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Share your feels - happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're cgl related.

Please don't go on off-topic rants and get this deleted like last time.

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>at con
>arrive just in time for lolita tea party
>spot a parking space fifteen feet from the door
>bf tells me "Yo babe, go stand in that space so noone can park there while I go fetch the car."
>do as I'm told, tell him to hurry back
>he leaves
>random redneck pulls up
>tells his buddy "someone parked they fat bitch in this space! eeee heeee-eeeee!"
>they drive off cackling

Really ruined the con for me desu.

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I think I need to see a doctor, one of the reasons being I can never seem to complete projects, even when I still feel really investing in them. The other reasons aren't /cgl/ related, so I'll leave them out. I have these costumes that I've gotten at least partially done, but even though I'm still interested in them I can't seem to finish. I can only ever finish things for other people. I can't focus or think straight anymore though, so I keep on injuring myself when trying to do things. Cut my finger open while being careless the other day, brushed it off and just waited for the blood to stop flowing so it wouldn't get on anything. Instead of working on any of these numerous projects, I'm sitting here drinking whiskey and hating myself. The only time I've been able to be at all productive and felt okay was when a friend gave me some adderall after a long shift at work, even though I've never had any sort of ADD problem and it was way too intense (I played Windwaker for 13 hours straight and got dehydrated to the point I kept licking my lips and didn't go to the bathroom or get up at all during that time). I feel like such a fucking mess. I just want to go out and nerd out in my chinese cartoon costumes. Or get involved in some of the j-fashion comms instead of just lurking all the time. Only positive is that I have been able to keep my body looking good and my skincare routine going in the hopes that I'll actually finish something, though I want to get thinner with some more muscle.

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>have hellish week
>work pretty rough, paper + presentation due today, insomnia
>operating on 2.5 hours of sleep today
>work pileup was worth hanging out with lolita friends last weekend
>just ordered a JSK and two blouses I adore as a reward for making it through the day. pic related
>tomorrow, going to shop at Chinatown in the city to buy ingredients for my favorite soup
>having a normie picnic with friends in the park
>getting a nice check soon with which to make a large Taobao order
>aforementioned order includes a dream dress
>this weekend, going to dress up in jfash for a music festival

April was terrible, but it's finally coming to a close and life is looking bright again.

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Guess it's time to lose weight

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At least you have a bf. I'm too narcissistic to love anyone.

I just want to cosplay Ash and Misty with a qt boy, gdi.

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>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, concert whistle, uilleann pipes, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukulele, drums, djembe, guitar, erhu, accordion, concertina, xylophone, euphonium, glass harp, french horn, ocarina, hammered dulcimer, wine glasses, or jew's harp
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can fulfil the role of an orchestral concert percussionist by playing instruments like the triangle, chimes, and cymbals
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing in falsetto, vibrato, or tremolo
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can read musical notation or can conduct an orchestra
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can sing in constructed languages like Hymmnos
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ or use sound synthesis programs
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can write the scripts or songs for musical theatre or may be participants themselves in it's showing
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can dance
>mfw woodsmen who play the concertina

I've said it a lot and I'll say it again and again. I think it's amazing and I wish there was a Sound Horizon tier orchestra / musical where all the music players are lolitas and the performers are cosplayers.

On another note got my IW order and it was everything I wanted it to be and better. I was worried for a bit because the blouse and JSK were black but the blouse was a bit darker. It looks alright though. The sweet letter they wrote in English made me smile too.

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>always knew about my shopping addiction but never really came to terms with it
>realize how bad finances are and have anxiety attack
>tell bf, he's mad but its ok. says I should hold off on dresses for a while
>going on hiatus from lolita until I get out of debt

I really hope I can do it. I should be debt free in a couple months if I don't buy anything but I should also replenish savings and put some money away for a family trip. It's probably going to take until fall for my financial situation to be good again...

>already having anxiety over the thought of missing something, but also the possibility of failing

At least none of AP's spring/summer releases interest me at all.

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>sell old weeb era cosplay to girl on FB
>she's really excited to cosplay this character
>family member that I was really close to dies
>have to go awol to help with funeral and family matters
>tell girl that I won't be active for a couple days
>she says no prob and she's not in a hurry for me to ship the cosplay anyways
>ok cool. I go missing for a couple days
>returns home to find that despite me letting her know, the girl freaks out that her cosplay wasn't shipped right after payment (she paid the night said family member passed on) and wasn't given a tracking #
>posts me in a bunch of cosplay sales groups labeling me as a scammer
>she also posts that my profile is "very inactive" which is "suspicious" (my privacy settings are set to friends only on just about everything)
>did I mention she also posted my paypal address?
>get tons of nasty PMs from this girl's friends, various random cosplay sales group members, and also this girl's mom (this girl is 20 btw)
>slowly respond to all of them with caps of our conversation
>most back off, some continue trying to argue but eventually give up too
>I'm so pissed that I can't even speak

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Rednecks are hilarious. Start counting calories instead of being mopey if it made you feel bad

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How did people react to finding out they were being utter shitbags?

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I feel extremely fat, more than normal. I work out 10 hours a week or so, and have to be on a strict meal plan so I don't lose weight. It's just...I feel like a whale when my thighs rub together, or if I poke my stomach. I'm about 117 lbs and 5'6 now that I'm weight restored, and I just feel like a giant slab of blubber. I never had a thigh gap when I was in the hospital and dying. It's been 3 years since I was discharged from the ed clinic. They said I would never get better, but things might get easier. Well things haven't gotten better or easier. They said my growth might have been stunted--emotionally and physically. When I eat, I can feel the fat forming and attaching itself to me. Sometimes I just want to cut it all off.

My "friends" make fun of me. They don't know about my weight struggles, so they comment on how "thin" I am, which simultaneously makes me ecstatic and feeling like I want to cry. They make fun of how I look, my personality, everything.

I'm just really feeling sorry for myself atm, and needed to vent. Thank goodness for anonymous message boards where I can wallow in peace.

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I posted a few threads back about a toxic cosplaying friend who talked behind my back, copy me and was condescending. I followed anon's advice to start distancing myself. Here's a quick update

>unfollow on social media (still fb 'friends' tho)
>start being more open, really enjoying myself, don't care if they say shit
>friends notice change
>fess up about issues with toxic friend
>everyone tells me they have problems with them too, like the same exact problem
>friends are really happy that I'm cutting ties and support me on it
>friend just now told me they posted a passive aggressive tweet on how they miss their old friends but and don't know why it broke up and how they can't go back or something

I'm feeling so happy and free now that I managed to get that stress out of my life and that friends are supporting me but I'm upset that it's happened to so many people, and that some are still putting up with it.

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Get new friends. Seriously. You sound young, don't waste your time hanging around people you don't like

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Why would you go through all the effort to repark the car whenever you were already near the entrance?

And start walking more. You'll notice a huge difference.

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Idk why people are telling you to lose weight when idiots like rednecks think a petti means you're pregnant and have a fat ass

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Kudos to you anon for being brave enough to cut the cancer out of your life! I wish I could do the same with my obsessive borderline stalker friend. I just don't reply to his messages anymore, but he still finds the need to comment on everything all the time.

Hopefully the other people in your creepy friend's life wise up soon too. The sad part is knowing they'll just leech on to someone else to fill the void you made. Scary.

Also, I wonder if you're the anon I talked to a while back about this? If not, I'm sorry for the mix up!

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It's my birthday today and the only people who apparently know I exist are my parents. Most people didn't even send me a shitty Facebook message, which I know they do for others. The one person who did couldn't even be bothered to write 'happy birthday' and just wrote HBD instead.
Nobody from my comm cares either.

I feel like an insignificant little ghost.

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I know it sucks, but we're all insignificant. All the birthday wishes in the world can't make you more significant and it doesn't make other people more than what you are beyond them being more socially active.

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Ii really sorry that you are struggling, EDs are really tough to cope with. Please be proud that you exercise, eat carefully and have maintained a healthy weight. I think you should contact your doctor and let them know how you feel,see if you can get some support. There is a perception among a lot of people that once your weight is 'normal' your ED is cured and that's just not true- the physical battle is only half the war. It's also really difficult to be around people who don't know your history and think 'thin' is a goal everyone sees the same way or can safely aspire to. Please confide in someone and get some support to help change your thought patterns - CBT or Mindfulness could both help you. Please remember surviving an ED makes you a strong person, and now your body is strong too- please focus on the things your body can do, rather than how it looks.

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If it helps, thigh gaps are only a possibility if you have the right hip shape for it, can't fight bone structure.
I hope you get to a point where you can feel comfortable in your own skin anon, sooner rather than later. Your freinds have no idea what you're going through, and are probably trying to use humor as a coping mechanism.

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>Younger brother just passed on at 16 this Jan
>Fucking cunt mother hasn't let me or my father see him since he was 8
> Decided to show the world even more what a shitstain she is and sit on her ass demanding child support on a child gone
>CS won't stop harassing my dad for the 'money owed'
>He now has to go to court to prove his only son is no longer with us

"like omg anon you shouldn't post about your family. totally bums me out it's rude during con season."

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Your mother sounds like a crazy bitch. I wouldn't blame you for resenting her for the rest of your life, though that wouldn't be good for your emotional health.

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That sucks anon. Make sure your dad gets a good lawyer early, and be there to support him, he's really going to need it.

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I just have numbness when it comes to her I felt context was needed idk if that makes me cold

>> No.8974243

Numbness is how we cope, anybody who calls you cold for numbing yourself to an obvious shitlord is also a shitstain.

>> No.8974244

Thanks friend. Most times I kinda bottle it up. But posting about struggling on fb and grateful for those there only to get "Don't bum me out." in a pm just threw me truth be told.

I'd unfriend the little twat but she's a giant drama llama that would blow it the fuck up forever.

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Maybe! A few anons replied back to me last time, but at the same time I realize that this happens to quite a few people. If you were one of the anons that responded thank you so much for your advice!

I'm sorry that it's happening to you too! I know it's hard to cut ties with someone who still interacts with you, mine was easier because they didn't. Hopefully with time they drift off on their own trying to find someone else. I know friend that's in your position and is too nice to actually leave or ignore them. So she's just stuck there and I know it's taking a toll on her.

That's very true, people have already left them and each time they just find someone new to be their friend and it's just a never ending cycle.

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>I forgot the throat singing anon because the rude copypasta anon ruined my posting streak

Next time, throat singing anon.

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Happy birthday, anon. Have a virtual hug from me.

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>normally solo cosplayer for life
>this year one of my friends suggests we cosplay from love live together
>fuck yeah not being a loner (since my bf doesn't cosplay and my other pals are cosplaying from a thing I'm not familiar with)
>a few hiccups with her not wanting to make anything but also not wanting to spend too much money but we finally order the basic school outfit, excited as all hell
>the outfits arrived and she sends picsof hers
>apparently she doesn't see the point in ironing it (???)
>cosplay is nice but looks like rumpled sad blob without ironing
>has kotori's wig but refuses to trim bangs into it bc "it's too harddd anon, could you do it for me?"
>refuse on principle since I'm not great at cutting wigs and she's picky about bang length so I don't want this to backfire on me, I link her to scissors and a bang cutting guide on ebay but doesn't seem interested
>won't style the rest of the wig because "it already has a loop!"
>loop is dangling off the back with the side ponytail; it's a nice wig but it needs some effort put into styling it
>BONUS POINTS she now has a giant septum piercing with diamonds
>won't take it out or swap it for a more subtle one because it's "too annoying and now she can be punk kotori uwu"
I'm not a perfectionist or anything but she's being so lazy about this and it's driving me up the wall, never again.

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>have cosplays to finish
>ever since my birthday this week, can barely muster the will to get out of bed for anything but work
>feel like my stuff is no good anyway
>not even drugs help anymore

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>not even drugs help anymore

That's because drugs are never meant as a solution. They are a catalyst that lets you start working on issues.

