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Old thread >>9016413

Keep it /cgl/ related.

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>took a lolita hiatus before finals so I could focus
>finals still went pretty badly
>found out after finals that my bf was spending the summer 1000 miles away and leaving sooner than expected
>been spending every day with him to try and enjoy the couple of weeks we have left
>just moved into a new apartment with lots of issues
>cleaning and fixing it is draining most of our time
>broke after resulting unexpected bills
>had to sell some things and cancel going to a con this summer
>missing ILD because I have to visit family after bf leaves
>not going to be able to wear lolita again til July
>friends are all out of state over the summer
>too broke to cheer myself up with online shopping
>too broke to buy new shoes and bags so dresses I can't coord are sat in my wardrobe unworn
>trying to become less broke by getting a job but haven't even got an interview yet

Most of these are pretty common problems so I feel bad complaining, but the whole thing is making me feel really tense and irritable, especially with being too busy/broke to wear lolita to cheer myself up.

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>buy dress for Fanime
>pay girl 2 weeks before I need it
>girl never gives me tracking
>keep bugging her
>this morning: "I just shipped it out anon! Here's the tracking."
>Fanime is in 2 days

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>just moved to NY
>was planning to go to AZ, booked flight to home town so I could visit with family, found a ride from town to the con
>day before flight, my ride to the airport tells me they can't take me anymore
ok whatever make new plans
>ride from town to con backs out
>my car breaks down, can't get to airport
>miss flights, cry for hours because not gonna make it to con or see family
>parents trying to guilt me into buying a new ticket to fly down even though I don't have the money for it.
CGL, I'm so bummed. I worked really hard on my cosplays for AZ and was finally going to cosplay with my best friend who also was the person to get me into cosplay.

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That really sucks anon, especially about your parents guilting you into buying new tickets.

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No Uber?

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No Uber, Lyft, Taxi or even taking public transportation?

Like jeeez. If you know you can't even afford to take a taxi or public transportation, why even travel. Wait until you have money. This was on you for not budgeting your money wisely.

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One of my friends has clearly ditched our group to hang out with other girls. She has been ditching on us for a while now. She says she never has any time, but we know she doesn't think that we are worth it anymore since she clearly seems to have time for other people.

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>finally buy dream dress after three years of searching
>being given $800 dollars birthday money specifically for my wardrobe my SO
>FINALLY have non-abusive friends who want to go to cons with me
>planning a cosplay group for October to my first con in eight years

T-things are finally looking up after four shitty years... Now if only my local lolita group actually did anything I could go to meets! Maybe make FRILLY friends.

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>finally buy dream dress after three years of searching
>being given $800 dollars birthday money specifically for my wardrobe my SO
>FINALLY have non-abusive friends who want to go to cons with me
>planning a cosplay group for October to my first con in eight years

T-things are finally looking up after four shitty years... Now if only my local lolita group actually did anything I could go to meets! Maybe make FRILLY friends.

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My sister's got major body confidence issues and an ED, left lolita because of this, and would only wear baggy non-attention-drawing clothes for years because she hated how she looked - we went to maybe two meets together before she stopped 100%, and she borrowed my clothes to go as emotional support for me, because she didn't have the confidence and drive to get into lolita properly herself, since she wouldn't feel pretty anyway.

But her new boyfriend has been really good for her, and she's going to borrow a simple coord from me next month for a picnic meet, so we can twin. I'm so happy right now - we're super-close, so having her involved in such a massive part of my life makes me the giddiest gull on this board.

After years of no cute lolita sister to twin with, finally, my time has come!

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The airport was 3 hrs away, so uber and taxi were basically out of the question unless I wanted to drop a stupid amount of money. The bus wouldn't get to the airport in time and the train station was an hour away.
Yeah, I did have money budgeted but, you know, a broken down car kinda took it all away. Bonus: roommate needed me to front money for them to fix their car as well right before mine broke down. Shit happens, anon.

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>con in less than two weeks
>placed TB order at the start of the month
>getting in contact with Buynosaur about it has been an absolute pain in the ass
>stuff might not show up on time for con
>plan backup coord
>accessory for coord stuck in customs
>get dress today in mail
>thank god at least i have the dress
>where is the detachable bow
>double check package, dress, make sure it was in the listing pictures
>it's just not here

Obviously I know it's not the biggest deal, but it was just one more thing on top of a shit pile. I messaged her and hopefully she just forgot it and can send it, bleh.

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>Have been using SS and Taobao for ages
>Girls on my comm never tried it (so complicated, if SS scam us, fear in general)
>Finally convince my best friend to jump in
>Made a order together
>She spent all her savings
>Choose Buynosaur, why not? They seems nice.
>Order made and paid 2 months ago
>Start to act shady, say they shipped my order but never do, wanted to charge us for shipping again, take 2 weeks to answer my messages with a "yes"
>Friend starts to asking when the order will come
>Don't know how to say maybe we're scammed
>See all Buynosaur horror stories.
>Freaking out even more.

Okay they try to stole my money but my friend's... Dear God, please no. No no no no....

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>want to buy all the cute Sanrio school supplies and accessories for next semester
>can't afford it
>Cinnamoroll and Bonbon Ribbon items taunting me in my shopping cart

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>At meet in a park
>Getting over a bad cold
>Been looking forward to this for a while so still go
>Cold meds work up until the end
>Hold in accumulating mucus and pray
>Don't want to make a scene being that person blowing their nose loudly
>Suddenly have to sneeze
>I'm all out of tissues
>Girl sees me and offers me her handkerchief
>Try to wave her off, but she is super insistent
>This hanky is gorgeous with her frigging initials embroidered into it and shit
>I let it rip right into her hanky
>Thick globs of that horrible end of cold yellow mucus
>Her face just drops
>We throw it out


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>my cosplays normally turn out pretty good
>choose a character that i really love but its complicated
>didn't have much time to work on it because of finals
>working up until the last minute
>hate it so much that i don't want to wear it, but friend convinces me to do it anyway
>looking back at con photos im fucking humiliated they let me go out like that, and i literally hate myself so much for letting myself and my work be presented like some kind of party city trash bag

when will my pain and shame end, gulls? i just want to go back and time and hit myself

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that's awesome anon! as someone who has had EDs, I'm so happy for your sister that she managed to get out of such an awful, awful mindset. I hope you two have tons of fun!

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Instead of congratulating people shouldn't you be working out, fatty?

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Holy shit anon, are you me? My friend's excuse (aside from being "too busy") is that she's broke, but we see her buying more cosplays and makeup all the time.

>> No.9022787

What exactly did she think was going to happen to it?

>> No.9022795

Buy her a new one! Then you won't have the guilt driving you to be an awkward homebody.

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>"the human condition can be summed up in just one word, and this is the word: Embarrassment" (Vonnegut).
You aren't alone anon.

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>Must mean she's fat!
Go to bread, Bart.

>> No.9022820


im just worried that all the other cool cosplayers from the series are going to think im frumpy weeb trash

i mean, i kinda am, but i make an effort not to look it

>> No.9022839

Then make a better one, and go to a con in it. The good will outweigh the bad.

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>Two of my packages have gone missing
>Both sent via EMS so are insured, but I don't care about getting my money back
>I just want my stuff
>Feeling so hopeless that they'll never turn up
>Why bother shopping anymore if it'll just go missing.
I've contacted my local post carrier and they're investigating, but I doubt it'll amount to anything.

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I submitted a panel and got an email saying my panel submission was received a week ago. THE CON IS IN TWO WEEKS and they haven't gotten back to me yet. Should I prep my materials? Is it a total waste of time?

Why are the conventions in my area so small and shitty....

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Isn't that the purpose of a handkerchief in first place?

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>first con without my dead friend tomorrow

I just want to dress up with you one last time.

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>most of my feels thread posts have been bad things
>receive birthday money I wasn't expecting
>two AX costumes instead of one

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>friend died of cystic fibrosis at 22, 6 years ago
>want to cosplay something from our favorite show from back then, but my heart just isn't in it

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>new in comm
>plus sized lolita but it's nbd, wear things that fit me
>problem? have no transport, don't want to take a train in lolita
>bigger girl than me offers me a lift in exchange for gas money
>accept and pay
>next time, she offers me a lift and asks me what size dress I am wearing
>'it's a M, but I also have an L if you'd like to try it on! do you mind if I ask you what your bust is so I can check it against max measurements?'
>shrug it off, she drives me home, we talk, she offers to give me a lift to every meet I attend that she's attending
>forget to offer to let her come in and try on the dress
>send fb message immediately after getting changed apologizing
>no reply
>meet coming up, inquire about lift

idk, was I being that rude? she brought up sizing first, and I honestly just blanked. This was about a month ago and the next meet is fast approaching, so I'm kind of certain I'll be either skipping it or be braving a train.

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>tfw looking up my old ass forum posts on a site I used to spend hours on every single day from 2007-2009 when I was the most weeb
>tfw the site is dead
>tfw having to use waybackmachine
>tfw wondering how the fuck weebs find together now in my country, since the site shutdown
>tfw all those plans I had for cosplaying back in 2008
>tfw I was the cringe master
>tfw xXSasoriXx
>tfw SKUM will never return

>> No.9023057

Sorry, bro/sisheims. I still think about my friend who committed suicide and left the most idiotic, infuriating suicide note that devastated his family and friends with how fucking stupid it was. I think it's been... I don't even know anymore, but to date it, his suicide note was posted on Livejournal.

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>working on costume
>feel bloated and nauseated, probably almost that time of the month
>scrape my leg doing something stupid
>con is in 2 days
>costume I'm planning to wear involves very short skirt

Not the worst thing that could happen, but man, I didn't want to wear a diaper to the con or walk around with bandaids on my leg.

>> No.9023069

You were a tactless ass, but if she was bigger than you by quite a bit, then you had a justifiable reason. Personally, I don't care what size you are, trying on my brand is a line I draw in the sand. Too many potential nightmares.

>> No.9023082

i only asked because the dress she wanted to try on didn't have a zip. If she ruined a $300 JSK I would have cried, because I know she doesn't have the money to pay me back.

But she did bring up sizing first, so I thought discussing it was on the table. She's quite larger than me, I think. I offered her the bust measurement after asking (the max was 120-something cms, I'm only 96cms in the bust) and she still said nothing.

The mixed messages are what are really confusing me. She said she would give me a lift wherever if we were going to the same meet, and that was after the sizing issue, but she didn't respond to my apology and I'm just feeling like spaghetti because I was trying to be kind in letting her try it on.

>> No.9023085

Also, like I said, I did ask if she minded whether I asked, I didn't just flat out say 'how fat are you', and she did comment on maybe wanting to try on the larger JSK. It's not like it was an offhand or out of the blue comment.


>sage for my sperginessand double post

>> No.9023088

>tfw the moment your friend tries on your brand she starts violently vomiting lime green puke and shitting herself while she free bleeds

don't you hate when that happens?

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If that's the first thing you think of, you may have a mental disability.

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When I couldn't wear lolita I would watch lolita movies and play dress-up games.

>> No.9023119

>someone has a gross sense of humor
>this response

I think you may have autism if you looked that far into it. It's like an extreme fart joke.

