c40b950e8c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, I see. Thank you!
I'm pretty much looking at vibrant yellowish-brown lenses like pic related. I've tried to find alternative lenses, but even those have a 8.7mm as a base curve, and those with a 8.6mm BC does not look as vibrant as I want in pictures.

>> No.8562566

can i get a sauce on that print?

>> No.8562854

Do you have an example pic of which kind you mean?

>> No.8562918

If a print came out today, about how long would it take to start seeing it pop up for secondhand sale? How long is the 'lifespan' of prints would you say?

>> No.8562927

That's not how 2nd hand markets work. If a print is sold today it will turn up very soon from people who didn't like it as much as they thought they would or try to scalp.

>> No.8562945

i think it would look way cleaner if you did. so, yeah.
if i were you i wouldnt. dont risk your vision.
if you dont shave frequently or are not used to it, trim off some and use hair removal cream or slowly take your time with a good razor and cream. also moisturize, legs can get pretty dry.
bought light pink shoes, looking for a light pink headband is a pain in the ass. any suggestions?

>> No.8563038

What exactly is the difference between ouji and kodona? I always called boystyle kodona until I started lurking here and I don't understand the difference, if there is one

>> No.8563052

I love how people here get butthurt about using "faggot" as an insult when it's used in 95% of the boards on 4chan. It's just part of the lingo.
It's a word, get over it.

>> No.8563178

I was in the same shoes as you. Lurking for years and still was unsure if it's something for me. I ended up with buying mayorly from Bodyline as this was the best way to go at the time for two reasons: It was cheap yet okayish quality and it was something easy to resell as it was basic. This why I would decide against replicas (besides all other arguments) you will a hard time selling it if you don't like lolita on you.
I would advice buying Taobao as you have the most choice in dresses but also tons of nice blouses, yet affordable prices. Biggest point for TB though is that you can get your whole coord there: Accesories, legwear, headwear, dresses, blouses, schoes etc. If you happen to live in europe though be prepared for customs fucking your wallet tho. Bodyline is still an option, especially for shoes. They do have nice dresses but their blouses are meh fabric wise sadly and you are pretty much shit out of luck with nice headwear and accessorys. Lastly the second hand market is an option if you are willing to borther with it. In my expirence it is possible to get a nice second hand dress but your options are limited and you need patience. Nice blouses and are hard to get by second hand though. But your chances for headwear and accessorys are better.

>> No.8563226

When people say kodona, they mean ouji. Kodona is the 'wrong' way to say ouji.

>> No.8563233

Why is it wrong? Why are there two names for it?

>> No.8563249

Different anon, but I've always wondered this as well. I know people like to claim that kodona isn't a real word, but it's been used for a good decade now; 'real word' or not, people know what you mean when you say kodona.

>> No.8563250

this is the 3rd time in as many days that this question has been asked.

at least as far back as 2010 people were protesting and correcting the usage of "kodona" (as evidenced by comments on the fyeahlolita entry about it). basically, nobody in Japan uses that word to describe ouji. one singer--Ryuutaro of Plastic Tree--used the portmanteau kodona (kodomo+otona, or kid+adult/kidult) to describe his personal style. due to mistranslation and mass misunderstanding, the Western community adopted the word to describe what the Japanese call ouji or boystyle/shounen-kei.

using "kodona" to describe ouji is like saying "sushi means raw fish." it's simply incorrect.

>> No.8563280

thanks anon, much appreciated.

>> No.8563282

i don't see the harm in discontinuing a mistake, especially when the mistake was made in translating something from a foreign culture.

same way we try to discourage people from confusing lolita with cosplay, even though people have been doing "lolita cosplay" for more than a decade.

>> No.8563406

What does OOTD means?

>> No.8563408

Outfit Of The Day

>> No.8563444

Anyone know the going price for Cream Cookie Collection OP at the moment?

>> No.8563452

Is there a consensus about how ouji should be pronounced? I usually say oh-gee, but it sounds weird.

>> No.8563456

I've heard 'OH-EE-GEE', kinda like how you'd say Luigi, but with an 'oh'.