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either fucking ditch the bitch or shout at her to cut and iron her shit, she's so close to looking ok and can't even be fucked to take the final step?

that's beyond shit. luckily if the court is even slightly competent it should just be a matter of presenting a death certificate

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>telling a story like this on 4chan and expecting people to feel a tiny bit of empathy


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>Graduate from uni, get a decent job
>Finally have enough confidence + disposable income to get into jfash
>Start blog so I have more motivation to work on my coords
>Want to try and make jfash friends
>So far only followed by porn blogs

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Aww, happy birthday, anon!

Did you actually tell anyone it's your birthday? It's best to casually mention it about a week in advance. Most people don't keep tabs due to shitty memory - sadly including yours truly.

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Avoid Lolita Updates, secondhand sites, etc. I was constantly buying before because it was a daily habit to search pages and pages of stuff for sale. I have slowed down so much since I stopped tempting myself by looking all the time. I understand not wanting to miss releases, but it's so much more important that you get your finances in order.

>> No.8974548

i'm glad about your order!
also it still makes me happy to see this again

>> No.8974551

Do you say happy birthday on other people's profiles? I don't get many on my wall because I am rarely on FB, so I'm not on people's radars. I also think it's much more meaningful to get a message rather than an obligatory "Happy birthday!" that they only left because FB reminded them.

>> No.8974553

I have no idea how. I can barely be fucked to get out of bed anymore.

It all started a few months back when I broke up with my gf. I felt okay at first, but after a few weeks, not so much.

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Happy Birthday Anon!! don't worry about it and have a nice day for yourself, at least you won't have anyone bitching about "why didnt you invite me to celebrate" or whatever

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>been running daily to lose a few more pounds for upcoming con in 5 weeks
>tripped on a curb and fell yesterday which reactivated my sciatica.
>horrible pain shooting in my pelvis and lower legs, jfc.
>can't sit down for more than 5 minutes without crying, which means no sewing for a few days.
>stretching and aleve kind of works, praying this will go away before the weekend.

>> No.8974675

>Cleaning my apartment throughout since going to spend next few months at my parents
>Collect all unused fabrics to a box
>Seeing all those fabrics makes me want to sew everything
>My moms sewing machine is really bad and I don't want to use it

And I guess when I return I don't want to sew anymore. Life sucks.

>> No.8974680

try listening to happy, bubbly energetic music. i have to 'work from home' today and that's what i am doing to actually finish this project.

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Ignore the autistic ana chans. Normal people know that bullshit is uncalled for, white trash tends to defend white trash tho.

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When I was younger, I really wanted to get into cosplay. Ended up giving it up around my late18th year when I realized it wasn't "right" for me. Didn't really regret it because I had other interests to pursue anyway.

Discovered Lolita in high school, and fell in love. However, 8 years later, it doesn't really make me happy anymore. I don't want to leave Lolita but I haven't even been wearing it and find my interest in it is fading. I'm not even that interested in clothes in general anymore. It just isn't fun. So I'm upset about that even if it sounds really stupid to other people.

Basically I grow out of all my hobbies and interests and life is boring and I have no purpose.

I know how you feel, I feel like a ghost all the time, even when I was a kid I felt like a ghost. I've never had any "real" friends and have spent most of my time alone. I'm an introvert but even this is too much for me. I hope you can have a good birthday despite nobody celebrating it with you.

>> No.8974730

Gonna contribute some good feels if it's okay

>wearing lolita 7+ years
>always dipping into different styles and never sticking
>finally settling into a few styles I love
>building a more solid wardrobe
>getting back into crafting and art
>feeling 1000x more confident in my coords than ever before
>making new lolita friends

I'm feeling good, probably better about wearing it than ever before. I feel like the magic of Lolita is bubbling up again and I'm really, really happy about it.

>> No.8974781

sad feel first

>work no longer gives me shifts at all
>apply to a ton of places, don't hear back from a single one
>currently waiting on a possible job through a friend, have no idea if it'll happen or not and it's a shitty job regardless but i need the money
>can't afford any cosplay supplies at all and feel like shit because i can't enjoy my only hobby, not to mention i can't afford day to day expenses which is the real pain in the ass

even sadder feels

>love bf, he's my best friend
>however, depression and anxiety + treatment over the course of our relationship has changed me as a person, not the same as i was when we met
>libido is complete kill
>occasionally feel attracted to other guys in more than i just 'think they're hot', tears me up inside as i love him, but the spark isn't there/not the same
>not sure if it's normal in a relationship to have things feel this way, sometimes very happy, othertimes worry that the relationship is dead, can't decide if i'm happy commited to him or not
>don't have friends i can speak to about it too as we're all too close (to me and bf) or they haven't been in a relationship as long as me and won't have perspective

it just fucking sucks. I don't know if i'm happy or not,and then i feel so incredibly guilty for even thinking about that kind of thing in the first place. I don't know how to handle never being sure about anything in my relationship :(

>> No.8974808

>making first "real" cosplay for upcoming con
>saved the hardest for last like an idiot
>have to style a wig for the first time
>have to hand sew the sides of a dress up
>forgot I need to get my Depo shot, clinic will only give it in my arm and not my hip like they should
>will completely lose the ability to raise my arm more than 3 inches for days

Well RIP that cosplay for a week, it's a good thing I'm not going to A-kon like I planned to.

>> No.8974821

It's normal to have a wandering eye and feel hot and cold, anon. As long as you can keep it in your pants it's perfectly fine. However, I urge you to think whether you're really happy with him if the spark just isn't there and you don't feel sexually attracted to him anymore. It could open the door to many other problems, and it might be that the relationship has simply come to its natural end, which also happens a lot.

I feel the same and I've already discussed it with my bf, and we're planning to end it when we're not both in a financial dump (since we've lived together for 4 years now) so it's not as hard on us as it would be now.

Take your time to think about it, it's ultimately your call. People change over time and that's okay. Also consider if it's maybe some other factors contributing to your negative feelings - are you stressed out? Are you low on money? In my mother tongue there's a saying, 'Poverty at the door, love out the window'.

>> No.8974834


I knew some guys like that (their go-to insult was 'fat bitch').

One of them got his half-sister pregnant and the other is a dog hoarder. Don't worry about the white trash.

>> No.8974838

Usually play dress up in my room at night on my days off. I only got one fucking day off this week and I have to work 42 hours starting tomorrow at fucking 6am.
Turns out my land lord is coming over so I have to dress all normie and look "appropiate" because the land lord is some old chinese guy who is all modest and uptight and keeps raising the fucking rent.


>> No.8974852

Most just stopped replying. The ones that kept arguing with me kept being asses about it but eventually gave up too. One of the assholes even called me
a "retarded irrelevant bitch" before blocking me. I laughed.

>> No.8974866

Your friend and I are totally one and the same! It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in this, but it sucks that so many other people are going through this. It's such an awful experience, and you're right, it does take a toll on you! Thank you for your words of encouragement. Hopefully I can push him away just enough for him to realize we're not best friends and that he needs to leave me alone.

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I'm also narcissistic, I find the girls I go out with are too clingy. After one or two dates they're texting me hearts and shit.

>> No.8974966

>after summer no more study finances from government
>have to fully loan the money from the government (but bf doesn't want me to because I already have a small loan from them) or have to go really minimum for me, which means I pay my study from savings (actually for Tokyo) and my bf pays for the rest (not much, healthcare is partly financed by the state too)
>mfw no Tokyo for a while
>mfw I will have to find a part time job in summer if I want lolita

it's quite a change from the situation now, but we'll manage the next 2 years I guess

>> No.8974996

Nice racism you fucking bigot.

>> No.8975070

>went a little crazy last month on Japanese auction getting secondhand brand
>tell my SS that I don't need a heavy box, would be fine with just a packing bag since it's only clothes
>they just wrapped my stuff in like 100 layers of cellophane
>well... Ok, nothing is messed up, fine
>one of the items is a dream dress, no shirting but has a side zip
>try it on, shoulders and bust seem okay... So far so good...
>won't zip past my fucking wide ass ribcage
>fuck you, ribs

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Aw anon, I feel you with the thighs rubbing together thing, and the eating making you feel yourself gaining weight. I'm about 5'6" and 130 ish? Most of my weight is in my thighs, seriously when I did track in hs I looked like Chun-Li. I admire you for how dedicated you are to staying healthy! I am too lazy to work out despite how badly I want to put on more muscle.

But I think you should also shift some focus to making yourself happy. The happier you are with your life and the things you do the less you will focus on your weight. If you do not feel comfortable with your friends, just let yourself drift away from them. One thing you will learn is that you don't need to keep poisonous people in your life. If you are not getting anything from a relationship then you can simple end it. Do not put up with shit like that, you deserve better and you should treat yourself as if you do. Plus, there is nothing more fun than making new friends! Please just remember that thigh gaps honestly do not exist except in a very specific body type. Girls have such a lovely shape to their body, and it is very amazing to see how many shapes and sizes they come in. I like to think of us all as flowers, down to the stretch marks and colors and size differences, but in the end we are all something beautiful.

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That usually does it for me, but not lately.

I'm fucking capital-D Depressed. I can push myself all I want, but nothing's going to come out. I'm empty.

I need to fix myself before I can even try to get back into cosplay.

I miss my girlfriend.

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>counting up my wardrobe after not updating it for a while
>organizing main pieces in photoshop by rows of 10
>More than five rows
>lol fuck

And here I am wondering why my closet is bursting. It's high time for a good closet cleanout.

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That feel when you thought you were buying a secondhand dress on an auction site and it arrives NWT.

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>tfw it's physically impossible to sit down in your cosplay

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Brought to you by humble brag.

>> No.8975338

> part of a team running a local con for niche fandom
> head organiser allows her friend to help out
> friend decides that food will be the big seller
> overprices food e.g cup of 6 lollies was $3 and had shitty decorated cupcakes
>day of the con, she is salty that people aren't buying much
>makes passive aggressive comments to other staff/helpers and shouting at people to help her in front of attendees
>I ignore her and focus on running auction/selling
>she gets a warning to be quiet as there was a movie screening, ends up pulling faces and sighing.
>end of the con, doesn't help with packing up and cleaning up the venue and sits on her fat ass on the couch
>she finally tells the organiser that she quits, blah blah, doesn't like the fandom/comm
>so happy and relieved she's finally gone

Tbh she is a normie and not interested in anime/manga/gaming. I don't understand why she even wanted to sign up anyway when the requirement was having an interest in the fandom.

>> No.8975342
File: 98 KB, 1000x715, 12983834_1163980173633727_3740121548585209492_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have decent credit but want to improve my overall credit
>apply for credit card
>get $1000 limit to start with
>want to use said card for con stuff
>i get funds from babysitting, $120 a month
>can pretty much pay off anything right away
>anime central coming up
>have some funds saved, could use a little more but it's not terrible
>see this dress
>Not sure if i should buy it right now or wait....

Fuck me.

>> No.8975351
File: 1.05 MB, 267x219, 1458969803151.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God bless the sons of the soil

>> No.8975365

Swallow the red pill, exercise, and go to therapy.

>> No.8975390

I don't know if it is normal or not. I just know that the lows/dead points of my relationship were enough to make me seriously unhappy, sad, and unsatisfied. Even the fun points didn't counter it. That's when I knew I had to end it.

>> No.8975398
File: 54 KB, 391x644, 1293932476810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so my friend has a new GF who is a cosplayer, and im super happy for him, but shes kinda starting to annoy me. She is kinda super elitist and my friends and I are super laid back, buy it if you wanna buy it, do it cuz you like it, whatever.

>>friends gf palns to cosplay something I am also planning at same con
>>is super obsessed with not wearing it the same day
>>I dont care, it wont bother me
>>shes obsessed bc I have more of the correct body style, according to friends who talk with her about it
>>no one cares, do it cuz you like the chara
>>tried to make sure i'm not doing it the day she wants to do it
>>fine, I wont, but I'm not doing this bs everytime if this happens again

I'm annoyed bc I feel like shes bringing drama. like, I dont give a crap about you or your cosplays. I'll do what I want on whatever day and same to you. If you're the one thats worried that I'll look better, that's your personal problem, not mine. It wouldnt matter so much, but we arent really friends and my friends don't care about crap like this. Like, we'll just be like "haha, lets take selfies and do stupid crap together since we dressed the same"

I did a cinderella cosplay and there were 3 others cinderella cosplayers and I took a selfie with everyone of them. no one cares.