>> No.9023129

my best friend died as a kid because of congenital heart defect, and I just know he would've loved anime and cosplaying and everything since he was a total nerd just like me (our favourite books at the time were Harry Potter and Eragon, and he got me into real video games like Minecraft and TF2)
I discovered cosplay and all that around 2 years after he died, so we never got to do anything together, but I know we would've been the best cosplay couple ever

>> No.9023135

>Stalking a dress on LM
>Promise myself I'll buy it after obsessing for a week
>"Listing is not found"
>gently message seller but i have to accept the dress is gone

I wish I could make decisions faster! This wishy-washy waiting shit has cost me so much.

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I want to give up and delete everything. I can't take the stress and rejection anymore.

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You attributed too much to a reaction image.

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whooo, watch that salt fly, gulls

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Going back to get x-rays and ultrasounds next week. Might have had a heart attack back in February and my lungs are filling with blood.

Hey, it's better than cancer!

>> No.9023297

She might just be overly sensitive and not quite accepting of her size, anon. It's silly and there's not a lot you can do about it. It sounds like you were trying to be nice and though I guess I see how she could have taken it the wrong way, it's ridiculous for her to have. Maybe give her some time and then contact the her a little before your next meet? Offer for her to come over a little earlier and she can come in a try it on, or even ask what the deal is. If she doesn't respond after that, I think she just seems like a baby.

>> No.9023322

Me too anon
>Holy Theater in color and cut I want
>just under retail
>suddenly birthday money
>"Listing Not Found"
I don't remember the sellers name so I can't even look it up. But I'll be waiting and watching.

>> No.9023335

I was mainly responding to the fact they called me mentally disabled for my gross out humor. Which is silly.

>> No.9023337

>I have a habit of making collages of all the dresses I'm interested in buying
>if I can't make at least three coords that I'm happy with, I don't get the dress.
>helps cut out buyers remorse
>ended up getting a dream dress and work on the first collage
>monitors are awful but I still hope all the colors match
>everything comes in, every shade is immaculate
>collage looks like shit in comparison
>feels great, gulls.

>> No.9023352

As a person who buys too much, I sometimes put things up for way less than I paid and feel a bit irritated or regretful and so will delete my listing and keep it for myself. At least someone will appreciate it then

>> No.9023424

>buy skirt secondhand
>religiously check tracking
>saw it left the nearest mail distribution center early this morning
>should be here by now
>have to leave for work soon and know that if im not here to sign for it it'll go to the post office and pick it up

>> No.9023427

not /cgl/ related

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>be young (almost 19)
>been in comm for like a year
>constantly patronized
>better at sewing/coordinating than most of these people
It drives me crazy. I love feedback on my coords and handmade pieces, but the concrit I get from them is always pretty shitty and unhelpful. I just say thanks but I'm secretly losing my shit over this. I can't tell if they're doing this because I'm young, out of the loop, or just more ita than I think.
I feel patronized 24/7 at work, school, and now the lolita community and I'm about to lose my shit.

>> No.9023438

Honestly you sound kinda oblivious to your flaws and undeservingly proud. If that many more experienced lolitas are saying things, you might want to reevaluate your choices.

>> No.9023455

anon you sound sperglord as hell, not gonna lie.

>> No.9023461

>I feel patronized 24/7 at work, school, and now the lolita community

Have you ever thought that because you are only 19 years old, you don't actually know everything? It's most likely not you being patronized as opposed to helpful or critical feedback. Your ego is seeing it as patronizing, because you feel that you do in fact know better. Chances are you don't. Just roll with it, and get over it. How you respond also factors into how people will interact with you over things. If you act bratty and don't show any improvement because you aren't taking their feedback into consideration, then yes, people will treat you like a child. You'll learn that being humble will go a long way in life, and that sometimes certains skills come with age and practice.

>> No.9023471


>feeling patronized at 19

You're going to have a hard time in life.

Also you sleep eight hours a day. Unless you're getting henpecked by your dreams you likely are not getting patronized 24/7.

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>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, concert whistle, uilleann pipes, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukulele, drums, djembe, guitar, erhu, accordion, concertina, xylophone, euphonium, glass harp, french horn, ocarina, hammered dulcimer, wine glasses, or jew's harp
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can fulfil the role of an orchestral concert percussionist by playing instruments like the triangle, chimes, and cymbals
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing in falsetto, vibrato, or tremolo
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can read musical notation or can conduct an orchestra
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can sing in constructed languages like Hymmnos
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ or use sound synthesis programs

You're just so adorable I could just eat you up. No really, I'd love to dice you into pieces and boil them at searing temperatures and make a musical lolita stew.

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maybe instead of being jealous of other people you should start working on a hobby? believe me, life becomes a lot better afterwards.

>> No.9023503

>abusive family
>bf decides we should move together so i can run away from this cuckoo nest
>they stole most of my money and would take my salary if i started working an actual job
>flip things to raise as much as possible
>"i'll sell my guns, so you'll have to sell your burando"
I really want to move out too but I can't bring myself to part with my lolita. I hate begging and people taking people on me but I would be SO ready to start a fundraiser so I could keep the dresses, I don't care about anything else. I fought so much over them so I have become desperately attached to them but he's selling his guns which are the dearest to him so I should sacrifice too.
Goodbye my dear brand, who I fought over 10 years to attain. Farewell, my dear, I know I'll never see you again ;-;

>> No.9023522

Plan your own meet! My comm was super dead when I first joined, but I started planning meets. It's still shitty but more alive than it was.

>> No.9023526

I know how you feel anon.
My company did a fucky thing recently and I haven't been paid for four weeks now despite having worked hours. I need to write to my union.

However most of my bills aren't going to accept that I haven't been paid in four weeks, so I've been trying desperately to sell my brand. One dress when I got it didn't fit, and even though I like it, it's not as hard selling it. The amount I might get for it won't be enough though. I'm having to look into my wardrobe and seeing what pieces I'd be more okay to part with...

>> No.9023528

My friend's gf (I guess you could say we're also friends?) has been getting to cosplay in the last few years and her sister is too
They're all terrible like, summer camp 3rd grade play kind of bad
Their construction is terrible and everything is just so ill fitting and cheap
but they always seem so fucking PROUD
I feel so bad, cause I haven't gotten into cosplay yet but I know what my limitations are
I'm not good at sewing and I'm probably not good at prop making so I'll get help or commission it, I've lurked /cgl/ enough to pick up some do's and don'ts...but these two
Every time they show me WIP shots it's so hard to force a smile and be like "Yeah looks great!"

>> No.9023533

Do you have any talents? crochet? knit? sewing? deco?

If you do literally any thing hobby like you can sell what you make.

Also think of it this way, selling some burando now to get out of where you are will definitely lead to getting new burando later. Think of it, no family stealing your money means more money to save for dresses!

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File: 305 KB, 640x480, milhouse-poster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>graduate college
>recieve a lot of $ in graduation presents
>literally 10x more than what I've ever recieved for birthday gifts
>can save a sizeable chunk of it to be responsible (I come from a very low-income background & I'm looking forward to making a better life for myself, even if I can only start with a probably-meager-in-comparison-to-others' savings account)
>can still spend a cecent amount to actually complete the basic coords I have now, and may actually start attending meets this summer

In the past few months I've been through some pretty shit things (I've lived with my aunt most of my life since mom is a bipolar addict, and in December my aunt suffered a traumatic brain injury and went into a coma. She's in rehab but can never live independently again. I had to move out of my lifetime home shortly after her injury.)

Aunt was at least able to come see me graduate. Everything's coming up Milhouse.

>> No.9023580

How old are you? If you get a job your parents can't legally take that money that's stealing whether they're your parents or not.

>> No.9023601

I know this is just a feels thread and I have no reason to defend my anonymous existence, but I feel like you guys didn't really read what I said properly, or maybe I didn't make it clear.
I love getting concrit from people who are more experienced, which is why I ask for it in the first place. But I've been getting a lot of really shitty advice from people wearing quilting cotton skirts and ballet flats. I also get really basic and obvious advice like "never say the word lolita in front of normies!" or "you need a shipping service to buy off mbok" when I've been wearing the fashion pretty regularly on my own for almost 2 years. I feel like I'm being talked down to by people who are just as experienced if not less.
I also promise I'm not being a brat to their faces, I treat everyone equally, I just had to vent here because it's been bothering me.

>> No.9023602

Nah, not to their faces. Just behind their backs, because you're so much better than them right?

>> No.9023616

Well, it's not like I'm calling anyone out, tried to keep it vague enough to be any comm. I know they mean well. And it's not such a serious issue that I feel the need to have a sit-down heart-to-heart about it.
>4/10 made me reply

>> No.9023619

You're still a brat. These people are trying to help you because they clearly think you need help, and with your terrible attitude they're right.

>> No.9023626

Uh are you one of the people anon is whining about or something? You seem to be getting awfully angry.

>> No.9023629

The chances of that are next to none, anon. They're probably just wanting to be a dick.

>> No.9023643

Some people just do it because it's fun and enjoy doing their best to be the character they love. You sound like you've been on here for too long, go outside.

>> No.9023649

I do pretty much all the creative shit: shrink plastic, polymer clay, knit and crochet, embroider, you name it; but since we want to move abroad I'm not making nearly enough so I have to part with my burando ;-;
I'm 22, is there any surefire way o parents won't take my money? I have tried keeping it at home under key, in a bank where I asked to never trust my parents and always confirm and ask for two passwords so they know it's me... they always find a way to bypass my security measures. I have considered opening a count abroad, surely that will be safer?

>> No.9023666

Wait, passwords? How in the hell can they guess those?
Anyways, how about you put your money in your boyfriends account depending on how much you trust him. That way your parents can't get to it right?

Also fuck your parents, they're gross.

>> No.9023679

They didn't even need to guess, we live in a very small town where everybody knows me over my funky appearance; so what my dad did was only waltzing into the bank, using his narcissistic smile (he's super charismatic, he has convinced people to give him fairly expensive things for free), say "my daughter is mentally unsound and as far as I know not legally allowed to handle money for herself so I'll need you to hand the money over to me" and that was it, nothing else was needed.
Thank you for your support and nice trips.

>> No.9023724 [DELETED] 

But what if you really are mentally unsound but just can't realize it because of how mentally unsound you are?

I mean you are into lolita. It's pretty common for girls into that to be crazy.

>> No.9023749

I'm not trying to sound like a pissy old dick but it's still kind of rough to see someone parade around like the cock of the walk in just terrible cosplays. And it's not characters she loves, I will just say that in my defense.

Usually I don't care but now she's wanting to cosplay two of my fave characters from Overwatch and it's just tough to watch because she's not taking ANY advice.
I get that she's having fun but she won't even listen to constructive criticism..
I'm probably just being a dick tho so I just offered my two cents to her and I'm not going to say anything more

>> No.9023822

It's worth it to move out, anon. Get as far away from your psycho family as you can.

