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Last one autosaged.
Who is going to GeekFest or Hero Hype this weekend?

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Going to neither, next con for me is Megacon

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Those shit shows are this weekend? Damn son

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Tomorrow. Let the insanity commence.

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I wonder which one is going to offer free admission on sunday lol

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Also any anons going to either con want to schedule a meet up?

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Alright guys can we try not to fuck up this thread with Felin and Roy shit?

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Hero Hype is tomorrow only.

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I'm going to be at Hero Hype Saturday and Geekfest Sunday.

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Anybody think Megacon will be doing the buses again this year? Especially since it's in May, not just the heat but those daily storms seem like they'll be a bit of a problem.

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Wouldn't recommend it anon, you might get stuck in there for 2 hours like I did in 2014

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Con weekend traffic gets horrendous, a quick bus ride can become a 2 hour imprisonment because the drivers can't let you out until they get to the stop

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This. The past few years all roadways to the convention center ( including the highway) have been gridlocked leaving people stuck in their car for hours on end.

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is hero hype even worth it

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Honestly, it's a shit show, nothing worthwhile, but it's a good excuse to go cosplay and maybe meet some people.

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herohype isn't even a convention, panels were all cancelled, rave had 3 people, and their friends won the rigged contest. it sa joke.

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well shit, guess we really are stuck with nothing now.

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Are there any contests in the florida scene worth winning? Or are they all pretty much rigged

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For prestige or cash?

Mega hosted some trips overseas in the past. Some other cons have been doing so as well. Omni and Holidaymatsuri I think.

Super has a 1.5k prize for BiS. AFO had a 1k prize last year

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Has anyone ever hooked up at a convention? Going to mega and metro this year and am single for the first time in years, and I've never really just had a fling with someone. What's been your successes/failures in FL, seagulls?

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Don't go to cons looking for hook ups you'll just come off as a creep
Go and just try to have a good time and meet people if women follow then okay.
Unless you're a grill in which case the rules are different and I can't really advise you.

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Nah, I legit hope they don't crash this thread.

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this is the shit that got the last two threads deleted.

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So when do we get more respectable judges in the costume contests?

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We probably dont unfortunately. Most contests have friends judge and as guests at events. Florida does have some seriously talented cosplayers but theyre overlooked for comrades.

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sofla anon here. Ive competed and won several contests around here. Who do you consider bad/good as a judge? Most judges Ive seen are at least moderately talented cosplayers themselves.

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I know Animate moved to Ft.Lauderdale this year, I'm from central and only went to supercon once and absolutely hated it. How is Animate usually as a con?

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Animate's Twitter page blocked me because I used their hashtag with a picture of Mr. Popo from DBZ, just so it would show up on their live feed. People laughed at it too, so I don't get why they blocked me for it.

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I'll hold your hand for 5-10 minutes if you want, anon

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From what I hear Sofla is the closest thing to normal in this state as far as cosplay goes. That might be why you've had ok experiences. That, or you bedazzle the shit out of your costumes. My experience with this state is that it's the same 4 judges who judge every contest and they look for the same things for every best in show. This state loves Sakizou and certain cosplayers know that and win big with it. With the same judges judging every time with no swap outs (like out of state cons) cosplayers learn what the judges like and do those things to win BIS.

and one more effed up thing about contests in our state... EVERYBODY WINS AN AWARD! Wtf. I've never sat through such long award ceremonies. There shouldn't be- best comic, best scifi, best anime, best video game all in one contest. The more awards you give out the more worthless they become.

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what, seriously? and to think i was using their hashtag just so people could find their photos that i got

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Now the old page @ name isn't working, it just redirects me to a page not found URL. Did they change to animate florida now?

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>Did they change to animate florida now?
i think so, search facebook genrally or broder's other pages for it

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Just checked, Still blocked by them. Is there any way I can message them other than E-mail? They didn't send a reply back when I e-mailed them before.

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Last year there were those bike/rickshaw guys driving people from the far ass away parkin lots, I did it and it's totally worth the price because fuck this heat

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Does anyone In Tampa ALWAYS see these two guys at every con? They are both early 20's or late teens, and they dress and act like skate boarders. They even skate outside the cons sometimes. Anyways, I think these guys are youtubers. The shorter blonde one always is on his phone, but actually has a camera recording. The taller one with brown hair will walk up and start talking to people, but he acts very weird, but in a comical sense. Then he'll say awkward things but act completely normal after he says weird shit. He never breaks character the whole time he's there. The blonde guy recording always is silent,
But occasionally I see him crack a smile and look like he's trying not to laugh. Be on the lookout, they aren't mean by and means, but I seriously think these guys must have a YouTube channel where they mess with people in character. One of my friends claims he saw them at a mall doing the same thing. I'm gonna search YouTube for them now actually. They don't give off a creeper vibe so I don't think it's for personal reasons.
The taller guy is about 6'0 with long brown hair to his shoulders. He looks... part Asian? White features but dark slanted eyes. Second guy is blonde with messy skater hair, and is about 5'7.

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I heard Felin has a heavy flow and a wide set vagina

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Who won at Hero Hype?

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not going to con looking for hookup, was presented with opportunity at con in past and declined bc was sharing hotel room with other gulls and didn't want to be disrespectful. I just have no idea if it's uncomfortable or weird so I'm nervous about it, esp if i see the same person from last year.

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thank you i love u

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GeekFest Saturday winners:

1st: Halo Spartan
2nd: Silent Hill Group
3rd: Warlock (something along the lines of that)

Judges Awards:
Imperial Guard
Bill Cipher

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I'm looking for anyone who will be at geekfest tommorow to take photos of. You can be anything, and I can post samples

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So far GeekFest has been really laid back and fun, who else is enjoying it? IDK what it is about it but it's been great.

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Animate Miami is now animate Florida and Magic City Comic Con is now Paradise Comic-Con

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Use that I Drive Trolley. Its face is nightmareish, but it's cheap. Walking is good and as another anon said, the dude's on the bukes are cool too. Traffic is a bitch at the OCCC during Mega.


