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Share your nightmare inducing experiences. Try not to overload the thread with boring "this hambeast/neckbeard waved at me" stories.

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>posing for photo in con hallway
>wearing long-ass wig, early days of cosplaying, got a bit tangled throughout the day
>some normie walks right behind me as the photo gets taken
>wig catches on bag zip, rips right off my head
>photographer kindly deletes it, but at least 4 people start laughing and getting photos as I struggle talking to this normie, who has walked off with my wig trailing on the floor behind her
>don't attend that con ever again
>don't wear that costume ever again

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Wow that's terrible, anon. I'm always paranoid about my wigs catching on things.

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Sharing some stories of the crazies I've met through a popular gaming website that I later left because of stuff like this years ago.

I'm on said website for two years at this point, very active and eager to meet new people, especially at an upcoming convention which already has a designated topic for it so you can plan convention meet-ups with other players. I post around a bit and this guy sends me a game friend request and I accept without a second thought because in the game you get points towards the rankings by how many friends you have. The guy never messages me so I assume he just wanted points as well.

I go to the convention in my Sailor Scout costume, it's not much more than one of those over-priced online cosplay shop deals with the included heeled boots that had me practically limping after only a few hours. I figured I should take a break anyway so I head up to the hotel room and do a quick game diary update of myself from the waist up in my costume and post it.

Not long after I get a message from the guy who had friended me nearly two weeks prior but had never spoken to me. The Guy asks about the boots I mentioned in my diary and wanted to see a photo of them, I wasn't entirely sure why but I figured he was curious since my photo didn't show them so I snapped another picture of the boots on the floor and sent it to him.

The Guy's reply back was immediate, saying he had wanted a picture of me wearing them because he really liked women's shoes and liked to admire them. Even at my somewhat naive age I knew something about that didn't seem right so I made up an excuse about my feet hurting too much to put the boots back on. The Guy's reply was casual, saying it was alright, he knew the convention was pretty big so it was no problem since no doubt my feet really did hurt since he had gone back to his hotel room at the host hotel as well to relax.

I had no idea the Guy was at the convention, much less that he was in the same hotel as me.


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Red flags aren't going off yet so I'm still pretty relaxed, joke about how I hadn't known he was going to be there since I hadn't seen him posting in the convention topic on the gaming site but then again I could have walked right past him without knowing since there's no photo of him. I thought he was joking when he replied back that if I wanted to meet him, he could give me his room number and when I got there he could give me a foot massage to help my feet and he knows he's good at them because he's given foot rubs to a bunch of girls and they all liked them. Before I can even reply he's giving me the number and it's only one floor above my room and adds on "If you really don't want to walk that far, I could come to your room instead."

Red flags left and right now so I tell him outright that hey, is kink is his kink (because there's no doubt he's got a foot fetish) but I'm not comfortable with some guy I don't know rubbing my feet, especially alone in his hotel room or in mine.

The next message from him took nearly half an hour saying he'll see me in the convention sometime during the weekend and we'll get to know each other so I won't feel nervous about being around him.

I have no idea what he looks like but he knows what I look like and my costume line-up because I had posted in my game diary about it. I don't leave my hotel room for the rest of the evening but I also don't tell my friends because it's a big convention and I don't want to freak them out and make a big deal out of it when odds are he won't even see me plus it's no where near bad enough to get convention staff involved.

Saturday morning I decide to just make the best out of it and get into my next costume.. and realize the boots I wore the day before are the same boots I need to wear today. I don't want to wear normal clothes and I only have the two costumes so I'm out of options but to suck it up and wear the uncomfortable boots.


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At least this costume has a hood I can pull down to shadow my face so I'm not as worried about any possible run-ins with the Guy. This time around I last for a few hours with my friends until my feet start hurting and while they want to go to an event I'm not interested in, I decide to go hobble off to find a sitting area where I can just get off my feet until they're done.

Since it's Saturday all the usual spots are taken so I'm stuck heading down a long hallway past the video viewing rooms to a little stairs area that's used for photoshoots and where I had gotten my picture taken the day before.

I hadn't been sitting there on the stairs for more than ten minutes, my hood pulled back so I could drink some water and look at my phone before I hear someone in front of me go, "So that's where you've been hiding all day, Anon."

I look up and see a guy I don't recognize at all, definitely not someone I'd ever hang out with. Acne, probably shoulder length hair pulled back in a ponytail, worn looking jeans, and one of those meme dealers room shirts. I have no idea who he is or why he knows my name but I don't want to seem completely rude so I just reply back "Oh hey...you..?"

It's the Guy. He rattles off his game username as he drops down to sit not beside me, but further down the small stairs where I have my legs stretched out, putting his had on my ankle while I'm struggling to come up with some excuse to just get up and leave.

I manage to just come up with that I'm out of water and I need to go get more so I quickly get up and hobble towards the water fountain around the hallway corner thinking I can just vanish... if I hadn't left my phone sitting there on the stairs, not having any pockets to put it in.

I've got no choice but to go back for it.


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I'm visibly hobbling back to the stairs and I have to climb back up them (three or four steps) and sit back down to grab my phone, knowing I'd probably topple over if I had tried to bend down and pick it up.

Before I can say anything, Guy has grabbed me by the boots and hauled my feet into his lap, ignoring my sputtering protests and pretty much talking over me. "These boots must still be killing you, I'll help you get the off because you're in pain."

Completely frozen, just watching as he unzips one boot and tugs it off, tossing it to the foot of the stairs by his own feet before he starts rubbing my feet and commenting on the socks I had worn with them. They were those generic pastel polka dot design socks but he was fascinated by them.

"Anon, these socks just don't fit a dominant woman like you. Walking around in your punishment shoes.." the Guy just keeps rambling on about my 'dominatrix heels' and I can't get a word in for several minutes.

Finally when he goes quiet I tell him i have to go because I'm meeting my friends to get in line for one of the main events, hoping he'll believe me.

"Anon, they don't line up until a hour before. We still have some time. Does your foot feel better now?" He looks like such a creepy eager puppy and I hope if I do say yes he'll quit and I can leave so I tell him, yes, he did pretty good.

That triggers something in the Guy's creepy fetish mind and he drops my socked foot and instead grabs the other booted foot by the heel and ankle and yanked me closer, putting my heel up on his shoulder, leaving me almost sprawled on my back with my elbows propping me up and leg up in the air.


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Think I'm about to be molested or something and freaking out but instead he lowers his head to near my knee and clamps his teeth around the boot zipper and pulls it down in some bizarre kind of mating ritual. When he's got it down to my ankle where the zipper has always had a problem of getting stuck, he lets it go and starts kissing my bare calf and then licks the skin above my ankle.

This finally sparks me to do something and I brought up my socked foot from his lap and kicked at his face as hard as I could sending him sprawling backwards on the stairs. I grabbed my camera and hobbled down the stairs, stopping only to grab my other boot before hurrying down the hall. I only stopped once I was pretty far away to yank off my partially unzipped boot before going to my hotel room in just my socks.

My boots get tossed in the furthest corner of the hotel room and when I yank my socks off I notice one has a bit of blood on it, probably from the Guy's lip or nose, and those go in the trash immediately.

I don't leave the hotel room and when my friends get back, I don't tell them anything because once the shock wore off, I was more pissed off than scared and we were leaving the next morning anyway.

I don't log back in to the game website until I'm home that Sunday and I have multiple messages and diary notifications. When I open my inbox, only a few are from the Guy, all the messages dated from Saturday night and Sunday morning. The rest are from my game friends, which is weird because usually they leave me comments in my diary, not private inbox.

I ignore the messages from the Guy and check the ones from my friends. All of them are asking what the hell is going on and what the hell happened at the convention and have I read the comments on my diary. I instinctively get scared thinking the Guy got seriously hurt by my kick and is spreading around that I attacked him or something.


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This is gold!

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I go straight to my diary to the last entry, where I had posted the picture of my Sailor Scout costume on Friday.

All the comments are dated Sunday afternoon, well after the private messages that the Guy had sent me. Comments range from how sexy I am in person to how dominant and forceful I am. One even links to one of his own diary entries.

When his diary entry loads, it's my picture I had posted but with terrible Paint created letters on it that spell out "MISTRESS" and beneath it is a picture of the Guy, shirtless and in a dog collar with a chain. He's kneeling on a carpet in all its grainy webcam photo glory with a pastel polka dotted sock that looked like mine clutched in his teeth, his nose swollen and obviously injured. All the comments are from my friends, confused and worried as to what's going on and why would he post something like that?

I open my inbox again and immediately begin to read the messages from him I had ignored up until then.

>You were more than I thought you'd be! I didn't know you were that forceful and I was sad you left but I knew you were angry at me. I couldn't wait until I got to my hotel room so I went to the bathroom near the artist alley to get off. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. Come to my room?

And then on Sunday morning

>I guess I haven't been good enough because you didn't show. I'll show you how much you mean to me. I hope I'll earn a reward for my good behavior.

I'm completely pissed off because he ruined my convention and now he's ruining my reputation on a website that I go to daily and where I'm often seen and known by enough people that this could follow me until I'm forced to quit.

I immediately block him and try to do damage control by saying I'd never met with him and that he's just some crazy pervert who saw me at the convention by chance because he knew I'd be there, clearly he'd been stalking me.


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Get a message soon after from a newbie account, it's the Guy, trying to get around the block I'd put on him. Freaking out and asking why I'm doing this to him and why I'm acting like it never happened and being so cruel to him.

