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Worst cosplay/lolita experiences. Let's try not to drop names. I don't want dramu in here.

>go to local tea party
>leave to use bathroom
>on my way back, hear angry screaming
>arrive to find everyloli standing, and it looks like a fight could break out
>wtf, I was gone for five minutes
>turns out somebody was wearing a replica, and it sparked a discussion about the morality of them
>three girls ended up crying, and someone called security

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>arrive at the con
>realize I don't have any of my wigs

Luckily, they were selling all the ones I needed at the con. Still, I nearly shat myself with ice-cold diarrhea.

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Clingy friend third wheeled me and my s/o the entire con and didn't get the many, many hints that she didn't need to hang out with us if she didn't want to do all the things we really wanted to do. She just acted plans were suddenly a democracy and voted down everything and got super whiny but wouldn't offer ideas. She almost didn't let us eat because she didn't bring money so no one could get food? Bitch stay behind.
Then she got drunk in our room and spilled shit EVERYWHERE.
What was extra fucking annoying to me was she kept texting other friends who were there but no one would return her messages. Next time we go to the same time I will not return her texts either.

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Sounds like she just wanted a good old three way, split down the middle. ay-ay

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I was hosting a Touhou panel. Somebody brought their babby and the damn thing cried the whole time. I think it shitted itself, too.

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Friend found out she had brebt cancer the day before the con. Went anyway.

She survived btw.

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lmao I went to a PG13 panel once. Some lady brought her young children and tried to argue with the panelists because they swore in front of them. The panelists told her to take the kids out.

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I wish people would develop the sense not to bring small children/babies to these things. They can't possibly enjoy all the noise and bustle at these events that have nothing geared to them.

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went to a small "con" downstate because a friend got roped into vending and wanted me to come visit
>$15 admission
>sure, why not
>four hours later, in traffic: instant regret
>get to the venue
>shitty windowless shack on a golf course in the middle of nowhere
>oh look, they still haven't finished setting up
>wait 1.5 more hours to get badge
>inside is boiling hot and packed with sweaty nerds
>every attendee would be right at home on People of Walmart
>friend can't leave table, can't hang out until after con, can't talk without boss breathing down her neck
>google says the nearest place to get food is a gas station 25 min away
>ask around to see if anyone knows where to get lunch nearby
>"oh, lunch is included with your badge! they're setting up the buffet now!"
>wander over to "buffet" on far end of room
>a man is making a small pot of vegetarian chili and reheating frozen chicken nuggets on a hot plate.
>give zero fucks at this point, get in line for food
>wait half an hour
>people keep cutting in line
>mob grows restless
>volunteers keep stealing cups of chili and plates of nuggies, so the guy has to keep starting over with more frozen shit
>rabble rabble rabble
>and then they ran out of food after the first six people were served.

and then i drove out and bought the biggest burrito i could find and cried deeply into it while eating

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jesus christ, anon. that sounds horrible.

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>go to comic con on the state fairground, next door to a gun show
>dressed like a flaming homo
>group of gun-toting rednecks gawk at me

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Dear god, what? Was there anything anime to do?

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That's when you slap your ass and wink at them, be as flamingly gay as possible. Not a lot hits the spot like making prejudiced rednecks uncomfortable.

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about a dozen vendors all selling the usual shit, lots of bootleg figs and cheap tat. there was a raffle but i didn't stick around to see what was being given away. more "photographers" than cosplayers, and most of the cosplays were half-assed closet cosplay that were unrecognizable as any specific character.

the kicker is that that was the fifth consecutive year that they'd been running the con. i have no idea how, or why, honestly.

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This is how you get Deliverance'd.

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I don't understand how, but my uni's anime club really has gone to shit while I've been there. My freshmen year, it was a bunch of friendly weebs that got together on thursday nights and just chilled out and watched random anime and that was it. Now it's branched out into this monstrosity where we do icebreaker games, people do shitty closet cosplay to the meetings, try to learn japanese and sing vocaloid together and sew bad plush or other crafts, and all sorts of other bullshit. If we even watch anime, it's like one or two episodes of a Funimation dub because we have some sponsorship deal with them so we can go to Katsucon as a group.

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Oh my god. How can a group of girls be so fucking cringe as to 1) bring up such a touchy and tired debate and 2) fight it out in a public place

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what "con" was this?

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>brebt cancer

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I hope you aren't vegan because your tears are a product of animal suffering.

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their orphan tears

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Norcal meet up in winter. Two gender bent haikyuu cosplayers wore white t-shirts and underwear with a ball and we're surrounded by photogs telling everyone else to get out of the way. Super lame.

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MCM October a few years ago. Never going to the league meetup again.

>Walking around as Ezreal
>Already got shit tonnes of photos with people
>League stage have already told me to come meetup
>Go to meetup
>Everyones trying to get to the front of the group and get seen in photos
>Fucking fighting over eachother
>Massive line for fucking photos with riot staff
>Video parts just a flurry of pushing and posing
>Noone is talking to anyone bar bitchy remarks about skimpy costumes
>Get pulled out by Riot for group photo of 5v5
>Have to kneel on concrete for what seems like an eternity
>group haven't moved in ages
>we bail and go inside after he's finished filming
>fast forward two weeks
>on the splash for league
>nowhere in the video

Never going to one of those again, just a group of obese women arguing about their costumes and dudebros loud talking about ELO.

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I fell in love at a con once. Seemed nice at the time, and for about a year after, but turned out to be terrible.

Also, someone farted in the dealer room.

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It's not terrible to bring kids to things, they need to practice socializing/being around large groups of people at some point, but if your kids can't behave or the parents are psychos who aren't going to accept responsibility that their kids may be exposed to things they don't like, then yeah stay home.

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Kids old enough to walk by themselves and enjoy things, sure. But infants? They're just going to be miserable and make everyone around them miserable as a result. I love babies and think they're cute but they don't belong at anime conventions.

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>Get invited to Anime Matsuri
>Ok cool
>Discover my friend is the only person i know, everyone else is just random people he met through other people
>Pack into a van to make the drive (we live in Nashville)
>One brought her baby, another one is some weirdo who really likes girl with baby but doesn't want to get involved with baby
>Other two is a couple who got into a fight twice on the drive alone
>Finally get to Houston
>Go to hotel and break off from the randos ASAP
>Baby cries almost all night on the first night
>Second night come back to sleeping baby but no people.
>Girl comes back after claiming she needed to make a phone call
>Later find out that couple from earlier that rounded up the group got into another fight and just left
>The van was their rental, so we were stuck in Houston

Thankfully I had a few friends who lived in the area so we stayed with them for a day or so afterwards

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Nashville weeaboos, represent!

One time I went to MTAC and some homeless woman started screaming "DIE DIE" at me.

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Nothing makes me madder than people bringing their babies to a con. Cons are disgusting, noisy places, that's nowhere an infant should be. This woman brought her two week old to the last con I went to and it still blows my mind as to why she thought that was a good idea.

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Aw yay! I'm a TN weeb too~

Sadly in a much less progressive area than Nashville and there are not many of us over here that aren't shy closet weebs or something.

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We've had discussions in older threads about building immunity and all that, but regardless infants are just fucking annoying for the other con-goers, especially if you take them into panels or shows.
Get a babysitter or leave them with a guardian.

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Girls on the internet love to gossip about exaggerated stories, don't they? You don't see us guys doing this shit.

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What was the point of this post?

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There's a certain feminine way of hating anonymously online. You see it in tumblr asks as well as on this board. I feel like guys shit on things differently

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Have you been to the other boards here? Lmao

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No one gives a shit? What does this have to do with this thread?

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Nice false sense of superiority you've got there.

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Girl detected. Anyway I'll shut up now just continue with the thread

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If you're going to troll, at least make it good.

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>Girl detected.
90% of this board is girls.

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You've never seen /r9k/, have you

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>location is having a Pokemon train discount
>comm decides lets meet up there. Optional theme is Pokemon theme
>we all play so dress up as our team or in blue, yellow, red
>aspie working there "hey are you guys Pokemon cosplayers?"
>"haha yeah Pokemon discount"
>proceeds to then change music to Pokemon walking theme (or general Pokemon game play music)
>a little annoying, at first we assume someone is loudly playing because there are lewers about. Ok no big deal
>aspie keeps doing tasks around us while humming along with Pokemon music
>I am one of those people who can't stand people chewing loudly, clicking pens ect. I hate when people keep their phone volume max and the fact he was humming badly just killed me the whole meet

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Shit I ment to add heard "Pokemon players" But he must've said "Pokemon trainers"

>> No.9176528

That really sounds like a you problem. A location is doing a pokemon promotion and you're mad they acknowledged that you guys were there for that reason?

>> No.9176543

My thoughts exactly. Someone is an aspie because he is enjoying his job and his having fun with the theme? No wonder lolitas get a bad rap for being judgemental. I say this as a lolita myself.

>> No.9176778

For a 10% discount off bubble tea, he didn't need to change the music to Pokemon game play audio.
Also I know my issue with sounds is a problem. I just felt it was too much seeing as the promotional 10% off is still going on it wasn't like a limited thing and it was because we were dressed up.

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Yeah, I only went to my uni's anime club once to see what the deal was. It was really just a handful of people in the back of a lecture hall playing Pokemon on their DS, and a dude up front reading manga by himself. Anime was playing, but no one was watching. According to a friend/long time member, they usually can't decide on what anime to play, and it's usually down to old popular series (like Toonami stuff), rather than the latest craze or vintage anime.
They don't even have discussions about shows, cons, cosplay, or J-pop culture.

Strangely enough, the Doctor Who club was way more interesting and less autistic.

>> No.9176896

Was he creepy about it? It sounds like this guy had a good time at work seeing others get enthusiastic about an in store promotion, most likely because he is a diehard pokemon fan.

