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Hello there seagulls, it's time for a "where are they now" and nostalgia /cgl/ related stuff thread.
I am REALLY wondering where is Princess Skye and what is she at now. I am feeling quite sad since i loved her blog as a newbie back in around 2007 and lolita doesnt have the same "spirit" anymore

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I am on phone so i have trouble with images thanks Sherlock i know my image is for ants.

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Someone reported a few months back that they met Skye at a party or something recently. Check the archives for details.

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Bad excuse.

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New to Lolita here.
At least I am 1 year into this, so I know what is oldschool, mana, etc.

What is the >>8624299 spirit you are talking about?

Isn't Lolita just frilly dresses?

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Lolita used to be more about getting lost in the world of it I guess. More people were open to being interested/part of the 'lifestyle', and loads of people ran actual blogs (not tumblr) and posted on egl frequently. egl was the centre of everything, and then if you were popular it was most likely because you ran a successful blog and you were a lovely person... It was less about the latest print, efame, what the latest drama was, and more about enjoying life in your lace.

tldr; lolita spirit was a whole lot more whimsical and carefree back then.

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this exactly.
oh boy i feel so nostalgic right now

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This is definitely true, but having the latest brand (or just brand in general) was also part of it back then. Many of the well-known girls I remember were mostly well known because they owned Japanese brand items which were hard to get outside Japan at the time, and/or because they did nice photoshoots. There also was a good deal of fake niceness, gossip and drama. What we now do anonymously on /cgl/, people used to do in LJ communities with their (nick)names attached!

What I miss most about that time was the overall feeling, the blog posts and the attention for handmade items. Of course people still make their own dresses but those tend to get drowned out by brand releases unless the dress is super OTT and eye-catching. I also miss that the community used to be so much smaller. On the one hand it's nice that there are so many people interested in the fashion now but on the other hand, the community used to feel more... cosy? Snug? I don't know how to describe it. Maybe it's just the nostalgia talking.

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I haven't been into lolita for that long so reading these posts makes me feel like a small child listening to my mother tell stories. It's oddly comfy.

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I got into lolita when the spirit changed, so I grew up with the lolita we know now and still got a glimpse at the old lolita spirit.

If you ask me, back then lolita was less about brand releases and collecting and more about lifestyle and coording. This is partly due to brand clothing not being available. You didn't have as many shopping services that would bid on auctions, brands didn't ship overseas and there wasn't much brand circulating ind the western second-hand market and brands didn't have so many releases.
When I started, there were many active blogs posting about tea parties, history of lolita, certain head-pieces, trend predictions, books, music and so on (look at fyeahlolita f.e.). And there were many more people wearing the fashion in their day-to-day life, now it's mainly meet-ups, conventions or even just photoshoots.

Now there is a lot less to read and instead more to see; tumblr and COF are the main focus with outfit posts. Coords are more OTT in every substyle (because it's convention coords). Coords don't have to be carefully planned to look good, just plaster yourself with bows, crowns, glitter or whatever is popular. Also efame wasn't a real thing and if it was then because you were a lifestyler and had a few things to say and not just much brand to post.

I kinda miss egl and discussing the fashion, it was so important for the fashion. You could voice your opinion and people agreed or were at least fine with it.
Now discussing lolita means posting on 4chan (equals to being an "nanonymous hater") or ass-patting itas and being an sjw in frills.

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PT working at a hardware store.

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She finally found a new job? Last I heard, she was a waitress at a steakhouse or something. Is she still pumping out those weird gravure vids on onedrive?

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I thought she quit that job.

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Anyone know what happened to Applemilk? It's weird, I've been thinking about her a lot lately.


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Nope. She deleted everything

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Cosy is the exact word that I feel when I think of lolita back then. I'm tempted to just run a blog and live my life how I want to as a lone lolita. Might seem a bit crazy if somebody comes across my active blog which has about 2 views.

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She said recently she quit because they "mistreated" her. For anyone that didn't know, she reactivated her facebook for a few months this summer and everything was public. She made it private now after a post about how people are only viewing her profile to be meanies and haters.

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Same here. I want to draw a cgl storybook in child book style where you see all the principal drama and end by "And everyone was mad. The end"
But i have no tablet.

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Anyone know what happened with the gtfoegl crowd? I miss those days.

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I'm wondering what happened to czol, especially.

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I think a lot of them either quit entirely or quit the community and just hang out with their friends on Facebook.

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I am one of those who miss Skye terribly. I followed her way before PP. Something on her online persona always fascinated me. I grieved for the end of PP but enjoyed The Lost Princess quite a lot. So every time she appears here, nostalgia kicks in but it also annoys me a lot. I clearly remember she writing that what she'd like the most was to inspire people. And I see this horde of inspired girls writing here about how much they miss her and the fact that she disappeared without even a little farewel pisses me off too. I know it's unreasonable and it's her right and all that. But I guess I just selfishly wish her gentleness and written thoughts were still there to inspire me in horrible days like this.

Sorry for the bratty rant. Wherever she is, whatever she is doing, I truly wish she is happy and well.

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To think she was one of the reasons for the lolita lifestyle backlash.

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Just found out about Charms. I think I may believe in karma now.

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Yeah it's pretty bad.

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deets? was she an old evil Lolita?

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She was a beautiful thin lolita who once stole a moitie choker and now she is a fat cam girl >>8624815

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Wasn't there speculation she was thin because she was ana due to her trans boyfriend though.

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I wear lolita in my everyday life, when I'm not at work, but I'm camera-shy and don't take many pictures of myself.

I feel like the OTT craze and the super judgy people online make people afraid to post pictures that aren't absolutely perfect, and discourages people from posting simple, "boring" coords that might be more practical to wear in everyday life.

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that just sounds like bullshit

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>browsing the btssb tag on instagram for inspo
>come across this
Well damn

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is anyone using EGL Lj seriously?

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I just recently saved a bunch of old princess portal pictures and I'm so freaking glad I did because skye's old account just got purged.

It seems like it was fate that I decided to save them when I did. I would have cried had I went on and discovered I would never get to see those lovely pictures again. I feel so sad that it's gone now. I'm going to treasure them and remember how lucky I am to have saved them when I did.

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Whatever happened to her? She was such a good lolita with a happy life.

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Lolitas have happy lives? Seems like a magnet for girls with issues.

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sorry same anon replying to myself I just am so filled with nostalgia and grief right now. I know it's silly but Skye was a huge inspiration to me when I was younger, and I still looked back on her old photos and things fondly once in a while when I feel lost, or feel like I don't fit in with my peers. To have such a wonderful collection of photos disappear and fade away feels so heartbreaking to me.

I really will cherish the photos I saved, I can't believe how lucky I am, but it's bittersweet instead of joyful. I'm actually thinking of creating a scrapbook with a lifestyle theme, and if I do I'll get prints of the pictures and put them in a section dedicated to the old Portal, so even if the data I saved gets lost or damaged I will always have a little album full of happy pictures to find inspiration from.

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You can still access some of her old photos on the Wayback Machine but they didn't get everything.

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Thank you, I'm going to look through them and maybe make sure I have them saved. Now we can only hope that the remnants from the wayback won't get lost to time as well.

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I liked more the older lolita spirit, now what matters is having the latest prints, hoarding items, making reviews, photoshoots and creating the most OTT coords that end to look like fancy costumes.
There is no interesting blog to read, forums are pretty dead even in my country, everyone migrated to facebook or tumblr, with the invasion of special snowflakes trying efame, spreading ddlg shit and SJW.
I really miss lolita forums, here you could meet and talk with people that are into lolita now you have to go on fb or tumblr to find, interation is limited a lot.
Remember karma never forget. I'm glad that is true. She looks more haggard than me and i'm older kek.
Is this thread becoming a lolcow one?

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She became Muslim, broke up with her trans fiance, moved to California, and left the local community (they aren't letting her back in the future either)

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you guys are looking back at old DL posts with nostalgia but not remembering all the stupidity that was here on cgl in response to those posts you are all so nostalgic about now. All the handmade you made fun of, all the nice simple coordinates nobody cared about enough to comment on, all the passive aggressive shittery. Things changed to they way they are now because that's what people like, the crazy OTT stuff, whether it's OTT sweet or classic is what people notice and comment on so people do it more. You guys got exactly the community and scene you made and that you deserve. This is why a lot of us older lolitas don't bother with blogs or communities or this place. The fashion is still nice but the communities never were. EGL/DL wasn't any better than CGL or COF or any other place. Lolitas manage to shit up every community they are a part of, that's why we can't have anything nice. Moving to another platform won't make a difference, don't kid yourselves, you can't outrun your own shitty attitudes.

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had multiple drunk episodes and embarrassed herself, scared away all her friends in the old comm she was in
in new comm, she grabbed other comm members' asses and played dumb when people got upset
broke up with her trans fiance like 4 times, and bullied them away from their friends
became an even bigger attention whore as she became "more disabled"
and finally, "converted to islam" for attention and left the comm
good riddance to this trainwreck

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>makes two posts about how how she saved images
>didn't post any

If you want to see more written blog content then write some and share it, it will inspire others to do the same. People in the lifestyle thread are constantly saying they miss blogs and are going to start working on them again but then they never appear. Talk is cheap.

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It's difficult to stay motivated when it seems nobody gives a shit. Some people don't want to create, they just want to read, so being expected to write stuff in order to get some more content from other people will seem like a job. Working with no pay is not fun.

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Just wondering how old is Skye?

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THIS. It starts out OK for a while but then it just degenerates into attention whoring, drama and newbs talking like they know shit. I'm starting to think the only way there's going to be a good lolita community is if one gets set up like a country club, where you have to apply to get in and have a person who's already a member vouch for you. Even then, it's hard getting people to post.

