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Gotta vent? Some crappy local comm dramu got you stressed?

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Fuck i need to text this one girl who i used i used to text a lot. Literally shes my only friend who shares my interests in Cosplay, or anime in general

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I had gay crossdressing cosplay sex with my best friend and his parents found out and I am freaking out right now.

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Wait ur a guy?

I thought girls only posted here haha

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Why is this board so dead right now?? I'm so angry I can't afford to go to ax. I don't have time anyway. At least I can spend all my money on burando

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Yea i am, feels like this board is one of the fewer boards that has more women on it than men, which isnt that bad

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One of the cosplayers my age is a total attention whore. She would post rant status everyday and it is all annoying. She recently kept posting photos of her in bras and undies. She also claims those were not nudity. She kicked out one of my friends from their dance group and to be honest they never had any progress with it. I am happy my friend is no longer part of that. Since they obviously don't have any results, I heard she is now meddling with the more famous and better dance group with cosplayers older than us. I wish she just stops.

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One of the cosplayers my age is a total attention whore. She would post rant status everyday and it is all annoying. She recently kept posting photos of her in bras and undies. She also says those were not nudity. She kicked one of my friends out of their dance group and to be honest they never had any progress with it. I am happy my friend is no longer part of that. Since they obviously don't have any results, I heard she is now meddling with the more famous and better dance group with cosplayers older than us. I wish she just stops.

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All boards have their up and downs. Some more some less.
But I know your feel ;_;
Anyway back to my Imperial Guardsman cosplay.

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There's no comm in my area., only a facebook otaku group. I meet there a girl who likes ouji and lolita fashion so we're like internet friend now. Her dream is to become a designer and create her lolita indie brand. I'm torn between my admiration for her because she's trying to make her dream come true, and the fact that she's still an ita. I never told her what I think of her handmade item and try to be only positive and supportive to her. I'm afraid if I told her exactly how ita I think she is, she don't want to be friend with me anymore. What should I do?

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Holy Mana I just dragged myself out of a bad situation.
>be young weeb just getting into the fashion
>join comm with best friend M, we twin in Bodyline our first meet
>notice that brandwhore C pretty much rules the comm
>Facebook stalking engage
>she has it made
>big closet, bf's a smart dresser
>hit with jealousy like a train
>inspired to not be such an ita
>M joins me in quest for better clothing
>find out about nearby shop that sells Taobao brands along with Bodyline and other jfash stuff
>sperg out a little
>drag M there in rushed coords
>guy dressed in crappy vkei is in the store
>complete with face mask and hair that looked more scene kid than vkei
>M goes off to look at some accessories
>dude approaches me
>oh no
>looks me up and down
>"I know you!"
>proceeds to offer condolences for the death of my father
>tells me he knew my father pretty closely, asks if I'm doing ok
>I guess so?
>small talk occurs, I find out he was into brolita for a while
>ask why he left brolita
>shrugs it off, tells me it just didn't fit him
>ok, I mean you do you
>thinks for a while, then asks me if I'd like to have his old dresses
>ask him for pics
>he pulls out his phone and shows me photos he was planning to use on LM
>he has CTP in lavender, among some other cute dresses and assorted accessories
>"I know you said you're fine, but it must be hard not having your father around. I'll sell you the dresses on a discount. How about 350 for the whole lot?"
>my ita brain cannot be happier
>guy tells me his name is E, and asks if we can chat over FB
>sure, why not?

>next meet, I walk in, all dressed up in my new loot
>feelin like a boss
>look on C's face is priceless
>M looks shocked, but happy
>kinda regret not telling her about my purchase
>meetup is at a small tea house, everyone's sipping tea and eating sandwiches
>I get a lot of questions about my improvement, decide not to mention E
>C leaves to touch up her makeup after downing a whole cup of earl grey

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>when she comes back, she gets a weird look on her face and rushes back to the ladies room
>don't know how long she spent in there, too busy chatting with some nice classic lolitas
>she comes back again, grabs her purse, and leaves
>everyone hopes she didn't have some sort of allergic reaction, resumes chatting
>Saturday comes and with it, secrets
>C was posted, no big surprise
>secret calls her a fatty-chan, and tells her to starve herself so she can fit into brand
>I don't like her, but that seems a bit harsh
>later secret simply states "I know what you did"
>imagery on the pic indicates that it's for me
>oh great, C thinks I gave her food poisoning or some crap
>not really looking forward to the next meet

>meanwhile, I've been messaging both E and a childhood crush of mine, R
>E tells me he found a great deal on CC for one of my dream dresses
>sweet, I've got the money to drop
>insists on buying it for me
>this is getting weird
>I tell him never mind, I don't want it that much
>box arrives later with the dress inside
>boxes continue to come with other things I've wishlisted
>talk about creepy
>I have a sneaking suspicion that E has a lolita fetish
>too scared to ask about it
>also too distracted by the fact that R asked me out and we have a date soon
>meetups come and go, C still hates me
>she has the worst luck
>at the picnic meet she tripped and fell into a rosebush
>her dress was ok, except for a few minor tears, but she tore her BTSSB tights to shreds
>more passive aggressive secrets towards me and downright attacks on C that Sat.
>boxes keep coming in the mail
>I finally get the guts to tell E to quit it, he was creepy, a neckbeard, and I didn't want to talk to him again
>he was hurt, but backed off
>well, after asking if R was the reason I hated him so much
>I decided not to respond
>he didn't bother me for a long time

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>fast forward three years to a Christmas meet, which was Nutcracker themed
>R, now my fiance, comes as my plus one, I managed to dress him up in ouji and he looks hecka fine
>we're the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Soldier
>C and her bf are Clara and the Nutcracker
>the bf seems focused on not letting me near C
>all goes well for a while, until
>E shows up
>he's in some weird attempt at aristo, and still wearing that stupid mask
>makes a beeline for me after giving C the biggest stink eye
>"Anon, I know you said that you didn't like me, but R is clearly abusing you into saying that. If you give me a chance, I can give you all you ever wanted. I'll find any rare release for you. I know you'll come back to me someday."
>R gets in front of me, but not before E sees the beautiful engagement ring R bought me
>"You will be mine."
>the way he tried to get in my face was the final straw, and I bolted to the bathroom
>it took R thirty minutes to convince me that the mods kicked him out of the meet

>the messages sent to my Facebook turned from pleading to threatening, and every time I blocked him, he created some new proxy account
>R becomes increasingly protective, and begs me to get a restraining order
>I plan to file one
>and then it happened
>I wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of muffled shouting
>the window of R and I's apartment is broken, and there's blood on the floor
>E is standing in front of the bed, holding a knife to a gagged R's throat
>"I'll give you one last chance, Anon. Trade your life for his. Start a new life with me."
>there's one last package on the bed
>a BTSSB wedding dress, partially stained with blood
>tell him no way
>he pokes the knife a bit deeper into R's skin
>shattered glass lies between me and my phone, can't call 911
>wild notion comes into my head
>I lean forward and kiss E
>it tastes like vodka and stale chips, but it gives R enough time to slip away, ungag himself, and dial 911

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>okay... that sounds fake but okay

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>E's mask is down, has awful chin acne mixed with cuts from where he's obviously tried to shave
>shriek in horror
>his face turns from anger to sadness
>"you really will never be able to love me."
>the sympathy I have is quickly buried by R cursing because he stepped on glass
>"go. Get to the hospital."
>E's voice is weirdly quiet
>we waste no time in complying, R has a small cut on his neck and his foot is staining the carpet

That was the last I saw of E, and I filed the restraining order the next day. Last I heard, he's still on the run from the cops. They've called him a ghost on several occasions.

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This started out great and jumped the shark hardcore at this part

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What are you smoking.
Also CTP doesn't come in lavender, do your research next time

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Are you really so bored that you spent over an hour writing this fake story?

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Try to give her gentle constructive criticism? Like "don't you think this would look even better with x?" and "have you tried y? I think it would be nice". Or show her cool/good resources on the net or wherever?

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This was a nice read. Glad it's not real because that shits crazy AF.

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I would like to vent about my comms mod but she frequents here and I don't want to get kicked out. Just don't like how she treats the comm as her personal promotional soap box.

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>two chicks quit a cosplay group bc they fought with another group member
>group replaces them with new girls
>one of the ex-members and her man continually stalk group on all social media and intentionally provoke drama
>ex-member and her man constantly troll the group on cgl even when they have only met or spoken to less than 1/3 of the group and don't have a fucking clue what they are saying
>group member they fought with whiteknights on cgl against ex-member and her man making the whole group look bad
>group starts to kind of see why two ex-members left but they talk so much shit on cgl about them for no reason so new members meeting or reaching out to old members is not going to happen
>provoking still continues
>new group members tired of legacy dramu and reputation smearing when ex-members don't have any clue as to who new group members are or what is going on

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this made me laugh in the midst of shitty auspol, so thank you anon for this fake ass story

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This is older but every now and then I think about it and get bootybothered.

>hanging out in a friend's room at a con. People are going in and out, looking for parties, etc, as people do at cons
>eventually one of the guys staying in the room, a bit of a flirt, brings in some rando girl who none of us have ever met before
>Wearing your typical weeb catgirl get up
>conversation turns to gossip, hookups, things of that nature
>Someone mentions a(n) (in)famous dickpick taken at another con
>girl confesses that it was her boyfriend in a humblebraggy sort of way
>that's great who actually gives a hot damn we still don't know you
>girl starts acting a little goofy and sort of lowkey hits on people, but badly
>randomly asks me if I'm gay. I'm not. I'm pretty damn straight
>Keeps pushing the question. "Oh, are you bi? Have you ever been with a girl? I could, you know..." etc. etc.
>I'm hoping that I'm obviously uncomfortable or aloof about this but I guess I'm not because she keeps asking me and making suggestive comments about hooking up with me (???)
>eventually she leaves with the dude. Everyone in the room is visibly relieved

It wasn't crazy drama or anything, more that she was just so random and so obviously thirsty for everyone in the room (despite having a boyfriend? But maybe they're open. Who's to judge). I was just super uncomfortable and disappointed to meet a crazy bi chick at a con because in my sheltered little idealistic world, LGBTQ people are all sweet lovely perfect people who are thoughtful and respectful of boundaries.

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Obviously nobody got the Phantom of the Opera thing. The Wizard of Oz one is still best.

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I wish so much that this was real just because of your fairytale happy ending + unbreakable love with old crush. If this is real... xxooo, anon. Have a great life.

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Thanks for the advice. I think she knows quite well the fashion tho because she has a pinterest account full of good coords and inspiration. The problem here is that she doesn't buy legit lolita stuff, no brando, nothing. She sew all her things and it's not that great desu. I wish I could post something as an exemple but we can't post friend here, right.

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>about to buy a very very rare dress for dirt cheap on y!auctions
>one minute left
>seller cancels the auction

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I got the phantom of the opera thing. I laughed. 10/10 would read again, thanks anon.

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Anon, thank you for that story. I appreciate everything PotO

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>Fairly new at lolita
>join local comm
>cliques worse than the old church my mom would make me go to.
>Don't really talk
>just do safe, basic boring coords for the most part
>Gradually make a friend, T.
>Really sweet, encouraging
>Super lucky to have her
>ff couple months
>no more basic cords, pretty advanced now. More confidence, finding my style
>The more popular group teases T alot
>She's a bit chubby and can't afford brand that much
>it's not light hearted teasing, just straight up mocking insults.
>Can't do much other than support her and be there for her when it gets to her
>save up and buy her some brand
>she's so happy
>Clique bashes even fucking harder
>turns out T slept with one of the girls bfs, knowingly, more than once. She's the reason they broke up
>Ask T about it, she admits it's true. Says she doesn't regret it.
>My father having an affair put a deep seated hate for cheaters and people who sleep with people in relationships.
>Torn between having been her friend for a while and her being a good one. Which is rare.
>And her being a homewrecker.

>Idk what to do.

