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Post feels. Happy, sad, as long as they're /cgl/ related.

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>meet really cute Ruby Rose at a con
>really hit it off
>find his Instagram by luck
>mfw he's gay

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All my friends went to a con without me.

I'm gonna shit~

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>driving with sister
>see a flock frills walking
>couldn't stop the car to say hello or anything
>they were gone in less than a second
The good thing is I know there are frills still here in 912
Bad thing is I sold my only dress to help out my mom and sister a few months ago so I can't join you.

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>Excited for my first con
>Drive nearby
>Smell the sweat, shame, and fat from a distance
>Walk in
>A bunch of the most awkward, cringey, ugly people I've ever seen are just screaming memes at each other

I was excited for it to, I just can't get into the community. Should I try again? I've been wanting to go as Rando.

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>show mom my con pictures
>every picture with a dude, she asks "Is he your boyfriend?"
>just want to show her my costume that I worked hard on
>"When am I going to be a grandma?" "Do you even want kids?" "Plz respond."

It makes me wanna bust out the sewing machine and sew my vag shut.

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I'm not gay ;)

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>find nice cosplayer at recent con
>think he's adorable ask friend to ask him for social network since Im a puss puss
>get his instagram, look through his pics see his old cosplays
>mfw his old cosplay from years ago was a cosplay i really liked, and he looked really familar in that cosplay
>check old harddrive found old pics of him i took in said cosplay
>not sure if this is a sign
>add on fb
>comment on his cosplays wips every now and again but still too shy to PM him directly
>his cosplays match up with some of mine for upcomming con
>think it would be cool/nice to get a group going and know him
>Afraid i will lose my spaghetti trying to talk to him on Fb let alone in person
>have been trying to work up the courage to talk to him for a month and a half

Should i pursue this cgl, should i really make a fool of myself
This is the first time ive ever even remotely been interesed in somebody, I'm completely at a loss on what to do

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Every time I go to a con I have the hope of meeting a cute girl and hitting it off but it never happens because I'm too shy to meet unknown people, so I usually end with a bitter feeling of sadness.

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If you think you have a possibility, yes, otherwise, it's a wild shot.

In the end, you lose nothing, but your ego seems to be weak like mine, so I'd understand that you'd refer not to risk getting rejected.

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>meet girl at a con
>she recognizes me from a previous con two states away
>I wasn't even wearing the same costume
>"Your costumes always make my day. You're so good."
>so flattered I forget to ask her name
>she vanishes behind an Arby's

Maybe I can find her on the con's Fb page. I don't know. Now I'm remembering all the friendly cosplay chicks I let get away.

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>she vanishes behind an Arby's
Yep that sounds like a cosplayer

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I wouldn't mind getting rejected, I'm mostly at a loss on how to start talking to him or act the way one does when they find somebody they like, I'm really confused and not at all in touch with my feelings, b-but I'll try and keep working up the courage!

>tfw i just want a husbando who cosplays

Let's both work hard on what we want anon good luck to you and your search ;_;7

happy feels;

>finally having to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, have a little money saved up for cosplay and figures
>been stressed from school, but semester is finally over
>havent felt this good in a long while
>can buy a new game that I've been wanting for months next week

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Dude, I'm kicking myself so hard.

I know she follows the con's Fb group. Maybe I can find her there.

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>cosplaying Gumi
>go into ladies room
>all the toilets have poop in them


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I work in a garage and am one of the few girls who work there. I get teased pretty mercilessly but it's all in good fun. Last week the guys found out about my lolita life and I was pretty mortified since I try to hide most of weird hobbies and dressing in frilly dresses would just add to the list of things I get teased about, but one of the other girls in the shop was really interested in it and it was surprisingly really nice. Not to hate, but everyone is pretty normie so I didn't think anyone would be interested let alone be kind of weirded out. Im giving her some old bodyline shit that I have to wear and hopefully if she's really interested I'll help her look for actually good pieces to make a coord. I just didn't expect anyone to be interested and it's kind of nice to talk about my hobbies with someone at work.

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I've learned to keep my personal life separate from my professional life. It's easier to assume the worst about people, they talk behind your back more often than you think even when there's not much to talk about. Don't fuel the "she has this weird hobby" flame that's already burning. Just focus on making/keeping friends who are already into your hobby.

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My car died at a con last week. Where were all the mechanic lolitas then??

I got a better new car, so whatever. I just need to get some manga to put in it, for guests.

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I'm in a similar position. Except I'm married with a kid and people keep bugging me asking when I'm having more.

>Do you want me to collect welfare? because that's how I'm going to be collecting welfare.

One kid is plenty thank you. I'd rather not drop below the poverty line just to pop out more kids.

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My bad.

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All you have to do is being nice and charming.

Ask stuff about him, hobbies, interests, talk about those interests and hobbies, develop further conersation, find common stuff...

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>mechanical lolis


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A close friend of mine has been talking about wanting to get into lolita fashion for a year and a half now, and today, she finally told me that she's actually gonna start buying clothes for coordinates! I have faith in her, and I'm really excited to see her wear lolita fashion soon.

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But anon, kids are the most important thing in the world! Their screaming and snot dripping will bring you even more joy the second time around!

Nah. My aunt's like that too, she doesn't even understand why I'm studying STEM, which she thinks is too hard for girls, when the most important thing is to find myself a good husband.

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Heaven forbid you want to use more then your uterus!

We're just barely making it by as it is, my husband just started being a lyft driver to bring in extra money, and I'm trying to start a business. My husband's family(aunts and uncles, not parents) thinks we should have another kid. Because I'm really going to have time to run a business by myself while raising two kids under 3 years old while my husband works multiple jobs to support his family.

Don't let ANYBODY make you think you're making the wrong choice for picking an education over having kids. I wish I had thought about it before having my kid.

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>have long-term bf
>we love each other
>I start getting back into cosplay
>he thinks it's a waste of time and money
>"can't you clean up"
>"you're taking up all the space"
>I offer to make him costumes, ask him to be in groups with our mutual friends, sometimes he accepts
>I make him a Gendo Ikari costume, he never wears it
>I try to get him to dress up for Halloween with me, he never leaves the house
>My cosplay friends forcibly eject me from their circle, he rejoices
>"finally I can use this table again"
>he spreads his shit out and never cleans up
>months later, drama, he is a leech and never pays the bills
>I become fed up and DTMFA
>finally free
>can cosplay whatever I want
liberated at last

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I know how your boyfriend feels, but would rather my wife have a cosplay fetish rather than a cosplay fetish AND a fetish for gathering the bones of the dead

>mfw I ask her what she wants for her birthday
>She says Flesh Eating Beatles

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> Made a bunch of friends on this Pokemon forum 12 years ago
> Met up with them randomly at meet ups, tournaments, and cons
> Kept in contact with one and became distant with the others
> He dies in October
> Feels really bad, man
> Had a dream last night about him
> Did the stupid thing and ask "are you really dead?"
> "...Yeah?"
> Wake up in a puddle of my own tears

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Read that as Ruby Rhod first...

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Sounds like a keeper

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I don't have any cosplay friends, and I don't know how to make them. :(

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I can't believe a man dressed as Ruby Rose was gay.

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I know this feel. I really want to get into cosplay and try and make my own but most my friends don't cosplay, nor want to get into it. I'm a person who learns better with someone to guide me through first hand, so there's only so much I can take from videos and such. ;_;

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I also struggle with this. It's especially hard to look around and see the cosplay scene composed of so many young people. I'm only 22, but fuck I could never imagine getting into this sort of shit while living with the rents. How do these young fucks all have parents that are just cool with them traveling across the country in weird-ass outfits while supporting their hobby financially?

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This, so hard. I'm a freelancer who works an average of 14-16 hours a day and my husband leaves for work early and returns late. We could probably support a child financially, but there are days I'm so busy I can't even give my CATS any attention, never mind a child.

My husband's mom reaaaaaally wants grandkids. I think she should reaaaaallly have had more than one kid if grandbabies were part of her life dream. My mom wants grandkids but knows she'll probably get them from my siblings. Still, she tells me that I shouldn't disappoint my mother-in-law and I should probably have at least one kid. YEAH BECAUSE IT'S THAT EASY.

Making this /cgl/ related though—
>Have only a few hours at recent con
>Two different cosplays, meeting friends at two different times on same day
>First friend messages me two hours before meeting time that she might be a bit late because of her makeup
>???okay? We still have a couple hours before we meet?
>Get to her hotel room, she's still putting on makeup (took her like 3 hours for some seemingly basic stuff), then wasn't done with her costume or wig
>Get out on con floor way late, I can only hang out for less than an hour
>Rush to bathroom, switch costumes to meet with other friend
>That friend is late, I just sit around until she comes
>mfw I spent more time waiting for friends to get ready than I did actually cosplaying with them

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Ran over a squirrel while wearing lolita.

Now this dress is always going to make me feel like a murderer.

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>working on pretty big cosplay for upcoming con
>going ok, chip away at it
>lose all motivation
>fall out of love with source material
>40 days to go
>quarter done costume

I planned to pair up with a friend even though both of our costumes were independent. But I just don't care anymore.

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Was the print Squirrel Party?

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That's the thing I wonder about to, cause my parents definitely don't. 21 here and it was a struggle and a half to have my mom help me sew together an entry level cloak for a cosplay cause god forbid I probably couldn't even sew two pieces of fabric together. I can only go to my city's con, so travelling would come out of my own pocket. My parents are both sort of old, and traditional so they can't even grasp the concept of cosplay let alone support it. ;_;

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Ugh, that just sounds really tiresome.

Not a problem, she isn't exactly a person whose opinion I value highly. Partly because both she and one of her daughters have ruined marriages by cheating.

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The traveling part is what baffles me the most. I live in Texas and when I ask for good cons it's a bunch of shitheads saying I should go to LA or Las Vegas. Who the fuck are these teenagers that can just go to these cities on a whim?

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RIGHT? I live in Toronto so the only con I can go to are Anime North, and Fan Expo (excluding all the smaller cons like APOP, wtf is YetiCon even, etc) and it's getting pretty stale. I really want to go to Anime Expo and the likes since everyone says it's one of better, if not the largest con. Why can't we be rich anon?

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>tfw I'm 21, bf is 24
>go to a family wedding with bf, his mom is there
>she's fucking wasted and is all over me
>"anon I want you to be apart of this family. Mark needs to marry you already. When will you give me grandkids? my daughters hate kids"
>feels so awkward
>getting pressured by an in law that isn't even an in law yet.

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>getting ready before con
>making sure all cosplays are ready
>realize that the 10lbs I put on over the last year due to depression have made me ugly in my cosplays
>cry and skip con

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>tfw my face looks like a snobby bitchface in lolita and I despair in knowing that people probably don't like me as well or avoid me because of my high school bully vibe

I've been trying to poke fun at the stereotype and take ironic bitchface pictures at the meetups to ease the tension, but it sucks that I'm less approachable and liked just because of something I can't really change.

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Oh and I smile a lot, but then I look like a smug bitch or awkward like "get me away from these plebs surrounding me~"

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>a fetish for gathering the bones of the dead


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I'm also a STEM nerd and my husband and I do want kids, but I feel like I'm caught between several worlds with really opposing views. On the one hand the norm in both my and my husband's family is for the girls to start popping out kids as soon as they're into their twenties and not stop until they have at least three and can't afford more even with the extra welfare. Needless to say most of them don’t work and some of them don’t even have a stable SO. Fortunately my parents are supportive no matter what I choose to do but my inlaws are very much
>B-but anon when we were your age we already had two screaming toddlers and it was great!!!

Then on the other hand the norm for my chosen field is for women to not even think about having children until they’re at least 35, because children distract from your career and if your career isn’t your #1 priority you might as well fuck off and be a barefoot and pregnant housewife. If course it’s perfectly acceptable for the men to have kids in their twenties. Unless their girlfriend/wife is also STEM, in which case she’s a bimbo who’s throwing her life away.