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I don't think anyone wants to see this entire thread flooded with photos of Skye. I also don't really feel like posting a ton of pictures right now, nor do I have the time.

About your blog comment, I'd like to run a blog but I'm not comfortable with as I'm really shy. I also agree with >>8625189 and since nobody reads blogs anymore it's hard to be motivated to write one, if you're trying to do a good job they can be really time consuming and require a ton of dedication. I'm a creator and a consumer, but I worry that I couldn't keep up with a blog even if I was brave enough to make one.

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My sarcasm detector may be broken, but ElleJay recently converted to Islam so she could wear a trendy hijab and get attention and oppression points that way, too.

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I certainly never had the shitty and self destructive attitude you're speaking of (older Lolita who misses the old days and style fondly), but I agree with this statement completely because in general it's true. No matter what, drama always crops up because so many people DO have a negative attitude and so many people feel superior to their peers. The communities have always been filled with negativity and they probably always will be. Obviously not everyone contributed, but the majority did and that's why we are where we are today.

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one more for the road. I sure wish I had saved more of them. Hoping the wayback lets me snag a few I'm missing.

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Oh wow! She looks so young, she must have some amazing genes.

>> No.8625353

I'm 90% sure that person was trolling. I don't think she's quite that old. I'm pretty sure she's in her late 20's.

>> No.8625369

These pictures are all almost 10 years old, so...

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I know the pictures are old but she started the portal when she was still quite young. I'm almost positive I read that she's in her 20's right now somewhere but I can't remember where so I'm sorry for not having any source to back that up with.

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I also recently got super nostalgic about the days when egl was active, but now you reminded me how nearly every post was discussed on getoffegl, so you wasn't really "free" posting things without having the fear, people will talk shit about you. Also that's the reason why I never posted at daily_lolita...

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>that lip liner
Kooter please

>> No.8625437

HAHAHAHA Yet Yuka talked shit about Koot on lolcow.farm
Oh the hilarity.

>> No.8625439

Kylie Jenner's impact.

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I don't think she was popular (I have no idea why) and she went under a lot of different usernames, Makime, Boxedtea, etc. She inspired me to get into lolita fashion, but I think she has left it now.

I feel a little guilty for posting about her on here, but she dressed so lovely and was so pretty.


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Hmm, no, iirc, they were married, but then they divorced before she moved to Calfornia. I had no idea that her ex-husband was trans though. Man, as oblivious and e-fame hungry she was, I miss it when Elle used to actually look good in lolita and J-fashion. Style regression is depressing.

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Anon skipped a step. The trans partner was after her divorce, while in California. They broke up during her conversion and she posted big, sloppy updates about how unsupported she felt.

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I want to see Yuka and Kota fighting i would pay to see that happen. Yuka with rilakkuma boxing gloves and Kota with p
cat boxing gloves. And they would roast each other
"lol you so fake you look nothing like your pictures u fat and ugly dako chan"
"at least i dont piss in a cup online and am not a ana rave whore now yuka chan"

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This this theeeees

>> No.8626636

Is Keika_love still active? She had an amazing collection.

>> No.8626639

Kind of specific request, but can anyone do a collab of former lolitas and their current self? I'd really like to see how everyone looks now and if they got into any other fashions.

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where is she now and why did we all hate her so much?
Is she the reason the mods cracked down?

>> No.8626688

Do you live in a hole? Kooter is now a real model in Japan, appears in Popteen, and has done stuff for IW and is in the latest Baby fashion show. She made it man.

>> No.8626693

I know she had made it for a brief time, but I didn't know she still does it. All of her social media is dead these days.

>> No.8626707

>what is paper

>> No.8626716

She posts as missdemian on blogspot.

>> No.8626725

If they don't have a decent scanner and good photoshop skills, it probably won't look that great. Tablets are great because you cut out the tedious work of making sure your art on paper looks nice and crisp on the screen.

>> No.8626752

She still has an active twitter. And an instagram.

>> No.8626789

Taking a photo with an ok camera works too. You don't need good skills in PS to adjust contrast and brightess, really.

A good drawing shows regardless of scanning.

>> No.8626804

Cool, thanks. Looks like she hasn't been active for a while.

>> No.8626820

Does anyone know what happend to talia_speaks? Is she still a Lolita?

>> No.8626856

Also if you have a phone with a high megapixel camera and use one of the decent pic and art editing apps for phones like Picsart to tune up photo'd art you can come up with pretty good results. Tablets are quicker and easier and more convenient but if you want to art badly enough and you have the skill and creativity, not having a tablet shouldn't stop someone from producing artistic content.

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>ITT: Pic related

But seriously, though, having been in lolita for nine years now, these threads always hit me hard. I know the community has always had its flaws, but they were much less in the forefront. The fashion was a little more... intellectual? The were so many good things to talk about, surely we can't have exhausted every topic. I've been losing interest in lolita lately and it hurts. It's been the center of my life for so long, and I'm still so invested in the online community, but I've sold most of my actual wardrobe and I've probably only been to two or three meets this year. These threads really revive something in me, though.

>> No.8626956

Drawings from children book look better in traditional media imo.
Tablet drawings become too clean that fit better the comic style or digital painting. If you pay attention, you can notice that most digital children books try to emulate traditional media too.

>> No.8627113

I must have gotten into lolita the same time as you. And I agree, it was a lot more intellectual. Maybe because the demographic was older? You had more people trying to figure out the "why" behind the clothes as well as just wearing them. It seems like all that went away when the brands started doing overseas shipping and there was a new influx of people who really pushed that it was just clothes. I know a lot of the original girls started checking out around the time of getoffegl and moving to private communities.

>> No.8627163

So much of this is stuff that would be nitpicked to death and posted as ita immediately with gulls arguing back and forth as to why it qualifies or not. This really makes me wish I'd been a part of the community back in those days rather than just loosely following it from the sidelines. I hate what the community is now and I'm relatively newer compared to everyone posting here.

>> No.8627175 [DELETED] 

I knew a girl who used to post there a lot.
She ended up going full tumblrina sjw and quit lolita because it restricted her to gender roles or something along those lines. She admitted more than once that she was only a lolita for drama and stirring up shit though.

Her thirst for drama didn't decrease when she left lolita. She wound up in a lot of drama both irl and online and had to transfer schools because of it.

>> No.8627176

Anyone notice how posts in this thread are getting magically deleted?

>> No.8627177

I knew a girl who used to post there a lot.
She ended up going full tumblrina sjw and quit lolita because it restricted her to gender roles or something along those lines.
She admitted more than once that she was only a lolita for drama and stirring up shit though.

Her thirst for drama didn't decrease when she left lolita.
She wound up in a lot of drama both irl and online and had to transfer schools because of it.

>> No.8627180

I know that anon but very few people is really interested into a lifestyle lolita blog to read and follow nowadays. Many go to Tumblr, i saw some nice old school tumblrs but it's different from classic old blogging.

>> No.8627186

Uhm, i saw a post on lolcow claiming Ellejay is a really terrible person not only ita as hell.

>> No.8627190

I've heard from SF lolitas who were in the comm when Ellejay joined that she's a horrible person too. Any SF roris got deets?

>> No.8627260

We all let it happen by giving the dramawhores attention and not telling the nitpickers to shut up. We got the community we deserve.

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File: 186 KB, 374x500, skye gardens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sad but I think this is true, too.

If people want a change, they have to as a whole make that change, and unfortunately the majority is not willing or able to do that. Personally I just keep to myself and am not apart of the community, so I guess that means I'm technically a part of the problem too by not participating. I admit I'm not very social and even though I miss the way things were way back when and would love to see a revival so to speak, I just can't see it happening these days, especially due to everyone moving to tumblr.

This is sad. I would desperately love to get a hold of some of these photos myself. I went to Skye's websites when I was having a bad day, I don't care what you liked her or hated her, I hope you respected her because her attitude was about being positive and trying to better yourself and I think that is just wonderful especially when there's already so much bad crap going on in this world.

I'll try this but I'm sure it only saved a handful. Think I'll save any little scraps I can into an inspiration folder.

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I never post on egl because I'd be forced to interact with certifiedly insane people like Tifferet. She's been around forever, making a nuisance of herself, and just won't go away. She needs professional mental health care, not Lolita.

"I have such exquisite good taste all the rest of you are plebs!" (looks like shit warmed over in every single picture ever taken of her)

>> No.8627681

I think you both should get into the newer lifestyle movement that has been going on. I think the heart and "intellect" of lolita is coming back. There was just such a backlash against lifestylers and just people who wanted more depth the past few years. I think more people are beginning to realize that no, a good part of lolitas don't see it as just clothes.

>> No.8627693

Honestly I think the biggest killer of lolita were the 'rules'.

Yes you had that wanted 'silhouette', but it wasn't as enforced as it is now. Before you could have a cute, simple coord like these >>8625373 and be complimented and have a good time.

But now it's like


I'm not saying everyone or everything is like that, but basically to be taken seriously or to be welcomed into the community you have to go to such idiotic lengths that I completely understand why the fashion is stagnating to newcomers and to the people in it it's getting so OTT.

>> No.8627698

lol come on bait.

But for those who don't know, she's fucking insane and imploded.

>> No.8627730

If you really want deets, ask Chicago.

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I just logged into my old lj account and found the following communities:
http://eatfuckingcake.livejournal.com "We are not Victorian Maidens and we are going to eat fucking cake."

http://lolitafucksmkii.livejournal.com A locked community, but this was my favourite. "This community has arisen from the ashes of lolita_fucks. We are bitches, we like it that way."


>> No.8627759

I think lolita can still look nice and elegant without being strictly matchy and still being casual or plain. I sometimes wonder if lolita is a fashion or just cosplay and costumes without it being based around a character.