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Ex friends have become popular in my local cosplay con for whatever reason and I feel like I'll never be able to make friends with people without them restarting drama that's almost 5 years old or sending death threats (like they did when shit went down 5 years ago, and they did with my friends when they decided to cut ties with them). Kinda wanna just say fuck it because I'm planning on leaving my town soon anyways but at the same time I'm gonna be here at least another year or two, why sacrifice friends because they're cunts? Also,

>Local cosplay meet year or so ago
>younger sister hanging out with them
>ask her later if she remembered them
>says "yeah, they don't know why you stopped being friends with them"
>reality was years prior I was going through a really rough time mentally, had to be hospitalized, they decided I was a psycho bitch and started sending death threats saying I should've killed myself etc
>one of them has me blocked on Facebook
>my sister posts a thing the other day that automatically generates friends profile pictures
>that girl is one of them
>tries to see if I'm unblocked or whatever
>sees "ghost likes"/comments that disappear on almost all of my sisters posts

I'm being a bit paranoid, but at the same time leave my fucking sister alone...

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>Can't go to AX
>Promised one group of friends that I'd join em' and we'd party hard since they're gonna get a hotel suite room and buy a literal tub of alcohol
>Bail out on them and stay home shitting up /cgl/ as I do my work salt-ily
>My 3 weeb friends are also going, I give them fun pills and tell them to have a good time. Tell them to get me Zun's autograph in return
>Tell them to keep me updated if they're bored
>Shit post in the AX thread and then ask a seagull to help my autistic friends out in going to AX room parties
>They keep me updated today
>They didn't manage to get Zun's autograph
>They were too pussy to kik the guy from /cgl/
>They were too Jew to party with my friends in the suite room since they were expected to chip in
>They lost their concert tickets

10/10. I don't even know if they're just making it sound bad so I feel better

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sounds hard. I understand that that there is something that comes up when you have strong convictions towards cheaters. I would say agree to disagree for now, not worth losing a friend over but maybe you can try to get your friend to understand why thats cruel and makes you uncomfortable. I'm sure neither of you would want to be without the other, she probably just feels better than the girl who makes fun of her for sleeping with the girls bf. these types of things suck sorry anon

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>at ax
>cosplaying Lenalee from DGM BC hyped for the new series
>go to talk to a couple DGM cosplayers
>they're kinda rude
>too nervous to talk to any of the others I saw
>friends are either being annoying or working since most of my friends bailed on AX
>don't know what to do anymore
>tempted to go home and not party when my friend gets off work at midnight. Again.

It just feels bad because my day yesterday, although exhausting, was probably one of the best days I had at a con since getting out of my web phase.

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Weeb, even. Autocorrect.

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Seeing everyone having fun in cool groups together leaves me extremely depressed and more and more every day I legit feel like killing myself. I don't even know why I go to cons anymore but it's better than shutting myself in. I can strike up conversations but I feel like bridging that final gap seems impossible, and the few friends I manage to add barely reply or anything other than add me as another number on their friends list.

I just want weeb friends so bad but there aren't any other places to meet people into anime other than cons and my school doesn't have a club.

I'm legit considering ending it but at the same time I want to keep fighting to bridge that gap but every failure leaves me a further wreck.

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Wow what a blast from the past. Lenalee Lee was the first ever cosplay I made for myself back when I was a wee little weeb.

>> No.9083303

It was one of my first, too! I was too excited for the new series to not bring it back. DGM is still my shit despite the slow updates on the manga.

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Are you talking real life friends or online friends, anon?

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I only really check up on the manga once every year now because of slow updates. I'd rather just read a few chapters at once then once every 4 months or whatever. It's so weird when something you were so into as a kid becomes irrelevant, and then suddenly makes a comeback. Still not sure how to handle the new Kingdom Hearts yet.

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This is beautiful, anon. Also 80k PotO jfashion AU fic when?

>> No.9083628

Good thing we don't have anything like that in my community. I hate kid's drama. No offence to you anon, since you are saying you have the same age.

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It would depend on why she did it. The only exception for me personally would be if shes just a bitch and wanted to break them up then shes just a bitch and you can keep being friends until you see her starting to/if at all turn on you. If shes a homewrecker and a cheat those types of people will never truly be friends with people because they will put their needs before their friends. If you get a boyfriend and she wants to fuck him, well to her your friendship and fact that you would be dating him wont get in her way to your man. Healthy friendships are hard to come by these days. Just a thought tho but keep your eye out and be safe anon. Dont wanna end up a classic /cgl/ greentext story.

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So shes already sharing pretty much softcore porn bra and panty shots.If shes underage she may slip up and post something somewhere or give nudes to someone overage and its technically sharing child porn so theres that scary thing young people forget... She sounds like shes trying to worm her way into cosplay and come out looking like jnig efamous wise shes just going about it like some american pie movie plot. Thats hilarious. Please update us this should be a funny story.

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I just heard the organ music in my head

>> No.9084143

Puppet circus?

>> No.9087959

sounds like ex-members are super jelly

>> No.9087962

La Princesse Sucre? I saw a dirt cheap listing for that and was wondering if the seller was going to cancel.

>> No.9088052

I'd love to go out LARPing more, but I'm worried I'll slip up, acidentally 'misgender' someone by not giving a shit about whatever they feel like today, and get ostracized out of the community.

I do respect trans people as the gender they're transitiong to. I don't agree with third wave feminism. I don't support third genders or ''they/them". I feel like I'd be ostracized from LARPing in my country.

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I want to tell you I really appreciate your PotO story and I want to go watch it again now.

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Ditch T now that you know the truth, get with your comm and make new, trustworthy friends. If they dislike and distrust T, they won't befriend you easily if you stick with her after learning the truth about her.

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>E is standing in front of the bed, holding a knife to a gagged R's throat
I wanna believe this happened but I'm casting a lot of doubt

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>a meet between bunch of really good cosplay friends (at A's house)
>I have a crush on one of my friends, B
>tell B about your feelings a few days before the meet, because you want to be honest
>B ignores you for days (even though we are really good friends & we have know each other for 2 years)
>B finally answers: "I don't want any drama!"
>why would B say something like that?
>B ignores me during the meet, until she says after a few hours: "I feel really sick, I have to go before I need a hospital."
> soon me, A, & the other girls start drinking alcohol, playing games & other stuff
>I start crying because I feel really shitty
>A (& C, one of my bff) ask me what's wrong
>we go talk in another room for a while
>tell everything while crying & ask "what's wrong in me?, what have I done???" etc.
>A & C make me feel better, they tell me "B has always been weird when it comes to feelings & B used to have a lot drama around her. Also B might have asperger?"
>we join the rest of the girls & have a lot of fun
>B never talks to me again & ignores me when she sees me at a con
>a year later me & C start dating
>B starts ignoring C too
>soon B becomes a self proclaimed cosplay elitist, because she was a judge in one small con, sometimes talks shit about me to other people
>maybe it's for the best that me & B never started dating (I also regret ever being her friend)

>> No.9088692

>hosts two cosplay meets
>i only agree to host the meetup because no one else is confident to do it
>i already have low self esteem yet i decide to pitch the ball
>i have a few friends who're well known in the cosplay community
>is literally a nobody
>every con i attend with the few friends i have i run into the same strangers, who're obviously friends with my friends
>conversations get awkward with me around, imo
>i stand in the back
>i look around or down at my phone
>i start to doubt myself and question my place in the cosplay community
>i tear up a bit as i watch my friends chat with their other friends
>friend A links her arm around mine and starts to walk away with me
>i ask friend A what we should do
>friend A replies with "hang out with our friends at hotel room. plan where to eat too"
>we go to dinner
>i try to make conversation but my voice is unheard
>returns back to hotel room with friends and everyone is sort of in their own bubble
>friend A, friend B, and i begin to converse and laugh
>i miss friend B
>not sure if he'll ever hang out with us again because he has his own clique
>friend A has no boundaries so she's always with a different friend
>i'm left alone
>i wonder the con alone, i do that at every con anyways
>is approached a few times for pictures
>artist alley artists/helpers freak out when they see me pass by their tables as a certain item i carry catches their eye
>we part
>felt like i made no progress in making new friends
>returns to AA and the artists/helpers still strike a conversation with me

>> No.9088695

>i'm feeling confident
>con ends and i'm back at square one
>is expected to host the next meet
>returns home and checks FB
>literally every 'people you may know' suggests profiles of people i ghostly linger around when my friends converse with them
>i amp myself up as in hope to be friends with some of the people on my suggested feed
>i've seen them in person and i honestly think they'd be really nice to talk to
>friend A continues to invite me to room with her at cons
>begins to grow an attachment for friend A
>but because friend A is so erratic with friends i've learned to accept the fact we can't stay attached by the hip
>cries for a night bc i just want to have a con bff

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I feel so mad because some boys in the street were talking out loud about me wearing lolita
"she got daddy issues"
"mental illness comes in all styles i guess"
And it made me feel so so angry, i never reply because i don't want to start a fight, i always answer extremely calmly and stay polite and calm if i ever get harassed, which usually drives them away because no fun reaction, but holy fuck do i wish i could talk back and slap them with some sassy comebacks sometimes. Also i pretend not to care but sometimes i can't help it but hear what people say and it kinda hurts me afterwards if i think about it. I'm sick and tired of people thinking that because you wear pastels and cutesy shit you "want to stay a child" or are "retarded" for wearing something that doesn't harm anyone and makes you happy, sick and tired of people being assholes (friend of mine got ketchup thrown at her, spit on, and i got my lunchbox tipped over by bitches, chalk powder in my hair,... when i was back in high school,) just because of someone wearing different clothes. How does it harm you? It's fucking clothes you retarded fuck.
I'm going to wear kawaii shit at 80 if i want to and die in my fucking hello kitty sticker-covered wheelchair.

>> No.9088711

>friend of mine found nudes i made
>now we aren't friends anymore because she told me she "always lose respect for people doing that"
>according to her that makes me a slut
>never had sex just made nudes to post anonymously online because i like getting complimented you know
>good point because i don't need that negativity in my life
>but made me feel so bad about myself and really sad.
>Today was a terrible day.

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Same here

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>wear purple lenses to school
>get lots of compliments
>one friend asks if they are soft or hard lenses.
>hard lenses only cover the pupil and not the iris, so circle/cosplay/party lenses are always soft.
>but she's neither a cosplayer/lolita nor does she need glasses, so I presumed she didn't know that.
>'oh that's strange anon. I wore lenses for a friend's zombie shot. And those lenses were hard'.
>fear the worst
>'did people before also wore those lenses?'
>'yeah, how did you know that anon'.
>mfw pic related

Not only did the photographer let all her friends wear the same lenses, she also let the lenses dry out/expire. How can you do that to your friends?

>> No.9088809

Anon, I understand wanting compliments but why nudes out of all things? Compliments are even less genuine on the internet for the most part.

While I don't think it makes you a *slut* persay, it is a bit questionable.

It's a bit different to sending to a bf, not doing it for the sole purpose to get compliments.

And the fact that it made you feel so bad about yourself, is tall tale sign that maybe there's a reason spreading nudes of yourself online isn't a great idea.

>> No.9088836

I mean, I imagine zombies to have red, crusty, pus filled eyes so it makes perfect sense to do that.

>> No.9088854
File: 34 KB, 435x336, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Same. I only have one weeb friend but im not texting her as much as i used to. I need to find a anime club in nj. At the very least im trying to talk to this new girl on okcupid whos into anime, hopefully she isn't a catfish

>> No.9088914

Yes you are right. It's just that i was on /soc/ and got tempted to try doing it. She didnt tell me how she found them but she recognized me because of a specific object in the background...
I am too shy for a bf or irl stuff. Online is the only place i can be more "open" and "kinky".

>> No.9088951

>Cat's Tea Party in lavender
I have to at least give you props for wasting so much time on this BS story

>> No.9088960

I'm not going to shame you for doing whatever you like but don't you think it is a little foolish to expect not to be at least somewhat judged for doing such a known controversial thing? Not everyone is going to like it (or you if you do it).

