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New feels thread? last one seems to be auto sage. >>>>8748166

>that feel when you sew an entire hem inside out by accident

I've been sitting here with this seam ripper for an hour.

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goddamn OP that sucks

my feel:

>wear earphones for cosplay
>wear earbuds while making cosplay
>develop impacted earwax with tinnitus

i'm an idiot.

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All a man needs to do is:

> not be obese
> practice hygiene
> not be impoverished
> Not be rude
> not be obese
> be polite

And 'all' a woman needs to do is:

> have large breasts
> be slightly underweight
> have a small labia minora
> have long, straight, non-curly hair
> have eurocentric features
> never go without nail polish
> wax everything regularly
> have a PERFECT body like pic related. Any amount of minor imperfection will be harshly criticized and rejected
> tolerate bad behavior like drinking and smoking
> never talk about serious things like the world ending or the economy crashing or conspiracies. Only talk about lighthearted airhead things like movies and songs.
> work full time
> cook for the family
> clean for the family
> do all the errands for the family
> raise the kids too somehow while cooking, cleaning, and working full time

Should I just become a dyke seagulls?

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yes, join us

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Dick isn't worth it when the people attached to them a) are never functional b) never know how to use the dick in the first place. I haven't been with a cis dude in a decade and nothing of value was lost.

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gr8 b8 m8, you almost had me for a second. I'll give you 1/10 for effort.

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>small tits
>normal weight
>labia peek out
>slightly mixed features
>never nailpolish
>hardly ever shave
>ribs poke out despite being nowhere near underweight
>teeth are completely fucked up
>discuss politics on a weekly basis
>shit at cooking
>shit at cleaning
>do maybe 2 chores a week
>childfree for the foreseeable future

.. and yet my last ex stayed together with me until I fucked it up and got inappropriately close with a common friend

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Has anyone else noticed that women will be fans of unattractive/unconventionally attractive men and male characters, in any fandom, while men will only every be fans of attractive women? It's an objective and measurable phenomenon, since you can see it from the money they make.

Girls like Ed Sheeran, Benadryl Cucumber, ugly Yowamushi Pedal characters, South Park characters, Snape, etc etc. In Kpop groups the most popular male idols are often the less attractive ones but the best singers. I've never seen this in men. The most attractive female idols, characters, actresses, singers, etc are always the most popular ones. Lately fujos on /a/ are obsessed with the matsus, pic related, while male otaku want nothing but pure virginal schoolgirls with huge tits or lolis.

Otaku are incredibly shallow, moreso than even bimbo valley girls. It makes me sick.

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can you at least pretend to keep the thread on topic, bait-anons?

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You forgot
>Must be sexually knowledgeable but also a virgin
>Must wear makeup, lest she be called sick, homely, or manly
>Despite this, must tolerate being called a "liar" for wearing makeup
>Must be able to support herself, but not make more than the man lest she hurt his feelings
To answer your question, yes.

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Yeah, you are such totally amazing person every man would like to be your slave. A lot of other women aren't. Stop that fucking depreciation, please.

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>Dicking around on Y!Auctions, looking for a piece that I know is never going to show up.
>Stumble upon one of my dream items that I had given up on long ago
>In preferred colorway
>In good condition
>For less than $100
>Win that shit, thanks FJ

I'm over the moon for sure, but I can't help but feel anxious. Something has to be wrong, I can't be that lucky, right?

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you can be. i have scored super cheap Moitie, lived anxiously in fear they were dupes, but received the real deal. sometimes nice things happen.

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>tfw you will never put together a r63 Tekkadan crew and go pub crawling

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I remember seeing something once where guys were asking who were girls' favorite male Disney characters, and the answers were all stuff like Rodger from 101 Dalmations, Tadashi Hamada, etc. And the guys were genuinely shocked because they thought girls were into characters like Gaston, and general prince characters and found the male characters girls were into "unattractive."
It was this interesting divide between girls liking those guys for their personality and unconventional looks, while guys just assumed girls would instantly flock to what are essentialy male fantasy characters.

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a-anon......I want in on this

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i wonder if gay/bi men and women have similar preferences.

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While I don't agree entirely.

Why would I not pick the most attractive woman out of a group, when I will never interact with her, never see her in real life, and there is no drawback?

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I've known lolita since 2007 and eversince fell in love with it but due to my asshole parents,illness that makes me unable to work, and an abusive gf who used to put me down,...i never got to really wear and enjoy it.

Today i visited a friend for the first time, she had so many many lolita stuff it was my first time seeing so many i had sparkles in my eyes, i was so happy when she told me i could try some on. I choosed to try on a cute AP strawberry JSK and after that i got to wear an old school black and white BTSSB JSK, i fell in love with lolita all over again. I felt so pretty even though i hate my body and face, it made me feel pretty.

I'm gonna do my best despite my illness (can't work bc no student statuts as i work at home, was heavily bullied, and government pay for my meds and without their help we're screwed but i can work "in black" like babysitting for example) to get to wear lolita, i don't want to wear lolita just at cons and meetings (i never go to any anyway, don't like the comm) i also just want to be able to wear it in my room or even when i go out (i'm self conscious and scared of what people think i need to try and stop that).

We just talked,took pics and listened to some Kanon Wakeshima and stuff.
I came home and i just cried for no reason, maybe i was tired, maybe the happiness of finding lolita back. I just feel so much better again...

>tl;dr i found something to love again and be passionate about

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probably because regular people are generally not into assholes and would rather date a 7/10 who is fun and kind than a 9/10 dude bro who is in love with themself.

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Stay friends with that girl. The best thing you can do in life is surround yourself with positive, nice people who share a similar interest. Maybe look into jobs where you can Telecommute? One of my friends is handicapped in a wheelchair and she recently got a job that allowed her to Telecommute. She does all of her work via email and phone calls, and will occasionally skype if she is needed.

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I stay away from the comm because i don't like it, and it's just the same bitchy girls showing off discreetly and every meeting is just a "who's the prettiest with the most brand" contest. I love brand, i just want to have lots of it, but seriously these girls just don't get the spirit of lolita. To me it always has been a tiiiiny bit more than "just clothing" and yeah.

For my "illness" it's just that it can't be a "declared" (for the taxes and shit) job. But thanks i'll look into that. I'm going to Paris in february to see a girl i'm very close to (as in, we can totally see each other naked in a bath without feeling ashamed or kiss each other and cuddle at night and not feel awkward the next morning) and there's a Baby store there, i plan on taking something back home i'm so excited!!

Yeah you're right, that's what i'm doing 2bh, i'm done with having a hundred "friends" for "likes" to feel validated.

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>start doing a foam head for a mascot cosplay (just the head)
>hackerspace acquaintances start jokingly calling me a furry

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Its like im on female /r9k/

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;__; i'm really happy for you anon. you hold onto your loli dreams. you hold em tight

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just shrug it off and suggest they get new material.

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Awe thank you
I-I will do my best and never let them go ever again!!

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>bro is visiting our mother
>ask him to pick up /cgl/ secret santa card that's waiting there for me (we live with our dad and stepmom) because i'm doing a 10 hour shift today and haven't got a free day for a while to make the trip
>text him at 2pm asking him to please remember to pick up the card
>no response
>text at 8pm asking if he remembered
>no response
>get home
>"where's bro?"
>"at a bar apparently"
>past 11pm now, have work in the morning, need to sleep
I really needed that card, today was absolutely shit. Like top-tier-having-a-little-cry-in-the-bathroom shit. A surprise card would have made it so much better and I was really looking forward it. Just have to hope he's got it and ask in the morning.

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I do a fair number of gijinkas i know that feel

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re from old thread:
>can't choose between /fa/ and /cgl/, only have funds for one of them

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>Dress arrives finally after slowest shipping in the world
>zip and clasps are partially broken
>buyer jut shrugs it off 'whoops, I guess I didn't check the dress properly'
>wanted to wear if for Christmas, seamstresses in my area charge out the butt and I wouldn't attempt sewing this material

a minor issue but I was so looking forward to it. I don't want to spend any more money on myself this season and getting a dress that was 'good as new' with a problem is a little annoying when the seller barely acknowledges the mistake.

This makes me happy. Don't let your dreams just be dreams anon. Baby Paris store is cute too. enjoy your February trip to see your special lady.

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Can you safety pin or otherwise temporarily secure the back of the dress, and then just wear some kind of jacket, sweater, or coverup over the dress to cover the back of it? It's still crappy that the seller didn't notice such a major issue.

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get your money back.

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Is it the season of broken zips and variable 'like new condition'? I got a JSK recently with the hook and eye broken, the zip won't stay up all the way for me without it. The seller did acknowledge she should have checked the dress better which is honest of her.

Minor or not, there's nothing wrong with feeling disappointed something you were looking forward to isn't as you'd hoped. Agree with the anons that you should use a pin/tiny clip in the meantime and gently ask the seller if she'd mind paying for or contributing to fixing of the damage.

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>Tfw on a cosplay/lolita board where it's encouraged you make your own stuff or at least know how to sew
>brandwhore complaining about sewing feels being OT
Stop whinging and get a hobby other than shitposting

>> No.8762353

What are you even talking about? That was a reply to the OT shit that has been pruned already.

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>be me, 21 old dude
>cosplayed for 6 years
>low self-esteem, depression
>try my best to accept myself, take care body and face, work out a lot
>met this girl few years ago in convention
>10/10 for me, cosplays too, many same interests, quite a person herself as well
>fall for her, haven't dated anyone since my last relationship (ended 4 years ago, fwb's don't count)
>something going on with her, but not enough to date
>fights due to my overthinking and depression
>this april
>we hadn't talk properly after convention in february
>huge fight when my self esteem has been at worst
>screwed up our friendship
>haven't talked nothing since
>my friends and psychiatrist tell me it gets better if I just let it go
>doesn't help
>depression and self-hate have gotten worse, constantly annoyed or anxious
>taking a serious toll on me and my friends who can't help
>tfw when I screwed up an important friendship and crush
>can't be myself because I blame myself and I am ashamed of ruining it
>I can't do nothing expect wait or let go

I am seriously afraid of going to next conventions, too ashamed to see her or her friends (although I'm all okay with them, they don't care about our stuff) Even a glimpse of her ruins my con mood and overall feeling.

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Their jackets look comfy af, I would love to be able to make one for winter.

>> No.8762419

>spend ages sewing a robe
>cut the fucking neckhole too big
>it falls over my shoulders
Well, there goes $30 bucks of material.

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>Can't find wool like fabric
>Might have to drive to Plattsburgh from Canada
>Shitty currency

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I stopped going to my psychiatrist because he's an asshole and now I'm struggling to find a new one, all the while my medicine is dwindling down and I'm getting withdrawals, including weight gain. Plus finals weeks meant no time to work out, plus upcoming period...I feel like a balloon. I got back to the gym today and it felt great and now I'm home and I looked at myself in the mirror and my stomach still looks huge. I have a con in a week and I'm afraid to even see if my dress stll fits, the thought of putting it on gives me so much anxiety...which I have no medicine to combat. It is impossible to find a psych in this town + even my old drs office rarely answers their phone

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Maybe you should just go back to the asshole for the script, tell him you've got a bunch of exams and you're busy but you'll be back for a proper appointment after the exams, make up an arbitrary date that will give you time to find a new person and get this other stuff sorted.
If you're unable to get your meds, you might feel better just going to the con in something comfy, don't put yourself in a stressful position.
You might feel better when your period happens.

All of the advice I have to give you sounds so arbitrary, but really, you just need to spend as much time with friends or push yourself to be around other people such as a job or club. If you don't let new people in then you can't let past people leave.
On the positive side, she might miss your friendship too, if you can go to the con with your friends and perhaps act around her like you wish you could in a light and friendly manner, your friendship could heal over time.

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I've done that already lol, begged for a script over the phone and they gave it to me, they made me promise I would go to my next appt, I tried to go to it, and turns out they never scheduled it. That's around the time I gave up on them. The office sucks, it's super far from my appt, and the doctor has absolutely no bedside manner (they do a blind weight every appt, and he fucking tells me how much i gained or lost every time....never remembers what actual diagnoses i have...told me my suicide attempt didn't count as a suicide attempt because it happened after a fight with an abusive bf...?). I'm fed up but rn they're my only choice, so I'm just gonna have to keep calling them until they answer and pray they're still taking new patients/will take me back without making me re-register as a new patient.

I'm going for a lolita tea party though and I'm still a newbie so I only have one dress, and you need to wear lolita to get in. But it might not be a bad idea to see if I can play around and find something more comfortable to wear.

Sorry for venting but I hate this guy + I need medicine ASAP and it's so stressful. Thank you for responding to my crazy rants lol, nice to have someone hear you out.

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> so many lovely dresses are being released
I feel like I'm missing out, and I'm afraid I'll never see these dresses on the secondhand market. I can't justify the costs of currency conversion either though. So I'm just stuck being bitter.

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It's okay anon, I feel the same way but it's just because I'm poor right now.
There's a huge orders sat in online baskets all over the internet in my accounts right now, but I can't click to buy.