>> No.9023828

1) If you have a job, ask to be paid in checks rather than direct deposit. Or open a bank account in the town over

2) Put money onto prepaid American Express gift cards or instantly change it all over to cash and give to bf for safe keeping

3)Have bf open another account and just dump all your money in there for safekeeping. People open extra accounts all the time for specific things like travel funds, overflow, etc.

4) Look into bank to paypal, put as much money as possible onto paypal account.

Once you get out, you should be able to open an account on your own as the primary holder in another town, and discuss with them security measures and what is going on with your family. But talk to the bf about him opening another account specifically for you to use in the meanwhile.

>> No.9023830

Work work work! make as much as you can, sell as much as you can! You have nothing to lose from trying :) Maybe if you can do enough you wont have to part with every dress!

Also if I were you I probably would put my money into my bfs account like another anon said, or I would do everything online and never go to the bank at all. Open up a free checking account with Chase or something and just keep all your dealings online, if you need money out only take out from an ATM.

Dont let anybody know you have another account open, let your parents think the bank they usually take your money from is the only account you have?

>> No.9023841


>> No.9023851

Did you read what you posted? It's one thing to say "i'm getting shitty advice from basics who can't even match colors" and saying "I'm being constantly patronized by EVERYONE all day every day! At work, at school, now in my community and it's because I'm young!"

You, quite frankly, came off as a brat. Considering you are only 19, and even if your community is full of itas, there is no way that everyone in your life is constantly talking down to youe. Your young and your post comes off as if you have the ego of a fresh new adult who thinks they know everything. Next time just write about your crappy community instead of making it sound like "everyone is out to get me!!!1!!" You will get less negative responses.

>> No.9023853

Good luck anon!

>> No.9023982

Yeah, that shit's illegal as hell. It'd be nice if you could afford a lawyer. They can't be handing over a legal adult's money without proof you're unsound.

>> No.9024234
File: 30 KB, 369x318, 1387066401091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>graduate from college with a master's last June
>look for entry level jobs in my field
>redraft my resume and cover letter by professionals
>still nothing
>not even an interview
>after a year give up
>email my professor about my intentions
>professor replies back with "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" type message
>professor is upset
>i'm upset
>crying a lot
>ended up throwing out my sewing machine in a fit of rage

I ought to be at Fanime or Miku Expo in New York this weekend. Instead I'm moping around at my apartment because I couldn't get a foot in the door for my career. I think my personality and contradicting goals for a career were the problem. Now I'm thinking getting a second master's or PhD in something different.

>> No.9024236

What field?

>> No.9024238

networking is the most important part of a professional job search. Like my company posts job listings internally and lets us refer friends/family before they go to the general public. You gotta make friends with people in your industry.

>> No.9024249

Mechanical engineering. I felt distant to my classmates at school and they all have jobs now. I'm happy for them, but I'm not.

It's hard to network when I meet them at a mixer and then ignore me when I apply to work at their place that has a job opening. Another problem is that my work experience treads academic and one professor suggested to pursue a PhD.

I'm thinking about getting a job with a small bank and get my Series 7 license, but I get anxious when I take tests.

>> No.9024256

Even if they could prove it, they can't legally steal her money unless they've been appointed her custodians after a proper hearing in court. You can grant someone a power of attorney yourself or be appointed, but can't just assume that role. Totally wrong. My parents did that shit to me when I was a minor and I wish I had just moved out, minors have no recourse, it sucks. Adults, even if incompetent, have rights

Sage for OT but hopefully this helps anon buy more burando

>> No.9024286

here's the secret to separating yourself out from the 9000 other entrants: leave a voice mail

call literally any number at the company around 6 pm when everyone has left and leave a voice mail saying who you are, the position you applied for, and that your are very interested. do this after 3 to 4 days of the application. this way you don't annoy anyone but give the appearance of initiative.

if you have enough charisma to get tons of puss at a con call a manager and straight up ask for an interview. put the game to use.

>> No.9024300
File: 87 KB, 1280x720, tri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>could probably make some odd cash by doing commissions/livestreaming
>no decent internet until I move out because for some reason my aunt won't let me foot the cost for cable
>no vacancies in my price range
>prospective roommates' favorite thing to do is back out/drop off the face of the earth at the last second

>appointed custodian/power of attorney
Yeah, I guess that's what I meant.

>> No.9024331

Of course I am mentally unsound, you dipshit. I come from a narcissistic family. Youll have to find another strategy for trolling me.
Thank you for your support anon, I really need to hear that kind of things :)
Thank you, I'll try. I think it's pretty much impossible for them to access the money if it's abroad so indeed it's a safe bet to open another account there. I'll try to explain that to my employers.
I know, and I considered suing my parents because some of the shit they are doing to me is very illegal, but I live in a shithole country where you have to pay to sue and I have no lawyer (my parents have a pretty nice one so I'm scared about that too) so tough luck to me.
Yeah I think that's what they implied, when I went to ask about it in the bank the response was "Um, he told me, you know, are mentally ill and slow too so you can't legally handle money and he has to do everything for you, so, yeah, it sounded really logical when he did". No need to say I don't work with this bank anymore.

>> No.9024339

>been getting into gyaru recently and losing interest in lolita
>comm never does anything, haven't had a meet up since ILD in december
>thinking about selling my dresses except for two
>getting depressed just thinking about it

i live in a very hot and humid place so i can't wear lolita very often or go anywhere to do photo shoots without passing out/looking like a melted mess. i've just been thinking about leaving lolita all together and it's just making me depressed because i've spent so much money on it.

>> No.9024360

this is some lisbeth salander level shit and your bank is so fucking incompetent it's not even funny. just get out of there asap, it'll be a nightmare for as long as you're there

>> No.9024406

Do what makes you happy anon, you're not going to live forever.

>> No.9024410

Dude, seriously. Tech is where it's art right now. If you're any kind of engineer, you should be all up in Intel/HP/Cisco's nuts. Get some basic computer science out of the way and refocus.

>> No.9024430

You might want to move somewhere that has more tech jobs if you're having such a hard time. I know my dad is always complaining about finding qualified people to hire for his department over at the engineering firm he works for and we've got a lot of tech firms in the area, so I guess that's probably why he has such competition for good employees.

>> No.9024444
File: 138 KB, 800x715, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> got a new job
> requested for one day off on the first weekend of June next week for ILD meetup
> asked my boss literally the first day I came in to work, which was the other day
> boss keeps telling me different answers and being overall hesitant and indecisive as hell
> Constantly switches between:
> "I don't know the schedule yet, anon. I'll know when I make it."
> "You're taking over X's schedule, so that means you may be working that day."
> Or "Actually, since you're taking over X's schedule, you may not be working after all."
> May not even know at all until Sunday at the latest
> mfw

>> No.9024450

I sorta thought that, but if she isn't accepting of her size she shouldn't have asked about mine. I think I'm getting more frustrated about it as the days go by.

The next meet is in two days, so I guess I'm not attending that :u I did say in my message to her that she was welcome to come a bit early and try it on, or to come over after the meet up, but I just feel like pushing it harder is exhausting it, so I'll hang back and use my newness as an excuse for being a fuckhead who can't drive.

>> No.9024474

If you're in my comm, we're all meeting up at the Central Station before 12 and then traveling by bus together, which is great if you don't feel comfortable using public transport in lolita by yourself. You'd still have to get yourself to the station, though.
I don't drive either but I've never had any real problems taking the bus/train in lolita before. I do have a lot of stories, but those are more funny than horror.

>> No.9024516

Try complaining to the bank's main office, anon. They gave out your money to someone who wasn't authorised to take it, you didn't sign for anything and they don't have paperwork showing he was authorised - I would definitely say that the bank should foot the bill for that, not you.

If you ring their head office to make a formal complaint, you might get some joy, at least? If not, find out what your local watchdog/ombudsman is.

>> No.9024534

Fellow 19yo 2 years into lolita here (odd coincidence?)
I have similar experiences with my comm where people who don't know me too well will joke that I'm the baby of the comm or will say stuff like "Oh you probably don't know about this since it was in the old school days." A few of my comm members have also given me shitty advice such as "Wow you should use that wig in a coord" and gesturing to a cheap cosplay wig in a nearby store.

However, after going to meets really often (about once a week) and getting really close to the comm members I respect, I find that none of these are really issues anymore. If you continue to act maturely and coord as well as you are able, age stops mattering. My friends who are in their late twenties often tell me that they forget all the time that I'm so much younger than them.

Anon, I'm sure nobody in your comm or in your life is intentionally trying to insult you or bring you down but I'm guessing that your main problem is how you handle the situations in which you receive bad concrit and such. If you know the advice is bad, just dust it off and talk about something else. Getting upset only makes them perceive you as immature more.

>> No.9024542

let me just start with the old WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE i thought i was hot shit as well; we pretty much all did. and let me tell you sweetheart, ya probably not as good as you think you are because at 19, everyone sucks.

the best way to get around it? get off your high horse and stop mentioning your age/anything to do with feeling super patronised or whatever. one of the girls who i think is the best company in my comm is 18, but she doesn't talk about her age and so she doesn't feel limited by it. it's easier to forget that other people aren't all the same age as you once you reach your 20's, just grin and bare it.

>> No.9024777

> Just got an unexpected bill and my mum had to lend me money for it
> Moving to a new place - unfurbished - in two weeks; gotta spend all my money in paperwork and furniture/appliances
> Mum's even lending me some money
> Wicked&Whimsy's tickets go on sale the same day my friends are helping me move my biggest stuff to new flat
> Don't even know what to wear for ILD
> Won't be able to buy lolita clothes in months because I have to buy house stuff
> Adulting sucks

>> No.9024792

I'm not in your con, sorry anon, but thank you for being kind! I don't live in a good area, so I think the stories on my end may be more horrific.

>> No.9024798

>find out im going to come into a lot of money
>time to buy babby's first non-seconndhand brand piece
I'm excited

>> No.9024836

Live streaming? Live streaming what? How does that make money?

>> No.9024845

that was autocorrect and I didn't even pick it up until now

>> No.9024853

Is this your first time on the Internet?

>> No.9024862

I'm rooting for you anon!

>> No.9024889

Call the bank or go there and speak to the supervisor and tell them what happened. What that employee did was illegal, and the bank rightfully should settle things and get you your money back. That other anon who talked about how only a court and legally declare you mentally unsound was right. As an adult, NO ONE, not even your parents, have the right to go into your private bank account. That's illegal what your dad did, and that employee who allowed him access with just a simple "oh she's not mentally stable" without any proof? That was flat out a security breach. She had no paperwork from him or authorization from you to do that. Call the bank.

>> No.9024901

Stay strong anon! I graduated Undergrad two years ago, but haven't even attempted to apply in my field because of depression. I'm currently working a part time job in my home town to save up to move out when I get my shit together. I'm now in therapy after a year of not leaving my house, and it's pretty disheartening to see my friends and classmates move out and get jobs in the field. But my mental health and personal happiness comes before my career unfortunately. It may not be a cool job with benefits, but for the first time I have disposable income and can actually buy things for myself. I never had down time to just lay around for an afternoon and do what I want, like play a video game. Success differs from person to person and I'm just going to focus on my personal happiness at the moment until I get the courage to build up my resume and start applying to places.

