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It's time gulls.
Time for a secret thread.
Spilled ketchup on burando? Put your cat on that bitch's fabric? Share the dirt. Here i begin:
>shoplifted today again
>only super small things like strawberry buttons to sew, a pastel choker and a cute macaron pencil, also silk pastel pink shoelaces
>felt bad afterwards.
>swore never to do it ever again since i got caught years ago as a stupid teenager
>told my dom about this and got spanked severely
>got scolded
>I feel kinda better
Had to get it out of my chest. I felt uneasy..

>have a dom
>We are in a "oniichan/imouto" relationship
>He is so dominant and severe with me
>yet he can be comforting and warm when i feel bad.
>he cares a lot about me and knows me well.
>he can see through my tsundere attitude
I love my oniichan.

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This is probably the most evil thing I did

>Be 15
>going to live in my grandparents
>grandparents introduced 2 cousins
>12 girly and 15 bro
>girly wants to get know me, followed me all the way to my room
>asked a lot of things, found my cosplay clothes
>she wants to try some out
>helped her, Copping a feel every chance I have
>a few clothes later, she asked me what am I doing.
>blah blah blah
>convinced her to strip and I'll teach her everything I know
>our experiment begins
>at first, touching her
>next day, licking her
>so on, fingering
>till the day we fucked.
>after that, we fucked almost everyday
>6 years later
>We got caught in the living room by our aunt
>got separated
>her innocence, sweetness and kindness turned into absolute bitch
>a year later, we add each other on fb
>she got a lot fights with her family
>Eventually led to her ..
>moved from Japan
>grounded from going out again
I never got to know what happened. It's already 6 months we she posted that she was being held by her mother against her will

>TFW I destroyed my cousin's life and I have no remorse about it

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Wtf anon

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I don't think anyone can top this story in this thread anymore

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You fucked your cousin...

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You're seriously disgusting. Get help.

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I want to believe this isn't true and it's an edgy attempt to ride on the Lena Dunham drama. But somewhere out there, I know it is.

>mfw the fucking 'females can't be abusers' narrative has gone too fucking far

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Well I can't top the other anon's story but here I go:
>moved in to a little town
>final year in HS
>Wears cheap BL to school cause eww P.E.
>Ita weeb goth girl likes one of my shiny stain red x black jsk from BL
>Its an ita dress and pretty heavy but looks okay
>"Hey anon!! Are you a lolita!!"
>yea..I am...
>*touches my dress* too weeby for me
>Ita girl talks about how she bought a "lolita dress" at hot topic
>baby no...
>It's a skater dress, an very ugly skull printed dress, a tutu black skirt
>She looks happy to know a lolita and wants to be one
>I need money and need to get rid of a few old BL dresses
>"Hey ita girl, I don't want some of my dresses and they are super rare from BL, do you want to buy them?"
>Ita girl's eye sparkle
>Sells her three dresses for over $200 bucks total
>She is happy, I am happy
>Goes to school wearing the red satin dress with those kitty tights, fake combat boots, and fugly hair
>Oh god poor bl dress but eh I got money to buy shit

To this day, she wears the same dress over and over again without washing them. I heard they smell pretty bad now too cause she would put them on after P.E.

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>oniichan/imouto dom
Feels like Im in the cringe thread.

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you sound like a horrible person tbh

the people on the bottom of the retail chain are the only ones who suffer when you shoplift. being spanked doesn't make it right. return it all or pay for it.


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this has all the earmarks of being a trashy weeaboo's fantasy

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