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Another fit thread
>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
>What costume got you started on the fit road?
>What inspires you to stay motivated?
>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?

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startin with a dump of cosplay fitspo

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I think the mods want fit threads to stay on /fit/, so don't be surprised if this gets deleted.

That being said, I'm working hard to get into good shape for my next cosplay. Really, it's just because I feel sad when I look at myself, and don't want to feel that way when I look at my con pictures.

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/fit/ is full of shitpost threads at the moment and this is board relevant, but if it gets deleted it gets deleted i guess.

what cosplay are you working out for, and how's it going for you? keep at it!

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So cute, oh gosh

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it triggers me how no one seems to be able to get Vega's mask proportions right.

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Nothing impressive, just a gijinka. But it's going to be mostly skintight cloth, and I don't want any muffin top.

It's going pretty well so far. I went ahead and made a loose exercise schedule to follow. My endurance still isn't very good, I often have to wait over a minute between sets, but I'm noticing minor improvements.

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>Do you work out for cosplay
Yep! I focus a lot on cardio because that's what I'm most familiar with and I've had lots of weight loss progress from that, but I'm looking for advice on how to start weight lifting!

>What costume
Pic related, planning on cosplaying her bikini for Colossal and I am pudgy af right now

To be a qt animu girl instead of a borderline hambeast???

>Advice to fattychans
I'm the fattychan that needs advice desu

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>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
I've been starting to with cosplay as my motivation, want to ONLY lose my gut though. no idea what to do but I've started eating healthier and doing more cardio
>What costume got you started on the fit road?
I have darker skin. pretty much every darker skin character shows midriff.
>What inspires you to stay motivated?
My sad pathetic gut
>What advice would you give to fattychans
I'm a fattychan, please help me

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What are your thoughts on Dukan?

I used it to re-learn my diet and habits, have been eating better for about one year, but I wouldn't recommend the first part of it, it's way too aggressive.

>>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
Not very often, but I walk a lot daily so it's easy for me to keep my weight at least constant

>>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Not costumes but lolita fashion overall

>>What inspires you to stay motivated?
Knowing the measurements of my dream dresses and looking at fat people wearing lolita who look terrible (I have nothing against fat people who know how to look really good)

>>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Take your time, there's no miracle.
Know your body's limits and be prepared to give up on certain foods, I promise you that after some time you won't even think about them anymore, and when you try it again they feel terrible.
Try to exercise at least a little bit daily, walk around whenever you can, if your city supports it, drop the car and get a bike for short rides

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Cardio and weight training. You can't spot reduce without a cosmetic procedure, but you can try to build muscle in the areas you want to stay big. You can't really keep your breasts that way, sadly, but you can at least make them appear perkier.

I'm also having some success with supplements for my bust/booty, they've actually been growing as I'm losing weight, but I don't know what they'll be like longterm. It might only be a temporary help. The bottle says it's permanent, but I'm dubious. Still, I didn't even expect it would work at all, so who knows?

If you get really desperate and have some money lying around, you could try coolsculpting or something. Do some research into different "body sculpting" procedures, there are a few to choose from, and they aren't nearly as pricey as surgery. Some places even run deals on Groupon.

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Get this shit to /fit/

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I always listen to anime and it one-related music when I work out.

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fuck fit desu, I want those neato character specific workouts and not many boys

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I like a specific cosplay /fit/ thread here because it's actually other cosplayers here and not normies.

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>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
I've been going to the gym regularly for around 3 years, but I used to just do cardio. I started weight training in January of this year and really love it! My motivation comes mostly from cosplay since no one can see your muscles in Lolita, haha.

>What costume got you started on the fit road?
There wasn't really one particular cosplay, mostly just crossplay in general and wanting to look good in spandex.

>What inspires you to stay motivated?
Now that I've gotten in to weight training, I'm more motivated by strength/weight goals, but I still look towards upcoming costumes for inspiration. Right now I'm working on a new crossplay and want to beef up my shoulders for it.