We get good judges when cons stop using the benchmark "has shot with david love" as meaning amazing craftmanship. All those girls buy their shit and the stuff they make is awful and theyre awful at cons. 80% of geek fest's guests were david love models it's stupid. Dude charges 300 bucks or a BJ for one photoshop art piece.
>inb4 hi travis
Not him. But here's an awful pic he took of equally awful yoh.

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Can someone explain what this was at Geek Fest? The picture progress I've seen on FB is so cringe worthy. None of them are in cosplay and they all look awful.

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When is this guy going to learn to stop wearing fucking jeans under his cosplays? I though Gannon was a lazy fluke but I guess not.

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jesus this is so fucking sloppy

>> No.8932503

steven universe maybe? some of the wigs remind me of it. it's probably some shitty casual cosplay group if not inspired by some tumblr fandom or other.

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i think this was some fashion show, those shirts look vaguely familiar. and I actually think this is more pokemon related. I see espeon ears on the far left.

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>hand written signs
Is Geek Fest a convention or a lemonade stand?

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>@cosplayfame @cosplayfame

Yeah. No thank you. Keep your trash scouts.

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Silent Hill Group that won 2nd

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks his stuff is garbage. We seriously have the worst photographers in this state and it's sick that they all charge money.

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see u at mega <3

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So who has lineups ready? I'm still super indecisive on what I want to do for Mega.

>> No.8933046

Yunikuu Designs Fashion Show

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Saturday First Place Winner

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GeekFest was really a crappy show. I had a better time at HeroHype.

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Posting a hall shot just so everyone can see how crappy this is

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...Are those zipties?

>> No.8933245

Yes, it appears so...

>> No.8933259

Just to confirm this is the guy spouting off about cosplay Illuminati and contest being rigged right...? The guy wearing jeans with EVA armor he made over a weekend on top held together with zip ties....?

>> No.8933268

I think. There was a huge thread with him last year something with hero hype if I remember. But basically this guy has a huge ego and thinks he's in the master class of Cosplay crafting yet wears jeans and a tshirt noticeably over most builds he makes.

>> No.8933269

>not even covering up the base blue of the foam on the sides

>> No.8933276

That's unfortunately painted on. I think he used grey eva foam as the base according to his facebook posts.

>> No.8933296

Looks cool from the front, but the dude could have at least painted the cardboad underneath black. it was super obvious from the back. He did a great paint job though

>> No.8933302

What? This is Cyborg, right? What version is he supposed to be?

>> No.8933314

The teen titan one has some blue in it

>> No.8933339

Teen Titans Cyborg looks nothing like this though, and he has blue plastic parts instead of blue... shading, I guess.

>> No.8933361

Oh I know. I'm just guessing since it doesn't look like any other version.

>> No.8933371

Not bad. I think I've met the Spartan at Omni. She's pretty cool. Pyramid is not the best but not the wirst. Same with nurse.

Why would you wear a shitty WIP to a con? Like he said he made this in 5 days. I understand wearing a WIP when the pieces you have are presentable but may not all be there. But this is just embarassing. I hope he didn't try to compete this time.


>> No.8933377

"Girl judges cant judge armor they can only judge sexy gurls that are their friends" and etc. Also marching down sidewalks in cosplay ranting on a vlog about it while normies stare and heckle

>> No.8933393

He did. No joke.

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>> No.8933396

fl oldfag here. who the hell is david love?

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For the record its not staff drama or allegedly shifty judges that make this states shows suck so often. Its the attitude of crappy attendees like this guy who walk around thinking they are gods gift to the hobby/fandom.

>> No.8933421

Gotta give credit where credit's due though, Yoh stopped attacking other people and been cool with everyone since they made that video about him. He made mistakes but he apologized a long time ago and tries to be a positive force now.

>> No.8933434

Getting over losing to PinkiePie at GeekFest. Her wig was awful and no pony ears. Con being free to students was nice.

>> No.8933465

What were you at the con?

>> No.8933468

He's still shit and reaching way too hard for that fame. Leopards dont change their spots, he probably still hates women in cosplay.

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Shoop master. Shoots hot naked "'models" and then shoops a cosplay on them and the girls get instafame and charge bank for prints of the "cosplay" they paid 300 or a dick suck for

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Honestly I get that this guy has talent but I can't stand the filters he puts on the photos. All the models look awkwardly posed and dead inside

>> No.8933556

>dead inside
Just how he likes em

>> No.8933592

THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! Is this a lizard character or did she say "make me a sexy lizard David!" Jesus

>> No.8933626

her cos name is leaping lizard

>> No.8933658

Not gunna lie, I would do that, though I would probably take more dick sucking than the extra 300 since I don't worry about money and I enjoy the equivalent of Photoshop shitposting enough to do it technically for free
Instagram famous is the most retarded thing I've ever heard of though. Please explain to me what that is, how would having views or likes get you anything at all?

>> No.8933661

>Skipping out on Metro
Not cool

>> No.8933663

I've lived in this state the vast majority of my life, weather won't be a problem trust me

>> No.8933671

Wait out for the rave and you'll have 0 problem hooking up not will you feel awkward as shit
It's normal but I find it kinda disgusting in an way but I'm odd.
Plus I go to Cons just to fuck off for a couple days, get good exercise in without having to run for once, and to laugh at either bad or inaccurate costumes

>> No.8933676

Thats relatively new, didn't used to be like that

>> No.8933692

>We seriously have the worst photographers in this state
Actually Florida is a massive hub for some of the best photographers not only in the country but the world. Shit I'm one even(pro, I'm not boasting just that I do good work).
The reason photographers for these expos are garbage is because anyone worth a damn is so knee deep in work that getting them to shoot your gigs, especially for 3 days is far from cheap since they have to block off important days on their calendars. And as we all know money is tight when it comes to Cons no matter where it is., I guarantee you half the people in this thread with a $200 SLR could do what he's doing without breaking a sweat

>> No.8933725

Hi Travis, you sound extra butthurt today. I've seen David's equipment in person, his lens probably at most are $1000. Pro work like that actually requires a camera and lens that can adjust to crazy iso, shutter speed and apertures. A little shitty $200 SLR doesn't cut it. Not to mention the lights and etc it must take to make such a perfectly lit subject in studio. Then try to do all the photoshop work.

