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Old one ded. >>9000104

Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're cgl related.

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One of my lolita friends has become more and more outwardly a gull to the point where it's cringe. She always talks about cgl and what people are saying on cgl at meets and uses cgl terms like instead of saying "I can't go out this weekend. I don't have money.", she'll say "I'm a temp poorfag now kek."

How do I tell her that's cringy as fuck? She's way older than me and I was hoping she'd figure it out but apparently she hasn't.

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Just be honest with her. Tell her that the reason that shit is on /cgl/ is because it's supposed to stay on here. She'll probably catch on. It sounds like the people who constantly reference memes because they're Hip and Randum.

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>elderly black man enters wearing this shirt
>flip out
>start telling him about my SNK cosplay squad
>he's totally confused
>says he got the shirt because his nickname is Tater

Embarrassing, but funny.

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Tell her that /cgl/ hates newfags like her who speak like that.

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>anon sees an elderly black man walk in with a fucking meme SnK shirt and thinks that nigga would have wanted to hear about their shitty cosplay group in the first place

Do you tell everyone who's wearing any kind of SnK merch about your *EPIC* cosplay group, anon? Protip: Don't that's annoying as fuck

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Are you 15?

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>friends flake on me the week before
>don't wanna face the con alone
>my little sister agrees to take their place

I'm sure we'll have fun, but I'm gonna miss my con friends.

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>my little sister
>I'm sure we'll have fun
>that gif

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>dress I've been looking for for ages pops up
>immediately bid
>notice bidding is rising, decide to raise my max bid just incase
>return to auction
>SS placed max bid for that dress on a pair of tights by accident

I'm more confused by how they thought I wanted my maximum bid for a pair of tights to be 20k. If anyone sees IWs Amalia JSK about...

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Damn, niggie. I knew lolita was expensive, but damn.

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Probably meant 20k yen, which is about $200

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Oh, okay. That's pretty understandable for a great dress. :)

Anyway, I just found out my grandmother has HIV, so I may be missing a con this week.

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>mfw a dude I hate is permanently banned from Momocon

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>go to shitty local con at the fairgrounds
>see tons of booby models
>tfw no boobies

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be proud, anon

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>exbf's exgf who I had a serious beef with 3 years ago in high school suddenly follows me on tumblr
>still lowkey have beef with her because she totally jacked my jfash steeze
>broke up with the dude a while ago
>does she want to be lolita buddies or is she here to antagonize me again?
>was she stalking me and accidentally hit follow?
I can't bring myself to block her, I'm really curious. I wonder if she's a gull too.

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Update: it looks like she immediately unfollowed and I'm a little sad

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A bit random but people who still go "I love gays!", make everything gay, talk about being gay constantly etc. are really starting to annoy me.

I don't necessarily feel that mature but it's boring to go cons and meet up with people who will only do the above, or follow artists you saw there who will do the same. It would be one thing if they're like 16, but we're talking 21+ here.

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Tell story plz, me love good story.
Me sleep better after good night story.

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My sides kek.

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I mean unless she's instantly dying I don't see why it'd stop you, unless you're having some family meeting about it
also, please don't use smileys on 4chan, this is why we have the option to upload images

>feeling like I'm bipolar on this board
>half of the time, helpful as shit and nicely telling newfags to stop breaking the rules or lurk more
>half of the time, be that hell bitch who's telling people to kill themselves for making a new thread for their shitty question

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Last thread got to me. Apparently being dateless and 28 automatically makes me a male loser who needs to get with it and start sleeping around.

To everyone with the same opinion: go fuck yourself. It's my business who I respect enough to date and it takes more than a nice time to want sex. It takes someone who can treat me like an equal as well as a lady and if that doesn't exist anymore I'm fine just doing my thing and having one less complication in life. I'd rather go to meet ups and work on my friends cosplays anyway.

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oh brother, why the fuck would you come back and try to defend yourself, kek

just shut off the computer and untangle those panties

it happens

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If only I had such funds, >>9006892 is absolutely correct

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>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, concert whistle, uilleann pipes, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukulele, drums, djembe, guitar, erhu, accordion, concertina, xylophone, euphonium, glass harp, french horn, ocarina, hammered dulcimer, wine glasses, or jew's harp
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can fulfil the role of an orchestral concert percussionist by playing instruments like the triangle, chimes, and cymbals
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing in falsetto, vibrato, or tremolo
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can read musical notation or can conduct an orchestra
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can sing in constructed languages like Hymmnos
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ or use sound synthesis programs
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can write the scripts or songs for musical theatre or may be participants themselves in it's showing
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway

You're just so terrible it's unbelievable.

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>please don't use smileys on 4chan

Especially not alongside "Btw my grandma has HIV"

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It's not much of a story. He basically sexually harassed some other dude "as a joke" and now he's forbidden.

No, he wasn't a Deadpool.

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Imbecile. You always lead off this kind of thing with a very neutral, non-powerlevel-revealing comment like "Oh hey nice shirt" to test if they actually know the show / are a fan or just wearing it ignorantly.

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>Family is normie af
>Quit going to cons and cosplaying because they gave me so much shit about it as a teen
>Go to brunch with mom and sister today
>It's at a Brio, so people show up wearing hoodies and crap.
>Wear casual clothes. Nice jeans, solid color shirt, wingtip shoes, and a cute hairband.
>Mom and sister rip on me in the restaurant telling me how horribly I dress for someone my age.
>"My company hired a girl who is a year younger than you and she always dresses professionally and nice."
>We are at fucking Brio in our trashtown and my sister is dressed like we're going to a bar. And I am the one dressed badly.

I don't understand my family. I'm only 24, what does it matter if I look like a college kid in my down time? If anything I look that mixture of preppy art school kid. Which is what I kind of was, considering I went to artschool? They think that once you hit 21 or something you should be either dressed in bar hopping clothes or like you are working in Wall Street. For casual clothing. Since t shirts and jeans are now apparently not age appropriate. I don't fucking get normies.

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kill them

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>Took a break from cosplay and jfash stuff to focus on school
>Got dream internship, graduating on time, everything's going great
>Friend says she has extra hotel space for AX and asks if I want to come
>Figure I should finally unpack and look at my old cosplays and see if I can find anything for AX
>Realize I can't fit into anything because I've gained so much weight from being in study rooms and eat like shit and sleeping 4 hours a day for the last year and a half

I've decided I have until July any to shed as much weight as possible, but it's really disheartening to really see that I've gained so much weight. I used to be really proud of my formfitting body suits (from EVA and shit) but my day to day wear is yoga pants and loose shirts so I guess I didn't realize the incremental build ups of weight gain.

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>I think I'm way better looking than I really am and have turn down everybody who ever asked me out because I think I deserve some 11/10
>But now I'm ugly, have a bad personality AND i'm old so I've got basically no chance with anyone and take it out by getting angry on the internet

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That's not Normie, sounds like they just want to put you down for the hell of it. Do they often ride your ass?

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what does this even mean
most people have some kind of interest in some area of music

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It's a parody of some other anon who would post the same thing except with lavish, ridiculous compliments and praise at the end instead of insults.

People got annoyed that they posted it EVERY thread for months constantly adding more until eventually they started parodying it out of annoyance.

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Mainly about my looks and stuff. I pretend I don't like anime anymore and I only really play video games for my 3DS now, since I can hide that easily. I honestly think I'm rather pretty, but there is always something wrong with my hair or how I dress? I mean, I'm not terribly good with styling my hair, and it gets frizzy easily. But I think I dress nice and cute. I don't get what people have against dressing youthful and cute in this country.

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>tfw ugly

I've always wanted to cosplay cute characters, but even the one time I tried it I broke down in tears because I look awful and no amount of clothing and make up will make me pretty.
Honestly I'm at a point where I feel jealous of even average looking girls, thinking about how much cuter they are then me and how pretty they'd look all dressed up.

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I was in the same boat last year, check out the plans on http://www.bodybuilding.com/guides
They have some 6-8 week custom plans that are really decent with meal ideas.

You can do it anon!!

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He actually explained the reason he kept posting it once. He added all the things he could think of, then somebody said something he had missed, and so each time he found somebody else who was left out, he would add them for next time.

He just wanted to post it once where nobody was left out, and then he would stop.

Which he might have, I haven't seen it in a while.

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Everyone had already been included when he added that
>may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway
Because like the previous confused anon said before, basically everyone has at least some level of interest in music. It's basically meaningless once it becomes so broad.

But wouldn't you know it, he didn't freaking stop.

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>rushing to get cosplays done for colossal
>stacked on top of finals
>stacked on top of going to acen next weekend too
god save my soul

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>have a huge cosplay planned for AX
>commissioning the entire thing from different people
>one of them backed out
>other one hasn't even asked for my measurements yet
>other girl told me "sure i'll do it" but hasn't asked me to pay for materials yet

Christ /cgl/ what do I do?
anyone here down to make antler props for me?
do you even think this cosplay has a possibility to be completed?

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Ugh, yes. There are so many of these tumblrtards on a site I love, and it's killing me.

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>girl is asking where to get a good petticoat
>tell her malco modes if she's looking for a line
>suddenly a girl pops up with "GET ONE FROM PARTY CITY
>why god would you buy one from there?
>girl is going to buy one from party city instead because its cheaper



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You can get decent, cheapish petticoats from party city. Buy two and you're set.

>> No.9007764

their petticoats are shit, why buy two you have to stack and that will get deflated since theyre costume quality when you can buy one that'll actually last you?

In the long run you spend more rebuying shitty pettis than just buying one good one.

>> No.9007777 [DELETED] 

how much money will it take to buy a /cgl/ gf? asking for when i'm sick of tfw no gf

>> No.9007797

A lot. And it will only increase with time.

>> No.9007831

what if I'm amazing at AirGuitar?

>> No.9007832

>He just wanted to post it once where nobody was left out, and then he would stop.
this sounds like tumblr

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we've gone full circle

no you retard, if someone actually has an interest in a certain instrument it's not just covered by 'has an interest in music'
it's very nice to be appreciated for once if you're someone who plays an uncommon instrument. I play the fucking ukulele and djembe, both instruments that nobody except folk nuts care about, and it's very rare that someone even acknowledges our existence
if it triggers you so much just hide the fucking post.

because not everyone can order online? I would kill for a store that sold even shitty petticoats near me, malco modes would kill me with shipping and customs and melikestea's list has an approx 6 month wait time

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If you have to ask someone to appreciate you then you're not actually being appreciated. You're just taking part in a big ego-stroking circlejerk.

He hasn't heard you play. He doesn't know you.

If you honestly feel happy and proud of somebody "appreciating" you because you asked them to include you in some gigantic, all encompassing list, which you know they'll add on anyone who just asks, then that's honestly kind of sad.

And how many times can you possibly need that hollow, meaningless "appreciation" copy-pasted at you? So egotistical.

>> No.9007858 [DELETED] 

You sound like you have the bigger ego. Do you only accept compliments if they make you feel unique and special?

>> No.9007860

I find that there are more people making fun music chan by posting this than music chan actually posts.

>> No.9007864

Sounds like they're just ribbing you to have something to talk about. Try not to let it get under skin and get the fuck out of there soon as possible.

>> No.9007869

Not unless you start hounding people for updates.

