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Share your feels. Happy, sad, whatever! Be sure to keep them cgl related.

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>mfw baby actually gave into shitty Chinese lolitas whining about muh rassism

I feel like a part of me died

so baby ignores where they come from?

a pity they'd rather suck Chinese lolitas cocks than run an honorable business

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I'm minorly ticked off that a Baby staffperson says "Americans don't have a good eye for cute things" and other shit, meanwhile Chinese girls get vaguely insulted and Baby drops everything to cater to them.

I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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I mean, Americans don't have an eye for cute things, at least not the "kawaii" aesthetic. Everything that is an attempt on cute is tacky as fuck.

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it's hilarious because the staff member said that chinese have hot tempers and immediately the chinese girl starts complaining and bitching and throwing a tantrum

whoever sent the email was right

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Hey, good news! That obese-chan I mentioned in the last thread (the one who had a <3 attack at 28) went into rehab for food addiction.

I'm so glad she's going to clean herself up. Nice kid.

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Recently I've started to enjoy hanging out with my cosplay partner & best friend of 6 years less and less. She's just become so negative and jaded, and all she seems to do when we're together is complain? Any advice I ever give is ignored, and she never does anything to solve her family problems, such as communicating her feelings to them. Plus, she gets so pissed off over little things- she once told me she hated her roommate because she put the toilet paper on the holder the wrong way and would leave her dishes in the sink for short period of time. I mean, she's just becoming somewhat intolerable at times and I'm finding myself increasingly annoyed with her negativity in my life.

On the other hand, she's the only person who ever wants to cosplay from the same series with me as we share a lot of the same fandoms. I honestly can't wait until I find a significant other who will do cute couple cosplays with me, I need a change of pace.

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If you need a change of pace then just roll with it. Other Cosplay partners will come along eventually. You should probably just tell her she's being annoying and see what comes of it. If she drops you, wasn't worth it, if she apologizes there's hope. Complaining is one thing, everyone needs to vent a bit, but if it's constant it might eventually rub off on to you.

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>Hey anon let's all dress up in X!
>arrive in X
>U-uh we didn't bring cosplay


Not to mention everyone was like "LOL let's spend the time in the hotel room!"

If you won't cosplay OR go to the con WHAT IS THE POINT
>anon we just want the dance

This makes me so mad

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Tfw when a skirt you haven't been able to wear for over a year fits and is on the larger side even.

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I hate summer

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>10 days left to work on cosplay
>some setbacks but very slowly starting to get there


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Western cute is often more tacky and aimed at children only.

Feels: wake from a nightmare. I always get them when I browse and post snark here even though I just occasionally make a mean comment. I don't think I'm a true gull sometimes.

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My kids just went to their first out-of-state con without me.

So scared! Hope they're alright.

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>Go on the suggestion thread not expecting anyone to listen to me
>"Good idea, I'll cosplay as them soon"
>They are top tier qts
I'll finally see my husbandos cosplayed nicely

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I'm happy to hear that, people really underestimate food being an addiction, and it's the best way to treat it like any other addiction.

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>tfw buying an expensive drill press to finish this fucking cosplay on top of the hundreds of dollars I've already spent

>tfw it won't even be all that good when finished

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>Be into lolita for 4 years
>too far away from meetups but go to cons with friends
>eventually try complain
>love it
>slowly stop doing lolita at cons, only cosplay

and recently
>small con
>don't have any Sunday plans
>I'll just wear lolita again, I miss it
>feel weird the whole time despite cute coord
>nobody talks to me like people do when I'm in costume
>get weird looks from other lolita
>feels way less fun than cosplay now

I'm moving to a big city soon, so I might try meets, but honestly I don't like talking about the fashion that much. I feel so out of place. I used to love this, and now all my brand feels like a waste of money and space.

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*cosplay not complain

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>really want to try menhera
>no money
>whatever, will make own menhera stuff
>looks like shit

It was worth a shot, I guess.

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you're probably right anon. After all, nothing is gonna change if I don't say anything. I just don't like the idea of possibly regretting it if I end up losing a close friend who has been, for all intents and purposes, very good to me. Maybe I'll work on just trying to guide her towards a more positive attitude on some things or seeing her in smaller bursts so it doesn't get so exhausting to be around her.

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i can't wait until the day i can have that satisfaction too anon. I've recently lost ten pounds and I'm still going strong!

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Last year I got too fat for all my shorts so I spent all winter and spring working out and eating better. Now they're all too huge to wear.
They were cute shorts too.

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>Have a hopeless crush on one of the members of my cosfam
>It's been six years
>Know that my feelings won't be returned
>Can never tell her how I feel

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I feel so fat. I wanna lose weight but I have asthma and bone structure problems.
What kind of workouts can I do?

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Drinking bleach would probably help.

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That's a great start! It took 9-10 kg for me before there was a noticeable difference but the feeling was totally worth it.

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oh thats harsh.

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which cosplay anon?

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i have asthma too and still do normal workout
that's not an excuse, there's medication for this, dont be lazy

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>friend's normie gf wants to get into cosplay
>she gets excited telling me about it because I'm the only serious cosplayer in our con group
>she picks shimakaze without knowing anything about kantai collection
>says she's gonna be that character in "maid version" on a different day
>she shows me the maid outfit
>it's basically fetish wear

Her idea of being creative is making me cringe. Shimakaze is already pretty revealing. Just... why.....

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maybe cosplay = fetishy costume's to her?

"yes, finally, i can dress up in revealing outfits and its normal and respected" which, actually sounds pretty fun.

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I swim! Swimming is easier on my breathing for whatever reason and swimming is a great exercise for people with joint issues and the like.

I swim laps for an hour every other day and remember to have my inhaler nearby. Exercise gets easier on you the more you stick to it.

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>tfw no bf(f) to crossplay with
>tfw no friends to speak of
>99% of guys intimidate me and the ones at cons are 'no homo' straight
>prefer having girls as friends but they have their defenses up and switched to paranoid mode at cons because creepy neckbeards so I'm always scared to talk to them
>Ask online and get flooded by neckbeard chasers and masculine /fit/ dudebros wanting to 'fuck a trap/femboy'
>Want kawaii male friend who likes anime and isn't a normalfag, just some companionship for cons who will cross/cosplay with me and enjoys dank memes

Even if I don't deserve that I just want friendship, just friends to go to conventions with like everyone else has. No dating, no hook-ups, just the purest of the pure.

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I know how that feels

worst part is that I'm not in the US, so that brings on even more issues

>anime community feels distant as fuck
>there are a few cons, but they are held at the most inconvenient times for me

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Before working out, get on a good diet.

Don't end up like me.

>tfw diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome at age 22
>basically stuck with a rather strict diet for the rest of my life

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I'm not in the US either, it seems like there's always someone to fit a niche over there, here there just isn't the same range of people.

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Workouts won't do nearly as much for you as dieting will. Working out is rather used to build muscle or improve organs. Once you've gotten used to a good diet (read the /fit/ sticky if you need help) you can start doing "beginner workouts" (also on the /fit/ sticky) if you so choose. The only reason people get fat is because they take in more energy than they can burn. Eating less calories=losing weight. Medical issues shouldn't impair you that much, all you have to do is take medical precautions if you are going to try to powerlift or something.

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>post in last thread right after shit interview about how I did shit
>get called back for irl interview the next day
>don't fuck this up
>3 hours later
>"we want to offer you this job at $1/hr more than you were expecting!"

Super excited. It's a part time minimum wage, but there's room to grow in the company and it's been on the Fortune top 10 companies to work for for almost 20 years, a good number of those years being number one. Plus, finally going back to school in the fall so this works out really well! Super pumped to put my 2 weeks in at my current shit job.

Also, shout out to the anon that told me to ace my interview and live for me, I'm fucking doing it.

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Low-impact walking, or cycling/ellipticals would be good for you.

>> No.9104362

I mean, walking is kind of the "safe", catch-all exercise, isn't it? You'll have to do it a little bit longer to burn more calories, but a lot of people use it as a low-impact cardio. Also, ellipticals are easier on the joints, so if you have a local gym try it out!

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My family says they can see a difference from the 10 lbs already, but I think they're just being nice

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Well, they're allowed to have anime clubs in some schools there. I know because I lived there for some years.

In the murrican high school I went to, the anime club was called the "Japanese Culture Club"

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Yeah, I can't imagine there'd be the interest here.

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its okay anon, you have the internet! (and if you have 400 dollars, a plane ticket)

>> No.9104408


It costs a lot more than that to get a flight to the US I'm afraid. Even so, I just want con friends - even if 90% of the time I speak to them is on steam or something between events.

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how on earth did america not fuck up the travel by place cost? I wouldn't be surprised if we were over paying.

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I'm guessing you don't live in Tokyo but I will still be your online friend

>> No.9104442


That's very kind of you. I don't live in Tokyo but I've been and may move there in the next couple of years.

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I used to have a cosplay gf to talk with on lonely nights like this.

Now she's gone.

I just wish I could go back and make things right.

No one will ever love me again.

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My cat's medical bills keep getting higher. The poor guy is a year old and keeps getting kidney/urinary tract infections. He's on his third in the last two months. The vet is trying different approaches because this shouldn't keep happening (he is otherwise healthy, no diseases or anything).

Anyway, I'm worried about him and it looks like I'll have to sell off a bunch of my lolita main pieces to cover all of the bills (special foods, medicines, tests). I love lolita but I love my cat more.

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>turn on Pokemon Go after midnight
>see a lure lit nearby

Dear god, a rape-trap just blocks from my home!

The biggest reason I don't get a pet is the fear of huge medical bills.

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Fuck you, don't make me cry too

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>at a con
>see two cosplayers that I follow
>one looks exactly like she does online
>the other looks completely different/cosplay is kinda mediocre and crappy in person

It's so crazy to me how you can clearly tell who, puts in the most time and effort within five minutes of interacting with them. (I'll let you guess who has more followers)

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Recently, I've made a large Taobao order and I've gotten the majority of my family involved in the order. I've bought my disabled niece a cute dress and some (30) hairclips to wear during therapy, that my mom chose out. My dad also wanted to get a shirt for himself.

It makes me really happy that for once, I'm not seen as the black sheep in the family and I'm helping my family get some things too.

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I hope your cat recovers soon, anon!

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that's the circle of j-fash anon, don't worry about it. I've made absolute trash because I was poor too

go on walks with maybe very light jogging (I don't know how heavy your asthma is, maybe you could go jogging if you use inhaler/other medicine first?), maybe try gentle body weight fitness or light strength training (but very carefully - maybe consult a doctor regarding exactly what kind of exercise you can do without breaking everything)

no, actually, you don't know what kind of asthma OP has so you can't know how exactly they react to exertion

that's so sweet! I've ordered ali trash together with a relative before and it was really fun

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what were they cosplaying?

