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Old new one got deleted yesterday. So let's try this again.

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I'm going to turn 20 soon and i'm so "scared"? I don't feel ready.
I know we all get old it's impossible to avoid, we all get wrinkles and all that stuff one day.
But i'm scared i won't feel "kawaii" anymore, (i'm not into supah ott pastel vomit, i used to be into that "kawaii loli aidoru" shit at 14 then moved onto "kawaii living dorru",..now i'm into lolita, and a bit more sane, i have a bit of 2010 sweet prints and a bit of old school, and "normal" cute fashion like kotakoti would wear in 2011-2012). I feel like i'm dressing "too young" and shouldn't (despite looking younger than my age)
I just want to be young forever...i'm so superficial. The only thing i do is crying since two days and thinking about throwing all my cutesy shit and "mature"
>tl;dr i'm growing up and it sucks balls

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I know the feel, anon. I'm 25, don't feel like it at all and absolutely dread growing old. But if it's any consolation, regarding your fashion choices: Your age shouldn't get in the way of you having fun. 20 is actually a relatively average (if not below average) age for lolita so while I understand how you feel I do want to reassure you that you're definitely not too old for it.

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Thanks anon dude. Same for you,we'll get over it eventually. Also doesn't help all of my friends are in between 2 to 4 years younger than me haha...

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We regularly have threads showing people of all ages in lolita, and the average age of this board is between 22-27. You're in good company. Stay kawaii.

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>saves up to go to at least one lolita-event this year
>shit happens so I can't afford it
>looks at friend's pictures from Under the Sea and their preparations for Hellocon
>I-i-it's not like I wanted to go anyway or something

And for something entirely off-topic just to get it off my chest.

>learned the guy I was seeing actually had a girlfriend the whole time
>because said gf contacted me and called me various things
>and the dude admitted to it but only after I confronted him with hardcore proof
>all of this on my birthday
>six months later and I still can't even have casual drunk sex without getting paranoid, or just nervous and nopeing the fuck out
>can't wait to get over that mess so I can go back to my regular life

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>unemployed for 3 months
>had to defer student loans
I promised myself that I'd stay on top, but life decided to take a shit on me.
>finally get a job
>work out monthly projected budget
>tfw highest hourly wage ever offered so far, but not enough to spend on cons and lolita on a regular basis.
>tfw may have to work two jobs again to make up for loss income

It's a good thing I'm not going to ACen, but I'm a little bummed out about not being able to plan for Anime Midwest since it's the only few times I can weeb out with my (lolita) friends in person. Maybe it wouldn't be worth going to this year since there haven't been announcements for J-lolita brand guests yet.

Also, my shoes from Antaina got sent back to China from customs earlier this month. I was hoping to have them in time for a meet up, but I guess in combination of this and it taking forever to finally get an income, I'd have to miss out on a couple of summer meets until I feel comfortable spending money on this dumb hobby.

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I reserved a room for colossalcon at the Kalahari last summer (had to hide in the vending machine area because was at internship) and now it's coming up but I have a meh temp job I started a few weeks ago and I doubt I'll get clearance.

I really want to go because yknow, waited a year but I already have a Wednesday off for my graduation ceremony because parents :( so yeah.

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I need to work on colossal cosplays but I had to come home yesterday because we need to put down one of our dogs today and I don't know if I'll have the energy or motivation to work on cosplays until its real late

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Just passing by this thread to tell everyone to keep doing their best and not abandon, shit happens but good things happen too. Future is made of surprises. Bad and good ones.

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>tfw my AP Eternal Carnival finally came in the mail
>Oh god its beautiful
>Oh god I know it wont fit
>Tfw still need to lose 4 inches off my bust i f I want to be able to fit into it
>also should get the straps lengthened

Usually AP has JSKs I fit into just fine, bought this dress on a whim through an SS and when it finally came out man, those measurements were not in my favor. Everything else fits, just not my damn boobs.

Also holy shit the straps are short and im only 5'5

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Holy shit what a dickbag. It gets better anon, I promise. Something similar happened to me a few years ago (dude was lying about not being ready to date, turns out he had 3 other gfs and couldn't fit me into his busy schedule) and I just go into potential relationships/casual sex with the mindset of 'If anything happens I will gather enough blackmail material on you to make you regret even thinking about cheating' and so far everything's been fine.
Again, wow he was an asshole. You need to send him a nice present, like a box of moldy shit, on his birthday. You know, as a memento of your time together.

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>I'm going to visit my dad in Australia soon, want to take advantage of the heat and beautiful beaches to do some kind of photoshoot.

>I've been listening to a lot of AKB48 recently, and I want to make myself a flower-covered swimsuit like the one they wear in Sayonara Crawl.

>Not only would my dad not understand it at all, he's from a really conservative, "normal" family, I feel like shit trying to be any kind of sexy.

>I just want to complete my weeb dreams of being a cute idol girl.

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>I live in the second biggest city in the world
>There's close to no cons in the state
>it's even harder to find a gf

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I'm so sorry anon. Sending you some love.

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It's actually winter in Australia right now.

My comm went from having no ILD meets to having two ILD meets on the same weekend. I am too poor, and busy, to attend both, but it has been a long time since my comm had a nice high tea meet.
Also kinda feel like I don't have the strength for lolita nowadays.

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>all these babies talking about being old

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Not talking about being old, but being afraid of getting old.

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I hear that. I just turned 27 (which everyone assures me is young) and I'm absolutely terrified of turning 30.

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I'm a 23 yo girl whos never been on a date. I flirt with guys and girls and get no where. sometimes i just feel it's because i'm a hideous bag troll and other times it must be because i'm too assertive, or i'm too talktitive about cosplay or lolita or whatever nerd thing we're talking about. I'm so tired of seeing everyone i know plan their lives and have that support of a SO, I'm just lonely and sad. I know this is all super self pity and dumb but I just don't have anyone I can talk to about this so at least I can type it out.

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>Kingdom Hearts World Tour Concert announced
>jump on that shit and buy tickets during presale
>realize days later that it is in fact next year and not this year

Whoops. Whatever, I owe it to 13 year old me.

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>tfw I discovered Lolita and cons at 24
>tfw I turn 31 in Nov

IDk if I lucked out or it's a trade off for being so ugly, but no wrinkles...yet. Wrinkles don't scare me; it's my mind failing that scares the shit out of me. Honestly gulls, unless you smoke heavily, drink like a god damned wino, tan excessively, have shitty genes, and treat your body like shit in general, you won't get major wrinkles at 30.

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I don't do either of those things and I've had wrinkles since I was 17

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>haven't seen my little sister since she got a bf last year

Guess I'll cosplay alone then.

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Wouldn't that fall under shitty genes?

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I just finished my first year of college and I should feel happy but I just feel incredibly bitter. I feel like all of my friends from high school went off and majored in what they love while I'm just majoring in something that I only kind of sort of like. I mean yea, I like IT and all but I wish I could have majored in Theatre too. But I just know I'll never be anything more than mediocre at it so I shouldn't waste my money on a useless major. I also made a D and a C over the year so now my gpa is just barely too low and I lost my scholarship. It'll be fine though because I'm joining the National Guard and once I'm done with all that training I'll have a GI bill to help with college until I can pull up that gpa and get back my scholarship, it's just I was joining because I wanted to, not to really help with college so I was just gonna do training whenever I can but now I need to do all of that as soon as I can since I'll really need the GI bill. Also my friends with rich parents who pay for their college talking about how they failed classes and just brushing it off because they don't have to worry about their gpa as much as I do really isn't helping either. I also feel like I kinda lost all of my friends when I started college too. We all went to different colleges in different towns but nobody bothered to stay in touch. I expected this but I also expected to be able to make other friends at my new college too but I kind of didn't. I just kind of only have my boyfriend and a few kind of sort of friends now. I feel like they're all just my friends because they were friends with my boyfriend first and wouldn't really have bothered being my friend if I wasn't dating him. I'm just feeling really bummed out right now.

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Well, I guess you could turn the main argument for hungry boys also towards grills. If you're not superattractive/cute or whatever, your hunger for guys will scare your prey away unless they're in need for meat too. Only difference is that a meat hungry grill will more likely find someone than a meat hungry guy would.

Also if you're trying to hook up normie guys, I wouldn't mention cosplay/lolita at all besides introducing them in what kind of things you're interested in or if they're interested in what you do and want to know more.

But in the end, I don't know anything about you and can't judge your behaviour. Maybe rethink where you are looking for guys or the methods you are using?

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No, my parents both look fairly youthful for their age. As do theirs.

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It seems like these threads are deleted at random, even when on topic so I don't get the deal there

Anywho, I'm depressed my favorite con is essentially turned into "league or legends " and "western cartoon/ undertale" con.
Seems like anytime an actual anime fan mentions it, you get a 1000 "don't hate" statements; I'm not hating, I'm just saying. It's become too much.

>> No.9000849

Nah, I feel you. I like anime and I like western stuff but it seems like a lot of anime cons have become general nerdy things conventions. Which is fine, except when the western and tumblr stuff has completely overrun the anime part. It's kind of overwhelming since the overall atmosphere at these things have changed.

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The thing about getting older is that you eventually realize that a lot of your friends from hs, the only thing you really had in common was a zip code.

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I'm very worried that my dad is going to snap sometime soon and break stuff in our house. Whenever I leave home I make sure my laptop is in my room because I'm worried one of my parents arguments will result in them breaking it. I don't know what happened, my parents used to have incredibly explosive arguments when I was a kid, but I'm too big to hide behind the couch now. Ever since my dad retired it's like he's backslided into this horribly selfish man who gets mad on a trigger over stupid stuff. I have anxiety and a lot of it ties in with all the fights and shouting that went on in my house growing up. I'm finally doing better after almost two years of severe depression after college. Even though it's not in my field and I don't quite have the courage to try in that yet, I recently got a part time job, and I'm out of the house and my bed almost every day now! And I make short term goals and I can even accomplish them, and like, multiple things in a day. Even though it's just...really rudimentary things that I probably shouldn't be proud over while all my school friends are getting awesome jobs and doing cool stuff I'm like stuck in this limbo. But my anxiety has been rising a lot lately because of all the shouting he does and I don't like how scared I feel when people raise their voices.

I'm going to my first con in years though, soon. So I'm super excited! I wish I was cosplaying, it seems like fun. But I'm too shy in crowded places to try. My goal is to hold a conversation with someone about a series I like! Last time I was at a con, I almost made a friend. He invited me to hang out with his friends after a cosplay meetup and I went there and saw them, but chickened out last minute. They seemed really nice too.

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New York?

Yeah, New York sucks.

>> No.9000870

It may help you to move out. I'd consider seeing if any friends need a roomie, an improved mindset from improved mental health can help in a lot of areas of your life.

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>best lolita friend gets new bf
>happy for her
>weeks pass
>learn from her Twitter that he has her doing a bunch of adult baby shit
>"Ooh! Me sexy widdle baby." and all that stuff.

Come on, guys. Lolita already has a negative rep as ageplay.

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How do you handle it, bro?

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>Having the worst fucking year
>Was making good money
>Lose the job I've had for the past 8 years in Feb
>Friend tells me she makes decent money at jewelry store
>Get hired at jewelry store while making plans to go back to school
>Oh fuck the pay is awful b/c of the fucking recession and pay is commission
>New co-workers tell me this is the worst they have ever seen store traffic
>Can't seem to find a school
>Health problems start up (looks like fibroids on the uterus)
>Starting to sell off lolita wardrobe to make ends meet

Fuck man. All I want to do is dress cute and afford to dress cute. I just want this year to end.

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I've started working out regularly again, but I only just now got the courage to actually measure myself. I'm the fattest I've ever been at 37-29-42 and I feel a little like crying. I'm not going to make myself costumes anymore until I get down to at least a 26 inch waist. I've been doing alright with my caloric intake, I think I'll just be more serious about the exercising and remeasure every two weeks.

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Hah, as a guy (21) the last two girls I tried to flirt with/get to know were massive weebs and I assumed their constant logorrhea regarding slash fiction was them trying to give me the "GO AWAY" hint.

The worst part was that they (apparently) didn't care for anything except Naruto.

I don't know why but reading your message was really heartening. Thanks for posting anon.

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Yep I'm the same way. I go with my mom cuz she watches anime with me and enjoy sit. She doesn't get why their is just as much if not more western stuff than anime.