>> No.9007873 [DELETED] 

First of all
You're not "accepting" something if you're the one who asked for it in the first place. There's a subtle difference in the language.

And second
>Do you only accept compliments if they make you feel unique and special?
What, you mean like if I actually did something to earn it? Yeah because that's how it's supposed to work. Why do you think you deserve praise compliments and appreciation for doing nothing? Only a person with a huge ego would want that. Unfortunately, that huge ego of yours will probably prevent you from ever seeing things reasonably. Thinking logically doesn't make you feel good about yourself, so you'll never do it.

>> No.9007887

Just happen right now
>be me reading feels
>thinking about what to cosplay for con next year
>hear the thirst in my belly, must quench it now
>grabs bottle didn't see USB cable around the bottle
>pull on bottle like woman pull on a man jewel
>USB reached max whipping valocity
>USB metal end makes impact straight into my eye giving me a metal cut on my eye
>hurts like the time I got a paper cut on my eye simular story
Hurts like hell

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>got my period for the first time in months (thanks implanon)
>so much work to do on costume for con in july
>this thing is a monster so i need all the time i can get
>can't move, uterus is trying to kill me

this shit is like hitting puberty all over again, i'm having a bad time.

>> No.9008085

My sympathy anon, hope you have a hot water bottle and some painkillers. I've been on the mini pill since I was 17, made my periods lighter and lighter until they basically stopped. Recently had to come off for a few weeks and oh my god was that period bad- 2 weeks, completely immobilized by pain every morning.

>> No.9008146

Happy feels for a change
>be mostly selfmade lolita
>have tons of ideas to make
>have some extra money
>notice there's a sale tomorrow in local fabric store
>I'm gonna get lots of fabrics cheap
>also I found a way to fix my wrongly cutted jsk

>> No.9008213

>be Filipino
>visiting the Philippines
>cousins know I love weeb shit and go to cons all the time
>tell me there's an anime convention at the mall in a few days
>wow an anime convention in the Philippines well let's see this train wreck
>horrible costumes everywhere as expected
>shitty band playing really shitty music drowning everything out
>meet girl cosplaying that girl from Attack on Titan
>make small talk with her
>she notices I have an American accent and is only responding to her in English
>she asks me where I'm from
>tell her I'm from New York
>her face lights up and she starts gushing about how much she wants to visit America
>she asks for my number
>sure why not maybe I can hook up with her or something while I'm here
>day later she's sent me over 80 text messages in the span of 24 hours
>asking me all sorts of personal questions
>start freaking out a little
>asks me if I have a gf and if I want to get married soon
>this is getting too weird so I block her number
>a few days later start getting text messages from a different phone number
>its her, she's asking me why I'm ignoring her
>blocked again
>third set of text messages from a different number
>she sounds mad as fuck and tells me to answer her or she'll make me answer her. fucking what. a lot of caps lock and more vaguely threatening comments
>considered getting the police involved at this point but the whole thing is just too stupid to even bother with
Spent the rest of my trip inside my uncle's house drinking cheap beer and playing video games with my cousins

>> No.9008226

There is nothing wrong with the Leg Avenue petticoats so long as they're not the minis.
A Leg Avenue petticoat is a good alternative, or in some cases a last resort, if someone doesn't have the window of opportunity to order from MM on ebay.
>source: someone whose primary a-line petti for over three years was LA and nobody said anything
However it did finally deflate after years of wear. Just ordered a new one.

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>be newly-turned-18-year-old me a year ago
>meet this guy at a small con afterparty, let's call him K. he seems nice at first but turns out to be a huge perv
>find out he was making dodgy comments to my friend earlier in the day about a 14 year old cosplayer (K was 23 at the time)
>something along the lines of "if her dad wasn't with her i'd be getting in there"
>see him making creepy tweets/comments on cosplayers' photos
>eventually starts being overly friendly with me, talking to me on skype every day
>got a bad feel about this, scoob
>begins awkwardly commenting on my cosplays in PMs
>i try to avoid him like the plague knowing what it was probably gonna turn into but he ends up asking me out over league of legends client chat (classy)
>i decline his offer of a date, he stops talking to me regularly and i just see him at cons and events now and then, side eye him for questionable actions and comments from afar with my friends
>he never really did anything too bad to me, so i never reported him or called him out publically. i spread the word to some people, but i knew if it got too out of hand it'd get messy
>a few months pass
>see pics of K on facebook at a 14+ event of him shirtless dancing with younger cosplayers, cringe a lot
>recently, go to a con and afterparty, pass two girls i vaguely knew a few times throughout the day, K had been hovering around them awkwardly every time.
>he starts coming onto two girls at the afterparty later on, who have recently turned 18, and were presumably somewhat under the influence
>he ends up grabbing one of the girls' thighs while sitting next to her
>they freak out, tell security and he gets chucked out and banned from the con's future events and word of what happened spreads round the comm.

tl;dr feels good to see a guy who creeped on me and many other girls finally get his just deserts.

still feel kinda bad for the poor girl getting groped, but her and her friend just seemed happy to finally have him off their backs.

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All I want is a little sister to school in Lolita and talk about coords and other KAWAII stuff with. I've been in the fashion since 2010 and I've been a lonelita for most of it. I had a friend who fit that role for a while but she was just using me.

What am I supposed to do? I just wanna be someone's cool Lolita Senpai and help them become the best Lolita they can be.

>> No.9008398

Where you at anon?

>> No.9008413

p-please be my senpai

>> No.9008419 [DELETED] 

Location is probably going to be an issue for most people since only a few people on cgl are where I am, but I'm mainly looking for an online thing for now.

I'm pretty sure I could help someone not in my area more, too.

I'll be your Senpai if you don't mind OTT sweet trash. I'm also pretty harsh with concrit because I think it builds a better Lolita, but I will do my best and always be honest in helping.

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>going to my second meet with my comm
>have a few coord options
>not sure which one to wear
>have minor criticisms about all of them
>each option seems better and worse than the other
>mfw i just want to have a compliment-able coord and make lolita friends

>> No.9008430

Are you a cosplayer, you said you dress up?

>> No.9008548

just try to be a good person and save up for plastic surgery anon

>> No.9008563

>tfw not ott sweet trash
>still want a mentor
>even got a sort of an offer but haven't messaged that girl in 5 months
idk. I have a lolita buddy who steers me away from shit like etsy necklaces marked as handmade that use charms off ebay, but it's not enough

>> No.9008618

Try the coord help thread?

>> No.9008672

>Got a girl in my comm who's slowly becoming more and more of a lolcow
>The shit she says is hilarious
>Cant post it on CGL because it'd be to obvious that it's me
Guess I'll just enjoy her stupidity with my friends

>> No.9008678

I'm not a sweet lolita, but I'd love a critical eye on my coordinates and to just talk.
I'm pretty new, I'm starting to build my wardrobe and working on my first coordinates.

>> No.9008679

>want to cosplay or get into lolita comms and etc because both sound nice
>been lurking for ages and have a couple of dresses from here now + have made more than a few cosplays
>worn them around the house
>never in public because I'm ugly
>like, legitimately ugly, fucking horrid looking and not 'omg tell me I'm kawaii anons uwu' ugly but like legitimately look like a pig/monkey combo thing

I know I'm wasting money but it feels nice to have these things, even when I'm never gonna wear them in public.

>> No.9008682

I hope you share pictures online where you can. You can always block out your face, but that way you can participate in the community somehow.

>> No.9008700

Wear masked cosplays.

>> No.9008721 [DELETED] 

Oh god just shut up and stop shitposting because you have a dumbfuck opinion about compliments

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File: 3.91 MB, 270x263, 1459001882819.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i will never be dominated by a girl cosplaying as franziska von karma
Feels pretty bad desu

>> No.9008730

Dang, thanks! This is really nice, anon!

>> No.9008754

>you will never fuck a cosplayer dressed up as your favorite girl
truly the worst feel

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>you will never fuck a cosplayer

>> No.9008834

>con is in 1.5 weeks
>been harder and harder to get cosplays done in past years, for various reasons
>not even excited for cosplay this year
>zero motivation today, haven't done any work
>tfw still love talking about cosplay and how to make things, but working on my own stuff makes me sad

Where did it all go wrong?

>> No.9008839

Are you me, anon?

Honestly, these days, I just like wearing the costume and not much the making part despite the fact that I enjoy deconstruction a 2D costume in my head.

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File: 128 KB, 1127x1017, 1459496348215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never fuck

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>con in two weeks
>gf of five years unexpectedly dumps me
>gonna look totally fat in my costume

>> No.9008911

>Finds cute dress that fits my fat asd
>Like actually fit, not just bursting at the seams
>Can't find a blouse to save my life

Like every blouse I find fits my arms and bust but not over my football shoulders...

>> No.9008924

I'm a 6'11"/ 208(?)cm female.

I feel like my feels about this are obvious.

>> No.9008930

but how

>> No.9008951

and I'm a 5'2 dude, these things happen.

>> No.9008957

I just really like One Piece. That shit always makes me feel so happy. Why the hell didn't it ever pick up in the west like it did in Japan?

>> No.9008962

I don't know but I don't like it.

Trade me. Holy fuck, please trade me. I wanna fit in dresses.

>> No.9008977

One Piece is popular af in the US.

I wish I liked it.

>> No.9008991

>please trade me
I'd love too, believe me, but sadly we'll both have to live with it. On the plus side it's easier for you to find an SO compared to me, but clothing I'm sure is hell.

>> No.9009037

>be a man
>think Lolita looks awesome
>want to try it
>even if I get really good with makeup and do everything right I'll still never truly fit in

Also I have these huge bushy eyebrows ugh

>> No.9009041

if you're short like >>9008951 it'll be easier to fit in. how tall are you?

>> No.9009043

Where do you get clothes?

>> No.9009046
File: 34 KB, 460x460, Lego-Movie-Full-Trailer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplay and Lego have really been the only things making me happy since my breakup.

I wanna build an anime convention in Lego. I have a lot of licensed figs I can use as cosplayers.

I started by buying an army of bootleg Deadpools from Aliexpress.

What else needs to be in there?

>> No.9009047

I end up making a lot of my own stuff, honestly, plus a ridiculous amount of maxi dresses and skirts are shoved in my wardrobe too.

>> No.9009051


I'm also only 130 pounds. I definitely have the body type for it and I'm in a much better shape that most other guys, I'm just a huge whiner because I hate my face, my big eyebrows, and it's covered in moles.

Also I have big feet and giant Lolita shoes are hard to find, I've heard.

>> No.9009054

Moles are workable, but for the brows - cutting them isn't hard at all.

The shoes will give you hell, however.

>> No.9009056

>it's covered in moles.
get them burned off by a dermatologist.

>> No.9009060

I've gotten a good 8 moles or so burned off in various places, but if it's not deemed to be dangerous or "in the way" in some form, insurance won't pay for it.

I guess part of my main complaint being male is that if I suddenly cut my eyebrows and shave my arms or legs or anything, it'll be jarring to anybody that knows me and I don't really want to deal with the questioning, even if I don't intend to hide anything.

>> No.9009064

>if I suddenly cut my eyebrows and shave my arms or legs or anything
eyebrows yes, arm/leg hair you can just say you waxed for charity or some shit.