>> No.9088974

Fat girl posts her closet pix. Not even my style and my own closet is equally good if not better and my coord game is quite a bit better but I'm still steamed.
All that stretched brand, what a waste.
I'm not sure why I even care, but somehow I do.

>> No.9089094
File: 222 KB, 500x281, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> talking to a normie at a Fourth Of July party
> asks for my Instagram
> reluctant to show her at first since I post lolita coords on there
> does it anyway
> "Ooh, anon, I didn't know you did cosplay!"
> starts rambling about how she went to Japan a couple of months ago and even went to Harajuku
> Me: "Actually, it's not cosplay. It's a Japanese street fashion."
> might as well not have said anything at all since what I said flew completely over her head
> "Anon, you'll LOVE Harajuku. They sell really cool costumes just like the ones in your pictures!"
> you fucking serious mate

>> No.9089148

>Go with group of friends for the first time
>I paid for parking 3/4 days
>$70-$80 w/e all good
>Always pay for everything, known these guys for years
>Probably spent thousands of dollars on them over a decade
>Loaned money plenty of times
>On the way home
>Get legit mad at me for not buying gas
ok my bad I guess

>> No.9089220

>Got in to anime pretty earlier
>Slowly got my friends in to it
>They're the ones who suggested going to AX
>Went this year and going to go next year, dressed up

Feels good.

>> No.9089259
File: 210 KB, 1280x720, 1442039506352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've come to the sad realization that I can't handle conventions because of the amount of hamplanets and autists I seem to attract. I wish I could just enjoy anime with non-mentally ill people with a normal BMI.

If there was a lolita comm where I lived or if I could go with a friend or a group that I felt comfortable with then this wouldn't be an issue but I'm really tired of getting mistreated by people who are legitimate wastes of space.

I know I sound like a gigantic asshole but IRL I'm way too nice and fairly spineless/naive, and I've been burned out by shitty people before. I'm just trying to look out for myself, even if it means I have to give a cold shoulder to others.

>> No.9089267

If you are so nice why don't you have any friends to go with/meet, etc? Not even one?

>> No.9089274

I cut them out because they were using me and guilting me to pay for their bills and other bullshit. I'm not trying to come off as "uwu I'm the greatest ever, why doesn't anyone want to be my friend? uwu", I would just like to be friends with people that aren't fucking trash.

>> No.9089299

I'll be your friend. I have a full time job making good money and I'm always the one stuck paying for people.
too bad you probably live in Mexico or something.

>> No.9089304

Ok then, maybe find someone in an online comm that goes to your cons and make friends that way? Room share or meetup, etc.

>> No.9089343

I think that might be the best way to go about this. I'll save up for next year and maybe try some new out of state cons and meeting different people. Perhaps I shouldn't be getting so discouraged since I'm still pretty inexperienced at all this.

Thank you anon.

>> No.9089365

Also check for your closest Lolita comm, I know there's a google list by state somewhere, just not too sure where. There might be a comm within driving distance of you and lots of us visit in other comms for meets fairly often. If lolita, are you in some of the general FB groups?

>> No.9089458

Nah, fuck her. Posting nudes doesn't affect her in any way, someone who would full-on ditch a person for that is petty as fuck. And how does she take the high ground when she "stumbled" upon your nudes?

>> No.9089480

She didn't say she expected no judgment, but a loyal friend shouldn't flip over something so unrelated to their relationship. It's not like anon shoved her nudes in her friend's face and got mad when her friend was repulsed. The fool is her friend.

I'm sympathetic to this anon because I had a friend like that- weirdly obsessed and judgmental about my romantic life. My friend CRIED and got INCREDIBLY pissed at me because I didn't tell her I lost my virginity until months later (ironically, I later found out she lost hers years ago and hadn't told me), then she spread rumors that I was a slutty drunk girl to friends and people I had cut ties with. Hyper "respectable" girls are tedious. She did you a favor, anon.

>> No.9089543

Idk, if one of my shy and fairly modest irl friends turned up with online nudes, I'd be wondering how well I actually knew them and be a bit freaked out honestly.

>> No.9089546

Encourage her to do more research and focus on other aspects of your friendship. You don't really need to critique her things, I don't ask my friends to do that, I have a crafting and sewing group I can use for concrit. It is better this way, my group can be honest when I ask and it doesn't ruin any friendships by asking friends for concrit

>> No.9089583

>See my ex happily in a relationship
>All my friends happily in relationships
>They all do couples cosplays
>They constantly invite me places
>"Hey Seagull, you'll get another someday!"

I have unparalleled bad luck with getting cheated on. I just want a girlfriend who will remain loyal and understands my loyalty.

>> No.9089748

I have been hanging out with a certain group for a long time now. They are all "cool", pretty, popular and have never done anything mean or rude to me. Despite this, I can't help but always feel like there is some sort of wall between me and them. I am in the group but not "in" in the group. I've been making attempts to reach out but no matter how well things seem to go I never seem to click with them quite as well as I want to. I always feel like I am being a bother when I message any of them to chat, can't think of anything interesting to say most of the time, it always feels like something is off.

I am running out of ideas on how to handle this better. It is one situation where anxiety always gets the best of me. I just never feel "cool" enough for them.

>> No.9089942

I'm getting so tired of local cosplayers who have barely any skill getting invited as guests just because they have a ton of likes.

One guy has them cause he's also a photog, his cosplayed are so subpar. All he makes are minor details and he has halfway decent face paint skills.

>> No.9090226

story of my life

>> No.9090382
File: 77 KB, 1360x766, NkoRqxIr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I totally feel you anon. I mean I have like 2 con friends, but one of them doesn't cosplay and just likes to sit in the hotel room and play on his PS4 and the other one isn't trust worthy and doesn't want to further advance her cosplay skills like I do. I just want those instagram cosplay group moments that I always see these semi popular cosplayers have. Like Lordcreepypeepee on instagram seems to have so much fun with her con friends and I wish I had that. My bf isn't too into cosplay either. He wants to cosplay, but isn't as passionate about it like I am and never wants to engage in cosplay making conversation. I recently met this one girl working at Joann's she's a frequent customer that cosplays, but it just also seems like she added me to her friend list just to look like she has a lot of friends. My friend that I have been best friends with since the 6th grade moved to Baltimore due to an unfortunate event and I can barely talk to her nowadays. She's really into cosplay like me, but she has to give it up because she's in debt with art school and she's moving all the way to Hong Kong for it. I'm also really shitty with socializing. Fuck me dude, just fuck.

>> No.9090448

Wow. So you post nudes online for attention but when a friend finds out and reconsiders the value of you as a friend because of her own moral values you say good you dont want any negativity in your life and yet you still feel bad about yourself.

>someone found muh nudes
>someone dissapproves of what im doing
>waaah get out of my life if you dont respect everything i do
>waaah different moral values wahh
>cant hide the feels of shame cause i have done adult things and didnt think about the adult consequences and now im sad.

>> No.9090455

Most cons have exit surveys, fill them out and tell this opinion.

>> No.9090466

Both parties had narrow minded views desu

>> No.9090478

Always makes me lol when I see 'open relationships' or 'poly' at cons because it is ALWAYS one complete whore manipulating their lovesick idiot of a partner into letting them try to sleep with everything at the con.

>> No.9090493
File: 44 KB, 512x512, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Had falling out with core two members of my old friend group
>One's family tried to assault me, the other was using me for money
>Maybe have like 2 friends I feel comfortable with now
>First con since I left group this weekend
>One friend super unreliable
>Other friend still friends with old friend group, probably will want to hang with them
> Super sexually abusive ex attends this con yearly
>might be solo-conning it for first time

The relationship happened years ago and I might look different enough to fly under the radar but I'm still spooped. I just really need to get into a phD program and move very far away; there's nothing left for me here (besides family, I suppose).

>> No.9090504

Yes they did desu. Wiping salt from my phone- ill go put it where it belongs.

>> No.9090570

What was she doing on soc?
I guess it's a bit less than /b/ but which is easier to say "I got posted!". If you didn't post your face and she really just picked you out by your background then you shouldn't be blamed.

My rant:
>in the process of moving countries
>am a Lolita (for context)
>can't change country on PayPal
>don't have new countries bank account just yet as I don't have a job and still have 8 months in home country
>fuck yeah dream dress!
>Oh fuck no, my only option is to ship back to home country that I won't return to for two and a half more months
>won't look attempt to look sketchy to buyer by asking for a different address.
>wtf PayPal it's 2016 come on

>answer Lolita question about a bigger event coming up, no replies in weeks after asking a few times

>> No.9090665

You sound uneducated. If we are talking about sex (biologically) then there is a third sex called "intersex". If we are talking about gender (social norms), not everyone has to act in strictly male or female behavior norms, pressuring someone to do that is basically idiotic. They/them is only gender neutral. In my language we don't even have gender spesific pronouns. That's why I think feeling entitled to call people with different words based on their reproductive organs and/or how they look and act is also idiotic.

>imba triggered
>imba tumblr

>> No.9090681

There are so many variations on being intersex that honestly you could say there's a lot more than three sexes.

>> No.9090712

I think it's okay anon. I tried posting nudes a couple times because sometimes compliments from complete strangers are the only meaningful ones. Your bf may tell you you look like a goddess but he is probably telling this just to keep you happy and/or he loves you and doesn't actually sees your flaws. Same goes for family and friends too, it doesn't help it you are feeling like shit though. But internet? It'll tell you if you are landwhale without batting an eye. And if it says you are beautiful, you ARE beautiful.

>> No.9090727

I see no problem with posting nudes. It's okay to be proud of your body or to like getting compliments (who doesn't honestly?). I've posted always wanted to do a lingerie or boudoir shoot but haven't because I know a lot of people that know me wouldn't expect it and would likely think something was wrong with me :/

Your friend shouldn't have judged you like that, especially if you were close. Even if she didn't approve, she didn't have to try to shame you for it. People are going to have differing views on it but friends should be able to overcome that. Hopefully you guys can fix things but, if not, you're probably better off

>> No.9090734

Ah, posting on mobile so this didn't work

>> No.9090749

Also true. I like to think that most of macho guys and girly girls have some opposite sex chromosomes here and there on their body.

>> No.9090750

Except for nudes-hungry beta guys will tell you that you are a goddess regardless so you'll post more nudes for them to fap to. You even see it in the 'sexy costume' threads, people sucking up to get their fap on. So no, I don't think it's more true unless you are posting them on a pay site. When it comes to their precious pennies, these pigs only put them out for the best so I guess then you might know. Only the almighty dollar in your pocket tells the truth.

>> No.9090757

Thank you for ruining my last self esteem fountain, anon. Jk, that may be true but also conflicts with the idea of people being more cruel online and anonymous. And internet is actually flooding with fap material, why would anyone wanted more nudes from a landwhale etc?

>> No.9091246

Everyone in the gothic lolita thread needs to shut the fuck up and quit fucking bitching. It's getting really fucking annoying.

>> No.9091913
File: 41 KB, 500x490, 1438548921059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The autistic spammer on lolcow is totally fucking Spoony.

I fucking know it is, but I can't post it there because I'm banned. Go on 8cuck /cgl/ and you'll see me going into depth, I can't post it here because 4cuck thinks all links are spam.

>> No.9091915
File: 153 KB, 640x1092, a7f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



my results are usually fine but i just cannot for the life of me ENJOY the crafting part

it also takes me HOURS every day to even start working on it because i hate it so much


>> No.9091923

Didn't the admin reveal that like 50% of all posts on /pt/ are Spoony? Girl needs a better hobby, but at least she isn't shitting up /cgl/ anymore (right?)

>> No.9092126

Are you from Perth? Did you mean cyluma from Instagram? Yes she's a bitch. I've unfriended her a long time now.

>> No.9092370


It can't be spoony because the admin would have revealed otherwise, as per the rule.