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>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, concert whistle, uilleann pipes, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukulele, drums, djembe, guitar, erhu, accordion, concertina, xylophone, euphonium, glass harp, french horn, ocarina, hammered dulcimer, wine glasses, or jew's harp
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can fulfil the role of an orchestral concert percussionist by playing instruments like the triangle, chimes, and cymbals
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing in falsetto, vibrato, or tremolo
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can read musical notation or can conduct an orchestra
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can sing in constructed languages like Hymmnos
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ or use sound synthesis programs
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can write the scripts or songs for musical theatre or may be participants themselves in it's showing
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can dance

u suck

>> No.9000983

You're not the only one like this anon. The right person will come at the right time. Just live your life and don't search so hard. Enjoy just being you.

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I told my boss to watch Boku no Pico AS A JOKE, but now I'm worried she'll look it up and think I'm weird.

This is the best job I've ever had.

>> No.9000991

Tell her you meant to say Baka No Test, or something.

>> No.9001005

I wrote it down on a list for her to look up, so there's really no denying it.

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>weird music anon's copypasta was weird but always positive
>labelled as a shitposter for it and is driven away
>mfw people took her copypasta and spun it so it now sends a negative message
;_; Why can't we have nice things?

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I personally blame fat people

>> No.9001023

You deserve any consequence you get for doing something so dumb.

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>Sudden spike of anxiety hits right alongside some kind of metabolic/heart disease issue.
>Resting BPM 109-115. Extremely low blood pressure, oxygen and sugar levels.
>Desperately trying to draw and create things that will sell because the Australian economy is fucked right now and I've only been able to snag small contract jobs over the past three years.
>Feel like shit all day every day. Essentially a two-month-long panic attack.
>Decide to fuck everything and resign self to being poor.
>Start just making things for myself. Starting to enjoy creating again.
>Going to the doctor and fixing shit up.
>Still can't afford to eat dinner every night, but feeling pretty good again!
>All of two days into this, dog gets out somehow.
>Fucking vet didn't bother checking for microchip and took him straight to the pound.
>Almost $300 release fee.
>Okay, bye dog.

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Yeah, desu you brought that upon yourself.
It's not really something you bring up in the workplace unless you know that person has a sense of humor/has an awareness of anime beyond Ghibli films.

Good luck with that m8

>> No.9001059

I like posting here and all... but lately I've been looking through the B/S/T, dream dress threads, mail threads, and any other thread where people are talking about what kinds of tastes they have in lolita... and I just don't get it. I don't like any of the same prints or styles that anyone on here does apparently.

Bums me out because I have been coming here a long time and now it's like I don't fit in here.

>> No.9001073

Aw man...
I am the big sis in the family and my brobros are all younger (yet taller) but none wanted to cosplay with me. Feels bad. Still love these bastards.

>> No.9001085

;_; it's ok you still rock anon.
>heavily bullied at high school by students and even some teachers
>depression, goes to hospital
>attend some "free school" for people who dropped out and need motivation,find what they will do next,..
>had the best music teacher ever there, he was a complete sweetheart
>Patient,super intelligent dude and could play piano
>played a ghibli soundtrack from howl's moving castle once
>told me i was a girl with talent and that school missed something by leaving me out
>always encouraged me to continue
>was genuinely interested in lolita and stuff when i talked about it to him once
People like this warm my heart so much. I also had a history teacher who got super angry at students who mocked me in hid class ( i dressed in full lolita at school back then) saying i had more balls than they ever will and that he was impressed by that.

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>friend A and I plan a duo cosplay for a fandom friend B isn't really into
>super hyped because it's technically a couple cosplay and I have a crush on A (I also just love the character and wanted to cosplay her regardless)
>B decides to cosplay with us!
>chooses character who is primarily shipped with A's character
>B knows it's a ship
>unsure if B did it on purpose or not...

I'm annoyed because this was supposed to be just me and A. The two of them have a bunch of cosplays together and I know it's dumb, but it makes me kind of jealous. I wanted just one special thing with A, but B had to ruin it. I'm petty, I know...

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I've never been on an actual date either but I have had boyfriends (mostly long distance, which explains it I guess). I just wish I could find a qt boy to take me out to nice places and kiss me a lot...

I know right, she was a fucking cutie but nah /cgl/ gotta be bitches. I bet those plebs don't play an instrument

my feel
>pollen allergy came back
>probably look like a drug addict from being unable to sleep and my eyes swelling up
>not kawaii, not kawaii at all

>> No.9001121

No need to feel petty about it, it's natural to be jealous. And honestly, it is pretty annoying of them to do. Are they aware you have a crush on A? If they do then it's a dick move, and if they aren't maybe explain to them, and they might change their cosplan or something?

I felt the same way before I got with my bf- I thought he was interested in my friend, who was quite into him and is much more attractive than me. I felt like an asshole for being annoyed at her, even though she had no idea i was into him- But those are just natural feelings, doesn't make you petty.

>> No.9001124

old one got deleted since underage chan was a cunt

>> No.9001143

I'm pretty sure a compliment is meant to make someone feel special. A way to make them feel good because they did something to stand out from the rest. Which is why I'm baffled how anyone can actually enjoy music-anons copypasta "compliment" when it's specifically made to be as broad, sweeping and far-reaching as possible. What's there to feel good about from someone who's also saying the same thing to basically everyone in the world (or in this case I guess just within this hobby). It just seems patronizing to me.

I can only assume people who actually like it either just have massive egos and are used to being complimented for nothing, and/or were a part of this new "everyone gets a medal because you're ALL winners, just for trying!" generation.

>> No.9001170

no, it's nice because learning an instrument takes years of practice and is rarely if ever acknowledged by someone. especially so in such a specific scenario. (and I personally do have a mental connection between lolita and playing an instrument, as a day dream daily/lifestyle thing)

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I, music-anon, am a guy. When I learned how to properly do makeup in my gothic coord I was going to make a cake and have the congratulatory message be the entire copypasta instead of a birthday message.

I'll probably still do it when I git gud and when I wait a while for the meany shitposting to die down aka a long ways away. It's one of my dreams to be able to play the violin in gothic but too bad my violin strings are broken and I'm too lazy to fix them.

/cgl/ feel incoming

>live at home with dad
>spend a day while he's at work doing makeup testing
>pretty pleased with the results but need to be better
>pack everything away nicely and discreetly like packing my JSK with my suit and my makeup behind some heavy textbooks
>Leave the wig on it's stand on the floor in a spare room I was using to test lighting
>he comes home and I forget about the wig
>he finds the wig a few hours later and drops a heavy box on it then leaves to watch T.V while mumbling to himself
>The wig is perfectly fine
>So is the stand
>The box really did nothing
>Pack it away in the back of a cupboard
>Gonna have to tell my really, really chill brother I wear Japanese street fashion and stay at his house for the con because if I wear it out to a con where I live now my dad will probably flip

Also why are false lashes so hard to put on with deep set eyes? Holy shit.

>> No.9001197

My friends have lost interest in a fandom we all share and I feel really dumb about it but I kinda feel betrayed? It's just me in the original fandom now and every time they mention this stupid new anime they're into I resent the anime and my friends a little more. I know they can like what they want but I feel left behind; what if they stop cosplaying with me at cons? I FINALLY started enjoying cons because I found people to cosplay from my fandom with and I feel like if they cosplay from their new anime I won't have fun at cons anymore. I feel like a selfish brat for wanting them to come back to my fandom but I'm honestly really scared of losing them. I'm so incredibly bitter over this whole thing because it's happened to me before, I just want to have fun cosplaying with my friends and nerding out over the same thing but at this point we don't even have anything in common anymore. They're good friends and I don't want to stop being their friend but I can't get into this new thing they're into, I just can't.

>> No.9001210

How old are you lol

Just do what you want, anon. You don't need a posse of people just to enjoy something you like. You'll find new friends.

>> No.9001214

If all you have in common is the fandom than how much of friends are they really? Not to sound mean, but that's a bad friendship in my eyes.

>feel like I'm 10 years too late discovering jfash
>can't even start doing anything atm because fatty-chan losing weight
>feel like it's useless to even start experimenting with things at this age
Everything in my country's society screams "you need to grow up gurl" at me, which is why I'm feeling I'd probably be mocked heavily for daring to go out as a pastel-clad blob of cute shit.

>> No.9001293

I'm 24 and never had a date. I'm ace though, so it never really bothered me? I just was never interested in someone that way, and I'm more into making friends. Flirting tends to freak me out so I purposefully don't wear makeup anymore so people leave me alone. I also acted very assertive freshman year in colllege to discourage all of my guy friends from trying anything.I figure that one day I would eventually meet someone special that I would trust enough to be more than friends with if they were interested.
idk flirting just makes my mind shut down and I have no idea what to do, I like can't comprehend it.

>> No.9001351

>makes sarcastic post in the characters with no good cosplays thread to imitate how guys nitpick women
>people think im the op
>derail the entire thread
>it was completely unintentional
>see the "op" brought up in another thread
Sorry dude. I didn't mean to make you look bad. I'm just not good at sarcasm.

>> No.9001367

>tfw getting old and realizing that I'll never have the skills to do my dream cosplay
>think about commissioning it, multiple quotes for ~$1k

Probably just going to bite the bullet and do it since I can afford it. Just sucks that I'll never have the pride of having completed it myself.

>> No.9001374


I feel your feels


Now i only hope i get old enough to be that wierd grandpa noone judges that dresses up in "medival" clothes. Maybe then i can enjoy aristocrat fashion.

>> No.9001431

>feels when im also 25 and ive been too broke my whole adult life until now to afford and properly take care of lolita clothing. ( shitty life situation abruptly at 18, been doing what i can and finally the struggle is getting better.)
>also a fatty chan.
>Just measured last night and im still upset with myself over it
Dont give up anon. I plan on losing the weight and bring super adorable by winter.

>> No.9001448

I'm 28 and still dress up in pastel vomit shit. To be honest, people in the Jfashion community are more likely to give you shit. ( more common with lolita). I never hand normal people tell me I'm too old, it's mostly been positive comments.

>> No.9001481
File: 203 KB, 780x1560, 5fL4gao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never been to a con and never cosplayed, I'd like to but I am chickenshit and still pathologically anxious accepting and embracing nerdy pursuits. Sometimes seeing cosplay (only come around here once and awhile) will make me feel sad and envious and I dunno why I still act like this is highschool and I need to put on that facade of being aloof and distant from nerdy shit as a survival mechanism. Like I'm not even normie at all but I act like it's a holy grail I half heartedly pursue. Going to try and build up the balls to give larping/re-enactment stuff a try.

Doesn't help the two things that leap to mind for wanting to cosplay aren't exactly beginner tier (Ornstein or an Advent Stun Lancer.)

Pride might be the deadliest sin overall but I know that envy is the most destructive to your emotional health. It might not always solve your doldrums but it's been helpful to remind myself what boons I have and that others look at me or my situation with envy
the same way I look at someone else, and literally had freshman year in college a vivid case of the guy I and every other guy was envious of admitting a kind of envy of me in turn.


Am 27 and guy too, but from what I hear in the larp thread it's mostly later 20s and 30s people that are the baseline. If anything millenials and late Gen Xers being so defined by their 'nerdy' pursuits will make doing it in your later years more accepted. You still might get stares or derision from people, but you'll get that from someone no matter what you do or dress. There plenty of nerdy parents who continue to indulge in their passion and even share it with their kids.

>> No.9001496

ah feck, I'm one of the people who called you a girl since a dress was mentioned at some point. shit assumption, my bad.

you sound just a little bit tumblr

>>9001120 update: I took a nap for 4 hours after I got home since I've been sleep deprived, and all of my facial features are itching because my shitty old sofa is full of dust again (another thing I'm allergic to)
why live

>> No.9001515

I didn't come out of the proverbial nerd closet until well into college, and honestly I couldn't be happier. I like comics, cosplay, tabletop rpgs, and video games too much to pretend to be uninterested. Plus, I've found amazing friends who love these hobbies too. The way I think of it, I probably don't want to be friends someone who thinks my hobbies are weird, so there's no point in hiding it. (This doesn't apply to coworkers or family. You have to be around them regardless, so there's no point in needlessly antagonizing someone.)

Good luck on your cosplay/con/larp dreams anon.

>> No.9001541
File: 155 KB, 748x496, Skellington-from-Antioch-says-to-enjoy-life-and-be-cheerful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Glad to hear you were able to get out of your shell. Unfortunately it is too late for me to do so with college having graduated in 2014, but I am optimistic when I have my roots set in wherever the job I can get takes me (hoping for Northern VA where I grew up, figure nerdy stuff will abound there.). There are some options already here where I am right now in Delaware, but I use the lack of a steady job atm as an excuse (both bullshit and valid) to not pursue it right now as I want my affairs in order beforehand.