Just keep trying, anon! Maybe ask a few of your friends with jobs if their place of employment is hiring?

>> No.9024903

And if that doesn't work and it's a national company, go higher on the chain of command. If that doesn't help, report them on Better Business Bureau ( don't know if that only pertains to the US) and sue the shit out of your parents and the bank. Go to a different bank to Get a personal loan and just duck their day up.

>> No.9024913

>starting out in lolita
>don't have a ton of extra money, buy slowly and always secondhand, careful to pick things that match what i have
>have a few blouses, one OP, some hair accessories and legwear
>buy a skirt secondhand, check the measurements
>it looks like pink x off-white in the photos
>get skirt
>it's too short
>lace is stark white
>pink doesn't match my headress
>can't wear off white blouse with skirt with white trim
kill me now

>> No.9024989

Thank you, my dear! I hope everything goes well! (Also if anyone is reading this and is interested in the burando, it's Merrymaking in the Ghost Town in black and Radiant Candlelight halter version in red)

>> No.9024995

I'm sure the Better Business Bureau doesn't work within my country, but I didn't know about the rest! Thank you anon, I am calling ASAP!

>> No.9025327

>Like a certain pair of shoes that would look great with lolita and cute regular dresses, but can't find them for sale anywhere
>Anon here posts a link to shoes from Steve Madden that look damn close to the shoes I've been looking for
>But have already paid An-tai-na for a custom made pair to look like those shoes, so don't buy the SM ones
>Get shipping notification and photo of the custom shoes
>They're not bad, but I don't like them. Don't look close enough to the pair I've been wanting, strap placement doesn't match, just not liking anything about the design in comparision to the originals
>Can't get a refund obviously
>Find out today that the SM shoes the anon linked are now on sale and have free shipping
>Total price is cheaper than the custom shoes total price
>Cave in and buy the SM shoes since they're on sale and I'm unhappy with how the An-tai-na pair looks

Fuck me for getting those custom shoes. Such a waste of money now. Need to look into selling them once I get them.

>> No.9025332

I know exactly what shoes you mean anon. Sorry things didn't work out.

>> No.9025370

Yeah, was really hopeful about them too. Have a tiny smidgen of hope that maybe I'll like them in a different way when I try them on since they look so different.
But at least the Steve Maddens were on sale.

>> No.9025375

>accidentally lose 10 pounds due to mental retardation
>get upset
>discover that my too small burando blouses fit now
>not upset anymore
But I'm going to keep losing weight so I am scared.

>> No.9025400

Thanks. I don't want to come off as desperate towards them and handicapping their own careers. They know about my situation and I have asked them. Unfortunately, they can't even get me an informal interview as their employers are now focused on the next graduating class or hiring has frozen.

I really would love to have a career and make lots of money to invest. My classmates saw me unhappy towards the end of grad school. Learning mechanical engineering was fun, but I'm starting to see that learning a subject is not the same as going into the field to work.

>> No.9025414

>getting 3 dresses in the mail next week
>another one shows up on CC
>already ordered one from CC

>> No.9025432


Most people call it camwhoring.

Internet stripping, whatever you wanna call it

>> No.9025434

isn't Livestreaming for art or playing video games?

>> No.9025448

I have a friend who works in a bank and she's told me before about how they cannot give out any personal information or account access, and are required to ID people who are not the account holder who go in and try to take money out. Something like what your dad did should have definitely set off a red flag. It shouldn't matter how convincing a story he had, that girl was not doing her job by letting him take your money. I know it's mean, but she deserves to be fired for that. It's a huge ass security breach to allow anybody, even a family member, into an adult's bank account on the whim of a story without any sort of discussion with you specifically. Seriously, your whole situation makes me seethe at how inept that banker must have been.

>> No.9025540

Speaking of the devil I got the custom shoes today (they sent me the photo a few days after shipping them), and they do look cuter on (though a bit on the clunky side from the side view). Though they still look too different than the originals.
But have warmed up to them a bit more, and that's a relief. For right now will keep these and the SM shoes. Needed more black shoes for lolita anyways since I only had two pairs before.

>> No.9025565

>getting two of my wisdom teeth out right before ILD
>A-at least I didn't have any big plans??

Guess I'll spend ILD watching Kamikaze Girls and eating ice cream.

>> No.9025638

dang. Yeah, been there. Shit sucks. Get well soon. Maybe if you're up to it, you can join the seagull lolita google hangout.

>> No.9025711

I'm not sure what I want to do with my wardrobe anymore, it started off pretty sweet but I think I want to wear more classic now. But there are still so many sweet prints I love and want to have.

I know I don't have to necessarily choose one or the other, but I'd like a cohesive wardrobe. Especially while I don't have a lot of money to dabble in multiple styles.

>> No.9025827
File: 34 KB, 457x395, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Best lolita friend is finally moving back to my city after being gone for the better part of a year
>But I'm moving out of the country a month after she gets here

>> No.9025857

I might try, at least join chats even though I can't dress up or anything. I'm getting the left side out on Thursday, gonna try and get the right done asap. I'm 23, getting it done hella late so I'm concerned about complications too.

>> No.9025995

>be 31
>wisdom tooth still fucking my shit up

i should take care of it this summer

>> No.9026066

The sooner the better Anon. All my friends got it done back in high school, but since my dentist didn't say anything about mine I didn't ask (surgery/medical problem phobe here). He actually didn't say anything about mine until I was in college and I -still- didn't do anything. Healing gets harder the longer you wait, and there's a ton of complications you can get from keeping your wisdom teeth that I'm almost more afraid of than the complications from the surgery. Mine are close to the nerve on the bottom, so I'm somewhat high risk for nerve damage or irritation, and if I had them out sooner that wouldn't be the case.

I'm no expert, but if they're causing active problems (infections, decay, bite misalignment) definitely talk to your dentist.

>> No.9026336

>Be lolita
>Have little crush on this guy in my class
>Really outgoing and nice
>Wears vests etc on daily basis
>It would be easy to make him wear aristo
>If I ask him out there's two possibilities:
>It goes well and we have matching outfits in meets
>If it doesn't, next few years will be awkward
>Maybe I wait till we graduate

>> No.9026439

>stopped buying lolita stuff for saving money to see my LDR bf
>He just dumped me this weekend
>Now I can spend the money on everything I want, best feel ever.

>> No.9026478

Love the positive twist at the end. Fuck him, anon. Glad you're happy!

>> No.9026549


I'm 24 and haven't gotten mine out yet because I can't afford dental. Also my old dentist just...sucked idk how else to describe it. I just paid full price to get my teeth cleaned at a new place because it had been a few years and they were like "you need braces because your wisdom teeth pushed things out of allignment." Wonderful

>> No.9026803

Abused anon here, called the bank and after a really heavy ordeal, they told me they can't be held liable since it was a "joint account" and I was a minor. So I'm screwed I think :/

>> No.9026812

Oh eww yeah I dont know about where you live but where I am you cant get a parent off of your joint account unless the parent is with you.

I had this problem with my mom using money from my account since she helped me open up my first checking account as a minor. I just opened my own checking account later and moved my money.

>> No.9026951
File: 59 KB, 350x175, 229.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last time I went to a con I saw all these kids wearing "Free Hugs" signs and squealing about Free! and all that shit and suddenly thought
"Damn, I'm getting too old for this shit"

I'm 19

>> No.9026959

You are 22 though, and you are a minor?

>> No.9026973

I know that graphic tees are a big fashion no no, but ever since I moved out and now have a disposable income, I can't help myself and bought a few nerdy shirts. I feel like I'm compensating for lost time or something having grown up in a super normalfag family where my mom would always pick out my clothes every day and would not let me buy what I wanted.
I really like how these fit and I like dressing them up with cute skirts or making crop tops with them. I can't help but think I look stupid at 24 with a Ninja Turtles shirt or something but it makes me so happy that I can just own it.

>> No.9026994

Different anon problem with teeth is. Insurances don't want to pay for shit. Mine actively maintains that all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth are 'cosmetic' surgeries. But covered? Dietary counseling
Had braces but my wisdom teeth fucked everything up now I likely will have to have my jaw broken just to fix my overbite Not including the need for braces again. All because my insurance refused after I turned 18. Because when you become an adult all your medical problems prior vanish.

>> No.9026996

Notice the "was". The one time where they stole some big sum for me I was still 17, and my account had them as "responsible persons", indeed. That's why probably I'm screwed, bank says that my parents doing that while I'm a minor is normal since I couldn't really "handle" the money myself (because I was a minor)

>> No.9027018

When I was 16 my parents stopped being allowed to do that, even though I was a minor. I would get some legal advice on this matter.

>> No.9027031


this is where i'm at too. the only graphic tees i was really "allowed" to have are the sarcastic ones that really didn't fit my type of humor or personality anyway

>> No.9027420

>Trying to decide what to wear for ILD
>Part of my closet is at my dorm, part of it is at home
>Go through dorm closet but nothing feels right
>Mentally go over what I have at home but still unhappy with my coord ideas
>Home for the weekend and decide to go through my closet
>Find a beautiful OP I'd forgotten about
>Find crafts I bought to make accessories
>Thank you past me for planning ahead so well!
And I guess this incident will be the final push I need to make a wardrobe post in January.

>> No.9027989

4chan is an 18+ site

>> No.9028002

>college doesn't exist

>> No.9028007
File: 14 KB, 400x400, 4642295-8293316045-tumbl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9028082

Fucking go for it. Ask him casually to lunch or something at first, make sure to wear lolita if he hasn't already seen you in it. Assuming he thinks it's cool, tell him about the comm and explain meets and tell him about aristo.
If he's outgoing, he should be great at meets.
Do it, please.

>> No.9028119
File: 85 KB, 640x480, 1463590003255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Venus got her channel back from her crazy ass mother

i had no idea how tense i was about this total weeb stranger's situation until the wave of relief washed over me.

i really have no excuse not to pursue my own hobbies, if she can bounce back i can git gud at cosplay and lolita. fuck the stupid family shit that has held me down and kept me hiding.

>> No.9028280

livestreaming is the nice word for that.

>probably getting back together with ldr boyfriend
>going to have to save most of my money to see him
I'm excited and I think we'll be really good together again, but fuck man I like the burando I managed to get during our split

go for it anon, I wear dumb graphic shirts a lot and love them to bits. I don't care if they're considered tacky or whatever, most of the time I don't have enough energy to plan anything coord-like even with normie wear and they're cute and kinda funny

>> No.9028293

It makes me sad that the cosplay community has turned into a bunch of sex workers that sell soft core porn on patreon. I don't have a problem with girls that do sex work, but I hate that they are the main representation of cosplay, because it's something that I see as such an art form and the way I express myself.

>> No.9028406

I just won my first yahoo auction! It was my dream dress and matching otks, head bow, and accessories. I'm so happy right now.

>> No.9028459

>wearing lolita
>always ends up getting critiqued by my mom
>"Anon, you look fat in that."
>there's a petticoat underneath.
>try a casual ouji outfit
>"It looks so flattering. You should wear it more."

Why can't I just enjoy wearing my sweet prints? And my face is too round to pass as a qt ouji.

