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Other one died somewhere.

Who needs college to get you a job with actual classes and technical training? Screw that. Lets use skype!

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This is painful to read. It's also not how you get into college, ffs.

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>I know it's not professional but I'm going to make it my professional route to meet my future bosses!!
How dumb is she?

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I wanna know what fairy tale world these nut jobs live in so I can go there and also be completely void of actual responsibility too

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>LITERALLY my only ticket for getting into college!!!!1
>btw I need the person who wants to be interviewed to do all the work
>only message me if you're popular tho no plebs need apply

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The worse thing is that so many people in the group she posted this in are saying yes to interviews. She has no experience. She should at least start out with a blog that isn't a tumblr, and make it dedicated to cosplay interviews. Or research cosplay interviewers.

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That's a shit way to get into marketing

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I have to say that I can understand how in shitty situations and if you have a shitty life, cosplay is a great getaway for a lot of people, however killing yourself over it just seems so fucking dumb.

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>visiting town so I can get some much needed cosplay materials
>decide to stop in for some sushi since it's light
>oh my way there I get cut off by a group of edgy emos
>quickly realize one of them is in a bought Toko Fukawa cosplay
> in the middle of a busy town on saturday with no cons anywhere in sight and her two friends were in normie clothing
>she has a portal bag too?
>they go into the sushi restaurant because 'It's authentic japanese just like in anime!'
>decide to get sushi to go since I'm not handling that
>she starts talking to the staff and gets angry they don't know what anime is

Is this normal now? I've started seeing people just casually wearing cosplays or really noticeable wigs when there aren't any cons at all

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No... No its not...

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>at the mall the other day shopping for clothes
>nearly walk straight into a girl wearing an SnK jacket
>oh well that's kinda tacky but I can see someone wearing it out as casual wear I guess-
>look down
>she has a tail
>cringe and walk out of the store

I honestly did not think that there were people who walked around the mall in my city with tails in thus day and age. Maybe Zootopia is bringing furries back?

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Those sorts have always existed. I don't know how you haven't seen someone that embarrassing irl before. It's not normal, but it's not new.

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oh fuck, you reminded me of something that happened in my mall
>see two people cosplaying john and vriska from homestuck. the latter is completely gray
>everyone staring at them
>how do these people not have any self-awareness
>god help me

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This deserves to be here too.
>They told me it wasn't Lolita even though I SAID it was
>I didn't do any research but did it anyways so obviously I'm right!

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>I made it my own substyle
The epitome of special snowflake

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I work in a mall and it is hell. My sightings include.
>Girl wearing a Aoba wig like a hat
>Homestucks. So many. I thought this war was over but it's still thriving.
>Girl who wear the same outfit every single weekend, yelled 'GURREN LAGAN" at the top of her lungs when she saw my coworkers drill necklace (he's stopped wearing it since)
>Girl who comes in every few weeks on a weeknight in full cosplay... with her mom.

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>I did it my own way
This is to deflect the fact that they strayed from the aesthetic. If you put together an outfit, fine, but don't call it lolita.

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Fuck I thought she was in a Slenderman forest from the thumbnail and lighting

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I know this stuff is cringey, but I have to say that I enjoy seeing someone where something from a series I watch. I think the biggest thing I have seen has been a SnK jacket and I told her I really liked it. She got so happy someone in our small town knew what she was wearing. Little things like that make me smile. That or I have been around this type of stuff for so long that I just stopped caring and am used to people having the freedom to wear what they want. Kudos if its a full cosplay because that takes fucking balls to walk out of the house in non-normie clothing. I applaud lolitas for this type of stuff daily.

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>small town
which town?

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wear* fuck.

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Yeah. Not doing that, anon.

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why not?

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Because I dont feel comfortable saying where I live? Kthx.

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is it in USA?

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Anon, why are you so interested in the other anon's whereabouts? Just drop it.

More cringe please!


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That was not really bad equally. The fastfood examples are cringy, but his advise was pretty ok.

Or maybe I don't find it cringe because I'm used to this guy.

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>Maybe Zootopia is bringing furries back?
More like it's creating more furries.

>tfw ain't even a furry but pic related is total ideal boyfriend material

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All this talk of cosplay..

>be a 90s child and almost professional mallrat
>have a circle of weeb loner mallrat friends
>they all spent 5+ hours playing Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering at Books a Million
>all of us wear goth clothes
>even go so far as to wear Visual Kei and partial cosplay to the mall
>many Naruto headbands and leg pouches were had
>one girl wore Egyptian jewelry to be total Yu-Gi-Oh priestess
>we had 0% self awareness
>so glad I grew out of this in my late teen years

Yeah, as a former cringe myself, I can safely say that usually up to a certain age you are completely oblivious to how people see you, especially if you're learning social cues from friends.

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Isn't this the "My Victorian substyle is totes authentic and it's made more authentic because I wear a fur shawl with every stupid satin dress I wear!"

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Run as far as you can, anon.

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I see alot of love live cosplayers (sometimes snk or tokyo ghoul) around that do casual cosplays or the full blown outfits for no reason

>Saw them once in the mall
>Saw them many times in the city
>Saw them in a target

It's never the same girls either most of the time although I don't really look at them to tell.

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>have a friend
>he called himself "legendary."

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REEEEEEEEE fatties get away from Mai waifu!!!