Then there’s my lolita comm where most girls are super childfree and talk mad shit about the one lolita mom my comm has. I honestly didn’t even realize she had a daughter until I started following her IG because she never takes her kid along to meetups or really does anything that could be considered annoying. They just seem to hate her for having a baby.

Of course I’m not going to let these people’s opinions dictate my life choices but it’s pretty annoying to basically be told there is no middle ground between being a dependent stay-at-home mom with no life outside of the family and being a Strong Independent Woman who can’t even think about having kids because then I’d be ruining feminism or something.

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Everyone has opinions, anon. And most of them are shit.

Don't be disheartened, my MIL is an amazing woman (seriously, I love her to death, she is to me what my mother never has been or will be) and she had 2 kids at 24 and 26, fresh out of uni and just when she started her first job. She's since become a higher-up in a multinational bank and still had time to be with her family despite being the breadwinner.

You definitely can be that person and trust me, many people will acknowledge it and admire you. Myself included.

I just hate it how men are not even expected to give a shit about their children and if they do they're praised to high heavens for doing what a woman 'should' do every day or doing the most basic chores and a woman is supposed to do that AND work and that's 'normal'. Even coming from many women themselves.

Like I'm not having a kid with someone who's gonna play no part in raising it.

>> No.9040532

If at said recent con, you talked directly to him and was talkative with you, then go for it. Try to form a group up and see if he's interested. Get to know him from the experience if he goes with you and see where that goes from there. Worst case scenario I see is that he goes with your group and nothing happens from there.

>> No.9040539

If you have old photos of him, use that - send him a message, say you were sorting through pics and found these, thought he might want copies! From there, compliment his cosplay, say that you admire how much he's improved, and mention that you're going to be doing the same series at a con.

Good luck, anon!

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>I just hate it how men are not even expected to give a shit about their children and if they do they're praised to high heavens for doing what a woman 'should' do every day or doing the most basic chores and a woman is supposed to do that AND work and that's 'normal'.

Diff anon than the one you're responding to but this is one of my biggest peeves and probably the most likely reason why I'll refuse to have children with my current partner.
Men get, and therefore expect, so much praise for doing ordinary things half decent women have been conditioned to do on the daily, like chores or cooking.
I mean, if mine takes a pic or posts a status about how he cooked ONE (bland and frankly unthoughtful) dinner for us both out of the entire month it gets all this praise. I'll never forget the day he boasted about "working a double" (ie two 4.5 hour serving shifts whereas I'm at work 9 hours usual) and "doing the laundry" and getting massive likes on his fb, only for me to come home and find him sleeping with the laundry stuffed into baskets and not even folded. He's super indignant if I criticize how he (poorly) does his half of chores, or if I suggest he should be more conscientious when dammit I should be praising him for working TWO JOBS (two part time serving jobs)...

Meanwhile if I post a dinner I'm proud of or talk about a really difficult week where I at least accomplished basic chores, it gets nothing as it's EXPECTED I do this shit and obvs I'm just bragging if I'm proud to have done it. I can't imagine the frustration I'd feel if I was keeping majority care after a pooping, crying, and demanding crotchfruit only to have my husband receive praise for taking it to the park and leaving it in the stroller for an hour on a nice day. Holy shit I'd be so jealous.

>> No.9040547

Ugh god anon, are you me? I give my SO some slack because he's currently dealing with massive depressive disorder but your post just hits so hard.

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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Woman just likes bones and shit. My garage is full of boar, deer, coyote, and bird skulls. She happily chirped that she cant wait to let the beetles clean the dead armadillo she had in my freezer
>You find that today or something?
>"Nope! It was months ago!"
>mfw it was the first time I ever hears of it
>peek inside my chest freezer
>mfw the little fucker is wrapped up mext to my bags of beans and broccoli

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Feel you anon, mine's mentally sounds but he does have more friends than me and is generally well-liked by those who don't have to live with him. Therefore I would feel really outnumbered if I ever made a slight comment on those kinds of statuses or pictures he posts. It would just give his friends one more reason to assume I'm the nagging bitch who doesn't appreciate him enough.

Even his best friends have said shit to me about how he's a horribly lazy roommate, but those feelings went away of course because picking up after his messes and dealing with his domestic attitude isn't their problem anymore. Anyway, I know I sound like I'm nitpicking him apart (because he must be a nice person to have so many people who care about him, yes?) but I just don't like this aspect of peoples' personalities when they pretend they do more work than they do and expect more praise than they deserve.

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Anyone else get "last day of the con" feels?
Had a pretty good time.
Hung out with friends.
Went to a few panels.
Danced a little.
Maybe went to a photoshoot.
But I also missed a photoshoot.
Danced on my own.
Wanted to meet cool people.
Maybe a cutie.
And now I have to go back to work with coworkers that have no similar interests.

>> No.9040626

Pretty much this. Once the con ends it's like, back to shitty reality. I tried to make it interesting post con by meeting new people, no luck this year.

>> No.9040641

>post-con depression literally brought back everything I hated about myself, went to bed crying

>> No.9040771

>tfw you wanted to get a girlfriend at a con
>then you just wanted to make a friend at a con
>then you'd like to be able to talk to anyone at a con

why does everyone have to be a clique already except for me?

>> No.9040776

Your con not have a gaming hall?

>> No.9040784

It does, but I never manage to make any friends there.

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>have cosplay I always have fun in
>bring it to almost every con
>didn't have that much fun with it at last con I went to, didn't wear it that much during it
>not bringing it to next one
>freeing up alot of space by not bringing it and don't want to overdo it
>tfw getting the feeling of wanting to bring it

The cosplay in question, god I hate this feeling

>> No.9040803

That is unsafe and can make you guys sick. Bacteria can travel off of the carcass even if it's wrapped up and there's plenty of bacteria that doesn't die when frozen at average household freezer temperatures. For safety issues, she either needs to cut that out or get a separate freezer purely for her dead stuff. You also need to scrub out your freezer. You may want to go to the doctor for a checkup sometime soon, find a plausible lie (since I doubt you want to tell the truth) about possibly eating contaminated food.

>> No.9040808

I feel you, Anon. My husband and I have discussed this sort of thing already and we've decided my career will be the high priority one and his will be the low priority one, so if somebody needs to do something like stay home with a sick kid, it's all him. Thankfully he's not naive and thinks that shit like that won't happen and there won't be sacrifices to be made, or sexist and thinks that it's my job because I'm the woman.

>> No.9040819

Armadillos carry leprosy and they're pretty much the only way people contract it these days. Merely touching one can infect you, which is why you're not supposed to interact with them or their remains at all. You both need to go to a doctor immediately and you need to tell your wife to clue up and stop being such a dangerous idiot.

>> No.9040822

Good god, I hate that "nagging bitch" stereotype! I'm afraid to even encouraged my SO to do what he can or even get treatment because of that (his mother HATES me :/ )

It's incredibly frustrating. Good luck, anon.

>> No.9040830

I work in a garage too, and some of the guys found me on fb (I have a very distinct name) and saw pictures of me in lolita. I wasn't really trying to hide it, but I expected a little bit of light teasing or a 'what is that' comment.

Only one even mentioned it at all and he apparently wears aristocrat in his spare time, and collects vintage furniture. Dudes can be so surprising.

>> No.9040835

Learn that off of buzzfeed did you? I bet you also think possums carry tuberculosis and raccoons can give you rabies at a single glance. For fucks sakes

>> No.9040837

>For safety issues, she either needs to cut that out or get a separate freezer purely for her dead stuff. You also need to scrub out your freezer. You may want to go to the doctor for a checkup sometime soon, find a plausible lie (since I doubt you want to tell the truth) about possibly eating contaminated food.
You think bacteria can survive in a deep freezer? This isnt the first time shes done this and this isnt her first armadillo either. She has a kit in her SUV with gloves, carcass bags and bacterial spray. I havent even told you guys about the frozen hawk i found while getting a pizza

>> No.9040846

stop derailing

>> No.9040851

>They shy away from an armadillo but they'll happily buy things secondhand online
>They fear leprosy but will happily drink from a soda can

>> No.9040857

No. I work in a microbiology lab.

It can and does. All freezing does is prevent most bacteria from reproducing, this is why frozen foods still have expiration dates and why you generally don't refreeze food - any bacteria on the food multiplies whilst its thawing and you just end up freezing food that now has a doubled bacterial population.

>> No.9040863

Should I have added that I'm a professional chef and know a little bit about food safety in there? Jesus Christ, man.

>> No.9040865

I got literal baby's shit on my blouse sleeves earlier today. I went out to eat lunch with the family and figured "hey, you haven't worn lolita in a while, so why not today?"
My brother's girlfriend insisted that I hold her new baby and I told her I'm no good with kids but before I knew it the baby was in my arms. I'm half-pissed, half-dejected but whatever. I'll get over it.

>> No.9040866

>I work in a microbiology lab
And i work in a veterinary clinic. If you have gloves youre fine. Your immune system is there for a reason to catch anything else. Its also why the animals she brings home are wrapped and then placed jn seperate specimen bags. You have better chances of catching chlamydia from a toilet seat

>> No.9040879

Dude. Don't act all surprised when you basically posted with the intention of one-upping someone for having a weirder spouse. You, yourself set the tone of your posts as being weirded out and annoyed by her behaviour, now you're annoyed people didn't make a shit ton of nonsensical assumptions about your safety precautions? Why would anyone assume she's sensible at all if she's keeping animal carcasses in the freezer with food?

>> No.9040883

Im annoyed she does it, yeah, but its stupid as hell to assume she tosses road kill fresh off the mat next to the bagel bites

>> No.9040886

Why is that stupid, though? Have you met people? Even with your precautions I still don't think it's smart. Just get a second freezer for her projects.

>> No.9040889

Anon, he said she has a fetish for it, usually they themselves view it as a hobby and thus have some kind of profiency in the matter. Like say an Anon has a gun fetish, it would be silly to assume they just owns a bunch of random guns not stored properly and dream of shooting up schools

>> No.9040891

No it's not, you implied that was what was happening twice lol.

>> No.9040895

>Losing weight for cosplays
>Less curves, less boobs, more shoulders
>sexy catsuit dreams crushed

>> No.9040898




>> No.9040904

Are you being facetious? Google "gun owner accidentally" and see what kinds of news articles pop up. Finding something really cool does not mean you have any sort of proficiency just by merit of being really into.

>> No.9040920

Man. I'm so bummed. I just moved up here from my home state a month ago and went to my first local con today hoping to make some friends and enjoy the cosplay contest. I end up being ignored by all the other cosplayers at the con and found myself sitting in a corner by myself for most of the time.
And the contest was a bust. They didn't have the contestants parade around on stage or anything, just judged and then told the results in a tiny room filled with just the people who were judged. On top of that, all the contestants were basically children. I mean, I'm happy I got best advanced but at the same time I feel so dirty because almost everyone else in the contest was under the age of 18 and had very little experience in cosplay, much less competitive cosplay.
I just feel so lonely and dirty and this con left me super unenthused about cosplay or conventions and kinda has me questioning why I'm even doing any of this.
Oh and I didn't even get a certificate saying I placed. They just called me up, gave me some credit for the dealers room (which the vendors didn't know anything about btw) and sent me on my way. I wanted that fancy piece of paper with my name on it, dammit.

>> No.9040924

Most local cons are so boring for me, I wouldn't lose hope yet! Keep going to bigger cons maybe a few hours from home :)

>> No.9040935
File: 271 KB, 845x450, Hitoribocchi No Chikyuu Shinryaku_WarglBargl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My own mother gets on my case regarding chores because I work from home. I work longer hours than my husband, get no weekends off, and rarely have holidays or evenings free (besides maybe an hour here and there to work on cosplay), but if I suggest that my husband do any cleaning around the house my mom jumps on me because "you're home all day so you should be the one doing all the chores." She also told me that marriage is a contract and part of that contract is providing your husband a child. It's super weird because she's usually like "rawr, fight the patriarchy" with this sort of stuff. At least she's stopped telling me I don't have a "real" job anymore.