>> No.9009072

>had extremely bad experience with a man in the local con scene when i was young
>a friend encouraged me to tell people in the comm about it because shit was pretty fucked (15 year age gap, sexual harassment/assault and worse)
>community leader says they need to 'investigate'
>by the next day i am banned
>retire from cons for a while
>move cross country a few years later
>feeling a lot better about things and start toeing back into cons
>while out shopping happen to go to local store where some kind of geek-centric event is happening
>walk almost directly into the same man

i dont even live in a major city and don't have much online presence i don't understand why is this happening

i feel like i should be way more grown up about this by now but i'm honestly panicking just going into the bookstore now because he might be there? what do i do /cgl/?

>> No.9009121

Missing waterphone and melodica.

>> No.9009126

You get mad. It's the emotional equivalent of fight or flight.

>> No.9009129

Say you got into swimming. Swimmers get body hair removed all the time. I don't know what you could say about brows though.

>> No.9009160
File: 134 KB, 764x764, 1461001111320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>never fuck

>> No.9009175

Every time you see him kick him in the nuts, while you scream your war cry. Phase 2 is where you stalk him and out of nowhere kick him in the nuts. Now he notice that you gonna kick him in the nuts so you create a craightlist cult called kick the creep in the nuts backed up my the feminist party. Now everyone kick him in the nuts when they see him. Now he cant sleep without being kicked in the nuts. It became his fetish, now we stop kicking him in the nuts. Now his life is empty and he jumps of the roof. Honestly idk carry some pepper spray with you or learn self defence. If you become stronger you will feel strong etc.

>> No.9009178

I understand how you feel. it sucks because when you're a victum to such things, people dislike you rather than your attacker.

which community is it? seriously, name and shame.

I'm not able to offer much advice since I moved away from the city my attacker was in (and my mental health improved a lot since!)

>> No.9009185 [DELETED] 

The first, most important step is learning that getting hit on by a guy you don't find very attractive is not "sexual harassment, assault or worse.

>> No.9009196 [DELETED] 

Please go fuck yourself with a rake.

>> No.9009209 [DELETED] 

Just face it, women have overused their once unbeatable trump card and now people are catching on and it's losing it's effectiveness. It's your own fault and you only keep making it worse for yourselves.

>> No.9009216 [DELETED] 

kek, are you serious? you really think being hit on is that bad? grow up.

>> No.9009218

No anger, just paranoia and confusion. Mostly due to the thought that he was 3,000 miles away and showed up at my relatively small town.

I have pepper spray and have taken some self defense classes (though mostly focused on handguns, I live with a firearms dealer). I guess I'm just less equipped to deal with it when in a public setting like that.

I don't feel safe doing that. Like I said I have no idea how he just happened to pick the same exact town I live in on the opposite side of the country to move to. So until I'm sure its honestly coincidence I'll just say its an east coast comm and, while not jfash/lolita based, it has a heavy crossover.

>> No.9009224

>implying they were just hit on

>> No.9009227

I think you're a big too triggered and caught up in your emotions to even understand what's happening in this conversation.

>> No.9009240
File: 66 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9009245

This is the anon in the story. It wasn't me being hit on. It was actual physical assault, resulting in hospital time and police reports, though that did jack shit since it was fetish/kink related and they don't even want to try navigating how consent works there.

>> No.9009304

let's be honest here, you're probably too fat/ugly for that to be the actual case and got offended over someone pity flirting with you.

>> No.9009341

back to r9k buddy

>> No.9009358 [DELETED] 

did I offend your delicate sensibilities? fuck off back to tumblr

>> No.9009373

there it is. there's the feel.

>> No.9009384

there's something seriously wrong with you if you decide that you're the right person to 'disprove' some anon's assault story on the internet

>accidentally got insane curls from a braid that I let someone do with my hair jokingly
>love them, they've stayed in my hair for three days now
>everyone seems to be kinda ok with them, bf loves them
>this morning
>brush my hair through, curls are still kinda there
>three people ask what the fuck happened to my hair
>"anon are you ok? are you just having a bad hair day? you look confused"
it's not like I've always wanted curly hair or anything...

>> No.9009388
File: 75 KB, 550x373, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a .. probably really stupid concern/question ... and I guess it belongs here?

I'm mute. It's not that big of an issue most of the time because really, not many people go out of their way to talk to you when you look normal.

But when people DO talk to me, I'm faced with the dilemma of "can't fucking talk back." You'd think signing to note this would fix it, but there's a 50/50 chance that they'll 1) just think you're a handflappy autist and give you ???? looks, or 2) they figure out you're deaf or mute or whatever, and then it gets awkward because this is usually the point where they try to figure out what to say to you because you've thrown them for a loop and it's just painfully awkward for them (...and for me. It's not comfortable for me, either.)

Anyways. Because I'm already rambling, basically my concern here is that I don't want to be talked to to avoid the awkward, but I want to wear lolita stuff around to places. I've worn lolita (and cosplays! Albeit, helmeted/masked cosplays. Because no one talks to helmetheads.) to conventions before and I haven't really had to deal with the talking issues then, but I'd like to start wearing lolita outside of convention scenes.

The issue there is that I don't know if people get questioned about what they're wearing a lot? I can handle a couple of people asking, but if it's something that you get approached for a lot, I figure it'd be best for me to avoid wearing it out 'n about for my sake and other people's.

tldr; I'm an autist and worried if people actively approach and question you about stuff you're wearing.

also sorry for any fuckups in the text it's late here and I'm tired.

>> No.9009391 [DELETED] 

>you have no right to instantly believe everything a woman tells you purely on the basis that she's telling you it
I told you, that card gets less effective every time you play it. And you've been playing it a LOT in recent years.

>> No.9009396

Wear a stickynote with "I am mute" on your forehead.

>> No.9009398

you ever wonder why you're single? this is why

>> No.9009402

It's never happened to me, but maybe i'm just boring and unapproachable. If so, that's something I'll have to accept/deal with.
For you situation, it might help to write out a small description, an overall view of stuff. If anyone asks you about it, you can sign a few things (to show that you're mute af) and then shrug and hand them your stickynote that says "mostly xxxx brand " and if they haven't been run off, they'll probably think it's funny.
If you're going to go with that approach, I would suggest emphasizing your smile or something if you don't want to run them off, so that they have something to pick up on that you aren't just avoiding them until they go away. A lot of the anons here have resting bitch face and that's one of the fastest ways to run someone off, by looking like you don't want to talk to them.

>> No.9009403

point at mouth/ears, shake your head and look apologetic? (I'm suggesting ears because a lot of people are shitty about people mute for other reasons)
or make little business cards about the fash you're wearing that say smth like 'hi, sorry, I'm mute, but I'm wearing a japanese fashion (probably best to avoid saying lolita at first, maybe EGL or smth), here is a link if you want more information' with like a link to the lolita guidebook or the wikipedia article or something like that

you're judging people's stories on an anonymous website, on a thread specifically designed for talking about their emotions, with no other information than the two or three posts the op has made. like come on, get a life

>> No.9009406

Must be sad being a walking vagina.

>> No.9009407 [DELETED] 
File: 56 KB, 481x557, 1427393303004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah senpai, i'm single because i'm a legitimately terrible person who values shitposting on the internet over interpersonal relationships, stunting my ability and desire for anything but the sweet embrace of death. thanks for trying though doc

>> No.9009408
File: 74 KB, 500x400, 1393224616421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where are all the femanons that love loli?

>> No.9009410

>tfw no cosplay gf

>> No.9009416 [DELETED] 
File: 66 KB, 348x327, 1432316508847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Turns out /cgl/ truly is LISTEN AND BELIEVE
moot should have nuked this subtumblr before leaving

>> No.9009435

these autists don't belong anywhere else on 4chan, but at least a few of them aren't terrible enough to send to tumblr. it's better that there's a containment board, like with /mlp/.

>> No.9009439
File: 904 KB, 500x532, 1431519312200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw your first cosplay commission

i'm excited to get to work but also i'm nervous about starting? when i make costumes for myself i'm never this nervous because if i have to cut corners or i mess up it's for me and i don't care, but i would feel awful if it's someone else's costume.

>> No.9009446
File: 329 KB, 640x360, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was probably meant as a joke but there was actually a point when I was.. uh, 10?? where I had pins that said "I am mute." that I wore around places so I could avoid other kids.
I should take advice from my 10 year old self. She knew what was up.

I'm ridiculously glad to hear that you don't get approached that often, thank you, but -! I was actually kinda considering doing cards or something like that, but I wasn't sure if I was just being dumb, so I'm glad to see this! I appreciate the heads up about the resting bitchface thing, it's probably a really good thing to keep in mind so I don't seem like a terrible person. Thank you!

>(I'm suggesting ears because a lot of people are shitty about people mute for other reasons)
Yeah, definitely a thing there. I try to pass off as deaf rather than mute around some people 'cause they can get creepy about it sometimes.
But for on topic, thank you for the EGL mention because I absolutely would have called it lolita without thinking about it, and giving a link to Wikipedia would be a super good idea too.

I definitely appreciate the help, thank you guys.

>> No.9009470

>organizing meet with outfit contest
>need to say if you want in the contest when you buy a ticket
>so far only itas want in the contest and all the well dressed girls are staying out

>> No.9009502 [DELETED] 
File: 383 KB, 1920x1080, 1457134021190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just be my gf I will protect you with my white knight powers. :)

>> No.9009541
File: 24 KB, 500x375, GAS GAS GAS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your gf says she wants to cosplay with you

>> No.9009593
File: 1.07 MB, 480x270, 1266441914325.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miniroom maker and the other cute pixelated scene makers have closed, only crappy ones with few choices are left. It makes me so sad, tiny weeb me used to spend so much time playing that cute shit and now it's all gone. I wish i could play it again because i'm incredibly bored and i remember the joy i got from that.
Also old sites that got closed down like Quizilla.

>> No.9009604

what do you mean, did he straight up attack you or what? or did he take something to far? the main problem is that with such a crime its hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and unfortunately many women will take showers and or go to the bathroom which will destroy alot of evidence, what usually happens is a number of reports will pile up and its harder to defend against 10 different strangers saying you raped them.

>> No.9009608

as a lesbian, i can relate

>> No.9009609

Wide shoulders can be tough but plebty of places do custom blouses anon including lots of reasonably priced indie and taobao options, so don't despair!
If you post your dress in the coord help thread, people may be able to recommend a blouse maker for you.

>> No.9009614

why were YOU banned?

>> No.9009637


Shitty miku or other vocaloid cosplays.

>> No.9009644

Bewildered normies staying at the same hotel for a completely different reason who wandered into the con area by accident

>> No.9009653

>tfw I've run into my rapist twice now
It sucks, especially for you, since you thought you were far away. I'd be paranoid, too. That's way too coincidental.

>> No.9009690

If only Lego Vocaloid was a thing. That's like my dream set.

>> No.9009706 [DELETED] 

>move cross country a few years later


>> No.9009717 [DELETED] 

you know when you call everything rape, it takes power away from allegations concerning real...actual rape.

you idiot femnists are actually doing more to hurt women than centuries have civilizations has.

women also tend to be cruel, so social justice/community justice systems that liberals and feminists tend to favor sort of a trial by social media thing

tends to harm women more than men

>> No.9009720

Same here.

>> No.9009723

I hope this isn't what I think it is...