She also only spends like, 30 min at the con in cosplay so iu don't know why shes so obsessed and freaked out. She annoyed me on another matter and I kinda want to be like, "Changed my mind :)" and dress the same chara but I don't want to be a dick to my friend.

>> No.8975407

>been working on a costume for about a year
>lots of research, pattern altering, custom printed fabrics, it's the most in-depth I've gone for cosplay
>Month or so before the con, random cosplayer puts out a tutorial for her version of the costume I've been working on
>Huh, she used the same patterns I used and the same fabrics, smart girl
>Suddenly EVERYONE making this costume is using those patterns and fabrics
>Go to con "oh I love your X, did you use Y's tutorial, too?"

I spent so much time working on this just to have everyone think I shat it out in a month using some no-name costumer's shitty tutorial.

>> No.8975413

>"Bigot!" cried the redneck

>> No.8975424

>continuing to use racial slurs

>> No.8975471

Get your gf back. You can doit! Mine's fucking dead.

>> No.8975484

I had a similar occurrence at Ohayocon.
>make several long term plans about going to Ohayocon, 4 hour drive
>book hotel 2 months out
>costumes are done about 3 weeks beforehand
>scheduled off work 2 weeks in advance
>literally the thursday before (we went up friday) he calls me super excited, and I ask him what happened.
>his girlfriend is now coming
>we go up and have fun on friday
>saturday his gf is feeling sick, so she stays at the hotel and we go to con
>we're having fun, buying merch and walking around
>1:30PM friend gets call from gf that she's feeling better
>he goes to buy some food and leaves to go pick her up
>other friend had left a cosplay bag in his car
>he says no worries he'll be right back
>3PM rolls by, other friend had a panel that they missed due to not having secondary cosplay
>text friend at 5PM, no response
>730PM, friend finally responds, asking where we are
>this nigga just paid $40 for a saturday pass and left for the prime hours
>he gets back and we don't interact much, I'm with other friend and he's with gf
>about 1AM, me and other friend are tired, ready to head back to hotel
>friend doesn't want to leave yet
>ask him if it's because he missed all the fun earlier
>no response


>> No.8975493
File: 1.68 MB, 504x279, eugfKrh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get back to hotel room at 230 AM, in bed by 3AM
>friend and gf are in other bed, loud makeout session ensues, then they start talking about the dumbest shit
>15 minute lecture on the philosophy of the movie Liar Liar
>finally get fed up and play this clip
>friend looks over at me and asks me if they were being too loud
>[lack of self awareness intensifies]
>finally get to sleep at 345AM
>don't stay for very long sunday, sleep deprived, got to sleep on the way down
>had a little chat with him about how much he fucked up over the weekend
>promised to give him another chance this summer when con season rolls around, but I've already started going to cons with other people

I kind of feel happy for him, he was one of the very few people who understands my mindset, and it's probably for the best that he's been pulled back into the world of normality by this girl, but at the same time that leaves me very much alone on the outskirts. I don't mind the loneliness, but none of my other con friends have the craftsmanship or creative thinking for me to properly brainstorm and bounce ideals off of them.


>> No.8975503

>really love my Lolita stuff
>it's all my favorite brand
>haven't had a chance to wear it and it still has all of the tags
>the socks have the little metal clasp still
>start to pack it back up after admiring it
>hear the clasp land on the floor behind me
>search for it, because apparently I love my Lolita clothing so much that even having one little thing like a fucking sock clasp from my fave burando go missing feels awful
>can't find it even though I have hard wood and a clean room

Why? Why can't I find it? Why do I care so much?

>> No.8975507

Ahhhh I found it!!!! It was still on the socks!!! Idk what that noise was!!! I hope it wasn't a spooky ghost!!! Yaaaaaaaay!

>> No.8975576

Bought dream dress in black. Wake up at 5am realising its not actually my preferred colourway even though I know I would break out in a sweat everytime I wore the Ivory version in case I stained it thus consigning it to a life in my closet. Aaargh. I did the right thing why do I feel so sad.

>> No.8975581

Buy the other colorway, too. Wear one, frame the other.
Happy for you, anon.
I usually like Haenuli, but this looks really tacky. Don't do it.

>> No.8975584

just do it. fuck that bitch. she'll be seeing other people cosplay that character at the con anyways.

>> No.8975608

There's this one girl from my town that I've been friends with for 7 years or so. She's been more into cosplay than me, but in the past few years, I've gotten into the hobby and am making my own cosplays while she still buys most of hers (not really relevant).In high school, I knew someone that was stalking her and another friend, and helped her get proof by screenshotting convos from said stalker. A few months go by and I realized that I started to like her in a romantic way. I had always considered myself hetero, and I never really found myself attracted to females. I brushed off my feelings since she was in a long distance relationship with someone else. Time went on and I eventually left my home town for college while she went off to a nearby art school, but we still kept in touch pretty often through facebook. One day, she deactivated her fb account out of the blue. All of my friends were unable to see her fb account and cosplay page as well. She still posts on DA and occasionally tumblr, so I'm pretty sure she's okay. I've tried reaching out to her recently but still haven't heard back... We always got along really well, but I get a feeling that she secretly found me a bit annoying. I really miss talking to her and she was my last female friend that I was still really close to.

>> No.8975702

aw, you ok buddy? wanna talk about it?
sometimes shit like that happens for no reason and it's so frustrating and everything sucks, but it fades a lot eventually. it gets better.

>dead best friend's birthday was a week ago
>had a crush on him basically forever
>surprisingly upset despite it having been 5 years

>> No.8975704

Anon I think you might have a problem. I'm not being mean or insensitive, but if you're that worried about losing the toe clasp from a pair of socks, you might need to talk to someone. Sounds like anxiety manifesting through your wardrobe.

>> No.8975710
File: 139 KB, 800x668, 1439731309545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seconding this.
Baby steps anon, but you should think about how you're managing stress and look into living with compulsive disorders. Even if you don't have one, it might help you like it did me.
pic unrelated

>> No.8975760

>Make my Bi-Monthly call with my dad
>Subject of my hobbies come up
>He never fails to ask if im still into big tittied cat girls

I will never forgive my teenage self for not managing my power level.

>> No.8975764
File: 19 KB, 512x288, 20c3a219a9cf1a052a240b7a69121397e6a5c28b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>es, yes dad I am still into big tiddied cat girls, thank you for asking!
It's not like it isn't true anon. Gotta be honest with your folks man, jeez.

>> No.8975767
File: 125 KB, 600x475, 1461120023987.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its funny because i actually hate the cat girl trope. I usually just tell him "Nah, but i hear gerbils are all the rage now" and he usually laughs about it. Bastard actually had the gall to ask me if i had heard of "those crazy japanese ship girls"

>> No.8975788

>white trash calling someone racist

top keke

>> No.8975845


Interesting. I didn't come back here expecting to read such comments. It's funny that you both brought it up, actually. I do have diagnosed anxiety. I've always wondered about having compulsive issues, but I always felt like the things I do are too small to qualify. When I was a teenager I used to wash my hands like crazy. Just coming in from outside made my hands feel extremely dirty, even if I didn't touch anything. I made myself stop washing so much, because my hands were getting dry and raw.
I also always have to give my boyfriend a hug and a kiss before he leaves due to being worried that he'll die while he's gone and I won't be able to kiss him again.
I can never say "good bye" to people, because when I was a kid I watched Road to el Dorado and they had that "best friends never say good bye" song, so I'm worried that if I say the phrase "good bye" I'll never see them again.
I always have to tell everyone who leaves my home to be safe, or else I worry that they'll act restlessly and die. With my boyfriend I used to say it several times even after her left the house, just in case he didn't hear me.
I've developed some sort of infrequent binge eating issue when I'm really anxious. I literally feel like I can not stop eating, even if I'm in pain. It's hard to wait ten minutes to eat during these episodes. Usually the only happen like once a month or less.

Sorry for talking so much, I guess I just was hoping to see if any of this stuff sounds like what you're both talking about. It's just stuff that sticks out to me as abnormal and kind of compulsive I guess.

Anyway, for another feel.
>tfw reading through my first ever GLB

I love having all of the patterns still folded up inside. I really want to try translating the little comic soon.

>> No.8975861

>"those crazy japanese ship girls"

Kantai Collection?

>> No.8976034

Omg you might actually have to work for your money, and you won't get to go to Tokyo? *rolls eyes*

It's called real life

>> No.8976059

>addicted to picking dry skin flakes off my scalp
>has been a huge timesink lately
>need to finish cosplay
>would rather scratch and scrape and compare flakes

fuck this shit so hard. gonna trim my nails to the quick and Tgel my scalp. pray for my productivity, gulls, breaking compulsions fucking suck but i've done it before. i want to sew shit, not pick at my skin for hours.

>> No.8976069

>hated body shape forever
>always cosplay the fat characters to avoid being noticed/appearing on bad cosplay threads
>avoid lolita like the plague
>decide to start working on shit
>counting calories, working out
>100% support from husband and roommate
>fat bitch mom finds out
>proceeds to dump pictures of my fat ass all over her FB feed to show me how BUYOOTEEFUHL I am
>now I can't go on FB or post progress pics

Losing weight feels good! Dealing with narcissistic mother feels like shit.

>> No.8976075

you know you're on the right track when she spins into damage control mode. keep it up

>> No.8976083
File: 163 KB, 1600x1066, Obraz 263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting a pathetic feeling because it's a Saturday and I'm locked in my house all alone with nothing to do.

The last few years, I've been using Lolita as a way to cope with being socially isolated. I have no friends. I can't even make friends online. Lolita started becoming a glimmer of happiness for me when I was left feeling isolated. It makes me feel like a character from a story. Admittedly, it doesn't work very well, but it's one of the only things I have to at least feel like I'm "special" instead of feeling unwanted. The worst part is I hardly even wear Lolita because it's a little uncomfortable and I don't want to wear it just sit around my house. I don't even like CGL. I'm only here because lately I've felt lonelier than I can handle.

I'm such a waste of air. At least I can leave nice comments to other people and maybe make their day a little better.

>> No.8976091

I've been there, anon. Managed to stop out of sheer willpower as well. You can do it!

>> No.8976092

Know that feel anon. I've been picking at my earlobe piercings lately and its getting to the point that it hurts to wear my kawaii jfash earrings.

My compulsions always flare up when I'm stressed about other stuff, so they kinda serve as a warning sign to start taking better care of my mental health lest I fall off the deep end again. Good luck fellow picker.

>> No.8976103

Oh, and when I was rreally young my psychologist recommended getting a styrofoam wig head to pick at instead of my scalp. When I got older the same wig head was used for storing cosplay wigs lol. But maybe give that a try if you need a way to keep your hands busy?

>> No.8976109

My friends/internet acquaintances will ask me for cosplay advice and do a real shit job with what I said to do. Then they come back to me asking how my end product was so nice but theirs was bad when they did ~exactly the same thing~.
I hate that I can't say "Because your work was bad! None of your cuts were in straight lines and you rushed everything! And you made cheap substitutions for no reason!"
But no I guess my tutorials and advice were just misleading somehow despite showing literally exactly what to fucking do.

>> No.8976117
File: 445 KB, 300x193, 1444754961325.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's similar for me. I'm really, really bad at making friends, wouldn't even know where to start find somebody who lives in my area and isn't known for being a nut case or drama queen. I do have a few friends online and a super lovely Lolita friend, but she lives hours away.
It would so great to have a Lolita friend near me, heck any friend that isn't a nut case and shares my interests would be great.

>> No.8976118

I really want to cosplay again, but I'm just not in good enough shape to do it and not feel horrible about myself, and it's really hard to find enough time and energy to cook healthy food, stick to an exercise routine, etc. It was so easy to stay /fit/ when I was in my late teens, I could eat whatever I wanted and just go jogging every day, but now it's a constant struggle not to gain weight.

It doesn't help that it's hard to find costumes that would fit me even were I skinny/fit again, either. 20-30 something men are kinda rare in anime these days, they're usually not characters I'm interested in, and when I do find one I like, the costume is usually super generic clothes that don't look like cosplay.

