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Post feels. They can be happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're cgl related.

Previous thread. >>9050177

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>tfw my dying grandma wants to be buried in my favorite dress

I'll feel like a supercunt if I say no.

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Get a replica.

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>read sad story about an obese-chan who had to cut herself out of burando
>actually cry

My period is making me too empathetic.

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my old ass grandma just mailed me a letter about how much she hates my boyfriend. give your grandma your dress :(

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Wait, why? What's her reasoning? Will she even fit? Does she still have all of her mental faculties, is there some inside history between you two that makes this wish totally understandable? Did she make the dress?

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Post story?

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>tfw didn't get the day off on July 2
>tfw can't go to the con

Sucks. Maybe I should e-mail my boss, sorta like "Hey, I put in a request weeks ago - Did you mean to work me on this day?"

It's a shit-con in the ghetto, but I gotta meet Panty and Stocking.

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As a seamstress/crafter I'm getting really sick of this whole big ASMR meme or whatever.

Lately all I've seen is people posting less tutorials and interesting content for more videos involving them just fondling clay, using fizzy bombs, mixing paint, etc. Projects that actually require planning and skill are being replaced by amateur hour crap made for people with self-diagnosed anxiety disorders. I'm actually really disappointed that I've heard some people are giving up their commission work to try to pan in on the so-called Youtube/Instagram "gold".

I hate this cancerous trend but at the same time I'm beginning to consider selling more of my stuff if this means there's going to be less competition thanks to people making poor business decisions.

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You mean the ones where they speak softly at first then just post video of them making stuff, without any music, instruction, etc...?

If it is, it seriously confused me when I was browsing different craft videos and this one chick was just whispering in her video.

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Yep, that's some of the things people do. I get that it's supposed to be ~relaxing~ but it often feels really lazy and sometimes uncomfortable if the video is particularly low quality.

Another craft trend I've noticed is people making what I grew up calling an "ocean-in-a-jar" but apparently people are labeling them as "sensory jars" and "diy lava lamps", despite that they're only made of water and oil so there's no "lamp" involved.

It's always funny to me how these people either forget to mention (or don't mention at all) that it's important to make sure everything is well-cleaned and to use distilled water so there's very little concerned of your project getting really nasty from using tap water.

I believe a few months ago there was a /toy/ thread about making water displays like pic related and an anon's had gotten really gross because they used tap water. I wish I could find that thread.

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>tfw you post a look that your jfash friends really love and they start sharing it everywhere and you just know it's gonna lead to salt you don't want to deal with from some jealous fatty on their friends list

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i always say i don't have the money to go to a out on town con and just ask my friends to send me pics of them at the con
but really i take care of my disabled mother and have not told anybody yet

>mfw they all secretly raise money for me to be able to go to a out of state con with them that has abunch of people i love at it with them for my birthday

>i'm overwhelmed by only having people in my life that care about my happiness this much when i always had no friends as a kid
>i start to tear up and spill my spaghetti saying i still cant go
>tell them why and that i'm sorry for wasting their time
feels bad man but im still happy i have such nice friends

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Is there no neighbour or relative or old friend of hers you can trust to watch her for a couple of days?

In my country there is carer respite and daily nurse visits to help with basic washing, dressing etc

I am so sorry. I had both grandparents for a bit it was hectic, one copd, one dementia.

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i have brothers but they already have their own life where they can take a ffew days off to watch mom while "i go fuck around with friends and dress up"

and shes the type who hates caretakers and that type of stuff

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Thanks anon, I wanna animu in a jar for my desk now. With small speaker at the bottom and when the bass hit it vibrates the figure inside the jar. Never knew about animu in a jar till you said this.

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She needs to get over herself, then.
Making you give up your life and your youth by being a whiner is a real shitty thing to do.
My disabled father was the same way. "Wahhh I don't want strange people in my house!" "Well, you weigh over 400 pounds and can't take care of yourself anymore, and I'm not quitting my job to take care of you 24/7. This kind of shit is why Mom left you."

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>tfw I know the feels
I am also taking care of my mom.
My mom is illiterate so I am also taking care of her, properly will be taking care of her for the rest of my life.
>tfw loneliness can become overwhelming
Most girls I met don't even know what illiteracy even means. And think I am some kind of loser that still lives with his mom. I guess I can see how knowing that I have to take care of my mom till for ever is a big turn off for girl, but family got to stick together.

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>And think I am some kind of loser that still lives with his mom.
No, it's not that. Do you know what the term "comes with baggage" means? It's like a divorced woman with children. It means it'll never be just you and her, it'll be you, and her, and her children, or in this case, your mom.

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Yeah I know lol, I am already prepared to never be with someone. As long as I have my anime I am fine. At least that's what I keep telling myself lol.... who can even love me am I right? Haha....

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shes blind and very sick so theres not much i can do
the loneliness is fucking unbearable
>tfw cant have friends over most of the time
>cant stay at a con past 7
yeah my friends are still with me but some in the group we talk to aswell have started to not invite me to things because
"you always leave early so why bother"
"your always going to the bathroom and making calls"(from/to my mom to see if shes ok or her doctors
"almost never available"
ect ect

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>tfw mom is illiterate
I have to drive 3 hours a day.
1 hour to drop/pick my mom of her work, my mom also doesn't speak english. Good thing her work doesn't require her to communicate or write or anything.
I also have to go to school/work. I get to see my friends once a week. My love life is non existing.
So I get how lonely you feel...

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>mfw I get a dress I never thought I'd find, or wouldn't find for a good price, and it ends up being a full set in almost perfect condition.

I'm so damn happy gulls, I never thought I'd get this. I'm already making plans to wear it for the winter ILD.

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That's wonderful, anon! Congratulations! What did you get?

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The blue OP from this picture! Also got the bonnet, bow, and cape from that series with it.

I've had a soft spot for this picture since I saw it in the old English editions of the GLB, so owning the OP is way cool.

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Holy shit. Congratulations on the very lucky find and your fine taste!

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How do you expect to keep fans or get commissioned for ASMR stuff when it's not as concrete in terms of delivery as commission stuff with crafts or costumes?

I was in a car accident last year, and while I wasn't injured badly my friend was. She eventually recovered, but it left me really shook up. I suffered from panic attacks for months afterwards, and if it happened with my boyfriend around he would give a big hug and whisper "it's alright, you'll make it through this" in my ear repeatedly before just going silent and it helped immensely. So i see the appeal, I just don't see why you would do this over something more enjoyable

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I had this as a kid! You were supposed to add a few drops of distilled water every day to keep it fresh or something. (I didn't.) But maybe you wouldn't have to do that with an airtight jar.

I could never put a Nendoroid in goop, but maybe a cheaper toy.

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Use a bootleg Nendo.

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I am so uncomfortable with the idea of growing older.
I just want to stay cute,young,doll like (not that I am super doll like but you know...) forever. Wearing pretty frilly ruffly dresses, pretty pastel jackets and accessories,... sometimes even showing my smooth milky skin.
I'll be 20 soon and i feel like i can already see wrinkles and signs of age, everyday i stress more and more about it, and realize that stress gives you wrinkles, causing me to stress while trying not to do so.
Growing old makes me affraid, too much responsabilities, your face and body gets uglier and uglier, your hopes and dreams fade away like being an idol (not that i want to become on, just the first idea that came to my mind),... I feel tears coming to my eyes just thinking about it.
Why even bother to find another girl to share my life? She'll maybe stop loving me one day, or find me too weird,too ugly,... and the thought of suffering and being all alone after being loved just breaks my heart.
I don't think about killing myself after 22 or so even though i jokingly said it once but the thought of getting older and older, not being able to wear my lolita clothes and being as cute,youthful,... as i was when i was 16...

I can only hope i find a true reason to live and something that makes my life worth living. Something. Someone. I don't even have any friends, i'm a lone lolita, barely goes out since i have nothing to do, and i study at home.

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I just turned 37 and I lolita hard. Enjoy your youth.

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>be me
>attending first huge event with comm soon
>super excited, immediately planned coordinate
>everything looks good, is turning out nicely, even getting paid the day of the event
>so happy, good feelings
>drama develops
>comm is now divided even more, so many different groups
>tfw, have friends in each group but doesn't know which one to sit with
>tfw knowing that whichever group I sit with may show which "side" I'm on...

Fucking crisps dude, you bitches couldn't keep your shit together until after the event? Now I have to decide which group I want to spend most of my time with because I don't want to jump around too much and actually enjoy the event for once.

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You're right, there are a lot of risks to life and a lot of time bad shit happens.

If you arent willing to take those risks then there's not a lot of fun in living.

Stop making beauty the only reason youre alive and wear lolita until the day you die, whos going to stop you?

>I can only hope i find a true reason to live and something that makes my life worth living.
Yes you definitely need to start looking for something besides dressing pretty. Think about your career maybe? Start planning a trip you can save up for? You sound like you need to get out and see the world a little bit to get a broader sense of how people work.

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>bf found out i've developed an ED
>forces me to eat fast food when we hang out

its suffering. nasty, greasy hell.

>> No.9060410

People like you give me some sort of reassurance, because i can tell myself "They are so much more older yet they still rock it, they do so well, you can do it too!"

Thank you, that was an interesting answer, maybe I should. I have no one to go on a trip with, goin to Japan or so all alone would be no fun. And I have gigantic trust issues so yeah (got bullied violently at school, which is also why i study alone. I developped severe school phobia and trust issues from it)

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I've been trying to revamp my wardrobe and it's a fucking nightmare. Nobody can help me because nobody I know cares about fashion, they all wear the same hand-me-downs even though they can afford new clothes just fine.