>> No.9009823

Lolita might be hard, but in cosplay you have options that either hide your face or would work for the character. There's occasionally threads for suggestions for that kind of thing, so keep your eyes peeled, anon, and go for it.

>> No.9009825 [DELETED] 

OK, why was my post deleted? Does it really triggers you like tumblr when someone comments that you're acting like feminazis that listen and believe?

>> No.9009830

Mods deleted a lot of thread relevant posts too. They're a bunch of idiots.

>> No.9009831

Personally I dislike dealing with strangers and have no qualms fibbing to them to get them to leave me alone. If you find that people get weird when they realize you're mute, instead start carrying around a little pad of paper. If someone asks you a question, scribble out "Sorry, I have laryngitis" or "Sorry I lost my voice!" and they'll probably leave you alone.

>> No.9009833

Maybe I was over the line... Is just that it kinda angers me that people jump to defend other just for giving a vague story that made then uncomfortable. It reminds me a lot to all those fake rape accusations

>> No.9009834

I'm really nervous cosplaying at a con for the first time by myself.
My lineup his year is mostly fighting games/ old anime so there isn't a gathering, even though the con in attending is rather large. I'm no usually anxious about meeting people, but the scene seems I have become more insular since I was last heavily involved (about 4 years, college).
Ill of course be out and about participating in con activities but I find t hard breaking the ice with weebs and cosplayers.

>> No.9009837

No, anon. You were not over the line. They also deleted posts that had an anon saying they want to be someone's Lolita Senpai. It's the mods deleting posts they personally don't like for no reason other than they don't like the post.

>> No.9009869

Good luck! Hope its the first of many!

If there's one thing I've found, its that cosplayers love talking about their cosplays. Just compliment someone and see what happens.

>> No.9009877

Better hope no one else really wants those tights

>> No.9009880
File: 88 KB, 500x343, tumblr_ms45nuxk5m1sg746ho1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>recently found out i won't be graduating hs this year because of attendance
>this is the second time it's happened
>entire family blames it on cosplay
>haven't really worked (well, barely, maybe 1 hour a week) on cosplays
>feel like crap, eating 1 meal maybe 2 a day and barely drinking water
>sewing is the only thing i like to do that keeps my anxiety in check (reason i missed so much school) and family feels the need to attack me anytime i even go near the sewing machine
>beginning to relate anxiety to sewing and thus anxiety to cosplaying.

i know it's my own fault for not grading bc i should've just said fuck it and went and whatever, but the fact they're blaming it on unrelated things and going to the extremes of coming and yelling at me and making me feel worse anytime i try to do anything else for myself now is making me completely unmotivated to do anything.

>> No.9009893

I mean what they see is someone skipping school and then indulging in hobbies. If it was literally the second time my kid had done that i would be livid. They don't want you to be a loser who's too lazy to function properly because they can't show up to their job. Anxiety isn't a reason to miss school. This pandering tumblr mentality is making people think "omg everything is out of my control becuase ~mental illness~" Get on medication, get a therapists and show you're actively trying and your family will back off. Although now it's probably too late and you'll need to find a different method to get your degree, talk to school counselors, explain your situatiin and that you're seeking help and doing what you need to do and flesh out your options instead of digging yourself further into a hole

>> No.9009904

I understand where your parents are coming from. However, as someone who also struggles with anxiety and stays at home to cope (my job is fortunate enough to offer time off on a daily basis), you need to talk to someone about it if you're struggling. At least if you say you're speaking with a counselor or a psychologist nobody can pin the root of your issues entirely on your hobby. It'll legitimize your anxiety as a real thing. It'll force them to admit you have a problem and you're doing the right thing by trying to address it.

Now I know it's difficult, but just go to class.
Sometimes when I sit at home and call off from work, the day passes by in what seems like a flash and I hate myself for not having spent it at least making money. I might've done the same for when I was in school but I felt extreme shame, and being considered educated was one of the few things that made me feel confident. I don't know if it's the same for you, but that was my main motivation that kept me going through my undergrad and grad degrees.

>> No.9009906

At one point in my semester, I got really stressed, did some stupid things, and basically traded my grades for going to a con with my friends. In hindsight, don't do that. The sewing might make you feel better in the moment, and hobbies are important, but the problem is rooted much much more deeply and cosplay will not fix it. I went to the con- a few weeks later, I was still dangerously close to jumping off a building. You're going to have to sit down and examine why is it you haven't been able to go to school (specific things instead of just blaming it on anxiety) and how to remove or lessen those factors that hinder your daily functioning. Because right now, your day to day life is being severely hindered by your illness and it doesn't have to be that way.

>> No.9009936

Try ouji my nigga

>> No.9009970

I have anxiety and depression, but I get up every day and do what I need to do. I have a 3 year old who depends on me to get him fed, dressed, and to school everyday. There's a mentality that mental illness prevents you from doing what you need to get done, in your case it's getting to class. Your parents see you as lazy. Talk to them or a doctor about your anxiety and get into counseling and on medication. It will make you feel better and it will enable you do be responsible and do the adult things you need to do.

>> No.9009973

Hey man I'm wizard status but it's never bothered me for very long. Just remember if you really need to fuck it can be very easily bought. Work on the things you like and improve. Of course reading 4chan fucking is the one greatest thing in life, however once I leave the PC it's completely dumb stuff like getting a promotion, doing volunteer work, or getting a new high score that makes me feel great. Maybe fucking will suddenly solve every problem in my life but having such high expectations probably isn't good either

>> No.9010046

>hurts like the time I got a paper cut on my eye similar story
Fucking hell, I thought only carpenters and marksmen needed safety glasses.

>> No.9010086


I've been doing counseling for 4 years and I've been on medication for almost a year now. The thing with my anxiety is it tends to make me really exhausted after an attack or I start to feel sick. For a long period (the first time i failed) I would throw up sometimes as a result but now it's more of a upset stomach thing, and being out in public while feeling sick makes me more panicked so that's where the issue arises, lol. I've found usually taking a few regular medications helps ease that but once you miss your bus that's pretty much it, and it usually takes about 40-60 mins to help. I was doing really good at the start of the year but now this last month has been really, really bad, and I'm about 20 hours short now of being able to pass for the last class I need to pass, even if I go the rest of the year, which sucks. I did get four credits this year but it sucks that one bad month took my chances of getting the last one I needed, unfortunately. I've already been welcomed back for next year for a semester which doesn't invade any of my life plans since I was going to spend the year making moving arrangements. Right now I know the best way to make myself get back in the groove is to do what I can for myself to get myself motivated, even if it's small things, but even when I pick up the smallest thing to do I get "if you can do that why couldn't you go to school" so it sucks imo.

>> No.9010117


I fucking love tall chicks. None of my friends understand.

It would probably cost a pretty bit, but you could find a tailor for the dresses and such.

>> No.9010171

Get those knockoff One Piece, Dragonball, Pokemon, etc. sets from Taobao or Aliex.

This sounds fun!

>> No.9010313

I am thankful that my hobby (making cosplay props) has become a small business, and that it is enough to support both my husband and me, but my customers tend to be really nosy. They keep trying to invade my private life (by finding private/unrelated social media accounts) and leaking shit or just picking on it.

I kind of want to go back to my old job, but I know my husband prefers to stay at home with me.

Ah, and I really despise someone who placed an order with me, but I think it will create way too much drama if I try to cancel it.

>> No.9010626
File: 212 KB, 640x480, eXA6NmT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good taste lesbos

>> No.9010745

if you are a girl i will legitimately be your lego buddy

>> No.9010793

>tfw i will never be tsundere while she hugs me gently at the end

>> No.9010812
File: 46 KB, 600x316, titanscare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy thong from Aliexpress
>arrives today
>wear for an hour
>itchy butthole
>remove two hours ago
>hole still itches

Did China poison my asshole??!

>> No.9010827

Ayyyeeeee, thanks anon!

>> No.9010843
File: 32 KB, 416x250, 5689d6388f5a5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you try wiping it? When was the last time you wiped your butt hole?
Try going a finger deep, it might just be some poop stuck I around the tunnel kek. Ask a friend to check it, if they stay your friend after that they might be a life long friend keeper. Ask the doctor kek. I am dying of laughter.

>> No.9010846

>asking a friend to check your butthole for shit

You fucking what?

>> No.9010848
File: 21 KB, 400x205, ryukocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No man, I have a penis and everything.

>> No.9010855 [DELETED] 
File: 12 KB, 225x225, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw there will never be another """""leaked""""" video of littleberrycosplay diddling herself

>> No.9010858
File: 183 KB, 370x359, 1457329076634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will always have to keep your secret hidden
>you will always have to hide that you fucking love /cgl/, /cgl/ drama, lolita dresses, larme-kei, make-up, cute clothes
>you will always be a guy

I should have been born a girl, lads.

>> No.9010865

become trans, there's still hope

>> No.9010867

I have way too masculine features and are also way too fat, so I'll look like a more manly CWC if I ever went trans.

I'll just have to browse /cgl/ in secret and subtle redpill my gf on larme-kei and lolita.

>> No.9010872

>rubbing AliExpress fabric on your fuzzy-wuzzy and poophole


>> No.9010875

Did you wash the thong before putting it on? If no, then FUCKING WASH THINGS BEFORE YOU WEAR THEM, especially if they come from china! Usually items from china even smell like factory chemicals, I have no idea why you thought it would be ok to put it anywhere near your asshole without washing it first. Enjoy your chemical burn.
If you washed it, please ignore my rustled jimmies. I'll show myself out now.

>> No.9010887

You strike me as a very annoying person.

>> No.9010899
File: 392 KB, 260x317, snicker.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it's not very lolita, but I just think farting is hilarious. I love to do it.

>> No.9010903
File: 37 KB, 275x275, 1462893049074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh back
>muh lustful stares
>muh unwanted attention

It's so hard being the ideal of beauty. Ugly girls have no right to complain. We pretty girls get men staring at us or telling us we're pretty it's so hard :(

Big boob whining pisses me off. You try to play it off as "so what if men aren't attracted to you? Muh back!" but we all know you would do nothing but bitch if big boobs were considered ugly so fuck off. You don't know what it's like to know that 90% of men out there aren't going to be interested in you unless you get painful implants on your favorite erogenous zone, so you can just jump off a fucking cliff and die with your bitching I hate you all.

>> No.9010911
File: 519 KB, 970x970, 93bfdd5f17e4275af452116269a2c478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sucks to be you

>> No.9010935

I have big boobs. I would love to be able to not look ridiculously disproportioned. Or to walk up stairs and not feel fucking ridiculous. Or too be able to buy bra's and clothing that fit. No one fucking thinks smaller boobs are ugly. Shut up.

>> No.9010942

Seriously, just fuck off. You don't know how good you have it.

>pedophiles stare
>can't wear a lot of sexy stuff for which you need cleavage
>most small size bras are geared towards young teens and look childish
>still can't go without a bra, unless you use pasties (nipples can still poke through fabric)
>society looks down upon small chests
>small chests are seen as unfeminine and supposedly make you less of a woman according to society
>most people find boob size pretty important and prefer big sizes
>in general, flat chests are seen as a joke

>abloo abloo it feels weird going up stairs :'(((

The fact that more people go through expensive, invasive surgery, to increase boobsize, rather than to decrease boobsize, tells something.

