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Old thread a kill >>9054719

Remember not to feed the seagulls.
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What's everyone's favorite and least favorite Lolita trend at the moment?

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What's going on with Rufflecon? They sold out their special events but it seems like there's no lolita stuff getting announced. The guests they have so far is just steampunk or tangentially related non-lolita...

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If you don't wear Lolita daily you cannot call yourself a daily Lolita without that being a lie. Obviously days where you stay in and only wear PJs don't count, but if you are not wearing it every time you go out you are not a daily Lolita.

>inb4 poorfags start whining about not everyone being able to afford it

I don't care if you can't afford it, it doesn't change the fact you aren't a daily Lolita.

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leave that in the old thread.

i don't disagree, but we've had enough bickering over this.

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>What's going on with Rufflecon?

I know they're working with John Leigh to bring several brands for Rufflecon now. He has offered money as an infusion for the convention. He is organizing something with Meta and AP. Oh yeah, Misako is coming too.

It upsets me, but I need to blow the whistle before anyone else decides to budget for Rufflecon. Stay safety!

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John Leigh is working with Rufflecon???? What the fuck

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Any information on the British Bear MTO???

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Sitting in APs warehouse while they laugh.

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I can agree with that. I like to wear it as often as possible but there are days I just throw on pants to go to the store since I dont like the idea of getting dolled up to get groceries.

So technically its not "every day" but I would still call it something similar since any time I go out for real I dress up

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Can't you just put on a simple cutsew and skirt? it's not daily the way you do it.

I don't own a single pair of pants and I don't think I could call myself a daily Lolita if I had any. What is with this pattern of girls in the west owning pants and acting like lesbians?

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I don't care for the title of daily lolita but I for sure have a bigger and better wardrobe than some bodyline and taobao 'daily lolitas.' I just wear my nice dresses when my nice dresses are appropriate.

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I know its not daily? Thats literally what I said.

I dont own any skirts actually and only one pair of pants that I had to buy for work. I honestly hate pants but they are in fact easier to put on so I can get groceries

However I dont go out to do things seriously without dressing right, I only wear pants if im literally going to be out for like a few minutes to get things then go home and be back in pjs all day.

I dont feel right wearing skirts or dresses without the rest so it just gets tiresome if im going to be taking it all off in about 10 minutes.

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Take your butch self and go elsewhere please. You don't belong in frilly fashion.

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Ah I didnt know I was feeding a troll, please excuse my behavior and have fun with yourself HWC

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>everyone who says something you disagree with is HWC

Wonderful example of ignorance you have.

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Need more details. Do you have proof they're working with John?

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>What is with this pattern of girls in the west owning pants and acting like lesbians?

Anon, are you ok?

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If they announce that it's gonna be pretty funny reaction considering people paid a lot to get the upper tier passes and they don't offer refunds or allow transfer

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I'm fine but I'm just curious. I've noticed a patter between how many pants a girl owns and how much of a gross butch bitch she is.

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So I ordered my first (I guess) replica item... just some cheap socks off of lacemarket to go with a coord... but then I get this email from the seller... what does this even mean?

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Paypal had an issue recently with another seller via LM that had sold an illegal replica. The buyer knew it wasn't real, but paypal still investigated or something cause it's in their terms. I remember reading it either in here on FB. Maybe it's the same situation

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I guess her wording just confuses me to no end. I'm reading it as she's not selling me the replica item that she listed it as.

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What the fuck??? Do you have links to any sources for this?

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Fuck off, >>9062995
Is 100% right. Daily to me just means casually or on a regular basis. Like "everyday," not every day. Google it if you don't know the difference. Your attitude towards gender is literally tumblr tier. Wearing pants can still be feminine and cute, there are tons of feminine oujis. Pants are not for men. Kys

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Don't feed the troll. Or in this case, I suspect a genuinely crazy bitch.

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Favorite - transparent fabrics and the upgrade/revival of rectangle headdresses, also veils.

Least favorite - wings and and costume props

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No anon, what they are saying is you're getting your items, and that it's not an illegal rip (obvious brand specific designs brand names) and that it's markedly different from the item that has been ripped. She's trying to get her account unfrozen and she's doing her due diligence by informing you.

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Favourite - simple classic for summer . Hardly a new trend, but I'm happy it's happening again.

Least favourite - costume props. Of course there are people like nokecha and Victorianme who can make costumey stuff look amazing, but the majority of people aren't pretty enough or well coorded to balance it out.

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>didn't go this year because last year wasn't worth the money and I could tell upper staff were corrupted by anyone efamous that could make them more in with brand figureheads
Called it.

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No man you got it all wrong. A true gross butch only owns one pair of pants and she wears the same pair every day. It's the rich girls who bullied you when you finally stopped being homeschooled who own the most pants, because they cannot bear the shame of re-wearing an outfit in public more than once a year.

So anyway, are there any examples of girlfriends twinning? Most of the time couples are wearing lolita and ouji, or totally different contrasting styles which is cute too. I'm thinking of doing some kind of couples coord with my girlfriend but she thinks its cheesy when normalfag couples match.

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>Number 1 Dream dress of all dream dresses is on a 2nd hand site
>Have no money for frivolities like lolita rn because of an emergency
>Get paid on 1st july so it's not like I won't have money, just not this goddamn second
>Legit am screaming
>What even do

It's a fairly popular piece from a couple of years ago . Do I cry, punch a baby, sell my liver, or kill myself? Or all 4?

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Ah alright thank you!

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How's your credit card situation?

>> No.9063132

which dress is it anon? Can someone lend you some money or give you an "early present" of some sort?

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I don't have one, and I'm not wanting to get in debt. Also due to this emergency, I leave the country in two days, and I'm too busy so I can't even get one even if I wanted to acquire some sweet sweet dream dress debt.
RIP me . I've been non stop looking since I got into the fashion, it was literally the dress that made me need lolita, but I was too much of a poor student to justify spending crazy money on a dress back then. It's at the lowest price I've ever seen it and it's the version that's suitable for my giraffe body.
Basically just kill me.

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My birthday is next month, so I guess I could. I just have a crazy bad feeling about making someone pay upwards of £100 for me, even though that's such a good deal for lolita and I KNOW I'm never likely to see it for such a good price.
Blegh, wish I didn't have a moral compass

sage for double post

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>don't have a credit card
Anon, you'll never build your credit if you don't start a history.
Get a starter card, one you don't have to pay to keep open hopefully, and start building your credit and your dreams.

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Weirdly enough my friend said the exact thing today, so I'm going to get one as soon as I'm back in the country. For my poor dress, however, I don't think that's soon enough. I'm certain it's not going to wait 12 days for me. Fuck monthly payments, my dudes.
Guess there's nothing else to do but feel sorry for myself and c r y

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Such a thing as building a history doesn't exist like that in every country. In my country getting any debt at all, even if you pay it off, will lead to a lower score.

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Now I'm really interested which dress you're talking about.
I know there were some seagulls around who would buy dream dresses to hold them for a while. Dunno if that's an option.

>> No.9063177

Do people like that even exist?????? That's like the sweetest thing ever. Dream dress solidarity.

I really don't want to ask for charity, but is there anyone interested in maybe doing that for me? I'd pay all expenses, obviously. It would probably be best for only UK gulls to answer this sad seagull, because the thought of getting screwed by customs twice physically pains me.

>> No.9063193

i was actually going to offer to do this for you anon, because i had someone do this for me once before too. it was seriously a lifesaver.

unfortunately i'm US based, but if you change your mind i'm happy to help! do you midn if we ask which dress?

