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Yet again, a new larp thread
previous one

And in the spirit of the last part of the previous thread, now this one has 135% more autism

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>135% more autism
finally a thread for me

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it's for everyone anon, not just for you

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>this 150 times anon. Thats why I got into HEMA and sparring with friends who are "down". We bleed, we laugh we drink, all in good fun. We allow grapples, trips, punches etc.
>SCA sword and bore is the absolute worst especially when you spend alot of money on a good kit just to get defeated by a dude wearing fucking motocross grear under a fucking tabard lol

But I don't have any HEMA dudes that use armor in my region, and those guys are fuckin rare anyways. It's just SCA or HEMA in fencing gear. I'm in it for the armor and building/buying kits close enough to the historic stuff in appearance, but fucking hell I just can't stand sword and board. Is longsword boffer combat superior?

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Larp, you have a question?
we have the answers.

>Dont like the answers?
Too fucking bad we are on 4chan, you are talking with the worst our respectives societies and culture have to offer.

>should i send a pic of what i am working on?
Be aware that you are still on 4chan.
Nous serons impitoyables.

>Why is there so many Tripfag here?
To avoid confusion and to say where we are from, simple as that.
Most of us only trip in this thread anyways.

>i am not sure if i should buy *random stuff*, should i post the link here?
If its a genuine question, yes
If you only want to post a link because you are excited over what you are buying, no

>Is HEMA or SCA the same as Larping?
is it called Larping?
...NO b-b-but..

>I live in *random city* is there any larpers there?
Do you see where this tripfag thing become important?
If you ask and give your state/province/country, you will probably find people into larp in this thread.

>Do you guys ever meet?
Not as a Larpthread gathering in itself but some do meet at big larp events across the globe.

>Are all larper cringy?
in a way yes.
But some will fucking scare you, no jokes.
Especially if you have a vagina.
Dont let the bad apples scare you from larping.

>Should i troll the larpers here?
So let me get that straigth...
You're trying to troll people who spend their free weekends roleplaying in costumes.
Do you think we give a fuck about ridicule?
Man, i am a men wearing tigths and getting high during larps.
And even i, think you have way too much free time.

> I do not own a costume or a weapon, what should i get first?
There is always an Anon somewhere with an extra weapon.
(Cue the pic with all Hungarian's weapons)
An extra costume is a rare thing

>what is larping really like?
When i was a kid i fougth against other kids in my neighborhood, we made small lines and beat each other up with decorated picket fences.
Picture that but with adults in costume and everybody is drunk/high

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>what is larping really like?

It's like Monty Python and the holy grail but everyone has a foam bat im my experience.

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>(Cue the pic with all Hungarian's weapons)
actually not all of it

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WOW you guys heard of Cry Havoc?
Its exactly the kind of larp that I want
>historically inspired
>full contact boffer with head shots
>armor as worn rules etc.


i wish i lived in the UK

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Its not a larp, the country is regressing since the referendum.

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I feel you man, In my barony its like 2 or 3 dudes with nice historical kits and the rest looking like some junkyard postapoc plastic/aluminum street sign dirt bike armor shit.

longsword boffer seems fun as hell. We actually do plastic swords just wear helm, elbow, shin shoulder and knee armors.

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I chuckled.

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... what's the big deal about it?
I mean yeah, Matt Easton made a video mentioning it but it isn't exactly a rare thing that kind of larps.
Well, except for the US of course

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I laughed.
Then realised you're not exactly wrong.

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So, I've heard that Texan Amtgard chapters are better than other chapters. Would anyone mind telling me how so? Amtgard is the only LARP-like thing near me, and I'd like to know if it's worth it to join. Thanks!

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>look up sword and bore
>0 results

If SCA has sword & pistol fighting then sign me the fuck up

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Another Odyssey comes and goes. Armour will need a repair before the next one though. It took a fair old battering this time.

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Another Odyssey comes and goes. Armour will need a repair before the next one though. It took a fair old battering this time.

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I'm going to guess it was bright, as I appear either be squinting or concerned thinking.

"That Grecian Hoplite's spear looks very sharp..."

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The pattern on the face is for IC larpy reasons. In this case a blessing from the God Neptune in the form of Kraken's Ink. Which gave my character a massive buff and turned him into a fucking tank!

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>I'm going be vacationing in London while this is happening
>but can't stop by because I'm with the family and on a tight schedule

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As a Brit I am happy you're not. You're a pedantic little cunt who talks big game. I hope you meet and piss off the clownfag enough that he hurts you.

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Arms and armor thread needs help.

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Hey so I want to get me some new swords from calimacil.
I have about 500$ in budget (shipping incl.) to spend.
I want to get really good ones and one of them has to be asian looking for an upcoming character.

Any tips on where should I look? Any specific makers/models you caan recommend me?

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Looking good.
Even with the silly buff face paint

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if you are a Yank (like me) sux2bu

I actually had to google pedantic kek...Do i really drag on that much bruv?

At any rate what shit do I really talk aside from visiting the thread and trolling every 3 months or so? Gropes convinced me to come back and visit actually I was done with these threads because of all the negative throwing shade shit.

Speaking of gropes, why would you summon him to fight me? Can you not face me yourself?

I hope I do meet gropes one day at an SCA or w/e event...we would probably have some beer and argue and talk shit about armor just as we do on these threads.
I can safely say that if I fought SCA rules heavy I would lose vs gropes hands down. SCA rapier or CnT though would be a good challenge.

>hows that for your pedantic

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>Hey so I want to get me some new swords from calimacil.
> Any specific makers?
yeah, how about calimacil?
If you find any other maker than calimacil who makes calimacil weapons just tell us, and also to them. They will be very interested in it.
And I recommend on looking at their site

>> No.9074921

I thought some on here knew a better manufacturer

>> No.9074931

there is no other manufacturer for calimacil than calimacil.
There are some othe copycats but you literally can't get it anywhere else. The injected foam they use is unique and a trade secret for them. That's why it's called calimacil weapons, because the calimacil company makes them and nobody else.

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Oooh cool.

What about other companies that make their own stuff? Or just go with calimacil anyway?

>> No.9075099

what about them? they make completely different stuff.

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If you are looking for injected foam you can also go with Mythril , its injected foam and cost a little bit less.
They are a little bit less maniable for what i've tested.

I'm too lazy to just find the link or something or if they are still in business.

Latex weapons manufacturer are common but foam are a little bit more rare

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Not that anon, but pretty sure he'd wreck your face in fencing too.

>> No.9075664

Are those Longswords Bellator or Edgar?
In any way-How are they? Any good?

>> No.9075677


I'd fence against Gropey. With one hand tied behind my back!


I'd be down to SCA rapier fence if we meet.

>> No.9075710

1: who the fuck are you?
2: Having your off hand behind your back is a good way to get punched with a buckler or stabbed with a dagger. Historic fencing is a lot more contact than line fencing

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My name is Masa D. Luffy, I'm the man who'll become the AX King.

I enjoy fencing. Took two semesters in college, took a semester of a chinese short sword, which was essentially non-strip fencing. SCA people don't move as much as they should considering how much more space they have available compared to olympic fencing.

Maybe I'm just too fast for people without a martial arts background.

>> No.9076216

Clarify what do you mean by this?
Confusion might be because I'm not from the US tho

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>all these anons wanting to live vicariously through gropes
>wanting to see me get beat up/outfenced by gropes
Why though?
I swear I always get the feeling that there is serious jealousy from some of you aside from hungarian and gropes.

What makes you think he would win and it not be a good matchup?

Masa Luffy is the only anon to step up and not want to summon gropes to beat me up lol

live in cali by chance?

semesters means a school year broken up into 2 parts with a small break between them.

>> No.9076252

Yeah, this I know. But they do that in martial arts too?

>> No.9076253

well they do offer martial arts in college here in the US. Even at the community college level you can take fencing, other sword fighting, karate, boxing, tae kwon do and all sorts of shit for college credit.

>> No.9076259

What's college credit? And I wish we had that stuff here.

>> No.9076266

that means you can get your degree in it or at the very least it will help you get the full amount of schooling credits you need to get whatever degree you really want.

For example if I wanted a degree in business, I could take all the business courses that are required but I still can have "chosen" classes, be it pottery or martial arts. Think of it as "gym" class but for college level students.

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Why would you want to fight Gropey with his hand tied behind your back?

>> No.9076375

five bellator 1 and three bellator 2
good for larp, I really like it although very wobbly. You have to get used to that.

>> No.9076376

He's not just SCA. He is hardcore into HEMA and buhurt and has done some form of karate and kendo.

Because they are the only ones who are serious about the stuff. Clownfag in particular makes a living off it.

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you know guys, I realized that /cgl/ larp threads went to shit.
Like, nobody really wants to talk about larps anymore, it's either HEMA stuff, SCA stuff, sometimes asking very elementary questions but mostly sucking dicks and autism.

>> No.9076465

>hardcore into HEMA
>karate and kendo.
>Because they are the only ones who are serious about the stuff

Really who knows how skilled anyone is at that. And you are making assumptions without knowing very much about my background sir.

The one thing that crosses my mind if I was to ever sca rules fight gropes is that he was born into the SCA and he outweighs me by ALOT.

>sucking dicks and autism.
yeah dude, I honestly regret ever coming back here. everyone just wants to talk shit, and belittle everyone else as well.

>> No.9076471

>yeah dude, I honestly regret ever coming back here. everyone just wants to talk shit, and belittle everyone else as well.

>Just want to say I joined the SCA to beat up white people with sticks, fuck their women and generally prove I am better faster stronger and more wealthy than any of them

In my eyes you are the same kind of faggot as everyone else.
You come back and literally your first words were completely unrelated to larping and belittling the SCA folks. You could say it was just a joke but it was a shitty one and then you act completely surprised when the other autists attack you for it.

>> No.9076476

What does Gropey work for? Like how does he make money?