There will be things we want next year, too.

>> No.8762535

I'm trying to be a responsible shopper, but it's just so tempting. I also have carts with stuff in it across multiple accounts. I feel better when I'm putting stuff in the cart, but then I can't click 'buy', and it makes me sad and bitter. I kind of wonder if it's counterproductive, but I can't stop myself.

>> No.8762619

Another anon that lives in a shitty country with shitty currency and customs. It's better when you don't see these sites, here in /cgl/ I totally avoid the taobao/ebay/aliexpress/mail threads because I know I can't afford those things. If I don't see it, I don't think about it, so it's ok. Sounds dumb but it works to me

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>Have incredibly bad anxiety
>Girlfriend and I are hungry af
>Order 2AM pizza, plan on paying by card, tipping by cash
>Gives gf tip because I'm too much of a wuss to give it to Pizza Man myself
>Takes card reader and swipes my card
>Inwardly losing my mind because anxiety holy balls stranger danger
>Pressing buttons to confirm amount on card reader
>Completely forget about cash tip amidst my panic and enters a tip on the card reader
>Press confirm and immediately realize what I just did
>$11 tip
>Go back to room with food, being salty as hell the entire way
>Ask girlfriend to impale me with sharp object because I am unfit to live
At least Pizza Man got one hell of a tip

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I also have tinnitus, I've had it since I was a kid.

It's one of the worst things that's ever happened to me. I'll never be able to truly hear silence ever again

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>december 2015
>have 3 birthdays, 1 wedding. 1 bridal shower, 1 bachelorette party, 6 xmas party gifts, 1 secret santa gift, happy pack reserves

fuck people who have weddings in December

>> No.8762780

As someone with relatives in a shitty country with shitty customs and even shittier currency, I'd say the best thing to do is go through bids when you know they're ending soon (like, in ten minutes), pick something you like, and wait until the last 5 seconds to bid. If you win you get cheap shit with free shipping, if you lose, well, there's plenty more where that came from.
I have a massive watch list of BINs on ebay and whenever I have a bit of spare cash and need retail therapy I poke around to see if there are any auctions for the items. You can get jewellery and stickers and even clothes for dirt cheap this way, and you don't have to worry as much about overspending.
Plus, if you can gather the less-liked impulse buys and sell them, you'd be able to make quite a bit of cash, because normalfags eat that shit up like you wouldn't believe. They also don't believe you can get stuff for cheap online. Seriously, I've had to school family abroad in the ways of cheap China shit over email enough times to be able to tell you that people think a pair of kawaii elephant earrings is the pinnacle of sophistication and must be sold for at least ten times the original price. Things like novelty bags and see-through socks are also huge moneymakers, if my aunt's booming finances are anything to go by. And if you can afford it, and can craft, real pearls are cheap as hell and sell super well.
Don't let a third-world shithole country with Depression-era currency get in the way of your kawaii shit, seagulls.

>> No.8762786

Fuck, that sounds painful. Is there any chance of you being able to get cheap stuff online for the Christmas party and birthday gifts to cut costs or are you going to be fucked up the ass with a cactus come January?
Lol, I've been in similar situations. If it's any consolation, being shafted by your own social incompetence is what got me to overcome my anxiety. I still have it, but I can ask for directions and order food without rehearsing it in my head and don't get caught up in my fear as often. It's a gradual change, but you'll absolutely notice the difference.
Pizza guy probably loves you though.

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Depending on how long it's been, you could have the pharmacy fax in a refill request and if they're lazy about it they might just fill it. I did that with my old shitty psychiatrist once and it got me out of actually talking to her for about a year before I had to find a new (also shitty because fml) one.

Ironically, I'm looking for a psychiatrist with a super shitty bedside manner. The only psych I've liked is my first one, who was 100% business and didn't try to therapy me along with my medication prescription. I already have a therapist that I see every two weeks, so I don't like it when someone I see once every 3-6 months tries to get involved in my life.

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>mfw a lolita I really admire bought something from me on lacemarket
I feel like a creep being so excited about this, but I am. She was really nice in all her messages too.

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i did the wedding+shower+secret santa gifts online on cyber Monday (knocked $100 wedding gift to only $40 and the SS was $20 limit) and attempted to buy stuff online for Xmas but 3 of the 6 people I'm buying for are rich so it's really hard to buy for them.

1 of the birthdays are my bf's and isn't actually in December but we always celebrate it on the 31st. We're also supposed to move out next month.

Baby's blacklist here I come ;_;

>> No.8762857

Maybe you can try something in donating plasma or something just to get a couple extra bucks, or depending on where you work volunteer to work on Christmas or new year's or something. Here I was feeling kinda I sad since I don't have many people go buy for ... Grass is always greener I guess

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My feel? Here's my feel. The fucking feels thread are always like this:

>BAWW BAWWHH I HAVE ANXIETY AND I FEEL SO BAD I WANT TO CRY AND HATE MYSELF WAHHH PLEASE COMFORT ME INTERNET oh right umm how to tie it in with cosplay uhh i'm anxious about cosplaying and conventions i guess
>m-my boyfriend doesn't reply to my text messages and I feel like he's cheating on me!!! ;.;

bring in something that's fucking actually cosplay/lolita related and not just whining about anxiety and financial problems

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So I had to go to the psychiatric emergencies this morning and they gave me meds and found me an appointment with a therapist so I can fastly fall under good care. It left me exhausted and I feel really isolated now. The guy I'm seeing is at work and don't know yet about my problems anyway, my roommate won't come out of her room and barely talked to me for the last few days so I though I could doll up and go out last minute with a few lolita friends. Of course as it's last minute I can understand that not everyone is free or even ready to go out on such a short notice, but I really feel like I need not to be alone and I don't know how to formulate that without sounding needy. I'd just feel better not being alone.

>> No.8762911

I can't get a job due to illness and am fucking stuck studying for another year after this one before i can have ANY kind of job.
Not gonna sell a kidney or prostitute myself for lolita ever.
But i seriously think about selling my used socks/hosiery or something to old pervs for some bucks. I'm so broke and can barely buy anything it fucking annoys me

>> No.8762950

I couldn't Rule 63 Tekkadan, but I'd love to be a part of this.

Except that there's only one Black guy...

>> No.8762955

Get over yourself anon, like it or not we're a community of sorts and this is how we support each other.

>> No.8762984 [DELETED] 

Holy shit what reality are you living in. All a woman needs is a vagina and she's set. Which essentially means every woman is set just by existing. No girl in history has ever been unable to get a boyfriend over lacking any of those things.
Meanwhile for a man right off the bat you have to be a born a certain minimum height or you immediately have no chance (with the only variance in womens preference being that some only date tall guys, and some only date REALLY tall guys). And then if you were lucky enough to be born right you also need to be independent, having a good job, your own car and house/apartment, to be attractive you need to lift heavy weights which is much harder than just staying thin which is all a woman needs, and have the social skill to be confidant enough to approach a girl (since they'll never approach a guy first) and be funny/charming/somehow appealing enough to have her say yes, which just means now you have to spend a ton of time and money trying to impress her even more on a bunch of dates, so that she MIGHT finally agree to be your girlfriend.

If this weren't true, how do you explain how literally every woman has or has had relationships and sex (usually multiple times) yet lots of men haven't had that or even less? Do you really believe every woman is just much more hard working and socially skilled? Or could it be that you're all just playing a much easier game. So much easier in fact that it's nearly impossible to lose.

>> No.8762985

I'm sorry anon that sounds terrible. We're here for you

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I'm a closet bisexual, and I met one of my best guy friends at Anime Expo 2013. After meeting him in cosplay and dancing at the rave together, he told me he was gay.

For the days following that, he started coming onto me thinking that there was some mutual interest. Being a "jock" at the time, I lied and told him that I was 100% straight. I guess I just felt awkward since there was a cute guy being super forward and flirtatious towards me and I didn't know how to deal with it.

Two years have passed, and we still go to cons together. He's dated a couple of guys, and I've dated a couple of girls, but... There' this weird feeling of longing whenever we hang out now. Like we both could've been. But I'm feeling pressure from my family since their only other child is gay, so they kind of "need" me to make them a grandchild.
It's just, I really regret not telling the truth earlier. I would fight wars for this boy and his beautiful personality, no joke.

>> No.8763003

that sucks.

i'm hoping mine will go away with treatment. if not, i'll join you in REEE-ful hell.

>> No.8763004

>I need not to be alone and I don't know how to formulate that without sounding needy.
something like: "Having a shitty day, want to put on our frills and hit the town like the fabulous bitches we are?"

>> No.8763005

>so they kind of "need" me to make them a grandchild.
You don't NEED a woman to have a kid, you know.

>> No.8763006

>It's just, I really regret not telling the truth earlier. I would fight wars for this boy and his beautiful personality, no joke.
anon, go for it. you don't need to a wife to make a child, and even if you find a great woman to breed with, this guy and your unresolved issues with him will always be on your mind.

>> No.8763007

Totally. But the kid being their biological grandchild is something that's very important to them.

>> No.8763008

Sidestepping that huge debate of whether you should feel you have to be the straight baby making machine for your family, you should know that you'll probably still be fertile for a very long time. Men are able to 'put off' that stuff for a while, the man being older is very typical in hetero couples anyway, not to even mention the whole other possibility of just have a kid with another guy.
Go and enjoy your life, if you and him end up getting together one day just make sure that you're honest about oneday wanting a family, and your family's expectations on that. I don't know about your future wife, but I'd rather be with someone who's enjoyed their life and knows where they want to be now, I would hate to have a child with someone only to find that they felt trapped and like they hadn't had a life where they could be free.

Live your life for yourself, but do no harm. Go get that beautiful boy, and also apologise to him for lying all those years ago.

>> No.8763011

surrogates exist, as do unusual arrangements. you don't need to be married to a woman to have a child with one.

make sure if you go for your guy who you claim is worth fighting for, you let him know you're insecure about this. be honest because you lied to him before.

>> No.8763014

>fall asleep while drunkenly posting pics of cosplayers backflipping
>dream totentanzdandy is an ftm cosplayer who abused shoop to make himself look masculine but cute, and has dip hips despite working out

i need to get away from /cgl/

>> No.8763015

>be lolita and have lolita gf
>i am short/average and she's on the tall side
>veryyy insecure about it
>i hate heels
>but i wear them when i'm with her so we're approx the same height and she feels better
>she's getting more confident but i'll continue for as long as i need to
At the end of the day my feet hurt like hell but it hurts me even more to see her feeling unconfident or sad (she's so so beautiful at that)
Feet are covered in blisters today but that was totally worth it. And she liked the tiny bunny plushie i bought her. I feel tired but happy.

>> No.8763026
File: 334 KB, 592x846, a01ee3feb193e54f4ee20505da74a77d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the good advice. What you said was definitely true. Living a lie and then marrying a woman because of my insecurities isn't fair for either her or me.

I've done a lot of research into my options, but I just can't find my parents "accepting" any of them. But maybe I'm just fearful of nothing. They're not those kind of people, since they accepted my bro. And if it's your grandchild, even if only in name, what's not to love about it, right?

Thanks everyone. I think the main part that's difficult is that the lie has pretty much dictated how we've grown as friends for so long. Telling him now is just a little screwed up. But yeah, it definitely has to happen sooner or later.

Who knows. Maybe he's already caught on that I was fibbing. Either way, we're hanging out tomorrow, so it's a good time as any to tell him. Not even as a proposal to a relationship, but just to clear the mist. Reading your guys' advice and typing out my own have put things in a much clearer perspective.

>> No.8763037

That all sounds great anon.
Even if you can't bring yourself to be honest with him tomorrow, you're on the right track. I'd tell you to make sure to not act as if you are expectant of him to, but from your tone it seems like you already have that down.
Please come back and tell us how things pan out if you can!

>> No.8763039

Get grippy inserts for the insides of your shoes so your feet don't move around as much. Apply medical tape to blister-prone spots before you go out (this is preventative, but it will also help while your current crop of blisters are healing).

Godspeed, anon.

>> No.8763047

Hey thank you i didn't think of it before i'm an idiot really..Gonna try that.
Gonna keep her happy she's my most beautiful treasure, even more than my authentic 2003 BTSSB OP

>> No.8763049

It's fine, nobody answered anyway. At least I caught up with my show.

>> No.8763052
File: 13 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're a fucking saint anon. definitely follow >>8763039's advice.
I don't know if you're into that style (and it's not very /cgl/)/what the climate is like over at wherever you are/if you want to drop money on shoes, but I have
>pic related
and they're really comfortable. I feel like wedges in general are better than other shoes so you could try a few different ones if these aren't your thing?

>> No.8763057

to clarify, since the pic is kinda ambiguous, these are wedge heeled and add something like 6 cm to me? I'm bad with approximate heights so not sure.

