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I want to buy this Atelier Pierrot jacket but am a little worried by the listed measurements. It says the bust is 84cm? I thought Pierrot was pretty roomy. That seems a lot lower than other outerwear measurements from them. Maybe it's the cut?

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Horror Garden is up on the AP site, but no products are listed. It hasn't been released yet and I've missed it, have i?

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AP Japan release is this weekend.

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Never thought I would have a size problem with Lolita. Most dresses I've owned have been much too big. I'm literally a normal sized girl.

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When measuring for a custom petti, to you measure the garments from the waist to bottom, regardless of if it hits you on your natural waist?

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I have the same problem, but I'm really small. Waist ties are your friend.

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Not unless you're going to wear it hiked up to wear the dresses waist hits. I would suggest measuring from your waist where the petticoat will sit naturally, otherwise it will ride down to your natural waist and be too long.

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Sorry. Mobile.

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Thanks a lot anon.

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Ive been waiting for horror garden for months! I even passed on the holy lantern mto for anticipation of thus shit and it wont be here till after halloween? Wtf ap?!

What's the japanese release time for it? Friday at noon? Saturday? Help a gull out! Im gonba be so pissed off if i skimped on HL to miss HG too!

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Fuck you Meta, I just got the Little Squirrel OP and OTKs a couple weeks ago, and now you're telling me if I had waited till this 30th to order I would've gotten the blanket too!

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Brand blanket? Fuck me up Meta. Kinds sucks how people bought the lucky packs and Little Squirrel series not too long ago and now bringing this out

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Holy balls I need my paycheck immediately.

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That's kind of the point of the novelty items, though. It's to help with sales between releases. I'm bitter too- I just got my Secret Laboratory haul today. Might spring for some pieces from Witch in the Forest.

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Check the main site (angelicpretty.com), that's where the poster showing all the dress cuts are always posted.

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Their shirred stuff (minus corset dresses) is damned roomy. Their more structured stuff is pretty snug, though.

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I made this hat for a Halloween coord. Concrit? My biggest thing is that the oranges don't go together, so I made a few bows with both the ribbon & the flowers for the actual dress to hopefully tie it together better.

I'm not really a crafter so this is my first time really dabbling in something like this.

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I am temporarily back to answer any non-vendetta questions about China, Chinese lolitas, recent e-drama, weibo, and taobao. Quick recap

>AP Shanghai is having a teaparty and there will be more limited special sets, including a not yet pictured Misty Sky SP.
>Lostnatsu is 6 months pregnant, it's a boy.
>Some richboi on weibo is making waves by doing reblog giveaways for lolita dresses, Miku Xperia phones, figures etc. Some shit going down with another lolita saying he's showing off, and then insinuating he's not as wealthy as her.
>SNH48 top 3 member who is also a lolita is a guest at the Baby teaparty, along with Midori and Akira
>AP teaparty has no guests except for designers (so far?)
>About 5000 shops and prints were revealed to be copied or traced pictures, including a prominent artist who has worked with multiple brands and for Nikki up2U
>Also Nikki up2U is embroiled in a PR battle with alleged points stealing and credit faking
>Nobody really cares about Horror Garden
>Lolita developers made a lolita app called "skirt" 裙摆. Accounts are invite code only and tied to weibo accounts. Main content currently includes reviews of certain items, daily coordinates, and lolita brand updates with links to taobao where possible. Currently on android and iOS but only in Chinese.

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> Misty Sky SP

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The mushroom caps remind me of penis heads, i bet that was intentional because meta

you have my devotion

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Can we get some caps of "skirt" and more info? Sounds fabulous.
Also any news on the Krad Lanrete tea party on Halloween?
Please bless us with juicy gossip CG-senpai.

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More deets on the special sets, please

And I'm sorta glad they don't really care for Horror Garden. More chances for me!

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Why does AP cater so hard to the Chinese Lolitas? There are so many of us in the US too and we never get special sets.

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It will be available for purchase at the teaparty and then open for online purchase by Shanghai store VIPs. I considered reserving Holy Lantern through the Shanghai store so I could get the VIP for the SP. But there's too many damn hoops to jump through so I just got it directly through AP online. Might get a friend to buy one for me instead. No pics yet, I'll update if I see anything. I wonder if it's going to be a new color or a new cut. But I can't imagine any new colors, maybe a gradient? But AP knows dem Chinese bitches love Misty Sky.

Eh my phone is dead right now. I'll post some screencaps later. There's no follow or search options right now, it's quite basic. There are 3 pages for Main, Review, and Coordinate. The main page is for updates and can be sorted by 国牌 (national (Chinese) brands), 日牌 (Japanese brands), and other. The Chinese brand section is quite handy because it lists whether the item is for preorder, final payment, or just preview and links to the taobao page. However we can't filter or follow certain brands/styles yet. A search option is coming. It's still quite laggy and buggy though, in its first version. No ads just yet. It's being run by a group of lolita programmers and IT professionals who work at ACfun, a Niconico-type Chinese video site. I've asked about international/English versions and they say they plan to release a language pack maybe in the future.

The KL teaparty is VIP and invite only through their private QQ groups. Nothing's been publicly posted about it. I'm honestly quite sick of their forced VIP and group restrictions lately.

I might post some screencaps and stuff later, but I don't want to get banned for vendetta again especially since I paid for this pass (and the previous one too).

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Well anon does your country have 1 billion people who live right next to Japan?

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Most people are shitting themselves over the Baby teaparty limited dresses, the ones that are like 2000USD. Between that and Holy Lantern most people are pretty broke, so it's actually a good time to scoop up some has-been popular series or too hyped prints for cheap. There's been tons of Castle Mirage and Luminous Sanctuary cropping up.

Because there simply isn't a large enough market in the US. Just by sheer numbers even if 0.0005% of the population bought lolita, China simply has more people. Add that to the growing middle class, a more pervasive idol and kawaii culture, and the fact that purchasing from brands is much easier in China. The Chinese SS market is cuthroat right now because so many people are clamouring for an already crowded market. When Holy Lantern was released all the SS's were falling over each other to offer better and better deals to get larger volumes of orders. They make their money off of the Union Pay 5% discount, student discounts, points, and secretly discussed rebates from the shop girls.

A few examples of some of the deals being offered by SS's for Holy Lantern and the Baby reservations
>Free international shipping
>No SS or handling fees
>Only 5% fee for instalments until next February, with a 500rmb (80usd) downpayment
>Lottery for girls who reserve with us, 1 girl will get her order for free!


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I think that's just how mushrooms are shaped.

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heh exactly

This is because most Chinese lolitas are quite young, under 20. So many don't have international credit cards necessary for ordering direct. The SSs fill the void by taking care of the bank transfers, the credit cards, and the shipping. All the transactions are done through taobao and weibo like regular domestic shopping. Imagine if you could place brand orders through a service on eBay or Amazon. Except in China eCommerce is much more pervasive and quintessential than eCommerce anywhere else in the world. With Alipay you can pay your credit card, your bills, your taxes, gas and electric and internet, register for a hospital appointment. On Taobao or any of the hundred eCommerce malls and sites you can buy literally anything. Reserve a manicure who comes to your house, buy fresh Boston lobster delivered live, order industrial machinery, or even a virtual date who greets you every morning and wishes you good night.

The point is, there are many, many more girls in China who are willing to spend the money on brand. And there is the infrastructure in place that makes it easy even for 14 year olds to buy brand. I see on here all the time "I don't have a credit card", "I have to go to the post office to deposit into my Paypal", "How do I navigate this brand site?" Chinese girls don't have to. I have a relative who lives in a podunk tiny town, she's in her teens I think? In America or Europe a girl in a small town would have an extremely difficult time buying any type of lolita clothes. They would have to go into town even to find a Hot Topic or whatever. However in China if you have an internet connection, you can do most anything.

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Here's the full size poster from AP Shanghai's weibo.