>Dad is working with me to make a dragon puppet
>Had a long discussion over the wing and leg joints
>I have a clear idea of what I want
>He has a clear idea of what he thinks will work
>We keep trying to explain it to each other but are both failing to understand
>Now we're both doubting what we were trying to say and everything is confusing
>A month and a half to go, haha...
We'll get it worked out, I'm sure. I'm really lucky to have him helping me so much with this.

>> No.9040941


Just be more careful with your food and have fun! Nobody will judge you harshly.

>> No.9040961

squats and pushups

>> No.9040991

He said hes buying her meat eating beetles, isnt that like you buying a microscope or whatever you guys buy?
>i have no idea about either subjects

>> No.9040999

That's a lot of why my MIL gets on my case too, anon. I work as an artist on commission in addition to trying to chase around a toddler and having severe joint pain and hypermobility issues. She thinks I'm faking it to get out of work and that being a freelance artist isn't a "real job" because it's not steady pay.

But wow, that "marriage is a contract!" stuff is fucking surreal and gross. Glad she stopped giving you shit about not having a "real" job though.

>> No.9041008

I understand this completely. I'm trans and I've kind of just given up on actually looking good in any qt cosplay because of my shoulders and complete lack of curves.

>> No.9041104

>always wanted to do a shirtless cosplay
>never been skinny enough for it
>work out
>lose weight
>6-pack abs
>nice forearms (no biceps though, can squat 2pl8 but can't curl more than 60lbs.)
>everything looks great

Oh, except I have gynocamaestia, so I have big-ass mantits that look weird as fuck and basically ruin all hopes I had of having an attractive body.

In fact, it's almost better being fat because at least then the bitchtits look somewhat correct, like they belong there.

>> No.9041114
File: 21 KB, 400x205, ryukocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used to cosplay with little sis
>not anymore

I've completely grown apart from my little sister, and it's horrible. She doesn't even call me oniichan anymore.

>> No.9041137

Save for a breast reduction? If that's viable with gyno. Maybe your insurance would even cover it.
>sibling is about to transition
>apparently their insurance will cover the testosterone, which I didn't think it did for stuff like that

>> No.9041144

Your sibling must have some really good insurance that or the doctors considered their transition a life-saving operation/action for whatever reason. But good for them, I'm glad their insurance covers it. Transitioning can cost a fuckton of money.

>> No.9041158

These posts make me feel glad my mom doesn't pressure me to get a husband and make kids, i don't even have a bf because i rarely get attracted to someone and too sperg. I say always to my mom, cats are my only kids in this life, i'm fine with kids that aren't mine except babies that cry and poop.
>I just hate it how men are not even expected to give a shit about their children and if they do they're praised to high heavens for doing what a woman 'should' do every day or doing the most basic chores and a woman is supposed to do that AND work and that's 'normal'. Even coming from many women themselves.
This so many times. The ironic thing is women are the most "sexist" in this!

>> No.9041161

>be best friends with little sister
>she gets a boyfriend
>suddenly doesn't need her bro anymore

Feels bad, man.

>> No.9041163

If its Otakon, then please bring it. I want to get a hug/pic of Raptor Jesus.

That fucking sucks, anon.

Take notes from Drag Queens and look into padding.

>> No.9041166
File: 295 KB, 591x716, 1333087685370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>girls in my comm complaining about "private meets"
>didn't realize wearing lolita means I'm obligated to invite the entire 400+ person community

>> No.9041175
File: 118 KB, 580x386, l-unamused-puppy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have a very noticeable lazy eye without my prescription
>All the characters I cosplay have pink or special effect eyes
>No place makes pink lens or special effect lens for my prescription
>The only lens that are made for it are in natural colors and $80+

>> No.9041177
File: 235 KB, 480x360, friendships.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been a lone lolita for a long time and I finally asked another lolita online to meet for coffee and we hit it off and now I have my first lolita friend. I'm so happy.

>> No.9041185

It'll be forever...

>> No.9041194

I hate the Lolita community, bunch of backhanded, salty bitches! I hope all their petticoats burst into flames! I wish I never joined a comm and enjoyed my frills in blissful ignorance. Lolitas are the worst people I have met (apart from the odd exceptions). There's a reason why we have such a reputation for being hostile stock up assholes and it's because the comms are full of dipshit 'mean girls' wannabes.

>> No.9041229
File: 483 KB, 320x179, tumblr_inline_nqb15ifKv31r77eon_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bunch of backhanded, salty bitches!

See yourself get posted in CoF or somen?

>> No.9041258

same boat m8. At least still look much better in clothed cosplays and can wear ones that show off my arms.

I have god awful gyno, I have enough money for surgery but its hard to justify the cost..one day.

>> No.9041304

> bf and I are getting eloped with blessings from my parents because his family wpuld make a fucking scene if they were at a wedding

Now /cgl/ related,
> having handmade for an itabag
> friend keeps ripping on how I must love this character more than my boyfriend of eight years
> boyfriend actually upset about the bantz
I swear to god I am about to make a wear a shirt with his face on it in public so he gets over it.

>> No.9041318
File: 218 KB, 524x468, gqJx4YJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to motivate myself to finish last assignment by telling myself i can work on my cosplay junk
>still not doing it

>> No.9041380
File: 222 KB, 896x504, sayaka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lose all my friends in 2015
>was considering doing an an hero on my birthday this year
>get invited to do a panel by someone on instagram
>have fun at the panel even though it's everyone's first time and it isn't the best
>start talking to fellow panelists more frequently
>become friends
>remember how nice it is to be called by my alias and have people actually be happy for me to be around
>we're doing another panel again next year
>feel like life is worth living now

>> No.9041382

>posts sayaka

you're shit just like her

>> No.9041386

I bet you think Homura did something wrong, too.

>> No.9041392

home run a best, salala a S H I T


and a slut for hopping on that kyou dick and then on that kyou puss

>> No.9041526

I'm actually a bitch, but I have a friendly, just-ugly-enough face, so people approach me, then I laugh at their basic-ass ita coords from behind a lopsided smile. Luckily, my usual comm is ita free.
You sound like my brother.

>> No.9041576


My comm has a problem where basically all the admins and their super close friends will get together and say "we just happen to be wearing lolita while we hang out!!!" but then they tag all their outfit shots and candids with "lolita meet" on instagram like they don't know that we all follow them. When people raise a stink, they make posts about how it's "just friend get-togethers, we don't plan to wear lolita!" to make the people complaining look like paranoid idiots.

I don't even want to go to my comm's frilluminati meets because one of the admins that frequents them hates my guts, but I'm good friends with a few of the other admins and it kinda stings that they disappear off to what basically amounts to a private meet (even though they make a point to tell everyone it's NOT A MEET GUYS) every weekend while I'm sitting at home alone with my closet. There's a difference between someone thinking of you and asking if you would like to come (and being able to decline) and someone not even bothering to ask if you'd like to come.

Most of the people in my comm that complain aren't doing it to say that all 400+ people need to be invited. Jesus no. It's just that when you see a number of people you consider good friends hanging out and nobody even thought to invite you, you start to wonder if it's something personal.

>> No.9041580
File: 152 KB, 700x467, oniichanwhy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> when younger, older bro and i would always make and do duo cosplays together
> he was the squidward to my spongebob
> in college now, we keep in touch despite being states away
> we always Skype on the weekends
> suddenly he has girlfriend
> haven't talked to him in about 3 months because he's always replying that he's going out with his gf or studying
> tell myself that i need to grow up, i'm probably annoying him
> last night he finally texted me hey
> facetime, big ass smile on my face
> don't see bro, see some chick, realize its his gf
> "hey, you're anon right? your brother said that you had experience in sewing and making cosplays and i wanted to ask your help!"
> try to answer her questions as nicely as possible
> takes up about 2 hours of my time
> mfw she ends up asking me if i could hand make and ship a sailor moon cosplay for her anyways
> for $25
> flat out deny, end call pissed
> 2 minutes later, bro texts me "wtf did you say to ____?"

He knows I read it, and I haven't responded

I miss my brother

>> No.9041584

It's funny because it sounds like you're one of the people complaining about my friends and I, except none of us have ever tag things at being meets. That, and the only people who have complained about it are generally unlikeable and unpleasant to be around. That wouldn't happen to describe you, would it?

>> No.9041587


I dunno, but it certainly seems to describe you.

>> No.9041592

>be big sis
>cutest younger bro
>get him into animu because I want to share my passions with him
>he gets super excited and into it
>lil bro hits puberty
>suddenly gets 3edgy5me fuccboi and verbally insults me on a daily basis
>""ironically"" likes anime now
I just want my cute lil bro back and do cute siblings cosplay with him.

>> No.9041594

I don't think we're in the same community. Like I said we don't say they're meets unless they're public, and we don't try to defend ourselves by saying it wasn't planned. Also no one who's friends with the mods/people who plan things has complained, it's always people who are vague friends with a mod or two. Hence why they're not invited, because why bother inviting people you're not friends with or care to know?

>> No.9041607

This is projecting as hell. I used to be really paranoid about this sort of thing but it turns out that most normal people are caught up in their own bullshit so much so they rarely think about you let alone bring you up when you're not even around, making your kind of irrelevant.
So you see, it's not really much more positive but just, not interesting unless the person is actually a train wreck.

My coworkers tease me too but they're all pretty supportive of my interest in j-fash and they like some of it themselves. Not only that but I showed one of the girls the Cosmic JSK I want and she was super interested cause she loves astrology. She's a huge normie though, and I doubt she'd ever spend that much on a dress.

>> No.9041608

Honestly just having the one is gonna drain you so much.. not to mention the rest of the world.

>> No.9041611


>knows that one of them hates your guts
>want to be asked just to be able to say no anyway

Not in your comm (my comm is only like 30 people with maybe 5 people usually turning up to meets), but this part kinda jumped out at me as being a little cringey and narcissistic. Maybe it's just hyperbole since this is the feels thread after all.

Anyway, if you're friends with the other admins, why not try organizing a small not-a-meet yourself, just grab ice cream in lolita or something. Best case scenario, when your friend admins organise their not-a-meets, they'll feel obliged to return the gesture and extend an invite to you. Worst case scenario, everybody, even your friend admins, refuses to meet up with you, in which case it's time for some deep soul-searching and see if the issue lies in you/you personality, but hey, at least you found the real problem of why you're not getting invited to things.

>> No.9041621

I agree with this. If you want to be invite to "private meets," then just host your own. It's really that simple. If no one shows up then make better friends.

>> No.9041629

>why bother inviting people you're not friends with or care to know?
Because everyone has a friend limit and you've reached yours, right? I've never understood this shit. What about giving someone a chance? What the hell is the point of being in a comm only to be in certain cliques. Why can't everyone hang out at some point granted the schedules line up?

My comm seems to have a top tier group that always hangs out in full lolita coords, but I don't think they call those meets, they usually say they went to hang out with their friends... cause they're all besties and seem pretty inseparable at meets.
I don't think they're stuck up or anything but the requirement to be a part of their group is to have a GINORMOUS wardrobe. Which explains why they're always wearing coords. They're all just really serious lifestylers and have jobs that accommodate their style. In other words, really lucky bitches. And I'm sure their schedules all line up and every time they hang it's a blast and they always just lounge around in casual lolita while posting old coord pics to whatever social media shit.

I guess someday I'll have a big enough wardrobe and then I'll be one of the cool kids. They give me something to aspire to.

