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New Ita Thread, last one died.

There is nothing about this that looks good.

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are those striped socks fuzzy?

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I thought it was fine from the thumbnail (just a weird pose), but oh boy.

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>that file name
>saved from the closed facebook comm
Fucking harsh dude

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This is the worst you could find? Aside from the odd blouse and sock choice, this is hardly ita.

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The socks are questionable but this is more nitpick... Where is the nitpick thread any way?

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I was a little sad after a hiatus from cgl to not see an ita thread tonight.

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Are you the same person who was going on a power trip wanting your own comm and throwing a tantrum because you aren't a mod? If so you can fuck right off J, I am so tired of your two-faced bullshit.

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"OTT classic" AKA frumpy goodwill wedding dress

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Nitpick. It doesnt hurt my eyes. Change shoes, get some headwear, would be milions of times better.

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How new are you anon? Not ita, it's casual. I like it.

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why is it a part of me saying its a replica and that's why it got posted here then there's a part of me saying that if it is real I would be an ass for not noticing the difference between the two.

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There's nothing ita about this except for the sneakers and maybe the skirt being a bit short.

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That's totally a shitty replica.

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>that fit in the back

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I was going through the Moitie sales page and found this gem.

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Yes they are. I'm pretty sure I bought the exact same ones for my niece from Daiso.

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Where is this even from? It's posted every 10 seconds. Give it a rest.

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The two on the bottom right look alright maybe even nitpick. The rest are quite ita. Can't say much about the back since you can't see them.

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Replica? Or corset to hide that the zip doesn't close?

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holy shit i just realized what's going on...

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I thought replica too. But girl is also selling quite a bit of Moitie that I think this is a case of " I own brand so it looks fab with any thing since its brand".

I also think the corset might be one of the cinchers Moitie made. Picture is too bad to really tell tho.

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That shirt... it looks like a pink section was sewn in for her boobs

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Converse should not be worn in lolita.


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CoF is a gold mine sometimes.

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I haven't noticed it for a month or two

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Guess I'll make one?

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is that someone's abuelita in the red cardigan. an abuelolita

>> No.8806119

more like abuel-ita

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Check out the dot lace, it's a replica.

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got a screen shot before mods took it down <33

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This got me laughing pretty hard.

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for what reason?

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More of a nit pick

They probably don't like the corset. Or don't like the girl in pic.

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I am so confused by this getup.

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Not that anon,but let's me guess. The corset?

>> No.8806174

I could see this working just fine if the corset weren't dominating quite as much of the torso. It's more of a nitpick than an ita.

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I'm just browsing Google for co-rds with some dresses and finding some good shit man.

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Right is okay I guess but the left is all wrong. Probably nitpick but I think it's tacky AF.

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>dream dress


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left girl's headdress is awesome.
the biggest issue are the shoes for me.
she also should have a better petticoat and probably remove that blue cape but other than that its fine.
i like her hair&headdress way more than right ones.

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This girl is in my comm and I hate that dress so much.

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I'm gonna avoid ragging on body types. So here's some shit they're pulling that looks bad on anyone:
>no pettis
>terrible shoe decision on the left
>both could stand to get some tights
>glasses don't match style at all

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You know it's really easy to find it cheaply on auctions, right?

>> No.8806206

If it's a dream dress I question their style considering it's a cheap dress that is easy to find. I smell ita.

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>how dare you like a dress I dont like!!

you lolitas are a bunch of autistic kids

>> No.8806219

Burn this outfit.

>> No.8806220

But I like the dress, when did I say otherwise? It's just that you can achieve your dream with a few days/ weeks looking at japanese auctions and $40-70
They sound like a noob hopping on the oldschool trend.

>> No.8806223

Really old pic.

>> No.8806224

Oh honey this is Cgl. We don't like any one but ourselves. Don't get your Ruffles bunched just because someone offended your tastes.

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Omg thank you, I thought it was just me. Why did she have to choose fabric with such clashy colours?

>> No.8806243

Because she's an ita and thought it looked good.

>> No.8806253

I like the accessories for the left, but not for the dress. Her shoes are gag worthy though. And the shall thing is stupid but she probably couldn't find anything els

>> No.8806258

That would be a peignoir and they where really trendy last year for about three months. She just didn't do it right.

>> No.8806268

4L .. HOW !?

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The moitie Ita strikes again

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Did left not shave her legs?
Also that blue/purple/whatever wig needs to die in a fire. Surprised no one else has mentioned it.

>> No.8806297

Tbh I think this is the best ones he's done if she could take a better photo.

>> No.8806298

Why fringe just whyyyyyy

>> No.8806320

Without that...thing it would be an okay outfit but that wig looks like it might also be done.

>> No.8806348

What's wrong is here? Except missed wristcuffs.

>> No.8806349

why i like it

>> No.8806352

The deformed torso, I guess. Looks scary and funny.

>> No.8806356

> Right is okay
> that ugly wig
Are you blind or are you mad?

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I think it's just what she was wearing underneath or lighting making it pink. Same blouse is in >>8805976

>> No.8806477

>dat nekomimi
>dat corset
>dat 50 shades of purple

>> No.8806500

Now the person that posted the picture, but I reversed image searched and found this video.

>> No.8806504

Sauce on that bat bag?

>> No.8806506

>snekaers, sad hair, no hair accessory, way too short

>> No.8806515

has that dress got miss piggy on it???

>> No.8806518

her boobs are so sad

>> No.8806521

it's that wig that makes it awful, otherwise it wouldn't be THAT bad

>> No.8806528

Literally everything though lol. Disgusting

>> No.8806529

are you for real? It's a fucking ita dress and anyone can see that

>> No.8806534

Looking at her profile, she's a massive try-hard racist cunt that also doesn't know what eyebrow wax is

>> No.8806538

Does anyone have that picture of the girl wearing her corset upside down?

>> No.8806547


The Tumblr is strong in this one

>> No.8806548

I don't get the picture, help anon

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What the fuck are you even saying

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>> No.8806567

Wait is... is that in a funeral home?

>> No.8806569

Holy newfag alert, Batman!

>> No.8806574

>not knowing the background of this dress
get out newb

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Same anon that asked the question. I was paying more attention to the fabric (it looked too muddy and the diamonds look less defiant) and the detailing of the fabric than the lace since I couldn't get a good detail pic of the lace from the authentic AP

>> No.8806648

Why the fuck would you post this in lolita updates? Literally just one look at the front page would've shown lolita updates is not for posting your shitty bodyline hauls.

>> No.8806660

I'm cracking up. Why is she caught between those gigantic trunks?

>> No.8806670

not ita just unfortunate face

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>A wild Zubat appears!

>> No.8806682

>opens image
eh, this isnt too terrible
>scrolls down
>sees shoes

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