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Since PayPal usually takes forever to process payments I have bought stuff knowing I have money coming in the next two weeks max and it has worked out. That's about as close as I'll ever get to using credit.

>> No.9063217

Awww anon! Thank you so much , but I have given too much of my money to horrible UK customs to be able to give them any more. What does the queen even need my money for????
I guess it could work if you could somehow give a different address than your PayPal one on the buying form? I don't know, it's wunderwelt and I've never ordered from them before...... thanks anyway though!!!! Oh and I'd tell you the dress but I'm super spooked by the people/trolls who say they buy people's dream dresses just because they can. I'm not withholding the dress because it's super secret info or anything, I'm just withholding because I'm scared the trolls might be real! My love for this dress is so strong I'm willing to look paranoid and crazy haha, I'll tell you if I get it (or if I don't)

Hmm maybe that will work????? I mean, I'm almost willing to give it a shot but I don't want to get banned/blacklisted from wunderwelt, and I don't think I'll be able to use the internet much to check if they message when I'm away. Thanks anyway though, I might have to resort to that if I can't get a surrogate buyer.

>> No.9063226

favorite: veils and nun dresses, shit's so classy
least favorite: underskirt overload

>> No.9063230

Do you want to drop your email? I'm UK based and could possibly help depending on how much it is.

With my PayPal things usually go out in 4-5 working days so I wouldn't recommend relying on it not going through for a week.

>> No.9063239

My email is [email protected]
So grateful you're even considering tbqh
Yeah I'm not actually sure how I'd work the PayPal thing considering its 12 days, Im just willing to try anything haha

>> No.9063252

The point is to pay it off the same month/period you get it. You aren't supposed to be in debt really but show you can pay off things.

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Was wasting my time in Aliexpress when I saw this dress and I liked it for normie formal time. (I was planing to remove the lace in the shoulders as I don't like it and wear it with a bluse).
Do you know if this is a replica of something? I don't want to buy replicas, and it looks too nice to be an original.

>> No.9063340

I like that the more sugary part of sweet is coming back, and everything isn't so sweet-classic. Who cares if most of the prints have been crap, it can only improve from here on out.

That being said, I hate how simple coords are being forgotten in lieu of messy OTT minstrel that walk the fine line between ita and lolita.
I love extravagance in lolita, just not 24/7.

>> No.9063347

Lay down and cry with me because I feel your pain.

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So I just got aquarium carnival in the mail. It's quality is terrible. Like AP, what are you doing. The waist seam has chiffon fray sticking out from when they joined the seams. The loops for the overskirt to attach are so small it took me 10 minutes to get one side off all while worrying I'd destroy the fabric the button is attached to. The overskirt fabric feels so cheap and has a really odd hue. The only nice thing I found was the back lacing is the thick nicer quality lacing.

>> No.9063395

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

>> No.9063397

I feel like the design was ripped from To Alice but maybe I'm just imagining that. It's not a big brand replica at least. Anyway this dress is alllll over taobao, ebay and other chinese sales so I guess I would be wary of people recognizing it as a cheap dress.
I think it has potential if you wear it without the lace overdress since that really cheapens it.

>> No.9063409

Ok so this is going to be a weird question, but where can I find miniature replica fabric? And if not find, how would I go about making some? I'm specifically looking for printed chiffon like Holy Lantern but cottons would be cool too. I want to make mini versions of dresses for my dolls so it needs to be scaled down and I doubt Id be able to handpaint it.

>> No.9063431

I doubt anyone sells it. You might just want try printing it yourself, if possible. Either redraw a simple print, or use the stick print image maybe? But the stock images usually only show parts of the print in each colorway, so it might be hard to make that work. (How do replica makers do it?) You could either screenprint it yourself (I think you can buy special paper to do this) or find a service that will do it for you. Copyright may be an issue if you don't do it yourself.

>> No.9063432

HL isn't printed, it's flocked.

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File: 1.72 MB, 4208x3120, tmp_7592-IMG_20160620_2002411964862834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know someone has done it before. Check spoonflower. I know I saw it there before.

It also has oddly aligned waist tie buttons. All my other dresses it's near the waist seam. Maybe it's just me, but it seems ridiculously high.

>> No.9063611

There was an anon who posted a dress she made for her doll with replica fabric when the Lolita sewing collective group was getting made. But a bunch of salty anons scared her off because "wahhhh replica". Hopefully she sees your post and she can give you some advice

>> No.9063619

The faster you can pay it off the better it will be.

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The set is worth $230. I hope no one buys that overpriced shit.

>> No.9063790

you can easily relocate the buttons if you need to

>> No.9063813


This part is normal, at least. On drop-waist/lower-waisted dresses they put the buttons at the waist, or rather, at where they think model body's waist is.

I didn't think the peplum jsk (which I'm guesssing is what you got) was low-waisted, but now that I look again the other jsk doesn't say high-waisted jsk, just jsk. Maybe their model body this time around is a midget or something, wouldn't be the first time AP designs short dresses for short people.

>> No.9063814 [DELETED] 

I plan on it as waist tie buttons have already ruined one of my chiffon dress already.

>> No.9063825

I plan on it as waist tie buttons have already ruined one of my chiffon dress already. Why they think attaching a button that will be pulled to chiffon is beyond me.

That would make sense. I think it might be because the straps are so long that I'm thrown off by where it sits.

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File: 306 KB, 500x600, 06071553_57566f5e96abd[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's a photo from the site showing the button attached to the middle of nowhere. So I guess they didn't mess that part up, at least. And the bodice fraying can be easily fixed with a sharp pair of scissors (and careful cutting).

How bad is the overskirt? I didn't realise it had loops, I thought from the photos it's just a shorter, sheer skirt layered on top of the jsk.

I bought the navy peplum jsk as well, but I'm waiting for British Bear before I ship them both (sigh). Kinda worried to hear about quality issues. I'll take your wisdom in moving the buttons, thank you muchly for that idea. At least the lacing ribbon is nice...

>> No.9063873

AP forgot about it, and now they forgot the Antoinette Decoration tights.

Sometimes I don't know why I bother with this brand.

>> No.9063889

Cool. I don't care if it's a famous "cheap" dress as I just want it for normie stuff.

>> No.9063894

It has loops all around it spaced evenly I think so you can make it off center if you want. Mine was off center when I got it. The fabric is just really weird to me, doesn't feel nice at all and seems cheap. The lace they used isn't as nice either, it's more stiff. You might be okay with navy, but the sax overskirt looks kinda dingy in it's coloring.

Bit of advice with the buttons, put a flat button on the other side when you sew it on, so it pulls on the flat button, not fabric.

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File: 179 KB, 349x449, lolita mems misdy ski.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sauce? any more info?
I'd like to know asap so I can charge-back my ticket asap and plan out that weekend for other events

>> No.9063952

>You must be 18 to use this site

Doesn't look like a replica that I know of

>> No.9063956

I really think you should take some pics and send them to AP before you do any alterations anon, that's shitty quality control right there. If I'd spent 300(ish) dollars on a normalfag designer dress and it arrived in that condition I'd send it straight back.

I don't get why people put up with stuff like this from lolita brands, I know you should fear being blacklisted but seriously brands should know when their customers notice their quality slipping.

>> No.9063969

Maybe for EU, but in the US if you pay it off in the same month its like you never charged it at all. Pay off most of it, then finish it in the following month.
Anon posted it when it would have been unreasonably late/early to care about /cgl/. You can't blame me since we're still the majority.

>> No.9063985

I wear lolita literally every day I'm not required to wear something else. I consider this daily lolita.