>> No.9028616

ouji is unisex, be a feminine prince like Utena or Oscar

>> No.9028677

>just ordered the Doki Doki crate
>next month's theme is Harajuku
>wary, but optimistic

>> No.9028748

Nice! What dress?

>> No.9028754

it's going to be shit.

>> No.9028769

Get outta here with your half-empty nonsense and let me retain the hope in my heart.

>> No.9028773

It's going to be shit and you know it, you're deluding yourself

>> No.9028779

I gave up my weekly visits to the claw machine for this. It's probably at least better than what I win at the claw machine.

>> No.9028796


>> No.9028808

That's a really cute hobby, anon.

>> No.9028816 [DELETED] 

yeah unlike your hobby of sucking dick

>> No.9028822

Thank you. I get some kind-of neat vintage stuff from the claw machine, like old McDonald's toys, just nothing that I really want. Hopefully the Doki Doki box has a few gems.

>shitposting this hard

>> No.9028830 [DELETED] 

>shitposting isn't my specialty
>this isn't light shitposting for me

why insult me like this?

>> No.9029027
File: 331 KB, 1280x720, 1461881926949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if I'm strange for this, but I willingly feel like I want to be a lone lolita again. My comm members mostly feel fake and some instances lead me to believe I shouldn't be around a few. (Salty mentions on my amount of brand, obvious jabs at coord/wig, messaging each other with glances after I do or say something) meets aren't the greatest when they do happen, and I can't find any feelings of closeness or friendship a lot of them find with each other. I love the fashion, but not the people that come with it here.
It's like we don't mesh at all and these years I haven't connected with them at all to even care about leaving.

>> No.9029046

I've made a post in the last feels thread (or even the one before that) about my compulsive lolita shopping and the feeling of self hatred which is connected to it.
Just a small update: I've been keeping busy and that has taken my mind off it. Going to conventions alone has made me realise that I am not as isolated as I thought. I've been able to look through sales posts more without the urge to buy and I hope to make more progress soon. I feel like a weight is slowly being lifted :).

>> No.9029047

Not strange at all, anon, that's perfectly fine. The only thing you have in common with these girls is a fashion style, there's no guarantee you'll get along based on that alone. Sounds like you're better off on your own, actually. Enjoy your frills alone, make lolita friends online if you must, just don't force yourself to be around people whom you don't like, it's not worth it.

>> No.9029089

>messaging each other with glances after I do or say something
nothing wrong with being lonelolita, but you also sound a bit paranoid. just be careful you aren't being hypervigilant and over-interpreting, especially if this suspiciousness is a pattern.

>> No.9029092

grats! stay connected

>> No.9029382

Feels time
>(mostly related to cgl)
>eating disorder binge eater life
>literally an ocd-variety compulsion
>anyway, not my choice by sole lack of willpower have I been gaining weight recently.
>5'8, weight did a jump from 130 to 140 for a long time (fall) now over winter and spring it's at 157+ (lbs).
>I am afraid to measure myself or buy clothes. I don't wanna be a "chubby" Lolita. But, I have just started to enter the world of fashion in general
>I really like business-preppy/nanchatte, and non pastel sweet Lolita.
>I want to hand make clothes
>I'm fucking terrified

>> No.9029384

Put the fork down, 157? Jesus Christ. Cut off your hands if you have to.

>> No.9029394

This is a good idea I will use.

>> No.9029397

It's an inside feels thread joke. A parody of a sincere feel.

>> No.9029417

I really, honestly appreciate the advice. But as far as I know it's OCD. I don't like eating until I can't move for three days. I don't like starving either. So I wish I literally could stop that way.

>> No.9029427

Vyvanse has been approved to treat Binge eating disorder. If you actually have been diagnosed they could give you that.

>> No.9029432

Yeah I've been in treatment for 6 months straight 40 hours a week. I hadn't heard about that one. Honestly I'm not looking for pity, I'm just really pissed off. This isn't working

>> No.9029450

I was shitposting with my first post but seriously look into vyvanse. I take it for attention disorder related stuff and I never want/think to eat ever on it. I lost 15 pounds and I was at a normal weight when I started it.

>> No.9029457

I might just. Thanks based anon

>> No.9029478

Np senpai, compulsions suck butt. Also if you're worried about a possibility of addiction, vyvanse is slow release so it's less likely to cause addiction.

>> No.9029753

Pretty much what my SO said. Sometimes I wonder if it's just the area I'm in or what since it has notoriously fucked up people. I can have a tea party and finger food with myself, shit.
Oops, I didnt mean like everyone at the table. I meant two girls who are pretty close and one I'm definitely sure doesn't like me much considering we have such clashing views on things. (One of those 'if ur not on the same views as me its cuz you must be a libtard kek') She's a bit bigoted and it seems she goes out of her way to be edgy and controversial.
Could be paranoia, but it flat out felt she does it right after I've said things that dont fit her views since she makes posts to shit on things I'm into or make comments on my shit to argue with me in greentext and chan-speak.

>> No.9030010

Are you me? I'm torn since I still want to attend the big meets, but that's about it.

>> No.9030107

>make comments on my shit to argue with me in greentext and chan-speak.
the mark of the true cringelord. probably one of the gulls who cries about new cgl and its anti-drama rules.

>> No.9030230

My group I thought I was part of pretty much only sees me at large events and do all kinds of awesome things that I am not invited to.

I feel your feels!

>> No.9030242

If they did not prescribe it for you, maybe you have indications that predict you wouldn't do well on it based on your medical profile. Or if you are taking other mess maybe it will interefere? Not everyone can take every med. but sure, ask about it and why they did not prescribe it. Asking can't hurt.

>> No.9030245

The best you can do is just submit and be ready, this is pretty common. Even if they deny your panel once or at one comm, re-submit with your game plan in place. It's good practice. Also if they do deny your panel, get with whoever did (after the com) and politely find out why. Sometimes it's just as simple as the person in charge of the panel committee is understaffed, an idiot or both. Sometimes you can find out who to submit to next time who approves more quickly or is higher up the chain of command. Sometimes it's also just a clusterfuck of several people submitting similar panels and the committee divided on who to pick. I know at least one upcoming thing at a con that's going through this.

>> No.9030247

What happened with buynosaur? Is it really a scam? Deets?

>> No.9030248

Buy the best 2-3 and be happy, you don't really need them all, just a couple that you like best and will use most.

>> No.9030258

What are you, 12? If someone repeatedly makes excuses to refuse your invitations (Abigail social cue) then you should take the hint and leave them alone and just stop inviting them or taking event refusals personally. Some people have limited free time so why be bitchy just because they might not want to spend it with you?

>> No.9030266

There's a pretty tight group of friends I know and one left out girl who is always ass-pained that she isn't invited and guess what? She's not gonna be because most of us don't like her much. She hangs out with some questionable people outside the main group so yeah, nah. She's try-hard.

>> No.9030408

Romantic rose letter jsk in mint. I'm so excited!

>> No.9030590

Sounds like you guys have never had trouble finding friends or being left out. Compassion level: 0
Basic bitch level: 100

>> No.9030610

>Have a big stryggle with sewing sailor collar
>Can't get it right
>Don't get the tutorials (noob)
>Abadon it
>Until recently
>Cleaning my closet
>Find this sailor collared blouse I've totally forgot
>Once found it on flea market
>It's handmade (in a good way) so construction is easy to see
>Finish my blouse and it looks good

>> No.9030730

>Recently went through a major surgery because of a bowel disease
>Got an ileostomy, meaning that I basically have a bag of shit hanging on my waist all the time now
>Was depressed and panicked because I didn't know if I could wear j-fashion or cosplay anymore
>End up losing weight because the surgery
>Turns out I can wear all my clothes just like before
>Can fit into smaller size j-fashion now, too
>Actually feel better about my body than I did before
>Everything went better than expected

Thank you, my (admittedly gross) bag of shit.

>> No.9030795

Could be the case. Also, I dunno if it will help because I don't binge when I'm hungry. Changing hunger may not do squat.

>> No.9030833

>tfw cosplay won't be done until Daishocon.
>tfw going to another convention without a cosplay

Colossalcon will be bittersweet.
I wish my friends would be more determined to work on my cosplay with me.

>> No.9030837
File: 8 KB, 220x256, 220px-Ileostomy_with_bag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had to look that up because I couldn't picture it in my head.

That it gross, dude. But it's awesome that you can now fit in smaller J fashion and stuff!

How long do you need to keep the uhh.. poo bag?

>> No.9030841

if you get mad at someone you can just fling shit at them. that's super convenient.

>> No.9030847

This. Attach a little squirt gun nozzle to it.

>> No.9030868
File: 50 KB, 456x342, 1438459681737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Want to go to colossalcon. All my cosplay friends are going.

>Got new job and can't request time off for at least two more weeks because I'm still in training. And I can't skip work because that's an instant termination.

>wife got tickets for a concert friday night so I can't just go right to the con after work.

>Live too far away to make it a day trip.

Maybe next year.

>> No.9030900

This exact fucking thing happened to me when I was 18... discovered there was no money in my account where there had been over 3500$. No recourse since it was a forced joint account (kids can't open their own accounts alone in the US, at least when i was that age) that I hadn't thought to switch. That sucks so bad. Hopefully someone else sees this discussion and can benefit from it because we're both shit out of luck. I still hate my parents for it, it's so hard when I have to see them at holidays. I wish i could just have a cute, nice family to share my hobbies with instead of narcissistic assholes who constantly take shit from the rest of the family

>> No.9030935

My bag is actually not as big as the one pictured because I'm a petite girl. It looks more like fabric, too, and is easy to hide under clothing. Still pretty gross, but not as gross as the one pictured.
As for how long the bag will stay, I don't know. At least couple years.

I'm actually laughing, thank you anons. I just might do that. The bag will probably work as a great fuckboy-repellent, too.

>> No.9030940

>I should meet up with people that suck just because otherwise I'm a meanie

As someone who had no friends and was bullied as a kid, I would never want to hang out with someone who didn't like me outside of general comm meetups now. Being unwelcome and unliked feels bad. You are really fucking naïve if you think being invited somewhere with people who don't like you is enjoyable.

>> No.9031214

I have a bunch of new burando in the mail but will probably be too tired to make coords with them when they arrive. I need some time off to chill out and dress up. A lolita vacation.
Also it's funny how dealing with flaky buyers on comm_sales, LM and LSE has taught me how to deal with flaky people in general:
>need uni official to sign off on something before the end of the year
>dude has been ignoring my emails for weeks
>decide to CC his boss in my latest email
>almost immediate response

>> No.9031244

I'm 19 too and my comm has never belittled me, ever when I was 17. Maybe your comm is just full of shit people, or maybe you are the shit person.

>> No.9031311

My mother is a paraplegic and she called me a few hours ago (about 5AM) to help after she fell. She is basically a dead weight (doesn't realise) and I can't pick her up, so I had to call for help.

Then she got mad.

>tfw she called me at 4AM
>I have a meet i'm supposed to go to
>now I'm feeling too tired to go

Now I feel bad for getting help I needed and I'm way too tired to attend my meet. I wish I could be buff, but I gotta be kawaii and dainty for lolita.