If ya'll have kids though I'd make damn sure they know you will regret what you didn't do more than what you did. I don't watch game of thrones but good god that Brom thing of "Try and please everyone and you'll be the most loved dead man in town" is proverbial wisdom to live by even if the death is emotional and internal, not literal.

My family wouldn't mind at all so I am fortunate there, my brother is a huge weeb in the literal sense of 'huge' and figurative, mum is the most tolerant and open minded person I've ever met and stepfather is chill and wouldn't care either way.


Hell you've got my sympathies. My late dad wasn't abusive until his dementia came along but I still pathologically view my room as my castle and safety from what that insanity did to him, my mom and myself. Echo what >>9000870 said. I became a whole new person after my year at uni away from home, when you can try to move out.

As for the crowded places know what you mean there too. Bailed after walking around the Maryland renn faire for that reason. I am not sure this'll work but maybe instead of go big or go home you figure out a place to retreat to to collect your thoughts and cool your heels then go back out? Whether a motel/hotel room, some more secluded garden or patio or cafe or whatever.

Listen to the greek skelly.

>> No.9001623
File: 46 KB, 608x603, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>failed half my classes this semester
>need to finish a research paper
>it's already a week late
>broke up with my boyfriend, my grandma is terminally ill, friend trouble
>just want to dress in Lolita today to look pretty
>wake up to the worst period I've had since I was 14
>blood everywhere

>> No.9001624

Well I'm going to NYC tomorrow for the day and I decided I'm going to dress up in some ~casual~ lolita. Its just a salo and a beret but I've never done it alone and I'm sad to say I'm nervous. Could you give me some good vibes?

>> No.9001629
File: 304 KB, 318x389, 1443579460595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me walking to con
>walks past feminist wearing my sexy anime fashion t shurt
>she screams macaroni that my t shirt is sexist etc that is objectifying woman etc
>mfw had to tell her to stop slut shaming
Really ruined my day man....

>> No.9001635



Never been to NYC but I'd think of any city besides San fran it's the most accepting (depending on the part of town) on more eclectic fashions. Sure you'll do great, and if anything you'll get some people doing a double take on the cutie.


Sorry to hear that oglaf. Keep at it and next semester'll be better. Especially if you've got a tuff major and not just an easy one like mine

>> No.9001643

Today at school everyone was hugging and kissing and nobody even said hi to me. I was right there and everyone ignored me.

>> No.9001652

Did you join in or were you ignoring them too?

>> No.9001688

They left before I could join

>> No.9001800
File: 14 KB, 615x456, 12933089_1318076481552353_1530311762216509276_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feeling a bit upset at my friend. They're going on about how they don't want one of my other friends to go because they don't know them. I tried reassuring them that, one, this person is mature, two, this person is responsible, and three, they have the money. They throw a mini hissyfit and now they're saying they'll find another way to the con. Mind you, I was the who initially started this group and only picked people I know for sure would be up to standard to handle this. So, I feel them acting like this is ridiculous. Especially when they're a-ok with an annoying drunk who, during the last minute of our previous trip, shoehorned in an extra person and was generally shitty towards them and another one of our friends. This shitty person was not invited by me, btw. But my friend is suddenly an issue. Why can't things be simple?

>> No.9001815
File: 38 KB, 520x350, 56456265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like my boyfriend and I sometimes don't communicate very well.

Whenever I tell him something I am excited about - that isn't in his field of interest - he will listen to me but not really have a proper conversation. Aside from oneliners I barely get any reactions. I think that he is even geniuenly happy for me most of the time, i.e. when I had an exciting Lolita meet up or finished some new artwork, but he doesn't seem to be too articulate about it, and it's like his interest dies off withing seconds. I don't expect him to be overly excited over a new dress purchase or outift, and since he's no drawfag he views my work from a different agnle than my art friends. Still, I want him to have... More reaction? I know I might sound selfish and stupid, but it would be nice to get a bit more appreciation from him.

Just now we had a conversation, and 80% the time he happily talked about his new video game and explained in detail his strategy, his new gun, his new shelter etc even though he knows I have zero knowledge in the game. Which is fine, but in turn whenever I told him what I did tody or showed him my new outfit shot or new sketches, I barely got one or two sentences and then back to his vidya talk (not to mention he was playing vidya the whole time during this anyway).

I tried to bring up the subject, but he doesn't really see the problem. As said he is mostly geniuenly happy for me, so his response was "But I complimented you and I think you are wonderful!" He then complains that I don't talk enough with him, but I feel like it's mostly pointless anyway. And as said, without a proper reaction from him how can I keep up the conversation?

Am I a shitty person with unrealistic expectations if I want my boyfriend to cheer for me a bit more, and at least pretend to have a little more interest and opinions on what I do? How do I talk to him about that?

>> No.9001838

I live in NY and it's generally pretty accepting. You'll get the occasional person that's mean but mit's people will ignore you or be genuinely curious about what you are doing.

>> No.9001841

Most not mits. Gdi phone.

>> No.9001844

you sound like sort of a bitch expecting someone who isn't super involved in the fashion to do anything more than listen to you and be happy for you.

>> No.9001847

Maybe have a convo about how you are trying to talk about his hobbies and interests, and you'd just like him to maybe find some interest in what you like? he doesn't have to get excited about everything, but maybe ask him if there's anything about Lolita he finds interesting- maybe the prints, or the comm, or the way you make an outfit. Ask him to help you plan some outfits. If you can find a starting off point, like 'Hey, do you want to try and help me snag a releease because they go so fast it's hilarous and a bloodbath', or 'hey, i'm making bows, do you want to help craft?', you might be able to find something you can do together.

The same goes for his video games. Maybe play some with him, or watch him and try to talk about the stuff you find interesting or have questions about. That way you both start being participants and not just watching eachothers hobbies.

I understand it's hard to talk to you SO, escpecially when you've been together a while and you have pretty set routines and ideas. But the most important thing is to talk. If you guys can talk (like a real talk, dont do it when he's playing video game or when you're both watching tv or something), maybe you guys can figure out something. It's always worth a shot, anon!

>> No.9001870

Honestly I guess I'm more upset about the art part. I can get over the Lolita stuff, that's alright. You are right, he is already happy for me and it is no really fair to expect much more.
But I wish he'd care more for my art and crafting stuff, this is sooo much more important to me than Lolita, and I spend so much time and effort in it. It is kind of disappointing to see that my art cannot engage my SO, who is one of my closest and dearest companion.

>Ask him to help you plan some outfits. If you can find a starting off point, like 'Hey, do you want to try and help me snag a releease because they go so fast it's hilarous and a bloodbath', or 'hey, i'm making bows, do you want to help craft?'
To be honest i have to admit, I'd rather have my Lolita friends help me with that... This isn't something to enforce upon someone who doesn't care about fashion (and doesn't have much fashion sense...) Sadly he isn't into painting or crafts or any art at all, so this is not really something we can actively share I'm afraid.

>The same goes for his video games. Maybe play some with him, or watch him and try to talk about the stuff you find interesting or have questions about.
We actually do have some vidya to play together! But I don't share his taste in everything.

>If you guys can talk (like a real talk, dont do it when he's playing video game or when you're both watching tv or something), maybe you guys can figure out something. It's always worth a shot, anon!
You are right, especially about the setting. It's probably best to talk to each other while not being distracted by anything! I will definitely give it a try.

>> No.9001873

Shit, any chance you can get your dog back later?

>> No.9001885

I've started distancing myself even more from my possessive friend, and I have to say it's quite nice! He still feels the need to comment his 2 cents on everything I post, but ever since I changed his status to acquaintance on facebook, I'm not as bothered. I don't see his 50 million posts anymore, and I turned on my approve before posting setting as well, so my Facebook is no longer his second wall.
He still keeps bugging me to hang out with him, and makes a point to comment that on every picture I post on my insta. He made a really rude joke to me the other day accusing me of being drunk at 10 AM because my swipe to text messed up. I guess the joke rubbed me the wrong way because he makes grammatical and spelling errors all the time, but I'm not a dick so I don't point them out. What's worse is that he's made rude jokes like that before and it feels like he's just trying to put me down or embarrass me on purpose. Once, I was commenting about how cute something was and he yelled "OMG DON'T STEAL IT THOUGH" I was mortified. It was so embarrassing, especially because we were in lolita, and then the shop girls started following me...I made a few purchases just to get them off my back, and left.
At least all of this made has much easier to finally push him out. I've come to realize, without sounding like a conceited bitch, that he really was trying to turn me into his living doll. From dictating who I could hang out with, to having me try on his dresses for fun, it was all about him wanting to be me, or live vicariously through me. I have to say I'm much happier without him! I've even started building better relationships with my other comm members now that he's not governing my life!
I'm free!!!

>> No.9001896

Fucking customs on a closet child order now. I hate you Irish revenue you grubby gowls. Pricks

>> No.9001907

So he dropped a box on the wig and just toddled off? How old is he mentally, five?

>> No.9001911

So I just made a questionable purchase. I bought a dress for an okay price that I quite like, and that I plan an elaborate coord with for an event this year, but
>dress is still too small
>should be the motivation to finally loose these 10 pounds I wanted to loose since forever, still enough time until then
>budget for this month blown away
>m-maybe I'll finally sell some stuff now...
>have to get my ass up to plan coord, make the accessoires, etc

I feel really motivated, please wish me luck that I'll actually work on this and kick myself in the butt. I really want to get this done and not having waster $300 on a dress.

>Fucking customs on a closet child order now. I hate you Irish revenue you grubby gowls. Pricks
Haha I'll be in the same position in a few weeks, fuck EU customs.

>> No.9001917

Having the same feels anon. I just got a price quote as well and I might as well commission it even though I don't get the pride of making it. It's a weird feeling.

>> No.9001919

Just sounds like he isn't going to force himself to have a bigger reaction to appease you. He might just not care or he isn't a fan of your actual art and isn't telling you so. If he is complimenting you and still communicating about other things than you may be overreacting.
Saying these things or showing him the art while playing video games will make him even more disinterested as he will be distracted. You might need to get over the fact that he won't ever be interested in art and find some subject you both can be excited about.

>> No.9001968

>the eternal curse of having boobs

I feel you Anon... I have two dresses I need to get altered because, boobs. I wish more brand would make adjustable straps. IW does them quite often, and Baby does them sometimes, but it's still very rarely seen.

>> No.9001991

I want to host meets for the girls in my community but every time I try to plan one, my anxiety flairs up at that thought and I cancel it. I know the community thinks I'm flaky, but I worry about being a good host and wanting to make sure everyone has a good time. My councilor thinks I need to just go through with hosting one party, even a small one. Maybe co-hosting one with someone would help?

>> No.9002007
File: 242 KB, 500x648, downrightoffensive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being flat, I can't sympathize too much.

>forever attracting pedos

>> No.9002015

I would be more worried about the reputation you're creating. Would be a shame to finally do something and then people think you're not going to go through with it and they don't plan to come. You won't know if you're a good host until you do it so your counselor is right but co-hosting sounds like a good idea as well to ease you into it. Might help if you have a friend that is aware of your anxiety and they can co-host for you.

>> No.9002019

>flat is justice, etc

>> No.9002220
File: 152 KB, 625x636, sailormoon-eau-de-toilette-perfume2014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am still having issues getting this damn item. The SS was nice enough to empty the perfume out for me so that they could actually ship it to me in the US, but then the airport sent the package back to them saying it may contain perfume even though it's actually empty.

And didn't check my email yesterday, so couldn't catch them to ask them what they labeled it and if they could just label it glass bottle or something. By the time I checked my email today they had already mailed out the rest of my order without the empty perfume bottle. So now if they say yeah they'll mail it again I'm going to have to pay for international shipping again instead of the combined shipping I wanted. Feeling so annoyed about the whole situation.

>> No.9002230
File: 2.05 MB, 421x500, 1436354098947.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to do a dream cosplay
>person I commission from hasn't even asked for my measurments yet- my thighs have gotten tons bigger (hence why i was going for a thigh heavy character)
>person who offered to do the props backed out- I need antlers and a huge staff
>1 and a half months before the con

shit what do i do, I doubt I can get anything high quality this late of notice

>> No.9002231
File: 332 KB, 1024x768, sadmime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"There was no Lego on clearance, but at least I found the eyeliner I wanted!"

Thoughts like this... make me worry that I'm not a normal 26-year-old man.

Damn, that's beautiful! Sorry you're not getting your shit.

>> No.9002243
File: 28 KB, 852x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucks up any wig I touch
I know sucks to suck. But I enjoy being able to say I've done most of what it took to achieve the look for a costume.
You can practice with muslin for a costume and have it still be cheap to fix if you fuck up a couple times until you get it right. Wigs are usually around $30 and as someone who tries to budgets everything out while still using good materials, it's so discouraging to just have to order another wig. It feels like so much more of a waste. I'm getting better but ugh. What an expensive trial and error process.