>> No.9064013


You're a godsend just for the buttons advice, anon. Thank you so much.

I'm going to second what >>9063956 said, at least consider sending some photos to AP so they know there's at least some dissatisfied customers out there.

>> No.9064184

Anyone else here who wants to (partly) convert to Otome but just can't justify paying the same amount of money for a way less detailed dress?

I want to buy some Jane Marple dresses, but the skirts aren't as full, they have no real lace and have mostly the same construction over and over. I just can't see myself paying $200-300 for such a simple dress, even if I can wear it much more easily.

>> No.9064189

No, anon. Just no. You pay it off every month and they increase your limit trying to get you to spend more so you'll start paying them interest. Try credit karma, seriously. It does not work that way.

>> No.9064193

I think I might send a few. I'm not sure what to say though, I'm not trying to send it back, just kinda annoyed...

>> No.9064262


If you pay $250 for an AP dress, let's say the resale is around $200 (with the way AP is going and leftovers in the shop). You might maybe wear it once a year because you don't want to repeat outfits to big meetups. So you just "rented" a dress for $50 for one-time wear.

If you pay $250 for an otome dress and wear it every weekend, meetup or no, then that averages out to what, $5 per wear, 50 wears per year (every weekend). And that's not counting the resale value. So you more or less get better value from wearing the dress more often.

If that's still too steep for you, you can try picking them up secondhand, there's the occassional skirt or dress on mbok or closet child that's somewhat lower than retail, although of course these would be the less popular dresses.

>> No.9064271

have fun getting banned from AP kek

>> No.9064277

Hoping Aquarium Carnival goes to clearance because I like it but not enough to pay retail esp. if the quality isn't fab

>> No.9064284

When do the fall AP / Baby / AATP prints get released already? I'm so over these shitty summer prints.

>> No.9064289


I'm over everyone here sucking their dicks. That's all we hear every thread.

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File: 62 KB, 600x1066, 660406-6766-2016-05-31529931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe if you stopped slamming your dirty ass door on your dresses you could actually sell them.

>> No.9064307
File: 537 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know why these won't sell, AP???

1) KARMA - Give us the damn British Bear already! This is bullshit!
2) The print is shit, innit?

>> No.9064316

I own this dress and looking at that hurts. Ugh why. The lace is so delicate, that had to have caused damage.

>> No.9064323

I actually really like this dress but the cuts are keeping me from buying it. I want cute cuts goddamnit.

>> No.9064341

I don't know why you think that lolitas wear a new dress once a year?
I'm not in a comm and don't frequent cons so I always wear my dresses when I'm going out. I could wear Jane Marple twice as much, but I still can't get over a high price for simple clothing.

>> No.9064344

Each to their own, anon but lucky for you, you'll get it half price in the Summer Sales, or wait for that 'Special Set'

>> No.9064345

I think she/he is speaking figuratively

>> No.9064346

This can't be real, can it?

>> No.9064351


Fuck, I don't even own that dress and it makes me twitch. I don't know why she insists on doing this stupid door shit instead of laying it on the bed like every other sane seller without a mannequin.

>> No.9064377

It is true. There is a reason why Choke is in the US right now. Seems Choke and John have soothe things out from their previous falling out.

>> No.9064378

I really hope you're not lying anon because if you are that's a shitty thing to do. I'd like to see caps.

>> No.9064399

Haha, she so reminds me of a character from a show I listen to who once said the quote
>I wore a pantsuit to church 4 weeks in a row, if that's not lesbian I don't know what is

The character is a bored OTT cringe fest housewife too. I often wonder if she's pulling stuff from the show to troll here. She seems like that kind of uninventive person.

>> No.9064406

>you both wear lolita
....you know you're not right?

>> No.9064421

Stuff in stock a few days after release is a poor indicator of a print's popularity ever since AP increased stock.

>> No.9064422

That's not why she is in the US. She was a guest at comicpalooza. A Con in no way part of AM. Take your tin foil hat off.

>> No.9064425

Did she ever send out her back orders? Or are people still waiting on stuff while she flies to the US?

>> No.9064437

What is the best thread to post about sales issues? I see it posted about here but you never know these days.

>> No.9064439

I've never had that experience with a credit card.

>> No.9064441

Well that's only if you have good credit. If you have bad credit and are doing paying off immediately, it'll take a while.

>> No.9064442

I talk to a cosplayer on insta who wears lolita like once a year to a con.

>> No.9064444

Conlitas are not lolitas.

>> No.9064447

No I mean, I've only had one credit card. I had no problem paying it off and getting rid of it. I wrecked my credit later on and now I'd have to get a secure card before I can have a real card again lol.

>> No.9064449

My comm considers them.

>> No.9064459

Credit is built over time. The longer you have a credit card, bank account, car loan, bank loan, etc. the better. If you are making timely payments, you are building credit. If you have a bunch of credit cards that you opened within the past few months, that will lower your credit score as you have no history of payment and the danger of spending more than you can repay. But really creditkarma gives advice on how to manage all this and build your credit. You don't need to hold a balance on your credit card to build credit. But is sounds like you need to maintain an account for a while anon. Good luck.

>> No.9064506

Where do people usually buy peignoirs?

>> No.9064530

Then your comm is shit.

>> No.9064558

I took a chance and bought a dream dress from her that was in the door like that and thankfully there was no mark or damage from that shit, but it made me really apprehensive about buying it and is probably why the listing was up for as long as it was. I don't know why she thinks it's a good idea...

>> No.9064567

That may have just been a problem with that cut. I'll have my OP at the end of June and a friend of mine bought the high-waisted JSK, I'll ask her for a review and review mine when it gets here.

>> No.9064574

That's the one I want most though aha. Some reviews would be awesome though, I've seen above really

>> No.9064581 [DELETED] 

AP does that with the buttons often. They put it at the natural waist even if that doesn't line up with the "waist" seam of the dress design.

>> No.9064593

Yeah, I'd love to know how the other cuts and colorways are as well. Even a second opinion on sax, I could have just been unlucky.

>> No.9064669

would it be ok to wear my black petticoat under a pink dress IF i wore an additional small white petticoat over it as well? small as in cheap halloween store types, something thin. i worry the black will still show be noticeable through the fabric, but my white daily petti won't achieve the poof i want for this meet.

>> No.9064672
File: 147 KB, 480x640, departure hymn jsk 2 black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any info on when the reservations for this will be released? They said May ...

>> No.9064688

Try them on together and see what it looks like. If the black petticoat doesn't show through the fabric then you're good.

>> No.9064731
File: 1.22 MB, 3636x4560, 1466132224865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting because wew that story

>> No.9064761

I don't know if you're trying to make a meme of this or what but shut the fuck up, nobody cares anymore

>> No.9064772

>being so salty about some greentext
Who peed in your cereal?

>> No.9064773

No one cares.

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File: 176 KB, 615x494, 1443814943670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting that ridiculously fake robot fap material again.

>> No.9064785

Obviously fake but still amusing (until the sex part)

>> No.9064788

Thrift stores, vintage clothing stores, etsy. Don't get a floor length one unless your dress is also floor length.

>> No.9064790
File: 6 KB, 225x225, nigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i want to make an OC yandereloli out of this story

>> No.9064793

dunno if it really is a /robot who wrote this but then, he lurked /cgl/ pretty hard.

>> No.9064801

>dunno if it really is a /robot who wrote this
>implying anyone else would make a self inset fap story like this

>> No.9064804

Fucking hell when are AP and
Baby announce their LPs? Getting impatient af familia.