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>upcomin con
>have money set aside for con already
>decide to make some extra cash by finally posting some dresses, blouses etc for sale that I've meant to get rid off for a while
>browse the internet

>see a doll for sale I've wanted for quite a while and that I've missed out a couple of times now
>no budget though because I promised myself I won't buy new stuff before the con
>promise myself to buy the doll from the extra cash I make with my sales

>mfw in over two weeks I only sold a blouse, not enough money for the doll
>yesterday suddenly sell two dresses and a blouse as well as some accesoires
>more than enough to buy the doll
>mfw the doll auction was ended literally one hour before I sold my items

Pic related.
I missed out ordering it first because I set money aside for the con, and now I missed out the auction as well. I messaged the seller if the doll is still available but so far, no answer and I think it's been sold. A-at least I have money now, right?

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Get another cat. Don't sell your dresses. The poor animal might die anyways.

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>been growing hair out for a year
>shit tangles if you look at it wrong, can't decide if it wants to be wavy or straight
>super frizzy and super fine, feels all gross and damaged
>not enough volume to do any cute j-fash styles/updos
>torn between trying to fix it and just chopping it all off

why can't I just have normal hair gdit

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Honestly, if you're nearing 30 and don't have a job, reliable transportation, or a savings you're fucked. Even with 2/3 you're never going to be a responsible adult at this point. You probably don't even realize the way you're operating is bad and you've only sabotaged your adult life up until this point.
I feel like I'm moving way ahead of some of my friends at this point and I didn't think it would be a huge issue but a couple of them just let me down really hard with how irresponsible they are recently.
I like these friends and we share a lot of the same interests and hobbies but I can't rely on them worth shit. Every time we're offline it's like:
>Let's get food! Ok now that we're here I can't order anything because I don't have money so I'm going to stand here and make you feel bad until you buy me something.
>Let's hang out! OK last minute I don't have my car available to me so instead can you come to me?
>Let's do this cosplay together! OK now that you've bought everything for your half of duo, I actually didn't buy anything for my half and the con is in 3 weeks so I don't think there's a point in me cosplaying at all anymore. You can't still wear your part if you want.
I always feel like I'm the mom in the group and like they hang out with me expecting me to take care of them. Like they plan a trip but I need to figure out directions, figure out how much money they need, eventually bail them out when they fuck something up (no transportation, no money, they forgot a phone charger so I have to let them waste my whole emergency battery, basically pack their bags for them because they can't get out of the fucking hotel-which is under my name-at checkout on their own). It's really stressful and I just can't deal with it anymore. It's not reasonable to expect this from your friends.

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One was cosplaying Noiz from DMMD and the other was part of a Punk! Sailor Moon group

>> No.9105244

Get better friends, anon. Me and most of my friends are under 25, and many are still students with a low budget. Still, they have more of their shit together than the friends you described.

If at alsmost thirty they haven't improved, there's little to no hope left. Go get some mature, reasonable friends and cut these people out of your life.

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>been plagued with mosquitoes the entire summer

I can't wait for the inevitable bite in the middle of my face during the con.

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I have worked so hard to build up a cohesive wardrobe so I could go to meets and I've only gone to one so far. I have a horrible time trying to relate to people and planned on going to a meet today but cancelled because I was having so much anxiety about going that I started having nightmares where I was being asked to leave when I showed up and things like that.

There is a huge comm where I live and everyone seems really nice but I'm almost positive I don't have anything in common with these people besides lolita. And not only that but they all seem pretty normie outside of their one weird hobby?

I don't play Pokemon, I don't watch anime or any popular tv shows... I really don't have anything to talk about and I just feel like an outsider in every single situation I put myself into, even lolita.

I also go to therapy but it hasn't seemed to do much as I have a hard time controlling my breathing during panic attacks and it takes a long time for me to calm down from one still even though I've done 2 years of therapy now. Even with breathing exercises, I am still upset for the rest of the day and can't function like a normal human being.

And I never feel like a person anymore. I would say I'm dead inside if I wasn't crying my eyes out all the time.
I hate feeling this way and I have tried everything other than medication but I'm scared if I start taking meds, I'll go back to self harming, and then I'll lose everything I have...

>> No.9105284

Eh, it sounds like she needs to get it put down which can be quite a bit of money. She's gonna end up selling dresses either way. Especially if she just up and gets a new cat.

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I guess that's inevitable. It sucks though. I think I can just start by no longer letting them guilt me into stuff and when they make a big deal out of it I can walk away. I'm just worried it'll turn into an issue where everything is my fault for being mad rather than their fault for being shitty.
At least I have a couple people who have their shit together and are cool.

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Eh, depends on your shape and starting weight and stuff. I have a pretty wide inverted triangle shape which makes it hard to notice smaller fluctuations in weight, someone with another shape might notice a difference earlier.

>> No.9105296

I feel your pain, anon. I often see intricate braided hairstyles, that I would love to try. But I don't even entertain the idea, because my hair is incredibly thin. I can't even put my hair into a braid– let alone several!

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wtf this is so cute

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Me and my SO can't afford to go to conventions with just the two of us, so I have to go with my shitty group of friends that hate her so much, they don't even let her stay in our room, so she can't go to the con.
I'm debating on quitting cosplay and jfash just to be able to go to conventions and be able to stay with her in our own hotel and just relax around and get away from my toxic group of friends. I've seen similar stories in these threads and how people are much happier once they quit, so I think I will.

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>Tfw shitty home life
>Cost of living is too high to move out on my own
>Don't have any friends or anyone I know to move out with
>Working a tiring job at still living at home at 20
>At least I can spend all my money on my hobbies (cons and cosplay)
>It still isn't enough to fill the void

>> No.9105384

lmao my friends aren't that bad, but me and one other girl are definitely the "con moms" when it comes to trips. We usually plan hotels and transportation, as well as various other important decisions. At least I have another friend to look at with exasperation from time to time

>> No.9105385

exactly the same scenario here anon

recently ive been so busy that i havent been able to craft a single thing, and to fill the cosplay void in my heart ive been buying my costumes and it feels so wrong. I know my friends are judging me for reverting to basic bitch but I just don't have the time that they do right now

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Hey, uh, if your 2 years of therapy haven't helped to improve anything, try a different therapist. And make sure they practice CBT, since it's statistically the "best" option for anxiety. Everyone is different and every therapist is different. Even if your therapist isn't bad, per se, most people need to do some shopping around before they find a therapist who is really great for them.

That being said, maybe you should try meds? If your therapist is supportive of the idea, of course. I have a lot of friends that say they've really helped. I'm not a medical professional, so take all this advice with a grain of salt. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it helps you improve your anxiety!

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>tfw your sister is moving back in with her two kids in about a month
>tfw you might have to give up cosplaying for awhile because you have to help your mom because of the added expense
>tfw cons and cosplaying are pretty much the only fun things you get to do
>tfw considering getting a second job on top of school both to save up to move quicker and to help out more
>tfw stressed beyond belief but trying to put on a good face
>tfw dreading the start of 2017

>> No.9105455

I feel exposing the most minor interest in something weeby has my normie friends breathing down my neck on social media. If I go to cons or buy anime merchandise then that's my business. I'm not shoving it down anyone's throat by posting that stuff on my Instagram or snapchat, but I still get pm's like "cringe LOL"... Meanwhile being a nerd is cool if you're into the PokemonGo fad.

I have shitty friends, but what else is new.

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I lost 2 pounds already from just casually playing pokemon go

>It's like my DDR-middle school days all over again

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>> No.9105502

>broke up with father of my child recently (I know, I post about it a lot, sorry)
>starting to really get into the idea of bringing my child to con, he'll be a toddler
>going to do a casual and comfy momma/son cosplay with him
>not going to spend the night, won't stay too long so baby doesn't get overwhelmed
>problem is, my ex will be there, and I will probably witness him being piss-drunk and hitting on young congoers
>hoping I can still have fun

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My son had a seizure today and now I may not be able to take him to the con. He was looking forward to it so much.

Getting him a scan in the morning so we can see what's causing the seizures.

>> No.9105506

>count dresses for wardrobe thread
>have almost twice as many as I thought I did

Someone needs to stop me

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Dude quit your friends.

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> saw someone walking around in what I think was their interpretation of "SpongeBob lolita"
> mfw

It look absolutely horrendous. She was wearing a mustard yellow skirt with a black ribbon on the back, faux laced up knee high socks, black Converse sneakers, and a tuxedo shirt. I really I could have taken a picture of it to show how horrible it was, but I was at work at the time.

>> No.9105560

I've gone through a few therapists already, I go through a school cause it's cheap.
I don't think I can do meds.

I think I mostly have anxiety because of my upbringing which I am finally getting into with my current therapist. The one I had before that helped me get over my self harm, which is why I really don't want to go on meds cause I bet I'd lose all control then. I'm already pretty out of control.

>> No.9105575

i don't know where you're getting this idea that meds will somehow make you lose control but it's most likely very incorrect. it's true that most meds for mental health shit have a potential to increase suicidal thoughts/behaviors, but it's a very slim chance, and if it does it's generally easy to catch it and fix the problem before it goes south, as long as you're keeping a careful eye on things. i'll say it did happen to me once and it was scary as hell, but now that i've found meds that actually work for me my life has improved exponentially. everything's worth a try, and if it doesn't work, you can always stop taking them. besides, most anti-anxiety meds are prns so you only take them if you feel like you need it, unlike most meds that are every day. i'm just saying you shouldn't be so quick to write it off

to keep things on topic, my own feels:
>recently had a bunch of large necessary expenses out of the blue
>working very few hours right now so not making a lot of income
>now completely broke and struggling with it bc i just want to make cosplays and buy video games but i have no money rip
>probably gonna sell some of my old cosplay stuff i never use anymore but nervous about it bc i don't know how to ship things

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There's a lolita I really like, but she's aromantic and possibly gay.

Also, I was cooking naked because I have the house to myself and I accidentally knocked a shaker over with my penis; It rolled under the damn fridge. Fuck.

>> No.9105739
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>tfw youve developed a crush on another girl in your comm
just fuck me up

>> No.9105742
File: 128 KB, 531x800, OMG_3118_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>develope serious tendonitis in my dominant hand
>constant pain
>has been going for three weeks without much improvement

>can't really move or use the arm an any way
>can't go to work for the whole month, maybe longer
>no work, no money so really tight budget
>have free time bc exams are alomst over and no work, but can't really use free time because all my hobbies involve using my dominant hand
>can't draw, can't paint, can't do crafting, can't even play vidya bc I can only use one hand
>no money, nothing to do, no more motivation left
>don't even want to dress up because I can barely apply make up or do a nice hairstyle, and I feel like crap in general

>mfw doctor told me it might need weeks or months until it's healed

I feel so demotivated, I have so much time I can't use, I'll lose an entire month's salary and maybe even more, work is pissed because I am sick, parents think I'm a lazy piece of shit and don't take the tendonitis serious (despite my family having a history of chronic diseases like these)...
The only things that bring me any enjoyment are watching old sitcoms and animu, and playing Pokemon go because this game requires only one hand to play.
I just wanna use my arm again ;_;

>> No.9105745

Went to a friends birthday party, fancy dress theme was musicals.
No time or money so I decided to pull a costume together out of my wardrobe for Mary Poppins.
I go for black full skirt I wear with Goth looks, high neck blouse I thrifted for classic lolita, black jacket from my workwear, plus brooch at the neck, straw boater (also brought for lolita), one of my parasols and a giant ugly bag I got given at a boot sale for carrying books home in that was on the 'to donate' pile. Put my hair up by pining braids to the nape of my neck.
Overall = vaguely Mary Poppins but nothing screen accurate. I was just happy people recognized who I was meant to be!