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>between now and mega

>> No.8934030

Metro hasn't been worth going to for years and they just keep raising the price and room rates

>> No.8934040

WTF is up with the 76.67 price on prereg badges? That's insane. Doubly insane given last year's awful Metrocon.

>> No.8934047

you must enjoy being alone and depressed

>> No.8934052

Nobody. Everyone who went to Herohype lost.

>> No.8934062

You obviously didn't go to both then.

>> No.8934065

Honestly I haven't gone to Metro in years. Didn't enjoy it the year I went.

>> No.8934080

3 out of 7 cons to date. 2 I didn't even see their ugly faces under all the makeup and the 3rd was actually a catch by my standards but probably only a 7/10 if I really focus my hindsight

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>> No.8934259

Hi Bobby, Irving, and/or Richard!

>> No.8934304

Just because photogs shoot our awesome everglades does not mean theyre "best in da wooorld". What the fuck even? You totally are boasting so who the fuck are you? Post your shit if your day job is so damn precious, pussy anon.

>> No.8934328

You sound like a poor photographer. You could definitely do all his work with an entry level dslr, it would just be harder. It's not like pro bodies magically have special shutter speeds and apertures. It's more about having a vision and the ability to use lights and modifiers.

>> No.8934522

>best photographers in the world

What the fuck are you smoking anon? There are SOME good ones, sure. But the overwhelming majority are bad ones that overcharge for poorly edited photos.

>> No.8934526

Hero Hype Con had a decent turnout all things considered. Hopefully they keep it scaled back, because it looks better for a small con to be crowded than have that many people over a bigger space.

Geekfest had the problem where all of its panels were spread out in different buildings, but other than that it was fine, and had some dope ass cosplays.See >>8934144

>> No.8934530

You're forgetting the hotel rooms being nearly $200 a night

>> No.8934580

Who are some good cosplayers/groups from Florida? I follow a few but I don't really know that many

>> No.8934594

Talented or friendly. Pick one.

>> No.8934604

Geefest was a great show and they had a lot of guests that were really nice. I have paid to go to a con because of a photographer, so I don't give a shit about that stuff. the party after the con was packed but just beer and wine. good dj tho

>> No.8934605

Either, as long as they're not too much of an attention whore

>> No.8934606

NICE servant of the God-Emperor cosplay right there...

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File: 65 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1459187410484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was legit af

>> No.8934853

That was actually made by my panel crew, and fyi we were at both shows this weekend, so the joke's on you really. All this stupid trashing of other cons to try and make yours look somehow better. How about this, why don't you just make your convention better? what a concept right?

>> No.8934871

Lol I've seen people like Travis and Zach from Imper1um photograph with good gear and still take shifty photos. If you take a blurry photo even when you have auto focus lens you are a damn joke. I've seen people do photography challenges on dinky cheap cameras and they controlled the image so well it looked better than most with dslr

>> No.8934911

Holy shit, I hope you packed your lunch, cause she just took you to school tho. Holy backfire batman

>> No.8934950

Hello true believe.........r

Different anon, but regardless if the con made it or if you made it it looks like shit.

>> No.8935040

Lol I would be embarrassed to have my event or panel represented by a sign that looks like a kindergarten kids craft project. It's a shit sign.

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File: 105 KB, 1000x639, cultural-programs_hatsume_costume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone going to hatsume fair in next month? hoping to put together a gyaru coord for it (probably kogyaru, oldschool look)

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>@[email protected]
Who said we run cons? We just dont go to shit ones and youre not helping any con

>> No.8935206

Any reply and people will probably call selfpost or label them as shit so

>> No.8935209

I live in Tampa and Metro isn't that far from my apartment, but holy shit that's insane.

>> No.8935269

Also all you do is reblog decent cosplays/shoots. Your original photos are abysmal, like this sign.

>> No.8935400

I asked this like twice is in the other thread, lol
But yeah I'm planning on going with a group of friends just to hang out and take pictures.

>> No.8935580

oh sweetheart do you need a feminine wipe? it's so cute that your vagina is worked up into such a froth over a panel sign. You don't sound like a petty little cunt stain at all. Nope not one bit. _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

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File: 68 KB, 500x500, 1444108866084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

none of those anons you replied to, but from your passive aggressive comment you seem like you cant take criticism well. for the future, plan a design out on the computer and print it, or plan the sign out in pencil before inking it.
also take a fucking xanax and don't reply if it pissed you off, you'll just embarrass yourself more. yikes.

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File: 2.75 MB, 3009x2560, PhotoGrid_1459222927223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im just going to leave this here. Not only is that cyborg cosplay is horrible yoh and his partner are always asking people for money to attend out of state cons. I myself work hard for my passion and hobby (cosplay) not once have í asked people for money and have accomplish alot. You say ves changed? Bull shit he will never change. Hes a sore loser and a tantrum baby. He needs to step out of the cosplay scene because he makes cosplayers look bad in South Florida

>> No.8935803
File: 474 KB, 1440x1661, Screenshot_2016-03-29-00-24-18~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got this off instagram

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File: 3.66 MB, 2560x2953, PhotoGrid_1459230846349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8935983

anyone going to out con

>> No.8935986

That sign is fucking embarrassment, which this hobby is REALLY saying something.

>> No.8935987

> Holy backfire batman

Jesus...you just VALIDATED that 'lemonade stand' joke.

>> No.8936125

Yeah I'm definitely going. Jonathan is both talented and smart, and I'm betting he's going to design an amazing show. It's also going to be the one con where all the different Florida crowds can support without turf war politics. I think it will become one of the most entertaining conventions in the state eventually.