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>Looks are fade away after a while
>I'm going to look like Jabba the Hut in a few more years

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I can actually understand wanting to die over dumb stuff but I can't understand broadcasting it on facebook.

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>I know I said slutty cosplay isn't real cosplay but now that /I/ want to do it it's totally fine!!! You shouldn't judge slutty cosplays!

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You read that wrong, she was saying someone else said slutty cosplay isn't real cosplay, so shes going to ruin a character by making it slutty to prove it's cosplay.

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At least she isn't slutting up a crystal.

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>apparently this coord I put together on my own wasn't Lolita even though I proudly said it was.

I don't get how this isn't clear enough for some people. It's like wearing fairy kei, but because you "proudly said" it was goth, it's now goth.
That's just not how it works. How do people not understand that?

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this post is the real cringe tbhfam

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This happened earlier. : |

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>trader joes wine

he's going all out

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I was more fixated on the never being friendzoned thing.

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With those spelling errors you know they were fucking instead of learning how to do this shit when it mattered! In grade school.

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OH MY GOD it's worse than i ever could have imagined

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Holy shit

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I blame the Novala Takemoto poem

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People will say that this isn't lolita but think that that red/gold LARP piece worn to rc is lolita just because it has better tailoring.

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Just that art horrifies me deep in my soul, let alone anyone cosplaying it. Ugh.

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Eh, I can understand it
Being depressed you can quite often get suicidal, and sometimes the dumbest things triggers it
I was once suicidal because I was making cookies and we were out of eggs or something. So yeah
But like the other anon said, whyyy would you post in on Facebook

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>being a tentacle monster trapped in human form

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Shh, shh... let her learn this the hard way, by crashing and burning as hard as possible.

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$5k per month? I'm shocked they got $1.5k.

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You underestimate the weebs.

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okay I read "Damn near killed myself the other day too" as in 'I was involved in some kind of accident and had a near miss' not 'I almost committed suicide' so failed to see the cringe at first.

>> No.8956005

>while you psychoanalyze me
>welcome to my twisted mind

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My mouth dropped open in horror when I reached the "rolls and bits" part

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> Going to IRL Love Live cosplay meet up
> You don't have to cosplay and anyone is welcome
> Guy in the Facebook discussion group talks about how he's going to show up as 'Dark Haired Inuyasha'
> Think 'Okay that's weird but whatever'
> One of the girls talks about whether it's safe to bring their underage friend
> Responds with a picture of himself cosplaying as Inuyasha saying something like 'Oh come on, do I look like someone who'd hurt you? I won't bite'
> Despite constantly posting picture of himself and talking about showing up, he doesn't in the end
> Overhear one of the girls joking about how much of a shame it was that 'Dark Haired Inuyasha' didn't show

Honestly glad he didn't come. Guy was creepy and awkward as shit.

Ended up being a really fun day.

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It feels like randomly cosplaying for no reason is becoming even more common than it used to be when I was a babby weeaboo back in the day. Even a friend of mine (who is in her twenties) is trying to bug me into going for "cosplay dates" - as in shopping and going for lunch in full cosplay. I don't want to be a giant cringe-lord, but I have no idea how to let her know that this is the last thing I want to do, especially living in a relatively small city where I always bump into people such as work colleagues. Just noooope.

>> No.8956049

Weeb fact of the day but Inuyasha is actually dark haired when he's human, which happens during the full moon if I'm not misremembering. So he may be creepy but he's not /that/ wrong, maybe.

>> No.8956051


>i want it to be my job and a professional career
>please do everything for me tough

Also how does she actually want to jump into well known people without getting any experience with some con newbies?

>> No.8956057

It's more the fact that he's dressing up as Inuyasha at a Love Live meetup.

Though as I said, the creepy and awkward part is why I'm glad he didn't show.

>> No.8956058

Wasn't it new moon?

>> No.8956091

Her skin..


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Seller wants $300 for this

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I went to a Japanese restaurant with my family and a girl in a homestuck cosplay showed up...

>> No.8956108

What's cringe about this?

>> No.8956111

Oh the virgin tears, hilarious

>> No.8956112

GTFO normie.

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Thing is, 1.5k followers on tumblr is a no-brainer if you've been posting regularly for a year or two That's like saying you must have 300 followers on Facebook, so every cosplaybaby who fancies themselves to be "tumblr-famous" is probably leaping at the opportunity.

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This post makes me feel old. Jesus.

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Does anyone have any lolita cringe?

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Dear lord. Run, anon, run.
>I did not fit the mold of what a main stream cosplayer was there
>I felt as a cosplay community we were past the standards of a 90's Beauty magazine
Fat people in shit cosplay with huge egos are never going to be in fashion. Why is this apparently news?

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I vote to ban Kaitlyn Hayes from all lolita communities, all in favor, say I.

A gem from the snowflake's fb bio
"I'm a bisexual polyamorous kinky transwoman pre hrt due to financial reasons i'm also autistic"

>> No.8956346

>I'm a bisexual polyamorous kinky transwoman
>i'm also autistic

wasnt that pretty much a given? kek

>> No.8956357

Oooh i see now. Still retarded.

>> No.8956358

is...is he naked?

>> No.8956362

Have they said anything cringe worthy lately? I'm a few days behind.

>> No.8956363

>due to financial reasons I'm also autistic

I made myself laugh

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facebook /events/879403508872603 This guy. He's trying to do this to some comic cons in the area too. I just can't?

>> No.8956376

It's a trap; Please stop replying.