>> No.8563461

I forgot to add: Go for basic things aka a white/black/ivory (depinding on your style choice) fairly simple blouse that can go with a lot of dresses, same for legwear and accessories. For example choosing flowers or ribbon as a motive for accessorys because they fit on a lot of stuff unlike sea shells or cookies which are more print specific. It that way you build a solid basic for your wadrobe if you stick to lolita.
I hope this makes sense, it's late here and I'm getting tiered.

>> No.8563463



>> No.8563464

google it

>> No.8563473

The singer looked like a little boy, so he could be described as kodona.
It is a real word, but put into the context of ouij as a style, it makes it almost perverse like you're kiddie diddling.

>> No.8563476

you're good. thanks again, anon, always appreciate good advice

>> No.8563515

When a dress goes on reservation, are you paying for the full price of the dress? Or just a part of it?

>> No.8563542

if we're going to get technical about how japan pronounces it, anyway.

>> No.8563580

You're paying for part of it. It's 99.99% non refundable.

>> No.8563583

who the hell pronounces it like that

>> No.8563590

j as in jam

>> No.8563630
File: 41 KB, 303x518, SB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a stretch fabric like Lycra be suitable for this characters outfit. I want it to be as fitted as possible but I'm shit at adding darts and tailoring. That and because I've already sourced a nice matte lycra.

Thought I'd get a second opinion before I do though.

>> No.8563650

probably not, it wont hold gathers and ruffles , just learn to do darts dude you're gonna have to at some point, i promise its easier than you think

>> No.8563669

I was gonna use horsehair braid for the skirt, though I've only ever used it on non-stretch fabrics.

But not for the white parts. Not sure what fabric to use for that one yet. Figured I'd know it when I find it.

Should have added all this in the original post, sorry.

>> No.8563710

How would I add armour trim onto EVA foam?

>> No.8563770

Is there a site that lists the full meta sizing? Everywhere I look just lists the min

>> No.8563774
File: 728 KB, 2048x1152, 20150818_213333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just drew this on my sister's backpack with some acrylic fabric paint. How can I seal it?

>> No.8563908
File: 77 KB, 235x352, 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you can't find it in a store, it's on Amazon.

>> No.8563912
File: 74 KB, 700x400, WE BAD END NOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not finishing the left ear

>> No.8564221


Forgot to get yellow because I'm lame, will finish later

>> No.8564501

Where can i buy cheap but good petti? Im just starting out.

>> No.8564514

You could try melikestea her prices are in Brazilian real so it's pretty cheap and a lot of people prefer them over classical puppets.

>> No.8564544

Pick one.

Because you're just starting out, you should know a good petti is something that will stick with you for a while. The greatest petti care tip I can give is, as soon as you're done with the day, take it off and hang it up upside-down. This helps to keep the poof and stops it deflating on itself.

>> No.8564615

The next thing would be to get rid of the hearts, and make her face look less punchable...

>> No.8564656

For bows, what do you guys use to string them on the con floor? The rules say non tensile material or not strung at all. I've seen photos of people with them "drawn" is that just a really long length of yarn that is super slack at rest?

>> No.8564713

If I plastidip my eva foam, would I need to gesso it over to paint with acrylic?

>> No.8564770

For someone whose never tried to walk in heels before, how hard will it be to adjust to wearing a pair with an 8.5cm heel?

>> No.8564774

Find a lower heel or bring a pair of flats.

>> No.8564885

I bet it's the artist who keeps spamming it all over the board and getting butthurt when people don't like it. Every time it's posted there's always multiple people calling it annoying and only one person defending it.

>> No.8564896

Do you guys have any recommendations for Taobao stores that sell ankle socks for lolita?

>> No.8564925

>salty elitist seagull loli
>"less punchable"
Anon, that's the point.

>> No.8564929

You're probably gonna die, honestly.
Get those insoles that have extra cushioning on the balls of your feet (usually they're made just for wearing heels), and practice walking in them around your house often.

>> No.8565099

What the fuck are you even talking about?

>> No.8565116

Bow as in bow and arrow

>> No.8565502

would it be ita to wear a tiara atop a veil?

>> No.8565505

Depends on your execution and accessory quality.

>> No.8565561

Whats the best SS for taobao?

>> No.8566093

Really dumb question here
In the United States how "real" of a firearm could I bring to use as a prop?