>> No.9002258

being tall and flat, I can't sympathize too much

>forever being mistaken for a crossdresser based on my flat chest+ height alone

>> No.9002261


It's probably the residual perfume left in the bottle that set off the sensors, which detects alcohol, so then Japan Post will refuse to ship it. Japan Post isn't actually opening your packages or reading the labels, they just run it through this machine sensor thing that detects alcohol.

Just noting that if you do want to try and ship it again, you probably want to ask your SS to soak the bottle in soapy water for a little while, maybe press the mister a few times to flush the alcohol out, get rid of any residue before you try again, otherwise it'll probably set the sensors off again and the package will again be returned to your SS.

Hope you get your bottle eventually, good luck anon.

>> No.9002301

That's all fine and dandy except musicautist also goes out of their way to include
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway
Yeah I bet you feel real fucking special getting lumped together with all those people.
What do you want to be praised for next? Sleeping? Breathing? Existing? (I ask as a joke but I wouldn't' be surprised if you actually were proud of doing those things and wanted people to praise you, since you just like any attention no matter how deserved it actually is)

Also I've told you people all along they were a creepy guy just indulging some weird compliment/music fetish.

>> No.9002316

Not the other anon, but people who play instruments/enjoy music tend to have a connection with music, and it's nice to have that connection acknowledged. A compliment is still a compliment even if someone else also receives it. I think you might be mixing up complimenting with praising, and/or that you're being too pessimistic about the situation. If someone told me "Thanks for being alive", I would still be pleased by it. Despite it being such a trivial and universal thing, it's also somehow important y'know? I feel like it's more opposite to what you were saying about everyone getting a medal; it's because people usually don't get noticed- or expect to get noticed- that they feel happy on the rare occasions when they do.

>> No.9002325

Different anon, but I seriously don't understand this. I know there's NYCC, but it's not an anime con.

Also: I wish NYC's lolita comm wasn't so fragmented and drama riddled, and the seagull group was easier to find (though, maybe it's for the best). Chicago doesn't have separate comms for itas and suburbanites.

I'd like to visit and/or live nearby someday, but I can only imagine how terrible it'd feel to be a lonelita in a big city.

>> No.9002328
File: 43 KB, 736x530, accidental panda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Started exercising more after completing physical therapy for an injury.
>Enjoy playing with the infants at work, legal age up to two for infant care.
>Infant stands up and wiggles without me noticing. There are four with me that day.
>Takes a step forward and trips over nothing to land on my ankle.
>Can't work again because I can barely walk or sleep due to ankle being one size too big at the moment.
>Can't take hardcore drugs for pain because I throw them all up.
>goodbye money, goodbye sleep, goodbye current weight loss.
God please don't let be get bored of the internet.

I turn 29 in June. 30 is just a number. You have to look back at what you have accomplished. The degree if you went to college, all the hardships and happy times. If you haven't truly lived, then by all means think that you're getting older and live like you're dying. However, if you have lived, keep on living kawaii.

You can buy it all back and more when you're back to the good times.

>> No.9002332

>wasn't really feeling the white lace on the latest misty sky release
>bought set anyway
>didn't really have the money for it
>SS isn't collecting payment until after payday
>debating selling it
>know I won't because I hate selling shit and I'm a hoarder
Fuck me. I wish I just got the OP even though I probably won't fit it because my arms are huge.

>> No.9002336

That must be what it is because they just sent an email about the airlines not being able to open the package to look in it, but not much more explanation than that. Unfortunately they won't be able to soak the inside because the top part doesn't come off. They had to pop off the top spray part and use an atomizer kit to get the perfume out. Looks like I'll never get to add this to my collection.

>> No.9002338

But you're not being noticed. You're being swept into as large of a group as possible. It's not like someone telling you "Thanks for being alive" it's like someone going on TV, and saying "To everyone human being out there who breaths oxygen, eats food and exists, thanks for being alive!" and you think to yourself "OMG he's talking directly to ME! Oh I feel so special and great!".

Maybe that works for people who are used to getting praised for absolutely nothing, and enjoy it, but I find it patronizing, and annoying.

>> No.9002340

I know that feel, but:

>tfw flat chested, but ribcage of an opera singer

>> No.9002343
File: 36 KB, 200x146, 1413086662473.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that feel
>flat chested but end up getting boob loaf because of this

>> No.9002346

You seem to have great proportions though. I know I'm just an anon commenting and I have no idea what sort of body image things you grapple with, but hey I thought I'd point out a positive thing.

I wish you well.

>> No.9002362

Why do you find it patronizing? Because the compliment isn't tailored to you? That sounds more special snowflaky than what you've been complaining about (the thing about everyone getting a medal for effort). I don't think inclusivity cheapens a compliment. Also, the history of that particular copypasta consists of musicanon adding on more and more things because people were chiming in about being excluded. It only started out with violin, piano and a few other instruments. I think it was pretty sweet of them to keep on adding different groups to their post, and shows that he acknowledged that their enjoyment of music was also valid.

>> No.9002364

>I think it was pretty sweet of them
I meant to say of him, referring to musicanon not to the people chiming in.

>> No.9002380
File: 47 KB, 377x640, makocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you haven't truly lived, then by all means think that you're getting older and live like you're dying
I haven't really lived, though. I was sick a lot as a kid, and I have a lot of trouble socially.

>> No.9002381

>juggling cosplay and work
>finally getting paid enough for bills AND a savings account at the bank of mattress
>but I have no fucking time for cosplay

God damn my 10am-8pm schedule.

>> No.9002394

My boyfriend is the same way. He can excitedly talk for an hour about some game or our work but if I talk about lolita or my various crafts he's just like "that's nice honey" and goes back to what he was doing before.
Now we're temporarily in a LDR with a time zone difference that makes it difficult for us to talk face-to-face, so we've mostly been sending each other emails. He really misses me and has been pouring all his thoughts and feelings into these late-night emails and it turns out that he actually really likes it when I talk about lolita or crafting, but he doesn't know how to respond because he doesn't really understand it and it feels a bit alien to him since it's all so OTT girly and he's a dudely dude. He has even asked me to film myself getting frilled up and doing my hair/makeup because he misses being able to secretly stare at me while I get ready.

Of course I don't know you or your bf so I can't say for sure that it's the same for him, but there might be a possibility that he does like it when you talk about lolita or your art but feels a bit embarrassed or at a loss for what to say in response.

>> No.9002400

Yes, actually rampant inclusiveness does cheapen a reward. You think someone winning a gold medal at they olympics would appreciate it if they also gave out identical gold medals to every single person who competed, was in the stands of the stadium, was watching on TV, or even walks by and asks for one? They wouldn't. Any reward or praise given over nothing is meaningless, and only people with massive egos who have spent most of their lives being praised and rewarded for nothing would enjoy it.

Not to mention he's just plain fucking creepy. You realize he's jerking off every time he copypastes it to the next thread right?

>> No.9002405

Every time I meet a cool girl in the scene, she turns out to have a flock of orbiters who follow her around everywhere and stare at me like they're going to murder me every time I try to hang out with her.

I've given up on a whole bunch of girls who were obviously interested because I don't want to deal with her "friends."

Things didn't used to be like this before a few years ago, and it's really damn frustrating.

>> No.9002406
File: 253 KB, 500x252, stockinglove.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can play the skin flute, rusty trombone, or butt trumpet
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can twerk, dab, or rear admiral
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who spend hours making lists of their favorite black people
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who shave their vaginas, but glue the hair back on for warmth
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can sew, but only confederate flags
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who wonder what a guy with three balls would be like
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who have written six novels worth of Street Sharks fanfic

I think you're ok.

>> No.9002410

>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who have written six novels worth of Street Sharks fanfic

I would propose on the spot. That's fucking Jawsome.

>> No.9002426


lol anon. People like it because it's inclusive.

The whole copypasta basically boils down to "I like music and I like lolitas".

Everybody replying favourably to it basically boils down to "yay, me too".

So basically they're forming a tribe and reaffirming each other's values in liking both music and lolita(s). It *is* the whole point to not single out one individual, so the entire tribe likes music and likes lolita(s), and likes belonging to a group of people they can talk to about both music and lolitas. Kind of like how lolitas form online comms to find other lolitas that also love lolita. Some things are more enjoyable when you can share the experience, instead of being forever alone.

As for the difference between liking lolita and liking lolitas... eh, that's another story.

>> No.9002445

that sounds terrifying, I'm glad you're out!

>tfw haven't gotten hit by customs on anything lolita yet
>mana-sama please keep your warm gaze on my orders

buy ebay wigs and just keep practicing. the best part is they are usually shit quality or super shiny which gives an even better challenge

you sound really angry and I'd love to see your source on music anon getting any sexual pleasure out of it. at this point it's more likely that you're getting off about 'saving all these poor lawleetas from this meanie creep who dares to compliment them/say a nice thing'

>> No.9002457

Then go do things you like alone. Living like you're dying wasn't a jab at your accomplishments or past. It's a reminder that you don't have a second chance and that you should make your life what you want it to be before it's too late.
I also had a sickly childhood. There are still days when I suck royally at the basics of life because of severe allergies, but the trick is to have fun anyway.

>> No.9002466

>Gonna have to tell my really, really chill brother I wear Japanese street fashion and stay at his house for the con because if I wear it out to a con where I live now my dad will probably flip
stop buying dresses and start saving up rent money

your dad's a POS and you can't trust him

>> No.9002470
File: 1.88 MB, 500x299, 1439271586907.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw lolitas who breath oxygen
>mfw lolitas who breath any other kinds of gas
>mfw lolitas who who don't breath at all for whatever reason
>mfw lolitas who drink water
>mfw lolitas who drink any other kinds of fluids
>mfw lolitas who don't drink any fluids for whatever reason
>mfw lolitas who eat food
>mfw lolitas who eat non-food items
>mfw lolitas who who don't eat anything for whatever reason
>mfw lolitas who were born on the planet earth
>mfw lolitas who were born on any other celestial body
>mfw lolitas who are made of atoms
>mfw lolitas who exist
>mfw lolitas who don't exist

Oh god you're just so amazing and incredible I don't even know how to describe it. You're just so special and unique it drives me crazy. You should be so proud of yourself if anything I said in that list applies to you because you're the most amazing thing in the universe.

>> No.9002471


To be fair, and I am music anon, when I first started I used ahegao reaction pics from turtle.fish.paints works because those pics were the only ones I had on my new laptop. That probably coloured people's perception of the post being sexual instead of it being adulation and me being impressed people can potentially mix both lolita and music. That's why I changed to non non biyori tier reaction faces instead. If this waw a fetish it'd be floor tiles levels of obscure but not impossible. While it's not a fetish I dont blame people who think it is.

The post ended up teaching me a ton about instruments too. I didnt even know the hammered dulcimer, jew's harp, or oboe existed but now they're some of my favorites.

I'm pretty annoyed perfume bottle anon isnt getting the bottle even after the store bought that atomiser. I hope they get the bottle soon it looks great.

>> No.9002473
File: 102 KB, 450x443, 1443890698111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when cgl kind of feels like that it went to shlt
>all those summer fag just creating new thread just to post one question and not using the help thread
>all the new fags that come to feels thread and don't post green text feel story instead filling it with paragraph of white text life update of I don't give a up

>> No.9002545

>be single guy
>don't go to cons to hook up or meet women, but it'd be nice, ya know?
>Meet really cool girl
>Hang out all night or even all con
>Really like her
>Get home, add on FB, find out she has some normie BF that doesn't come to cons or like nerd stuff

Ugh, every time. Why does this happen so damn much?

>> No.9002548

Eh, keep hanging around, I ended up going from friends to a relationship with my current bf after he broke up with his ex (we were friends since before they even met).

>> No.9002569

It's a damn thin line for us guys though, way too easy to become a beta orbiting creep trying to do stuff like that.

>> No.9002583

Comments like this is why people joke about the friendzone. You just met the girl but you're hoping for more and making yourself feel rejected when they're not available. Relax and just make friends with whoever, single or not, and maybe you'll meet someone in the future.

>> No.9002609

I don't take it quite as hard as you're thinking, I think. Relaxing and making friends is exactly what I do, and I don't dwell on anybody in particular, something just made me think of this and it's frustrating as a trend rather than any specific incident.

>> No.9002615

But anon how dare those traitorous con sluts date normies and not fellow con-goers!!?!!?

>> No.9002617

Anon who posted that here.