>> No.8956381

They tried to submit something to a group I'm a mod for. Luckily we don't have open posting so I saw it right away, deleted it, then told them WHY it wasn't appropriate.

>> No.8956384

>I haven't heard a single account of thin cosplayers being confronted IRL over cosplaying fat characters
>Thin cosplayers are being confronted mostly online (implying some is IRL) about cosplaying fat characters

But.. they just ruined their own argument?

>> No.8956385

>she's right, you know

>> No.8956388

What did they try to submit?

>> No.8956408

hahahahaha ur mail

>> No.8956511

>been posting content regularly since 2013
>get a lot of good feedback

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I love Rachel and Jun... but dear god Chamomile. What have you done? People are saying how overboard the makeup is IRL but it looks perfect in photos. No... no it doesn't.

>> No.8956518

damn, you sure told me

>> No.8956521

>been posting regularly on tumblr since 2010
>675~ followers
>for the past 9 months 90% of new followers have just been spam bots


>> No.8956530

What the fuck did they do to Mami, holy shit.

>> No.8956533

This looks so creepy holy shit

>> No.8956542

Everyone hates this creep but no one wants to actually approach mods about banning him. I guess since he technically hasn't broken any rules in other groups the mods won't do anything? I mean he was banned from RC:U for making blatant sexual comments, but he hasn't done that anywhere else

>> No.8956543

Fuck this! A thin person cosplaying a fat character does not mean that a fat person can't ever cosplay that character again, one person doing it does NOT take it away from some one else

>> No.8956550

>snowflake's fb bio
>"I'm a bisexual polyamorous kinky transwoman
Oh god this was the person on lolita humor that posted that "funny joke" about stabbing someone for wearing your dream dress, right? They just get more cringey by the second.

>> No.8956556

That maybe applies to cosplay, but not to such a niche hobby as lolita. I'm on tumblr since 2010 and a fairly good dresser with decent coords (I'm not popular by any means, my style is just distinct enough to be recognizable) but I have only about 700 followers. I get hundreds of reblogs but rarely any new followers. You have to spam your tumblr constantly with decent new OC if you want to stay relevant. I gave up on the race a long time ago and only post once in a month or so nowadays as I don't care about social media at all. But if you do, you have to invest time any energy in it if you want to get noticed.

>> No.8956557

It "takes away attention" from poor oppressed people, apparently. They say this about """POC""" and whatever as well and it's the dumbest thing ever.

>> No.8956559

What is wrong with so many lolitas hesitating with banning clearly creepy and openly sexual "trans" or "brolita" snowflakes like this? I see random girls have issues joining comms for no real reason, then these guys somehow get in.

>> No.8956561

Who the fuck publicly posts this shit?
Nobody gives a fuck what kind of underwear you've got no matter what your gender is or what you're transitioning to.

People like this are straight up creeps. They're not decent, scrutinizing people with standards who may be found in some trans communities.

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File: 390 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n45y53RVKI1r8ahcno2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a cosplay of the infamous Aoba cake, it's meant to be bad.

>> No.8956583

I wish I had that experience, I was always too intensely self-conscious and shy to do anything like that.
You cringe looking back but you probably had a blast.

>> No.8956596

holy fuck, i don't even recognize her.

>> No.8956629

I banned him from some groups i mod before he was accepted.

>> No.8956634

No they made the "how many itas does it take to change a lightbulb thread."

>> No.8956642

did he just pee of the stage??

>> No.8956655

He changed my life. I'm gonna give the good guys a shot now.

>> No.8956659

Couldn't that kid have been slammed for indecent exposure and public urination?
I fucking hate this.

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>Comes to post some cringe.
>Sees the cringe thread started with a post from the same girl

>> No.8956665

Like you don't have to like white or thin people cosplaying fat/poc character but them doing so does not prevent others from cosplaying those character, like there's no rule that says a character can only be cosplayed by ten people if one of those is a thin person for a fat character it took away a spot, it's such bullshit and it makes me rage hard

>> No.8956669

>director's of the convention can not refuse
Wow, dude. What part of private event and spelling do you not understand?

>> No.8956682

To be fair, Shinkai does look fucking weird.
Mami was ruined though.

>> No.8956761

We did have a blast but it's so awkward to think of now because some of them still dress like that even if they restrain to to conventions.

I'm talking uber skimpy genderbent costumes (they don't even have the body for it) and super cheap lacemonsters and boots and saying they're twinning as shiro/kuro lolita. They're pushing 30, by the way.

>> No.8956764


Said person constantly posts the same shit on Facebook, both on his personal page and in the Cosplay Complain Group. His three main topics are whining about how his cosplays aren't good enough (rather than actually putting any effort into improving), how people don't want to hang around him, and wanting to kill himself. He also talks about hiding cosplay from his family when he's approaching 30.

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File: 78 KB, 450x600, 1559621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The ultimate cringe. Pre-2010 cosplay from your nightmares. All it needs is a yaoi paddle.

>> No.8956835

This is an impressive level of fail. That cosplay did it justice.

>> No.8956860

Just showed this to my normalfag boyfriend and his reaction was "But... that's not Lolita!" without reading her post. If he can see it, there's something seriously wrong.

>> No.8956878
File: 37 KB, 864x486, ddb61d77cfdf73ff615148557d01f18a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm always surprised of how you find these kind of disgusting individuals.

>> No.8956882

Have you seen her instagram? The cringe gets worse.