>> No.9010948
File: 376 KB, 1080x1056, AP9DItX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you realize you joined cgl to late and will never join or witness live cgl dramas

>> No.9010955

I have small tits and going up and down stairs is also weird but I've never had someone 'look down on me for having a small chest' after the age of 13, both of you fuck off there's no 'better option'

>> No.9010959

I miss salty girl autism like this on /cgl/.

>> No.9011020

Boo fucking hoo. Cry about it, pancake.

>> No.9011024

I have small tits and I love it. Big boobs look gross and saggy and don't fit into lolita properly.

>> No.9011050

Same. I like them, my boyfriend likes them, as far as I know they're fully functional and they make it so I can fit into all lolita brand clothing the way it is intended to fit. Who gives a fuck what strange men think? The less time guys I don't even know spend creeping on me, the better. If I had huge tits I'd probably be saving up for a reduction.

>> No.9011106

oh shut up i'd be happy about a smaller chest

>every gross dude stares
>backpains of hell
>can't find a cute bra or any at all
>can't fit into cute clothes
>or literally any clothes
>doing sports is equivalent to pain
>can't run without looking hideous
>can't lay on my stomach comfortably

having a small chest is only a problem if all you care about is getting the thirst of greasy guys
boohooo cry harder

>> No.9011118
File: 31 KB, 350x346, 1440065465304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Taking a break from making shitty commercial kawaii stuff to sell for a while because I feel fucking terrible.
>Get inspired to pick up the comic/novel I wanted to do years ago.
>Doing a lot of world-building and mapping stuff right now.
>Don't really want to tell anybody until I've made actual headway with it because self-conscious.
>Pretty much have to explain what I'm doing to mother because she can see me doing it and is curious.
>"That's fucking stupid. Isn't there anything more constructive you could be doing?" Annoyed that I'm not pulling in fast money with aforementioned kawaii stuff.
>Whatever, don't really care for her opinion. She just quit her job because 'bluh 2 depress' and sits around all day watching Star Trek and playing a stupid connect-4 mobile game.
>Trying to talk to boyfriend all day, mention that he's been pretty quiet in a friendly, concerned way.
>"Well so have you! I've had to wait up to an HOUR for any response lately!"
>He finishes working for his parents at 1-3pm every day and sits on the computer playing Dota 2/Siege until 1am. Sends me links to memes and Youtube videos constantly throughout that time.
>"W-well boyfriend, I'm just busy trying to actually DO something. I can't just sit here all day for you."

All of my time is currently evenly split between trying desperately to make something appealing to sell, trying to work on my work/broader art projects that I actually enjoy, and lying in bed crying and feeling like a useless shit/guilty for doing the stuff I enjoy instead.

>tl;dr I'm so fucking sick of people with diagnosed depression believing that they are the only sad people in the fucking world and I'm sick of babysitting them at the expense of my own livelihood.

I want someone to ask how I'm feeling and put up with me complaining and nod and act like they give a shit for once in my goddamn life.

>> No.9011119

*This is /cgl/ relevant because when I say 'kawaii shit' I mean to say that I make most of my business at conventions.

>> No.9011123


Anon, you do realize that we're not complaining about being pretty, right? Like, that's not what we're bothered by at all when we're complaining about our chest here? Like, on other sites, sure - peiple complaining about their chest size very well may be doing it to humblebrag or something, but when we're in the feels thread and lamenting, it's because finding stuff that fits us is nearly impossible without alteration. We can't wear cute lolita unless we make it ourselves, and even then, most lolita dresses' cuts and styles are extremely bad for larger chests - dresses with ruffles at the chest look plain stupid and gaudy, buttons will always gape at the chest if you make it so the dress actually fits and looks nice at the chest, and high waisted dresses that fit you will only ever fit you in one bra you own.

Plus, on that note. LARGER chests are considered the best ever - if you're a D cup, you are officially golden and considered the luckiest girl of all time! Perfect chest, congradulations! You're allowed to be Desireable(tm)! But if you have G cups? No one wants those - at least, not the realistic part of those. They sag. They get (really, really bad) stretch marks. They get gross. They make you look fat (even in normal clothes.) if you can't find a good bra, which is really hard, and even if you do manage to find a good bra, you still wind up looking fat because no one makes shirts or dressed suited for an XXL chest but an M waistline, so you look like a bag in most stuff.

I'm sure having a small chest isn't much fun, but the grass is always greener. Chill.

>> No.9011136

I'm a throat singer and I don't feel represented

>> No.9011159

I feel the same way anon. Planning is way more fun than the actual process.

>> No.9011160

Fuck off kiddo I love my a cups and no one has ever given me shit about them
It's not big boobed girls' fault that you're insecure about your chest

>> No.9011164

Omg, it's not letter size alone that determines the size of breasts. It's letter size PLUS band.

>> No.9011175

This is pissing me off too anon, I have a G cup and I love my boobs. They're still too big for jfash but that's because I have a big ribcage, and my breast size is still great for cosplay because I can still bind but I can also get great cleavage. I don't have gross stretch marks and shit.

>> No.9011176

I know. I meant it as an example. You got the point which is what the goal was. I didn't feel like specifying band sizes, so long as you got that I mean larger chests it works.

>> No.9011233

Posted in feels threads in the past about being worried about my cringy friend staying with me in Japan.
The trip happened and it was overall a great time but she came close to messing things up big time more than I would have liked. Highlights include: forgetting her money at an ATM and forcing me to pay for her maid cafe entrance, food, and souvenirs instead of just going back to get her money...almost making me miss my plane because of her shitty planning and playing the victim when I said we didn't have time..getting drunk and whipping out a pair of scissors on the subway getting us disapproving stares....jumping the gate at a station because she lost her ticket...trying to pit me and my other friend against each other...telling us she knew where she was going when she had no fucking clue..taking pictures of strangers without their permission

So yeah I really wish she hadn't forced herself into my and my friends trip!!!

>> No.9011263

>The trip happened and it was overall a great time but she came close to messing things up big time more than I would have liked. Highlights include: forgetting her money at an ATM and forcing me to pay for her maid cafe entrance, food, and souvenirs instead of just going back to get her money...almost making me miss my plane because of her shitty planning and playing the victim when I said we didn't have time..getting drunk and whipping out a pair of scissors on the subway getting us disapproving stares....jumping the gate at a station because she lost her ticket...trying to pit me and my other friend against each other...telling us she knew where she was going when she had no fucking clue..taking pictures of strangers without their permission

holy shit

>> No.9011273

you nigger I'm a 30DD and fit in unshirred lolita, it's obvious you're either a fatty or don't know how bra sizes work

ah man, sorry it went shit, they sound cringe as fuck

>> No.9011284

Give it time. I loved my G-cups once, too. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Saving up for a lift now because I'd rather deal with the scars than this.

>> No.9011312

>order a custom-sized costume from taobao
>measure myself today
>lost half an inch off my waist and hips since ordering that at the end of April
>still 2.5 months til the con I'm wearing it to and I'm eating at a calorie deficit up until the con


>> No.9011315

Why would you order something with your current measurements if you are losing weight? How fucking retarded do you have to be??

>> No.9011344

What kind of braid? I love trying new styles with lolita

>> No.9011416

Better for it to be too big than too small, and I have a friend who can take it in for me.

Man, I forgot how hostile people get over fucking nothing on this board though.

>> No.9011437

Opposite problem.
>Made a whole tight but perfect fitting costume last December.
>Wearing it in 2 weeks
>No longer fits right

I was so anal about my diet, put on too much muscle over the bulk and now don't know that the fuck to do.

>> No.9011452

Wash your hair.

>> No.9011459 [DELETED] 

Time to break out the laxatives.

>> No.9011469

I don't think I can bring the oufit out and make it bigger.
I don't want to lose any muscle.
But I'm eating at a deficit and more cardio.
Dunno if losing ~4lbs is going to be enough to fit it.

>> No.9011485

it was just some kind of weird snaking braid that used all of my hair, starting from my part and fringe and ending in the back on the opposite side. I can find a very low quality picture. not something I would wear with lolita but the hair texture it gave me was really fun
it's mostly straightened out at this point (thank fuck), my fringe still feels a little frizzy or wavy. it didn't look that great after the first 2 days, but as a temporary look it was fantastic

I wash my hair twice a week because otherwise it looks shit and thin

>> No.9011487 [DELETED] 

drink a ton of coffee in the morning and buy laxatives

it'll work. you'll shit the weight off

>> No.9011490 [DELETED] 

>only washing your hair twice a week

filthy skank

>> No.9011522

I don't mean to be rude, but how does being mute work exactly? I understand it can either be because of varying problems, choice, etc? My only encounter with someone mute was when I was in middle school, I tutored an autistic boy in a younger grade who was mute. He communicated via sign language, which I couldn't understand unfortunately. I managed to pick up a few things like saying 'Good job!' or whatever, but I didn't want to be rude and ask his aid or parents any personal questions about it. But I'm guessing the situation varies from person to person?
Sorry for the intrusive question, feel free to ignore me.

>> No.9011582

Heya! Nah, you're not being rude or intrusive, don't worry.
You're right about the situation varying from person to person - There's a lot of different types of muteness, ranging from stuff like selective mutism, (which is tied to anxiety disorders) to brain or vocal cord problems, to stuff like autism which you mentioned. I, personally, was born with super fucked up vocal cords so I couldn't talk from day one, but some people usually end up mute due to trauma of some sort to the vocal cords? Plus ending mute after puberty around the voice change part (which, wow, just seems super fucked up, right? Like, "happy birthday sweetie! You're an adult now! by the way get fucked you can't talk anymore") so yeah, there's a lot of different types of muteness.

I'm not that experienced with the other types of mute people, but if you've got any specific questions, you're welcome to ask and I'll do my best to answer!

>> No.9011608

I get selective-mutism because of my anxiety, too. Usually if I'm isolated from anyone who knows how to deal with me in a bad state then something traumatic happened. What works for me is to keep a text to speech app on my phone. >>9009403 's suggestion:
>point at mouth/ears, shake your head and look apologetic?

Has always worked for me. People get the point pretty fast, although you have to clarify that you can hear. It hasn't happened to me in years, so I'm sorry for your struggle. I think most Lolita will be okay. You could make cute little decorated cards for each coord that you hold up and let someone look at. Printed paper to match the coord, little stickers, and shows effort put into it.

>> No.9011665
File: 964 KB, 500x278, Yq4mO3d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet friend of a friend at some party
>hit it off really well and she's gay too
>proceed to facebook stalk her
>my own facebook is pretty normie because I don't want "professional friends" from work and school to see me doing shots in touhou cosplay
>she's also super normie like goes hiking every weekend, owns several go pros for bungee jumping
>trying to keep weird and weeby shit inside

We have a lot of other common ground, just this cosplay shit is a big part of my life too also my room literally looks like a NEET lives in it. She hasn't said that anime and cosplay is weird but if I was in her shoes I'd think it was weird... I really like her /cgl/ so we'll see how it goes...

>> No.9011684
File: 229 KB, 704x2422, 1463241730023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if they can't accept you for who you are then just let it go. It took me some years to find myself, I am full on Otaku now with no friends because I prefer anime above friends. It's a lonely road but it is a happier road no drama no relationship no friends. Just me and my 2d waifu. Come join me and find the eternal bliss.