>Shanghai store member limited
>3rd Anniversary Special Events
>3rd Anniversary time limited pop-up store
>October 30th Fri - November 1st Sun, 10am - 10pm
>All purchases of >2000rmb get a Celestial series limited SP can badge
>Purchases >1200rmb get a random picture file
> >500 get a postcard

>Event schedule
>Oct 30th Photography Event
>from 11 am to 3pm, Please pick up your photography reservation forms at the door
>Oct 31st New item sales
>Including Holy Lantern, Dolly Cat, Whip Jacquard series
>Nov 1st Special set and Regular sales
>Dramatic Rose SP 1000rmb (4 colors), Wonder Gallery SP 1500rmb (1 color)
>Regular sales
>Fairy Tale Forest, Flower Fairy, Sugary Carnival, University Series

>Oct 31st guests will get a free photography session
>Original design wigs are sponsored by Monkeep taobao store, styling and clothes will be provided by AP Shanghai.
>Oct 30th 5:30pm - 8:30 pm Angelic Pretty Designed Asuka will display new end of year designs.

1. Only customers wearing authentic Angelic Pretty items are invited to attend this event
2. The sales events will include raffle tickets, please take your numbered tickets and line up accordingly
3. Because items are limited, each guest is limited to 1 set each.

https://hjjymm.taobao.comstore The taobao wig store in question. It's the competing store to DreamHolic.

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CG, has there been any talk about Krad's failed UK store/orders and the girls who basically scalped and took off with a bunch of European girls' money?

>> No.8691452

Wow damn
They're re-releasing Sugary Carnival just for China? Will the end-of-year designs be seen in China then, before even the big Tokyo party in Dec?

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No, Chinese lolitas don't know or care about overseas comms. They don't even care about Japanese lolitas outside of the industry relevant models and magazine spreads. On 4chan and in the west there is a distinct feel that people are interested in the social interactions of different countries (i.e. how Russians are much more strict about style, or the different types of meets people go to). In China they will look at how people dress, and how fat/skinny/pale they are, but not really care about the drama. Unless it concerns them. Like the last international drama that made waves was how Ista Mori was selling their Nameless Poems for 200+ USD on Clobbao, and the domestic price was about $50. However nobody was really pissed about the foreigners being scalped. It was mainly people being upset about the overseas only grey colorway.

I don't think they'll show anything that hasn't been previewed in Kera, but I might be wrong. Like how they showed the Fairy Tale Forest print completely unannounced before. Mostly it'll be the winter Chess print and the Teddy Bear one I think. It's tomorrow so I'll be free to live-post it from weibo. I'm sure they're saving the big whoppers for the Tokyo tea party though, like last year. Damn it's been a whole year since then huh? Like Milky Cross has been released twice in a year. Trippy.

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Is gossip more of a taboo in chinese society or something?

>> No.8691472

No. It's the national past-time really. It's just that it's all internal. Most people don't speak English, and the country's so big nobody really cares about what happens overseas. The language barrier and the great firewall means nobody has access to Facebook, LJ, or Tumblr. Chinese girls are much more vicious when it comes to gossip. I got nermahammed before simply by translating a whole bunch of gossip and conveying the general opinion. But then again the general opinion of the general populace isn't that enlightened.

This internalization manifests itself everywhere. If you go to school in a predominantly Asian area you'll know. They don't socialize with outsiders even if their parents spent a fortune sending them overseas to learn English. There's a blog for overseas Chinese students, and so much of it is rampant xenophobia. "Why is she socializing with the demon folk 鬼佬? She has nothing in common with them. Does she think she's too good for us? The white people won't take her seriously anyway, they just think of her as some sort of pathetic clown. You need to rejoin the Chinese clique, only we know what's good for you." Other funny stories like a girl who went to the US for University, and an estranged middle school classmate (male) sent her all these texts after seeing her photos on facebook.

>why are you hanging out with these white men
>they are monkeys, they just want to have sex with you, they will rape you
>why are you wearing make-up
>why are you wearing all these revealing clothes
>you used to be such a nice girl
>why are you such a skank now
>only skanks wear make-up
>you need to come back to China
>it's okay I will forgive you if you can go back to being a good Chinese girl


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Oh man, I had no idea they were so xenophobic. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing...

>> No.8691488

Yea that's the thing. It all happens in Chinese so nobody knows. And Chinese people are extremely reluctant to convey anything personal in English. There's also a ton of shit about people who stay with host families in the US, Canada, or Australia; and have ridiculous basic problems just because they refuse to communicate or don't know how to communicate to the Westerners.

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>those fucking texts
hahahaha, my chinese friends in school would say the same shit to me and actually look down on me for wearing lolita- i still laugh about it. now they all pretend to like me and my "weird fashion" because i work for a prestigious company.

CG, do you think chinese comms would judge visiting foreigners harshly? in general i've been judged on my chinese a lot more than anything else.

>> No.8691500

Can confirm rampant Chinese xenophobia. It's very strange being a white blonde girl with blue eyes in China. When I studied there, people would shit talk me in Chinese to my face because they thought I wasn't able to understand it. (not to mention all the picture taking.)

Btw, it's really nice to see you back, Chinesegossip. I enjoy reading our updates and perspective. I do kind of have the same question as >>8691489 does, though.
I'm kind of scared of ever wearing Lolita over there. I feel like I don't measure up to the Chinese lolitas.
>tfw so shy in general and especially about speaking the language you stumble over all your words and embarrass yourself constantly

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CG, what are the chances of someone wearing a replica to this event?

>> No.8691517

I'm a tree in the wind, so nobody even tries to say that shit to me cause I'll laugh in their faces and shoot it down straight away. Even relatives and gossipy aunties.

>Oh CG you need a man to tell you what's right and wrong! Children just won't do right without a father figure!
>Just cause he's got a cock doesn't mean he's better than anyone.
Nobody gives me shit ever again.

If you're skinny, pretty, can dress well (i.e. wear a matching brand set with no knees or shoulders) they will fall over for you. Even if they don't like you they will never say it to your face. You don't have to speak much Chinese, and the little that you do they will find incredibly amusing. However don't expect them to include you in conversations or make too much of an effort to talk to you. They might selfie with you a lot if you're pretty. The average Chinese lolita is super shitty at styling themselves and wearing make-up, so don't worry.

Incredibly slim to none. Shanghai is one of the richest cities in China, and Shanghai people are notoriously shallow and face-value. I've also said before that the consumers of replica lolita clothing are almost entirely separate from the actual lolita communities. It's the cosplayers and soft sisters buying the replicas. The community as a whole is pretty strict about shaming those who claim to be lolita but buy replicas. They're a little more slack about shoes and purses, but it's starting to become unacceptable too. A lot of local city lolita teaparties are actually also enforcing a no print replica rule. Often in the terms of ticket sales it will say "only authentic lolita clothing may be worn to this event, violators may be declined at the door". So far there hasn't been any big drama with people showing up to tea parties that had a rule in replicas. There's a big shame element.

>> No.8691520

Going to bed. Up in 11 hours to live-blog the Shanghai AP event. See you all tomorrow (or tonight for the North-Americans).

>> No.8691521

Holy cow, I just realized that the Milky Cross OP has pockets.

Bless AP

>> No.8691544

Can the Chinese SS take on western orders too?

>> No.8691568

Thanks for all your insight CG, this is all really fascinating.

>> No.8691647

Does anyone have any pics of the HG jsk or op in white?

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Horror Garden might be nice, but who's hyped for Chess Emblem?

>> No.8691660

maybe it's just me being autistic, but does anyone else find it vaguely annoying that they decided to go for an witch school-themed shoot for a chess print?

>> No.8691663

Harry Potter wizard's chess inspired?

>> No.8691673

I fucking love it but I doubt I will be able to get the JSK in navy x red in the bloodbath.
I messaged every SS I know of in early August when I saw it but they were already full.

>> No.8691759

might be the cut. That looks like it's meant for EGA.