>> No.9041634

>What about giving someone a chance?
I'm not sure why you think people who literally do not know another person would invite them. Does your comm not have public meets? I like going to public meets because I meet new girls there, and if we get along well then I usually invite them to hang out. There's a major difference between that and people who I either don't know or don't like for whatever reason.

>have jobs that accommodate their style
>In other words, really lucky bitches
Anon, having a good job isn't luck. It takes time and hard work to have a successful career. You sound jelly and underage.

>> No.9041647
File: 554 KB, 700x394, tumblr_n4hkhxl5Uj1tzibd2o1_1280.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to cosplay for years
>never able to do it
>go to Fanime, do a couple
>get some pics
>bro shows up and meet his friends
>have a blast
>see everyone's cool costumes
>finally did something I always wanted to do and can't wait to do it again next year

>> No.9041710

NAYRT but in my case, the comm hardly has public meet ups any more. It's either an open tea party at some anime con once or twice a year or "just friends hanging out". I've been trying to make a good impression so I can be invited to other stuff but that's pretty hard when the meet ups are only twice a year and I always get seated at the newbie table.

>> No.9041740

I wish my comm had less private meets and more bigger public meets, but as soon as some unwanted people join the meet collapses. It sucks because if the meet had the time to grow big enough then they would only be a small fraction and their presence would be tolerable, but because they put themselves on going first it usually just ends up being cancelled.

>> No.9041751

You sound like you have an unwarranted sense of self importance.
Have you considered furthering your friendship with the girls so they will think to invite you to an event? What's stopping you from hosting meets? What's stopping you from befriending the newbies and having your own not-a-meets? You just want to sit with the cool kids with the big wardrobes and efame, but you can't just sit there and look pretty and hope that the cool kids will fawn over your beauty and grace - what makes you stand out so much that they'll invite you, instead of the other newbies?

Let a mod know and kick them out.

>> No.9041796

No, the local comms are literally bullying my friend, their going out of their way to ignore her and make her feel like shit. Personally I stopped going to comms over a year a go because of comms stuck up, snooty behaviour towards me.

>> No.9041805

What a bitch. Like you would just spend hours doing something that takes a long time for not even enough money to cover the materials. It's basically free labor for someone you haven't even met yet.

>> No.9041806

Name and shame the comm.

>> No.9041885

Were you banging your sister?

>> No.9042019

>really funny girl joins comm
>have tendency to pee when I laugh
>afraid to go to meets for fear I'll pee my frills

>> No.9042024

I'm Asian and the tumblrinas in my comm told me that I'm appropriating black culture by actually enjoying rap music and participating in rap battles. When I asked about other "POC" that like rap, they gave them a pass because "they're more oppressed than Asians." It totally soured the whole meetup for me.

>> No.9042056

>tfw talking cutely with /fa/ guys in the crossover thread, but will never meet them in real life and, if I did, they wouldn't look twice at me and are only being so nice to me because of anonymity

>> No.9042078
File: 351 KB, 500x345, sm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy a sailor moon costume from a friend of a friend
>proof photos were obviously taken when she originally bought it and not in its current condition
>dress has random black stains on the skirt
>gloves are stained all over
>the whole costume smells like fabric softener and b.o.

I didn't take a close look at it before paying so part of it is my fault. I am so mad because I can't bitch this girl out because it would offend my friend.

Tips for taking dark stains out of satin, gulls?

>> No.9042082

Are they high?

>> No.9042087
File: 70 KB, 587x558, tmp_374-1307563663001-387897733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>went to ILD party
>Wearing okay coordinate
>Be 30lbs overweight (endocrine issues that are now being treated)
>Photographer took shots up my nose because she was near the floor and posing would not have saved me (5'10" - 5'11" in heels)
>Posted them to fb and tagged me w/o permission
>Untag all the photos and pray I don't get posted

You'd think that the shit photos and my weight would encourage me to add additonal activity to my new medication regimen in order to take the fat off faster but they just made me feel worse.

>> No.9042092

There's so many expensive things I want, but I would probably spend the money to look normal.

I.... I just want to be attractive to girls. You can't really do that when you have giant tits on your chest.

>> No.9042095


>> No.9042120

I'm so sorry, anon. I'd go through with the surgery if I were you - changing that one thing about your body that you hate will likely drastically improve your overall quality of life more than buying shit will. Good luck and sorry for bad luck on the genetic lottery.

>> No.9042123

>implying it's just one thing

I'm pretty sure it's not the genetic lottery at this point, I'm just a genetic failure.

Like, is it even worth it to try and make myself more attractive if nature itself is telling me I should be dying alone?

>> No.9042136

>got Doki Doki box
>favorite items in it are cheap and easy to find on Aliexpress

Whelp. At least I do like things in the box, I was worried that I might hate everything.

>> No.9042146

I dunno if this will make you guys feel any better but I find gyno really hot, it's just another kind of bara tiddy to me. I boned a guy who wore a compression vest in bed because he was so insecure about his chest, but when I eventually convinced him to take it off, I thought his chest was really sexy. Chest hair definitely helps, too.

>> No.9042211

Yes. You deserve to be happy, anon. We all get one trip around the sun and you may as well make it yours. Live your life.

>> No.9042218
File: 46 KB, 600x316, titanscare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be Vietnamese
>take cosplay pictures
>camera keeps asking "Did someone blink?"

>> No.9042274

>Live near the coast
>Friends in the comm decide have a cosplay pool party to kick off the summer at a club that has an owner who is Japanese and really nice old guy
>About 100 of us show up
>My friends and I go as the girls from Nisekoi
>Mostly skinny and busty, I get a lot of attention in my swimsuit from people in the comm who don't see me often or i've never met.
>The other girls start making backhanded remarks
>Guy in comm I actually like couldn't even come
>Friends are still kinda upset
>Getting snapchats from comm peeps asking for my phone number

I just wanted to use the pool and have some margaritas

>> No.9042497
File: 8 KB, 207x244, tommy wiseau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I made a drunken Bernie Sanders supporter chant "BUILD A WALL" towards Canadians in the middle of a con

>> No.9042501

My mother pulls that shit on me the second she finds out if I did anything with a girl. I'm dreading talking about my latest con with her, because I know she's going to basically ask me if I slept with any of them and when she'll get to meet them.

>> No.9042520

That's fucking stupid.

>> No.9042537
File: 17 KB, 260x339, 41BnyLL9T2L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>babies that cry and poop


>> No.9042553


Man, I feel this so hard.

Almost all my friends are married or in serious relationships any more.

So, not only do I barely see them. But, when I do see them, they have to drag their SO along.

Their SOs are fine or whatever, but I they are not who I want to hang out with. I want to hang out with my best friends. It's especially bad when it's something their SO is not at all interested in too, but they come along for whatever reason so they can sit on their phone and contribute nothing.

>> No.9042578

Haha, my mom too.

Not that I'd object to a cosplay GF, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards.

>> No.9042605

>tfw fucking fatty and our ILD photographer did the same shit to me
I appreciate them taking pictures, but unless they're group photos I think posting individual shots and portraits before showing the person is bad form. I always send mine through PM and I ask permission if I want to post them.

But yeah, I look bloated and nasty and I needed to be hit with about 40 pounds of photoshop to have looked decent. Now I'm just hoping they'll be buried in the comm page and nobody gets a vendetta in the future. And I feel like there's never a tactful way to ask to have them taken down.

>> No.9042641

They're not. I've seen people comment about "appropriating black culture" when Asian people even think about rap. The best examples of this is when there's a discussion of Fresh Off the Boat or that Korean guy that made a song about how there's no actual Asians in Hollywood.

>> No.9042681

Sucks that it happened to you, too. I won't be taking part in any individual shots or portraits at meets from now on. I'm decent-looking with a cute face but I'm not photogenic at all and look like a potato unless posed and shot carefully.

>> No.9042687

feel 1
>friends make two cosplay plans without you
>one is from something you don't care for and they sign you up for a character you dont even know, without asking
>other plan is actually something you'd want to do
>they don't include you

feel 2
>we have "this girl" in our community
>this girl makes me feel shitty
>because she has nothing special other than being pretty
>people still act like she is an angel sent by god
>no one cares about what I do because I'm ugly

>> No.9042723

Had the hot farts at our last tea party. Thank god I didn't shit myself.

>> No.9042748

>making pokemon accessories for cheap
>just starting out, charging friends only $3
>tfw both friends I've sold to so far sent me extra to help me get started

>> No.9042783

now imma let them finish, but filthy frank is the best rapper n deserves this award yo

>> No.9043151

>You sound jelly and underage.
Congrats, you're assumptions are wrong as always because you just repeat the same things other anons say.

I have a full time job and I'm almost 30.
Also, I know people that worked really hard to get a degree and are trying to pay off debt but still can't get a job in their field. I don't know where you live but in my country it's extremely competitive to get a job and does in fact involve luck of the draw.

I actually did get lucky and now I have a job I enjoy and it pays well and I'm moving up pretty fast in the company. But I've been trying to get that done for a decade and it wasn't happening elsewhere because other people would get picked over me. A guy that got into a fist fight with a customer got promoted over me once. It can be pretty bad. There was literally no reason to promote that guy (he even got suspended w/o pay) but I guess they just forgave that?

I'm sorry if that's not luck then what is it?
Like what hard work got him out of that?

Sorry but I'm calling bullshit.
What do you do for a living anyway that you oh so hard for?

>> No.9043155

>You sound like you have an unwarranted sense of self importance.
I feel like most people have this? Have you ever listened to how most people talk? They talk about themselves and their situation. Then who ever they're talking to talks about themselves back at the other person.

I've heard this a lot from just sitting in large groups of people and listening.
Also I live hearing people talk.

>> No.9043380

> buy first lolita item after years of lurking
> seller has 100% good feedback and legit looking reviews on lm and ebay
> package doesn't arrive
> check tracking
> package never left seller's country and was returned to her
> call shipping company
> find out seller underpaid shipping fees
> contact seller multiple times on ebay and per email
> seller doesn't respond

Amazing first lolita experience tbqfh fampai

>> No.9043381

My first LM purchase hasn't gotten a response and it's been a year. Messages remain unread too. But my second one was super nice and she even sent a drawing and some cookies, so don't let it discourage you.

>> No.9043400

Open a PayPal dispute. You will get your money back or at least set a fire under the seller's ass. Good luck!

>> No.9043421
File: 858 KB, 400x200, wdy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i don't know shit about cosplay
>i don't even know a lot about anime outside shonen stuff
>i only go to conventions because i really like pink haired girls like the ones on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra-x8JmIhww
>but im mexican and most of the girls that are into cosplay here are brown and chubby, so the pink hair looks terrible on them

>a few months ago i was alone waiting for my friends to arrive at a con
>cute white pink haired girl wearing a green hoodie appears out of nowhere
>time freezes
>my heart starts beating fast
>for a few seconds she looks at me and smiles
>maybe is what people call love at first sight
>my friends haven't arrived
>im alone so i don't know what the fuck to do to talk to her and not look creepy
>i call my friends
>sorry anon i have to work with my dad and friend b got lost again and now is too late for him so he has to go back to his home
>fuck it ill go for it even uf im alone
>she is now sorrounded by a bunch of her friends and an obviously friendzoned tall skeleton dude
>tall skeletton dude probably noticed something and tells the entire group if they want to go to a fashion store outside of the con
>they leave the con
>i couldn't even ask her name
>and i haven't seen her at any recent con

>> No.9043630

Thanks for the support anons. I paid with bank transfer so I can't get my money back unless she sends it back to me. If she doesn't answer soon I'll give her bad feedback, but I really hope it won't come to this.

>> No.9043651

I'm offended that you think everyone who has a good job got it by luck. I graduated during a recession and there were literally no jobs in my field for someone with my level of experience. So I worked retail to pay the bills, started my own business and self-taught myself new skills that put me in a more lucrative field. A few years later after building a strong resume I was able to land a high paying job at a company.