I tell him off, call him a creepy pervert with a sick mind and I thought he was disgusting and needed help and if he contacted me again, I'd get the game staff involved.

I blocked the account and then sent out a mass private message to my game friends saying I was closing my account and making a new one and to friend my new name.
Thankfully after all that I never heard from him again but not even three years later I'd find someone else from that site that was just as bad and led to me quitting the game all together. I'll post that soon. Need a break.

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Holy shit anon. fucked up. If you are a minor i'd call the cops on that one. Or maybe do that anyway, he was molesting you without consent

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Not really a horror story, but it's ironic and caused me some inconvenience.
>Dragoncon 2013 on Saturday, hear alot of crazy stories from friend about Saturday nights.
>I'm bored however and complain that I wish something interesting would happen.
>Not even two minutes later a drunk girl bumps into me and spills her drink all on the back of my pants leg, and almost get's it on my camera.
>Couldn't even get angry because it's was a perfect "Be careful what you wish for" event.
>Smelled like tequila the rest of the night and it took forever to get out of my shoes.

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>molesting you without consent
Isn't that the point of molesting

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can't wait for pt 2

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OP here, this happened years ago and I was of-age then so it wouldn't have helped. I figured since I didn't end up being beaten or raped that it was better to just deal with it myself and then pretend it never happened.

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>Cosplaying tavros during homestuck hype era
>Hanging out with friends
>All of a sudden a really shitty male gamzee with smeared body paint and the works screams "TAVBRO!" from across the room
>Hes literally running at me
>i panic at the last second and step out of the way of his "glomp".
>he was running so fast he wasn't able to stop in time and ran straight into a pillar that i was standing in front of.
>theres grey paint all over the pillar now.
>That could of been me.

Guess thats what i get for cosplaying in a known crazy fandom.

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haha holy shit

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funny story




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This anon again. Back to post about that second person who led to me deleting my game account and not going back.

When I first met Yuri, it was at a local convention that was much smaller than the one I had met the Guy a few years prior. By the time between the Guy and Yuri, my paranoia over meeting creeps had all but gone away so I was more open and friendly about meeting new people. When I met Yuri, we were both cosplaying the same series as female characters even though by then I had gotten heavily into crossplaying. We chatted a bit and found out we both played that same popular online game so after the convention we started hanging out in the game and connecting more. We were both lesbians and after a few weeks of talking, I found out we were only a half hour apart from each other so we started meeting up in real life as well.

I was a little wary about going to her house since we weren't to that stage of friendship yet so we met at the big mall in her city and some of her female cosplay friends were there as well.

Yuri was really nice but I soon noticed that everything revolved around girls love. She always wanted to chat about the genre and which anime/video game girls were hot and this girls love roleplay she was into and that she was getting her friends into as well.

While I'm a lesbian, at the time (and even now) I'm not into girls love, especially the graphic stuff. I get really flustered and I can't even read girls love novels. I'm actually very into yaoi instead since it lets me get the dokidoki feels I want without making me uncomfortable or disinterested like with straight romances. Yuri didn't seem interested in boys love at all, she either ignored what I was saying when I tried to bring it up or gave me irritated looks when I'd compare a girls pairing she liked with a boys pairing I liked. Eventually I stopped bringing up boys love all together and just went along with whatever the others were saying.


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When Yuri wasn't talking about girls love, she was flirting with me. Not the subtle "Oh anon you look cute today" but Yuri's method of flirting.. outright stating what she thought even if it was borderline lewd like "Anon, your boobs look really good in that shirt!"

Being totally new to the dating front when it came to women, I was embarrassed but flattered because hey, another lesbian likes me!

Two months of regular weekend meet-ups at the mall and I was comfortable enough to go hang out at her house. It seemed like every time I went over she'd compliment me on my look that day, mostly about my chest, and then brought up the girls love roleplay she was doing and every time I tried to tell her I felt uncomfortable with it and every time she'd put me down for it. "But anon, you're a lesbian! You're supposed to like it!" Every time I felt upset hearing that but I started thinking maybe she was right. I mean, Yuri was a lesbian and she liked it and even her two bisexual friends were getting into it. I was the only one who felt weird.

When I wasn't hanging out with Yuri, we were chatting online and she was always eager to share pictures of characters she thought I should cosplay. Most of these were from girls love series or revealed more skin than I wanted to show but Yuri kept telling me I'd look so good in this or that cosplay and if I wore one, she could wear a different one and we could be a girls love cosplay pair.

When I tried to get her into other stuff I liked, after the failure of boys love, I tried some kpop I liked. I sent her a video to see if she thought it was catchy but all Yuri would say was "Oh they're really cute! That dance move at the end is really girls love suggestive!" The dance move wasn't even suggestive, much less suggestive of them being romantically involved. After that I stopped showing her videos all together but we continued to hang out and plan for the upcoming convention.


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With another nearby convention coming around, Yuri became more insistent on what she thought I should cosplay, most of the time it was "couple cosplay" with both of us dressed as a popularly paired girls love couple like Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.

I already had my own cosplay plans so I kept declining and Yuri always got pretty moody about it, thinking I was declining because I didn't like girls love and "How could you be a lesbian if you didn't like girls love?"

All during this time Yuri still hasn't given up hope about getting me to join her girls love roleplay group with her two bisexual friends and one straight friend who previously had been my only ally because she hadn't been into girls love and wasn't interested in women. I'm really starting to feel the pressure that all of them will stop being friends with me if I keep saying no so I decide to compromise.

I tell Yuri I have an extra spot in my cosplay schedule and as an apology for not joining the roleplay group, I'll cosplay with her instead. Out of all the characters she's showed me, the one I picked was the most modestly dressed but I didn't know the character or anything about it.

Yuri was super excited thought because that was the character she had been saving for me in her roleplay. I cringe a little knowing that but I guess it still wasn't too bad because Yuri was going to pay for the costume and it made her happy. She tells me the other three girls are cosplaying their own roleplay characters to the convention and she can't wait to see me in mine.

All the while I'm planning my only other costume a male character for a group photoshoot with two of my other friends. We're all cosplaying from Ouran High School Host Club which had exploded in popularity around that time and hadn't yet been ruined by the dub.


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Yuri didn't actually know I crossplayed because I'd never had time to bring it up with how little she let me talk about boys love and when we had met, I had worn a rare female costume and we hadn't been to a convention together since then.

I get super busy with convention/cosplay plans and rarely speak to Yuri. When I do it's about measurements for my costume she's having commissioned. Yuri seems extremely interested in my measurements and making flirty remarks about them but I'm so busy I just tune it out.

When the convention comes around I go meet up with her, intending to go pick up my costume from her. Yuri sees me and hugs me for way too long, wiggling her chest against mine and laughing about how big my breasts are compared to hers, she's practically flat chested while I'm only a cup size bigger than her.

Eventually I manage to get her on track and pry her off me and tell her I need to get the costume because I'm headed to a photoshoot and I want to go ahead and put it in my room before I forget it.

Yuri doesn't actually have the costume on hand but she tells me she'll go up to her hotel room and get it and bring it to me and I tell her I don't have time to wait because of the photoshoot so I'll just meet up with her after.

I go and change into my Ouran uniform and put on my Honey-sempai wig. Honey wasn't my favorite host but my two friends were taller than me and there was already a Haruhi for the official photoshoot group so Honey had been the best choice. My two friends are male and have been dating for close to three years so they had been more than excited to cosplay the Ouran twins.

Originally we were supposed to take photos on a large staircase in the hotel but that site was much more popular than we had thought and was already taken by another group so we went down the street to a little park area instead for the photos, the four of us including our photographer who's friends with the couple.


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We're having fun and lose track of time until my phone rings with a call from Yuri, wondering where I am since it's been over an hour. I apologize and tell her I'm at the park and then go back to taking photos, the couple wanting to do some cutesy fanservice photos with me which I agree to because we're all friends and Ouran is fanservicey anyway.

I'm squeezed between the twins and they're both leaning down to kiss my cheeks when I hear someone yell. It's Yuri and she didn't look happy at all. Yuri's demanding to know what's going on and we're all baffled by her sudden anger but I try to diffuse the situation by leaving the photoshoot to try and talk to her.

Yuri grabs my arm before I can get a word out and drags me across the park area, I guess trying to get out of earshot of my friends so she could interrogate me. She's demanding to know who were those guys I was kissing because I was supposed to be a lesbian.

I tell her that they're a couple and my friends and we were just cosplaying together. To my knowledge she had never seen Ouran so to try and calm her down I tried to explain what it was and who were cosplaying. Somewhere between twin fanservice and shota type, she completely flipped the insane bitch switch.

"Oh, so you dress up like little boys to make out with guys? You're not a lesbian!"

I'm getting really upset and I yank her hand off my arm and yell back at her that I was a lesbian and I wasn't making out with them because they were gay!

"I hate gays. They're absolutely disgusting, anon!"

Utterly speechless, can't believe she's a lesbian but she thinks gays are disgusting, even though I knew she hated boys love, I thought it just wasn't her thing. No, Yuri apparently hated anything that wasn't the pure love of women together.

I tell her she needs to go and give her a push towards the hotel before turning my back on her to go rejoin my friends. I hadn't even gotten two steps away from her before I felt something hard hit my back.