>> No.8691775

>>Free international shipping
>>No SS or handling fees
>>Only 5% fee for instalments until next February, with a 500rmb (80usd) downpayment
>>Lottery for girls who reserve with us, 1 girl will get her order for free!
fuck give me the links to these SS i would use them for one of the Baby reservations

>> No.8691825

>I messaged every SS I know of in early August when I saw it but they were already full.
wow, i didn't expect it to be that popular?? that's Horror Garden level even with it losing hype

>> No.8691829

>No knees or shoulders
can you explain more?
do you mean not showing knees?
shoulders? not showing either or not big shoulders?? I have big shoulders...

>> No.8691853

Not too tall and not too big I suppose

>> No.8691884

To compete with Meta

>> No.8691928

Speaking of which, have people gotten their Secret Laboratory stuff yet? I didn't expect it to be made of chiffon since it's a fall release.

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Another bilingual lolita chiming in. The skirt app is pretty shit at the ootd department, lots of unstyled hair and gross styling, and is pretty much only useful for the taobao brand update (which isn't a lot). There can be occasional good coords, but it's one in every ten coords posted.
The repo section can be useful, but without a search function you get flooded with people asspatting taobao brands.

>> No.8692126

Hey if ever get kicked, please post on lolcow. The other board sucks.

>> No.8692168

Does Baby send you an email once they've gotten your payment? I paid for my Favorite Ribbon reservation a few days ago(I've already notified them too) and I haven't received any word from them yet.

>> No.8692172

Nope. They only time they've contacted me after payment that wasn't for shipping was when I specifically sent an email saying "I've sent payment from [email protected]___, transaction ____". Even then, it was just "Thank you, we'll contact you with your shipping info soon."

>> No.8692219

I assume showing none.

>> No.8692230

The same as any other lolita community.. Wear a blouse or something to cover your shoulders and if your skirt is above your knees, wear stockings/socks.

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It's called Misty Sky Stella OP Set

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>hate misty sky
>see this
>fall in love
AP why?

>> No.8692249

is anyone else having issues trying to place a deposit on fromjapan right now? there's something I wanna put a bid on now, grr.

>> No.8692260

holy jesus anon ... this cut is everything ...

>> No.8692261

I put in a deposit yesterday without a problem, what kind of error are you getting?

>> No.8692264

Has AP mentioned anywhere at what time specifically they'll be releasing Horror Garden?

>> No.8692274

either noon Japan time today, based on their normal release time, or that same time tomorrow I would guess.

>> No.8692277

Have you been to any of these sort of events in China? I'm mostly curious as to what the lolitas are like. Can they speak English/Japanese? Are the tea parties mostly conducted in Chinese with a translator for the guests?
I've considered moving to either Shanghai or Beijing for work (my architecture firm has offices there), but I don't know the language (though obviously I'd try to learn). Idgaf about a community, but it would be shit if the tea parties were even inaccessible due to the language barrier (only know English and Japanese).

>> No.8692279

perhaps my internet connection is too slow? (in the room I'm in I'm kinda far away from the wireless router so the wifi is a bit shoddy) at first I was able to get to paypal, but then it wouldn't complete the payment. I would hit make payment or w/e but it wouldn't redirect to FJ, it would just reload the page. then I tried again by starting over from the beginning, but it wouldn't even redirect me from FJ to paypal. it just would keep loading or at one point I did get some kind of error message.

>> No.8692290

That sounds like it could be a possibility. Try clearing your browser's cache files (CRTL + SHIFT + DELETE) or (CMD + SHIFT + DELETE). Select all the options but the browser history option. If on IE, do not select the first checkbox. After it's completed, close the browser and reopen it.

Let me know if that works.

>> No.8692301

Bless op, borzois are my favorite dogs

>> No.8692342

I had my Dream Sky for a year before I realized it had pockets. Dem chiffon dresses be tricky.

Sure, you have to be able to communicate in Chinese and make payments through Alipay though. Some also take PP but there are usually higher fees for that.

I think I should like that dress but for some reason I don't? It's got all the motifs and colors that hit the spot like with Lucky Key and Wonder Queen, but it's just too busy.

Just not blouseless or sock-less. Basically don't be a huge ita, even basic bitch coords will be ok.

Yup, that's about it. You really get to see the general quality of Chinese lolitas, and it's pretty low.

Maybe. Does it require email registration n shit?

Well y'all don't need me anymore huh? It's damn cute. I already have Misty Sky in 3+ colors & cuts but still want want want. The collar is mega kawaii, but it looks like it'll be really unflattering on girls who aren't stick thin.

Probably noon Japan time tmr. Same as usual. Bit pissed they're releasing a Halloween print right on Halloween day. The rest of us won't be getting it until November.

>> No.8692348

Brand teaparties with overseas guests are really rare. The general consumer level of lolitas in non-first tier (Shanghai, Beijing) cities is still quite low. In the brand name ones the teaparties are conducted in Chinese with translators for the guests. But many lolitas already speak Japanese anyway. You can learn Chinese for basic communication, but there's a lot of slang that is used in lolita so it might not help you much. We have our own names for dress prints, and barely anybody knows the English names. If you can communicate in Japanese that's a plus.

What you really want info on is the local tea parties. These are organized by comm leaders, once a year or seasonally (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) It will most likely be a packaged semi-cheap afternoon tea set at some out-of-the-way cafe. The food won't be too classy (chips, crappy cake stand, wings, pizza), think children's party food. The price will be about 100rmb (>20usd) for a ticket. In Shanghai they might have gatherings at a hotel for tea or something, but it's usually just a small clique doing things together outside of the comm structure. It's bizarre how they will spend thousands on a dress, but moan about more than 50USD for an event. Scheduled events usually include photos, chatting, small gift exchange, and if you're lucky a fashion show or booths from local brands.

I have a dream of organizing one of those huge lolita conventions in China. Unfortunately everyone is so cheap they would never fork out a few thousand for a weekend of scheduled events. Maybe when I go overseas?

>> No.8692387

I am. I hope its not too bloodbath though

>> No.8692398

Hi CG-sama! I love you, so glad you're back. Come talk to us more often! A while back you talked about Lydia, a rich Chinese lolita. I saw some pictures of her mansion, jesus it's huge. Do you know what her parents do for a living? How old is she, and does she have any siblings?

Is Melva Yan dating a swedish boy? She always selfies with him. Do you happen to know what her parents do also?

>> No.8692405

>Maybe. Does it require email registration n shit?

No it does not. It's lolcow.farm. Just post on /snow/ - flakes & mistakes since that's the board we talk about minor drama stuff.

>> No.8692406

I agree with the oranges not matching but it looks great otherwise!

>> No.8692487

I'm so happy you've returned.

>> No.8692496

Thanks so much for posting, CG. I always look forward to your presence.

>> No.8692544

this is probably a really dumb question, but is there a way to view all listings by a single seller on lacemarket? i see people saying 'check out my other listings' but can't figure out how to just view their listings like I would on ebay

>> No.8692554

Click on their username that's next to their feedback numbers, then scroll to the bottom of the next screen. If they have any other listings, they'll all be there.

>> No.8692555

thank you!

>> No.8692586

OMG chiffon. I like it more, then. So jelly

>> No.8692716

Do any oldfags by chance have old secrets saved they could share? Like, I mean from the old loli secrets on LJ that no longer exists. I remember some real gems. My favorite was this one about a girl killing the cat she was baby sitting because it puked on her Innocent World. It got like 300 replies and people freaking out about it elsewhere.

>> No.8692801

What are some sites besides weibo and baidu where chinese lolitas gather online and discuss the fashion?

Also, is there a chinese equivalent to lolibrary, or any place where they archive old stock pictures?

>> No.8692807

Thank you for the very detailed and informative reply. I will now be directing my jelly and anger away from Brands and China and be angry that we don't have such a good online commerce infrastructure in the US. Most of our shit already comes from China anyway, why can't they make it simpler to buy.

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On phone so cba to trip. Just gonna post some pics from weibo and the photography shoot and the pop up store.