>> No.9076493

hes a entertainer as far as I know, his website suggest he is quite literally a ringmaster side show circus performer. I dunno what his act is though

>> No.9076496

k then see ya in a few months

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Whats your pre-game ritual? Do you start out of character and slowly work in? Instant switch?

Personally I like to smoke a stogie and slowly become my character. I don't really smoke them outside of larp so the slow burn helps me get into character. By the time I'm done I'm 100% in the mind set and ready to rock.

>> No.9076604

>Whats your pre-game ritual?
goat sacrafice

>Do you start out of character and slowly work in? Instant switch?
I usually start months before the game when I do my research on how my character should act and what does he know.
If there is a prehist game for the larp then it's way more easier

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Military history at some big museum.

He comes from a circus family as a clown and did sideshow. He pretty much gave up after breaking up with his ex.

>> No.9076857

Holy fuck, this thread....

>Whats your pre-game ritual?
I have a characters playlist playing as I get my kit on, and as I get read I go through that characters mannerisms, so by the end of getting kitted up I'm in full IC mode.

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I do!! SoCal to be exact. Is there a particular group you practice with??


I was half joking lol, I'd fence him but I need the other arm

>> No.9076909


So, a similar diverse background as me? Good.

>> No.9076930

Wow I do live in Socal as well. I am in the Caid, and live in the barony of Dreiburgen, which is the inland empire San Bernardino/Riverside area. We practice at andulka park in canyon crest every wednesday about 5-10 heavies and 1-2 rapier.

I also play with the cats from Bankeside which is a HEMA school out close to me.

Dude I have a crusader era kit (needs some fitting, a 15c. Milanese kit, a rapier/c&t kit, a few spaulding practice swords if you ever want to just dick off. We could just get together and play in armor the way Teutonic Penguin does with his friends.

I work ALOT and always at night but I am always down to chill/drink/smoke/play when I have off time. How can we get in contact?

>> No.9076977

I meant more right before you play.

Music is a good idea. I keep trying to make a good playlist for my characters but I find it harder for my fantasy larp. The modern instruments take me out of character. For post-apoc though, I have a playlist for the car ride up.

>> No.9076980


I have social media accounts, emails and what not. I'm down to meet whenever there isn't something happening on a weekend like a convention or visiting relatives. I also have skype, snapchat, etc. A lot of my accounts use this trip name, try looking on Twitter, Instagram, other previously mentioned chat services.

>> No.9077026

>I meant more right before you play.
goat sacrifice then. It's an universal thing, there is very little that a goat sacrifice can't solve, and for those things there are the human sacrifice

>> No.9077039

Wow, that's some crappy HDR.

>> No.9077042

yeah lol i think it has some shitty filter as well

>> No.9077069

I want to assume you're kidding but Hungry is fucking nuts so its really 50/50

>> No.9077072

just kidding.
Pig sacrifice is way more common here and socially more accaptable

>> No.9077174

don't know if you didn't get or just ignored my bad joke

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>> No.9077314

Regarding that 'where are we from' stuff around, are there any LARPers from Israel here?

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Many of you who have fought in large scale battles notice that most combat revolves around "Lines" Where shields line up, and spears sit behind and get kills. While this is the norm, on occasion there are actual battlefield tactics put through by a leader. Most commonly these are "Kill pockets" where a line defending a gate or wall will sink back, creating a "U" shape, so that enemys who rush in can be attacked from multiple sides. The other tactic i see are "pain trains" which are essentially 2 wide columns which rush a line and seek to create an opening.

My question is, do you have any battle field tactics which either translate well into larp physics, or you have even seen.

Id like to imagine that alot of roman tactics would be effective but i just have yet to come across the organization for any actual tactics to be implemented.

>> No.9077331

I'm kinda fuzzy on the details, but apparently there's some strategy to counter those "pain trains". Basically, you feign breaking the shield wall in order to have a small group break through. The wall closes again, and the people who broke through will be surrounded and cut off from support. You kill them, then rinse and repeat.

Of course, it's a dangerous tactic that can easily cause an actual breach in the shield wall, and I might be explaining it wrong. In short, don't try it until you've seriously trained that kind of stuff.

>> No.9077410

I've got a tactic which works rather well for a group of about 7 people or so. Will post if it helps

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tactics evolve over time.
i could tell you those that i remember that we used but not those we're gonna use, because to tell the truth... its on the inspiration of the moment.

>Bico 1010
>a guild discover that peasant flail are op
>bico 1011
>a shitload of people are now following the meta and using peasant flails too
>one of our commander tell us to thighen the ranks and the second rank must lift their shield over the first rank heads
> we enter unharmed by their attack and get close
>we have shortswords and daggers
>they have huge peasant flail
>its a massacre
>bico 1012
>peasant flail is way less popular

Bico 1013
>they have lots and lots of siege engines
>siege engines one-shot everything
>they target our vip and own artillery
>we take a beating from the barrage
>what do now?
>me and some dude go see a bunch of young teen ready for battle
>we tell them a huge thing about being heroes and all that.
> they form a screen of running dudes catching ballista bolts with their chest
>some even destroyed an ennemy siege engine
>we mow the rest
>heal up the lil' dudes
>you're heroes now
>they were invited to a feast after

Talking about tactics, i did not continue the foam pikes (pic related but not mine), did anyone tryed to do them also?

>> No.9078266

there was one guy who wanted to join the local SCA in the previous thread IIRC.
And there were one or two larpers on /tg/ from Israel through the years.

>Many of you who have fought in large scale battles notice that most combat revolves around "Lines" Where shields line up, and spears sit behind and get kills.
this isn't the case most of the time.
Because there are either not enough shields or not enough polearms.

I mean if we talking truly big scale battles most of the time it's made up from a lot of smaller groups but the sides are generally disorganized, you can rarely find groups that are bigger than 50 people and have a coherent tactic, discipline and equipment.
It's just a mess usually and depends more on blind luck and numbers.

On Drachenfest there are a lot of differnet camps and lot of different approaches.
Some use mostly polearms, some use mostly shields, some try to mix the two, then there are the archers who do point blank shots from the second or sometimes the first row if it's a stalemate. then there are the siege engines, sometimes cannons are pushed to the first row, fired, and then pulled back quickly. Siege golems, orc swarm tactic, etc.
Lots of stuff and while theoretically some tactic can be better than other the simple fact that it's a huge clusterfuck and you have various allies and people sometimes stab you in the back the only advantage you can really have is numbers.

>> No.9078466


Right, These are more of small scale tactics. Say we have two armies, and i command one. My army like the other is made up of groups of clusterfucked nerds who have no discipline.

How can i organize my nerds in such a way that my formation will cause a win.

say you have a wing on each side, with a small flank garrison behind, then you have a main force, with a reserve force in the middle with them. Thats a good formation. Do any of you have any things like this?

>> No.9078474

the main problem is if you want to use tactics you need disciplined people or at least group leaders who can do as you say. Otherwise you just pretend to be important while everyone else is doing what they want.

>> No.9078582


It's going to vary by location. Visit your local park a couple of times and see if you like the people and the games. If it sucks, don't go back. Also, park leaders get re-elected every six months. If it sucks now, try back in a few months and maybe there will be some better leaders in office.

>> No.9078767

Where in Texas are you, Anon? See if you can find what park is closest to you. There is some LARP fairly often, even if on the whole it can get pretty wrestlemania-tier.

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File: 144 KB, 960x640, 10382160_625633637522628_2169223339640242320_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Say we have two armies, and i command one
I'll bite

>How can i organize my nerds in such a way that my formation will cause a win.
Go download Total war and play a little bit this will satisfy your need for that.

>Do any of you have any things like this?
Generals always try to tell commander how to win battles, listening to a general on the field is stupid, they are not there to make decision under stress, they are there to think in the long term of a war.

No matter how good your plan is, if your ''nerds'' dont care about you, they wont follow you.

So tl;dr

Will win wars

Will win battle

Dont act as a general playing toy soldier on the field.

(Also same could be said the other way around)
Dont be like me who tougth that general was not a succession of boring reunions and meetings with autistic players taking shit too much seriously.


Discipline is what makes you win 200vs400.

You havent felt alive as long as you never saw an ennemy superior in numbers just run away from your mens.

>> No.9078832

S.A., Traitor's Gate is the local chapter.

>> No.9078869

Wow. I once thought about going to a LARP because I like the idea of sword fighting but this picture made me certain I'll never do that.

They honestly look like a bunch of retarded children with downs. This is pathetic to see.

Thank god fencing exists.

>> No.9078883

that's what you get when amerifats try to make larps

>> No.9079109

stfu, you're the one who is always hungry!

>> No.9079226

For one character I wear a mask, and I never wear this mask unless I am playing the character, so putting it on is enough of a ritual to get me in character.

For the other, I listen to lots of Irish music and run through a specific set of longsword forms a few times.

>> No.9079322
File: 303 KB, 534x570, ugly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope youre serious I just dropped some serious dosh on some more equipment for us to play with

Padded Gambeson Collar
Padded Gambeson Skirt
Milanese Greaves
Chainmail Bishops Mantle
Chainmail Skirt
Aventail for Helm
Great HelmLarge
Klappvisor Bascinet
Rawlings Synthetic Sparring Langes Messer - Silver Blade
Medieval Leg Armour Heavy Duty Cotton Padded Legging
Padded Greaves
Imperial Gambeson 15th Century
Elbow Cops with Rondels
13th Century Poleyns knees
AAAAnd one ugly fucking norman shield with a longship on it I am painting right over it. pic related

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File: 280 KB, 1536x1024, 13522827_10157048600190291_2802130983983936898_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last ever Odyssey in August. I am the sads :(

Although does free me up for Drachenfest next year!

>> No.9079448

>Thank god fencing exists.

Yeah no, I did sport fencing for a while, just as autistic as larpers just autistic about muh perfect ergonomic handles instead of pretending to be elves. The only ones to bother keeping a fucking sword grip on their car antennae are the saberfags.