Your co-worker was probably promoted over you because he took credit for his accomplishments while you're over there attributing it to luck. Give yourself some credit that you managed to land a job and keep it in a competitive market.

>> No.9043671

Not everyone lives in a country willing to lend money to businesses or has their own money to start a business. So yes, luck.

>> No.9043672
File: 77 KB, 250x272, stopped reading right there.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm offended

>> No.9044044 [DELETED] 

Good point, I'm sorry lol

>> No.9044048

I was living paycheck to paycheck and have never got a business loan. I decided to start one that didn't have any overhead aside from my investment of time.

>> No.9044050

>feel 2

You know now what it is like to be a guy. Enjoy your stay.

>> No.9044091
File: 125 KB, 639x477, Adventurer_Female.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>absolutely falls in love with a design
>it's probably out of my skill level
>i'm cosplaying it anyway
hold me anons

>> No.9044108

>never noticed at cons
>sidestepping for people wanting to take pictures of friends (with about the same skill in their costumes) became second nature
>over time get used to it
>not in the "hurr durr I'm sooooo sad and lonely" bullshit way
>just cosplay for the sake of it and the fun of crafting
>couple weeks ago
>get tapped on the shoulder by some guy who freaked out over my costume
>talks to me about it and the show
>wants to take pictures
>holy shit this feels amazing

And now I'm still mad at myself for enjoying something like that happening when just crafting the stuff and wearing it was enough to make me happy.

>> No.9044175
File: 2.70 MB, 500x365, scared_girl_stone_.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well I knew it'd happen someday, but now I have a lolita-related horror story.
>Be me on bus home from my dorms
>Haven't been home for over a month so have a big travelling bag
>Have a meet in a few days so also have two big carrier bags with dresses&accessories
>One of the dresses was a dream dress
>Just got it in the mail today after waiting 2.5 months for it to arrive
>Started to worry that it was lost
>Was so happy to get finally get it
>While boarding the bus the driver tells me to put one of the bags in the luggage area at the bottom of the bus
>Travelling bag has my laptop in it
>Carrier bag has the dress in it
>Have to decide quickly
>Figure no one could possibly want a bright pink carrier bag
>Tuck it away in the luggage area and board the bus with my travelling bag
>Pretty uneventful ride home
>Takes a few hours but it's a direct bus so people only get off at my town
>Make it to my stop at the end of the line and go to take my carrier bag
>It's gone.
>Reaction pic related

>> No.9044184
File: 784 KB, 500x281, found it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Run up to the driver and ask him if he saw someone leaving with a bright pink carrier bag
>Told me an old man got off a few stops before and took it out with his stuff
>Stop is only a few blocks away so I run
>I run like I've never run before
>I make it to the stop but there's no old man
>Ask the other people waiting at the stop if they've seen him
>"Oh he realised he took some extra bags by mistake and went to take them to the lost and found at the bus station"
>Thank them and start running back
>See the old man at the entrance to the bus station
>He has my bags!
>My dream dress is back in my hands!
>Take the bag while he complains how he had to walk back to the bus station
>Don't even care that it's really his fault and thank him anyways
Lesson learnt I will ALWAYS carry all my bags with me, even if the driver says I can't.

>> No.9044200

My goodness. I'm glad everything turned out fine in the end, anon! That's horrifying!

>> No.9044234

I'm glad it turned out ok, but you gotta wonder how someone mistakes a bright pink bag for one of theirs.

>> No.9044238

>want to cosplay
>be morbidly obese
>nothing in my weight range i want to cosplay
>cant cosplay

>> No.9044248

>tfw /cgl is making fun of us again

>> No.9044251

>Lose weight
>Lose weight

>> No.9044270

I was once in your shoes.

Download MyFitnessPal. It's a free app, and will teach you how to eat human portions.

Good luck. You can do it!

>> No.9044275

Ngl this comment made me laugh

>> No.9044280

Tell them that they are appropriating your culture because they like cosplay/anime/Lolita/fashion in general

>> No.9044729

It just ain't fair.

You gotta pay out the fucking wazoo for something that you're essentially born with and you can't do a God Damn thing about because the only way to fix it is surgery.

All this just to appear normal... why can't insurance cover this?

>> No.9044758

>he took credit for his accomplishments
Yeah, chasing customers around the store and accusing them of stealing (which is prohibited for employees who aren't loss prevention) and then antagonizing someone to the point where they take a swing at you is some accomplishment. The guy went around looking for fights and got a promotion.

Sorry but why in the fuck should someone violent get promoted especially when all they do is break rules. We had a loss prevention person for a fucking reason.

>> No.9044807

Not the anon you were originally replying to, but probably because your manager likes him or something. My SO ended up on his boss's shitlist for FOLLOWING the rules and refusing to sell cigarettes to a group where only one person had their ID... Turned out later that the ID was fake and all the kids were in fucking MIDDLE SCHOOL.

My point being: People are complete fucking assholes and management is no exception. They'll favor or hate people for the most asinine of fucking reasons.

>> No.9044812

It's validation anon, just accept how good you feel about it.

>> No.9045020

I'm in my mid/late twenties. Ive been working my ass off, literally, to get to a healthy weight. I know how to do my makeup and style my hair to really bring out my looks and I'm feeling pretty great.

But my makeup shows every damn pore and wrinkle on my face and it's especially worse after a couple hours. Makes me feel like a sad, awkward old woman trying to relive her youth whenever I dress nice or cosplay.

>> No.9045039

You're not applying your makeup right or using the wrong products. Remedy: find out your skin type and research more. Have fun being kawaii.

>> No.9045048

Beauty blender + primer + the right foundation + optional setting spray = magic and miracles.

>> No.9045062


So I looked about and apparently a combination of oily skin, plus the moisturiser and powder I've been using has done more harm than good.

I'll look into getting some new products, but if anyone has any recommendations I'd be so grateful. It's really getting me down.

>> No.9045063


the way you said that...
It made me think, "I wonder if they are white."

Because everyone of color has to deal with this thing they are essentially born with and have to deal with in society telling them they are lesser and not the best they could have been.

There ain't a damned thing they can do about it though unless it's surgery...just like you.

>Just a weird 5 am thought

>> No.9045070
File: 489 KB, 500x434, skeptical.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They'll favor or hate people for the most asinine of fucking reasons.

Accomplishments and working hard are great. But they are FAR from a guarantee to get you ahead.

You could be the best seller in your dept, you know more than everyone, you cinched up a deal with a reluctant client....

Get passed over because of something the boss perceives. Not even true facts...but something they PERCEIVE to be true.
So yeah, it's great to tell people to work hard and their dreams will come true. But do not delude them by glossing over the fact that others will always have a hand in your success or failures and with that hand they can really fuck up your progress over stupid shit.

>> No.9045087
File: 47 KB, 1280x720, 1415607028963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>find out my ex spread a bunch of weird rumors about me to many people in the cosplay community in the few weeks we were dating
>several people have figured out that he's crazy and have come to me telling me the stuff he said
>apparently accused me of being obsessive to the point of violence, basically accused me of being totally psychotic and desperate

>mfw this is the guy who begged me for weeks to date him (I did the begging, according to him)
>mfw this is the guy who constantly spam messaged me AND my family
>mfw this is the guy who asked me for pieces of my FUCKING HAIR

I just wonder why he did all this while we were dating, and then turned around and exhibited the accused behaviors on me.
It's cool that some people saw through his bullshit, but I'm going to feel awkward as hell the next time I see any mutual acquaintances we have at a con or something. I've avoided cosplay drama for almost 10 years until now...

>> No.9045094


idk, I mean, this is the same anon who, up in the thread was whining that she was being excluded from her comm's private meetups and called everyone with decent paying jobs "lucky bitches".

What are the chances her life sucks so hard, her boss is shit and prefers to promote a shit colleague, AND her lolita comm is shit with all the lolitas preferring to meetup with each other while excluding her?

>> No.9045100

tfw planning to wear lolita when catching up with non-lolita friends, yet they decide they want to come over earlier and as such you have to wake up stupid early to get ready.

>> No.9045103

I'm glad I don't have this pulled on me.
But for a while there it was like the ENTIRE UNIVERSE was shipping me with this one friend in high school. Weird coincidences, anime cliches, everything. But we never wanted anything more than friendship. And I'm glad it went that way.

>> No.9045126

Something similar happened to me a few years ago, ex told a bunch of people I had destroyed her stuff and hit her. And that I had an orgy at a con?? Really weird.

Anyways. Some people went full retard and believed her but hey, those people weren;t friends anyways so who cares? Next year everyone will have forgotten so don't worry.

>> No.9045273

I always cosplay at least one big costume at this con I go to, usually something with a complicated costume and/or a big prop. This year, work was ridiculous and I just didn't have the time, so instead I did two simple costumes. I finished my costumes almost a week before the con and dealt with practically none of that typical con anxiety. Best cosplay decision I've made in a long while. Sure, I didn't get a lot of pictures taken, but the lack of stress was totally worth it. I feel so good.

What a lovely design! You can do it!!

So now you get double the enjoyment! Nothing wrong with that!

>> No.9045748
File: 15 KB, 300x300, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9045886

>new male friend sees picture of me in lolita, seems mildly curious and I love talking about so I tell him all about it
>we talk about it on and off and his interest seems to grow
>continues asking me to show him and talk to him about more stuff
>tell him about an upcoming guro coord I'm planning, she him creepy makeup I'm planning and he mentions that it's too much and not hot
>.... oh fuck
>tell myself he's just being silly
>send him info about a new dress I'm planning to buy today and he says, "mmm yeah, lolita is sexy"
>Why did I ever believe his interest is genuine

I'm so fucking mad, and I feel really stupid for believing he was interested for any other reason then thinking its sexy. Now I don't want to talk to him about it at all and I feel like I should block him on social media. I just feel stupid.

>> No.9045892

>Next year everyone will have forgotten so don't worry
yeah, really hope that's the case. My next con won't be for a few months anyways. Sorry about your ex btw, that story seems even worse than mine

>> No.9045946


I'm real confused by all this. Why else would you think he liked it?

>> No.9045959

Some guys do genuinely like lolita without finding it sexy, believe it or not.

>> No.9045964

>Browsing convention's flea market/anime swap area
>Find collectable figurine from one of my favorite shows
>Not a big figure person but it's 5 bucks, so I buy it
>Get home, decide to try to look for the rest even though they've been out of print for years
>Turns out the one I bought is impossibly rare. Can't even find a single sale post from the past few years.

Now I'm excited to find the others.

>> No.9046012

Good feel time

Did some research. Bought some new products. I am a new woman, I can't believe it was as simple as that.

>> No.9046015

>Meet a guy at a con a year ago
>Click really well, but neither of us act on it because we were denying those feelings.
>For a while it becomes one sided, me watching him have all these crushes and me doing my best to just, not say anything about my feelings. I like our friendship.
>Eventually I tell him, but he didn't feel the same way of course. I didn't mind but the gross emotions I felt wouldn't go away.

>Beginning of this year he seems to have developed feelings for me, I still like him too.
>Finally, this might be it. We're talking a lot and he even says he loves me in a romantic way.
>We still aren't dating however, due to distance and other factors
>Room with him at a con and his friends a while ago. Find out on Saturday of the con the main friend is one of his exes.
>He tells me that it's fine and I shouldn't worry That they only see each other at cons and never talk
>Try not to but I can feel danger looming.
>They're now hanging out more recently and I don't know what to do besides let it happen or else he just calls me jealous and paranoid and all these other negative things that I try not to be.

I've already accepted that this isn't going to go over how I want to, but I can't let go of how I feel because I haven't felt this way in a long time.
How do I stop feeling, anons?

>> No.9046019

Bleach usually helps.

>> No.9046023

Forgot to mention they were hanging out a lot during the con, but I feel like that's just worrying too much.