Like, if I remove the firing mechanics (pin for example) so it literally cannot fire and orange tape the tip is that okay?

I have a lot of parts, stocks, etc. but I'm not sure where they draw the line for a real gun

>> No.8566116

Is it metal? Totally out of the question in like 90% of cons.

Does it look "too real"? Definitely subjective, and most likely banned.

If you're thinking you can get a polymer upper and lower without the trigger assembly or bolts and shit you're totally delusional. I would assume most guys wouldn't allow anything that was made with real gun parts.

That being said, your average con-staffer is a dingus and has no fucking idea about anything.

I would just make a replica out of cardboard, or wood, or some kind of foam/plastic to be safe.

>> No.8566498

I have a long torso and short legs. Would Salopette's maybe be right for me?

>> No.8566649

Is it possible to stretch PU shoes? I just recieved a pair and they're a little too tight for me.

>> No.8567361

cheapest? fastest shipping? best customer service?

>> No.8567365

what i've done that has worked for me at least is take a steamer head and put it inside the shoe and let it get hot, then quickly put the shoes on with socks on my feet. let it cool, see if it's looser, rinse and repeat

>> No.8567547


>> No.8567776

Can a crinoline be used in lolita instead of multiple petticoats?

>> No.8567779

I'd say 'yes' because no one's supposed to see what you have under your skirt anyway. Just make sure it's the right shape for the dress and also be aware that they can be annoying to sit down with.

>> No.8567801

You can get a shoe stretching spray. Or, wear 2 or 3 pairs of socks at the same time, wear shoes, and use a hair dryer to get them to stretch a bit. I don't think any fixes are permanent though.

>> No.8568203
File: 125 KB, 469x700, 1356993182672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How was this mask made? It is just a latex mask with tiny holes where the eye area is?

>> No.8568207


>> No.8568215

He probaby has another mask on top of his face underneath the skin covering (stretch spandex?). It'll help breathe if there are small hoses that can stick up the nostrils and wrap around the head to an opening, help clearly define the facial structure, and help adhere the fabric tight.

So the layers would be face>nostrils air hoses>=mask (the air hose can be attached to the mask itself)>cloth.

>> No.8568217

Nothing that could ever in any way be rendered operational.
I dunno if it's about location but all our staff and the weapon check guys all know a lot about guns, you're not gonna get by with it. They don't even allow of airsoft guns that have had the internals taken out.

>> No.8568267

No real gun parts, I have none firing none functional replicas for ww2 reenacting made of metal and even they are no go for most cons .

>> No.8568281

I'll try my best since no one answered but I am no expert

>cp says
Otome (Japanese for Maiden also called Otome Kei) is a Japanse fashion style that focuses on looking girly and maidenly. The style has much overlap with Lolita and is one of the styles in which Lolita has its roots. Many Otome brands release dresses that can double as Lolita dresses, and many Otome coordinates are often mistaken for Casual Lolita, due to their similar aesthetic with less emphasis on accessories and extreme amounts of details.

Jane Parmle, Emily Temple Cute are some brands I can think of off the top of my head, google for more info

>> No.8568318

this is my dream print and colorway, i'd buy it off you
pls list

>> No.8568360

Check out Cat's Cosplay Kingdom from Facebook. She won NCC with this costume and posted lots of progress pictures that might help you figure out what you are looking for.

>> No.8569435

I've never posted to btb before, but have tried on a few occasions. it always says "Client error: Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached." what does this mean??

>> No.8569520
File: 1.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-08-20-20-46-17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone ever purchased clothing from tbdress.com before? Yes, it's relatively normal clothing, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with this website, and the clothing that comes from it.

Most asian clothing sites' clothing are made for very small women, and I was wondering how the fit is with this website.

Kind of want this dress (pic related), but if it's going to fit all wonky I'm not going to buy it.

>inb4 hurr durr look at the sizing guide...some of the shit coming out of Asia has really weird sizing.

>> No.8569599

Does anyone wear underwear underneath your bloomers? Is the underwear extra special like Agent Provocateur or underwear imported from Japan?

>> No.8569614

If I go as the fat faceless man in doujins how many people will know who I am?

>> No.8569631

Yes, always.

No, never.

