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Hipster hobbies edition. You know what to do.

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My friends have called me hipster jokingly in the past but I just got into lolita and now all my hobbies really do come off as special snowflake faggotry...

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This doesn't sound too cringe-worthy. These "i smoke n swear n drink in lolita" types are way worse.

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I don't think it's the hobbies themselves that make people cringe, it is the air of how speshul it is to do such speshul things 'whilst befrilled'

I always think these types belong in a pirate coord at a Rennfaire. It's embarrassing to be around these types out in public, I avoid them so I'm glad they boast about it so I know in advance.

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Shes saying it like wearing lolita is sort of mask and shes so crazy and unlolita like outside the frill. As though its this great secret or shit.

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>"whilst befrilled"
>not cringey

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I personally found the way she types to be the most cringe. Like I can hear a fake British accent speaking it.

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That ddlg over at RC:U who spent an hour explaining how she "has to tell literally everyone about her kink to respect her daddy" turns out to not even wear lolita. Wtf was she doing on that group in the first place?

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https://youtu.be/06djK_4Uk40 @ 7:43
> "Do you have an actual job outside YouTube?"
> proceeds to flip out about how ~YouTube is an actual job~

You completely took it the wrong way, Batty. Chill the fuck out.

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Forgot to add that she didn't even bother to answer the question because of how rustled her jimmies were.

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Because she's lazy as fuck. If it weren't for her poor boyfriend paying for everything she'd be on the streets.

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Shameless need for attention? Assumed lolita = ageplay/fetish? Both?

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maybe her daddy "made" her do it, yknow, to respect their relationship

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Wait what? She has to do what?

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>has to tell literally everyone about her kink to respect her daddy
Hope that everyone includes her family, workmates and friends. Or just it just pertain to people she thinks will encourage her unwanted TMI?

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Nope. When there are real life consequences to her involving the nonconsenting public it doesn't count.

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HOLY SHIT I need caps of this stat!

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I got you anon. So it began with the usual tripe on RC:U. Another bland, overdone topic.

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She started out fairly innocuous. She'll be red, everyone else is grey.

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I've got mutual friends with this person. She isn't a lolita, but a fetish performer or something. I met her at a party once, and I can guarantee that she's as big of an attention whore as she looks. Her boyfriend is also one of those super tryhard in-your-face satanist types.

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Then things started getting a little weird.

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People understandably start having a problem with it.

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>"i don't get why people push their fetishes into people's faces"
>proceeds to explain the fetish in waaaay too much detail


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I'm only capping her thread in the comments the rest is pretty bland, though if anyone wants Survivor-chan's stuff let me know. It's probably the only thing of interest other than this shit.

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First checked her location, whew not near me, Florida. Second, her daddy is a dipshit. 3rd, y'all in that thread that did not just say, 'no, shut up...' let it become a big fat topic.
s m h

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Because she doesn't. Sorry, maid cafe play-acting doesn't count either.

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Survivor chan was over-share too. TMI, the whole topic.

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Her dom seeks out stupid girls. He's borderline abusive. I've seen first hand out he treated his ex. He's an egotistical asshole.

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her fb has a photo of her and bf kissing while he gives the camera the middle finger

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You'd have more friends if you didn't try and cram your fetish onto other people, idiot.

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>they dare not cross him

I do not want to see this anywhere outside of a Charles Dickens novel holy shit

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Her dom seeks out stupid girls. he's borderline abusive. I've seen first hand how he treated his ex. He's an egotistical asshole.

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Aren't most male "doms" like that anyway? Not actual doms, but "doms" who are only in to control someone else and don't understand that the sub is actually in control of the whole thing.

Also, caps are done unless anyone wants Survivor-chan's shit too.

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She's never made an effort to contact anyone in my local comm. I've never ever seen her wear or even talk about lolita until now, but I don't really *try* to talk to her.

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yet again with the "I've been into lolita 4evers!!"

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Speaking of ageplay, please don't use baby bottle phone case while in lolita.

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You don't even know real doms ARE doms unless you are in the lifestyle. The good ones, anyway.

>> No.9094844

>so much edge

>> No.9094846

Here's the thing guys, I'm going to disrespect you here right off by puking my kink all over you but then lecture you about respect.


>> No.9094847

At least you know to watch for her now to keep her out.

>> No.9094901

Is anyone else creeped out by this dude?

I've also seen a lot of other male profiles with nothing indicating an intrest in lolita and no friends lately.

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That's Funk Brothers. Tripfag here. He's a brolita. Ugly but harmless.

>> No.9094994

I'm friends with him. Before I friended him, it was hard to tell if he had an interest in lolita. Some lolitas keep their lolita hobby in private because it may weird out potential employers or other friends.

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I don't even wear lolita (like the clothes but cosplay is expensive enough, I just look at the cute coords) and I just had to read this story. I'm dead.

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All doms are abusive end of discussion

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>There are people on here right now who don't see the connection between lolita, ageplay, and DDLG.

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They all pretty much derived from the same thing.

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The world is so full of a number of things... including hypocrisy.

(Your post made me lol.)

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Her grammar kills me.

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>let's have a photoshoot where we wear lolita wrong/don't wear lolita!
>no itas

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I think she means no calling people itas, or calling dresses lace monsters.

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She sounds like she's 14

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Ew wtf

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I hope someone actually spoke up and said NO.

We don't spend thousands to achieve an aesthetic just to toss it because someone can't get themselves together enough to get it right.

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Honestly I like lolita because of how restricting the rules are.
Go find another fashion to ~be creative~ in.

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There are people on here who want to enjoy their frilly fashion groups free of those connections. Since when is anyone's psychosexual profile (kinky or not) considered polite social conversation? I don't want to hear any of it.

>> No.9095141

He was just being on-topic about the cringe thing.

>> No.9095145

Haha holy shit I remember watching this and laughing my ass off at that part. Her poor bf is just a human tripod-piggy bank combo for her.

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Thats rustling my jimmies anon. You should reconsider your opinion. Maybe branch out a bit.

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Oh I didn't say he was wrong or posting inappropriately just that my opinion is that (outside discussions like this) I don't want Freud stirring my tea at the tea party, connection or no. If I didn't want to discuss this, it's my job to close the thread and quit reading. Different comms have different ways but there are many that really don't want TMI personal AnyThing aired at a comm meet where we gather for simple fun and light conversation.

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Then stay rustled, if you care so much about what people think about your kink it confirms that it is fucked up and it embarrasses you.

>> No.9095224

That's not at all how it works but okay.

>> No.9095238

I think Im out of the loop - who is Survivor chan?

>> No.9095253

>collars are ita
i'm dying

>> No.9095288

She got the boot from RC:U.

>> No.9095326


Then stay rustled, if you care so much about what people think about the way you dress it confirms that it is fucked up and it embarrasses you.

Your logic isn't very sound anon.

>> No.9095337


shut up about your gross fucking fetish anon please

>> No.9095340


not the same anon, just think you sound stupid pissing on others when by your logic you're just as fucked up as they are

>> No.9095350

I always wonder why other people think it's their business if I smoke in my brand.
I ain't selling it so frill off with your salty self.

>> No.9095365

if you're not selling it then good. now I don't have to think about that and I can just focus on is why the fuck you're smoking, 'cause it ain't kawaii to have cancer lungs, you smell, your teeth are yellow, and you've got a disgusting addiction. :)

>> No.9095375

It's like she knows he's an abusive shit. But has to defend him because it's what she believes the kink is. Like the way she talks about her friends. She recognizes that him not allowing her out is likely fucked up. But rationalizes it as "Oh well I have anxiety so it's k.

>> No.9095381

You answered yourself.
Because it's an addiction.
I whiten my teeth nonstop though.

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He has daughters and he's into this shit? Fucking gross.

>> No.9095410

not even the original anon arguing you idiot

>> No.9095413

Why? I thought it was a place for discussion

>> No.9095414


>> No.9095417

the gross girl got the boot, not the one saying collars were ita

>> No.9095452

>i know you're not trying to be rude
>but you are rude
>i consider this rude

>> No.9095460

face book 4everanimefanclub/videos/1331215673574672/


>> No.9095461

Then why are they 'lol, so randumb?'
I really wonder this though and have thought, "she rambles so badly, why not plan a little?"

>> No.9095472

I don't care a bit if you aren't doing it near me, aren't holding up a meet while you go suck a butt and aren't trying to sell without saying you are a smoker. I don't like sitting by smokers though because of the smell.