>> No.9064806

When they ship out British Bear

>> No.9064808

So never? Feeling for all the BB-anons, hope you get your stuff soon.

>> No.9064814

Comicpalooza takes place in Houston though, so it's possible John could arrange a meeting with her while she's in town.

>> No.9064825

Is it possible to order from Tokyo Alice using their cart? They say it can be done on their site, but then I put in the item and it says it can't be shipped to the US and when I try to check out it has the address text boxes as if I had a Japanese address. Do I just put it in anyways and choose "other" prefecture? Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.9064850

I know I never clicked on that faggy thumbnail and I didn't believe ironing board chan for a second.

You're all gullible.

>> No.9064852

Nah. My comm is great and extremely supportive while maintaining a good dress code. Sorry you only know how to say negative things because you're anon.

>> No.9064857

I'm certain they didn't meet. You just throwing out crazy speculation now. Houston is a big city not everything that happens here relates to John.

>> No.9064869

Hey anon, I'm UK based so may also be able to help depending on the price. Approx how much is it?

>tfw pound has been dropping

>> No.9064978

Is this a second round or just a release?

>> No.9065013

Where is ShelbyCloud at? It's been a year+ since she last posted a vid. And I just know her sister or someone close died so she stepped off for a while but never heard of her since.
Is she even still into lolita? She was such an inspiration for me. I hope she's fine wherever she is

>> No.9065016
File: 42 KB, 535x339, how.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ho does this even happen?? Is a headbow worth $200 now?

>> No.9065022

>I totally just read speculation as speculum

>> No.9065070

Check her tumblr. She's been posting again

>> No.9065095

She also posts on CoF sometimes.

>> No.9065105

It's comes with the OP you dolt

>> No.9065152

Why are you even on this site? Lolita is a fashion, not in your heart or some shit

>> No.9065163


The $420 listing is not only an additional headbow, it's also brand new with tag. Less chances of smelly armpit stains, makeup stains, opening the bag and finding food crumbs, snags in the chiffon, etc etc. That, on top of being a convenient set.

So to answer your question, you are indeed a dolt, and no, the headbow alone is not worth $200.

>> No.9065175

I had that same problem and never did figure it out

>> No.9065196


I had the same issues and I couldn't figure it out either so I just shot them an email with my information and the links to the items I wanted and we handled the transaction in less than 24 hours. There's info on how to do that on their website.

>> No.9065243

I'm aware, but as difficult as it is for me to print on chiffon its going to be goddam impossible to flock it.
I have some images that were posted in wallpaper threads that might be usable especially in small scale but I'll have to fudge them around in Photoshop probably. I don't own a good enough printer to do it at home though, and not sure I could make it wide and long enough that way to make dresses without weird piecing going on.

maybe I'm searching wrong but all I see is generic lolita-ish prints scaled down. The closest thing to replica doll scale is Lovely Horse Derpy Chan.
I hope. The closest I've seen so far is someone who pieced together similar fabric to make something close to Melty Chocolate.

>> No.9065265

Yeah, I gave up and that's what I did. They got back to me quickly so that's good. I might ask because it'd be nice in the case of an item being bought out from under you.

>> No.9065298

Opinions on trans women dressing in nice coord lolita? I've seen a lot of people say trans women aren't allowed in the general community, but I say otherwise.

>> No.9065302

it's fine imo

>> No.9065316
File: 199 KB, 350x490, 1356623424961.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure what is worse, this bait, or the fact that like half a dozen people took it seriously.

Rufflecon has people who are in the anime con scene and know that John Leigh is a shit hole of a human being. I've TALKED to people who work with Rufflecon about how he is a shit hole of a human being. There is zero chance of this happening.

This also ignores the fact that Rufflecon specifically tries to bring less well known guests (aka NOT Misako) that Anime Conventions tend not to sponsor.

>> No.9065331

I'd love to start adding some otome pieces to my wardrobe but no way I'm spending 30,000 yen on a Jsk. I'm a poorfag and 19,000 IW pushes my budget. Otome brands are way more expensive than lolita ones.

>> No.9065340

A lot of secondhand stores have ETC and JM for under 15,000. They may not be the newest or most popular releases, but they're affordable otome. Also some of the more toned down stuff from lolita brands can also be worn for otome if styled correctly.

>> No.9065368

As long as you're actually on estrogen or are seriously planning the transition but life circumstances are delaying it. This is what separates us from the sissies.

>> No.9065405


It's just a figure, anon. Do your own maths if you want to. Or don't buy otome if you don't want to.

Someone asked for advice and I tried to give a different point of view to look at things is all.

>> No.9065407

If you look at normie "small designer" brands, you'll find that they are pretty much the same in price as many of the otome brands. Lolita is very cheap for what it is.

>> No.9065490

Would it be in poor taste to alter a gift someone made for you? I really like the piece, but I want to paint it a different color.

>> No.9065491

If you're not in everybodies faces about being trans, then I don't mind at all. Have met some very pretty m/f lolitas.

>> No.9065507
File: 143 KB, 500x750, gyaru-hairns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to be strangled in my sleep for saying this, but I'm a huge scepter-chan. All clothing is a type of costumery to me, born naked and the rest is drag type- a situation, so I don't see a point in looking modest when a petti is already involved. Might aswell spread the magic with all the sugary power I've got.

However, ultra contrasty coords and dresses irk me. Something about red-white-brown prints.

>> No.9065523

So I remember when Haenuli's phantom of the opera print was released, lots of people were saying that it ran really big, is this the case with all of their stuff? I'm thinking about getting their new release and not sure what size to go for. I haven't bought anything from them before, according to the chart I'm an M in the bust and a S in the waist

>> No.9065524

I know absolutely nothing about lolita, so maybe it just comes from being in the community for a long time, but how on Earth can you guys tell if something is replica in a single glance? Not only that but being able to instantly tell what line the piece is from. I saw someone comment on how someone had used a Bodyline waistband with Angelic Pretty (I think?) and I didn't even notice a difference. How do you guys do it?

>> No.9065530
File: 390 KB, 689x517, haenuli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the piece you're referring to? I love the print on the bottom but I just can't bring myself to like the sleeves for some reason...

>> No.9065535

Yea that's the one, people were saying it ran quite large.

>> No.9065547

By having a long history of obessively comparing materials, quality, reviews and price I guess. Some stores have a rep for selling replicas and shoop their pictures. It's like any collecting hobby in that sense, you can tell which Miku figurine is a knockoff by which one is badly painted and cross eyed. You can google this if you're more interested, replica sites pull some wacky shit in advertising.

>> No.9065550
File: 60 KB, 341x353, 1427375762488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I could message yahoo!auctions sellers directly.
There is this one auction for an ivory Melty Cream Donut JSK I've been watching. I saw it being relisted a few times, because it was a bit overpriced (40,000 yen and 45,000 yen BIN) and I was planning to maybe buy it with my birthday money in a month.
Now I checked if it got relisted again, hoping for a lower price.
It's relisted but now the starting bid is 45,000 yen and 48,000 yen BIN.
Like, girl, nobody wanted it for 40,000 and noone will pay even more.

>> No.9065554

Moon Jelly Princess ran really large, at least the OP did. It barely stretches on my fat ass. I got an XL for reference.

>half shirred brand only fat.

>> No.9065555
File: 66 KB, 450x672, appp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For one, brand pieces tend to be absolutely perfect. There are exceptions like the AP dress in this thread, but usually the prints and bows and lace are perfectly aligned and are chosen with care.
Replicas don't care so much about using the correct buttons, the right lace and don't notice if the print is cut off or upside down.
Pic related for example has the print cut off at the bottom. The original print has the "ribbon" that's seperating the squares going around the hem.