>> No.8956896

They've posted in just about every lolita group on FB so very easily.

>> No.8956898

I don't understand the appeal of dressing up and being publicly embarrassed like that. You think weeaboos would realize that they don't really do that in glorious Nippon as much as they think they do.

>> No.8956903

I don't understand why people slutting up slutty cosplay.

>> No.8956925
File: 158 KB, 957x960, Whatareyoudoingwithyourlife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woman you are like 30. What are you doing with your life.

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File: 127 KB, 495x595, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.28.35 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropping off a lil gem from the Midwest cosplay/photographers group on Facebook.

>> No.8957024
File: 525 KB, 495x638, Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.28.26 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

.... aaaaand the kicker, this is what it was in response to. I think this individual just got banned a few months ago but made another account and rejoined. Their posting tirade on their previous accounted had some "IM SORRY IF CHICAGO ISNT UP TO PAR LIKE LA OR NYC." and "No one is questioning that Im the worst photographer in the world"

>> No.8957048

But he has made it very clear that he does not actually wear lolita or participate in the fashion.

That's grounds enough to reject/remove other people.

>> No.8957084

That OP sounds really entitled, telling other people they're lucky to have their First Amendment rights.

>> No.8957128
File: 61 KB, 450x600, sad_cake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only know one thing close to that cake.
This is why going to /cgl/ is scarier than /x/

>> No.8957136
File: 29 KB, 400x344, 1460420907240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This cake has seen some shit.

>> No.8957138

Perfectly appropriate for a Gatsby themed cake, I guess.

>> No.8957142

>First Amendment rights

>> No.8957154

Shut the fuck up, Dannimon.

You have no idea.

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File: 616 KB, 750x1334, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what is research?

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If i recall, anime pizza was from the same thread if it was the /ck/ cringe thread im thinking of.

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File: 188 KB, 500x348, please be trolling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Same trainwreck

>> No.8957187

i doubt it.

>> No.8957203

She does actually have a point about if a photographer directly approaches you first.

>> No.8957216

there's a difference between weird and... whatever tf this is.

mami, on the other hand...

>> No.8957229


>> No.8957233

Why block out her name and icon she was posted here full name already

>> No.8957235

Wait he looks so familiar who is that?

>> No.8957269

I know someone who has spoken to the CoF mods about banning him, so that's something. Hopefully they decide to do it.

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>> No.8957308

>JoP is $600
>got married 8 years ago; was only $35, and yes a ceremony was performed
She's fucking getting scammed.

>> No.8957309
File: 245 KB, 900x827, ashdbu7sd76.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugly people aren't allowed to be entitled anon. If you amount to shit, expect it in return.

>> No.8957314

I once got hit on via okcupid by this guy who was ultra weeby and constantly wore a Kakashi cosplay several years ago. Come to find out the guy now works at my boyfriends office and on casual Friday's he likes to wear his fucking Kakashi cosplay while also showing everyone his super cool Naruto work-out.

Don't ask me how he still has this same job.

>> No.8957316

Well, yes, the OP image is about cosplay and we're talking about cosplay tumblrs so....

>> No.8957341

has the cosplayer with her mom ever come in as Tamaki but with cat ears and roses? This sounds a lot like the mall I used to work at.

>> No.8957350

Something about this creeps me out so bad. It's like that underage nymphet stuff you stumble upon on tumblr. Please tell me she's actually at least an adult. This also doesn't even look like cosplay.

>> No.8957353

Oh yeah she's definitely 21+

>> No.8957358

What happened with that?

>> No.8957362



>> No.8957389

c'mon give us details...

>> No.8957432
File: 1.39 MB, 1686x926, bacontimesthree.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry I went to look and I just

>> No.8957434

to be fair, that had some gr9 replies.

First anko I've seen that's actually without a shirt/bra under the fishnet. So... props for that? I guess?


>> No.8957448

These are always the people who tell skinny girls they shouldn't cosplay, because bones aren't attractive and real woman should have boobs/curves.

>> No.8957449

>complains about being so poor all the time
>buys overpriced ~paleo~ bacon packs and kombucha at whole foods

>> No.8957455

Oh? Someone was judged for their appearance in a hobby that is all about appearances?
If you cos for fandom and you don't fit the character, enjoy your time but don't expect anyone to like it or take you seriously.
This was true back in the early 2000's as well, so don't think I'm being a modern fascist.

>> No.8957457

Oh those poor fuckin pasties.

>> No.8957458

Roles are reversed here sweetheart.

>> No.8957459

>You have no idea.

...it gets worse?

>> No.8957464
File: 74 KB, 720x480, Disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my god.

>> No.8957466

> not scratching out the name the first time
> fucking retard

>> No.8957563
File: 349 KB, 626x461, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no one has checked these yet
i haven't seen anyone do the who leash-collar kinky shit in years. hello darkness my old friend.

>> No.8957566

Ugh. If she was arguing that white people shouldn't cosplay black characters or something like that with about the same arguments, I'd totally agree
But holy fuck why can't fatties understand that weight is something you can lose? It's not a permanent thing and honestly everyone should strive to be, maybe not skinny, but atleast normal size
Just because they're too lazy to lose weight doesn't mean we have to deal with their bs and not cosplay who we want

>> No.8957570
File: 905 KB, 734x554, 1411492350080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bitches about no one wanting to take his picture at cons.
bitches how no one comes up to him to be his friend.
bitches about how there's no where to get photos taken in the entirety of Chicagoland.
threatens other cosplayers.
threatens to kill himself every chance he gets.