Lovely party but I had to leave early, saying my goodbyes 'oh don't go, you are nominated for one of the costume prizes- most stage ready!'

Two feels
1. I don't even cosplay but visiting this board makes me feel guilty about an inaccurate costume getting praised, especially by people who've seen the musical in question heaps of times.
2. My normal clothes have got to the point of being passably Edwardian with so little effort that I'm kind of proud.

>> No.9105787

Update: Everything's fine, but he'll be taking painkillers for about a month. (He hurt his spine during the seizure.)

He can go to the con!

>> No.9105863

>Big into cosplay craftsmanship but never enter masquerades
>Decide to enter a big contest. Current project is looking awesome, so why not
>Look at list of cosplay guests
>One is a local cosplay with a notoriously bad attitude
>Has been known to cut down contestants in contests she's judging, especially if she herself has made the outfit before
>Know from twitter posts that she intends on making my costume one day
>Worried now that she'll go out of her way to nitpick everything and just generally ruin the experience

>> No.9105869

>post my coord on COF
>happy with the amount of likes I get even though I don't get as much as other people
>scroll down the page and notice that shit coords get the same/more likes as me
>feeling pissed off because I really liked my coord

What am I doing wrong? Should this annoy me as much as it does? No ones offered concrit. :(

>> No.9105905

>have been playing Pokemon Go since the day it came out
>work full time so play a few hours a night
>have to drive a town over just to get to a pokestop and walk about 7 miles a day to catch anything
>just got to level 17 yesterday
>Friend in city downloads game on Saturday
>Is already level 12. Shows me pictures of 2 pokestops every block
>Hell, he can even spin one from his bedroom, let alone just drop a lure.

The more I play this game the quicker I am losing interest in it because it's so unfair. People who live in cities seem to get more spawns and Pokestops up the wazoo, and if you live in a more rural area, you're fucked. It's no fun when what takes you two weeks of walking about 7 miles a day to achieve, is done within 3 days by simply going to the Natural History Muesem or something. I wish they'd give city placers a handicap, like Pokestop cool downs are 20 minutes or something.

>> No.9105906
File: 50 KB, 500x388, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>boyfriend has expressed interest in doing his first cosplay
>super excited, is collecting all his references
>keeps asking me for my opinion on his ideas
>he's so excited

i'm so happy omg.

>> No.9105908

Good stuff, parent-anon. Hope he has lots of fun!

>> No.9105911

Don't worry anon, they're adding more Pokestops to rural areas!
I know your feeling though but at least some weird Ingress player tagged a water tower down the road about a mile from me so I have something to work up to. All I can suggest is maybe going to your friend's house to hang out for a few hours and play together? There you can stock up on eggs to hatch when you get home.

>> No.9105923

>procrastinating work
>try to waste time on /cgl/ but it's mostly dead at this time of day
>oh god I don't want to work please I need some dramu to entertain me
>end up browsing celebrity gossip websites
what am I doing with my life

One time I was bitten on my eyelid and people asked me if I was half-Asian all weekend. I'm pretty sure a few of them were serious. Felt very kawaii.

>> No.9105931

Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you're taking care of your kid unlike some deadbeat parents I know.

>> No.9105936

Iktf, I live in a country where it's sunny until about 3AM and I get off from work at 8. By the time I get to play the servers are packed full and I can't log in because it's not hot outside anymore so everyone goes out to play Pokemon Go.
I'm lvl 4, I can only ever get it to work in the morning when everyone's at work.

>> No.9105939
File: 54 KB, 500x375, overall enthusiasm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I knew this feel too, it was awesome.

Then crunch time comes upon us, and I realize he's done jack shit for 3 months except buy some materials. I offer to "help" which means now I am putting together a rushed cosplay in like 2 weeks, on top of finishing my own. He can't sew, he can't cut, he can't glue, he can't do ANYTHING without me sitting down and taking the time to show him. And then when I leave it in his hands, it takes him forever and it's still all fucking janky. He has zero artistic or creative-thinking / problem-solving ability but HUGE overreaching plans and ideas. So nothing ever comes to fruition unless I do it for him.

I love him, but it's annoying.

>> No.9105941

I live in a city but am still very low level because the damn game still crashes on my half the time. The map won't respond, the thing will crash while I'm trying to catch something, or the pokestops won't work, and then the game won't re-open for me until I try an hour or two later. I want to play but it really kills my interest when odds are I'm going to get pissed off at it in fifteen minutes.

>> No.9106008

>I don't know where you got that idea from
Its because I watched my mom fall apart taking them.
And my friends later on in life.

>> No.9106024

>tfw trying to sell an AP dress
>tfw it goes on summer sale for 50% off
>tfw you will never be able to sell your dress for its original worth now

Fuck you AP I needed this money for life.

>> No.9106073
File: 169 KB, 302x360, kSsu2rT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't know what you're talking about but yes, kilo. 50 of only the finest kilograms make up the total mass of my body.

>> No.9106109

pokemon go is traaaaaaaash and I don't understand why anyone plays it

if you're actually concerned about your coord you could either find a selfpost thread when one goes up here, or make a coord help thread, or you could try the google+ group if you want a really small audience

you are not your mother or your friends, the exact effect of any sort of mental health medication varies hugely between people. you'll never know unless you try, and on top of that there are so many different types that it's practically impossible all of them will be horrible. I understand if you odn't want to try them and you don't have to make excuses for that, but the reasons you've given are really weak.

take it down and put it up again after the sale, maybe?

>> No.9106228

I am bit out of LaceMarket's situation right now. Learnt irvhas virus infected and shut down (??) and now I'm losing my sleep over it because recently bought dreamm dress of mine from seller if LM. I paid, all good, seller writes that shipped it. Next day LM gone. Everything is fine if dress arrives. If not.. stress!

>> No.9106237

what? no you walnut, LM is fine, hellolace shut down and got bought by someone who made it into a screamer/'this site is HACKED xdxdddxd' site

>> No.9106261

Why did you have a boner while cooking?

>> No.9106268

I also live in a rural area but I'm kind of fine with it because the game gives my friends and I a solid and cheap reason to go to one of the nearby cities to hang out and walk around.

>> No.9106287
File: 176 KB, 577x547, 1468604540987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>There I was, cooking naked because I have such a great physique and a huge penis. Then suddenly, I accidentally swung my huge penis around and my huge penis knocked over a shaker. What a calamity! If only I didn't have this huge penis it wouldn't have bounced off my huge penis and rolled under the fridge. Goddamn it. Now I have to post about it in the feels thread and unfortunately mention my huge penis and how it pertains to this occurrence.

>> No.9106295

I really like lasagna.

Ha! I wish.

>> No.9106301


>> No.9106306

>tfw my chest binder came in
>works just well enough to get me into some of my less forgiving dresses
>kinda still boob loafing it but not as bad
>feels pretty good I guess

Everything sucks when you have a big bust but your waist fits fine.

>> No.9106314

>pokemon go is traaaaaaaash and I don't understand why anyone plays it

>hating fun

Also the game is at version 0.3 or something, give it some time to have their servers stabilize and then they'll add the rest.

>> No.9106356

I was going to quit lolita because of cyberstalking.
>When to the last meet-up
>Saw other people who were thinking the same thing, but were on hiatus, like me
>We end up talking about how we all feel the same, and just want to chill.
>Giving lolita a second chance since we are all happy together.
>Now we're all saying goodbye to CGL, lolcow, etc. or the parts of it that are cruel.

Thanks for teaching me coording, cgl! I just feel that to be happy, I need to leave you. May everyone else rediscover lolita joy if you're missing it!

>> No.9106416

I mean how come no one has an answer other than take meds though?
I hate this fucking "jus take meds" murrica has

>> No.9106436

Because meds generally work. That's literally it. Meds work a majority of the time for people, maybe not on the first try but after a few trials you start figuring out the right dosage and everything. Speaking from personal experience here.

>> No.9106439

Are you guys me? I've just resorted to wigs everyday. Even when not in the fashions.

>> No.9106457

Pokestops and such are based on locations added by players in Ingress. You can make stops out of churches, public art pieces and such. Have a little statue or fountain in your town? Have a church? Have a bench with a plaque on it? Submit it via Ingress. When it's accepted and pokemon rolls out an update, you'll have a local stop.

>> No.9106525 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 500x400, pepetko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ty. I'm relieved.

He's been in and out of sleep all day today and yesterday, but the doctor said to let him rest up so he can heal.

>> No.9106533
File: 774 KB, 276x220, animatedazn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ty. I'm relieved.

He's been in and out of sleep all day today and yesterday, but the doctor said to let him rest up so he can heal.

>> No.9106554

Most good therapists/psychiatrists will recommend the combination of therapy and drugs, mostly for the reason that the majority of research shows that the combination of the two gives the most effective results. Like, there's years of research showing they work for a good amount of people.

Mental health is still a relatively young field, though, and its so diverse from person to person and culture to culture that there isn't really a catch-all cure for any mental disorder. The best we have is, "Well, multiple clinical studies have shown this works for a small majority of people, so....". You have to keep trying until you find what fits you.

If meds fit you and make you functional so you can work towards recovery, why wouldn't you take them?

>> No.9106556

More to the point how the fuck did his penis jump up to counter height

>> No.9106609

>friend killed herself last week
>I ended five year relationship, ex still talks to me and is confident we'll get back together
>been stress eating, gained five pounds despite exercising more
>struggling not to stress eat now
>trying to lose 10-15 lbs by winter con
>will be in catsuit
>would normally turn to friend for comfort, but the friend I always turned to is the one that killed herself

Hold me, /cgl/.

>> No.9106623

>tfw my son has pneumonia

There is literally nothing worse than seeing a loved one suffer.

>> No.9106630

Hey anon, been there. My best friend of 15 years (we knew each other since kindergarten) killed herself almost 3 years ago now. I'm so sorry you, her family, and everyone who loved her is going through this. No one should ever have to. It can feel impossible to get through, but time really is the best healer.

If you want, go ahead and talk about her with me. I remember venting a lot on the internet when my friend passed. If you don't want, since I am just a stranger on the internet, I hope you're talking with your family, mutual friends, and other trusted people so you can stay sane after such a life-changing shock.