>> No.9065564
File: 207 KB, 1099x800, replica.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, just look at that sad replica on the left. The buttons aren't on the right place, the fabric isn't high quality, the colors mismatch and the bodice is poorly constructed.

>> No.9065575

The lace at the hem isn't gathered, either, which is another way to tell replicas apart from originals.

>> No.9065597

taobao has some good indie designs: Dear Celine's midsummer night overdress, and Angels Heart's secret language of flora "surface layer dress". I have both and they are lovely

>> No.9065647

>$5 per wear, 50 wears per year (every weekend). And that's not counting the resale value.

If a dress was literally worn every weekend of the year, it wouldn't sell for much secondhand.

>> No.9065650

>what is reading comprehension

Aka if she thinks normalfag couples wearing matching outfits is cheesy, she will likely think lolita ones more so. So dumb.

>> No.9065652

Yes. It is possible (as you described).

>> No.9065670

heh, smartypants

>> No.9065676
File: 283 KB, 595x842, tumblr_o965856fnT1qbuhibo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any news on the autumn collection??
>Ap gives us British Bear first..

>> No.9065696

I have seen so many Japanese auctions like that and I'll never fucking understand the logic.

>> No.9065716


That's part of why I ignored the resale value, I originally had some bits in there about the resale value but I deleted it because it made the second paragraph look really long. If I'd known people would want to nitpick it I'd have left it in.

Practically speaking, the resale value boils down to "uncertain" anyway, because some dresses hold up to fifty wears, and you'd still be able to get like $50 back for an old dress that still looks pretty good. Whereas some other dresses start fading and pilling and falling apart and you have to throw it out. The variety of materials used even in one single brand is so wide, though, there's no real way to tell for sure whether it will hold up to 50 dresses or not.

For the record, I'm not advocating otome over lolita. You can apply the same logic to choose a simpler dress over an OTT princess dress instead of otome vs lolita anyway.

>> No.9065718


goshdarn, anon, I saw the tartan in the thumbnail and got all excited for British Bear before I read your post

>> No.9065728

Well yeah, I was as well when I saw it on tumblr, thinking "Finally, they'll ship it out!".
But no, they're announcing their new autumn tartan print when they haven't shipped last season's MTO print.

>> No.9065745
File: 403 KB, 1198x1795, 81E7eXposWL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the OP

>> No.9065774

I think you're referring to someone wearing an Angelic Pretty sash with a bodyline dress and that was obvious bc it said Angelic Pretty across plus I don't think body line have ever made a sash but you just learn to recognise stuff from seeing it a lot especially if it's pieces you like/are popular

>> No.9065776

Oh my, I am a sucker for tartan

>> No.9065789

I'm so happy I hate tartan. My wallet is safe for a while...

>> No.9065824


>that periwinkle blue bag with that teal blue skirt tho


I might shoot AP an email asking for an update since it's already halfway through June. Will report back if they answer.

>> No.9065867
File: 607 KB, 623x800, 6391147_p5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently moved to another location, and am going to be going to my first meet up in the new comm. Everyone seems to be older than me (Just graduated highschool) and I'm not sure how I'm gonna be able to connect to everyone. Any tips?

Also they are having two meetups this weekend, and I'm not sure which is the better one to go to, ones a restaurant and museum trip and the other is a trolley tour.
Which ones the best for socialization?

(reposting this from another thread because the meetup is coming soon)

>> No.9065892

Anon who painted this? It's beautiful.

>> No.9065912

Anyone have any experience lengthening JSK straps? The fit of a lot of my innocent world dresses is off just because the straps are too short and I'd just like to see some pictures of it done well before I commit to getting them done.

>> No.9065917

GDI, is Lolibrary on its period again? Site seems to be down.

>> No.9065919

Depends on the way that the straps are sown into the dress. Are they easily removable? You might need to work on the bodice as well if not.

At times where the straps are too short I use the waist ties. if there is not enough lace for the new straps, find something suitable.

If no waist ties, I just go for thin straps (the sort that AP does once in a while and no one likes, but hey, it is better than no straps at all). I use plain fabric which will suit the colour and texture of the dress. Good luck!

>> No.9065923

i don't have any pictures but i lengthen all of my jsk straps because i've got a freakishly long torso. i just get some ribbon in a matching colour, hand stitch it to the ends of the straps, then fold the edges and hem so it looks nice and subtle. it can always be removed should you decide to resell your dress!

>> No.9065927

Depends if the trolley tour means listening to a tour guide the whole time or not, because obviously you don't want to be rude and talk over them. Restaurant + museum atmosphere seems better for conversation. I'd go to both, personally!

And don't sweat the age difference. First and foremost, each time you approach someone to talk, start with a compliment (anything at all even if you don't actually believe it because it's just to break the ice). Oh I love your accessories, where did you get them? Oh I love your makeup, how did you get that effect? Btw I'm newfag and kind of nervous, how long have you all known each other? Do you dress in lolita outside of meets? I'm actually hoping to find someone who'll dress up and go thrifting with me, would you be interested sometime? Or you can ask them about their studies, how they got into that, etc. Good luck!

>> No.9065935

Shit, that's cool. I guess there goes my savings.

>> No.9065938

I don't think anyone's going to mind the age difference. Unless you act really immature or something like that. As for the place, I agree that the restaurant and the museum are a better place for socializing. However, if you know (or get along) with someone who's going to the other meeting, you might want to go to that. It'll be easier for you to connect if you're already friends with someone.
Good luck on your first meet.

>> No.9065940

hope there is a black version for this, damn.

>> No.9065943

I would say the museum trip. Fair warning though, what I've personally noticed in my comm at least is that at our museum meets, the bigger the group the more likely it is that people will just naturally split off into their own groups. This may or may not make it harder for interaction, but the restaurant hopefully should help with that since you can sit down with people and talk more easily.

I joined my comm when I was 19, most of the members are all somewhere along their 20's and a few are early 30's. How much older are people? If they're college kids, you shouldn't find it too hard to connect with them but if they're like, 27 with regular jobs with salaries I could understand your worry. If you can't relate to them just in personal interests or with life, then perhaps try to just connect through the fashion. Ask if anyone's bought anything recently, talk about the latest releases, ask what people's favorite dresses are, etc.

>> No.9065979 [DELETED] 

Most lolitas are really avid about trans rights (often to the point of being obnoxious as fuck), it's sissies we take issue with, which are completely different. As long as you dress well and don't talk about sex, no one reasonable will mistake you for a sissy.
>if you're not physically transitioning you are not a transwoman and won't be accepted
You do realize that this mentality is extremely transphobic and gross, right? And no, being trans yourself doesn't magically mean you're immune to being bigotted against your own kind.

>> No.9065984 [DELETED] 

>not wanting to transition
Okay, Tumblr.

>> No.9065987 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 600x600, 1465521373363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You do realize that this mentality is extremely transphobic and gross, right?

>> No.9065992

bst thread?

>> No.9065996

lolita gen is the right place for general inquiries or advice seeking. BST is more for direct sales and specific transaction related stuff to direct sales posts. scammer notices are usually crossposted to both just because awareness is important in that situation.

>> No.9066002 [DELETED] 

Oh please, can we seriously stop throwing the word "tumblr" around anytime someone points out facts as if it means anything? I don't even have a Tumblr, I'm just not completely ignorant to what physically transitioning does to a person's body. You don't even get a functioning vagina and become vulnerable to all sorts of terrible complications. Plus, being on hormones can greatly fuck with someone mentally. Saying that someone is not transgender just because they don't want to go through the process of physically transitioning is ignorant and transphobic. Please bother to look up what transitioning actually entails before judging people you obviously know nothing about for not doing it.