>> No.9095473

Because she's obviously as good at planning as she is at doing her eyebrows and eye shadow..

>> No.9095478

This is a new level of retard.

>> No.9095479

H-h-h-hoooly shit this is embarrassing. At the least they all know the dance pretty well? Idk. This is cringe as fuck.

>> No.9095514

She's not really getting anywhere, she just keeps saying the same stupid things over and over.

>> No.9095578

>unless anyone wants Survivor-chan's shit too
What's this? I'm curious

>> No.9095586


>I'm...very sexual about [my "kitten space"], because I am an EXTREMELY sexual person


>> No.9095604

She overdraws her lips so much, just awful.
The closest thing to j fashion she's ever worn in her photos are shitty seifukus.

>> No.9095625

That made me laugh too.

Like don't try to defend how respectful you are to others when you write an entire paragraph going on about how sexual you are.

>> No.9095633

So lolita is apparently gross to him because he has daughters but definitely not the whole daddy dom thing. Alright.

>> No.9095635

I'm wondering if she thinks Lolita is a lifestyle where you dress up like a little girl and have your boyfriend abuse you?
The only reason I can think of anyone being "grossed out" by Lolita is if they conflate it with DD/LG

>> No.9095668

Fathers who get turned on when they're called daddy should have their kids taken from them. Fuckin nasty.

>> No.9095703

I liked how she says when ppl see Lolita they automatically assume its a dd/lg thing.
This probably why she thought ppl would be comfortable with her shit.

>> No.9095707

His kids don't live with him, and I'm not sure how often he sees them. I think he gets his subs pregnant and then moves on. I've never aren't pictures of the other two, just of the one he had with his ex.

>> No.9095714

Ageplayer or not, this girl's coords are fucking amazing.

>> No.9095715

I wouldn't call it amazing

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Research more on Doms before you assume

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File: 1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160709-192921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone up for the job?>>9095715

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>> No.9095755

Good lord, a beached whale

>> No.9095757

Not that anon but agreed, Doms are abusive. Pulling the "do your research" card is such a cliche with you kinksters nowadays

>> No.9095759

So tell me how they are abusive?

two consenting adults that agree to the lifestyle they want, is that abusive?

>> No.9095762

It's like >>9094842 and >>9094828 pointed out, doms that understand consent and all are fine, but unfortunately there are a lot of abusive people who get into the scene just so they can be dicks and get away with it.
The core of what a dom is isn't abusive, but shit like 50 Shades and general misconceptions of BDSM brought up a lot of nasty people out.

>> No.9095763

People that tell other people that they're hyper sexual make me want to vomit. It's the go-to explanation for someone being a gross "I'm not like the others!!!!" piece of shit.

>> No.9095778

A relationship where someone actually can't do something without asking the other is abusive.
It may be a power play thing but in the end it's innapropriate and belongs in the bedroom, not infringing on every day life.

>> No.9095797

Are you really using that chick as a proper example of a D/S relationship?

>> No.9095800

Agreeing to an abusive lifestyle doesn't not it not abusive.

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>> No.9095822

wtf deets?

>> No.9095825


A wild troll has appeared. Type: SJW. Fun fact: you can argue for hours with them but in the end nothing will be accomplished except the ire of other posters.

>> No.9095832

>implying shes knows everything

>> No.9095845

This that person that apparently just got removed from the group?
I hate how Littles always have to be the most unashamed, open creeps about their fetish and wear it like a badge with zero self-awareness. It also doesn't help that it has incredibly pedophilic themes and is literally everything lolitas don't want to be associated with.

>> No.9095850

I hate people that call themselves hyper sexual but...don't know what hyper sexuality is. It means you believe it's all you're worth and thus use it as your go to for attention like, they complimented me better fuck them or they'll hate me and getting into dangerous situations
It doesn't mean I like to fuck my partner a lot and get spanked

>> No.9095855

Damn has this dumb fucker never heard of a public collar
Like you shouldn't be wearing fucking bdsm kit all the the, have a damn necklace for day wear

>> No.9095860

I imagine there's a lot of aspects of BDSM that she hasn't heard of.

>> No.9095866

Honestly, I'm less bothered by Littles coming in and blathering about their fetish than I am by the daddydoms that follow and start creeping on people expecting them all to be their little girls. Gag.

>> No.9095876

The ones like this lack boundaries so by definition aren't in a real headspace for a balanced power exchange anyway. A big warning signal to steer very clear of them altogether.

I'm for everyone just keeping the kink in their private life (and private circle) just that, private.

For the most part, people who squawk the loudest about kink-shaming have merely gotten a push-back or disapproval for their massively inappropriate over-share, not that they HAVE a kink but oh no, it's always 'muh kink, u r a shaming meh, boohoo, unfair, u r a h8r and just don't understaaaaand.'

>> No.9095887

Oh no I went to school with this girl??

>> No.9095891
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>"my dom is a scary mother fucker and they dare not cross him."

>> No.9095895


Like "Safe Sane and consensual" and "love is respect" and probably "aftercare"

>> No.9095903

That's exactly what I was thinking.

>> No.9095965

Holy shit, has this guy ever been posted before? Came up on my insta as bustyhokage.... Oh man.

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File: 589 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20160709-224843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops, dropped pic.

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File: 565 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20160709-225119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For once, I almost feel worse for Vic Mabgiskfieha.

>> No.9095969

Do you even lolita? She always looks terrible

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File: 2.92 MB, 10000x10000, 1467948744273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>those bangs with that makeup and hair
besides that and the case it's pretty good, but jesus anon.

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We have a live one! Not sure if it's the little or the dom this time, they've posted about both on their facebook.

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File: 1.49 MB, 300x300, 1467880177279.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do people just respond to her for caps at this point or what?

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I'm honestly not sure who is the most retarded this time.

>> No.9095981

Looks like a sub. She's definitely wearing a collar in some of her pictures, but that might just be an ita neko-chan collar.

>> No.9095982
File: 9 KB, 499x92, 14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and flounce.

>> No.9095983

Already was kicked or left. Either way, good riddance.

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This is why I'm unsure, lifted from their facebook timeline. Might be some gross shared account for people with boundary issues though.

>> No.9095985


>> No.9095991


I feel sorry for people who haven't gotten the memo on aftercare. It's 50% of what makes it so fun.

>> No.9095995


the fuck is that kinda roleplay.

Seriously, the last thing I want to think about during 'fun times' is my five figure debt. Fuck that shit.

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File: 37 KB, 498x454, Survivorchan1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not all that interesting, just a girl fishing for asspats.

>> No.9095998
File: 49 KB, 452x526, survivorchan2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have respect for her as a CSA survivor, but I was pretty disappointed in her in the first post in this cap. Fishing for asspats all the way.

>> No.9095999
File: 19 KB, 456x221, survivorchan3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9096008

As someone who is a victim of child pornography, good for her. She deserves asspats.

>> No.9096009
File: 175 KB, 2048x1536, 1467938460688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is, but at least it will get rid of those other retards.

>> No.9096014

How is that fishing for asspats. She told her story and it shows perfectly why you just cant assume as a dd/cg you own the word Lolita. Because it has many different uses. Hell i knew a woman's who nickname was Loli as was mind for a bit in HS.
I dont want to see this shit in the tags nor comms without my consent. Keep it in you house or turn it off if you arent with your partner.

>> No.9096021

It's the whole "I'll delete this if I get any negative feedback uwu" thing that rubbed me wrong way, along with the oversharing. Don't tell people not to overshare if you're going to.

>> No.9096026

Again, I would do the same. You clearly can't relate and therefor don't understand.

>> No.9096031

This. She could have outlined her experience without the overshare of gory details to make the story so dramatic. I'm not minimizing her bad experience but I don't think pretty graphic abuse descriptions PLUS DD/lg details is exempt from 'but the whole point is we don't want to hear details about ANY of this at Lolita meets or in discussions.'

>> No.9096034

You're right, I don't understand. I am not a CSA survivor. Just another person with an opinion, there's a lot of those on the internet as it turns out. You might want to go if you can't handle a different one.

>> No.9096040

>You might want to go if you can't handle a different one.
Yeah, yeah, you're so tough on the anonymous image board.