Damn, I thought for a second your dead best friend was my dead friend, because he was a cosplayer and his birthday was last week too, but he only died last year.

Still stings pretty bad, and I feel horrible because I wasn't able to make it to the funeral. (It was a six hour drive away and I would have had to leave at like 4AM to make it in time, and had work until after 10 the night before.)

Hah, my dad actually brings anime stuff up all the time when I talk to him, he's actually watched a bit himself. It's really weird when he brings up some movie or show and I'm like "wtf, you watched that?"

He doesn't know what kind of 2D girls I'm into, though, and I don't think he'd understand at all, let's say he's an Angelina Jolie kind of guy and I'm more into the Keira Knightleys.

>> No.8976131

I have trich so I do that as well Anon. It's annoying when you want to concentrate on something else but just get distracted by it. I try not to actually pull hairs out, my hair is already terribly thin because of 10+ years of pulling, but I can't seem to stop picking my scalp and splitting hairs. What usually helps me is to keep my hands busy (playdough works really well) but you can't do that all the time. If you find yourself picking without realising the most important part is to train yourself to take notice and actively stop, it's hard but really helps. Also don't say to yourself "oh well I already started might as well continue" stop yourself in the middle of picking, by any means possible, in order to break the habit. Also, let your friends and family know. It's embarrassing but they will help you stop.

>> No.8976141

if you have the energy, block people from posting on your timeline without your permission and nuke the pictures one by one by reporting them to facebook and saying 'they're pictures of me and I don't want them up' or whatever the option's called. you're doing great anon, stay strong!

mine wasn't a cosplayer or anything (knew him before my cgl phase began, we were childhood friends), but I went to the funeral and it was so shit. his grandparents insisted open casket which made the parents not come in until they closed the casket and the person talking about him was so shit, knew nothing and everything was so bad. my mother felt like she had to talk because of that and everyone said she basically saved the whole memory of the event for them.
he was referred to as the little prince afterwards so now I can't read that fucking book ever without becoming a sobbing mess.

>> No.8976145

It's getting bad, too. Posted a picture of myself with Starbucks yesterday and got five messages about how she knew I was going to give up after a week.

I literally got a hot black tea. And she was ready to begin gloating. I'm not one to do the weh mommy issues, but she is the reason I'm a whale.

>> No.8976147

Block your mother, holy shit.

>> No.8976148

I'm sick of lending money to people and them not making it a priority to pay me back no matter how many times I remind them. Makes me feel stingy but I'm working my ass off to be able to buy the things I want and it would be nice if the people I was lending money to appreciated that.

>> No.8976149

I'm sorry to hear you're in a similar situation. Social isolation quite literally can kill a person, so it's awful to hear anyone feels that way. But at least you have some online friends though, that's a good thing and a positive to try focusing on. I live in an area where finding anyone to be friends with is impossible too. I can't even really hook up with anyone I went to school with because everyone thought I was weird and didn't want to be friends, and anyone who wasn't a druggie moved out of this little shithole town to go to college or they are having kids and getting married. I'm so scared that I'm never going to find a friend and end up trudging through life all alone and miserable.

>> No.8976153

You see I would, but I live like ten minutes from her and I don't want to deal with this shit face to face because I'm 1) a pussy and 2) she scares the shit out of me. I haven't told my husband she's doing this because that fight is the last thing I need.

>> No.8976155

Why is your scalp so dry?? I couldn't pick a flake from my head if I tried (and I just did). Maybe you need to get a different shampoo. idk.

This sounds exactly like me and my nail-biting though.

>> No.8976159

You got two options, anon.

1. Block her like >>8976147 said
2. Spin this back on her in the best way possible. Tell her some bullshit about your doctor suggesting you lose some weight because of your health and make a post about it on your FB. It's not a lie, doctors for general check-ups usually tell you "Hey, you might want to consider getting healthy because of the diabetes and all these other health concerns with being overweight" and if you post publicly about it, she's less likely to say shit because it's one thing for your mother to publicly go "Oooh but I think my daughter is beautiful the way she is, look at her!" but quite another for her to anyway look like she wants you to risk heart problems, diabetes, etc by staying overweight.
If you do this option, just be very careful to word it so you're doing it to follow doctor's advice or you'd taking the doctor's advice to lower your risk of all these common problems that overweight patients have. That way it comes off very strongly as MUH MEDICAL HEALTH so anything your mother says to sabotage you/make you feel bad comes off as her being a huuuuuge bitch.

>> No.8976221

Do it, anon.

>> No.8976236

Face it, it is gonna last until the rest of her life unless you stand for it. Be a pussy and stay suffering, or deal with it and grow out of that horrible part of your life.

>> No.8976238
File: 784 KB, 698x840, 570147708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>need golden yellow compression shorts for cosplay
>golden yellow has lately been replaced by the horrible neon yellow in sporting goods
>srsly the cosplay has been back burnered for maybe a year b/c of this
>finally find some
>my size out of stock
>no restock date
>con in 30 days

>> No.8976249

Are you me, anon?
One of my best childhood friends is a slutty club girl who teaches piano for a living in some boggy shithole, the other's the town bike with 2 kids out of wedlock (that she doesn't take care of). My only two guy friends from then are now a travelling homosexual and a priest, respectively. My secondary school friends have turned into fat genderqueer xe/xum SJWs and banished me from their lives (bullet dodged, at least). One is studying in the UK and posts dumb fandom shite occasionally.

I'm in a foreign country where people aren't exactly known for being social so unless you go to the same parties/events as the others they're not interested in you. I've a total of three friends now, two of whom I meet up with once a year, third one's Polish and doesn't speak English all that well but at least she likes tea and resin crafts.

I'm not getting any younger, I just want some friends already.

>> No.8976257

Why don't you make some?

>> No.8976263

I moved across the country and had to leave my machine at home. Also I've never done spandex. Or any clothes. I'll sew you a wicked stuffed animal though.

>> No.8976286

You could always buy a pair in white and RIT dye them?

>> No.8976294

aww. I know them feels. It's so great to see cosplayers do skits who actually know how to use the stage well and have prepared themselves to perform. Maybe it's just the cons I've gone to, but it seems like such a rare thing at masquerades - idk, idgi sometimes because all of my cosplay and lolita friends have been a part of some kind of amateur theatre like community and/or at school, but then almost everyone I see at masquerades are awkwardly upstaging each other or speaking too loudly on the mics or trying to improvise, but don't even understand the concept of "yes and" and try to shoehorn internet jokes. It's so cringy that I gave up going to those.

Happy birthday! If I could, I'd send you a gift certificate to some bakery or favorite shop or something. Treat yoself.

It's ok. I keep an active twitter account among other things, but I just get random accounts of people trying to sell things that are unrelated to my topics.

>I'd like to think I'm clever on the internet
>cgl needs spoiler tags

Have you joined any fb groups? I still blog myself even though the blogging is kind of dead artform. What's your handle?

I'm in the same job situation. I did get a job, but back for the company that laid me off in the first place. I've been out of work for 10 weeks and been rejected after every interview I could get. What sucks is that I've gotten to the point of having a "beggars can't be choosers" mentality, so I'll take it especially since I've finally deferred my loans (which I promised myself not to do), but since I'm back with my folks, my mother especially disapproves with me going back there in spite of the hours not running as late as my old position.

>> No.8976298

Well heck I didn't know Rit could be used on those materials. I'll give it a shot worst case.

>> No.8976302

I'd check the website but they've expanded their products to cover a lot of materials.

>> No.8976360

dude he sounds cool af

>> No.8976436
File: 702 KB, 500x281, cuddle2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just going to post some fluffy, happy feels.

>By chance end up meeting cosplayer I really admired but was too shy to approach through friend
>End up really hitting it off with them after being formally introduced
>Been talking a lot with each other since then, been making plans. Might cosplay together sometime
>Feel like I might be developing a slight crush on them, but feel like It's too soon to know. Either way enjoying the friendship.

I just wanted to share with someone.

>> No.8976482
File: 987 KB, 350x297, fuck yeah.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

suck his diiiiiick anon

>> No.8976517

Is it normal to be kind of afraid of people shouting or hovering over your shoulder? I work retail now and I have to look up certain components on a computer when the customer comes in with a request. And a lot of them like to hang over the desk and look at the computer screen to see what I'm doing, and it just makes me very anxious. My parents used to fight a lot when I was a kid, or yell at me, and I spent a lot of time hiding behind couches or under my bed. Is this normal?

On a more /cgl/ related note, the sheet masks I ordered came in way quicker than I thought they would! I've never tried Freeset Donkey Milk masks before so I decided to splurge a bit on this time's sheet mask haul. I'm excited to try them out.

>> No.8976579

Definitely look into seeing someone, anon. Preferably someone who focuses on talk-based therapy first and foremost. It sounds like you could use someone to discuss coping mechanisms with (as opposed to getting medicated).

You'll feel better for it, I think.

>> No.8976627

>I have to work 42 hours starting tomorrow at fucking 6am.

It's awful being an adult isn't it?

>> No.8976646


Never lend money unless you can accept not getting it back, without it ruining your relationship.

>> No.8976647

When you give people money, just refuse to let them call it "Lending." Call it a gift.

>> No.8976658

>be me last year
>currently my infirm dad's caregiver
> excited as all hell for rock and shock (combo horror con and metal concert)
>george Romero, gunner Hanson and a bunch of other guests.
>buy tickets
>gunner Hanson dies
>dad was doing alright
>suddenly has a fall
> can't be left alone
>be a good son instead of going to the con
>dad's in pain all weekend
>I contemplate both his and my future with dread

>> No.8976676

Sort of on this note, what's the etiquette on telling people they are no longer rooming with you unless they hand over their money for the room?

>> No.8976696
File: 527 KB, 814x540, 70oU4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>message seller to confirm size of item
>seller messages back size, immediately takes item down

let me give you my fucking money

>> No.8976700

Just block her ass, seriously. Rule number one of social media is do not friend the parents. If they want to hasle me they can do it irl or text me, which I can then ignore.

>> No.8976703

You two are the best anons.

I'm slowly going through each photo and saving them as well as reporting them. (They're selfies from high school, and most are with a friend who has since passed away.) And I posted about medical shit.

Frankly, she's a narcissist who is probably still going to give me a little grief, but this will cut it down exponentially.


>> No.8976705
File: 131 KB, 640x480, toy-sad-bathtub-macro-3648x2736_101200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Able to find someone selling my dream shoes
>They're in my size
>Able to get shopping service to buy them before someone else can
>So freaking happy and know I will wear these shoes all the time
>Week and a half later I ask shopping service if the shoes had been mailed to them yet
>Get told that the seller is easy going, so just to wait a bit
>3 weeks later shopping service tells me they still don't have the shoes and the seller isn't responding to their messages
>Listing is now missing as well
>Seller had good feedback, so why the hell was she a crapper seller now
>Spirit broken because now I won't be getting these shoes

Only positive side is I was able to get a full refund, but now on the hunt again for these shoes that I know will take forever to find someone selling again.

>> No.8976706

You tell them just that? Seriously, you say "look pal, I hate that it's come to this, but you need to pay me upfront or you lose your spot in the room."

>> No.8976710

She made my FaceBook when I was, fuck, 14?? Maybe?

I still use it because that's where my friends and family are. If I block her, I won't be able to contact my two younger siblings.

I don't want to get into the BUT MUH CHILDHOOD but, basically, my choice is keep her or don't see my siblings.

>> No.8976711
File: 15 KB, 181x279, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

14:1"Don't let your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me. 14:2In my Father's house are many mansions. If it weren't so, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you. 14:3If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and will receive you to myself; that where I am, you may be there also. 14:4Where I go, you know, and you know the way."

14:5Thomas says to him, "Lord, we don't know where you are going. How can we know the way?"

14:6Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me. 14:7If you had known me, you would have known my Father also. From now on, you know him, and have seen him."

14:8Philip said to him, "Lord, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us."

>> No.8976712

This is why I never let people borrow money, and have no problem telling friends no I don't loan out money. If it's enough that I know I'll want it back, I won't give it out.