I can't wear black or white (I can wear grey and brown however) which just makes things harder, and I'm always scared of looking like literal shit. I also have to be able to pack everything in max 2 suitcases since I'll travel a lot for school. Also a lot of stuff that looks versatile at first ends up being just a wee bit off and makes the whole outfit look like crap. I don't even know if it's possible to build a jfash capsule since it's all so busy. Aaaargh.

One good thing I've found though are those Colour Me Beautiful tests and the personal style identity types. It really helped me find the right stuff for my body type at least.

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Don't be scared of people anon. I was bullied too and people in my class right now aren't that nice to me either but if you're above 20 few will outright bully you unless you're an absolute spastic who picks a fight with everyone. Most of the time everyone will just ignore you at most.

>> No.9060431

Why can't you wear black or white?

>> No.9060432

erectile dysfunction?
encyclopedia dramatica?

>> No.9060442

eating disorder I think
It looks like shit on me and doesn't go with anything else I own

>> No.9060444

Going alone could be good though. Try couchsurfing, theres even a whole website for it where people have background checks and everything if youre scared!

Couchsurfing is great because you stay with someone local and teach each other about shit and they normally act like a little tour guide for you too.

I was also bullied pretty violently in school (being 10 and getting diagnosed with depression was pretty bad) Even now I have bad anxiety and I dont go out much if I can help it, but I do love traveling. I think I live a pretty good life and shit I barely talk to anyone in person or have friends. I guess its all what you make of it.

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You sound kinda ridiculous. I think you need to take more risks and socialize more. Try to join a com or go to a convention and meet new people.

I agree with

It's not the end of the world because you're getting older!

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You need professional treatment if you aren't receiving it yet.

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I went to my first adult anime club. They made me watch SAO, nobody weighed under 300 lbs, and one guy didn't know who Pikachu is.

Sweet. I wanted this!

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as soon as people stop calling me fat I think I'll be fine

>> No.9060492

Your bf calls you fat but at the same time forces you to eat more?

>> No.9060494

I've found the perfect guy that I really like a lot but I'm terrified. I haven't dated anybody in years and sometimes I think I just need to sleep with someone for the first time so I don't feel so damn awkward/afraid of physical contact. Part of me just wants to hook up with some random at a con and get the disappointment over with as soon as possible. I know it wouldn't be difficult at all but also ugh.

>> No.9060500

>Be male
>have a few great coords
>cant into make up so I cry

Damn wish I still had a GF. Guess youtube tutorials?

>> No.9060521

I know that one bitch in my comm is wearing a thong with her coord. How do I stop her?

>> No.9060522

being forced to watch SOA should be punishable by death

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What? How do you know this? Why do you want to stop her?

I don't know, man. Just pin her down, rip it off her ass and burn it.

>> No.9060545

i'm equally as confused by this. why does it matter what she has on underneath her clothes? Can you see it or something?

>> No.9060548

I wore a thong with my coord. No way to tell. I tell ya, between all those layers my cookie could use the break.

>> No.9060561

I mean, if you can see it then she definitely needs to cut that shit out.

If not, then >>9060521 just needs to stop looking up the other girls' dresses.

>> No.9060567

I'll bend you over and fill you up in your hotel room skank

>> No.9060574

How does it give you a break? I've never used a thong before.


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Get two or three lolitas to pin her down and force regular panties on her.

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>tfw deleting and unfollowing friends because we never hang out any more aside from at cons, and i'm getting depressed seeing them have fun with eachother at parties i'm not invited to
I feel awful but getting rid of them is the only solution I know

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I have officially not had a stupid break out in two months. I got a small spot when my period began but it went away real quick. This is the clearest my skin has ever been, and the months and months of purging has actually been worth it.
Hooray for clear skin!

>> No.9060709

>family told me they signed off on all the "do not resuscitate" paperwork for my dying mother today
>cried hard in the car while driving home
>managed to find a listing for and successfully purchase dream dress after all that
>still feel bad

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I removed several friends from Facebook because the dynamic in our relationship changed. They've been phasing us out gradually, and even cutting us out of project we were doing with them. Their attitude is becoming more cynical towards the hobby and I just don't want to deal with them anymore.

I also removed family members because as much as I tried, I was either invisible to some, or the relationship still felt toxic after all these years.

I'm not going to burn myself to keep them warm anymore.

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Jesus, I'm sorry.

I'll bet that dress looks great on you.

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>same feels
I like gf experience asmr, they help with lonelieness

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>acne breakout on temple
>nothing helps
>it's been three weeks now
>lolita wig doesn't cover my breakout

Also, diarrhea. I have it.

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>con group slowly stopped inviting me to shit
>can't find a new one
>embarrassed to go alone
I don't get it, I wasn't being bitch or anything, if anything I told them to quit whining about stupid shit

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>that picture

Holy shit, I've been laughing for five minutes.

>> No.9060948

Give her a wedgie. Oh wait, she beat you to it.

>> No.9060952

>friendless kissless virgin
>excellent at being mediocre
>depression and some anxiety mixed in
>well, I still have Lolita and I'll be pretty af until I inevitably off myself

>> No.9060954

Just call in sick that day

>> No.9060957

I kinda just did.

She was too fat for brand, and had to cut herself out of it.

I cried because she was so big, and my vag was bleed.

>> No.9060962

The ONE FUCKING TIME that I skip a tea party, a fistfight breaks out.

Like 20 girls left the comm. Shit's bananas.

>> No.9060968

Say yes. After she dies, refuse.
>b-b-but anon you said you would!
>"It's a $400 dress. Unless you can find another, then fuck off."

>> No.9060970

Holy shit details please

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That thread was great.

>> No.9060986

The mods of our Facebook group are deleting any posts about the incident. All I know is that two girls got pissed at each other, I think because one was wearing a replica. Or just general rumor-starting, "Heard you've been talking shit about me" stuff.

There's also a rumor that one girl's uncle is buying her brand in exchange for sex. These bitches are so fucking trashy. I swear half my local lolitas need to get smacked the fuck up.

I don't blame those who left the comm.

>> No.9061036

i don't dress in lolita so idk all the exact "rule" but wtf why would you throw punches over replica. do people really get so heated over their burando that they end up brawling??? i gotta be honest and say the idea of people in $400 prints with cute accessories kicking the shit out of each other is making me laugh

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Somebody needs to make a version of this with sister instead of brother, and shoop a bow or two on it.

>> No.9061051

>in recovery for ednos
>occasionally get weak and relapse
>recover again
>finally starting to feel good about myself
>buy something for a cosplay that ends up being a little too tight
>rinse and repeat the urge to relapse

feels bad man

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>tfw you hate people that look better then you

>> No.9061160

Lolita Deathmatch

>> No.9061186

Holy shit, you need some reference levels, go travel.

People like you are byproducts of an too-comfortable society. You wouldnt survive a day of what a typical human expierence is.

>> No.9061191

Sooooo you hate everyone, then?

>> No.9061199

Yes. Yes they would. Lolitas aren't all lovelies, but fist fights are uncommon as we prefer psychological warfare (i.e. Talking shit behind each others' backs)

>> No.9061293

Acne breakouts is usually over burdened liver trying to flush toxins. Get some supplement with a few liver herbs to help detoxification. Make sure it has milk thistle. Other ones are dandelion, turmeric, artichoke leaf

>> No.9061412

Not the anon you're replying to, but this is very helpful. Thank you!

>> No.9061452

After thinking it over, I want some advice for what to do about my current situation.


I can re-post everything if you all don't want to click back to the previous feels thread.

>> No.9061563

>long story short; my lolita wardrobe is split in two differnt countries because divorced parents
>last minute decide to attend lolita event which is hosting a brand
>dress code is just lolita
>all of said certain brand is not the country im currently in
>dont feel like dealing with parent attempting to pick exact outfit, carefully pack and pay crazy shipping fees.
>too little time to order from japan/china
>paypal is hooked up to different country (not here) as i usually live, uni and work there
>dont want to ask parent to borrow their paypal info/have them knowing my business.
>ill just settle for AP because apparently thats all i have here

>> No.9061567

Why would your sister expect you to hand over your baby if you got pregnant? That's a very unreasonable thing to be upset over.

As for the rest, you're siblings. Siblings don't always get along even when they love and care for each other. Just because she's made a negative comment doesn't mean that's the only way she feels about you.

You guys are going to have friction because you're different people who didn't choose each other but are forced together. I'd talk to her or your mum about it if it's bothering you so much, but it seems to me you're overthinking things.

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Today's feel: Buynosaur is getting on my nerve

>as everyday

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>go to a con with friends
>drama shit always occurs about shit I don't give two fucks about
>always some weird schedule that I end up feeling we went to linecon instead
>"i'm going to cosplay as X so our group cosplay would be cool" doesn't mean you're going to wear a JoJo hat and you're cosplaying
>no one ever fucking knows where or when to eat
>wander aimlessly in the vendor hall for 1-2 hours each day only to hear the same shit of "wow <insertconhere> was better this sucks"
>always go to the dance everyone just wants to stand around with their arms folded


>go to convention alone
>have a blast and meet some really awesome people

dunno this is what always gets me at cons

>> No.9061611

>at high risk for breast cancer
>getting double mastectomy
>not getting reconstructive surgery
>can only cosplay flat chested characters now
Not sure how to feel about this

>> No.9061617
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>that feel when you cant find any of your sewing scissors
>look around the house
>visiting family member and kids is using all of them to cut paper crafts.