Actually, I don't blame the girls at all for it. I blame the guys at cons for 95% of them being such a bunch of creepy weirdos that a lot of women won't even consider dating anybody within the scene. (Something I've been told straight up by quite a few female friends, and not in a context where they were shooting me down or anything like that.)

>> No.9002677

the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.9002688

hes just.. just giving the puppy a kiss and a hug

>> No.9002716

It's probably a rental cost and demand issue. You live in the biggest city, but as a result everything costs an arm and a leg and the demand for convention space is stupid high.

>> No.9002717

But why do you need someone to parrot literally the same compliment at you a dozen times? Why does it make you sad that someone isn't going to repeat the exact same thing at you yet again? Were the first eleven times not enough?

Music anon was cute at first, but it just turned really attention-grabby and patronizing. Maybe if they want to put a "spin" on it they can compliment a different musician each thread, but just copypasting the exact same thing with maybe one new addition was starting to get really ass-pat and circle-jerkish

>> No.9002722

Anon, I'm sorry but this is your problem and it's up to you to take action to fix it. They aren't obligated to stay active fans of something if they've lost interest in, so maybe you can try to get into the new series they like if it bothers you this much. Alternatively, just talk to them about other interests/cosplay/whatever. Surely you can't be friends just because of one fandom? Just make sure that you continue to message or chat with them, no matter what it's about.


>Heavily into a fandom. Make lots of friends in it and cosplay together.
>One friend falls out of the fandom and joins a different one. She stops logging in online, and we don't talk as much anymore.
>She begins to post all the time about how nobody talks to her anymore because she isn't in the same fandom. She's so lonely and it's not fair.
>...No, nobody talk to you because you aren't online and/or never message us.

>> No.9002766

>super gawf at young age
>constantly wearing corsets back then resulting in nice tiny waist as an adult
>mfw people assume I'm shooping

It's really starting to get to me.. Inside my head it's beggining to sound like they don't think I can look nice without shoop.

Don't ban me mods, this is /cgl/-related, because I'm talking about cosplay photos.

>> No.9002768

shitty mall corsets don't do anything for your waist. you don't need to humble brag here for attention to make yourself feel better anon.

>> No.9002779

I have no idea what a mall corset is, but the one I used(and still have) is from What Katie Did. So it definitely did something

>> No.9002855
File: 175 KB, 500x375, homeralone.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been a listless shell since I stopped doing drugs in Feb
>decided to quit after my gf left me (for reasons unrelated to drugs)
>barely floating through life
>not working on any art or cosplay

>wake up this morning
>convince myself to start making my Nightwing mask
>mfw it looks pretty good

>> No.9002862

I was in a similar spot anon, though I had a mom that did actually break things. I was able to move out with some great friends. If you are able to, it helped me greatly. I still deal with the anxiety sometimes because its a typical reaction for me but it is still loads better.

I have a difficult time trying to balance everything after picking up a complex (for me, its my first time doing anything like this) armor cosplay project. I run a guild in an mmo and I feel like since picking the costume up I haven't had time for them. I told them why I have been away and they are understanding, but I still feel a bit guilty. How do you guys juggle work/school, hobbies, and cosplay?

>> No.9002874

Congrats on going drug free, anon! I super believe in you!

>> No.9002883

I know my reputation isn't good since I quit being a mod, but I needed to get my life together. Now that I'm doing better, I'm trying to get in the swing of things, but I'm better off shooting my foot.

>> No.9002892

>annoyed the posts were almost identical to each other
>what is a copypasta
I'm not saying that musicanon needs to keep on repeating it to infinity, but I'm disappointed people have decided to modify his post so that it's negative instead of positive. What is wrong with having a nice positive post every few threads? /cgl/ doesn't have be all mean 24/7; there's no need to spin the pasta so that it's insulting.

>> No.9002893

I used corsets in high school in combination with calisthenics. Dropped from a 28in waist to a 24in waist.
Just fyi, the dramatic look goes away if you don't keep up on it.

>> No.9002913

This is kind of OT but

>was weird and awkward in high school, relatively either despised or ignored by everyone
>graduate from HS
>fairly successful, get job immediately after university
>well liked by most of my peers at my job
>people from high school also successful, get a circlejerk of likes on FB whenever they post
>never fucking get a response even when I reply to their posts
>still that fucking awkward kid from high school

And this is why I drown my sorrows in expensive Japanese dresses.

>> No.9002947
File: 60 KB, 600x425, 4264cd49af6b420ec2cca43e9578eaa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It sounds to me like he just wanted to get in your pants and be the Mr.Yan and make you his couch waifu. Glad you got out of that though, he sounds crazy. Like, he'd kill you on accident and dress your body up to have tea parties with him.

>> No.9002956

>tfw seriously plateaued
>regular weight training since last month
>gain more weight from muscle and waist not any smaller
>jsks & skirts w/shirring & blouse sleeves are tight


>tfw hairy w/pale skin
>spend over 1 hr waxing & epillating legs
>still a lot of missed spots
>tfw want to say fuck all and wear pants all summer

It's like no matter how I go about removing unwanted hair, a new patch grows in 15 mins.

I might have to get them sugared once I can afford to splurge. Ugh. I feel so unkawaii for being muscular & hairy. Sometimes I wonder if it's a hormonal imbalance.

>> No.9003033

Just got the call telling me I got the job. Graduation is this weekend. I couldn't be happier. I studied real hard and now I'll be able to "buy mo' brand"

>> No.9003076

Feeling lonely again. Jealous, all people I know have someone they can ask to meet up with. While I'm completely dependent on open meetups for fandoms and cosplay for any proper social interaction.
>I will never be part of an idol group and practice and have fun together

Literally everyone I know have more friends than me.

Wanted to finish a cosplay for anime club tomorrow, but no motivation anymore

And I keep eating too much, never losing that weight I should lose for cosplays I want

>> No.9003079

You should find some real friends.

>> No.9003083

this is where you're supposed to break out the laxatives

>> No.9003098
File: 310 KB, 580x282, c4jt321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>apply for a course which will help me on the way to becoming a vet
>I have the grades and everything already where as some people will be getting them in summer
>the application system fucks up and they say it's not their fault and they can only move it to the day I called them
>mfw I applied super late now thanks to that
>mfw I ended up being put on the waiting list which is just polite talk for I didn't get in
> 'Oh well I'll just apply to the same course in a different college'
>I applied for it last year and basically got an Unconditional Offer
>family then decided to force me into art of all things?
>praying they don't take it out on my frilly ass for leaving them hanging
>it's now been two weeks and I haven't heard a single peep from them

>> No.9003138

Truth. This is why I don't believe that anon. Waist training results vanish INSTANTLY after you quit. Like within a few days.

>> No.9003144
File: 19 KB, 307x212, 1444509010808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't you get into woman studies, so later you can device a plan and say the application system at that collage was patriarchy or something. Then destroy the college with you new formed feminist cult. Seems like it has been working for a lot of other feminist and sjw.

>> No.9003150

Sort of OT, but what job could you get with a degree in Women's Studies? Are you limited to teaching? Do they work at community centers or something? I have always been confused about this.


I just spent a bunch of money on serger cones and woolly nylon. I am glad to have the supplies, but damn that was a hit to my wallet.

>> No.9003164

If you look it up there are quiet a lot of decent paid jobs in woman studies. Most that would only benefit woman of course hence the sexist name woman studies. Of course if you aren't satisfied with your degree you can complain about it on the Internet and tell people that there should be more woman's going into stem cell research.

Or you can be like me and get a comp Sci degree which pays you 60-100k a year which you can use the money to take your cosplay or Lolita fashion to the next level.

>> No.9003169

I kek'd. I do have mild IBS-C , but I'd rather take those when I REALLY need to. I was hoping that working out regularly will help my dumb tummy, but I still look/feel bloated and I can't stop belching.

/polite sage for tmi/being even more unkawaii.

>> No.9003173

>Or you can be like me and get a comp Sci degree which pays you 60-100k a year which you can use the money to take your cosplay or Lolita fashion to the next level.

I don't get this high and mighty acting over STEM Yeah, it's cool and well paid and so on, but what if I have absolutley no talent in any STEM field? Am I a terrible human who is doomed to have minimum wage jobs because I couldn't into STEM? Am I a lower, totally unhip unworthy woman?
I don't advocate womens' studies or whatever weirdly specific degrees Americans have, but stop it with the "why don't you just go into STEM and earn easy cash?!!?!" attitude.

Sage for OT.

>> No.9003184

Personally I wish I could just be a neet.
Also nobody is doomed to be anything. Everything has the equal chance to become something or gain something some of us might have to work harder but if you really want something you can archive it. Don't let your dreams be dream. Whatever your dream is, sometime it takes time. If you don't have time make time, if you need time take it slow! No go out there and make some lemonade!

>> No.9003191

>if you really want something you can archive it
>archive it

>> No.9003202

Same here familia.

I've been belittled by people who are STEM majors because I chose to pursue the arts, and I'm fully aware of the stigma; there's a statement every year about worst paid majors and I don't need to be reminded irl. I can't really help that I suck at applied math.

I've never shat on another person for their major or asked what they can "do with it" (it's seriously invasive, imo). It'd be nice if people who did that returned that kind of respect.

I also dislike the easy cash attitude. It's becoming more and more prevalent in altruistic fields like nursing. People should do a certain kind of work because they want to and because they believe it can help make the world a better place.


>> No.9003203

>archive your dreams and strive for nothing

>> No.9003211

My cosplay partner in crime is moving within 100 miles of me! It sounds like a pretty far distance, but its so much closer than she has been for about a year. I'm excited to go to cons in our area together!

On the slightly petty side, she's gotten a lot more attention than me recently on social media and in person for her cosplays and I'm a little jealous. I'm trying to use that to motivate me to get gud rather than be a catty jealous friend.

>> No.9003213

I'm in pretty much the exact same situation. You're not alone, we can be bitter aidorus together.

>> No.9003216

>I've been belittled by people who are STEM majors because I chose to pursue the arts, and I'm fully aware of the stigma; there's a statement every year about worst paid majors and I don't need to be reminded irl. I can't really help that I suck at applied math.
Same here. I wish i was good at math, or technology, or IT, but I'm simply not. I don't even do an art degree yet people are still like "Y U DO DIS WHAT WILL U DO WITH UR LIFE WHY DONT YOU BECOME AN ENGINEER".

>I've never shat on another person for their major or asked what they can "do with it" (it's seriously invasive, imo). It'd be nice if people who did that returned that kind of respect.
Oh God, this question, I hate it sooo much. Funny how I've never heard this question asked to someone who studies Math or Biology even though in my country, these majors are doomed unless you are either extremly lucky or talented, or do a more specific major after your Bachelor degree.

>I also dislike the easy cash attitude. It's becoming more and more prevalent in altruistic fields like nursing. People should do a certain kind of work because they want to and because they believe it can help make the world a better place.
Eh I don't know where you live but nursing is mostly shit. Mostly, though, it is really a broad field with lots of jobs and educational backgrounds (trades, studies, work experience, where you work, etc) so generalising is pretty stupid.

Anon you sound like you watch too many Disney movies or something.

>> No.9003221

gdi. meant to reply to this.

Exactly. I expect this shit on my IW bodices, but even when I'm wearing a good bra, I get it on my AP jsks too. wtf.

>> No.9003225

Proud of you anon for not being THAT friend. I'm actually on the opposite spectrum of that right now with someone who I thought was my best friend but treats me like a frenemy. It sucks because I'm just trying to better myself and she makes it feel like a competition.

>> No.9003232
File: 66 KB, 600x599, HPD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah. My area have recently opened up nursing colleges and a number of clinics, as well as expand the main hospitals, however, the manufacturing jobs are going away, and so anything in the medical field is desired in these parts.

That being said, it can be a tough job, and the benefits aren't as great as they used to be (according to older nurses I've talked to), and I feel like a lot of (younger) people I've come across who are pursuing nursing simply because of pay don't have the tenacity and bedside manner.

>> No.9003309
File: 84 KB, 720x480, 1462225931925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhhh I have 2 feels

I have a friend who thinks she knows everything and it really pisses me off. My bf is /fit/, I have several health professionals in my family and I've struggled with EDs enough to know a lot of info about diet and working out. But she acts like I'm talking shit, because apparently doing 20 sit ups counts as a full workout that is comparable to 2 hours actually working out. No matter what I say, however nicely, rationally or fairly I explain it, she won't listen. We're going for 2 different body shapes but I know how to make her achieve what she wants. I don't try giving her unwanted advice or anything but I'm getting shot down about what I'm trying to do the my own body. I'll spend time at the gym and she mocks me for doing cardio because apparently it's pointless. Whether it is or not, I enjoy it and it's annoying to hear complaints when she's not doing anything to change her situation aside from the bare minimum. I mean I really love her, but this has just been annoying me recently and I needed to vent. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Keeping it cgl related:

I bought a pair of shoes online (new) that I was assured would fit. They came after several weeks and of course they're the wrong size, oh, and they're a replica. I didn't realise they were a replica (I'm not familiar with this particular brand much) until I saw the logo in the shoe that wasn't shown in the stock photo. Why jesus.