>> No.8976726

i crai err tym

>> No.8976736
File: 39 KB, 498x568, 1459573979045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw spend all day with my comm members shopping for lolita and getting high, only to come to cgl and blow up muh sides with all the ludicrous arguing and bullshit

>> No.8976756

>finally get tax return back
>bought my first brand piece directly from the brand website
>also bought a couple secondhand brand blouses
>feeling the best I've felt in weeks
>sister calls to remind me it's the four year anniversary of a childhood friends death
Suddenly I don't feel so happy…

>> No.8976765

Yep. Cut her off as much as you csn and learn to grey rock. Kill her narc supply.

>> No.8976767

Anon. Make yourself a new Facebook page or create separate friends group. Lock down your Facebook so the only stuff she sees is the stuff you want her to see. Also, keep her on your friends list but stop following her. That way you actively have to go to her page to see the crap she's posting instead of it clogging your feed.

>> No.8976801
File: 21 KB, 400x205, ryukocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like me when I first met my stepsister.

Enjoy it now. It may end in heartbreak.

>> No.8976813

You sound like a wonderful person

>> No.8976814

I know how you feel, my mom got into Jojo and now she keeps yelling "JJOOOOOJJOOOO" periodically

>> No.8976880 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 500x281, 1457829925298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she doesn't me
>she probably doesn't even care that much about me
>I know I'm supposed to move on
>I've moved on before
>I just can't figure it out this time

>> No.8976881
File: 17 KB, 500x281, 1457829925298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she doesn't love me
>she probably doesn't even care that much about me
>I know I'm supposed to move on
>I've moved on before
>I just can't figure it out this time

>> No.8976882
File: 42 KB, 533x297, misako_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>develop p.o.t.s (a shitty syndrome that makes me dizzy and sometimes pass out when standing)
>over heat easily
>can't walk around at meets anymore
>probably can't go to cons anymore because of the walking and lines
>no caffinated tea or coffee

Goodbye lolita I guess? I'm trying out compression tights soon to see if they help, so maybe I can work ugly medical tights into my coord or something.

>> No.8976883

Yooo anon I have this too, shit sucks but I have coped with it in lolita fashion for about four years now. Here's some advice for you:
-Explain your condition to close friends/those you'd be interacting with at meetups or cons. You don't have to go into excruciating detail but saying "I need frequent breaks to sit for just a couple of minutes" will go a long way. Sometimes this means changing plans when the plans don't include some way for you to rest, but people have been very accommodating with me so they might be with you too. Surround yourself with people who don't suck.
-Stay hydrated!! This will help with overheating and heart palpitations. Also, taking sodium supplements will help with water retention so you're not constantly needing to pee (unless you have other dietary restrictions of course).
-Don't get discouraged! Things will change, but you don't have to stop wearing lolita because of it.

>> No.8976885

I always feel kind of left out at cons since I stopped cosplaying. I try to be super supportive of my friends (one in particular since she does the most), always willing to hold bags for photos, watch for costume malfunctions, help with touch-ups etc. but then I get largely ignored when they meet other cosplayers from the community, or outright ditched for photoshoots and comp stuff. I understand I can't tag along for all of it, but I really hate hanging around cons by myself like a loner. I usually just end up going home instead.

>> No.8976887

Thanks, I am.

>> No.8976893

Thank you, it's really comforting to hear that someone else can make work with lolita. I've only just been diagnosed recently and was really active before that so it's been a huge adjustment. I'm seeing a cardiologist who is more familiar with the condition in May so hopefully I'll get more advice on what helps. I'll definitely try the sodium, even though I drink a minimum of 3L a day, I don't seem to be retaining any extra. Do compression tights help a lot? I'm scared to drop $100 on tights unless they help.

>> No.8976900

>come back from exhausting week-long uni trip
>have like one day to hang out with friends in the remainder of our break
>plan to hang out with two at a local con and meet up with another afterwards to watch a movie
>injured my knee while hiking on the trip
>wake up in serious pain on the morning of the con
>no longer want to go out, force myself to go anyway
>one friend says she's only coming in much later so I'll miss seeing her
>meet up with the other one at con
>have a nice enough time wandering around con even though knee hurts like a motherfucker
>she wants to see some panel thing
>all good cause I could really use a seat right now
>only two empty seats
>she makes an immediate beeline for them with her boyfriend
>no space for me
>I guess I'll just... go then
>go to foodcourt and eat lunch alone like a total loser while waiting for other friend to show up
>end up having a great time with him at least

I might be overreacting because I'm tired and in a bad mood because pain, but am I wrong in thinking that was pretty inconsiderate of her? Ugh, whatever.

>> No.8976912

it's not really normal but I kinda have that. I have issues with people grabbing my shoulders from the behind or covering my eyes, and generally hovering over my back. I was volunteering at a sports event and the courts were separated with nets (no walls) and the chick volunteering with me left to go to the bathroom or something. apparently she felt like the way to announce she was back was to grab my shoulders from behind and shake.
shouting, too - angry shouting makes my mind kinda switch off and I get really quiet.

aw, thanks anon. I'm glad I could help, and I hope your mother realises how shitty she is, no matter how unlikely it is.

>> No.8976924

Another lolita with POTS here. It's totally possible to wear lolita with a few adjustments. Listening to your body and keeping an eye on your vitals can make a big difference.
-compression stockings are awesome, and compression arm gauntlets and stomach compression.
-bring emesis bags and nausea suppressants (if you have gastro symptoms)
-plan a few days before and after a meetup to take it easy
-don't be afraid to use a wheelchair if necessary, it might feel confining but it's way better then passing out in public

>> No.8977022
File: 31 KB, 236x662, 67e3a943706715745d5f6624d2e007ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finally score my dream dress, and at an amazing price
>it comes in the mail, everything's sweet, don't notice any issues
>fast forward one week
>open wardrobe to hang up clothes
>notice BO smell
>weird, i wash everything after i wear it
>sniff some dresses
>notice underarm sweat marks on dream dress accompanied by a very ripe smell

for the love of god, please wash things when you sell them!!!

>> No.8977077

>start dating new guy
>he loves the fact i dress in lolita/j-fash and is always asking about my clothes
You have no fucking idea how happy this makes me. The other people I've dated have either fetishisized my clothes or thought they were really weird

>> No.8977098

Man I'll never understand how people can ask to borrow money unless if its an emergency. I only ever borrow money from my boyfriend but he always is the one that offers to help me buy stuff. And he's kinda my boyfriend. I would feel too weird asking to borrow money from friends.

>> No.8977114

>(very sweet) girl in my comm tells me she's getting her dream dress
>very happy for her since its a sought after print and she got the most coveted cut and colorway
>bump into her a week or so later
>she's wearing her dream dress
>the coord she made with it is ugly and ita as fuck

>> No.8977187 [DELETED] 
File: 219 KB, 640x480, maxfeelsgood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dragon*Con 2014
>cosplaying Max Jenius in his formal outfit
>also carrying a 1/48 toy of Max's mech
>at the mechwarrior station
>kid comes up and asks who I am and what's that robot
>"I'm lieutenant Maximilian Jenius of the UN forces, serving aboard the SDF-1 Macross."
"This is a VF-1J, my valkyrie. It is capable of being both a fighter jet and humanoid robot for variable combat situations. It is outfitted with a gunpod housing 3 30mm machine guns, capable of chewing through most armor."
>kid's mom eventually arrives and thx me (for entertaining the kid I assume)
Felt good.

>feels compelled to help others with costumes more than own
I know where you're coming from. I've got, maybe, 5-6 incomplete projects that can be continued at any time, but.. yeah, I get ya.

Heck, maybe we should just work on one another's costumes and then problem solved, heheh. Note, I too take adderall time to time whenever I need that boost to get up in the morning. If you do want to get on it (or if your doctor recommends it), there's a slow release ver, that or you can take a tiny dose (which I sometimes opt for).

Take'er easy on the hooch too, eh. This is playing dress up we're talking about here, 'nothing to get bent out of shape over. Also I'm hoping you're drinking something Canadian (Canadian Club, woot woot).

>> No.8977197
File: 219 KB, 640x480, maxfeelsgood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dragon*Con 2014
>cosplaying Max Jenius in his formal outfit
>also carrying a 1/48 toy of Max's mech
>at the mechwarrior station
>kid comes up and asks who I am and what's that robot
>"I'm lieutenant Maximilian Jenius of the UN forces, serving aboard the SDF-1 Macross."
>"This is a VF-1J, my valkyrie. It is capable of being both a fighter jet and humanoid robot for variable combat situations. It is outfitted with a gunpod housing 3 30mm machine guns, capable of chewing through most armor."
>kid's mom eventually arrives and thx me (for entertaining the kid I assume)
Felt good.

>feels compelled to help others with costumes more than own
I know where you're coming from. I've got, maybe, 5-6 incomplete projects that can be continued at any time but somehow I dissuade myself to do other things (literally, procrastinate), yet I can sew up someone else's costume lickity-split, so.. yeah, I feel ya.

Heck, maybe we should just work on one another's costumes and then problem solved, heheh. Note, I too take adderall time to time whenever I need that boost to get up in the morning. If you do want to get on it (or if your doctor recommends it), there's a slow release ver, that or you can take a tiny dose (which I sometimes opt for).

Take'er easy on the hooch too, eh. This is playing dress up we're talking about here, 'nothing to get bent out of shape over. Also I'm hoping you're drinking something Canadian (Canadian Club, woot woot).

>> No.8977279

I unfollowed all lolita facebook content except my comm's page and yeah trying to avoid any secondhand sites or anywhere I can buy things really.

>Limiting lolita related internet to comm's page and here occasionally
>Limiting self to 1 meet per month.
>Hid credit card only to be used in emergencies
>have to be careful when with normie friends bc yesterday they wanted to go vintage shopping

Last night I received an invoice from an SS for something I preordered months ago and felt like absolute shit. Had to pay because there's nothing I could do.

Hopefully this gets easier over time.

>> No.8977308
File: 42 KB, 799x799, 12644819_770171379794497_1128792532900169261_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only ever wanted a friend that I can cosplay with, do stupid shit at cons or atleast talk about animu and vidya but everyone in this country is either a giant pleb or just seeking for attention.
Only person that came close to being a good friend was my ex and even with her I could only somewhat talk about vidya and animu

>> No.8977330

Good luck anon, both with your mother and your weight loss! Keep us up to date please!

>> No.8977336

Maybe you can redirect it?

(a bit NSFW)
I have trich and I used to pull out hair from my head, but then I redirected head hair to my pube hair. It relaxes me, and it gets me nice and clean down there. No more bald patches on my head, and I don't have to pay for waxes anymore.

>> No.8977349

>patronizing posts about how "BEEYOOTEFULL" you are when they're shit pictures that you know aren't flattering

Same shit happened to me just last night anon. One of my jealous ex friends noticed I was having a good day with my friends yesterday. She's a miserable shit 24/7 so she hates it when she sees me happy. So during some ungodly hour, like 1am, she ninja-posted this ugly, unflattering pic of me from five years ago on my wall saying "teehee look what I found!!" Fortunately I got home in time to catch it quick and it was only up for 20 minutes. I just deleted it without question, she's disabled from posting pics to my wall without me seeing it first.

>> No.8977373

That's what you get for dating normies

>> No.8977503
File: 6 KB, 478x373, and anon is the sun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8977577


I've been having a hard time selling pieces so I'm not sure my wardrobe is anything to envy. I'm just a compulsive buyer like whoa.

>> No.8977624
File: 16 KB, 425x282, MJ-Computer-Meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>me is shy as fuck
>me lives in a really small place, and In a country where Lolita is barely a thing
>I luckily found a friend that was into the fashion too
> "One day, anon. One day, we'll find a community in this boring place, and we'll finally wear those dresses we love!"
>I tear everytime I imagine it
>we spend years rambling about dream dresses, our ideal meetups and other random things

>after six years of constant research and defeat, I finally find a semi active comm relatively near my city
>a meetup has been set soon
>small group, girls are quite older than me and more experiences but I can try you know
>message my friend
>await answer. can't thank her enough for helping my shy ass through the whole Lolita ordeal
>"Oh...Sorry, anon. I don't think I could ACTUALLY wear Lolita, hahaha— But like you'd look good in it so go for it lol"


>> No.8977632

You have less social status in cosplay communities because you don't cosplay anymore. So in turn hanging out with you doesn't garner them as much social status by being around you anymore.