>> No.8692821
File: 67 KB, 720x540, img-18253b3702b317862f1879972ba2c938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8692822
File: 58 KB, 720x540, img-b589c6661bb290b468e5be02ed1676d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8692823
File: 95 KB, 720x960, img-caafbbfeae7a26bd6309a0f123c91af9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder where the models are from? I dont recognize any of them but they look Japanese? Did AP bring their own (unlikely), hire Japanese models in Shanghai, or just style Chinese models in a Japanese way?

>> No.8692825
File: 80 KB, 720x960, img-c43ede9994536ea2f76b193b07017614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8692826
File: 43 KB, 720x720, img-840704565450867742eb2154ac433d30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8692827
File: 29 KB, 479x640, img-22f33831fe80b69d04785c121f881c96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8692830
File: 37 KB, 640x640, img-6aad4f5d452afd87b8d752d11ad3a9e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently the photographer was very professional, gave good shooting directions and posing instructions.

>> No.8692832
File: 34 KB, 480x640, img-fca083df854b4ca0900fad2cab264fd9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont know if these are new prints or what. From the wallpaper and lamp it does look like AP.

>> No.8692833
File: 56 KB, 720x720, img-87cea1d61bd04fc6b25756a0fe92966f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8692836

the left dress reminded me of a taobao dress

>> No.8692837

That looks like To Alice's physical shop. You can see pictures of their store on their Taobao page. It looks the same.

>> No.8692843
File: 114 KB, 720x960, img-f820d3a00824878904bf9c45606e10f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The area was closed off to outsiders to avoid bystanders snapping photos. Chinese people are really rude about that. We will see tomorrow if it really is a private event. Apparently a bunch of normies were clamouring about the "cosplayers" and some aunties reading the posters about the teaparty tomorrow. We will see if the aunties try to crash the party.

>> No.8692845

I was right.
Left dress sauce:

Right dress sauce:

>> No.8692849

Thanks for telling me. I dont follow the soft sister brands

>> No.8693233
File: 25 KB, 592x233, secret honey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a 90cm bust and a 70cm waist, will I need to order an M or an MT size?

>> No.8693245

I wore lolita to classes today cause I figured what the hell. I knew I was gonna get a bunch of "nice costume" comments but I still wanted to REEEEEEEE when people said it. I degraded myself and shamed mana and misako at one point just shrugged and told someone "yeah, I'm a bat girl" (was wearing that antique beast headdress) when I had to get to class really quickly. I have no one else to blame but myself for this hell.

But actually it was pretty alright, I got a lot of comments and explained the fashion to some people and I got a few people who knew what it was. I ran into a few weebs though. Got some cringe comments lol.

Anyone else wear lolita to work or school today or planning on it tomorrow? Tell me all the dumb questions and cringey comments or weeb horror stories you've got.

>> No.8693250

It's best that you're like 4-5 or so cm under the measurements of anything you're buying. Unless MT size is gonna be like 10+ cm, I would go for MT just to be safe. It's easier to fix something if it's too big.

>> No.8693253

I'm not wearing it to school or work but there's a general J fashion meet up that I'm going to in the spirit of halloween. I feel like it'll be a good time to go out in lolita for the first time since i wont feel too weird dressed up.

>> No.8693255 [DELETED] 

wait i thought lostnatsu just turned 16 like a year ago i'm so confused. before that i thought she was in her mid 20's..

>> No.8693276

What does lostnatsu do for a living? I feel dumb for not noticing that she was pregnant earlier.. she looks great. so jelly of her lifestyle

>> No.8693289


Congrats anon! If only I had half your courage.

I wanted to wear lolita to work and call myself mary poppins (I had the hat, coordinate, jacket, everything). Alas, I also had a test that day so I decided against it because I wouldn't be comfortable for the test.

It was a pediatric clinic so of course everyone was dressed up crazy that day. So many ragrets.

>> No.8693296
File: 144 KB, 326x294, jetj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sort of new to JetJ and was thinking of buying a JSK from them, but the prices kind of confuse me. Would you say JetJ is a higher end brand than most? Do they generally use better materials than others? Some of their dresses are about twice as much as other brands and I've never heard why they're specifically one of the most expensive lolita brands.

>> No.8693297

Seconding this.

>> No.8693304

I'm planning on going to the local botanical gardens dressed in lolita for a date. Will report back if I get any weird comments.

>> No.8693308

No, they are not. I think these are more expensive because it's a collab or they might be actually higher quality for once.

>> No.8693317

Do you know what that dress is on the far right in the back row? Is it a new release?
I have a mighty need.

>> No.8693340

They've been raising their prices more recently, but the quality is the same if not worse. Some people argue that it's because of the economy, or what >>8693308 said. Even their non-collab items have been ~50k+ yen though

>> No.8693347
File: 68 KB, 720x960, 12108827_457096154462982_4316511633472268660_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AP's Elizabeth Unicorn.

Sorry for double post

>> No.8693355
File: 1.61 MB, 336x167, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sage for not really contributing.
Thank you so much!! I have no idea how I missed this print. To B/S/T!

>> No.8693372

It hasn't even been released yet...

>> No.8693379

wore casual ouji, a teenager complimented my vest while shopping.

>> No.8693425

Whenever I wear a petti out for lolita or otome, people always come up to me calling me Alice. I had one guy say that it must be fate because his favorite book was Through the Looking-Glass. Then he gave me one of those awkward hi-fives where the persons hand lingers for a moment as if they just wanted an excuse to touch you. It was weird.

I also had one guy come up to me during a school show and ask me if I was a lolita. When I said yes, he said he found lolitas hot and wouldn't stop staring at me. My friend caught him trying to get a peek under my dress as I bent down to fix my shoe.

Otherwise, I usually get a lot of positive feedback since I live in a city with a large arts-based community. Normies love casual JFashion and otome. I wore an Axes Femme outfit to work today and I had a few people randomly stop me to tell me I looked cute.

>> No.8693443

I have a question for those who have had bad experiences with AP's customer service. My situation is:
>try buying horror bat bag, first purchase on my AP JP account
>fuck it up, choose wrong payment option, literally can't pay no matter what
>email them to have it switched
>never receive any type of response from them
>log into my account just fine today
>no orders in history, just like it never happened, all else is well with the account

Shouldn't I have been banned for making that mistake or...? I never heard anything from them; they never answered my email, never told me I was fucked, or that my order was canceled, it's like it never happened. I'm wanting to purchase something from them, but I'm curious to see what happens next.

>> No.8693470

U srs? US is full of fat poorfags, China is full of girls who fit brand and have cash to blow.

>> No.8693476

Has anyone ever bid on something that had no proof pictures on y!ja or mbok? How'd that work out for you?

>> No.8693477

Yup, got it on Thursday. I'm loving the chiffon since summer is coming in the southern hemisphere.

>> No.8693480

I bid on a milky chan coat with no proof and it came to me with stains and without the Cape and hood part. Don't fucking do it.

>> No.8693482

I did for a mbok auction for Dolly Cat jsk and otks. Turned out fine, brand new with tags and the otks were still in the packaging. You can get a ss to send them a message to put up a proof picture.

>> No.8693483

I love Meta and not so much AP, but let's be honest, there isn't any competition

>> No.8693486

I bid for a full AATP Lost Paradise set and in the end it was great; everything came new with tags. I don't get why Japanese sellers are allowed to do that, but they do. You could win you could lose, decide if you want the item bad enough to take the risk.

>> No.8693501

I bid on a Dream sky JSK with no proof pictures (it was a BIN for about half of what it normally sells for). I read in the description that the front bow had come off the dress at one part, so I knew what I was getting into. The seller's feedback was great (not that that means much on mbok - it lets you delete bad feedback iirc), so I went for it. It was pretty awesome. The damage wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be - I just had to sew one corner of the bow back down and it was fine. Also the seller included the matching scrunchie.

>> No.8693544
File: 167 KB, 616x692, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always wanted a briar rose brand dress
>to my knowledge it didn't exist
>discover secret honey's disney collabs
>find pic related
It just had to look like something you could find at primark for £8...and someone's asking 30k+ yen for it on yahoo.