>> No.8763095

>So many cosplay ideas
>After years of buying costumes online and altering them out of laziness, I'm now dying to make my own stuff again
>Enough money to actually buy materials and patterns + bought a high quality sewing machine about a year ago
>No free time whatsoever to actually make anything

>Had problems with an intense depression and anxiety for years
>Almost got raped at a convention 5 years ago and have been slightly paranoid at cons since
>After a load of therapy I've finally reached a point where I'm mature and strong enough to let myself control my problems and not the opposite
>All negativity has been cut from my life to make sure that I don't fall back into my old ways, and for the first time in years I'm actually looking forward to attending a convention again
>Except I have little to no free time to do that either
>Attending 2 conventions next year, can only stay for the full weekend at one of them

Being an adult is haaaarrrrddddddd

>> No.8763140

>be me, a photographer
>have something of a bad rep, though it's completely blown out of proportion
>shooting cosplay boudoir at a convention
>cosplayers smoking and drinking, making out
>cosplayers get naked
>can't shoot because there is literally no blood flow left to go to any of my extremities
>it's too late for cosplayers to go back to their hotel room, so they crash with my group
>"come to bed, anon"
>feel like it's a trap, don't want to deal with the "anon harassed me while on a shoot" bullshit
>"n-no thanks, I'm going to fix up some photos"
>I sleep at the desk in the hotel room
>the cosplayers leave in the am
>later on, one of the guys in the room tells me, "anon, cosplayer anon was really trying to fuck... she wanted all of us to fuck that night"
>that feel when cgl, and the cosplay community literally caused me to miss out on some cosplay pussy.
Fuck you guys.

>> No.8763144

Honestly anon I've been thinking about it for years but I've never gotten around to it.

>> No.8763155
File: 258 KB, 549x560, 1450005772515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, it kind of sucks that there's so much distrust going on at conventions.

>Cosplayers don't trust photographers because of sexual crimes that might happen.
>Photographers don't trust cosplayers because sexual crime accusations might happen.

I mean, there's MANY reasons why this is the case. It just sucks that this is the reality that we're in.

>> No.8763210

I read /cgl/ just to see what it's like when girls talk to each other

>> No.8763224


I mean, I don't hold anything against the cosplayer from that night, and I'll room with her again at an upcoming convention. But it's true. I don't want to deal with people talking about me. It shouldn't bother me, and it largely doesn't, but people hear things and don't bother to get to know me before jumping to conclusions.

It's sad, but I'll get through it.

>> No.8763308

Please tell us how it goes!

>> No.8763536

Anon from a few threads ago here, the one that was being kind of depressed about exams and might get kicked out.

Turns out I am. Well I'm not getting kicked out really but if I were to finish this year I wouldn't be allowed to continue.
I feel like shit, and a huge disappointment to everyone around me. Especially because my siblings are doing so well. While it sounded like that in my original post because I was panicking, I'm still not really up to killing myself though the ideas are still in my head.

I'll probably continue this year regardless because I genuinely have nothing else to do and sitting in my room for the next 8 months doesn't seem like a great idea either.
Honestly I don't really know what to do next. I feel like I wasted everything away and I have zero passion in anything, which was a major issues for what I was studying already, and I can't imagine what to pick now.

Sorry for the rant, I haven't really told any friends yet because I'm too ashamed of myself and can't find a place to vent about it at all.

>> No.8763609

Sorry for incoming blog post, I just need to vent a little.

I know this is complaining at high level but it still bothers me a lot. My boyfried and I are both students. I still live at home, but I have a part time job in order to pay for all my hobbies and extra stuff I want. He has his own (small)flat which his parents fully pay for, as well as for his basic expenses. It's not very much though so he rarely has much spending money.
We have been together for a few months now, and he doesn't have a job. At first this didn't bother me, but now it does bother me more and more. Since I have a part time job and work 10-20 hours a week I have some cash, while my boyfriend is pretty much a poorfag.

Maybe I have unrealistic expectations or I'm spoiled, but to me it feel less "adult". He never invites me to dinner (and I hate dragging him to restaurants even when we split the bill as I know he has little money), we can rarely go out and at conventions I feel bad because I can actually buy stuff, unlike him.
Also many of the Lolitas in our comm have recieved nice Lolita gifts from their bfs, and while I can pay for my own burando I was still a little jealous. I also plan to attend a big tea party in another state next year and I would take my bf with me for a little vacation as it is during semester break, but as said I'm not sure if he could afford it.

Problem is, he doesn't seem to mind and doesn't search for a job at all. Whenever he wants something more extravagant he has to save up for months, or (mostly) his grandparents pay for him. But it bothers me a lot. Idk how to talk about it though. "Get a job because it bothers me" doesn't seem to great...

>> No.8763626

how are his grades? if he can get away with not working while in school, kudos to him. my grades suffered because of needing to work.

it sounds like he is not asking for much from you, and that he is not particularly materialistic. you should talk about how you'd like to do fun things together that he could afford if he had a part-time job, but if he'd rather focus on his studies that's not a bad setup he has.

>> No.8763641

You just gotta be more honest and upfront.

A simple, straight forward "Buy me gifts or I'll dump you for someone who will" will get the ball rolling one way or another.

>> No.8763647

He is almost finished. Due to some changes in his choice of study course he has to add an extra year but he has almost no classes left, and therefore doesn't need to study too much.
He definitely has enough time for a little extra work.

I feel terrible and a bit matericalistic to be honest. I don't want to go all "le patriarchy forced unrealistc expectations teeehe!!!" but I still somehow expect that once in a while I could be invited by my partner to a nice dinner, or to the cinema, or have a stupid plush toy bought for me at the con. You know, little stuff like that. I can afford to invite him out or buy him a nice xmas gift but rarely can I expect to get stuff like that back.
>inb4 love is about da feelings
I do love all the other aspects in him and I am quite content with all the non materialistic affections, but sometimes I yearn for... Materialistic stuff. I can't be the only one, right?

>> No.8763656

you want your actions to be reciprocated, which isn't unusual. not having a reciprocal relationship bothers a lot of people because a lot of people want mirroring. for me, i am not easily angered and i like to talk about problems rationally, so if someone i love lashes out a lot (harmlessly, not abusively), i struggle with wanting them to treat me more like i treat them.

your imbalance happens to be materialistic, but imbalance in any relationship can be bothersome. just talk it out. anyway, if he has a lot of free time, building his resume is the smart thing to do. the job market is balls for recent grads so he will benefit from any kind of work experience.

>> No.8763681

You can get through this anon.
You sound like you genuinely want to do better, so please don't treat yourself as if you're a good-for-nothing. I know there are even others on this board who have failed courses, dropped out or been NEET for a long time, but many of us have picked ourselves up afterwards and slowly made something to be proud of again. The situation you are in does not define you, how you keep working to improve it does. It can hurt when people around you are doing so much better, but life isn't a race, anyone that loves you will just want to see you trying and not being sad, so I hope you can talk to your friends soon. Perhaps further education just isn't your thing?
Possibly accepting what options are currently closed for now will allow you some spare energy to make plans for what to try next, consider the time until you finish your course as a planning phase. If you can find a careers adviser who is a nice person, they can really help.

Wanting someone who shares your values and puts in an equal investment into the relationship isn't something to be ashamed of. It will be hard for you to phrase it in a way that he doesn't take it like >>8763647
If he prefers having time over money it can still work if you're both willing to try, my boyfriend pays for more and so I'll do more cooking and cleaning, which might sound old fashioned but it eases my conscience and was my idea. You've been together a few months now so it might be best to be honest before the relationship goes any further.
Seconding anon's thing about the job market though btw

>> No.8763706

Honestly, welcome to this generation. I'm a college art teacher. Every quarter they make me teach at least one 100-level course, and I ask who has a job. (I ask because we have required life drawing tests, and work is one of the few reasons I allow rescheduling tests, as well as digital sketchbooks due daily, which work can delay for some students)

Every year the number of employed students drops lower and lower. Unfortunately it seems young men are dropping the fastest. This quarter's intro art I have 11 male students, and 24 female. Of those around half the women are employed, and only three men. (And one of those is in his forties just taking classes for fun after work)

I'm seeing late teens through twenties adults staying home and letting mom and dad pay for them much longer. There's this atmosphere that being a leech even in the late twenties is absolutely normal, which is a bit strange to me, honestly. Wouldn't you want some personal money? Some sense of independence? At least lighten your burden on your parents? I understand that is harder to afford a place on your own now, but to be in your late twenties and to never have held a job in your life? That just seems dysfunctional to me.

>> No.8763717

>I understand that is harder to afford a place on your own now, but to be in your late twenties and to never have held a job in your life? That just seems dysfunctional to me.
i've been on my own since i was 18 and this boggles my mind.

>> No.8763723

I feel like maybe contributing to this is that the job market in some places is still a bit rough. If you're 15 and applying for waiting tables and they want 3 years experience, it's rough, especially if it's your first job. And say you don't get the job, or the next one. Or you're focusing on school. And then you're 18 and not had a job and stressed about college and it's a lot scarier. And then you're 21 and mildly panicking and absolutely out of your pants shitting yourself over a simple interview. I got my first job at 15 and have a good variety of experience and a degree now, but my friend who struggled with school and didn't have the teenage summer job is now 21, never had a job and applying for jobs is this massive terrifying thing for him because he's never done it. Saying that I'm 21 and fuck knows when I'll be able to move out. I don't understand how people don't want the independence, it drives me crazy living at home, but I can understand why some people end up leeching.

>> No.8763728

>planning for dream cosplay who also is husbando
>very attached to it, seeing a picture of it is what got me into the hobby
>not a very popular cosplay so I'm always looking for pictures
>try Pinterest
>find sluttified genderbend
>try Instagram
>find even worse sluttified genderbend
>why must you corrupt him like this

>> No.8763732

>meet really nice guy, we have lots of common interests
>he's not super into anime but he's seen evangelion and some others
>we watch it together sometimes
>yesterday, 2 months into dating, i was on /cgl/ on my phone
>"you go on 4chan? i go on /b/ sometimes every couple of weeks when i'm bored lol i look at the gore threads"

he's not weird imo but still..... what do

>> No.8763737

>There's this atmosphere that being a leech even in the late twenties is absolutely normal, which is a bit strange to me, honestly. Wouldn't you want some personal money? Some sense of independence? At least lighten your burden on your parents? I understand that is harder to afford a place on your own now, but to be in your late twenties and to never have held a job in your life? That just seems dysfunctional to me.

Honestly that is what I am wondering too.
My Uni is at the most expensive city at the state, and I didn't move out because that would have placed a serious financial burden on my parents. It is much cheaper for them if I live at home (also we live in the same city my uni is located so moving out makes even less sense). And it was actually my parents who suggested I stay at home, because of the aforementioned amount of money it saves them.
But on the other hand, I have to work for my pocket money, and to be honest it feels so liberating to me. And as someone who can't live independently from my parents yet work and having my own money is the part of my life that gives me at least a small sense of being an adult.

But my bf seems happy with his parents to finance his life. I have to say that they are well off, therefore he doesn't qualify for government benefits, and they are legally obligated to pay a certain amount of money to him anyway.
He even has held jobs in the past, so he is no stranger to work, but he seems to have lost all interest in having a job, and earning some extra money. Especially when his grandparents often give him extra money and buy him stuff. But as someone who has to work hard for their spending money it makes me a little bitter to see he has no interest in work.

>> No.8763744

>Perhaps further education just isn't your thing?

Thanks for your reply, it cheered me up a little, but unfortunately the above is simply not an option. Everything here requires at least some degree of further education, and the jobs that don't aren't exactly suited for someone with Aspergers and anxiety issues.

Maybe taking some time off will help.

>> No.8763752

For me the reason is that I simply can't afford student housing even with a job, and that living on my own in general is nearly impossible because almost everything here goes through social housing and the waitlist is like 5 years long at the very least.

>> No.8763759

You get him to buy you some menhera kei stuff, duh
But real talk you need to find out how far that goes, he might have just desensitised himself from too many years of seeing junk online and now has a harmless fascination, or he might genuinely be not a cool dude.
He said 4chan and not Gurochan so that's a good sign?

There are some courses that have more practical-based sections like placements, maybe look into things like that? Good luck anon, you're not alone. Make sure you're getting all of the help you can from any services you can access.

>> No.8763771

I have to agree, it's probably because of how bad the job market is. I'd been searching for a job since I was 16 and didn't even get an interview until I was 19, and was regularly applying everywhere I could all those years.

For some OT feels:
>Get my first job
>Super shitty, no communication between anyone, stressful, awful coworkers
>One guy especially has it out for me, always being mean to me when no one else is around so no one knows, makes me cry one day and lies about it to our bosses so I get "talked to" about it.
>Decide I need to find a new job after this
>Pals help me get a job with them
>Been working there for a few months now, communication is great, coworkers are super nice, my bosses are awesome and collect Gundam figures
>Coworkers and I spend all day talking about anime, vidya, cosplay, and other nerdy stuff
>Some of us are hoping to hit up a con together next year now too

>> No.8763779

I'm looking for things currently and I'll look into those too. And yeah I always use the services I can with my disorder, but I also learned in the past few years that colleges have no idea how to deal with autism and just give you some extra time on tests and that's about it, along with the occasional convo with some counselor.