>> No.9066011
File: 1.04 MB, 921x1185, 8965505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hes an amazing artist and a touhou fan.
Alot of his older works are very traditional though!

>> No.9066026

I wouldn't think so as long as you're not gutting the piece for parts. I don't understand why people get pissy over gifts. It's yours, and you should be able to do what you want with it.

>> No.9066029 [DELETED] 

If it's not worth all the pain to transition to the gender that's "oh so important to you!!" you 're not trans. You are just some trans trenderwho's too pussy to take the plunge, because you're actually not that serious about it.

>> No.9066032
File: 1.40 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-22-13-38-54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucking chinese lolitas

>> No.9066034

A-at least we know the print doesn't run?

>> No.9066044

I really like the idea of this shoot, but it would've been a lot nicer if the bathtub didn't look like it came from a love hotel.

The makeup is really nice though.

>> No.9066055

I love the artist incorporated Daydreaming Goldfish for this art piece. It's perfect even though the brand is ruined.

Daydreaming Goldfish and Koi Koi Floral Cards make Meta unique.

>> No.9066057

Why is the brand ruined? you have to wash it after all, and if the print doesn't run in water I don't see why you would bother with dry cleaning.

>> No.9066063 [DELETED] 

this +10000

>> No.9066086 [DELETED] 

>you can't be trans if you're not willing to risk extreme complications for a half-assed vagina that doesn't even work
No, you are factually incorrect and clearly have some transphobia issues you desperately need to work out. There is nothing in the definition that says you have to go through that physical hell only to have an unfunctioning vagina prone to tremendous complications to be ~truly trans~. There's a reason many doctors who are trans allies won't even do the surgery, because it often just ends in further depression and horrible infections, hence why you have so many people suicidal after having it. Your own personal definition of a truly trans person does not override the actual definition, which does not require the surgery. Get over yourself and reevaluate why it is that you can consider someone trans if they're not willing to mutilate their genitalia.

>> No.9066107 [DELETED] 

>you can't be trans if you're not willing to risk extreme complications for a half-assed vagina that doesn't even work
No, you are factually incorrect and clearly have some transphobia issues you desperately need to work out. There is nothing in the definition that says you have to pay the tens of thousands of dollars to go through that physical hell only to have an unfunctioning vagina prone to tremendous complications to be ~truly trans~. There's a reason many doctors who are trans allies won't even do the surgery, because it often just ends in further depression and horrible infections, hence why you have so many people suicidal after having it. Your own personal definition of a truly trans person does not override the actual definition, which does not require the surgery. Get over yourself and reevaluate why it is that you can't consider someone trans if they're not willing to mutilate their genitalia.

Also, the fact you can't seem to see the difference between a transwoman who lives the life of a woman and dresses like one every day, and a Tumblr fakeboi trendwhore who wears dresses while calling themselves a boy speaks volumes about how narrowminded you are.

>> No.9066125


I ain't even mad

>> No.9066126

can all of you arguing about trannies get the fuck out and go to lolcow or something. This isn't the place

>> No.9066132

I don't agree or disagree with you but here is not the place to be arguing about transitioning. The people you're talking to don't care regardless of how right or wrong you are and this isn't even tangentially related to lolita anymore. Just move on knowing what you know.

>> No.9066145

You're right, sorry for contributing to derailing the thread.

>> No.9066148

>what is sarcasm
Good lord.

>> No.9066153

I'm trying to buy something from Haenuli to go with one of their dresses. It was listed on their Storenvy site earlier this month, but now it's no longer listed. I sent them message I wonder if they will respond back.

>> No.9066193

Haha what do you think

>> No.9066199

I'm glad I introduced the word dolt to this board.

>> No.9066202


The board's going to overuse it now like they did to 'you absolute fucking walnut.'

>> No.9066204

>no goldfish in the tub

>> No.9066212

The lolita is the goldfish.

>> No.9066352

Ah, thanks. I'll probably go for the S since I plan on losing another 10lbs anyway

>> No.9066434

>catalog filled with lolitas
I thought /cgl/ was the secret cp board for about 2min

>> No.9066563

Lmao I was thinking this too

>> No.9066603

Still not sure how it's ruined? Do you ruin your dresses by getting them wet? I've handwashed my daydreaming goldfish dress, and it was fine...

>> No.9066776

Some dresses should only be dry-cleaned, but it looks like this one is fine. At least, I don't see any signs of the print running.

>> No.9066887
File: 108 KB, 612x859, 13494884_10205146940273524_3974065339286176213_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coming out this weekend.

>> No.9066913


It doesn't work if you genuinely come across as a dolt though. Such as posting a completely different comment and then the listings show that you're in fact talking about two OP listings instead of a headbow.

>> No.9066915

It's a good thing I don't like tartan, even though this is super cute. I'm bracing for what else is in the mook, though.

>> No.9066942

I was in love with it at first but now that I'm seeing it clearly, it looks like expensive bodyline

>> No.9066950

The OP is the only cut I like and it's not shirred... RIP busty me.

>> No.9066981

I'm so glad I messaged chibi when this first came out, it's so fucking cute!!!

>> No.9066996

Is that an ice cream cone bag?

>> No.9067018

I think it's just a decoration on the picture. the writing next to it are for the socks and the jumperskirt.

>> No.9067034

The first wave sold out, then they held a reservation for the second round (this one) which sold out too.

>> No.9067094

You could try instead to tie the straps around your neck like a halter top.

>> No.9067108

The straps might not be adjustable on certain cuts.

For adjustable button straps, you can make strap extensions that attach by buttons. For nonadjustable straps, I usually tuck them in and sew on new ones with ribbons that match the main colour of the JSK. For the sleeveless bodice style, you're SOL unless you know a good seamstress or have some professional sewing knowledge.

>> No.9067202

Ah okay. That would have made an interesting bag.

>> No.9067311

oh my god you guys are paranoid

take your fucking meds, gullible gulls, this is so obviously false

>> No.9067322

Oh man. This is the girl that has the picture of all the holy lanterns she has together. Followed.

>> No.9067324

>all those fucking tassels

>> No.9067374

You are so stupid

>> No.9067384

It has this AP OTT era vibe. I'm wondering how popular this will be. My guess is that mint and pink will be a bloodbath.

>> No.9067504

I really hope that this followed the trend of not selling out because I really want it but can't afford it right now.

It's way too cute though but I'm trying to not pull from savings

>> No.9067510
File: 426 KB, 667x500, IMG_0870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've made 1/3 doll-sized replicas for my dolls. Fabric is spoonflower, except this was my first try and I got the colours wrong. Lace was dyed, ribbon is from taobao.

If you search for those "wallpaper" images, they're often detailed enough to do doll prints with, if that helps.

>> No.9067518

I wish they picked a nicer bathtub.

>> No.9067543

You dont have to fuss around with spoonflower and their copyright laws, you can print fabric at home if you've got an ink jet printer! It's obviously not ideal for large projects but for dolls it's great! I made a tiny dreaming macaron dress for a deer plush that i have using the method
tutorial, I'll try to find pics when I'm home to post

>> No.9067553


>> No.9067554

Wait, is that actually tartan or is that printed tartan?

>> No.9067557
File: 827 KB, 2048x1152, 20160501_103847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I wish I could! I can't seem to track down pigment ink for bubble jet, the bubble jet set liquid stuff, the pre prepared paper, or heck, I can't seem to find freezer paper either. (Located in asia, if anyone wants to give recommendations please let it be on this side of the Pacific).