That, paired with lolita's loving hazing just takes it's toll on the community. As you said with greentext, if one thing is off or if you don't have the perfect shoes, suddenly it's ita. I feel like nitpick is even worst, since they tend to go for people who know what they're doing. I've been apart of more than one alt fashion and none have a magnifying glass quite like lolita does.

>> No.8627763

I tend to find that a lot of the western idea of lifestyle skirts dangerously close to historical re-enactment, though. It's always been like that. Sure, you get Marie Antoinette this and rococo that in the GLBs, but there's a layer of Japanese-style romanticism over the top of it that doesn't really translate.

The "rules" were just a way for lolitas who looked naturally frumpy to get to the top of the hierarchy. You could be 25 while looking like a rough 45, but if you could follow the rules to a T, you could get one point over the naturally cuter girls who didn't follow the rules. It made lolita more inclusive to less cute girls but at what cost.

Also, all the weebs who couldn't into mainstream fashion. If you're transitioning from anime t-shirts and greasy hair to lolita, that's a steep learning curve.

>> No.8627785

I remember this. They said she was into normal fashion now. If I recall, people were trying to figure out whether or not the person who said it was making it up. I can confirm that it's true, but I don't know her personally so I don't know if she dabbles in any alternative fashion anymore or if that part of her life is done with for good.

>> No.8627811

just look at nitpick threads on /cgl/ and you will see what killed the fashion.

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File: 95 KB, 500x667, 1353208762229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People have been complaining about the fashion being too OTT since 2010. Obviously over the top coordinates aren't going to go away. There has always been an aspect to lolita that is over the top- whether its an all white coordinate with a UFO bonnet, a sweet coordinate with a cake hat, or classic coordinate with a scepter and veil.

>> No.8627822

I'm not from US but I heard she was kicked from her comm, changed accounts on fb, abused of her ex and forcing him to go MTF. There are proof and many people that confirm all that shit.
Yeah, getting too much into these rules that entered "nazi" territory, enforcing OTT looks and ridicule good casual or plain coordinates.

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File: 1.02 MB, 1698x882, Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.39.39 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yikes. milkyfawn doesnt look too young atm..

>> No.8627830

There just needs to be more variety.

>> No.8627831

Holy shit. Milky Fawn's downfall has been unreal. A bit of makeup really wouldn't hurt her.

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File: 137 KB, 400x504, 24226092_2867509171aaaa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Things that killed lolita fashion

>The death of livejournal
Livejournal was the ideal place to host a community like this. You could post photos, sales, have actual in depth discussions and easily find/look back on old posts for reference. Livejournal also detered some of the younger people away from the fashion, since Livejournal was being used at the time when most teens had moved on to myspace.

>Gothic Lolita Wigs
The creation of the "muse" and raising people to efame created a push to be the most efamous loltia. Not that there weren't popular lolitas in the livejournal era, but it wasn't as tangible. They weren't doing actual photoshoots, or modeling for companies or getting free shit. They just got a lot of comments on their posts. Gothic Lolita Wigs also targeted the weeby tumblr/facebook crowd, which brings me to my next point

The fashion became exposed to a younger generation of weeaboos and ita lolitas. However, these kids were all young, and poor. How were they going to get dresses?

>Replicas and Bodyline
Enter the demand for replicas and bodyline. Because of this, every first lolitas coordinate became the same - split gothic lolita ponytail wig, oojia replica/bodyline carousel dress. Because of this, actual older lolitas were desperate to distance themselves from this lolita stereotype. This killed the OTT sweet trend and caused people to go to the extreme OTT classic side. Now coordinates are more strictly regulated and "nitpicked" in order to make sure everyone has the most perfect, GLB ready outfit.

and that is how lolita died

>> No.8627859


>> No.8627862

i still think she looks really cute. she just has a different sort of face.

>> No.8627867

Ohhh. Makes more sense now. I didn't really interact with her when I went to Chicago meets, and I took her off my friends list a little after her honeymoon because I was getting tired of her frequent ableism posts. She tried to add me, but then she was in too deep in the drama she created.

>> No.8627894

These are lovely! Where did she live? I'd love to move to a town that looked like this. Im in a fair sized city now, but i grew up in a small town, and I'd love to move back to some place small again

>> No.8627897

op here and i agree, but that is just not a good picture- the shadows are hitting her in all the wrong places. it can make the best looking person look horrible.

>> No.8627899

>everything you said is on point

I honestly miss OTT sweet but not what we have today. Like pic related, what happen to those times where not everything was all about being matchy matchy and girls were wearing two different colored shoes and socks, and just having fun.

Also I miss the times of GTFO my egl! with ifwinterends and her stupid comments on egl. The free for all Fridays. Lolita was better in the lj days since everyone kinda knew each other better in a sense, like a huge big family. Everyone was more real in a way back then too and less asspats and kissing ass and when someone would ask something dumb like where to buy a petticoat and stuff like nowadays, people will just say use the search engine or google it. I don't know when lolitas became so obsess with efame (I blame tumblr and fb) and when everything started to become spoon feeding children who fucking can't use google for shit.

>> No.8627900
File: 129 KB, 500x375, sweet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot to add pic. But yea, I miss lj but I wish we had a similar platform to use that is like it.

>> No.8627908

Listen, I'm an older lolita too that remembers the LJ era, but you might want to take your rose-tinted glasses off there for a moment.

Do you really think everyone had Puppet Circus or something like that pic? Replicas weren't always a problem, but they were actually acceptable back then, which is even worse. At least there's a harsh stigma attached to them now.

As for Bodyline, it's not changed in a sense. If anything, it'ss even more expensive for the same quality making it a bit harder for new lolitas. If anything, the rise of Taobao has given people a huge pool of decent Chinese brands to choose from. Back then, F+F was one of the only other alternatives and I find them eternally questionable in quality.

Lolita isn't dead. Your old LJ era is dead and honestly good riddance. I get nostalgic, but I don't miss those days. There's a difference between having good memories and not wanting to relive or keep living in the quality of the past.

I sure don't want to go back to pre-brand anything. I enjoy AP, BtssB and other brands being accessible in ways overseas. I enjoy that the community has grown. I even enjoy the influx of new people. E-fame has always been around, so I have no idea where you were then. Thinking lolita didn't have it's own set of e-famous lolitas back then is ridiculous.

Also, GL wigs didn't even put a dent in lolita. They're unanimously kind of the bane of everyone, tumblr especially now, so that's that. LJ dying was inevitable and I await the day Facebook gets the knife too. LJ isn't even a good medium nor is FB. I'm still waiting for lolitas to get their act together and make a Lacebook/Lacejournal place so we can all live without community diaspora.

>> No.8627917

>less asspats and kissing ass

Eh? Asspats and ass kissing was everywhere on LJ. Almost every major scammer from the LJ comm got away with it because of ass kissing. even places like getoffegl, which would call people (even mods, the horror!) out, had ass kissing between its "popular" members.

>> No.8627918

I really would like to. I've been feeling pretty inspired lately to start a blog. I'm trying to get a new job, so hopefully I can start buying pieces again soon and make that a reality. In the meantime, how much hate do you think I would get for running a blog even while I'm in between wardrobes? Like, with more FYeahLolita style content?

I agree that the anti-lifestyle movement came on really harshly. It started out with the majority of lolitas being lifestylers, and the "just clothes" people got really upset that they were being made to feel less of a legitimate lolita because they didn't partake. They became an outspoken minority until it became the norm, and lifestylers just got hell for being elitist, childish, etc. Just a couple months ago this huge discussion got started on my comm page after that Evangeline Lilly incident. This one girl was pretty upset because she's been into lolita about as long as me and didn't like the image that was being given to the community, etc. You could tell she really cared, but these other girls basically ganged up on her and ripped into her and mocked her for caring so much when it's "just clothes." I heard from one of her friends that she was pretty upset over it, crying and everything. It's just sad that there's this whole generation in the community that lacks that sense of kinship. And it's even more sad that this is the generation that's basically inheriting things, since a lot of older lolitas quit or transfer to other fashions like otome. I'm not going anywhere soon, I still have so many outfits in my mind that need wearing, and lolita is in my spirit, but it pains me to just sit here as my old idols pass into legend and myth and the foundations of the community I know and love crumble.

Dramatically worded, I know, but it's from the heart.

>> No.8627922
File: 151 KB, 500x667, shelbycloud_happygarden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know what happened to Shelby Cloud? She's been one of my biggest inspirations for years but her tumblr and YouTube have been completely inactive since January. I've checked her tumblr archive and she's never taken any sort of hiatus like this before. I hope she's okay.

Tumblr: http://shelbyscircus.tumblr.com/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/shelbycloud

>> No.8627924

Replicas were acceptable back then since when? The replica debate has always been a hot button issue. Did I say anything about going back to the pre-brand era? I was just talking about things that have made an impact on lolita, and you cannot deny that GLW/bodyline/tumblr has put an impact on the fashion. I'm not saying the past was perfect, but it was a hell of a lot better than now. Imagination and creativity has left the fashion, and more and more people are dropping it because they just aren't in love with it anymore and don't like the current state of the community.

>> No.8627925
File: 56 KB, 480x640, DSCF0743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her sister recently passed away, shes having a rough time and has stepped away from the internet. Hopefully she will be back.

>> No.8627934

I think you need to take off the nostalgia glasses, big time. There was no generation of lolitas who all felt a sense of kinship just because they wear a similar style. The majority of lolitas were not lifestylers, nor was there some big non-lifestyler rebellion that painted lifestyles are monsters.

>> No.8627947

Maybe not a big conspiracy against lifestylers, but if you were there, you'll remember there was a sudden influx of girls talking about partying in their lolita. Going out of their way to be unlifestyle.

>> No.8627956

>but if you were there, you'll remember there was a sudden influx of girls talking about partying in their lolita. Going out of their way to be unlifestyle.