Why. I have other scissors. Right there. That arent labeled with a big tab on them that says "Fabric"

>> No.9061622

>get out of car
>first thing i notice is a cell phone on the ground
Hopefully the person will be reunited with it but hot damn did i feel like a falcon with such apt awareness

>> No.9061637

Poison them.

>> No.9061638

>turn 26 in a few days
I get the feeling I am too old to cosplay

>> No.9061646

You know you can make fake boobies for cosplay, right?

>> No.9061657


You have cancer?

It sounds like you don't, why would you be getting surgery?

>> No.9061663

Probably some with a flat chest

>> No.9061667

I get pissed off whenever I see a perfect cosplay that's set back from the person's height. The fit is great, the build quality is top notch, but the person is just too dang short.

I've seen this problem a lot with Snake cosplayers, as well as Black Butler cosplayers, and it's just a tiny bit cringeworthy seeing 5 foot nothings try and look badass. Like, the least they can do is platform shoes, and it'd do the cosplay a lot more justice, but they refuse. It's also been my experience that these people tend to be rowdier and problematic. The short fellows tend to be a bit creepier overall, especially if they're in cosplay.

Idk maybe it's just me. I always get called a bitch for thinking all this but idgaf anymore

>> No.9061706

people who are high-risk for breast cancer (due to genes) can get them chopped off preliminarily
I mean, I personally would do it if I found out I had like 70% risk for breast cancer, I think no tits is better than dying an agonising cancer death

one of my non-cgl but somewhat more questionable (tumblr-y) friends got a 'gf' recently
the first warning sign was that its 'name' is Jack, which made me think he finally fucking came out to his parents about being bi
today I stumbled upon its instagram and it's a fakeboi whose parents buy it real burando
I don't even care about sweet but it's so fucking ita, I'm so fucking angry and I want to burn a bitch's wardrobe
the worst part is it could be a decent looking girl but it insists on the 'enby uwu' bullshit and tries to draw on more masculine features and it just looks hideous

I'm going to go sulk and consider posting it in the ita thread now
(I know I'm a petty bitch and I know I should've properly greentexted this but I'm too pissy right now to do either)

>> No.9061732

I feel that way about make up.

I've seen some beautifully sewn Sakizou, Disney, ect and the person wearing it is not or is barely wearing any make up. I'm talking nude lipstick and maybe a swipe of foundation.

I do not understand taking ALL that time to do a BEAUTIFUL job on a costume and then not living up to your own efforts with decent make up.
I barely dabble in make up and I know it's not hard to go for a lipstick that shows up in photographs.

>> No.9061735

jeez, you sound really bitchy

this also gets me and is pretty understandable

>> No.9061738

now i'm curious, post 'it' in the ita thread
please do

>> No.9061749

No, only guys because I can't compete.

>> No.9061752
File: 80 KB, 500x281, tumblr_ndlceaJ5GV1trvvano1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw people are jellow of my Asian chop stick skills.

>> No.9061765

Con season is happening and I'm going to be covered in mosquito bites the entire time.

For some reason it's horrendous this year and they keep getting into my room. And obviously only show themselves at like 3 am.

>> No.9061780

but cosplay is for anyone, right? no slut/fat shaming, right?

>> No.9061785

This reads like an r9k poster trying to get people to agree with them so they run back crying and link it.

>> No.9061787

To be honest, she/he does have a point. It's pretty irritating to see people cosplay characters with heights radically different from their own height.

>> No.9061796

That's true ofc. A few inches is understandable and being too tall is hard to fix, but cosplaying someone a foot taller than you without even trying to alter your height is just lazy. It was mostly the way that anon worded it. It sounded exactly like the stories and screencaps they love to post.

>> No.9061797

Sorry about your brothers not helping, but other anon is right. You only get one life you can't give it all up to your mother. Tell your brothers you need a break & someone needs to check up on her while you are gone, why should you shoulder all the burden? They are taking advantage of your good nature. Book a respite nurse if your mum is in need of one & take off. Make you doing something for you a regular thing. Try to carve out as much of a life for yourself as you can. I think it might be an idea to have your mothers dr put you in touch with someone who deals with in home carers to talk with the whole family and make a fairer situation for you.

As for your mums reluctance to have help-she's just scared by the idea of having a caretaker poking around. Mine were the same. But the caretaker is as much for you as for her... I was run ragged by my grandparents, I gave up my career to mind them after one became housebound and it was clear they weren't coping on their own, no one else bothered to step up i.e their childen... I got treated like alternately a child or a piece of shit for my troubles from their kids & was really broke financially as I wouldnt move in with them and rented (it killed my savings). It was very stressful.
I snapped two years in, reapplied to uni as a mature student & moved away.

I hope you get to have your own life & don't mind the other people in the group you talk with, stuff like saying "why bother if you are going to leave early" doesn't happen once you get a bit older. They've obvs no commitments yet themselves. You will find people who understand. *big hugs*

>> No.9061799

Cosplaying Undertaker... Thanks for making me question it when I've got 3 more things left to do guys.

>5'1.. why the fuck even live.

>> No.9061801

then again, seeing a dude with 5 inch platform shoes is pretty sad, haha, so idk

>> No.9061814

It's fine if you put some effort into it, or you're just doing it for fun and you aren't claiming to be the most accurate. But I can sympathize, I'm 4'11 so there's tons of characters I'd just look silly as. (I'm flat chested too which limits it even more, but that's besides the point) Also I'm 99% sure now some robots and guys from fit are posting. They definitely were in the height thread. Any mention of it seems to trigger an alarm and have them posting.

Seriously anon you sound like you should be sipping a Starbucks and swiping on tinder. If you are a robot you need to learn how to be believable.

>> No.9061816

I'm a 6ft tall girl, there's no options for me

>> No.9061818

I'm pretty fine with taller people cosplaying shorter characters. Oftentimes it improves the character and makes them look more beautiful.

>> No.9061820

you mean assholes, or what

>> No.9061825
File: 49 KB, 410x202, 1465754848957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9061853

Don't even worry about it, man.

>> No.9061995

Oh... okay, if that'll help. Are there particular brands that will help? I've never done something like this.

>> No.9062008

I feel you anon
I've spent so much time on a fucking order with them. Just a bunch of clothes, nothing custom. Has been 4 months now. I've messaged them every week about it and now I received a message saying they "forgot" to buy my shit. 4 months of waiting and stress for fucking nothing.

>> No.9062042
File: 97 KB, 919x1079, 1463718762220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just found out today that upper management is snooping around social media profiles. Usually I'd blow info like this off, but I got this info from a good source. Now, I'm pretty decent at hiding my cosplay stuff from the normies I work with, and even better at separating my personal and cosplay lives, but they bleed over sometimes.

Every time I've gotten a follower today, I've had to go scope out their profiles. I don't want to block anyone unnecessarily, but this is messing with me a little bit.

>> No.9062046
File: 33 KB, 550x568, wyldlipbite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9062051
File: 36 KB, 500x391, 1405202205068 copy 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a handful of main pieces but am considering selling over half of the dresses because my style preference has changed.. I started j-fash just recently and I'm sad to see the new collection being reduced already. And it feels like I wasted money on burando that I only wore one or two times..
I don't know what the fuck I'm doing desu

>> No.9062072

Anything drawn by CLAMP is a great option!

>> No.9062089
File: 65 KB, 598x570, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you cosplay something that's:

>flavor of the month
>from a series you've never watched/played
>characters only because they're sexy

you should just quit cosplay. At least don't pretend you LOVEEE the series. Stop being a little fake bitch and get into the series, THEN decide to cosplay a character. Call this a vendetta, whatever, I'm pissed. It's like the 4th time this fucking bitch cosplays from a series she's never cared about. And now she's trying to pretend like she gives a shit about it. I want to call her out, but I'm a pussy bitch so I'll keep my mouth quiet.

And frankly, I'm fine with people cosplaying characters from series they don't care much about, but every cosplay now? And not doing the cosplay because the outfit is intriquite, only for the attention? And don't pretend like you care about the series. Don't pretend you like the series by just reading the character's wiki page. You just want the fucking attention.

>> No.9062108

It happens. At least you can resell things and use that money towards your new tastes.

>> No.9062110


What happens if upper management finds out someone cosplays? Has anyone had this happen to them? I imagine it's pretty different to someone making racial slurs on political news posts but I'm at a loss to how a company would think fictional character outfits = poor work performance.

Although I can definitely see some eyebrows over lolita fashion since LMAO NAME

>> No.9062115

I have no idea if this is true, I heard through the grapevine that someone's cosplay photos were misinterpreted as BDSM type stuff and that it was considered inappropriate to have that be on a public profile with your real name and that some sort of action against the cosplayer was taken. I am not convinced this actually happened, but I can totally see my normie coworkers misunderstanding the whole thing and gossiping in the break room which could lead to issues if unchecked.

>> No.9062119
File: 278 KB, 480x270, stockingevillaugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to drive four hours to meet Monica rial and Jamie Marchi. I'm so excited I could shit.

My bosses know I do lolita shit. They love it.

>> No.9062201

There's a member of my comm whose dress reeks of weed. The smell is overpowering.

>> No.9062205

There's a meet I had been waiting to go to since last month. Family decides to have a reunion on the same day and can't reschedule. Sigh, I will be there in spirit, friends.