>pic of midori because she's pretty

>> No.9003327
File: 103 KB, 481x269, 1455943092046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>SFV Ken cosplay will be super amazing

>Except the rashguard won't have the red streaks

>> No.9003344

I like you anon, but holy shit lay off the kiddie anime

>> No.9003375

>Moved away from friends for uni
>Miss huge con on our side of the country since I'm on the island for school
>Managed to snag a big commission to be able to get to con next November.
>super excited
>BFF then tells me that she's not going since she hasn't had fun in the past two years and is going to a larger con out of province which is a SPN con, not my interest.
>I don't even feel like going if she isn't. I know I will just feel lonely and a bit left out by my other cosplay friends since they are in cliques and I'm not.
>Guess I'm doomed to only attend the small shitty con I have by my uni.

>> No.9003414

Let her work out the way she wants to then. It doesn't seem like there's much you can do since you've already tried motivating her and showing her what to do. Continue to work out the way YOU know is right, and let your body speak for itself. It's obvious she needs to learn the hard way.

Wish you were my friend anon...I could use proper direction in working out.
>cause dem half shirred jsks tho

>> No.9003441

Sigh, you're right. You can't really see the changes that have happened to me yet, so when i look on top form maybe she'll cut me some slack. I guess it's annoying because I don't tell her what to do at all, but she acts like I'm wrong wrong wrong all the time. Like seriously, after years feeling awful about my body, I'm feeling healthy and it's really not helping, not to mention it's just plain annoying. I guess it especially frustrates me when she gets her gym membership paid for and lives in a big house with no job, funded by her parents. I honestly wish she'd use it! She's barely attempting and she thinks she can slate my efforts.
Uhhhh whatever I'm drifting into salt territory now, I'll stop being a salty seadog.

Aww anon you warm my heart, I'd try my best to motivate you! It really helps if you go to the gym with someone else, honest! Do it for the brand! If you really need someone to motivate you I'll try helping! ...if I even can from over the Internet, but still!

>> No.9003447

But I like anime.... that's the only reason I go to cons...

>> No.9003469

my friend's girlfriend goes on tumblr way too much and holy shit she victimizes herself about everything.
>insists she's asexual since there is no sexual attraction to my friend
>will do sexual stuff with everyone but him behind his back

fuckin raging

I hate tumblr cunts like this and yet I gotta drag her weeaboo ass to a jfashion meetup or else I'll look like a dick. telling her I'm sick wont work since we'd both be taking seperate cars, ugh.

>> No.9003471

what is systemic racism, lack of money, and sheer mediocracy. not everyone is meant to or has the means to go to college, or pursue STEM related degrees. society depends on manual labor and someone has to do the little rudimentary stuff like collect trash or fix a car. and there's no shame in that at all.

but also you can dream all you want about being an astronaut or an artist but sometimes the hard truth simply is you just aren't smart or talented enough. you eventually need to accept reality at some point.

>> No.9003474

>do it for the brand

Thats the only thing that motivates me to lose weight as im actually generally ok being chubby lol

Hey do you think its worth it to get a gym with a pool? I plan on swimming for my cardio since its easier on joints (injured my knee recently), I hear swimming is real great for weight loss.

>> No.9003476

>hurr why try and fund vocational and tech schools and educate the lower class workforce when we can just petition to raise the minimum wage?
>I'm sure THAT will solve the problem!
here's the hard truth for YOU: we only need so many trashmen and mechanics

>> No.9003480

>but also you can dream all you want about being an astronaut or an artist but sometimes the hard truth simply is you just aren't smart or talented enough. you eventually need to accept reality at some point.
You must be super fun to be around

>> No.9003484

Also it's really amazing that you think being an auto mechanic is "rudimentary".
Unless you're working at Billy Joe Bob's House of Fix-It in Giterdun, Arkansas, being a mechanic requires schooling, certification, and a few thousand dollars worth of tools that you're EXPECTED to provide for yourself.

>> No.9003485

Oh please, like people want to educate the lower class workforce. Those in higher classes are happy to keep them where they are. Someone has to flip the burgers and take care of the garbage.

spoiler alert: we only need so many engineers (what I'm trying to say is that not EVERYONE has to be one to live)

>> No.9003486

its not fun, but it is true to a point

Dont have perfect eyesight? Well you arent becoming a pilot anytime soon

Arent japanese? Arent becoming a geisha any time soon

In a wheelchair? Not joining the military any time soon.

Certain jobs you are just doomed not to have, especially one like an astronaut.

However saying you arent talented enough for something is just bull, talent can be made through practice, and plenty of untalented people get rich (Twilight anyone?)

>> No.9003498
File: 146 KB, 900x900, 1437512705964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't believe you
someone would actually have to be the devil to be this bad of a person
are you like exaggerating an extreme amount

>> No.9003518

I wish.
>just learned of this yesterday and now they're both coming over in 20 minutes
Its gonna be hard not to side eye that bitch to hell and back

>> No.9003519
File: 969 KB, 500x450, 6JZWT.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start new job a month ago
>finally feeling useful and not as clueless
>starting to get to know my coworkers
>one's a tumblr weeb, talks my ear off about AoT and Star Wars
>it's mostly her talking over me so I figure I'll just keep hiding my power level
>today a different coworker who's been super friendly and patient with me is talking about his recent cops
>spent almost 1k on accessories, other coworkers in shock
>decide to take the leap
>"actually I kinda get it, I have a sort of obscure hobby that most of my paycheck goes into, and people are always saying I shouldn't waste my money on it"
>asks me what it is
>"uh I wear this street fashion that's from japan, it's kinda weird but you wear these big poofy dresses and -"
>he knows what lolita
>actually get to talk lolita at work without weeb and with someone who actually gets it somehow
>he says we should plan a day and go shopping

I think I made a friend guise

>> No.9003520

>you just aren't smart or talented enough
You sound like an edgy self-absorbed teen. Here's the thing, munchkin: There is no 'not smart enough' and talent is as relevant as my dead grandmother to this conversation. Unless you're a bumbling retard who thinks 2+2=banana, you'll be smart enough. It's only a question of actually wanting and trying to accomplish what you set out to do.

And I don't mean that in a 'you can do anything if you set your mind to it' way, because there are physical limitations and circumstances of life that will prevent you from achieving your dreams. I can't be a US Marine since I'm a scrawny, near-sighted midget who lives on a different continent, for example. I can't be a Catholic priest either because I'm a woman, or hang out with millionaires because I'm a poor nobody.

But I've had it with people whinging how dumb and un-talented they are and how bad they are at X subject because each and every curriculum in this world is designed for normal human beings and not supermutants, It's just a matter of hard work.

I barely passed secondary school maths and now I'm at the top of my class in college, because I took the time to actually understand the subject and practise instead of brushing it off as something 'I just don't have the gift for'. But feel free to remain a scrub barely scraping by and blame it all on 'systematic racism', you dumb yank. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel better, just don't force your 'reality' upon others.

>> No.9003521

no i actually kinda don't believe you
what are the facts

>> No.9003526

>tfw I was supposed to go to otakon this year with my first boyfriend and now he just broke up with me
We went last year, my life was on track. We were going to do a couple's cosplay of remilia and sakuya. But now it's over, I have nothing.

I was so excited to cosplay with the person I love, sharing my favorite hobby with him, but I fucked up and now I'm back to being alone. I wanted my first relationship to last forever so that's why I waited and now everything is all messed up.

Yes, I'm a guy, and all i want is a qt trap bf who I can cosplay with and who loves me and i love him.

>> No.9003540

>tells friend she's ace
>friend accepts this because he enjoys her company
>she's super emotionally dependent on him
>most sexual they ever do together is uh.. he jerks off to her when she gets out of the shower (why he told me this i don't know)
>gets a text from his gf that was sent to several people other than just him
>its nudes
>her phone is broken so he takes a look at it
>gets a text from one guy while hes holding it "cant wait to play with your tits again"
>she fesses up and says "we've done everything but sex"
>still insists that she's ace
I know asexuality has to do with sexual attraction and the desire to have sex with is completely different.. but that's shady to do sexual things with seemingly everyone but him.

thats what I know.

sage for ot

>> No.9003545
File: 147 KB, 321x321, snooploli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you! I'll try to believe in me, too.

>> No.9003583
File: 81 KB, 736x481, mcloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to a far-off con at the end of the month.

I'm hoping to meet a new gf, as an excuse to move there.

Because fuck my town. It reeks of my old life.

>> No.9003611

I'm kind of drifting away from my con friends. Were hardly in the same fandoms anymore and most of them seem to have stagnated at like 18, they don't have jobs and aren't pursuing any real degrees beyond some vague art stuff. They just live at home and complain about how expansive cosplay is and at this point it just feels like hanging around with a bunch of kids even though we're all roughly the same age...

>> No.9003625

That's how I felt, I ditched my friends, now I don't have any.... savor them for a little longer anon until you are ready to be forever alone in your journey to great riches and happiness which is just another lie sociaty has created for us....

>> No.9003628

She sounds like a spoiled person that has been elevated her whole life and feels the need to be "right all the time" because that's what she's used to. I strongly suggest for your mental health that you distance yourself from her, at least until you're where YOU want to be with your fitness journey. She has a fancy gym membership, good for her. That shit is worthless if you don't go or don't know what you're doing. Don't let her negativity spread to you. As someone who's recovered from ednos, I strongly advise you to keep her as a casual, once in a while friend. Relapse is possible at any given time, and someone like that could easily trigger you.

I tried getting my friend to go with me but she ended up getting a gym membership with her husband. I rarely ever go now because I have zero idea what to do aside from excessive amounts of cardio. It never used to be difficult for me to lose weight when I was younger. But I've been saving, passing on them new releases, so I can hire a personal trainer.
IT'S ALL FOR THE BRAND!! That misty sky op is my dream dress....but my arms are so huge...someday damn it!

>> No.9003631


>> No.9003640

This. Society runs on menial labor yet for some reason people look down on the ones who do those jobs. Everything that is convenient, like fast food, trash service, lawn service, cleaning staff, etc. We need people to do those jobs to have the level of convenience we're used to.

But still, it's kind of cruel to get someone's hopes up for something they simply can't do. Not everyone is good at math or sciences so would you force your C average kid to become an engeneer? It reminds me of that scene from Little Miss Sunshine when the brother, who really wanted to be a pilot, finds out he's color blind. Doesn't matter how much he dreams or works towards it, if you're colorblind you can't be a pilot. Same thing with drawing. Sometimes you practice as much as possible but you simply don't have the knack for it. Talent is more like a predisposition along with extended practice and interest in the subject. You can practice a lot with the piano and really like it though, and still not be more than mediocre at it.

>> No.9003644

All of that can and will be automated.

>> No.9003645

Oh man this is so true, and I think about it whenever I watch the try outs for American idol. Being a singer is these people's dreams, but so many of them suck so much. Video related.


>> No.9003651

But it's not yet so
This argument is irritating because people don't think about implementation of said systems. It ain't cheap and certainly not possible to get 100% coverage in rural areas. We've automated customer service on phones and those same people that bitch are the same people claiming everything should and will be automated.

>> No.9003653

Congrats, I hope he isn't a creep

>> No.9003654

>posted by someone who has never worked in the service industry and doesn't understand customers flatly hate automation as opposed to competent workers

>> No.9003668

I wasn't arguing, I'm not that anon. I work in automation and robots are replacing your jobs.

>> No.9003675
File: 513 KB, 2275x1690, 1417576133358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No worries guys I am going to put the thread back on track.
>tfw no cosplay or jfash gf

>> No.9003716

I wish someone would have told med this before I committed social suicide. I thought I would be able to make new friends once I was ready, but no

>> No.9003717
File: 577 KB, 800x900, image_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw jfashion is only directed towards woman, and rarely man.
>tfw to ugly/fat to wear ouji

>> No.9003733

I'm not going to ditch them just because of that, but I have other friends who I see more often so it's not like I'm be all alone of I stop hanging out with them.

>> No.9003737

Wrong. Japanese/Korean men are huge fashion whores. There's a huge industry for that there. /fa/ is weeaboo as fuck but for clothes. Y-3 (Yohji Yamamoto), Masunaga Optical, NON-No, etc.