>> No.9106655

>would normally turn to friend for comfort, but the friend I always turned to is the one that killed herself

Oh, this is too real. I used to confide everything in my little sister. Now that she's gone, I don't know what to do.

>> No.9106668
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, coalguys-k-on-movie-720p-d09fc86b-mkv_snapshot_00-21-18_2012-08-12_18-16-52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope your cat gets well soon, anon!

That's really horrible, anon. It's great that you're trying to exercise and not stress eat, but it sounds like this is a really, really harsh time for you, so try to be as kind to yourself as possible. Remember, the con's not tomorrow. You have time.

Own feels:
>Doing an idol group cosplay for an upcoming con
>Not cosplaying my best girl or anything but super excited because I love idols and will cosplay them with other girls my age for the first time
>One girl posts that she just did a costest of her girl, posts a picture in our fb group
>Mentions that she won't be using a wig
>Everyone else is using one, so I try to gently suggest that maybe we'd all look more cohesive if everyone wore a wig
>She agrues that she's been in groups before and everything looked "just fine" without a wig
>Another girl also comments, saying that no wig will looks great
>Feel like a bitch for bringing it up but also don't want to coddle someone into thinking using their real hair is just as fine as using a wig

I just wanted to be cute idols with other girls, but... not like this...

>> No.9106676

>put hours of work and sweat into cosplaying a hs character
>my cosplay turns out pretty good, im a decent looking person
>some generically attractive black girl puts on glasses and wears an outfit that very vaguely resembles the character

there's nothing i hate more than generically attractive people wearing shitty/slutty cosplay and getting told theyre perfect when people who put actual work into their shit get ignored

>> No.9106731

Thank you. She was just a really sweet, warm person. I don't have any bad memories of her. We used to take naps together between classes. She was the sort of person that would cuddle you exactly when you needed it. When some really rough things happened to me, she was the one that was there for me.

Her death was just so sudden. I had known she was upset, but we had drifted apart because she had moved. I had no idea how devastated she really was until she was gone. I wish I had made more of an effort with her after she moved away. Maybe I could've been the one who had comforted her, if only she had reached out for help.

I can genuinely say I loved her, and love is something I feel for very few friends. I still can't believe she's really gone.

I'm sorry about your sister. I can't even imagine how much it hurts to lose a sibling. I hope you're hanging in there as best you can.

Yeah, I'm just worried that if I put it off for too long, I won't be able to lose enough.

>> No.9106748

I know that feeling, but if the con is in the winter, I'd say you have a good amount of time. I'm not saying to quit dieting or exercising at all, since that can also be a great tool for getting things off your mind and working out your feelings, but if you're already under a high amount of stress, you shouldn't push yourself too hard. The weight will come off all in good time; just try to be kind to yourself and wait until you're feeling more yourself before adding on the stressor of trying to lose weight.

>> No.9106755

Part 1:

>don't have a lot of cosplay/anime/anything friends
>recently start selling cosplay stuff I've made
>friend pops up "let me commission you, anon!" and acts really sweet and friendly
>initially excited, but then anxiety rears its nasty head
>I've just been making items I like and selling them, not really taking commissions
>worry about motivation and commitment to completing their project
>worry about ordering fabric, doing custom details, making them happy
>friend has been really distant for a long time and hasn't really talked to me in months
>start to feel like I'm the only one invested in their costume because they take forever to respond to anything even though they're openly posting and talking to others online
>I feel like I have paragraphs upon paragraphs talking about details of their items
>also make a detailed reference sheet for fabric suggestions and other materials
>Responses are "That's fine." "Okay" "I don't really care."
>doesn't seem to give a crap about any of it
>then why the fuck are you trying to commission me?

>> No.9106758

Part 2:

>give them a deeply discounted quote for fabric only.
>quote does not include anything like labor or overhead
>also offer to reduce the price by using some of my own fabric
>going to put time into detailing everything meticulously by hand, putting in a ton of effort for nothing, losing a lot of money
>wonder why am I even bothering with this?
>"Okay, anon, I have money to put down a deposit."
>think about all the money and time I'm gonna lose/waste on someone who doesn't seem to care

I panicked and backed out but I'm still really upset by their attitude. I know I'm the one setting myself up to be used but is it really that shitty to expect some gratitude? I probably would have gone through with their commission if they had given me a thank you for the discount or made a point of recognizing that I was trying to be generous.

They also picked something they knew I was interested in making long before this and now I'm wondering if they chose it because they thought I'd do it for free because "friendship."

>two hours later they post they’re broke on social media

Then how were you going to afford the deposit?

>> No.9106760


>Friend had cancer for 4 years
>Doesn't seem upset, but admits to me she's just acting tough so her family doesn't get mega sad
>Go to cons when I have time off school
>Lots of fun
>Health declines
>Her boyfriend tells me she isn't doing well
>Go out of town with my family for half of month in the summer
>Get a call telling me she took her own life to avoid the agony of drawing out the inevitable

This was two years ago, and i've since finished school. I know what it's like.

I just feel useless about the whole thing, and it still bugs me. Her bf had it worse, and he basically exiled himself from the outside world for almost a month. He still comes to cons with us sometimes, and we're still good friends.

>> No.9106762
File: 122 KB, 400x264, sad honk of defeat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to love playing Love Live SIF but after the huge JP patch I feel like the game is just too bloated and even with the game chucking Love Gems at me I suddenly feel less excited and more overwhelmed by the huge amount of cards, new songs and skill diversity. I don't hate the Aquors either they're fine.

tldr; LLSIF used to be really fun for me and now meh.

>> No.9106766

That's what you get for having shit taste in idols dawg.

>> No.9106775
File: 996 KB, 496x279, tumblr_n43ktwTtKL1rs88hwo4_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, anon. Do your best to hold on to those memories and celebrate the time you were fortunate enough to spend together. It will give you something to smile about once the emptiness and pain have (mostly) passed. With how many people there are in the world, it's amazing when you cross paths with someone who becomes so special to you. She sounds like she was an absolute joy to be with.

You did your best given the information you had. Sometimes there aren't any real warning signs, sometimes you can't do anything. Depression and other mental disorders are just as deadly and senseless as other diseases.

>> No.9106781
File: 131 KB, 720x540, sailor_moon_s_episode_96_rei_is_embarassed_by_her_all_girl_review_picture_album.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>middle school crush liked a tagged photo of my most recent cosplay
>haven't seen him in 9 years
>he's still a babe
>and i'm a giant nerd dressed like an anime
oh boy.

>> No.9106906

Me three. I want to try to break the cycle but I'm not sure where to start...

>> No.9106920

Recently I noticed the toxicity of a old friend, who long story short was giving me some negativity in my life (like shit talking me and those I know behind our backs for one). But we gradually went our separate ways since they were pursuing different things cosplay and life wise, so I took this as a chance to just distance myself and just not be part of that anymore. When we do come across each other it's a simple hi and some small talk, and neither of us put more effort into furthering it which was fine with me.

Well recently we met again and I was talking to someone when they came over to our group. I was caught up in the conversation so I just waved hi and smiled before resuming my talk and said bye when they left. They were chatting with others in the group anyways.

A little after my friend told me they threw a public fit that I don't pay them any attention and how things changed since we last were together (which was probably 2 years ago mind you) and basically going on how I treated them like crap.

They've caused me more harm then I have them. I never mentioned anything about them, I just silently went my way while they they went theirs. And now here they are complaining that I'M the one being the terrible person. I shouldn't be upset over this but I am, and mostly mad that I'm feeling this way since this is exactly what I've been avoiding.

>> No.9106959

>tfw you're still not over old con relationship drama and you don't think you're gonna get over it without therapy and you're really mad at yourself for not being able to deal with it without therapy

>> No.9107030

The one time I ever encourage people to make a gofundme is to help with animal medical bills. Tumblr (and to a lesser extent FB) loves stuff like that, and this is how my friend was able to pay for some emergency vet bills when her cat broke her leg. You probably won't get a ton but a few hundred dollars can't hurt.

>> No.9107039
File: 18 KB, 267x200, giggle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cosplay dramaqueen friends me on facebook. They pop up here occasionally but pretty rarely.
>Sure why not
>Their page is a constant waterfall of bitching and bullshit. Often shits on the cosplay community as a whole, usually when someone else is getting more attention. One time even mentions me in their whining, possibly without even remembering I was on their friends list.
>Never fail to help bring the juciest locked stuff to CGL
>Dramaqueen throws a huge shitfit every time this happens and makes a big show of "thinning out" her facebook friends to get rid of the mole
>Misses me every single time

>> No.9107042

If you really mean IBS and not IBD, you can eat whatever you want. You just need to find a source of probiotics that works for you. I make my own kefir, and now I can eat ice cream, and chocolate, and greasy foods without a problem.

>> No.9107045

Count calories. Eat less. That's all. You have no excuses. I've just lost 30lbs in 13 weeks after years of being an overweight piece of shit complaining about "muh can't lose weight, muh genetics". Calories in, calories out is the only secret. Also don't think of it as dieting but rather as a lifestyle change. And stop soda, even diet soda, that shit makes you crave sugar. And yes, count calories for drinks too, but try to avoid anything else than water, sugarless tea or sugarless coffee (especially alcohol).

>> No.9107048

My grandma helped me make most of my coords, and now she's MAYBE hours from death. Damn it.

>> No.9107093

Don't mind me asking but what was your SW and how much calories you were eating?

>> No.9107119

My starting weight was 150lbs and I am 5'2.4" so i had an bmi of 27.
I used one of those TDEE calculators (TDEE= amount of calories needed daily to maintain your weight)
(I used this one if you are interested : http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html?) And it gave me 1700 kcal/day. So as /fit/ advices to cut/add 500 kcal to your tdee to lose/gain weight I ate around 1200kcal/day for a few weeks in the beginning, and after one month or so I calculated again my TDEE and then ate 1100kcal/day, etc. When we count calories we tend to understimate them though so try to add the calories of the butter/oil you use when cooking or if you're not sure what amount could be what you're eating, either try to weight your food as much as possible or to exagerate the amount. Drink a lot of water whenever possible, especially before meals, so you'll feel filled way more easily and won't eat as much. Try to not serve yourself more than once unless the portion you had was small and that's a low-calories dish, try to not drink your calories (only drink water, tea, etc whenever possible), to not snack (or snack on a banana or other fruits), and to eat really slowly. I know that's a lot but just counting calories, even with snacks and all, should already do wonders. You can do cardio whenever you're motivated to do it as it'll make you burn a bit of calories, but try to stick to 500 under your tdee and to not reward yourself with food after exercise. (try to calculate your tdee as if you're completely unactive)

>> No.9107123

If you go to some fast food try to input your calories in your calorie tracker before ordering, it'll make you order less when realizing how fucking caloric it is.