>> No.8693550

Hey gulls! For a buisness class of mine we have to design an app and I made one with you gulls in mind. I'm going to need some "primary data" to prove that my app is something that would fill needs my target market has, so I made a survey.

Would anyone mind taking it and helping a fellow gull out?

>> No.8693552

>not this shit again

>> No.8693558


I'll put that one down as a no salt-chan.

>> No.8693560

I've got nothing better to do.

>> No.8693566



Thank you! This is really a big help, it's super general and quick, I appreciate it a lot.

>> No.8693571


>> No.8693576
File: 266 KB, 384x288, Thank You.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.8693591

I've never heard of AP banning people - just BTSSB and IW.

>> No.8693607


They were probably still super backed up from all the holy lantern shenanigans. Probably had so many people with issues they just let it slide

>> No.8693611

When I put items in my cart on the AP website, do they stay there until I check out? Or can someone grab them out with a big release?

>> No.8693612

The AP Japan online store has certainly banned people before, but I have only seen it from people trying to cancel their orders. I was just trying to change a payment method on mine and didn't want a cancellation, so I think they just let it go and canceled that order, based on what the other anon said.

That makes sense, whew. Looks like I really lucked out. So far everything looks to be functioning fine, but we'll see if they catch it later down the line or something.

>> No.8693614

Someone else who pays first will get them. They aren't yours until you check out & pay.

>> No.8693629
File: 30 KB, 600x455, 6da899c45fe9fff89352546a7b262c00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It will empty if someone else buys it before you checkout

>> No.8693634

Niggas take this survey it's like 6 super fast questions and nothing to sign in/up for.

>> No.8693635

I have 10 months (in a row) worth of 2013-2014 Kera. Is it worth listing them either together or apart? Or just listing ones that might have popular AP releases?

>> No.8693640

Alright. Thank you!

>> No.8693641


>> No.8693653

>(not that that means much on mbok - it lets you delete bad feedback iirc)

Can anyone confirm?? WTF is the point of feedback, then...

>> No.8693720

Didn't get the red Horror Garden OP. Hopefully I will have better luck on the US website

>> No.8693722

Same here.
Fuck this, seriously. It's always the same with AP, I am beyond pissed.

>> No.8693723

Had the white OP pulled from my cart at the very last step. I'm locked in for red OP with my SS, though, so there's that. If I get a white one from US, then I'll be getting rid of the red. I'll post it here!

>> No.8693725

Hey gulls, does the Secret Lab OP stretch much? I see that there's partial shirring at the back. My bust is 95cm.

>> No.8693726

I never ever buy new releases second hand.

>> No.8693728

Yea, that's exactly what happened to me. I was at the last step and then gone

>> No.8693731

She's a primary or middle school teacher in Singapore, her husband also works but idk what. I think he's an engineer but I could be wrong.

Just found out the models are regular Chinese lolitas, and probably volunteered for the fashion show. AP did the styling and make-up so that's why they look like Japanese models. Their walking is so awkward though lol.

Could've gotten the black OP but I stalled. Didn't really want it that much anyway. Pissed that there aren't that many of the bat clips, none in-store either. I want to buy like 10 of each color.

>> No.8693734

This is what happens to me every time. EVERY TIME.
It's in the middle of the fucking night, I set my alarm to get up, I feel awful, all I want is to purchase a dress, and it's always 100% pure frustration.
I am conditioned to hate AP because I can never just make a purchase, no, it's always suffering.

>> No.8693735
File: 114 KB, 1244x666, 0062PBRtjw1exab00gr2pj30yk0iiq5t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are people buying replicas and posting them on mbok yahoo auctions now. Be careful.

>> No.8693738
File: 185 KB, 750x1334, 67aaabe9gw1exeuxsuiyjj20ku112q7s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's also a girl who bought Melty Cream Donuts and it had the authentic label and care label sewn onto it as well. It was from a second hand store, and she bet they got sold it by a Chinese girl who brought it to Japan. When they realized it was a fake they listed it anyway.

>> No.8693740

I am happy.

I am not into the dress at all, but I really wanted the accessories.

Not sure how the bracelet sold out so fast but I managed to snag the ring, necklace and socks which is what I wanted.

>> No.8693743
File: 378 KB, 1600x1200, 67aaabe9gw1exev8x9qs7j218g0xctix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She contacted her SS and the SS contacted the police as fraud. The Japanese police took up the case, and the seller disappeared with the account. She eventually did get a refund.

>> No.8693744

Okay, enjoy not having it, I guess? I'll be posting it at retail/whatever I paid if I end up with two because I don't give a fuck about pulling a profit and would rather just sell it fast.

>> No.8693748

At least you're not trying to make a profit, but still, I just want to be able to buy it from AP.
I don't get why it has to be like this release after release after release.

>> No.8693750

I'm just saying right now I would be more than happy to take it off your hands.

>> No.8693752

I don't either, but I guess a couple releases haven't been like this. Classic Fairy Tales, Victorian Tassel, and even the new chocolate print were pretty much all flops. AP isn't the best brand by far, but their popularity is insane, even when their quality isn't.

>> No.8693754

I'll keep everyone posted; if someone wants to drop a throwaway then you'll get dibs.

>> No.8693755

The black bodices threw me off on the JSK, so I went after all the accessories for holy lantern

>otk in white
>necklace in ivory and black
ring in black

>> No.8693756

I love that this analogy works in every medium.

>> No.8693758

[email protected]

>> No.8693760

Those mis-matched bodices looked really awkward, IMO. They took a while to sell and for good reason; only the black looked good.

>> No.8693761


Got it! I'll email you if I get two, if I don't then you won't hear anything from me. Thanks!

>> No.8693762

Oh well, it's like this for everything I would like to buy.
There's still hope for an mto I guess... I haven't bought anything from them in such a long time because all the stuff I want is pulled from my cart each and every time I am trying to order it.
And honestly, I love their stuff but I'm so bummed out each time that it makes me not want to order from them anymore.

>> No.8693763

Sounds great! Thanks!

>> No.8693764

Honestly, if they just do an MTO then they wouldn't have this problem

>> No.8693766

One SS got me the red op, chibi might have gotten me the black jsk, if the first anon doesn't send you an email, I'll send you a email too. Please keep an eye out on the gen threads in the future once I get them in the mail or something. I am based in Aus tho, so if you're okay with shipping from this shit hole down under.

Does one consider SS fees in this or..?

>> No.8693768

And they also wouldn't have the problem of flops.

>> No.8693770


>> No.8693771

How long does it usually take to hear back from Chibi on what she got?

This is my first time reserving something with her and I don't know when I should ask or if she'll let me know right away/relatively soon.

>> No.8693774

Anon with the throwaway email posted. Please do feel free to email me if you get both & decide to part with one. Both of those are colorways/cuts I'd be interested in so whichever is great. ! I'm also happy to pay your SS fees & the Aus shipping costs (I'm in the USA)

>> No.8693779

... If I leave you my email, would you tell me who your SS are?

>> No.8693787

If you email her she can tell you. I did about 3/4 hours after the HL blood bath and she told me. I jumped the gun and just emailed her now, hopefully I didn't sound too rude.

I've saved your email on my throwaway email

My SS's are pretty well known. I just got lucky with getting a spot with them early is all.

>> No.8693789

Let us know what she says! I think I'll wait another hour or so before I ask, but I may go ahead once she replies to you. I want to hear how successful she was at getting everyone's stuff.

>> No.8693801

Posting in the general in hopes that Bread-chan sees this.


It isn't my listing, but dang this print is cute

>> No.8693825

posts above and previous HL drama has got me thinking:

what everyone's opinion on people reserving spots with multiple shopping services and then ending up with multiple dresses later? obviously AP can't easily enforce this/investigate this in same way as they can the 1 per household rule.