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I hit the ground hard enough to knock the breath out of me and I knew from the heavy weight on my back that Yuri had probably just tackled me to the ground. When I felt her weight get off of me I rolled over onto my back to try and get my breath back but Yuri was quickly looming over me, practically straddling my hips and pressing her hands to my chest to hold me down.

My completely flat chest since I had bound my chest with ACE bandages for my crossplay.

Yuri was ranting something at me but I wasn't catching all the words in my shock but then her hands were ripping at my buttoned shirt, popping the buttons so she could start clawing at the bandages.

Thankfully the twins and photographer friend got there in an instant and two of them yanked her off me and shoved her back in the grass while the camera friend dropped his camera to the grass in order to help me up.

Yuri wasn't about to leave without having the last laugh apparently because she snatched the camera up and took off with it, raising it above her head when she got to the street and hurling it to the ground before taking off again towards the hotel.

The couple helped me get back to my room while camera friend when and found staff to tell them what had happened and get security involved.

One of Yuri's friends called me a few hours later and was trying to find out from me why Yuri had apparently packed up and checked out because they were supposed to room with her and they couldn't get up with her and the hotel kept telling them she had checked out early.

I was for sure Yuri's friends were as crazy as her by now so I told them I didn't know anything and just hung up on them. I assume they all went home since they didn't have a hotel room.


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can someone tl;dr the walls of text?

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When I got home I had been blocked by Yuri on all social media we had talked on and the game site, all without any apology, hatemail, nothing. I was glad for it and I ended up quitting the game soon after because after two crazies in just a few years, both of which played the game, I didn't want to tempt fate again.

For a while after that Yuri still had my mind pretty messed up, making me think something was wrong with me and that I wasn't a real lesbian and even now I still don't like girls love and that incident actually made me like it less than before. I'm still crossplaying and when it comes to the rare female characters I cosplay, I feel uncomfortable wearing anything with tight tops or short shorts/skirts because of Yuri always eyeing me up and talking about me like those were the only redeeming things about me that made me attractive to lesbians because otherwise I was defective because I didn't act like a true lesbian.

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>not being able to read simple small paragraphs
nigga u wot

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Don't make fun of the illiterate, anon, it's not her fault she's mentally challenged.

>> No.8598581

gonna take that as a "no, not worth it"

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>because I can't read it must mean it's not good!
You sound like you're 8.

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this should be enough of the classics till more OC comes rolling through

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i lied

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Fuck I love this one. Someone have the comic an anon drew for it?

>> No.8598638

probably in the archives, it was posted last horror thread i think

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anyone notice a lot of the more popular, reposted /cgl/ horror stories have male POVs?

>> No.8598647

Probably because it's rarer for dudes?

>> No.8598652

possibly. also something about how men more often use humor as a coping mechanism, i bet.

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I have one, idk if its particularly interesting so ill try to keep it short, but ill give more details if wanted. I'm a guy.

>My boyfriend asks me to go to con with him
>Not my thing, but agree because he is really bad in crowds (literally has PTSD) and im one of about 5 people who can he can cope with being in physical contact with, so can calm him down
>Think it will be nice for him to do something he enjoys, and proud of him for putting himself out there by going into crowded situation
>Look round for a while, but main hall is super crowded so go sit outside where theres more air and space etc.
>Girl in really bad lolita sees us holding hands
>Literally shouts "Look, theyre yaoi."
>Starts coming towards us with her friends, when she is within talking distance i try to politely ask her to leave us be
>Ignores me, asks really invasive questions
>Boyfriends hand clenching mine super tight, im trying to get rid of her without causing a scene and stressing him out more
>She's ignoring me even though we get up and try to leave, following us
>physically grabs boyfriend, by this point im super pissed and shove her off him, yell for security
>she tells me that if security come over she will tell them i attacked her
>dont care, trying to calm boyfriend down and assume they probably have some kind of security cameras if it comes to that
>security guy comes, believes me and kicks the bitch out

Bit of a disaster all in all

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if you want to know what it says then fucking read it. it's not that difficult.

>> No.8598694

Interested in more details/more of this.
Did she get banned from the con or just shoo'd out of the room?

>> No.8598711

Banned. Once the security guy came over and heard what was happening he got someone else over who took us to a private area so bf could calm down, asked us if we wanted to take any legal action (I was tempted but bf said no, idk if anything could have come of it anyway), and assured us that she would be banned. The security were really great, the one who responded first was about ten minutes away from his finishing time and offered to take us round while he was still in uniform (well shirt really) so people would leave us alone. We just wanted to get home by that point, but it was nice of him to offer to do that on his own time

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>reading a bunch of bullshit to get to the good parts
nah fuck that nigga

>> No.8598849

>what is skimming
step it up anon-kun.

>> No.8598892

not that anon, but there is an art to telling a good weeaboo/convention horror story. if i start skimming, i stop reading. the payoff isn't likely to be that great.

>> No.8598897

Why complain about it then? Hide the posts and stop complaining, or read like a normal person if you want to know what it's about.

>> No.8598899

lame story. you suck

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i dunno, why respond to complainers? hide their complaints or at least ignore them so they don't derail the thread.

more saved horror to nudge thread back on topic.

>> No.8598915
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>> No.8598928
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>> No.8599047

My story isn't as horrific as some of these has been, but I'll still share it:
> Me and 2 friends go to small shitty con that lets you in for peanuts.
> I'm cosplaying Sonia Nevermind from SDR2, Friend 1 is Kyo from Fruits Basket, Friend 2 is Jake from Homestuck.
> Get into con and start making friends. Con is shit so why not socialize?
>In walks this 14 year old neckbeard in training. Notices my cosplay and squeals, "EEE! Sonia-san! Omg Sonia is my waifu can I have a picture???"
> Agree. Pose for picture. He requests a hug. I'm a friendly person, I'm all for it. Give him a hug.
> Kyo comes over to ask if I want to go to a lightsabre panel. Walk with Kyo to panel unknowing that Fedora Jr is following behind us.
> Was an interesting panel. Went over different ways to choreograph lightsabre battles. At the midway point they ask for volunteers to try it out. Me and Kyo are quick to pick up lightsabres.
>Me and Kyo face each other and are ready for a friendly duel. That is until Fedora Jr comes up behind Kyo and pushes him out of the way.
> "I want to fight Sonia-San!!!"
> Kyo shrugs and fights a Jedi to our left. I start wrecking Fedora-chan until my lightsabre hits his too hard and the plastic blade goes flying.
> Panel ends so me and friends go to the hotel restaurant for some grub.
> Jake was just putting his stuff down when who scooches his fat ass next to him? Fedorabeast.

>> No.8599075

Alright, here's my story...

>At con, wearing OTT hime-sweet lolita weird mix, including sceptre back when they were a relatively new-ish thing in our scene
>it's around lunch and Dominoes is there, selling quarters of a pizza at a decent price for cons
>Stand off to the side and eat pizza since the seats are outside and I don't like sitting on printed dresses when it's not a guaranteed clean seat
>suddenly grabbed from behind
>Pizza covered in vegetables goes ALL DOWN MY FUCKING DRESS
>Lifted up off the ground
>snap goes the sceptre I'd tucked under the strap of my bag while I was turned away from the general public
>some fucking hambeast ruined my entire outfit
>when I turned around and just gaped at them, she pissbolted and ran away
>never did get any photos of that coord
>never did manage to get the stains out of my dress because I had to put it in my bag after purchasing some random retro disney printed dress to wear instead

I was so broken hearted, anons.
I'm so glad that cons are putting up those 'cosplay ≠ consent' signs because I really really hate glompers with a passion and now I only wear classic and royal prints since people are less likely to touch me when I look 'regal'.

>> No.8599084
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Let me take a minute to say, I am not very cute in the least. I am a short chub girl who's a solid 7/10 on my best day.
> Start to get that Fedora-chan has a crush on me and is stalking me because he's a 14 year old weeb. Try not to be too mad or be too pissy with him, so we allow him at our table.
> We order food and Fedora Jr gets a chocolate milkshake, Blue Ribbon burger and curly fries. We agree we will all chip in for the meal.
> 20 minutes in Fedora takes out this paper bag filled with Lego men, "Yeah I spent all my Con-money on these yesterday lol."
> "But you have money for this meal right?"
> "No, why?"
> Our fucking faces when this kid buys the most expensive meal on the list and cant pay for himself.
> Jake ends up paying for the kid, we eat, we leave and try to avoid this fuck tard.
> Having a fun time, meet some new friends and start singing MeMeMe with them. Feeling weird, though. Like someone's watching me.
> Sure enough around the corner like a fucking creeper is Fedora fucking recording me on his iPhone.
> Tell him to quit that shit. "Oh but, Sonia-san!! You're so sugoii when singing sexy j pop ;)"
> Finally it's fucking time for his parents to bring him home.
> "Sonia-san can I have a hug?"
> Before I can say no Fedora has clung onto me and is squeezing my fucking ass.
> Start crying
> Friends have to pry him off me in order to get me to calm me the fuck down.
> An hour later I've calmed down and am weebing it up with my friends again, but I get a text from an unknown number
> "Hey Sonia-san its me, [Fedora]. I was wondering...do you do sexy rps? Because I do! I would love to do a sexy rp with you ;)"

TL;DR: Neckbeard in training sees me cosplaying his waifu and stalks me the whole day, makes me pay for his food and then tries to sext me after grabbing my ass.

>> No.8599104

Stayed in a hotel room with several FB friends of mine at a anime con a month or so ago, two of them in particular did my head in.