>> No.8569641
File: 20 KB, 500x379, simple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the singer simple a good starting sewing machine for cosplay? I've never sewed before, and so I want to learn on it and hopefully churn out a few costumes in the process.

Also, do I need to buy a sewing table?

>> No.8569666

No and no

Brother or huskavarna are superior brands for sewing machines.

>> No.8569676


New Singer machines are universally terrible. I've seen many more recs for the Brother cs6000i than any other cheap entry level machine. I've never used one myself, but it's such a common rec that there's probably some basis to it.

>> No.8569682

Thanks, I think I'll go with a brother then, and I'll look into the cs6000i. If anyone else has good entry level recommendations, I'm open to them.

What is the purpose of a sewing table? Are there certain surfaces that are hard to sew on? I have a desk, a wobbly card table, and a dining room table available for use.

Also, what are some good entry level projects that will help me learn the skills needed in creating clothing?

>> No.8569705

>What is the purpose of a sewing table?
Makes it so you don't have to move the machine every time you're done. Also usually gives ample room for large fabrics.
I usually clear off a desk or table, there's no need for a sewing table unless you plan on sewing very often.

>entry level projects
Circle skirts are pretty easy, and the circle pattern is very common in a lot of flow-y garments. Pillows are common for learning straight-edges. I started with jackets but a lot of cosplays I do involve jackets in some way.

>> No.8570224

What's the most reliable SS for securing new AP print releases?

>> No.8570363

Does Pirates and the crown rose have an online site? All I can find is the fb page but nothing about ordering

>> No.8570913
File: 89 KB, 550x368, 48252049_215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> love pic related style
> just want to find plain black dresses and pinafores

Suggestions? I'm thinking about just custom-ordering f+f stuff and using a minimal petticoat.

>> No.8571201

Do circle lenses usually feel different than normal contact lenses? I wear a bc of 8.6 but I just got my first circle lenses in at 8.8. I didn't think .2 mm would make a big difference but they definitely don't feel normal. I'm wondering if I'm just being hypersensitive to them.

>> No.8571264

Seconding this! I have no idea where to find cute frilly pinafores and its driving me nuts

>> No.8571267

I use taobao ring but there's literally a spreadsheet for this sort of thing linked in the taobao thread

>> No.8571839
File: 85 KB, 200x305, 200px-TH15Clownpiece.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying do pic related for AWA. I though I had the perfect pair of thigh highs for it but I'm way too tall (it goes up to a card above the knee.) Should I just make do and make the dress longer or should I make the stockings with the same fabric I will use for the dress? I have literally never sewn stockings before and I don't feel too confident at it.

>> No.8571844

nope, dunno what their deal is but they don't actually sell things

>> No.8571856

you might be interst on take a look at the brand pink house

>> No.8571859

oh shit motherfucker it's clownpiece
i think it'd be best to make socks with the same material as your dress. that way the reds and blues will match up perfectly.
here's a tutorial for thigh highs (you can make them longer to suit your height and it'd be easier than making tights. maybe make them go up to your butt?)

>> No.8571908
File: 184 KB, 390x810, tumblr_ntb1ftN1LA1sj6shmo1_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is mew ichigo an ok cosplay to be your first? i've sewn before, made a costume, but mostly i sew plushies.

im very confused about her skirt though. how does it work? do i need a petti?

i also plan to go a little off canon, like in this image. i like the shoes better here.

>> No.8571936

I was young and new once

>> No.8571948

How long does an IW order take to process, ship, and approximately deliver?

>> No.8571949

Anyway, where was I.

Ichigo is fine for a first cosplay, millions of people do it.

Sewing plushies =/= sewing clothes, I feel like your best bet to stand out from the hundreds of trainwrecks would be to buy one of the premade costumes that exist, and alter it from there to how you want it. You'll look better, feel better, less time and money wasted, look better in photos, everyone wins.

There are literally so many mew ichigo tutorials, I googled "mew ichigo cosplay tutorial skirt" and you will get a ton of hits

Friendly reminder that the closer to canon, the better, but deviating slightly to suit your body's needs/make you look more flattering is totally okay.

>> No.8571950

Is it better to make a Bodyline coord as a first lolita outfit, to try out the fashion, or go for second hand brand pieces through Lacemarket?

>> No.8571951


But seriously they are so fucking slow, I've had friends wait more than a month.