Why is it considered oversharing anyway? This pisses me off so much. Like oh, my life is just too hard core for you poor innocent suburban ears? People have different experiences, sometimes they are bad, but jesus fucking hell, if someone is telling a story like this it's because they want someone to listen and commiserate. Not try and pretend like this shit doesn't happen and no one should ever talk about it.

>> No.9096041

I understand enough to know that no one gets a personal platform or a pass to discuss what we've just been saying should not be discussed in detail. I'm very sorry she was abused. Not her personal audience though. Recounting it in detail was overshare.

>> No.9096042 [DELETED] 

An all-ages internet fashion group is not an appropriate place to vent about or share sex abuse stories.

>> No.9096049 [DELETED] 

I don't know what group this is from, but is it in their rules to not talk about this? I'm assuming it got deleted?
That makes sense.
I'm not bitching about that.

Also what the fuck at overshare for the millionth time.
I used to work this poor middle aged lady who once told another coworker of mine that her husband used to hit her. My coworker thought this was oversharing and I was like, what the fuck? That woman was trying to reach out and she just gets told to shut up? How fucking insensitive.

And yes I know it's Anon's job to be as horrible as possible, but come on. Why can't anyone talk about themselves ever? Are we only supposed to be talking about abstract thoughts? And even then, doesn't that thought belong to someone?

Think about what you're saying here.

>> No.9096050 [DELETED] 

Look, obviously people feel bad she was abused, many SAID so too but her story was graphic and cringe and ended up pushing a pretty gross dd/lg forced sex scenario story on the group. No, she doesn't have the 'right' to just plop that out.

>> No.9096051 [DELETED] 

Man, how the fuck is someone getting abused talking about it cringe? Because it's not lady like or some shit?

>> No.9096052

The whole OP topic of the thread was that we do NOT want the topic of dd/lg discussed or brought up in our lolita and we are sick of hearing about it. Period.

>> No.9096053 [DELETED] 

Shouldn't younger people be aware of that stuff?
I sure wish I had been.

>> No.9096054 [DELETED] 

There's always a time and place for these things, and that thread was neither the time or place. Unless you are in immediate danger and require help right now, a public facebook thread is not the place to go into gory details about your abuse unless it's a support group specifically for that.

>> No.9096056 [DELETED] 

I addressed that in that post. Like I said, didn't it get deleted? Did it break the rules?


>> No.9096057 [DELETED] 

>gory details
>abuse is horrible therefor you shouldn't mention it where the non abused normies can see it

>> No.9096058 [DELETED] 

I said I wasn't a CSA survivor, not that I wasn't abused. l just don't have to go crying it to strangers for validation.

>> No.9096059

in the fat girl angle shots she has boobs then i the body shots she doesn't. How do I make my fat bags disappear?

>> No.9096062

It didn't get deleted. I think it should. It breaks the rules just like the others describing the kink part of a story do. I agree with this >>9096054

>> No.9096066 [DELETED] 

Different type of abuse will do different things to people's psyches.
I hope you at least go to therapy because bottling up inside isn't great either.

>> No.9096067 [DELETED] 

Abuse is horrid no question, no exception, but oversharing your past abuse in that kind of detail in inappropriate places is not ok either.

>> No.9096068

So contact the mods? What are you bitching about exactly?

>> No.9096070 [DELETED] 

Says who? Where is this rule from?

>> No.9096071

You don't, her boobs aren't that big, she's just wearing a massive push up bra for the overhead shots. Under your clothes? Wear a binder.

>> No.9096074 [DELETED] 

People can talk about themselves and their experiences, but not in excruciating and uncomfortable detail. The exact same point could have been made without painting a vivid image of every last detail.

I'm a victim of CSA too, so I get a lot of what she went through. I can empathise. But it's not appropriate for a group full of minors, and this isn't the sort of information you foist onto strangers in polite company.

No one wants to be privy to intimate sexual details, consensual or not.

>> No.9096077 [DELETED] 

Says society? Since when do you just walk into a room and blurt out a sexual abuse story in a group of people talking about how they want to hear nothing but LESS about the very activity you are describing? It's not ok that she suffered the abuse, no one even thinks that. But just because she did does not give her immunity to speak in that kind of detail about the very thing we are saying we want to hear less of all along, in any context.

>> No.9096078 [DELETED] 

I actually spent four months in inpatient rehab for PTSD and still see a therapist monthly. I highly recommend inpatient if you can afford it at all, it's a massive pain in the ass and super expensive without good insurance but worth it if you're really having bad issues. That's all I'm saying on this because I really don't like to throw details about it out there and have already said more than I'm comfortable with sharing.

>> No.9096087

Would it had been better if she put a warning or something. Because i feel as though she didnt overshare. Sure there were some details but its not like she said what he made her do outside being forced to call him daddy and shit.

>> No.9096093

If her post had been spoilered for an abuse story, it would have been easy to avoid this whole discussion, I think. Reading about it as abuse isn't any better than reading about it consensually, the whole point of the thread was to not read more about the topic regardless of the circumstances.

>> No.9096099

They should. But not from stumbling across someone's graphic abuse story in a fashion group. Someone writing an article about it as a timely problem we face in the hobby regarding this is a very good idea.

>> No.9096107

So upsetting other people by exposing them to your kink is not a real life consequence because you don't get any negative from it....she really gives her community a bad name like those tumblr idiots that she claims to be educated than...

>> No.9096112

Late to the party, she's been removed from the group.

>> No.9096182

>I HAVE to wear collar and ask permission to go anywhere

No you don't you stupid cunt, now shut the fuck up no one wants to hear about your shit tier fetish

>> No.9096183 [DELETED] 

Someone please tell her parents/boss about this.

>> No.9096185 [DELETED] 
File: 104 KB, 213x262, 1457394578097.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

really? Because you sound exactly as ignorant as the other anon.

>> No.9096188
File: 567 KB, 472x739, 1455997852196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>omg you HAVE to RESPECT my DISGUSTING relationship.
>I don't like it when people push thier kinks on others, but let me TELL YOU ALL ABOUT MY DADDY DOM FETISH

>> No.9096202 [DELETED] 

Well then leave bitch

>> No.9096228


>> No.9096231 [DELETED] 

She did put a trigger warning actually..

>> No.9096232


>> No.9096340 [DELETED] 

What about if the Dom is only dominant in the bedroom? I don't really think that would be abusive, if the other person is into being dominated.

>> No.9096372

fuck, why do they have to butcher my favorite childhood girlgroup
the video is cringy as fuck, and their music sucks
not gonna talk about how off topic this video is considering what song they chose to sing......

>> No.9096498 [DELETED] 

>we want to hear less of all
This is the problem I have with it.
Also society thinks remakes are great and eats up whatever popular garbage is at the moment. Fuck society.
Social norms are boring and would go away if people just stopped relying on them.

>> No.9096500 [DELETED] 

I wanna know why it's inappropriate to tell minors about this sort of thing?

>> No.9096505 [DELETED] 

This is why I don't like this. I hate living in fear of people because I will be judged for having been abused. It's fucking bullshit and people like you don't help.

And I see a therapist as well. It helps more than most people but it's a shame I have to pay someone to give a shit because no one else will.

>> No.9096510 [DELETED] 

Well see, to cgl that doesn't count because that's tumblr speak and no one here can acknowledge anything from that site without losing their mind via a keyboard.

>> No.9096592 [DELETED] 

If you're saving up for college, you shouldn't be a fucking daddy dom.

>> No.9096599 [DELETED] 

(don't want to reply to every single post about this)
But honestly in this case, I'd excuse it because it seemed like she was giving the heavy details to scare off the DD/lg people.
I normally hate oversharing too, but in this case she's not really talking about abuse out of nowhere for asspats, she's explaining why littles need to get the fuck out of the lolita tag using her own experience.
Basically it's different because of who she was targeting.

>> No.9096626 [DELETED] 

You tumblr-tier motherfucker.

You aren't paying someone to give a shit. You don't pay a mechanic just because they care about you car, you pay them to fix it. You don't pay a doctor because they are personally invested in your well-being, you pay them because you want to get better.

You aren't paying your therapist to be a friend. That's what friends are for. You are paying them because they are a professional and will do their best to fix what you want them to fix. Go get a hooker if you want someone to pretend to care.

With your mentality, you will not get better. "People like you don't help" because you need to help yourself and stop playing the blame game. Jesus christ.