>> No.9062212

>I'm a nobody in lolita, post to COF every once in a while but probably get max 100 likes
>Haven't posted in a long time because I have gotten fat
>See a coord today that is a bit to much like one of the few I have posted before
>different print, but same cut dress, same colorway as the dress I wore
>same tights
>same makeup
>She has circle lenses in that match my natural eye color
>similar shoes
>similar headdress
>same manicure
>similar glasses
>almost the same wig, same cut/style but mine is longer
I'm sure I am over reacting and its just a coincidence but it is just freaky, my coordinate was not even that good and is pretty basic, I'm just weirded out over nothing but it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck

>> No.9062222

Part of me feels like I know who this is about desu

>> No.9062254

Honestly anon, unless the way you dress is really distinct, it's not that weird that someone wore a coord that is really similar to yours. Lolita is a pretty cookie cutter style.

>> No.9062280
File: 77 KB, 640x480, Feels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>On my way to a con after saying goodbye to my families Black lab who was good for depression
>Get a call half way that my parents took her to the Vet because she wasn't acting right (sleeping too much)
>Thinking she was old and just sleepy I continue my trip
> Pull into the parking lot of my hotel, call to check on her only to learn she died 5 minutes prior.

Needless to say I was crying so much I couldn't finish any projects I had slated to finish at the con.

>> No.9062314


She's beautiful and I'm happy to hear that she helped you out when you needed it. I'm sorry for your loss, I hope you can cherish the memories of her cute face. Maybe you could get another pet some time down the line? not saying you should forget about your lab, take some time, but after 6 months or something a new puppy is very exciting! Hope the con cheered you up.

now my feels:
I'm glad I finally landed a job. I felt worthless almost being done highschool and still not getting employed. I'm really excited to go to fabric land once I get my pay check and get materials for my cosplans!

>> No.9062316

>mfw entering uni and still haven't held a job
Was allowed an interview last week but failed it apparently. I just want to feel not useless.

>> No.9062448
File: 1.72 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought these ugly ass shoes, socks, a green cardigan and iron on weed patch for a beret just to wear to an April fools meet that got cancelled. Now I have this weed coord floating around my house with no use. Wtf do I do now?

>> No.9062449

Wear it to a different meet?
Tell everyone the story?
Don't let it go to waste.

>> No.9062453

I suppose I could do that. I often worry I'm gonna piss some people off in my comm or something. I don't wanna attract any unnecessary attention unless it fits the theme, you know? Maybe I could save it for next year...

>> No.9062455
File: 693 KB, 1704x2272, DSCN0320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry for you loss Anon. I had to say goodbye to my dog on Saturday. He had a stroke and my brother and I had to make the call. I've been crying all weekend.

To keep it cgl related he'll always be with me, my stockings and socks are like magnets for that blonde fur, I'm going to be finding it years from now. R,I.P Benny

>> No.9062509

You two know each other?

>> No.9062531

/r9k/ is called "Robot 9000", because its original purpose was a general board using the Robot 9000 algorithm developed by Randall Munroe (the XKCD guy). It essentially would temporarily mute you if you posted a comment or image that had ever been posted before, with increasing durations the more duplicates you posted.

It was an experiment at producing a better quality board , and it worked for a bit until two things happened :

1) People found out they could subvert the Robot by adding gibberish to the end of an unoriginal comment or editing a single pixel.

2)Bereft of any actual subject, the board became used for relationship and other advice and discussion.

I don't know if the algorithm is even in effect anymore, but it's since become a sounding board for Poison Men to whine at each other on and fashion a worldview where they are the victims and anything is to blame for their lack of success besides their own lazy nature and repulsive personalities.

>> No.9062539
File: 25 KB, 623x414, justendme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw none of my friends are interested in animu and cosplay and I'm too socially awkward to even talk to people at cons

I get so jealous when I read about your constories with friends

>> No.9062555

This was an impressive spoonfeed by /cgl/ standards. I think most people who browse this board regularly don't even know other boards exist.

The last part of your post is correct but if anything, /cgl/ is /r9k/'s female equivalent. It's not quite on the same level but I've seen my fair share of man-hating nutjobs here and in some threads, even letting slip the fact that you're a man elicits the same kind of response you get for saying you're a woman at /r9k/

>> No.9062558
File: 76 KB, 181x181, mikublush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying a cute plushie from a lady in the dealer's room
>notice an obese woman behind her wearing a Pusheen shirt
>"I like your mom's shirt."
>"That's my daughter."

At... At least I got the alpaca.

>> No.9062582


At this point i would start to spin uncontrollably and slowly start drilling myself into the ground until it would be impossible to find me anymore.

>> No.9062652

>mfw leaving uni and still never held a job

Crushing student loans I can't pay off because I thought I should devote my full attention to my studies. :/

>> No.9062653
File: 105 KB, 800x600, 1462301619265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9062660
File: 48 KB, 210x188, 78960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its less than 2 weeks until the con and i still dont have my fabric cut out for my main cosplay because ive been so busy working to earn money for said cosplay baka

>> No.9062662

Call it what it is.

Tumblr for guys.

>> No.9062666

Np, herbs and supplements are my hobby

Thornes a good company but they are expensive.

Cheaper by thorne. Reason is its more herbs rather than concentrated forms of specific compounds from the herbs so itll work more gently/slowly but will still do the trick.

This ones nice because it combines chinese herbs with main western ones like milk thistle. It also has dong gui which is famous for women because it builds the blood (because that time of the month).

Then theres NOW brand, which is like the cheapo brand that makes all kinds of supplements, but the wuality is still way better than the brands walmart and stuff carry. At least amazon has a lot of reviews for it (to be expected though since its most peoples go to brand cause low prices)

Because im getting into chinese medicine id say go with the planetary herbals one, but they are all good. One may work better for you than thhe others but you wont know unless you try.

Just make sure you drink a lot of water because when cleaning the liver a lot of toxins will be flushing out so you may get cramping/gas in the beginning

>> No.9062682
File: 42 KB, 600x454, jon-snow-glenn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I just got redpilled by /cgl/
Omfg I was a r9kbotarina this whole time and I didn't even know!!

>> No.9062688
File: 376 KB, 1080x1056, AP9DItX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw people start a new thread and don't even post in them.
Atleast post one or two related images if you gonna kick start a thread

>> No.9062723

well, she isn't wrong

>> No.9062747

> even letting slip the fact that you're a man elicits the same kind of response you get for saying you're a woman at /r9k/

I don't know what board you've been browsing but it clearly isn't this one.

>> No.9062756

Yeah, that's definitely exaggerated, but there was just a height thread where people were making fun of short and such. Yeah, it's way less pronounced than /r9k/, but it isn't uncommon to see comments of "thirst" or "creep," especially in the suggestion threads where everyone posts their pictures. Hell, in the last AX /cgl/ meetup, we kinda shunned all of the guys, especially with the final meetup after the con (granted, there were a couple creeps) There can be a definite bias against men, considering that most of us are female, but it can't be helped.

>> No.9062760

What cons u go to?

>> No.9062765
File: 959 KB, 250x141, 1459963511971.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to get /fit/ for cosplay
>motivation at absolute zero
>know I'm happier just being the way I am but disgusted with myself for being so weak-willed

>> No.9062771

>tfw normal male with no reason to go into lolita breads
>tfw go anyway
Lolitas are very stuck up and pretentious despite the cute exterior

>> No.9062781

I do the same because the salt and cattiness is palpable. I actually have a lolita friend and I dig the fashion in a non-creepy way, but women are their own worst enemy.

>> No.9062783

This hits close to home for me too. Trying to find new people is hard when all Ive done is play video games for years.

>> No.9062784

I've never seen men being unfairly treated. That only happens if they make typical male comments like "I'd fuck her all you whores are just jealous", "Man here, I'm right and know more than you because I'm a man", "Man here, be my gf", "fucking sluts be my loli gf", "who has the biggest boobs and will show them to me?", "don't wear the things you like because it doesn't make my dick hard", "nudes?", starting obvious fap threads, and posting ridiculously ita lolita and horrible cosplays because "it makes my dick hard so it's way better than everything else".

Men that post cosplays or talk about their own have never gotten that reaction. Men in the lolita threads are almost always creeps unless they j-fash themselves but even then they don't get that reaction unless they say things like the above.

>> No.9062787

>typical male comments

>> No.9062788

On cgl yes.

>> No.9062790
File: 28 KB, 500x385, 1466433160785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>men aren't unfairly treated at all
>by the way, here's a sweepingly sexist list of 'typical male comments' and generalizations like calling any man visiting a lolita thread a creep

The fucking ironing

>> No.9062794

That's amazing I have neither said anything like that or seen anything like that here

>> No.9062797

Go to the archives and search for "guy here". If a man posts in the lolita thread and isn't looking to wear any j-fashion or already is 99.9% of the time they say shit like that.

>typical male comment
You really are the male version of tumblr. Who else would be saying "man here" and talking about their dick. You also seemed to have conveniently missed "Men that post cosplays or talk about their own have never gotten that reaction." If you don't talk about your dick or beg for a gf/nudes you won't be told to get out.

>> No.9062822

>Go to the archives and search for "guy here". If a man posts in the lolita thread and isn't looking to wear any j-fashion or already is 99.9% of the time they say shit like that.

You're automatically assuming absolutely everybody who posts in those threads that doesn't specify in each one of their posts that they're a male is female. I'm sure there's plenty of men who post and take part in those threads that don't feel the need to specify their gender because some salty cunt like you is going to draw attention to it.

That's not even taking to consideration the men that browse those threads out of curiosity and don't even post anything at all, like >>9062781 and >>9062771

>You really are the male version of tumblr

Nah, I'm just not some stuck up, third-wave feminist moron who hates men because it's the trendy thing to do right now. If you have guys posting in lolita threads talking about their dick, it's a troll or a creep problem. Saying it's 'typical male comments' is horseshit.