>> No.9079455

>imperial era square scutum
>vertical grip
Every time I look at odyssey I get slightly disappointed by the little details.

>> No.9079510

Hey guys I need help. I'm trying to browse Mad Matt's armory website, but for some reason the web page isn't loading at all.

>> No.9079776

Good joke, I didn't heard that one today yet

>> No.9079835

Left fencing because it's all "hur dur here's a list of techniques" then as soon as you get into a duel you're facing a guy who's just waving his sword about like a freshman at a pool party.

No finses

>> No.9079836

finesse* ffs

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File: 188 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (341).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can somebody please explain to me why I am getting this when trying to load Mad Matt's armory?

>> No.9080196

True. They are also big pussies about getting hit to hard. This caused me to stop going.

I didn't want to kill them but I wanted a fucking fight. I wish I could do the english version of larping with shields and swords that aren't made out of nerf because everyone here is a big pussy.

>> No.9080219

I'm kinda saddened I missed out on Odyssey, it always looked good. But sadly I can only justify Empire as my big larp.

Currently off to No Rest for the Wicked 40k larp just now. Time to drink, fight, and do a little bit of heresy.

>> No.9080226

Maaaan I'm jealous. no 40k larp near me. post pictures once you're wlback so I can live vicariously

>> No.9080231

>aren't made of nerf
I mean they're still foam. They're just latex or calimacil instead of pool noodle. Then again I'm not a massive faggot who thinks latex and calimacil hits too hard.

>> No.9080387

>muh historical accuracy
It's a larp mate not a re-enactment. There were minatours too, fairly sure they didn't have those either.

>> No.9080495

>It's a larp mate not a re-enactment

That's true; but if a manufacturer makes equipment clearly meant to represent historical examples it's hard not to feel a little disappointed when they include flaws or errors that could be easily avoided with a little research and are no less difficult than the "correct" way of doing things.

If you buy a shield marketed as an "Orc Chieftains Targe" then historical accuracy obviously does not come into it. But with a shield explictly modelled off of, and advertised as a Roman scutum it is entirely understandable to quibble the grip. It's not the worst thing ever in larp, but if you are into that sort of thing then a little disappointment is natural.

>> No.9080549

Even without the historical accuracy a horizontal grip is better for a curved scutum. With a horizontal grip you can at least march without it being a four foot wide awkwardly curved board to catch on literally everything around you.

>> No.9080554
File: 212 KB, 1536x1024, 13522934_10157048605995291_1223425529897370305_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some of my friends have ones with the more traditional grip, although I prefer the side grip as it is what i'm used to. But each to their own.

>> No.9080557
File: 94 KB, 1536x1024, 13584638_10157048612140291_879185273126609295_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you do a lot of marching when you larp? I don't, so this issue has never been one that has come up for me personally.

>> No.9080633

>tactics evolve over time.
Yes, they did, until gunpowder arrived. And because of this disturbance we are trying to work out, what battle field tactics were "en vogue" like 1.000 years ago. We just lost track.

Sorry, am drunk.

>> No.9080657

Tactics did not stop evolving when gunpowder came around.

>> No.9080744

>being Roman
>not marching
Sounds like you're shit at being Roman.

>> No.9080792

anybody know why I can't access the website?

>> No.9080855

Sounds like you wasted your money on more useless crap, like your current "harness".

>> No.9080961

Post LARP weapons with 10/10 looks

>> No.9081613
File: 421 KB, 500x750, fdif200510-brustplattekrieger-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty new to LARPing and wanting a good set of armour without spending more than about AUD$1000 total, has anyone had experience with Epic Armoury? they have this armour set for AUD$700

>> No.9081688

Sometimes they make it that way not because they don't know how to make it historically but because it's easier or cheaper to make it in a different way.
The calimacil katzbalger for example has a waaaay too long handle. But every one handed sword has the exact same lenght for the handle at calimacil. Probably something to do with the machines they have and mass production.
Although I have no idea why they made it pointy...

But yeah sometimes people are just reatarded and doesn't know better

will post some when I get home tomorrow, but right now I'm at our blacksmith.

looks uncomfortable as fuck. The groin tasset doesn't make any sense, spaulder has fuckhuge gaps, but at least it will move, breastplate goeas way too high at the neck and probably doesn't have enough room at the armpits, lower arm whatevers are small and looks like shit, shin guards are totally shit...
I mean you probably won't find that amount of coverage for cheaper but then again your smile won't be sincere when you will wear it. And just for the record most of the larp shop armours will have these problems.
(on the upside, you can probably bend it to a more reasonable form by hand)

>> No.9081693

Thanks for the insight, do you have any suggestions of other places that i can buy armour? Really keen to get a kit but at reasonable cost

>> No.9081698

at Australia?
Fuck knows. You are probably fucked as there are either no reasonable blacksmiths there or they are in hiding.
Problem is I can't honestly recommend nearly any larp shop armour and the better ones will be probably over 1000 AUD even for a half plate

>> No.9081717

Damn, sucks being out in the LARP wilderness so to speak

>> No.9081736

well you are still have it better community wise than the US.

Anyway you either look for something more expensive, or try to find a local armoursmith, or embrace the suck and wear uncomfortable armours.
They aren't THAT uncomfortable, I mean hundreds of people use them who doesn't know there are more comfortable ones out there, so it isn't the end of the world. Just don't try to think that they are real armours

>> No.9081876

>AUD 700
>For that

You dumb lazy fucker, just buy a corrizina kit.

>> No.9081890 [DELETED] 

>This is a larp thread pal, if you want to pretend you're a real roman. Go start a re-enactment thread. I'm sure it will just be you and your feels.

>> No.9081893

Good thing it isn't 2000 years ago then isn't it.

>> No.9082143
File: 362 KB, 850x850, MCI-3125[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have 3 sets of armor 1 for heavies, 2 for dress up and as well as 1 cut and thrust kit/rapier

which useless harness are you talking about and why do you think its useless? I get lots of use out of it in fact.

besides think of it as munitions armor. I very well could have dropped the money on 1 or 2 very good pieces of armor. Or I could get a bunch of inexpensive armor and arm up a few dudes.

besides, I am really stoked about this gamby
pic related

>> No.9082202


Slaughter Creek in South Austin is also close to that area.

>> No.9082251

I follow a couple Australian blacksmiths on YouTube. Unfortunately most of their work seams to be making horseshoes. The ones that have experience with other kinds of work are also inexperienced (have only been smithing for 2 years).

>> No.9082295

looks like they didn't pay the bills in time

>> No.9082546
File: 323 KB, 538x1008, 97_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a question on braies and hosen (pic related) for you guys. I have conflicting sources (as in, random people I know), some saying that braies should not be visible in your outfit, some saying they should. Which one of them is right, or does it just depend on time period and location?

>> No.9082559

technically speaking it shouldn't be visible, that is you can be called out if your braises are visible in your everyday cloths and you are an uncivilized whatever.
So in a city, among civilized people, etc it's very bad form if your underwear shows. Like today.
There are very few exceptions gathered from sources where the underwear shows.
One of that if you are a peasant working on the field any have no fucks to given.
Another if the painter wants to show how much of a subhuman scum that person is.
Third is sometimes saints but that's mostly in the context where they should be otherwise completely naked but the painter put at least underwear on them.

That said, during some activities the underwear CAN show, one of the many reasons why the joined hose and codpiece became a thing

>> No.9082565

I'm thinking of making some scabbards for my weapons.
Most people seem to just use sword frogs. What is the best lining for it that won't wear on my latex weapons? I've seen some with some with cloth linings, and spoke to one person who lines it with the same foam that is used in weapons, but I feel like that would rub too much.
Does anyone have any experience on the matter?

>> No.9082811
File: 130 KB, 1000x563, Witcher - Chainmail Dark Wolf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a crappy chain mail armor that I bought earlier this year that needs to be refitted, and I'm thinking about just turning that project in to something more interesting. What I have in mind is the Dark Wolf armor from the Witcher (never played the game, I guess this is the right name for it).

I've never seen real life versions of it before, but I'm guessing its just a thin soft leather jacket that the chain mail gets sewn on to with leather strips running across it.

I'm mainly thinking about the comfort level and easing up the armoring process a bit that this armor brings, but I am also concerned with how the rings would act in this type of configuration since I know from experience that chain armors are a real bitch to work with sometimes.

Thoughts, suggestions and tips /larp/?

>> No.9082832

Never larped myself but curious as to how the battle works. Arent you fighting with foam weapons? Dont they bend and shit in contact? How do you do enough damage as to count as "killing?" What if some turbo autist gets hit a buttload of times but pulls the "but i get up anyway because fightan spirits"

>> No.9082984

>recruit human shields on the spot
>invite them to feast in Valhalla later

Fuckin awesome. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

>> No.9082991


the fuck is even going on with that armor. That's not chainmail. It looks like it's sewn into a leather jacket? But they didn't do that with chainmail. That'd be a coat of plates/brigadine (which was very good armor that was still pretty affordable.)

>> No.9082996

>Never larped myself but curious as to how the battle works.
>Arent you fighting with foam weapons?

LARPers fight with foam weapons, reenactors with harder stuff.

>Dont they bend and shit in contact?

They bend in a flexible manner, which makes the weapons more durable against damage and last longer.

>How do you do enough damage as to count as "killing?"

Making contact with your weapon upon the body of a person counts as a "hit" and subtracts from their HP/life count often by one point (traits can boost the damage or counter it at the same time), once it reaches 0 your are either dead or unconscious with severe wounds.

Loosing HP will make you wounded and you must seek treatment to recover lost HP. Your race and specific traits determine how much base HP you have, if you wear armor you can increase the amount of HP you have and how much damage you do with your weapons.