>be me
>once tried to make friends
>at con
>at cgl friend thread
>nothing last
>but animu has always been on my side
>animu the only thing that never leaves me

>> No.9011692

inspired by intersex mention in the cafe thread. moving blog feels to here to not further derail that thread.

>be born with intersex condition
>get two surgeries, one in infancy, and a corrective cosmetic one as a toddler because my mom was mad people still thought i looked like a boy (?? her rationale was fuzzy)
>live as female but get trans feelings starting around age 10, before learning about the prior surgeries
>be frustrated teenager, can't figure out how to masturbate because nothing feels good,
>meanwhile, discover crossplay online, jump into it
>join internet hate against fakebois and, later, transtrenders
>stop bashing them as i realize i feel trans and am just crossplaying to deal with those feelings
>have falling out with family because of trans/lesbian/confused feelings, mom spills the beans about early surgery
>well that explains the recurring nightmares i had as a child about getting my "finger" cut off, memories of bleeding in my underwear, etc.
>move out, try to figure how my "trimmed" genitals work, try to figure if i want to medically transition
>no idea how my literally scarred clit will react to testosterone
>delve into lolita and determine that since i will never have a dick i might as well enjoy frilling myself up
>stop crossplaying, obtain cute clothes
>dysphoria not solved but whatever
>if i look girly enough no one will ever know or care

>> No.9011702

Wait so your mom decided to cut of your dick? And at the same time she fucked you phycologically? And you are not sure if you are a boy or girl? Just be a cute girl, sex/pleasing yourself is over rated. Be happy. Being a guy in the year 2016 sucks, it sucked before but now with crazy feminist it sucks even more.

>> No.9011711

welcome to summer

>> No.9011715

lurk moar newfag

>> No.9011737

she had my phallic appendage trimmed down to almost nothing, i wouldn't call it a dick because i don't think my urinary tract was ever connected to it. raising me as female was probably the logical choice but i just wish i had been able to give some input on it. you say sexual pleasure is overrated, but i would rather have a nonfunctional but sensitive mini dick than a scarred button.

if i could live as a third gender i would love to, but unfortunately there is no valid, nonpolitical gender designation for that. when i pass as a guy i am more comfortable socially than when i pass as a girl to be honest. however, i don't fully pass as male in all situations and it just raises too many questions when the passing isn't perfect. if lolita doesn't help make me feel 100% female i might sell my brand and look into transitioning.

but i am wholly uninterested in the political state of gender and wish i could just be myself without dealing with everyone else's political baggage.

>> No.9011739

Try looking up some supportgroups, or call some help lines. You aren't alone with this problem. Go the girly route, but don't be constrained by it, if you don't feel like it anymore and try something different. Don't be scared of the consequences, there don't need to be any. Until then, if ever, just focus on other aspects of your life and don't give too much thought to it. Good luck, and talk to somebody irl about your feelings

>> No.9011742

thank you, anon.

>> No.9011746

I identified as FtM for about 5-6 years but in the end I decided not to medically transition because I'm extremely phobic of needles and you can't really get a proper penis anyway.

I too crossplayed in the beginning to deal with my feelings, and since 'de-transitioning' I've dived straight into lolita. I'm not intersex, but I can understand where you're coming from. I hope everything works out for you anon.

>> No.9011756
File: 194 KB, 869x960, 1373181460593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's good you don't have a dick. Being a man sucks you are constantly horny, I am in my 20s and I still jerk of 2-5 a day. It has become an addiction. And it's taken time away from making cosplay etc it will consume you.
Or just get a bf and let him make you feel like the prettiest girl in the world, I sacrefie myself as tribute.

Pic related that's how you should feel, actually this should be how everyone should always feel about themself.

>> No.9011773

thanks, and hope you will be okay too

stop watching porn

>> No.9011774

One does not simply stop, kek

>> No.9011780

Since you use sign language, I'm guessing you're capable of holding conversations with deaf people who also use it? And I'm guessing having access to a mobile device where you can quickly type stuff/text people, not to mention internet access, makes it a lot easier to communicate with others than in your childhood? I'm assuming that you went to a regular school, but wasn't communicating with other children difficult? This is where I wish that signing was an offered language class in public schools. I understand there is a whole culture around signing, and even if it was just one person, I felt horrible not being able to communicate with someone, even if it was only one person. And I remember not having internet as a kid, it's pretty amazing thinking about how online communities have come such a long way. It's so easy now to hold conversations with a bunch of people, and make new friends. Has that affected you in any way?

Sorry for all the questions, I just really like learning about people and their stories.

>> No.9011813

Usually the motions to point out my muteness work pretty well, but sometimes people just don't get it for whatever reason. I'm for sure planning on using the cards, but decorating them is a super cute idea, I'll keep it in mind! Thank you.

Allllright, let's see-!
>I'm guessing you're capable of holding conversations with deaf people who also use it?
Yup! We use the same signs, and I can read sign language as well as I can, well, sign, so I can talk to deaf people with no problems!

>And I'm guessing having access to a mobile device where you can quickly type stuff/text people, not to mention internet access, makes it a lot easier to communicate with others than in your childhood?
For sure. When I was younger I did have a little text-to-speech contraption, but it wasn't that efficient. Phones have made it a million times easier to talk to people because you can just type out whatever you need and either use the text-to-speech function, or you can just flip the phone so they can see what you've written, which is definitely nice. My phone is sort of a vital thing for me now, just for that function alone.

>I'm assuming that you went to a regular school, but wasn't communicating with other children difficult?
Yup! Normal school. My parents offered to take me to a school for HoH folks, but I was a bit better suited towards average schools. That said, yeah, I definitely had issues with other kids for a while and I was pretty much a loner for that reason. Most kiddos don't want to play with someone who can't talk back (but they were definitely interested in sign language, so I wasn't always alone, don't worry). It chilled down a little before highschool, probably because people start being a little more aware around then, and I did manage to make a friend or two then. But until that point, more or less a loner kid who was more than a little bitter about it. (1)

>> No.9011815

But I agree with you about the sign language classes thing! I'm sure I'm kind of biased because I use sign language, but I do wish it was offered in schools. Signing has a bit of a stigma behind it because people are so used to normal talking, and deaf/mute/nonverbal people get some mild scorn for it, like we're an inconvenience. Which, I guess we sort of are-? But still. It's not much fun.

>And I remember not having internet as a kid, it's pretty amazing thinking about how online communities have come such a long way. It's so easy now to hold conversations with a bunch of people, and make new friends. Has that affected you in any way?
YES. Honestly, the internet was sort of amazing to me at first (and still is) - getting to talk to people, be in communities, carry on whatever conversations I wanted to without worrying about signing and if people could understand me was great. It made me feel a lot better about myself, because I used to have a lot of self-confidence issues because I was 'broken' and I really hadn't met any mute people prior, but I could find communities filled with other people like me and it was great. Plus, you're normal on the internet, more or less. No stigmas or issues for dumb stuff.
Basically, yeah, internet has affected me a lot in a very positive way.

>> No.9011829

>masturbates 2-5 times a day
Get a job, you creep.

>> No.9011833

Having a dick isn't what makes you masturbate 2-5 times a day anon, you should look into fixing that porn addiction desu

>> No.9011837

Honest option, if you can't handle next semester why not just do the GED?

>> No.9011850
File: 1.57 MB, 400x348, fapgif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a dick and I masturbate like once a week. When I was 18, maybe around twice a week at most.

If it's something you're complaining about, then you have a problem.

>> No.9011900
File: 197 KB, 500x321, surprise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be born with both sets of genitals
>get peepee removed
>live as girl
>didn't learn until I was 15 that I used to have a dong

>> No.9011911

While being a man is definitely worse, it's not because of the reason you gave, nor is your problem inherent to being male.

>> No.9011943
File: 285 KB, 424x240, 1455025826510.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that feel when using a new machine
>that feel when you forgot how worn out your old one was
>no longer having to physically pull the fabric through since the grips stopped working long ago
>no more constant bobbin jams
>no more needle snaps all the time
>no more thread snapping because even though you have a loose tension your machine never seems to register it

I'm so happy gulls.

>> No.9011974

This sounds interesting. I can't even imagine what that revelation would be like.

>> No.9012186
File: 86 KB, 500x446, 1430878309146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pay for bf and I's tickets and hotel share for con
>Ask him to pay me back
>He shows no indication of doing so even though he has the money
>Get paid a few days later, use some of it to buy a cosplay I really wanted
>Bf says in a nasty tone "Weren't you just saying how broke you are?"

>> No.9012241

Oooh, Which model? I need a new one bad.

Frankly, I was surprised.

>> No.9012301
File: 334 KB, 628x568, Hnnnnnnnggg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who said I don't have one?

My addiction probably comes from
(flash back moment)
>be anon happy with his life
>going to cons every thing is great
>one day anon meets his oneities
>fast forward he got rejected 3 times
>he even bought her vip tickets to Taylor Swift front row seat
>now anon spirit is crush/ soul is crush
>resells taytay swift tickets and makes 1k profit
>jerks of furiously just to feel what happiness feel again
>never falls in love again
>some say he still jerks of furiously to this day

>> No.9012302

He sounds like a dough you should break up with him.

>> No.9012304

>dress I've been looking for for several months finally pops up at a good price
>suddenly feel very lukewarm to it and don't want to buy

>> No.9012307

I'm happy with my current gf but I get scared that I won't be able to find another girl that is a cosplayer and considers me attractive enough to go out with.

>> No.9012316

Honestly you can be however you want, If you want to continue as a guy then go ahead and do that and if anyone dares challenge you then just fight them

As long as you're not running about screaming about your gender being a rectangle or something then I highly doubt anyone is going to care how you dress, If you feel more male on certain days then go with it or if you want to be a mixture of both then do that too

>> No.9012320
File: 1.72 MB, 393x268, 1435208495470.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>seifuku preorder is the only thing i'm waiting on for my TB order
>seeing Chinese girls already reviewing theirs
>I have to get this order shipped out soon
>I just want to be a cute schoolgirl for upcoming con
C'moooonnnn Chinese Post

>> No.9012348
File: 660 KB, 767x900, 463c1fbeb91ef5ed31637aa1bc5bf3f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think this flat chest vs big boobs argument is one where both sides try to claim the grass is greener (because everybody always loves to complain and feel the victim) but if there were a magical button suddenly presented to both sides that would let them switch, only one side would instantly press it and the other would say "oh wait, uh I know I said these big boobs are a pain and I wish I had none but I didn't think there'd ever actually be the chance to lose them" and not press it.

>> No.9012352

Some people, sure.
I want mine gone go the point where I'm saving up for a reduction, and have been for over a year.

It is definitely a case of 'grass is greener' for both parties, however.

>> No.9012356

Reduction, not complete or almost complete removal. I doubt you're choosing to go like sub-A cup.

>> No.9012366

Oh mins a Janome Quilt Shop, I dont know how well this one is to find since Ive only seen it at a local store never online, but I like it. Janome in generals are nice to sew on, I've really fallen in love with this machine.