>> No.8936151
File: 114 KB, 960x789, Iron Shit and Shit Machine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll give you that anon, but funny story, more time and talent went in to making that sign than these 2 humiliating and embarrassing failures right here. This girl was actually running to get out of the way before the photographer snapped the pic because she was mortified to be seen near them.

>> No.8936350

You seriously need to stop and gtfo already

>> No.8936355

What in the actual fuck
>most entertaining in state
Yeah because when it fails it'll be a great story to tell

>> No.8936507

I don't think it will fail but I also hope the entire thing doesn't turn into ~sexy cosplay~ or stripping related panels
The people running it are really sweet at least

>> No.8936722

Holy shit this reeks of samefag

>> No.8936838

I'm laughing over the fact that a LGBT+ inclusive con has a guest list of the same handful of straight white female cosplay models that cater to neck-beards that every other small-tier con in the state invites.

You'd think that they'd want to have more diverse guests.

>> No.8937024

>Yoh sees 4chan thread
>whines on vague facebook
>his own friends tell him to grow up and get a real job
>he has to grudgingly admit he's talking about other cosplayers not liking him
>Probably another video in the works about how everyone is jealous of him

This guy just judged a costume contest. HOW?

>> No.8937083

looked at the post out of curiosity.
he's the kanye of florida if kanye couldn't rap.

>> No.8937160
File: 133 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This needs to be shared

>> No.8937163

Wow it's still blue on the sides and underside. What lazy fucking craftsmanship.

>> No.8937164
File: 166 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8937176
File: 181 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8937189

that deflection

>> No.8937225

Have you seen Jonathan's cosplay panels or ig? He's always naked on their. I'd be shocked if the panels didnt revolve around that.

>> No.8937239


so much cringe

>> No.8937248

I don't think its that bad, guys got a nice stabilizer at least.

>> No.8937260

is florida fandomania worth going? i feel like 10 people will show up

>> No.8937314

Hes trying to make himself look good. He made a meme about a friend of mine telling him to shut up. My friend found out and all he did was laugh at it. Why? Beacuse he knows yoh (greg is his real name) is a Fking joke. This individual (my friend) know a few things about yoh. Things hes heared about him from a friend of his. Things that will make everyone see him as a scum bag he really is. I wish í knew what it is.

>> No.8937326

C'mon anon, share that shit. He's scum because he accuses cosplay judges of being racist and claims his skills are ignored because he's black, that people should support his lifestyle of shitty 90's anime art where he draws himself as the main character, and his cheating in costume contests by wearing shit he commissioned. What else is there besides that and his rampant mysogeny?

>> No.8937330

Just out of curiousity. Anyone know why the fuck he call himself Yoh?

>> No.8937341

Too many cosplay guests thanks to FloridaCosplay.Org.

>> No.8937353

"Yo you know what would be the best cos name"
"Yo what"
"Like "Yo I Am The Best At Cosplay" Cosplay"

>> No.8937354

>same fag
In more ways than one desu

>> No.8937355

If í knew í would share but í dont

>> No.8937356

ive been trying to figure that out myself

>> No.8937366

I assume it's like Yoh Asakura, which is the main character from Shaman King.

>> No.8937487

the music was cringe, but the vid and the costumes were cool. that was a fun show

>> No.8937680
File: 23 KB, 220x220, 1306399886871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is the military girl with the lollipop?

I ummm...like the costume?

>> No.8937699

Despite the oversaturation of shitty cosplay guests they have some other good guests, like the jpop singer that they invited

>> No.8937743

awww cute, taking on a condescending cutesy tone to cover the butt hurt because your group was called shit just like your sign. I can imagine your panels are just as good as your post :D

>> No.8937747

err maybe you haven't been to Matsuri who hasn't involved itself in other cons drama for like 4+ years now. Dont make this con out to be amazing when its even ironic it has the cliche look at us sexy female cosplayers. Theyre using the LGQT as a gimmick to sell yet another Florida con

>> No.8937755
File: 642 KB, 790x296, wasabicon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol this shit is back, why do I get the feeling this was pretty much most of the con attendees too

>> No.8937758

Was this convention low attendance? I hear the vendors enjoyed it so I imagine it will get another year or two.

>> No.8937766

I honestly rarely even hear reports from attendees after this event. If its anything like other Wasabi events where they cap attendance so content is "exclusive" for attendees then it's small af. This is the beautiful con Croom advertised by being a dick about EXPCon. Tired of the same old EXPerience

>> No.8937904

You can't cap attendance you don't have. Shitty Croom con is shitty.

>> No.8938066

Sup Omni shill?

>> No.8938137

I know they often delete negative reviews and comments off the page

>> No.8938181

Lol assuming because one doesn't like an event and have been around long enough to see con drama means one is with Omni. Lol sup Croom shill?

>> No.8938182
File: 49 KB, 921x395, FB_IMG_1459339636055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For someone who offers photo manipulation so often why does his sign look like bad MS paint ._.

>> No.8938187

Lmao wow what a lazy fuck. That does not inspire me to pay up

>> No.8938303

Wtf is this, definite ms paint and unprofessional as fuck. Lol is it bad sign month in Florida?

>> No.8938334
File: 56 KB, 960x960, 12794380_617322428420310_6087994396354156357_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So while Brian Lansangan is out making money, traveling to cons you wish you could go to, shooting with people you wish you could meet, doing things you wish you could do, and using talents you wish you had, you should probably sit online and cry about what his facebook header looks like while you contemplate the nothingness and emptiness that is your sad life. :)

>> No.8938342

>you're just jelly that he's so good :^)

>> No.8938481

Hi Brian. I think your model is waiting for you to get back to suck your dick for shitty pics.

>> No.8938494

Sorry to spoil it for you but I didn't go to that con either, anon. Saving for Mega and Matsuri. Nice try at drama, tho.