>> No.8977763

>shoppingshopping secondhand
>see item I want to buy
>decent price, good condition, awesome!
>... then see username of seller
>completely lose interest in the item and move on

It's not that the seller is disreputable, but I know her personally, and find her incredibly unpleasant, and interacting with her is tiresome in the extreme.

I also don't want to give money to her condescending ass. Blah.

>> No.8977769

You can save money by skipping acen. It's a shit con for lolitas.

>> No.8977789

Oh anon, I'm sorry. I know going to your first meetup alone is scary, especially if you're very shy, but you can do it. Try talking to the other girls before the meetup (on facebook or whatever), maybe even be upfront about the fact you're shy and nervous if you can manage that, you might be surprised to find out just how forgiving and welcoming they are. You never know, you may end up making some new friends who like the fashion just as much as you do.

>> No.8977796

>going to a con in a month
>taking LSATs a week after
>still a lot preparation needed for both
>two job contracts ending next week, only slight possibility of renewal
>nothing else lined up because too busy worrying about finals

All I want to do is be able to buy brand without constantly having to worry about my future

>> No.8977803
File: 118 KB, 580x386, l-unamused-puppy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Breaking out summer wardrobe as the weather is getting warmer
>Digging through it to find my favorite white tulle skirt
>Mysterious brown stains all over the waistband, bleeding into the skirt
>No amount of tide stain remover stick or soaking is helping
>Hold me /cgl/

>> No.8977809

Oh this hurts my heart, anon. Try mixing hydrogen peroxide with some detergent. That's my go-to stain remover and I hope it works for you.

>> No.8977811

Check the cleaning burando thread for tips on removing bleeding stains. Also, don't store your whites in with your darks

>> No.8978176
File: 81 KB, 600x456, 0f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you made this faggot so desperate to not have somebody else post their fetish first that they sat around desperately waiting for a new thread to be made for days just so they could post it right away

>> No.8978266

>awkwardly met a friend of a friend of a friend at a cosplay meet up about three month ago
>had a crush on them from the get go but was too chicken to do anything about it
>also didnt know if she was gay or not
>and I've had bad experiences with coming out to straight girls so just was awkward and quiet
>two weeks ago she followed me on twitter out of the blue
>she knew who i was!
>auto follow back and lowkey internal screaming
>we've been dming and chatting
>finds out she's gay and also single
>more internal screaming

I definitely don't want to press my luck since I've just always had bad luck with dating, but I feel the stars aligning. It makes me feel so happy!

>> No.8978331

>Have planned group photoshoot next weekend
>Costume is slightly revealing
>This morning I notice there's painful spot on my chest
>It's some sort of skin rash; red and little pimpleish things all over
>That spot is revealed in the costume
>Don't know should I cancel the photoshoot on my part or just wish people would photoshop the spot away

>> No.8978333

>boyfriend wants me to wear lolita and other cute/girly jfash in bed
kill me now

>> No.8978336

>preorder over $100 of things from a store, mostly printed tights and socks
>artist is having quality control issues with the printer
>delaying my entire order
>first preorder was placed over a month ago
>some people have already received theirs
>not gonna get my cool socks for a while
>probably not until i go back home from college and my parents hate it when I wear anything except normie clothes
She's a gull, so she may read this. Thanks for dealing with all this bullshit.

>> No.8978344

just pull your photographer aside for a minute and let them know what the deal is and ask if they can deal with it in post processing. as a photographer i'm more than happy to get rid of little things that people have no control over and i don't know any other togs who won't do it, so you should be fine.

>> No.8978359

Time to get a different boyfriend anon. I would if mine ever suggested it, that shit is gross.

>> No.8978367
File: 24 KB, 250x250, lolidiggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>little sister is a lonelita
>want her to make comm friends
>she's too shy

I don't wanna push her, but she's too asocial, even by weeb standards.

>> No.8978408

I really would like to go to acen this year as I work guest relations for a different con and want to attend the industry event. I missed the opportunity last year as the group I left with arrived late Thursday. This will be my first year attending it. Also, I planned on working some hours at our booth. I just think I'll wait until after everything is said and done at acen to see where my finances are at. I'd like to be able to pay either half or all of the card payment. I do have $300 set aside for acen but will have another $100 or more by the time it rolls around. I don't plan on buying much merch if at all.

>> No.8978424


Or maybe just talk to him about it.

My boyfriend wanted to RP some weird shit with lolita once and I explained to him why I was uncomfortable with it. He never brought it up again.

If your bf keeps pushing the topic after you've tried to explain to hm like an adult why you're not okay with it, then that's an entirely different story and dumping his ass becomes a better option.

>> No.8978537 [DELETED] 


It must be nice to be a woman and be able to dump your BF for even the slightest imagined fault.

>> No.8978540

fuck off robot

>> No.8978555

Oh, get a boyfriend? Just get a boyfriend? Why don't I strap on my boyfriend helmet and squeeze down into a boyfriend cannon and fire off into boyfriend land, where boyfriends grow on little boyfriendies?!

>> No.8978623
File: 58 KB, 345x542, schutorment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did no one tell me that Nairing your lady-parts is such a horrendous idea???

I just wanted to avoid "steel wool" with my Cammy cosplay, and I swear I took off a chunk of my clit. I had no idea I could scream so loud. I nearly deafened myself.

It still burns when I touch it, the next damn day. The con is this weekend. Holy shit, what if my vag is still a wreck by then? I can't walk all weekend with this raw mess between my legs.

>> No.8978688


Surprisingly, the stuff that is strong enough to melt hair is bad to get on your sensitive bits.

Put some icy hot on the area to help with the soreness.

>> No.8978727

i wouldnt recommend icy hot on your genitals, maybe that's just me...
i'd say go commando for now while youre home, and only wear cotton underwear if you go anywhere. air that shit out.
best of luck. hope you learned your lesson

>> No.8978736

Put some topical antibiotics and anti-inflammation ointment on the affect area and gauze that shit. And remember to wax next time.

>> No.8978751

Hey I'm a dude so your mileage may vary, but I found that the "magic" shaving powder (for black dudes to use on their face) works perfectly on my junk (which is white, incidentally). I was scared because I also know that naired-balls war zone feel, but everything turned out fine.

>> No.8978839

>Put some icy hot on the area to help with the soreness.

But only if sandpaper and lemon juice don't work.

>> No.8978868

Let it happen naturally, let her know you're also gay and single.

>> No.8978896

I've had this happen to me, and yeah, this post has it about right.

If you're comfortable enough to do it, I'd go commando the whole time and wear long skirts or dresses if you have them, even cotton is going to rub and make it worse.

>> No.8978943


>> No.8978953

>21, finally moving out of mom's house
>realize I can have more room for cosplay and burando in closet
>start getting super hype I can have a real workspace now
>I can get a dress form and plan out coords and shit
>can have a teaparty at my house now

I'm so happy I'm gonna cry, I'm so excited to be on my own.

>> No.8978955

Congrats anon! Hope your new place is everything you hope it will be!

>> No.8978967

Neosporin, cotton panties, wrap an ice pack in a towel and set it between your legs for no more than 15 minutes at a go. Just treat it as a burn because that's what it basically is.

>> No.8978976

>Just get off from work wearing a casual j-fashion outfit
>Lookin' good and feelin' good
>About to exit when I see an old couple behind me
>Hold open the door for them
>The old lady turns to me and smiles
>"Old people like us move so slowly. We shouldn't be even allowed outside anymore."
>I laugh and tell her that it's no problem and they are allowed to go wherever they please
>The old man she's with turns to me and smiles
>"Even me! Why, how easy it would be to rip off all of your clothes."
>The old woman and I just stare at him in dismay

Now I'm left feeling deeply unsettled and a little bit sorry for the lady he was with.

>> No.8978987

i thought this is gonna be a cute story about kind old people, but this is kind of.... unsettling...

>> No.8979006

I've heard that the magic shaving powder is a great solution, but I haven't tried it myself. Which variety do you use, and how often?

>> No.8979024

... What?

That story took a sudden 180.

>> No.8979041

That joke doesn't really work if the task in question is just as easy as the cannon idea.

In fact I'd say it's actually way easier for women to get a boyfriend the typical way. Finding a cannon and having to go somewhere else would be harder than just sitting around and waiting for one to come to you.

>> No.8979062

He even made a ripping gesture as if to pop off all the buttons on my shirt. I'm still really grossed out.

>> No.8979072
File: 75 KB, 550x385, fansubs_gone_wrong_pleasure_fish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me. Short, underweight.
>Dont have many friends, those i have are either distancing farther away because of success or are panicking because of them choosing some aesthetic degree and not getting jobs.
>Trying to hold onto my few friends, helping them with their problems when they need to.
>Started to try and get a lil fit and lean with the motivation of crossdressing/cosplay
>Trying to work hard with the studies in the goal of my hobbies and friends.
>Now soon gonna move to my father where i will continue my studies.
>Gonna get further away from my only friends and my father is also against almost all things i have a passion for and wants me to become friends with workaholics.
I dunno, it just feels like everything im trying to keep myself motivated for is falling apart.

>> No.8979079

I don't even understand what he meant. He's allowed to go anywhere, and that means he's able to strip you. What?

>> No.8979080

I'm >>8978359

And honestly I don't think I could look at my boyfriend again if I found out he was fetishizing my clothes. It just makes my stomach turn.

I wouldn't want to wear lolita around him ever again, and it's pretty much all I wear at this point. So I'd either have to drop my fashion or drop my boyfriend. One is far more replaceable and cost me a lot less money.

That's just me though, you can obviously do whatever you want. If you can put him most likely jerking off to thoughts of you being a little loli then more power to you.

>> No.8979083

*put up with

>> No.8979088

I think his logic was, so you'd allow a molester to go anywhere they want? Don't mind if I do.

>> No.8979090

I feel the same as you anon, i thought i was the only one. I don't have anywhere to go on Saturdays, most of the time i go out alone in the late afternoon, the friends i have are too far away or we don't talk a lot (maybe i should contact them more), the only person that dress lolita is so far away and she cannot travel anytime near my town due to money. I would like to ask her to come with me in a very important con to wear some special lolita outfits at least, because my life is so boring and sad thinking others have friends that enjoy lolita, cosplay or have a bf, the closest people i have are so far away so online.
I feel the pain to not going anywhere this summer except going out alone in the afternoon. And i fear to wear lolita alone, simple jfashion is fine.
Lolita at least make me feel a bit alive, but i wear it not so much.
Have a hug anon, you aren't alone!We need really a fb group for super lone lolitas to share outfits and positive thoughts.

>> No.8979095

Next time you want to get hair off your coochie, I suggest you get a men's razor and shaving with baby oil. Men's razors are made for the face, and thus more sensitive skin. Baby oil helps prevent razor bumps and burn. Slather with cocunut oil when you're done

>> No.8979124

>honestly I don't think I could look at my boyfriend again if I found out he was fetishizing my clothes. It just makes my stomach turn.


>> No.8979139

Bikini Zone is also great for preventing razor bumps after shaving.

>> No.8979144

I fell you two, I dont go out, I have one friend but we dont hang out and she isnt into lolita anyway. I sit on my butt looking at dresses I like and realized yesterday that literally the only drive I have is to have money to buy more dresses and the want to look cute.

I want to wear it everyday but it takes so long to acquire so many pieces, and im a fatty-chan that is trying to lose weight but fails because sometimes I cant even make it out of bed without great effort.

I joined my local comm lately though and they posted about their next meet, Im going to try to go, but im afraid the little lolita I have will be awful and ill be shamed.

>> No.8979150

No idea. It's just a major red flag for me and I wouldn't deal with it. We all have dealbreakers, and that is one of mine.

>> No.8979185
File: 142 KB, 288x527, garfeel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplay and drawing have been my only escape for these past few years, but now I can't summon the energy to do either. I can barely get out of bed anymore, and even then it's only for work. Thank god I actually like my job for the first time in years.