You said that the majority of lolitas were actually lifestylers, until a minority who weren't actively rebelled, became a loud majority, and then gave lifestylers hell for being elistst.

Octavekitten&co posting pictures of being dressed in lolita at a bar is not the same as your revised history of the Western lolita fandom. Go look at old posts on EGL... there was never any "majority lifestyler" group. Some people liked the idea of acting differently while, or because, they wore lolita, others didn't. Same as now.

>> No.8627957

Oh my god that is horrible. My condolences if you happen to see this Shelby.

I think I should mention that I checked rebeccablacktech to see if anyone knew what was going on with her but mostly all I saw were comments about how much she inspired others. She brought so much to this community and I hope that with time she will heal and be able to find joy in the fashion again.

>> No.8627961

Different anon. I've been around since 2005 though. Actually always thought the lifestylers had it wrong too. There was a middle ground, but the extremists on both sides took over.

>> No.8628018

Yukapon looks so much better

>> No.8628049

I really don't disagree with you there. There was tons of more creativity and that part I do miss. Do you feel like brands seem to create everything now and they just come pre-packaged with looks? I miss when girls had Vivienne Westwood they'd toss into things and it'd be an acceptable brand. There used to be a bit more clutter, but sort of a pleasant kind to lolita. Like you said, people would just have fun. I really wish nitpick and ita threads would cool it, since I feel like they attack everything that is even a bit "off". I miss some of that quirkyness and leniency. Leave ita threads to Milanoo looking items and nitpicks need to go.

>> No.8628270
File: 95 KB, 719x1024, ak95qa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think everything is all about looking perfectly together and matchy-matchy, and this is starting to bleed over to japanese designers as well. AP typically only ever releases sets and prints now and they are all almost the same- chocolate this, crystal that, dreamy this.

>> No.8628804

Lolita has such a specific aesthetic, there's only a relatively small number of ways you can reinterpret it before you start having to repeat yourself. They also go with what sells.

>> No.8628855
File: 998 KB, 500x282, thisismyhell.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The community really needs more people like Shelby, Lor, and even Peachie right now. They actually contribute knowledge and inspiration and are generally friendly, positive people that seem pretty down to earth. Becoming well-known in the community was more of a side effect of their blogging and informative videos rather than their main objective.

It makes me sick to my stomach that these narcissistic fame whores like Kate, Jillian, and Isaki are becoming the new face of lolita.

>> No.8628889

>The community need more people like Shelby,Lor and even Peachie right now
This a hundred times. They just enjoy themselves,do silly things and like wearing frilly shit, that's all and they are really really sweet. I met Peachie also asked a thing once or twice on tumblr and she was a sweetheart. Lor seems really cool to hang out with, and i don't know much about Shelby

>> No.8628963
File: 116 KB, 1000x667, ykiky8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss Gurololi (in the harlequin bonnet), she always looked super pretty. I recall that she was an aspiring photographer, so I hope her career is going well for her.

>> No.8628971
File: 108 KB, 500x667, mu6k78l9p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also wonder if ludivine_noir is still into lolita. It looks like all her accounts have been purged sadly. Her sewing and style was really inspiring to me.

>> No.8629236

Oh man, she was such an inspiration to me back in the day, too. As much as I like a lot about the lolita world today (so much easier to get things) I really miss the old d_l comm on LJ. So much better than CoF, not just in content, but in format...

>> No.8629269

I love everything about this coord.

>> No.8629361

I mis her so bad, no one does cute creative shit like this, everyone takes the coords exactly from the glb and uuups instant famous.
This is what lolitas was about, dont ever forget it.

>> No.8629423

Some of the recent "why I left/am leaving lolita" secrets from this summer that talked about the different community feel and focus on OTT really resonated with me. I was telling one of my absolute best friends in the world, who became close with me due to starting the fashion at the same time, that I felt like I just couldn't keep up with certain things that seemed more necessary now then they were back in the day. (I'm not big on wigs, but I don't want an outfit to seem...wanting if I can't do the wig + larger headgear. I have a small head with thick yet fine hair, so it was time to admit it wasn't going to work out.) She was right when she said I just liked the late 00's a lot and wouldn't be ita for back then like I feel I might be now. I'm so nostalgic for that whole decade.

Being able to buy clothes from Japan now with more ease is great. Lace Market is also so much better than the comm sales, imo. I do not miss having to sift through whole posts to find a single item. We really had our drama and issues and bullshit back then too, but something about the community still felt more cozy and fun. The ridiculous lifestyle vs. edgy topics and such were annoying, like beating a dead horse, and making issues where there needn't be any, but that happens in every single era in its own way. I miss the EGL Comm, even with all of it's faults. It was so much easier to keep track of conversations and topics. (The /cgl/ archives are nice for catching up if I miss something now.)

>> No.8629426


See, I'd like to dispense knowledge, but I don't because I'm worried people will then decide I don't dress well enough to give advice or think I'm being "uppity". You can't win.

>> No.8629434


Nowadays people would say the wig is shit, the patterns clash, the striped socks are ita, why is she wearing bunny ears with a cat bag etc. etc.

>> No.8629537
File: 931 KB, 463x260, 1394068474996.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel the same way anon. I've given most of my focus to bettering my small yet steadily growing comm and being the best mentor I can be to those girls. There are ways to improve the community without putting yourself on the internet too much. I do consider blogging and making videos from time to time but the fear of being posted to an ita thread is paralyzing.

>> No.8629550

Probably from all that smoking.

>> No.8629557

Tell me about it. This is why you should treat your body, particularly your face, really well for lolita. She is not aging well and I would not like to see her in 5 years.

>> No.8629593

Wait, I thought she just vaped. Does that have the same harmful effects as smoking? I thought it was becoming so popular because it was a safe alternative.

Also, it's super weird how she's done this 180 from 'omg must horde all the cute stuff' to 'I only like basic and uninteresting things'. It doesn't seem realistic at all for someone to change so completely so quickly.

>> No.8629602

She looks about the same, it's just the shadows.
IMO she is adorable.

>> No.8629636

>If people want a change, they have to as a whole make that change
The problem is, people are not going to want to change. I think people feel justified in posting itas or nitpicking, as if that somehow proves that they are a better dresser and therefore a better lolita. Somehow it gives them e-cred.

Back in the day if you said shit, it would come back on you. People would see that you're a pot calling the kettle black. Now, hiding behind Anon, people can pretend to be perfect without anyone actually calling you out.

It's hard to have perfect outfits. It comes down to perfect color coordination, difficult to do online sometimes, fit and flatter (not even talking about fatties but even thin people have different bodytypes) and then photography. It comes down to trial and error. There's so much fuss that half the time it isn't even worth it.

The best thing anyone can do is to collectively be the person you wish others would be. Set an example, call out asshats for their asshattery. It won't put a stop to it, but maybe it might encourage some of the tryhard newfriends to chill out.

>> No.8629646

There aren't any good studies about long-term use. Also, many vapers at one point smoked.

>> No.8629656

I think people didn't care if the lolita talking shit was perfect. That's why we got people like celticfreefall.

>> No.8629701

Sometimes I would look at the ita threads here and wonder if people forgot the definition of ita or if the definition of ita was changed. I was into lolita around 2007 and the itas would be classified with nasty raschel lace monster dresses, really short skirts, cheap ass fabric, arm and leg warmers etc. Now I've been seeing plain coords/one thing doesn't match labeled as ita. Sure, the fashion has changed since then, but jeeze. I think simple/plain coords can still be pleasing to the eye and more comfortable to wear daily.

>> No.8629704

I wonder what kind of community some people here belonged to back in the days to rememeber it with such nice colors. The community I remember (I started to follow lolita in 2004) was pretty bitchy too; maybe not in the same level as nowadays but also bad enough to keep Skye, the princess ruling these nostalgia threads, away from egl. It was also the bitchiness and the drama that made muier_noir and others start the "elite", invitation-only, himitsunoniwa community on LJ. So, yeah, I think the bad attitude has always been there. The difference for me is that, as others put, you can be vicious without having a name attached, which probably makes it worse. And the easy access to brand makes conpetition and criticism more harsh.

Something I do miss, however, is thatclolita looked a lot more wereable to me; and maybe that's ehy it was easier to have lifestylers lioe Skye around. You could wear the fashion and be considered a good lolita without wigs, ten pettis and a cake on your head.

>> No.8629764

I think the problem is less that the old days were so good and more that the problems the pre lolita fucks comm had were more manageable compared to now. There was still time to turn things around but we traded it for drama.

>> No.8629790


>> No.8629811

Skye was a controlling bitch who was obsessed with her image and had fans who acted like her wicked little minions. Why do people nostalgia so hard for her.

>> No.8629841
File: 25 KB, 320x263, 195235_320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because she controlled her image so well, that is all that remains and her minions were loyal little fuckers.
Moar nostalg: La Carmina, Dykestar, flirtylolita, lolitaburger, lolita "art" posts on egl, this bodyline cutsew.

>> No.8629860

Alright, so someone must surely remember this: There was a lolita who made custom lolita outfits and was even featured in the english GLB. Her site was interesting, it had like a custom lolita generator for your dress of choice. You'd go through, select the fabric, print, cut, etc. You could then choose to publicly show your creation and others could order it as well.

Aaaand I just remembered the name as I typed that. It was Sweet Rococo. Sadly the site is kind of a former shell of itself and the generator is not there anymore.


It looks like she moved to storeenvy and just sells her prints now. Great for any sewing lolitas, I guess, but she made some cute things you can see on the website.


Here's the GLB article and everything. I'm kind of guessing she quit lolita and just sells fabrics now, but did anyone know her? I always wanted to use the generator to make my own personal dress (she actually had a lot of interesting prints and choices) and never got around to it. Did anyone ever buy from her? When I had just started, brand seemed far off to me and having a custom made dress with the generator seemed really special. I honestly can't think of a site that's replaced it since then. I wish building a custom made dress like on the site were still a thing.