>> No.9107140
File: 683 KB, 480x270, lmao.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all this talk about dieting and counting calories
>when you can eat all the food you want and not gain weight

>> No.9107147

That's because you are not eating above your TDEE. It doesn't make you special.

>> No.9107148

or you know, bulimia works too

>> No.9107173

Like anon said, you aren't eating above your TDEE. Just because you throw it up doesn't make you a ~special case~.

>> No.9107190

Enjoy your throat cancer

>> No.9107204

Do you actually finish your food or just eat half? I'd be more impressed if youre the former

>> No.9107205

Former anon. I'm blessed with a great metabolism.

>> No.9107209

This will change when you get older. Better start shifting bad habits now

>> No.9107211

>searching for puppy breeders
>barely any responses
>on a time crunch
>want to say fuck it and get tattoo with that money instead

I know that I have to be patient but we are planning a move in a year and I keep thinking if we don't get a puppy by Spring then might as well wait till after I finish to school

>2 weeks into tracking calories agaib
>lost 5 lbs despite shark week
>I know I can finish what I started

All I want is kawaii Liz Lisa and otome dresses at work. I will do what I can to finish this

>> No.9107214


>> No.9107216
File: 23 KB, 261x277, IMG_20160719_124734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Start an instagram
>Start gaining followers and feeling good about myself
>Go through long periods of time without gaining followers while other people continue to surpass me in numbers
>'What am I doing wrong?' - This train of thought brings out my depression like a dog to fuckin beggin strips
>Sit in metaphorical corner and cry and feel inferior over a stupid meaningless number of people who actively get my content shoved in their faces
I wish I could stop being so retarded about this. I know it means nothing but it still makes me upset

>> No.9107222
File: 78 KB, 412x351, sad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw there aren't any cute cosplayers in my country (Mexico)

>> No.9107225

honestly if you're so petty that this makes you upset you deserve it

>> No.9107239

Terrible things happen in life and you're complaining about not being efamous. Okay.

>> No.9107242

>what is different tastes
I just find nothing enjoyable about it, if I want to walk around like a walnut looking for things I'll go geocaching not catch virtual pixels

I'm who you replied to - not american but an eurofag, and I've seen it on both myself and others first hand. the difference between unmedicated and working meds is absolute night and day
I definitely believe that meds have to be supplemented with therapy though, just handing someone a box of pills and sending them off on their way is an incredibly bad idea

man fuck off, depression is irrational as fuck
I spent several hours today crying and sulking because I died in don't starve together while my boyfriend survived out of sheer luck, and I felt it was unfair
now I'm completely chill and ok

>first time ordering from taobao
>three items, hype as fuck, everything is kinda cheap, maybe my order'll come to below 100€!
>ask SS for quote
>91€, without intl shipping added in
looks like I'm eating it and praying that shipping won't be very stiff

>> No.9107245

No, you're not. You're either diseased or you're eating below your TDEE. That is all.

>> No.9107246

You cried because you didn't beat a a me and your boyfriend did?

I'd feel terrible if you went through actual hardships, anon.

>> No.9107250

Someone sounds upset that they have to count their calories. I'll cry for you over my BLT, anon.

>> No.9107253

Shelter puppies not good enough for you?

>> No.9107259

I'm just sick of people spreading misinformation about weight loss. It's shit like this that makes obese people think "oh, it's muh metabolism, muh genetics, skinny people are just lucky, bluh bluh bluh". You make people feel like the world is unfair and they can't change when in reality the only thing you're doing differently is eating below your TDEE

>> No.9107260

Honestly, why not wait until you finish school? Puppies are a lot of work, it'll be a lot easier if you don't have to divide your attention too much. I know they're super cute, and it's easy to get impatient, but both you and the puppy will do better if you have a lot of time to devote to his training and exercise.

>> No.9107266

Correction then. I'll cry for the obese people that think the world is unfair over my BLT and fries.

>> No.9107275

>'depression is irrational as fuck'
>trying to make me feel bad about showing that depression is irrational as fuck

sorry buddy, it's not working

>> No.9107309

Using therapy to work through things is nothing to be mad at yourself for, anon! Everybody needs a little help sometimes.

>> No.9107327

it doesn't sound like you're depressed so much as you're constantly on your period

>> No.9107340

Is crying for no reason related to depression? Due to the stress of my exams (which are now over) and of lots of other things I'm like really emotionnally instable and cry even when watching advertising videos with puppies or whatever. I never had done that before. And to keep that on topic I cry when I win or lose an auction for a dress or even when thinking about lolita sometimes. I cry all the time. Please help.

>> No.9107348

If it's very recent, it could be lasting stress from your exams. Depending how old you are, it might be hormonal as well.

Depression isn't strictly crying a lot, that's more so stress getting to you and overwhelming you. It's a very deep set feeling of being exhausted and miserable- but if you're just constantly crying, it might be worth seeing a therapist. You might just need to vent and get all the stress out do your system- people usually don't realise that's what they need until they're in a situation where they can open up. A good therapist will create that sort of environment for you!

>> No.9107363

Thank you anon. I'll try to do that.

>> No.9107364

Some pissed off feels
> move to new town
> few weeks prior, talk to place I'm trying to work for
> Job requires licensing, when I contacted then they told me no one with a license had has been applying and I was the first one for a long time
>have phone interview, goes awesome, tell me how much I would be making and who I would be working with
> move and go meet them in person, they take copies of my license and IDs, say I need to come back in to fill out some paperwork for a background check
> come back next day, different dude there
>"uh yeah you'll have to come back tomorrow the manager isn't here"
> get an email from said manager 15 minutes later
>"yeah we're still talking to a lot of other people about the position but if we decide to hire you well let you know but x place is hiring"
> are you fucking kidding me
> you told me no one had been applying, and if they did they didn't have a license
> took copies of my IDs and told me what days I would be working and how much you would be paying me??
Thanks for leading me on you fucking piece of shit.
Gets better:
> apply for x place
>"oh yeah just keep checking back we really need people : D"
> check back every once on awhile, same answer for about 2 weeks
>"oh yeah my friend finally got her license so we hired her : D"
> said this to my face
> find out this stupid bitch waited 6+ weeks for her dumb friend to get a license, something that only takes a day to get
I fucking hate this shithole of a town already. Had to cancel my future con plans and everything to afford the rent

>> No.9107437

yeah anon maybe you're right, maybe it's all because I'm on birth control which makes my periods shorter which means not all of my period rage gets out in the time of my period!!! thank you anon you're truly a genius
jesus fucking christ I'm on medication and in therapy you can stop now

it can be but I'd first look at your stress situation and then your hormonal situation, just as >>9107348 said.
depression for a lot of people is more of a black hole, a lack of emotion, energy and/or will to live, usually, but those feelings along with self image issues and self doubt (which also come in the package quite often) can definitely cause a lot of crying. you could definitely consider seeing a therapist (psychologist), it can't hurt. school ones are often a decent place to start but I don't know how that'd work in the summer (I've only been to private specialists)

pretty sure that second one is legit suable as unfair preference or some shit, but I understand if you just can't be fucked to bother with it. it's a super shitty situation, I'm also looking for a job that needs licencing but I also don't have the licence, and I've been fucking ignored for months now by the people in charge of licencing

>> No.9107453

sounds like it's not working at all if you are this much of a raging bitch desu

>> No.9107457

and I thought I had issues with no sense of humour

>> No.9107458

if that's your idea of a joke you're right, you have no sense of humor. I'm saying from all your posts you sound like you have a really gross attitude problem

>cry over not being efamous
>complain to 4chan expecting people to be sympathetic
>throw a bitch fit when they aren't

sounds like you're more Borderline than anything else, or you suffer from Massive Cunt Syndrome

>> No.9107459

See, it's my boyfriend and I who are doing this and he works from home for now so he would be able to devote all his time until we move. I set up a deadline to find one but I don't see it happening

Thanks but I'm after a specific breed. If I wanted any puppy then I would have rescued one but since I've waited a decade for this, I'm getting what I've been wanting

>> No.9107473

maybe shift your focus instead? Rather than depending on your follower count and likes, just focus on how you feel after you post something. You shouldn't define your self-worth by those things since they are meaningless anyway

>> No.9107474

I'm so tired. So tired of this bitch I used to be friends with talking shit about me to people and people actually eating that shit up. I try so hard not to talk shit, to be nice to everyone cause I hate conflict and I genuinely like 99% of people I meet, but I'm afraid this bitch is going to make everyone hate me. It's even making me consider leaving the cosplay community, and I love cosplaying, and I love the social part of cosplay... I just want her to leave me alone... Plus I have anxiety and this is definitely not helping.

>> No.9107490

Just ignore it

>> No.9107507

How does the community been treating you? It's one thing to have them back you up and another thing for them to back her up.

>> No.9107512


Try Idolmaster: Starlight Stage, if you're into [email protected] Might rekindle your love for Idol phone games.

>> No.9107519

I swear, you guys need to step up your transference game. People actively spreading shit are the easiest to deflect... all you have to do is go to the people that she's manipulating and act all concerned. "I'm worried bitch doesn't like me.." is a thing you can say. She's already shown them that she's untrustworthy by spreading shit about you, so you just need to reinforce your trustworthiness. Also general opening up to people, talking about being worried about giving a bad impression, and surrendering at the first sign of conflict. Don't be defensive, be reflective. Beat her at her own game. Also, who the hell cares. If they side with her over dumb shit, they aren't worth keeping around.

>> No.9107523


>> No.9107549

I'm not the OP you fucking cunt nugget, I didn't say anything about my instagram and neither did I complain about my awful and terrible life, I showed a fucking example of how depression can fuck people up at completely random points in time for no real reason
the fact that you're still going on about this is really quite sad, maybe consider some breathing exercises

what breed? I kinda know the feel, back in the day when my family was picking out a dog we had our heart set on a jack russell but in the end we went for a pretty rare random breed because there was a 'discount puppy' (had all breed qualifications but was missing teeth so couldn't go to shows). he's our baby now (turned 7 in the spring) and considering how lazy the family is, it's probably a good idea we didn't get a russell

>> No.9107581

if you aren't the OP why are you being such a whiny little bitch?

>> No.9107635

A Corgi. Adopting one is hard because the two corgi rescues are three states over in either direction from us. I'm hoping to hear back from a breeder so we can visit them Saturday or go to an AKC show to meet some of them. Worst case, I don't mind waiting another two years but it would be nice to take advantage of the down time right now

>> No.9107644

oh shit I 100% support you in this, corgis are adorable little fucks, definitely up there in my list of cute dogs
now for some reason I have a massive urge to go and visit my cousin and his two labs - they're wonderful and super active, love attention and I've gotten to sleep in the same bed with them once (which was simultaneously good and awful, since they're so big and heavy but it was one of the coolest/cutest things I've done, sleeping in a dog pile)
dogs are great, even though I also adore cats (but will probably never have one because of allergies)

>> No.9107680

>single for about a week
>been hit on blatantly by four guys, more subtly by a handful of others
>some of it is ridiculous; guy pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted a boyfriend, and a manager in a store asked me out and gave me a massive discout
>I'm not hot, but suddenly everyone's up in my business

It's flattering, but it has to stop before the convention. The last thing I need is a bunch of socially awkward men following me around the con. It's happened before, but I never expected it would be a possibility again, because I passed my peak a few years ago and my body's been going downhill.