>> No.8957592

Sounds like a fun guy.

>> No.8957679

You don't even get married by the JoP. Most places make you go separately to a court house and the wedding is merely just a big social party. Hell. Hire someone with an online degree for it and as long as they make the proper spiel, no one wlil know the difference.

>> No.8957707

That poor wig...

That bio both amuses and terrifies me.

Fuck that shit. Either shame everyone or shame no one. You don't get to be a special exception just because you can't say no to seconds. Better yet, cosplay something that works with your body size/shape.

Is he trying to strongarm a con into making him a special guest?

I shudder to think of what kind of place would allow cosplay at work even on casual Fridays.

>> No.8957919

>Fuck that shit. Either shame everyone or shame no one.

You must be new to "social justice".

>> No.8957966

Not gonna lie, I actually want to go to the mall in cosplay with some friends. Don't feel like paying for cons all the time just so I have an excuse to dress up. I think it is ok as long as you are not alone and act civil and mature while in costume

>> No.8957975
File: 549 KB, 1200x800, giphy (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pay for your own fucking wedding oh my fucking god i hate entitled fucks who feel like people should pay for everything for them! Why would you want the stress of having so many people at your wedding anyways? When I get married I'm just gonna have a small wedding with close friends and relatives. Fuck having to cater to 300 people.

>> No.8957981

Congratulations, you want a trophy or something for being the specialist special snowflake in the world?

>> No.8957994
File: 1.08 MB, 750x1334, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get so annoyed by the inevitable post con pitty parties people have for themselves if "no one took my photo uguu sad day. ;_;" if you want photos so bad pay a photographer to take you photo, I don't understand why you feel the need to do this.

>> No.8958005
File: 702 KB, 729x947, thebest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saw this recently and had to share

>> No.8958006
File: 524 KB, 714x892, midgetindress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8958007
File: 566 KB, 642x925, Oface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats enough cring worthy photos IMO

>> No.8958010

>mfw yanks get their very own Plastic Potsy
Muh heritage

>> No.8958011

>no pictures of you because no one knew who you were
That isn't a very good excuse considering complete strangers take pictures of other people they don't know all the time, so...

>> No.8958012

>Someone was judged for their appearance in a hobby that is all about appearances?
So you admit she's right.
>If you cos for fandom and you don't fit the character, enjoy your time but don't expect anyone to like it or take you seriously.
And thin RQs need to shut the fuck up. Exactly right anon.

>> No.8958028

Oh noh that poor Misakoh

>> No.8958029


That wig color is absolutely atrocious.

>> No.8958034

is this the same person that got knocked up by a naruto cosplayer and had the baby and named it something weeaboo

>> No.8958043
File: 73 KB, 960x639, 12961716_1089571281106641_4806270167667385127_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that sad kindred on the right

>> No.8958051

why do female cosplayers feel the fucking need to expose their face on any masked character

>> No.8958059

With that coord, yes, but grey wigs in general? I'm intrigued as to why you hate them so much.

>> No.8958075

I think they mean that wig specifically anon.
Not only because it makes her look more haggish than usual, but also because it looks greasy and scraggly. Almost like a cosplay wig, not elegant at all.

>> No.8958088

I hand my phone or camera to someone and ask them nicely to get a shot each day, no one minds unless they are busy. I've don't the same for people dozens of times. Often I'll selfie with them too. It's a fun way to do it.

>> No.8958090


Why was everything in 2003-2009 so cringy in cosplay? especially with Naruto?

>> No.8958096

Because people won't know who you are if you cover your face.

>> No.8958113

uhh, yeah you can. You just need to get your marriage papers beforehand and have the JOP sign with you after the ceremony.

>> No.8958120
File: 69 KB, 640x654, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8958125

Okay but she's right about photogs approaching you and then expecting payment.

>> No.8958153

That person definitely looks and types like the sort of person who wants exactly that. Plus special privileges, and restrictions on everyone else's behavior.

>> No.8958172

Jesus Christ it's not that part that's cringe it's the part where's she like I'm a model yada yada following the picture of her posted above that post

>> No.8958181

That bed room is an embarrassment.

>> No.8958183

>Star Wars posters next to fetish model posters that he probably faps to
Doesn't that get...a little weird? Or is he bi?

>> No.8958188

>cosplaying from one of the biggest con fandoms
>no one knew who i was!!!

wow its almost like you mustve really had a bad idea/looked like shit to get NO pictures taken of you. jesus. why dont these people have self awareness.

>> No.8958191

Isn't he that whiner that posted on coscom a lot about how everyone hates him? If so, I wonder if he's still at it.

>> No.8958199

I too have seen Homestucks in the wild.
>busy as hell Saturday night in a local shopping center
>boyfriend and I stop by local casual noodle place to grab a bite to eat but the place is way too crowded
>on our way out I almost accidentally bump into a girl
>apologize and look up to see she's wearing a green Bodyline school uniform with a black wig and round Harry Potter glasses
>oh no
>girl next to her is dressed as some tumblr-iteration of John

That night my soul left my body for a near hour because I had never in a million years thought I'd see Homestuck cosplayers in my town.