I wouldn't commit suicide over a person.
Right now the best idea I have is focusing on my hobbies and ignoring shit which normally works. Kinda at the fuck it point.
My issue is just learning how to not feel those emotions for him anymore. I don't feel them often so when I do they stick hard.

>> No.9046025

No, silly. You don't drink it, you give it to her to drink.

>> No.9046107 [DELETED] 
File: 376 KB, 245x150, tumblr_inline_ntvsmiJedG1rwoer6_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been in comm for about a year
>have gone to a few meetups but anxiety and trauma have kept me from most
>sort of active online but still pretty quiet and I figure no one really notices me
>wearing lolita at con this weekend
>hear my name
>comm leader comes up to me and starts a conversation with
>tells me I should have participated in con lolita events because my coords are always really solid
>super nice and friendly

It feels really silly but it made me feel really, really good. I don't have a whole lot of confidence in my coords, since I don't go to many meets, or post them online much, so I thought no one actually paid any attention to them, or me haha. Thinking about it made me cry a bit, I'm such a sap but it honestly meant a lot to me. I'm going to try harder to go to meets and keep trying to improve my outfits!!

>> No.9046108
File: 227 KB, 328x330, 1404642112483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sure it's not a bootleg?

>> No.9046110
File: 969 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mmhw233wSR1raf3v8o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been in comm for about a year
>have gone to a few meetups but anxiety and trauma have kept me from most of them
>sort of active online but still pretty quiet, I figure no one really notices me
>wearing lolita at con this weekend
>hear my name
>comm leader comes up to me and starts a conversation with me
>tells me I should have participated in con lolita events because my coords are always really solid
>super nice and friendly

It feels silly but it made me feel really, really good. I don't have a whole lot of confidence in my coords, and since I don't go to many meets or post them online much, I thought no one actually paid any attention to them, or me haha. Thinking about it made me cry a bit, I'm such a sap but it honestly meant a lot to me. I'm going to try harder to go to meets and keep trying to improve my outfits!!

>> No.9046144


>> No.9046151

>had an amazing weekend bonding with my con senpai
>con ended
Feels bad gulls

>> No.9046161
File: 166 KB, 1280x720, 1411688032445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I wonder if they are white

>> No.9046180

yeah but did the owner cum on it

>> No.9046184

How the fuck is going bankai gonna fix that

>> No.9046192

Your an idiot if you think he'll do that. I was lucky if my husband walked the dog or washed the dishes after our second was born. He now helps fully but he is the one working and I take care of the home/kids. Still him Bil fil my dad think t. Is how you watch kids.

>> No.9046200

I get you and I bee their. Honestly I just stopped cleaning and cooking for him. Took three weeks but he got it and is now back to his prekid self. I still do the majority as I am sahm (I have an online store). When he is home he will load and do the dishwasher, play with the kids, vaccume (weekends), and will put away shit where it home is. If he still does not pitch in when you ask for help (Be assertive and precise) take have him pay for a maid outbid pay check.

>> No.9046211

mil will always hate you...even if she acts like she does not. My mil showed her true colors when I was 8 mo preg and hubs was laid off. I needed help with dishes asked three times over 4 hours. She comes at me with "do you even love my son?" I thank god I told her he needs to help me. Really wished I said "fuck you bitch!" She knows I moved all over the country for him. I lost all my friends and even some family because of actions for his career.

>> No.9046219

Hook a man up, what's his profile name?

>> No.9046324

Pretty sure yeah... it's just one of those tiny figures that would have cost under 10 bucks new, so not really the kind of thing worth bootlegging. The whole set is just hard to find since it's so old.

>> No.9046343

Are you insulted that he would think like this or something?

>> No.9046371
File: 136 KB, 500x279, tumblr_lay432a6AO1qe0eclo1_r2_500[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucked up majorly on a 15-yd hem, now tearing the entire thing out
>been seam ripping for an hour and a half
>checks progress
>mfw only halfway through

/cgl/ keep me strong

>> No.9046377
File: 128 KB, 668x700, 1409761714192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to Akon some family members on Saturday
>No cosplay
>Just a T-shirt and jeans
>See all those great cosplays
>Buy some posters and shit
>Great time even though the person I was stuck with was kind of annoying
>Stuck on family schedule so gotta leave
>Want to go to another con in cosplay
>No money
>No friends

>> No.9046383

>15 yd hem
Damn seagull what are you working on?

>> No.9046445


Anyways, I found my rhythm at last and finished seam-ripping in a quarter of the time it took to do the first half.

>> No.9046623

Not the OP but guys who find lolita sexually appealing disgust me. If I show you a dress I want to buy and you respond with "mmm yeah lolita is sexy" I'll find you repulsive.

>> No.9046631

That's…. that's very concerning. I've had that happen a couple of times, and I found that the more I fooled myself into thinking that their remarks was just 'them being them', the more the situation escalated.
I just explained that they were making me uncomfortable, and when they got defensive about it/ laughed it off, I blocked them.

>> No.9046649

Well yeah, the quote was weird but I don't think anyone on 4chan can really judge people on their fetishes. Just don't talk to the guy about lolita. Simple.

>> No.9046826

Speaking of crazy people spreading lies because in their fucking mind if you don't stand to his/her terms, they try to destroy you. I had a terribile experience, different from yours but she destroyed me mentally a while ago and took away something. Hopefully i feel better and i found way better friends than her ugly ass, because no one wanted to be her friend in reality. Hopefully people realize unless they are really stupid their shit abusive behaviours.
Also, today i saw on tumblr some posts about Bpd sufferers (or supposed ones), i felt really really upset because we neurotypical (i'm not even one according to some because aspies aren't but are easy prey for cluster B personalities) don't understand why they are like this, we have to love them and be always with them even if they are too crazy. I'm tired to see this instead to help them to improve they just get along with abusing people and excusing bad things.

>> No.9046843

the tumblr BPD community honestly needs to be gassed, they're constantly harping on about how BPD suffers ~aren't abusive~ and ~don't mean to hurt anybody~. Fuck right off with that, BPD is the #1 reason I have seen for women getting away with abusive, violent and obsessive behaviour. I'm sure that not all of them are like that, but we really don't need Tumblr making excuses for the ones that are. It makes about as much sense as the paedophile defence brigade.

>> No.9046852

How come when I actually have money none of the dresses I want are for sale?? SELL ME YOUR DRESSES LADIES.

>> No.9046857

I am diagnosed BPD and I totally agree, tumblr is overflowing with self diagnosed cancer when it comes to this disorder. Some people with it are real abusive assholes and BPD isn't an excuse, but so many people who have it are normal and in control of their behaviour. I hate seeing so many people practically determined to prove the stereotypes right.

>> No.9046860

The women I know with BPD (and it is only women) are either trying very hard not to let it take over their lives and you wouldn't even know they had it, or they're dangerous, obsessive psychos that seriously do need to be locked up before they stab someone. My mother's got a lot of symptoms of BPD and I only recently found out about this, it explains a lot. Turns out my dad tried to get custody of the kids because he was really scared she'd harm us.

>> No.9046873

yep, sounds about right. i have to make a conscious effort not to fuck myself up almost every day but i would never dream of doing anything to hurt another person. it varies so wildly and i think it's hard to diagnose because there's a lot of crossover with other conditions (obviously, it's called borderline for a reason). i'm glad your mother didn't do anything serious to hurt you!

>> No.9046886

Well, good for you anon, I know it can be really tough to hold yourself together sometimes, but it's definitely worthwhile and I hope the people around you appreciate your self-discipline. Much better off that way than being a complete nightmare to everyone around you and then going 'wahh stop suppressing muh symptoms' when they tell you to stop being a cunt.

>> No.9046898
File: 39 KB, 800x600, seamripper1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you are working with a straight stitch on a fabric that isn't delicate you can pull out every 3rd or 5th stitch and pull gently.

The stitches between the ones you cut will come right out.

>> No.9046999

Must be her first time

>> No.9047009

>be me m 21 not very fit at all but not crazy fat or anything
>don't consider myself that attractive outside of maybe my face
>cosplay Udyr as my first "real" cosplay
>shoes and everything
>beard holds long enough for the shoot but ends up ruined after because inexperienced with spirit gum
>it itself was almost ruined by inexperience with beard placement from the person I got to help but luckily I showed them a good vid
>anyway I go get "shaved" after the shoot with some remover
>keep getting comments on my crappy ridiculously high geta
>go to artist alley looking for sister and friends
>college age qt:.14 appears from nowhere
>likes cosplay asks for picture and hug
>hug drought has been too real my whole life
>tfw massive confidence boost
I never saw her after that but that's when I knew I won at my first cosplay
I just with the beard held better and was a couple shades darker

>> No.9047030


Dude freaking tell him why you're insulted. Don't just assume he knows a) what his gf did, or b) just how incredibly rude it is. From GF's perspective, she can get a Sailor Moon cosplay for $25-30 (typed in "sailor moon cosplay cheap" into google and that's what it popped up with) so she may think she's making you a fair offer.

I mean, she's an idiot, but still.

>> No.9047144

Yeah that's what I'm afraid of, him just laughing it off or making it off that I'm crazy for calling him out for it. I'm glad I'm not the only one though anon, thanks for the warning.

>> No.9047155

Lol. Both of those anons agreed with me.
Anyway. I'm not being excluded from my comm. I've met the leets in my comm and they are nice and the only reason they do "private meets" is cause they're all lifestylers and have huge every day lolita wardrobes. Like it makes sense to me that they have all been friends back when lj was a thing so of course they're gonna hang out in lolita and post to social media.

And sorry, but in america getting ahead is based on luck.

>> No.9047200 [DELETED] 
File: 14 KB, 497x172, the fuck pt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the dr. says girl you're just getting old

>> No.9047203

bruh the 'no names' rule was literally invented because of PT, or are you that new?

>> No.9047206

just haven't come here in a long time mb :^)

>> No.9047349
File: 62 KB, 480x355, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your cosplay order comes in the wrong size
>the cons Coming up soon
>no time to exchange sizes
>didnt even come with a wig
>gotta improv a simaler wig

>> No.9047373

do you really think someone who knows how to sew needed your instruction on how to seam rip
>oh my god. really.

>> No.9047382

This many times. There are some who are mild Bpd that aren't that agressive of course, but Tumblr is fucking cancer for the sufferers and the people who have friends/partners/parents with BPD. After all Tumblr is so much SJW and i'm also sick to see how many associate with asperger while i try to hide it so badly. I want to see just cute pastel shit and outfits not these "oppression olympics" posts.
I'm glad you are aware of your mental condition and control it, usually most (well on Tumblr) excuse shit behaviour due to any mental illness and not wanting to improve or control their impulses at least with a "sorry" and "i will try to avoid this behaviour".

>> No.9047389

Id say try again, i hated my first convention as well, after all the hype.

Bring you're friends, Cons are ten times better with them.

>> No.9047397

>didnt even come with a wig
When do they ever...?

>> No.9047398

They're showing what could be an easier and faster way to undo a very long seam. What wisdom have you got to offer?

>> No.9047406


Heh, that's like saying.

Do you really think someone who knows how to sew knows every single technique out there?

They don't.

When I started sewing 17 years ago I over pinned, seam ripped every stitch and did plenty of rookie mistakes that weren't a big deal but were things I wish someone had told me to make things go faster.

>> No.9047407
File: 20 KB, 643x361, unbelievable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Doing Magi cosplay
>Friend already cosplays Kougyoku but needs new costume
>"I'm so excited to cosplay with you anon! Let's match costumes!"
>Links her to Kougyoku variants that match the cosplay I ordered (nowhere to get nice asian-style fabrics here and I wouldn't have time to make my own)
>"Okay I just want to see if I can find one in Japan first!"
>Two months before con
>Ask her if she's found anything
>"Nope anon everything here is Idol costumes right now!"
>Reminds her about links to other costumes, including a secondhand one that matches her measurements and an SS that could buy it for her
>"Okay I'll look into it!"
>Two more weeks pass, running out of time
>Gently remind her again
>"Oh well everything's so all over the place for me right now, I haven't decided what I want to do yet!"