Wood Elf
Traits: Elven Archery

Base - 2 HP
Armor - 1 HP (+1 Leather Scale Armor)
Total - 3 HP

Melee: Short Sword - 1 Damage
Ranged: Bow- 2 (1+1) Damage (+1 from E.A.)

>What if some turbo autist gets hit a buttload of times but pulls the "but i get up anyway because fightan spirits"

Rules are mostly just guidelines for the roleplaying of the game. Bad roleplayers breaks the rules and a good roleplayers plays along with it. If you break it to much people might stop interacting with you, and if you break a rule that leads to a critical change in the roleplaying then you might get banned from the event by the game masters.

If you don't have a specific trait that says "last stand/dying breath/fighting spirit" etc and kill an important player that has an important role you will get banned.

If you make a good scene out of it that has no serious effect on the following events then you might get praised for it. But then we are mostly talking about small events outside of major battles, like assasinations or unfair/tragic duels etc.

>> No.9083114

Autists get kicked out of the game.
I've seen Staff not want to kick players for to keep everyone included (it was progressive) and the players just stop including him. He cheated non-stop and was annoying as fuck. So everyone just ignored him until he quit the larp. The good part was the ignoring started with "Hey, stop cheating because no one wants to larp with you." Which of course was responded with a "I dont cheat blah blah blah"
People hate cheaters and don't want to be around them.

>> No.9083120

I feel like I should clarify. Being autistic being get you kicked from the game. Failing to follow the rules does.
Fuck man, I just hate cheaters.

>> No.9083692
File: 19 KB, 200x250, d5293715f24b894dd4c4825bf0e45cf5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've seen some outfits like this, are those simply historically incorrect then?

>> No.9083715

That's the underwear (historic enterprise even sells it as such) It's a foundation/base layer although sleeveless doublets weren't that common, but existed. You need a gown or some other upper garments for it to be complete. It's like going to the streets in your underwear which as I said bad form, uncivilized and according to some clothing laws in the medieval times even illegal.

>> No.9083751

>TFW 2 Calimacil weapons go unusable wìthin 3 weeks

Life is pain.

>> No.9083766

How the hell did that happen?

>> No.9083861

So basically the medieval equivalent for sagging in todays fashion?

>> No.9083865

with the exception that you could be fined for it or may or may not get a beating with the flat of a blade

>> No.9083931

Does anyone have videos that show Sword&Shield fighting that looks good? Looking for inspiration for my Drachenfest character (fighting with Sword&Shield and most fights are very theatrical)

>> No.9084025

If you do this, you'd actually avoid a lot of problems, because most issues with chainmaille come from the joints like armpits, I believe. It may not have a historical parallel, but It looks cool. Do it, keep us updated.

>> No.9084310

it's mostly for steal weapons, so most of the stuff might not work for you, but the shield part is solid.


>> No.9084371


I can tell you from experience that there is nothing quite as frightening as being on the outside edge of a formation in a large scale fight.

Except perhaps being in the middle of the formation when everyone on the sides tries desperately to NOT be at the sides. Only time I ever got hurt beyond simple scrapes and bruises was when I got my ribs bruised all on one side because my friends shield tried to enter my ribcage with around 20+ people pushing behind it.

This is why I prefer skirmishes myself.

>> No.9084462

First one was lended to a couple of friends to fight with and returned with a tear near the tip, the other had its blade starting to disconnect from its handle.
I'll say though the guarantee thing is great and the costumer service is awesome.

>> No.9084491

both of those are kind of common, as much as it's possible for calimacil weapon.
Tear at tip is after heavy use, two that we used at hema trainings had those, although both was way over the guarantee time, but one of them was repairable.

The disconnect from handle can also simply repaired by quick glue, seen it only at refurbished versions and the kid versions so far

>> No.9084556

Oh, I know this. But what about like, impressive stuff? I was told the fights and especially duels should look epic and all. (Watched the videos of the champion duels and they all look rather decent, maybe except the green champ)

>> No.9084562

Oh, so is it a common thing? Should I not worry?
Thing is, it happened in both of my swords while the rest of Calimacil swords my friends have are unharmed

>> No.9084694
File: 278 KB, 2600x1950, Dark Wolf Chain Jacket WIP 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its fantasy, if everyone around me runs around in 99€ leather harnesses then I might as well enjoy some liberties.

If I keep a 99% chainmail coverage in the design I think that the armpit joint problem might get worse unless I magically manage to take my sewing engineering to a new level. I think I will just cover the joints up the same way the edges are to avoid potential problems, thus making the chain separated in to three parts instead of one.

I do wonder how well the stitches will hold up though.

>> No.9084726

There's a girl in my larp group who joined because her boyfriend larps. She is super new to larping, and also really hates me.

She spends 90% of the time talking "in character" about ways she will mutilate me, kill me, or torture me.
This includes almost all ways that don't even make sense in the larp world.

People have tried to casually say that she's being a bit out of character and that stuff doesn't make sense to say, especially when her character is supposed to be a "super nice elf"

If she starts using the larp to say how much she dislikes me again, I'm going to flip.
But I don't want to get in trouble with the admins.

How do I tell get her to stop? Because even people blatantly saying she shouldn't say that stuff is apparently not working.

>> No.9084737

Sorry for the typos.

Also, added note:
If it isn't obvious, I'm pretty bad with just confronting someone and saying "you need to fucking stop. I get you hate me, but you're taking it too far and making me uncomfortable."
Plus, I don't want to ruin the story since generally I'm NPCing so new members can quest.

>> No.9084786

Try to avoid her if its a possibility, larping attracts those kinds of people and its not possible to change their minds because they are just that mentally retarded.

If you cant then talk to her boyfriend or the admins about it and do mention that it makes you uncomfortable.

>> No.9084799


That's what I'm trying so far, but she always navigates over to where my character is.

Almost forgot, one of the admins is her boyfriend (unfortunately)
And he has a short fuse along with his horrible taste in women.

>> No.9084865

What do you do when someone spoils shit out of game? I recently had someone spoil a semi major character point out of game. (It was know by some players, but not the majority.)
Call them out? Just ignore it? Post "DELETE THIS"?
Do I just trust people not to meta it? Its not game ending if people know, but my character was just getting "trustworthy" and this will definitely lose the status.

>> No.9084870

You have to say "you need to fucking stop. I get you hate me, but you're taking it too far and making me uncomfortable."
Its awkward but better than the alternative. 2 tips for it though. 1. Do it out of game (before the game actually starts) 2. Do it with anyone else around.
That way she can't bend what you said or lie about it. Be polite.

Or just deal with it.

>> No.9085058
File: 267 KB, 671x336, meyer-zornhut-1570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I've been flipping through some historical stuff for costume inspiration and I've fallen in love with the dudes in Meyer's fechtbuch.
Does anyone have patterns for a civilian doublet like the one on the left?

>> No.9085269

I'm a UK Larper, and that doesn't look unlike my weapons. Tbh I think mine are prettier, they're mostly standard Eldritch but his stuff is rather polished. Is this unusual for Americans or something?

There's a stereotype of American larp being either full-contact/metal swords/ no plot, or boffer weapons/badly-written systems/whiny munchkins. Is that true, then? Sorry, new to these threads.

>> No.9085283

>Whats your pre-game ritual?
I put on my robe and wizard hat.
...no, seriously, I just get dressed, often while bantering with the boyfriend and going over my stats and the general system of the game.

Do you start out of character and slowly work in? Instant switch?
I think the process of getting dressed gets me there, but overall is pretty much instantaneous. Sometimes a dumb accent or tic will take a while to sink into or stick for a few hours post-game, but it's nbd.

>> No.9085295

That's not representative of my experience of larp in the UK. I mean, the level of autism is probably similar, but at least it's the smart kind.

>> No.9085310

I don't do Odyssey, but I swear I've been at the same larp as you at least once. Do you do Empire, Fall of Vusoria, or Project Ragnarok? You look really familiar.

>> No.9085392

>full-contact/metal swords
The thing in vogue is wood swords, actually.
Imagine all the things people normally do at tapfighting games. Now imagine that everyone there is using hardwood wasters and calling it 'full-contact.' It's that kind of depressing.

otherwise yeah costuming tends to be kinda on the low side, but I think that's more of a function of LARP in America being more of a teenager/college student thing, and neither of those two demographics has too much money to throw at costumes. It kinda lowers the bar for everyone else.

>> No.9085514

First of all, I don't think that any larp duel looks impressive from an outsiders perspective, and even the bigger battles are questionable.
But I'm a cynic dickhead so take that into account.
Secondly you can reliably do "impressive" stuff if you already trained and can reliably do the mundane ones. Otherwise you will only think that you do impressive stuff but actually it will be just wibbly wobbly flappy things.

not THAT common. I mean calimacil weapons hard to damage. But IF they are damaged those are the most common things, plus the cuts because of other people's armour (which can also rapaired by quick glue that melts together the material, but that 'scar' will be harder from then on)
With our swords it happened after two years, and we used it extensively. Like going to several events, not just larps, where we handed out them to random civilians who wanted to swordfight, so in the two years they were used and abused by at least a thousand different people.

>"super nice elf"

>How do I tell get her to stop?
First option (I would prefer this one):
shovel to the face. until she stops.
Second option (this can work too but the shovel is still better):
Don't do about it anything out of game. She pretends it's an in game thing then you accept those terms and realize two people can play this game. Call her character out on a duel because she is mocking you (can be tricky if you aren't good and she gets a white knight). Hire assassins, or just simply shank her prison style when nobody is watching. Alternatively hire a bard or someone (or do it yourself) who will spread rumors about how all elves are whores and stuff like that. I presume you know what she will hate the most so you can tailor the rumors

There are other possibilities of course but a lot of thing depends on how accepted you are in the community, how accepted the girl and his boyfriend, does you have a few friends who won't rat you out, etc

>> No.9085530

depends. How thick is your face?
Because you can totally say "yeah, this is true, but if you act on it that means you are cheating and metagaming" which is a huge dick move because people will dismiss things that they would already know in fear that someone would think they are a cheater. That they would go full nigger too.

that's just a doublet with the upper layer slashed, nothing REALLY exceptional about it, that is, if you know how to make a doublet.