>> No.8629873

i wish everyone would quit whining and just go back to lj
this is the website that made me fall in love with lolita in 07 http://rakuen.trauma-radio.net/ i couldve sworn there items were better than the itatastic crap that is there now.

>> No.8629875

I actually saw the owner at an LA meet earlier this year. I don't think she wears lolita regularly though. She still does some cosplay too I think.
She's really nice, I first met her at that AP event in 08.

>> No.8629884

Anyone else remember the black lolita mailing list? Back when egl on LJ was unmoderated and hellish and wearing brand was considered bad/lazy and everyone customized normal shirts by cutting the corners of the collars and adding lace. And every day there was a new tutorial on rag curls.

And that bodyline dress that was basically a very short beer maid dress.

>> No.8629891
File: 48 KB, 360x480, 1438649387819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, what's wrong with livejournal? Everyone is complaining about lolita having moved to Tumblr but no one is willing to start using livejournal again. Isn't it still around? What's stopping you from using it?

I think /cgl/ has a problem with building new communities. For example, most of the other big boards have moved on to the site that shall not be names, but not /cgl/. /cgl/ didn't even try because "the traffic was too low". Well no shit, it would have had more traffic if you posted in it. There was so much whining about the 4chan /cgl/ and it's stupid rules and lack of drama, yet no one was willing to post on that other /cgl/. Why? We're in in alternative fashion that revolves around standing out, yet we're so scared to go against the grain.

I don't even understand tumblr. It's just people reposting other peoples content, it's not even really a blog. When I read someones blog, I want to see shit that they have produced themselves, even if it's a stupid post about their day. Idk, I just don't get why it's so popular, it's so vapid and vein.

>> No.8629897

I even made an /egl/, but it died. I'm going to go clean it up now.

>> No.8629906

She's cute. She looks nicer irl/ in motion anyway but I don't think she looks bad. It's just not airbrushed, even young people have dark circles. Also I'm liking her hair.

>> No.8630025

Ludivine_Noir stopped wearing lolita a few years ago. She has tried to be active in the lolita comm for a few months two years ago, I think? She left the comm very soon again, because nearly all her friends stopped wearing lolita and she wasn't really interested in the fashion anymore.

She is studying to become a fashion designer and product designer. Last year she was one of Linda's interns (former 4 O'Clock, now Linda Friesen). She also has her own facebook page for her work. It's not lolita related. She still does commissions, I believe.

I kinda miss her. Her style was a huge inspiration for me and she is a nice person.

>> No.8630032

Do you have her Facebook page? I'd love to see whatever she's doing now.

>> No.8630035

What's the deal with her? She seems to have just disappeared?

>> No.8630039

She is a hipster girl now, trying to make music. Looks like she has a twitter that is barely updated, not much else.

You act like being a lifestyler was ever popular or normal, and it wasnt. It was always some weirdos who were acting like it was roleplay or some dumb shit. Personally I would call the attitude of wear lolita to anything including partying more of a 'lifestyle' thing than someone who romanticizes life as you are wearing it anywhere. But that is never what people want when they think of a lifestyle in lolita.

>> No.8630050

I doubt people bought much from her, the prices were insane. Around this time there were a lot of people who would do seamtress stuff so you could commission a girl to make you clothing. So to advertise brand prices for handmade when others are so cheap really turned you away. At that point pricewise you could spring for brand as she started around the time brand got more accessible.

Have you used lj before? And not in the sense of posting a few times but actually using it for a comm. It sucks. Even before tumblr people were talking about leaving lj for another group but no one made a better site. It was stagnant and hard to get new people because who the fuck uses lj? Fb was a natural change for that. Tumblr isnt about blogging as you think, and it isnt as vain as you think either. Tons of people produce content on their tumblr or talk about their personal shit there, as they choose. Blogging in the traditional sense is hard to keep up in lolita.

>> No.8630074

I'm pretty sure she flounced from both the community and the fashion (insofar as she was actually involved in the fashion at all) after the drama went down. Last I heard she was trying to sell gross-looking nailpolish on Etsy, but I don't remember the shop name.

>> No.8630197
File: 63 KB, 722x349, 1428985374430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I don't care much for the efame-competition, and I don't need a million notes on tumblr. To me what is the most toxic in all of this is how it tickled down to real life. How much of a competition it feels like. How much you need to slap on for a simple meet up just to get noticed.
Today, the standard just seem so high. Even the standard for "casual" pictures. Hyped dress, newest trends, either invest a lot of money or mad crafting skills, be pretty, photshopped, et cetera. And don't get me started on the things you'll have to pull today for a convention/tea party/brand event.
Whenever I am at big meet ups like brand events or cons, the most OTT-outlandish people are barely getting noticed because there are SO many of them they are already having a hard time competing against each other. And to me it seems like people forget that Lolita is a fashion that you can actually casually wear. Whenever I tell people I like to wear Lolita in my free time, I need to re-assure them three times that no, I am not wearing this OTT stuff in everyday life, thank you very much for asking.

I don't care too much for OTT. I want to wear some pretty clothes, and sometimes I want to wear them in my free time. Call me an attention whore, but when I go to a meet up I like to look at other people's outfits, I want to get noticed, and I want to talk to people who wear similar styles. But if all the other Lolitas there are too busy sucking each others' efame-cock, worrying about their notes on tumblr and almost exclusively care for the most OTT cons/meet ups only events, then, what's left?

>> No.8630201
File: 215 KB, 640x480, 1272569970842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never forget

>> No.8630210

You mean Emiry?
Last time I heard of her she was doing gravure porn

>> No.8630218

Why does it seem like a lot of lolitas do sex type shit when they leave. Look at all the camgirls, strippers and escorts you hear about. Does the fashion just attract attention whores?

>> No.8630224

applemilk wasn't a lolita, she was a youtuber that got briefly famous in Japan.

>> No.8630229

Japanese stuff then. It still stands. I remember people talking seriously about getting sugar daddies for brand back when that sugar baby dating site came out, or that one girl from the mid 2000's who got recognition for having a huge sweet lolita closet financed by stripping.

>> No.8630232

i really feel you anon

>> No.8630238

Of course - it's an attention grabbing fashion.

I'm not saying every lolita is an attention whore, or that it's the only draw to the fashion, but that we do have a fair number of them among our ranks.

>> No.8630275

Do we think that getting people to return to livejournal is a plausible thing? Because I would love that.

>> No.8630277

she will come back I know it. I came back after I lost my mom. It just takes time.

>> No.8630343

What is her age?

>> No.8630356

I'm so sorry for your loss, I had a similar thing happen to me. Super close friend nearly like a sister introduced me to lolita, she died in a terrible accident. I stopped doing lolita because all I could think of was her and how she was gone. I finally started to start wearing lolita again partly because I knew how happy it made her, it just takes time.

>> No.8630625

Ehm she probably isnt wearing any make up and was either tired or stressed out there? She does look older here, I give you that.

>> No.8630628

>that badass-ment hell yeah

>> No.8630634

I can't send you the link, it's marked as spam.
Her page is: Entity - fashion & costume fabrication. I hope you can find it.

>> No.8630734

Black hair makes her look older. Also she was probably stressed out or tired she looks older it happens to everyone on some days eh. She's human after all like us.

>> No.8630743

Since we are all here complaining about wanting to go back something like lj, why don't we just make a new EGL community on lj?

Also wasn't there a girl here on this board not too long ago saying about her building a new website for lolitas and stuff?

>> No.8630780

It's never gonna happen, anon. No one will be using the egl lj. Everyone stopped using the old one once the new platforms got more trendy, and no one will go back. No one wants to have their name attached to something half assed and half dead, and most people are too worried about reputation, notes and attention to join a little club of nostalgiafags on an already dead website.

And who wants to make a website for free? Lacemarket is free too and it doesn't seem to be going super well. The owner already looked for new people to take over the site.

Honestly I'd love a website that combines both the old egl and the new opportunites of tumblr and fb, and I have seen simple message boards (with nicknames) work for other communities. Just not internationally. I'm not seeing a big trend away from fb/tumblr for the next time.

>> No.8630784

Oh i wish so hard anon.

>> No.8630856

yes, but it's because everyone in lolita let themself carry aways by the mediocres fannyrosie, cadney chan and that fugly squizo girlhoot. You all forget what was really all this about. Thanks good that is Octavekitten in the scene still

>> No.8630885
File: 114 KB, 648x648, project-60115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I know what you're talking about! Her store was truly great idea, but honestly, I don't remember anyone buying from her, even back in the day

>> No.8630890
File: 1.49 MB, 800x1066, 4397184413_34696754f5_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting some old coordinates I have saved to my computer from the heyday of daily lolita

I miss chelle ):

>> No.8630894
File: 93 KB, 600x803, vanilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vanilla Blitz, the plus size queen

>> No.8630899
File: 38 KB, 351x800, IMG_6978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Duplica-chan wore otome, goth, classic, sweet. she had one of the biggest wardrobes.

>> No.8630902

Reading this thread has me thinking again about making a lolita-themed blog of my own. It's an idea I have every once in a while, but I'm quickly approaching a period in my life where it would actually be a possibility.

Here's a rundown of what I would want to feature. Feel free to tell me if you like the ideas for the content!

>dress reviews
>lolita-inspired music and general good music
>tea reviews and photos of teacups, spoons, paraphernalia etc
>photos of accessories
>thrifting finds
>links to great lolita tutorials
>movies to put you into a mood for lolita (period pieces, movies with beautiful dresses, princessy themes)
>highlights of indie brands, links to up-and-coming shops

That's what I have for now. Thoughts? Should I do it (if I do) on blogspot? Dreamwidth? Or tumblr?