>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
I'm not super hero ripped yet myself, but as a beginner I can say that the most important things are diet and sticking with your training program. Half-assing it just won't work. Do lots of research and choose something you can reasonably stick with--if you set your initial goals too high, you'll get discouraged and quit. Start small and work your way up!

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>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
I try to stay in shape in general but when I'm planning a cosplay I'll go full autismo with the dieting and cardio.
>What inspires you to stay motivated?
Thinking about the characters I want to cosplay next, especially if my body type is similar - it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see so much progress in crafting both my costume and my body.
>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Every little bit counts. Get up and do a circuit around your block. Do it again. Do it again. Do it again. It doesn't seem like much but it's more than what you did before. Keep pushing your limits.

Learn your food needs. If you're sitting at your desk all day, you probably don't really need a snack before and/or after lunch. Don't keep food at your desk to tempt you. A lot of people fall of the wagon wherever there's an abundance of food, e.g. parties and the kitchen. Bring your own healthy snack. Go in mentally prepared for battle.

I think fit threads that focus on weightloss/gainz progress get deleted, but this is more to do with how to look better in J-fash/Cosplay by improving your body. IMO it's right in line with makeup, hair, and skincare threads with regards to purpose/intent.

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Just waiting for this to be closed. Every time I try to make one of these threads a moderator deems it a /fit/ appropriate thread instead.

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Now that is some inspo.

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I know right?? I have tried to make countless threads about cosplaying and being fit and jfash and being fit, but every time a damn mod gets rid of it, so I don't have much hope for this thread.

I just a lot of cardio, some weights, and dancing to Just Dance. Dont get 2016. It sucks. Worse game of the bunch. Just Dance 2014 is really good though. I have them all.

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>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
I used to work out 5x per week in school. Currently have a job that keeps me on my feet 8 hours a day. Cosplay is definitely my #1 motivation for eating healthy though.

>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Pic related. I lost 50lbs prior to the first photo just to get into cosplay in the first place. Left is 2011. Right is 2014. Total weight loss between the 2 is probably 50lbs more.

>What inspires you to stay motivated?
I grew up obese. I don't ever want to get back to how tired, sore, and cranky I always used to feel.

>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?

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I'm also about to start lifting. I think I'm going to do SL5x5 because I'm very familiar with barbell lifts. I might work in some stuff like lunges and curls at home. I'm a huge ween and get quite nervous going to lift weights at my gym since it's usually full of very muscly men, but they seem pretty nice and helpful in the few times I've interacted with them.

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Lost 25 pounds so far this year. My secret for food is basically no starch, no refined sugar, and no alcohol. I've been living off of fresh fruit, lean meat and fish and so far so good.

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How to start weightlifting:
>read the /fit/ sticky
>Ask Google
>Just go and do it

What's up with the low quality posting all of a sudden?


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That's incredible anon! Great progress over time; you're really inspiring!

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I've never held onto a diet or exercise plan. My next cosplay is a skin tight suit and I need to lose weight, I've become slightly pudgy. I want to lose 10-15 lbs at least in 2 months.

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>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Go to /fit/ and read the sticky. The turn the fuck around and leave. That board is nothing but memes and shitposting. No reason to stick around.

>want to lose 10-15 lbs at least in 2 months.
That's actually pretty easy. Cut 500 calories from your diet (if you're a girl then you'll probably be eating between 1200 - 1500 calories, depending on your age and size) and do about 30 to 45 minutes of cardio 4 to 5 days a week.

If you're not good with sticking to diet plans then just make sure to cut out all sweets, like candy or pastries, and all sweet drinks, like soda, from your diet.

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i run 3 times a week but it hasn't done me much good since im skinny fat and weigh slightly below average. my job has a perk that i get 50% off a goodlife membership though so as soon as that gym is done being built im gonna head in and (attempt to) start lifting. i'm a bit scared because i have no idea what im doing and ill need to do some research first. i want to burn my body fat and gain some muscle and make my butt a little more perky. i personally think i have a nice butt, but that's probably because it compensates for my smallish boobs.

i don't really want to cosplay many revealing cosplays, but i want a super flat stomach for my lulu yurigasaki cosplay next summer.

cosplay didnt motivated me to start running or want to work out, but it helps to have that extra little motivation on top to start getting fit. i just want to be a cosplayer with a nice bod and a cute cardio bunny outside of cons.

