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Now that it's over. Can we talk about tea party and subsequent pop-up shop events?

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I wanted to hear about this since I did not go.
why no posts?

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The Paris store will be permanent

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That's good to know.

I may go to France in a few months and want to know if there will be any con or event, or maybe stores to visit while I'm there

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Well if we don't know when you're going, we really can't help.

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From October to May next year.

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There's Paris Manga in November but it's usually pretty terrible. I think Epitanime (another con, much smaller) is in May.

The Btssb store avenue Ladru Rollin is a must-visit, and there's Princesse Crêpe in the Marais which is a crêpe shop with, I think, a Lolita owner/manager? Anyway there's always a girl or two wearing sweet coords whenever I pass the shop by to get a burger in the same street.

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Thank you anon.
Is there something on the south too? I'm not gonna be in Paris that often so I may be able to visit other places too.

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Pretty ridiculous that they have a Paris store even though it's obviously not profitable. It must just be the prestige of a Japanese brand to have a shop in Paris, like Angelic Pretty Paris must sound so sophisticated to them. And they don't even have a physical shop anymore in China either, which is their biggest overseas customers.

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Yeah but there's no glory catering to the nouveau riche, and it's not like the Chinese lolitas won't shop online, so there isn't really that much benefit.

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Oh, lots of cons in the south too!
JE Sud (February 19-21) in Marseille, Toulous Game Show (November 26-27), Mang'azur in Toulon usually mid-april are the three ones I can think of.

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It's a nice alternative for all european Lolitas to avoid customs. Sadly prices are too steep. I'd get 40€ - 50€ on top but it's 70€ - 80€ on top of the original price. Shipping and SS fees are cheaper.

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Also Axes Femme but one of the shopkeeper is such a little bitch (that one with that long facebook name), i've heard bitch about some lolita's private life so many times like some old lady with her friends, when really, she's far from innocent.

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Seems fun! So many things to do! Thanks anon!
I hope my job is not gonna kill the hell out of me so I can enjoy all this.

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OMG! Your country is fucked up anons. Is it safe to go to cons in France? I'm kind of afraid now.

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yeah it's safe

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