>> No.9031335

What do they do afterwards? I should hope the bag isn't forever... Cause it would make a lot of things pretty awkward. Like jeggings, and sex.

Will you be able to poo out of your bumhole ever again? Sorry for the weird questions, I just have colitis and am scared it's gonna happen to me too eventually

>> No.9031388

It's okay anon. I actually had colitis too, but mine was really aggressive and didn't respond to any medication which is why I had to get ostomy done. For most people colitis isn't as bad as mine was, and I hope yours isn't either. It pretty much wrecked my studies, I had to leave my job and stopped going to conventions because of it. Wearing j-fashion was harder too, because I had to be able to run to bathroom and undress quickly.

My surgeon wants to perform another surgery in a couple years time, and that would get rid of the bag and gets my bodily functions "normal" again. However, everything has worked so smoothly with the bag that I don't know if I want to get the surgery done. It is far bigger and riskier operation, and the newly formed intestines seem to be prone to infections, in which case the ostomy-bag needs to be put back for good. But, well, there's still two years to figure out if I want the surgery or not. I can buy old second-hand j-fashion clothing and make stylish kawaii covers for my shitbag in the meantime, kek.

I hope everything goes smooth for you and your disease responds to medication, fellow colitis-anon. As far as my life goes, everything is pretty much as it was before. I cannot do cosplay that shows midriff or is really skintight, otherwise my wardrobe is pretty shitbag-safe.

>> No.9031399 [DELETED] 
File: 94 KB, 700x700, 1459022444783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh hush, nothing wrong with a bit of weight training. If anything, it's more effective to losing weight and you'll get stronger in the process.

Sorry to hear about your situation though. I think it's pretty sucky for your mom to be more forgiving. My mom worked with handicapped patients for a long time and it's expected to have two people carry a person and/or to use a machine. I hope your comm is forgiving though. I'm sure there will be other meets.

>> No.9031403
File: 94 KB, 700x700, 1459022444783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh hush, nothing wrong with a bit of weight training. If anything, it's more effective to losing weight and you'll get stronger in the process.

Sorry to hear about your situation though. I think it's pretty sucky for your mom to be unforgiving. My mom worked with handicapped patients for a long time and it's expected to have two people carry a person and/or to use a machine. I hope your comm is forgiving though. I'm sure there will be other meets.

>> No.9031406

Thank you for the kind wishes anon, and thanks for explaining everything so well. May your bag be leak-proof and coords always on point.

My feels:
>getting interviewed for a job tomorrow
>I'll work in a really nice store selling purses and suitcases, and the job is pretty much in the bag (no pun intended) judging from the boss's response
>super excited because it'll be my first real job and I will finally be able to afford more burando
>but also scared of being shitty at my job

The only job I had before was an online gig translating some shady websites. I pretty much flaked because I'd no idea what to do and my boss got really angry but didn't explain anything well and I'm scared the same will happen now.

I actually wanted to work as a cleaner with a friend of mine, apparently her boss is really nice. Mine will be this Asian FOB which would be ok if I hadn't heard lots of horror stories from people working in Chinese shops being forced to work under the table and yelled at when they didn't do something right. So far everything seems lovely but I come from a country where that kind of thing is very commonplace and man, I wouldn't wanna go through it again.

On the other hand, I've been making wishlists of what to get from my first salary, can't wait!

>> No.9031419
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, 1441826040716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> officially going to ax
> got days off
> got my 4 day pass
> just gotta pay my ride/board, bills, and other p/os
> gets paid 3 times this month
> suddenly gets an urge to cosplay pic
> cospicky.com
> hoodie and wig (and wig stand) are $80
> seems legit
> shipping is 10-20 days?
> ems is an additional $25?!!
> leaves for california on the 30th

gulls, do i do it? i can always get the white shirt and shorts literally *anywhere* but i'm not really content with just bringing one cosplay to a con like ax

>> No.9031421


>> No.9031444

It gets even worse when you're 24.

>> No.9031456

>anzujaamu has zero costuming skills
>becomes an all paid con guest in italy
>also a contest judge
>I was planning to enter that contest and I have 10+ years costume making experience
>slightly angry feel

>> No.9031485
File: 113 KB, 247x274, 1441814246649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


why not :(

>> No.9031502

>tfw when 24 going 25
>tfw will be 30 in five years

Good luck, anon! It's ok to be nervous. It's a sign that you want to do well on your job.

>> No.9031535


Who the fuck thought it was a genius idea to make one of the judges a cosplayer who is literally sponsored by every knock off Chinese cosplay online shop there is, hasn't had to pay for anything even down to the wigs & contact lenses and goes nowhere near a sewing machine?

She's just started to 'learn' how to sew a couple of weeks ago too according to her Twitter. Interesting to see how she'll even be able to put into words about the construction of costumes and such during judging time. What a tragic mess.

Good luck though!

>> No.9031823

There is a guy I met online many years ago through a mutual love of jrock and visual kei. He likes fairy kei and visual kei shit, and I like ouji and menhera, and we could dress up all kawaii as fuck and hang out except he lives across the country. In the fall, I will be going to visit him finally!
I would give up all my burando to hang out with him regularly. Feels bad to be so far away.

>> No.9031836

Do you talk to him on a regular basis? It sounds that you're e-stalking him.

>> No.9031840

We talk on the phone almost every day, and through fb almost all the time too.

>> No.9031880
File: 48 KB, 700x379, c99fe49092a69feaa0fed257d14a4e6a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>moved out due to shitty abusive family and only talk to my sister
>sister is 12, getting into cosplay
>sends me pictures of adorable cosplay groups with her friends and family
>sends me a picture of herself dressed like kid Anna from Frozen
>tells me I have to be Elsa
>ask why
>"you were never around, and we rarely talk, and I just want to spend some time with you. is it because you hate me?"
>she breaks down crying
>"its because I wasn't a good enough sister, wasn't I, you don't even talk to mommy or daddy anymore and I miss you!"

>yesterday I get a bunch of Elsa themed merchandise in the mail with a card that says "i'm sorry"

My family has been using her as a pawn to guilt trip me and try to get me to visit. Even going as far as sending pictures of her crying when I say "I wont visit"

I guess I really must seem like an Ice Queen to her.

>> No.9031889

Go visit your sister and ice your parents out. Take her out to go eat, get her away from them. You could try to talk to her about the situation, just to ease her mind that it's not her you're trying to stay away from. But be careful not to share TOO much.

>> No.9031927

How does that at all sound like e-stalking if anon is going to visit him?

>> No.9031979

>ILD around the corner
>Finished paying off my dream dress so I splurge on finishing the coord
>even make some cute polymer rings to match because excited
>rest of coord comes in, colors match, fabrics are amazing, price was godly
>try it on. Everything fits but...
> boobs are swollen so they're a solid loaf in the jsk
>muscular legs are unkawaii in ankle socks and low heels because cruel world
>hem falls 3" above my knee because I'm an Amazon and now I have to wear an underskirt and throw off the feeling of the whole coord

I had another pair of socks in mind just in case, and the swelling will go down at the end of the week but I can't fix tall. I might just stay in bed all ILD anyway. It's not like my local comm is doing a meetup.

>> No.9032494

Agree with other anon - go hang with your sister out of the house or bring her to your place for visits. Or if in-person visits are completely impossible, do some regular skype chats/phone calls/just text her regularly if she has her own phone. Don't give in to your parents, but bear in mind that if they tried to manipulate you before you, they're probably doing the same thing to her, including convincing her that she's the reason you left. Silence is not going to help that.

>> No.9032516


How in anyone's world is having a long distance friend stalking?

>> No.9032521

Paranoia is a hell of a mental illness, anon.

>> No.9032523

Shouldn't you have known the length would be an issue if you're tall? They list measurements for this on lolibrary so you can anticipate how it'll be on you. Or are you just dumb?

>> No.9032625

You gonna suck his dick tho senpai?

>> No.9032671
File: 250 KB, 500x372, tumblr_inline_mjon99Es4e1qz4rgp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sure hope so!

>> No.9032709

i miss original music anon, this is shit
>still no throat singing anon included

>> No.9032764

You made me cry, anon. That's horrible.

>> No.9032834
File: 144 KB, 332x450, 1351877440415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come from hella normie/conservative family
>grew up being a closet weeaboo, only watching anime and stuff by myself, basically in secret
>just turned 29 this month (fortunately I look a great deal younger)
>been trying to get into cosplay for years, but I suck and have no cosplay friends to help me
>spend a lot on materials that never come to fruition
>only anime friends that I have are hella geeky beta/wizard guys
>really want some female anime friends
>every female anime fan I come across is a massive attention whore who doesn't even really like anime
>if I encounter other women my age who like anime, they usually say it was something they were into in high school, but no more
>this weekend spent my first con at a hotel with friends (had been going to cons for years though)
>it was lots of fun, but I still felt too old to be at the con most of the time
>feel like I missed out on on the fun years of going to cons and cosplaying (middle school through mid 20s)
>wish my family didn't shame me about liking Japanese stuff
>wish I could have made friends like myself years ago, instead of being a loner all this time
>want to continue going to cons and having fun, but each con I feel more and more like a creep/weirdo because of my age

The kicker is I'm actually a really fun person to be around. I'm funny, witty, attractive, well dressed, etc. I can hang with normie girls no problem; they usually find my weeaboo tendencies to be cute and quirky, but I would just really love to have some gal pals who I can geek out with. I feel like I've missed the opportunity for that phase though. Maybe I should just let it go rather than pathetically cling to it in a futile and desperate attempt.

What do weeaboos do when they get to my age? Some, who are talented and have been practicing their craft for years, become content creators (artist alley, vendors, panels, etc.) or they enter the business in some capacity. Do the rest just "grow up" and leave anime behind?

>> No.9033062
File: 114 KB, 500x321, tumblr_inline_nf0e0uS22c1rbka9a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw ex's psycho ex is still stalking my cosplay facebook and instagram even though she literally has no reason to be jealous anymore
>still talking shit about me apparently
>also bragging about how she has more likes/comments/online attention etc
>posts passive agressive statuses and won't just talk to me directly
>don't to post on social media publicly anymore because it just fuels her fire
I don't get why this bitch is still so salty, I literally have nothing to do with my ex anymore, and nothing to do with her or anyone in that social group. Why won't she just give it a rest
it's creepy and irritating

>> No.9033119
File: 325 KB, 477x351, 1381242530457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm dealing with the same thing but it's a girl in my lolita comm instead. I don't post online or give any response to her petty nonsense. She's still at it.

>> No.9033235

we live on the opposite ends of the country, so its extremely hard. As much as I'd like, taking my sister out without my parents permission it would be kidnapping. I've told my parents I want her to visit as long as she does it alone. My mother and sister did show up on my doorstep once unannounced but refused to do things on my terms (as in mom not allowed, hanging out with my sister only) and my sister hasn't talked to me much since.
its just really sad knowing that I'm missing the rest of her childhood and she's going to go thinking its her fault.