>> No.8571954

it depends, if there's nothing big going on youll get your item in a week and a half... if you order during a sale, probably a month unless you get lucky.
Theyre fairly quick to ship once youve paid the invoice though. And the shipping is super quick.

>> No.8571963

Second hand brand pieces through LM

Bodyline is generally shit-tier quality, they just raised their prices recently, you can get second hand brand for around the same price and have a much nicer article of clothing.

Tale as old as time
>newfag lolita
>I want to try lolita but don't want to drop $400 on lolita
> I will buy from Oo Jia / Milanoo / bodyline / whatever
>its cheaper so if i don't like it I don't lose as much money
>get dress
>constant nagging feeling because it's fake/low quality
>feel embarrassed wearing it out anyway
>end up buying brand second hand
>much better, get your money's worth
>try to sell shitty ita/fake clothes
>really hard because no wants fakes/lace monsters
>lose money because goodwill or thrown out or whatever

>> No.8571966

im not young and new but it it and weeaboo fantasy of mine.

>> No.8571975

you're new to cosplay, sweet summer child.

>> No.8571982

Thank you!

>> No.8572031
File: 107 KB, 500x750, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does Infanta have a pretty good rep in the lolita world? I'm new to lolita and I fell in love with their Halloween dress, but I fear automatic itadom.

>> No.8572035

newfag lolita here, what is bodyline akin to? is it like cheap costume quality? thin fabric? what about it is so poor quality?

>> No.8572037

Yeah, Infanta's pretty good.
Ita things are usually ugly, lace monsters, cheap fabric, etc.

>> No.8572050
File: 392 KB, 700x1200, l486-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bodyline uses less fabric than brands, and sometimes their choice of fabrics and laces can be questionable. More often the issue with bodyline is that a lot of their older stuff is very dated. Harsh black x white, wa-lolita, and stuff that was in style around 2004 is still available on bodyline even though the style has changed since then.

However, a lot of bodyline's newer stuff is really not bad.

If you need help, post some stuff you like and people can tell you if it's good or bad. (For example the dress pictured has a very dated style + bad lace + harsh black x white, which is out of style)

>> No.8572054

think about your question for about 3 seconds and you'll arrive at your answer

>> No.8572075
File: 519 KB, 1280x1707, Bodyline JSK L481 Green.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i very much need help, i like this dress a lot.
i hear so many differing opinions on bodyline i'm really hesitant to order anything from them.

>> No.8572078

Would it be better to try to find blouses and shoes from my local comm, or online?
Blouses could probably go either way, however I have tinier feet then what I usually see for sale. I'm (usually) a size US 6.

>> No.8572082

also i haven't seen a critical review on their newer dresses, it's either people love bodyline and swear by it or hate it with a passion, not a lot of unbiased info on them

>> No.8572085

Bodyline has some good stuff. Your pic related looks cute.
Basically if it looks ugly, don't get it. If you like something like >>8572050, your taste would be described as ita.

Hell there's even some brand pieces that are ita.

>> No.8572086

It's the dumb questions thread, don't be so salty.

>> No.8572419

which would be easier to sew: spandex or vinyl?
would it make a difference if the vinyl had a matte finish?

>> No.8572488
File: 62 KB, 770x470, 1438674820542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am looking for a white body paint for pic related. I've never done a cosplay that required make up and don't really know where to start, I've been told the home stuck crap is over priced and not very good.

>> No.8572507

Size 6 isn't tiny, you can fit into brand shoes. Yeah more people are bigger than that but it isn't impossible. and you don't need Lolita specific shoes so it's all up to what you like. Second hand shoes usually are not worth it unless it is something you can't get otherwise.

>> No.8572545

I had this dress in pink, and my friend has the mint in your picture. It's cute and the quality is okay. Not spectacular, but don't be afraid of getting it!

>> No.8572601
File: 190 KB, 816x896, 1369011127436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By Homestuck stuff, do you mean Snazzaroo? I really hope they still don't use that shit.
Mehron and Ben Nye are popular brands.
Pic related is a good guide, use the parts that apply to you.
Most importantly, make sure you seal the fuck out of it at the end. Spray or powder is fine.
I'd also recommend testing everything out before the convention or wherever you're wearing this too, so your possibly-terrible first-attempt isn't what everyone sees.