>Tbh I think mine are prettier
entirely possible, calimacil weapons aren't known because of their prettiness but because of their durability.
> Is this unusual for Americans or something?
both yours and mine are unusual for americans. They have mostly ultralights and dickswords, but thank good nowdays calimacil and latex weapons slowly creep in but they are still aren't the norm.
>There's a stereotype of American larp being either full-contact/metal swords/ no plot, or boffer weapons/badly-written systems/whiny munchkins. Is that true, then? Sorry, new to these threads.
They THINK that what they doing is full contact. But in reallity what they mean that you are allowed hit full force with a 100 gramm heavy weapon but not in every area and minimal "wrestling" is allowed, that is if you butcher the word.
metal swords on larps nearly never happens, not even in russia, so that's just a wishful thinking at best, blatant lying at worst.
but yeah they tend to call boffer-tags larp, and their larps are badly written DnD IN REAL LIFE

>> No.9085588

Can be done. Friend of mine did a similar thing with an old knee long chainmail. He has sown (my god, how does this word work? sew sewed sewn sown?) it on a leather mantle and it looks rather splendid. Quick to put on as well. Not exactly sure whether it's historically accurate but it's quite similar to a plate mantle or brigantine, so it's alright in my book.

>> No.9085625
File: 30 KB, 450x800, darkcouteau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spit in her open mouth and say its in character.

Keep shanking her slowly and say;
''Dont worry i'm just killing your char over and over because i like playing with you''

Next time she says anything like that just tell her:
''You can try''
Then just punch her.
Not even kiding just punch her over and over and scream:

>How do I tell get her to stop?
The most efficient and diplomatic way would be to tell her that she is not your friend but a stranger, and that you are not interested of being insulted by her and if she keep doing it, you will see this as a show of real disrespect.

Then if after this if she keep doing it its fair game.

- Shit in her car
- Ask a cute friend to fuck her boyfriend so they break up
- shoot an arrow in her face then act sorry
- wear a mask and catch her alone, then just shank her fo' real
>grab her then hang her
>write a suicide note calling her boyfriend a rapist and pedophile
>boyfriend kill himself, serves him rigth for bringing that bitch
>larp get cancelled
>Somehow the islamic state say it was their job
>population goes Gung-ho for war
>China say to stay away
>war break out
>China hang himself after bleeding out from self inflicted stab wounds.
>suicide note say its all russia's fault
>Russia and the u.s. now work together
>no girlz allowd

>> No.9085658

Calimacil guy here. First one tore after 9 months of weekly use. Few hours a week. Is that legit?

>> No.9085669

depends on intensity, but that's indeed a short time

>> No.9085785

I have no idea what How thick is your face means.
I'm trying to avoid calling attention to the post in hopes that less people will see it. I figure if I start saying lots of shit it'll be spread more. Then, actually talk to the chick calling out in person, tell her not to do that shit again.

>> No.9085802

Is there a saying in english about people having thick skin on their face can blatantly lie better?
Hoped there is, because that's a thing in hungarian.
Anyway, the dickhead option I described is you openly embrace the thing and force everyone to disregard that information because it is meta, and therefore cheating. Which may or may not work.

But if you start talking about even asking to delete it it will rise attention and from that point anything can happen. Maybe the one who put up will come to his/her senses, maybe people will go full information grabbing mode, etc.
tl;dr: you are in a shitty situation and you have to decide which way you do damage control, because damage has already been done and you can only lessen it not completely negate.

>> No.9085982

There was no photographer this event sadly.

Shit, I was so gutted to miss P:R, work always got in the way. I'll definitely be there for whatever follows.

>> No.9086872

Hey faggot. Just caught up on your bullshit posts.

Every kit you have ever posted has been shitty, off the shelf GDFB/Deepeeka bullshit that has questionable use as armour and is designed like dogshit.

So how about you post a single picture of you at an actual event or practice, wearing your actual heavy harness or cut and thrust harness, rather than trying to posture like some alpha nerd dickbat wielder.

By the way, anon is right, buying a fucking epic armoury gambeson is a huge waste of money of shitty stitching and polyfill, even though time and time again people who know better have discussed proper, cheaper, better gambesons ad nausium.

>> No.9086881

>full-contact/metal swords/ no plot

Your average American cannot tell the difference between a Larp, historic fencing, or bohurt etc, and it tends to get mashed together. Don't believe the hype on this.


>> No.9086910

Where's a good place where I can buy a cheap metal corrizina for heavy SCA sparring?

>> No.9086953

Armour Archive forum's Classified page. Madd Mat made corrazina kits, but his site is down.

>> No.9087106

Yeah noticed. Looks like he forgot to pay dem bills.

>> No.9087888

Managed to get a butt load of cheap bronze rings recently and wanna make some fantasy esque ringmail. (It counts as a point lower than chain in our system)

What would people recommend as a backing material to sew them onto?
I'm thinking leather/suede jerkin/Doublet but any help would be grand.

>> No.9087897

fake leather is out of the question. Looks like shit and not strong enough. Either real leather (expensive) or get maybe some strong canvas which you can may or may not paint. Linen is always an option as always

>> No.9087901

Yeah learnt my lesson on that with some tassets that lasted 1 game.

>> No.9087915

history time - UK larp style.
link is to a video from the UK childrens programe Blue peter who in 1983, visited peckforten castle in Cheshire to take part in Treasure trap, considered to be the starting point for larping in the UK and which produced produced many players who went to setup many more events such as Fools and heroes, the gathering etc
sadly thoiught the game collapsed in 1985 [ in part due to money and losing acess to Peckforten] although there are 2 sirviving groups [Durham University Treasure Trap and university of Sussex] that still run events using the TT rules as a base.
Peckforten nowaday has been fully restored however its now a wedding and meeting venue, with apparently a clause in its lease banning larping and larp based events from being held there [citation needed on that though].

some other people videos of their own experiences of TT:
three parter
[part 1]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ItRW9uXfIQ
[part 2]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6GVntOTY9g
[part 3]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awrXjGKcth8

>> No.9087918

as far as i know the first photos from actual larps (as we know them today) with ducktape weapons and such are from the UK. But don't quote me on that.

>> No.9087924

Posts like these are why I like you, Gropes.

>> No.9087977
File: 66 KB, 720x960, witcher2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do it if you can, I'm working on a Geralt myself, more from Witcher 2 than anything. 'Scuse the Bandolier, its a stand in untill I get the proper baldric.

>> No.9088016

If you heard her talking about how she'll murder your character stab her with a calimacil dagger.

If you heard her talking about how she's going to murder you stab her with the real knife you keep to knife fight the hillbillies. Also you should start carrying a knife to knife fight hillbillies.

>> No.9088021

a knife is a terrible weapon to fight with. It's good for shanking and murdering people, but I wouldn't advise it for fights.

>> No.9088036
File: 479 KB, 1633x1225, m-016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly, why are you not murder/stabbing people with glorious Schiavona? It pairs well with any outfit and gives glorious hand protection when fighting those dirty Ottomans or defending your righteous Doge.

>> No.9088037

I recommend a shovel. Terrific weapon and plausible deniability.

>> No.9088198

schiavona is shit. It can't do anything more than the non-gay weapons can

>> No.9088233
File: 169 KB, 500x375, j3y3b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you want video of me to prove it? I can take a video of practice tomorrow if you want lol. All my pics are from years ago because I dont have a smart phone and I dont set about taking selfies and such like.

I never said my kits were amazing or anything I just collect it. Its one of my many hobbies. I dont need a custom $5k kit to swing around plastic waisters do I? Mostly I fuck around with just a gamby/gaunts/helm for fun.

But you can keep throwing shade and insults it doesnt matter and really makes me get a sensible chuckle.

I am secure enough in my own life and hobbies and never once tossed you an insult gropey, just remember that.

>> No.9088251

You are a massive tool who got called out by the clownfag. No one likes you. It may be time to retire the namefagging buddy.

>> No.9088256

You talk a lot of shit and have nothing to back it up. Im not even sca, but anyonr can tell you're full of shit.

>> No.9088488

youre right i really dont know why i came to visit here. and why i was talking about playing dress up which is a part of LARP and what not right? I never get anything but negativity from these threads

These threads are always so toxic anyways ill just leave you all to yourselves. good day.

>> No.9088646

And so knigga joins the grave of shea550 and many other namefags. How many tripfags will come and go before another joins the ranks of gropey, hungarian and frenadian as thread regulars?

>> No.9088652

I'm semi-regular, but never been a prolific poster.

>> No.9088668

You have also never been a shitposter.

>> No.9088719

Any idea what base materials he used?

Biggest issue I have is what type of leather (and thickness etc) to use and how I should engineer the construction.

So far I've come to the conclusion that about every other ring will have to be individually sewed on to the jacket for it to become stable enough. With the leather stripes running across being there mainly for design purposes and some extra strengthening.

Nice, I'm not doing a Geralt cosplay (yet) but I really like the inspiration the witcher series give.

>> No.9089429

Flee until its too late,
You will only find pain and misery here

>> No.9089537

Sadly, that's very true.

>> No.9089664


I'd like to see the video.

>> No.9089665


Hotel California, this place.

>> No.9089689

in japan there was a chainmail that was sewn into a hard textile backing, IIRC every second row was sewned to it.

About the leather, vegetable tanned is the preferred one if you want to give it a shape that it should hold, otherwise the standard chrome tanned is good enough.
Also I would say that you shouldn't go above 2 mm in thickness. Right now I'm working on my new jerkin and I use a 4-5mm thick leather. While it's nice that it can stop some swords on the overlapping parts it's not that easy to work with.

>> No.9089700

You have given me a brilliant idea on how to deal with the psycho elf girl.