>> No.9107742

Be my gf

>> No.9107766
File: 55 KB, 210x210, ryukodisgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to convince gf to cosplay Kill la Kill with me
>"Next time, I promise!"
>a few years pass
>we end up going our separate ways
>she gets a new guy
>mfw they're going to cosplay Kill la Kill in a few months

>> No.9107833
File: 18 KB, 363x334, b0e8c440-752b-4de1-ba45-528a7a0db771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>order cosplay a month ago
>nothing updates on shipping information
>sends email asking where it is
>"oh it got lost in the mail, remaking and sending it back out!"
>con is in less than a month

>> No.9107862
File: 471 KB, 700x650, asuka17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>metrocon in 2 days
>mfw i completely forgot it was even going on at all
>i have to work
at least i have more time to work on my cosplays

unrelated to cgl feels:
>be in good relationship for 2 years now
>a lot of problems start showing up after a year + a half he's not really interested in fixing them at all, i'm really depressed over it
>everything suddenly going good and i assume the problems have kinda gone away
>he's started lying and ignoring my existence again
>he won't discuss anything with me or show a shred of honesty about his feelings or even the reasons hes been vanishing from conversations for weeks, even simple stuff he normally wouldnt do like lying about his phone being broken when hes clearly still texting other people etc etc
>dont want to break up with him because i like him and he's the only person i really talk to anymore
>this is a cycle and has happened every two months this year

>> No.9107864

whoops, that spoiler... didn't even come close to working. sorry 'bout that

>> No.9107869


>> No.9107880

Every time my friend coughs, he shits his pants. Some kind of virus. The con is this fucking weekend, and I'm afraid he'll poo. Damn it.

>> No.9107882

he's lying, he doesn't have a virus. he just had a massive penis in him that wrecked his anus and he's still recovering.

>> No.9107904

Dude are you me lol
After military bootcamp, I became a slobbering baby, and anything and everything makes me cry
>especially cat rescue videos

>> No.9107907

I had no idea.

>> No.9107915

I been a sleep for two days what the fuck is happening.

My cosplay will never fucking finished

>> No.9107918

I'm in the "crash and burn" portion of my PMDD cycle and I'm really really tempted by doing some retail therapy. I found Dolly Cat in lavender on buyee for like $170 and I would totally justify the purchase as "this makes me feel better about not having cats" but I actually feel like the price is low enough that it might be sketch? If it shows up at my door and it turns out to be a replica of some kind I'd probably be pretty fucked up.

feels bad man

>> No.9107934

Multiple feels, not necessarily all related:

I paid off all my student loans last week! So theoretically I have more money to spend, right? Yet somehow I have less in my bank account and more on my credit card than I budgeted for (I have a lot of free time at work), and I can't tell where it went? I need to sit down and go through everything line by line, because this is baffling. Doesn't help that earlier this month I had fraudulent charges on my card and had to get a new one issued.

I've had my office job for 4 months now, and I've gained like 10 pounds already from sitting in a cube all day and not running up and down 2 flights of stairs all the time like I was doing in my retail job before this. I have cons in October, February, and March, and I don't know if I can lose all my extra weight (and more, since I started out a little overweight) before it all begins.

I'm making part of a cosplay for a friend, and I told her I wouldn't charge for more than just materials (because she's a friend and I'm still mediocre), but I've been keeping track of how many hours I've been putting in... Unfortunately I feel like it's too late to change my mind about being paid for this. Oh well.

>> No.9107975
File: 117 KB, 785x689, 12987159_1105378182818209_502641646071113258_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lucky anon! I mean my bf really does want to cosplay but he doesn't put much excitement, all he does is just send me pictures while he's at work saying he wants to cosplay this or that, then I get excited telling him how he should go about making it and just replies with "Yee." and then doesn't talk about it anymore when we are both home together.

>> No.9107999

Baby steps. I have light asthma with low blood pressure too (easily tired with lack of energy) but this is what I did:
1st week - Walk 1hr daily, 3 more times a week
2nd week - Cycle for 1hr 3 times a week
3rd week - Alternate days for walking and cycling every other day, e.g. Mon walk, Tues cycle, Wed rest, Thurs cycle, Fri walk, Sat rest, Sun cycle
4th week: Do walk in morning and cycle at night, a couple of days a week . Introduce jogging into your walks. Join a sports club (I chose badminton) to mix it up.

Give it a go. Your stamina will improve but be careful your body will grave carbs after each exercise so plan what to eat.

>> No.9108130

Someone in my comm quit last night mid-tea-party. It was crazy.

She threw her wig in the trash.

>> No.9108143

>apartment manager contracted some painters to re-paint the balconies
>scaffolding is right outside my window and they use my balcony to access all the others on my floor
>from the sound of it, they also have lunch there (I have the curtains closed because I don't want them looking in)
>yesterday they showed up at my front door and asked if they could access my balcony through my apartment
>super uncomfortable but let them in anyway because I'm too much of a pussy to send them away
>see them obviously scoping out the place while I open the door for them
>companies like this are known for hiring ex-cons because they get government subsidies for that
>construction and painting work often coincides with strings of burglaries in the same neighbourhood, it happened to my parents
>fuck I should not have let them in because now they know I'm a physically tiny woman home alone with expensive electronics (and dresses, but I doubt they'll care about those)
>share my feelings with lolita comm members who I'm close to
>they call me classist
thanks for the support senpai

>> No.9108145

Deets pls

>> No.9108181

Fucking secondaries

she should kill herself

>> No.9108188

I crossed a completely invisible line at my last meet, apparently.

We were all complaining about sjws, and I feel like I said something bad mid-discussion (it didn't end with me having the last word) because a male member said, after, 'oh yeah x has been trying to get me to calm down for a while'.

And while I didn't instigate the conversation, I'm worried that I escalated it and now my comm hates me.

I also walked away from a girl who was being abrasive, though I think that's her personality, but I don't know how to apologise because, while she apologised to me for what she had said, I didn't want to reply in case I bit my tongue, so I sort of said 'it's okay' and nodded, continuing walking toward the cafe. I'll apologise next meet. I just feel like a fucking potato.

>> No.9108192

What'd you say, anon?

>> No.9108202

that can't be the only thing you say. tell me more

>> No.9108212

Honestly, I can't even remember. We were discussing the issue about Chinese people and AP, then BtSSB, and it sort of went into things from there.
It was the comment after that made me wonder exactly what I'd said that was so out there. Honestly, I thought I was just going with the flow of the conversation.

Maybe I'm too new to the comm to make brazen comments about that sort of thing.

>> No.9108244

I'd say so. I don't understand why you would discuss politics over people who aren't close friends.

>> No.9108274

We all seemed to have the same views... it also wasn't a big meet (5-15 people, appropriate vagueness).
At what point do you gulls hold your tongue?

I thought I was just joining in with popular opinion.

>> No.9108284

Are you Satan are something?

>> No.9108287

You're telling me you can't afford a cheap quality inn hotel and a 60 dollar con ticket after saving up? Don't go to cons then.

>> No.9108317

Stick some stickers on your door and windows that say "security cameras in use". If you're really really paranoid, set up some webcams pointed at the door that upload a live feed to an online server. If the worst does happen, a shot of the thief's face can prove they're company employees.

>> No.9108320
File: 6 KB, 200x240, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thinking of sewing pants
>Cut the fabric
>Start overlocking
>Serger breaks down
>Try to fix it
>It's so old it won't have any spare parts anywhere
>Last time when it had problem the repairman said I was lucky he had the right part
>Too poor to buy new one

Well, I didn't want to sew anyway, I just want a big fabric collection

>> No.9108328

I post way too much in the feels thread, but
>just bought fabric and supplies
>going to start on my baby's first cosplay soon
>super excited

>> No.9108334

get bigger locks, a deadbolt if you can, and make sure your windows lock up properly as well. get a bat next to your bed if you're super paranoid. you'll be fine anon, I believe in you

>> No.9108352

Time to booby-trap the apartment, Home Alone style. Paint cans on rope, electrified doorknob, spider buckets. Put warning signs everywhere.

Best case scenario, they think you're batshit insane and don't rob you.

When I was a kid, someone broke into my house. I was fascinated with "rogue" pursuits because my family played D&D. Aside from teaching myself to pick locks, I figured out some simple traps and put warnings up. So when he came into my room, there was a box full of silver dollars that was taped up with "poison" written on the front. I had mixed a bunch of chemicals, being a fool child, and put them in the box before quickly sealing it. Luckily it didn't do anything but give me a headache.

It was the only thing the robber didn't fuck with. In fact, if he had moved it at all, he put it back carefully. It was right where I left it, in my jewelry box. Everything else was tossed haphazardly around my room, he even moved my mattress.

I'm suspicious that he got hit by my desk trap (a pencil was rigged to fly out and hit you in the face) but was never able to confirm. It wouldn't have done much but annoy and surprise him. I hope it hit him, though. He was an asshole. Poured pepto bismol in my dad's fishtank before he left, because I guess the robber was just 100% shit.

>> No.9108355

Wow, reading this, I realize that I sound legitimately batshit insane. Whoops.

>> No.9108361

It depends. I tend to not voice my opinions unless I'm with people I'm really comfortable with. Even when asked, I try to keep it as safe as possible. I work with a bunch of Bible thumping conservatives so when they talk about the shit happening in Baton Rouge, I give a blanket observation and that's it. "That's sad thats happening but can't fault them when they are angry"

It's really something that you have to sit back and think what to say. I cant say they are a bunch of dumb cunts because they don't believe in homosexuality but I can say that they were brought up by the Bible and I wasn't so that changed my viewpoints

>> No.9108369

>just got my first jsk
>meet coming up in my comm
>dont know whether or not to go
>but where else would i wear the pile of pastel vomit? there's no cute shops or fashion anything near me
I wish there was somewhere near me that was just know for wacky fashion where I could just go hang out for a few hours on my own

>> No.9108402
File: 992 KB, 250x370, okaythen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>'wacky fashion'

>> No.9108454

Oh man I got grilled for mentioning something slightly to this a long time ago but I'm feeling all kinds of uncomfortable right now so here we go.

I wear j fashion, including Lolita, fairy kei, and nanchatte. I still live with my family, and I just accidently discovered that my brother has a school girl fetish and is into sissification and general moe/lolicomplex shit. For obvious reasons, I feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable now.