>> No.8958201

And referring to Niki

>> No.8958204

>Tumblr iteration
Thanks for new term dude

>> No.8958295

rey doesnt deserve this

>> No.8958318

Oh just shut the fuck up and take that shit out of here, you cringeminge.
>weh weh muh fat characters

>> No.8958327

that icon is cringe enough even without the text. the fuck out of here with that yume king angle

>> No.8958361

I thought she left Lolita?

>> No.8958390

>myself and half a dozen friends all coordinate to cosplay different characters from the same show
>all help one another to make fucking great costumes
>humblebrag but we all looked sick as fuck
>someone else outside our group cosplays a character from the same show
>insists on hanging around us for the entire con
>their costume looks like it was genuinely made out of garbage bags

I wanted to make a sign with "THIS PERSON IS NOT WITH US" and an arrow pointing to them

>> No.8958430

She should just do what I did. Got married in a way I could afford and am planning on having the wedding of my dreams on one of our milestone anniversaries, as a sorta re-commitment ceremony. Current plan is for our 10th marriage anniversary, which is two years and 18 days from now. Also, if the marriage doesn't work out you wouldn't have spent all that money for nothing.

>> No.8958773

Well, my birth town didn't hold any cons, so me and my friend would wear cosplay to some big town celebrations, because it was fun and we could take pictures. I also walked through a forest in cosplay once, for a photoshoot, and bumped into my mom's friend - we had a nice chat and I explained what cosplay is.

>> No.8959033


>> No.8959053

I am probably really shallow minded but, I thought getting pictures taken at cons were easy? I mean, I get photos taken of myself in halls all the time. Albeit I never see them posted since I am just some stranger, but its weird hearing that no one gets a photo snapped of them at least once at a 2-4 day con.

>> No.8959100

I actually deleted the cosplay amino app because he spammed every chicago/illinois group with his self-pity bullshit. It was so annoying. People just kept eating that shit up too, I don't get it.

>> No.8959102
File: 102 KB, 278x237, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.41.39 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>send help

>> No.8959103

What the fuck is this dude even talking about? Holy shit.

>> No.8959140

Please tell me this thing didn't go out of business just yet. I wanna go observe this trainwreck.

>> No.8959149

Im also in SA, but the southside is so far away from me that im not sure its worth it to go all the way there to see this, but dear god in heaven help these children

>> No.8959161

this person wasn't really dressed as anything though...it sounds like they just threw on a bunch of homestuck/rainbow clothes they owned and expected people to congratulate them in person.

>> No.8959167

I'm like 10 min from picapica, max. I'll try to go some time and take pics for "research".
10 bucks says they're all relatively young and there's a meido/cosplayer working.

>> No.8959192

I found their facebook page so I feel validated now, it looks awful, I pray you dont catch some awful disease in your research!

>> No.8959201

"Oh no Shamu is going to eat me, I am not a macaron!"

>> No.8959224

well well well

if it isn't miss "western lolita is so toxic I'm leaving wehhh"

>> No.8959381
File: 75 KB, 909x244, Screenshot_2016-04-13-00-20-09_mh1460524883845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for that, every time I see his icon I want to tell him off into oblivion.

>> No.8959385

I read this as "Expose the Surface World to Cosplay Culture" as if we're deep under the earth.

>> No.8959395

>being this mad that you actually agreed with an SJW wrote

>> No.8959508
File: 152 KB, 500x400, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is this weirdo not banned yet?

>> No.8959513

>So you admit she's right

>Hobby is about appearances
>Girl gets mad other people in hobby say she's bad at hobby do to not fitting appearances
Why is anyone surprised?

I'm saying that if you aren't good, git gud. If you can't take criticism, don't attention seek.
You can be fat all you want, just do it where no one has to look at you.

>> No.8959514

where was this posted at? This person needs to be banned

>> No.8959517

Not to defend this guy, but if the meetup happened at a con, and he was cosplaying for himself, theres no reason to expect him to change out just to attend that one event?

>> No.8959560
File: 212 KB, 506x514, Screenshot (4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This random guy added me on facebook, asking me to come to his wedding because e wanted a wedding full of cosplayers. he tries to push his crappy cosplay photography book constantly, and gives it out to cosplayers to try to get them to promote it. he also likes all of his own posts, and is usually the only like on it.

>> No.8959562
File: 95 KB, 960x720, 10580253_1507147222949220_9198979306626466479_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8959568
File: 75 KB, 960x528, 12540691_10153213616791604_1726944237999708797_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

his book

>> No.8959573

at least he's getting married

There's hope for us all

>> No.8959580

that's a cosplay photo book? it sounds like a self-help spiritual health book

>> No.8959590

this is some heavens gate bullshit

>> No.8959595

I'm not the anon you replied to in the first place, peanut, I also don't agree with the post.

But sure, keep bringing attention to your retarded blogpost, your retarded leaps of logic and then maybe make another post about how oppressed you are on the 4chinz for being a fat fuck

>what is multiple people replying to me?
>inb4 "hurr so mad that I am rite lololo!!!"

>> No.8959597

It's funny because he LOOKS like a gremlin. Geddit?

>> No.8959602
File: 326 KB, 2048x1536, such_kawai_snowflake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god I'm so happy to see we're not the only comm' with a "non-hrt trans' special snowflake showcasing his fetishes everywhere
>ours keeps it light on facebook, whines about how people / photographers don't understand what's crossplaying and brolita and that's why no one take pictures of him
>but there are hundreds of stories about him greeting some random lolita girls with a "Your shoes make me horny" or other creepy stuff
>he even told some close friends that he's been diagnosed with schyzophrenia ...