>> No.8630903
File: 209 KB, 500x375, 3028311763_abb503659f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the birth of deco-sweet, kammie, faunkegin, irontealeaf, and thaila.

>> No.8630906
File: 20 KB, 400x618, 2zzrbbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8630907
File: 93 KB, 500x743, CIMG9428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8630926

I really enjoyed playing with the interface to make dresses I would never order.

I miss fugly chunky boots and shoes. I wore the pink version of these for years. Also the sweet cake shoes >>8630903 faunkegin is wearing here, and those baby heart buckle shoes. Brb, going to scout out some wooden sole clunkers.

>> No.8630928

I think Dreamwidth would be a pretty bad choice, I don't know that there's a big fashion community on there and I always feel weird reading people's journals. Tumblr would probably be good for this as long as the posts were very bite-sized and contained, I think. Personally, I'm starting a blog like this on Blogspot, just because I'm tired of Tumblr and I want to write longer articles.

>> No.8630931
File: 75 KB, 480x640, mehaha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this dress is my dream dress.

>tfw ill never find it or fit it :^)

>> No.8630933
File: 81 KB, 440x799, counter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love chunky platforms like this with gothic lolita. I wish I knew where she got those.

>> No.8630934

She was interested in the more decora/hime style of lolita at the time if I remember correctly. I loved that her and her friends all seemed to perpetuate that look together. She was one of my favourite posters on D_L for sure

>> No.8630940

Stripper stores...I'm being serious. Pleaser and other brands that make stripper shoes have lots of big platforms like that.

>> No.8630944

Yeah, I feel the same way about tumblr... Maybe I would have a blogspot and a tumblr, and post summaries and links to the blogspot entries on the tumblr? Good luck with your blog too! What's it going to be like?

>> No.8630945

Meta usually sells some that have higher heels like that.

>> No.8630946

Seconding stripper stores...

>> No.8630949
File: 197 KB, 800x500, Montreal_boots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot my picture.

>> No.8630951

Just spent way too long going through that page and loving it.

>> No.8630968

>The owner already looked for new people to take over the site.
Then retracted it as soon as she realized she wouldn't have control/attention for running it anymore...

Duplica is still posting on tumblr as pinkgoth-duplica, or something like that.

>> No.8630977

I'm very much in the same mindset right now in terms of getting a new job and building a more cohesive lifestyle. Here is one vote for a more commentary-styled blog until you're posting photos or your own wardrobe notes.

The schism you are referring to which split the "lifestylers" from the "just clothes" almost seems like it shouldn't have happened. I feel like both ideas support each other because it keeps the community from taking itself too seriously. If a requirement for the fashion meant only sipping tea and journaling we would loose a lot of the creativity from the body mod/unnatural haired girls that made people start experimenting more with her/his personal style. And if the lifestylers didn't keep the romance and nostalgia part of the fashion alive it wouldn't feel as special.

I don't mean that the two groups are as polarized as I'm making it seem. Like, someone could even have these two viewpoints in their head to check and balance each other. Sense made maybe?

>> No.8631004

Yeah, I was contemplating that myself. I thought it might be a good idea to have a Tumblr as an extension of the main blog, not solely limited to my own content but with reblogs and stuff that my potential readers would be interested in, and then links to the entries like you said.

Haha, now I have to admit that mine isn't a lolita blog, it's for other J-fashion (although lolita sometimes comes up peripherally) and I've just been writing in it without sharing the link so far, but I lurk in these threads for inspiration. Good luck to you too!

>> No.8631013
File: 141 KB, 333x500, 3701401652_f8baa47838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they do but they don't usually have the mary jane look with the strap

>> No.8631312

I hate fame whores and trend bandwagon bitches so much. Let them stick to their shit site that everyone makes fun of. If you post on dumblr for the fame and recognition, you should be labeled a poser. We need to get some elitism all up in this bitch and start calling cunts out on their attention whoring. Lolita is not just clothing, it's in your heart, so it's okay to tell these bitches that they aren't true lolitas.

>> No.8631324

Tumblr is, like, the worst thing to ever happen to lolita, ever. It has attracted so many shitty as people and it will never end. And tumblr is incredibly vain and horribly vapid. Everything people do is just reblogging shit so that others will know what their sense of humor and interests are. It's just a way to get attention without doing anything, it's all just ego masturbation.
Why do you think Tumblr is the birth place of social justice bs? It's just the place for it, really. It's for self righteous brats who think they're unique, when really they're just an embodiment of the mainstream youth rebellion culture at it's heart. The content that people produce is buried under mounds of stupid irrelevant shit you can find on pinterest or 9gag or whatever.
>hard to get new people
Thank Jesus. All shitty people use tumblr, but most of them don't use lj. If people kept their loli shit on LJ, then lolita would only attract those who went looking for it in the first place. As it is now, it's not too uncommon to see a lolita coord when scrolling through Tumblr. Snowflakes see it and go "ohhhh imma get in on that! Gender neutral pronouns only plz" and then we get these retards spewing their autism at our meets. Everyone wants to complain about them, but no one is willing to do anything about it.

>> No.8631328

What happened to this girl? I remember following her on Lookbook a long time ago.

>> No.8631340

I just joined a bunch of lolita LJ communities, so I guess I'll post a few things to get the juices flowing.

>> No.8631344
File: 211 KB, 500x281, laughingpillarmen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this thread is so full of blind, masturbatory rose tinted glasses.

>Lolita is not just clothing, it's in your heart, so it's okay to tell these bitches that they aren't true lolitas.

>All shitty people use tumblr, but most of them don't use lj
I hate to break this to you since clearly you never went outside your egl bubble on LJ, but most of the people that used to use LJ moved to tumblr.

>in b4 hurrr newfag tumblr snowflake, probably been using LJ/DW longer than most of you

>> No.8631368
File: 373 KB, 461x573, 1408048630697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8631386

Graphic design student here. I will gladly draw them a new banner for free if it means they'll get rid if the butt fucking ugly one they have right now, it shanks me in the eyes whenever I visit.

>> No.8631390

I miss faunkegin, she had a cute style especially after she cut her bangs and figured out how to makeup. Too bad she quit lolita. I remember seei g her at rhe first vegas EDC and being too self conscious as fuck to say hi to her when we walked by eachother in the food/cafatera area

>> No.8631399

I'd also like to know this! Im a new fag but im moving soon! Il love to know where this is, or similar places to move or visit! Rhe scenery is lovely!

>> No.8631402

Woah, she looks 40.

>> No.8631447

I admired her so much when I was a new lolita, fuck. Wasn't there some big drama that happened with her during the livejournal days?

>> No.8631483

>Replicas and Bodyline
I can remember /cgl/ around 2008/2009 where Bodyline was a very big no-go.
Nowadays more and more lolita's buy from Bodyline and it's being accepted.

>Mfw I still feel dirty if I can't find brand shoes in my size and my only option left is Bodyline
>Mfw I dislike cheap and replica in general

>> No.8631514

I hate Bodyline too. I appreciate that some people can make it nice outfits with it but I still see it and think "BODYLIIIIIINE!" and I can't get past the mental image of Mr. Yan whining about Venus's armpit aroma. Even the nicer items look cheap to me.

>> No.8631523

what is the other cgl?

>> No.8631533

Holy fuck this is cute

>> No.8631589

Maybe she got busted for using stolen money to fund her wardrobe and this is the result

>> No.8631594

These shoes are everything, I'm getting all nostalgic for my old style inspirations

>> No.8631597

Pleaser and demonia, honestly. Trashy goth and hooker shoe stores, my guilty pleasure.

>> No.8631611

She's not wearing lolita and there's no point to this being here other than singling her out to complain about her appearance...

>> No.8631619

but this is the nostalgia thread, I kinda miss her being a lolita tbh. I loved her videos.

>> No.8631627

Excactly! Also, why spend 50USD on Bodyline while I can get a second hand 'never worn and it has been in my closet for decades' brand item on Y!Japan Auctions--

>> No.8631633

Then post a nostalgic photo. Not a non-lolita photo in order to show how eeewww ugly and ooooold she looks.

>> No.8631668

I didn't post her, but I think this "Where are they now?" thing is interesting as well.
(Also, I personally think she looks completely fine in her new picture. People are just used to the overly cute and colorful lolita look.)

>> No.8631672

>Tumblr is the birth place of social justice bs
It is easy to tell you dont actually know what is on tumblr and that you get your information about it from 4chan. The birth place of Sjw like attitudes and a lot of tumblr stuff was sites like lj, especially the fandom stuff. They just eventually moved to tumblr like lolitas and mingled together to form new meta. The natural movement of people from dying sites to a popular new site happens all the time, and tumblr did not create these people, it just attracted them. For good reason, tumblr's blog format is years ahead of lj even if it makes it less of a blog in some senses.

You also clearly never experienced noob season on lj either. The way tumblr works you dont have to experience the noobs unless you wanted to, but on egl you had to and boy there was a lot of shit and just as special snowflakey.

Dont bother, i know there are a few lolitas trying to make D_L come back in use but without any way of getting people to see activity, posting yourself wont do anything.

>> No.8631698


This, and this. I was on LJ as a teenager for fandom, and that was really the birthplace of things like sf_fandom and the sjw movement in general. While tumblr seems to have accelerated this process, I saw a dramatic shift from 'anything goes' to 'no you cannot say this because you'll hurt someone's feelings' and 'my opinion is better than your facts.'

And oh gawd noob season on lj. Although I believe I inflicted that on quite a few veterans myself.

Agreed with 'will posting revive communities'? No. The point of lj communities was communication. But people seem to be treating it like tumblr now. LJ is not tumblr. There is no 'like' to substitute for a comment. You need to fuckin comment on things. And you need a lot of people to comment to get the juices flowing. That's how an actual community works and not just an audience with an entertainer the way tumblr works.