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Ooh. Glad she lived!

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Some fat dude slipped and fell on a little kid. It was brutal.

>> No.9177076

Was the kid okay?

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My friend's sister went to....


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Name and shame that con.

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I once had a little bit at a con come and run up under my skirt to hire from his brother. I was horrified to have some strange child hiding his head under my skirt as I was talking with friends.

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You must be a bit of a dick. They were just doing their work enthusiastically

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This sound fake. I don't think any ones comm would get into a fight like that. If any thing the replica wearing Lolita would end up posted on secrets or here. Plus a blow up like that would be remembered by more then just one person.

>> No.9177127

This is the part where eating all that Taco Bell pays off.

Lol, something tells me it was a fairgrounds shitcon for super-normies.

>> No.9177135

Yeah, honestly the fat guy was way more butthurt.

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>I fell in love at a con once.
Same. Why do these things never work out?

>> No.9177175

You should never have piped up to begin with bruh

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I've been to a local drunk con where room parties are effectively a sponsored event, and it's pretty much the norm to see an abandoned 7-11 y/o sitting in a corner playing on their DS and trying to talk to drunk strangers abt pokemon in every room. sometimes they even have kids nerd-herding & checking badges for parties at like 11 PM.

there's socialization & then theres shitty parenting

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I always fart in the dealers room. One crop dust deserves another

>> No.9177202

I mean it might not be 100% true, but it's very possible that this anon is the only one who wants to talk about it since they weren't actually involved. Sounds like it was an embarassing situation for everyone.

I've had it work out, although I didn't fall in love as much as confirmed that I am an extreme homo. We had a short-lived relationship, but it was nice while it lasted.

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Yeah, my school's Roleplayer's Guild is the better nerd club. Even when the event of the night is LARPing in the quad, it feels less autistic than the anime club.

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>Clingy friend third wheeled me and my s/o the entire con and didn't get the many, many hints that she didn't need to hang out with us if she didn't want to do all the things we really wanted to do. She just acted plans were suddenly a democracy and voted down everything and got super whiny but wouldn't offer ideas.

Did she forget that in a democracy, 2 people outvote 1?

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Poor girl, I hope she made it out intact.

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is it true that some guy from 4chan waltzed into dashcon without paying, pissed in the ballpit while screaming death to israel and then left

>> No.9177293

Yes except for the ballpit part.

Since it was an SJW convention, everyone celebrated and agreed when he said Death to Israel.

He recorded a lot of it, it's on youtube somewhere.

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All I know is she cosplayed Draco Malfoy, and didn't get an extra hour in the ballpit.

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Probably a 10 year old girl wearing a chobits cosplay, chi to be exact. She comes right up to me. Looks up and says "chiiii" really softly. I think she asked for 20 dollars after that.....not very creepy but awkward

>> No.9177467

Cool. My uni's LARP club is also one of the better nerd clubs too. I guess it helps when you have very dedicated members and have an activity to do. You don't even have to be a member; they're always inviting passersby to play for a few minutes.

/polite sage

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Oh god, I just had cringe flashbacks. I was washing my hands in the bathroom, when a sudden cough cased me to fart. Then I glanced in the mirror and saw a really good lolita RIGHT BEHIND ME.

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I went to a con at the state fairground. The toilet overflowed and spilled into the hall. There was an actual poop in the tide, and some girls were freaking out like it was going to bite them.

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>> No.9177507

It was some tryhard attempt at trolling irl.

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During a con. I found out my aunt was killed in a car accident(her husband was driving drunk and t-boned another driver)
Then the next day one of our friends we were rooming with found out her neighbor hung himself.

Not the greatest news to find out during a con.

>> No.9177543

>tfw they start chanting along

Pretty low-hanging fruit, but it needed to be done.

>> No.9177699

Should have made her earn that 20, anon.
Teach her a valuable lesson about hard work.
With your dick.

>> No.9177740

My apartment burned down while I was at PAX a few years ago.
It was one of those duplex apartments, the old lady who lived next door apparently slipped and died while she was smoking, and the cigarette caught something on fire, and the fire spread until it hit a fucking propane tank she was storing under her kitchen sink, and then the whole duplex pretty much exploded.

I-I got to see retsupurae though, that was fun...

>> No.9177742

Jesus fuck, anon

>> No.9177745

I hope you had some motherfucking renters insurance.

>> No.9177761

Oh Anon, that's terrible.

I found out on the drive home from Matsuricon last year that my dad died. He had stage 4 cancer and my half-sister tried to contact me during the con in case I wanted to say goodbye to him, but I don't have service on my phone.

>> No.9177837

Sounds like it was better that you were at con and not at home when your building fucking EXPLODED.

Hope you were able to recover some money from her estate.

>> No.9177972

I'm sure some of y'all remember a few years ago when the Gaylord was double booked with Katsucon and the BBYO international convention (aka Jew-con).
I was sent by my old job as part of a team to diversity train some of the BBYO leadership (aka here's how not be a dick to non-white and non-straight Jewish kids) and didn't know Katsucon was happening. I had to suffer this whole weekend giving diversity training to a group who just weren't receptive, while knowing the whole time Katsucon is going on in the background and people are actually having fun.
Not the worst thing at all by this thread's standards, but god it was miserable.

>> No.9178076

Any possible way you could have gotten away with bailing on that shit and hitting up the con for just a day?

>> No.9178080

JIDF here, I hate those kind of Jews.

Rich B'Nei Brith suburban trust fund kids. Spoiled JAP brats who embody some of the worst stereotypes about Jews.

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One time I lost my spare panties at a con. They were really cute, too.

That doesn't sound unlucky, so much as INCREDIBLE LUCK. You almost died, dude.

>> No.9178182

Unaccompanied ten-year-old hitting on grown men and panhandling. Now it's a party.

>> No.9178206

>it was nice while it lasted.
Im glad you had a good time dude

>> No.9178218

>One time I lost my spare panties at a con. They were really cute, too.

How did you lose em?

>> No.9178220

yeah, changing the music for a 10% off themed deal/event sounds pretty normal. To sound very nineties, take a chill pill anon.

>> No.9178398

Based on context I would wander a guess that a roomie swiped them to fap.

Who were you rooming with?

>> No.9178402

Real off topic question: Apparently the hotel I was at last weekend was apparently double-booked with what I assume to be Hasidic Jews. On more than one occasion they, especially women with children, refused to get on an elevator with my non-jewish family while we held the door for them and welcomed them. Is that a cultural thing?

>> No.9178425

Yeah, and it's actually a real big problem on flights. A friend of mine was flying from NY to Isreal and she got sat between two Hasidic Jew dudes who offered her $$$ to move to another seat so they didn't have to sit next to a woman. She refused, and they held up the flight for ages demanding the stewardesses moved them.

>> No.9178430

>not accepting $$$ to not be sandwiched by two entitled dicks
what for
I mean I get not moving on principle but they continued to be shits about it so I personally would be happy to move at that point.

>> No.9178431

Would have taken the cash desu. I like money more than I like respecting myself.

>> No.9178446

Yes. I used to go to school in an area full of them. They won't stay in the same environment as someone of the opposite sex. So boys/men would switch sidewalks sometimes if I was on it lol. I never took it personally. Like it's not disruptive for me if they move, and if they offer me money to move, then I'm being pretty well compensated for something so inconsequential (for me)?

>> No.9178450


>> No.9178454

It's the principle of the thing. If they were the ones who were bothered, they should be the ones to move, not the other way around.

>> No.9178456

Yeah they absolutely should have
But dude, money lol

>> No.9178473

If it was Friday night or Saturday, then it's their Sabbath, and they don't ride elevators then.

>> No.9178525

Yeah it's sort of what >>9178454 said, I don't like being treated as though I am diseased just because I have a vagina. I don't really want them to think they can get past that by paying me either.

If I ended up in the same position as my friend on the plane I'd have stayed put and constantly brushed my leg against theirs for the entire flight. If I was in your position I'd have crossed the street and followed them real close.

>> No.9178576

Female Jew here, I hate those sort of hasidic men. Usually young orthodox Jewish guys are pretty quiet and nice to me/ other ladies, a lot of the time because they spend so much time in the yeshiva they barely get to see women and dont know how to react lol. But the super orthodox older hasidic men just piss me off, they act as if girls have cooties like calm down there buddy

>> No.9178580

I don't really care enough to go out of my way to bother them. Their customs are different and it doesn't bother me that I'm not included in it. Why make people uncomfortable when you can... y'know, not.

>> No.9178585

They're the ones who are making themselves feel uncomfortable by adhering to nonsense beliefs, and they're making me more than uncomfortable by treating me like a diseased animal carcass instead of a person.
>sage for OT

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File: 1.23 MB, 2592x1458, 2016-07-02 21.25.40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This year
>/cgl/ anime expo meetup
>Go and talk with everyone
>Having a nice time
>"Hey guiz! Let's go to the Hyatt"
>Take a shuttle to the hyatt
>no one's fucking there
>I'm in town alone
>I'm in fucking cosplay
>Joke cosplay
>Self confidence is wearing thinner than a waifu's 3rd dimension
>Go up to the pool area where we'd meet
>Wedding party there
>Everyone there makes more money in a day than i make in a year
>Learn the feel of Laser cheese as they're all staring holes through me
>Finally decide fuck this shit
>try to go home
>Pool door is locked
>Need a card
>Find a way down through the parking garage
>Take a lyft back to the hotel i'm actually staying at
>Microwave is broken so i heat up soup by soaking the can in hot water in the sink because i don't know where everything is/don't want to be culturally enriched
>Call my friends back home and they're all at an early barbeque
>They can't really talk because they're all having a blast drinking and eating good food
>Wake up late the nex day and miss the touhou meet with Zun
>Read the next day i missed everyone by mere minutes
Should have just went out at night and got shanked.