We discussed this months before the convention but now she's dragging her feet. I just don't understand. Was she lying to me about wanting to cosplay together or is she just really this disorganized? I'm trying to help but at this point I feel simultaneously like I'm putting all the work in and being a bother.

>> No.9047432


Good point, though i was hoping it was but deep down i knew it didnt

>> No.9047543

>didnt even come with a wig
why would you ever expect this? Holy crap

>> No.9047800
File: 192 KB, 348x348, hello.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finally finished the semester
>last four months have caught up with me in a big way, completely exhausted
>so close to finishing a giant costume project that i've been working on for the last six months
>sewing machine breaks

>> No.9047928

What do?
>meet guy
>we both have similar interests
>also similar mentalities
>seems like we're both super compatible
>really enjoy each other's company
>not that attracted to him physically
Will I grow to like him or should I drop it?
>in,b4 yes I am quite superficial

>> No.9047935

its always white people that do this.
that's retarded.

tell them your

friend said it was ok if they don't fuck off

>> No.9047939

Maybe? For me personally falling in love goes
>meet guy
>hey you're kind of cool
>let's be friends
>ok let's be good friends
>no wait BEST FRIENDS damn we really get along
>fast forward a few months
>here come the romantic feelings
So... Who knows. At least stay friends, good friends are hard to come by.

>> No.9047941

>J. Hart will never cosplay Reinhard von Lohengramm

Why even live.

>> No.9047947

I am really happy that you broke up with him. I actually would have been yelling you to do that had you not said it.

>> No.9047950

>trying to sell a BJD for over two years
>someone emailed that they were interested
>Might afford upcoming AP release
>shipping to France
>I'm in the US

I really don't know how bad shipping is but I'm having issues considering that it's going to be expensive

But I'm not in the hobby as much any more.

>> No.9047975

>hear good reviews about an etsy shop
>save up and buy one of their headbands
>get notified that it's been sent
>month later never received
>mail seller, no reply in a week
>file dispute on etsy and paypal
>forced close up shop

They deserved it.

>> No.9048001

What doll was it anon?


>finally able to afford grail doll after years of longing for her

So happy this day has finally come for me.

>> No.9048074

MNF Rheia Tan.

I really should have gotten the Celine instead

>> No.9048120

>want to cosplay as meme oshino
>could literally get the set for a fair price
>feel really self-concious and imagining how it'd be like

>> No.9048129

>Hugely competitive con badges go on sale
>Badges sell out within minutes
>Buy a bunch, resell leftovers for $1,000 profit
>Money for the rest of con season aw yis

>> No.9048148


man get outta here with this racial profiling

>> No.9048154


>> No.9048189


>> No.9048210

"my comm has a problem."
No, YOU just have an entitlement problem. If you aren't getting invited to these meets, trust me there's a reason. And it's you, not the people meeting up.

>> No.9048212

after cons i lie in bed feeling bad for an entire day

>> No.9048500

>And sorry, but in america getting ahead is based on luck.

Only if you're an entitled millennial

>> No.9048503

Sorry, I didn't know you were talking about retail. Disregard everything I said and find a new career.

>> No.9048518

They never ever do. How new are you to buying cosplay?

>> No.9048537

>go to Fanime
>run into one buddy from highschool who barely sticks around
>run into old high school crush who got a sex change
>brother was going to attend with me, but bails last minute because hes a lazy shit
>tried the speed dating
>didn't get in due to their bullshit lottery system
>go to maid cafe alone
>couldn't attend /cgl/ meet-up, too tired to party

I've been gone too long, so much has changed. Do I even belong in my city anymore?

>> No.9048585
File: 1.04 MB, 1024x683, 1462758491540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want a anime watching cosplaying gf
>go to cons to find my true love but never happens
>usually get asked out by the rave girls but they're always drunk or just extremely horny
>to shy to ask out the qt girls that go to the panel for anime panels and such
>been weight lifting for months to literally protect my gf

>> No.9048599
File: 182 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one showed up to the meetup I planned today.

Have I done something to anger the lolita gods?

>> No.9048646

I'm a dude.
I love Lolita. Its just so damn pretty. Like a beautiful coord can lighten up my day.
I really want to go to a meet up just to gush over good looking outfits.
To clarify, I have no interest in dressing in one, I look like a dude, and would look awful in a dress. I don't want to do that to a good dress. My girlfriend has no interest in it. Even when I offered to buy her an outfit she said no way in hell. She keeps thinking its a weird fetish thing despite it not being at all. I mean shes great, but I just want her to wear some coords.
Is there a way to show up as a dude without being creepy? I walked by a meet up but got too scared to go look. I'd be called a pervert or something.

>> No.9048663

Wear Ouji, or Aristo and go on your own. Know the latest release info and be friendly. If you're comfortable with your sexuality, act gay.

>> No.9048674

Ahh, I appreciate you sharing the knowledge, but I *do* already do that! I did waaaay too good a job on matching my thread to my fabric, so the stitches were a little hard to see.

>> No.9048751


As a guy, if a guy is interested in you romantically, everything you do that doesn't cross into his personal "oh, fuck, no" zone will be sexy to him. Fetishes are just ice cream and frosting on top of the sexy cake.

Also it's worth pointing out that as stereotypical as it sounds, guys aren't usually friends with girls for no reason. There's about an 80% chance that he's a friend to get closer to you or one of your friends. The exceptions usually involve sisters, spouses, or friend's girlfriends/spouses.

>> No.9048753
File: 208 KB, 923x633, 1456220799583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly. Cause what other reason would you ever do it?

>> No.9048764

I'm not saying that every interaction that a guy has with a girl is because he's trying to get into your pants. What I am saying is that if a guy brings himself into your life he is probably trying to get into someone's pants. And just because he's trying to lay you or your friend doesn't mean that a genuine friendship cannot develop.

Think about all the guys that associate or have associated with your circle of friends. How many came into the group, were friendly, hung out a few times and then just vanished? How many started dating one of the other girls? How many are still involved?

The exceptions to this is guys who don't inject themselves into your life, but who instead have your life injected upon them. These are the guys who have been seeing one of the girls for a while, or the brother who moved back home and lives with his younger, college-aged sister and parents.

Want to know if a guy is trying to get into bed? While there are always exceptions, a good rule of thumb is to just ask yourself if you and your group came to him or if he came to your group.

>> No.9048772

You've got it all mixed up, him coming into you is his endgoal.

>> No.9048917

Happy feels!! I'm going to my first brand tea party soon, and I've been putting off planning my coord. I finally just lolita'd out, played classical music, drank tea, and got to work. It's not quite there yet, but I'm feeling really good about it!

>> No.9048927
File: 40 KB, 290x290, gwenoutrage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend is telling me about a hardcore lolita comm in NJ
>someone got punched in the boob for wearing replica

>> No.9048935

My boyfriend loves me, but hurts me every time he gets drunk enough to say what's really on his mind. I can't spend 50 on my hobbies without him upset that I don't beg him first, but he spends way more on his collective purchases.
No advice needed, I'm just fucking irritated and venting.

>> No.9048937


>> No.9048938


You know you're going to get unsolicited advice anyways.

Anyways, hugs anon. I sort of feel you there. Just know that you should keep doing what makes you happy and no person should stop you from doing that.

>> No.9048948

Hold on I'll make a psychic prediction.
>post involving a boyfriend
>story is about anything besides him being absolutely perfect in every way and buying her a bunch of expensive stuff
/cgl/s response will be "he's abusive, dump him"

>> No.9048968

I'm getting really depressed because I'm so self conscious about my weight. I don't ever post pictures of myself in lolita on any page, and nearly cry when someone else does. I'm pretty fat, like half-shirred only fat but I am not supposed to go on a weight loss plan because my cardiologist wants to know for sure what's causing my constant tachycardia/frequent fainting spells but it's been over six months already and I just want to be confident in lolita again. Lolita is my life and I can't stand not being happy in it.

Counting down the days until I can diet.

>> No.9049163

I hate how ingrained a lot of SJW ideas have become into weeb/fandom culture. I just try to have fun but I have to tiptoe around everything because god forbid I'm being ~~offensive~~.
It's not all horrible but I'm so done with everyone constantly talking about 'those gross white people' and 'poor POCs being discrimated against" or oh boy "this character is sexualized!"

I just want to be able to weeb out with people and have fun, not have everything being so goddamn negative I'm starting to feel bad for enjoying a game or anime.

>> No.9049188

Me too anon. You have to be so damn careful if you don't want to piss of people and it's ridiculous.

The comic fandom is especially bad because they actively make up stuff and claim that it's "actually canon" because comic books tend to have kind of fluid canon. So suddenly it turns into "well this character is actually really dark so you can't cosplay them" when the character is (part) Roma and usually drawn pretty damn white or something like that. And one time I pissed of a chick really badly because I ship a most likely bi character with another guy as opposed to the chick she ships him with which is "misogynistic."...

>> No.9049207

I totally agree with you here. I also hate how these people want to change the world and only focus on fiction instead of actual issues happening in real life.


>> No.9049212

The worst are when cons go full-on SJW, like Shuto con. The con chair has publicly lost her shit over people using the term "weeb trash" in a self-depreciating manner. The con itself has a "safe space policy" that is just waiting to be abused by idiots. I know I'll never run a panel there because I know someone would find something stupid to get upset about.

>> No.9049276
File: 79 KB, 1280x720, 1444222074732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


see, i'm in a similar situation except it's 6 years for me and no one said anything about it (no one really knows besides my internet friends).

he tried to break up with me over some stupid ass shit and even brought up the fact that i'm such a big fan of this character. like??? i'm sucking your 3d dick, chill.

its no coincidence this character is his least favorite.

>> No.9049290

This actually happened years ago, but it was brought up recently so it's been on my mind
>My last college spring break is coming up, not into parties, just weeb stuff, so invite a bunch of high school friends who will be back in our hometown at the same time to an anime marathon like we used to have in high school
>Gonna marathon this series I LOVE and I think the others will enjoy
>Get snacks and stuff, sent out cute invites, friends are gonna come!! I'm super excited until everyone cancels last minute
>Reasoning varies from "I'm gonna get my hair cut" to "I need to do errands"
>We're all far enough out of the weeb stage, maybe this was just too weeby for them, that's okay, I understand
>Pretty hurt that they waited until the last minute though
>Errand friend decides at the last SECOND that "oh, I suppose I can come now, but let's go out for lunch first"
>…which turns into hours of chatting. I'm ok with this, the main purpose of the day was actually just to hang out with friends
>End up going back to my place, have time to watch a few episodes
>Friend watches about a half ep before starting to chat about random stuff with me.
>Ok, I really wanted my friends to check this series out, but this is fine
>A few episodes in, friend stops chatting, glances at the screen and says, "this series doesn't make any sense. Blehhhh."
>Still, a nice day overall. I sting a bit from the other last minute cancels, but life happens.

>> No.9049291

You sound autistic.