I just want to cosplay and draw, but I can barely muster the will to do a damn thing.

>> No.8979189

>Next time you want to get hair off your coochie


>> No.8979190

My drive is similar to yours, i just buy clothing ( fornow not lolita just jfashion casual items) cosmetics and other shit i want for pamper myself. I know about getting many pieces is a long process, i need to buy plain lolita skirts to wear un-lolita (no petti, cutsew, confy shoes). I cannot wear full lolita alone but at least wearing a lolita skirt is something.
I have a friend that she is worse than me, she doesn't go out with anyone since always, she isn't a lolita.
I really suggest to go in that meet, get a good coord and good luck to meet new lolita friends!
I'm seriously considering cosplay friends instead lolita friends locally, these aren't that hard to find and maybe join them to lolita. I cannot waste my time to get dresses i would never wear or just for pics.

>> No.8979203

Why move in with your father and not your friends?

>> No.8979204

Sounds like anon is a jobless student in the "continue my studies" thing. If their friends are likewise not financially sound, it'd be a bad idea for everybody.

>> No.8979211

>Been into lolita for about ~8 years now
>Own a modest closet, working toward old school due to anxiety
>A bunch of my friends have been getting into lolita
>Only one or two itas
>Two are actually building up really nice closets, Friend A is even buying a lot of nice pieces while she's in Japan
>Happen to check bodyline and see the sale
>Mention to Friend A because I was thinking of getting some pants for Ouji coords
>Meet up with Friend B that day who was in a nice Bttsb jsk
>Notice there's a logo charm dangling from the bow
>'Awwww there's even a little bodyline charm dangling'
>'Ahm uh, it's Baby.'
>Later that night Friend A messages me making sure I knew about better brands
>Cries because now my two most legit lolita friends probably think I'm ita as hell

>> No.8979247
File: 2.23 MB, 200x150, 1460172715214.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just the regular kind in the gold tube, and whenever it gets jungly (single atm, lel). You can also buy a plastic-edged razor to scrape the results off, but I just use a teaspoon.

>mfw get that hairless trap dick

Now if only I weren't 6'0 and built like Ladybaby

>> No.8979259

i feel for you anon cause that's exactly the kind of stupid shit i do and its totally embarrassing
i just need like a 5 minute buffer to think before i say anything out loud

>> No.8979310

I was about to post an obscure feel and it definitely relates to this post

>be me, daily lolita
>moderate conservative Christian
>go to new church
>make lots of cool friends
>meet awkward loner kid I feel bad for
>he's super religious and only talks to his family, knows the Bible cover to cover
>he asks me to lunch, I say it's not a date but I'll go
>have a decent chat, just like with any of my friends
>hang out with him in church (this is where I fucked up) because I think we are cool
>have lunch again a few months later, again I say not as a date
>he asks me if I'm his gf and I cringe super hard, say no, I told you upfront
>now he's written me a love letter and stopped by, got irritated I wasn't home

Hoping I'm not gonna be murdered or something for being a shallow normalfag. I already feel kind of vain wearing lolita unless it's very toned down, the last thing I need is some crazy kid with a grudge against me, who likely thinks I'm a huge sinner.

Hold me, gulls

>> No.8979320
File: 512 KB, 245x138, emmcream.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My grandma died in October, and this is my first con without her help making my costume.

>> No.8979323


This is a blue board.

>> No.8979396

>One is far more replaceable

Haha, I love when women accidentally say what they are thinking all the time.

It kinda fucked up that you are even with your boyfriend when you consider him 'replaceable'

>> No.8979407

Chill. Not everybody dates in order to find true fairytale love and get married and have children.

>> No.8979412

I don't believe in 'the one', I love him just as much as I loved my exes. And if we broke up I would love another person too.

I find it weird how people tie their emotional wellbeing into the presence of another person to the point where they'll put up with things which make them miserable, or disgusted, or angry. Like that anon with the bf that didn't shower for like a month, or the anons with bfs that don't clean up after themselves or get jobs, or the anons who deal with boyfriends who openly hate on their fashion/hobbies.

Call it fucked up if you like, but everyone is replaceable.

>> No.8979418

Yeah, women just date for the free money. Never expect a woman to see you as anything but a walking ATM.

The funny part is knowing he probably directly or indirectly paid for a bunch of those clothes and she still doesn't give a shit about him.

>> No.8979427

Nice projection lol
Just because no one cares about you doesn't mean no girl cares about their bf

>> No.8979433

I actually do care about him, I wouldn't be with him at all if I didn't. I just don't get super attached to people in general, and don't put up with stuff which makes me uncomfortable/mad/upset just to keep them around.

>> No.8979435
File: 4 KB, 200x200, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Never expect a woman to see you as anything but a walking ATM
This delusional salt. I dated a girl for four years and we went dutch that entire time, except for when we treated each other. Join the real world, robot.

>> No.8979451

Said as though you have any money or at least enough money to make a girl interested.

>> No.8979454


I guess those are fair points.

I don't share the same viewpoint at all. But, you do you.

>> No.8979460
File: 60 KB, 500x488, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw videos of Lolitas , who is your fav? I saw many cute girls , some were just making parodies and I'm like : omg again making fun of lolitas ... Instead of supporting ...

>> No.8979463

Ignore obvious bait please. anyway

>be me, wondering if I'm shopping addicted
>"nah I don't buy THAT much! just a few nice lolita/cosplay things and outside of that I'm very frugal!"
>maybe that was once true but
>watching youtube video
>guy says he realized he was shopping addicted when he started starving himself to afford more things
>realization that I do the exact same thing
>my budgeting is to afford more lolita/cosplay
>"if i use only 50 to feed myself for two weeks I can afford x!"
>will eat ramen noodles, pasta, etc cause no money
>when i have money to spare, first thing it goes to is things i want
>tfw you even considered asking friends to borrow money to buy lolita dresses with limited reservation periods

So that's why I've been living the broke life even though I have money to spare.

>> No.8979466

>I'm assuming white
That's prime serial killer material anon, stay safe.

>> No.8979470
File: 438 KB, 500x549, 1460646034199.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but everyone is replaceable
I'll give you that, it's just not a principle that everyone is comfortable living by. If my bf died tomorrow sure I could "replace" him with someone similar, but it will never be the same. Truth is some people want to believe that they are special because it feels good to have a "place" in someone's life. Others don't find that very important.

Whew lad, tasty b8s m8.

Guys like that typically look for far-stretching reasons to justify why they don't have partners.
>all women must be gold diggers
>all women only love shopping and getting their nails did
>no women work
It's like women who are failures at dating who blame men for their shortcomings. It's super cringey, and worst of all these people actually believe they're making valid points when all they're doing is advertising how insecure in their loneliness they are.

Some on topic feels:
>good lolita friend is moving incredibly far away
>really like hanging out with her, she's super chill and we agree on a lot of things
>we even smoked in lolita together
>mfw I can probably hop on a plane and see her a few times a year but it's way shittier than just being able to drive 20 minutes or seeing her at meetups anymore

>> No.8979471
File: 101 KB, 640x608, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes I've seen some! My fav is Venus she is too kawaiii
And I don't like a girl that just makes fun of Lolitas because she is never able to pull out some real work by herself Supercarly 64 she is just too obnoxious

>> No.8979474

Well, it sounds like you've at least learned something about yourself. I hope you're able to break your habit - it's hard, but it's so much better on the other side (I used to be there too).

>> No.8979492


>Been with gf for 2.5 years
>Last week find out that i might not pass a certain class which prevents me from graduating as planned
>Haven't told my parents yet
>Tell girlfriend, she feels terrible
>Last night tells me she has a surprise
>Come home from work to see her dressed in her Fuuka swimsuit from Colossal last year
>She says she doesn't want to "mess it up" but she couldn't think of anything more "special"
>Tell her to take it off and save it for my birthday
>Order pizza and watch the first two P3 movies instead

honestly I've never been sold on "cosplay in bed" but i'm glad she's doing her best.

>> No.8979494

Of course, anybody would care if something happened to their free money dispenser.

It's funny how even while trying to insult me you still can't help but admit how obsessed women are with a guys money.

>> No.8979504


I wish my boyfriend would order pizza and watch anime movies with me. He's supportive of my hobby, but he himself is more into video games and alternative sports.

>> No.8979516

>all women care about is a mans money

I must be a man then because my bf has like no money and how funny, I still love him! I pay for just about everything we do and get and it doesnt bother me at all because he makes me happy and loved.

I buy all my own dresses and I would feel bad if he bought them, theyre expensive!

Im happy enough when he manages to buy a video game we both wanted to play, I dont expect him to shower me with money, I am an adult.

>> No.8979523
File: 61 KB, 552x578, 1459294061588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no gf

>> No.8979547


You did the right thing.

>> No.8979550


Does she even want to have comm friends?

>> No.8979570

You da real mvp, good girlfriends unite!

>> No.8979582
File: 16 KB, 300x300, 20375190875017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I laughed, good job anon, your pain is my amusement.

>> No.8979595

Hey, want to chat? my email is like an instant messager for me. I don't have any female friends at all really, none of the girls I know are remotely interested in the same things I am.
Let me know anon!
I really like being social, so being alone, surrounded by people that pretend to care about me really sucks, but I'm pretty good at driving conversations if you don't know what to talk about.
AH, rambling, I'll leave it up to you!

If any other lolitas want to chat, don't be a stranger!

>> No.8979622

>love guy gardner
>like, really, really love guy gardner
>enough to want to cosplay him
>do research, find that he's canonically 6'3" and built like a brick shithouse
>too bad i'm 5'0" and 100lb female

life's hard when you only like beefy dudes with bad attitudes.

>> No.8979626


Ahahahahaha, i know ladyparts are not as shrivelly as our men parts. But seriously, don't shave with a fresh mens face razor. Unless you are good at shaving or want to peel your ladyparts.

>> No.8979634

pretty fucking sure it says on the bottle not to put it on your cooch or face.

>> No.8979644


Seriously, the longer i am on /cgl/ the more obvious it gets that people here do not understand the concept of instructions and warning labels, or god forbid proper safety gear when crafting.

Kinda feels related
>read trough crafting thread
>read about all the horrible accidents and cuts and pricks
>seething rage overcomes me because almost all would be preventable with proper safety gear, or just reading the goddamn instructions

>> No.8979665

>failures at dating
You shouldn't go around making things up now.

>> No.8979669

take care of your mental health. if you have to move, find ways to keep in touch with friends. plan breaks from your father, go to conventions, and be open to new experiences. people might give you shit but don't let it get you down.

you give some odd info that hints at general insecurity and unreciprocated feelings. this is stuff that can be worked out with a trained professional. it sounds like you will not be getting good interpersonal interaction where you are headed, so check into your university's health plan and get a good brain doctor to do reality checks with.

>> No.8979720
File: 621 KB, 440x247, 1454189859387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to rant, anons.
>bitch of a co-worker
>very loud with no indoor voice, when she can’t concentrate on her work she makes sure nobody else can, either
>jumping around, singing and screaming
>talks shit about anyone and everyone who she considers different or abnormal
>calls anime (Detective Conan, in this case) “Chinese Pokémon kiddie porn”
>when someone tells her it’s Japanese, not Chinese she cackles like a fucking witch and says “What’s the difference? It’s all the same ching chong chang shit!”
>we actually have a number of Chinese co-workers who fortunately aren’t around to hear her at the time
>after she sees me browsing Wunderwelt during my lunch break she starts telling people (including my boss) that I have some kind of baby dressup fetish
>calls another co-worker’s cosplay hobby “retarded cartoon porn shit”
>for some reason, despite being a huge floppy racist cunt, she’s really popular among the people in our department for being “spontaneous and fun”
>did I mention I work in a hospital and everyone in this story is doing a PhD?
Sometimes I hate everything.

>> No.8979722
File: 17 KB, 180x200, 1461299217801.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Posted in other feels thread that I was trying to get with this other cosplayer
>He starts complimenting me
>Can't handle all the feels
>Invite him out to my birthday party
>He tells me I'm beautiful. Like, a lot.
>Drank a bit too much, admit I like him
>He can't believe I want to date him
>tfw he's my boyfriend
>tfw best birthday party ever
Feels good, man.