>> No.8763805

Same i've never gotten around it. I just think of it as just...idk, it creeps me out, i feel unsafe i just feel like, so little in this kind of "world" about sex and shit. And i'm just not comfortable. And to me, lolita is such a beautiful thing and i look down on girls who prostitute themselves or sell used panties and such to afford it, i'm seriously some kind of weird elitist that think lolita is something a bit more than clothing. And such behavior is not just "boo so unladylike oh what a harlot" it's not that, it's just that...it's fucking disgusting. Affording cutesy stuff in such a way is making me sick. To me it's supposed to be a refuge, something i can find peace and enjoyment in, like something genuine...i'm not a native english speaker so i hope you understand what i mean.
But yeah, i know it's though but i'm gonna take on myself and wait and do my best and bear it, i want to afford this in a proper way, not by such a sad disgusting way.

>> No.8763822

If you search the archives you'll find info from girls who have done it, I have a friend that sells her socks, honestly doesn't seem worth the effort.
You can make ten bucks per sock with the right buzzword but peple will only buy them every so often, she ofte has to bid on them using a sock puppet to stop them for going for too little and if she wins them herself she can't put them back up again in case someone knows. You can increase your sales if you post photos or videos or something of those socks in use, and more and more stuff like this until you're eventually just camming and selling used panties. Great if you're okay with that, but you're not going to make much if you're worried about your identity etc.
Even just handing out flyers for a fast food shop is a easier way to make money.

>> No.8763829

Me and my roommate are both sick, but apparently I'm "less sick" than he is, so he's basically forcing me to do everything from working on cosplays, to cooking and cleaning, to taking care of him.

I passed out in the shower and woke up covered in my own puke 45 minutes later, and all he did was yell at me for being gone too long because "something could have happened to me and you weren't here to help". Thanks for the concern buddy.

And now he's mad that I'm on my phone and not working on his cosplay. The cosplay he never asked if I'd help with, just assumed that I'd be willing to make him a hand painted and dyed yukata in less than a month.

>> No.8763831

assert yourself jfc

>> No.8763835

please go and tell him to go fuck himself right now, get yourself into bed tucked in with a throw bowl and sleep through the sickness. if he's too much of a baby to manage doing anything while sick, that's his issue he needs to get over. he has 0 right to treat you like that.

>> No.8763853

>go to CoF
>people getting tons of praise for stuff I've been wearing for years
>styles that used to be unpopular etc
>nobody cared when I used to post them
>people trying them out and barely hitting the mark but still getting asspats

I don't wear Lolita for attention but I just feel really weird about this. At least I was wearing the stuff before it was cool, I guess.

>> No.8763876

Well, they're trends NOW so why are you surprised that they recieve more attention from the trendhoppers on CoF? It's simple, if an outfit is OTT or trendy you'll get a lot more comments on it, especially on platforms like CoF. Don't let yourself get too salty at this.

>> No.8763903

You're a doormat, just tell him to fuck off. In more gentler terms if you still have to live with him for a while, but still assertively. Let him be mad. You're not his mom.

>> No.8763926

Honestly as long as you have a job, living with your parents doesn't have to be leeching, especially if you do your share of cleaning and help take care of the house. Some of my friends are trying to move out with part time jobs and rent a tiny house in a shitty part of town and it's going to take 5 of them to pay the rent and they almost all have pretty unreliable jobs like retail so it's going to be super tight all the time, which I think is pretty pointless. Young adults should be saving money while they're working part-time as young adults so when they get to their chosen career so they have money to move to an apartment somewhere in the city where their job is. You're not a mooch just because you don't move out as soon as you turn 18, that's ridiculous. Unless you luck out and get a really high paying job at 18 don't waste your money on a shitty apartment somewhere just stay at home and save your money so you can afford a nice apartment at around 25.

>> No.8763956

Might be a cultural thing, but my parents don't want me to move out until I finish university and find a career. I might be in my early to mid twenties by then. Frankly, I have to agree though. There's no use in wasting money to live independently. I rather help out at home, and not live from paycheck to paycheck while I'm at it.

> never held a job
Yeah, I have never held a job either. I have gotten paid for temporary work, but nothing I would consider a 'job'. My parents aren't supportive of me getting one either. They believe that if I have time to work, then I have time to study and get a higher paying career. They're getting old though, so I hope I'll be able to help them retire in a few years. I do feel kind of useless right now.

>> No.8763979

He should fuck off. Sounds like a baby that wants a pseudo-mommy to take care of him.

>> No.8763990

i don't think he's desensitized himself.. i remember when the paris attacks happened and we were both discussing it and he was upset over it. he's definitely shown empathy before and stuff but it threw me off. he doesn't seem like a closeted weirdo to me but idk..

>> No.8764397

>joined halloween craft exchange
>spent time and $$ making something nice
>partner never delivered, dropped off the face of the planet
>joined christmas gift exchange
>spent max limit, found something cool and subject related
>received cheap gift not even relevant to the theme
Why do I try. Why do I trust people.

>> No.8764400

I haven't heard from mine anon, but on the other hand, the person I gave too really liked their gift and was a sweetie, so I'm happy about that.

>> No.8764407

My exchange wasn't cgl unfortunately. I could probably trust strangers on 4chan more than my real goddamn life acquaintances.

>> No.8764412

I dunno, I look at the gore threads too. And I get off to animu guro porn sometimes. More like once every few months rather than every few weeks, but you should talk to him about it if it worries you. I mostly do it out of fascination (gore threads) and because I'm extremely desensitized (guro porn). Note that this doesn't mean I don't have empathy; I teared up when reading stories about the Paris attacks. As long as he has a strong grasp on reality, I don't see a problem.

>> No.8764455

You can't seriously think that the whole generation is like a college art class room? Art has always been a shitty employer and mostly the people who take up art as a profession have whatever problems that keep them from working a real job.

>> No.8764498

If it helps, all the rich people I know aren't really bothered about expensive/impressive gifts. Homemade cookies, cake/hot chocolate mixes, and a couple of cute items like hairclips or necklaces all went down really well.

>> No.8764526

Oh really OG? Like what specifically? If you didn't get praise for it, there must have been something wrong with your selling

>> No.8764529

*styling not selling fuck sage for being a stupid mobile user

>> No.8764598
File: 459 KB, 245x220, angry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That feel when a fucking spammer just killed at least 6 threads in the span of 25 minutes.

>> No.8764609
File: 494 KB, 500x282, tumblr_luuevpHHpJ1qdhxyeo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw iktf

>> No.8764621
File: 9 KB, 108x17, dying inside.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8764622

I live at home at 23 and currently don't have a job (actively looking though). My situation's a bit different- I was planning to move out a lot earlier but all my savings went to vet bills and house repairs and car maintenance (family's, not mine) that couldn't be put off, so I have fuck all left. My parents don't mind me staying, but I hate being unemployed with a burning passion, and my mother is desperate for me to ditch work and study so I can 'find my true calling'. My true calling is getting cash so I can buy anime figures and manga, but she can't understand that someone would work solely for cash.
Students are in an awkward situation, where free time isn't actually free, and if you do have a part-time job you don't have time to relax or do schoolwork. It sucks major balls, and I'm glad I didn't go down that route, because all my friends who did were stressed as shit and also broke.
If you're a sheltered idiot, you see waiting tables while you learn is a waste of time, because you won't be doing that when you're pulling in 10k a month with your sought-after art degree. The real world is a horrible shock to many people, especially students who have been told their whole lives that a degree will open doors. Sometimes that door leads to piles of cash, but it's usually just the door to shift work at the local supermarket. Don't judge too hard, they were just raised by people who grew up in a time when degrees meant something.

>> No.8764871

I'm sorry for non cgl but I have no one else to go

I realised this fall that I fucked up at choosing my new school, I knew they had a bad rap but I hoped things would change since I knew new management was coming in

turns out things got way worse with the new management so I started looking into whether I could switch schools starting january. I messaged another school I applied and got in to and they said 'yeah we might make an exception since we remember you and you did really well'

I sent them my current gradesheet and they said 'thanks' and then silence. it had been over a week so last night I wrote asking if we could set up a meeting

they replied today
>unfortunately we have no spot for you

that school was my best bet at getting to study and work in the country I want to. now I have to decide if I want to stay in my familiar nightmare or go to a completely random local school where I'd have to make up three years of studying fucking Russian because my high school never had it and it's a required fucking subject

I just want to sit at home and eat ice cream forever but this week is the exams week

>> No.8764887

Your post is so bizarre to me. I'm the same age and have been working the past five years because I can't afford to go to college and my parents won't help pay. If your mom is willing to help you, GO TO COLLEGE. Seriously, I know you want a job but it's not worth it when you don't have a degree or skill that will get you a paycheck over $13. Find something for part-time work two days a week and go to school.

>buy anime and manga
Since you're already 23 you really shouldn't do this, if you start earning money try saving a majority of it before you start spending it on novelties. Buying anime is not worth it.

>> No.8764893

How long do you think he has been here? I'd say it's a red flag because he's announcing it to make him seem cool or edgy but he ends up looking immature. Unless he thinks you would also be into that thing but the nonchalant way of him saying he gets bored and looks at gore is awkward. /b/ is a common gateway but it's the kind of thing a 15 year old would say.

>> No.8764907

> Of those around half the women are employed, and only three men

This is something I've noticed too in my friend circle who, for reference, are all in their late 20s. All of the women are employed with varying degrees of success, pay for their own apartments and hobbies, etc. Half of my guy friends are equally successful, but half will straight up refuse to apply for in between jobs that they feel falls beneath them. They want a certain job that they are woefully unqualified for and would rather stay unemployed than apply for something mediocre (one of my friends hasn't worked for years now - his parents pay for all his expenses). Back in college professors would constantly give us speeches about "working your way up" and "not expecting your first job to be perfect job", and I remember being surprised that anyone actually thought like that.

As best as I can tell, some guys just expect everything to fall into their laps and are more willing to let their parents front the cost until then.

>> No.8764912

You sound like the real sheltered idiot here.

>> No.8765104

All my ex boyfriends were like that and in most of the cases it was a major factor of us breaking up. One of them would put two apps in then refuse to do any more for months because he wanted them to get back to him before he "wasted time" filling out others. Dude was unemoloyed between the ages of 20 and 25. Another only applied for positions WAY above his skill level because they offered a salary he felt he deserved for having a degree. He was unemployed for 3 years.
They always wanted pity for being unemployed while also being bitter that I was the bread winner in the relationship.Like asking for money then bring shitty about it because they were embarrassed. I tried getting them jobs at the retail store where if been busting my ass for years (I haveas nice job now thanks to my work history) but they'd never accept it because they deserved better. If you're begging your mom to buy you poptarts because you need snacks to eat while you play games all day you dont deserve better.

>> No.8765136

>snacks to eat while you play games all day
What the fuck do people like this do all day? As in men who refuse to look for work, not unemployed people who are trying to find jobs or studying. How can you play video games for two thousand days in a row and think "this is fine"?

>> No.8765163

Person you replied to, when i moved a decent distance to move in with my husband (before we got married) I was jobless for 2 months and I was losing my fucking mind. I cleaned everything every day just to do something. Like I play a lot of games to but when that's the ONLY thing to look forward to every day its a shit life. These guys have to have the mentality of children to be okay with it.
They WILL give a bullshit "do you think I enjoy this!?" Tantrum when you call them out but if you ask them to do laundry while you're at work they'll cry like youre a mom punishing them with chores.

>> No.8765176

Devil's advocate here, I think some of the girls who go on cgl or know the girls on cgl might be extra driven because of these expensive hobbies. Sure, some flip dresses and other things but it's certainly showing initiative.
All of my lolita friends earn big money to get that burando, and all of the guy friends in that circle are gamers, and so they would rather mooch off their families or the government and play games.
Whereas in another circle of friends I know all the guys are pretty normal and hardworking, and tend to have lazy girlfriends who think they can just depend on their family or boyfriends and do nothing.
I don't think it's a gender thing alone, I think it's an everything thing. How you were raised, what you want in life, what your friends do, where you live etc

When I was NEET for a year I went crazy, I couldn't enjoy anything because I felt like a worthless piece of shit who shouldn't be allowed to sit and watch anime whilst unemployed whilst people starve in other countries.
I also have a friend who has been NEET for about six years and all she does is go clubbing, watch anime and play games, she has a great life and the biggest stress in her life is just coming up for new reasons to refuse jobs or work schemes. The world is full of very different people.

>> No.8765181
File: 32 KB, 629x450, 1557446_801902333215454_6118730353741102666_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You love jfashion
>Love basically all the brands
>Is 5"10
>With a long upper body
>Everything but certain lolita brands is too short

>> No.8765188

w...what the fuck am I reading here? Unless you become a welder, stripper, or Alaskan crab fisher, get a fucking degree so you make more than $13 an hour. You sound like one of those idiots who flunked high school and are now bitter about the world.

>> No.8765189

What brands have you found tend to fit you?
Help a sister out.