>> No.9092872

> bff seems to have a problem
> is a broke college student and knows it but keeps wanting to adopt more animals
> already has a cat, two kittens, and a snake and feeding them really cuts into her budget
> really wants a dog as well for some godforsaken reason
> ENDLESSLY spammed me pictures of free puppies on Cragslist when she was supposed to be studying
> she's already on academic probation
> knows that lolita fashion is expensive, knows that I'm not rolling in dough and I save carefully to be able to buy main pieces
> three months ago I told her that I'm buying an extra main piece for every animal she adopts from now on
> seems to scare her a lot because I've proven before that I don't fuck around
> had enough faith in her not to make me pull the trigger
> things seem to be getting better, she's not looking at Craigslist anymore
> today, texts me "I'm sorry." followed by picture of her new puppy
> mfw this dumbass, rashly made threat won't hurt me too much financially because I already set some money aside just in case but I'm incredibly frustrated with her

>> No.9092879

Don't blow all that money just to make a point, anon, unless there happens to be something out there that you really want and you're still under budget for this month or whatever. Just pull out a piece she hasn't seen yet and tell her that you just bought it.

Also, get better friends.

>> No.9092967

The new admin is a fucking retard. She's that Onisan bitch (or whatever her name is) from the chat and she's an insufferable cunt. I doubt she knows anything about computers and spoon poon is known for being an IP changing wizard. I doubt new admin would be able to recognize Spoony. She can't see the old IP's anyhow, so I don't know how she would recognize it.

>> No.9093004

Fuck people who obsessively collect pets. I'm sorry, but these people who can barely afford their own damn lives are bringing innocent animals into it and it's just abuse. Also, where does she livery because I don't think you're allowed to have x number of pets in some places before it becomes illegal.

>> No.9093093

Lowkey glad to see my suspicions validated. I went into chat and for a hot minute was in the inner sanctum, but when I asked onee if they were seriously even old enough to be my big sis the next minute I knew it I was banned.

If I wasn't so sure admin was a gay dude, I would think those two were fucking around with the way onee has admin wrapped around her finger??

>> No.9093137

You're both fucking retarded

>> No.9093215

Perth drama? If so.
Yeah she is a bitch to LoveMuse girls and the rest of our group loves them.

>> No.9093227

Who knows. My impression of admin was that of a lonely gay man who wanted a friend or two. My guess was that he made friends with onee. Now I'm starting to think that he had a thing for her.
And LOL what a stupid ban. I got banned from that chat as well because of that bitch. I didn't even violate any rules, she just asked the admin to ban me and he did.

>> No.9093245

Will lolcow be able to get on with it?

I recently got banned over just having a different opinion the whole feminist subject and just because I said that modern feminism is not really that great. I got banned permanently from all boards with the reason being "Don't you have somewhere else to go for your dick worries"

Seriously. Tf.

>> No.9093264

Wow, seriously? Holy balls.
Yep, that's onee. She's a massive SJW through and through. On the chat, she was always whining about men "attention whoring" on lolcow and how they should be banned.She would also go on about "white girls" even though she's white herself and was one of the main reasons that people under 18 were banned from being discussed on the site.

It warms my heart to know that she's a fat white girl from Georgia who lives alone and works a night job she hates. :3
She also claims to have depression but ignored people trying to give her coping advice because she thought it was entirely genetic, and thus couldn't be helped. She is insufferable.
Oh well, guess I'll try to bring 8cuck /cgl/ back to life the best I can.

>> No.9093272

I didn't even know about lolcow until a few months ago which sucks because I really enjoy the site only for it to go shit already because of a new admin. Did they old one leave for any specific reason?

But yeah, I know that lolcow is mostly female, but if someone even so much as mentions they're a guy there's always some red lettering popping up under their post saying they've been put to pasture etc. Sucks. She's fucking up the site.

>> No.9093332
File: 464 KB, 500x338, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been in a bad financial situation
>rarely able to make new cosplays
>friends are able to crank out at least one or two new cosplays every con
>always feel bad seeing my friends while im wearing the same thing ive worn for the last year or so

>> No.9093380

I never understood all the hate towards men on this board. You even have threads dedicated to writing about how all men are evil rapists. It's cringy as fuck.
No wonder your old admin stepped down.

>> No.9093387

....Read you fuck before you post. We aren't talking about cgl. Dumbass.

Not to mention we're both complaining about the fact that the admin is being a sjw cunt.

>> No.9093392

I stopped talking to one of my friends because she started pitying herself way too much.
We were actually kinda close, or at least I tried my best but it was like if we became a bit too close she'd stop talking to me for days. Like literally ignore me.
And then she'd suddenly link me this tumblr post and be all fangirling like she didn't ignore me for a week straight. And whenever I talked to her about it she'd be like "work was a bit stressful, sorry"
I moved to another city earlier this year so we haven't hung out really, but she started ignoring me more often.
When I confronted her with it, telling her it hurt because I felt like she didn't care for me at all, she broke down and cried "I'm sorry work and my mom :'("
I mean she always rant about her mom but she never TALKS to her mom about the things that hurt her. I really tried helping her, but she'd rather rant and whine rather than actually fixing her problems and it just became TOO much for me in the end.
She even had really low self esteem and she had self destructive thoughts. She KNOW I've gone through the same and am working on it but she'd never accept my help or let me listen to her problems. But she'd comment on her "uglyness" and "how much of a loser she is" EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Like calling yourself thrash is standard for gulls I guess, but when your friends listens and know it ain't no joke. It isn't funny anymore. Whenever I wanted to talk about my problems she'd just go "mmh. That suck" and change the subject.
She even told me to FIX THINGS WITH MY MOM BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT IT. Like ok, I think she meant "I feel really sorry for you having such a shitty mom, I can't bear hearing my nice friend being hurt every day" but then tell me THAT
We have cosplay plans but haven't talked for like 2 months. Idk what to do. I don't want to, to be honest

>> No.9093394

TL;DR Friend wanted attention, but not help
I tried my best to help but couldn't
Then tried to be a friend but couldn't
Cosplay plans still kinda up but lost all interests since she's SO RUDE

>> No.9093421

90% of all men would rape a woman if they could get away with it and that is a fact, don't deny it. We have every right to hate men and our reasons are usually valid. When men hate women, their reasons don't go far beyond "Whaaaaa child support is bullshit". Men are whiny cunts, I don't give a fuck. I wouldn't mind tying a cinder block to their throats and throwing them down a lake.

>> No.9093433


I don't think Admin was stupid enough to leave without providing a list of IP ranges and locations to the new Admin. It's obviously not spoony.

>> No.9093695
File: 1.58 MB, 320x240, 1422288589703.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boy, did I laugh hard at your remark.

You're NOT wrong though.

>> No.9093699
File: 72 KB, 544x400, 1466107312017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice bait.

>> No.9093716

I was with a girl who was exactly like this for almost 5 years. For a good while I wasn't sure whether or not she realized the way she was acting or came off to people. She did know that there was something off about her because some people eventually did talk to her about it, but I don't believe she knew to the extent. Anyways, I'm sorry to hear what you're going through because I've dated someone like this and its absolutely bonkers. I was being driven up the wall on more than one occasion until eventually I just started letting go, I tried to help but ultimately its up to her to realize and accept it. Best of luck to you!

>> No.9093949


>> No.9094093

Sounds like she's a hoarder in the making, you might want to do something about that.

>> No.9094220

My friend started living on her own this past yeah and has probably gained 20lbs. She continuously complains about how her Cosplay and dresses don't fit her anymore, but then says it's because she's wirking out so it's "all my muscles!!!!!"
Like I'm pretty sure a muscular leg is toned, not a wiggling chafing mess.
And yet she BRAGS to me about how muscular she is and how my cross play would look better if I worked out like she did.

>> No.9094453 [DELETED] 

Waitwaitwait, fat white girl from Georgia? Wow, I'm gonna laugh so hard I cry if it winds up being somebody I am suspicious of...
Also the farm is just fucking broken for me today, I've either been permabanned (in which case a janitor here would have to be a mole or something equally inane and conspiratorial) or the new admin is legit incapable of running an image board.

>> No.9094458

Waitwaitwait, girl from Georgia? Wow, I'm gonna laugh so hard I cry if it winds up being somebody I am suspicious of...

>> No.9094487

You are stupid for making that deal. Call animal control on her ass. Report her to local shelters as well.

>> No.9094527

Deciding not to do the cosplay might be a good idea. I can't see that ending well. Give the friendship a little break, maybe.

>> No.9094533

Maybe you can suggest she take a sewing class if it's bad sewing and get lolita bible or otome no sewing if it is bad style/patterns?

>> No.9094572

Dont kinkshame anon

>> No.9095419

Girls who dos female version of a male character and it's just a longer wig and tits in your face.

>> No.9095558

Had sex with a guy at the AX meetup and now I have an STD

>> No.9095577

i have a fucking beard and love one piece and no character fits me well since I've basically got the body (height) of luffy-zoro and no abs. Hair all down my chest and stomach, can't/couldn't figure out who to go as.

Think I'll just do sogeking with the mask. Frustrating.

>> No.9095580


>> No.9096215

What about shaving and using WIGS
or actually have fun in a not-THAT-serious-cosplay.
You can't expect that there's a character that looks like you IRL from your favorite series, that's too much to ask for, anon. But you can work for the accurate looks. If you don't want to work for accuracy, then just have fun. No one is going to judge you from having fun

>> No.9096224

>Was gonna install Pokemon Go
>Was gonna catch 'em all
>Now I can't
>'Cause my toilet caught my phone first

I guess my toilet wanted to be the phonemon master more than me. Atleast I have cash to buy a new one... but it'll arrive on Tuesday. Kill me.

>> No.9096226

Used to see on Tumblr people would reply to trolls and anon hate in s witty way.

Now every fucker on Facebook who gets a "lol ur cosplay sux" thinks they should screenshot their chat of them "laying the smackdown" and it's always autistic and cringe as fuck.

>> No.9096227

RIP. It's not even out in my country yet, so you'll still get it before I do haha

>> No.9096229

Is she a close friend? If yes, tell her how you truly feel. Write everything down so you don't end up saying something you shouldn't say.
If she's more of an aquaintance then stop hanging out with her, she sounds awful

>> No.9096248

Thanks anon, at least I can be glad I'm not unfortunate enough to not be able to get it for another few weeks like you guys. Hang in there, you'll get it soon enough

>> No.9096792
File: 89 KB, 960x960, flamer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this guy.

>> No.9096796

that nigga has no style. who is this baka?

>> No.9096876

I just want to make friends of a common interest but some petty assholes bar me every time I make an attempt despite never having met any of them because they all mindlessly follow a vendetta. It feels shitty because they all must have found some reason to be a piece of shit to me, but I can't even begin to guess what it could be considering I don't even know them. It feels really bad, man.

>> No.9096934

Considering the tone, phrasing and attitude of your post, you really don't sound like the most delightful person right off the bat.
People can sense this.

>> No.9096948

I'm sure you'd get sick of something like that after a while too, anon. Also this is a vent thread and pretty much everyone here is upset about something.

>> No.9096958

I'm sure I would to but chances are if it happened multiple times I'd at least take a look at my own self too and that attitude really comes out as off putting. It always shows through when someone is that bitter, thereby likely contributing to the problem. People just avoid that kind of attitude regardless of the reason.

>> No.9096975

I got the same issues except it's mostly twitter drama and people really take it serious.

>> No.9096983

I've been wanting to go to the cosplay beach days in my state but I've essentially been shit listed by a former friend over false accusations. Not the end of the world but damn local events are rare and I want to make more friends.

>> No.9096988

Man, do I really feel you guys. What is with community attracting people so two-faced? Yes it's bitter but damn I'm not two-faced.

>> No.9096989

You sound like the person they're probably complaining about, therapist-chan.

>> No.9096994
File: 943 KB, 900x1077, 1405700270899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's really shitty how these grown adults act like high schoolers still. I went to magfest again this year and couldn't even enjoy it because of twitter drama, and all because I blocked some popular guy that my mutuals followed.

Apparently the guy I blocked was shit talking me hard at AX and I didn't even go. It's crazy how serious people take menial shit.