>> No.8572644

thanks anon!

>> No.8572674
File: 23 KB, 250x375, blouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would I go about making a double-breasted article where the buttons are on their own separate panel like pic related? Is it as simple as cutting out the section for the buttons separately and then delineating it with lace or piping, or is it more complicated than that?

>> No.8572679

Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy, and for the love of god don't buy that replica it's the most hideous replica photo I could find.

>> No.8572683

The lace on this dress is on the higher end of what bodyline uses. It's not the best lace I've ever handled, but it's certainly good enough for lolita.

The print balance is good and the colors are good. A girl in my comm has it in purple and it's quite nice, IMHO.

People will know it's bodyline because it's popular, but from what I've seen, the only people who care if you wear bodyline are people who just recently stopped wearing bodyline or other people who still wear bodyline.

The "evil brandwhore who is going to shun you for bodyline" is pretty much a myth.

(For perspective: I wear AP and IW, have been a lolita 5+ years and have 100+ brand dresses)

>> No.8572686

I think >>8561588 was mocking tumblr, but I'd imagine a lot of the people on this board aren't 100% straight and the word "faggot" isn't the nicest term to have thrown around. There's no way to stop people from using it but I prefer >>8559003 just because it doesn't look like a 12 year old relied on a homophobic insult to be funny.

>> No.8572696

i use spreenow because their cart system is really efficient and i can add and take things out of my shipment without hassle. also it means i don't have to talk to them unless i need help, and when i do they're very friendly and helpful. they take 10% as a service fee and charge 15.00 yuan as the domestic shipping (which is great when the shipping is 80.00 yuan, not so much when it's free as then you're paying for nothing).

>> No.8572770

I have this dress in purple and I like it. It's a decent dress. Especially for Bodyline.

>> No.8572780

So I placed an order for a Bunny House petti and I got the invoice this morning and it's surprisingly cheap. Is this for real? I keep seeing nothing but good reviews. But how could it be this cheap? I'm plus sized as well so I'm double surprised they didn't charge me a plus size fee.

>> No.8572796

With a serger, spandex is easier. On a regular machine with a teflon foot, vinyl. However, that's just the literal act of sewing it. Vinyl is a more challenging material to work with. It can't be pinned and every stitch is permanent, and it of course doesn't hide small fit issues with stretch.

>> No.8572808

They are based out of Vietnam. To put it in perspective, a person in Hanoi Vietnam, on average has ~$300 of discretionary spending money. A person in Washington DC has ~$3,000 (all in USD). That's a huge difference in local economics. She's likely getting her fabric "wholesale" and not retail (as in buying from a frabric dealer in china or where ever it's made instead of someplace like JoAnn's), etc

>> No.8572821

Oh okay. I didn't consider that. I didn't realize how much better financially China and Japan are doing than other parts of Asia. It just seemed really odd.

>> No.8572831

I've been lurking on cgl for about 6 months and I still don't know the difference between saging and autosaging

>> No.8572839

If you put sage in the options bar, it won't bump the thread. A thread that's in autosage does that on its own; that is, every thread is a sage regardless of whether or not you actually saged manually, and the thread will no longer bump.

>> No.8572840

And autosage is automatically reached with 300 posts.

>> No.8572843

>*every post is a sage

Also this >>8572840

>> No.8572868

thats really bad for your hair if you do it frequently btw.

>> No.8572908

how thin it is? is it really delicate or a normal cotton blend? is it durable?

>> No.8572920

How is that bad for your hair?

>> No.8572929

Same way doing tight ponytails and braids often is bad for your hair.
It weakens it and causes premature baldspots.

>> No.8572936

Have you seen JNig's hairline? That's the result of frequent wig use. Add to that, pin curls cause a lot of stress on the scalp, as well as the act of making them will cause breakage as well. Then the bobby pins can do their own damage if you're not careful enough putting them in as well as taking them out.

>> No.8572939

I'm making my first prop and am done with the construction, but now I need to paint it. What sort of paint should I use and how do I prevent it from flaking? How do I get a nice even layer? How many times do I need to reapply paint for it to stick and not let the original colour show through?