>> No.8765198

I've been lucky with some Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge skirts, just double check every measurement on everything and get a few pairs of cute safety pants in various colors because things are going to be quite short no matter what you do. 85 to 90cm length on dresses usually works!

Whenever I'm looking at clothes in groups at facebook I tend to ask the seller if they think the clothing in question would fit someone in my height if they aren't very clear on the measurements. I've found someone in one of the gyaru groups that has similar measurements as me, so I keep an eye out for her stuff.

>> No.8765201

I'm currently a NEET and I hate every single moment of it. I had a part time job from the time I was old enough to work right up until my senior year of college. It was a super shitty job with a lot of manual labor and I was always exhausted, and even got injured while on the clock. When I graduated school, I was so mentally exhausted I meant to take the summer off and apply places in the fall and then I got slammed with horrific cystic acne and I just quit life. I was depressed, became a recluse, and couldn't even enjoy my hobbies anymore because I was afraid to socialize and felt like I didn't deserve to do what I enjoyed because I was beign so lazy. It's so bizarre because I'm not working or going to school for the first time in my life. I've never had much down time and I feel so much guilt just mooching off of my parents for the last year. Every day I clean, cook dinner for them when I can, and do a good amount of yard work and home renovations to try to make up for being such a waste of space. I honestly hate every moment of this but I have such a fear of presenting myself in public until my skin clears up. My parents are worried about me because it's pretty obvious I no longer do any of my hobies or anything that I enjoy despite having all of the time in the world. I've also heard them speaking about wanting to kick me out of the house in a month or so because I'm a disappointment. I don't think I could do this for another year, let alone six, I just want clear skin and my life back.

>> No.8765209

>girls on cgl might be extra driven because of these expensive hobbies
Just to clarify, I'm the only girl in my group who is into cosplay - but all of the guys and girls I hang around with are vaguely nerdy, so yeah maybe it's a geek/gamer dynamic. I could see it being very different if you have a group of conventionally hot girls and business major guys.

>> No.8765217

You're an idiot and your parents are right. Maybe school isn't for you but career paths exist for a reason. If your plan is to work any old job for the rest of your life (retail, I assume?), that $15/hour is fine for your precious animus but not enough for big investments like buying a house and car. At least figure out what sort of industry you want to grow in and then start earning cash there ffs.

>> No.8765220

>No degree
>24$ an hour in the midwest

Hi5 military

You don't need to go to a 4 year school, I'd actually recommend not doing that to my kids. Get a trade or go into some computer stuff, IT/networking.

>> No.8765238

Don't listen to anons telling you to go to college no matter what. Go if you want to and if you have a dream job that requires a degree.
>went to college
>illustration major because it's the only thing I enjoyed, hated everything else
>now working in retail, can't find work in illustration, set way back in life compared to friends who are now supervisors/managers in retail and earning enough to have savings for houses/children/whatever else they want
You can do pretty well in retail if you find a good company and work hard. Without having a degree. My degree's done fuck all for me career-wise and I'd recommend learning a trade or experience working because I honestly think more employers care about that shit. There's no guarantee you'll end up with a career in what you did a degree in. Unless you have a set career you want and you know for an absolute fact you cannot have that career with a degree, then it may not be worth your time/money, especially if you don't want to go in the first place.

>> No.8765239

>go into some computer stuff, IT/networking.

As someone who did this because I had no idea what else to do, it's not as easy as just 'oh just do something with computers".
If you don't have the feeling for that type of thing then you're fucked.

Not to say it isn't decent advice but it's simply not for everyone, no matter how many people seem to chant the opposite.

>> No.8765247

How do you know if you aren't active? Even if were apart of it years ago a lot has changed from 2007. Don't hold yourself back from experiences.

>> No.8765249

Anon, no one gives a shit about your skin. You might think you've got giant tumours on your face, nobody else think it's that bad.

Go see your doctor/a dermatologist. Chances are it can reduced or even cured by a change in skin care routine/a particular wash/antibiotics. If it came out of nowhere it can be made to go away too. Chances are all the stress you were under triggered it. It can be cured, don't worry.

You need to get a purpose to get your confidence back up. If you don't feel up to a job, volunteer. Ask in your local museum, or wildlife trust, or google volunteering in your local area. They'll jump at the chance of having you help, you can build up your skills/confidence, make new friends and not be under pressure. It'll be a good step in the right direction for you.

Stay strong anon, things are shit, but you can pull through it!

>> No.8765258

I don't think you really get how it works.
People that went straight into jobs from school do have a leg up on employability over those that did four years of an arty or useless degree, but from making those four years of work experience count. Doing time in retail 9-5 isn't helping you at all unless you're pushing for team leader and the manager positions and being active in that role. It's more than just outlasting other people in the job, you need to prove you have those skills and pick up small relevant qualifications and training.
A twenty three year old who knows the job market sucks isn't better than a 23 year old graduate unless you're talking about debt. You had better start reading into how to be the best at wherever you end up or else you'll be still living at home when those students finally pay their debt off.

>> No.8765279

>Go into some computer stuff

Echoing what >>8765239 said, I find it amazing that everyone and their mother thinks they can just take some online programming courses and the jobs will just start rolling in. You could get an IT job before the mid 2000s by doing that, but by now LOTS of people know their way around computers. Once you have work experience you are definitely in the door, but good luck finding somewhere that will hire you with not only no experience but no degree (in any field).

>> No.8765288

>that feeling when you finally commit to doing your childhood dream cosplay
>that feeling when you realize that it looks just like a trend-of-the-day
>that feeling when you're afraid to wear it and be mistaken for 'skinny rose quarts'

>> No.8765306

Yeah i'm sure that's a real easy position to take and feel superior over while you've got all those quotas and affirmative actions on your side.

>> No.8765329

Same anon you echoed, and yeah one of the biggest moments of getting punched back into reality was when I realized 80% of my peers are dudes who already have some form of experience and have been doing it for years.

Kind of sucks how nowadays everything is so focused only on achievements in those fields, as if anything other then technical fields don't matter anymore. Somehow that made me feel even worse when I realized that I'm simply not cut out to get into IT.

>> No.8765506
File: 44 KB, 500x294, baitforanon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8765513

It comes with having a big pool of applicants at this point unfortunately. If you're comparing the guy with experience who developed a personal project on the side vs the guy who has neither but a good attitude, it's a no brainer who you're going to pick.

>> No.8765554

>come home from work today
>package on the doorstep
>no missed delivery slip
>no taking it back to the wrong post office and telling me I'm wrong and it was delivered
>no returning to sender after 3 days
I'm so happy I moved. Whoever you are postman, I love you.

>> No.8765563

My dad committed suicide this morning and I feel like it's completely my fault. He texted me telling me he had surgery a few weeks ago, and said he wished I would call him more often, and I didn't. I meant to, but I just kept putting it off. I didn't even fucking ask him if his surgery went well. I feel like if I had just called him, he'd still be here.

>> No.8765564

Wow. You'd seriously deny that virtually every business and college in the western world has quotas mandating a minimum number of women they have to hire/admit?
That's some crazy delusion.

>> No.8765594

anon, i am so, so sorry.

however, as someone who has attempted suicide in the past, when you're in that frame of mind, no matter what anyone does or says it isn't going to pull you out. you have to want to be pulled out, and chances are if you're far enough to try (let alone succeed) it's too late for anyone to do anything save immediate drastic intervention from professionals. please don't blame yourself.

everyone has regrets when someone they love dies, particularly in such an awful manner as suicide, but i hope you can eventually find peace with both him and yourself. if you keep blaming yourself for it all it'll just drag you down even further and i'm sure he wouldn't want that for you.

stay strong <3

>> No.8765596

I'd seriously deny that we're talking about college admittance, you illiterate muppet. The topic at hand is post-grads or non-grads who then refuse to apply to jobs. There's no law in the US that mandates an equal ratio of women to men in private businesses. Read before you troll.

>> No.8765601

They're are only 10 women in my tech company of 230 people and 3 if them are in HR (counted at an all company meeting). I have to make extra sure to keep tampons on me because I know there's no one to fall back on here.

>> No.8765609


Well, how successful are you going to be at anything if you are competing with people who have years of experience?

>> No.8765612

When I'm not dressed like a sparkly cupcake I'm the HR Director at a large Fortune 1000 company.

I went to college for employment and labor law. I work with employment and labor law. You're absolutely wrong about employment and labor law.

There are no laws for corporations that mandate a minimum number of women, minorities, or handicapped people be hired, we're simply prevented from making a hiring decision based solely on that status.

Maybe three minutes of using the google could clue you in on that, you pathetic fuck.

>> No.8765661

I mean, that's the point. Nowadays unless you get lucky it's pretty hard to get a specialized job unless you either 1) have experience that is relevant to the job, or 2) are a recent grad with the right degree.

I know the other anon is either a troll or a sad mens rights activist, but the picture he's painting is pretty funny.

>"I need a job"
>"But if I apply they might reject me and give it to an unqualified woman instead"
>"This bothers me so much I'll just refuse to apply for any job and stay unemployed for the rest of my life. Only videogames and mantears for me boohoohoo"

>> No.8765665

>open etsy shop
>$70 in sales so far

pocket money heck yes

>> No.8765669

Pretty much why I'm currently searching for something else. I tried it, and it doesn't fit with me. Simple as that.

Well yeah, that was kind of my point.

>> No.8765722

I have a job. I just find it amusing how any time women are behind in any way you all cry that it must be because the entire system is sexist against women and has to be changed to be "equal" but if men are ever behind you say it's just because they're all stupid lazy losers.

Ultimately it'll be societies and women's problem, so I don't care what happens really.

>> No.8765932

My condolences, anon. As someone who has contemplated suicide before, I can tell you that it's not your fault. It's not any particular person's fault, really. Sometimes, you're in a bad state of mind and you do irreversible things. Don't blame yourself for this.

>> No.8766153
File: 17 KB, 470x352, no7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dinner break from housework
>I know I couldn't afford it but let's see if any of my dream dresses are on y!japan. I doubt they are anyhow, just fun to see what's on there
>3 of my dream dresses are for sale
>too poor to justify buying any of them
>why did I even look

>> No.8766172
File: 23 KB, 500x375, SQkBu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw finally have a stable job and money to go to cons
>Start going again a few months ago, during the summer
>None of my old friends will speak to me
>Whenever I walk by they whisper and glare
>Find out later via texts that one person in the comm who I have spoken to a maximum of 3 times has been spreading rumors about me "attacking them during a room party"
>The harassment levels are out of control, also includes posts all over tumblr/twitter
>No one has asked me what happened, the person in question doesn't have proof, everyone just blindly accepts their word as law
>tfw it's making me want to stop going to cons, I haven't been since the summer

I know, I'm being a bitch about it. I just can't believe that I've been bullied out of going to cons.

>> No.8766179

Attack them for real to teach them not to fuck with you

>> No.8766202

I can not stress this enough, people like that only get away with that shit because everyone is too chicken-shit to say something

>> No.8766258


That's exactly the reason why I can't call them out. That and they're one of those tumblrinas who would make a callout post about me, or have their protection squad attack me.

>> No.8766311

What area are you in? Something similar happened to me anon and if we go to the same cons maybe we can be hated for jo reason in solidarity!

>> No.8766315

so let them get away with it, so they're free to attack other people. maybe one day they'll attack someone capable of standing up to them so you won't have to worry about it.

>> No.8766346

I'm confused by how exactly this scenario went down. You saw or heard people saying stuff about you and never tried to just say "I never did that. They're making shit up"?
No shit people are going to believe it if you don't do anything to deny it. What are you afraid they'll do if you deny it, make more shit up? They're already doing that.

>> No.8766355

You need closure, not to just try to forget about it. Apologize. She might forgive you, and things might work out, but don't go in expecting that to happen. You feel like shit because you've wronged her.

You know what you need to do, so do it.

>> No.8766358

Just put the dress on, expecting it not to fit. You may be pleasantly surprised, and if you're not, you'll have been expecting it, and won't be surprised. The worst that can happen is a confirmation of your fears, but the fear of the unknown is much worse than simple regret. Pills are pills, but the best cure for anxiety is courage.

>> No.8766395

Fighting with them isn't worth the energy to me. The last time I tried to talk to one of them about it they had a tumblrina style "panic attack" and left.

I didn't know why they were doing it until afterwards, I just thought that they were talking shit about my cosplay because I only saw it happening a few times. Only a handful of the people in the comm will talk to me, the rest are trying to bathe in the person's e-fame and do whatever they say.

I'm not going to stay pressed about it...It's not like they can do anything to change my personal life.

>> No.8766408


Who the fuck cares anon? Call them out, and if the tumblrinas turn on you, it's no big deal. Hell, take screenshots, report their accounts for harassment, job done.

>> No.8766458
File: 475 KB, 577x804, tumblr_nytjyxgqnx1rx4ouvo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, man. Where do I even start.

I got to his house and we did our usual thing. We sat together out in his backyard- He plays animal crossing, while I drink beer and read the manga from his bookshelf.
After hanging out for an hour or so just joking around, I finally brought it up. I told him that there's something kind of silly that I have to confess.