They were whiny, insisted I stay indoors with them to play card games (instead of actually enjoying the con in its full), went to bed at stupid early o'clock hours which was awkward to deal with when creeping back into the room at 3am after partying every evening and they caused drama over some dumbass petty cosplay shit which caused tension between everyone we knew.

Not to mention I was dealing with a heartbreaking family tragedy at the time and they were happily acting like suicidal Tumblrinas ie shouting how shit their lives are, how everyone lets them down; completely disregarding what I was going through the entire time we were there. To make it worse they're a couple.


>> No.8599136

I wonder if I've just had bad experiences, but it seems like everyone with a foot fetish is super demanding about it and doesn't really care what anyone has to say about it. There was a guy that frequented local cons that was really insistent that people would take their shoes off to take photos for him. He claimed that some of them weren't really fetish photos but it was so obvious that they were. He would never ask if it was okay to take these or if they were 18. He was just very pushy about getting the cosplayer's shoes off. That and I would always get people commenting on my streams to show my feet.

>> No.8599152
File: 28 KB, 460x325, agNm77K_460s_v1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I would have screamed out loud and yelled for someone to stop her. I'm so sorry to hear about your dress and scepter.

>> No.8599174

RIP my sides.

>> No.8599226

Is there a conclusion to this?

>> No.8599230
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every lolita horror story ever:

>get burando
>bitch destroys my burando
>too sad to take pics of the damage
>totes happened
>pls respond

>> No.8599240

>Sonia is my waifu

They get younger every year. Barf.

>> No.8599374

what happened with the photographer? did he press charges? sue? hunt her down and beat her to death?

>> No.8599426

And here I am thinking about doing a Danganronpa cosplay.


>> No.8599439

I was just too shocked. I'm not a quiet person by nature but I've never seen such a short, stubby beachball run so fast, disappearing into the crowd and leaving me sobbing.
Like, honestly, I was just in tears because there was pizza sauce on my pretty lavender dress and I had to mind a friend's booth while she was at a panel so I couldn't leave. I had to change and the stains would set.

I should have kept the dress and sceptre and worn it every halloween ever, stains and all. Just as a lolita's worst nightmare.

>> No.8599464

Is that the photographer with the weird sticky fetish where your feet are stuck to the floor somehow? I keep hearing about him but the name escapes me.

>> No.8599472

Not to much of a horror story (could have been one if damage of property had happened) but just a general annoyance story.

>at convention attending a BJD (ball jointed doll) meet up that's in a hallway near a set of stairs
>everyone is sitting in a circle with the dolls in the middle
>just chatting at appropriate noise levels and taking photos of the dolls
>I'm not into BJDs too much so I'm people watching
>keep noting some meme-level teen that can't be more than 16 wearing some kind of cardboard chest piece is going up to random females for selfie photos
>slings his arm around them without even asking and poses while the cosplayer looks totally confused
>this kid's phone isn't even turned on, he keeps holding the pose for several minutes until the girls finally have had enough and get away from him
>kid thinks it's so funny and upgrades to photobombing people as well
>nerves are grated just watching him and staff is sitting right there a few feet away, looking bored and checking badges
>kid spots us and comes over, steps over one of the girls and just drops down in the middle of the circle
>laying on his side with a knee up and his head propped up on his hand
>is extremely lucky he didn't land on a $500+ BJD
>oh hell no
>other girls are totally confused, have no idea who he is or what he's been doing
>I've been watching his little antics and start telling him off
>kid just grins and asks smart when I tell him to leave
>BJD group is packing up their stuff by now since lawltoorandom kid isn't budging
>kid starts whining about us leaving, his friends are basically just ignoring him from across the hall
>he finally gets up and wanders off down the stairs, probably to go photobomb the photoshoot outside
>his friends follow him
>go and tell the staffers, describe what he's wearing
>they just stare blankly at me and mumble that they'll keep an eye out for him
>all my fucking rage because they saw him when he was bugging people to begin with

>> No.8599473

Realized I left out the part explaining I was there because my friend had brought her BJDs so I was attending with her.

>> No.8599482

>at gamex stockholm
>wearing these huge 6 inch stiletto heels
>most of the day was spent hanging out with my now current bf
>he was cosplaying s.t.a.l.k.e.r and looked very intimidating
>he does not show up second day, i made him think i wasnt interested in being his feriedn so he got nervous
>prowling convention alone
>see guy lying on floor looking uo skirts
>noones done anything
>decide to ''accadentally'' kick and step on him and hope he stops what hes doing
>instead he follows me around like an overexcited puppy for the rest of the day
>now ium into femdom but i had my eyes on stalker cosplayer not an upskirt looking creep
>just ignore him and pray he goes away
>he never did

>> No.8599483
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almost forgot to add
>>8598107 reminded me of this whole ordeal
thank you for this, as creepy as it was i can look back and laugh

>> No.8599487

>Azu-nya crossplay

I'd tag-team you with your dad.

>> No.8599563

>cutting out Aion
smh OP

>> No.8599573

I pissed myself on the way to a con by accident and had to wear a yoda hat as underwear once. I'm male, it was probably my worst cosplay experience ever, I'm tempted to greentext the whole thing.

>> No.8599577

do it

>> No.8599734

Your friend was nice to pay for him. I would have been all "Looks like you're washing dishes then huh?"

>> No.8599737

So awful! Its too bad you couldn't hunt her down on the cons FB page.

>> No.8599772
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>I am not very cute in the least. I am a short chub girl who's a solid 7/10 on my best day.
7 is cute though...

>> No.8599775

what do you mean?

>> No.8599914

1. She selfposted on a game and got creeped on by a fedora-core foot fetish freak. He molested her foot so she decked him and ran. He made weird photos and blasted his love so she made a new account.
2. Lesbian from
game wanted Anon badly. Anon(also lesbian) wasn't feeling it but they stood bffs. Anon cosplayed from ouran high so lesbian went batshit crazy because "ew guys,why u no love me". Lesbian assulted anon & security handled shit. Anon went gg no re.

>> No.8599944

you are a hero

>> No.8599980

you are a dumbass

>> No.8600021

appreciating someone who is able to condense and paraphrase a self-involved LJ essay into a brief post that still gets the point across isn't dumbassery though

>> No.8600025

I honestly didn't think about it. This was a while ago and I was more or less just wanting to get over it. About four months ago I thought that I saw the girl and thought about asking, but what good would it have done? She looked totally mall-goth and I would have feared for my facial structure if I got into a fight with her.

If this was to me, it wasn't burando. I think it was something from a taobao reseller. I wish I could remember its name, to be honest, because I really liked it and would love to see if it's in an ivory, wine or black colourway.

This was back when OTT involved that weird decora mash up with clips in the fringe and lots of rings as well as extra bows and such. It really wasn't an expensive coord but it was mainly the whole thing behind it.

Must have been about two years ago, so I was sixteen and didn't have a lot of money. I've also filled out a bit since then and wear larger heels. Not so kawaii anymore. But damn gulls does rebuilding your wardrobe suck, especially when I mostly had taobao dresses and resold them at a loss.

Non cgl related feels but
>motherfucking period fuck me fuck ow
When I have to have my period it's the worst.

>> No.8600026

>tfw the most expensive part of the coord was probably the sceptre looking back on it
Not that I lost the princess sleeve blouse or any of the crazy accessories. I wear those with normie clothes.

saging for double post!

>> No.8600037 [DELETED] 

If you two are both lesbians, why make it difficult? You act like a hetero chick
It would've been cool if you would've given her a shot, maybe took some pics and posted them. No need to pretend your shit doesn't stink

>> No.8600045 [DELETED] 
File: 2.79 MB, 300x252, 1440978445587.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8600050 [DELETED] 

Ah go fuck yourself

>> No.8600115 [DELETED] 
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>> No.8600119

Foot fetishes are relatively common, but you'd never notice the non-creepy ones... Since they keep it to themselves, for the most part.

>> No.8600165
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I hate doing long drawn out greentext stories but here we go anyway:

>Cosplay Red Scout from TF2, pretty rushed easymode cosplay done within a week as I had no plans to go to con
>Get really good Khaki bottoms that work perfectly, slightly too small but nothing noticeable
>Throw everything together late on Friday night and eventually hit the hay
>Wake up Saturday in a mad panic; overslept because I knew it was an easy cosplay and wouldn't take too much time in the morning
>Groggy at the train station, decide to chug two big cans of Relentless (energy drink) to get into hyped up Scout Bonk! Cola mode
>Alright, I feel good.
>Suddenly need the toilet really fucking badly for a shit
>Got about an hour until I reach the venue, should be fine - standard procedure even if train toilets are kinda nasty
>Sit down in train toilet, pull down khakis not realizing that my dick is still docked in my boxers and not tucked down the toilet properly
>Begin to piss and shit in a relaxed fashion
>Suddenly notice piss running down leg and seeping into underwear
>Quickly direct dick down toilet while trying to mop up the mess while I poop out liquid caffeine at the same time
>Do my best, but the stain is right there in the khakis
>Finish my business, go back and sit down on the train, covering up the stain with my scattergun
>Piss smell starts to seep out
>It's okay, I can handle this. I'll buy fresh underwear, deodorant and any clean stuff at the station when I get off the train
>Finally get to the station reeking of piss
>There are no underwear stores, but I get some deodorant and spray as best I can to mask the smell
>Look around outside the station, still nothing
>Well, the subway smells like piss anyway and I'm sure there was a GAP near the venue
>I'm REALLY reeking up the subway, people are starting to look around for the source
>Give a disapproving look to a shabbily dressed guy nearby while covering the stain subtly