>> No.8938502
File: 103 KB, 480x435, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8938832

But people in florida do talk shit at cons too? I know a lot that are far from just keyboard warriors

>> No.8938838

Florida is ripe with drama one way or another, honestly, there's a reason why Florida threads are the shit shows they are

>> No.8939020

Cosplayers and lolitas will talk shit in person but 90% of the people who post in this thread are normalfags who won't.

>> No.8939048
File: 657 KB, 1107x810, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Pay us to go to conventions and experience them instead of yourself.

Get a fucking job girls.

>> No.8939183

LMAO holy shit

>> No.8939466

Lolol ah yes shooting with all those models and still not giving enough shit to not use MS paint. Lol suck Brians dick some more so you can make him feel like someone loves him and your in the place you should be in, on your knees like a bitch

>> No.8939483

yeah that's why I said I hoped it wouldn't turn into that

>> No.8939517

Straight girl here...at least the people that are naked will actually be attractive for once, unlike any of the other cons.

>> No.8940096

Lmao yoh is so full of himself. Look at his latest post. I guess no one else cared enough to make a post about him so he did one for himself

>> No.8940189

Connie shared it. Connie also removed her "married" status and even Yoh's family and friends are disturbed by it. I feel awful for Connie's husband, he really believed nothing was going on between them and they were just friends. You're really gonna leave a guy who has financially supported you for years so you focus on becoming an artist, trusted your promises of Yoh being just a friend, told you that you were beautiful when you called yourself fat, and then you publicly shit all over him and share a status that says Yoh is the person who supports you most in life? So fucked up.

>> No.8940505

I always thought those two were together until someone told me that she was with another dude.
I'm not shocked if this is true, they're both full of themselves and don't care about anyone else.

>> No.8940569

Are there any Florida cosplayers that there needs to be more of?

>> No.8940697

I personally love Alyson's work. Girl is good with makeup and her costumes always look really neat in person.

>her Vincent 10/10 swoon

>> No.8940922

Have you see her recent picture of her Paine makeup test, my final fantasy feels came back. Agreeing with Alyson so much

>> No.8940937


Honestly Alyson is the only good cosplayer in Florida that comes to my mind right now. Everyone else are just instgram attention whores who got popular by doing s4s

>> No.8940941

As a /m/echafag, I like Temjin's work, I was especially fond of the GaoGaiGar he did

>> No.8941131

They been fking for yrs. Connies husband knew but hes soft and just let it happen. I warn her husband before and ppl told him but the idiot just let it keep going. Connies husband got played by both. Smfh. Sad story.

>> No.8941221

Alyson is a very kind hearted person as well. She's a fantastic example of a cosplay guest and Florida cons should take note on how genuine she is towards her fans.

>> No.8941330

I was so honestly happy to see when she showed up as a judge finally at a con last year at Omni. She was so super sweet and shes been the same genuine person even this year

uggh i had to follow moderatelyokaycosplay because of this, he was doing a s4s like every week being annoying to get likes. Has this guy ever even won an award for all that "amazing" craftsmanship he brags about?

>> No.8941408
File: 83 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1459489091682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you guys think of Victoria valentine? I hear alot of shit about her, and I've never personally spoken to her , but she's rude as hell on facebook

>> No.8941457

That corset looks super uncomfortable

>> No.8941478

Doesn't his girlfriend make all his cosplays anyway?

>> No.8941714


>> No.8941867
File: 104 KB, 768x960, 1931263_461981744008809_4878394655929387870_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not that important of a person, never even heard of her

lol pretty much, his own work isn't that great. His Draven is actually pretty inaccurate to the model and splash art. His mettaton he wore to Matsuri was bad, look at the armor seam lines in the front of the boots and how unfinished his pauldrons look. Ive heard of him both times through the work of his gfs because Kiki makes some bomb ass cosplays and so does Akros

>> No.8941964

That's so rough looking

>> No.8941974
File: 162 KB, 800x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Emma Rubini is also one of my favs in the state. Her cell shading is crazy and she works fast and is super nice in person. She made everything in the picture. Lovely robots.

>> No.8941977

Wait shit she might not be from florida 24/7, but she goes to a lot of fl cons. Sage if not florida

>> No.8941992

is there gonna be a cgl meetup at megacon?

>> No.8942052

Wow that DeathTrap and her detailing on Gaige is super impressive.

Wow that looks bad, even the detailing in the mid area looks uneven and not sealed

>> No.8942177

you can see the rough texture of the armor stuff and man it does not look appealing.

>> No.8942303

Wtf they let this piece of shit be a judge for Shado and animate or magic, whichever of the smaller Broder cons. Guess now a days knowing what youre doing means nothing anymore and if you have enough likes you can judge as a mediocre cosplayer

>> No.8942329

We should plan one. Who's good for Friday?

>> No.8942333

I'm down for that! I'm thinking of bringing my Yip Yip Martian cosplay on that day.

>> No.8943047

we have four days to choose from gulls, agreeing Friday I think would be less packed and a good day for it

>> No.8943354

jean tuberculosis tb is really annoying with all these ~*kawaii desu*~ cosplays man. like she's okay with the ~*kawaii*~ makeup but honestly all these cute girl cosplays she's doing don't suit her very well. she could do so much better flattering cosplays like more mature girls or shonen boys

>> No.8943358

Holy shit this has been grinding my gears for so long. She can cosplay cute characters if she wants, but literally all her posts are ~hey I am self conscious about this but im cute and so are you *v*~
I also met her at a con once and she was so rude, it took me by surprise.

>> No.8943628

Jesus fucking Christ this. All her friends are the same and it's cringy as fuck. She is only nice to people who are popular or people who are useful to her. What did she say to you anon? Also watch her or her friends post about this lmao

>> No.8943635

Friday sounds good. When should it be, late in the day around 6-7 ish?

>> No.8943746

That whole crew is cliquey as fuck, like they are the worst I've encountered like that in sfl. If you're not popular it's like you're a waste of air for trying to talk to her, her bf, or her friends

>> No.8944115

Aren't they all like twelve anyway?