>> No.9178612

fake & gay

>> No.9178625

I feel for you, anon. That's the kind of shit that happens to me if I go to cons alone.

>> No.9178643

They make me uncomfortable by acting like I am subhuman so, y'know, they can fuck off.

>> No.9178668

Only been to like 3 cons, and the worst I've seen are furries walking around.

>> No.9178695

For a moment I was like, I have literally never had a bad convention weekend. And then I remembered the con I try very hard not to remember.

> Beg a friend to come with me to a 20K attendance con, it's her first con but I thought it would be super fun to go with her.
> We split up to different things on Saturday after lunch, no big deal, make plans to meet up again at a late night panel later.
> It's a big panel, sit in line for an hour, still get mediocre seats. Friend never shows.
> Panel starts. Realize I have her badge in my bag. Whoops.
> She don't have a phone.
> I don't know what to do, so I figure I'll see if she's at the hotel afterwards.
> She's not.
> She's not at the con.
> It is getting REALLY late and she hasn't shown up.
> Friends looking for her. Room mates looking for her. Con staff looking for her.
> Con staff very worried because there was a shanking outside the con center earlier.
> Start talking about calling the police if we don't find her soon.
> I get a phone call from a room mate to come back to the room ASAP because friend has returned and is in a horrible state.
> Friend was turned away from the door by security at the con center when they didn't have their badge.
> Security wouldn't let them go to the lost & found to check for their badge.
> Friend was raped walking back to the hotel alone in the dark.

The rest is very personal, but I spent the rest of the weekend at the hospital with her.

I want to stress how important it is that if you're going to be at a late night event, you make plans to walk back with other people or budget for a cab. We were young and stupid - it was my first con going to 18+ panels, the hotel was only three blocks away, I had been going to this con for years, and I had never experienced anything like this before. But young and stupid isn't a good enough excuse to have let something like this happen. Be smart. Buddy system that crap.

>> No.9178847

Holy shit, anon. That's so horrible, I'm so sorry about your friend. Is she doing better now?

>> No.9178858

That's awful :/

I always always try to stay with the group because I'm paranoid but sometimes it doesn't work that way. At a con one year a friend and I didn't want to stay late for a panel so we were going to take a bus back to our hotel (it was far from the con center and we had to take public transportation). We got lost at night in an unfamiliar city and our phones died. We were both in cosplay and got more than a few guys shouting at us. We eventually found a taxi and were able to get back. It's a very awful and scary experience. I'm so sorry about what happened to your friend and hope she's alright. I'd probably never go to another con again.

>> No.9178859

Oh man I didn't expect that. Sorry to hear that, is she doing better now?

>> No.9179090

>brebt cancer
Sounds serious.

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File: 1.29 MB, 300x300, YAAAAAAAAAAS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I was hosting a Touhou panel
No wonder someone thought it was appropriate to bring a baby

>> No.9179104


If this is true then HOLY FUCKING SHIT, someone strangle me. I nearly threw my laptop across my room after reading this. I'm terribly sorry this happened to your friend. God damn, I hope she'll get better. This is so fucking horrible.

>> No.9179362

I wanna know what deleted said!!

>> No.9179436

If I didn't know this was about Hasidic Jews I would think you where talking about overly gay men.

>> No.9179443

It was just some neckbeard from /r9k/ complaining that none of these stories are real, wimmin exaggerate too much, etc.

>> No.9179515

since we're on the topic of crazy Jewish dudes:

>rooming with Jewish dude
>he's usually super chill, gigantic liberal, grew up being taken to fantasy faires by his hippie parents etc
>someone says "Oh hey Jewnon, have you ever read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?"
>"No, what's it about?"
>Thirdanon proceeds to give a bare-bones description
>Jewnon decides to start reading it on his phone
>By Saturday night of con he'd started Part 2
>Battle Tendency has Nazis
>Nobody told him that Battle Tendency has Nazis
>starts tardraging at us because we didn't tell him there were Nazis in JJBA
>he's literally autistic so he's actually going full tardrage at us
>nothing we say helps at all. nothing. we can't get him to calm down because we all have goyim privilege and nothing we say can stop the tide
>he eventually tired himself out and refused to read any more of JJBA

Actual weirdest fucking experience of my life.

>> No.9179536
File: 952 KB, 680x650, 1472122105047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But who could hate this wonderful man?

>> No.9179539


An autistic Jewish man who goes into a frothing rage when Nazis are depicted as anything other than literally the devil.

I almost typed "literally Hitler" and had to stop myself.

>> No.9179546

Why do Jewish people still get angry over the Holocaust? It's like the kinda people who get angry over 9/11.
It's over with,just move on.

>> No.9179580
File: 18 KB, 512x288, kill-la-kill-19-05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are still people alive who's immediate family members and friends were killed in 9/11. But yeah, I guess since they're already dead they should just get over it.
Anyway, let's not derail the thread.

> Go into game room at a con with bf
> Decide we want to learn how to play Settlers Of Catan
> Play with some strangers, learn the basics of the game, have a good time
> Tell bf "We should come back tomorrow and play some more before the masquerade!"
> Next day
> Go to game room
> No one else available to play so me and bf just start playing against each other
> Guy that's helping run the game room comes over to us
> Old guy in a fucking kilt
> Decides he's going to play with us
> Turns out he plays competitively
> Spends the game talking to us like we're fucking idiots and sucks all the fun out of playing
> I make a joke about the Sheep card
> He takes it personally and stands up to show me his kilt
> Says some bullshit about respecting sheep
> Mfw I just want to game to fucking end so we can leave
> Continues belittling and talking down to us whenever we make a "mistake"
> Even though we literally just learned how to play a day ago so excuse us for not playing on a "competition" level
> He patronizingly says "I'll go easy on you guys"
> He let's me win and we're finally finished with the game, running late for the masquerade
> Don't go back to the game room for the rest of the con

He was such an obnoxious asshole and it completely killed our mood for a while.

>> No.9179592

Same reason the BLM people pull black Slaves into their arguments. They want to be treated like gods because if their ancestors hardships.

>> No.9179596

Jew here. My grandparents were survivors, it fucked them up for life. like seriously once my sister and i were doing firecrackers on new year's, we were little and didn't know, and all of a sudden my gran starts screaming, she's laying on the ground with her hands on her head talking in yiddish or something. years later i found out she had to see her sisters shot in front of her and then dump their bodies in a mass grave.
shit's not funny man. it still affects all of us today.

>> No.9179599
File: 75 KB, 440x660, 1460314834803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9179604

Don't you know anon? You can't make fun of a race or culture any more. It's insensitive and offensive to those who had the fight for their heritage. This world is too sensitive to laugh at a good Scottish sheep joke or a Irish car bomb joke any more. Jeeze grow some awareness to others plight.

>> No.9179608

Idk, jew anon again. idk about this dude, maybe he's just autistic or whatever but he might have thought you were trying to make fun of him or be mean or something. i grew up in small town, only jew in my school and kids would pull fucked up shit on me all the time. they'd draw swastikas and shit on little pieces of paper and hide it in my coat and lunchbox and homework and shit so whenever i opened stuff swastikas would fall out. it was middle school, kids were mean, it wasn't a big deal and i got over it but maybe something like that happened to this guy and he thought you were trying to make fun of him or something.

or maybe he's just an autist. who knows. all im saying is you don't know his/his family's history with nazis/antisemitism, and maybe his reaction was based off that. :/

>> No.9179645


He was angry at us very specifically because nobody considered them "evil enough" to even mention offhand. Like he was straight up convinced we were basically nazi sympathizers because thirdanon didn't consider them "evil enough" to mention in his bare bones rundown. When we tried to placate him by saying they're just a footnote and the immortal naked vampires named after 80's hair bands were the real villains he got even angrier because apparently if you're going to put nazis in something they have to be the absolute root of all evil and can't be treated like incompetent jokes or secondary villains.

And like, he's right? It's the same deal with North Korea except they're actively staging a campaign of outward-facing tomfoolery to make the world think they're a military joke. The more we make fun of the nazi party the less grave the implications of their actions and the circumstances of their rise to power become. But dealing with an autistic dude that melts down over incompetent dumbass manga nazis was not the most fun I've ever had at a con, that's for sure.

>> No.9179658

Tell him not to read hellsing then if nazis offend him that much.

>> No.9179684

Not a 4chan guy. He was a former SA poster who was part of le edgy humor group of tumblrs that included peble and unregistered-hypercam2

>> No.9179691
File: 253 KB, 1000x1494, nopantsu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I was rooming with two other grills. I lost them at the con itself. I think they fell out of my bag in the dealer's room.

>> No.9179704

Plus it isn't even the Scottish that shag sheep, its the Welsh.

>> No.9179721

Because neo-nazis still exist, anon. Together with parties that are basically full of "I'm not a nazi, but..." people.

To be on topic
>going to one of bigger cons in autumn, first official day
>it's pretty cold but w/e we will be left in soon, right?
>official time is 3 p.m.
>at least one more hour passes
>at this point we are freezing
>friend has even blue thumbs
>our group already has tickets yet apparently we had to share a line with the ones who need to buy tickets?
>everything is a mess
>finally being let in
>lots of interesting workshops were wasted because pretty much everyone had to wait outside

At least it didn't rain

>> No.9179763

And I actually just remembered what my joke was. All I said was "Give me your stupid (ugly?) sheep". Fuck that guy.

>> No.9179831
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How was the ceeg AX meet this year? I'm going next year but I hear it's turned into a sausagefest nowadays.

>> No.9179875

Bait but it's for a valid reason they get angry.

1. People who were in the camps are still alive. How fucked up would it be to spend years in a place where you were starved, beaten, treated like cattle and then live out the rest of your life around some idiots going "I don't see why everyone still cares." and even some bigger idiots who dedicate their sad little lives to proclaiming the Holocaust never existed! Then there are the NeoNazis/White Supremacists who want Holocaust 2.0 and are backing Trump with the idea that once he's President they can Heil Trump and have everyone chased out or rounded up and make America as great as Third Reich Germany.