>> No.9097012

Twitter is such a shit fest when it comes to pettyness. People have advertised things before and when I dm'ed them about it, they've blocked me because of what other people have gossiped about. For what, I don't know, but would that not be considered scummy? If I was younger and that happened to me, I'd be upset about them getting my hopes up about being nice.

>> No.9097015

>Apparently the guy I blocked was shit talking me hard at AX and I didn't even go.


>> No.9097031

Forgot to mention I made an ass of myself 2 years ago at magfest with the same group while we all got really drunk. The one guy would gossip about me and what I said or did at this party so I just blocked him and they slowly started to hate me and not listen to anything I had to say. I'm too old to care anymore what they think of me but I did lose some good friends.
I'm not a cosplayer or anything so you wouldn't know these people. They're just popular anime kids on twitter.

>> No.9097035
File: 36 KB, 480x380, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same, anon, same.

Up until recently, I really only had three complete costumes, all of which I have had since 2009-2010. It was not until THIS YEAR that I was able to scrounge up enough money and materials for two new costumes- both of which will probably have to last me for the next half-decade.

>> No.9097074

Man, I'm sorry. That really sucks. Especially if there's not too many people in the area to reconcile or ignore those idiots.

>> No.9097362

She's a bitch basically to most people. But she's ok in my book. Who I don't like the most is Madi Ogden. Bitch always quit groups she joins in saying she does not have the time. Then she joins another group. She's not a bad person, just very unreliable. Causes lots of chaos around her.

>> No.9097368
File: 451 KB, 2048x1152, the path.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In university for Forestry
>see the job opportunities and awesome benefits like getting paid to quad for 2 hours a day or 200 bucks a day extra if we camp in the block
>realize slowly that I won't be returning to any large city for a very long time once I graduate and go into the field permanently (you need 5+ years to really get stationed near a city).
>doing summer work confirms this
>realize that I will never be able to reconcile the two conflicting groups of hobbies i have (outdoorsy and cosplay)


anyone else having the same problem?

>> No.9097371

Imo what I dislike about cylluma is that she is an uneducated childish keyboard warrior who takes to facebook because she thinks people care. She carries no maturity or self-awareness about her and despite how many times people tell her to stop, she doesn't. Madi may be unreliable but she is an intelligent human who knows who and what she wants to be around, hence her particular evasion to groups and cosplays she plans. In the long term, I can see Madi improve as a cosplayer and PK improve as a self entitled tumblr user. Being that our community is better open to people who show improvement and genuine passion rather than rant for their likes; I would as a mature member argue Madi shines in a better third party light.

>> No.9097373

Tells StonerCosplayer that she was disgusting for smoking weed to deal with anxiety. Posts nudes and burns herself daily to deal with her own.

It was a difficult mess to begin with.

>> No.9097483
File: 59 KB, 640x360, 18j0vfqizvfjwjpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just went to a con with a small group
>One of the girls and I are about the same weight, I consider myself a borderline fatty/fatty-chan, never have the confidence to wear certain things for cosplay
>Other girl has a lot more confidence, always wears sexier cosplays and gets a lot of compliments on her stuff/male attention
>Cue bad jealousy/depressive thoughts

I try to be positive about her stuff but I'm always so cynical about this shit. I just wish I didn't hate my body so much or worry about being called a fatty on an anonymous image board. It doesn't help that my bf was interested in her before we started dating, and she told me a story that made me paranoid that I was a rebound girlfriend. Two years later and I still get scared about it.

>> No.9097498
File: 15 KB, 500x313, the liquor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure where girls get this Idea.

guys are interested in anyone they could get into at a first glance, then subsequent conversations and actions determine the winners.

unless we are drunk.
then pic related

>> No.9097503
File: 68 KB, 720x552, 1464568742502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bruv i can see through your phasade. Stop baiting the poor lass. You know it's true.

>> No.9097507

I'm kind of annoyed at how whenever I talk about cosplay or post about horrible things that have happened to me that relate to cosplay, replies automatically assume I'm from this or that American city or side of this state or whatever. It's like some people cannot imagine drama happening outside the states.

For example,
Me: She was so terrible at that meet that she got banned from the comm / or something really specific
Replier: Oh my god, was this in that San Diego meet or is it this bitch from the New Orleans comm?? I totally know who you're talking about
Me: No? It happened during this gathering in the Philippines

>> No.9097523

My friend and I were supposed to do matching cosplays for a con coming up, but they decided they don't want to anymore because they'd rather do a couple cosplay with their ex instead. All their plans now revolve around their ex, leaving me to cosplay a character whose not very recognizable on their own. Yet they can't understand why I'm upset.

>> No.9097524

>Not your friends
Found your problem

>> No.9097525

Because even other Azns don't care about the Philippines and to 'murricans, it might as well be the moon.
3rd world country comm. expect people to know/care.
To your credit, people assume public drama clings to America like the cheeseburgers so that's the main reason.

>> No.9097588

My so called best friend has been a total shitter for the past few years.
Its always "anon, we should cosplay together!" then she never fucking does anything. And even if she does, its usually "anon, can i use this shitty shirt i found in the back of my closet instead of the complex stylized outfit from the show?"
then she gets mad at me when i tell her no, and that it'll look like shit.

The con is in a month, and she's constantly bothering me about our "matching costumes" like bitch you're on your own. I'm going xmen this year, and you can choke on your non existent shitty grey body paint that you'll never actually buy because you're a womanchild who cant even use paypal.

>> No.9097593

Hate friends like this. Anon do not worry. Are you guys young or is she old enough at this point that there is no excuse for her ignorance?

>> No.9097594

We're 23 and 24. she should fucking know by now, but shes an all around womanchild about everything. she wont even set up online banking, do any fucking laundry, or clean her shitty hoarder room.
So glad that i dont live with her.

>> No.9097604

Dump her. Seriously, you don't need to be babysitter for anyone, anon.

>> No.9097606

I'm glad you got away, anon. That shit ain't healthy. Thank you! I talked to her about the costume I didn't want to do and apparently she already sold the wig she was supposed to use for hers......without telling me. Ok.

Yeah, I manned up and talked to her yesterday. As I told the other anon, she agreed, and had already sold her wig for the cosplay. Without telling me. I feel safe but still bummed out that she didn't care enough to tell me that she sold the wig before I asked about it.

>> No.9097619

I'm thinking about it, but she's one of my only local friends who isnt total normie-tier

>> No.9097620

w e w lad

>> No.9097635

Normalfags are better to hang out with than some adult baby. It'll hurt you in the long run. Does your normalfag friends accept and tolerate the weeb side of ya? Then hang out with them and meet people at conventions. Try working as a voulenteer and meet new people through work. Most people are well structured and knows how to act at work, even though it's voulenteer work. Which means they're 100x better than that girl who can't take care of herself. It's healthier for you, anon.

Well okay, at least at MY local conventions, most people that do voulenteer work are nice and ain't into that drama stuff

>> No.9097768

Different anon here, interesting story you got here. To sum everything up that you're saying, one person is deliberately causing trouble, one is not deliberately causing trouble, but still makes trouble. They're just as bad as each other then. The plot twist is that, maybe that cylluma person is a better human being than that madi person.

>> No.9097801

I dont see it but each to their own I guess.

>> No.9097834

>Friends want to cosplay as a group because we've never done an actual group cosplay before
>Can't decide between Fate or Nisekoi
>I point out Nisekoi is probably much easier to do in the interest of prep time and people's schedules
>They agree, so we pick and finalize everything
>This was three weeks ago
>Message on our Skype group this morning
>"hey everyone! X, Y and I decided we're going to do Fire Emblem instead because Fates is soooo good"

Are you kidding me? I mean sure do it, but save it for the next one because i know you turds have started on your costumes because they're not super hard

>> No.9097843

I love the girls in my comm. I really do. They're so sweet. But oh my god do they all dress terribly. Even the girl with the nicest wardrobe (nicer than mine honestly) never wears dresses that fit her correctly (always too short on her with no underskirt)

>> No.9097847
File: 80 KB, 500x421, fSSh7df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The only cosplay I see at conventions these days is either westshit or love live
>I hate westshit because I'm a stupid weeb and idolshit because the reason anyone likes it to begin with is the costumes
>Impossible to make cosplay friends because nobody cosplays from series that I like
>No pair or group cosplays ever because of this

where did we go wrong

>> No.9097852
File: 16 KB, 195x129, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.52.39 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just barked up a crazy tree

I really just don't mince my words.

>> No.9097860

Did he have a pink shirt?

>> No.9097868

>was one of the main reasons that people under 18 were banned from being discussed on the site
Are you one of those 16 year old instagram/tumblr bitches who ruined the whole site with their petty bullshit? Because discussing underage drama was what made it go down the shitter really bad.

And no offense but you sound like you had a thread on yourself on that site. That you spoony?

>> No.9097880
File: 19 KB, 300x300, efaf1679c29fdc4b54aa917474370676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been fucking this guy I've known for twp years, and hes getting into lolita.
He's always been feminine/enjoyed fashion but the idea of him getting into lolita worries me a little, hes so pretty I want too keep him to myself, I know he could pass super well and his eye for detail would probably make his coords good...

Also my crossdressing fetish does not help this, if he starts going to meetups im going to be too flustered to attend? Part of me wants to disccourage him from getting into lolita for this reason.

>> No.9097882

How do I go about putting him off joining a comm gulls?

>> No.9097889

Don't do it, that's a horrible thing to do.
Instead, do cute couple outfits with him

>> No.9097894


You don't you fucking psycho. Let him live his life, if you can't trust him not to cheat break up with him. If he wants to join a comm he's a grown ass man and he can make his own decisions. Healthy partners encourage their SO to have fun, they don't lock them under their bed and scream no one else can look at them.

Jesus, replace "join a comm" with "go hiking with friends- he'll look too hot in all that rugged backpacking gear!" or whatever other hobby that isn't attached to your fetish so you can see how batshit you sound.

>> No.9097899

okok its not about hating the idea of him being in the comm as much as fearing he wont deal with the pressures of it, im pretty convinced with how hostile my comm is theyd resent him the second he joined for being a brolita and hed probably get loads of ''transtrender'' related hate

>> No.9097917

Then confront him with that instead. "Honey, THIS might happen, but I'll be there for you. Are you sure you'll be okay?"
Be supportive and if you two look good, may it be individually or together, I doubt being a brolita will be a problem. Main problem with brolitas is that they're stereotyped as creeps that want some Loli love, or so I heard. But since he got you, he's no creep, but genuinely interested in the fashion.

>> No.9097928
File: 20 KB, 375x325, Horse_of_a_different_color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's a horse of a different color anon. If that's really the reason, then just say "Hey, some of the comm may possibly be weird about brolitas. I got your back honey. If you ever get overwhelmed let me know, and we'll go elsewhere or I'll speak to them, whatever makes you most comfortable."

But Anon, that's not what you said at all. So be honest with yourself, if you're afraid he'll "look too good", bury those weird ass hang ups and try not to poison the well by telling him horror stories followed up by "But we can go if it makes you uncomfortable that all these girls think you're a pervert freak I'm here for you uwu"

>> No.9097930

Did he actually tell his parents about having sex?

Fucking kek

>> No.9097942

One of my friends is in your boat, anon. She's living in a pretty remote national park, and she loves what she's doing, but she doesn't have the space or resources to make costumes, and her schedule won't allow her to do whole cons for a while. Hope you guys both find a happy medium.

>> No.9098121

See, I'm in the opposite boat. I fucking love making things and using my hands and bringing ideas to life, but as soon as the con rolls around and I'm actually wearing the shit I spent so many hours making, I just feel awkward and uncomfortable and can't wait to go back to the room to take it off.

>> No.9098130

Fuck, this is me. I spend months and months making my cosplay and perfecting it only to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed wearing it at the convention and cringing at all the shoot pictures. I wish I could do costumes just for other people instead of having to wear them myself.

>> No.9098131

>because Fates is soooo good!
Frankly, that's the worst part of that story.