>> No.9108458

>Poured pepto bismol in my dad's fishtank before he left, because I guess the robber was just 100% shit.
jesus fuck that guy

>> No.9108461

>acting like jfashion isn't weird

>> No.9108463

loud mechanical noises can trigger migraines for me so i have an unused sewing machine and 3 totes of fabric

let's start a club

>> No.9108468

It might be the little guy's diet, or something he's doing outside if he's an outdoor cat. Try buying the expensive "holistic" cat food if you haven't already. I started giving mine that and she stopped having urinary track infections within a week. It's like 20 dollars a bag/2.50 a can but it's way less expensive than how much the vet bills were getting. I don't know why people are saying to get a new cat or something holy fuck, cats are part of your family you don't just throw them out when they aren't feeling so great.

>> No.9108473

You sound hilarious. I was more of a trap door child than a booby trap child.

>> No.9108474
File: 138 KB, 640x907, emmanems.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some anti-replica loli went off on a replica-wearing loli. Finally, the first loli just screamed "I can't take this anymore!" and stormed out.

Why is my local comm like this?

>> No.9108476

Did your gf do anything to upset them or is it more of a retard "new person is teaaaarrring the group apart because you don't hang out as often now!! What about MY feelings!!!" thing?

>> No.9108491
File: 651 KB, 929x587, offbrand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'm growing away from the comm and out of touch with members

>> No.9108499

Be really careful. It can still fuck up your skin and make you look like garbage. You'll age a lot quicker than all the bitches that have to eat their arugula salads and drink their cayenne lemon water. A friend of mine had a terrible metabolism but ate healthy as fuck to stay skinny and now that she's 29 she looks like she's still 16. Her younger sister could eat whatever and looks like she's in her mid thirties now. And she's starting to get that extra pudge because she has no idea how to diet and her metabolism is finally slowing down.

>> No.9108541
File: 72 KB, 624x850, 13507209_1122222544467460_6605709456879865215_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you cat recovers soon anon! I pray you you and your kitty!!

This is what I'm afraid of with my two dogs. I recently took them from my bf's aunt's hands (I don't mean literally lol I asked if I can adopt them) since she is piss poor and already has 2 other dogs plus a baby, and she is a shitty owner/mother. Basically how she got around to having 4 fucking dogs was not fucking fixing her two little dogs in the first place; she was dating this guy who had a dog and that dog fucked her female dog, and then popped two puppies (I honestly think there was a bit more puppies in the litter but she didn't give us full detail) and she didn't give them their shots or anything. I was really pissed to hear that. Her first 2 dogs don't even have shots and her female recently just had a really bad case of worms to where she looked like a bloated beach ball. We are going to get the 2 dogs updated on shots and get the fixed as soon as we can and get them worm treatment just in case. I'm just afraid they might have other internal problems. They seem really happy on the outside but I just can't help but worry what's going on with them.

I'm not furious with having to pay for the shots or fixing them, but the fact that she was irresponsible to keep those dogs as an accessory when she can't fucking afford it. She's a literal bigot and I can't stand observing how she takes care of her dogs and even her baby. She recently moved in with my bf's mom because she got evicted from her apartment, but of course she has enough money to go clubbing and drink every weekend. She makes me furious and I just feel so bad for those dogs. Sorry for rant
Also pic related, it's one of the two dogs I adopted from her. He is such a sweetheart <3

>> No.9108570

Being the only person who sews in the family...
'anon my 11 year old daughter has 'prom' tomorrow and her dress doesn't fit right at the top'... So I rush through to a deadline for a project that has to go to the publisher tomorrow and don't eat dinner so I can try and be free before the kid has to go to bed... I can't send her in an ill-fitting dress, too many years of bullying in my childhood to let poor girl get picked on.
But damn I hate sewing satin...

>> No.9108666

Do you feed dry food? If not switching to wet food solves this for a ton of cats.

>> No.9108777
File: 90 KB, 871x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>planning to go to a con I attended a few years ago
>find out a good friend of mine was planning to go to the same con I attended
>found out my friend passed away a few weeks before said con happened
>tfw going to the con with a really heavy heart

>> No.9108789
File: 1.64 MB, 400x400, scootypuff.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The same thing happened to me, anon.

>work at Wendy's with sister, dad, mom, and friend
>spend all day at work talking about cosplay
>week before con, friend doesn't come to work
>check Facebook on my break
>she flipped her car and didn't survive
>go back to kitchen and tearfully tell my family
>manager overhears and starts crying
>nice old man puts down his baconator and comes to comfort us

>> No.9108790
File: 29 KB, 279x304, 1446671188424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That level of retardation is impressive, I give her that.

>> No.9108794

Did you go to said con anyway or skipped out on it that year? Wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

>> No.9108890

I went. I thought spending some time with my then-gf and friends would help me.

It did.

>> No.9109011

>tfw I turned 25
>tfw not good at making friends after high school
>tfw I dont drink, party, club, smoke, or do drugs
>lolita is the only thing keeping me in touch with other girls
>tfw just want a friend who doesnt feel like partying all the time and doing shots and just wants to dress pretty and play vidya and board games and watch anime like Jojo
>tfw the girls in my comm may dress pretty, but they still act like normal young girls.

How do people even make friends now a days?

>> No.9109019

Play Pokemon Go.

>> No.9109024

I do, but unless I go into town and like downtown I dont generally run into a lot of people, or a lot of pokemon either. This is what I get for living on the outskirts of the city

>> No.9109032

Perhaps if you're looking for someone just like you, you're making your options to be too narrow. Perhaps those other girls like to party and drink, but that doesn't mean that it's all they ever do- surely some of them will still enjoy the same things you do, and they won't not be friends with you just because you don't want to party with them. I have plenty of friends whose lifestyles are very different from mine, we do things together that we both find fun and don't do things that we don't share in common.

>> No.9109043

Thats very true, I guess I just have bad experiences. The girls in my comm are nice to me and I think theyre good girls, I just dont want to try to latch onto them and make them uncomfy or bore them by being the only person that doesnt want to do something.

Usually when I tried to befriend girls they would forget about me or tell me how "weird" I was because I didnt like to drink or go to parties and because I was too quiet. So eventually I would just get left out of everything.

Im hoping the older I get the more people will be more understanding.

>> No.9109044

Maybe im just autistic lol

>> No.9109163

This is why I own a gun. Mine has protected me against two nogs who broke into my house. Ended up shooting one but they both got scared and ran away (to later be caught).

>> No.9109182

Hey bitch,

You are WORSE than Jessica Nigri. At lease SHE makes a bit of her cosplays, even if it's a small bit. You don't even style your wigs. Fucking bimbo gook with buck teeth attention whore, quit cosplay already, and quit cheating on your boyfriend, whore.

>> No.9109203
File: 63 KB, 300x444, Are_All_Men_Pedophiles_Correct_Poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My boyfriend just defending the use of lolita for this film poster. Then proceeded to call the fashion children's clothing for adults. he should know better. I think I might have to break up with him.

>> No.9109208

You probably should.

>> No.9109217

how do i acquire an egl gf

>> No.9109224
File: 42 KB, 728x635, 148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw I've been coasting by so far doing cosplays of similar hair colour/style to my natural hair because I'm absolute shite at styling wigs or picking out quality wigs
>Tfw I'm now hitting a point where that's probably not going to work anymore

>> No.9109225

Yeah that's an affirmative on the breaking up. Fuck that guy. Except don't, ever, he's done.

>> No.9109234

isn't it true that lolita fashion gives an impression of childishness? what the woman in that picture's wearing looks like what a little girl would wear to church on sunday. i'm 99% sure the people who made that poster don't even know what lolita fashion is. they were just using childish clothes contrasted with a fully grown woman to convey the film's topic of the blurred line between child and adult

i can see how calling it children's clothing for adults could be offensive but i'm sure he didn't mean it like that

>> No.9109236

it's more about how he know so much about lolita, because of how much I talk about it. So when he says it's children's clothes is really disrespectful.

>> No.9109239 [DELETED] 

I love /cgl/ I jerk off to posts of /cgl/ sluts all the time

>> No.9109243

Don't ever date a man who trash talks things you care about or enjoy. It shows how little he actually cares about your happiness.

>> No.9109244


He's passive aggressively trying to shame you into changing what you like to wear to please him. Nope. Nope. Nope.

It won't end with just your clothing choices. Soon it'll be everything else you like that he disapproves of.

>> No.9109245 [DELETED] 

i'm here bc a channel i'm subbed to uploaded this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4KO3KqIpSg and i remembered this board was a thing so i went here to find cute girls like in the vid and so far i haven't found any. are there many /cgl/ sluts?

>> No.9109247 [DELETED] 

Dude every girl here is a massive slut. I hope to catch them at a con so I can bang the shit out of them. Even if some of them aren't that cute can still use their hole.

>> No.9109250

wouldn't it be weird to just creep around at conventions by myself? and i wouldn't want to go to the trouble of making a naruto cosplay suit and pretending like i actually care about that sort of thing to blend in. maybe i'll bump into one on the street sometime

>> No.9109280
File: 242 KB, 700x525, goblineye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see a lure near my house today
>whoever set it up, their username references Gumi from Vocaloid
>run to the lure, expecting a qt weeb girl
>arrive at the Pokestop
>spot an obese chick with neko ears and her midget lumberjack bf
>run back home

>> No.9109312

Step 1: stop being a desperate whore
Step 2: shower
Step 3: grow a likeable and non-creepy personality

>> No.9109330

Step 4: Have money

>> No.9109449

look at classic and gothic and try to say that again

thirsty fucks, please leave
like half of this board is lesbian and the other half doesn't care about your thirsty arses

9/10 girls interested in vocaloid are either fat or below a 5 in my experience so it's not really surprising

>> No.9109477

I recently saw my dream dress in person for the first time and fell in love with it even more <3

>> No.9109483

Asthma is on a sliding scale anon, just like your autism.

>> No.9109773

>see cute lip balm from china
>don't plan to use it and just want it for photography purposes
>plus only $4 after shipping
>seller give tracking number
>it doesn't work and never activates
>obviously because the seller never intended to ship it
>it's just a huge waste of time after giving it until delivery estimate is expired
>ask for refund
>"will you change feedback?"
Bitch, the best you're getting from me is a comfy neutral.

>> No.9109788

i'm a girl though

>> No.9109807

Went to a makeup demo for some high end company and the girl who was applying my makeup told me that I've been using the wrong type of foundation since always. She didn't even try to push her own brand or anything, just straight up told me that I should probably buy a powder foundation instead because that would work better with my skin type.

Feels like I should already have figured that out, but at least now I can find a foundation that may actually work for more than a few hours at the time. </3

>> No.9109810

I personally don't care if people like to go out and get drunk as long as they don't insist on taking me along (or overshare about the aftermath) but I seem to have a really hard time getting to know people my age who don't think I'm some kind of pathetic freak for not wanting to get drunk and have one night stands. It's gotten to the point of straight up high school mean girl nonsense at both my job and sports club. I do get along with many of my coworkers, but they're all 35+ and have kids. I'm 24.