>> No.9096632 [DELETED] 

"Kids who could be abused themselves shouldn't hear that they aren't alone!"
You're fucking ridiculous. CSA happens, and people who act like it has to stay in the dark are helping to perpetuate it.

>> No.9096651 [DELETED] 

Okay but how much detail was that exactly? You guys keep saying the details were so in-depth and just way too hardcore. All I saw was that she had to call a sexually abusive man "daddy," and that he called her a "sweet little girl" while he abused her. You guys are acting like she said, "he would throw me onto the floor and shove his hard dick in me!" Like WTF yeah, maybe saying stuff like that would be too much, but you guys can SEE she didn't get that detailed. I would say she was vague except for how her story pertained to the hatred of "daddy" and "little girl".

>> No.9096653 [DELETED] 

all the people in this thread going on and on about "omg protect the little minors from mostly vague abuse stories!!!" Sound like the idiots in the eyebrow chan video

>> No.9096688 [DELETED] 

Gratz for the guilt trip I guess? Maybe society doesn't seem to give a shit because we all have problems of our own to deal with. Just like you and survivor-chan don't want to see any disgusting fetish people in your comm, I don't want to see overshared details about abuse and rape.

You seem like the type to bring it up out of the blue to try and force strangers to trust you or win an argument.
>Oh. Wait.

>> No.9096691 [DELETED] 

Someone should write an article about it. People in the fashion should be aware and prevdnting it, yes. Minors should be informed, yes. I'm sure many Lolita groups would link and promote an article like that to give it a boost even. But that is different than just discussing it detail in a fashion group thread. I just turned notices off for the group over that thread since I can't hide the notices from that one thread and they kept popping. FB needs a 'hide notices for this thread' option.

>> No.9096699 [DELETED] 

There is a huge difference between "don't talk about it at all" and "please don't give gory details, have some tact and just say you're a CSA survivor with dd/lg specific triggers is good enough."

You seem like the type to suddenly open up about all this at a friend's wedding reception because "It needs to be heard!"

>> No.9096719 [DELETED] 

>Women are fucked and terrifying: the thread

>> No.9096723 [DELETED] 

>anon is still playing the victim: the thread

>> No.9096741 [DELETED] 

Hi Agnes. So you don't deny that you're an ageplayer now?

>> No.9096742 [DELETED] 

I don't judge people for being abused. Period. It's not their fault it happened to them.
I do judge how they treat others though, and frankly, many are really pushy with their stories in inappropriate contexts. Likely due to having violated boundaries themselves, they don't know how to respect the boundaries of others. Which is something therapy can help. Some evidence exists that re-living and re-telling your abuse story over and over is actually counter-productive to healing from it because it keeps you stuck dwelling in it and contributes to seeing yourself at the same disadvantages as when the abuse was happening. So yes, there are several reasons to point out inappropriate overshare. It benefits no one.

A fashion community discussion is not the place for that detailed of a discussion about personal abuse. It's TMI for most people in general and often actually triggering to other abuse survivors. I'll watch closer next time and missed the TW (unspecified type) so my bad for that but I still maintain that spoilered or not it was too graphic for the topic and the group context.

>> No.9096771 [DELETED] 

This. That story wasn't even remotely fucking detailed. All she said was "i was sexually abused and he would call me his 'sweet little girl' and forced daddy-dom stuff on me". That's not anywhere close to "in-depth" or "gory details". The anons bitching about it being so horribly detailed honestly strike me as the kind of people who think mentioning it at all is "too in-depth". That post was mild as fuck.

>> No.9096789

Can we post more cringe instead of playing the abuse olympics in here?


>> No.9096790 [DELETED] 

Maybe no one will listen to you about it because you're a cunt. Did that ever occur to you?

>> No.9096799 [DELETED] 

So Venus got her channel back and is posting the backlog of videos she recorded while waiting which is all well and good.

Meanwhile, Margo has been making some quality content herself.

>> No.9096806 [DELETED] 

Have you actually read? >>9095997

>He was a "daddy dom" and was always pushing the "little girl" shit on me no matter how uncomfortable I told him it made me feel"

Not a bad start, but if it had ended there, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. This is the level of sharing that is appropriate to the discussion.

>this man would sexually use and abuse me while referring to me as "his sweet little girl"

It starts going pretty far here, this is a pretty gory detail for the time and place. Keep it to group therapy please.

>Forced me to call him "daddy" and nasty shit like this and if I didn't comply I'd get hands or mental abuse

Another gory detail, made worse by the word choice. Things like "comply" and "get hands" adds to the discomfort and general unsafe feeling of the reader.

>and I couldn't go to anyone about it or try to get away from it due to being so trapped.
Again, word choice is what makes it gory.

>I spent years in this mess and have hella ptsd around it.
totally fine to share to the group.

>I was eventually able to cut this man out of my life, but fell into severe depression over it all and could hardly lift my eyes off the ground -if I ever left my home

I sure hope there was nobody who is currently suicidal reading this.

Saying "The woman got stuck in elevator and died." is far less gory than saying "The woman was trapped for over 72 hours in that elevator, clawing and banging at the door endlessly until she became so dehydrated that she began hallucinating and died waiting for help to arrive, but nobody came." This is the same type of case. Lolita is an escape for a lot of people, including S-chan, and she should respect that if she wants her requests respected.

Sorry for the literal autism, but you seem to be too dense to get why a lot of people are mad. I blame all the click bait "Open letters" that are littered across facebook for people not knowing it isn't appropriate to share this to everyone.

>> No.9096809 [DELETED] 

Is this cringe because it's so incredibly boring or am I missing something?

>> No.9096813 [DELETED] 

I am in tears, holy shit why does she think she is relevant in any way?

>> No.9096817 [DELETED] 

and I thought her disgusting shaving on the laundry video was bad.
Is she okay? I can't tell if she's still obsessed and and is trying to ruin Venus, or is she's trying to desperately get her back.

>> No.9096827

This girl dresses well and all but could you really be any more obnoxious?


>> No.9096828 [DELETED] 

Well she's still claiming that Venus is abusing and bullying her and made fake email exchanges between both her and Venus and her and Manaki. So I'd go with still trying to ruin her.

Now regarding her being okay, she's still as crazy and herself as ever. Apparently she has a fiance now.

>> No.9096833 [DELETED] 

Yes, anon I DID read it. To me, it doesn't seem to be written in "gory" detail even remotely. It isn't any worse than what one might run into on the daily news -- or even see in the checkout line in the grocery store on a tabloid magazine.

I'm especially unbothered because survivor-chan put a warning before she started talking about why she has an issue with DD/lg being in Lolita. It could have been a more detailed warning, sure (she could have inserted a few line breaks) To me it just reeks of people being bothered by any mention at all of abuse but then, I might just be desensitized to descriptions of abuse due to my own extensive experience with it and possibly overly sensitive to people trying to shut abuse survivors up.

You're free to think it's gory and overly detailed, but I disagree.

>> No.9096835



>> No.9096839 [DELETED] 

I doubt you actually read any of that post because I am literally spelling out to where the line between important to the discussion and oversharing is. It is not "Don't share it at all" and it never has been. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I am not your therapist, you are not paying me to care. You keep thinking I'll give you a free pass for being an abuse victim like tumblr does when I will not. Plus your therapist is shit if they don't hold you accountable for your actions because "muh abuse."

If you're so unbothered by this, try not commenting. Giving my opinion on something is not inviting you do throw a pity parade in here. Learn some fucking boundaries.

>> No.9096847 [DELETED] 

Can we please just move the fuck on

>> No.9096850 [DELETED] 

Yeah, sorry I got so mad at this shit. I'm just so tired of everyone unloading their shit on society with the expectation that we'll fix it for them.

>a-at least it's already in the cringe thread

>> No.9096856 [DELETED] 

Problem is you dont get to set the line of what people are allowed to share, especially when you dont know what the word gory means and feel unsafe from reading a facebook post.

>> No.9096857 [DELETED] 

Not that anon, but just saying, I think the biggest issue in this argument is the definition of "over-sharing."
Clearly it varies from person to person. I'm not sure what the group's mods' definition of it is.

This is a good place to end the whole thing.

>> No.9096861

What happened to the catwoman cosplayer photos? Did janitor delete them?

>> No.9096865
File: 119 KB, 638x960, pokemonNO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fandom lolita will never be good.

>> No.9096869

I was going to say this would be fine without the random Eevees, but no. This entire coord is a hot mess.