>> No.8944165

what no. they're all like 22-26 which makes it worse

>> No.8944210

Lol no they are grown as people between 20-25 which is why it's ridiculous that they act like 12 year olds

>> No.8944790
File: 190 KB, 800x599, flat,800x800,075,f.u7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would anyone be down for a Love Live group cosplay?

>> No.8944821
File: 368 KB, 720x720, 20160403_202718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I have a bit of an odd story/question for your Florida gulls. I like to get quarter machine toys to repaint them for my figmas and such. Little plastic guns and whatnot. But instead of one of those I got this gross little gremlin thing by mistake. I was trying to figure out what to do with it when I realized it looks close enough to Travis the photog to repaint it to be him. But then, what do I do with it after? Would anyone want it if I brought it to the Megacon meetup? I think it would be funny I just don't want to keep it after I paint it.

>> No.8944840


>> No.8944882

ok but who r u

>> No.8944957

Literally no1, I just wanted to buy a cyber cosplay on taobao.
I've been to /cgl/ meets in SFL.

>> No.8944987

How about 7-8, after the dealers room closes? We could meet right outside of the entrance.

>> No.8945026

i think u should give it to travis. desu

>> No.8945080
File: 114 KB, 900x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I reading this right? $75 for one photo? Seems pretty steep for a cosplay photo.

>> No.8945099


this is so funny i hope it's an april fools joke

>> No.8945110

I think they mean which character you're going as anon.

>> No.8945120

He would probably be flattered and grope anon if they're a lady.

>> No.8945124

Ha I posted this in the east vs west thread.
This is legit. LA charges a fuck ton. There was another photo ad going around like his too. 60 bucks for 4 pics and half an hour. Like wtf is the photog gonna do with those unused shots? Just give them to the cosplayer who would love almost any shots!

>> No.8945126

It's not as bad of a rip-off as Max Shot First...who accepts money from cosplayers and then comes up with lies to avoid actually shooting them.

>> No.8945131

oh you're probably right anon.
Nico or Maki is who I was going to do most likely Nico tho.

>> No.8945180

Why do cosplayers pay that?!?! Are they retarded?

>> No.8945303

oh so it's not just me? I've had that experience as well.

>> No.8945341
File: 76 KB, 899x600, FB_IMG_1459726481690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean Kaze who's part if the Jean tb clique at times

>> No.8945637

I was at a con once and I went to say hi to her because we were sort of acquaintances? And she just kept walking and yelled at me angrily that she just got there.
I get that maybe she was stressed out but it took me by surprise because she's always pretending to be kind online.

>> No.8945808

Did anybody do Collective Con, Spooky Empire or that Dr.Who thing this weekend?

>> No.8945842

I had a similar experience at Magic City this year. She was with Moderately Okay selling prints and i came over to say hello and that I followed her on IG. She completely ignored me and continued talking with the rest of them. Like none of them turned to greet me, if you're are trying to promote yourself and your prints don't be assholes and at least greet people

>> No.8945845

She comes up with excuses to get time past when you can file a PayPal dispute and then vanishes.

Made the mistake of scheduling a shoot only to have her claim she couldn't come to the event anymore.....but I was literally standing 20 feet away watching her shoot a friend.

>> No.8945886
File: 123 KB, 2048x1370, 10623572_1036213476452309_825079950790842821_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had to go looking to see their work and I don't understand how they get bookings to begin with because holy it's not that great. It looks like she decided to photographer inside a tanning booth

>> No.8947240

I don't understand why people trying to sell stuff do this, but I honestly think that's just her all the time. The few times I've talked to her she's been rude or dismissive.
Also, I still follow her on Insta and it seems like she recently made a vague post about people "going around the internet making hate posts are not positive!"

>> No.8947294
File: 360 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_2016-04-05-11-33-50-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol ya she cried about don't be hateful and post mean stuff. Maybe you shouldn't be rude and snobby as fuck when wanting that efame so people don't have to call you out on your shitty behavior

>> No.8947324
File: 151 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do I automatically win if I send him a nude?

>> No.8947383

I called it, I knew she was going to do some sort of vague post about it. She's been posting a lot lately on Facebook and it's just so obvious. Hey Jean wanwan QQ waifu desu~we know you're lurking

>> No.8947412

I went to Collectivecon. A lot smaller than I expected it would be. The only highlight for me was the Random Encounter performance, I felt bad because there weren't that many people there.

>> No.8947456

that's the goal...
if he wants nudes he should just come out and say it instead of pussying around it.

>> No.8947608


>> No.8947705
File: 73 KB, 640x551, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8947893
File: 155 KB, 642x1056, shutter-spade-omni-expo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You see this little shit? He's an awkward little turd that is full of himself from winning a contest with cardboard armor. I think he told me he won such and such about twelve times in the short time I was forced to interact with him. Showed me pics of his other shitty cardboard cosplays, boasted how he was planning to enter it in multiple contests... He even came back in costume to show it off to me. Seriously fuck this kid.

>> No.8947930

No clue who this is

>> No.8947939

lol he got best sci-fi at Omni didn't he? Fucking everyone got a trophy for going up at that con, and like the 4 people who didn't, I feel terrible for.

>> No.8947970

I'd never met him or heard of him either until he came up to my table and started gushing about himself.

I'm pretty sure it was Omni but he mentioned Conjure too. I was groaning too loudly to really listen.

>> No.8947982

This. Too many awards given anymore.

>> No.8948112

whats the point in gushing about winning an award at second rate cons lel

>> No.8948120

Because if you don't give all the snowflakes some kind of award they get all butthurt about it and cry to social media for attention. Yoh isn't the only one he's just one of the loudest.

>> No.8948136

"Please be kind to everyone around you"
That applies to her too lmao

>> No.8948167

because the community is shit here and everyone cries rigged for not winning. They are being babied so cons got get bad pr from butt hurt kids

>> No.8948220
File: 30 KB, 429x410, 1391556300601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah...THAT guy.