>> No.9098133

> Goes to Japan Expo to have fun
> Keeps seeing miraculous ladybug cosplays
> Fucking hates anything miraculous related since the director is a douche and basically ruined my whole school year
> It's okay, they're having fun, they don't know anything about this guy
> Goes to attend a cool masterclass
> turns around for a second
> the douche in question is sitting right behind me

I sweat I feel like l'm haunted by this guy and I'll never have peace. I expected the cosplays, but the guy himself was the cherry on top of the annoyance cake

>> No.9098199

I hate my body too much to cosplay. I'm short and stumpy, but mostly an abomination of athletic build and fat being redirected to anywhere but my boobs. If the latter weren't so, I could get away with some cosplays, but I don't because I'd ruin the character entirely. I don't want to be that one person at the con that REALLY shouldn't be there, because even if you like the character, you have to be at least somewhat similar to who or what you're going as.

My nose and oddly structured face aren't going to pull anything. Not even fat enough to pull off chubby characters, but with my body in the right area for absolutely anything to look wrong, cosplaying is a thing I'll have to put on the shelf.

Had this realization when I had the oppurtunity to go to a con with one of my friends, had a character in mind, and then flaked out after not having enough esteem to go through with it.

>> No.9098204

Deets on why he is an asshole plz

>> No.9098220

ever considered that someone would not want to wear an underskirt?
(bc they are ugly as sin)

>> No.9098314


I haven't been too big on Fire Emblem since it went full Fujo. Awakening was cool I guess, but Fates is ridiculous in that you need both games and a DLC for the full story, which is over 100 bucks.

Also to be fair they were ones who wanted to do Fate (one even had a Saber costume already which makes sense) which makes me think this is a spite thing

>> No.9098484

You even admitted it your self. Madi Ogden is unreliable. So that means she's not smart. Smart people would find a way to solve problems. Not run away from it. I would chose a very honest and noisy PK over somebody who promises to help a group out and leaves when she doesn't want it anymore. That's being a pretentious user. That's not being smart. Staying when it's only good and leaving when it gets bad. Not really a nice person. Real friends would stick around and solve problems together. She may not look like a mean person from the face value, but she uses people around her and leave when she's got enough, so she's worst than PK.

>> No.9098602

Unfortunatley anon sometimes smart has nothing to do with being nice and in this community being friends with PK will get you literally no where.

>> No.9098712

Makes sense. Main is point is, they both create war and chaos around them. Not good to have them both around. I stay away from both of them. You should too.

>> No.9098723

Yea, seconding this. Bring it

>> No.9098740

Hi Onee.
All the stupid moral faggotry was what made it go down the drain. At first, onee was pushing for underage ban because ~all kids are stupid omg~. When that wasn't working, she tried to have it done because of "the user base they attracted". The overregulation and toned down environment attracted all the petty shoop obsessed cunts from PULL. Eventually, real drama was drowned out by "omg this pose is so awkward LOL". This was the fault of onee. Fuck you, onee.

>> No.9098744 [DELETED] 
File: 37 KB, 640x640, 1463899022024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why wont people move to 8cuck /cgl/? I hate it here so much.

>> No.9098749

I don't like underskirts either, but they're still better than having your ass hang out.

>> No.9098763

He's really, really good at his job (He was a story board for like 20 years before he started directing Ladybug) so my school thought it'd be a good idea to have him as a teacher.
Turns out he's the kind of person that thinks insulting people and making them feel like shit will make them progress.

I've had my share of assholes in 8 years as an art student, but that guy takes the crown.

> makes a group work on a "forbidden love, but for kids" project
> Nah, you can't show two girls kissing, cut their head off in the frame, that's for kids

> Comes to class super late and never says a word about our work until it's finished
> That's shit. This is shit too.
> Never given any explanations

> "my dream is to direct a porno where the sex scenes are justified"
> ok but I'm pretty sure that already exists
> "Yeah but I'd do it right"
> can we please go back to how much I suck?

Him and his girlfriend went on and on about how awful we all were, fun times. I don't mind being told that since it's pretty basic art school teacher tactics to make you want to get better, but they did it on a different scale. Their grades will fuck up everyone's scholarships and two people left the school this year, which never happens.
I have a million more stuff I could share but they're pretty technical and specific to the projects we worked on so it'll be boring to read.

Oh and, when he was lead story boarder on A.T.O.M, his team didn't "have enough time" so he just told them to copy anime story boards for action scenes. ( http://www.catsuka.com/news/2006-02-25/tv-a-t-o-m--nouvelle-forme-de-plagiat it's in french though but the images are quite telling) He has literally no shame about using someone else's work. "if it's good, take it, change it a bit, no one will care. You can't invent anything new anyway"

>> No.9098794

Jesus anon. Why is it the douchebags that always win in life right?
Never caught the hype myself, nothing that interesing or new like you said.

>> No.9098886

I'm not onee you fuckwad but you sound obsessed and bitter af. The regulations were made BECAUSE the pullfags were pulling the "lmao look at those skin pores" bullshit and the underage drama was getting ridiculous. There were other shitty farmhands and admin himself was a piece of shit only looking for validation from teenage girls. Idk why you're so obsessed with one mod when admin was the one making all the decisions.

>> No.9098892

You're saying Madi is not a nice person cause she rather be a smart person. Make sense. And you said nothing good will come out of being friends with PK. But she's best friends with PK!? They hang out almost everyday of every week. So we can cross out being smart. She's just a mean user and a dumbass. She actually would talk shit about people with PK. They're really the same. Just PK is more honest with being mean. Madi does it in a traitor way.
Good choice. Steer clear of both.

>> No.9098899

Hmmm, either onee or spoony.
You know damn well that's not why it happened. It happened because Tumblr girls from the lifting threads were being posted, but they couldn't defend themselves on lolcow being people under 18 can't post there. Some faggots (aka onee) got assmad because it's not fair :(
The whole "they attracts PULL users" argument is BS. They didn't start using that as a talking point until all their other reasons got shit on. There are so many things they could have done to prevent the PULL invasion and they didn't do them. (Like locking threads with no milk or banning PULLfags)
Also, onee is new admin.

>> No.9098962

To each others faces anon. Now who is being blind

>> No.9098975

Male here who faps to girls (who post nudes on /soc/) that wouldn't be considered attractive by society's standards.

It's a complex thing, but the fact you browse 4chan, are probably psychologically a bit messed up, probably very horny and have some dirty fetishes, and that there is a high likelihood of you being a virgin or not sexually active, all has a lot to do with it.

I'm not picky about what you actually look like. I however don't like tattoos, piercings, crazy hairstyles, or anything else that screams "feminist liberal".

Professional western pornstars.do nothing for me, chubby fujoshi posting nudes on an imageboard is a different story.

>> No.9098978

*hatred of men intensifies*

>> No.9098980

baiting you!

>> No.9099021 [DELETED] 

Can girls be Autistic? Have you ever seen an example of one?

Don't use a tv show or news article as a reference, i'm looking for more anecdotal experiences

>> No.9099025 [DELETED] 

Yes go to fairy tail cosplay gatherings

>> No.9099129 [DELETED] 

Thanks there's actually one nearby, i'll check it out.

I work at an institution so i've seen many types of the mentally-ill but the elusive female autist is one i haven't "studied"

>> No.9099134 [DELETED] 


why are you helping this creep

You should stay in the crazy house you belong in there with the rest of them. Autism-spectrum people are not specimens for you to "study", which you probably mean take advantage of.

>> No.9099261 [DELETED] 

Can you blame guys for wanting dumb/naive girls? Men don't want girls who are smart enough to become rotten and entitled.

>> No.9099340

So I don't really cosplay much but I've been hearing about all this recent drama in the local comm, and I've had a few people tell me about crazy people there (though claims from different people don't really match up, obviously).

It kinda scares me away from doing any stuff in the general comm desu.

>> No.9099601
File: 25 KB, 500x303, 10152399_716904991665886_1262351607186498171_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one girl that I roomed with her friend and my bf for a con in December got mad at me because I can't attend a con and share a room that is happening this month. She last minute messaged me about this con. I'm in abit of debt with the vet and plus I just moved into a new apartment. She told me off saying "I have no one to room with. Can't you just fucking take out a loan or something? I thought you were my fucking friend Anon!!".

She's 21 and I'm 18, she doesn't have a job,still lives with her parents, her mom also has cancer, only cares about cosplaying and going to cons instead of helping out her mom. She literally cried because we can't room together so she can get a cheaper room. I get that she maybe feels tied down by her mom, but if she can't go to EVERY anime convention in Florida, she is going to bite someone's head off. The only way she's getting by is selling all her weeb shit. When I roomed with her she brought in someone in our hotel room in the middle of the night (may I add it was on the first night) and she barely interacted with us. The friend that she brought was really cool and nice and became me and my bf's best friends over the couple of weeks of talking after the con. Also after the con was over we found out he paid for her ticket and also was her ride to the con. The friend she brought also didn't know her that well either, she was just a friend of his gf he had at the time and that's how they became friends.

>> No.9099605

Anyway she just acts like a fucking child and threw a tantrum just because I wasn't financially able to go. I explained that my dogs having to go to the vet and my rent isn't under my control and also if she isn't financially stable maybe she shouldn't go as well. She couldn't get the concept of sometimes we have to sacrifice things. She was literally whining at me like a child how she has to get her way. She only talks to me when there's a convention she wants to go to or if I want to buy her shit. I showed the whole convo to my bf and the guy that became our best friend the convo and they were all like "Glad we finally know who she really is. Never rooming with her for anything or talking to her ever again."

>> No.9099619

Nah, dont worry anon you're safe

>> No.9099650

>Never rooming with her for anything or talking to her ever again

Good fucking plan anon. Please stay with it

>> No.9099662

why do fatties try and wear Lolita? it ruins the whole theme

>> No.9099663

>They've called him a Phantom of the Opera on several occasions.

>> No.9099682
File: 97 KB, 1280x720, laughingloli4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>a BTSSB wedding dress, partially stained with blood

anon i was in a bad mood but that made me laugh so hard i felt better thank you

>> No.9099685 [DELETED] 

kind of off-topic but whatever

me and my gf are exhibitionists. something we like to do is post nudes of each other online. it's easy to find places to post hers where they're well-received, but i'm not so lucky. i actually have a great body, but it seems like the majority of gross dudes that saturate places like /soc/ with mangled dickpics and hairy buttholes scare away any women that might want to see some nice abs or obliques.

it's fun for me to post her nudes and all, but we'd both like to post mine too. if anything, i have the better body between the two of us but there just aren't any opportunities to show off.

>> No.9099688 [DELETED] 


>> No.9099691 [DELETED] 

it's not any fun with gays. for either of us.

couldn't tell you why, though. not as exciting or taboo for someone of the same sex to look at you i guess.

>> No.9099708 [DELETED] 

Very off topic.
Vents, feels etc need to be board related.
Try /fit/ and see how well it goes :^)

>> No.9099711

Sounds like Frances in the hater phase.
They moved so of course a new IP address.
I think they are something of a were-pig and will change their tune and be singing the praises of fat girl fashion next week.
Of course in pantyhose.

>> No.9099715

i'm unfortunately abundantly aware that /fit/ is like 90% gay men

>> No.9099720

It truly seemed like they are from Mexico judging by the way the wrote that post.

>> No.9099734

i'm intent on buying my dream dress, so help me god.
but also, i need luxurious shopping therapy because my ex (whom i still have feelings for) is talking to me.

>> No.9099741

Why did you guys break up

>> No.9099746

90% sure I saw him at the .hack panel at ACEN.

>> No.9099750 [DELETED] 

More gay men than straight women like male nudes, there's just not that much call for them, and plenty great ones already out there. Go find a forum for exhibitionists and become their king (and please go away or post on topic here).

>> No.9099757 [DELETED] 

The demand for male nudes is extremely low, because there are plenty of guys ready to show their dick to any girl who looks in their direction. You're fucked buddo, your gf will be fapped to while you are left getting off gay men. It'll be like an open relationship online, and you're the cuck

>> No.9099768

Chris Merchant is that you?