>> No.9096877

>kazoo spraying out Avril Lavigne-esque cartoon skulls

>> No.9096881 [DELETED] 

>implying arguing about what's socially acceptable is fucked and terrifying
>acting like only one sex can be fucked and terrifying
>let's just ignore that many sexual abuse cases are committed by men and they caused a lot of the fuckery ITT to begin with!

>> No.9096889 [DELETED] 

I figured that anon was visiting from another board. The topics discussed in the thread are nothing really new around here.

>> No.9096892 [DELETED] 

And yet most violent crimes are committed by men.

>> No.9096896 [DELETED] 

Considering the responses you got, i feel legit bad for you anon. Empathy should be considered the most important value.

>> No.9096899 [DELETED] 

venus lost her channel ? I haven't kept up since her trip to japan, did shit go down after her vids about bodyline's shadiness where posted or was her mom just being crazy?

>> No.9096927 [DELETED] 

Venus angelicus
Came from my uterus ~

>> No.9096930 [DELETED] 

She married a vaguely creepy fan, who turned out to actually really love and cherish her, and her mom dragged her off to Korea because V and her husband didn't want her to sponge off V's money and live with them. Supposedly she thought the marriage papers didn't go through because they never submitted them to the hungarian embassy and Margo (V's mom) considered the marriage void. A few months down the line, V ran away to Japan to be with her husband while Margo wasn't home. Margo throws a massive fit, slandering V, calling her a cheater with "proofs" (A photo of Margo wearing V's pajamas laying in bed with with another man on New Years Eve) She also called V an animal abuser who killed a hamster and broke a dog's leg. (Aka: V was being abused and couldn't stop screaming which gave a small animal a heart attack when she was a kid) She claimed V was a psychopath and some shit about micromimics(? I think she means microexpressions which is a shady pseudoscience) She kept copyright reporting V's videos which brought the channel down for a week or so the first time, then after it came back up briefly, months on end. She keeps threatening V and insisting V gives her $3000 a month for life if she wants to keep her channel because clearly only Margo owns the rights to it, V is just an actor.

Margo, during this, was stalking V in Japan for a while until a tourist visa, and when it expired tried to get another one and failed. She may have been kicked out for stalking, may have been for the whole shady "tourist visa" country hopping. The current theory is that she's banned for a year. She's lived as a hobo in Korea, Germany, London, Canada, and Japan so far.

This whole time a lot people thought V was the crazy one, but it was all Margo using her social media accounts.

>> No.9096931 [DELETED] 

>violent crimes that are reported


>> No.9096939 [DELETED] 

Double the number of the reported crimes women commit then as a generous estimate to cover the un-reported ones, k? Fair enough?
Men still commit twice as many as that.

>> No.9096943
File: 437 KB, 778x458, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this has 150 more followers than I do

>> No.9096944 [DELETED] 

>Choose to ignore false reports, the majority of which are made by women


>> No.9096946 [DELETED] 

Based on convictions, not reports. Sorry.

>> No.9096951 [DELETED] 

what the fuck?
>A photo of Margo wearing V's pajamas laying in bed with with another man on New Years Eve
lmao this shit is golden, at least venus got away finally
thanks for filling me in anon <3

>> No.9096952 [DELETED] 

>not including all the ones unreported by children/minors

3 people in my family molested by male family members as children, they kept it secret well into adulthood. My grandfather was molested as a boy by an uncle and now has serious problems. Yeah, this is anecdotal, but I hear it all. the. damn. time.
Fuck off back to r9k, thanks.

>> No.9096955 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 400x500, 1442003422665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9096956 [DELETED] 

You sound mad. Let me guess, one girl did you wrong so now all women are liars?

>> No.9096959 [DELETED] 

The Margo thread on the farm is pretty good. I couldn't even get all of what's happened in. There was even a girl in Germany who let Margo crash in her apartment commenting a few weeks ago.

>> No.9096964 [DELETED] 

No, he is right, more women make reports that are considered either false or not prosecutable. It's true.
The fact remains that of the crimes committed based on convictions, not reports, the ratio of women to men is 20/80.

Even if you double the women's rate to account for unreported crimes (which is a big problem, I agree), men are convicted of twice as many as women.
What are statistics and a 5 minute Google search.

>> No.9097097

please some one I need to see ddlg's boyfriend
i need to see this picture
I need the cringe

>> No.9097123

Holy janitor batman, I'm not complaining but seeing more than half a thread disappear is so weird.

>> No.9097124

I'm sorry you only have 35 followers, anon.

>> No.9097145

Thanks. That makes me feel better.

>> No.9097149

Of course she has to be in florida... we have the craziest bitches here I swear

>> No.9097244

Kinda don't blame them. There's a problem when the cringe thread becomes cringe itself.
Weird though, yeah.

>> No.9097322

Get a FB then and quit expecting to be spoon-fed what is easily visible there.
I think the reason people say 'oh caps please, I don't have a FB' is because they are dudes or people who aren't even lolita just feeding off the drama like unfrilly leeches.

>> No.9097328

I think its hot when well dressed female lolitas smoke. You can get smoke smell out of clothes easily. But it is good marketing if you do say that you smoked in the dresses or just do not sell them. Its not the most disgusting habbit so do not let people shame you or tell you its disgusting or not cute. Each to their own. :-)

>> No.9097329

Better addiction then liking and sharing being tied down and from all third parties perspective; abused by your gross abusive sex partner.

>> No.9097345

Anon that can relate here. I get anxious even thinking about the cause of my PTSD and therefore do not even want to hear survival stories where nothing was brought to justice. Everyone deals with things differently but imo if you are truly haunted by it you would rather pretend it did not exist instead of using it as a conversational peice to draw in oos and aas.

>> No.9097346

actually the comments have been deleted in RC or I can't find them. What topic was it under? The girls (last) name isn't on this thread so I can't look her up either.
I just became a member of rufflechat

>> No.9097352

It is in the RC Uncensored group, Rufflechat has more sense than to allow known drama-drawing topics to flourish because it always just blows up, not that both groups don't have their merits. RC U has fewer rules or restrictions so that's where a certain amount of more open discussion hits before coming here for the big free-for-all.

>> No.9097359
File: 28 KB, 400x400, f94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yes I mad

>> No.9097363
File: 388 KB, 907x727, absolutely disgusting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good fucking riddance

>> No.9097441
File: 20 KB, 481x481, FB_IMG_1468217628014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here ya go

>> No.9097447

I fortunately didn't experience that but agree 100%. I had to deal with it at my last job (counseling children) and can't even imagine how fucked up it would be to live through that. I had just normal asshole parents and was pretty fucked up and suicidal for quite a few years

>> No.9097450

Please tell me how to get the smell out if smoke, as I have some burando I bought from a smoker that I keep quarantined when not in use because washing it did not help

>> No.9097456


>Its not the most disgusting habbit so do not let people shame you or tell you its disgusting or not cute

This is some tumblr tier shit. Suddenly we can't be 'shaming' smokers because they're strong people who are oppressed for their choices.

>> No.9097471
File: 140 KB, 379x440, 1460170397339.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"kitten space"

>> No.9097474

Tumblr already does that, but it's because "poor POC/queer people/mentally ill people uwu" can't help being addicted to drugs/cigarettes because they have it so hard and can't afford to buy food.

>> No.9097476

I use a cigarette extender while I am in lolita or cosplay. It actually goes a long way especially when your coord has gloves. In the past I have used a deoderizor spray, usually one that is used to cover room odour rather than people odor, sprayed down the peice of clothing, left it out in the sun to dry. At this point I would cheat and place the item of clothing inside a washing net to keep it separate and together and then let it run a cycle or two in the machine with other clothes, but with delicate lolita I would say handwash a couple of times after that to get the more potent smell out of it. Usually works for me.

>> No.9097477

You can. But it was to the other anon to let her know that it shouldn't get to her. Actually it is more tumblr of you to be that uneducated that you would group smoking automatically with those things without realise that the vast majority of people do not even give a second glance at people who smoke because it just is not thay bad. Ah, pretentious people fuel me!

>> No.9097478

>You can get smoke smell out of clothes easily.
Oh child

>> No.9097502
File: 46 KB, 680x684, 424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are the most public ones the most hideous?

>> No.9097511

Bite me or become a better housewife

>> No.9097519

I never get this. If they are starved and smoking and drinking and probably drugging, y they so fat?
Where's the heroin chic that behavior supposedly causes?
I'm a little disappointed, honestly.