>also literally triggered by the "do you want to build a snowman" song now

>> No.9033267

Exactly - I've never even said anything to her and yet she still keeps going.
I feel like some people just thrive off hating others.

>> No.9033288

Sounds like she's just insecure and comparing herself to others makes her feel better about her shortcomings.

I got the job! Everyone seems really lovely too. Baby, here I come.

>> No.9033349
File: 278 KB, 480x270, stockingevillaugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cosplay Anarchy Stocking
>overhear some dude rip on me for cosplaying "Pony shit"
>mfw he thinks I'm the main character from MLP

>> No.9033367

Either you're my friend or in a similar situation. But either way your parents are shitty people for using your sister as a tool for their manipulative tactics.

>> No.9033386
File: 12 KB, 236x314, 1458859483657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry anon. I wish I had something helpful to say, but I don't I just hope that you and your sister can get through this okay and one day have a happy and healthy relationship with each other.

>> No.9033770


>Have fun group of cosplay friends I hang with on a frequent basis
>One friend introduces us to a girl she knows from one of her classes
>She's pretty cool, we hit it off
>Some of us go out to get some supplies
>Turns out her boyfriend is a guy I was fairly good friends with back in high school (purely platonic relationship, plus I have a boyfriend anyway)
>He comes to pick her up when we're finished, and while she's paying we catch up
>Next few times we hang girl is suddenly out for blood, catty as can be
>At one point off-handedly accuses me of trying to sabotage her cosplay so I can "win back" my friend (and in front of everyone else)
>Decide to spend some time away from the group
>Go out to eat with boyfriend, run into her when she was coming back from the grocery
>She apologizes, stating she had no right to do what she did. I tell her it's cool I guess
>Tell her i'm waiting for my boyfriend to finish paying for lunch
>Suddenly gets mad, says my attempts to divert her won't do me any good. Raises hand seemingly to slap me
>Boyfriend grabs her arm and asks what in the hell she's doing
>She plays it off as stretching and goes off on her way

None of us have seen her since. I told her bf all about it, and he just said "it's been hard for her lately, thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry about that" and that she's taking a break from cosplay for a while.

Something has to be up with her. We're not sure what to do when/if we see her again, but damn man.

>> No.9033784

>Been working on costumes for Colossal
>Have had trouble sleeping for the past month
>Usually have no issue, doubly so since bf and I share a bed but he's been visiting with family and interviewing for jobs so he's not here
>Try exercising a little more during the day to wear myself out a bit
>Starts to bleed over into my part time job at a coffee shop
>Lose drive to work on costumes
>Begin resorting to sleeping pills and hypnosis recordings to get to bed

I just want to finish my Gamora and Sailor Mars

>> No.9034000
File: 130 KB, 540x558, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 dreams dresses in two days! Hold me I'm dreaming

>> No.9034211

I have too many cosplay ideas and no friends.

>> No.9034238

my anorexia stops me from going to meets and cons. The thought of having to eat in front of people or wearing fashions which would draw attention to myself, therefore my body, makes me feel physically nauseous.
Wondering if I'm on the path to agoraphobia, all I seem to do is buy fabric online and starve myself.

>> No.9034245 [DELETED] 

Maybe if you were less fat to begin with you wouldn't have to worry about that stuff.

>> No.9034251

What's with all these edgelord responses lately?

>> No.9034323
File: 14 KB, 264x191, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9034363

>used to window shop for relaxation
>whenever I'm stressed I browse taobao, add a shit ton of stuff to my cart
>plan cute coords and various jfash oufits because it's a good distraction
>usually delete 80% of my cart before submitting my yearly order
>moving in less than two weeks
>realize how much money I'm going to spend the first month
>panic sets in, start stressing 24/7
>try to window shop to calm down
>every item gives me anxiety, no matter the price
>"oh this is only $3, it's not so bad"
>"WAIT $3 can buy me eggs and bread, I can't spend this money"
>become even more stressed, start binging on anything in the house
>become more stressed about my eating habits
>try to browse sales to relax, get more stressed over money
>it's a never ending cycle


>> No.9034572


Because "retail therapy" isn't actually therapy; it's just mindless consumerism that can sometimes distract you.

Consumerism is shallow and will leave you feeling empty and never satisfied or happy. It will always leave you wanting more.

If lack of money is what is upsetting you then of course "retail therapy" is going to make that stress even worse. Try something else that isn't money related, like reading, exercising, or playing a game.

>> No.9034591

I use it as just a distraction, looking at cute things, building random coords for dresses I didn't have etc. I never went on a purchasing binge, I'd only submit an order about once a year for basic clothing. I do work out multiple times a week, distract myself with games and talking to people but I still have massive anxiety over this entire process.

>> No.9034634

Wow. What the fuck kinda stuff do you have to be going through to be that jealous.

>> No.9034649

find a different hobby if your current one is stressing you out. I hear any kinds of handicrafts are nice and calming

>> No.9034682


No idea. According to one of my other friends who follows her instagram her mom and her haven't gotten along in years, so maybe that has something to do with it?

She also sent me a text apologizing, but seeing as the last time she apologized didn't end super well I don't know about this.

>> No.9034698

>started joining a bunch of lolita sales groups
>had my fb account locked up so nothing showed
>lolita sales global denies me

I changed my preferences so my account is no longer just a name and an icon. Should I reapply or wait a few days to not spam them?

>> No.9035072

>homestuck fandom dying
>brony community pushing me out
>friendless male, so can't join love live fandom
>getting too old for fandoming?
however am I gonna get social interaction in the future, I need a new fandom or two!

>> No.9035082

I'm eating raisin-less bran flakes in bodyline and never have I felt more depressed

>When will my HL come back from the war

>> No.9035150

Join the undertale Fandom you cancerous sack of shit

>> No.9035731

How fucked up are you that even bronies don't want you around them?

>> No.9035927

Anon who was going to get a couple wisdom teeth out here. I fucking fainted during the local anesthetic shots from a combination of anxiety and the anesthetic numbing my throat. I came to screaming and crying. The doctor now refuses to do the procedure under local only and I've pretty much been told "yeah if you want to get knocked out you have to wait until they're infected"

I'm so fucking pissed at myself for being such a chicken shit coward.

>> No.9035929

New referral time!
Get your ass into see a different Doc, let em know you'll probably need either a different local, a bigger dose, or something. Don't know why your guy is being a puss about it, even with the screaming.

>> No.9035935

Ach I guess I wasn't clear. They didn't even get to the cutting or pulling. I fainted in the middle of having local done (where I am they don't offer Valium/nitrous, and general anesthetic is emergency only. So you get to be awake and aware and anxious the whole time).

As he was injecting me, a ton of the local was going into my throat, which numbed it and made my freak out levels go through the roof. I woke up from my fainting spell screaming because I was scared and disoriented.

>> No.9035939

Don't worry, you can still swallow if a little gets into your throat. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and the same thing happened. The difference is my dentist is an angel sent from heavens above and I trust her with my life, your dr sounds inexperienced.

Go see a different dentist and don't panic. In my country they don't even offer any alternatives, just the shot. And even then they use it sparingly.

>> No.9035950

Yeah, I know swallowing a bit won't hurt you, it was the fact that my throat was numb, I was stressed and anxious to start with, and then I started having trouble breathing. That last bit concerns me because I felt 100000 times better when they had an O2 mask on me than not, even though my breathing rate stayed the same.

Yeah, I'm American, living in Japan. Dealing with a totally different system is stressful, and I'm a huge medi-phobe. Add on to that the fact that my extractions are risky... Basically there's no way for me to relax. Particularly when there's no doctor in any country that I trust.

>> No.9035991

Take this as a sign to renew your greencard? Idk if born amerifags have to do that, but people I went to international schools with had to fly back to the states every few years to keep citizenship.

Your dentist shouldn't perform anything on you after such a bad reaction, sorry anon.

>> No.9035995

Heh. I'm only here for a couple years (doing the English teaching gig) then I'm back to the homeland of eagles and cheese. The teeth were just becoming an issue, and I'm covered under Japan's National Health Insurance, so I thought I could do it. Guess not. I'm going to probably be taking a trip home in a couple months, so I'm going to try and deal with it until then, and just throw myself at the mercy of a surgeon back home.

I do agree with his decision not to operate, I'm just frustrated because I really wanted the teeth gone, and the older you are the harder healing is, on top of the problems living with impacted teeth can cause.

>> No.9036099
File: 1.07 MB, 1680x1050, 1441682272641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come to /k/
We have some anime and we accept old hags like you

>> No.9036104

Retail therapy, even window shopping usually ends up just being stressful if you can't afford to buy anything right now.
Face facts, save your money for what you need it for and be disciplined enough to go on a 'no buy' and just close those shopping tabs for a while.

>> No.9036109

Just take a break from lolita. It sounds like you can't afford to do coords properly anyway right now so why not just quit stressing over it and wait until you can?

>> No.9036110

If you don't want friends to think you are frumpy weeb trash then you kind of have to not be frumpy weeb trash. It sounds like you didn't make the effort. Plan better next time. Raise your standards.

>> No.9036687

>about to graduate uni with a nice degree
>completely burnt the fuck out
>no job lined up because no energy to network
>going to have all the time in the world for sewing and lolita but no money and no energy
>bf is trying his best to help, but keeps sending me links to vacancies I'm not at all qualified for
>I just want to lay in bed all day and browse /cgl/

>> No.9036702

I'm in the same position right now...I have no motivation for anything but lolita. I had an interview for an internship but I feel so unqualified so I don't think I'm going to get it.

>> No.9036765
File: 117 KB, 242x200, patsad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had sex for the first time in cosplay.

Now that the girl is dead, I don't ever want to cosplay again.

>> No.9036773

>now that the girl is dead


>> No.9036800

>working on Wakfu body for cosplay
>lost another inch from waist

On the downside, though:
>lost an inch from the hips
>didn't lose anything from breasts

Why isn't spot reduction a real thing outside of cosmetic procedures? It's killing me, I need to keep the pear shape severe if I'm gonna be good in this cosplay.

>> No.9036829

She was beautiful, is all you need to know.

>> No.9036875
File: 58 KB, 345x542, schutorment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Jesus, that's awful.

>> No.9036959

Lord almighty can I act like a sociable for .02 seconds?
>at con with buddies
>notice my dream dress on an artist
>coord looks kinda bad but excited about seeing it irl
>I linger around the table till shes done talking to someone
>finally enough courage to say I love your skirt
"hey-y, nice skirt...Crystal Dream Carnival?" >snaps fingers and points at her like a gun
>she kinda looks weirded out but grins
>I feel it oh I feel it so I kinda shuffle away
>my friends still laughing about how awkward I am
I think she thinks I'm some kind of teeny bopper ita weeaboo considering I was just cosplaying and don't really look close to my age.

>> No.9036971

Better use your uni contacts to line up some job interviews before you graduate. Also sewing NICE lolita pieces isn't easy or cheap so it sounds like your expectations are just kind of unrealistic.

