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What's /cgl/'s view on cosplaying from an ecchi anime? Especially one like Monster Musume? Also would anyone want to cosplay from the series or is it just too bad?

Also requesting pics of cosplays! Or if you've already planned them and working on it, progress shots would be nice.

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first things first, you will inevitably be called a slut who panders to neckbeards by showing tits and cosplaying from an ecchi animu.

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You're not going to have much luck anon. No one who has the skills to do those well is going to enjoy floppy monster tits and jacking off nagas by the tail tip

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>teehee I know my cosplay displays my tits and ass and the character is known for being blatant sexual pandering material and nothing else but I'm ~totally~ doing it because I like the character so much and the design is soooo cute!!! uvu not for attention I'm not a slut!!

Granted some ecchi/h-games have really cute designs but I've never met a cosplayer who was actually a fan of the game and the characters and didn't just want to use the cute design and ecchi fame to get more attention. Especially because it gives them a juicy chance to post a fake rant about how ~I just want to cosplay this tiddy character for fun and yall slutshaming me and that hurts my feefees~.

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i really like the girl's school uniforms in 11eyes tbh but it's a h-game and i don't want to seem like i'm cosplaying a h-game just for attention. seriously the only thing that's holding me back from doing 11eyes' school uniform is exactly what you described except i actually think the uniform cute as shit and i would wear it as a normal dress too.

pic related

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this one has had a manga for a while so there's a decent chance of it actually having female fans

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I've followed Monster Musume for a while, starting from the manga and then the anime, but because of the sheer fact that it's an ecchi genre anime/manga, I've been slightly off put for cosplaying Papi. At this point, half of me is like, fuck it and do it, and the other half is a bit afraid to. In the end I might just do it though.

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fuck, who even cares that much

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tbh we're all waiting for OP to deliver her finished cosplay so we can rag on her for being a neckbeard-pandering coswhore.

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Doing Papi because I don't have the tits for anyone else. Suu is my favorite though but she is also impossible to do with what I can get my hands on.

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Just because the original game had adult scenes in it doesn't mean it's an ~icky porn game~. It's your stereotypical chuunibyou game and the actual hentai portion of the game is minuscule in comparison. If you can't even bother to take an interest in the series, don't even bother. It's not like your cosplaying from "Suck my Dick or Die" or insert generic H-game title here.

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I am going to cosplay Suu.
Just because I have an obsession with monstergirls and she is the cutest thing ever.
I have also followed the series since it started, and I love the pron in it.
It just depends on who your talking to and what floats their boat m8

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So far Papi cosplayers make me really disappointed.

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General reminder you can cosplay whoever the fuck you want because its your cosplay

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Why can't women enjoy lewd shit without being prosecuted?

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Because apparently liking even anything even a little sexual is too slutty.

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fan service is for pathetic and alone people, the dregs of society

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I disagree.
My boyfriend and I love watching fan service animu and play h-games together (Honestly its more for me than him)
But, like, that just your opinion man.

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No, liking sexual things is okay. It's totally fine. You can cosplay it for all you want, I've done a cosplay of a h-character because I'm a hentai nerd and openly enjoy the porn, and the characters can be interesting and well-written. But there are so many basic bitches who jump on an ecchi bandwagon (this month: monster girls) just because being "cute with a sexual edge" gets them a lot of attention. They don't really give a shit about the source material, it's all about making themselves look attractive.

Even worse is when they look down on others for liking the porn part of the game and act like it doesn't exist in the source material or that they aren't "aware" of it. Gurl your character canonly had a dick in three different orifices, shut your prudish trap.

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>liking even anything even

Not sure where that extra even came from. Meant to say "living anything even"

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>Rachnera the black widow

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If you give a shit what cgl thinks you're already fucked, id reccomend u try and relax and disconnect a little more before trying a cosplay you're nervous about

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I really got into Prison School and was wondering this too... I suffer from chronic Bitchface and there aren't a lot of characters I like that I can cosplay... I've been toying with the idea of cosplaying Mari because I really like the character, but I'm afraid to get the
>what a slut cosplaying for attention
>hehe she likes ecchi she must be a huge slut

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Prison School isn't really hentai or ecchi, there are a lot more elements to it. The h-series are centered around porn.

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Ecchi or Hentai/Eroge =/= Nukige

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I'm working on my Smith cosplay right now and planning to do Rachnee next year. Just go for it OP, who gives a shit.

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Have you read the manga? It's basically porn at this point.