>> No.8572960

Paint it with Gesso first. Gesso is a primer. It also comes in spray-paint version, if you'd prefer that, but I think that one's harder to come by.
Acrylic paint would be fine for color. If your prop is foam and you intend on spraypainting it, make sure you give it 5+ coats of Gesso, as spraypaint tends to eat away at exposed foam.
Seal it with Mod Podge. There's many kinds, depending on what you need it for, but the matte or gloss versions are most commonly used.

>> No.8573037

Thanks anon, should I thin any of those products beforehand?

>> No.8573056

You shouldn't need to thin them. I guess you're concerned about making sure the layers are even? They all can be applied in thin coats without extra thinning needed.

>> No.8573084


>> No.8573100

dear lord i wouldn't dream of buying a replica. thanks for the sauce

>> No.8573126

Thanks anon!

>> No.8573245

I found my apron on Etsy, you might try there?
There's a shop called LC's craft house that makes them. 4chin seems to think my link to the shop is spam.

>> No.8573254

I used butcher's twine. I tied it just so it holds it's shape but isn't tense. Also My bow came apart at the handle so I used that to get around that rule.
practice practice practice before hand. I also recommend insoles and slightly warming up the shoes with a hair dryer before you put them on so you can maximize their fit.
Seconding circle skirts and pillow cases. Also Tote bags can be a great next step up. Bonus points for using a zipper.

>> No.8573396

Who besides Antique Beast will be selling witch hats this year? I know a lot of brands have sold them previously.

>> No.8573551
File: 645 KB, 500x580, 1382429244955.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> searching 'custom prairie dress' on guggle
> find a website that offers them
> "Oh, all of this is pretty cute, and they even offer shorter skirts instead of ankle-length."
> rest of website is GodJesus stuff
> mfw

If I order from them, here's hoping they don't sense I'm a heathen lesbian.

>> No.8573554

Link? Fellow depraved homosexual that wants in on some Jesus-y natural-kei action.

>> No.8573559



Th-they can't sense our degeneracy via email, can they?

>> No.8573564


oh my god those nightgowns

>> No.8573568

that URL made my stomach flip.

ten years free from that shit and it still bugs me.

if you order from them, find a way to let them know after the stuff arrives that you're a lesbian. just to fuck with their heads.

>> No.8573574

That's some ultra-religious forced polygamy arranged marriage shit right there, anon. Get your cute clothes and get the fuck out.

>> No.8573578


They're cute in a simple way.

>> No.8573582

CiciWork has them on taobao.

>> No.8573587
File: 79 KB, 900x506, 1393131673565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fucking hell. I'd rather give John Leigh money than support this shit. At least with AM it's just shady business practices and harassment, not institutionalized sexual oppression.

>> No.8573590


Me too, that's why I'm conflicted. My parents were insane, pants-means-you're-going-to-Hell Christians.

But muh cute dresses...

>> No.8573603
File: 63 KB, 589x651, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this is ultra basic but what fabric should I use for Ariels dress? Approximate yardage for a skirt with that fullness?

I'm a moderately good seamstress but I've never made anything like this before.

>> No.8573605
File: 113 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f48531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think I'm just going to, you know. Make my own. I don't think I should support this stuff.

>> No.8573644

Honestly it'd probably be cheaper too. The construction looks super basic and you can probably draft most of what you need for patterns by cutting up an old t-shirt.

>> No.8573648

any money you give them will be keeping those little girls in hell a while longer.

>> No.8573666


Good point. I'm sure I can find patterns easily, anyways. It's a fitted top and a circle skirt, how hard can it be?

>> No.8573750

>Not wanting your clothing blessed by GOD
Think of all the extra stats it will give.

>> No.8573792
File: 120 KB, 620x960, 11949446_1679949018905193_1118435560204021319_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could someone identify the name of this dress for me?
Looks like it's VM or IW.

>> No.8573798

Not sure of the name but that's Mary Magdelene bruh

>> No.8573808

Whoops, hahah.
Just found it in Dream Dress thread. Rose Basket.

>> No.8573883

For someone with brain problems, how bad would it be if they wore a mask with lolita? I assume it'd be only plausible perhaps if the person was doing a very well done 'guro lolita' thingamabob.

>> No.8573903

What kind of masks? The kind that cover your face, mouth, or eyes?