Not that I particularly mind spoon flower anyway, I'm working my way up to human sized prints. Pic sort of related, I was all ready to make the dress on the left for myself, but testing it at doll size shows the colours suck when paired with ivory. Thanking my stars I didn't commit to full human size, would have wasted six times the fabric.

>> No.9067559


Aaand of course the pic is sideways. I'll try to fix that once I'm back at the computer, sorry.

>> No.9067627
File: 820 KB, 1152x2048, 1466691950442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9067797
File: 60 KB, 436x578, lolita lace gloves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's your opinion on fascinators and gloves?

>> No.9067803

I adore them. Right now they make up a lot of my accessories because I don't like bracelets or big headbows much. But I also tend towards classic and gothic styles, so mileage may vary with sweet. I think that gloves and fascinators are good for more mature looks.

>> No.9067806

They are fine if they are good quality and match the coord. Girl in your pic looks cute.

>> No.9067832

I didn't care for it at first, but I'm fucking melting for that heart apron skirt. I hope it won't be that popular since 2010 OTT sweet AP stuff is falling out of favor.

>> No.9067846

i need this in a jsk or i will actually die

>> No.9067878

If you make your designs as vectors you can scale them up infinitesimally for when you're ready for production. Color changes are easier too.

>> No.9068003

That's a terribly rude thing to say, you know?

>> No.9068026

How do you gulls learn/memorize every freakin print name?
When I talk to the more experienced comm members it seems they can recall hundreds of dresses just by the name (even the super long names). I only know a few dresses, mostly the ones I have/look for to buy. Sometimes the conversations will delve into just dress names and I get completely lost and pretend like I know what they're talking about.
I feel like a huge newfag. Halp

>> No.9068044

Following new releases might help (even if you're not interested in buying any of them, simply keeping track to stay up to date is enough), though admittedly I've been having some problems memorizing all the names of the new releases from the sweet brands as of late. It's a bit hard to explain *how* to do it, I guess it's an acquired skill of sorts.

>> No.9068051

There doesn't seem to be an old school thread and I'm not sure where else to put this.
I'm looking for backups of HelloLace and I know RD from the oldschool threads mentioned having one. If anyone could help me out, I'd be happy to drop my email.

>> No.9068086

I think the longer you're in the fashion and the more times you see certain dresses or hear them being talked about, the easier it is. It just gets ingrained.

>> No.9068100

Paying attention to sales posts helped me out in the beginning. As you develop an eye for the fashion you learn to spot certain prints, things that you do or don't like, and what's popular. Also I think a lot of girls tend to specialize in the history of their favorite brands and help each other keep track of what's out.

>> No.9068105

AP is pretty easy to remember, all the names are pretty similar. But otherwise do exactly what the other anons said, follow new releases and pay attention to sales posts.

>> No.9068413

Are the meta lucky packs sold out? I can't find them on the English site.

>> No.9068489

Exposure mostly. After awhile you've seen certain prints so many times you know at a glance what it is. If there are multiple releases some girls can tell those apart just as readily.

Start by learning how to tell brands apart first, and how to spot your favorite pieces. That's the easiest thing to pick up. Then as you do that you expose yourself to other dresses and prints and you find yourself going "goddamnit another X fooled me again!" It just takes time.

Eventually you get to the point you can power scroll auctions searching for pieces you want.

>> No.9068500

Dang... do you have an etsy. I need something like this and can't read what your watermark says

>> No.9068506

Did you check the rakuten? We're still in preorder, there may be more added if they're out right now

>> No.9068529
File: 105 KB, 640x1136, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I checked and it's not allowing me to purchase. Thanks for the advice though anon.

>> No.9068615

The Brexit fiasco has now risen the yen to its 2.5 year high. I was really enjoying the lower exchange rate when buying from second hand shops and shopping services. Fuck you UK.

>> No.9068635

I wonder how this will affect the sales. I mean, the only reason for me to buy in the UK were no custom fees. If this changes then no UK lolita stuff for me.

>> No.9068760

To be honest we in the UK have no idea. There's a good chance that we'll still end up paying into the EU to be part of the common market (and maybe visa-free travel zone) if they'll have us. Bear in mind that our politicians were split in opinion as well so not everyone involved in the leaving negotiations will have backed Brexit, and so we'll definitely have MPs trying to wrangle a way for us to keep some of the benefits we've had as part of the EU. Also it will take a while for changes like that to come into effect; we won't even start leave proceedings at the earliest until a new PM come in in October, and it'll be two years from then until we actually leave.

On another note, the pound sterling went down 10% overnight so buy your UK lolita now whole the exchange rates are cheap!

>> No.9068764

well, from what we are hearing from Germany and France, they are not going to give the UK any leeway for negotiations, so the UK will have to be tough and pay up. This sucks so bad, I wanted to order some stuff once AP Paris opened, but if I incur customs fees then I'll just stick with Tenso.

>> No.9068773

>How do you gulls learn/memorize every freakin print name?
there are more pokemons than lolita prints, yo

>> No.9068867

I'm sick of being in a rut, sick of being kinda depressed, so I'm going to take a jaunt up Tokyo tomorrow morning and hit all the CCs up for stuff to flesh out my wardrobe and make it properly wearable and my wallet lighter. I need to shake things up in my life.

Wish me luck gulls! Pray I find what I need.

>> No.9068881

Good on you anon for self motivating. Best of luck finding some good stuff.

>> No.9068897
File: 376 KB, 1440x2013, _20160622_164213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a weirdly specific question for someone with either a lot of knowledge about new baby releases or one of these dresses... I'm looking to find a dress with the same sheer striped material as Olivia and Veronica Elise. Lolibrary isn't helping. What other dresses have this fabric? Have a picture of this gorgeous dress I found on one of the baby sites as a reward, I really like this but it wouldn't fit my style.

>> No.9068911

Wait for Grand Bazar in the end of July

>> No.9068914

god i love the mint colorway so much, it reminds me of fruits parlor. i guess i'll just wait [for a very long time] for it to drop in price secondhand.

>> No.9068921

Depending on when it is I probably won't be in the country, I'm leaving for a visit home on July 23rd.

>> No.9068939

I wish I hadn't waited so long to post but I've been kinda busy.
Has anyone here sold from America to Mexico?
I sold a dress to a girl in Mexico about 2 1/2 months ago. I'm in the states and she still hasn't received it!! I let her do a payment plan and she paid it all off but still no sign of a package.

Now I have to sit on 350 which has been a struggle because all my travel plans came up sucking my bank account dry because I have to put this money aside in case this girl doesn't ever get the dress.

She seems really chill about it in emails too? Says she ordered a dress from someone else and it took like 4 months to get to her?

I've never shipped internationally before so I'm nervous. And I would be bummed if she didn't even get the dress. I really wanted someone to have it because I couldn't.

Why is Mexico slow at shipping if that is the case?
Also how do I know to refund her? Just when she asks? I've never had to refund anyone before.

This whole situation just makes me sad all around. No one gets to have a dream dress in this.

>> No.9068942

Mexico and pretty much every Latin American and South American country is slow at shipping because the mail people steal shit.

>> No.9068964

Keep your customs forms for a future claim in case something happens. You can also use that number for tracking sometimes. Try punching it in to see if it'll show you anything.

>> No.9068966

Well I hope it's not some dumb cartel shit. Like some gang banger that's importing women finds an AP dress and forces some girl to wear it while she's getting pimped put for pesos.