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One could argue that Nana to Kaoru is a porn manga too, but there's a fine line between going straight out hentai and staying non-porn. I think series like NtK and Prison School use the aesthetics from HC porn but stray away from being actual masturbation fodder by being way too overblown to the point of being distracting.

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I don't mind ecchi, being thinking about cosplaying Ange for a while now

What really annoys me is the harem elements in most ecchi shows, and why these girls are so obsessed with a guy that's not worth anybody's time

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>tfw love eiyuu senki (and eiyuu senki gold) and want to cosplay from it
>it's still super obscure and all the cosplays i've seen are by people who probably didn't even play it

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No one cares.

Honestly, if some retard comes up to you like "omfg cosplaying from pronz/ecchi !!!1!!" they're probably underage.

Cosplay what you want, I have no idea why we keep having the "I want to cosplay something lewd, but is it ok?" threads, if you have to question it, then don't.

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It's so boring otaku can project themselves on him and dream about all these girls wanting their worthless selves.

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>plans to cosplay a girl from nekopara
>or bishoujo mangekyou
>or to love ru darkness

I probably wouldn't cosplay monmusu because none of the designs are really that cute imo. Plus it feels like so many of the characters are easy to fuck up.

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The guy is just a placeholder so the viewer can self-insert. That's why they are generally as bland as possible and never actually get laid.

I liked Queen's Blade because it just did away with male characters altogether and the tournament story was a lot more entertaining than a harem. Cross Ange was pretty good too, she should've ended up with Hilda though.

A lot of people who aren't generally ecchi fans are watching Prison School for the comedy. Mari's outfit is very conservative too, so I doubt you'd get any "what a slut" responses. To me the stereotype of a cosplaying attention whore is taking a non-ecchi mainstream thing and doing a "sexy version" like that princess peach with the thong.

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I cosplayed as Hilda in a con recently.

>No one recognized me
>Everyone kept on asking for photos not knowing where I was from
>Guy said, "Nice Sailor Moon cosplay"
>Never doing skimpy cosplay again.

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This. I love Queen's Blade because no guys are in it making it cringey as fuck. They only briefly mention Cattleya's husband and of course you have Rana but he's just a cinnamon roll.

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My friend and I did Mafuyu and Sasha from Seikon no Qwaser. It was fun. To be fair only a few people recognised us cause we were just in their default outfits that aren't that echi.

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And who may I ask did you cosplay from a hentai? Totally not asking because I'm thirsty or anything.

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I have plans to cosplay Mero (easier because I already have a wheelchair) but I think I'd rather cos Miia (easier to make). Either way I'll be making fake boobies for it and covering my ass. I really like the character designs and enjoy watching the anime. I laugh at the lewdness and don't try to take it seriously at all.

Anyone got tips on how to make the tails? If you were going to make it, how would you go about it?

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Not sure what kind of spider the monster girl is supposed to be, but to be fair there are fuzzy spiders. (Sorry for the picture any arachnophobics out there)

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Go for it. Prison School is one of the funniest series I've ever read and the characters are interesting. I did a Hana cosplay and didn't receive any weird attention. I only got recognized by a few people though since the anime was first starting to air. Maybe people some people were weirded out, but I like Hana a lot and I had fun.

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Did you even read the post you replied to? She's a black widow.

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Think there will be a big boom for Monster Musume? Feel like it won't take long for someone like Nigri to catch word of it.

>> No.8579995

It has a non-h anime so I don't see the problem. There was an all ages VN at some point too possibly.

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>"Here's my own designed human version of Miia! I worked really hard on it! I love monster girls!"

I'm not looking forward to it, but chances are she'll just do Mero because she can just reuse the Sonico wig.

>> No.8580075

Holy crap was that bottom left her original design!? I just recently finished my Ange Cosplay for a recent con and her outfit was super complicated for how much more simple it looks compared to that...

>> No.8580083

Just do it. I played the game and cosplayed from it. Who cares what other people did/didn't do.

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If she hasn't really changed her ways after the post of her revelation, she'd definitely do either Miia or Mero.

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I have a thing for lamias, I was dreaming of a cassiopeia cosplay once upon a time (wayy too complicated for me and I hate the LoL scene, both for cosplay and actual players) So when /d/ was getting excited about musume getting an anime I had hoped that people would do really awesome lamia girls. Go forth and cosplay you have my support ;w;

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revelation? Damn did I miss something?

>> No.8580398

She posted it a few days ago

>> No.8580399

But might have deleted it.

>> No.8580402

Yeah I think she removed it. Good on you Nigri though. I liked what she said

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she was a judge at some south american event and she got more than a little annoyed that whenever there was a girl on stage the guys would hoot and holler. existential crisis because that's what she's built herself on.