>> No.9089701

the price of the advice is that you have to come back and tell the story of how it worked. Or anything interesting that happened on the larp

>> No.9089714

Shit, I'm obviously not trying hard enough.

>> No.9089720

compare UK larps to US larps more. Also state how better your stuff is compared to others.
Call gropey fat, call me a slav, call frenedian a mapple-nigger.
These always works

>> No.9089901
File: 117 KB, 1275x846, Japanese undergarment chainmail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in japan there was a chainmail that was sewn into a hard textile backing, IIRC every second row was sewned to it.

Found it

They used linen as a base material, so now I'm thinking about using black linen and then decorate it with dark leather on the outside details.

>> No.9089904

well, linen breaths better and cheaper so it's better for this kind of stuff. Then again if done right leather can look better, but more expensive and may have ventilation problems. Although for a jacket kind of thing it shouldn't be a big problem

>> No.9090303

I do Empire, I had a character in Marches called Xander. He died so I NPC and crew now.

>> No.9090312
File: 70 KB, 960x540, 13567180_10154977609113452_7999615945225554239_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Picked up some PU armour for my new Empire character. I am bored of de-rusting my plate all the time (yay England rain) and I wanted something OTT and unhistorical as balls, The character itself will be a super salty death-worshiping solider cliche/trope so the armour works well.

>In b4 but muh histuuuricurrl acurecurrr

>> No.9090315

>I am bored of de-rusting my plate all the time (yay England rain)
that's why I paint my armour. That and it looks cool in black.

>> No.9090328

Very true, i've bought some Hammerite spray to paint my plate, but decided to try some low maintenance PU too. The metal is now too pitted to buff the rust out so painting is only option.

>> No.9090360

Looks good, Wyrmwick?
Sounds like heresy to me. Tasty, tasty heresy.

>> No.9090391

Please tell me you're a knight of Morr.

>> No.9090450

Very similar as it happens

>> No.9090550

I think linnen will be the better option since the weather can be very struggling here and having breathing material is a big plus (if not a must).

Do you think I should go with two or three layers to create some extra padding/base stength?

>> No.9090562

entirely depends on the thickness/density of the linen you use. But you could easily go up to 4-5 layers even with thicker ones

>> No.9090761

I'm not experienced with them, but my educated guess would be to go for leather or a thick, rough material with something soft like satin on the inside. As far as how to make one, you can pretty much just sew a tube of cloth and hook it up to a belt suspension system.

>> No.9090772

Keep in mind, of course, that this is just one type of rules. Some games instead have rules where there are no hit points but if you get hit in an arm/leg you lose it, and chest/head you die, for instance.

>> No.9091126
File: 1.03 MB, 1200x1600, P1170296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey fellas, can I play?

>> No.9091413

you sound like a jealous fat faggot. None of your armor looks particularly good with you in it, and all of your armor is designed like horseshit because it was made to have a lard ass in it.

don't even bother responding to gropey. he's not worth your time to try to validate yourself to someone who literally doesn't matter out of the small group of people who circle jerk arround the lard ass.

>> No.9091751

I know that I said this thread will contain 135% more autism but we are close to 200% right know, and from the far side

>> No.9091851

also, slightly more interesting news: it looks like Wyvern made their own calimacil clone weapon and they will show it to everyone at Drachenfest

>> No.9092087

Hi knigga. You seem mad.

>> No.9092132
File: 98 KB, 960x720, 10888812_769313306437390_158202838581483204_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanting to do some larping stuff, is it worth to save up and buy actual full gear or to build and rock up?
>Pic is a bit old but most of my gear

>> No.9092177

>is it worth to save up and buy actual full gear or to build and rock up?
>Pic is a bit old but most of my gear

you already have an armor set, all you need is a foam sword of some sort and possibly a larp approved shield

>> No.9092236

That's a goddamn nice kit. Just like, buy a calimacil sword and you'll be set.

>> No.9092524

I love the sallet/gorget combo. I nearly sliced a finger tip off with a sallet once. Lesson learned.

>> No.9092534

Where do you buy an armor set like that? (Excluding chain mail) Or did you make it, senpai-pai?

>> No.9092535

Do they have an English function on their site?

>> No.9092542

fuck knows, I mostly use google translate.
But they posted the promo video on their facebook page

Also I will be off to our big summer larp here in 12 hours.
If in the meantime Hungary is in the news about some kind of forest fire or anything related you are my witnesses that I was here the whole time, not in the forest in a pretend dress-up, playing with fire and fire accessories

>> No.9092571

Doesn't look like it.

Finally, all those German classes will pay off! And they told me it was useless to learn a language other than Spanish.

>> No.9092597

No, your shoes don't fit.

>> No.9092613

Spanks you.
Bought it from an Australian site called "Medieval fight club"

>> No.9092627

His kit is really quite good on him DESU, and all the anons and namefags who've met him all agreed that he's a good foam and steel fighter. His weight aside, you seem buttmad, knigga.

I also don't personally think he looks that big either. Both you, and he himself make it out that he's a huge, but he looks pretty fit-fat to me. Strongman shape.

>> No.9092642

Yeah, find any airsoft larp.
I've done one in plate before. Was fun as hell.
We play a group of templar bringing God to the heathens.

>> No.9092766

He might be a big boy, but he's a fucking tank of a man and hits hard and fast. Far more janky and mobile than you'd guess.

11/10 bro. Would go gay for.

>> No.9092811

i know plenty of sca fighters that would rape him. I genuinely don't believe he's a top tier fighter, and im 100% positive i would embarrass him in a regular foam fighting system in any fighting style aside from single sword or florentine.

>> No.9092817

also, no. he doesn't look strongfat. thor here looks strongfat. gropey looks like an autist who doesn't give a shit about his health or personal appearance. And coming from a military background, it says he's lazy, uncommitted, and generally unmotivated. Successful people know success starts inward, not necessarily limited to money, but life in general. If you are not fit, you are not achieving the potential you set yourself to.

I have no respect for a person who does not set the bar high for themselves. "the world is full of people who try real hard and then say they're sorry." Don't be that guy.

>> No.9092819
File: 28 KB, 480x360, thor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic.

>> No.9092832

depending on the park they swing lead pipes and do have a good amount of great fighters, but there are quite a few parks in TX

>> No.9092854

Go away knigga, no one wants you here

>> No.9092860

>obviously doesn't know clownbro

>> No.9092861

>i know plenty of sca fighters that would rape him.
Its a world wide org. He regularly places in interkingdom events, but it doesn't mean he wouldn't facefuck anyone who posts here.

>im 100% positive i would embarrass him in a regular foam fighting system in any fighting style aside from single sword or florentine.
His main game is polearm and sword n'buckler.

>> No.9092876
File: 40 KB, 720x960, 367933003947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gropey looks like an autist who doesn't give a shit about his health or personal appearance.

The fuck you talking about? He's a total fop who is all about appearance, and he's a popular newcommer in the east ACL. Quit talking about people you don't know.

>And coming from a military background
>the world is full of people who try real hard

Like you. Quit being a gigantic faggot. More of us served than you really want to know.

>> No.9092880

>Gropey r dum
>ima a super ripped navy seal irl
When will summer end?

>> No.9093025

>this thread

>135% more autism
We have well surpassed that.

>> No.9093224

>the world is full of people who try real hard and then say they're sorry
>And coming from a military background

Holy shit the lack of self-awareness is just sad. I can't even laugh at this.
Also I missed a couple threads. Can someone get me up to speed on why another would-be namefag is trying to start shit with Gropey?

>> No.9093229

Belgium here, who is going to Raganarok or Avatar this year?

>> No.9093238

see here >>9091751
I would say we past 275% five post ago

>> No.9093280
File: 2.28 MB, 2448x3264, DSC04238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright, so two more hours until I go and try not to set everything on fire and do human experiments in my alchemy lab.
It's a shame I didn't bought sulfur, there will be people who most probably would have begged for a little sulfur smoke

>> No.9093310

Guy started posting pics of his shitty kit, bragging about how cheap it was and generally making a giant cock of himself. People said it looked like shit, some provided examples of non shit kits, Gropey included. I guess he latched into Gropalope because his attitude can admittedly make him come across kind of assholish.

Anyway, now he's disappeared and either trying to anonpost or he brought another of Gropey's haters out of the woodwork.

>> No.9093457

I'm going to Ragnarok, as a Condottiere.
I intend to be the most magnificent bastard on the battlefield, even if i'm not that much a good fighter

>> No.9093940


Do you guys have anything else to add about Drachenfest?

>> No.9094222

My dashing prince <3

>> No.9094239

Even I fucking served. Although I was a REMF!

>> No.9094298

would rape him in spear/pike or glave, would rape him in sword and board.

then you should realize hes a lazy fuck.
if he cared about his appearance he would lose weight, get a decent hair cut, and shave his mutton chops.

didn't say i was a navy seal or ripped, but i can run a mile without losing a lung(;

literally everyone in cgl larp threads have shitty kits. Hungarian looks like his mom dressed him, or he bought his shit from a shitty halloween store.

The canadian isnt bad and hes nice so he gets a pass

I don't know what kniggas shit is and i dont care its probably shit.

gropeys kit is shit, he doesnt even have nice armor compared to standard sca.

redimiw? i dont remember his shit but he talks about his gorget enough.

none of you other autists post pics but im sure they are shit.

all of you talk way to much shit for having such shit kits. half of you are in europe and use costume grade shit that literally cant hold up in anything past lightest touch systems. and gropey is a pretentious cunt. I've literally never seen him say something nice unless he was complemented first and would look like a further ass if he didnt respond in kind.

lets further on this, Look at how fucking elitist and immature all of you are. you literally told a dude to leave because he was happy with what he had. fucking grow up and start treating your fellow larpers with kindness and respect. I know its the internet and 99% of you wouldnt have the Audacity to talk shit irl, but this is the toxic mentality you are breeding. This is why the SCA is dying and growing smaller year after year. This is why people leave larps.

at the end of the day, you are burning bridges and pushing away people you could have had fun fighting. quit being cunts and grow up.