2. People get angry over 9/11 for two reasons:
One, it's basically the biggest act of terrorism on domestic soil and they want to use it for their reasoning to do shitty stuff like blame ALL MUSLIMS. These people need to get over it because what's going on to innocent civilians in cities in the middle east is 10x worse and has gone on for years. We had one terrorist attack and they've been trapped in bombings and fighting ever since.
Two, people knew family and friends that died in 9/11 or suffered mental or physical injuries in 9/11. They'll never get their friends/family back in the first case and in the second, it's a total shitshow where people with breathing problems, cancers, and PTSD and PTSD related issues aren't getting the help they need because government won't pay for it. If you're lucky enough to get into the VA hospital, they're still shitty and you've barely done better than no treatment at all. So yeah, I think people ought to be angry over 9/11 solely because the people that risked their lives to save others are now dying because no one is helping to save them. The government screwed them over badly and they still haven't fully made it right.

>> No.9179880

Should've just told him it's no fun and leave. Don't waste your time on people who don't deserve or appreciate it.

>> No.9179884

Dude, same goes for pretty much everyone who experienced the war.
My grad was chased through a dark forest by russians. She was a kid back then and lost her parents in the dark woods. Then she thought she'd found her family again, sat down next to them. A few moments later she realized it wasn't her family sitting down and resting, it was a bunch of corpses.

>> No.9179977

>> Friend was turned away from the door by security at the con center when they didn't have their badge.
>> Security wouldn't let them go to the lost & found to check for their badge.
>> Friend was raped walking back to the hotel alone in the dark.

I hope she sued. Security not letting people check lost and found for their badges is absurdly shitty even without the horrible thing that happened to her because of it.

I'm guessing this was a long time ago? Judging by how she didn't have a phone and all?

>> No.9179985

I thought it was Moroccans. Or do they shag goats? I forget.

To be fair though anon insulting sheep is really out of line, sheep are glorious animals. Glorious and fluffy.

>> No.9179992

It's a good thing Hogan's Heroes didn't come out in this Politically Correct day and age, but back in the 50s.

Funny how people cared so much less when the wounds were fresh, but their great-grandchildren care so much more.

>> No.9180006

not even once

>> No.9180013
File: 57 KB, 836x1060, argentinaball in sheeps clothing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welsh, New Zelanders, and Arabs in general (not just Moroccans) all have the "sheepshagger" tag. Arabs are also known for fucking goats, but really, who'd hit on a grumpy goat when there's cute fluffy lovable sheep around?

>> No.9180018

People cared, they just kept it to themselves. Nowadays everyone has a platform to air their grievances: FB, twitter, online "newspapers", etc.

Anyway this is derailing

>> No.9180062
File: 66 KB, 1893x347, partyfarty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend got hit by a car while dressed at Space Dandy. Luckily, he only got some bruising. Still scary af at the time.

Is this story about you?

>> No.9180132


I was doing Steampunk Flash at SDCC and this one Heartless came up and kept doing that ....attack? thing where they hit you in the heart to take it.

But he just kept (politely and softly) punching my chest piece and shaking their hand like it hurt.

And I just. Didn't know what to do or say. I tried playing it off like "haha it's shielded."

Eventually dude wandered off after three hits but I was like....I don't know man.

Good for you for having the fun and acting the part but I just don't know what you expect me to do in turn.

>> No.9180147

A couple. Both at Anvil Center. First one had a game beta that flopped badly on release date and died three weeks into the game while the other there were barely any stalls open and the car show was better run.

>> No.9180165

Not that Anon, but often times at cons people are out and about so long that their phone dies, or they can't carry it on them because of cosplay.

>> No.9180254

>london's first fashion walk
>over 300+ interested in attending
>admins are fucking idiots, decided to change location from a large park to a dirty skatepark other side of london due to weather
>shit hits the roof online
>huge uproar ensues resulting in going back to previous venue
>next day
>meet up at park, raining heavily but people still show up including creepy bunch of guys
>admins dont know where to go and have no route planned, dozens of girls in expensive coords
>call it quits and go off to a cafe with other equally angry attendees

london fashion walk didn't happen this year

>> No.9180382

That's some sixpence shit right there

>> No.9180384

Breast cancer AND Debt cancer.

>> No.9180386

Both are American traditions!

>> No.9180410

holy shit, i literally have stress dreams about this shit almost every week
>dreams always revolve around not bringing critical part of every costume
>one dream ended with me trying to make the most of what I had and ending up with a mish mosh of every part of cosplay i had

>> No.9180438

lmfao cracked up at the 'respect the sheep' part. my family plays settlers all the time (mostly a little tipsy) and its basically us being dicks and making jokes about the cards. i hope you can play it again with some friends, anon, and not some unfun kilt asshole

>> No.9180451

I fucking hate when cons can't get their shit together for prepaid and still need to pay people. It isn't that hard of a concept, but once a year it still happens.

>> No.9180753

A kid tried to stab my eye out in character. Literally went for my eye. Fucking Kuroshitsuji fans

>> No.9180788

My friend found a bra at her place after a sleepover once. It didn't belong to any of us. It is still a mystery to this day. Maybe your panties got teleported into another dimension, a sort of undergarment foreign exchange.

>> No.9180824

Is that what happens with socks?

>> No.9180832

no, socks only transform into extra tupperware lids

>> No.9180871
File: 95 KB, 600x600, red pill truly see.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9180923

Fuck, dude. I come to these threads to laugh at cringe, not feel shitty and depressed.

>> No.9180937
File: 40 KB, 290x290, gwenoutrage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to local flea market / comic con bullshit thing
>just want an excuse to show off my Spider-Gwen
>mostly just normies
>find like three other cosplayers
>elderly porn artist hit on me
>photographer broke his leg falling off a ladder
>shit-reeking bitch forced me to hug her
>some kid fainted and his mom just dragged him off by his ankles
>food was like $12 for a hot dog

>> No.9180965

>My friend got hit by a car while dressed at Space Dandy.
This made me laugh really hard. Imagine getting into a serious accident while in cosplay.

>> No.9181029

Was his pomp okay?

>> No.9181050
File: 132 KB, 1280x720, Upotte!!_Episode._10_Funko_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw con isn't next to a gun show
I had no idea how much I wanted this until you mentioned it
At least it's next to a metal festival

>> No.9181184

I actually met two cosplayers who said they got into a wreck driving back home one year. They said it was really awkward riding in an ambulance and explaining cosplay to the paramedics.

>> No.9181201

A good rule-of-thumb:

If it's a con/meet-up in Boston, it's going to be a fucking mess.

>> No.9181203

Arisia, Boskone and Vericon seem to go off every year without a hitch. Why can't Boston anime cons do the same?

>> No.9181225

The marathon bombing changed a lot of things (rightfully so) but everything also went down hill from there for anime cons.

Meet-ups only suck because a bad group runs almost all of them.

>> No.9181241

How did it change things? I haven't been to Anime Boston for years and years, and never have been able to make it to PAX.

>> No.9181242

The bombing (and a threat at a pokemon event) caused security to tighten significantly which caused most of the grumblings you heart about since AB has to negotiate with the convention staff and the hotel both of which are wary about events of this nature since then (and also because of the rave incident).

PAX actually runs more smoothly in spite of the tightening security compared to AB however so I would actually recommend them if anything.

>> No.9181324

Was it last MCM oct? I was at that shitty league meet up outside. It was so fucking bad I stood there for 2 mins while no one spoke to each other and left. Pissing with rain and I couldn't be assed with the "B-but im Diamond im good"
Piss off

>> No.9181342

Nashville here, sounds about right.
Shame MTAC is crammed in the sheraton.

>> No.9181395

From its start until 2013, MTAC was probably the best anime con in the south.

Now I have to drive to Atlanta for my twice-yearly weeaboo fix.

>> No.9181438

It also doesn't help that AB pretty much waited till the last minute to inform the Hynes they needed metal detectors. So the Hynes had to scramble to find some. Also made the retarded decision Saturday to make the AA entrance into the Sheraton a Vendor/Guest only one. Lasted maybe 5 hours before the complaints piled up so bad and they blamed the two volunteers they sent over for it. But ironically enough AB wasn't the issue this year. The Pru decided to throw all extra business out the window demanding no congoers walking through it. Had their rent a cops trying to force everyone to walk all the way around the building even if your hotel was the Sheraton.

>> No.9181514


Follow up on this post >>9178695

It was a few years ago, she's doing better now but it honestly changed her life. A trauma like that isn't something that can be forgotten, only accepted. We went back to the same con the next year to "conquer" it and it was stressful but good. The year after THAT though, we went back again and had a blast. So it's like, trying to overshadow the bad memories with good ones has been good for her. Now she's looking into going to a different con that aligns more with her brand of nerd (I like anime, she's more western comics based).

She didn't sue or file a report with the police, because reliving the trauma wasn't going to be worth it. The american justice system is not kind about these things, and she did not have a supportive family.

Additionally, the security was convention center security, not con staff. So anyone who staffs or organizes a convention, it's a good idea to make sure that any convention center staff is aware of your policies. The actual con staff was extremely helpful when we were searching for her.

>> No.9181590

what changed?

>Additionally, the security was convention center security, not con staff. So anyone who staffs or organizes a convention, it's a good idea to make sure that any convention center staff is aware of your policies. The actual con staff was extremely helpful when we were searching for her.

The convention center has much deeper pockets and a much higher responsibility for proper training of their professional security. She absolutely should have sued, though she'd probably need a police report to do that successfully. That double relieving of trauma might not have been worth it to her.