>> No.8573941 [DELETED] 

Do female vampires menstruate? If they do menstruate, do other female vampires drink their period blood?

>> No.8573965

Something fancy looking, like fake silk satin. You could get away with cotton sateen, though. It's easier to work with.

>> No.8573969


Not in terms of general folklore, no. They're undead, it's not a process their body would continue with.

>> No.8573979

>Seconding circle skirts

anti-rec for circle skirts from me. Hemming them is not 101 stuff. It's frustrating for a beginner and when done incorrectly it ruins the skirt. Also if you cut the pieces incorrectly and the waist is the wrong size, you can't fix it. Pillow cases and rectangle skirts are much better. Lots of straight seams and straight hemming, and getting the waist size right on rectangle skirts doesn't require precise measuring and cutting.

>> No.8573984

Which dresses do you have?

>> No.8573993

OT but a small tip for beginners, hemming a circle skirt is way easier if you use bias tape to hide the hem instead of doing a rolled hem.
(I'm assuming you're not a beginner but for anyone else in the thread)

>> No.8574178
File: 219 KB, 1680x1050, samurai_jack_322_1680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Samurai Jack - Kimono or Bath Robe?

It looks like a janky kimono, aka bathrobe, to me, anyone have a say?
Trying to figure out which direction I should pattern it after.

>> No.8574438

Can you combine multiple items for shipping with Tenso ? Like you order from a few different places and only got one package in the end with all your items?

>> No.8574526

You could also line the skirt right? Seems the easier way for beginners.

>> No.8574741

Does "Leur Getter" actually translate as anything or is it just a made-up name?

>> No.8574929

Yes, but they charge a consolidation fee for that.

>> No.8574950
File: 196 KB, 1024x682, bailey-jay-shemale-schoolgirl-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where Bailey Jay gets her wigs? I was looking at her site and thought a lot of her anime/schoolgirl inspired porn had her in some nice looking wigs.

>> No.8574980
File: 492 KB, 260x183, 1418467510531.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How long should a lolita dress be? Every where I look it says knee length but I'd like to hear the specific length like in inches or cm. I'm 5'6 so what would be appropriate for me?

>> No.8575259

Dumb questions? I have one right here:


What is that white "string" like things coming out of his/hers hands? I have seen many cosplayers using them but I've never heard what is called or where you can buy it.

>> No.8575495

I have a question, albeit silly
I have a chest binder from a previous cosplay and despite having a smallish chest (34A in murrican sizing)
I am always paranoid that if I wear lolita and post it I'd have a boob loaf
Are there any lolitas that have worn chest binders with their dresses?

>> No.8575499

yes, it's very common really. but more likely you won't have any boob loaf if your chest is that small.
or if you're really worried, just put on a nice bra to shape your chest better.

>> No.8575502

what does rori mean?
i ve been meaning to ask for so long

>> No.8575530

its a joke way of saying loli which is short for lolita
its normally used to make fun of people who think normie shit can be 'loliable' - for example:
"Putting bows on walmart sneakers? so rori!!!"

>> No.8575970

if your selling this , i can buy it right now

>> No.8576014

It really depends on how long your legs are, anon.
Some people have really short torsos and really long legs and it still makes the dress look too short on them.
You really have to go out on a limb and buy a dress or skirt to get an idea of how long it needs to be on you.

>> No.8576171

How to you even wear a beret? Is it supposed to be left flat like a pancake, or pulled down onto your head so it puffs up? Where do you position it on your head?

>> No.8576581
File: 16 KB, 434x213, b1_1909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Edge binding 1 inch above eyebrows and straight across forehead. Center the flash ad the stiffener above the left eye. Pull excess material between the top an middle of right ear.
Hair should not extend below the front bottom edge of the beret.

>> No.8576582
File: 13 KB, 434x213, b2_1909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8577199

How are you supposed to sit while wearing a petticoat? Do you fluff the dress out and sit directly on your butt or do you pull everything under yourself and sit on the dress and petti?

>> No.8577764
File: 95 KB, 466x799, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Im looking to sclupt a question mark similar to the picture attached. Strangely enough I cant fine a tie bar with a question mark on it. What type of dry air clay should I be using, any particular brand?

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