He goes everywhere with that costume & when he doesn't win he spergs out on the judges.

He actually went to the winner of a contest and explained to her that his costume was better (for reasons?) so she should GIVE the fucking prize money to him.


>> No.8948251

Did he do that to blueeyesdante at Omni?

>> No.8948253

Second rate cons are the ones giving out all the meaningless awards in the first place

>> No.8948361

Anyone know of any good maid cafes at cons in south Florida?

>> No.8948434

yeah that guy has won so many times already and with cash awards.

>> No.8948829

I don't know if it's the general opinion or not but it just seems that once you've won once with a costume (even just winning a judge's award), you shouldn't enter it in again.
I know there's this couple that compete at multiple contests with the same costumes. They were the BiS at Omni in 2015. I heard they placed this year at Omni and then I actually saw them place BiS at Conjure the next day in the same costumes.

>> No.8948844

Eh...I agree in theory but if you busted your ass to make something really nice I think its OK to take it to other shows as long as it's relevant to that con. You got a great Deadpool costume? Cool... but don't take it to anime or horror cons.

>> No.8948859

True. Though this couple don't really do anime cosplays. They did like Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf at Omni, which it worked for Conjure since the con seemed more focused on special fx, but Omni is more anime focused, isn't it?

>> No.8948890

If you win a big award then make something new. Most contest don't have any rules against re-entering costumes so people compete in the same thing.

>> No.8948983

But that implies that the person didn't place, which is fine, but if they placed before with that costume, shouldn't they not enter it in another contest? Just seems like a dick move

>> No.8949028

The ones that do are great. Especially for skits. My personal view is BiS is an end but judges/best blank means i can try again somewhere else. Unless its a big cash/physical reward, i might try again if i dont have something new.

>> No.8949051

it doesn't really look good to keep entering after winning a major award. If conventions don't place rules then some people don't think it's wrong.

>> No.8949229

Honestly, the shows, the contests, and the judges are a joke for the most part, with everyone trying to be the biggest fish in the tiny shit pond that is florida. I would love to see these Florida Famous Cosplayers go compete at AX or D*C and cry about how it was rigged

>> No.8949343
File: 145 KB, 576x792, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When THIS doesn't win a thing at Dragon's masq and a shitty parade dragon with his FB page painted on it does... There's a problem.

But yeah FL bitches would fall hard at out of state cons

>> No.8949535

I was so pissed when that dragon won. the anatomy was so fucking wonky and it was really poorly made.

>> No.8949620

There are some people in this state that rely on craftsmanship and skill (like Korin, Temjin, a few others) would do well no matter where they compete.

The majority of the well known people in the state use ego and cosfame whoring in place of actual talent and yeah, they'd be a joke. Obviously.

Also the judging at D*C for some of the competitions, esp the masquerade, is absolute shit.

>> No.8949623

Haha oh man. What a terrible masq that was. In regards to the judging I mean. Some of the acts were good.

>> No.8949625

The pool is small enough in Florida to where everyone usually knows if you re-enter something, and it's usually judges OR other contestants who will spot it.

Even if you don't think the judges caught it, other cosplayers definitely did and don't forget shit like that.

Some people have fallen through the cracks in the last few years because of small conventions using under-qualified judges who don't even know how to sew and don't care about contests other than using them for their own self-promotion.

>> No.8949628

I loved this skit I'm so sad it didn't get anything.

They apparently went over their allowed time though, so.

>> No.8950432

A lot of Florida cosplayers only compete out of state in big competitions. They win at cons all over the country and have been for many years. It's not that Florida cosplayers are bad, after awhile most of the veterans just don't want to deal with contest drama anymore.

>> No.8950885

Oh I know that, but I wouldn't consider them as "Florida Cosplayers", honestly that label is a fucking curse

>> No.8950927

Huh? No it isn't. a few dozen people on cgl care, no one else. Florida cosplayers have been winning at Dragoncon, AX, otakon, Acen, AWA, katsucon and all sorts of events for many years. It's the same way for cosplayers all over the country, although they suffer from it a little less simply because their states aren't geographically isolated like Florida. Once you win a lot of local contests, there is grumbling and resentment, so you go on to bigger and bigger venues to compete. There is no "label" or curse. No one really cares, not even when cgl was in its prime.

>> No.8951037
File: 106 KB, 1133x683, 12238499_623797167723119_7878480886882538358_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought the Cafe Kira Hoshi people were pretty good.
Thanks for the vote of confidence
This. The isolation is what makes it rough. You have to drive 4 hours for Orlando and 8+ hrs to get to even the closest out of state cons like DragonCon. If you work a fulltime job and you have to account for a day just to drive somewhere and back... well its not easy.

>> No.8951109

Temjin, you're a civil guy and all but let's be honest, since when the fuck did we allow affirmative action in cosplay skit contests?

The reason Florida con scene has so much hate for itself imo is because these judges don't understand what it means to judge costumes/skits objectively without pandering to SJWs, furthering their own pathetic "careers" or doing favors for people so they can hold it over the said cosplayers' heads. I'm not sure how bad it is in other states but seriously, did you SEE the entries for Omni's skit contests? That shit was a train wreck and again, how they fucking decided on the winner is beyond me, I'm willing to bet they drew straws or some shit.

>> No.8951161

I wasn't there so I cant really say, only saw the videos. It saddens me that the strike witches girls didn't win though since I adore that show. Though from the video I saw either the audience did a total 'wtf why don't they have pants?' or the room was empty because they got ZERO reaction from the audience. If the judges were going by the crowd reaction as a gauge of what would go over well in an overseas venue, I could see it making sense in a way.

>> No.8951218

Kira hoshi was a mess at Mizu though. They goofed off way too much

>> No.8951323

Are there even good judges in FL?

>> No.8951440

As per the whole thread, no.

>> No.8951449

Fl has some good cosplayers you'd think they would judge the cosplay contest.