>> No.9012373

I'm someone who has experienced both extremes of the sides. I went from a 36R to a 28AAA (absolute flatness), a complete reduction of 19lbs of flesh from my chest. I had a severe case of gigantomastia and finally got a reduction 1.5 years ago. I was so disgusted with having tits that reached to my thighs, covered in marks and boils even. I never even attempted to get a BF and even became a NEET for 5 years after I dropped out of college because of them. I still haven't gotten a BF because I'm not sure how'd they react to the scar across my chest.

I fucking hate tits so much and I am so glad they are gone. I can run for the first time in 14 years and not be out of breath from walking 100 feet. I even lost a bunch of weight because of it. The feeling of fitting into a lolita dress after admiring the fashion since 2003 was one of the happiness moments of my life.

>> No.9012374

>dropping out of college because of your tits


>> No.9012382
File: 179 KB, 462x437, tfw giant tits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, I think when most people use the phrase "big boobs" they aren't thinking of ones that are inhumanly large because of a disease. Most people probably imagine like D-E range, and I think that's what this argument is about.

>> No.9012470

Nah, my small tiddies are great. I see no reason to want big boobs other than male attention, and no thank you.

>> No.9012490
File: 47 KB, 640x358, 3abd865bf2fb7b200b7a5ffc3a504aaa1386177262_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like yours too.

>> No.9012524

Oh please, being attractive to the opposite sex is a bigger priority than most people ever want to admit. And hell regardless of their sexual preference, just about everyone thinks a good pair of boobs help fill out a good outfit / figure. Big boobs are popular for good reasons.

>> No.9012526

Don't lie.

>> No.9012535

>also flatchested and only sometimes secure about them
S-small tits means they are closer to you heart when you hug, right

>> No.9012537

no, it means you have small tits

>> No.9012543

No, it means you're unwanted by 95% of all males. The last 5% are either close pedophiles or permavirgins who'd do anything to get pussy.

>> No.9012544


Seriously, big tiddies small tiddies should be the biggest non issue ever. The only time its an issue is when trying to find clothes that fit.

Attraction wise, i can guarantee that this is a non issue, at least in my circle of friends i know there are people who like all kinds of breasts. And i haven't ever heard of a guy who didn't want to hook up with a girl because her tiddies were too small. But hey, what do i know, i don't hang around assholes too much.

>> No.9012546

Bless. All tiddies are good tiddies and I wish everyone felt more secure with them.

I already have a fiancé. If I for whatever reason want to attract other men I could just wear a push up bra. If being sexually attractive to dudes was a priority for me I wouldn't wear lolita, would I? Having a small chest makes everything fit much better in this fashion.

Hopefully you can learn to like your body all the time, anon!

>> No.9012560

>enjoy having smaller titties
>can fit into more clothes because of it
>my gut always sticks out more than my tits no matter my weight though
>all throughout middleschool through highschool got shit for my tits
>got asked if i was a trap once at a con due to my lack of tits

i wish i was short and had smaller tits though. smaller tits is like, a cute thing- which only works if your short. if you're tall people see your lack of chest and start questioning your gender, no matter how pretty you look.

>> No.9012562

The best titties are on the girl you love <3

>> No.9012566

>got idea to make a cosplay for a convetion happening soon
>far too busy in college to actually work on any of it
>not sure what measurements to make for the prop/ suit
>not sure yet how I'd want/ get the lights working for it
>not even sure how I'd make most of the intricate parts
>would probably have to mold plastic for it, something I've never tried before
>don't have any kind of set up for molding plastic
>all plastics online I can find are expensive as heck
>convention starts less than 3 days after my last final
fug, there's always next year I guess

>> No.9012586

Just wear your best weeb shirt and enjoy.

>> No.9012601

again, I'm a 30DD and my tits would be considered small. stop with the 'oh yeah A = small D = big'. if I had a 'normal sized' ribcage but the same ratio of tits I'd only be around a C cup

>> No.9012604

I'm not sure I'd want to pay so much without having a cosplay though

>> No.9012605

Yeah yeah we get it. Everybody knows how bra sizes work we just don't want to bother with a whole nother variable every time we talk about them. The point is that just saying A or D quickly gets the general point across that you're talking about relatively small or large boobs.

>> No.9012625

my school just took a huge dump on me and all of my future plans
I get to watch my friends get SOs and be happy with them while I'm a salty shit clutching my two dresses that I don't know how to coord
why the fuck do I still even live just let me crawl under a rock and die

>> No.9012637

Cosplay a weeb then lol.

>> No.9012747
File: 11 KB, 194x260, 1462730591039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking YES. A similar thing happened to me, with a now ex-bf, but it was my birthday, and we were going clubbing.
>I end up paying for his hotel tickets too
>he sperged out when I asked for the money
>bitch wut
>didn't get me a single drink
>shit-tier present, as in, really bad: it was literally the same thing I had given him for Christmas the year before. As in physically the same present.
>I spend most of the night crying in the toilets, ah hormones
>got shitfaced on JD and danced on my own when wasn't being a weepy-ass motherfucker
>club closes
>it's 4am, and I was so pissed off I screamed at him the whole way to the hotel
>last straw: I asked him to call a taxi because his phone had credit
>was picking up other girls instead
>cried moar
>he still wouldn't give me my money back
>found out a week later that his grandma (who he could've stayed with) lived about 20 minutes away from the club

needless to say I left him pretty shortly after that. Wouldn't mind so much if it was just the one incident, but it was like this every time we saw each other (every weekend and then some).
Still didn't get my fucking money either ah well. I think he works in maccas now

>> No.9012769
File: 126 KB, 600x350, master-chief-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too short to cosplay a convincing chief

maybe I'll just go as a navy officer

>> No.9012826
File: 33 KB, 550x568, wyldlipbite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss having a bi gf because we could admire hot girls at cons together.

>> No.9012828

Trust me, most guys want a G cup. The fags among us who say they prefer D and lower are just liars.

>> No.9012845

But then again, most guys are retards who don't understand how bra sizes or even boobs themselves work.
>friend has 32Gs and attracts guys in droves
>her relationships never last very long
>every Friday night I get to hear all the stories about dumbshits who don't understand that boobs are affected by gravity even if the woman hasn't had five kids
Poor girl attracts mostly entitled dudes who have watched way too much porn and think silicone tits are totally natural and to be expected.
>thank you Mana-sama for my comfy 28Cs that can fit IW with minimal boobloaf

>> No.9012880 [DELETED] 

>she asks me where I'm from
>tell her I'm from New York
>her face lights up and she starts gushing about how much she wants to visit America
>asks me if I have a gf and if I want to get married soon

Bitch was smelling kwarta, because you outed yourself as Mr. Americano.

>> No.9012882


>she asks me where I'm from
>tell her I'm from New York
>her face lights up and she starts gushing about how much she wants to visit America
>asks me if I have a gf and if I want to get married soon

Bitch was smelling kwarta, because you outed yourself as Mr. Americano.

>> No.9013214

>flipping through 'plus size friendly' section on Lace Market because that's the only way I'll find dresses that'll fit my chest
>see dream dress
>Bust: 100cm max

. . . I am made of salt. The seller bought the dress and then tightened the bust area to fit her better. Fuuuuuuck me.

>> No.9013234

You're a fag and a liar cause that's not true at all.

>> No.9013425

play up the shortness and make a chibi version, with exaggerated helmet and such

>> No.9013544

Would you be willing to alter it yet again? If it has waist ties it'd be easy. Also, hopefully you can get it for a bargain since it's already altered.

>> No.9013556

>tfw my sister's cosplay arrives in the mail
>she's not home so i'm the first one to try it on

>> No.9013564

why you gotta be shitty like that

>> No.9013566

i bought it for her

>> No.9013631
File: 51 KB, 640x640, 10175960_831093297017143_7091583307682018400_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay strong anon!

I get where you're coming from and just want you to know that I think what your doing is great. It's really important to take the time to work on creative projects that have been mulling around in the back of our minds. They're not easy pieces of creative work but they can be the most rewarding.
I have my mother living with me at the moment due to recent injury, I've found that I have to get away from the house at times to avoid the quicksand depression and negativity. Maybe try heading out to the library if you need a break.

>> No.9013635
File: 182 KB, 400x400, 1453717852843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Story time please

>> No.9013648

>getting drunk and whipping out a pair of scissors on the subway getting us disapproving stares

>> No.9014193
File: 278 KB, 800x600, ghjkl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hosting a party this Saturday in 48 hours
>just got the notice that new dress is shipped from buyee
>praying it will arrive in 47 hours
I know it'll probably be like 4 days with EMS but it says 2-5 days on the website and I want to believe. Wish I hadn't slept on it and just bought the damn thing the few days before.

>> No.9014721

>going to far away con
>not a lot of friends who can afford to go
>need to fill a room to make it affordable
> allow overly attached friend to go
>month out from con
>much closer friends suddenly are able to go.
>invite them even though that means room stuffing.
>close friends dont get along with clingy friend
>dont want to be rude and kick clingy friend out, but also slowly realizing this mix of friends is kind of an odd couple

I just wanted to go to a far away con. I didn't mean to start WWiii ;.; i
It doesnt help that they like to snip at each other

>> No.9014730

be straight with your clingy friend. tell them that they need to behave or they're out of here

>> No.9014753


To begin, I want to state that this girl is actually my cousin which is honestly a main reason why I didn't throw a bigger fit about her tagging along. She's family and I know she's suffering with her mental health. BUT that is really no excuse for all the shit she put me and my friend J through. I'll refer to her as A.

For one, A is studying abroad in Japan in a rural town far away from the urban parts of Japan that we were visiting. So when we all got to our first lodging area in Osaka and she realized she forgot her psychiatric meds, we knew we were in for a long ride. The long and short of it is she not only had her mom spend $100 to express mail her the meds (to, as we found out later, what was the wrong address) arriving the day we were leaving Tokyo (she slept through her mom's many calls to see if this was okay so her mom just sent it) , she also missed her bus to go pick up the meds herself and had to use one of her many "gaijin cards" to get them to let her on another bus. This didn't really affect me and J, but it's a good example of how much she can fuck up in a short period of time.

The absolute worst event was the day before we left when our plans were to go see some shrines and temples, and hang out in Akihabara. We were at our first shrine deciding what omamori to buy, and I hear A mutter "shit, I'm so dumb" to myself (which she does all the time because she wants attention). After I buy my omamori, A says to me "i withdrew 10000 yen from the ATM but I forgot to take the bill, can you front me some money for the rest of the day". I just stare at her and shake my head and say "Probably not" because fuck that, go back and get the money. instead of just going back to get the money though, she said "Well, I actually might have enough".


>> No.9014766

What makes it a little more difficult is that we are going to far away con. So there arent mutuals for her to hang, with but i told her she cant follow me around like a lost puppy.

>> No.9014770


Our next plans are to go to Maidreamin in Akihabara. I really didn't want to go but J and A did so I decided to tag along. When we get there though, surprise, she reveals that she needs me to pay for her because she only has 1000 yen. (I forgot to mention that while we were at the shrine, after she had realized she was missing 10000 yen, she still bought at least 2 800yen omamoris).