>> No.9094309
File: 66 KB, 568x335, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>costume grade
The issue seems that most the drama is from SCA/Hema enthusiasts clashing with larpers. If you want a reenactment thread then start one in /his/. Larp is mostly fantasy, and for fun not competitive, so if I want to go to war with the fucking unicorn people, with a fucking collendor on my head and a 4ft long rubber dildo then I fucking will do.

>> No.9094342

Two questions:
1) Has anyone ever saw HLF or Gropey fight? Or better yet, can someone post a vid of them fight? (Even themselves if they feel like it). SCA or HEMA goes too. Not trying to downplay or disrespect, just legit curious about how good are they.

2) Do all LARP foamfighting (Or latex/calimacil fighting, for that matter) look cringey from the side? I try make my fighting look theatrical and good but I wonder wether it's a goal you could ever reach or not. Has anyone here ever genuinely enjoyed from a LARP duel, for instance?

>> No.9094349
File: 102 KB, 1024x683, 10911479_823294387787844_8036652114351262907_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1) No idea
2) Larp fighting (not boffaLarp) can look good if done properly. Some systems have global hit points and encourage "tappy tappy" style fighting that I HATE.

I much prefer larps with tighter hit rules encouraging cinematic fighting. One of the systems I do is called Odyssey which is a lot of one on one combat/duels in a big arena in front of gathered players, so cinematic showy fighting is encouraged.

>> No.9094356

I have a fair few good larpy duel pics floating around if you want to see them?

>> No.9094370

Pics would be cool too I guess. Vids are preferred tho. Also is there a way to improve at it?

>> No.9094385

I can't personally provide vids as very few events I attend have videographers, and even photographers have to look vaguely IC (not including the camera of course). But as a rule of thumb I like my combat to be showy and fun to watch. Best advice is if you are doing a show piece, get together with your opponent(s) first and run through some ideas/moves you have in mind.
This is the video that got me interested in larp has plenty of showy fighting!

>> No.9094392

> If you want a reenactment thread then start one in /his/.

I can think of few more horrific things than suffering the idiotic commentary of /his/, especially when it comes to reenactment.

it would descend into /pol/ levels of drivel within a day.

however there are plenty of historical and larp crossovers where accurate costuming is used for larps. and there's plenty of areas where larping-alike activities are used in reenactment. trying to say that they are exclusive of each other is daft.

> Not trying to downplay or disrespect, just legit curious about how good are they.

it should be irrelevant. some of the people who can talk about it, and get others involved, are themselves shit fighters. some of the best fighters are the people you dont want to ever be dealing with newbies.
same goes for anything really. I've done HEMA for over a decade, I can talk about lichetenaur and the correct placement for messer in wallerstein etc, and cite 1000 sources. but I know fine well put me in sparring, and I'm still shit, my ripped rotaor cuff, and a slightly arthritic knee make me unable to ever fight as well as people half my age and twice my fitness. But they dont know a tenth of what I do about the fine details of how a 15th C messer is made. Judge people on the qualities they can offer, not their abilities to hit or not hit someone.

>> No.9094405

Ah yes, I know those guys. They're great but that's choreographed. Great vid nonetheless!

But I already know they're knowledgable regarding history, weaponry etc. And while I'm sure after a decade of HEMA you're a very skilled fighter, I doubt (Just using the example you gave) knowing how a Messer is made will be half as useful in combat as being quick on your feet or mastering a certain counter.

TL;DR knowledge is appreciated but I was asking about fighting prowess.

>> No.9094408

>however there are plenty of historical and larp crossovers where accurate costuming is used for larps. and there's plenty of areas where larping-alike activities are used in reenactment. trying to say that they are exclusive of each other is daft.

That as may be, but there are plenty of larp systems that are not based on strict historical counterparts. Stich-counting re-enactors/HEMA fans need to chill out. If someone is pictured fighting an ogre while riding a unicorn, do you really think he cares if his brigandine has the "wrong" hem for the vague time period the system might be based on? Who is the critique for exactly? Apart from knowledge weeny waggling?

I know this is /egl/ where drama is expected as a mandatory default. But jfc, let us not end up like the lolitas.

>> No.9094412
File: 265 KB, 1536x1024, 13584627_10157048597860291_5793279417287818841_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9094415
File: 212 KB, 1536x1024, 13585225_10157048597110291_2789321678958931976_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9094421
File: 111 KB, 683x1024, 11696577_10155737106535291_9002853584959730988_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9094423
File: 115 KB, 1024x683, 11224243_10155737105345291_1524687511398470980_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9094427

I do have some others somewhere but it's 2am and I can't remember where.

>> No.9094431

I think a lot of it can be encouraged by leading by example.
A group of friends and I(about 4 of us) managed to make the larp we go to decently cool when it comes to combat. between helping people making better looking weapons to always having showy and flourish combat. People start to notice how much cooler you look when you aren't doing that faggoty tap shit. Even when fighting those people, never stoop to their level. Lots of them will convert when their fights feel 100x more heroic.
It helps Im a pretty fit guy and know how to fight well (at least with foam). But I play NPCs and start to notice players more and more making fights cool.
Canadian for what it counts.

>> No.9094434

Perfect example of tap faggots.
Am I the only one who tries to use the actual blade of a weapon, at least when using a bladed wep?
I know Im not just venting.

>> No.9094440

>i can run a mile without losing a lung(;
Most people can buddy this doesn't prove shit

>> No.9094456

Most can? You must not larp.
I am one of the most fit at the larps I attend (3 of them). My mile is 6:15. I can't break that fucking 6 minute mile, but I digress.
Fitness is not big in nerd communities. Or in America where 33% of the country is obese.

>> No.9094478
File: 72 KB, 480x720, Larpfags- Gropey (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>would rape him in spear/pike or glave, would rape him in sword and board.
Doubt it

>if he cared about his appearance he would lose weight, get a decent hair cut, and shave his mutton chops.
...Knigga, he's lost a bunch of weight, has glorious hair, and shaved his chops for work: Where he spends all day professionally marching/shooting muskets/fencing

>literally everyone in cgl larp threads have shitty kits.
>Hungarian looks like his mom dressed him, or he bought his shit from a shitty halloween store.
>gropeys kit is shit, he doesnt even have nice armor compared to standard sca.
> the SCA is dying and growing smaller
You're either the worst troll ever, or honestly mentally retarded.

I got action pics of Gropey in foam, sca and steel. I have a few of Hungarian. There was a vid of Gropey somewhere. I know a bunch of American fags met up with the clown. Don't know about Hungarian.

>> No.9094483

>Most can? You must not larp.
>being proud of being fitter than LARPers
I'm talking about normies, you ignoramus.
>My mile is 6:15. I can't break that fucking 6 minute mile, but I digress.
That's actually pretty shit. Way to feel tough about being to outrun landwhales, though.
>hurr if you're so athletic why don't you prove it anonymous
I don't brag about a 6:15 mile. That's proof enough.

>> No.9094491

You are literally proving my point. Im not bragging about a 6:15 mile. Im saying that as its not a very fast mile and the general fitness in the community is absolute shit. Im pretty middle ground and thats sad. I play field hockey and get absolutely shit on by most players in speed and endurance.
I thought you were talking about larpers. Also, the fitness levels in the world are heading down pretty fast man. its sad.

>> No.9094493

Also, I'm not >>9094298
Just adding my 2 cents

>> No.9094514
File: 138 KB, 1024x683, 11233510_789977817786168_8968079930409065467_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree, I fight using the actual blade. However this puts me at a disadvantage in systems where tappy hits count as they tend to be quicker as there is no requirement to put power behind them.

Fairly good example here, i've gone for a side strike while my opponent on the right, who is actually a rather nice chap, is going for a tappy hit. Rules allow it so can't argue, however can be very frustrating.

>> No.9094524

In the UK most of the larger systems do the hitpoints thing as opposed to encouraging "proper" hits, as it reduces the risk of injury overall when you have 1000+ people on the field, and probably makes their insurance cheaper. But a lot of the Eye-Larp and smaller systems have rules that encourage proper strikes, and state if it wasn't a proper hit, then don't take it as such.

>> No.9094544

which is why its sad gropey can't. the point wasn't to heighten myself, my point was to show how sad it was.

>> No.9094553

you're right. the point im pushing is that everyone is being way to elitist, and can't back up their attitudes with anything legitimate.( like i was there) and is providing a toxic community which alienates us.

>> No.9094561

But hes fabulous as fuck with that leg pop

>> No.9094565

Except you don't know if he can or can't. Im fatter than him, and regularly jog several miles just fine.

You are a really sad troll

>> No.9094601

The issue we run into with the whole 'proper strike' thing is that it's REALLY hard to enforce or even judge at a glance. My city just had its annual Longsword/WMA tournament and even in scenarios where you have 2 trained combatants and a panel of judges, arguments about what constitutes a valid hit are rampant.

also holy shit has this thread devolved into arguing about physical prowess? I don't know if we're victims of an actual shitposter or a very well-designed /fit/ thread simulator.

>> No.9094624 [DELETED] 

Very true, I don't envy refs desu.

As for the "do you even lift" arguements I don't even know how that one started.

>> No.9094630

True, refs are at a premium so larpers are pretty much left to the honour system. Those that get too many complaints for not taking hits normally get a ref taking an interest. But easier in an arena battle than say a 600 a side field fight.

I have no idea how the "do you even lift" thing started. Trying to be alpha in a larp thread, on a cosplay and Lolita board is the pinnacle of irony.

>> No.9094671

Im always fine with a best effort thing. I don't mind getting hit with the flat of a blade every once in a while, its whatever, Ill take the hit. But you shouldn't be trying to hit with it, making a little effort to strike properly with your weapon.