>> No.9099771 [DELETED] 

i do enjoy showing her off, even if it's in an exhibitionist projection kind of way rather than a cuck kind of way, but in return she gets nothing. she can show me off to her friends (what friends?) and make them jealous but that's a small, one-time outlet before it gets weird.

that's not even the worst part, though.

there are more gay men attracted to me than straight men attracted to her. if we had a competition to collect semen within a timelimit, i'd return with buckets and her maybe a sandwich bag. this brings me no joy.

>> No.9100899

No wonder she was bashing Madi so idiotically xD

>> No.9100925

>trying to sleep in the hotel room
>friend will not keep her voice down even though everyone except her is trying to sleep and the lights are off
>not even talking about anything, just commenting on every little thing happening on the TV
>notices I'm not listening because I'm just about out
Didn't apologize or act like this was fucking rude or anything. Plus she made a huge mess in the room. I did not expect this from her and I'm still mad.

>> No.9100959

Singing those poorfag room-sharing blues. I don't see how anyone gets any rest all con long with a bunch of people in a room.

>> No.9100993

I'm pissed that despite knowing I was looking to table, this one artist gave their free table spot to someone else. I have no right to be since I know those two are closer friends, but I'm still disappointed about the situation since I technically "got there first". Just so bummed out and want to get it out of my system.

>> No.9101022

I have no real friends. I'm jealous of my friends with bffs and give each other presents. I'm usually the one who has to start a conversation and I just got tired of it. It also doesn't help that I'm suffering from crippling depression.

>> No.9101076

You're a nasty slut for fucking a guy without a relationship, just saying.
>being a slut is empowering uwu

>> No.9101078

Same here, except I haven't had a single friend since high school.

>> No.9101081

>decide to save money and go to a con with room sharing
>have a terrible time

I'm not sure but I tend to have fun at cons without going with others. I think going solo is more fun than anything.

>> No.9101088

I don't know how to make friends at cons, and I really wish I could.

I'm pretty shy, and when people try talking to me I just get really flustered.
I just wanna have friends I can cosplay with.

>> No.9101095

It's a shame the con doesn't hold a waiting list and make the artist turn in the table. If an artist just sells or gives their table to anyone, they could be very crappy, not on theme or whatever. It also invites potential abuse for table space scalping.

>> No.9101098

Join the con FB group or forum and start following and posting to meet and get to know some people a little there before you go.

>> No.9101105

I wish I could, but its honestly such a shit show.

Aren't all con FB groups like that?

There's even separate ones because people would get removed due to posting "inappropriate" things so they made their own group.

>> No.9101451

It does, but the artist is still keen on tabling, it's just that their helper/partner dropped out last minute so they're looking to replace them. The official table grab is not jury-based so it's not like quality really matters in this case. Scalping though... Yeah, I've seen it happen.

>> No.9101537

my gf sounds the exact same way as your bf, we're both into cosplay but i really enjoy making stuff and have improved a lot in the 3.5 years i've been doing it, while she still buys most of her stuff and isn't great at sewing or anything and hates doing it. there's nothing wrong with buying cosplay of course! i just wish i had someone close to me who was as into the crafting aspect of it as i am. most of my cosplay friends live far away, too, so it kind of sucks.

i'd also really love having someone near my skill level so we could do cool couple/group cosplays together, because whenever my girlfriend and i do them i feel like she never puts as much effort into them as i do, but that's probably selfish of me to say...

>> No.9101658

I paid for the room and let close friends come to be nice. Learned a lesson.

>> No.9101677

Only thing I have to vent about is that nothing is happening on our online comm! Like, people are posting less and less. I guess most are just on vacation or busy or something, but I wonder if others are just maybe not that interested in lolita or aren't just that exciting anymore....

>> No.9101717

I'm extremely frustrated at this local con because of how absolutely horrendous and rude the staff is. The con has been consistently tiny and terrible for years now and yet for some reason people keep defending it. They've also done some really shady shit. I guess I'm just salty because of the way the staff treated my friends and I but I wish people would just stop supporting them.

>> No.9101725

No, much worst.. We got walked in on and now he and his family are moving from east coast to west coast because of it.

>> No.9101940

I had to cut ties from an extremely toxic person in my life during the winter. The last straw in an extremely tiring friendship being when she tried to pity party her way out of paying her part of a con hotel room. She claimed she couldn't pay because she was almost murdered in a parking lot. I tried to cut ties quietly but she continually messaged me and harassed me. Finally I messaged her and asked her to leave me alone. that I wouldn't cause drama and I ask the same of her. She agrees but soon after blocks me. A few days later my friend gives me a screenshot where she's detailed a huge falsified sob story painting me and a friend of mine monsters. In it she details...
-Our initials
-What cosplays we will be wearing at the upcoming con
-What hotel we are staying at.

And then essentially puts out a plea for white knights to come attack us. She tags almost everyone in our cosplay comm. This backfires as people begin to pop off on her and tell her what she is doing isn't legal. She deletes the status and a few months pass without incident.

However I recently heard from a mutual friend that she refuses to let this go and does nothing but trash talk me. She claims I "Send demons after her on a regular basis" (I'm wiccan and she took that to mean I worship the devil) I'm just pissed because I've worked so hard to put things behind me and she won't let it die

>> No.9102075

>try to make plans with friends to go to local con and they don't want to go because they are burnt out by AX
>make plans with a grill to couple cosplay
>right after friends all got the days off of work approved to go to the con and are talking to me about group cosplay ideas
>forgot to mention i had plans while they were telling me all this and now its too late to back out since they think i'm in with them
Now i'm stuck between maybe having fun with the girl i asked out or for sure having fun with my friends. Either way i'm going to look like an asshole either side i choose. I don't really want to bring her with my group of friends because it will be awkward.

>> No.9102090
File: 191 KB, 500x375, 1 out of 10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the fact you browse 4chan, are probably psychologically a bit messed up, probably very horny and have some dirty fetishes, and that there is a high likelihood of you being a virgin or not sexually active, all has a lot to do with it.

WHEW that mansplaining. 1/10 for getting a reply

>> No.9102112


>using mansplaining unironically
>using it wrongly

I'm bothered that I'm bothered by the latter almost as much as the former.

>> No.9102118

Do one on one day and the other on another day, duh.

>> No.9103808

Worked super hard on a prop that I'm pretty sure I'm not happy with, but I busted my ass on it and am really tired and it's DONE. It's not awful, I just wish it had come out better. I can improve it later, I'm stressed as hell right now. I took a day off of work in order to just get all the final parts done. My husband gets home, looks at it, gets this utterly disapproving look on his face and starts nit-picking things. "I know you probably don't have any time to fix it, but…" I appreciate critiques most of the time, but he KNOWS I've been stressing over this and have no more time to finish it. TELL ME I DID A GOOD JOB SO I CAN TRY TO BELIEVE IT TOO. I was already feeling like a failure, now I feel like a super failure.

>> No.9103942

Sales rants

>buying a bolero from Europe
>"Shipping will be six euros"
>Ok sweet
>"Actually tracked shipping is thirteen euros, oops"
>Well it's crossing an ocean to get here so of course I want it tracked
>"Actually it's sixteen euros, let me know if you still want it!"
>Invoices me, charges PP fees on top
>Gfdi the USD is not that strong be nice to me
Honestly I guess what bothers me is that if I had already corrected myself the first time, I wouldn't have the guts to admit I made another mistake and would just pay the difference. But if course I don't expect that, just ugh

>Buy jewelry from girl on LM
>She messages me asking me to invoice her PP
>Have to explain that that isn't how it works without sounding like a rude know it all

Had to rant for a second. It's all good, none of it's a huge deal, I just want my things lol

>> No.9104063

You know it's against PP and LM ToS to charge buyers PP fees. You can report her for that shit.

>> No.9104104

>LGBTQ people are all sweet lovely perfect people who are thoughtful and respectful of boundaries.
I'm glad it's like that in your little world.

Because it's not for the rest of the world.

>> No.9104168

My boyfriend is super excited to cosplay with me! Unfortunately he subscribes to the belief that not wearing a wig is a ok. Save me.

>> No.9104203

My ex was like this too, he was balding but decided he was going to cosplay Vegeta from DBZ by dying his hair black and spiking it. Then he called me an elitist bitch when I told him he needed a wig to do the character justice. Just try and gently nudge him in the right direction. Show him wearing a wig isn't uncomfortable and what not if done right.

>> No.9104246

Unfortunately it's not through LM, so I don't really have too much proof she's adding fees except that the original list price and the shipping cost she told me are still a few euros less than the what she charged me. But at this point I just want the damn thing. Bleh.

>> No.9104347

Why do guys think this is ok? My boyfriend did the same and then after the photo shoot he realized how bad it looked. Sometimes you just have to let them fail first.

>> No.9104352

I don't know but I see it all the time and as a male cosplayer this irks me to no end. It's either one of two things in my opinion; laziness to put the effort into styling a proper wig OR they are just elitist fuck bois who have no idea how to cosplay.
Maybe I could attribute it to youthful ignorance as most first time cosplayers go without. But regardless it's garbage.

>> No.9104361
File: 138 KB, 1440x810, 1401669971448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Seeing everyone having fun in cool groups together leaves me extremely depressed and more and more every day I legit feel like killing myself

The only reason I haven't gotten to this point is because I was able to make friends at one point.

but that was when I lived in the US, which was from 2004 to 2012. Personal shit forced me and my family to move back to our home country. Some of it was my fault, some of it falls on my parents.

They know I have no friends in our country, but of course they talk like it's my fault at times, and then they're surprised when I fire back at them.

What gets me down is that I actually met decent anime fans at college. There's no anime clubs in the country, the concept of after school clubs is non-existant here, so I'm guessing this is why I have yet to see cringe inducing anime fans.

But it's college, so with just the amount of shit we have to study, there's no time to hang out. Either that, or they already have an established group of friends and no one feels like getting me into them.

>I can strike up conversations but I feel like bridging that final gap seems impossible, and the few friends I manage to add barely reply or anything other than add me as another number on their friends list.


>> No.9104399
File: 15 KB, 354x242, Patrick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel this. My only cosplay/con friend never wants to go to out of state cons, which leaves me scared to do any semi obscure characters (all my dream cosplays) in fear of not getting noticed (dumb I know). I just want a group of weeb friends to go to big cons with.

>> No.9104598

Sometimes I find it hard to make nice artist alley friends because many artists are too judgmental of others' art and see each other as competition. I understand that we're just there to make some money and I get how tired/cranky everyone gets at cons, but man some of these artists are cold, bitter, and insincere.

I don't think you have to admire someone's work to like them as a person. Like if someone draws art that isn't to my tastes but has a great attitude and personality, they could be fun to talk to and to maybe be friends with.

>> No.9104627

Because wigs (and makeup) are gayyyy
Dressing up as a cartoon character is totally macho and shit obviously, but making sure you actually look good? Gayyyy

>> No.9104651

I cant fucking cosplay, cant wear lolita (or any other jfash really) and it makes me so fucking mad.

I'm a most of the time wheelchair user due to a genetic condition that affects my back, joints, and muscles.
Between the medications that i have to take, and not being able to move very much, i've become a fucking hamplanet, and im fucking pissed.
I've been trying my best for years, but no weight loss. I havent touched junk food 10 fucking years.
On top of this, i see my lazy friends cosplaying and wolfing down huge fucking burgers and having the time of their lives.

>> No.9104813

Well he's actually not that type of guy. I'd call him semi metrosexual actually. He just seems dead set on the notion of no.