Just look at the thread that's up about what characters you'd most like to have sex with in cosplay; it's filled to the brim with thirsty female seagulls who'd otherwise be called creeps if they were male.

>> No.9062842

>If a man posts in the lolita thread and isn't looking to wear any j-fashion or already is 99.9% of the time they say shit like that.
>and isn't looking to wear any j-fashion or already is
In other words if they're actually interested in the fashion as a fashion they don't count. I already excluded brolitas, men who wear aristrocrat/ouji, and men who were planning to.

>That's not even taking to consideration the men that browse those threads out of curiosity and don't even post anything at all

I said " If you don't talk about your dick or beg for a gf/nudes you won't be told to get out." and again as I said above *if they aren't interested in it as a fashion*

>Nah, I'm just not some stuck up, third-wave feminist moron who hates men because it's the trendy thing to do right now.
I don't hate men and I do hate "feminists", I just hate robots just as much.

>Saying it's 'typical male comments' is horseshit.
So once again is it typical women comments? I already excluded men actually into cosplay in my first post. I was saying the typical male comments *that get hate* are always the above. If hating men is oh so common when they've never said the above show me an example.

>> No.9062843


>> No.9062846

>typical male comments
>men in the lolita threads are almost always creeps

oh, man. you're not making us look too good.

>> No.9062853

she deserves it 100%

>> No.9062859

She's probably crying for the poor burando anon.

>> No.9062874


Not that anon, but there's quite a lot of people concerned about guys going to their AX meetup, and some are against having more than a few guys, at all

I very much doubt that a sizeable amount of the guys are "creeps" that are "undressing them"

>> No.9062884

Meeting irl isn't the same as getting attacked literally every single time any man even hints about his gender. That would be what it's like if it was the female version of r9k. I'd be wary of anyone I met off 4chan too male or female, but obviously even with the same intents men tend to be more dangerous hence people worry about them more. Not because men are evil or they have killer/rapist/creep instincts but because of physical biological differences.

You can look through literally every cosplay thread and see every single man that asked for help or talked about their cosplay was ignored at the absolute worst and is usually just treated normally.

>> No.9062891

Lol they're doing the same exact thing from last year where they told a lot of the less attractive guys to fuck off, or just separated themselves from them

hell, I was invited to one of the afterparties, and I asked if my good friend could come and one if the coordinators said that he gave off a "creepy" vibe and that they didn't want him to come, probably because he looked like a neckbeard, even though he's actually gay and a sweet guy that hardly said a word. it pissed me off so much. I realize that not all seagulls are like this, and I know that there are lots of trolls from /fit/ and /r9k/ on here, but sometimes the guys can get shafted, too.

>> No.9062899

As a guy that actually cosplays, I think that the other anons that you linked have a point really. In the past when I've gone to /cgl/ meet ups, it usually turns out that majority of the guys there are crossborders usually just there to meet girls, which is a topic that usually comes up in conversation. I quite frankly don't care why they're there since it doesn't concern me, but it gets ridiculous when you have 10+ guys there or more dressed in normal clothes who don't even come to /cgl/ or browse normally other than hoping to score. I just want to actually be able to talk with someone about cosplay damn it rather than beat around the bush regarding video game shit or seasonal anime while they wait for actual girls to show up. So by extension, I can definitely see why girls wouldn't be keen on going to meet ups or just letting any dude in on a meet up.

>> No.9062901

Yeah that kind of thing sucks and happens to both men and women in every single hobby and social setting there is. I hope you stayed with him at least.

No one is saying men never have anything like that happen to them, but saying every man is super oppressed by those evil seagull bitches when tons of men post in cosplay threads and the only men seagulls usually have problems is are form other boards/random normies is just plain stupid and throwing yourself a pity party.

Also this >>9062899

>> No.9063068

I'm so tired with my friends and with my whole community. Why are all the anime/cosplay people so immature? I'm so done with attention whores, complaining, drama, overspending your money on cosplay/figures/etc and complaining when you can't even afford to eat after that. Everyone has problems but stop complaining and acting like brats.. I'm poor and I just lost a family member but I don't complain on social media or at cons or meetups all the time. Just shut up and act like your age, I'm done with all the whining.

>> No.9063069

Guy here, I lurk the lolita threads on this board because my gf is interested in casual lolita/otome and I want to learn about the specifics myself so I can give her advice and steer her away from being ita. The criticism here is more detailed and I find that helpful to know what's shit and what isn't shit.

>> No.9063167

Haha. I just said "Sorry, I'm not wearing my glasses."

Certainly a cautionary tale about the dangers of assumptions... and overeating.

>> No.9063198

More of a vent: and maybe im just salty but
>comm member has toddler and is full time mommy
>she was into lolita a bit before baby but now baby is a bit old and no longer breastfeeding
>updates weekly about her purchases; all of which are over $150 often dresses and new releases
>im glad her husband gives her money for her hobbies but..
>at meet ups she often complains about military cuts, living on base and dealing with people on base
>hasnt sold any of her lolita items in a long while when before she would sell her dresses every few months for new ones
>baby who was once majority of her posts are starting to fade out
>personally knowing other military/government workers sometimes struggle with money
>concerned for this kid now that shes becoming full time brandwhore
>dont know full status but by her spending habits, practically out of no where im worried shes not saving for her baby and future.
>i may just be worrying/upset because other military moms i know are struggling and having their husbands leave the military
>yeah desu probably a little jelly she gets to spend time with her baby at home and buy all new releases or whatver fillers she wants that week.

>> No.9063203

I am a guy, went to a cgl meet up before. It was pretty cool. The one I went to was female dominated. We hang out for a few and then everyone went they separate ways. Hopefully I see them again next year, the little meeting was fun, but the guys that were there had low quality cosplay. Most of the Lolita/female cosplayers probably though they were thirsty.

>> No.9063206

She sounds entitled, she would have definitely rub me the wrong way.

>> No.9063286


This may sound like me being ignorant, but i've known at least 5 girls from HS to college to people i've met at cons that have married soldiers and for 5 of them it did not end well.

>One girl I went to HS with married a guy she met on a college visit 8 months out of school who then went into the Navy. She now has a kid, and they divorced a year later
>Second one married a nice guy who is also a soldier, but they're financially in a pinch near constantly because she doesn't want to do two jobs and he doesn't want to leave the army
>Third I met in college who dated a soldier, her family is well off and when her father gave him a car as a gift for a promotion he received he broke up with her afterwards. Pretty sure he just wanted some money
>Fourth was in a happy relationship until he suddenly became a controlling abusive dickwad who made her quit her job and tell him where she went and didn't allow her to go to specific places.

I just don't understand why these things are always magnets for trouble

>> No.9063293

jesus fucking christ
irl west coast /cgl/ is ridiculously stuck up compared to the east coast seagulls
At an anime con.
You're complaining about Chinese food at the China King buffet.

>> No.9063294

Me too. I "quit" bunch of social media for this reason. Mostly just not logging in as much, and deleting the apps on my phone so it makes it harder to access. It helps quite a bit. I've noticed me becoming more focused on my own work.

>> No.9063308


Feeling the same here, I mentioned in some other feels thread being tired of everyone always complaining and being negative. The internet went from my place to escape to becoming why I'm anxious all the time.
Even though I used to do the same years ago, I really dislike the oversharing everyone is doing. People posting everything they have going on medically, including mental health. Or how they were abused/assaulted/heavy shit in general. You'd think at mid 20's they realized that it's not a great idea to post that kind of stuff for all to see.

However I haven't really deleted anything (yet) because I'm currently a NEET and I have no friends irl so nothing to really do.

>> No.9063316

>less than two weeks to AX
>Prop only half done, armor not even started
>Could finish them in a few days normally, but it's 104 out and like 120 in my A/C-less shop, so I can barely stand to be in there for 10 minutes
>Gonna be too hot to wear costume at AX anyway if this weather keeps up

>> No.9063343

Because almost everyone in the military are people who had literally no where to go after high school, or better yet they dropped out and it was the only way for them to make money. Yes, I do know a few people who joined the military out of merit, but they are far and few. People typically join out of desperation, which hints at the kind of person they are as well as their financial status.

>> No.9063352

Don't you make more money if you reproduce? Also, rank determines pay. So just because some of your military friends are struggling, doesn't mean they all are.

>> No.9063357

Yeah, I admit, quitting everything has made me feel a lot more lonely. But at the same time, that lonlieness is inspiring me to make more friends. I agree with all of the oversharing. That's what 90% of my feeds were. I get showing awareness of your mental illnesses/abuse/whatever can be empowering, but some people post things they just shouldn't say, like very negative things.
I used to be like this too, until I got myself a boyfriend where I can go and tell everything to. Makes me wonder how these people can post everything so revealing about themselves, but they're surrounded by great friends, families, and other loved ones. Why can't they just talk to them about it and get help, instead of posting it on twitter or facebook for everyone to see?

>> No.9063359

I'm sorry for you. Try explaining that it doesn't help. Some people just don't like fast foods, ED or not. Eating healthily helped me combat my ED, people kept trying to force me to eat junk because they were worried I wouldn't eat if not, but that made me spiral crazily. So find something that works for you and hang in there

>> No.9063366

same anon here, I use these boards for that, though I generally change a few things around so it can't be tracked back to me.
And I agree, though I'm also kind of jealous, Because I don't even have any friends to share my shit with (disclaimer: I have a great family but there are some things that you can't really discuss with close relatives)

>> No.9063377

Is 'narcissistic" the new 'autistic" ? I swear to god i'm seeing it more and more.

Your parents might have made a few mistakes but that doesn't mean they have a narcissistic personality disorder.