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also im vegan now so it's extremely easy not to overeat. infact, i have to resort to lots of fatty natural foods like nuts to get the needed amount of calories. cutting animal fat and products has helped me lose weight. im not trying to be a militant vegan, but if you have a con in a few months and want to cut calories/go on a diet, try cutting out meat and fatty shit like cheese and the pounds will drop so easy

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>/fit/ shitposting on /cgl/ for the millionth time

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Ayy where da muscle mojyos at?
Will trade workout plans for sex in Mitteldeutschland.

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>also im vegan now so it's extremely easy not to overeat
That kind of surprises me because I thought the opposite was common with vegetarians/vegans, they eat too much.

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>i'm a bit scared because i have no idea what im doing and ill need to do some research first.
Here's just a little something, a basic workout, that might help you out and give you a place to start. It also includes links to show you how to do each lift.

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well i do agree that you have to eat a lot more to have enough calories/nutrients, but if you stick to fruits, veggies, lentils, nuts, natural shit etc etc and control yourself you should be fine. i guess it also helps that there aren't a lot of things for me to eat at home and i move around a lot at my job.
although i've never met many vegans irl, i've yet to really find many vegan hambeasts, as it's hard to get fat off of foods that have high water count.

im gonna head over to fit and read the stickies like people have recommended. the only reason i havent checked it is because i looked at it once and it was just a bunch of bro science thread and a thread of normies rating their 4/10 selves

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>and it was just a bunch of bro science thread and a thread of normies rating their 4/10 selves
That's why you read the sticky and then leave. Don't bother with the board itself.

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thank you ! i've been obsessed with getting a nice perky butts and i've read that squats wont do anything unless i use weights with my reps

working out has also helped me with my depression, and in a way is cgl related as well since looking cute in cosplay (after making it of course) is a huge confidence boost and i have a lot of fun

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This is a good idea.
If I'm doing stuff like running, bike, elliptical, I'll download an episode of law and order becaude the episodes are basically an hour long. So I don't leave the gym till my episode is done. Even then, I still have my gym playlist or even an audiobook to keep me entertained if I'm doing stretches or non-cardio exercises.
I fuck up sometimes though And i'll be laughing at something my audiobook said while I'm working out and people are looking at me like I'm cray cray.

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Staristically vegetarians/vegans are at lower weights than omnivores. They may eat higher volumes of lower calorie plant foods, but thats just to make up for cutting out high calorie foods like meat and dairy. Doesn't mean you can't be a fat veg, but it's harder and requires eating a lot of processed crap.

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my friend decided to go vegan to lose weight but only managed to put on weight. she was eating even more pasta and vegan snacks to compensate for not being able to eat cheese etc. she then became insufferably spiteful about it and has since become veganazi

i'm also gonna check this out. looks interesting.

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>squats wont do anything unless i use weights with my reps
Nothing will do anything if you don't ramp up the load. You're just doing weird cardio if you do a million reps with minuscule weights.

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You shouldn't be losing any more than 1-2lbs a week, so the goal of 15 is pretty unhealthy and gives a high chance of gaining that fat back. Losing it slowly instead of creating unrealistic goals is what helps people retain their weightloss.

I recommend the app MyFitnessPal to people.

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What supplements are you using?