>> No.8600169
File: 6 KB, 251x238, 1310497258732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Arrive at venue, there is no GAP, no shops - nothing. I'm still in my piss-ridden boxers
>Swarmed by super friendly TF2 cosplayers who complement me on my cosplay, they drag me over to an area to do a big group photoshoot
>Despite being piss ridden, it feels good - I've never had such a warm reception upon arriving.
>Another Scout mentions the smell of piss, everyone else starts sniffing around to see if they can smell it
>I call out "Jarate!" and blame it on a nearby Sniper. Everyone laughs and starts quoting Sniper and making jokes
>Make a Scout dash B-line for the entry queue while everyone is distracted
>Queuing doesn't take too long because I'm fairly late, people can still smell piss but the stain has mainly dried so I play it cool
>I can still feel damp urine in my underwear causing the smell though
>Start browsing the apparel and cosplay dealer stands hoping I can cop some novelty Black Butler boxers or something - I'll take anything at this point
>Coming up short everywhere I go, I'll need to seriously improvise
>Spot a novelty furry, dome-shaped hat of Yoda's head, buy it
>Take it to the cosplay first-aid desk and cut out holes in the top for my legs (Thankfully I'm skinny)
>Take it to the bathroom, put my legs through the holes and wear it like a caveman loincloth with my dick behind Yoda's upside down face
>A wise man I am
>Give the khakis one last spray with deodorant and put them on over the top
>It takes me a while to notice each of Yoda's ears down either leg poking out of my thigh through the khakis
>Try and enjoy the day anyway despite the absurdity of the situation, but everything is chafing and the fur isn't comfortable
>Finally reach the end of the day, just about to get on the train when I get pounced by a Comicfag going the same way home
>Talks to me about shitty comics I don't care about for an hour and half and tries to get me to see his band
>Finally get home and discard Yoda from my crotch

>> No.8600190
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>> No.8600207

So why didn't you just toss the boxers in the train instead of wearing them all day???

>> No.8600247

I'm really not comfortable with going commando, but I did throw them once I donned the Yoda hat, they would have reeked my bag.

>> No.8600249

not funny at all. this was more like a con horror story for everyone but you.

>> No.8600261

I was thinking the same thing. Just go commando until you could find a place to pick up boxers. Either it never happened or its highly over exaggerated.

>> No.8600268

>In con horror story thread
>complains that story isn't funny but of a horror story

>> No.8600274


Already said I very much don't like going commando and I think my soggy dick would have shown through the khakis anyway.

Unfortunately this is not exaggerated at all, the only silver lining of the whole experience is that I didn't mess up taking a shit and didn't end up smelling of that too.

>> No.8600301
File: 106 KB, 400x360, 1433539171088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Brother strong-arms me into going to an out of town convention last minute
>Tells me last minute he is doesn't have space in his hotel room, scramble to find one on the fb group
>Some group takes me in
>"Welp better than driving an hour and a half each way for three days"

>Arrive at the hotel
>See a bunch of people in their late twenties wearing naruto headbands
>Keep walking, pray they're a different group and chat the room guy on fb to let him know I'm there
>Nope it's them

>They're all grown up hot topic weebs
>They decide to play cards against humanity, which results in multiple noise complaints
>One of the roomies initially threatens to murder her fiance (and may have been genuine) because she thought he didn't bring CAH
>May have accidentally converted her to Catholicism?

>Next day my head is killing me, turn in early
>Weebs come in
>"Yes. I've got a migraine. You don't need to worry too much, I'm just gonna sleep it off. Don't worry about being super quiet either."
>Expecting them to just change into their rave clothes then go
>Watch TV really loud, talk loud and turn on the hot tub in our room (we had one for some reason)
>Kept up all night by one of the weebs trying to talk everyone into going vegan "BECAUSE LIKE 'FREE-RANGE' JUST MEANS THEY GET LIKE THREE INCHES TO WALK AROUND"

Oh and it turns out my brother only strong-armed me into going to this con because he doesn't like driving on the freeway, and since I was still living with my parents, he could get them to force me into it.

Con was okay though.

>> No.8600327

It just sort of ends with them trying to buy things to make it up. I wanted to know the aftermath.

>> No.8600328

Yeah I don't really bring my bjds with me to cons anymore because of stuff like this, and the grabby hands people as well. I had one of my dolls dressed as part of my cosplay once and someone just up and lifted her out of my arms when I was talking with someone before. Luckily they were just some spergy kid who got too excited to see one in person rather than trying to run off with it. Someone did try to actually steal my bf's dollfie out of his backpack at SDCC before though. He felt them trying to yank her out and whipped around, but it was so crowded he didn't get a solid enough look at them to do much about it.

>> No.8600352
File: 388 KB, 1408x1193, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>speaking of bodily horror stories that smell

>> No.8600354
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>> No.8600415

I feel you anon, ditch those assholes.

>> No.8600457

i'm just going to carry around extra underwear and tampons and shit for y'all poor folk

>> No.8600487

She was surprisingly reasonable about the whole thing.

>> No.8600500

Or maybe because men are the only people who think sexual harassment is fucking funny

>> No.8600504 [DELETED] 


see >>8600045

>> No.8600590

Subtract two from any girl's self-rating for the Real Adjusted Hotness Rating

>> No.8600596
File: 29 KB, 403x403, really12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear, all Scout cosplayers are walking cancer, and this post did nothing to change my mind about that.

>> No.8600702


What's the matter, chucklenuts?

>> No.8600717

Jesus H Fuck. That is some intense shit right there.

>> No.8600846

Sorry anon. I love Aion but I think I cropped it to get rid of the Funimation logo.

>> No.8601172

Where the fuck do you think you are, chucklefuck?

>> No.8601179

why is it pointing to someone who is not asian for a "if you have a thing for asians"??

>> No.8601181

it is pointing toward an asian woman, though.

>> No.8601355

to the right? no

>> No.8601389
File: 361 KB, 1652x1916, oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the bottom text goes with the right picture
the top text goes with the left picture

>> No.8601699

did you read the text below? the part the other arrow is emanating from, about the redhead?>>8601389

>> No.8602131

>Be me, 23, 6'1", had been lifting for a little over a year so I was in pretty good shape by the time Halloween came around
>Little sister is 14, but she looks a bit older and is a bit tall, and really into Full Metal Alchemist
>We're really close because of issues our parents had, she's more like my daughter than a sister
>She wants to cosplay the Elric brothers for Halloween, her as Ed and me as Al obviously
>Halloween is about 7 months off, we can do this
>First time making armor for a cosplay and I used foam, so it's not great-looking, but it gets the point across and my sister is happy as fuck
>She's really excited and on the days prior to Halloween, she wants to go out and show our cosplays off
>Not my cup of tea, but I love her to pieces, so off we go
>We go to a really busy spot downtown with a lot of shops and decide to just walk around, eat lunch, window shop, etc.
>She's so happy, it's almost the best day of her life
>And then it all goes wrong
>She wants to sit down, so we find a bench by a fountain
>"Oh thank goodness you finally sat down, I've been following you for quite a while and I've been trying to work up the courage to talk to you!"
>Look to the side my sister's sitting on
>Planet-sized, Cheshire-grinning fat fucking fatass with sweat stains all over his hairy neck leering over my incredibly uncomfortable sister
>It was cold and this buffet king was sweating buckets, and smelled like gym shocks
>Double chin dripping off his baby face and obscuring the top of his t-shirt
>I just knew right then and there that I'd never feel a stronger urge to break a stranger's nose
>"So you were following us?" I ask
>"Well... I was following Fullmetal, to be more specific." Sheepish grin, starts reaching into his bag.


>> No.8602146

More anon

>> No.8602157
File: 214 KB, 1892x1198, 1423280187782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This guy reaches into his bag and pulls out a black-and-white printed picture of cuddling pokemon
>In one of the corners, in scribbled handwriting, he wrote "To: Full Metal, From: Franco"
>Tries to hand it to my sister, I can see his arm is shaking, but whether it's from the exertion of lifting his arm or his first time talking to a girl I don't know
>Sister's trying to say something, but obviously very uncomfortable; she has a hard time talking to strangers, especially older men
>I ask him why he's giving that to her
>His face and neck tire turn bright red, and he pulls his hand back
>"Um... Um, I don't know... I thought she'd like it...?"
>I tell him to put it away
>Despite the awkwardness, he recovers quickly and is back to grinning his almost inhumanly wide grin
>"You're so small and cute, Fullmetal."
I'm just going to clarify here so I don't have to keep saying it, my sister never says a word to him and just stares mostly at me and the ground looking horrified. So just picture that, I guess.
>He just called my sister cute
>Fatherly instinct kicks in
>Put my arm around her and tell him he can go
>"I thought you would get upset, Edward. You're so cute when you're upset."
>He cups her cheek in his hand
>Strokes her face
>He puts his fucking sweaty paws on my sister
>I let go of my sister and stand up like I was Slim Shady
>That's all it took, because he stopped grinning and waddled off.
>Take her home
>She doesn't want to be Edward for Halloween anymore

>> No.8602205

>mfw this story is actually weirdly cute
Shit I'm gonna try to carry extra underwear and tampons around too now

>> No.8602220

why would you not dry your dick with some toilet paper you idiot
this is so bs

>> No.8602222

Same here

>> No.8602226

Need more dudes like you around.