>> No.9181613

Anime midwest 2016 was in the same building as a porn convention. it was pretty chill usually but later in evenings drunk dudes from the porn convention would somehow leak into amw and awkwardly hit on/whistled/hollered at a bunch of female cosplayers, including me. Most of us weren't even in "sexy" cosplay. One of my friends, a nozomi cosplayer, got groped.
The rest of the con was fun though.

>> No.9181835


Anyone took the bait? But lools like Nozomi got Washi Washi'd back.

>> No.9182122

League meets tend be be shit any way. Especially in NA. EUW isn't much better. I just wear my league cosplay and do what I want. Try not to mingle with people in the fandom because I may want to punch you once you say "I main teemo"

>> No.9182182

>what changed?
They moved from a huge-ass hotel to a tiny one.

It was especially bad the first year, since way too many people showed up, expecting the usual large venue. Now MTAC attendance has dropped hugely.

>> No.9182275

Why would they do that if attendance isn't dropping?

>> No.9182284

The pron con missed an opportunity not to give free admissions to scantily clad cosplayers.

>> No.9182434

The big-ass venue banned them. The rumor is that raver kids smashed a bunch of shit, but who really knows.

>> No.9182483
File: 77 KB, 838x427, 10669332_10152776327900155_6583557535723554187_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was about 2 years ago, no organisation.

(It was before kenny did garen every con and just demolished the rest of us)

I'm the ez under the play button.

Most of the people i met at that con refused to go back to another meet as Riot just fav'd certain people and the rest of the fans were pure cancer.

Much like league online.

>> No.9182559

Oh! I skipped that mcm too.
Honestly I don't think any meets have went well, ever since Chapman tried to take over as the "Number one League tog" I've shown no interest, he only shoots with hot girls and and Kenny basically.
I don't know if you've seen the League meets he does these days but i would advise you to not fucking bother, its a cluster fuck with Chapman on a megaphone demanding for all the hot girls to get to the front.

>> No.9182565

Yeah i've learned to stay away from the meet ups now, they're all full of themselves when they get out of bronze. Over half of the League cosplayers i've met only Play ARAM or Normals too its so mundane talking about that shit.

>> No.9182583

Even then chapman was ordering us about. He moved me to the back at one point and was like "you dont need to be in this one."

I moved back straight after cos fuck that shit.

I'm not surprised he's nuked the entire thing now.

>> No.9182584

because I'm sure cosplayers are just lining up to hear your amazing tales of ranked.

>> No.9182663


it's illegal to hold a rave without a license in TN and MTAC circumvented having to pay for a license by calling their rave an "electronic dance", as far as I recall. Might have something to do with it.

>> No.9182735

You realise how boring it is to hear someone talk about how much league they play and they play ARAM right? I'd rather listen to someone who knows what they're doing and getting a good rank because of it.

Infact, honey. I never talk about league or my oh so fun ranked adventures unless someone asks me and even then i'm vague because when you're cosplaying no one gives a shit about how good you are at the game.
Piss off ARAM fucker.

>> No.9182738

Chapman is the reason most people don't go to these events, out of my friend group anyway. It's either him getting cuked again or Smile250 talking about his League knowledge when hes Bronze 3 with zero map awareness.
Honestly when i'm cosplaying from the game I try my hardest not to talk about it (which is odd i know) because no matter what you say, you WILL be wrong in someone's eyes, or some beta who is Gold is trying to impress a sexy Gnar/Poro with this rank.
rip any MCM League meetups desu.

>> No.9182779

Surely there are other large venues in the area?

>> No.9182882

There was that one year where the gun show was going on the same time as A-kon.
You have every right to want this. It was pretty neat.

>> No.9183098


germanbro here

>> No.9183109

>friend bails on me 2 days before con
>frantically tries to sell of my badge or find a ride/room
>gets room with people i met on homestuck omegle 2 weeks before
>gets ride with friend in back of uhaul van
> get to con
> crazy girl in room tries to invite some rando into room that just just met (no room to talk tho)
> breaks ankle on day 1 by falling down stairs (cosplaying as dave from homestuck, no less)
>walks 3 blocks to hotel to see if there's an ace bandage
>walks back to con to first aid station
>refuse to go to hospital because the burlesque show is in 2 hours
>now has to use painful crutches all con
> crazy girl is mad that she didn't get a companion badge with my special needs badge
>crazy girl eats cheetos in hotel bed and get orange dust everywhere
> crazy girl thown out of room
> have to be carried around photo shoot cause cant walk
> friend carrying me is omegle person cosplaying dave's brother
>at least yaoi fans are happy
>have severely bruised arms from crutches
>on the plus side, i now have a regular cosplay group with omegle people

>> No.9183339

> breaks ankle on day 1 by falling down stairs (cosplaying as dave from homestuck, no less)

If only she'd been cosplaying Sweet Bro.

>> No.9183365

Sorry if that was confusing. I was the one who broke my ankle, not crazy girl.
And Dave is the closest thing to sweet bro when falling down the stairs.

>> No.9183369

>First one had a game beta that flopped badly on release date and died three weeks into the game
Which one was this?

>> No.9183373

Ah, okay. Story makes more sense now.

Did you ever get your ankle treated?

>> No.9183388

>invited internet friend into my room
>we ordered pizza, she did not chip in yet stayed for dinner
>I get super wasted with my friends I've roomed with for years and we eat about half of this extra large before passing out
>she stays
>morning, think I'm getting some cold con pizza for breakfast
>empty box
>nobody else touched it so I assume internet friend threw it away and get miffed
>she mentions she "finished it off" all cheeky like she just took the last slice
>no, she ate half an entire pizza that she did not pay for while we were asleep
>had to get cleaned up starving and hungover

>> No.9183406

As soon as I got home from the con.I was pretty careful with it at the con, so I didn't injure it more.
But it's become something of a joke within the group every year. we shake our fists at that staircase.

>> No.9183473

While it is rude on her part, I still wonder what you expected to happen

>> No.9183745

This is what happens when you take in a fatty-chan.

>> No.9183808

Probably her to take one slice, not the entire pie.

>> No.9183810

She probably waited til you guys fell asleep so she starved til she got the pizza lol

>> No.9183817

>she mentions she "finished it off" all cheeky like she just took the last slice
That made me more upset than it should have. Did you ask her if she had some money for the pizza she ate? Because I would have asked her for at /least/ $5

>> No.9183954

If you invite a friend, isn't it common courtesy to let her eat with you? If you can't offer anything just tell her she can't stay for dinner, or you shouldn't have invited her

>> No.9184014
File: 245 KB, 550x600, OtzYbJ7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you'll never be alternating between firearms and anime panels while in lolita
>tfw you'll never go to a shooting range with a bunch of weebs
>tfw you live in canada

>> No.9184045
File: 710 KB, 480x270, 1472903487185.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>month before, I went out of country for the first time to go to a con with some online friends
>con was horribly organized and we ghosted
>actually had a blast despite that because the people were really fun, I socialized for once and it was my first time doing a non closet cosplay

Skip to a month ago
>time for my local anime con
>they were fun before but now I realize how much more fun I COULD be having
>Start working hard on cosplay
>decide to look up some meets happening at the con
>organize going with dude I was friends with in hs (call him bob) that wants to go
>also organize going with 4chan dude that lives in my city (call him jim)

So even before the con things started to go to shit
Bob kept complaining about not having a cosplay
Wouldn't stop whining and dismissing ideas until I gave in and agreed to make him one
Then wouldn't let me work on it unless he was there
What would he do you ask? nothing because he "didn't have the skills"
(bitch I JUST learned how to do this last week, don't give me any excuses)

Now here comes the con:
Day one
>get there early, bob was at work
>I really wasn't satisfied with the cosplay I made
>nonetheless, people were lining up to take pics, even people who didn't know the show because they liked the design
>bob gets here
>cosplay I made for him looks horrible because he didn't iron it like I told him to
>Decide to go to a panel
>bob doesn't want to so he goes hang out with this dude running a booth in the vendor's room
>have a blast at the panel
>hang out with other guys there until the next panel from the same series
>invite bob multiple times to come
>refuses each time
>have a blast at second panel
>go home because it's late


but anon
nazis are literally hitler

>> No.9184059

Day 2:
>want to do the cosplay contest just because
>meet some really fun people in line
>it's taking way longer than they said so leave to go to meetup (they took in fewer entries than they said so I wouldn't have gotten in anyway)
>bob keeps texting me asking where I was
>tell him many times (I'm not even moving)
>whatever, I'm having a lot of fun here
>invite bob to come, doesn't want to
>the I go home and change into normal clothes because cosplay was hurting my back
>took me maybe 40 min
>Go to pokemon go panel with bob (not pokemon general, pokemon GO)
>pretty boring
>hanging out in the dealer's room now
>learn that a VA from my favorite series is giving autograph in a few minutes
>rush to buy a figure to have it signed
>bob doesn't want to wait in line and decides to go to a legend of korra panel
>when I finish, text him I'll be hanging out on the floor taking pictures until his panel is over
>fine, I'll go to the panel
>when I get in the room and tell him he comes out saying it's boring and let's go
>it's around time for the cosplay contest
>start watching, the host is doing his tismic show and being unfunny
>cosplays start
>pretty good
>ngl, I was kinda salty I couldn't get in
>at this point I was real hungry because I hadn't had anything all day
>tell bob I'm gonna get somethign to eat
>"why would you do that? this is the biggest event of the con, I don't wanna miss it"
>"you don't have to come with me"
>"no, I'll go with you"
>complains the whole way there we're missing the show
>we come back and it's time for the cgl meetup
>I'm pretty sure the dude doesn't even know what 4chan is and he doesn't even cosplay
>nevermind that, he insists on coming
>try to convince him "dude, the show is still going" "you don't cosplay" "this is just for us, we don't really like outsiders"