>> No.8693834

I personally think it's bs of people reserve multiples with other SS. Most especially when they literally do that to scalp

>> No.8693850

I usually reserve a spot with Chibi and then try on my own. Idk if that's still "playing fair", but I've only wound up with duplicates once (and I kept both anyway).

>> No.8693852

Well. I'm the anon above with possibly two pieces , I did it because I wasn't sure if I wanted the JSK originally but then I wasn't really feeling it and found another SS to get the OP, but felt bad on flaking on the jsk SS. The JSK SS also said that she was going to try to get it for me but couldn't promise it so I was obviously too late in emailing her for a secured spot so I was panicking as well.

I don't intend to scalp (I haven't sold anything before and would rather not, since I've heard tons of horror stories thanks you gulls), hence selling it at retail and/or combined with ss fees + shipping if needed. Either that or sell it at mates rates to the comm girls that couldn't get it. That's if I even get the two! I just really wanted the dress in my hands in one form or another...

>> No.8693860

I wear lolita all the time and my county doesn't really do halloween. So I went out today in a county coord not even realizing the significance of the date until everyone started complimenting my costume, I gave up explaining after the fifth person asked what I was and just said 'Heidi'

>> No.8693863

I want HG so bad ugh.

>> No.8693864

I'm wearing Lolita to work tomorrow for a couple of hours to hand out candy to the kids, it's something we do every year. I live in hickville, so I really don't know how I'm supposed to respond to people who ask me where I got my 'costume' from.

>> No.8693868

so what would you guys say is the most expensive brand? I would say Innocent World is the cheapest with Jsks averaging 19,000 to 25,000 yen
and Juliette et Justine is definitely the most expensive their Jsks average between 30,000 to 60,000 yen. I'm not sure where the others would fit in a list though.

>> No.8693869


>> No.8693870

I usually book more shopping services when I really want a dress to have more possibilities and in different colors/cuts to keep them if I end up having both..I think there's nothing wrong with it, you are not doing it for scalp but it's the result of strict brand rules. We live thousands of kilometers away, we can't even see the dress before choosing or buying it and only few pieces are available..we are forced to do this

>> No.8693877

Moitie is second most expensive, then Baby, then AP, then Meta, IW...
Idk where to put MM and VM though...

>> No.8693948

Thanks for the warning, anon. At least their feedback is suspicious and looks like trash.

>> No.8693952

Oh, wait, not even anon. Based CG.

>> No.8693961

I eat too much bread to be size 1

>> No.8693985

Depends on the brand but yeah, some dresses get ridiculously roomy and I just have to wonder how normal-sized Japanese girls aren't swimming in them.

>> No.8693991

I don't have it saved but I remember that one too. She didn't kill it intentionally but dropped it on the floor as a reflex when it puked, and the comments were one big hysterical discussion on whether she was evil for choosing her dress over the cat or didn't mean to hurt it and it was an accident. Then of course a bunch of people started calling troll.

>> No.8693993

Did anyone have any luck with Horror Garden with Tenshi? I am pretty curious

>> No.8693994


cats have so much lead up when puking. They feel the need to gag for a full minute before lmfao. I've launched my cat away from me when she's started it on my bed and she's always been fine... Unless she dropped her down a stairway I have now idea how that would have killed the cat?

I grabbed some of the left over tights that were sitting on the ap website and paid fully with points
It's a good feeling

>> No.8693996

Supposedly it was one of her neighbors tiny newborn kittens.
Hairballs definitely involve a lot of gagging but when my mom's cat was sick a while ago she would just open her mouth and puke would dribble out. Fortunately I wasn't wearing brand because I knew he was sick.

Anyway I remember this secret pretty vividly and had no idea it was such a long time ago. Are you sure it was on l_s and not BtB?

>> No.8693999

I think AP makes everything needlessly complicated because muh exclusive brand.
Everyone flips their shit and uses one or multiple SS do ensure their dresses, scalpers know they can make a profit off of dumb rich kids and I'm getting really tired of it all.
I just want to buy your product AP, but it's close to impossible.
SS are not an option for me, I already have to use tenso and there is an international (haha) webstore.
Also, whenever I've decides what dress I want it's usually too late for a SS anyway.

So yeah, some people end up with multiple dresses, some people scalp and some people end up with nothing.

>> No.8694013

Yup, super stretchy. I get it over 90cm hips with heaps of room to spare. It has no zip though.

>> No.8694028

done, hope it helps

>> No.8694075
File: 24 KB, 300x223, aBe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody knows how big/stretchy are antique beast skirts? specially this one.
The description says W63cm. If there is no shirring, I'm fucked

>> No.8694086

AB has very small sizing and no shirring.

>> No.8694097

Just found out my Hg order didn't go thru because my card blocked it. ~fraud protection ~ except I buy from Japan a lot. They did this once when I went to a Japanese grocery store.

>> No.8694102


Oh my god anon, I am so sorry. I would quit that shit card so fast

>> No.8694112

How long have you got to pay by, if you use buyee after winning an auction?

>> No.8694122

So how weird is it to contact a seller about a really old listing that was never marked sold and didn't have any comments on it (this wasn't on LM)? I'm really tempted to but I'm not sure if it's too rude to do it or not

>> No.8694140


Not all that weird. Just pm privately and ask politely if they still have the dress for sale, be prepared if they say "no" (they may have sold it on another platform, given it away or decided to keep it after all), and be aware that some of them might take a few weeks to answer you (some girls have seperate LJ accounts for selling, or seperate their lolita FB from their regular FB, so they might not notice the less-used account has a new message for a while).

Remember to ask for an updated proof pic since things may have changed since they last posted it for sale.

>> No.8694143

Thank you! I'll go pm the seller and hope for the best

>> No.8694147

My Japanese isn't very good, the description is just saying that it's been worn with no signs of damage but not to bid if you're nervous about wear, right? It seems to be the standard description but I also tried Google Translate and it came out wonky and confusing.



>> No.8694152

Personally it weirdos me out when people message/comment about a 2+ year old sales post

>> No.8694154

Yeah I agree

>> No.8694155

Why? It's not as though they stalked you/your username. They probably found the page through Googling for the item. Normally it will be sold and when people do it on my posts I am lazy and don't tend to reply, but it's not creepy. Maybe desperate if it's older than a year at worst.

>> No.8694156

It's been worn twice. It's considered of used quality so if you're really picky about this stuff it's recommended you don't bid. And yes there is no visible, grave damage.

>> No.8694158

Thanks very much! I will place a bid.

>> No.8694190

If replicas as getting this good, how are people supposed to tell them apart from the original.

>> No.8694223

Hey gulls I'm looking for a bra that pushes breasts together and lifts them, all while not padding the them. Some sort of cross between a push up bra and a sports bra. Any ideas? Does that even exist?

>> No.8694230
File: 347 KB, 1275x702, 07181353_55a9dbc22d4f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need some informations about IW's Puppy print OP and JSK for a friend.
I looked it up on Lolibrary and there they say it both come in M and L size. My friend has a bust of 100cm would any cut fit her comfortable?

Another question would be about the price. The skirt was on Lacemarket for 30 - 40USD but what would be a good price for the OP/JSK in pink?
I've seen both on Wunderwelt but this shop is often a bit overpriced, any help would be appreciated.

>> No.8694236

Even if she was within the measurements, it probably wouldn't look very good. IW is the worst brand for boobloaf. So unless she has a small cup size it probably will be really unflattering. WW is a bit hit or miss with pricing. I'd say around $100-$120, it's not very popular.

>> No.8694249
File: 186 KB, 500x364, sohappy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>8693634 >>8693641 >>8694028

Thank you so much! Woke up this morning to almost 40 answers, this helps so much!

>> No.8694251

Like >>8694236 says, IW tends to be cut with smaller boobs in mind, no more than about a B-cup.

>> No.8694257

But sometimes IW has some pieces which are very stretchable. I own a few myself with only backshirring.

I've seen the JSK in M and it was very petit but it would be interesting to know if the other sizes would fit.