>what I wouldn't give to have taller beefed dude to loom behind me in uncomfortable situations

>> No.8602238

>go to con with ripped muscle-beast normie big brother
>random weeb girls are literally poking his muscles

>> No.8602255

...Was this last Abunai con? I heard some awful stories. I hope you and your boyfriend are fine.

>> No.8602280

>pulls out black-and-white printed picture signed to and from

Is this a thing now? I was at PMX and a skinny guy with a camera and a very very quiet voice came to us and took a picture of my friend, who was cosplaying Polnareff, then introduced himself to me (was not in cosplay) and asked me my name. After I told him he turned around for a second then handed me a b&w home-printed anime picture.
He wrote "To: Anon, From: His Name" on it. This grown ass man.
I was pretty god damn confused at first, but I took it and then he bowed his head and left.

>> No.8602330

Same anon as before. That happened a few years ago. My sister is old enough to drive now.
If you went to PMX, maybe you live in SoCal too?
Maybe it was the same guy... but the dude in my story was huge and loud, not skinny and quiet, and those guys tend to not change.
Maybe the two guys were friends, swapped ladykiller advice.
Sage for OT.

>> No.8602345

>as an aside before I start story, there are two things about my bf and i
>one, i am taller than him. it is not that he is short, he's 5'10", I am a very tall lady at 6'1"
>second, neither of us look japanese (filipino and generic white respectively)
>these are both relevant

>local park has a japanese garden
>bf and i decide to go to their cherry blossom viewing thing
>wear lolita cus that shits gonna be great for pictures
>instant regret
>it is swarming with weebs
>theres cosplayers everywhere
>having picnics in the middle of walkways
>stepping off paths to climb in trees
>one dumbass in a satin kimono hopping off the short foot bridge to wade in the fish pond
>we try to find quiet area to get a few pics and then plan to head to much less popular but still pretty garden on other side of park
>snap a few shots under some trees with some insane angles to crop out the weebs
>while bf is rolling around with his camera i notice some girls creeping up
>one seems to be sporting an attempt at lolita and the other has one of those sexy geisha girl halloween costumes on
>they are giggling and whispering to each other while watching him
>bf is busy taking pics of scenery so i scoot over closer to him
>girls stop and glance from me to him a few times
>suddenly the one squeals and runs over
>she starts fluffing the edge of my skirt while babbling a mess of japanese and high pitched english
>pull skirt out of her hands and ask her wtf her deal is
>she finally looks up at me
>seems bursting with excitement
>"oh gosh im sorry this is my first time seeing an actual japanese couple being yaoi in public"
>she starts to look a little confused
>"wait... you're....a girl?! AND YOURE WHITE?"
>she spins round to bf and glares at him
>"don't you care about your heritage?"
>he's laughing too hard to talk
>"he's filipino actually"
>she is suddenly furious and runs off with her friend
>can hear her ranting
>lols for years

>> No.8602403

This is why I always, always, always carry supplies (pads, tampons, aspirin, pepto, etc) with me. I try to bring enough to share if someone needs it, too. Sucks when it unexpectedly happens to you, and it seems conventions are the prime time for periods/illness to hit out of nowhere. It's always nice when people are kind to strangers.

>> No.8602503

Nah, it was in London. He wouldn't go to cons for a while after that incident, but he will go now & is much better in general thanks :) i'm really proud of him! The reason i come to this board is because after going to a load of cons with him once he regained his confidence and seeing loads of cosplayers and lolitas it got me interested in it, i don't care much for anime etc.

>> No.8602583
File: 69 KB, 900x395, 1441442807569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>majority of women and men think that male rape and assault victims' experiences are funnier than the lolocaust itself
fixed tumblrfgt.

>> No.8602594

Has anyone been to Sabakon (not to be confused with Saboten) this past week? I've been hearing a lot of awful stories from this convention.

>> No.8602618

Probably the stress. I'm on the pill and never take a period. And yet con weekend rolls round and Mother Nature decides to drop in.

Usually when I'm wearing a swimsuit style leotard too. Cue sweating and hoping no one can see my pad.

>> No.8602650



>> No.8602653
File: 8 KB, 234x250, 1441562264793s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If some diseased fat fuck did that to a costume I worked my ass off for, I would break my own tiny arms just to prevent them from walking away without a small-claims 'suit. I don't understand how you didn't kill the weeb.

>> No.8602702

is it common for one of the partners in a yaoi manga relationship to be wearing a dress?

i'm trying to figure out by which logic one's brain jumps from
>lolita dress

>> No.8602710

>Friend A and Friend B have huge fight in high school
>Friend B goes completely fucking nuts and A cuts B out of their life
>few years goes by
>Friend B tried to apologize, but A declined
>con approaching
>A messages B saying it doesn't have to be awkward if they see each other, they can be civil
>Friend A hangs out with me and we see C in the distance
>C is right beside B, but I assure A that they can handle this
>A says hi to C and we leave quickly
>Friend B finds me and completely FLIPS OUT on me
>I have nothing to do with anything
>C Is watching as B loses it at Subway
>'i can't wait to take her home' says C
>B gets pissed off and runs away
>B goes home and everything is fine again

This was drama con

>> No.8602714

> A,B,C
> not using nicknames
Do you even horror story?

>> No.8602804
File: 81 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_2015-06-09-10-56-14~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was at a con not long ago sitting down while admiring the itasha cars. Along comes a crossdresser wearing something from love live. Wind blows and not only did I had full view of his acne honey but his pathetic attempt of the tucking of the groin.

>> No.8602816

>his acne honey
scared to google this phrase to find out what it is tbqh

>> No.8602819

googled and urban dictionary'd it and nothing came up but treatments for acne using honey. what on earth is acne honey? unless anon is using it in a sassy way and forgot to use commas.

>> No.8602852

honey is probably an autocorrect from 'hiney' I'm betting

>> No.8602853

Sorry about that! First time posting in this type of thread, I'll remember this for next time! Thank you for the help

>> No.8602855
File: 324 KB, 250x189, jonghyun-this-is-not-the-reality-i-wanted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a number of awful con stories, but this one is one of the worst.

>Go with innocent weeby friend to a small local con in the city I used to live in.
>As a long-time con goer, I always pack a little baggie of wet naps, perfume, deodorant etc. to stay fresh.
>Spend most of day hanging out, hang out with other kpop fans (they spotted my bag) and start dancing covering songs, chilling and talking about our favorite groups
>Weeby friend isn't as into kpop as the rest of us, she sits on her phone in the background browsing her tumblr the entire time and eyeing us angrily
>Lunch time comes, we all split and weeby friend tags along with me
>I know the surrounding area pretty well, she's broke from buying weeaboo merch so we go to a nearby McDonald's.
>Everything goes fine until we get back towards the con hotel.
>"Hey anon, is there a bathroom near here...?"
>"No, why? I asked you if you needed to go at McD's."
>No answer, brush it off until we reach the con.
>We're close to the door when weeb friend grabs my arm, whips me around and grabs her stomach
>She's shitting on herself
>In the middle of the hallway outside the con
>Rush her towards the bathroom just as a security guard comes over
>Last thing I hear is "Is this coffee? (Sniff) Oh my god..."


>> No.8602886
File: 53 KB, 500x348, tumblr_mxooog9Lhv1qdtqn3o5_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>Immediately go into worried friend-mode
>"Do you want me to go and buy you some clothes? Here, I have some wet naps"
>"No, Anon. I'm okay."
>She just walks out like absolutely nothing happened.
>There is shit on her cosplay
>The entire rest of the day she walks around the convention like absolutely nothing happened, despite my pleading with her to change clothes.
>This is a small, 3rd year con and almost everyone in the local comm knows each other
>Continue to offer to buy her a change of clothes, give her my perfume/wet naps/anything.
>"God, Anon...I just sat in some food, shut up!"
>She refuses to go back up to the hotel or even to a store to buy something to wear
>Have to walk around the rest of the day as people ask "What is that smell?"
>She has the same excuse when people ask her what that weird stain is on her dress
>Con ends, we go to the hotel.
>She simply takes her shoes and socks off, crawls in her bed and goes to sleep.
>Still covered in/smelling of shit.

And that was only the first night.

>> No.8602904


>Be me
>Be 2007 (ish)
>Be at animu con
>Dressed as Lara Croft
>Late at night
>Get off elevator in lobby
>See friend exiting elevator on other side of hallway
>Call name, friend comes over
>Begin talking
>Suddenly I'm grabbed from behind, lifted up, and dragged backwards
>Someone is screaming OMG LARA CROFT I LOVE YOU over and over in my ear
>Dem swampy pits pressed against my back
>Breath that would make you doubt the existence of a kind and loving God
>Kick him in the shins and escape, turn around to look at the guy
>Tits bigger than mine desperately begging to escape from beneath his sweat-stained Naruto t-shirt
>"What the FUCK is wrong with you?"
>"I-I really love Lara Croft is all, and y-your costume is really good, and--"
>"So you think it's okay to grab a woman you don't know and drag her away because you like the way she looks like a fucking caveman? Here, do you want my braid? It'll give you a better grip."
>"w-well, I was j-just.."
>Crowd has gathered
>People staring from all sides
>March right up to him
>Stick finger right in his fat face
>Dude suddenly becomes extremely interested in the tile floor mosaic
>"If you lay a hand on another girl at this convention, you'll have to deal with me personally BEFORE the cops, got it?"
>Mumbles something
>face red as a tomato
>beta as fuck
>Nearby elevator dings, door opens
>Dude bum rushes his way inside and attempts to bury his face in the corner by the instrument panel
>Don't see him again for rest of convention
>Spend evening drinking and playing poker with a dude dressed as Spike Spiegel in the hotel bar

>> No.8602910

maybe she sat in her korean poo wine

>> No.8602916
File: 35 KB, 340x421, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8602917

I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for 400 Alec.