>> No.9097520

" we don't allow pets at meets "

Well. We don't.

>> No.9097527

You can be fat and be a crack addict.
But this is true because mostly 70% of people of tumblr are what real drug users would cackle at and call posers.

>> No.9097537


No, anon, that is exactly why you need to kick the Littles out asap. Their Daddys aren't far behind, they aren't going to get the memo that they're not welcome since you allow the blathering Little to vomit her sex life all over your group chats.

>> No.9097551

Some people should be castrated.

>> No.9097556

Depends on where you live, I guess. Where I'm from smokers get dirty looks when they smoke around other people. I was at a theme park yesterday and this trashy couple threw a shitfit when park employees asked them not to smoke in a crowded queue full of children. They were kicked out.

>> No.9097587

Well yeah good riddance to smokers who are inconsiderate fucks. Down under people tend to be more chilled about that kind of thing. I feel as though as a smoker I am entitled to know both time and place.

>> No.9097590

You've obviously never had something super stinky then. I had to dry clean a dress twice plus did other stuff and the dress still reeked.

>> No.9097592

True. I tend to buy expensive/menthol brand cigarettes. Also my cigartte smoke would be easier to get out bc its usually mixed with other stuff.

>> No.9097658
File: 137 KB, 1026x734, 20160711_095828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9097746
File: 104 KB, 623x473, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.27.25 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wasting money on cigs

>> No.9097761

Yeah, anyone who smokes but gripes about their lack of finances just sounds stupid. Yet lots of poor people smoke. I don't understand it.

>> No.9097770

I want to see this hat

>> No.9097778

There's some documentary on why a lot of starving people in America are fat. It's basically because food deserts or some shit and they have less access to real food. I don't know, I watched it in some sociology class.

If they're doing drugs, I don't know. I was the thinnest when I was in high school and thought doing drugs was cool. Most probably are just sticking to weed and eating all the twinkles they bought.

>> No.9097781

Yeah, shitty food is cheaper, that's why.

It relieves stress, but that is an extremely short-term benefit for all the long-term detriments that smoking brings.

The thing is, most likely you're used to the smell of smoke, so no matter how hard you try, there's still that lingering smell that you can't detect but non-smokers can.

>> No.9097795

Did some guy try and be a "dom" and end up hurting you? Why do you have that terrible strawman of an opinion? Im sorry if anyone hurt you anon those types of relationships are difficult but it can be a wonderful thing if done properly. Maybe with a little info i could help change your opinion a bit. I mean maybe if i gave you some information about it you might change your opinion a bit to a less harsh one.

>> No.9097818

It's not that interesting, it's a beret with a bow. I can try and find the post again if you want

>> No.9097841
File: 272 KB, 800x1594, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was hoping for one of these deals.

>> No.9097853

Smoking can remove/dull appetite for a small period of time as well -- I've known a lot of poor people who will smoke to dull appetite because buying cigarettes is cheaper than buying food.

>> No.9097854
File: 137 KB, 500x411, rufflespersonalbag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anon is right, in a lot of cities there's no grocery stores that can make it because the room is hella expensive, so they move out to the burbs where you'd need a car or super reliable public transportation to get to them. Lots of places don't have public transport, and lots of people don't have cars. So there's a whole bunch of places like 7/11 that pop up to fill the gaps, but they don't have shit like chicken breasts and fresh veggies in them. They've got frozen pizzas and chips, maybe some cereal. Bananas if you're super lucky.

You know how a bag of chips doesn't fill you up at all? A little personal size one of pic related is 160 cals per serving. Sounds like no big deal right? Yeah, there's 2.5 "servings" in every bag because a "serving" is ten chips. the whole small bag is 390 cals.

A double patty hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and thousand island sauce is 354 cals.

So if you snack on just one bag every couple of days, in a week you'll have eaten about 1200 extra calories. In a month that's 4800 cals, and a pound of fat is around 3,436 and 3,752 calories. So that's a pound and a bit every month.

But of course, that's just taking into account a bag of not filling chips, and we're assuming you don't have it every day. Now add on to that the fact that you're eating mostly frozen food pre-made pizzas and soups that are loaded with sodium and corn syrup but are deficient in actual vitamins. Your body sends out signals that it NEEDS some of those vitamins pronto, and so you're hungry again. But there's only frozen pizzas or very expensive take-out food around you, so you buy the frozen pizza again. There's none of those vitamins in that, so your body keeps telling you you're hungry.

Bam, you're gaining weight at a rapid pace, never feeling truly satiated, and as a bonus you're severely malnourished despite being large as a house due to a lack of vitamins and minerals.

>> No.9097856
File: 391 KB, 500x362, evilist.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>that cute embroidered ribbon being sacrificed for that monstrocity

>> No.9097859 [DELETED] 

Nah, found it. Her coord looks decent from what I can see, it's her attitude that's cringy. Also the line about the Halloween costume is referring to her coord

>> No.9097863
File: 1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-11-13-57-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, found it. Her coord looks decent from what I can see, it's her attitude that's cringy. Also the line about the Halloween costume is referring to her coord

>> No.9097869

Looks like she might be wearing a white apron on top of a black OP, not necessarily a bad look but rather maid-like nonetheless, no wonder she was asked if she was wearing a costume. I can understand the attitude though, going out in lolita for the first time can be overwhelming at first. It's not an excuse of course but hopefully she'll grow out of it.

>> No.9097870
File: 196 KB, 482x296, Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.03.57 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9097876

That's just really odd. I'm a Eurofag and in most European cities I've visited you can find decently sized grocery stores close to the city centre, including in London which must have some of the most expensive real estate in Europe. I've even lived in a small as fuck village in Scotland which had its very own very tiny Spar.

>> No.9097900

>"they dare not cross him"

Shit lost, cringe 11/10, sides are in orbit.

>> No.9097903

This seems like one of those 'so generic it's not subject to copyright' things.

>> No.9097908

I disagree, the methods used on the AP and AH rings are so similar and within a niche fashion like this it's really hard to think it might be a coincidence.

>> No.9097910


See you guys have cities that grew up with meat districts and markets, because they're made in a time before refrigerator and any transport faster than a horse where the cities needed that shit to be close.

American cities got bigger as the train, trolley, car, and refrigerators became common place. So there's no historical force behind it keeping taxes low on grocery businesses or preventing grocery stores from being 100% successful when they're farther away. Y'all have self fulfilling loops of "This buisness is already here, so I will support it with my money, so it will be profitable this month". As opposed to "This business just started up, so it has a huge deficit on top of it's day to day operating costs. Many of the people in the inner city run out of money by the end of the month, so for half the month this grocery store will have to rely on rich business people coming downtown and shopping here, as opposed to people living day-to-day. If we price it for the rich business people, all the day-to-day folks can't afford it, and the rich business people won't support us alone because they live in the burbs and drive to work so the grocery stores in the burbs already have their business. But if we price for the day-to-day, we'll run out of customers halfway through the month and the rich business people won't stop in because they can afford to shop at the nicer stores in the burbs."

They've actually tried opening grocery stores in food deserts and they fail, they just can't get a stable clientele when the people who are most in need of them can't afford them at the end of the month. Also, a lot of people most hurt by food deserts don't even have a kitchen, or if they do, they don't have time to cook. So they buy frozen stuff anyways.

It's a weird cycle. Most Americans buy their food in grocery stores because most of us have cars, but a lot of people trapped in the inner city are fucked over.

>> No.9097911


Also, going back to the beginning of the convo and Occams Razor, there's a lot of fat smoking drug using americans that have access to grocery stores but choose to buy the frozen stuff in them anyways for god knows what reason.

>> No.9097916

That's sort of the point here though. Alcohol and cigarettes are marketed to poor people, along with shitty food because it keeps them in the cycle of living a shitty life. Places like Whole Foods and so on are for "rich people" because the products there are just too expensive to be worth it to someone of lesser means. At the same time every fast food place has a dollar menu and every town has a McDonald's.

>> No.9097919

Another eurofag here and even in the smallest towns in our mountains you have a grocery store. It's usually the other way round - you'll rather find these than some fast food place.
Hell, the next takeaway pizza shop is a 30min drive away and they don't even deliver to out village.