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oh man. that's the thing. pasta, chips and beer can all be vegan. thankfully i still live with my parents who are paleo so i don't have a lot of gluten in my meals unless i make toast or have pasta once every 2 weeks. bread will make you feel bloated, that's how it is for me at least, so avoid it if you are going to a con soon.

going vegan won't magically make you lose weight, but it will if you eat healthily within the vegan guidelines. as long as you focus on non processed foods and make your own meal it'll be easy to lose weight or not gain any. although this is only my experience and everyone's body is different, but my metabolism isn't high whatsoever and this lifestyle works for me.

you can eat as much pasta as you want if you burn it off with exercise though.

not to sound like a noob, but are there employees you can ask for help when you go to the gym for the first time? i wouldn't want to bother them and i've honestly never been to a gym before and i don't want to feel intimidated

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Watch workout videos online. I actually have been following the shit that Khloe Kardashian has been doing. She has her training share videos of the workouts she does when they train and its really helped me get ideas on how to do more workouts besides be on the elliptical for an hour and do normal curls, crunches, and squats. She has a really good revenge body and he shit fucking works. Especially all the butt and leg workouts he makes her do on stuff like the stairmaster and even posts how many reps and how many times per set.


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>are there employees you can ask for help when you go to the gym for the first time?
Depends on the gym. My current gym does and you're supposed to get a program from them at the start. I've gone to a lot of municipal, uni and huge men's gyms that didn't have any helpful staff.

I've even heard that a lot of "hip" gyms have staff that will actively try to steer you away from free weights. Don't listen if they do, machines are both more dangerous and less efficient than free weights.

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Yeah it took me a while of switching to a low calorie diet and I lost a stone and a half. sadly I'm stuck at the world's most annoying weight plateau right now. gonna get back into weights. whats your favourite meal to make? i need healthy cooking inspiration.

just ask whoever's around. that's if there is an attendee, sometimes there isn't if it's a 24 hour gym.

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I cashed in my free diet evaluation at my gym and the guy who did it was useless. at the end of the session he started peddling me a water bottle range because i was drinking from a 'toxic' bottle. still a good gym though, and the attendees are helpful in other respects.

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I'm lucky the staff at my place is up to speed. I didn't really need them since I'm already fairly huge, but still.

Have you tried intermittent fasting? I've cut down 10 kilos towards competition weight twice with it. I only had to make sure I was getting enough fat, otherwise I didn't have to worry about food at all. (Results may vary for people probs half my size I guess)

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i'v never tried intermittent fasting, no. haha, i'm currently skinnyfat, tracking 1200 a day with mfp. I think I'll look it up. is it just for losing weight then you switch to maintenance? could i feasibly do that whilst also gaining muscle?

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Dont fast and workout. Its not healthy. Fasting won't help you keep weight off either.

>> No.9146641

I've only done it to lose weight. There's some people who swear by it for "clean bulking" but I think you're better off doing some insane minmaxing if that's what you want. There's only so much energy you can get out of fat per unit mass, so balancing intake and fat burn calories to total enough to gain muscle mass gets more difficult the thinner you get.

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A problem is that some people tend to binge on the meals they DO eat.

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ahh, I see. i don't think I could do it anyway since I have a really hard time exercising if I haven't eaten enough. i don't have trouble keeping the weight off but I'm having trouble getting below 115lb. im planning on starting SL5x5 tomorrow anyway so hopefully thatll help kick my metabolism and fat burning into action. it'll be nice to eat more too.

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And..? There's a lot of people who binge on full-day calorie-counted regimes.

Then eat enough. While I was still a student, I had a uni lunch a couple of hours before the gym and dinner right after.

The real question is if you need a breakfast. I much rather sleep the extra 30 minutes than try to force myself to eat at 5:30 in any case. When I did it after graduation I just had lunch at work and dinner straight away at home. Easy and stress-free.

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Always eat before a workout, so that you have energy when hitting the gym. A glass of orange juice with provide just as much energy as any coffee or energy drink without the caffine withdrawls and side effects and organic orange juice doesn't have nearly enough sugar to be worried about since it is all naturally sweetened. Grab a protein bar or eat something with protein in it before going as well.

When you come back, pack on a good meal like lean meat such as turkey or chicken with broccoli or another dark veggie such as spinach.

For snacks I recommend stuff like avocado or low natural sugar fruits like green apples or blueberries. Bananas are a great source of potassium, but also have more sugar than most fruits, but these are great if you really don't care about the sugar [since processed sugar is what you should be mostly concerned about] and require more vitamins in your diet.