>> No.8602924


It did, man. I know I have no way to prove it, but it did.

>> No.8602932

>mid 00's
>high school
>typical weeb (I got better)
>go to cons with fellow weebs you go to school with but don't really like (and vice versa)
>leader is crazy goth chick
>I mean it, actually fucking crazy
>her bedroom is covered in pictures of corpses printed from Rotten.com
>obsessed with death
>genderfluid before it was a ~thing
>self-diagnosed schizophrenic/multiple personality disorder
>aging divorcee 'cool mom' indulges all her daughter's disturbing bullshit
>actively encourages her to become a suicide girl once she turns 18
>be at con
>be hanging out with a few roommates in hallway outside room, leader chick is being pissy and weird inside and nobody wants to be around her
>one friend goes inside to get something
>in there a while, nobody thinks anything of it
>suddenly we hear blood-curdling shrieks for help
>all rush in there
>crazy bitch has friend pinned down on floor in bathroom with a snapped-in-half-yet-on-and-very-hot hair straightener inches from her face, trying to burn her
>crazy bitch is cackling in a way that will give you nightmares
>crazy bitch's bf (surprisingly, she had one; typical mid-00's hair in face emo faggot) tackles her into bathtub and rips straightener out of wall
>I grab friend and rush her outside
>thankfully unharmed
>friend calls mom to come pick her up
>crazy bitch's mom is called to pick her up
>crazy bitch isn't in school for almost a month
>friend and crazy bitch never speak again
>crazy friend eventually drops out and doesn't graduate

Crazy bitch became a stripper. Looked her up recently.

>> No.8602936
File: 12 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont let me see you in my con again

>> No.8602951

One of my good friends had a serious drinking problem. Well, lots of problems really. Bad taste in men, substance abuse, hardcore untreated depression, the works. She was the life of the party, but super fucked up inside. She was also a pretty damn good cosplayer.

This particular con, she spent less time with us and more time crashing parties at the hotel and hooking up with random guys. Extremely late Saturday night (safe to say it was Sunday by that point), there's a knock on our door. We had all splurged for a suite and so while most everyone was in the bedroom, me and this other guy took the couches in the living room. I'm the closest one to the door and went to answer it.

There's some guy I've never seen before, holding an 80% unconscious (let's call her Jenny).

"Do you know this chick?" he asked.

I was horrified and asked him what the hell happened. He said he didn't know, only that she crashed the party in his room, took some unidentified pills from one of the guys there, drank a shit ton, and he was only barely able to get what sounded like a room number from her right before she slipped into La-La Land. She wasn't able to stand on two feet at all and babbling incoherently.

The guy on the other couch leapt up and helped me carry her onto one of them, took her shoes off, and tucked her in. We turned the lights off and that's when she started SHRIEKING like she was being fed into a wood chipper. We turned the lights on again and she was flailing around (not seizure flailing, more like a very pissed-off toddler) and with all the noise had woken up the rest of our friends. We made the decision to call an ambulance and she had her stomach pumped. Dunno what she took or from whom, but it fucked her up bad.

If you're curious, she's since cleaned up her life and is now happily married and has a new baby.

>> No.8602952


Yeah, it was posturing, but I was pissed. If you had this guy's nasty swamp pits soaking through your tank top, I doubt you'd have nice things to say to him either.

>> No.8602966
File: 144 KB, 500x375, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And that was only the first night

I don't want to know but yet I really want to know.

>> No.8602990
File: 1.26 MB, 245x235, https%3A%2F%2F38.media.tumblr.com%2Ff2ae88f083a1a252da7c39f30faa7096%2Ftumblr_n8ml0jKHqK1spiuxqo4_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to know more

>> No.8603000

Not at con, but weirder because it wasn't at a con??
My boyfriend went as cronus to a meet ((coincidently day of pride which they crashed)) Random girl follows him around, ((I'm over at the meet)) gives him a printed crokri fanart and says if she wasn't at pride she'd rape him.
He comes back to meet confused and uncomfortable so we wash him off and we just walk around like normies for the rest of the day. Not horror but really put him in a weird spot

>> No.8603003
File: 234 KB, 500x365, all_is_lost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of a con I went to where a girl was asking around for a tampon for her friend who needed a greasy one. I had a pad and offered it to her but she said her friend's cosplay involved a thing, so it would show. She also mentioned that her friend had been wearing that same tampon for hours over the typical 8 hour limit on tampons.

>> No.8603004

Ohh I meant acne hiney *

>> No.8603039

Whelp, here it comes the onslaught of "period" horror stories.

>> No.8603113

i literally never go anywhere in costume without my boyfriend (who is tall, bearded, tattooed, and muscley as hell) because i am terrified of this kind of shit happening. dudes like you are tops.

>> No.8603144


>> No.8603188

Haha, my friend and I played your role before.

>Longtime friend just got married but is moving, two of us are are helping take all the shit she got from the registry and returning it so it can be rebought and shipped to her new address
>Workout buddies, me 5'11" 190#, buddy is 6'3" 215. I'm into weebshit; friend is into mainstream stuff
>Stop by downtown to get icecream because it's fucking 100 degrees out and we just hauled a few hundred pounds of kitchen appliances across a parking lot into a Macy's
>Walk out with two cones each
>At the next door boba shop, a really sweaty, overweight, dark southern asian guy has two lolitas cornered and they are clearly super uncomfortable
>lots of bertstare.jpg flying around from bystanders
>see one of them look over for help
>buddy suddenly he yells "Hey, Alyssa did you want this ice cream or not?"
>everyone confused as fuck, I catch on after a second or two. "It's cooking out here, c'mon let's go, it's gonna take 45 minutes to get home"
>Finally they catch on and book their way out
>Hand one of them my toasted almond sugar cone to keep up the facade
>Walk to nearby park, fatass has given up after a block
>They thank us and hail a cab
>Find out they live nearby and trade numbers, intending to get a drink later
All's well that ends well, right?
>Spill spaghetti and never call/contact
>Didn't get my toasted almond either

>> No.8603410

>Crazy bitch became a stripper. Looked her up recently.
Oh man, I wanna know

>> No.8603411

If only you had, I dunno, called the cops?
Why is everyone so afraid to send assaulting assholes to jail?

>> No.8603436

Probably because they were in high school and high schoolers are not likely to go to any authorities above parents or teachers.

>> No.8603745

Here in 'Murica I think everyone is reluctant to get authorities involved because just cops, no. I'm always paranoid that some how if I call the cops over something that either:

1. They're do jackshit and then I have crazy person raging at me and wanting to kill me for trying to get them in trouble.

2. They'll actually arrest said person but then I'm trapped in the endless hell of having to press charges and be a witness and court dates when I just never want to see them again.

3. By some super paranoia chance becoming reality, I'll call the cops and yet I'll end up being the one in trouble for trying to defend myself and they believe crazy person over me because my fight or flight response is always fight.

>> No.8603848

Bless you for sacrificing your toasted almond anon.

>> No.8603944
File: 120 KB, 960x725, IMG_20150909_125540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>at anime fest
>crossplaying for the first time
>usually go to every con with the same group every year
>new guy this year shows up
>kinda muscley fat and aggressive but not overly so at first
>says he's ex-military
>as the day progresses to night he slowly grows less quiet/reserved and more salty about every thing
>at one point bitching about how everyone else's cosplay in our group got more attention
>bitching about how none of the guys in our group are gay
>at room party later that night
>everyone pretty tipsy
>I'm sitting on one of the room's bed talking to another friend about the hentai panel
>at some point in the convo I mentioned how I didn't like the yaoi section because straight
>salt fucker who's been hovering around us silently till then decides to forcefully pin me to bed by both of my shoulders
>starts straddling me and grinding his dick ony stomach while yelling 'give it time! you'll like yaoi eventually!"
>I'm freaking the fuck out and trying to get him off me
>eventually the retarded faggot realizes I'm on the verge of a complete breakdown
>tries to play it off as a joke/game and starts hitting me with a nearby inflatable mattress
>one of my guy friends notices I'm crying and whats happening and kicks him the fuck out of the room
>I try to forget it all happened and get completely fucked on weed and alcohol to dull the pain
>later that same night my friends and I report him to police and hotel security
>he gets forcibly removed and put on a greyhound bus to his home

Holy shit I was not expecting to get raped at a fucking anime convention. Sorry if I didn't greentext it good enough. Its still hard to think back on it. Pic related its who I was crossplaying.

>> No.8603995

Please tell me you have pics of her strippage!

>> No.8603998

You weren't penetrated, it wasn't rape.
You were molested.

>> No.8604100

Dude was sexually assaulted and probably traumatized, no need to get pedantic.

>> No.8604104

This is 4chan, some people here don't know any other way to get.

>> No.8604222

sexual assault != rape

>> No.8604464

I'm not. As someone who has experienced rape themselves, its insulting to see someone else compare having an unwanted dick on their stomach which was quickly removed to it.