Unfortunately though it's just as boring as men's fashion in the west.

>> No.9003742

Sorry this isn't cgl related. I'm just so content at the moment. I had a really nice heart-to-heart earlier today (or yesterday rather, looking at the time) with my parents. My dad laid out some pretty powerful stuff that neither mom or me really knew before. He talked about his life as a kid and some pretty rough stuff he'd gone through. And he owned up to some of the not so great stuff he'd done in the past. I was so happy that he finally opened up since he's one of those stoic, keep-everything-inside types (I guess its a foreign dad thing, dunno if anyone gets what I mean). He openly sobbed in front of me which was pretty crazy to see. I've never in my life seen that side of him. Everything went so well.

>> No.9003749

>people have decided to modify his post so that it's negative instead of positive
Well how else can we get him to fuck off?

>But why do you need someone to parrot literally the same compliment at you a dozen times?
Like I've said, massive egos need lots of feeding.

>> No.9003760

Most of them wind up in completely unrelated fields and just have on being a feminazi as a hobby, but those who insist on being a professional feminazi typically become writers (glorified bloggers) for shitty biased "news" sites like buzzfeed.

>> No.9003766

Friends come and go but waifu pillows will be always there for you.
A great man once said "No Waifu No lifu " - Great Man

You don't have to fully ditch them, you can see them maybe once a year. One thing I learned is friends come and go, but there will be a day you look back and kind of miss them. Make memories and archive it into you heart.

Man I feeling deep today.

>> No.9003771

That's fantastic, Anon! I don't know if it's just a foreign dad thing, my dad's a pureblooded Texan and he's the same way.

>> No.9003776

>job for woman's studies
Work at a 5 guys.

>> No.9003780

It took a few months for me. I was corset training for literally an entire day's worth of school, I sometimes slept with it on.
I was really keen on tight-lacing back then.

>> No.9003782

>tfw I only cry when I watch a sad moment in anime....

>> No.9003819

>I've never shat on another person for their major or asked what they can "do with it"
Yeah that's because you just can't do those things. It'd be like a homeless person trying to make fun of some rich persons mansion. You're just not in the potion to do it even if you wanted.

>> No.9003821

The only legit job I've seen people with the degree get is mammogram operators

>> No.9003826

>foreign dad thing
What does that even mean? Are you seriously generalising the whole planet outside of the States?

>> No.9003827

>it's insulting.
Wow, do you actually feel genuinely insulted by those posts despite them VERY obviously just being a parody of the originals? You think someone actually wants to drop napalm on you because you play some instrument? Damn no wonder you're so upset over the parody ones if you genuinely felt special like the original was actually directed at you.

>> No.9003830

They might not like them, but their distaste for robots is less powerful than their desire to save 0.5% off the price of that new <insert item>.

Because we're all too poor to afford humans, we'll just have to accept our robot overlords. I for one welcome them.

>> No.9003897
File: 75 KB, 720x480, 1462225993466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes! Go swimming! I'm >>9003441 and honestly swimming is one of the best things you can do. Don't quote me on this but I've been told swimming can be 25% more effective than just going to the gym. Especially if you've injured your knee, you don't want to go to hard or feel like you're limiting yourself in the gym, so definitely try swimming or maybe take some aqua aerobics classes.

It's true, damn it. It's hard because she is my best friend so I can't cut her off for one annoyance. She knows about my past ED but I never really said how severe it is, I really downplayed it, so that's my fault. There's no point correcting her, it's like talking to a brick wall. I guess it's her own insecurities that are forcing her to act like this, but it's hard when she feeds me pasta because it's apparently going to help me lose weight (and I'm one of those people who will eat anything when I go over to someone else's house, so that's my own fault really)
Sorry to ramble on! I really needed this little vent.
Misty sky is so gorgeous, if you get it one day anon let me live vicariously through you as there's no excercise I can do to make it fit my 6" ass

>have another picture of midori because she's cute

>> No.9003917

Actually the ninja looking flabby pants from Yohji are very interesting, thanks for the info you might have changed me into a /fa/g

>> No.9003922


I do, but I should grow up or chuck facebook. RIght now though it's the only way I keep in touch with some of my closest friends. So attempting to mature it is.

>> No.9003931
File: 492 KB, 1000x488, 1462501141242.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I met someone in a friend making thread whom I stopped contact with because holy shit. I somehow met this person again... different account. Tried to add me from ten different accounts

Goddamn holy fuck I'm terrified. I think some other person ran into this person and posted about all the weird random crazy word salad shit they received. If youre out there girl please tell me account names so I can look out next time.

>> No.9003942

I'm hitting my mid 20s and I haven't been in a relationship for almost 3 years, I'm afraid that all the "good guys" have already been taken, especially the geeky ones.
I'm currently eyeing this one perfect dude, but he lives 5 hours away and I cry because I would totally flirt with him and ask him to hang out if I weren't so far away. I want to go to a certain con just to hang out with him but. No money.

>> No.9003945
File: 2.56 MB, 336x335, 1455369426284.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw a group of fatty chans in the background ruins your otherwise perfect outfit shot

>> No.9003970

Unless they're in the foreground with you you should just be able to photoshop them out? Content aware fill is a hell of a drug

>> No.9004297

Swimming is awesome for losing weight! You have to use your whole body to do it, and if you have some sort of injury like your knee, it's so much easier on you than alternatives like running or lifting.

>> No.9004301
File: 850 KB, 400x426, 1425676358240.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me swimming to lose weight
>put weights on my legs for max gain
>mfw I almost killed myself

>> No.9004358
File: 986 KB, 500x281, 1bcd15613f1ef8ef6286062107f79de10fa48dd6a8b9329e96c25f5f85085199.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I have a crush on a girl I hate (she hates me too) and I don't know how to feel about it. She's a total bitch and is infamous on here for a few shitty things.
But she's also really beautiful, and her coords are always on point. I love her style so much. We have the same taste and views on everything, and honestly I'm as much as a mega bitch as her. I just keep it more low key.
We would make the cutest bitchy girlfriends if we didn't despise eachother.

>> No.9004382

I'm in love with my ex-bf's sister, and I want to gf her at the con next week.

>> No.9004400
File: 84 KB, 656x597, 1459669440682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to watch some Sex and the City to lift the mood about this.

You should be feeling like this if you are in your mid 30s, not 20s. That's what I'm telling myself, at least. But now your post made me anxious.

>> No.9004402

but what about the water spiders?

>> No.9004425

I'm just extremely salty about my tits making it nearly impossible to wear what I want. They can't fit into most lolita stuff, and the few dresses I could probably get into would look stupid on me because they've got ruffles on the chest, which always looks godawful on larger chests. And then I can't even really wear the J-Fash styles I want to because a large portion of the styles rely on baggy/loose stuff which just makes you look fat with a bigger bust.

I will never be the qt mori girl or princess lolita I want to be and it sucks major ass.

>> No.9004430

breast reduction and weight loss are some of your options

Also binding, and minimize bras and getting the dresses altered

>> No.9004440

It's choke isn't it

>> No.9004444

Nope. Way less popular.

>> No.9004446

Binding doesn't do a whole lot for me - I've definitely tried, but G cups aren't that workable - but I am saving up for breast reduction, slowly but surely! I'm actually pretty darn slim, just with Barbie tits glued to my chest. I'm looking forward to the reduction, but it's gonna take about a year more to be able to afford it 'cause insurance is a bitch about these things.

>> No.9004456

Well im glad youre saving up! Im about your cup size actually and I fucking HATE my breasts, but Ive also gained weight that went to them so I know if I lose weight I can go back to where I was before.

My cousin was like you though she naturally just had HUGE breasts the minute she hit puberty basically and would cry because finding clothing was so hard, we actually helped get her breasts reduced as a birthday gift and she could not be happier with her smaller boobies

>> No.9004470

>used to have 23" waist and 35" hips
>now have 27" waist and 40" hips
>decided to cosplay from Wakfu
>losing weight
>praying that weight sheds from waist and not hips, because Wakfu ladies have enormous hips
>tfw you lose the hourglass, but become the glorious pear

>> No.9004474
File: 9 KB, 203x185, 2016-05-13-12-59-31-1308619685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Praise the pear

>> No.9004481

I've heard that doing some work outs that focus on the chest area can help work them down too? I've been trying that for a few months and while I haven't noticed much difference, it may work better for you? It's worth a try!

But god, yeah, and what kinda sucks about my breasts is that they weren't always comically large, when puberty hit they were only Bs, but once I hit 17 they just decided to grow suddenly? My doctor said it was normal, but going up more than a few cup sizes after you've mostly stopped growing is kinda terrible. Plus you lose all of the shirts and dresses in your wardrobe.

I'm glad to hear about your cousin, it's good to know she's happy with her smaller chest.

>> No.9004490

Holy shit that gif
Iktf though, there's one land whale in my comm that thinks it's cute to photo bomb every.single.picture.

>> No.9004497

What did you think would happen? There's a reason why cement shoes are so effective...

Just allow yourself the hate boner and find someone worth the trouble.

>> No.9004498

>Taking a week off work before a con near my hometown
>Need to power through and build a huge prop
>Planning to spend most of time working on it
>Mom calls me yesterday
>"Oh anon, something came up and we have this huge list of things you need to do while you're home"

>> No.9004500

Tell your mom to stop oppressing you. Lol

>> No.9004506

maybe someone in a photoshop thread can help remove her?

>> No.9004511

This was kind of my childhood. I spent a lot of time doing things for my mother because she was too busy. At least during high school she paid me for my time, now she's joking about how this will pay for my rent for the week. She thinks that this will be like when my sister spent a month at their house to organize and clean it completely.
Maybe once they see how much I have to do in under a week they will cut me some slack.

>> No.9004516
File: 10 KB, 242x208, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One does not simply remove fatty chan

>> No.9004517

I'm scared to post the images since I know a few comm members lurk here. But I usually just deco the shit out of the picture and cover her face. It's not great, but it does the job.

>> No.9004522
File: 77 KB, 400x400, 62846168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to become alpha mah friend. Tell her you gonna do the things she want you to do when you got the time, and by time I mean never.

>> No.9004530

I stood up for myself when she first mentioned it, but balancing house work, friends, and cosplay all in one week will be tough. I'm taking a week off of work for my parents. it was for me.

>> No.9004555


>> No.9004566


I do this to my Girlfriend a lot sometimes where I go on about whats going on in the games I play currently, its a guy thing I guess I dunno.
Although I try my best to talk about conversations she likes to talk about because she's so damn quiet sometimes that its hard to get a convo going with her casually.

>> No.9004599

MILKboy, MYOB, Never mind the XU, HEIHEI, BOZ, h.Naoto (sometimes), Sex Pot Revenge, Super Lovers, etc.

There's a ton of brands that carry interesting clothes for men, not just the more popular boring ones.

You just need to know how to put together interesting outfits. I've seen men wearing 6% DOKI DOKI and Galaxxxy, Nile Perch, and other "just for girls" brands, you just need to know what to do..

>> No.9004620

>tfw waiting for closing date to be confirmed
>tfw so close to being able to buy shit again

>> No.9004624

>have perfect ''white male bearded protagonist" face
>short and slim

>have perfect young male character body
>will never shave beard because its what makes me hot

I guess I could always do an older version of Pit. Or a cute Snake.

>> No.9004633

Pic or you're lying.

>> No.9004868

>Just broke up with girlfriend of 2 years
>Never had any fights and got along great
>Somehow the magic was gone though

It was a mutual break-up I guess, but its still sad to let go. I guess I should just take joy in being a single guy again.

>> No.9004880

A bunch of people are up in arms against the Santa Fe Comic Con thing.

It's a confusing feeling. People who wear skimpy cosplays are supposed to be looked at, even if they're showing off their assets? Like it's okay to ogle 'em? I'd imagine they'd get uncomfortable.

>> No.9005047
File: 14 KB, 240x265, 1325541622703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have "off" digestion after taking an antibiotic in December
>doesn't get better, but I assume it's just my shitty diet so I don't do anything about it
>somehow eat spoiled food so I'm in worse shape
>start eating drastically better but my stomach is still weird, and I'm fatigued all the time
>steady weight loss has slowed to a halt
>now I'm seeing a doctor while also trying to have money put safely away for AX
>surprise, have a cold right before your vacation week

>> No.9005054

This whole thing is pissing me off really badly.

He never said a word against cosplayers who wear skimpy stuff in general. What he's going off against are people he thinks aren't genuine fans, and who are wearing "nerd-themed" clothing and store-bought cosplays just to take photos for the likes and patreon bucks of thirsty dudes.