(he's not posting in english so you'll have to settle for a pic of the cutie)

>> No.8959648

>there are hundreds of stories about him greeting some random lolita girls with "Your shoes make me horny"
Why do you keep him around, then?

>> No.8959652
File: 117 KB, 752x501, lgbt-conformity-2-752x501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yummy. Check out ours.

>> No.8959655


Ahahahaha the delusions.

>> No.8959667

my first con I wore a shitty homemade homestuck cosplay, and I still got someone who asked to take my pic. they never posted it anywhere, but it exists.

this, it is not fucking okay to talk about your kinks in public space not designed for that purpose, please report this shit out of the comms

>> No.8959684

I don't
He just keeps coming at cons and shitposting as much as he can on the net
Can't do anything about it, and even if I could, I sincerely don't give a shit as long as he stays aways from my friends

>> No.8959693


>> No.8959761

Why behave like a normal person and get accepted by the general public when you can act like an attention seeking ass and then complain about "queerphobia" on the internet...

>> No.8959793

that is an absoule shit waifu senpai

>> No.8959803

Lolita humor in a lolita confessions thread

>> No.8959812
File: 215 KB, 1440x742, Screenshot_2016-04-13-08-30-50-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not hiding names cause it is posted to a public group.
I'm going ahead and blocking everyone that replied positive to this.
It's for lolita confessions, not your fucking sex preference confessions.
why can't they understand no one wanted to know this and your sex preferences has nothing to do with lolita fashion.
Fucking gross.

>> No.8959815

Yes it was

>> No.8959892
File: 492 KB, 500x214, 2us8upi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lolita confessions
>looking at fake lolita
>only wearing it to look cute for sexual reasons

>> No.8959906

In which group is this posted?

>> No.8959927

Kind of related, does anyone ever see those tumbr posts that are like "strong independent feminist in the streets, daddy's naughty cumbucket in the sheets"
Like now that I'm fully disgusted, thanks for making feminism look like an even huger joke than it already is. Like what is the point of even trying to be a person you're proud of if your hobby is "looking cute for daddy" who's probably going to cheat on you anyways. Fuck this ddlg shit.

>> No.8959938

Ah, man, I was there live. One of my friends was competing and tried to talk to this dude behind stage ('cause my friend's a friendly guy) and apparently the brony just kind of stared blankly at him and shuffled off.

>> No.8959945

I saw it as a comment on a post on Lolita humor

>> No.8959967

>"strong independent feminist in the streets, daddy's naughty cumbucket in the sheets"

I'm disappointed there are no results for this on google.

>> No.8959991

God.... I have no words but I feel like Misako is regretting everything

>> No.8960008


>> No.8960014

Even when there are pictures taken of you its damn near impossible to find them online afterwards. I always get tons of pictures taken when I wear my Touhou cosplays (especially Youmu for some reason?) and i have not once seen any pictures afterwards that weren't from group photoshoots.

>> No.8960139
File: 565 KB, 496x685, ugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do i always see stuff like this from unattractive insecure chubs?

>i thought i'd look so horrible but i look great!
she either still thinks she looks horrible and is fishing for compliments, or she never thought she looked horrible and is still fishing.
it's not true either, i mean you can see her panties and bra in this. the fabric is way too thin and everything else about it is unflattering too.

>> No.8960141

this is the one samus i've seen with a decent wig
but yeah i hate it when cosplayers do this. i see it all the time on my newsfeed. hungry for asspats.

>> No.8960145
File: 1.12 MB, 642x925, this is what i imagine she's thinking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8960150

How can someone claim to be a feminist while promoting female infantilization and sexual subservience, like I'm pretty sure the feminist movement spawned in part to combat these things. Fucking tumblrinas.

>> No.8960154

Something about that OP just doesn't look right.

>> No.8960172

She's hungry for asspats.

Virtual only. Don't try patting that ass IRL, as nice as it is.

>> No.8960181

Her fears have come true. Thicker fabric, proper underthings, a decent wig and 6 months at the gym and it would have been ok. This? Not so much.

>> No.8960188

She looks nice

>> No.8960205

Why is our city so fucking cringy? Theres some really nice places like 9tails and the one inside the North Star Mall, and even Ooples and the Otaku Cafe are pretty cool. Harajuku Dreams is actually selling lolita brands. But then theres shit like this. And 80% of the vendors at Wonderland of Americas mall.

>> No.8960216

There's a translita in my comm, but she's cool beans. So well adjusted, she earned female pronouns from me.

>> No.8960259

She looks fine. what crawled up your butt anon ?

>> No.8960270

The issue isn't that they're trans, it's that they're creepy fetishist uggo hons who see womanhood as a fetish/opportunity to get attention.

>> No.8960273

Honestly I hate Ooples, they seem to decline in variety and quality every time I visit them :/

Otaku Cafe is meh, but im not really into figures. I was excited for Otaku Cafe when they kept saying "JAPANESE ARCADE" only to find it filled with the same shit I can find in America. Blazblue, Street Fighter, Tetris and the like.

Ninetails is alright though, I usually just go to Minanos Grocery Store and buy food instead if I want to weeb it up.

I've never heard of Harajuku Dreams though, I will have to look that up!