>> No.9104919

>go to local con
>assemble cosplay that I've been working on between classes
>nothing too elaborate, but it's fun
>getting way more compliments than expected
>girl who is more or less at the helm of the local cosplay scene invites me to sign up for the competition
>decline, as I really didn't put as much work into it as other people did for theirs
>bought several pieces of the cosplay (character wears a suit)
>tell her this
>after some convincing, she gets me to sign up
>it's free so whatever
>contest time rolls around
>she's a judge
>start telling judges about costume, how I bought and altered it for the character and made some props
>girl from before speaks up
>"Oh, so it's a closet cosplay."
>says it with so much venom that I'm about to call poison control
>bitch we talked about this
>rest of the panel immediately starts showing me contempt
>finish that, walk stage, whatever

>after con, she adds me to the local cosplay normiebook page
>notice it's filled with more cancer than an oncology ward
>nope out of there
>get re-added three more times

>> No.9105160
File: 79 KB, 500x460, just 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am so paranoid about my contouring looking like smeared dirt that I don't want to even do it anymore.

People can't even decide what "good contouring" looks like. They bitch and fight about which tutorial is the "best".

I'm probably going to stop contouring altogether because I don't even look like the characters anyway.

>> No.9105218

I feel this way too :/
I have friends that I see at cons, but they mostly do groups with each other and I'm not close enough to any one to suggest a group of my own.
Makes me feel really lonely and depressed.

>> No.9105278

what a waste of time

>> No.9105430

>I was going through a really rough time mentally, had to be hospitalized, they decided I was a psycho bitch and started sending death threats saying I should've killed myself etc

Wow, women really are the worst.

>> No.9105452

>See cosplay of favorite character
>OK sewing but most of it is covered by armor
>Armor is really nicely done, obviously took time
>Beautiful details, depth, paint job, etc
>Unstyled, inaccurate, right out of bag wig + no makeup

Why are most male cosplayers like this? With a good wig and makeup, you'd look so much better, but no ew that's girl stuff. There are so many tutorials out there. There's no excuse except laziness.

>> No.9105466

holy geeze

>> No.9105467

Thats kind of hot.

>> No.9105690

Because ~it's haaaaaaaard!~. They spend their time learning to do armors and swords but learning to put on make up or style wigs is ~way too complicated~. In other words, laziness. And probably a subconscious thought of how "gay" it is.

>> No.9105707

>Mentioning spoony
Hello spoony. Its come to my attention that only spoony wants to talk about spoony. Why hasn't some doxxed your fucking asshole?

>> No.9105716

Makeup is foreign to us, and we dont use it from day to day. Probably much easier to get into the mindset of putting makeup on while cosplaying when you do it most days of your life to begin with.

The wig part is true though, most guys have shitty wigs. Cant find an excuse for it that would fit.

>> No.9105720

I am not Chris, but she's a great person and mother, can be a bitch at times, but she's not pretending to be nice, whilst Madi is a pretentious bitch who acts nice towards people but talks shit about them in their backs. And you're probably protecting her cause you are her or you're one of her pretentious friends like her.

>> No.9105727

Maybe you you two can try to open commission for people? That way you can make stuff for people to wear for you AND get paid for it.

>> No.9105746

fml I love Poto so much and when i fucking realized what the fuck was going on i started crying of laughter

>> No.9105747

I am not Madi nor am I affiliated with her or her friends. I am just knocking back a call out when the obvious wrong here is with PK and Nat. See? I can name bitches too.

>> No.9105748

I have really had enough of my lolita friends. I only have 2. One is really immature and fucking annoying; "listen to my super edgy controversial opinion! I am a uni student, so very smart desu. listen listen listen listen" The other is pissing me off because she is so negitive all the time and pretends she is all above the drama and gives no shits about what people think while simultaneously constantly bitching and moaning about drama in her life. She also mooches off me.

My family just started fighting hardcore. I don't want to be with my friends or my family. I feel so trapped and alone. Thank fuck for Pokemon Go otherwise my family would be weird about me going out for a walk, and those lolitas can't bug me on FB.

>> No.9105750

Most of us don't wear armor every day either but these guys don't seem to have any problem learning how to do that.

>> No.9105856

It's very annoying when people try to re-create that meme considering they all suck at it. The Wizard of Oz's one's appeal is that it was a blood boiling but believable story up until the last few lines or so where you get hit hard by the punchline. The problem with the fakes is that they aren't that interesting to start and then kill your suspension of disbelief way too early in. Gotta put some effort into your fake stories ffs.

>> No.9105919

Fiance wants me to quit cosplaying with other people because he doesn't like me being close to other guys. Most of my family agrees, thinks I'm cheating on him if I pose with guys for photos. He doesn't mind if I hang out with guys normally, only in cosplay. It's not like I cosplay anything that shows much skin, I pretty much only crossplay fully clothed characters?

>> No.9106071

Leave him, if he's that jealous and possessive that spells bad news later down the road once he has you fully tied down.

>> No.9106085

I've got to agree, it sounds like he's going to take offense to you hanging out in the vicinity of any men. Once you're married, prepare to say goodbye to any male friendships and going anywhere by yourself where you could be "unfaithful" because you stood next to a man. This smells like bad news, and it's pretty shitty your family's encouraging it. Before you get married you really need to have a heart to heart about why he trusts you so little.

>> No.9106128

>TFW you want to vent to the world about how much this lolita screwed you over (twice!) but you know she watches these like a hawk, will know its you and is really good friends with the mods.

The only thing I can hope for is if she screws with one of the mods and gets banned. Or leaves because her "health" really is that bad.

>> No.9106135

Reminds me so much of an obnoxious friend from high school. Life lesson learned about sharing anything in a con atmosphere. It very rarely ends well.

>> No.9106142

Obviously I don't know either of you, but to me it sounds like the tip of the iceberg. It's normal for SO's to be a bit anxious if you're rubbing up against someone in a half naked couple cosplay but that's not what you're doing at all, you're basically just standing next to another person who happens to be a dude. Does he see cosplay itself as a sex thing?
Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if "don't hang out with other guys in cosplay" turns into "don't hang out with other guys at all".

>> No.9107005

>living in new country where I'm definitely not use to the diet/eating style and gained 5kg
>just started period and bloated af
>Lolita event this weekend I plan to wear an OP I normally just fit into comfortably
>plz mana let me unbloat so I don't put pressure on any seams.

>> No.9108506

Maybe a bit of an odd vent but here we go.

I enjoy being shamelessly into fandoms (re-discovered my love for it because fuck pretending I don't care anymore), talking to people about husbandos and all that shit, basically being a slightly more self-aware version of a weeb.
My vent is though, that unlike pretty much everyone I talk to about fandom stuff, I'm not really into BL. I don't mind or dislike it at all, but I never found it that fun or appealing.
I just wish I could find people to talk with that were more into just straight pairings and I don't really talk about that because I can only image the shit I'd get for preferring to talk about straight pairings.

>> No.9108751

>wanted to cosplay in my younger years
>learn that guys get shafted, never win contests despite how good their costumes are if girls enter the same contest.
>tfw can only ever be second best
That's why i gave up my dream

>> No.9109317
File: 219 KB, 500x351, adgadgdgs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to con every year with same group of friends
>none of them can sew or are the least bit crafty
>i end up being the one who makes their costumes
>gotten to the point where everyone just expects me to make everything every time they want to cosplay something
>i cant dedicate the time to larger cosplays i want to do because i have to juggle everyone else's along with my own when con crunch time comes.
>bring up how i dont want to make everything anymore
>"you guys need to learn how to do this yourself"
>they immidiatly get salty and QQ'ing about how they cant because its too hard and they never learned how
im so stressed out, i like going to cons with them but i cant do this, not to mention their cosplay aspirations only grow every year without consideration of how much time or commitment the character/prop would take to make because they arent the ones who are making it. They just choose a costume and expect me to make everything. But if I don't, they won't have a costume and I'll be the bad guy for making my own and letting them go without a cosplay....

>> No.9109320 [DELETED] 

Also I wish I had more crafty friends ?? I feel like im the only artistically inclined person out of any of my friends so this kind of stuff always happens and its really frustrating.

>> No.9109324

If you only want to cosplay to win an award for it then it's a good thing you gave up.

>> No.9109434

Yikes, anon - that girl sounds like a huge pain. I know you want to put it behind but if she makes threats like that again, I'd suggest screencapping them just in case. I went through a similar thing a while back and this person ended up posting online about having dreams about murdering me. It's been years and now she's escalated to calling my boyfriend a rapist. Having screencaps of her erratic behavior might come in handy if she tries to pull similar shit with you and smear your name with new people.

>> No.9109436

Anon, never set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. Grow a backbone and stand up for yourself.

>> No.9109671

I'm so fucking tired of self-righteous pricks who complain that inspiration threads don't post what they want. If you're constantly bitching about stuff that you don't see, then post some inspiration of your own! It's not rocket science! Don't shit up the boards with your whining unless you actually contribute.

>> No.9109841

I shouldn't say that I gave up on it completely, because I probably will try it at some point of my life. But god damn it was disheartening to hear

>> No.9109931

Hi spoony.

>> No.9109944

There are so many self taught people in this hobby that "oh i never learned how" is a lazy excuse. Tell them they better learn.

>> No.9109951

>friend goes to 2 cons
>I go to 0 cons, buy a dress
>friend: wow anon you get to buy so much stuff. You're so lucky, I wish I had a husband so I could buy lots of stuff too.
>husband doesn't pay for my shit
>literally how oblivious to your own spending habits can someone be

>> No.9109959

Man back when I first knit something for a cosplay and got a couple salty people drop comments like "I could have done that too if I knew how to knit"
Bitch I didn't know how to knit until I made this shit. No excuses.
Tell your friends to fucking learn like you did.

>> No.9109966

"He's toxic and probably abusive for getting jealous like that. Leave him." What is this Tumblr?
k to him and get him more involved . If he's being such a jealous pansy invite him to cosplay with you and you guy friends. Make plans where the husband can meet your friends and see how you interact. Squash his doubts like a bug.

>> No.9110192

So there's this girl I used to be best friends with for a couple years, I got her into the local cosplay community, my local LGBT community, etc. Our friendship was toxic, she was really physically abusive, one day we were heading to a cos meet and she pushed me over on an escalator and laughed, and everyone else around laughed at me, which made me freak out a little.
I guess I was bad in the friendship too, but it was mainly because she had no manners and didn't know how to act in public. She always walked around screaming at the top of her lungs, smacking me and being rude to everyone around her, but as soon as I tell her to cut it out because she's being annoying, she turns into the world's biggest crybaby and becomes the victim.
She also fucked most of my guy friends in the cosplay community and caught feelings for them, and when they said they didn't have feelings for her, she constantly talked shit about them(keep in mind she's underage and these guys are like 18+).
I'm honestly so glad I cut her off, but I regret introducing her into the cosplay community because now we have the same friends and I can't go anywhere without hearing about her or seeing her and it fucking pisses me off because she's such a shitty person. :/

>> No.9110212

My local comm mod always talks big game anti bullying, makes rules against bullying (you'll be kicked out of the comm if you get caught on cgl according to her) and then when she finally bans someone from the comm she goes full open season on them, publicly making status and chatting with friends about how to insult them and conspiring throwing shade when they see the banned person post on CoF

like what the fuck?? It pisses me off so much.

>> No.9110252
File: 103 KB, 500x546, No Fun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's too much fucking pression in the lolita fashion to be creative and unique or to stand out.
I wear lolita in the most traditional for and I hate seeing so many plastering their coords with unnecessary showy shit just for e-fame.

>> No.9110267

Oh I have screencaps of everything just in case. I posted some of them when she pulled it. After that everyone realized what she was doing and forced her to back off. That's why she resorted to telling people I send demons after her.

>> No.9110364

Just go all out. You're anonymous, the cunt won't know.

>> No.9110708

How much time is left for the con?

>> No.9113114

The majority of people I see who make amazing cosplays and offer commissions are also illiterate as fuck and I refuse to work with someone who clearly cant read and write.

>> No.9114965

Good news! I went to SDCC and cosplayed the entire time, posed with all sorts of people, fiancee didn't say a thing, didn't seem to mind. He didn't even flinch when a girl screamed "OH MY GOD YOU'RE COSPLAYING AS MY HUSBANDO" and we took some cutesy couple shots. I think he's finally realized that cosplay is make believe and truly is no threat to my… fidelity… I suppose.

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