>> No.9063386

>cosplay as Quiet from MGS V
>walking into con place, security guard stops me
>he looks like a skinnier Chris Rock

What did he mean by this?

>> No.9063404

he called you fat

>> No.9063416
File: 25 KB, 436x495, LikeLike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We Zelda now?

>> No.9063444

> tfw friend begs for help so you commission them for something pretty spendy
> they show up to con it was due by, throw the easy part of the commission on the bed, no sign of the weapons
> unwearable, falls apart. Foam with pen painted on, unprimed and hot glued to vinyl. Worbla leg 'armor' is a flat sheet of hastly covered and half innacurate foam with no way to attach it to your leg.
> no sign of the rest of the commission three months after the due date. They finished their own outfits In time for con, plus have finished commissions with due dates way after mine as well
> tfw they are ruining your fucking friendship and ignoring you

Just fucking apologize and give the money back. I cant understand people. This was a FAVOR and im treated like garbage. Dont commission your friends because they have no accountability. I know they would try to destroy my reputation if I raise a stink because im kind of a loner in the hobby.

>> No.9063447

I lost a friend because of shit like this.Fucking ruined our friendship over a god damn school uniform commission.

>> No.9063451
File: 57 KB, 600x338, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just find some Manlet to carry around. You'll be fine.

>> No.9063454

You mean "loud and proud"?

He's saying you look gay.

Which is fine.

>> No.9063455

We Zelda now.

Meant loud and proud.

;~; my BMI is like 20 exact

>> No.9063469

What's the source?

>> No.9063470
File: 152 KB, 1080x1845, received_10157043155735057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please dont say that.... this was 500 bucks and they live really close to me. I dont have many friends due to work schedule and anxiety but its ridiculous. Pic related a piece that fell off the holsters. Ive asked for progress on the weapons but gave up after getting empty answers.

>> No.9063478
File: 886 KB, 540x540, 1464221196086.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that feel anon. I've been trying so hard to get in shape lately but I keep being really inconsistent with it. One week I'll be doing great and run every day but then the next I'll get lazy and not do anything. I think my schedule gets thrown off when my boyfriend visits for the weekend but I know that's not a real excuse. What makes it worse is I know this is going to bite me in the ass later on because I'm going to basic training for the air force in a few months. I need to get my shit together so that not only I can look damn good in cosplay but also so that basic doesn't completely suck ass.

>> No.9063482

Witchcraft Works. Ayaka Kagari. She's pretty tall, at least compared to MC.

>> No.9063493

Christ at least you can start the running part. I need to get off my ass and try CT5k again

>> No.9063497

Find someone to do it with, having a partner makes fitness so much easier to sustain motivation. Especially running once you learn to control your breathing and can hold conversations.

>> No.9063514
File: 202 KB, 720x405, blush.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been so naughty with my diet lately. I wanna be in shape, but the beefy crunch burrito isn't going to stick around forever.

>> No.9063520

I'm so fucking done.

This is the third time that I' doing this Math class and I can't fucking pass it.
My job is x10 times harder than this shit but I can't understand the exercises from the book.
Everyday at work people compliment me about 'how smart I am for my age' and stuff like that. I hate it. I hate compliments. My whole life people have been complimenting my intelligence and I can't see it. I can't feel it.
Stress has been eating me from inside because of this fucking class and my job in general. I have lost my passion for cosplay.
I can feel the depression appearing again.

>> No.9063527

Smoke some weed, eat some chocolate and relax for the weekend.

You stressing out isn't gonna make you understand math better

>> No.9063535


I understand completely. I too am on my third attempt at a math course (it's one of the last two classes I need to get my degree) and it drives me fucking insane.

It's not the material itself, it's remembering the exact steps for a given problem type that gets me every god damn time.

>> No.9063537

dude that's me right now with this app mcdonalds has right now where you can scan your phone to get like like free medium fries and two mcflurries for the price of one. i'm ashamed

>> No.9063538

I can't imagine what he meant with that
Unless, you are a guy, which makes what he meant really obvious.

>> No.9063556


>in ok shape since getting my ass in gear with school over. I can run 3 miles with some effort, but haven't had any excessive regiments since high school 4 years ago.
>Nowhere near fat, just out of shape and need trim some pounds to get back into comfort zone
>Continue running and lifting when I have time off from work
>Run into a friend from high school I haven't seen in forever who like me was in good shape but not the best
>She's in fantastic shape, is a triathlete after her boyfriend introduced her to them
>Flat stomach, breasts are still relatively large, toned legs
>Asks me to go on a long with her (6 miles) for old time sake
>Too embarrassed to admit i suck now, I tell her i hurt one of my knees and need time to recover

I know it's me being dumb because having someone to exercise with other than my sister would be awesome but i bet she doesn't want to scale down her routine for me

>> No.9063571

She probably won't mind scaling down for a while if you keep her company. Would also provide another reason for you to get into the shape you want to be.

>> No.9063574

Yeah, sometimes I result back to here too, changing a few things. It's pretty nice, but I still get really worried that one of my friends would read these and distinguish it's me.

My boyfriend is very sweet listening to everything I have to say, but I need to make friends since he's the only one I talk to about everything. I don't know the last time I haven't talked to him in over an hour other than sleeping.

Well enough about me, I hope you find something better for yourself soon. I found myself a new hobby and started doing that, maybe try to make some friends online through other communities and such. I'm hoping you find someone soon to share, it's a lot easier said than done.

>> No.9063582
File: 46 KB, 600x422, idealpublicschool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fall in love at con
>break up two years later
>watch your cosplay guy fall for a normie girl

>yfw they're more in love than you two ever were

>> No.9063584

Saved for summerfags

>> No.9063605

Just be straight up with her. Something like "look, you're a really good friends and I don't want this to come between us. Honestly, I originally intended to commission this as a favor but you have to admit it has not been going well. If I can't get the props by next week, it would probably be best if you returned (x amount of money for props) and we just put this behind us so neither one of us have to stress about it anymore." Then, put your big girl panties on and meet other people that cosplay in your area. Join Facebook groups for cons or shows and talk to people. Stop hanging out with shitty people. Jesus.

>> No.9063612

You don't necessarily have to scale down too much when you work out with someone who isn't use to it. You guys don't have to stick together like glue. I trained some of my super out of shape friends to get them started and it was super fun, I didn't feel dragged down at all. If there was some things they couldn't do I'd do it by myself and they would do stretches or low impact cardio until I got ready. Invite her! It will be fun and it will give you a lot of motivation since you're trying to keep up.

>> No.9063625
File: 1.64 MB, 400x400, scootypuff.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just developed a crush on a local cosplayer, then found out he's been dead since August.

>> No.9063653

How does one go about falling in love at a con, do you just bump into someone at a common event, talk, and then go somewhere that night and the rest is history or what

>> No.9063665
File: 23 KB, 500x281, Mean-Girls-Meme-Why-Are-You-So-Obsessed-With-Me-07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9063667

We dated for two years.

>> No.9063682
File: 143 KB, 238x284, ivan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>con approaching fast
>finally have time to start working on cosplay
>mfw i have no godly idea how to do the wig without making it look mediocre at best

it's not even a "difficult" wig per say but all the wigs i've seen for it are usually okay at best with the occasional spectacular one

>> No.9063684

Going off the picture you could literally just buy a blonde Magnum from Arda and you're good. Are you really THAT bad at styling wigs?

>> No.9063688

oh the pic i used is an unrelated character lmao

>> No.9063742
File: 47 KB, 377x640, makocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been sobbing all night because my cosfam of four years split up.

I've wasted my life.

>> No.9063783

Happened to me too recently.

Kills all motivation.

>> No.9063886

I feel you, I too get anxiety when ever I don't do good enough at school stuff even when I always work hard. But should remember that you are still smart, one math course doesn't change that. Try to relax and respect yourself, after all this is just a small thing in life and you'll pass the course eventually. Good luck!

>> No.9063925

how is that/r9k/

>> No.9063941

I have a similar feel. I've always been told that I'm quite knowledgeable and I excel with classwork and theory, but none of that is helping me right now.

I just started a job two weeks ago and I feel like I'm constantly screwing up. I have never felt dumb or slow in my life until now. The mistakes seem so simple when it's explained but in the moment I'm making them it doesn't. It's really messing me up and hurting my confidence.

I'm just trying to keep it in mind that everyone goes through this. Even the smartest people in the world would have struggled with something, and maybe even felt dumb when they didn't get it first time. The key is perseverance I guess.

Good luck anon. I'm using the fact this job will get me more money to buy brand to pull me through this, find an end goal that motivates you so you don't lose spirit.

>> No.9063971
File: 187 KB, 532x553, pacas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Vet school student- just finished exams (9 exams in 5 days- it wasn't fun).
> My extra-mural studies on the day after exams: have two elective weeks, so I just had to work with alpacas...
> Get to assist with a birth, shearing, various other 'vetty bits' as well as walking them around in a harness.
> My major job every day is to weigh the babies and give them their injections.
> This is the best job in the entire world!
> Then realise I have put on at least two kilos over exams.

Despite having to start back on the diet-train, I love that I get to indulge in a bit of CGL-related nonsense, despite the fact I can only browse CGL and dream of wearing burrando.