>> No.8960279

Yeah, nothing against real trans, but attention whore tumblr trend bandwagoning trans or I want to see the inside of the girls' locker room trans is different. HRT or surgery, or concrete plans to get them, are good milestones to judge how serious they are about it.

>> No.8960290

I stop in for 10 minutes at a time when I see Minannos for facemasks and stationairy, so I dont see the quality decline too much for ooples. I'm only there for the plushies and pokemon card packs desu. She has a Fb for Harajuku Dreams, and its mainly bodyline and taobao lolita clothes, and some things from aliexpress and ebay. She's super sweet and the markup is alright considering shipping and everything. Its nice to see the quality before purchasing on the aliexpress stuff.

>> No.8960297

I probably visit Ooples for 5 minutes once a month lol Always because I go to Minanos then decide to drop in to Ooples since its right there anyway. They always have at least one plushie that I want at least, but I remember them having more unique things back when they were newer.

Now it seems to only be a few mainstream things and card playing.

Id love to go see what HD has though, I found their FB so thanks for letting me know they exist!

>> No.8960368

There is so much poison oak behind him if he just rolled over

>> No.8960396
File: 69 KB, 1280x720, ew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just watched a lolita haul video where the girl pronounced bonnet as "bo-nay"
It hurt me

none of that is poison oak or poison ivy, learn your plants anon.

>> No.8960410

....I was sure that was an april fools joke. Dammit.

>> No.8960433

what the fuck

>> No.8960479


the way he fucking chews his food makes me so fucking mad

>> No.8960480


>> No.8960489

Costume could use work by being not as thin, but I actually think she has a cute body.

>> No.8960491

Please post it on btb

>> No.8960512

Is the point of being trans not to TRANSition into being a normal female? Why do people say Trans Women as though it's different from women? This kind of snowflakey behavior makes no one accept you.

>> No.8960518

That's a really strong vendetta you have there.
Why do people not realize how creepy and sad this is and just have their friends take pics of them?

>> No.8960523

i saw this on my newsfeed and i want to die

>> No.8960530


i've never been so embarrassed in my life

>> No.8960546

I think I want to die too

>> No.8960550

Are you from Scotland anon?
this sounds like a guy I know

>> No.8960555

omfg that was even worse than I thought it would be, what the actual fuck

>> No.8960557

I have no words for this
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/U42AW0mjqB8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

>> No.8960562

I'll bet you a Holy Lantern JSK that it's because she couldn't stand not being in the spotlight. Because all publicity is good publicity, amirite?

>> No.8960568

fucking goofed, here's the link

>> No.8960570

I had no clue Harajuku Dreams existed, I'm going to make a beeline there next time I'm downtown!

>> No.8960571
File: 157 KB, 760x557, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.03.54 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8960577

still not right, anon.


they auto-embed here
>minako sakurai
>doesn't know how to say 'black girl' in japanese
>pretty much just said "black america can't be cute"

>> No.8960580

She did say onnanoko 女の子 though, which is girl

>> No.8960582

i didn't even understand that.

>> No.8960584

Its pretty hard to hear since she definitely doesnt say kuroi 黒い for black

It sounds like she tries to pronouce black in a typical "japanese" way like "bulacku"

>> No.8960586

i thought she said "buraku amerika no" not onnanoko

in any case that's not even how you say that. it's kokujin, you could say kokujin onnanoko maybe but still...

>> No.8960588

Oh yeah shes still off but I was just giving her credit for even saying onnanoko.

At the very least she could of said kuroi onnanoko, it wouldnt of been right but at least it would of been consistent and just more "beginner japanese" like

>> No.8960590



yeah it made me scream

>> No.8960592

kill urself u fuking loser, /broey/s for life

>> No.8960600
File: 782 KB, 500x289, tumblr_niw83mTrsK1r1ult6o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8960604

everything on this guys feed is cringe

>> No.8960609

sorry to bother yall but does anyone have any guesses where she got her cosplay from (i assume she bought it since she doesn't post progress pictures). I was thinking about doing zero suit, and this one looks nice :)

>> No.8960643

ugh I've noticed this too, along with people mixing up beret and barrette

>> No.8960684


>tfw you just have a shitty vibe

people generally dont approach me or ask me for photos at a con, nor do they usually strike up a convo with me in normie land

>inb4 youre shitty

both me and my cosplays are average

>> No.8960722

well if anything they went about this in the right way with covering 90% of their face and cute ears. better then ugly makeup at least.

>> No.8960905

Jesus christ

>> No.8961044

>That memesong

>> No.8961192

Most submissives in the real BSDM community are men, but that's not to say you cannot be submissive and also a feminist? One's a sexual kink and the other is just being a good person?

If your sexual preferences alter how you act daily (unless you are in a 24/7 D/s relationship, but even those can have functioning social and work lives) then you aren't doing it right.

Most 'littles' on tumblr are just glorified sugar babies or girls who want attention. It's gross. But there's nothing wrong with being sexually submissive and politically aggressive. There's a reason politicians are stereotyped as having female dominatrix mistresses.

People who say they are into lolita just because of this are disgusting though. Fetishists need to be banned from everything.


>> No.8961468

Fremdscham is strong with this one

>> No.8961471

>names all these styles
>wears none of them
>whole video is just creepy slowed down footage of her walking around

>> No.8961756

He is so ugly.

>> No.8962609

Isn't this from this video.

If I were that girl I would be so upset with the makeup

>> No.8963170

God, this is so bad...

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