>> No.9095212
File: 146 KB, 480x269, 20160707_002443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you literally told a dude to leave because he was happy with what he had

No, we literally told a dude to leave because he was being a smug, aggressive cunt. I don't like Gropey's attitude any more than you do, but Knigga's was not one bit better.

>> No.9095240

>>talking shit about people talking shit and not posting own kit
>>talking shit and not posting own kit

Are you a wizard?

>> No.9095242

Just for some perspective, real life fighting, fencing, kendo, NONE of it looks like the movie duel you're imagining.

>> No.9095248

It's not just tapping, parrying/shield use needs to be better too.
I've seen some total faggotry when people parry with staves as if they're wonderwoman deflecting bullets.

>> No.9095267
File: 25 KB, 323x454, 123123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that guy on the left
>wearing fucking sneakers

>> No.9095322
File: 93 KB, 960x540, 13617530_1085280774874799_853368953_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, i finally finished my costume, i'm happy of the result, and i have no problem fighting in it.

>> No.9095351

I remember once posted pics of themselves as some sort of spider-human thing. Does anyone still have those? working on a sort of bugman costume, and want some inspiration.

>> No.9095368

I like it, apart from maybe some minor nitpicking. Got a higher quality picture?

>> No.9095372
File: 109 KB, 960x540, 13618156_1085280791541464_122496562_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, it was took from a phone, i just have another one

>> No.9095385

I thought he was just trolling

>> No.9095391

Looks pretty nice. Coats like that are criminally underused.

>> No.9095392

That would be Tarantula Larpsocks. I haven't seen her around in a while, sadly, and I don't have any of her pictures.

>> No.9095427

Thanks! I'm also open to nitpicking, maybe you noticed something i didn't

>> No.9095940

Dont call me a Canadian
Be nice
This kind of attitude is not nescessary and does not provide any good subject matters
Im not nice im just really really high all the time

>> No.9096282

Ehh... I had to come back to this level of retardation after a larp...

yeah. If you ever make a video about drachenfest try to do proper video cutting, and try to speak coherently. Doing a cut after every half sentence will make me think you can't talk and you don't have a coherent thought about the whole think and also that you are a retard.
So don't be that guy, because it's painful to watch

>literally everyone in cgl larp threads have shitty kits. Hungarian looks like his mom dressed him, or he bought his shit from a shitty halloween store.
shitty halloween stores actually have some pretty good stuff for cheap. You should buy more stuff from there.
but feel free to advise me on what you think is shit about my gear, and which one.

> you literally told a dude to leave because he was happy with what he had
yeah, no. He got mad and stated that he won't come here again. Then he came back, got mad again and stated again that he won't come back ever.

> This is why the SCA is dying and growing smaller year after year.
only to justify your statement that everyone is shittalking: who the fuck cares? I mean there are SCA threads on /asp/, there I would care. Not here. I mean don't be surpsied that in al arp thread people don't really care about SCA, especially if their opening statement is that they are better than everyone else.

1.) I don't think that there are any good video about me fight. But I'm admittedly shit at fighting so there is that. I train a little which is nowhere enough to be good at it but I'm above a beginner.
But if there is a demand for it I can probably make a short vid after Drachenfest.

2.) yes. literally every larp fight that isn't staged are look like shit. Partly because of the weapons and partly because of the safety restrictions. And of course there are the factor if the individuals can actually fight or not.

>> No.9096480

Guys I can't seem to get the hang of this dagger sword thing.
Do I just use the dagger to parry in place of a shield? It never seems to get close enough for damage when I have a damned sword in my other hand

>> No.9096604

>look cringey from the side?
In general it will because of the physics involved and because most people suck ass and will just flail their swords around like dildos.

It looks a lot better in slowmo than in real time though. We actually managed to film one of my swords breaking after an intense duel, it was pretty neat to watch it back.

>> No.9096823
File: 171 KB, 1536x1024, 13613220_10157087340615291_379091826416363036_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've done it a few times during battles where shield has been lost. Never ends well. Can't get hang of it either, better with just sword.

>> No.9096961

Do fights at DF look shit as well? Like, the champion fights (Gold camp vs green champ etc) and all that stuff?
And I'd say you may be good but just modest or trying to avoid looking like an ass who goes "Oh yeah I could beat anyone in this thread with my eyes tied behind my back".

Also what would you say is enough training to be a good fighter?

>> No.9096968

Also I'd like to see you fight if you feel like filming

Worked for me. Either close distance or primarily use the dagger for defense yeah. Put in mind you can't block things like a Bidenhander with it

>> No.9096978
File: 152 KB, 1000x750, wx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, going to kandorya on tuesday and going to play a plague doctor. I need one more thing for the costume but I don't really know the name of the thing in pic related, can someone help me ? thanks mates

>> No.9096991

well, depends. For the uneducated outside observer every larp fight would look lame, with very few exception.
For a standard larper a lot of larp fights would look cool especially the ones where he participated, but part of that is bias, I think.
But if you actually know how fights supposed to look, or if you have a very specific taste in what you like in fights you go again to the side where most of the things look terrible.
That said, larp fights ARE fun and I enjoy them, but I'm aware that videos of larp fights will most of the time look like shit, and even if you are there in person it will highly depends on the atmosphere.
Drachenfest is the same, but it gets a huge boost on the atmosphere. The duel (between champions and such) style there is mostly highly theatrical, which doesn't mean that it's staged. It's more like that they are moving little slower and make their moves easily readable so it's a little more "enjoyable" to the audiance but in the same time it will make them look like a little clumsier for my taste. But that's my own personal problem.

About me fighting, I'm honestly not good.
Probably above average by larp standards but pretty much shit in HEMA standards. Doesn't have enough time for training, my stance is shit, and stuff like that.

About enough training... larp or HEMA?

Well, as I said, probably after drachenfest I will have time for that, I will try to get a camera that isn't shit and make some vids about our trainings.


>> No.9097024

And just for giggles and shit, I've managed to find a video about me fighting.
It's a year old so I was obviously even more shit, also it was taken on a local Con, where we went out so the con goers could try out our weapons and such. Fights were purely for fun, no point system or anything.
Only rules were safety ones, like do it carefully, don't act like a retard, don't go full force, etc.


>> No.9097154

Well I can only speak from HEMA stuff, and even then it's just something that I've seen my betters do as exhibition fights.
It's kinda like a buckler, but shittier in just about every way. It makes it hard for people to grapple, but that's not really a concern for LARP.
I dunno, use it like a buckler? Cover your hand with it or try to bind? Sounds like you just need to get your off hand right the fuck out of the fight and just use a single weapon.

>> No.9097538

technically speaking it's only good against rapiers sideswords and similar setups. It's not for battlefield use and anything with a reach will most probably wreck your shit, if we presume the same level of experience and fitness.

It's a civilian setup, and slightly less uncultured than using a buckler

>> No.9097624

LARP. I really don't know anywhere near enough about HEMA to discuss about it

>> No.9097630

I'm guessing you're the dude in the brown-orange-yellow outfit thing?
You're actually pretty okay bro, I like the fact you actually use it like a sword and not like a tappy stick. Suited anime dude is not as good but somewhat okay in my standards as well, since he's trying to (I guess, anyway) copy Hack&Slash/Animu Dante-esque fighting style and not just tap around, which is cool.

TL;DR it's nice, thanks for posting man. Also it seems like the congoers around you and anime guy are having some great time, which is awesome.

>> No.9097631

well, you don't need THAT much training for it. Learn to control your hits, that's the most important thing. That you can do in your home alone, same with how to step in fights.
Distance measuring is also important but you can learn that better if you have an opponent.
The first two you can do it at home as I said, whenever you have spare time for it. Few times a month wouldn't hurt. Also once or twice a month fighting with someone else for a few hours helps too.

But keep in mind, simply spending time on it won't guarantee that you will be better if you don't know where or how to improve. You can just as easily train for bad habits that won't make you better.

Also being effective is another matter, for that you need to know what kind of rules the larp have and stuff like that

>> No.9097638

Then I think I already train more than that... I'm training at least once a week every saturday for a few hours with a group of friends-Duels, groupfighting, FFA and all sort of stuff. This, and I meet another group of friends at least once throughout the week for duelling practice.

I don't know about the second part tho. How do I check where to improve?

>> No.9097646
File: 473 KB, 1366x2048, 11149780_1613153442260559_1762787540606328331_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, he probably used a larp sword the first time, so no real problem there. I don't expect anyone to be proficient at it if he has zero training. Also I find it important that against beginners you should go slow and give them time to react and think it through. Sometimes even go full stop if they go into a bind and don't know what to do and stay that way until they figure out where they want to move from there.
And yeah, we go there so people can have fun and if they are interested introduce them to larping. We managed to recruit a recently a lot of people this way to the larp community and all of them are the kind of guys who do a lot to make the games better.
We go for quality instead of quantity when recruiting so instead of trying to spam everywhere how great larp is we just go to events like these, have fun with the people there and if someone is really interested and ask about it we tell them more.
Very slow process but in the long run I think it totally worth it.

Well, have you tried fighting other guys than just your friends? It is important that every once in a while step out of your comfort zone and try to fight people you don't know, preferably people who are better than you. That's one way to improve.
Also researching the subject can help too, but not every HEMA stuff translates well into larping.

But in my eyes someone is good if he can win more fights that he loses and nobody (sane, retards doesn't count) complains about him or have big problems.

>> No.9097648

Its supershit, dont buy larp armour, buy re enactment armour, better quality..

>> No.9097651

also, we reached the bump limit yet again so here is the new thread



>> No.9098824

Oooh I'm going to Ragnarok too. I Might meet you. Are you flemish or french speaking?

>> No.9100499

sa depend du tipe de plague doctor histo c'etait le meme genre de truc que se que portait les nonnes
en fantaisie c'est souvent une capuche ou une echarpe

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