>> No.9063980

pls be my gf

>> No.9064008

Nah I don't actually smoke weed I just wanted a weed coord because I'm edgy

>> No.9064016
File: 32 KB, 848x480, Oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go through crippling depression
>Browse /cgl/ every day because the pretty dresses provide momentarily happiness
>Feel worse afterwards because someone like me can never be pretty like you gulls
>Decide to lose weight because I'm close to offing myself and I have nothing to lose save for my fat rolls
>Managed to lose over 100lbs since last summer (215lbs->100)
>Still see a fat girl when I look in the mirror
>Still feel like I can't wear a pretty brand dress

>> No.9064032
File: 553 KB, 725x1024, 1455590719447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's truly inspiring, I am 215lb right now but to depress to work out. What did you do to lose all that? I feel like you but only male, and watching anime/cosplay gives me comfort.

>> No.9064054

I hate it when I'm selling a dress but fatty-chans just have to ask "WHAT IS THE MAX FAT INCHES THIS BARELY SHIRRED BURANDO WILL STRETCH?" when you say you don't know how first time. How would I know? Do I look fucking fat?

>> No.9064062

I've been writing up a message to send. Just because someone makes a mistake doesn't make them a shitty person chill. Also doesn't mean that I bring it upon myself by befriending people who show no signs of being like this. Sorry I'm not allowed to vent on an anonymous site about what is stressing me out without some idiot telling me what I already know though.

>> No.9064065

wow, no wonder you have shit friends. you've got a shitty attitude yourself

>> No.9064066

Started a new diet/fitness regime last week, did fantastic for five days and then fucked up my ankle some how. Been signed off work, I have to go get it xrayed today.

I feel like absolute shit. I was finally actually doing something about my weight and enjoying running and now I'm not even back to step one because I'm comfort eating. This is why I'll always be a fatty.

I have two months to try and fit back into a costume I made at my lightest two years ago and I don't know what I'm going to do.

>> No.9064068

>telling others to chill
>is this mad over someone trying to offer a bit of advice

>> No.9064083
File: 35 KB, 585x388, take it easy man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9064126

>mfw ordered skincare products using special delivery, and they're still not here two weeks later

>> No.9064130

that sucks ass, where are they coming from?

>> No.9064133

sorry I seem bitter, I just resent being told my friend is a shit person for a mistake that could be fixed. I know CGL is very black and white in thinking because that's what being anon does to your emotional response but I really am not going to throw this away without trying.

>> No.9064142

My country! It would have been faster ordering overseas. My skin is dry af right now.

>> No.9064145

you were literally calling your friend a shitty person without directly saying it. let's move on

>> No.9064171 [DELETED] 

Good luck making new friends with that defensive attitude. No wonder you're a lone cosplayer. That was pretty relaxed and nice advice by cgl standards, honestly even by regular non-asshole standards as well.

>> No.9064174

I want to get back to working on pepping my armor but I gotta study for MedU entrance exams.

I need to relax between learning sessions but the thing that makes me relax is time consuming as fuck.

>> No.9064181

You literally said in about six different ways that they are shitty. 500 dollars essentially given as a favor to help her out is a very big deal. You were the one who made her out to be someone who doesn't give a crap about you or giving you a decent commission, as well as ignoring your request for the remaining peices you're suppose to receive. Good friends don't do that. I understand you don't have many friends so maybe that's why you're holding on so tightly but you can't persuade yourself into thinking that they are a great person when the story is from your point of view in the first place, and you clearly painted the picture of a terrible friend who may have taken advantage of you. I said get better friends because a lot of people on cgl are socially awkward which is a product as well as an outcome of our interests, and they tend to find it hard to stick up for themselves or get used by conniving people easily. It's seen in almost every feels thread and it's tiresome. I was the original person who replied to you and I'm very chill, just saw someone who was super stressed about something obvious and may have needed another point of view. No need for the attitude.

>> No.9064185

That is so wrong anon, you need to develop a healthy relationship with food, and forcing you to eat unhealthy things wont help at all. Try to explain him this and ask him for help to find some nice meals you can enjoy when you hang out. And as the other anon said, get professional help, you will be much happier and get a sexy healthy body.

>> No.9064190

You're missing the point entirely. OP is referring to the style of posting where some guy feels the burning need to point out that he's a dude in order to justify whatever he's about to say next - which is usually some variation of horseshit. Guys who are actually into cosplay or lolita don't feel the need to draw attention to the existence of their dicks every other post because they're actually here to, you know, post about the hobby. It's tough to get an accurate sense of gender numbers since the guys being vocal are usually of the obnoxious trolling variety, while the normal ones are flying under the radar.

>> No.9064194

>Everyone look at this awful thing my friend did to me and how poorly they're treating me, what do I do?
>"You should tell them that their behavior is inappropriate and meanwhile look for better friends"

Whelp I guess you and your shitty pal are made for each other. Have fun with that.

>> No.9064216

oh my god man this is so sweet and so sad

>> No.9064217

I cheated my way through calculus.

Just saying, it's pretty easy nowadays.

>> No.9064222
File: 22 KB, 281x217, spange.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still awake at 8 am after pulling at all-nighter working on cosplay
>try to press seams but doing seem to be making much progress
>check to see why iron isn't working correctly
>iron somehow came unplugged at some point
>mfw i was too tired to notice the iron wasn't even on

>> No.9064223

*don't, not doing
wow im fucking tired pls excuse my stupidity

>> No.9064224
File: 65 KB, 365x500, 1461197218318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you have a break out right before a con

>> No.9064226

dude anon i know how you feel. i had to put a face mask on last night because my skin got super dry and disgusting at comically bad timing

>> No.9064231

the worst thing is that i've had pretty ok skin, for several months now and the acne only decides to come now, on my forehead when i'm cosplaying a character with a lacefront wig lol. good luck fixing that dry skin, anon!

>> No.9064236

im doing a lacefront wig too! luckily i don't get acne on my forehead for some reason but i have such delicate skin im worried the spirit gum will destroy me

>> No.9064259

shit boy I feel this to my BONES. I love doing stuff with friends but holy shit is it a pain in the ass sometimes

>> No.9064268

It's the worst, eh? I've been putting harsh chemicals on mine for weeks, to no avail.

Someone suggested I get some liver detoxifying supplements or something. Idk, I don't understand things.

>> No.9064288

i usually get them on my forehead. maybe it's because i'm a greasy shit and i have bangs. i used to have more acne, then i went on accutane and i got my self esteem back, but now my acne's slowly coming back. feels bad man.

currently trying to make it go down by putting pimple cream but that shit doesn't work most of the time for me. gonna try drinking a shit ton of water and eating less sugar, hopefully that might work.

>> No.9064292

Its ok anon, thinking is hard. No more think. Just open link. Let your instincts take over. It'll all be over soon. You can go back to dressing like a doll and attending costume parties. I believe in you

>> No.9064318

tfw I want to cosplay but I don't know who to cosplay

I'm going to comic con in Manchester at the end of July with this girl I work with, an even bigger anime fan than I am, but I don't know who to cosplay.

How do I choose? I have zero sewing experience, but I have 1 month to practice between work, gym, and sleep. At best, I could probably have learnt to alter clothing to look different to an acceptable extent.

>> No.9064322

I've lost nearly all my excess weight on a ketogenic diet (high fat, moderate protein, very low carb). I started out with plain old calorie counting and lots of exercise, but the constant mental fatigue and food cravings only led to more binging. I have found that with keto, I don't experience any of these issues despite eating at a 30% caloric deficit. I'm still dealing with my depression and, now, body dysmorphia, but at least it's manageable. Don't give up, anon. Things will get better.

>> No.9064328
File: 946 KB, 318x241, 1449637341361.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last time I shared a con hotel with strangers, one bitch stank up the room with her sausage flavored vape and another kicked my boob while trying to find the bathroom.

>> No.9064330


I don't have the patience to cut out most of my carbs, so i just ate less carbs and eliminated a significant amount of sugar from my diet along with exercise and protein and it's been working relatively well for me.

>> No.9064352


Don't get me started on rooming with strangers

>Colossal con two years ago
>Was going to room with friend and some people she knows
>Friend bails, so i'm stuck with a bunch of people i've never met save for one who i have but didn't know at all
>Things are going ok until the second night when 3 of them, two girls and a guy, just up and disappear when we were at the bar
>Can't find them, but i decide to go back to our room so i can call my father concerning a potential job offer I got an email about as i finishing school at the time
>Go into the room i was sharing, only to find the guy passed out on the floor with his dick in his hand
>The girls are on the bed, one naked and one mostly naked save for the remaining pieces of her Lucy Heartfilia costume
>They're making out and rubbing each other. It smells horrendous
>My clothes and luggage were tossed around all over the place
>One of them threw my 3DS into a wall
>Brought a nice sundress that's now covered in vomit and whiskey
>The others find out, and huge drama fest ensues.
>Tell friend i never want to see these people again

>> No.9064386

Holy shit. This makes my story about a dude getting diarrhea specks on the floor seem silly.

>> No.9064396

I go to almost every con here (Austria)

>> No.9064402


To clarify, I was lucky the guy's man goo didn't get on any of my stuff. The girls were mostly drunk, the guy must have pumped himself dry before passing out.

They fought among themselves for the remainder of the trip because the one i had met but didn't know apparently had the hots for the guy and was furious they "put on a whore show" for him when they knew what her feelings were.

The guy replaced my 3DS with a new one, which was nice. My dress however was not replaced, and i'm more than certain that one or both of the girls took some of my underwear and one of my favorite shirts.

>> No.9064605

>go to con at the CNN Center in Atlanta
>order beefy crunch burrito from their Taco Bell
>costs 50c more and has the wrong kind of rice

Damn you, CNN Center.

>> No.9064694
File: 58 KB, 618x555, 1464187894045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9064697

there really isn't anything too wrong with what they said, except that /r9k/ is much more extreme
I don't see how it's bait

>> No.9064702

I don't agree with it, so it's bait.