>> No.9097933

There's a girl in my comm who claims she washes her clothes so well nobody could possibly smell that she's a smoker, but honestly that bitch REEKS and people lie to her face to keep her from whining about oppresshun. If I could somehow record her rants, including the smell, they would be very relevant ITT.

>> No.9097999

Yeah it's not the hat that people are giving you weird looks for.

>> No.9098119
File: 2.87 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160711-233505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It should be illegal to dress like this to a summer wedding

>> No.9098129


>> No.9098134

Depends on the wedding. My sister's worn her weird goth shit to my other sister's wedding, but she [the bride] was fine with it.

But in most cases, yeah no.

>> No.9098157

where did you get your cig extender? the places ive looked wont ship to canada (or will ship for the low low cost of 38-52 bucks)

>> No.9098172

It's Holy Lantern in Wine though. Keep that shit around Halloween.

>> No.9098175

those posts are like 2 years old how did you even find them in the first place anon?

>> No.9098186

like any issue of this size, it probably has multiple facets including things on an individual level like breaking out of bad learned habits as a child from growing up not knowing better, to bad education system in america not even teaching kids to cook, to neglect, to mental illness and fatigue making it hard to find energy to cook actual food every day and think of new recipes. It really sucks but it's a compound issue, wish there were an easier way to fix all of it. Just moved out of a desert and it was honestly easier and cheaper to eat take out every single night and it was destroying my health (plus it's difficult to sleep no matter how thick your wall are if there are constant protesters and cop cars screaming by)
Now I live one block from a huge affordable grocery store and it's amazing what a difference it makes. Our country is so fucked man.

>> No.9098234


>> No.9098241

bathe the clothes in baking soda overnight. this kills the smell

>> No.9098245

if it won't work you haven't put enough soda in the wather
it doesn't harm sensitive fabrics and is cheap as fuck btw

>> No.9098246

>Be Vic McNyancat
>Try to be nice and accepting to all of my fans
>Come off as a creeper sometimes, but w/ever I get some hot cosplayer tiddy amen
>Doing a signing at some con, can't remember which one
> Signing some pics when she waddles over
> Holyfuck.jpg
> "Can i haz photo?"
> "Uh...yeah! Sure thing!"
> Stand next to her.
> She wraps her arm around me, pulling me in.
> Struggle to wrap my arm around her.
> Can't
> She's too big holy shit
> Suddenly feel my body...moving?
> Whole body starts shifting towards her bussom.
> This lady's tits have got me in a tractor beam.
> Tiddies so huge, they have a gravitational pull. I'm caught in it.
> Spend the rest of my life as a moon on Jupiter.

>> No.9098290
File: 126 KB, 1046x1044, 20160711_205924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9098324

Oh fuck off with the bad typing 'panic attack' bullshit. Nobody has time to go through messages and reply to them when they're having a panic attack, because you're too busy trying to figure out if you're having a heart attack or if you're just going full retard.

It's a normally worded message with no accompanying slurs or anything that could be seen as triggering. I wish idiots like this would just grow the fuck up and stop shitting themselves every time someone corrects them.

>> No.9098341

anon, you'd be surprised at the shit some people can do while having a panic attack. That being said... don't answer messages publicly while you're having one? Like, if it's fucking up your typing wait awhile, go back and re-type it. I send shitty, badly typed messages to close friends/my fiance when I'm having a panic attack, but that's also not fucking posting on tumblr.

>> No.9098367

Why are you even on the internet if youre having a panic attack

>> No.9098375

I find it hard to believe the bride gave her permission to wear this. Even if she was a lolita. How inappropriate.

>> No.9098386


I can totally see someone in the middle of a panic attack feeling like everyone hates them and they need to apologize immediately so nobody hates them anymore so they can calm tf down, but that obviously doesn't work but they're too panicked to think straight.

No clue if that's what this girl is doing or not, can't say if this is legit for sure.

>> No.9098393


I wish people who are just having a flare of anxiety wouldn't confuse it with the all out fits that are actual panic attacks where you can't breathe and your heart is beating like crazy. You're not online, you're probably trying to stop from dying.

>> No.9098402

I just don't get why they all type the same. I can see some typos when you have a flare up of anxiety (happens to me so I get it) but the near keyboard smashing they do is just... Strangely controlled? I mean it's all fake so of course it looks fake, but they're trying to portray a shaky voice through a keyboard. That is not how it works.

>> No.9098409


I don't suffer from anxiety attacks, so I was kinda talking out my ass in the post you replied to. If that's what full medical anxiety attacks are, yeah, there's no way she's having one. But maybe she's just having a bad flare? Idk, can't diagnose shit over the internet with my WebMD doctorate

>> No.9098411


*bad flare of anxiety, not an anxiety attack

Totally agree with >>9098402 as well, her typing does seem super controlled.

>> No.9098415

Trying to distract themselves from it, most likely.

Not for everyone. I've had panic attacks where I can barely breathe, have severe chest pain and thrown up from the intense level of anxiety where I was online up until I was tripping over myself to get to the bathroom. Not "on tumblr replying to anon hate" online, but online browsing through stuff/talking to friends trying to distract myself/get myself to calm down because "you're not dying dumbass, it's just a fucking panic attack. calm the fuck down". Panic attacks don't completely shut down EVERYONE. Just a lot of people. (Admittedly, I'm totally shut down in the first minute or two before I realize what's going on and start the whole "calm down" process)

>> No.9098423

You made some really good points there, anon. I just want to add: a lot of poor people are physically disabled, too -- when you can't physically stand long enough to make healthy food and going to the grocery store is an exercise in surviving torture due to chronic pain... it's nearly impossible to eat well/healthy. I know from experience. I love cooking but I just don't have the energy or ability to do it anymore.

>> No.9098437

I couldn't finish. She's just horribly annoying.

>> No.9098453 [DELETED] 

>embroidered ribbon

It's not embroidered, are you high? It's called grosgrain.

>> No.9098454

...pretty sure anon meant the floral ribbon, not the pink one.

>> No.9098489

lots of people complain about not having access to wholesome food due to the high prices, but it's false. You can have a totally healthy full meal for a cheap price. No one can force you to buy a Big Mac or a bag of chips. You can get a bulk pack for chicken breasts for just a couple bucks- which ends up being cheaper than ordering fast food. Makes me salty, man

>> No.9098495

The problem isn't pricing though, it's the fact for a lot of people, getting to a grocery store that sells healthy options could mean very long commutes that aren't feasible to do on a regular basis. Sure you can get a bulk pack of chicken breasts for cheap, but you're probably not going to if you have to be on a bus for two hours just to get to the nearest supermarket.

>> No.9098499


Not that poster, but I went through almost the exact same thing, and feel the same way about egl fashion. I'm glad to know that other girls in the fashion know how I feel without having to talk about. I agree though her starting post was a bit much.

>> No.9098525

To me it sounded more like "I have other hobbies as well and they don't all fit lolita." To some people this actually is something new, to most lolitas this is common. But simply saying what's been said so many times already is not cringe.

Well, many lolitas type kinda weird like "Hey frillies, hello lovelys" etc. I think it's kinda cute and I think 'befrillled' is a nice new lolita-slang word.

>> No.9098587
File: 25 KB, 400x589, 1459732249872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he has 3 daughters

>> No.9098590

hahaha holy shit, he looks like he really likes limp bizkit and ICP

>> No.9098626
File: 32 KB, 564x347, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"btw I'm having a panic attack"
Aka "please don't yell at me ;___;"

God she's a faker and then some. When I'm having anxiety and panic disorder issues I'm usually not about to publically make myself look like a retard for sympathy points.

>> No.9098643

I spilled my milk on myself laughing at this. Trying to read tumblr panic attack text is great.

>> No.9098651

I had a temporary condition where I couldn't stand long at all so I bought myself a 1 burner electric unit and sat at a table to make 1 skillet or 1 pot meals and also sat down to make salad + protein meals. It made all the difference and I was able to eat cheaper and healthier. .

>> No.9098663

He would probably take this statement as a compliment.

>> No.9098668

That does sound pretty useful, thanks. Now I just need to figure out a way to fucking get dishes done (and still be able to cook afterwards) with a broken dishwasher and a repairman who keeps ghosting me :/

>> No.9098679

>Ahh someone made me look stupid and now I'm embarrassed
>I'll claim I'm having a panic attack to make THEM look like the bad guy here

I type garbled vomit all the damn time because I pound the keys like a madwoman. But at least I have the decency to go back and correct my mistakes so that a human can fucking read it.
Just admit you made a mistake and started preaching about something you know jack shit about and move on with your life. Literally no one fucking cares about your special snowflake bullshit feelings.