>> No.8694263

One of my friends who loves IW has lots of their pieces with shirring and they technically fit but the boobloaf is pretty pronounced. Boleros can help though.

>> No.8694275


If replicas are getting this good, what's the *point* of buying brand

>> No.8694280

Does anyone know if AP USA usually gets the jewelry from a series?

>> No.8694281

Not being a tacky cunt, for one.

>> No.8694283

Because replicas are theft?

>> No.8694284

+ supporting the brands and ensuring their longevity plus that of the fashion
+ better quality and construction

I think you're only being half serious, but I don't know why it's a question. That applies to non-print replicas too.

I wish it was mandatory for sellers to state when an item is a non-print replica. I've heard stories about people buying what they didn't realize was a knockoff for ages.

>> No.8694285

Because Mana-Sama will know

>> No.8694288

I still haven't heard anything from her yet and I emailed her a couple of hours ago to ask. Anyone else hear anything yet?

>> No.8694291

It's 2 AM in Japan, chill

>> No.8694313


>Just bought dream dress IWs Antique Book JSK
>Come onto cgl
>read that
>Looks down at 30F boobs


>> No.8694322

Yeah, but the release was at noon and I emailed her around 6pm her time. Usually she resoonds right away, and I understand the delay due to the holiday, but I was wondering if she got back to anyone yet.

>> No.8694325

Lmao enjoy not even being able to zip the dress closed, check the measurements next time dumbfuck

>> No.8694327

At 30F she might not have that big of a chest. But that's about a 7" difference between bust and underbust so it will look weird.

>> No.8694331

pretty sure they store your card info? and when you bid on something, you select which card you want to use and when you win, they charge you the bid + fees automatically. you pay shipping later and have the choice to consolidate items. could be wrong though, I haven't used buyee awhie.

>> No.8694341

Buyee will charge you automatically with whatever card/PayPal you had stored when you made the bid. They have pre-authorisations and will just put the payment through.

>> No.8694342

How about you shut your hole? There are a few IW dresses that state the measurements up to 100cm, however there is not enough fabric cut into the bust to accommodate any cup size over a B.

And let's not let this thread degenerate into another cup size argument. Those fucking suck.

>> No.8694344

i finally wore out my first co-ord out yesterday. i was so happy!!

it wasn't perfect, and i could do better, but i was happy to wear one of the dresses i bought months ago.

>> No.8694351

aw congrats anon. it's such a nice feeling! I remember how happy I was to finally wear my first coordinate out too, because I had bought the main piece like a year or two prior but just kept being unable to wear it. finally got a complete coordinate together.

>> No.8694352

I was in the band for the measurements "dumbfuck"
states up to 107cm, I have a 94cm bust and 26inch waist which is roughly... 66cm.

It's the cut that'll be the problem. I'll just have to bind a bit and hope for the best with some sort of bolero

>> No.8694356
File: 178 KB, 720x720, 1445300365322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All I wanted was a black bat collar blouse, and I couldn't even have that. I hope to snatch it when AP USA releases it as well as some accessories.

>> No.8694359

The measurements are always correct anyways. I have small tits and have trouble fitting them in a btssb blouse that measurements say I should.

>> No.8694365

>The measurements are always correct anyways.

That's not true, unless Lolibrary is wrong for some of them. Tends to be for the older items mainly

>> No.8694369

>AP releasing Horror Garden on Halloween

baka desu senpai

>> No.8694370

Whoops, that was meant to say that they are NOT always correct.

>> No.8694373

Secrets are up.

>> No.8694380

most of those were worth reading. would share but we know how rabid the janitors get over BtB

>> No.8694387

Holy fuck, that poor cat. I don't think I've ever hated an efamous person before, but she's a delusional selfish cunt. Not sure how she got efamous, her face and makeup makes me really uncomfortable.

>> No.8694391

WHo is it? This is the first time I've seen about it (don't really follow efamous people)

>> No.8694398

I don't want to say, but Kate

Probably as she self posts like no one else

>> No.8694399

If anyone has screen caps from the post she did about it on Facebook I'd appreciate it.

>> No.8694424
File: 124 KB, 1012x571, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's up with FromJapan? Their site has been shit since their "revamp". I wanted to withdraw my deposit money which was a total of 1967 yen but it only let me withdraw 1500 as I had made a payment of that recently. Why can it no longer refund the leftover parts of a deposit and only the whole? It's not a huge deal right now as I can use it later to pay for shipping fees, but users should still have to option of withdrawing it.

They also changed it so that you can't pay partially by points if it's an auction. Paying shipping fees and shopping service orders allow it though, wtf.

>> No.8694437

This, on both points to this. IW's tend to be cut in quite a tubular manner, with only small bust darting - herein lies the problem.. Great for smaller busts, just as other brands such as JetJ are ruled out. Just because someone is in under the measurements doesn't mean that something will be flattering, sadly.

>> No.8694442

ok but did it really need five secrets (likely by the same person) basically saying the same fucking thing? fucking samefags can't even make them even slightly different
that said, and not in defense of kate because it was fucking stupid of kate, but if she does it she does it. it'll be HER fault if something happens and SHE'LL have to deal with the consequences (also any involving money). someone else's pet, including their therapy and care, is also really none of your business. THEY bought or adopted the pet, you didn't. fucking hell, call her a terrible person all you want but it's probably not going to change much (unfortunately) other than getting her to delete and we know she'll never do that. in the meantime you guys are probably just sounding like PETA to her.

>> No.8694447

What about if my card gets declined/no money in paypal? can i win an item and pay a few days after?

>> No.8694454

adding that there are also laws in place for people seriously abusing animals. if kate gets hit by those laws she'd have to deal with that then, but she'd probably have to be reported, and we all know no one's going to report her should she take that cat on the flight. unfortunately.

>> No.8694467

>implying that there can't be numerous persons who think her behavior is shitty
>inb4 'wah samefag!'
I didn't know about this until before but holy shit I hate her so much by now.

>> No.8694470

there are definitely numerous people here who think her behavior is shitty
but the secrets are obviously by the same person, or at least most of them are
you can tell by the wording used

>> No.8694475

>literally all five secrets imply kate bought the cat specifically to use as an accessory
>"they're not samefagging!!"
kate's shit but seriously

>> No.8694497

She emailed me around 9 ish japan time, i'm a few hours a head of her. She may be just getting around to yours :) It's about 6am right now over there

>> No.8694507

Great, thank you! What did you end up getting?

>> No.8694512

I got the coffin bag in white (2nd choice) and the ivoryxgold tights. I should have waited on the tights but oh well.

>> No.8694547

I got the red jsk, blackxgold tights, the masquerade blouse in ivory (really wanted the white but meh) and gold coffin bag from her. I wanted the black jsk but I emailed her pretty late into the release so pretty stoked I even got something at all.

>> No.8694555

This was also discussed in a few places using that wording, though, so I really don't think it was one person.
I honestly hate IW for this. I love so many of their designs, but the bust cuts they put out are like titty torture tubes. I've had to sell a couple of my dresses by them due to large cup size, despite being fairly well below the max measurements.

>> No.8694574

>This was also discussed in a few places
deets? links? i'm curious

>> No.8694579

Honestly, just taking the cat on the plane isn't enough for most groups to be interested in her for "abuse" charges, anyway. Shitty and irresponsible though it is to impulse buy a pet in another country and subject it to a long flight at a young age, most animal rescue and policing groups would probably laugh at you for implying that travel constitutes abuse.

>> No.8694583

exactly this.
i even read the article the first secret was referring to, and either in it or in links it had there were tips for flying animals (including such animals like hers) by plane. sure, shitty and irresponsible, no one's arguing that, but "abuse"? people outside of the internet would laugh in your face if you implied that.

>> No.8694586

Some of those dogs have really creepy faces to be honest.

