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Since the last one is getting off-track again and will get deleted soon. Only cosplay and jfashion related feels.

Gf/bf moarners, fatass-complainers and tits should go to other boards, we don't care about them here

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I don't care if the poster is wrong.
I don't CARE if you agree with the poster
I don't fucking give a rats ass if you're personally offended. Just ignore, post feels, and move on

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I had a great day at a local con today. I had an unexpected day off of work, so I had to pack as much anime as possible into about ten hours.

The best part was when some tween girl shrieked at me and started begging for hugs. She was so loud she scared a dabbing homeless man.

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Since the semi-recent rise of yumi king and the return of a happier venus, venus is almost good. She's so much more natural now and it makes me happy

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Going to Dragoncon soon.... It's my first time going since my grandma died. (Gassed while sleeping.)

She made most of my lolita shit. I'm not ready to wear it again so soon.

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holy shit what? Like did she have a gas leak in her house that killed her?
Sorry for your loss anon

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>tfw ugly people think you're a bitch because you won't talk to them

being pretty is hard

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nah she's just jewish

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I was wearing a really cute lolita hat when I got into an argument with my guy, he yelled at me, I slapped him, and he hit me hard back. Now I can't look at that hat the same again, even though he and I both tried to talk out what happened. I hate that, I just got it.

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I love these so much

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Instead of deleting threads, can we just ban people who post shitty bait?

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Yeah... Thanks. Things will get better.

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>I hit someone and I get upset when I'm reminded there were consequences for it


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Actually I think I will report every unrelated post, maybe then they will eventually stop

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I went into the bathroom at the con today and someone was blasting music in a stall. Probably to cover up their diarrhea.

I also saw a really cute lolita in the parking lot. I was going to congratulate her on being cute until I noticed her bumper was covered in Trump, furry, and 9/11 truth stickers.

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Wow ok so slapping someone in the face clearly warrants someone punching me in the head several times until I'm on the floor.
Ok thank you cgl for telling me that I deserved that.

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desu how is one of these unrelated? One of them talks about how a jfashion item became a bad reminder to them because of something that happened.
Sorry OP that this happened. While violence shouldn't be answered with violence, you need to realize that there are consequences to your actions. If the hat reminds you of a bad moment, just sell it, get money to get something else that is fun.
yeah just fuck off.

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What the fuck did you expect? You started it and he felt he needed to get rid of the danger. You COMPLETELY deserved it.

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Not OP but why is it ever a question of what someone deserves?
That's similar to she deserved to get rape because of what she was wearing syndrome.

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>wearing an article of clothing is the same as SLAPPING someone in their fucking FACE

she acted with violence and he reacted with violence. 100% fucking deserved it. You can't just go around slapping people in the face. Is this really even a question??

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I'm not a guy you twat. I just can't stand women who try and play the victim when they start the violence in a situation.

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Wait is OP a girl or a guy? Why did you assume it was automatically a girl?

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You're triggered or are they triggered?
Sage for unnecessary confusion.

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because we are on a predominantly female board. and if it's a guy he still deserves it. anyone regardless of owning a penis or vagina deserves what they get if they slap someone in the face.

I'm triggered at the absolute bullshit of people saying this person isn't deserving of getting their shit pushed in.

>slap someone in the face
>don't deserve to get hit

You also deserve to be hit if you think this.

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Because you assume a lolita to be a girl until stated otherwise because they make up the vast majority of the community? Do I really need to explain this to you?

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You're either a guy with a small penis or a landwhale excuse for a female.

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Nice fucking argument. I'm neither

>domestic violence is okay if a woman does it

it is NEVER okay.


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tbqh he should have sexed her right there to make sure she knows her place

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Good feels:
My ho slapped me so I put her in her place; now she relapses when she sees the wack ass hat she wore that night. We talked it out later but she knows who's wearing the pants now

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Just came here to support this anon.
How dumb do you have to be to think domestic violence is A-OKAY when a woman starts it? As a matter of fact most domestic violence is initiated by women conversly they are the least punished for it.

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they're both wrong. Anons wrong for hitting their partner, their partner is wrong for hitting back. They're both abusive ass holes.

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>be tall
>all con pics of me are unflattering low angles

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how tall are we talking?

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Kek'd anon.

This feel.

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You guys have some fucked up lives wow

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I'm only 5'7 but still getting almost exclusively low angle pics, I know the feel

the rest are awkward pictures that the photographer took before I had the time to actually smile/ while I was speaking, so rabbit teeth everywhere

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Rabbit teeth are really cute tho!

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>first time selling stuff
>one person stopped emailing me after saying they wanted to buy something. That's okay maybe they changed their mind...
>one person bought a jsk off LM but didn't read that I wouldn't ship INTL so had to relist
>someone bought a pair of shoes from LM, and then paid, but there's no address and they won't answer my messages now
I would almost rather just donate it all and be done with it

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Switch to FB, anon. You'll get more buyers and most of them will be itas willing to even overpay for stuff.

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>only 5'7"

Start by reporting your own post. Meta discussion is actually globally banned. Announcing your reports also is.

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>got some new pantsu for the con
>realize they're a size too small
>put them on anyway
>they're already exploding
>snap crackle pop

This is going to be a fun con.

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