I'm not defending the guy for making the post in the first place, but I'm really bothered at people being so up in arms over something that was totally not what the guy said.

>> No.9005090
File: 113 KB, 278x400, koncry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to con
>make friends with an obese-chan
>actually cried tonight because obesity causes her so much pain, but she just won't stop eating

Just put down the corndogs. You're such a nice lady.

>> No.9005093

Sloth and gluttony are not deserving of sympathy.

>> No.9005097
File: 115 KB, 245x245, chris evans HOW?????.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> got some lolita stuff sold off in swap meet
> trying to figure out what to buy with the money I got
> Lolita Sales in English has nothing that's interesting and within my budget
> debating if I should spend it all at con tomorrow
> meanwhile doubting that con vendors have anything interesting
> tl;dr Should I spend money on lolita stuff or con stuff???
> mfw

>> No.9005112
File: 334 KB, 628x568, Hnnnnnnnggg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me gf was fatty Chan
>to help her lose weight I would steal her food
>2 years later fatty chance became skinny Chan
>mfw she is skinny and dumped me because I got fat

>> No.9005113

Both, treat yo self

>> No.9005280

Don't worry about it too much anon. I had never had a boyfriend until I turned 24.

>> No.9005281

>mfw when I live in northern ontario and the closest venue is new york

>> No.9005286

I'm so proud of you anon. I was in a similar situation
>father is a serial cheater
>mother in love with him too much
>results in explosive arguments
>plates, cellphones, bags and chairs were thrown at times
>they take out their frustrations on me and criticize most aspects of my life
>start learning to sew for cosplay
>parents tell me it's useless and will never get me anywhere in life
>depression sets in
>mother bitches at me that I'm not supporting her enough even though I console her whenever she cries
>says my depression is a bullshit excuse
>I am a tiny asian gril. Do you expect me to fight a 6ft burly man?
>they finally decide to get a divorce after my sister almost sudoku's
>they're both looking to me for affection
>fuck it I'm outies

Now I've moved in with my boyfriend and we're building me a sewing table. Being with him makes things so much better. My doctor says that the change in environment really helped.

>> No.9005288

>she got skinny because someone was stealing her food
this is kind of amazing
i would have expected her to just buy more food

>> No.9005294

If i have the $$$ do you think i could be the sugar daddy to some cgl anons

>> No.9005305

Yes, these whores will do anything for free money.

>> No.9005307

Says someone from /r9k/ to someone also from /r9k/

>> No.9005308
File: 55 KB, 500x537, 304199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How dare you talk shlt about my seagull princesses.

>> No.9005317

>been kind of sugaring a lolita 'friend'
>bought her half a dozen dresses and a bunch of accessories like shoes and bags, take her out to cute cafes almost every week
>perfect arrangement, it's nothing blatant like she'll just talk to me about stuff she wants occasionally, doesn't make it awkward, we have a ton in common and i love her company
>last week she asked me to start giving her a grand a month for personal spending money
>gently refuse because i'm in the arrangement to live vicariously through her lolita lifestyle, not pay her rent
>i already gift her things like makeup, spa treatments, movie tickets, pay for her groceries occasionally etc
>she completely cuts me off, blocks my number, blocks me on every social media

i never wanted anything romantic or sexual out of the arrangement either. i'm really gutted that apparently our friendship isn't worth maintaining unless i'm shelling out pure cash alongside everything else.

>> No.9005326

>my sister almost sudoku's
Sorry anon, I chuckled.
For real, good on you for getting out of there. Glad things are going better for you and you're in a more positive environment!

>> No.9005328

That's women for you. Never expect them to see you as anything but a living ATM.

>> No.9005333

>tfw i'm a women

>> No.9005336

You should have known better than anyone then.

>> No.9005341
File: 92 KB, 423x951, 1440624236596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me
>be at con
>walking around artist ally
>see sign that say will hold hand for 50 bucks
>mfw I was so fukkuing tempted
>tfw the girl at that stand eyes met mine
>tfw when eyes started to twitch
>lost spaghetti then ran away
So embaressing...

>> No.9005351

>see sign that say will hold hand for 50 bucks
Is this for real? Damn, not even a kiss for 50 bucks? Honestly, 50 bucks should get you at least anal

>> No.9005353

you sound more like a sugar momma than a friend to her

>> No.9005354
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, 1428890109652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow you suck. Must be crazy levels of ugly.

>> No.9005365

28 and no dates. Pleanty of friend zone though. I take refuge in hobbies.

>> No.9005378

feel for u anon

we started off as friends for over a year, and then as I said in my post, I started kind of sugaring her. this was only at the beginning of this year. I wouldn't be so cut if we hadn't been friends prior.

>> No.9005387

you don't, that's the thing
my vidya friend group is falling apart because everyone goes to college and has a job or 2 or a gf, and they're not even cosplayers. I'm the only one who has free time because I don't have a job yet and the prospective part time I'm looking at is like a 1-2 nights a week thing

insulting as in there is an insult in the pasta, not insulting as in they feel directly offended. walnut.

fuck, I think I remember this in one of the threads. I'm sorry anon, some people who lurk here are nutsos

probiotics are your friend. this is the exact situation you're meant to take them in. yoghurts and probiotic pills, buddy

>> No.9005388

she's 23 and a child

you're 28 and a grown man

she's got 5 years to sleep around and nobody would judge you...you need to get your shit together

>> No.9005397

you've became a walking talking wallet to her.
you provided that option and she decided to push it to its limits.
like fuck, I would be overjoyed if my friend got me an expensive dress but I couldn't imagine treating them like an ATM

one of my friends (who moved away- and I lost touch with) used to take my boyfriend and I out to very fancy places occassionally because he knew we couldn't afford it and his girlfriend wanted a double date. He bought gifts for us every now and then and even though he started paying for the double dates upon first meeting him I couldn't imagine seeing him as an ATM and not one of my favorite people.

when the entitlement comes in, she's no longer your friend, just a brat. I'd recommend cutting her off (as in stop buying shit for her completely) and seeing if she treats you differently. (which from the sounds of it, she will)
if she no longer wants your company due to lack of fundage, cut her off.

>> No.9005401

Thank you anon

>> No.9005403

Did you talk about the arrangement?
I had a friend who was spoiling me and I didn't realize it until "we broke up" because she was acting like we were dating and sending me on the friendship roller coaster of feels and fighting.

I would've never asked her for money, especially that much unless maybe there was mention of sugaring

>> No.9005410

like i said, she blocked me everywhere, including my number. i think the friendship/arrangement is well and truly dead. It sucks but I guess listening to what you say it's for the best.

not directly (i don't advertise myself as being a sugar mama, i only sugar girls i have known for a period of time beforehand because it's kind of awkward on my half if i don't connect with them) but we very openly talked about wishlists and what specific items i'd be buying for her, etc. in addition to the gifts. I would guess that her asking for the allowance implies that she was well aware what our relationship was like.

>> No.9005414

I apologize, didn't catch your last post. its for the best indeed.

>> No.9005419

That's a horrible mindset, though.
If you're constantly thinking about that kinda thing while you're with someone you love, it means that you don't trust them.

>> No.9005421

>tfw no cute cosplaying gf to have cosplay sex with and take care of

>> No.9005427
File: 768 KB, 500x340, across the universe yu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading through all this and seeing how rich I am compared to most of you makes me feel like a fucking dirtbag for not appreciating it more.

>> No.9005430
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Where did the last four years of my life go? I was 23 in 2012, just graduated college... It's when I discovered cosplay. Now I'm 27 and I feel like my life is over. My 20s went past in the blink of an eye.

>> No.9005444

>mental battle scars from being "lol so randum XD" as a kid
>too shy to talk to new people now because I'm scared of sounding stupid
I will never get anywhere in life

>> No.9005677

Fuck what people think, just be yourself. Alot of people say I sound retarded or British. And you know what I don't give a Fuck neither should you.

>> No.9005693


Neetdom sounds nice but unless you are super selfish the guilt of being it will eat you alive, along with the ennui that comes about. I'm trying to escape mine but I have the arrogance and hubris to still want a meaningful foot in the door position I can advance from relevant to my major and passion. I'll be the mailroom monkey, I'll be the office bitch, just gimme a chance coach.jpg Going to try again tomorrow, just always get a bit intimidated when I start trying the applications when one literally tells me "hey getting this has worse odds than any admission to any university since we had 600 applications for 1 opening and 1,000 for another").

You'll get another, first loves are rarely the ones that last forever. I'm sure you'll find another qt trap bf.


Having seen what happened to the previous generations - Rejoice! For you will have multiple chances to date again, as breakups and divorce are in everyone's future regardless of if you do or do not post 'save me from the horror of life puppers'. Those geeky good guys will be single again.


It's always really healthy and good to get a sense of perspective - it doesn't mean you are a dirtbag since it's inevitable for one to take their life for granted, but it does let you value and appreciate what you have more. Few months back I was feeling envious of three friends who seemed to have it made and had what I thought were happy loving relationships. I wasn't envious of their BFs specifically more than just the idea of having such happy love. Then I get candid glimpses that rapidly shatter those illusions and make me go "Goddamn I am glad I am not in that kind of a relationship", and I have shit that they would be envious of.

>> No.9005721
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Fake it until you make it bro

>> No.9005817

Post pics. We'll decide if you're too bag trolly.

>> No.9005844
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Fuck New York desu familia. Only two places where you'll find anything worth the effort is NYC and the capital region.

But the city is so fucking nasty, drama this, drama that, MUH RAYCISM. Capital region is just kind of nasty and feels like it's stuck in the early 2000's.


I want to die here. Not to say I don't have my people, I just wish I was back in Texas.

>> No.9005955

A true nerd can always smell out the fake once. Also weebs are superior to western nerds. Thank god I don't live in the city. For some reason every city smells like piss.

>> No.9005959

>casual drunk sex

>> No.9005973

Yea NYC comm sounds awful. I live exactly the same distance upstate from Albany and NYC and thinking about joining Albany's comm since NYC seems to be way too huge.

If they just had a comm in Ithaca...or Syracuse.

>> No.9006084

>throwing out someone who buys you expensive shit

>> No.9006100
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Believe me, I've gone the probiotic route. Next adjustment I'm trying is lowering my fat intake.

>tfw I've reached my first paid vacation week of the year

>> No.9006235

>tfw like empire waist dresses
>have retarded bloated belly
>look stupidly pregnant


>> No.9006262
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Used the same transfer paper with same exact settings that I used on some patches a few weeks back and this shit happens.

I feel hopeless about this cosplay to be honest

>> No.9006361

Wow. I bet she thought that just because you were sugaring her meant she could probably land a real sugar daddy, kek. If it's any consolation she'll probably come crawling back once she realizes there's 100 more attractive sugar babies for every available sugar daddy and she won't get one that doesn't expect her to fuck him.

>> No.9006402

>mfw I teach someone about the rural American, somewhat racist, traditional instrument that is the Jew's harp

Feels good, man. History is a big part of what I like about lolita. I love history in general. I love researching dresses and the evolution of different fashions. I love going to local civil war memorials and taking coord shots. I like finding vintage stuff to wear with my classic dresses. I even have done a lot of research on historical hairstyles. Now if I can just get better at all of this...

>> No.9006490

Fuck them. I agree with everything that Jim said. He was not slut shaming, just making fun of entitled bitches who think they deserve free tickets to events just for existing. I think it's cool, I didn't go to ohayocon when I saw that fucking jnig was a guest. Why would I pay all that money to attend as a cosplayer when I could just get fake boobs and whore myself out and go for free? I don't care to see her ever, I'd rather see seiyuus and artists from shows I like, designers of brands I like, etc. They are actually contributing more than just showing up

>> No.9006524
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>initially came to /cgl/ on bad faith. Heard it was a mostly girl populated board and came to look at cute girls dressed in kawaii fashion.
>assume it's gonna be /soc/ tier attention whoring and general bitchy attitudes.
>Turns out that I was mostly wrong about you guys and you're actually pretty decent people, gave me faith in humanity and modern women again. for the most part some of you bitches are still pretty craycray tho
>Get interested in cosplay stuff legitimately and begin to learn to sew and generally craft outfits.Finally put my weebshit hobbies to good use.
>end up improving self as a person because of a silly little cosplay board on a Mongolian finger puppet shitposting site.
>this board becomes the last place I can turn to for any type of hope in the world.
>That's honestly the most depressing thing to me.
>thanks for accidentally showing me that not everyone is entirely terrible in the world.
>sorry I only visit when I'm drunk. Thanks for the good times we've shared here though.

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