>> No.8694588

*third secret

>> No.8694607

There's a thread about her on lolcow

>> No.8694611

Is there a list of kawaii ambassadors by country somewhere? I can't remember who they are and Google isn't pulling anything up

>> No.8694627


hey ChineseGossip so glad you're back! I want to ask you something privately about the Shanghai/Beijing lolitas do you have a throwaway email?

>> No.8694777


>the only person who caught my joke

>> No.8694799
File: 418 KB, 400x259, kawaii.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I'm making an essay about hierarchy and status in lolita fashion and I'd like to know if any on you would like to tell me about how would you tell hierarchy takes place and affect relationships in lolita communities and this applied to the lolita community online? also what would you consider is the origin of looking for status in the community, does it have to do with having brand or other things like personality and physical appearance has something to do with all this? all this within your experiences and perceptions. I'd be really thankful! also excuse me for my english if something is misspelled or weird structured.

>> No.8694847

>I'm making an essay about hierarchy and status in lolita fashion

>> No.8694852

gulls, what do you do with a really bad short haircut? the hairdresser royally fucked up and i've been miserable about it. is my only option to wear a full wig until it grows out?

>> No.8694853

hope I don't get misunderstood with it but in case you want to know what I want the answers for it's for a college essay

>> No.8694863

Does anyone know what happened to The Floral Notebook? I can't access the Facebook page anymore. I know she was taking orders recently.

>> No.8694864

You could go to a hairdresser to get a new haircut and hope they're better than the last one, but that will make it shorter. So I don't know if you want to go that route. Other than that, I guess you'd just have to wear a wig.

>> No.8694880

Huh. That's weird. I can't access it either.

Her other page is still up though.

>> No.8694881

oh that's really roomy! we're talking about the OP, not jsk right? just making sure...

>> No.8694934

Fuck i want the op or jsk in black so bad! I didnt think others were on the lookout gor thos print as well

>> No.8694972

Oops sorry I meant the jsk. When I tried the OP it sat really high up so I got the jsk instead. I had heaps of space width wise and it will probably stretch, but it is quite high waisted and the buttons could gap, so whether it'll look good/go over your boobs length wise is a totally different story...

>> No.8694992

Whenever I get ready for a meet I have this picture in my mind that everyone is going to dress to perfection and leave me in the dust so I make a serious concerted effort, and when I get there it's ita city far and wide. I had a meet and at least two girls had lipstick on their teeth, dresses were dirty or wrinkled, complaints about being poor, normalfags, weird table manners. My one saving grace being I can make small talk and just roll with it, but yeah, screaming on the inside, it's kinda disappointing.

>> No.8695017

As they said, it's on WW

>> No.8695035


Yo, why don't you do your own research and make your own conclusions. Isn't that what the purpose of an essay is about? And people wonder why lib arts isn't taken seriously these days.

Although it'd be pretty fucking hilarious to cite 4chan as a source.

>> No.8695069

Iktf. My comm does have a bunch of really well-dressed girls who post pictures of their great coords online, so every meet I have these high expectations. Unfortunately for me they tend to have private meetups and the public meets tend to be full of badly-dressed weeaboos instead. For whatever reason I just never learn.
>tfw getting dressed to the nines just to sit around a mall food court surrounded by BL-chans squealing about how shmexeh their animu husbandos are
>why do I keep doing this

>> No.8695071

many normal size Japanese girls *are* swimming in them, look at recent AP adverts

>> No.8695073

so glad you're back!!!

>> No.8695086

historically, their construction was the nicest by far and they developed a reputation for being expensive because of special crazy OTT MTOs accordingly. not anymore though. Their quality has gone to shit and isn't worth it at all, and this is from a jetj oldfag (been buying from them since ~2007 but finally quit for JM this year because of the bullshit quality and prices of recent JetJ)

>> No.8695103

So we didn't get a good answer to this question. is it because you all don't know or?

Like especially if they are being sold on sites like mbok.
Are any of you considering dialing back the amount of a hissy fit you throw when you see someone wearing a replica? Because that MCD... I mean, that's a dress I want. I don't want to wear the stolen art version. But just how the fuck am I gonna know until I get it and then my money is gone, I have to jump through hoops to get it back...

how much effort do you think the Brands are gonna put into this to keep the theft down?
or are they already dying?

>> No.8695106

Lace has always helped me identify replicas in general.

If they post stolen photos or this becomes a regular thing on Mbok, seriously message Mbok or even AP about it.

From my understanding, it's just not really possible to do much about it if they're in China. However, Mbok should be able to take it down if they're a shady seller and you can prove it (Like that 1 negative feedback on a mysterious new account). AP can also legally do things against them if it comes to it since they're in Japan.

>> No.8695117

Jane Marple and Candy Stripper have had the problem of Chinese counterfeit items on auction for a couple years. They posted statements along the lines of "be careful when buying from auctions and secondhand, there is no guarantee the items are authentic and there has been a rise in counterfeit - to ensure authenticity please buy directly"

>> No.8695134

If it's paypal, it'll still withdraw and you'll just go into overdraft. For card I'm not sure since I've never tried it, but generally you can't delay payment.

>> No.8695196

I have this issue too, I am never able to gauge the dress up level for a meet. Sometimes I completely overdress for a meet where people end up more casual and other times I'm the Bodyline-chan around a bunch of super well dressed girls. I don't even know anymore..

>> No.8695197

wow, for the first time I finally won an auction on yja. There was a small tiny bidding conflict (as opposed to a bidding war) but I fucking did it. I've tried my hand at a handful of auctions before but the price went higher than I wanted or it was probably going to get too high because me and another person were bidding and there was automatic extension, one time I bid on something but then lost and someone else with the exact same bid won I guess maybe because the seller was pissed I tried to snipe or something, and a few other times I kept losing by just like 100-300 yen, which was annoying. so yeah I'm just happy I finally won an auction. It helps that FJ's yja bidding is real-time.

>> No.8695281


It is supposed to be like an adaptation of an ethnographic report to an essay,I don't know if the essay thing is why you may feel reluctant to give me your views , I know in your countries that essays are made for school and not too exhaustive investigation but as I said before, I'm making this for college, what I mean is that I hope you don't think I'm not taking this seriously because I'm focusing in the topic of status and hierarchy but also applying other theories to it and my own conclusions of course, but I'm focussing on online spaces such as 4chan, because well yeah it would be really funny to cite 4chan, but the real reasons are the following:

1. In my country there's no existent comm , nobody really knows about lolita
2. so I can't interview someone in person, that's why I'm asking here, specifically here cause I'm actually a frequent lurker I've seen various threads that argument the topic .
3. Since it's is a complex organization ( it is fashion, it's a subculture, it even can be attached to a philosophy or lifestyle) it has a lot of social and economic theories to apply, it has a lot of scientific potential as a matter of study.
5. I want my grades.
I kinda understand your skepticism on the topic but well the point of making my college essay about it is to take it seriously.

>> No.8695290

But will your tutor take it seriously? Especially with how niche the fashion is.

>> No.8695301

I have the JSK in brown and it wouldn't look good on someone larger than a B-cup IMO. I paid 10K for the brown jsk, I'd expect pink to be similar.

>> No.8695304

Yes, it's actually for 2 tutors they actually agreed with the third reason I wrote when I explained them a little about what I wanted to do with my paper. If not they would have asked me to change my topic. They seemed really interested since how I explained before is something really new in my country.

>> No.8695320

This post might help you!

>> No.8695354
File: 566 KB, 1000x1316, cute_dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone recognize this dress? It's sold by Milanoo. I reckon it's stolen from somewhere, does the image ring a bell? The background maybe? I really like it and I'd like to own it, just preferably not for 90$ from Milanoo.

>> No.8695364

what petticoat do yall wear under your moitie?

>> No.8695368

Chess Story has a chiffon dress with overlay side panels like this one (though they have lace as the under skirt, and chiffon as the overlay), though the bodice is different.

>> No.8695427

You won't get that dress from Milanoo. You'll probably get a polyester/raschel lace nightmare.

>> No.8696212

Also many brand items are manufactured in China. The items are locally available in China.

>> No.8698191


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