>> No.8631747

She joined a convent, went into training to be a nun. Shame, she was so adorable.

>> No.8631781

>Lolita is not just clothing, it's in your heart
Bruh, you need to stop drinking that novala kool-aid

>> No.8631786

RIP in peace sweet angle :,(

>> No.8631867

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the old resources from LJ have disappeared? Not mysteriously or anything, they just lost all their images or the blogs got deleted. I know it was bound to happen, but it's still disappointing. I was going through tutorials on FYeahLolita and half of them weren't usable anymore and it was really disappointing.

Also, can we stop arguing about lifestyling and rose-colored nostalgia? Some people saw the drama a lot less than others (it was somewhat less common) and have much more pleasant memories of the old community, just let them gush about them. We know it had its problems, too. As far as lifestyling and having lolita "in your heart"...
It's a goddamn spectrum. It's not a black and white thing, there's nothing wrong with finding deeper meaning in your life via lolita, and there's nothing wrong with just liking it as clothes, and there's nothing wrong with liking to bake and crochet but hating tea. Just let people have their thing JFC

>> No.8631895
File: 225 KB, 500x270, robo_clap.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8632031

Seriously. It's almost like people and their experiences are varied and different!

>> No.8632034
File: 1000 KB, 600x800, osea_chelleo07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man, chelle was such an inspiration to me as a newbie. She had such a way with coordinating things in a casual-but-not-lazy way.

>> No.8632035
File: 534 KB, 500x666, osea_chelleo08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More of chelle cuz she's such a qt3.14
Whatever happened to her, anyway?

>> No.8632036
File: 42 KB, 485x646, osea_chelleo05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8632037

No waaay! I mean if that's what she wants.

>> No.8632047

How long did it take you to make up that story?

>> No.8632055

I remember her saying somewhere that she gave up lolita for "religious reasons" but after leaving the fashion(s) (she wore fairy kei and otome as well as lolita) she was more into pastel goth and had a slightly harder look with piercings etc. so the nun story seems extremely unlikely to me.

>> No.8632223

Shelby... if you see this, I am so, so sorry. We hope you come back someday. As much peace as you can have.

>> No.8632423

I have her Facebook and she said she lost her house, and her uncle died too. Bad things always happens in groups. She seems to be strong, I'm hoping she'll be okay.

>> No.8632430

If you want to could you tell her that we love, miss her, and we are wishing her happiness.

>> No.8632439


>> No.8632448

I remember this! Also, this triggered a MASSIVE storm of remembering In The Starlight. It just blew my mind that there was a place to order even vaguely lolita looking shit directly. Easily.

>> No.8632457

There is nothing fugly about these boots. They look adorable to me.

>> No.8632473

Well anon, if i dare say, you kind of need rose tinted glasses for lolita anyway. Also oh dear, did someone peed in your morning cereals today perhaps? You sound quite upset.

>> No.8632511
File: 170 KB, 500x667, 1355641428425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the religious reasons is false. She just wasn't into the style anymore.

>> No.8632699

I wonder how people obtained their burando in old ages (early 2000s?), the few lucky ones. Maybe the shopping services were crazy expensive and too few to allow people into lolita burando. Most people were probably into handmade a lot.

>> No.8632703

Milky Fawn has said the old her was just a character, so this hipster minimalist weeb one is, too. I personally can't imagine making my online persona that fake. There's a little exaggeration in all Youtube personalities, but hers was just an image. I know what you mean about her switch, though. Her lack of attachment to her personas drives me crazy.

I got into lolita liking mostly gothic, but sweet and classic grew on me. I kind of stopped wearing gothic for the most part now and switched to sweet and classic, but I didn't kill my image overnight like she did and pretend that was the new me. I'm still as fond as I always was over my old stuff, I just tried new things too. The way she went total cluttered AP brandwhore to basic otome lover who likes minimalism comes off as insincere.

>> No.8632708
File: 699 KB, 596x900, cake_injection_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shopping services, mostly mai ozawa (like6m9 on ebay)

>> No.8633508
File: 107 KB, 375x500, Decololi-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn't this from that deco-loli period where Decora and Lolita merged into each other? Before everything became OTT I can remember this being around for a while.

>> No.8633517

Yes she is still around, but not posting much.

>> No.8633675

Mai Ozawa wasn't active that early. Most people who bought from Japan used Rinkya back then and it was super expensive. Very few people bought brand back then though. The first brand to ship internationally was Kazuko Ogawa but they were never very popular.

>> No.8633985


WOW Why did everyone hate her so much, what did I miss?

>> No.8634075

she and her sister used to be scene twats, come from a crazy/fucked up family, there's a lot that's happened over the years she has since been a kawaii elf doll princess or whatever.
It's really not hard to google this shit.

>> No.8634200
File: 2.10 MB, 456x336, file.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit like this I guess. And then she goes and gets modeling work amongst the very people she took the piss out of in pic related, supreme irony.

>> No.8634326

Isn't she banned from the sales comm?

>> No.8634329

I think the fact that a lot of people got into lolita because of anime/the cosplay community also dragged the general intelligence of the lolita community way down. I have been into lolita since about 2006 and noticed a direct correlation as cosplay became more popular and more cosplayers got into lolita.

>> No.8634369

Holy shit she lost her house? I thought she made bank? Wow... that really sucks.

>> No.8634383

This is true. It was also around the time visual kei got super popular. I remember a few goth publications putting out cringey articles on the two which can't have helped.

>> No.8634410

What the fuck?Is she having a multiple personality thing going on or some other mental disorder?It's really weird going so quickly into sweet OTT lolita from super plain boring style, also selling her entire wardrobe. Also this character thing is really odd. I always loved the same things more or less, but with the years girly and cute fashions grew up on me. I was a big tomboy but after i discovered japanese fashions, i appreciated lolita and otome. But first i didn't dare to dress lolita or any jfash because i had no personal income, i was dressing still with "mallgoth" items, less tomboyish and more girly. Gradually, i loved more lolita and when i finally had my money i bought some items. I'm building my casual wardrobe with only dresses, otome and lolita or cute random jfash.
My first lolita love was sweet, but gothic grew on me too. Now i love both, except the modern OTT gothic, i'm more a basic bitch .
I just get my jimmies rustled when i see these character assassinations, it seems pretty common on efame people. Like Pastelbat.
Rinkya is still expensive if i remember good.
For more deets check lolcow.farm. They still do weird shit and her sis is some bipolar delusional special snowflake spiritual girl, it's so funny to see that on her twitter.

>> No.8634414

I feel bad for saying this but I agree with you. There's nothing wrong with liking anime or cosplay but I feel like the influx of interest from those communities brought the quality of things down quite a lot. Of course I'm not saying everyone who got into Lolita from anime or cosplay was.is like this. Just, you know, in general.

>> No.8634429

It definitely felt more like a real fashion back in the day.

>> No.8634486

I miss this as well. This was definitely a pre-OTT thing and proves it can be done well here. It's kind of interesting how this isn't in pastels, but pinks and reds.

>> No.8634491

probably because it came from decora

>> No.8634613

I have an aunt with DID. It's quite a pain she says, but it wouldn't make you sell your wardrobe at the drop of a hat. Your interests don't drastically change like that permanently.

>> No.8634633

AYRT. The thing I get nostalgic about the most is how Lolita used to feel like a real and daily fashion. These days it feels like something you wear to cons or parties and not something you wear everyday. I know nothing is stopping me from wearing a more old-school style, and I've been working on turning my wardrobe into a more casual, daily style one, but I just miss the community as a whole feeling more "down to earth" I guess if that makes sense.

>> No.8634797

100% agree so much. Everybody's fighting to be epopular and who can fit the most ridiculous stuff on their headresses or who can put more make up on without looking like a clown. It just looks like a costume now, not a real fashion style.

>> No.8634847

I bet yes for your aunt, unfortunately also because it's a pretty rare disorder from what i have seen online. I know deets about some personality disorders, probably Milkfawn has one of these or she is bipolar?I always wonder how people could have these drastic changes overnight. I get really sad when people i like their styles don't post anymore pics of lolita because they suddenly changed style, sell everything (even room deco!!!) and create another persona. Now i remember another example, PastelCubes. She did fairy kei mostly, lolita not sure.

>> No.8634925
File: 135 KB, 468x700, tumblr_lw9l1cGmqZ1r7816oo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone remember what happened to Kaya, the little 4 year old girl whos mother made her lolita dresses? I think i came across her current twitter, but I can't find the link now.

>> No.8635200

Also it was pretty much people who had been to Japan or were friends with people who were teaching over there who would supply the burando. Yen used to be crazy expensive, too.

>> No.8635285

Isn't she Frilly Capricious?

>> No.8635302

Oh I see her and her mom regularly on AP more cuter releases. She's so damn spoiled and treats her mother like shit. The mother is quite bratty too. Always taking two hours to choose the color/cut they want, slowing up the line. I've seen her crying like a spoiled baby when she doesn't get what she wants.

>> No.8635310
File: 61 KB, 135x244, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like lolita personified tbh. Walking wannabe-princess complexes.

>> No.8635317

btw anyone know the password to their new fc2 blog? it says pretty dresses in romaji, but angelic oretty, lolita, anpri, angelicpretty don't work.

Wow that's news to me. damn interesting, thanks anon.

>> No.8635328

She's on instagram! I thought she was the girl from that photoshoot!

Her insta is f_Capricious, it's a shared account between the mum and daughter

>imagine sharing brand with your mum

>> No.8635395
File: 179 KB, 901x600, DDD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of her photographer friends just recently posted a photoshoot with Skye. I don't know if what she's wearing's indicative of her daily style now or anything, though

>> No.8635417

It's a common/widely used clothing word, either one that's pretty or used by AP. Like that and that and that...