>> No.9064725

I don't have friends outside of conventions, and even then they live too far from me.

And girlfriend is LDR.

>> No.9064729

Well there's always necrophillia

>> No.9064883 [DELETED] 


>> No.9064885 [DELETED] 

R9k strikes again

>> No.9064889 [DELETED] 

Robot Pride Worldwide, you bitch ass nigga.
We won't stop til all roasties have been decimated
Run while you still can

>> No.9064890 [DELETED] 

>I get to see my friends once a week. My love life is non existing.
>So I get how lonely you feel...


>> No.9064892 [DELETED] 

Roasties age like milk lmao
Men age like fine wine
Maybe a nice Tyrone will settle for your wrinkly fat ass

>> No.9064894 [DELETED] 

into the trash where you belong

>> No.9064911

Anon, you may want to speak to a counselor about this. Also remember sunscreen erryday.

>> No.9064913


YT tutorials are great. Try going onto /r/sugarfreemua to get concrit, they'll help give you pointers once you've tried.

>> No.9064929


Anons no, this person is talking out of their ass.

>> No.9064934

How do I get a whale banned from my comm? She's being cruel to everyone.

>> No.9064950


Why do u say that? Did you try it for yourself and it didnt work? Plenty if people have clearer skin after taking some liver cleaning supps.

At least give some reasons for why your refuting me rather than shoot some rando off handed comment and then leave.

>> No.9064951

One of my friends decided to go into CS and is currently in school for it, but they're sounding like some Jehova's witness trying to sell everyone on the great programming overlord.

Not everyone wants to be a programmer, I don't care how much it pays and how perfect the life of every programmer apparently is.

>> No.9064954


420 meet anon. Make it happen.

>tiny little weed brownies with delicate icing
>weed butter on crumpets
>bouquets at every table with little fake weed leaves tucked between rose blooms
>mfw I don't even smoke

>> No.9064959

Sign me the fuck up right now anon. I need it right now.

>> No.9064972

I just LOVE not having any social outlet to vent my feelings without someone getting upset at me. >:[

>> No.9064975

Appreciate the referral, critique is going to be a huge help.

>> No.9064989
File: 242 KB, 559x460, loliembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rude af, you bitch.

>> No.9064990

Where did you get those shoes??? I NEED them

>> No.9064996


I swear I should stop being a lone lolita and start planning meets. Planning shit is my jam.

>A-anyone near me?

>> No.9065067

I bet ur qt.

>> No.9065363

The heat wave is over. Get back to work.

>> No.9065455

The main difference is that if you act that way as a man (or even just a little too abnormal) you start getting treated as an outcast and it begins a self sustaining downward spiral further and further down the hole, but women can be as weird and psycho as they want and nobody will judge them for it, and society always guarantees they'll have a successful life.

>> No.9065482

I will pay you $20k to go on a date with me.
You don't have to touch me or even talk to me.
Just eat and leave.
Feel free to bring security, I'll pay for their meal as well.
I am so alone

>> No.9065492

Well never go to vegas cause you're not a very good better.

For a girl to be a friendless kissless virgin means they have to be like a -10/10 in looks AND personality. And they still usually expect a minimum 9/10 guy to boot.

>> No.9065499

This reminds me of something I did last month

>be kissless virgin girl and no bf ever ever ever
>guy asks me out after knowing eachother for about 5 years
>sorry no can do bud
>guy asks me why I havent gone out with anybody (apparently he thought i was saving myself for him)
>look him into the eyes
>shit eating grin
>"i'm waiting for anime to become real"

I'm an asshole and I love it

>> No.9065511

>didn't expect a reply
Aw anon, no need to pay that much, if you're nice and ask me, we can hang out! We can split the bill and chat and have fun :) Last thing I would want to do is to drag anyone else down

>> No.9065513

>Last thing I would want to do is to drag anyone else down
Then why are you still alive?

>> No.9065514

>get max 100 likes
>max 100 likes

>women think they know pain


>> No.9065515

Where are you from?
You sound nice.
I'm from Canada

Pls don't be mean to her

>> No.9065521
File: 21 KB, 480x467, BOI IF YU DUN DID IT NOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now this is autism, and I'm from /mlp/
I have not cringed like this in a while

>> No.9065537

Not quite sure myself, maybe I'll find out one day

Thank you, UK here

>> No.9065541

>UK here
British girls are top qt
Would you like to exchange emails or steam names?

>> No.9065557
File: 436 KB, 500x338, 87876.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw i desperately want there to be a con/weeb horror story thread but im lazy as shit and dont want to make it myself due to lack of any interesting stories to kick it off with

>> No.9065573

Bro why do you think she's a friendless kissless virgin. Really, give me the exact reason you're imagining.

I'll give you a hint, if you're imagining she's gonna be some cute girl who's only alone because she's so shy and you're the first guy who ever talked to her and she instantly falls in love with you because no other guys talked to her for no reason despite her being cute like the plot of some anime, you're wrong.

>> No.9065583

Same here anon, it sucks. I just want a nice boyfriend who I can play games with.

>> No.9065662

>eager to try making menhera and gurlokawa accessories
>have a waitlist for my Pokemon accessories I need to work on
>the charms and other materials I need are on a fucking slow boat from China

Only related slightly, because I need to get my weight down to wear spandex cosplay:
>weight loss prescription med costs around $300 out of pocket
>insurance won't cover it because I'm not obese
>doctor has been giving me free samples
>says she's going to stash a few months worth in her purse for me next time they get it in
>tfw I have the best doctor in the world

>> No.9065677

What does the medication do, exactly?

>> No.9065687

It's an injection that was originally for diabetics, but it causes you to produce more of a naturally occurring enzyme (I think it's an enzyme and not a hormone) that signals your brain when you're full. So it's an appetite suppressant.

Basically you still get hungry, but you feel full almost as soon as you start eating. Eating a regular-sized meal makes you feel as stuffed as if you had just eaten Thanksgiving dinner. You can feel full on snack-sized portions.

There are serious side effects, but they're super rare.

>> No.9065702

I went to a lolita thing and the whole building smelled like poopy doopy. It wasn't kawaii.

>> No.9065719

I imagine it's because she's shy like me

As long as she's not
She's perfect to me

>> No.9065721

Why are all you seagulls so fucking fat

>> No.9065727

What is it called? I need it.

>> No.9065731

It's called exercise, you fat fuck

>> No.9065739

>120 lbs

Okay. I'm on two medications that cause me to gain weight, and have been exercising for the better part of the last year, but needed an extra boost to help me reach my goal of 110 because I have to work against those two meds. Lost 40 lbs through a combination of dieting and exercise, then plateaued at 130 and needed something to get me past it.

The original medication is called Victoza, the version that's marketed specifically for weight loss is Saxenda. They're the same thing, though.

>> No.9065740

That's too much work

>> No.9065747

>taking drugs for weight loss
Yeah, just keep shoving pills in your body, that's really gonna fucking help.

You have to work for things in this life.
Fucking useless women are too lazy even exercise but still demand a 6'6" washboard abs bf

>> No.9065777

Considering the medication (which isn't a pill) is helping, it's helped me lose the past 10 lbs and should help me lose the next 10, your decision to use sarcasm was a pretty stupid one.

I do recommend exercising, too. Do some squats and lunges, get a fine booty. Nothing wrong with a plump and perky butt.

>> No.9065805

>Nothing wrong with a plump and perky butt.
Trips demand you post qt butt

>> No.9065809

Thanks for giving the name, and I was just baiting the other anon even more.

Gotta work for a nice booty.

>> No.9066229
File: 131 KB, 852x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please do karari from Cinderella girls.

>> No.9066296

You have the option of being my gf

>> No.9066497

You'd imagine wrong. A girl being shy has no effect on getting a boyfriend. It's other problems, and she sure as hell isn't interested in some thirsty nobody on 4chan

>> No.9066636

desu it was really funny

everything I do in life is a joke

>> No.9066639

did desu just get changed to desu or am I going fucking crazy

>> No.9066962

>suggesting one of the worst girls

>> No.9067405

UK here
Got a mini alcohol powered weeb group over here
Looking for more contacts at cons because I want more Bros to go with

>> No.9067847
File: 25 KB, 680x383, 467547568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Had a problem with a stalker
>He was some Middle-Eastern exchange student at local university
>He said I looked interesting because of my style (I wear larme and some casual j-fasion mostly)
>Said he had "watched me" for months
>Wanted to talk to me even though I said I wasn't interested, followed me around in public transportation (got off of a bus on my stop even though he did not live there), almost followed me to my home
>I never called the cops because I didn't know his name and he never threatened me or touched me. The cops probably wouldn't have done jack shit anyway.
>He said he was leaving in April to go back to his home county
>I got hospitalised and had a surgery around that time, went back to live with my parents in the countryside until I was fully healed
>Returned to my own apartment about a week ago
>Figured the stalker-dude had returned to his home country by now
>He's still in town, but luckily I've only seen him in the distance and he has not spotted me

I've only ever gotten compliments from wearing j-fashion, not stalkers.
Luckily I'm moving into a different part of the city soon

>> No.9069324

>Store manager tells DM that I'd be a good candidate for SM
>Been ASM for like 6 years.
>Comes to visit.
>Store a wreck b/c people not pulling their weight and SM has been at another store and now on vacation.
>Despite that DM thinks I would make a great SM. Considering me for promotion.

>tfw: Student loan can be fully paid off. No debts, no huge living expenses. Our car is about paid off. All the brand I can buy!
>tfw: 20+ more hours a week, won't have time to wear it.

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