>> No.9184060

Day 2 part 2:
>fine, come with
> I go to the spot, see you guys hanging out
>decide to pretend not to spot you because I don't wanna bring this unto you
>bob has a brilliant idea
>"why don't you shout cgl and see if they look"
>at this point I'm done, I just walk out of the con and go home


>> No.9184061

#notallnazis anon

>> No.9184077
File: 13 KB, 350x171, CpoHGTyVMAEws4z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[cont] Day 3:
>early morning bob texts me about going to a pokemon go meet
>sure, maybe with other people it won't be as bad
>event ends up being really badly organized treasure hunt
>leave in the middle of it to go eat
>come back, ask bob where he is
>says he's volunteering at a booth in the dealer's room
>get there ask why he's doing it since he's not getting anything from it (keep in mind this isn't volunteering as a con staff, this is a store that makes profit which he wont get any of)
this is pretty much how the conversation went
"Well this convention is really boring so I don't know what to do"
"You shouldn't say it's boring, you barely tried to go to any meets or go to any panels, besides you can just leave if you don't like it here"
"Well it's because I don't like anime"
"Why do you come here then?"
"I like going to comic con, also I like naruto so I can see some stuff here too"
"Naruto isn't even good, I could show you some anime you'd really like and you could enjoy thin con more"
"you can't say naruto isn't good, it's the most popular anime of all time"

at this point I'm just done with this guy and walk out

You may ask why I bothered giving jim a name if he wouldn't be in the story
Well, me too because he didn't show up despite giving meetup times and locations he didn't show up

All this doesn't mean I didn't really enjoy my weekend, since I hung out with people I met at panels too but it sure brought the experience down by a lot

>> No.9184123

Oh my god, this happened to me with my SO's friend. He wouldn't even go to a different part of the dealer's room without us. Like, I get it, you don't know many people here, but for god's sake you won't die if my SO and I look for something at a booth 20 feet away from the booth you want to look at.

But at least he didn't vote down any of our plans, he just went with us even if he wanted to do something else. We told him he could go do whatever but he just refused.

He also didn't shower enough and reeked of BO. Like, I can't smell well at all, but I noticed that. And one night when SO and I were ready to go to bed he wouldn't get off of our bed? Like we were under the covers saying good night and he was still on our bed on his computer, even though he had his own bed. SO straight up had to tell him "hey uh can you please sit on your bed" and he joke-whined "Aw, you're kicking me out?"

And those stories don't even cover half of it. Not terrible, but still pretty annoying.

>> No.9184165

Someboby threw a cheap dildo during the rave. God damn, anime raves are shit tier.

>> No.9184755

My friend broke three toes kicking a wall by accident. Ruined the con for us desu.

I also got food poisoning on the Saturday of ALA.

>> No.9184760

We did let her eat with us. She ate then and also ate the rest of the pizza later.

>> No.9184803

See, now that was rude of her. Your original post made it sound like she just sat there while you guys ate.

>> No.9184824

I just had food poisoning, I rather have my teeth pulled

>> No.9184826

Sorry, was trying to make the story short as possible and did a bad job of it.

>> No.9184845

I went to a small con where on the friday I dislocated my shoulder on the saturday I fell hit my head on a table and got a concussion and on the sunday I got food poisoning. It was not a fun weekend

>> No.9184854

lmao was his name Chris?

>> No.9184858

My sister was there during the 2010 Fire Alarm Incident at Otakon. She was Alyx Vance and wore the brown coat and everything. It was in the middle of fucking summer.

>> No.9184860

The food poisoning itself wasn't so bad (just a day of vomiting and diarrhea). Missing the con was pure hell, though.

>> No.9184866

I was there, too. I was Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden. I nearly died in that heat. Desu.

>> No.9184876

I got food poisoning on the Saturday of my first ALA too! It was also the first time I ever had food poisoning so I didn't know what was happening. Also our neighbor in the hotel was a DJ who was blasting music all day so I couldn't sleep, I just laid in bed all day listening to shitty electronic music through the wall.

>> No.9184904

I would absolutely love to see a big group of lolitas at the range shooting, holy shit.

>> No.9184939

There was a really good gnar cosplayer who pretty much made the full fur suirt in the dinosaur outfit.

She got like barely any exposure at the meet because all the hybrid gnars were crammed in the front and she wasn't tall enough to be seen.

He was offering a 2 shot shoot for everyone there but after all of the people had queue'd up and he'd taken all the ones he wanted to he pretty much rushed it and didn't put up half the shots cos of "quality"

>> No.9184951

>When /CGL/ turns into the comment section of a youtube video.

>> No.9184953

Shame that con. Give us a name to avoid gull.

>> No.9184956

This makes me so God dam angry. Your friend didn't deserve this. Fucking Dammit

>> No.9184957

Not sure if b8....

>> No.9184958

If I have bad gas I sometimes stick to the dealrs room or run by the gaming room. In one there are so many people and the air is so cold no one will notice.
In the other it smells like shit anyways.

>> No.9184960

Wait so someone left their child ALONE in a hotel? The fuck.

>> No.9184962

They are doing you a service. Giving you a discount and trying to have fun at work.Get over yourself.

>> No.9184974

I would totally do that photoshoot.

>> No.9184976

Bruh.... You're a stronger fellow than I if you can handle the liquid fountaining from both ends and not be upset by it

>> No.9184977


ngl you kind of sound like an ass yourself anon. Your friend doesnt sound like a saint, but jeez anon.

>> No.9184978

>So even before the con things started to go to shit
>Bob kept complaining about not having a cosplay
>Wouldn't stop whining and dismissing ideas until I gave in and agreed to make him one
>Then wouldn't let me work on it unless he was there
>What would he do you ask? nothing because he "didn't have the skills"
>(bitch I JUST learned how to do this last week, don't give me any excuses)

Sad to see guys are just as dumb and lazy and easily cowed as girls.

>You may ask why I bothered giving jim a name if he wouldn't be in the story
>Well, me too because he didn't show up despite giving meetup times and locations he didn't show up


>> No.9184979

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who experiences this on a regular basis. :')

>> No.9185002

I honestly don't recall getting his name but this happened at Anime California iirc

>> No.9185244

mind saying what I did wrong?

>> No.9185273

I'm the same way about sounds, stuff like that really infuriates me, like I get so so irritated that I struggle not to fly into a rage. People probably just think I'm being a moody bitch or PMSing.
You can't really blame him for being passionate about something, anyway.

>> No.9185407

A game room story of my own.
>Friend and I are Princess Rosalina and Daisy from Mario a few years back.
>Decide to entire the mario cart team tournament for shits and giggles.
>I mean, I've never seen it at another con.(I avoid the game room And we ARE Rosa and Daisy.
>Surprisingly make it second to last round.
>Guy over hears us saying how we were surprised, we only play casually and not well at that.
>Typical game room guy. Fedora, Halo T-shit cargo shorts and BO for days. Glasses, sparsely beard, doesn't have acne at present but has plenty of acne scars.
>Goes autistic and shrieks that we are ruining the spirit of the contest, that only pros should be allowed to enter.
>Yes tard, only pro MARIO CART players are allowed to compete at this 2 bit con.
>A few other neckbeards start to agree with him.
>Almost all people we beat.
>Guy running the game room is obviously confused and doesn't know what to do.
>Whatever.jpg we offer to drop out, it was only for fun anyways.
>Original tard of course takes this as us, "Running away."
>Much to my friends dismay I hitch on my big girl panties and stick around. She troops through with me as well.
>Don't make it past that round but we finished so I was proud.
>Afterwards we see the guy around the con.
>Gives us the sink eye and follows us for a good while through the dealers room then AA.
>I have read enough horror stories on /cgl/ to care.
>Tell con security.
>Don't see him again or hear anything from staff so I can't say what happened.

>> No.9185413

Used to LARP.
Too much to choose from...

>> No.9185420

This made me laugh harder than it should.

>> No.9185435

Start when you're ready

>> No.9185467

Who cares, you're seriously going to press someone to cough up $5 for leftover pizza that sat out half the night? You sound cheap, and Internet or not I'd feel like one awkward fuck if I invited someone to my room, ate in front of them, and didn't offer them at least a little something. Rude.

>> No.9185619

That was my very first Otakon!
And this year was my first Katsucon... stuck outside in the cold during their fire alarm incident. I preferred the Otakon fire alarm.

>> No.9185626

I'd be pissed if I woke up and found someone had eaten my breakfast.

>> No.9185735

This is not so much the meetup itself but the host.
>just joined comm
>see a meetup very close by at a well known tea room
>its super cute but tiny, and in a posh shopping street with a central metered parking lot
>all in all really perfect for a smaller shopping based meet
>arrive 5 minutes early because parking is sometimes tricky
>get to tea room, no one else there yet
>slowly other people arrive, many ask if i'm host since i'm only one who knows where the parking and other stores are
>host shows up 30 minutes later
>says she couldn't find it
>immediately starts complaining about how we're "crammed" in (12 people in a shop with max 25 seats
>complains about prices for high tea and selection of desserts
>rapidly becoming clear she's never been there and never asked any questions when making reservation
>right after we order she suddenly yells and runs out door
>her car is being towed because she parked on the street directly outside of store
>doesn't come back
>after some chatter we realize shes never been to a meet before and posted just enough to avoid being culled for lurking 5+ years
>it ends up falling to me and one of the mods to lead rest of meet because we're the only ones who have been to that area

>> No.9185739

I've weirdly had this happen like 4 times before and almost entirely when wearing something 'princessy'. Its awkward as fuck. DisneyWorld syndrome maybe?

>> No.9185809
File: 28 KB, 457x510, vomitoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AWA 2015. Starbucks was out of pumpkin spice for lattes. I asked if they were going to get more before Sunday, and they said they didn't know.

My grandma died while I was at Momocon this year.