>Started out slowly with, "So, you know how when we first met? And I told you that I was straight?"
>He literally slamed his DS shut and yelled, "Ah, fuck, I knew it!"

I covered my face and couldn't stop laughing at him for being so funny. We talked about it for a while, and everything went really well. I apologized for lying to him two years ago, and he said that it's fine. What's important is that I told him.

So we're both still laying down on the patio chairs as we talk it out. You know, the ones that let you recline that they have at pools? He gets up and stands right besides me and looks down at my face and says.

>"So, you've been crushing on me then you fuccboi?"

I was buzzed, and couldn't help popping the most unholy boner I've ever had in my life. Like it was so noticeable that I was dying of embarrassment on the inside. And I still can't believe it as I type this but he just said, "Woah," then put his hand down on my crotch to LEAN IN AND KISS ME ON THE FOREHEAD.

I was super flustered because I'm usually the type to initiate that kind of nonsense, but goodness.

Long story short, the truth is out with him, and we'll hang out again tomorrow and talk more about what we're feeling.

>> No.8766462
File: 120 KB, 1280x720, 1419162155617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still using a DS

>> No.8766463

that feel when that's a skip beat cosplay
I feel like manga based cosplays are being more overlooked for animated series. Makes me sad.

>> No.8766465
File: 57 KB, 315x480, 1311702302403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dropped pic

>> No.8766466
File: 67 KB, 550x507, beo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woops. He plays a 3DS, but we just call it the DS.

>> No.8766470

I'm afraid to see my ex
Like I was scared shitless when a saw her face on my FB feed
Last time I think she was near I heard her mother at Barnes and noble and I walked quickly from the anime section
I would jump if someone has her haircut/facial structure.
I like want to talk to her and tell her sorry but I'm just scared of my guilt of being a bad person

>> No.8766472

>tfw trying to build up feedback on lacemarket to sell on lolita sale pages
>people don't leave any feedback

>> No.8766480

Same, oh god. I feel you.

>> No.8766484
File: 118 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i need advice anons.
i have something that belongs to my ex but its been over a year and he never asked for it again. suddenly his friend is asking me to give it back (but i know shes the one that wants to use it not him) hes a good for nothing so i know if i ask him he'll just tell me to give it to her but shes suuuuuch a bitch and doesnt deserve it. it makes me angry and desu i want to break it and throw it in her face so she can leave me the fuk alone already.
>would you keep it or give it back?

sage for unrelated so:
not planning on going to conventions this year but i plan on making 2016 my self-care year where i get back in shape and actually work on my cosplays instead of focusing on "deadlines"

>> No.8766486

"desu" worst typo of my life. please light me on fire

>> No.8766491

just give it back and never speak to them again. if you break it you're just inviting more shit from them.

>> No.8766493

Just give it back or you're a drama loving whore

>> No.8766500

It's not your fucking property. You have no right to keep it and even less than no right to break it just because you're upset. You do what it's owner tells you to do with it or you're stealing.

>> No.8766508

thats just the thing though. the owner hasnt messaged me at all. im gonna have to message him myself and straighten this out.

>> No.8766520

>im gonna have to message him myself and straighten this out.
no kidding

>"desu" worst typo of my life

>> No.8766534

>gonna treat myself to brand this paycheck
>Dolly Cat is still available on the USA site???
>I'll get it when I get paid Tuesday morning!
>is there all day
>look now just as I got paid
>she is gone as is my smile

I mean I could get the regular cuts from the international site but they'd probably be a bit short and I had my heart set on the ivory color way.

Damn you person who got paid before I did.

>> No.8766673

I don't even read yaoi but I imagine this is what it feels like to, simultaneously cute and hot, whether or not this story is true or not.
If it is, just keep on being honest, if your friendship is important to you you'll try everything to make sure that even if you two don't work out, you can still be friends and be happy for him and all that stuff.
Best of luck to you, have fun

>> No.8766737

If she's a bitch you don't want to deal with, ignore her. Or tell her you don't know where it is right now or maybe you threw it away if you want her off your back. If your ex actually gets off his ass to ask for if back, then give it back. If she's an asshole to you, you owe her no favors, and while you don't owe your ex any favors either he's entitled to his property if he asks for it.

>> No.8766758

okay so I was reading the feels thread on the train and didn't hold onto anything and it was crowded and I almost fell into a group of old people orz.. and just when I got off and was waiting in line to get out of the station this guys train card stopped working and the ticketing machine thing made a huge sound and I got startled and ran like right across the queue/crowd and an angry dude shouted at me it was really embarrassing. I'm almost at my apartment now though back to my yja auctions and feeling like shit about spending too much money..

>> No.8766763


>> No.8766765
File: 24 KB, 350x197, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mom/bro went to go put our dog down today (she was old and in pain)

cgl related
>tfw get job to help get extra cash to help pay off cosplay
>hours a week went up from 15 to 26
>have extra cash but no time to work on any cosplays anymore

>> No.8766778

I've got lots of things under control. My job's pretty neat, and my lolita & jfashion game is on point. But why do I feel like I want to grab a baseball bat and destroy things. Just break stuff. I'll never know.

>> No.8766807

That's psycho stress

You should go break shit at a dump or something

>> No.8766833

Thanks anon, I'll start with getting the baseball bat.

>> No.8766998
File: 28 KB, 540x380, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw none of my friends drink
>tfw too socially retarded to seek out room parties or drinking buddies at cons
>tfw all I want to do after a long stressful con day is relax with some red wine
>friends refuse to even accompany me to a bar, and won't even go to a sit down restaurant with me because they want to save money for the dealer's room

I will always be that awkward weeb sitting by herself at the hotel bar.

>> No.8767028

In the same boat, but I'm 26. I've had jobs since I was 16, but spent too long derping around in community college getting worthless degree. I still live at home, but pay 300 a month in rent (she won't let me pay more) and buy most of the groceries. I've since gotten my career shit in order, currently make 14.50 an hour for a so-so food service job, and am going to school for computer science. I think I have mostly my girlfriend to thank for it, because she helped me want to become a better person, and I transferred into Engineering, and then Computer Science. It won't be long now until I'm done, and I've already been offered a tutoring position, grader position, and/or a research assistant position. I'm also on track for a promotion at work. I know I'll have to leave home someday, but before I do, I want to be making enough that I can take care of myself and my mom, because things are rough and for the longest time, it was just me and her. I have a younger sister who also lives at home and at 18 has only had a single job for like 2 weeks, and I need to make sure they'll be able to make it on their own. Hopefully one of these jobs my mom is applying to will stick, because she's been out of work for a while.

So I guess while it's rude to assume people living at home in their 20s are leeches, people who have never had a job in their 20s probably need to examine themselves.

Also, keep in mind that the whole "move it when you're 18" thing is a relic of the rapid expansionist culture of the 50s.

Not many cultures encourage a necessary flee from your birth home. Nowadays everybody is acting like they're more mature for living on their own when they still are crammed into living with 5 people they don't know, and are still only scraping by for rent.

That being said, >>8763647

You are being greedy, yes. Greed is a very human emotion, so don't be ashamed of having it, but just be sure to never think you're in the right.

>> No.8767044

If they sperg out because "muh anxiety" (read: cowardice), you have won the argument.

>> No.8767075
File: 731 KB, 500x281, 1449567679917.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be student but actually NEET
>be legit terribly afraid of getting a job
>start crying in job interviews because I am so afraid

What is wrong with me, I don't want to NEET anymore but the thought of applying for a job is like a nightmare to me.

cgl related
>watch as your wigs and fabric collect dust because you're too poor to finish the costumes you started 3 years ago

>> No.8767079

I looked back at what I've done this year and realized. I've done nothing at all. All major things that happened this year were me failing doing anything at university and that's it.

I've barely gone outside this year, other then what's necessary. I just sit in my room all day, I have no social contacts outside of my family.

It makes me feel like I fucked up majorly in life, I'm 22 and I do nothing. Don't even have a job, I"m so apathetic about everything it's actually quite crushing.

>> No.8767080

I'd drink with you. Nothing like sitting alone at a bar with a beer. My friends don't drink either and I hate sitting alone while normies look me up and down.

>> No.8767395

>paint boots for costume
>they come out great
>get them into direct sunlight
>gold glitter??????
>the black paint I used to darken the blue was "pearlescent"

Guess I'm gonna be a sparkly waterbender.

>> No.8767429

Anon, I wish you the best.

>> No.8767538

>recently got a shitty but well-paying job that's left me with more money than I know what to do with

>> No.8767603

ok but consider:
>giving some of it to me

>> No.8767772

>Have ugly sweater meetup saturday
>moved living room around to make room for airbrush area.
>Have severe dust allergy
>Can literally smell it in the air despite trying to open windows and air it out
>Already puffy faced, red eyed, and sneezing nonstop
>Can't skip meet cause i'm promised to gift exchange
>gotta love that one bad decision that fucks the week right up.

>> No.8767871


Glitter makes everything better

>> No.8767888

>Working really, really hard to lose weight
>Down nearly 10 lbs
>Weighed myself
>Down only 3 lbs

No idea where I went wrong. Absolutely no junk food, minimal carbs, eating lots of fresh fruit/veggies. Drinking nothing but water. Not starving myself, and I'm careful about tracking what I eat. I have no idea how I gained 4 lbs in 4 days.

I'm basically fucked for this meetup I've planned to go to. I don't even want to go now.

>> No.8767892

Do you vacuum ever?

>> No.8767895

Lots of things change weight. Through out the your weight fluctuates around 5 lbs. Did you drink lots/eat before you weighed in?
Also is your period coming up/happening? Lots of girls gain weight during it.

>> No.8767898

Yes every 3 days. It's not going to change my badly ventilated building though.

>> No.8767905

It's you have the access to your heating vents, invest in allergen filters! Or at least change your current ones out. Christ when I checked my old apartment's filters out of curiosity I couldn't believe how much shit my heat was blowing through.

>> No.8767909

I shall try that. We have extremely old metal vents here. But a good scrubbing may save my poor body

>> No.8767922

I had a problem at my old apartment when I was crazy fucking broke so the place was a dump. Landlord wouldn't change filters despite being ridiculously gross. Ended up buying filters and just taping them over the vents.

>> No.8767931

That may be my problem. It only flares up in winter when we need the heat on.

>> No.8767994

I'm so angry at one of my friends right now and it began in September
>> recibe a text for friend lets call her Panda
>> hey anon could you lend me 100$
>> well hello to you too
>> I'm pissed but check my finances anyway
>> sorry Panda I can only lend you 50 is that ok?
>> I guess... It just that my daughter is beginning elementary school and we have a lot of sudden payments
>> I'm thinking and that my problem because? But write: Sorry is the only I can't lend you without hurting my finances
>> Ok I will see what else I can do to have the rest of the money, but I promise you I will pay you at the end of the month
>>OK thank you
To this day she haven't pay me but it still continues
>> some weeks after thatlater
>> recibe another text from Panda
>> hey anon hi what are you doing
>> is the middle of the day on Monday
>> hey hi I'm working
>> I'm internally thinking please she better get the indirect because I'm busy right now
>> Panda process to talk shit about her supervisor and how she does everything in her work,
>> work at wallmark this later will be relevant
>> well bye
Rinse and repeat at random intervals between September and November and every time when I'm working not in weekends not before six pm always in the middle of the fucking day on a working day

>> No.8768034

Ok for some context last year I organized and small new year dinner with my friends and panda was invited
>> recive text again in the middle of a working day around november
>> hey anon do you have plans for this new years?
>> not really Panda
>> what if we do a dinner like last year do you remember I'm working in wallmark so I get discount in the special worker sale! I will bring the turkey, and I can see you to play you the money I own you and put up date
>> ok no prob
>> fast forward to two weeks ago
>> recibe text from Panda again in working hours
>> hey hi tomorrow is my worker sale do you want my to buy the turkey that day?
>> I don't want you to buy the turkey you were the one who compromised in bringing it to the dinner but write that it was her decision not mine
>>ok anon
>> fast forward to two hours ago
>> hey anon sorry but I couldn't buy the turkey at the worker sale
>> do you want me to buy it Panda?
>>yes please
I don't know why she fucking compromised in the first place and I also know is my fault because I should have told her that I mad at her but she is one of my oldest friends and is having a lot of problems recently (the great majority because her shit ass decisions) but I'm on the verge of calling that whole fiasco off because I'm fucking mad and she doesn't even know it

>> No.8768072
File: 715 KB, 1024x576, vlcsnap-48022[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>one of bf's friends killed himself
>have no idea how to handle the situation since I lost all my friends long ago
>I'm just trying to be there for him the best I can
>whenever I get upset/depressed over something its always "I'm going through more, its nothing compared to what i'm going through" which is understandable
>dare not bring up anything I feel remotely upset about
I just wish I had a friend to talk to, since I don't want to burden my bf at all... but I'm shit at opening up to people.