>> No.9068967

Oh yeah, I have them and I have a tracking number but it never worked and it didn't work for her either? But I've read this is common for international shipping?

>> No.9068972

Did you ship usps? Or another carrier?

>> No.9068979

Definitely not normal in my experience. I've never had this problem and I get things shipped to me international a lot.

>> No.9068991

shipping to mexico is always super slow. I would order wigs for cosplays about 6 months in advance because i new it would get delayed as soon as it entered the country

>> No.9068995

Tell me about it. I am being extra salty about it and hope that it normalizes soon

>> No.9069002

I just helped a friend host a small potluck style meet up. My friend decided there would be alcoholic drinks even though minors were invited, because who cares.

Two of the girls (underage) brought a grocery store box of sugar cookies and proceeded to drink an entire bottle of wine by themselves. Pretty much all the underage girls drank a lot without bringing much to the potluck. I'm glad I didn't have to worry about any of them driving. None of the older lolitas acted like that, they brought drinks and nice food items. I was kind of aghast. I don't think I'll personally host anything that's not 21+ in the future.

>> No.9069008

Thought I should mention that these girls are in college, not high school or anything. I didn't clarify that.

>> No.9069012

hahahahahah hope you're not in the US. It's a crime both to provide alcohol to minors and to drink in public (with the exception of a few cities) even if you are of age

>> No.9069026

Usps - I realize now I should've used something like fedex but I didn't know how much it'd cost and was expecting to pay a lot and also didn't want to tack on a huge shipping fee for her cause she asked to do a payment plan.

>> No.9069028

Considering they said 21+ I'm guessing they are US. I hope there aren't pics >>9069002 because you can get in a shitton of trouble for that.

>> No.9069042

With usps you can use the number on the customs form as tracking. It should at least show up with tracking within the US.

>> No.9069083

None of the numbers on my receipt worked. None of them worked for her either.

>> No.9069099
File: 37 KB, 540x365, updt_007_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, the number on the customs form, underneath the barcode.

>> No.9069103

Original dolldress anon, and like I said before I'm not sure on the limitations of this? I'd need to be able to make longer pieces (the skirt would need to be 8x24 I think) so the average 8x11 printer paper would be too small unless I want to mess with piecing it. Plus I'd need a printer that can do more than just black ink.

Did you make the yellow one too? How was your experience with Spoonflower? And do you have any tips for making sure your print comes out on scale?

>> No.9069158

I am real salty about this. doesn't japan kind of not want the yen to be so strong? I thought I read somewhere that having a slightly weak yen was actually good for their economy?

>> No.9069217

Well, a weak yen means more people overseas spend money going to Japan, buying their products, etc. I'm personally rethinking a bunch of purchases I was going to make due to the exchange rate.

>> No.9069220

I didn't get one of those or it's the thing attached to my receipt that's torn in half and I don't have the other piece. And I can't take a picture cause it's got my info on it.

>> No.9069222
File: 227 KB, 690x920, chinese lolitas stepping up the brand whore game.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you gulls think of this?

>tfw no japanese brand logo collection print

>> No.9069223
File: 82 KB, 540x960, 0067aiifgw1f563eohyfpj30f00qowgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how it looks as a dress

>> No.9069224

I like dis

>> No.9069227
File: 108 KB, 640x640, Preppy-Style-Japan-High-School-Lolita-Dresses-For-Girls-Cute-Clothes-Linen-Embroidery-Sailor-A-line.jpg_640x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9069230

This is cute but is everyone named there on board?

>> No.9069236

Oh. That's not good. You generally need that for proof of shipment that you filled out the address correctly (for Paypal). I guess I would ask the post office with the receipt and tracking you do have.

>> No.9069271

Looks more like general girly style than lolita. Do you even know what goy means?

>> No.9069285
File: 192 KB, 639x479, hnk_dedede.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw master race canadian with legal drinking age of 18/19

>> No.9069299

did... did you not look at the dress?

>> No.9069306
File: 1.15 MB, 1102x830, 4a1e0a03fd50fe97ce42c65bdff7f165.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help IDing this dress? I think it's AP but I'm not very sure.

>> No.9069314

Omfg dying
Wat. This is clearly a happy merchant dress

>> No.9069326

Fellow /pol/lita <3

>> No.9069332 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 250x333, 2286_600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JEWelry Jelly
Kikes invaded lolita

>> No.9069333

>mfw you can drink beer and wine all you want with 16 in Germany

>> No.9069334

If you think that's lolita I'd hate to see your coords.
>happy merchant
If you mean Jew, that's not what goy means. You're both idiots.

>> No.9069338
File: 295 KB, 640x640, 16-06-24-23-35-01-313_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9069356 [DELETED] 

I find it offensive with the Star of David on the dress.

>> No.9069371 [DELETED] 

Back to tumblr

>> No.9069374 [DELETED] 
File: 40 KB, 747x419, 600420-20anarchy_stocking20panty_and_stocking_with_garterbelt20reaction_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw kikery in my lolita

>> No.9069377

>the cries of a thousand ass-bothered tumblrinas
Someone needs to wear a coord of this, and have a friend wear a metas valkyrie 'nazi' coord.

>> No.9069380

What does the tag say?

>> No.9069381 [DELETED] 

It's not like Japan has different connotations for symbols or anything.

>> No.9069391

By the thumb though it was Angel of Music. Awww

>> No.9069401

I don't own it, I found the pic online. I want to ID the dress so I can buy it in the future.

>> No.9069422 [DELETED] 

What does it mean over there that it is getting put on all kinds of alt fashion??
Think about all dumb kids that made 666 a thing or pentagrams. Or stupid upside down crosses which aren't what people think they are. (not satanic.)

>> No.9069424

This was months ago? Do you think they'll still give a shit? Or am I screwed?

>> No.9069440 [DELETED] 

its just a fucking star. hate to break it to you, but its not really original. go back to Auschwitz.

>> No.9069452

Dang. Well there's the Marui sale! I think there's lucky packs and some pre-sale that started today

>> No.9069473

It depends on your post office. If trying to make a claim on an insured package, they may or may not accept just the receipt. If she opens a claim against you, you'll need something to prove you mailed it to the right place. But you also need proof of delivery and if your tracking isn't working...

>> No.9069489

Yeah, I'm a bit bummed about it actually! I've finally decided to stop putting half my paycheck away and live a little. My aim is more basics and such, so I guess I could call this a good journey to orient myself since dispite living here for a year now I haven't been to Tokyo.

Yamanote, take me to closet child!

>> No.9069541

Still there, still available.

>> No.9069669

naw anon, enjoy yourself!

>> No.9069677

Have fun shopping! Hitting up all 3 in Tokyo?

>> No.9069712

Yep hitting up all three. Ikebukuro so far only, I got sidetracked by fluffy things. Headed to Harajuku then Shinjuku next. Didn't end up buying anything at Ikebukuro, the only thing they had that I wanted was a bit higher prices than I wanted.

>> No.9069733

looks like dinner doll is a floop, no surprise there.

>> No.9069865


I'm so fucking happy, broke as fuck so I'm going to try and get it a bit later. Hell if it sticks around the site long enough I might catch it in a sale.

>> No.9069887

Well I hope she doesn't make a claim because I'm ready to just pay her all back whenever. I even gave her an estimate on time because my bank is having to recover from all the shit I did this month (travel). Also she is so calm about not having received it yet.

>> No.9069990

I keep saying this and nobody seems to understand.
AP's stock still being on the shelves is not a good representation of what is popular anymore since they increased their stock.

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