>> No.9185863

Anything held in the Boston Commons and I mean anything. Cosplay events have been going on for 5 years there, and every year it's shit.

>> No.9185926

I got a beefy crunch burrito at the CNN Center Taco Bell, only to discover that they don't make them with the Mexican rice there. Just shitty white rice. I feel your pain.

Sorry about granny.

>> No.9186035

This isn't a meet up story though. It belongs in the horror stories thread.

>> No.9186059
File: 134 KB, 475x712, Boned_cage_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4 times

that's the point where you start considering wearing a plastic or steel boned 'cage' under the dress and sewing the dress to the cage.

bonus points if you make it in a way that if you raise your legs, the structure supports you and you can 'sit' for a while.

>> No.9186062

Were you wearing ballgowns? The huge poofyness is probably a really inviting hiding spot for a small child.

>> No.9186068

nah anon's being a dick. bob sounds shitty. I hate it when people just complain instead of actually trying to enjoy themselves. Especially when they act like it's someone else's responsibility to make sure they have fun.

>> No.9186070

This is a worst meetup and con experiences thread, anon.

>> No.9186137

A friend of mine was in a serious car accent while in costume on the way home from LARP. They cut her costume off her and she still sometimes offers to lend that dress to people before remembering its fate and going quiet.

>> No.9186138

That is heartbreaking.

>> No.9186200

>Taco Bell
>expecting anything Mexican

>> No.9186218

I mean... at least she lived. That's nice.

>> No.9186303

Pizza isn't a breakfast food.
>someone eating leftover pizza is seriously someone's "worst con experience" story

>> No.9186637

Jesus Christ.. What happened to her after that? Did she get the boot?

>> No.9186641

I know you're trying to make a joke here, but TBell brought back their old Spanish rice for the Beefy Crunch. I'm pretty sure it was limited-time and they're back to the shitty Latin rice though.

>> No.9186688
File: 1.77 MB, 250x141, 1463263949093.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can talk about a few of these now since it's been years
>huge con
>spend most of the time in closet cosplay since I wasn't interested in cosplay much anymore
>reserve sunday for lolita
>bought pricey tkts for lolita tea party and told friends whom I was carpooling w/ in advance this was the one thing I wanted to do
>put up with their crazy shit like trying to finish cosplays in the room
>having their stuff thrown all over the place
>getting too early at the con lines and having to stand outside for hours bc of their paranoia
>I'm not nitpicky so I was fine as long as I got my tea party
>sunday comes
>cosplay friends don't want to stay bc they're "bored" and want to go home but too bad hoes, you promised me!
>attend my tea party and have great time
>want to stay for group photo
>get text from friends midway through
>"Anon we're leaving NOW to beat con traffic, meet us at x position."
>worded it in such a way that I thought they were waiting for me
>...god fucking dammit
>apologize to new friends at tea party, they're shocked my carpool is forcing me to leave the event I paid extra for
>walk outside to meet carpool at exit of parking lot
>traffic for days
>don't see them
>an hour passes
>feet hurt in heels so I say fuck it and sit in the grass
>two hours pass
>lots of people honking at me and asking questions because I'm in lolita
>see the lolitas from the tea party leave the event
>get so angry I start walking down the lot of traffic to find their asses
>find them stuck in the parking lot traffic
>they're pissy bc they're stuck, which they would have been anyway
>I'm visibly upset, they act like they did nothing wrong and that *I* was in the wrong
>I undress from lolita right in front of the damn parking lot with no fucks given
>entire ride home they act like I overreacted so it was awkward as fuck
>I wanted to cry
>still friends w/ them but I can't have entirely good memories about this con for that reason

>> No.9186804

Damn, anon. I'd be mad as well.

>> No.9186997

Yeah, she lived. Not her best friend who was next to her in the back seat. When the roof crumples it sucks to be a tall person.

>> No.9187124
File: 264 KB, 500x281, dc4f35c79dab17db630211c7dd91603be4e6fa1b_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Babby’s time attending a con for all 3 days
>Rooming with my best friend P and her gf C
>Except my friend didn’t tell me that C’s brother, R, is also staying with us until a few days before the con
>It’s fine I don’t mind
>Everything is okay for a while
>We go to check out the dealer’s room
>R makes about one lap around, buys some D&D stuff, and proceeds to complain when we browse longer than 20 minutes
>R complains there’s no point in staying any longer since he’s out of money (from his parents, he’s 25 and jobless)
>C asks where he wants to go next then
>R doesn’t have anything in mind, ends up muttering that he wants to go to the game room
>We all go because why not, the dealer’s room is there all weekend
>Except R never stops complaining about how he’s not having fun, but not making any suggestions of what he wants to do
>Doesn’t want to go to any panels or events, but also doesn’t want to go anywhere alone
>C ends up having to babysit him the entire weekend or else R will just mope around in the hotel room when he’s bored of the game room for the day, because P and I actually want to go do stuff at the con

>> No.9187125
File: 41 KB, 379x437, 1457987338610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>P wants us all to meet up with a con buddy for dinner
>R complains about the Japanese place we all wanted to go to, so we just settle for the chain Mexican place next door
>The battery in C’s car dies so con buddy has to give us a jump, and of course the entire time R won’t shut up about how terrible things are
>When we get back to the hotel I use my laptop to skype my bf at the time (who they were all mutual friends with, we even had a D&D campaign together)
>Very polite about the conversation, talking quietly. P and C were even joining in and cracking jokes, but R just sits in the corner quietly
>Next night we actually think R is having fun after we went to the traditional game room and played cards against humanity
>Wrong, on the way back to the room he spergs out to C about how everything sucks and complains I was talking to my bf yesterday, while I was in earshot
>When we reach the room, P and I decide to go to a panel we were iffy about because of the tension
>It’s a bust, but we at least we’re not around R
>When we get back R whines about how late we came back even though it’s barely past 11pm
>On the ride back home R swears he’ll never go to a con again

Good. R was so bad that this experience beats out the following year in which I was stuck with P and C after they had broken up, since we already booked the room before the breakup. I also caught con flu that year and felt miserable the whole weekend.

>> No.9187147
File: 60 KB, 720x720, 1457252166735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9187160

The people in this hobby can be really cruel in really needless ways to your face sometimes. My first OP was a replica my mom bought me. (Obviously neither of us knew of replicas at the time.)

Wore it to a meet. This girl in AP straight up shit talks me to my face, shit talks me to the girl next to her, and basically tells me I have no morals. I didn't even know it was a replica at the time. It completely put me off wearing Lolita simply knowing how... mean people can get right in front of you for not knowing stuff.

>> No.9187179

At this point it's so bad I actually want to go to see if the stories are true

>> No.9187195

was this at NDK?

>> No.9187203

>Babby's first time at a far away con
>Staying at a backpackers hotel with 5 other people
>Mum is kind enough to drive me to the hotel, and pick up 3 of my roommates on the way
>The day before we pick them up two of those roommates got into a fight, so there is tension the whole drive down
>Arrive at the hotel, which was booked by one of the 2 roommates not present
>Get told we can't stay because I am underage, the other roommate not present is also underage.
>Try to call the roommate who booked the room to work something out, she's not picking up
>Decide to find another hotel for us all in the meantime
>Manage to find a decent place only 10 minutes away from where we were supposed to be staying
>Two absent roommates finally arrive
>The one who did the bookings decides to blow up at us over the whole thing as if it was somehow our fault???
>More tension that doesn't go away the entire weekend, causing more small arguments between everyone in the room
>End up leaving on the Sunday night instead of the Monday morning because I couldn't stand it anymore

>> No.9187231

If you wanna stand around for 5+ hours listening to Pop Music blaring across the commons, watch people act like a mental asylum. As well as listen to the 'Hosts' screech over microphones at everyone in the shade. Be my guest. Don't forget to being your own food and water. They'd sooner have everyone collapse of heat stroke than provide anything. But don't worry they have plenty of water and food for themselves.

>> No.9187654

You have the worst of luck, man. I went to Baltimore Comic Con two weeks ago and when I was about to leave the fire alarm went off. I think it was a real emergency.

>> No.9187721

>rooming with friends ax 2014
>friend decides to bring this guy she met on MySpace years ago
>theyve never met in person before then
>guy comes in the room & starts unpacking
>pulls out a costco sized box of Nyquil and condoms
>"just in case anyone wants to have fun with me"
>gets a refund from my friend & books it to another friends hotel

>> No.9187726

What a shithead.
But hey, at least the overconfident creep outed himself immediately. Can you imagine being tricked into thinking he's an okay guy only to come back at night and see him pull out those condoms? Yuck.

>> No.9187759

>a man might want to...oh god...put his penis in me!
>oh god no!
>this is the worst thing in the world!

God forbid, anon. Such a terrible thing.

>> No.9187766

The guy wanting to have sex is not a bad thing. The guy being a creepy motherfucker and showing off his 'materials' is the bad thing. Yeah, trust a total stranger that does something that rapey and socially fucking awkward. You're a moron, she's right for getting out of there.

>> No.9187779

And this is why I've just signed out of the whole thing entirely.
If you're "overconfident" and pull out condoms, it's a no go.
If you don't make a move, you're a fucking beta and it's a no go.
You have to find some balance and be clever, or be so hot that nothing you do or don't do matters and the girls are just raring to jump your bones anyway.
Also, there's a a real "any guy that I don't think is a 10/10 is a creep who shouldn't bother trying" factor at work here.
Fuck the mindgames.
Fuck the alpha/beta nonsense.
Fuck all of it.

DISCLAIMER: I will admit that having the Nyquil is creepy and rapey.

>> No.9187796

>complaining that anons are finding that guy creepy when even you admit the Nyquil combined with the condoms is pretty damn creepy and rapey

Nobody is saying anyone who tries to test the waters is a creep, but that dude was clearly up to no good.