>tfw want a friend to do a skip beat cosplay with
>doesn't matter if know one recognizes us it'll just be nice to wear the skip beat uniforms and be dorks together

>tfw no womanchild friends

I'm a womanchild and i'm not a weeaboo
its suprisingly hard to find womanchildren who aren't weebs or tumblrtards to befriend.
it was so much easier befriending people when I was a tumblrtard weeb.

>> No.8768351

So you're getting sad and your boyfriend is complaining that he's sadder? That's really shitty.
He obviously will need time to feel better but that doesn't mean he should be treating you that way. You're allowed to be sad and if he can't handle that then he doesn't sound like a very nice person. If he has been saying stuff like that frequently then maybe you should explain to him that you want to support him but he should be considerate about you.

>> No.8768537

Are you me? I've never had a job and college makes it more difficult for me to get one at the same time. Looking for a job scares me so much I feel sick when I look for one.

>> No.8768545

I agree, that's really petty and borderline emotionally abusive to basically dismiss your feelings. It's really unreasonable to basically demand that you put on a happy face around him at all times to spare him any emotional effort.

>> No.8768554

Why don't you ask her to bring a few side dishes because you're supplying the turkey? If she tries to show her ass about how broke she is, counter with how you only have $50 in your bank account whatever and really can't afford to pay for everyone's meal out of pocket especially without the money she owes you. Exaggerate how little money you have because she clearly isn't getting a clue.

>> No.8768877
File: 138 KB, 800x715, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> hosting a high tea meetup
> asked everyone last week to start making final RSVPs by the end of this week
> it's the middle of the week
> so many "maybes"
> no final RSVPs yet
> mfw

>> No.8768895

In all fairness anon, I still call my 3DS a Gameboy.

>> No.8768897

We probably don't live in the same country anon, but you're always welcome to come drink with us!

>> No.8768899

>cosplay with new cosplay friends for the first time
>I say new, have been friends for about 3 years, just never cosplayed together before
>had a really good time, really enjoyed it, expressed an interest to do it again sometime
>friend announces a group for con that they've already found everyone for
>big group, series I'm interested in, fuck, actually the same series I cosplayed with them before
>didn't even get asked
>fuck you then
Eventually I will find people to cosplay with.

>> No.8768908

Are you exercising anon? Bad news is, muscle weighs a lot.

Take a look in the mirror or measure yourself- are you looking slimmer and healthier? If so, then you ARE losing fat, it's just being replaced by muscle. In that case it doesn't matter if you've gained some pounds, because the weight is coming from healthy muscles!

When I started working out I lost several inches off my waist, but gained several pounds in return from the muscle. C'est la vie.

>> No.8768911

i do the same thing. i just like the sound of gameboy so much easier than 3ds? i'll probably always call it a gameboy honestly

>> No.8768912

what is english

>> No.8769495

I have 68cm waist and 98cm hips
Nothing fits
Either it sticks up in the back
Or it's too tight in the butt.

I have an obsession with cute shorts, but I don't fit a lot of the ones I love.

>> No.8769506

This might sound stupid, but if you're trying to find cute high waisted shorts, try Urban Outfitters. You basically have my measurements, and they're the only ones that somehow fit both my back and butt.

>> No.8769639

I have a 30 cm difference too. It truly sucks sometimes. I wore the same 2 pairs of jeans for over a year because I didn't have time to alter any more (I only wear jeans from October to April but still). I finally bought some more and will work on them over winter break but it's such a pain having a complete size difference between my waist and hips.

>> No.8769680

It's not a bad figure, it's just uncommon. I'm glad lolita has open hip measurements, because I would never fit brand if I had to meet Asian common hip sizes.

>> No.8769694

> 66cm waist
> 98cm hips
I have just resigned myself to dresses and skirts.

>mfw I like pumpkin shorts but end up looking like I'm in diapers when I wear them
>mfw I have no face

>> No.8769709

>68 waist
>104cm hips
I'm not even that pear. Pencil skirts are impossible too.

>> No.8769716

I'm not ashamed of my figure, but yeah it's uncommon so it's difficult to find kawaii clothing at times.

>dresses and skirts
That's all I wear in the warmer months. For some reason won't even bother with them when it's cold even though I have plenty of cute tights. I guess most of my dresses are more suited for summer.

>> No.8769777


60 waist, 99cm hips. And I'm short as fuck so I am just a blob of ass and thighs (their circumference is almost half my height) then little-ish on top; 85cm tits look pitiful despite causing me blouse-gap and my bicep muscle is probably just assumed to be fat when my arms are bent. A lot of short sleeves don't fit me, all skirts and shorts ride up every two fucking minutes. All patterned tights are stretched to fuck. What happens when I stop eating altogether and exercise intensely? (Like 8 hours of non stop cardio in a day) I still bulk up in the legs like I've been squatting since I was born. I hate not being able to wear jeans that won't gape at the waist or split when I sit down. I am grateful lolita hides my thighs and I've just given up on all jeans/pants/trousers altogether.

>> No.8769789

I only got a 3DS 2 months ago and had been playing my GBAs and DSLite up 'til then.

>> No.8769791

Anon I squeed

We're cheering for you and I'm capping this

Plz don't judge.

>> No.8769800


I'm gonna have to take this one with a grain of salt, we have no idea what she means when she says that, she could very well be bitching for extended periods whenever she gets upset. I'm not going to assume that's the case, but I'm definitely not going to call him a shitlord or "borderline abusive" when I don't know the situation.

>> No.8769805
File: 11 KB, 109x115, 42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just got into Lolita
>Have always been a little overweight, but not morbidly
>Having trouble fitting into brand
>Having trouble losing weight due to a problematic ED

Feels bad man

>> No.8769817

Anon, are you weighing yourself at the same time of day? your weight will look like it fluctuates a lot more than it does if you're weighing yourself all all different times of the day what with eating/digesting/pooping and whatever.
I opt for mornings personally.

>> No.8769887

>58cm waist
>98cm hips
>If I want anything form fitting I need to size up and get it tailored
I managed to lose so much weight but I have that little ring of fat around my upper tights that just won't come off. I'm already really bony on the bust though, my boyfriend used my collar bones as a phone rest the other day
>you'll never have tiny boy hips and be cute in boyish clothes
life is suffering

>> No.8769926

>mfw waist-hip difference is 15cm
Grass is always greener, I guess.

>> No.8769928

Holy shit, are you me? Arm issues as well. Except I'm quite tall.

>> No.8769947

I'm sorry anon, I know losing weight with an eating disorder is hard. I wish you luck, you're going to look super cute in your brand!

>> No.8769995

Honestly? If it's good enough I would sell it.
And if your ex asks for it I would said I lost it and offer the repay (if he wants).

>> No.8770002
File: 69 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Con is in 3 days and I got the flu, I'll still go if I don't heal but I won't wear the cosplay that I finished two months ago. I was actually really looking forward to it but some things came up recently:

>First con with childhood friend because all this time we somehow didn't know that the other also likes anime. While talking about con he didn't know that I cosplay and he (jokingly?) said that he's going to be my personal photographer and he helped with my costume too.
>Parents are visiting and this will be the first time they see me cosplaying.
>Meeting a friend from college there and she's not a cosplayer either.

I was excited but as the date comes closer I feel really nervous, I'm actually relieved if I stay sick and have an excuse to not cosplay now.

Sorry that I sound like whining but I'm a bag of mixed feelings rn.

>> No.8770243

You have a right to be sad too! Bottling up your emotions is just going to make you feel worse, and if opening up is difficult maybe doing it online anonymously (not on 4chan) can help?
Also, let's cosplay skip beat together! (please tell me you're on the east coast)

>> No.8770245

i still play my gba to this very day

>> No.8770276

Seaguls help me, there's this stupid bitch playing loud ass music on her laptop while on her phone in the student hall that I'm at. I stg, people who are way too loud in public anger me like nothing else. I had to stop going to meets up because of that too

>> No.8770290

Just walk up to her and tell her to turn it off. Be a big bitch about it or go tell whoever's overseeing ffs.

>> No.8770814

>waaaaaaaah I want to always be the only victim and have people give ME all the sympathy and attention
>quick cgl give me sympathy and attention and help me feel victimized over not being the biggest victim and paint my boyfriend as abusive asshole because his friend died and he has the nerve to care about anything other than me and my benign bullshit

>> No.8770850
File: 27 KB, 530x398, april+o'neil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The feels when
>A lot your cosplay friends have devolved into whiny bratty sjws who bitch about everything
>Then get pissy when I generally want nothing to do with them
>That I should agree with them automatically for being a lesbian leaning bisexual.
>"Why you never hang out any more anon!!!"
Idk maybe because I'm not living my life around things to be offended by. Like currently some family's christmas photo that 'perpetuates gender roles!!!"

>> No.8770858



>> No.8770886

Why can't you ever do anything right?

>> No.8770888
File: 831 KB, 778x586, skeletor i don't think i feel well.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit mang, i'm a non-gay dude and that made me feel fluttery.

>> No.8770952

Most people would just use the word "straight".

But regardless I don't think you're quite as non-gay as you think.

>> No.8770963

Have you seen a GP about having it removed?

I had the same thing happen because of earplugs (and it caused vertigo as well as tinnitus), and my GP cleaned things out for me with an eardrop solution. Instant relief.

>> No.8770977


You could also try mineral oil first. Even if it doesn't come out because it's so impacted and you have to see a doctor afterwards, it will be easier for them to clean out as the earwax is softer.

>> No.8770978

Dear gulls, today i fell in love with lolita again. I sold my small bodyline "wardrobe" years ago now.
I will have the white Karami JSK from BTSSB on its way to my house this week. Got it for 80$ shipped.
I just feel so so happy to be back to lolita it's like coming back to a peaceful place after a long journey to find myself somehow. Damn i love lolita...

>> No.8770983

Lesbian gull here
You go dude
I ship it.

>> No.8770996

anon. are you ok? is something wrong? who hurt you?

>> No.8771013

Well the stupidity and vapid self-centeredness of people in the world can certainly make my brain hurt sometimrs

>> No.8771017


Having someone die, hell, commit suicide, can send people into some very strange reactions.

He's not being considerate, but considering his friend just committed suicide, it's a frickin tough situation.

Just remember a huge correlation of suicide is associated with close proximity to a friend's, a relative's, sometimes even a famous person's suicide. And unexpected deaths are shocking to go through for everyone, especially this manner of death.

Anon's reaction is totally warranted though. I'm not saying that her reaction is wrong and he should seek therapy, counseling, or a friend to deal with this in a healthy manner that doesn't diminish her own emotional needs. However, other anons piping in that 'omg anon's bf is an abusive asshole!' are overreacting like whoa and have no idea of the emotional turmoil he must be facing and what bizarre reactions you can have from people as they're trying to cope.

>> No.8771071
File: 266 KB, 384x288, happyjump.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just signed lease for most amazing apartment ever
>apartment is beautiful, huge kitchen huge living room, sunroom with french glass doors, princessy as fuck
>applied for job that makes twice the amount as me
>got interviewed immediately after
>going to be a great new year.

>> No.8771198

> 'omg anon's bf is an abusive asshole!' are overreacting
I agree. wholeheartedly
this I don't agree with. OP's allowed to feel that way, and your post was extremely dickish, so I'll ask again. whats shoving a stick up your ass?

>> No.8771262

Figured this must be quite extreme or something, but after converting to inches I realised my mesurements are the same, minus an inch from both. I don't have a problem with stuff fitting though, maybe it's cuz I'm tall so my bottoms all sit quite low. Have you tried thinner jeans that have more of a stretch to them? Buy a size that fits the waist but can handle the booty

>tfw cute tights are a delicate, difficult procedure and jeans are almost always ankle bashers

>> No.8771263

It's more like female /mlp/

>> No.8771273

I did and we struck up a conversation!
She has pretty good taste in music desu, you know, for a bitch

>> No.8771275

IKR, just bought the old english GLB and kamikaze girl novel + dvd

2007-ish here I come

>> No.8771282

>exams over tomorrow, but i'll be up all night studying
>get to sew again after a whole semester not being able to do so
>and i get quality time with my girlfriend on top of it
>i deserve to rest after 6 exams and a 12 page paper and a long semester

>> No.8771305
File: 65 KB, 600x1005, 840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anime North 2015
>Always wanted to go to cons but never had the time
>go to my first con, but only for a day due to work
>Cosplayed and had a ton of fun with my cousin
>Buy a bunch of merch
>try to open myself up and talk to grils
>Find out I'm socially awkward as hell, especially when I'm in a room with more than 1 people
>No luck with grils
>One girl who gave me her FB doesn't message or anything anymore
>Get tfw no gf feels for several months
>Whenever I hear this song I get feels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5BGGXoLIYI
(Song from AN 2015 closing)

I'm older now, so I hope next AN I'll score, and make a better cosplay. I also managed to sorta get my own crew too.