I'm not yet very active in my local lolita comm but I'm really hoping there will be some girls my age who I can get along with. Even if the comm turns out to be full of drama they can't be as bad as my coworkers.
>suddenly going quiet when I enter the room, then laughing behind their hands as if they were talking about me
>rolling their eyes when I try to be sociable
>acting really over the top surprised when they found out I have a fiancé
>straight up telling me I "don't count" when we're discussing who will be attending a department luncheon
The people at my sports club aren't quite as bad, but they still treat me like a space alien. The only friends I've managed to make there are middle aged dudes.

I just want some female friends my own age who like me as I am, damn it!

>> No.9109996

>buy a dress last month from a girl in malaysia
>communication is good and she has plenty of positive reviews
>pay for tracked shipping
>gives me the code, no biggie
>code says it was delivered on the 14th, have nothing
>call usps and ask them whats up
>they tell me it was delivered to a different state and signed for and that i got the wrong code
>kind of annoying at this point but whatever, im understanding
>go to her, she gives me a new code
>this one says that the dress was posted over the counter on the 15th
>wondering why it took her so long to post it when i bought it last month
>whatever, just glad that it's gonna get here soon
>couple days pass with no update or anything
>call usps AGAIN to ask about its location
>get told that the package hasn't left malaysia

gulls, im trying not to be rude to this seller because she's been nothing but polite to me, but goddamn i've never had this much issues with buying a dress before. i'm also scared to give her a bad review because she has so many good ones and i don't want people thinking i'm a liar or something... any advice?

>> No.9110017
File: 24 KB, 321x306, smithbighead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't even work up the will to do anything but go to work anymore.

I used to love drawing... I have cosplay to make, but I don't give a fuck.

I can't even bother to find a more relevant reaction pic.

>> No.9110045

>wisdom teeth are coming through
>damn adulthood

>> No.9110060

I bought a dress from malaysia recently and had similar issue although she was nice, the dress took forever to come in and she didnt ship it right away either, but it did make it even though the code I got never worked.

>> No.9110112
File: 188 KB, 650x1119, cry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else ever try on their cosplay and just feel fat and ugly and not even want to cosplay anymore? I just tried on a new cosplay of mine, and I'm even doing it as a group with some friends and I just can't get past feeling like I look chunky and ugly in it and that I'm gonna look totally uggo next to my friends.

>> No.9110126
File: 2.00 MB, 375x211, NCR35q9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bf tells me I should really think thoroughly about big purchases I make for my expensive hobbies (dolls, cosplay, lolita)
>He eats fast food everyday, spends money on god only knows what, I always end up paying for our con tickets and hotel when he's broke.
>But I'm the one that should be more responsible

>> No.9110130

Then lose weight, you chunk.

>> No.9110137
File: 606 KB, 440x237, 1411094266231.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, is it depression speaking? Is it your menses and hormones speaking?
No? Maybe you should look into drinking more water, changing some eating habits and encouraging better behaviors.
Anon, you still want to cosplay, you're just letting your body image get in the way of your happiness.

>> No.9110138

>Realize that with my limited experience I probably won't be able to get a job I like
>Could never do internships because all the ones I tried to do were unpaid and involved me moving to another state for a few months
>Family could not afford to foot the bills for such a trip anyway
>Spent all my summers working to pay for school expenses, with a little left over for me
>Now about to finish school
>Majority of friends have since moved on to big kid jobs and other things
>I have nothing to keep me going except cosplay, video games, and the occasional 5k run

Please kill me

>> No.9110148

lol at all you catty bitches telling a girl to dump her boyfriend she has feelings for just because he made a single comment about her hobby. It's one fucking comment, not a manipulative web of treachery and abuse.

When my girlfriend tells me I'm a fucking idiot for my hobbies I just laugh and tell her that maybe she's right. What I don't do is misconstrue it as anything other than just natural conversation.

>> No.9110159

>Been in Japan for the last 4 weeks on my own with 5 days to go
>First time I've been out of my home country for 2 weeks
>First time I've traveled around on my own outside of my home country for more than 2 days
>Absolutely love it here, have had an amazing time, but I've been forcing myself to go out and experience things for the last 3 days as I'm burnt out at this point
>Going to a convention shortly after I come back home
>Roomie informed me a few days ago that he might not be able to come, because he quit his job and have started a business
>Extremely happy and excited for him as his last job was horrible, but really sad that I'm stuck with the roomcosts on my own now and pretty miserable that I won't see him as I miss him horribly
>Went through awful friend drama last year with him involved, haven't seen him since because he's been under too much work-stress, and won't really be able to get over it and feel relief until we hang out again
>Not at all hyped about going to that convention anymore now, too late to cancel everything
>Also really homesick on top of everything
>Have tried reaching out for friends as I've needed someone to talk to
>Only one friend has taken me seriously
>Rest have responded to me with "you're in Japan, stop whining :P"

That's what I get for being friends with weebs I guess

>> No.9110174

you're in Japan, stop whining

>> No.9110180
File: 119 KB, 494x525, doofy motherfucker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW looking at yourself in the mirror and finally looking like the character

Best feel.

>> No.9110182

I'm afraid to get a gf because she might die.

>> No.9110203
File: 90 KB, 224x183, 1434575978456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW getting out of cheapo chinese varsity jacket for Jacket cosplay
>Hear tiny ripping noise
>Horrified to take it off now

Welp, guess I'll just be jacket forever.

>> No.9110237

Damn it, I gained 7 pounds and I've got a con in two months.

I guess I'll have to cut down on the Taco Beel.

>> No.9110329

I'm starting to think that lolita is too hard for a cummy dummy like me.

>> No.9110339

That just means you are a fucking beta.

>> No.9110342

That's anxiety. You think too much

>> No.9110356

>cummy dummy

>> No.9110358

It's not just from America, idiot. A lot of people need meds. I would guess that's because

>lots of negative shit going on in their lives
>no quick solution to big problems
>no one to talk to about personal shit
>a clusterfuck of feelings getting bottled up with no proper place to vent

>> No.9110385

Going out tomorrow evening, I planned an entire outfit around a pair of socks that I'm too afraid to actually wear since they show my legs.
Also that feel when
>long torso
>short legs

It's not fair I just wanna be kawaii too

>> No.9110423

Seconding, deresute is amazing

>> No.9110868

>sliding scale
You mean spectrum.

>> No.9110881

I love LLSIF, the new version is great, but damn Deresute is just so good. It just feels like you have a lot to do in the game, and they constantly add things rather then one giant version update each year.

>> No.9110921

>event tomorrow
>put on MM OP I haven't worn in literally three months
>boyfriend "it looks like it's going to bust at the seam"
>gfdi gained practically 10lbs in two months. coord that I've been excited to wear since I finally got finishing touches
>this is what I get for not living alone anymore (shortly before the last meet Ehere I wore this, I moved in with my boyfriend)

>> No.9110948

I know your vet has probably already told you this since they're a vet, but the top cause of kidney problems for cats is not drinking enough water. Wet food is a start, but you can also get your cat a circulating fountain (like $30 on amazon) to get it to drink more water. Cats are generally reluctant to drink water that is stagnant and/or too close to their food.

>> No.9111034

I will be your friend, anon! I'se just a girl but I'm lonely. No dweebs near me.

>> No.9111040

>found out "loot crate" box had Yowamushi Pedal items in it
>bought the first volume and shirt on EBay because it seems like everyone who bought the box doesn't care about the series
>manga arrived in the mail today, instead of being a 2in1 volume like the regular English release it's just the original first volume
So I guess now I have to wait to see if the next loot crate has the second half in it? If I had known earlier I would've just bought the omnibus.

>> No.9111055

I suffered from the same thing (and still do from time to time), anon.

Do you wear a wrist brace at night while sleeping? It's important to keep the wrist straight and relaxed. Try to get used to doing more with your non-dominant hand; slowly train it.

I go to a chiropractor. Medicaid covers it for 18 visits. My chiropractor is REALLY good - it's important to find one who will work with you on your INDIVIDUAL needs, and not one that blankets everything. He gave me helpful suggestions about massaging and loosening up the muscles in my forearm. My sister is an Occupational Therapist and gave me a deep-tissue massage, and that helped right away.

To strengthen those muscles after they've healed, I use two large rubber bands tied together. I fit each band over my knuckles with my palms facing towards each other, then slowly bend each wrist backward, pulling the two bands. Slowly, I spread my fingers wide, then relax them and slowly bring my wrists to neutral positions again. This will build strength in the tendons and muscles which control our grip, the weakening and overuse of certain muscles therein often leads to carpal tunnel. Hope this helps!

>> No.9111130

I too suffer from PMDD, anon. I know the struggle. It's real.

Don't do it.

>> No.9111138

If you want to be Facebook penpals. anon, I'm open! I'm also looking for friends~

>> No.9111157

I've recently heard that /cgl/ is one of the less racist 4chan board (on an Overwatch board).
It feels bad, I'm still waiting for my white privilege to kick in and finally get me employed.

>> No.9111396

I know your pain
Long torso stubby legs life

>> No.9111499

>Working like a dog all summer
>Finally, a meet is coming up that I can actually go to.
>Trying on coordinates with short sleeves and skirts because it's hot.
>Everything still fits with my dignity intact, but I definitely look chunkier than before, especially in the waist and arms. I've always been petite and slender, so I'm not a fatty chan or anything
TFW I work at a coffee shop and often the only food I can afford or have time to get during breaks is stuff from our shop, which is mostly carbs, cheese, and pastries. I know I should pack myself a better lunch the night before so I can just grab it out of the fridge when I leave in the morning. I guess this was a wake up call.

>> No.9111531
File: 76 KB, 1280x720, 53119f86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me, be single for a long time now, suddenly meet this seemingly perfect guy through facebook (neither of us are catfishing as we go to the same cons)
>said guy is a cosplayer, built, and a total sweetie
>we talk every once in a while and we honestly seem like such a good fit, our interests align very well
>suddenly catch myself constantly thinking about him, wishing we lived close by, looking at his facebook several times a day, getting impatient when he doesnt reply to my messages right away

i am scaring myself. this is straight up some creepy shit that i'm doing here, but i really really like this guy

>> No.9111574

Just got diarrhea right before the con. It's hard to live the cospray life.

>> No.9112088


Isn't this Feels Thread, not Subtle Brag General?

>> No.9114314
File: 29 KB, 400x600, 1458182754123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Been wanting to get into cosplay for years
>Body type/build doesn't support the kind of characters I want to cosplay
>Lack any sort of artistic creativity to create costumes
>lurking on /cgl/ reaffirms that I have no talent
>22 and beginning to realize soon I'll never be able to cosplay properly due to age.

>> No.9115652


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