I've tried basically everything I can think of, from pieces of clothing to adjectives, in both romaji and just plain English.

>> No.8635443

Every time someone criticizes nitpick culture, a piece of my cold heart melts a little. I can understand some nitpick to improve and kind of push the skill of the fashion, but when nitpick becomes ita or a coord is dismissed because something is "off" about it? It seems even more unattainable and I get salty over that.

More creativity needs to come back.

>> No.8635671

I forgot the name of the disorder, but there's a disorder where you can literally change overnight to impress others. Maybe she got new friends that aren't into lolita?

>> No.8635723

It's a bit shitty to be speculating on someone's mental health. You're not a doctor.

>> No.8636284

I never thought there was a specific disorder for that, i'm not sure if she has something or just a mentally healthy person that change too quick styles and personas. Having new friends that aren't into lolita doesn't change how you dress in my opinion, just dress lolita when you aren't with them or just i don't know.
Anon, i'm just speculating because isn't normal.I know i'm not a doctor, i see many efame people that do this and i wonder why.
I was thinking the same, Lolita is becoming less a real street fashion and more a costume contest, i suppose it's because cosplayers started to mingle with lolita comms and treat lolita as a more elaborate cosplay, trying to have efame like successful cosplayers.

>> No.8636388

Oh gosh yes it's Skye..
This style is so utterly boring it's so sad. I wonder why she ever left lolita in the first place actually.
Welp if she's happy that's great, but so boring...

>> No.8636392


i need more drama on this now, really

>> No.8636410

Whoa deets

>> No.8636426

>Anon, i'm just speculating because isn't normal.
That's the thing. You're speculating about something as stigmatized as mental illness, and it's a real life person on the other end. We don't know her personal life or reasons.

If I was speculating, I'd say a lot of efame people probably fall out of love with lolita and keep going because it's a major part of their life. Then they seem to drop out suddenly because they reach the point where they're sick of it enough to make losing that social group worth it and their mind's already moved to the next thing.

>> No.8636441

deets deets deets

>> No.8636445

she literally looks exactly like my mum.

>> No.8636449

19 or 20.

>> No.8636452


>> No.8636495

Her, but more often her minions, would call people who did "unladylike" things in lolita bad lolitas. The tried to tell people that they were giving lolita a bad name by being "unladylike" and not living like "princesses". There was a list made of behaviors that were unacceptable, things like swearing, drinking, smoking, or not being demure and cute when speaking etc. This is where the whole "why lolitas can't be lovelies" stuff became a thing. They took the lifestyle portion of lolita too far and tried to inflict it on people who didn't feel the same way. So, people started to counter with the fact that lolita was a fashion; just clothes. You wore the clothes, the clothes didn't wear you. There didn't need to be specific personality type or need to follow a conduct code in order to wear frilly clothes. Her and her little gang of overly prudish dreamers were their own downfall. There could have been a middle ground, but, they tried to push it on people who didn't feel the same way and there was backlash against the entire idea in general.

>> No.8636497

Smoking is bad, mkay.

>> No.8636613

That's really too sad. I honestly agree with her that I dislike ~unladylike behavior~ and am generally one of those types that comes off lifestyler unintentionally, but I don't think you can ever change people who see it as clothes.

I think a lifestyler should be content with others that see things like they do, in their own circle. If someone drinks, smokes, and curses in lolita, I'll honestly probably judge them silently, but I'm not going to attempt to convert them. That just comes off as rude and condescending in it's own way. I feel like there's room for middle ground more now without a huge e-famous lolita speaking for everyone.

>> No.8636698

That's what most people would think, but, when you have a person trying to shove sparkles and sunshine down your throat I think some people act even worse just to piss off those who would say something. That's pretty much what happened, as far as I remember. And I don't really blame anyone for reacting that way. I always saw lolita as "being yourself", and for some people that means looking cute and having a filthy mouth. Lolita has changed a lot over the years so it's easier to lament that Princess Portal has died with rose tinted glasses. I think this struggle has kind of gotten lost in the flux. People don't remember how obnoxious a lot of Skye's fans were. To the point of ridiculousness.

>> No.8636720

Tbh, both sides were equally obnoxious.

>> No.8636727

Oh, for certain. In hindsight it was all really childish from both extremes.

>> No.8637288

To be honest I think it looks good. It's understated, not boing. I like the combination of colors and the simple necklace. It's refreshing to see a t shirt that isn't a novelty print, too.

There's a lot of guesses as to why she left. She gave a few small bits if info about it but wanted to keep her reasons her own. I think it was a combination of not wanting so much attention anymore, wanting to get away from her past once she got older (I'm sure she felt embarrassed by her younger self, most all of us do), and when she started experimenting with new styles she found she liked them better. I don't think she felt like Lolita suited her anymore. It really can be difficult to wear compared to other clothes and I can understand why someone might leave the fashion for a reason as simple as that because I regularly think about it myself.

I don't remember her ever telling people they "must" behave a certain way. Her blog encouraged it, as a lifestyle blog, and she'd occasionally make a cute lifestyle post to LJ, but she wasn't telling people they "must do this if they want to be lolita" and if someone wasn't interested in the lifestyle thing they could have always not went back to her website. Her followers were awful at times though, some of them would be pretty rude even to her and a few of them felt they were entitled to her works and that she MUST do things to please them. I feel bad for her, she got such a huge following it's really no wonder she wanted to go in a new direction. I wish she wouldn't have gotten the hate for something other people were doing. You don't have control for other people's behavior unless they are your children, and even that is iffy at times.

>> No.8637410

I'm not that sane in mind as well, i knew many people with some mental disorder that were really problematic to me and other people, i'm a bit biased due to these bad experiences, sorry anon. These people probably were just tired of their efame, but i think lolita have to be something you can do by yourself and not caring about others. Lolita isn't only for cons or meets or just worn in Lolita friendly group, it's a fashion (of course if worn not OTT).
I thought she was older than me, i'm almost 25. >i'm glad i don't smoke

>> No.8637414

>mental disorder
>blah blah blah armchair diagnosing
tumblr out

>> No.8637443


>> No.8637451

>Is she having a multiple personality thing going on or some other mental disorder?

you don't need to have something wrong with you to have a style change or to drop a persona you used for a video series.

>> No.8637454

>I always wonder how people could have these drastic changes overnight.
people are different from you. modern neuroscience shows that identity isn't stable but alwayd in flux. maybe some people are more aware of this and okay with it than you are.

>> No.8637455

you have to find new reasons to wear lolita and be happy in it. I started finally getting active in my comm and it's been a riot

>> No.8637457

>ere's a disorder where you can literally change overnight to impress others.
Being stalked and harassed can also make you want to make a quick change.

>> No.8637458

Maybe she just has the money. Style changes can be much more sudden if you actually can afford it.

>> No.8637460

she got sick or someone in her family did? She got into a bit of trouble with not shipping for months at a time and no one hearing from her. I used to use her so hard 2007-2009

>> No.8637461

She's 22

>> No.8637648

Wow this is the first time seeing her in years..she looks so different with that laid back style. Any more pictures?

>> No.8637713

Because she is too busy being a ~real gamer gurl~ these days.

>> No.8637753
File: 129 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I follow her on Instagram. I think she still does Lolita stuff sometimes.

>> No.8637799

People have tried, they won't accept it because they don't want to hurt the fee fees of the other 'artist'

My queen. She's still cute, but with not bite so it's not the same.
I think it's creeping back in to fashion through the menhara/gurokawa thing

>> No.8637921

What is with the hatred of nitpick threads here? "Killing lolita"? Really? Yes, I think they are stupid too but I really worry about this generation.
What SHOULD be happening is that people need to woman the fuck up and realize that someone saying your shoes would look nicer if they were white instead of ivory is mildly thought provoking at best. Instead people are literally using this as an excuse to not post simple coords because they are "afraid."
What is wrong with everyone?

>> No.8637990

I don't mind nitpick threads but I don't think the problem is the critique, anon. It seemed to me that people didn't like them because what ended up happening is that Lolita became less of a fashion you can wear everyday and more of a costume because if all your browns don't match people will complain about it, which lead people to going very OTT with the fashion when it used to be worn pretty relaxed everyday. But it's so extreme that they feel like it's hard to wear it every day now.

>> No.8638011

oh gosh I remember being 14 or 15 and loving this girl's blog. PRobably why i like Peachie

>> No.8638134
File: 82 KB, 640x640, 11850035_178391765829793_422373323_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think so? Lately Andi turned into another Dakota clone.

>> No.8638150

if a lot of us don't like that, let's just change it.

also if this post bumps the thread then the 300 post bump cap may be gone. i notice it's not italicized.

>> No.8638154

yep! threads can officially go past 300 posts on /cgl/. what is the new bump limit? was the image cap increased too? and when did this happen??

>> No.8638185
File: 330 KB, 900x600, 1B6A8313-Edit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8638257

Wow she looks super pretty and simple... Like a main protagonist in a YA novel

>> No.8638294

aaand now it's back to a 300 bump limit. what kind of weird bug was that?

>> No.8638412

Whatever, usually i don't see people change all sudden so drastically.
Using lolita just for videos, now i get it why this change.

>> No.8638437

new thread?

>> No.8639282

This was the reason why I stopped wearing lolita. However, I didn't make the mistake of basing my entire identity around it, so it was more a case of buying/wearing different clothes than changing large portions of my life.

>> No.8639548

Wow, this looks like my can't-be-fucked-to-make-an-effort-but-don't-quite-want-to-wear-pajamas-outside style, except in a carrot colour scheme. Meh.

>> No.8640883

I remember following herajika's posts on d_l in 2011 when I got into the fashion. I follow her on instagram but she doesn't seem to wear lolita too often.

It's a shame, I viewed her as exactly how I wanted to look in the fashion.

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