>> No.8771308

thirsty fuck

>> No.8771364
File: 51 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Order a small detail piece for a costume (Casual Kyoko Sakura)
>Get really excited when I get an email saying something has been shipped
>Package weight says 2 pounds
>Uh, okay, it's only a ring but
>The package gets here
>What I got the shipping notification for was a college information booklet
>Mom tells me my grandparents sent it
>I'm already in cosmetology but they've said they don't like that before

In good news, the ring arrives Saturday. But ugh, really? A more subtle hint than a 2 pound book would be nice.

>> No.8771381

>being into lolita fashion for almost 5 years
>next meetup ahead
>suddenly realising i only own 5 dresses and 2 blouses
>how the hell could that happen
>2 of the dresses not even interesting to me anymore
>realising that i can't make any coord that i haven't worn in the last few meetups
>realising that I'm the one with the fewest dresses in my comm (other girl's average closet is ~20 dresses)
>getting extremly frustrated, sad and angry about myself
>deciding either to leave the fashion or
>to let 2016 be the boldest LOLITA year ever anf fill up my fucking closet to the max, no matter what the financial situation will be
>again, fucking five years, 5 dresses and 2 blouses, holy crap lol

>> No.8771384

>been really down lately, very heavy suicidal thoughts
>to the point where I was afraid to be alone because I thought I might
>bf being super supportive, helps me go to the doctor to change my meds
>apparently I have a genetic disorder with enzymes or something dumb like that idk I wasn't paying attention
>I metabolize medicine too quickly, and I get used to it too quickly so my old meds stopped working about 2 months in
>bf encourages me to do what I love, and loves to listen to me talk about all my arbitrary bullshit
>going to surprise him with tickets to PAX prime where we can visit his best buddy and cosplay together
>feeling so much better with new meds, finally motivated to sew and craft more
>bf watches me sometimes and smiles a bunch, says I make cute faces when I get frustrated
>I don't even know where I'm going with this any more
>just so excited for PAX with the love of my life
>so relieved I finally feel okay again

>might even start my Lolita wardrobe after I lose a little bit of weight

Life is good, anons. Life is so good!

>> No.8771387

Nice story anon!
I really love stories of people suffering from depression who work themselves out of it.
Best of luck to you & keep going.
Make 2016 an amazing year :)
And yeah start a lolita wardrobe!
Lolita also can look amazing on plus size girls, it's not about the shape, it's about good coording and knowing what fits you.
you go girl ^_^

>> No.8771396

Are we the same person? I'm in almost thevery exact same situation, but I got in in 09. My new year's resolution is to fill up my wardrobe.

>> No.8771400

Ugghhhh I feel this. I feel like I'm tip toeing on my social accounts. Like fucking hell one wrong word and it's ww3

>> No.8771421

feels really good not to be alone with that XD
let's fill up our closets until they explode haha

>> No.8771636

Boyfriend won't stop treating my cat like shit. Kicking her, hitting her hard on the head with the palm of his hand. I understand he comes from a different culture so they don't feel the same way about animals but man it gets annoying.

>> No.8771641

Why the fuck are you even with him? That's no excuse you know the whole "different cultures" thing. Kick his abusive ass to the curb before he escalates.

>> No.8771643

Being honest? He's Korean and I'm really into the whole K-Pop/K-Wave thing. I see other white people as boring and Korea as really cool.

He's never been abusive towards me. Only passive aggressive sometimes. And then it's very rarely and only a few occasions, but I do feel like those occasions are bad as it's a case of me doing absolutely nothing to him and him just venting on me by ignoring me or glaring.

>> No.8771680

>abuses your pet
>sometimes a dick for no reason
>stay with him anyway because you're a Koreaboo
Maybe you deserve each other, but your cat doesn't. Tell him to knock that shit off.

>> No.8771683

>but man it gets annoying.
>having your boyfriend beat your cat is annoying
I don't know who to feel more mad at, your boyfriend for being a piece of shit, or you for not actually caring. I hope someone calls animal services on you so your cat can be treated properly instead of living with an abusive jerk and an asshole who feels abuse is just a minor inconvenience.

>> No.8771696

>You got no money to leave your manipulative parents house & they continue to get more & more pissed off with you & look at you as a massive disappointment because you can't find a job in your area due to the fact that unemployment rates are high where you live & you don't have a degree in fucking anything.

>> No.8771717


lel white girls in interracial relationships are so fucked up.

>> No.8771744

I'm finally getting better after 5years of heavy depression and shit, there's hope for everyone.
I attempted suicide but am still alive and trust me i'm damn happy i still am.

>> No.8771754

Fuck that shit, you need to be very direct and demand that he stop it. Lose your cool, make a fuss. He'll probably stop doing it so that he doesn't have to deal with your wrath again, or maybe he just doesn't realize how much it bothers you. You need to nip that in the bud now before he hurts your cat.... kicking her the wrong way could seriously harm her not to mention the fact that she's learning to be afraid of people.

>> No.8771758

>He hurts my cat but I have a fetish for Nip pencildick so it's okay
Yeah, no. You're as slime as he is.

>> No.8771775

So you blame your parents and basically everything around you for a situation that's in your control. I feel bad your parents have a spoiled overgrown ungrateful brat leeching off of them sitting around playing the victim role. You know they secretly hate you for this right? Dressing like a giant doll doesn't help either, I'm sure

>> No.8771804
File: 41 KB, 320x320, 1439175337431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 21
>make good money, but still hurts pretty bad spending 200-300 dollars on a prop/armor-heavy cosplay

How do you people afford this hobby?

>> No.8771812

I don't buy everything at once. I can usually afford to drop $20 at a time on something like eva foam.

If I need to, I can save a little bit at a time for larger purchases.

I don't understand how people can't manage to save $200-300 over the span of a few months

>waaaah that takes too long

Then you don't really want it, do you?

>> No.8772240

This, lol

>> No.8772255

>majored in illustration expecting to get a job
Jesus lol

>> No.8772395 [DELETED] 

>depressed, suicidal
Literally every time. It's like women just can't stop bragging like "haha, no matter how much of a fat ugly depressed loser I am, as long as I was born with a vagina I'm always 100% guaranteed to have someone reach out and help and care about me". I can't even imagine how easy being a woman must be.

Oh and you all don't even care about the guy who helps you. He goes out of his way to help her, bring her to a doctor, get her new meds, and support and encourage her every step of the way, but somehow she worked herself out of it all by herself and the guy is just a robot serving women like he's programmed to do and deserves no credit or gratitude.

>> No.8772408


Getting a college degree isn't a ticket to 'large wads of cash,' you have to work for it. College is a way of making connections, or for me, a stepping stone to grad school which can secure me a skillset needed for a job that is always available somewhere and is relatively secure.

You have to do the same in retail - but see, there, it's harder to go up the ladder. The college kids you're shittalking have a leg up on you because in college the smart ones would have been busy making connections to make the jump once they're out. You're just concerned about 'cash,' and I get it, you like cash. So do I. But you're not forward thinking at all because from your post, I don't see you aggressively putting yourself out there. You just float from job to job.

So have fun wasting time on your animu figures and working a 9-5 job with no goals. I don't give a fuck if your calling is retail, in fact good for you, but you're much more short-sighted than you claim to be since you don't seem to be seeking anything more in the future.

>> No.8772413


Hahaha holy fucking shit you're a fucking idiot.

Good job giving interracials a bad name. Hope your cat abusing boytoy doesn't get bored of your doormat behavior and go on to fuck a black chick.

>> No.8772449

Learn basic budgeting? And pick to spend money on.
I love this hobby so I'll stop drinking/going out for food if I need to drop a bigger load.

>> No.8772566
File: 35 KB, 632x196, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8772815

Yeah, I bet it's really weird to find somebody who is so prejudiced against people of the opposite sex, am I right?

>> No.8772830

Interracial relationships have a bad name for a good reason.

>> No.8772836

Wtf is wrong with you? I'm white. I've dated three Korean guys. One for four years, one for six months, the current one almost two years. I've LIVED in Korea. NORMAL KOREAN PEOPLE DON'T ABUSE ANIMALS.

You need your fucking head examined you fucking Koreaboo. I hated white girls like you in Korea. Jesus christ. So angry rn.

>> No.8772840


>> No.8773016 [DELETED] 

How rich of you people to try and insult people for "being uncomfortable when it's not about them" when you'll call your own boyfriends abusive because his friend killed himself and that made him stop caring about your problems.

>> No.8773018

>new etsy store
>3 orders delivered
>0 feedback

please leave feedback for new shops guys

>> No.8773091 [DELETED] 

>I'm white. I've dated three Korean guys.

Fucking kill yourself, you self-loathing whore.

>> No.8773104

I really want to have my husband cosplay Kylo Ren and me possibly be Rey and have crazy Star Wars sex, but SPOILERISH THEORY WARNING I don't want to do it until I know for sure whether they're cousins or not. SPOILERISH THEORY END

I'm conflicted. Maybe I'll do Phasma.

>> No.8773159

Korean and Chinese men are legitimately disgusting.

>> No.8773192

>Dream print finally here from WW
>Have to pick it up at post office on the Saturday before Christmas JFC
>Hit with $50 customs fee

T-this has never happened to me before. I order from Japan and China all the time and haven't ever been hit with this big of a charge before. Fml.

>> No.8773205

50$ isnt big.

>> No.8773218

>Out at dinner with extended family
>Asked about cosplay, share pictures
>"So where did you buy it?"


>> No.8773232

it is when you save up a set amount for an order and then discover you have to pay extra 20-30% to actually receive it.

>> No.8773590

isn't that a good thing? Your skills are so good that they thought you bought it

>> No.8773591

Don't take it personally, most people don't realise cosplayers make their own. The idea that you can make such complex outfits from scratch is boggling, especially if they don't know you as a crafty person.

>> No.8773604

>Have small boobs; basically flat chested
>Most of the characters I want to cosplay are the tall and mature, usually busty types
>End up cosplaying lots of loli-type characters because they fit my body type
>Tfw a tutorial about how to make fake boobs for cosplay came out a while ago and a lot of my facebook cosplayer friends sent it to me/tagged me
>lots of jokes about my boobs
>Everything is always about tits
>Boyfriend really likes big boobs but he's a good sport
>Im seriously feeling really depressed about this and I know it's ridiculous
but seriously why is everything usually about boobs

>> No.8773654
File: 36 KB, 680x383, 8d6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because they're wonderful.

>> No.8773734

Kind of a lot considering it was only one small box. I never had to pay customs fees on big ass taobao orders or anything else that's ever shipped from Japan. Guess it just caught up to me.

>> No.8773739

: /

>> No.8773804
File: 35 KB, 308x336, breasts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least there's always the chance you'll be reborn a real woman in the next life.

>> No.8773958


Go into lolita. Boost your self esteem. Or cosplay characters with your body type.

And iktf about the boyfriend liking bigger boobs better. Used to have one like that. We broke up though (though not because of the boobs).

>> No.8774440

Because a large market for anime is sad teenage boys who get off on animated breasts because they're too pathetic to get a girl in real life.

Don't worry about lack of boobage anon, more then a handful is a waste anyway. Besides, big boobs are a pain in the ass to have and more trouble than they're worth. Be happy with your own natural size, because it's who you are, and I'm sure they suit you great!

>> No.8774443

>And iktf about the boyfriend liking bigger boobs better. Used to have one like that. We broke up though (though not because of the boobs).

>Have friend who's obsessed with big boobs
>Get sick of him commenting about ladies with big racks
>Start pointing out gentlemen with massive bulges when he does this
>Talk about how bigger dicks look so much better/are sexier etc etc
>He gets super butthurt
>Double standards lol

>> No.8774465
File: 519 KB, 970x970, 93bfdd5f17e4275af452116269a2c478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jealous flatty detected.

>> No.8774685

Can you stop

>> No.8774783


>> No.8774867

Thanks guys! It's really nice to have encouragement

I never know how to go about doing this without feeling awkward, kudos to you

15 year-olds aren't allowed on 4chan

>> No.8774971

I'm quite beyond 15 years old, thank you very much.

I'm more worried about you really. How often do people mistake you for a 12 year old?

>> No.8775083

>I never know how to go about doing this without feeling awkward, kudos to you
The fuck. How often do you feel the need to commentate on the bulge sizes of random guys you see that this is a regular problem?

>> No.8775106

often, actually, but at least I don't act like one.

No, I just meant that I don't know how to turn the situation around guys that feel the need to comment on boob sizes of random women that they see.
I don't really like looking at other men's bulges.

>> No.8775129

>I don't really like looking at other men's bulges.
Wait are you a guy? Complaining about being flat chested? That's actually typically how the male anatomy is supposed to be.

>> No.8775156

I'm a girl, and it's people like you that make being flat chested not fun. Go look at tits or something

>> No.8775161

Hey now I was just pointing out that you're not supposed to use the word "other" unless you're also that thing.
Saying "other guys" would imply you are also a guy.

>> No.8775176

My mistake then, sorry. :^(

>> No.8775196

>it's people like you that make being flat chested not fun
Don't get pissy at me now little girl, I didn't make you be born defective.

>> No.8775212

Yeah, but you're going out of your way to bug me about it on an anonymous chinese cartoon board.
Damn son I just wanted to post some feels, go away

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