>> No.9098680


Handwash in the sink?

>> No.9098683

Same way, sit at the table, wash in one dishpan, rinse in the second. I did my cooking that way and my dishes this way for over a year. Fuck if I was going to give in on how I wanted to eat and live just because I couldn't stand over about 20 minutes. It made me mad but also determined, if that makes sense?

>> No.9098691

amazing, anon

>> No.9098692

This is fantastic cringe that sums up a lot of the problems I have with tumblrina types. 10/10 find

>> No.9098711

I have shitty j knees and at one point couldn't stand still for more than 10 minutes or my legs would go numb. I got really good at cleaning as I cooked and like the other anon, only did one pot meals. If you soak and rinse the pot directly after cooking it makes the cleanup after eating 1000x times easier.

>> No.9098739

It sounded pretentiously worded and affected to me, I don't object to the word befrilled by itself.
Plus the whole idea of 'I'm such a fascinating juxtaposition, here let me tell you why' thing and using the word 'loli'. Notice she also did not ask about anyone else's hobbies or opinions to actually make it an inclusive discussion topic, just a short intro sentence that led into talking about herself.

>> No.9098741

This is true. I hope all of us can learn to love ourselves despite the circumstances and work to make things better! Being fat brings a lot of bad health stuff but it isn't the end of the world, nor is it a finality.

>> No.9098747

My mum had a stroke and it took her ages to get strong enough leg muscles to walk a long way or stand for a long time. She used to chop veg (on a board with spikes to hold the veg still) and do the washing up while sitting on a high stool. It had arms because her balance wasn't great yet, but if your balance is ok, you might be able to use a normal stool designed for breakfast bars to sit at the kitchen counter and sink. You have to sit sideways though so it's no good if your condition makes twisting at the waist painful.

>> No.9098748

You're gonna get banned for this. Fun /cgl/ related content is always bannable.

>> No.9098753



>> No.9098756

>Ruining someone else's wedding so you can be an attention whore

God, this makes me rage. Way to upstage the bride you fucking flake.

>> No.9098821

I'm not watching that but the title and preview thumbnail is making me cringe

>> No.9098827

Why is it that anime manga and the like tends to breed these types of people? Western media is no less deprived, yet it doesn't produce these weird assholes. I swear to god, there is something about anime that gives kids a warped perception about sex/love/society ect. It's just sort of depressing that this is what kids are doing with their time now. Sorry for being a moralfag, I'll shut up now.

>> No.9098830

>bottle phone
Age player confirmed. Why are these "I'm so kinky hehe~" types always fat and ugly? It's like they know that no man would stick around unless they degrade themselves for him.

>> No.9098831

She acts like "respect" is something your entitled to rather than something you have to fucking earn.
You can't just go around being a disgusting, creepy piece of shit and expect everyone to like you and treat you well.

>> No.9098841
File: 240 KB, 1076x1072, 1421942236710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wouldn't you be pissed off too if you looked like this?

>> No.9098844

>because anything a woman does is to attract a man

>> No.9098846

>ugly and desperate
>degrade yourself to attract men

No, we all know why you're doing it.

>> No.9098852

I'm not her, saltmine. But here's your (you).

>> No.9098853
File: 1.30 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-12-08-06-31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just nailed the main problem with liberal/choice feminism (as opposed to radical/second wave feminism)

>> No.9098856

I think she's just high or day-drinking and has her sweater on inside out.

>> No.9098857

Radical feminism is so much better then the fucking liberal feminism that most lolitas cling to. It pisses me off to no end how a fashion that stands out by not being sexually provocative got invaded by these cunts. There are SO MANY other fashions they can be a part of if they want something sexy. Fucking attention whores.

>> No.9098859

I think you're referring to "sex positive" feminism, which is neither sex positive nor feminism.

>> No.9098874

LAte to the party, I get how this would be annoying to people but she just comes off as an overly-enthusiastic 12-year-old weeaboo. I know she's too old for that shit, but still... it's nice to see people still get enthusiastic about stuff like that. I don't know, maybe I'm just nostalgic for my own happier don't-give-a-fuck HS days.

>> No.9098916

It's more worrisome that people who DO belong there rose to even respond so much. Every little I have had the misfortune to encounter was an attention-whore who really enjoyed stirring up shitstorms and then happily sitting smack in the middle.

>> No.9099181

shit like this is why god doesnt talk to us

>> No.9099439

Kill me.

>> No.9099517

why is this content.

>> No.9099533

Now that's what we call Typerventilating.

>> No.9099549
File: 35 KB, 600x456, 175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9099556
File: 54 KB, 132x174, asdfdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9099570

this dude looks like he wants to die

>> No.9099604

But haven't you heard guys? "The more inclusive term now is "cgl" for caregiver and little since little is genderless."

I shit you not this is real life. Also had to explain to the person I was told this information by why sissies inserting their fetish in lolita meets is inappropriate.

>> No.9099608

>collars are ita
Top kek hero

>> No.9099632

that physically hurt me

>> No.9099785
File: 136 KB, 528x960, honestly stop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know this guy. went to high school with him and he does a ton of snapchats of him mouthing along to anime songs

>> No.9099957

Honestly I agree with them. Doms are shit, especially "daddies"

>> No.9099969

Anons, I have some incredible news for you.

>> No.9099973

The answer to your question is in the definition of "addiction".

>> No.9100047

Either you are shit, boring or have no idea how to use tags.

>> No.9100052

You can avoid addiction by not smoking in the first place.

>> No.9100158

I just post a variety of stuff that bounces from cosplay to pets and in between so it's hard to keep followers.

>> No.9100182

It's way too much. If she was actually 12 it miiiight be ok.

>> No.9100196

But you'd think if they were poor and lacking necessities or even other things they really wanted, they would break the expensive cigarette addiction. Lots of people quit smoking.

>> No.9101106

People are different and get out of harmful situations differently (or not at all), anon. You can say "well lots quit smoking why can't everyone", but a lot of people just can't bring the discipline to quit, or to keep up having quit. Plus some situations can push them right back into it. Cigarettes are one of the few legal drugs out there, afterall.
I don't want to blogpost here, but speaking from experience growing up poor I've seen the differences in how people deal first-hand.

tl;dr some people find fulfulling the need for the nicotine more important than actual needs, like good food; and it's not a matter of "just do it", that's kind of the hard part of an addiction

>> No.9101284

To be honest though, what is justified as appropriate self harm? People get asspats from cutting themselves, drinking and going out exessively, staying up for days or even wasting their lives and risking their lives for unauthroized thrill seeking. And even those people can turn their nose up at smoking and scoff like; "So and sos an idiot for smoking, who would want to kill themselves slowly rather than just quit?"

>> No.9101328

This is dependent on location and what an indiviuals food budget looks like. A pack of chicken breasts can cost up to $15 in my area, whereas you can get a meal from the fast food place for $3. The cheapest is like $5 for a small package of chicken breast which is like 2 pieces. Thats a major difference and most people will opt for the quicker less expensive food option especially if they do not have the time to cook or can't "simply save" to afford healtier options.

In my area there are about 6 fast food resturaunts to 1 grocery store. That one store often has food that is so close to the expiration date that in order to not have it go bad you would have to shop daily or every other day just for what you need. I have bought produce that is bad right out the package/ under the skin. If you cant drive over to the other grocery store, which has better, fresher food but is a little more expensive, you are kinda screwed on options. Its either fast food or go to the store daily which most people cant do because of work and other obligations.

>> No.9101421

She's not wrong about seeing kink shit when looking for cute shit being obnoxious.

>> No.9101603
File: 438 KB, 844x1280, datphotoshop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck did the photographer photoshop the pants off of her?
And if she did the shop job herself... lady, why?

>> No.9102188

I hate to break it to you but she didnt wear pants with that costume...and thats not the only cosplay she's done with her ass hanging out.

>> No.9102189
File: 235 KB, 2048x1365, 13528408_1156173567737715_6210751313968738694_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dropped pic showing the same outfit but a different photog.

>> No.9103731

Oh my god my ex does this garbled "panic attack" text on tumblr and it's so fucking annoying. I thought it was just their particular brand of cancer but I guess other tumblr-inas do this too.

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