>> No.8951474

most of them dont get asked to. They're overlooked for friends or cosfame chasers.

>> No.8951491

Anybody who's local from Florida and asked to judge a costume contest there will automatically be called out for playing favorites. Doesn't matter who they are.

>> No.8951493

I agree. It's either the good cosplayers don't get asked to or they want to compete instead. I don't understand why anyone would want to be judged by the judges in this state. As anon stated, the judges are picked because of friends and IG fame... Not because of talent.

>> No.8951742

Central FL con owners seem to want to offer cosplay guest spots to people they think will come to the con specifically because they will be there. So ya better have those over-photoshopped pics and a million followers on your page before even being considered!

>> No.8951862

oh god this is so true.
I've judged a couple contests along side some of these cosplay models with large social media followings and it's just painful how they rate costumes.
"Oh wow, that guy in a store bought costume did a backflip! 10/10. huh that hand beaded well tailored gown? meh 8/10"

I wish I was exaggerating.

>> No.8951896

Anon, I think the cafe at Mizucon was a completely different cafe though? Like the uniforms were completely different, so was the food, the shitty decorations, there were no themed events, and you had to pay to get in. They were pretty attentive to my friends though, so it wasn't that bad.
I don't enter contests often but that sounds depressing

>> No.8951933

Why don't they host panels? I feel like most cosplay guests really contribute nothing to the con.

>> No.8951935

They called it Cafe Mizu Mizu because it's Kira hoshi and 1 maid from another group

>> No.8951959

True, there were a bunch of kira people there, but there were at least 4-5 girls that I didn't recognize. I don't think it makes sense to rename/change a cafe over 1 maid, either. I think the kira people were just helping out but they were not the ones in charge of the event.

>> No.8952007

Someone told me the other cafe was brought in because Hoshi was not being responsive

>> No.8952160

Some do but honestly the ones like >>8951862 mentioned don't necessarily have the talent or skill to host a panel about anything useful.

>> No.8952256

The room wasn't really full bit there were people there. The skit just came off badly in person. It felt like a 90 seconds excuse to slap someone's barely covered ass rather than an actual skit. Most people were probably too busy thinking "that was it?" to react otherwise.

>> No.8952528

it is hard to make it to out of state cons with a job, little time, and money. So what are the best options as far as competing in FL?

>> No.8952732

Provided you have a good skit, and the number of participants doesnt increase suddenly, Metro is a good place for an easy win.

Super is good for the moneys.

>> No.8953289

>Metro is a good place for an easy win.

Pucker up and wear knee pads for best results.

>> No.8953467

So Stan Lee is back to mega this year and im wondering if anyone has any insight as to what that was like last year

>> No.8953471

Is Metrocon cool? I've did a little researching but really non of the guests and shows interest me. Cosplay chess looks cool.

>> No.8953589

Pervy old man basically.

>> No.8953590

curious to see what judges metro will have this year.

>> No.8953617

A lot of people say its been getting worse every year, but idk. Last year was my first year and I enjoyed it.

>> No.8953839

It's a shit con. People only go to see their friends.

>> No.8954159

Metro sucks. I paid to go two years ago and ghosted Saturday last year. Too expensive. No local food. Costly parking. Rude con security that likes to harass you, especially if you're female. And the same people do the same shitty shows year after year. Save your money for Mega, get a hotel within walking distance and see real celebrity guests and shop a ton of vendors. All the cool parties are at night and I-Drive has tons of bars and restaurants.

>> No.8954583

Can anyone recommend some good florida photographers? Paid or not. I know there have to be some out there, but whenever we talk about florida photogs it just turns into a shit fest.

>> No.8954729

Chasis? Don't know many sorry

>> No.8954860

tiger shot productions, chasis, brilan imagery, and papanotzzi are all good imo

>> No.8955145

Hatsume this weekend who's going?

>> No.8955874

So he will let me sit on his lap if I wear a skirt without panties?

>> No.8956457

I don't think he wants your balls rubbing up on his leg anon

>> No.8957174
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Supercon got a new main events stage. About time. I hope they hold the masquerade there, it would probably be one of the best stages to perform on for Florida masqs.

>> No.8957519

Wow that looks awesome!

>> No.8957643

Did Metro's brute squad give you shit too? I was an artist last year and they were rude and unhelpful the whole time. Gave us grief late at night when we asked if someone could watch our table and merchandise as we brought stuff back and forth to the car (since the AA was in an open area we had to break down everything every night). At other times several staff members just stood around and watched us carrying giant boxes up the stairs and struggling to open doors. My friend tripped and dropped a big several gallon container and a drugged up raver girl stopped to help her, not anyone associated with Metro. At one point when the boombox brigade wouldn't shut the fuck up and several attendees and some artists were having migraines and other problems one of the dicks in kilts looked at me like I was insane when I asked for help in getting them to turn their music down. He started getting kind of aggressive and didn't understand what my issue was, and so never offered any solutions and I just sort of gave up in frustration and walked away. They shouldn't be so intimidating to people who come forward to them for help when it's the whole reason they're there. I get that they have to be like bouncer asshole tough guys to deter rule-breakers, but if something serious had happened to me at that con I would not have been comfortable asking for help from them. I don't know. I don't expect special treatment but I'm used to con staff at other places being very helpful, friendly, and active with artists. Plus at my old day job customer service and PR was kind of hammered in to me so I lose a lot of respect for places and people that don't hold that same standard and act professional and willing to assist.

>> No.8957643,1 [INTERNAL] 

Ran into Jean WanWan back at Katsucon where she kept bragging how she was a big fan of the Fate/Stay series but yet every time someone tried to invite her to the Fate gathering she would be a snob and say no impolitely. She is pretty full of herself and have to say she maybe a fan of Fate but her attitude is telling me otherwise. Same thing with here Shimikaze from Kancolle. The only reason she is probably cosplay her for is that is the most overexposed character in the series. Kind of obvious to see it. She stays to herself and hangs out with her other wannabe Efame buddies like Shiro cosplay.

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