>> No.9049297

Fast forward to the end of the school year
>A friend is doing a series of talks in our area that I'm interested in, so I mention it on LiveJournal and it turns out another friend is also interested! We can go together!
>We find a date that works for both of us, we're very excited
>Haircut friend wants me to meet her boyfriend at her apartment about two hours away that same weekend
>It'll be her, her bf, two friends from high school that are going out. My bf is not invited
>Soooooo I'm the fifth wheel?
>Their plans involve clubbing and drinking. I'm not really a drinker and I'm not into clubbing (though I'll do it for fun friend times)
>But I don't have to worry about how awkward it'd be for me, I can't go because I already made plans
>Friends are really upset with me, one friend offers me a ride up there so I don't have to bus, but I made plans with the other friend first and I'm going to honor that.
>Go to with original plan to go to the talk with LJ friend (and my bf) and we have a fantastic time.
>When I get home I have an email from Haircut telling me how she's really tired of being the only one trying to keep our friendship together and how I keep turning down her offers to do things (this is true, I turned down a lot of her invites because they were A)while I was working or B) in locations I could not get to because I don't have a car) and I guess we shouldn't be friends anymore

>> No.9049310

This person isn't your friend

>> No.9049321
File: 79 KB, 237x236, 1367378019689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hm, okay.

>On the flip side, she doesn't come to all sorts of things I plan
>I figured it was just our interests changing and us growing apart
>I don't want to lose her as a friend and I tell her so, but I'm not so desperate that I'm going to cling to a caustic relationship.
>We don't talk after that. The other two friends that were going to be at this get-together stop talking to me too
>Terrible addition to this awful situation: the father of girl who was going to give me a ride died that day, so there was no way I was getting a ride anyway
>Months pass and I'm pretty sad that my good high school friend are pretty much ignoring them.
>I tell this to my boyfriend and he sits me down to tell me that I really don't need them in my life
>He reveals to me that they have spent a bunch of time over the last few months searching through my social media accounts to find any mention of this talk I went to with my friend because they are CERTAIN I made it up
>They couldn't find any mention (it was on my LiveJournal, but it WAS just a footnote sort of thing), so I'm lying because I'm an awful person
>They tried to convince him to leave me because "why would you stay with a person like that"
>Oh. What dicks.
>Years pass and see them posting stuff about how much of a loser I am and what I child I am because I still love anime/manga and I still cosplay whenever it's appropriate
>Why was I friends with these people?
>They all slowly get back into anime, but they've spent so much time looking down at it they can't really talk to their current friends about it.
>So they come back to me.
I've been keeping them at arm's length and they've definitely matured since the name-calling, but I probably shouldn't have accepted them back. However, plastering on a smile and being kind makes me feel like some sort of benevolent god. The power trip is incredible. Perhaps I am as awful a person as they made me out to be.

>> No.9049323

>I'm pretty sad that my good high school friend are pretty much ignoring them.
Shit, that should be "I'm pretty sad that my good high school friends are pretty much ignoring me"

>> No.9049337


It's getting a little obnoxious. A year or so ago two friends of mine went as Midnighter and Apollo, who are a gay couple in the comics, but the two friends in costume as them aren't. They got some flak from some people for going as a gay couple but not being gay as if it were some kind of joke.

Earlier this year my sister went as Frisk from Undertale, and if this wasn't already an easy target got a bunch of shit from the other undertale people for saying "who gives a shit" in response to someone asking her what she thought of having a trans character as a main character in a game.

>> No.9049340

You're weak, they're not your friends and are easily manipulating you

>> No.9049349

>Birthday was last week
>Boyfriend gets me some costume stuff and we go out
>Father calls me and asks if i'll give up my silly pretend hobby when i finish school at the end of the year
>I duck around the question a bit
>He says it's a waste of money and employers will think i'm a weirdo
>I tell him i'll manage
>We kind of fight for a bit
>He doesn't even tell me happy birthday
>Mom calls me in the morning and says he didn't mean all that he said
>Package came in the mail two days ago
>Mom and dad sent me a nice dress and some cookies
>Older brother sent me the DVD set of Persona 4: The Animation, and some manga
>Younger sister sent me a Sailor Mars plush doll and some other stuffed animals

I feel like my dad is still upset though. I want running with my bf this morning and he called while we were out, but didn't leave a message.

>> No.9049351

It's starting to wear me down to have everyone constantly being so negative, the constant talking about heavy subjects and feeling like I can't escape it.

I really miss it when the worst fights were about who you shipped, if at all. Now you're a transphobic racist if you don't agree with whatever issue they're ragging on about at that moment.

>> No.9049357


My only experience was talking to someone who was also Frisk, but when I pointed to my friend to "check out her costume!" they got super upset for misgendering them, and it wasn't something i had ever heard before and quite frankly it's fucking ludicrous that you expect me to know this bullshit term that sounds like something you just made up. Be whoever you want to be, but don't expect everyone to have dictionary on hand.

>> No.9049362

Sorry you have to go through dense family members Anon. I can relate. The best thing you can do is prove them wrong once you graduate and start working.

>> No.9049376

happy birthday :333

>> No.9049392


My birthday was 6 weeks ago and my sister got me a signed Jessica Nigri poster and Super Sonico: The Animation, and I like neither Jnigs nor Sonico. It was a nice gesture, but next time i should just say clothes or accessories or video games or to not get me anything because i always feel bad.

>> No.9049396


My parents weren't super supportive of me either. I started my senior of high school when i went to two cons that year which was fun, but didn't get into cosplay for real until college.

Made a lot of friends, and eventually my mom warmed up to it (Dad was an early adopter of video games and my uncle at one point ran a few small video stores, which were the only ways to get anime back in the day so he knew what it was from the get go). I've been done with school for a year, and i'm still going at it.

>> No.9049422

This dude sounds like he's playing with you or doesn't know what he wants, anon. Tells you he loves you in a romantic way when you're not even dating then says you're paranoid for acknowledging the bad vibes that come from him rooming and hanging out with an ex. I know it's hard to cut this kind of thing out but unless he gets some maturity and stops being a dick it's not going to go well for you or your feelings.

>> No.9049451

Got some fresh feels.
>find ouji style clothing
>friends agree when i show them f+f and other websites and other boystyle/gothic lolita stuff that it suits me. Look at brand dresses.....
>awwwww shit burando hunting is on
>measure myself.....
>sulk for a while but cut out junk food and start my journey lurking cgl so i dont end up ita while i coccoon.
>1 month later i lose 2 inches from my waist, and an inch and a half from my hips.
>wew lads lolita saved me from myself. Found a style i was always chasing/trying to replicate a bit in western style clothing but now i feel at home style wise and thats never happened to me.
Im so excited to see my progress and ill be buying some clothes as more incentive to fit into them. I have a few more inches to go but its nothing major. I just need to stop being a fat junkfood eating american and its all good. Unfortunately though i have a beefy fridge frame so im not small but ill still be able to fit in larger sizes but no custom sizing or replicas. Id feel like its cheating and i prolly shouldnt be that fat anyway so its all good.

>> No.9049463

Here it's the whole "con isn't consent" debacle that's going to be abused. Or is being abused honestly because it's apparently harassment to look at and talk to people if they haven't consented to it...

>> No.9049611
File: 266 KB, 818x365, 1372098311852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck I just need to vent.
>make friends with this one girl a few years back, these days we're pretty tight
>we talk pretty much daily and enjoy each others company a lot so everything is pretty good
>her ex hates me
>ex apparently thinks that there's something going on between me and friend and thus constantly rags on friend for spending time with me because it's "unfair" to her
>so whenever my existence is aknowledged in the presence of their friend circle my friend has to deal with all the bullshit that comes from her ex

>recently hang out with friend at con, cosplaying together
>ex finds out and is visibly furious
>proceeds to constantly walk past us with her posse and glare as hard as possible but never actually say anything
>friend is rooming with said ex and posse, which means that whenever she actually has to interact with them it's the same "you need to pay more attention to me and stop hanging out with anon because it upsets me"
>the whole group pretty much ostracizes friend while simulateously complaining how she doesn't spend enough time with them
>so the con is pretty much watching her try to decide between dealing with her friends bullshit or stop hanging out with me
>rinse and repeat at every con we go to
I could care less if someone doesn't like me and especially in a case where the feeling is mutual, but goddamn what's up with the need to police who your friend hangs out with and giving them hell for it when they don't want to break off a friendship just 'cause their ex is insecure of everyone that talks with them. I've kept my mouth shut about this to everyone except said friend because I know that if I did anything it'd only come back to bite her in the ass but fuck I don't have the patience to deal with this level of bullshit. Whatever happened to the golden rule of just ignoring the friends of your friends that you dislike.

>> No.9049940

>2 friends of mine really wanna do a JoJo cosplay group
>always wanted do something like that
>all my cosplays of the past couple years where paper/foam+resin and shit
>know jack-shit about sewing or wigs
>they want to do it next year
>their stuff is always half-assed closet cosplay so say that they'll just buy their costumes

Crafting the stuff has always been 80% of the fun of cosplaying and I've never liked the idea of buying costumes.
I sure as fuck don't have enough time to learn how to make something like that but this might be the only shot I got at something like this for some time.

>> No.9049955

>Entering week three of talking to Buynosaur about the fact that my order has issues and them taking forever to answer each of my emails trying to figure it out
>Just got a wig in the mail from Arda, it's so fucking big I have no idea what to do with it, I should really know better than to buy from them anymore
>Finally starting to lose weight after trying really hard to fix my diet and be more active
>tomorrow is my birthday and everyone wants to bring me cake and cookies and take me out for dinner and I'm really testing my willpower gently telling friends that I'd rather they didn't

>> No.9049975

Just eat it and than work out the next day, you'll do fine

>> No.9049988

Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too. You shouldn't be scared of sweets.

Speaking of weight I've been slowly but steadily losing weight since February and as of this week I'm down over ten pounds and though I'm still technically overweight for my height my face and body looks so much better than it did months ago. Ten more to go until I reach a healthy weight. I'm excited. I feel prettier, it me want to cosplay again. And dress better.

>> No.9050091

when you fall madly in love with someone their body becomes your "type"
you might start to feel this way or you might not. dont get committed to anything till you know for sure

>> No.9050093

He sounds abusive.

>> No.9050101

anon you might not be able to join atkins or whatever but eating healthy isnt like a crash diet, you can still make changes for a healthier happier you!

>> No.9050326

>when you fall madly in love with someone their body becomes your "type"
quite true. I've dated someone who I originally wasn't very attracted to, but as I fell in love became more and more attracted. As long as they're not unbearably ugly or something, attraction will usually grow with feelings.

>> No.9050482


Why does she care what her ex thinks? They broke up for a reason

And again, why is she rooming with her ex?

>> No.9050599

I suggest to just date him and not being in a relationship to see if you get attracted, if not just good friends. Usually it's rare to get attracted if they aren't your type in my opinion, i never get attracted with someone that isn't my type, bear in mind i rarely get attracted to someone sexually and romantically. I never get in love and attracted as well if at the first times i found him not my type.
I hope to not sound like an ass but if he earns his money he should be free to spend his money as he wants, better you find a job or something to earn money also online instead to ask him money, don't dream to have the perfect bf what would buy you everything, i hate when girls do this and i'm a girl, i buy my own stuff with my money and not begging any guy to buy me shit.
Haha yes anon! Bfs are only perfect for them if they shower them with gifts not because he has a good personality or compatible with you, etc.

>> No.9050671

So /cgl/ how do I get a boyfriend that goes to cons and will watch anime with me?

>> No.9050707


>> No.9051013

>just date him and not being in a relationship

I'm not sure if you understand how this works?

>> No.9051185
File: 11 KB, 228x223, peach dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Find one of those nerds who constantly bitches about not having a kawaii cosplay gf

like me

>> No.9052278

Why i should settle if i'm not sure to be interested in a person?It's just hurtful for the other and a waste of time, i heard many that aren't that into their gf/bf and later dump them with another because they weren't their type. It happened with me, i was dumped and i lost time (months) with someone. I always suggest to settle if you have a min of attraction towards them and not saying "man, i don't really like her/him but i still stay in this relationship for reasons".

>> No.9052638

why pushups? they'll only give you more shoulder.

>> No.9052680

Woah dude. Source on gif?

>> No.9052761

i wish i had such a relationship. fuck i want a gendo cosplay so bad

>> No.9052766

i feel for you
i know you can succeed if you do your best!

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