To curve my chocolate cravings and sweet tooth cravings in general, I usually grab vanilla creamer and dark roast coffee. No added sugar, just vanilla and coffee and I usually have this at night before bed. I know, working out and then having a cream filled cup of coffee BEFORE bed. Caffine doesn't effect me, so I can still sleep like a baby and the coffee creamer that I use doesn't have nearly enough sugar to be concerned about.

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And? Some people don't know how to properly eat while fasting and their binge ends up screwing them over. Especially if they don't know how to balance a meal. Fasting tends to ruin people with constant snacking too and half the time it isn't reaching for healthy choices. You have to understand, a lot of people aren't fasting for meets or for shows, they are doing it because they think it is an easy way out to lose weight. People who don't know how to do this properly end up gaining weight and hindering any progress when they go to the gym.

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Not that anon but are there any other ways to get potassium besides bananas? I'm allergic which is super dumb and annoying but I don't know if I should just take supplements or is there another option.

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>Always eat before a workout, so that you have energy when hitting the gym.
Personally, I find bananas to be very energizing. And it's easy to eat one or two 15 mins before a workout.

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good point. i eat porridge every day which keeps me going till about 3pm, and then i have a light lunch. it's a good routine for me.


to keep this thread on topic, specifically I'd love to cosplay satsuki in this outfit. I'm quite self conscious about my thighs which is where all my fat seems to be stored.

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If snacking is ruining a diet that can be summed up by "no breakfast, no snacking", you're not following it in the first place.

Also if they don't understand food, tey won't have any success calorie counting either.

>> No.9146703

Oh yeah. Yogurt, fish, dark veggies. Just google for foods that have the vitamins you need. A lot of them you can eat as much as you want like veggies and fish is always great because it has other vitamins and fats that are super good for you.

I have a vitamin D deficiency, so I have a lot of vitamin D fruits and veggies and try to eat more fish because of it. I was at 30 in my blood, but its gone up to 42 [which is still really low on the spectrum of what you should have in your body].

Yeah. Always ALWAYS eat before a workout. Otherwise you increase your chance of painful cramps and muscle lockups, feeling like puking, and overall your metabolism isn't even awake to bother processing the calories you are trying to burn.

>> No.9146706

There is no reason why you should be skipping breakfast. Even toast with some avocado on it or a piece of fruit. Stay clear of oatmeals unless it is just plain, nothing added in. People add so much shit to oatmeal half the time that it is no longer 'healthy'.

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>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
Cosplay was one of my motivators in the beginning.
>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Just costumes in general. I am short with broad shoulders, meh hips, and small boobs. If I am even a little bit chubby, I just look like a blob. A lot of weight goes to my face, too, so even dressed modestly for my shape, face shots would have me looking round as fuck.
>What inspires you to stay motivated?
Seeing my lifts go up. It gets a little annoying when bros at the gym shamelessly gawk or try to compete with me (like having to do the same style of pull ups on the same bar the millisecond I jump down), but it is motivating when actual fit people compliment me or ask if I compete in power lifting.
>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Honestly, strict diet and cardio isn't as important as people make it out to be. If you want to be ripped, pick up some heavy things and put them down. If you're just trying to get thin, then yes, do cardio and eat less.

I eat fast food and chocolate almost every day and do cardio literally once a month or less. I lost about 18lbs in 2 years without trying to lose weight and this is in addition to muscle gain. I think I had lost 10lbs in 2 months and the rest slowly came off. If it helps put it in perspective, I think I lost 3" off of my waist and now have a 6 pack (25" to 22"). I was never fat, but I was chubby. I believed abs were made in the kitchen, but they don't have to be if you get lean enough, which is possible without strict dieting, AND do a lot of core work.

Don't starve yourself and also don't kill yourself with cardio. Cardiovascular health is really important, and I know I should do cardio for that reason, but if you're aiming for a nice ass, do some stiff leg deadlifts (better for ass than squats in my experience).