>> No.8979730


Everything was normal untill >did I mention I work in a hospital and everyone in this story is doing a PhD?

Also fuck anyone talking shit about Detective Conan.

>> No.8979752

Congrats, Anon!

>> No.8979761

Update: Life is still a mess. Wearing an upside-down t-shirt as underpants.

>> No.8979806

You do you, babe

>> No.8979812

Life without drugs is hard. At least I found some underwear.

>> No.8979814
File: 555 KB, 500x331, large.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bashed my head on a banister and now have a big stitched up wound across my cheek
>can't wash my face or get the wound wet for the next week, so I look like a bridge troll
>it was raining today and bf took the only umbrella with him to work so I got the wound wet anyway on my way to uni
>got 90% on an exam when almost half of the class got 100%, so I apparently also think like a bridge troll in addition to being one
>dreading going to the meet and looking like Big Bubba Basher in a dress
>but also want to see my friends and have fun because I haven't gone out in months
>keep getting sick on top of everything and can't get any sleep because of the pain in my cheek
fucking stop it already

>> No.8979819

>have regular depression on top of seasonal affective disorder
>not many friends as i've always been a very shy and anxious person
>no one ever wants to come to cons with me so i end up going alone which only makes me feel more useless and lonely

>spring has come so i'm feeling a little bit better
>preparing for my next con, and my friend said he will come and help me out with selling my used anime merch
>i got accepted into the con's fashion show
>just getting into lolita, excited because my first blouse, dress, petticoat etc is going to arrive soon

things are looking up for me right now.

>> No.8979858

Don't reply if you don't know how vaginas/vulvas work. Have you ever even SEEN one? We only shave the pubic mound and outer lips, you virgin idiot.

>> No.8979870

could you go to HR about her?

>> No.8979871

To be fair this is comfy

>> No.8979873

>she’s really popular among the people in our department for being “spontaneous and fun”
Which is why she's getting away with being a loud-mouthed cunt. Report her to somebody if what she's said offends you, most professional facilities have a zero tolerance policy about racial bullshit.

>> No.8979925


Gal Gardner is a generally-accepted thing, especially if you get a dude to be your Tor Olafson. It used to be a super popular thing in /co/ drawthreads a few years back.

(Also it's technically canon, bless you Leifeld)

>> No.8979957
File: 64 KB, 368x306, IMG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to con as Krieg from Borderlands
>having a blast being in character
>staring down people, wheezing, twitching randomly and shouting in-game quotes
>everyone loves it, get a lot of pictures taken
>standing in line for some lemonade
>random eight years oldish kids stands next to me, looking up with puppy eyes
>"what would you like manling?"
>he doesn't say a word, just raises his arms for a hug
>pass axe to my friend
>hug the kid, lift him up, spin around shouting "Let us share our pain tender little meat till our spines tingle!"
>kid screams and laughs through the whole thing
>put him down
>runs off giggling, while everyone around applauds

Probably my favourite con moment.
I still regret not taking a picture with him.

>> No.8979994

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard

>> No.8980109
File: 72 KB, 500x660, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shitty week
>shitty month
>hardcore turned down by my crush
>multiple family illnesses
>had testing done myself because I haven't been well since November
>can't go to my own birthday party at a rock concert because professor rescheduled a presentation last minute
>crazy busy and probably failing the classes im working my ass off to pass in
>been crying and in meltdown mode for days now
>had a horrible public meltdown last night, scared someone would call an abulance on me (hasn't happened in 2 years now and i was really proud of myself for coping with my disability like this)
>today, catching a small nap on dad's couch between classes
>postman arrives
>it's my cc order (high tier wishlist dress woop woop)
>terrified to open it, horrible things have already happened this month so just expecting it to be garbage
cc listed the dress as 3/5 but didn't say why, last time that happened the op stank like japanese BO so I was really really nervous
>open package
>feel weird hard impression on the back of fabric
>panic, probably some kind of weird damage
>mfw unfold it and AP tags pop out attached to zipper
>mfw it's nwt
im literally crying because this is the only good thing to happen to me this month and it's making me so absurdy happy. I rarely if ever buy dresses new and the freshness of it is so magical. Plus the fit is wonderful, it's too big like I expected but it's so comfortable that I don't care, it's so beautiful and it just made me happier than I've been since the end of March.

>> No.8980115

Anon, have you tried unfollowing her? She'll never know since you're still friends, so unless your family is also commenting on the photos to bump them onto your feed or she's tagging you, you shouldn't see them.

>> No.8980119

I know this feel, anon. I am the only one in our group with my shit together enough to put a CC down for a hotel room, so I get stuck with the bill. I have friends who owe me for 1 con, friends who owe me for 2-3 cons, friends who owe me for a con a year ago, friends who owe me for food, and two friends who have gotten SO backlogged from hotels over the past several years that I can no longer remember how many hundreds of dollars they owe me, and they claim that they swore they paid it!! when I am pretty sure they didn't. I am starting to keep spreadsheets now because I had enough... I tried insisting that I will only book ONE room and someone else has to pony up for the second, but everyone is too fucking lazy to jump into the frantic booking dash.

>> No.8980128

If it's a lot of money (>$2k), granted you have the receipts, you could take it to a small claims court.
They're not your friends if they've never attempted to pay you back. Don't keep the peace if their actions otherwise call for war.

>> No.8980133

>Been over 6 weeks since I filed my tax return
>Apparently there is a huge amount of tax fraud so returns are slow
>"Don't call unless it's been over 6 weeks"
>Finally call
>Only get an automatic message saying "Whoops, sorry this is taking so long. please be patient"
Fuck you, I want my money and this state isn't even that big. I don't know if calling to complain would even help or make things worse.

>Thought I was ahead of schedule with cosplay
>started to relax and slack on work
>two months pass
>less than a month left
>still have loads of work to do
I'm fucked

>> No.8980135

Holy shit, that's a nightmare. You should honestly put your foot down and if they don't pay they don't get to stay in the room.

>> No.8980258

Holy shit, dude, you need to get that money back from them and SROP offering to be the adult until you're reimbursed for the hundreds you're already owed. You're just asking to be out a ton of money, frankly.

>> No.8980264

Similar feel. I bailed a friend out of jail recently because I'm literally one of maybe two people in her life who could do so, and she's done dick to pay me back even a dime yet has the cash to do shit like throw parties with rented animals and support her weed habit. I told her to take her time if she needed it in paying me back, but seeing her do frivolous shit with money when I haven't been given a cent kind of gets me steamed. If she doesn't start putting up soon of her own volition, I'm probably going to mention it the next time she does something completely whimsical and unnecessary with her funds. Idk, I just don't understand how some people can be like that. If I owed anyone a chunk of money like that, I would make it a priority to pay them back asap even if they said they didn't need me to.

>> No.8980274

Stop, not srop, wtf autocorrect

>> No.8980300
File: 423 KB, 400x300, 1432079041946.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's gold.

>> No.8980329

He sounds abusive.

>> No.8980337


Wut? I hope you are not being serious?

>> No.8980343

Because hes poor? What?

I mean he has a job and goes to college and when he can he does like to pay and take me out on dates. Its just that usually I have the most money and I am ok with that.

Not being able to spend a lot of money on someone is not being abusive

>> No.8980353

Well anon, there are also women that blame always men or people in general and still have a bf, i don't understand why this happen. Maybe some men are so desperate that would settle with whatever woman. I know there are women that are failures at dating and never get one, i was one of this. I'm still singlebut at least i stopped to blame men and get a better person.
About people that could be replaceable, i don't think this is always possibile. There are rare cases when you connect so much with a person and if he/she would be dead, you would have a hard time to find a replacement. If someone thinks a bf/gf like a object to replace in case of breakup it's a bit sad in my opinion. It never be the same, indeed. I had many friends that could be replaceable or even dates but just few remained or were very special for me.
That pic is so cute.
Parodies of who?I like to see people like Girlypoop making fun of her but after a while it get tiring and stupid.

>> No.8980395

I know right. I didn't even look like anything friendly, and still.
It made me realise a reason for cosplay which seems to be kind of forgotten nowadays, bringing some magic and wonder to the event and it's visitors.
That feeling was probably the same thing my father felt, when he dressed up as santa for our kindergarden class all those years ago.

>> No.8980403

No one ever called people objects to replace, except you. But good job putting words in people's mouths.

>> No.8980430

Calm down, i just think people that consider a person replaceable with whatever person a bit like a object you can change with another with no issue. It's absurd if everyone you met in a lifetime is like not that special, well for another would be just ordinary but some people are special for us if you are lucky enough to have met them.
And i think you missed the point, anon.

>> No.8980531
File: 28 KB, 457x510, vomitoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh good, another sex/relationship tangent to get this thread deleted. Gj, everyone.

>> No.8980543

I'm sorry, anon. Make grandma proud!

>> No.8980580

Yes, how tragic it would be if the thread reaching it's bump limit right now with this post got deleted. It had such a long life ahead of it.

>> No.8980581

Mte. Lol

>> No.8980953

>big con coming up
>hotel has been sold out for months
>always plans and books hotel because other people don't do it to my satisfaction
>friends are fine with it
>collect money for the room a month in advance as usual
>two weeks before the con, a friend of a friend messages me on fb
>hey anon, do you have room for me and my girlfriend at x con?
>we already have four people, but my friends are okay with adding two more as we have a suite
>message them back that it's floor space and I need full payment ASAP
>uhh can we give you cash at the con, anon?
>yes, but if you don't pay up front, you don't have room space
>we will defs pay before check in!
>day of the con, we get checked in and are in the room
>get text, we're here anon, what room are we in?
>tell them room number, they come upstairs
>I open the door, okay guys, I need cash first
>uhhhhh we can get it to you tomorrow!
>sorry that's not what you agreed to
>anon we can pay you after the con, we promise
>you promised to pay me before check in, sorry that's not going to work
>anon, we have nowhere else to stay!
>not my problem!

I've never had a problem being stuffed out of hotel/food money for cons.

>> No.8981153

>been looking months for a job in my professional field, very few qualified positions pop up, so it's taking forever
>regret switching jobs for the one that got me laid off
>hate being constantly asked by friends and family if I have a job yet
>fortunately married, no worries about going broke
>went to counseling to deal with anxiety and guilt over lack of job, was incredibly helpful
>overall going okay, like who I am, just desperately long for a job doing what I love

>> No.8981183

Good on you for being firm and not just letting them get away with that. I cringe so hard when I hear about the things people let their so-called friends get away with at cons.

>> No.8981186

not /cgl/ related, leave

>> No.8981273

Good for you, because you were probably never going to get that money anyway.

>> No.8981305

>tall, hourglass figure with big hips and boobs
>face hasn't changed since high school so I can't do sexy characters
>decide to say fuck it to only cosplaying characters of my body type
>cosplay kashima (with binder), get tons of compliments
>hold me anons im going for the lolis

>> No.8981352

>one of the packages is marked as delivered
>live in dorm, all packages must go through mail center and can't be picked up until they process it and email me
>haven't emailed me yet

>> No.8981358

>finally bf and I have awesome jobs
>we have lots of extra money floating between us
>finally trying to get fit
>want to be a qt casual office Lolita
>saving up for trip to Cali for LoL worlds
>thinking of cosplaying because I feel rich

Anyone have any thoughts on cosplay at worlds btw?

>> No.8981360

>hot body with baby face
>complains there are no anime characters for her to cosplay
How about every other female anime character ever? Most of them look like children with big tits anyway.

>> No.8981393

savings, lad

>> No.8981412

My blood boils for you.

>> No.8981582
File: 433 KB, 1280x1122, 1456725208120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>con ends
>tfw still no gf or friends

>> No.8981845

How do you make friends at a con?

>> No.8981993

Those characters are all short though, anon. Or they're from shitty harem series.

>> No.8982428

i know she's canon, and JL3001 or whatever happened, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to be the huge beefy dude instead of the girl version. i mean, it's a good alternative, but i really wish i was actually taller and able to pull it off, haha.

>> No.8982911

Did you actually talk to anyone or be social?

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