SO I'm pissed and I let it show but i agree because we're already sitting in the maid cafe at this point and I don't want to cause as scene. THEN she says, despite the fact that both J and I agreed that we should get food elsewhere, that she wanted to order food, AND get a commemorative photo AND a clear file. All on MY dime.
She keeps apologizing and saying "I'm soooo sowwwy" but not making any effort to go get her money back or just withdraw more. I say "It's fine, just don't 'get anything you don't need" which you would THINK would be a signal to NOT get some shit? Just get a fucking drink like J and I did?? But nope, she still wants it all.

I spend most of the time we're there staring at my phone becuase I didn't want to come anyway and now I'm just fucking pissed. During one of the times when everyone in the cafe is supposed to clap and participate she fucking starts clapping in my face to try and get me to join in. I give her the most fucking grotesque smile I could muster and go back to looking at my phone.

A few minutes later, she says "Anon, can you" and i just blurt out "NO!" before she can finish bcause I think she's going to ask me to pay for something else.
She looks hurt and I immediately feel bad and I say "Sorry I just really hate lending people money" and she explains she wasn't going to ask me to lend her more money, she was just going to ask for me to front ALL of her maid cafe shit so she could use the 1000 yen she had left to buy some anime fandom garbage in Akihabara. Because that's so much better lol....same shit different bathroom.


>> No.9014776
File: 88 KB, 1300x893, angry-bsuinessman-grinding-teeth-businessman-desk-his-anger-32974760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To conclude, she says "I'll just go to an ATM and pay you back ASAP and pick up the money I left later"

Two things wrong with this
1. Dumb fucking idea to leave your money sitting around just so you can go shopping more
2. Why didn't you just get more money out in the first place after I said no???????

She does pay me back quickly (probably because of my mini outburst) but later on shit talks me to J for "freaking out" when you ask to borrow money. Sorry, not my fault you are an irresponsible garbage person. J is on my side luckily.

In the end, the ATM sucks the money back up if you don't take it, so she never lost 10000 yen in the first place :)

>> No.9014788
File: 1.29 MB, 500x281, rerogif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be chub girl
> 8/10 face
> 6/10 body
> Turned 18 last year
> Socially awkward
> Trying to get up the courage to find a guy who will let me mongle his cock
gif fucking related

>> No.9014789 [DELETED] 

I highly doubt if you are chubby your body is 6/10 and I highly doubt if you are chubby your face is 8/10. You're probably gross/10 trying to make yourself seem appealing by acting like a whore, but nobody wants to fuck you because you're disgusting.

>> No.9014805

you don't need friends at a con to necessarily have fun

hellfire, h e l l f i r e
this sounds a lot like something I read in /r/fatpeoplestories about some weeaboo fattie who went to japan with her cousin and wanted everything in the country to cater to her, but the happy ending was her admitting that she was insecure and pretended to be a fat activist to have friends at school

calm down your autism is showing

>> No.9014840
File: 105 KB, 400x450, 1463079898287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Getting this angry and autistic after reading the word "chub"
Anon is being an attention whore but holy shit, who peed in your iced tea this morning?

>> No.9014856

>something I read in /r/fatpeoplestories

>> No.9014858 [DELETED] 

>hurr autism

At least I'm not fat and gross and I have someone who wants to fuck my brains out daily.

>> No.9014880
File: 16 KB, 200x303, doubt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9014888

love chubby girls with pretty faces, but I have the opposite of what you are looking for. Good luck anon! It's all about confidence. You'll only find gross guys who'll take advantage of you if you don't step out on the market like you're the shit.
know your worth gurl and have fun!

>> No.9014896

>bought really cute big fluffy putumayo jacket from wunderwelt for a great price
>it arrived in the mail today
>realize i won't be able to wear it for many months because i live in the south and it's almost summer
Oh well. At least I'll still look cute when winter rolls around

>> No.9014904
File: 83 KB, 372x457, 1450914011408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was linked in IG, only time I've ever been on there

sure buddy, keep telling yourself that

>> No.9014916

If they fucked your brain out then how are you still alive?

Ha, exposed again

>> No.9014941

Remember to always cut every number in half when a girl rates herself online to get a real accurate number.

(You could still mongle my cock if you want though)

>> No.9014989

I mean do you want me to film us for proof? how gross

2/10 would have been funnier if you made a joke saying "oh so that's why you act brainless"

I'm disappointed

>> No.9015022


>> No.9015106

you don't have to be a female to enjoy these things.

>> No.9015350 [DELETED] 
File: 36 KB, 268x237, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your shitposting gets a thread deleted

>> No.9015396

hey you could always save up for plastic surgery, find a good surgeon that can make you look like a better version of yourself, I think that's the way to go honestly. it'll make you feel way better about yourself on the long run too

>mfw personally really scared of friends/people I know judging me for wanting to get PS because I look okay but I'm going to go through with it next year anyways because I've been wanting to get surgery on my nose since I was 13 and now I'm 22

even a slight tweak will probably make you feel way better about yourself and you'll be able to do your hobbies without feeling shameful about it, I'm with you on this anon if you decide to do it

>> No.9015438

Same. I used to be insecure when I was younger about having smaller breasts (due in large part to my two first boyfriends being absolute shitheads who made sure to rub in my face that the next girls they hooked up with after me had huge tits and went so far as to send me photos), but I've come to actually really like my breasts and feel great knowing that I'm close to my thirties and still have perky, cute titties that look great in the clothes I like to wear.

Never stopped me from getting a boyfriend, either, especially after I stopped feeling so bad about myself and decided to date dudes who respected me instead of assholes. Like, big breasts can be very appealing, but I honestly wouldn't change mine if I could magically do so.

>> No.9015441

>be female
>late 20s
>masturbate up to seven times a day regularly
Get on my level, fuckboy, men ain't shit.

>> No.9015737

go out to pubs and stuff, you'll meet someone! Nightclubs are usually pretty good for that kind of stuff, too. Stay safe anon

>> No.9015926
File: 187 KB, 1598x1533, Fi1jieQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be same anon
>wants to learn your teaching
Oh my queens help me and show me your ways so I may increase my numbers and maybe over throw you

>> No.9015972

My boyfriend is very normie. If you're cool and you click she really won't care about your hobbies as long as you have other things in common that would make a relationship viable. Try hiking with her if you want to get her out just you two. Make it incredibly clear it's romantic though

>> No.9016204
File: 32 KB, 489x409, 1366915026419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Super busy day at shitty manual labor job
>One coworker doesn't bother to show up
>Rest of male coworkers stand around and bullshit because "they do more work than anyone else"
>Meanwhile female coworkers all work through the day and don't take 5 million "cigarette breaks"
>None of them complain either and just do their job, despite being on their feet all day doing manual labor.
>Go home and pass out watching Princess Bride because of terrible fever
>Wake up 12 hours later and find out that coworker that was a no-show has died.

>> No.9016215

holy damn. also, which side were you on, female or male?

>> No.9016250

Female. But I work in a different department than all of them so it's easier to see the work ethic differences.

>> No.9016300

holy shit. I don't know how close you were to her, but my condolences, anon.

>> No.9016326
File: 49 KB, 1280x720, 0hqMWJM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> be me, fujioshi
> have boyfriend (gamer) for over 6 years
> nearly breaks up with anon a couple weeks ago
> mentions helping me move
> "i still have feelings for you, but you're chub"
> chub, but just starting a new weight schedule because of new (better) job
> hes just as chub
> "you're fawning over fictional brothers"
> first time ive really "fawned" over a character in literal years
> wants to make it work but DAT CHUb!!!!!!
> talk it out with him, eventually stays together
> gets on liquid diet (in a healthier way) + exercise more to help get rid of chub faster
> local anime con may go to AX (good ass deal!)
> open spot for anon
> boyfriend willing to pay for ticket
> but we're moving later that month
> i say, "i'm worried about money, deposits and shit"
> actually worried about going to AX only to have boyfriend break up with anon when i'm back even though we've been consistently losing weight

fuck anxiety.

>> No.9016328
File: 73 KB, 400x363, 1442898157696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


whoops i meant local anime CLUB

>> No.9016451
File: 1.41 MB, 440x3784, Sirens start a business.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9016555

>You've been fawning over fictional characters!

I love my husband, anon. LOVE. never reveal your power level to your real partner.

>> No.9016571


he honestly really doesn't know my true power level

>> No.9016575

>end of March and April
>made super shitty money decisions because mental stress and anxiety after hormonal weight gain and apathy from shit job
>bought a fucking AP release through an SS
>was hyped to twin with friend
>SS service cost $60 more after shipping than worth of the set
>got the set, didn't love it and it doesn't even fit
>trying to desperately sell it to pay back some of my debts
>nobody is even biting
>checked my credit score on my recent cc statement
>went from 750 to 690
>company fucked me out of a cash advance and my tax return still isn't here
>don't have the monies to stave off $3k of debt from medical bills, credit purchases, and utilities bills
>family isn't helping, bf is cracking after trying to support us after 1 month
>quite obvious I'm part of the rock and I can't fail
>but I am failing super hard
>just want to fucking an hero
>con is coming up in a week but I won't have fun because literal no money fat poorfag
At least I didn't pre-reg so there's really no obligation to go and have fun.

>> No.9016578


damn anon have you tried going to garagesalejapan on livejournal? it may not be all the money back but it could help alleviate some of the debt...

>> No.9016603


Hey, I'm not a pedo!

>permavirgins who'd do anything to get pussy.

Ok, maybe you are onto something

>> No.9016619
File: 85 KB, 1280x720, puella_magi_madoka_magica-10-homura-crying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spend a couple months planning to hang/cosplay with friend at con, friend seems to agree with plans and be super down for it
>today, at con: friend goes to hang out with their 'squad' and we don't spe one second inside the convention center together
>say that i'm a bit unhappy because i changed my cos schedule to cosplay together but get told i'm guilt-tripping
>go back to hotel room to hide for rest of night
i just wanted to spend time together... what did I do wrong, gulls
inb4 "everything"

>> No.9016655

You were just expressing how it made you feel so it is a rude comment for them to make if they did truly ditch you. It depends on how seriously you talked about doing things together.
They probably saw a chance to have more fun with a group rather than a single person but they didn't seem apologetic about it. Some people have a lot of separate friends and they could have invited you too if they really wanted to be with them as well. Maybe you value the friendship more than they do.

>> No.9016705

Very wise person right here.
Would be honored to have a friend with such wise insight.

>> No.9017121


>> No.9018620

I feel guilty because I called out sick from work today. When I was in high school I was so much more diligent about going to work even when I had strep, but I've had a cold all weekend and today I woke up coughing up mucus and then threw up. I don't get PTO, but I also don't want to be around customers when I'm like this and answering phones when I can barely breathe let alone talk. When my family finds out I know they're going to call me a pussy because they don't believe in showing weakness or "taking sick days". But I learned in college that sometimes you need to just take a day off to rest so you get better faster rather than prolonging it.
But now I can lay around all day watching ninja turtles and power rangers so that's a plus.

>> No.9019390

>Friend asked me to cosplay with them
>I like the character, the costume isn't particularly hard, so why not?
>Work gets INSANE
>Have to drop basically everything in my life except for work and getting this costume done
>I finish it with time to spare
>Had to drop a few other costumes (and a bit of sanity) to get this one done, but HEY, I DID IT, IT'S DONE, HALLELUJAH, TOTALLY WORTH IT
>Friend who asked me just got her pattern
>Her costume is way harder than mine
I'm torn between being really frustrated and really amused.

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