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>non-h anime
>censored sex scene at the end where they fucked so hard that they tore the space-time continuum a literal new hole
>not so subtle implications of what was happening in the scene the entire time

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Just cuz ugly chicks cosplay them doesn't mean it can't be done.

>> No.8580430

She removed it? Were the comments getting that bad? I'm glad she's finally opened her eyes I just hope something comes of it.

>> No.8580445


it's not removed: OfficialJessicaNigri/posts/10153575128537533

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Thank you, Suu

I understand that feeling, anon. I kept wanting to cosplay from Grisaia and even have the cosplay, but am worried about wearing it out for similar reasons.

>> No.8580469

Okay it's my phone then.

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>Time to take me seriously
>Icon is her practically spread eagle
Hah sure.

>> No.8580510


she is already back to posting titty pictures

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For years I've wanted to cosplay Ignis from Jingai makyo.
I fell in love with the design then found out it was a H-game. I did play it ans now I own several art books!
One day! I doubt anyone would know the character anyway.

>> No.8580541

I think it's better than making "sexy" version of something that's not really sexy/revealing.

>> No.8581026

My friend and I are going to do Nekopara together, hoping all goes well with that. The designs are too cute to pass up.

>> No.8581266

I'm here for that.

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...... sacanime?????

>> No.8581477

The Miia lurks here, the Papi got drunk the night of the con so the Miia had to finish the Papi cosplay so she wouldn't be embarassed/

>> No.8581481

This ^
If you're going to dress like a whore, make it canon

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>Monster Musume
I've been a bit tempted to give a Miia crossplay a shot if only because it seems like a fun one to try and make.
Then again I want to go to the International sometime in a dusa cosplay, so there could just be something wrong with me.

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Do you have pictures? I've been a fan of the manga for ages and Hana is also my favorite character. I'd cosplay her myself but I have too many other things planned

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Queen's Blade season 2 was surprisingly good. The story improved and characters were fleshed out. There were a lot of characters I loved and the only shitty character was Nyx. I watched the first episode of Rebellion, but couldn't stand the "titty glare" censorship. At that point the series started to get plain trashy, Luna Luna was just gross.

As for Cattleya, I really liked how the situation with her husband was handled. Their reunion was so sweet!

>There will never be a Queens Blade ova about Cattleya meeting her husband and raising a happy family.

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I plan to make this version inatead

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She and Hana have j-fash outfits in the latest chapter.

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Rebellion is uncensored too somewhere, although it's, in my opinion, the worst season.
Vanquished queens is better again.

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Yeah, seriously.
Does the anon also think that all Fate cosplayers are "cosplaying a character from an h-game"?

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I've wanted to do a Yuuko Shirakawa cosplay since I first saw her in the game because she looks so much like me (same hair, face shape, etc). I've been putting it off because I am not sure if anyone would know what I was from, and the lack of any art of her outfit below the knee is a little frustrating.

>> No.8583750

If they don't know, it sounds like an excuse for them to learn about something they have not previously. I dunno about everyone else, but if I see a cool cosplay I don't recognize and they say it's from something I've never heard of, I'll at least give it a look.
The lack of art will make it hard though, although it makes most anything work since nobody knows for sure.

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Not only is she a black widow, her defining trait is that her spider bits are hard and sharp and it's easy for her to accidentally hurt people.
It's part of her tragic backstory.

>> No.8583835

Do it anon. I recently bought a green suit coat for a Kenji cosplay. Who cares if people don't know what it's from ad long as your enjoying Cosplaying the character that's all that matters. I'm sure there may be a couple that will recognise it and they will be over the moon

>> No.8583849

Almost sounds like for most of the body a good sized chunk of light expanding foam and some fiberglass cloth (and the proper epoxy and hardener of course) should make for a hard and shiny piece. Seems she'd almost be an easy enough one to make in a way.

>> No.8583974

Nobody is going to get it, but then again, what does it matter. This show is grossly under-popular.

>> No.8584108

I'd appreciate some toned-down cosplay
Maybe do versions that are more discrete and give more importance to the character than boobs.

i really enjoy Monster Musume.

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I want see somebody to cosplay Miia with a tail that's accurate scale and have a parade of like 40 guys carry her around all day.

>> No.8586649

Why not be the one to do it, Anon?

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Papi is best anyways, the others are cumbersome in size and personality

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Women should be able to cosplay as whatever they want, without being shamed or harassed for it.

>> No.8590379

That seriously leaves me confused?

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