>> No.9036996

>go to con a few weeks ago
>cosplay guests actively follow my work
>I finally get to see their stuff up close
>holy shit what is this
>raw fabric edges, lumpy unpressed seams, topstitching everywhere
>holy shit how
>they're hosting a panel about how to become cosfamous
>my jigglies have literally been puffled for a week and a half since con ended
>my jigglies are so puffled that I'm considering getting back into cosplay contests
>Haven't competed for years because all the cons in the tri-state told me I "needed to give someone else a chance"
>This shit has me so puffled that it puffled me right out of forced retirement

I recognize that I sound like a haughty bitch, but goddamn if something like that wouldn't make the Pope swear.

>> No.9037176
File: 32 KB, 600x338, 1434648375390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see a guy in cosplay sales selling lolita stuff
>he's admitted to me that he's a sissy and cums in his clothes
>on the fence on giving everyone a warning or just staying silent

I kind of want to chuckle to myself if anyone buys it but at the same time I want people to be warned about this guy..

>> No.9037178

i love how many times you said puffled in this post. fuckin do it mate!

>> No.9037181

Name and shame. That's just nasty. So fucking tired of sissies in lolita. Maybe if you make an example of one the others will gtfo. Do everyone a favor and tell, anon.

>> No.9037183

Damn buddy you must be pretty bad at sex.

>> No.9037184

You don't sound haughty, you sound inspired. The 'give someone else a chance' line is BS. Everyone who works hard enough to get good 'has a chance'!
If you've got talent and are good and you know it, get back out there and strut your stuff.

>> No.9037193

This JUST happened, and I need to confess to clear my soul. HELP.

>Have a wonderful moon lit night /dream & nightmare themed lolita gathering.
>Super cute coffees
>Everyone looks super cute.
>Night goes off without a hitch
>Bye everyone! Hug, hug, hug.
>Have this nagging feeling I should turn around.
>I do
>Huge red spot on my chair
>Stand for a second
>Omg...my peridoe just started and I soaked through my undies, pettie coat and dress

Ok so...like what do I do? I'm typing on my iphone right now, across the street looking back in horror. All my friends are gone. Do I go back and ask the nice coffee people for like a wet napkin? Do I clean it myself? Do I flee??? I'm so beside myself, I don't even know what to do.

>> No.9037198


Meh. It comes with the minimum paid job territory. Maybe you'll scare one of them straight into going to college and getting a real job where they'll never have to deal with stuff like that again.

If it makes you feel any better, I used to work in a theater and boy did I find nasty stuff when it was time to clean up. I would rather deal with your PMS blood, than a full fresh diaper of a very sick child.

>tfw it happened twice in a row in one night.

>> No.9037202

Well plug up first. Maybe let the workers know to not seat other guests in that area for now. What kind of chair is it? If it can be cleaned easier, I would do it. If not, I would leave it up to the management as to not ruin it further with my good intentions. Sorry this happened, anon.

>> No.9037203

i used to torture myself with this kind of shit, i lost my job and i had such a hard time pulling myself out of the cycle. i took up embroidery, it's cheap, it keeps my hands busy, and it passes the time really well. i would totally recommend it.

>> No.9037213


UGH. That's like a 1000 times worse. I'm sorry that happened to you. That feels like the mom was like "Well I COULD go throw this away or go to the bathroom ...nah. I'll just put it riiiiight here." Gross.

It's an outdoor plastic seat? No way someone would go sit in it without seeing it and moving somewhere else. So I'm not worried about ruining someone's night like that....

>> No.9037215

John from Memphis.

>> No.9037224

I feel like since it's just a hard plastic seat, it would be more embarrassing for you to go back than it would be for them to just clean it.

I can't think of any advantage of going back and trying to explain the situation, especially if your clothes are messed up.

>> No.9037347

How are her expectations unrealistic? She said she doesn't have the money or energy so it sounds like anon knows very well that it's neither easy nor cheap.

>> No.9037518

>Be larger girl
>Excited for ILD this weekend
>Buy 2nd hand brand
>Partial shirring
>Managed to zip up bodice, feeling extra kawaii
>Getting ready for coord shot
>Bend over to put on petticoat
>Zip Fails, and plastic teeth give way
>Home alone, 11pm on a Friday night
>Housemate eventually comes home at midnight
>Unable to unzip dress
>Forced to cut myself out

I just wanted to feel pretty.
I wanted to know what it was like to have a burando piece
I deserved it.

>> No.9037577

YDI you fat fuck. How fucking fat are you you have to CUT yourself out of brand??

>> No.9037592

Holy shit! How huge are you?!

>> No.9037711

>I deserved it
Clearly you didn't.

>> No.9037742


They wouldn't even say it to my face, the various showrunners would just casually mention how they refused to give awards to people who have won more than two or three locally. I even went cross-country at one point and wasn't allowed to compete because I'd won too many things, though they did comp me a display space in their cosplay gallery for the trouble of bringing the damn thing with me.

Shit's dumb, I'm gonna comeback so hard people's heads will spin.

>> No.9037790
File: 25 KB, 236x123, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> dream dress gets listed on LSE last night
> holy shit yes!!
> I get paid tomorrow, I can probably afford it
> fast forward to today
> paycheck is actually a lot less than what I expected
> can't afford it after all
> mfw

>> No.9037892
File: 1.30 MB, 2448x3264, realkyloren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>husband wants to get together Kylo Ren cosplay
>I offer to make it for him, he says I'm too much of a procrastinator and it'd probably be better just to buy it
>fair enough, though I always do my best to finish things for other people
>do some research on the 501st on Kylo Ren's costume after he starts waffling about buying it
>within my capabilities, but a hard costume on multiple levels
>all those pintucks and that fucking weirdass coated basketweave
>it'd be a real feather in my cap to make a 501st approved costume, though
>out of curiosity ask him where he was planning on buying his
That place was actually recommended to him and I have no idea why. I feel like I have to make it for him now. Pic related is the actual movie costume, for reference and this is the 501st databank on it. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Kylo_Ren

>> No.9037943
File: 15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone he had sex with died. The end.

>> No.9037959

Do squats, work that butt

>> No.9037962


I have a bust of 95 and waist of 84
Measurements on Lolibrary were
Bust: 83-97
Waist: 84

I know it was stupid of me to even to buy it.

>> No.9037965

Am I going insane or are even more people changing their pronouns, stating they are x gender and constantly talking about the poor POCs these days?

I just want to follow cute lolita blogs an artists, I don't care about those "WOW this black woman/lesbian/trans person is beautifull!!!" posts.

>> No.9037979

i'd love it if someone did that to me desu, this is a really nice conversation starter

>> No.9037992


I'm still finding bits of black monkscloth in my dryer's lint trap, and under things in my sewing room, and in my carpet in the living room, and I made that fucking costume like four months ago.

The pleated sleeves will try to fuck with your shit, but if you power through them they can turn out goddamn amazing. I need to redo mine at some point because I made the pleats too big, but I'm procrastinating because that'll mean redoing the doublet too and I'm actually really proud of that motherfucker.

tl;dr this costume was made to fuck with us on a level that the prequels never achieved. I'd rather make a half dozen screen-accurate Mandalorians than remake my Kylo from scratch.

>> No.9038020

It seems simple enough when you watch the movie (minus the sleeves), but when you actually research it you realize it's not simple at all. I mean, pintucks/pleats aren't hard, but that level is annoying and when I'm drafting the pattern I'll have to calculate for all that extra fabric.

>> No.9038085

What the hell. My experience of the Japanese health care system is like total opposite? My bf here had his 2 wisdom teeth removed just a few months ago and I was so shocked when he had to get anestesia and stay in hospital for 2 days for it. In my country (Europe) they just do a local and send you home.

But yeah dump that doctor and try another clinic. Shame not use the system when it's so reasonable.

>> No.9038383
File: 139 KB, 1280x720, 2rnudrl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PT is skinny now.
I'm not sure how she did it but wow.. that fat cringy weeaboo... she has a flat tummy and looks better than I do in a bikini.

I immediately threw out all the junkfood in my house and began dieting/working out
I'm fatter than Pixyteri holy shit

>> No.9039292
File: 661 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-06-14-45-26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I realized that I don't have any hobbies, nor cosplay friends. I stopped cosplaying, and all of the cosplay friends I knew have moved on.

I don't know what I should do... I forgot how to make new friends.

Depression is such a life-ruiner.

>> No.9039305

But you probably look better
She's looks so old.

>> No.9040561
File: 103 KB, 720x540, 1442607169912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BF and I forced out of our house because roommates were getting violent
>living with BF's parents for now
>all our stuff is in a storage unit
>took 4 vans and a trailer to move it all
>a lot of it was my furniture I inherited from family, stockpile of beauty/cleaning products from couponing, and sewing/craft supplies
>have to cut that down to 2 vans and a trailer since we're moving to a different city this month
>no way family would be willing to make 2 trips
>new house probably won't have space for all my stuff anyway
>can't do any crafts or sewing right now because I don't want to make a mess
>probably won't be able to do any once we move if there's no space for my setup
>wasting my last summer before I start professional school on the computer and reading the news

My family was teasing me calling me a hoarder but I don't think I am because I use everything and do regular purges (sounds a bit like denial, right?). It's hard to keep things to a minimum when you craft and sew because you never know when you'll need some mint green thread or some glitter. I'm definitely going to be browsing the room threads for some inspo on how to store craft supplies in small spaces.

I'm also going through all my stuff and figuring out what I can sell, what I can toss, and what will have to stay in storage. My BF is really good about not attaching sentimental value to things so he'll be a good help.

>> No.9041764
File: 97 KB, 300x500, 1319996502561.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It'll be ok Anon. I feel you on having to waste the last summer. Maybe there are experiences you can do instead of crafting that will make the time less wasted. Go have a picnic, find out when the free day at the local museum is, hit up the local renaissance fest, make detailed plans on what you want to furnish your new place with, garden, see a couple sites you have been meaning to go see but always put off.
Or since you are on the computer anyways pick up some useful computer skill like photoshop, css coding, keeping a blog about whatever you're going to school for.
Don't waste the time. It'll pass anyways and you might as well do something with it.

Marie Kondo that extra stuff. I'm a crafter/sewer too and I know you have to keep items.
But anything else... sort out anything that doesn't bring you joy, thank it for its service to you, and then donate it so it can go on to be useful to someone else.

>> No.9041931

Thanks anon! I wish I could do that stuff but there's really nothing to do in my current city. Once we move to the bigger city though there's plenty of exploring I want to do! I think I'll pick up cooking while I'm at my in laws: my BF's mom makes awesome yet simple dishes that my BF loves.

I already fold my socks and pants like Marie Kondo! I've been meaning to read more about her in general. My BF went to the storage unit with me last night and got rid of 7 trash bags of stuff so that's a start! He's really against donating for some reason though: if it's in good enough condition to sell he told me to sell it but if it was dirty in any way he told me to toss it. We didn't get to any of the craft items but when we do I already have a few (small) things in mind to toss.

>> No.9042955

Watching a tartan BtSSB JSK on LM last night. This morning I told my husband to place a bid before it ended, because I was going to work. Came home, asked if he was the final bidder..."Oh, sorry Hun. I forgot." I even sent him a text to remind him! Dress is sold. I am so sad right now.

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