>> No.8604534

Adella? yeah no, she married a literal beast of human being. Like, ugly beast. I don't even think the kid is his because the thought of him fucking something makes me want to shoot myself in the head in horror.

>> No.8604611
File: 85 KB, 960x698, IMG_20150909_112722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same guy from before. I actually was raped before with forced anal and oral penetration and this gave off nearly the same vibes. It prolly would have escalated to that point had others not been present . also you should really fuck off with that I'm insulted bullshit. Makes you seem like you're trying to invalidate what someone else experienced.

>> No.8604633

Sexual assault is the legal term for rape in the penal codes of many states. Sexual battery is the term you're both looking for.

>> No.8604637

Don't suppose this was Animaga, and Mangela?

>> No.8604692

It's called Sexual assault here in Canada, so I'm not wrong.

>> No.8604729

not really a horror story but

>anon says he's bored on the con's gen on cgl
>i arrange to meet him
>i meet him and he's definitely underage, 15 at most
>in shimikaze cosplay he probably just bought online but he's pretty cute
>i am no longer able to enjoy the con but am now just trying to restrain myself for the rest of the day

not the worst day of my life, i wanted to ask for a picture but didnt want to seem creepy since we kinda hung out the whole day

>> No.8604781

Urgh that bum acne

>> No.8605017

Its a common enough trope for the uke to wear some girly maid or "lolita" getup at some point I guess. Example is Boku no Pico.

The only thing I can figure as to their thought process is "person A obviously asian man, person B is taller than already-tall-person A and wearing japanese clothes, both persons in japanese garden, must be gay japanese boys"

>> No.8605034

Anyone else had experiences where people destroyed their props or costumes?

>> No.8605037
File: 16 KB, 480x270, 4b24de3d0b083122dd1d894e59e3bc61_480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UGH FUCKING MANGELA OF COURSE he parked his ass right next to my face when I was chilling on the floor last Animaga, I have no idea what character he was meant to be but he was wearing pleather booty shorts which were riding so high they were practically a g-string

>> No.8605053

Gonna second >>8603745 here. The area I grew up in had such shitty cops. They didn't help when we had hunters trespassing in our yard (which is fenced, mown, obviously lived in, and has a clearly visible house) and shooting deer right up near our own pets. They didn't help when we had people breaking in to every house, and their best suggestions were to get a dog and hide our stuff better. They didn't help when I very likely heard a woman being beaten/killed (they did in fact find a body in the same area of woods a while later) because "the woods are scary and we don't have flashlights right now"

>> No.8605063

I went. The stories were all fabricated by some girl and her batshit crazy sister. Staff gave the girl the refund she kept bitching about since she and her friends were shitting up the event page with their bs.

>> No.8605096

Sorry that happened, shout outs for NMH tho

>> No.8605106

not really horrific but
>sitting down in panel room
>girl in a giant pink netting tutu thing walks behind us
>crashes into bf's armor
>pauldrons come undone from velcro and stick to tutu
>she keeps walking as we shout, heads out of the room with pauldrons attached to ass
>chase her down, try to call for her, doesn't turn around at all (small con, not crowded)
>literally have to grab the pauldron off her ass

>> No.8605224

At least you didn't see bum acne as well as his attempt of tucking that little penis of his. Apparently he calls himself a sheet so that's what people are expected to respond to him.

And now the nightmare I'll have to endure again being the bum acne

>> No.8605229

Oh no, Anon, I did. The shorts were riding so high that I saw e v e r y t h i n g

We need to set up a support group for victims of Mangela's Ass Acne

>> No.8605319

I'm the 'Murica person and this is exactly what I mean. Two houses down from me we've either got "America is ending, Obama is Satan and they're out to take our guns!!" radicals or a family full of psychopaths because they never leave their house, they outright told us neighbors when we came to welcome them to the rural neighborhood "We don't like visitors. Don't come back." and slammed the doors in our faces even though we had brought food for them. And our next door neighbors have a huge pen full of prized hunting dogs and during a hurricane a tree limb broke one of the pen fences and the dog inside freaked out and ran into crazy neighbor's farm in the middle of the night because it was frightened and they shot it and then lied to our hunting neighbors about ever seeing it or shooting it, even after they found the dog's corpse on crazy family's property days later. Police were called and they took one look at crazy family, barely glanced at the dog and where it was and said they couldn't do anything because it was their word against hunting neighbor's word and then left. Didn't check the dog for bullets, didn't take crazy family's gun collection (cause we all know they've got over a dozen) to check for matching bullets, nothing.

Around here you'd be better off getting some of your relatives to get justice for you themselves instead of turning to law, which just makes it scarier if something happens to you and you tell the police and then they say "Nope can't do nothing" and then you've got your attacker's angry relatives making things worse for you.

tl;dr the cops here are useless unless it's a holiday and they're out in force busting for speeding and doing check-points for drunk driving, otherwise you don't see them ever

>> No.8605957

And your friends didn't notice he was grinding on you or do anything as soon as he pinned you down? You lying whore, you were probably begging for his dick

>> No.8606836

>be me
>ax 13? (Don't remember. Bad at years)
>wearing costume that has bare sides and a skirt with slits on both sides. Think like a loincloth.
>difficult costume to wear with no handler
>go down the stairs in main room to take a break and relax for a minute
>guys comes over and asks for a picture
>"s-sorry I'm resting right now.. Give me a minute and I'll put on the rest of my costume"
>"oh no that's okay. I actually want a picture of you relaxing"
>really non confrontational, agree hesitantly
>he takes picture of me laying on my tummy and playing on my phone, leaves
>o-okay. Whatever I guess
>sit there for another 5-10 minutes, see him ask other people for similar pictures
>he comes back
>"you look so beautiful, could I take another picture?"
>agree again
>he lays down on the ground near my feet and takes a blatant picture of my ass
>no idea what to do, he thanks me and leaves

>> No.8607028

Urgh the horror!
If he does shove his arse near me I'll push him out. Cry babies like him will try to play the victim.

Lol there's bound to be more people who have been in this situation

>> No.8607560

All of them were in the other part of th e room (it was a suite) except for two and the two that WERE in the same part were extremely fucked up on shrooms and acid, so its not like they were all the way there mentally.

>> No.8607564

Please leave

>> No.8607856

This one legit scared me, How did she even think doing that was okay? jfc

>> No.8607866

you're really weird

>> No.8607970

I don't think you should keep posting; you've made your point that you're just trying to get reactions.

>> No.8607999

>be me
>at SDCC ~2012
>Dressed vaguely like Dave from HS
>decided to go with a bunch of friends
>we split up with the intention of meeting for lunch
>hours pass, never see them again
>fuck it
>Decide to head over and play some game betas
>take a few pictures of some awesome cosplay
>generally meeting cool people and having a good time

Then SHE arrives

>Playing battle block theatre
>QT 3.14 girl cosplaying Nepeta joins me
>we play for a long time, talk about HS
>we split off and go to a HS meetup at the park across the way
>other friends are there
>meetup with them and introduce friend
>Girl POUNCES on my friend dressed as Dave
>Dave is on his back, being straddled and clawed at
>Friends and I pull her off
>HS group gives me a strange room
>Tell friend to come away with me
>When we get some distance between us and the group I ask her what the fuck that was
>she NYAS and gives me puppydog eyes
>I dont give a shit, I barely know her
>Tell her I'll meet up with her later
>She tells me to meet her at her mom's furry art booth
>Sure thing! Catch you later.

Skip ahead like 3 more hours

>Friends and I are doing the last rounds of the dealer hall
>Talking about our loot and adventures
>Giving me shit for Nepeta friend
>Suddenly we are in front of the furry aisle
>Out of fucking NOWHERE comes Nepeta
>Pounces on me and tries to bit my neck
>Friends remark upon my "girlfriends" return
>She gets off me and straightens her clothes
>Has a bit of my hair in her mouth
>"Now I'll always have a part of you Anon!"
>Tell her to stay away from me
>She walks up to me and honks my dick
>Runs off

My friends and I were so fucking done at that point. We got our stuff and left.

>Fast forward 2 days
>Get a facebook message
>says shes a vampire and has done ceremonies with my hair
>tells me she has a familiar of me
>"I'll have your spirit children"

And that's how I became the father of being from the ethereal plane

>> No.8608017

>spill spaghetti, never call
I love how that story ended. Makes you seem human and not a /fit/tard

>> No.8608096

Totally lost it at that last bit. What a loon.

>> No.8608113

Yeah, shit got weird quick. She made a facebook group DEDICATED TO MY FAMILIAR. Posted a bunch of cringey Sonic the Hedgehog fangirl videos and made posts about how she misses my smell. Dodged a bullet there!

>> No.8608255

>>"I'll have your spirit children"
>And that's how I became the father of being from the ethereal plane

fucking kek'd. That's just amazing anon.

>> No.8608761

Yeah but whats the child support like on ghost babies

>> No.8608820

Lucky for me, Ghost alimony is paid through servitude in the afterlife. I'll burn that bridge when I come to it!

>> No.8608896

Every single ita at Kumoricon. I couldn't stop wincing. I tried. I seriously tried to stop wincing at them but it was just... the ears and tails and poking out petticoats. Furry legwarmers. Deflated petticoats. Mother's quilt skirts. So painful.

>> No.8609122

Do you smell good though?

>> No.8609475

Well if I was a suave ladies' man I wouldn't be on /cgl/, or probably 4chan at all.

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