>> No.9146765

Holy shit, I'd become the King of an African country or a god of thunder for a girl like that.

>> No.9146768

You dont see the shoop do you.

>> No.9146776

>>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
No, but I started working out for cosplay.

>>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Cloud Strife. Gotta get those Mako gains.

>>What inspires you to stay motivated?
I'm only going to be young and pretty once.

>>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Just get started. Don't buy equipment, just do some bodyweight exercises in your room. Complicated stuff comes later.

Also, check your local park for outdoor gym equipment. It's really good for beginners and you can look at people's dogs while you work out.

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>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?

I work out for me more or less. I got PCOS and it takes a pretty big effort to get my weight down or to keep things steady. But I got to the point that I actually like exercising since I tend to pick work out classes like pole dancing lessons which I find fun compared to just mindless cardio.

>What costume got you started on the fit road?

Not any costume in particular, I just kinda one day realized I didnt want to spend my youth regretting feeling self conscious in what I wear and how I look in photos. But cosplays a part of that since I want to look good in my costumes and photos of them.

>What inspires you to stay motivated?
My health. Again, PCOS, one of the side affects that runs in my family is early onset type 2 diabetes. I have been fighting that mother fucker off for 8 years so far and I will not let it get the best of me.
I also get inspired seeing costumes I want to do that are out of my comfort zone. And honestly 'Kiss Him not Me' has kind of inspired me to, since the plot is adorable and related.

>What advice would you give?

Calorie journal. A lot of my friends who argue that 'a calorie isnt just a calorie' also arent paying attention to just how many calories they are taking in. From only counting their main meals and not snacks, to over estimating portion size with out reading the food label.

Also pick work outs you like. I started doing pole for fun, and it is, I always feel tired and that I worked hard afterwords, and it never feels like a chore to go to the gym when I know I'm going to have a good time. It also motivates me do strength training since I know I need those muscles to preform harder tricks.

Or if you want to pick up running or walking, get a story app. Zombies run is actually really good. Some times it was the only thing that got me outside and jogging on a cold morning, but I'd go because I wanted to know what happens next in the story.

>> No.9146873

>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
Yes, lolita was one of the main reasons why I wanted to lose weight. Lost almost 50 lbs and now most brand dresses fit like a dream or a little big on me.
>What inspires you to stay motivated?
J-fashion basically, I just want to fit into kawaii Japanese clothing.
>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Take it slow, it's better to lose weight slowly than too fast and try to stick to a diet and exercise routine that's right for you. Also, use a food diary to keep track of your calories and nutrition, like My Fitness Pal- MFP helped me lose a lot of weight.

>> No.9146948

Check out Alicia Marie Body on Instagram.
She has videos where you can see she's ripped as fuck. No shop.

>> No.9147129
File: 59 KB, 700x1050, alicia-marie-sonya-blade-cosplay-standing-tall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly what >>9146948 said. She was a competitive bodybuilder for like 6+ years and in fitness magazines says she tried to impress boys/work out with boys in high school and college -- and I think she's in her late 30's now? She's been on various TV shows and magazines. You can just google Alicia Marie fitness and see her bodybuilding stage pics. Those aren't shopped.

>> No.9147171

>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
For both. I want to start cosplaying again and feel like I need to be fit for it. I also like designer clothes outside of Lolita and you gotta be slim for that too.

>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Nothing in particular.

>What inspires you to stay motivated?
The fact that I recently got diagnosed with an issue that requires me to loose weight or go blind (not diabetes). I also have a lot of back pain from it.

my cousin just got his license as a personal trainer so he's my main help right now.

>> No.9147178

>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
For myself in general, but got more serious for cosplay recently. I do a combination of HIIT and weight circuits (iron cardio I guess it's called?) 4-5 days a week.
>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Juri (Street Fighter)
>What inspires you to stay motivated?
The stubborn excess saggy flab that is hanging around despite getting down a few sizes; need to keep working harder.
>What advice would you give to fattychans?
Be consistent, don't starve yourself, get enough protein, and lift!

>I have darker skin. pretty much every darker skin character shows midriff.

I feel this so hard, anon.

>> No.9147182

Eat a burger fatty.

>> No.9147187

>it's actually other cosplayers here and not normies.
this, /fit/ is dudebro central, with all the usual 4chan autism. a cosplay workout thread there would just devolve into high test spam.

>> No.9147189
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>tfw don't know how to get skinnyfat so I can fit characters better
I need like a plan laid out in front of me instead of someone just saying "oh do cardio", that doesn't tell me shit.

>> No.9147190

google "couch to 5k"

>> No.9147193


>> No.9147195

No one gives a shit what you want. /fit/ has the information you want. Go read the sticky and fuck off.

>> No.9147196

Yeah I should probably give that a shot again. I gave up 2 weeks in because of no motivation and rain keeping me inside.

>> No.9147198
File: 276 KB, 500x350, tumblr_nkciegFQp11qbe9hqo2_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. I hate /fit/, some times there is good advice, and the sticky is helpful, but god it is dudebro ass hat central of 4chan, and that is saying something.

On a cosplay/weeb/fitness related note, any one tried those 'magical girl' work outs I see floating around tumblr some items?

>> No.9147204


>> No.9147206
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keep being chubby

>> No.9147211

No, I read the god damn stickout instead of asking for crash diet advice from lolitas.

>> No.9147218

>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?

>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Sakura Harunolike 3 years ago, lmao. I wanted to get really nice arms so I could look sick with her battle ax.

>What inspires you to stay motivated?
Found a really good group that meets regularly to work out. Not everyone has to be a weeb, but really nice to pop a 'hey anyone wanna go to the gym in 10 min' in a chat and have at least one more person who is free. Getting a membership to a 24 hr gym is really nice too since I used to be really self conscious of going to a gym and going at like dead o'clock in the morning meant I was the one of four other people there.

>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Try a sport or group thing thats related to the character you're interested in. My roommate started Kung Fu because she wanted to cosplay Korra last year and made quite a good number of friends to work out with outside of dojo hours and ended up looking really good after 8 months for con.

>> No.9147227

Lifting and physical activity is the only thing I have in common with normies and the only reason why I ever hit the gym as hard as I do is specifically to look good in cosplay.

>> No.9147230


>> No.9147232
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I've actually been thinking of gaining weight, but I don't think Super Pochaco proportions are very realistic for me.

>> No.9147235

>Do you guys work out for cosplay/lolita?
Yes, for cosplay. Been going to the gym consistently for 3 months. Combo of cardio, weights/resistance training, and meal prep. The whole nine yards.
>What costume got you started on the fit road?
Multiple-All for Colossalcon 2017 of course!
>What inspires you to stay motivated?
It's hard to get through the first few weeks, but seeing the results and feeling stronger is what keeps me going.
>What advice would you give to fattychans who want to get superhero ripped?
Set yourself up for success and leave no room for failure. If you don't eat shit and you maintain a steady workout routine, you will loose weight. Always push yourself farther every time, oh, and don't focus on the pounds, take measurements of your body every few weeks and take note of the changes, even small ones. Lastly, food- Don't diet. Make Lifestyle changes.
Probably not anything you haven't heard before though!

>> No.9147254


>> No.9147266
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>> No.9147269

What do you guys think looks better in pictures? Slim and skinny or having some muscle tone?
I feel like it depends on the character, but I'm always more impressed by a good costume and some muscle definition when it's a character who fights.

>> No.9147280

>You can't spot reduce without a cosmetic procedure

I've been trying to tell this shit to my SO but they just don't get it. its fucking maddening.
I'd rather feel fat than get shamed on my tiny tits all the time/confused for a man due to my flat chest- and I don't want implants.


>> No.9147284


>> No.9147287
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I need to find more character related work outs. My usual problem is not seeing the correlation between the work out and the character/show/comic/whatever.

This one its pretty easy to get since the Attack on Titan cast need to be ripped as fuck but others confuse me.

>> No.9147301


>> No.9147305


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