>> No.9187892

>If you're "overconfident" and pull out condoms, it's a no go.
You make it sound as if that should actually work. Have you been getting your advice from teenage boys? No, most women will not want to sleep with a stranger that whips out a box condoms.
Sorry, there's no sure fire way to get girls to fuck you. You're just going to have to be patient and rely on a friendly personality.

>> No.9187943


A Paddy's Dashcon, only worse.#

Went from an typically hyped event in the city centre, rapidly down to a few no-lifes in a business conference centre annex to a pub being shushed by the staff because they were double-booked with a business conference.

So bad it should've been aborted. But alas, the 8th amendment.,...

>> No.9188531
File: 339 KB, 1920x1437, 1413734080427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When Katsucon and that jewish youth con were going on at the same time I had two strange encounters

>Playing the piano in the lounge friday evening, talking to a photographer buddy
>2 high school youth group girls come over, ask me to play something they can sing along too
>Play Stand By Me, one has a really good singing voice, actually kind of having fun
>Then she sits on my lap
>Push her off gently kind of laughing it off.
>She asks to stay in my room, Me and my friend just look at each other then shoo her away.

>Fast forward to Saturday Night, Drinking at the gazebo. Gatorade bottle of jungle juice.
>Some Youth group girls come up to us and ask us about the con and what not.
>Have a nice convo, they're showing us pictures of some big foofy dress cosplayers
>One tries to take my bottle, not having it
>Other starts flirting with me and some other people in my group trying to get us to invite them to our room for drinks.
>Tell them to bugger off

What the fuck is wrong with kids these days? Don't they know about stranger danger?

>> No.9188786
File: 116 KB, 342x324, 3u59284352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The hell

How old were these kids? That could've been dangerous if it was a con creeper.

>> No.9188814

It's not that complicated. Pulling out condoms is literally never okay. You just have to have average looks at best, chemistry with said person, and know how to read body language to gauge whether they would reject you or not. It's not a science it's just about being a functioning human. I love chubby guys even though im a smaller girl, if they have confidence (usually shown by having good conversations with others even if they are introverted) and we have a similar sense of humor then chances are they can easily find someone interested. It's usually socially awkward creeps that flip about not understanding the "balance." Fake it until you make it i guess.

>> No.9188833

When I was 18 I went to a local college con cosplaying Ramona Flowers and bumped into someone who was in my anime club back in high school. I said hi because "hey remember me? We have talked a total of 5 sentences in high school!" Hey ended up lingering around, and when I tried to pull the "well, I gotta go!" he then decided to follow me. I kept having to introduce him as "X, he and I were in the same anime club a few years ago." During downtime, when we all were sitting on the floor, I noticed him hugging me from behind and start to place his hands on my thigh. Annd then he kissed me. In front of my friends. I didn't do anything because I'm super shocked, and my friends are giving me this look like "Did he just do that???"

When he ended up leaving, my friends were asking me what was going on, and I said that basically I didn't say ANYTHING that insinuated I wanted that, I apologized if it made them uncomfortable (I absolutely DESPISE PDA so I'm always hyper aware), and hoped I wouldn't see him the next day. The next day he ended up following me around again, asking "what are we" and shit like that. I was having a horrible time because I could NOT get away and I felt bad for leading him on, but at the same time he was not reading that I literally hadn't said much to him at all these past few days. My friends were trying to come up with ways to ditch him, but I ended up coming up with the most devious plan I've done: basically I told him I had to go home, he decided if I'm going home then he has no reason to stay at the con. He walked me to my car (he followed me to my car), I drove away, circled around a few times, came back to the con, parked in another parking lot across campus, and came back to where my friends had been hanging out and got to enjoy the last few hours of the con.

I've seen him around a few times since then, but haven't spoken to him. Probably could've handled it better, but fuck that was creepy.

>> No.9188853
File: 40 KB, 636x475, terrible cosplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Con was 2 hours drive from house.
>Dressed in costume for my drive because I wanted to.
>arrive at con and was going to meet up with friends but needed to check into hotel before going to check into convention.
>Friends were staying with family.
>I didn't want to sleep on the floor or some shitty couch.
>booked hotel room by myself
>arrived at hotel and was not impressed but who cares, I won't be there very long.
>hotel room was messy.
>fresh jizz on bed
>hair in sink
>called hotel front desk
>angry woman at the front desk yelled at me and told me I was a liar
>went down and got into huge fight with front desk.
>manager suggested I had sex in there and wanted a free room.
>was so angry I almost felt a stroke coming on.
>threatened to call the police
>got them to cancel my reservation and give me my money back.
>I checked out.
>had to find a new hotel
>was walking around in my outfit getting propositioned by creepy guys
>had police officer sarcastically ask me who my pimp was
>called my friends and told them I wasn't feeling good and was going home.
>got in my car and drove home crying the entire time.
>that was my first attempt at going to a con. I didn't give up as I have been to a lot.

Advice for first-time goers: bring earplugs and Febreze.

>> No.9188857

Beta women are the fucking worst

>> No.9188878

>Advice for first-time goers: bring earplugs and Febreze.

Or check out the hotel you're going to be using on TripAdvisor first.

>> No.9188880

That would have driven me to a meltdown as well.

>> No.9188891

This one is years old but still the worst con experience I've ever had. It's made me wary of staying with people I don't know or letting friends handle the sleeping arrangements unless they're booking us a room themselves.

>be barely legal, can't drive, but have the typical somehow unemployed teen weeb gets enough cash to blow on multiple conventions syndrome
>decide to branch out to new conventions I'd never been to before
>one was in DC, never been there
>friends with a girl who was locally famous for a Naruto costume
>tell her I'll pay for her badge and gas if she'll go to the con with me since she can drive
>another friend (flamboyant twink) who can't drive wants to go as well so now we need a room for three people
>Naru-cos says she'll get us sleeping space in a room with people she knows
>we get lost in DC trying to find the hotel because this was before GPS was commonly used
>finally get to the hotel and go up to the room
>Naru-cos assured us that her friends had booked a suite so we'd have enough room
>I'm thinking we'd be 5-6 people at the most
>I underestimated by more than half
>room owners are a pair of thirsty guys
>Naru-cos effectively flirts her way into sharing the massive king sized bed with them and another girl
>4 people in one bed
>10+ people left to fend for themselves on the floor, in the bathroom, and one guy sleeps in the closet
>nearly every inch of the suit is covered in luggage and sleeping bags
>Twink and I weren't told we'd be on the floor, we didn't even bring pillows
>even the girls sleeping in the tub in the bathroom have blankets and pillows with them
>Twink manages to find another gay guy in the room to share bedding with
>I'm left on my own, nerves are shot because I know 2 out of 15 or so people in this room and the noise is terrible
>end up not sleeping for three days
>only use the hotel room to shower and change
>random attendee (really chill con-dad type) buys me a cookie and hangs out with me and takes me to the concert

>> No.9188897

>by now I haven't even seen Twink and Naru-Cos for two days
>they never try to contact me via phone and I'm too out of it to do much
>spend almost all my time in the video room for late night showings
>get harassed by a drunk guy Saturday night
>have to literally run away from him and hide in another part of the hotel until morning
>Sunday morning I'm a wreck and barely functioning
>Twink finds me in the hotel lobby and just chats randomly about how much fun he had, wants to do more conventions
>I literally pass out within 20 minutes of being in the car
>last time I ever went to a con with Naru-cos
>only room with trusted friends and my one go-to room organizer

I also had an issue with Naru-Cos at a previous con a few months prior because I unintentionally cockblocked her from the guy she loved (but who didn't even acknowledge her existence) if anyone wants to hear that.

>> No.9188905

>I also had an issue with Naru-Cos at a previous con a few months prior because I unintentionally cockblocked her from the guy she loved (but who didn't even acknowledge her existence) if anyone wants to hear that.

Sure, why not. It's interesting to hear that sort of story from the other side, it's usually the person who gets blocked that tells the story.

(also, shouldn't it be pussyblocked?)

>> No.9188918

The time I went to a con wearing Kawaii Goods but I saw no one else wearing it. I think I really am the only one who likes it. :(

>> No.9188925

Eh, I don't keep up with terms so it's whatever I suppose. This one is less worst con experience and more just annoyance.

>Naru-Cos is into coastal famous cosplayer
>she and I both know him but she always made a point to tell me she knew him for longer
>I'm around 18 like in the first story, I don't remember if the con in this was a few months previous before DC one or at the start of the year
>same arrangement as before, I ask Naru-Cos if she'll go to a VA con with me and I'd pay for gas and her badge
>she'd be the one working out the rooming arrangements
>tells me the guy we both know (I'll call him senpai because she always wanted him to notice her) has a room
>awesome, Senpai is cool so this'll work out great!
>I'm raging homo but Senpai and I have flirted a few times because we got along so well and shared similar interests and it was just done jokingly (or so I thought)
>Senpai had his cosplay group which was a big thing at the time because his group did major events at East Coast cons
>Senpai also had his own youtube channel (relatively new thing at the time) and was popular there as well
>Naru-Cos, as I mentioned, was locally famous for her one costume she wore every day of the con
>this was in the early days of Party City wigs and in the middle of the Naruto craze where expectations were low
>Naru-Cos was famous because she had made her own 'sexy' costume and had enormous tits to show off in it
>this sort of thing was pretty rare at the local con so she was well known
>can only assume Naru-cos thought she was hot stuff for it and on par with Senpai and could wind up being just as famous as him
>sadly Senpai didn't see her vision yet

>we get to the con and find Senpai and his room, well his rooms
>turns out Senpai and his friend booked two rooms across the hall from each other
>Senpai is in the 'normal' room and his friend is in the 'party' room
>there's only room for one more person per room

>> No.9188939

>Naru-cos immediately claims the spot in Senpai's room leaving me to the party room
>Nope, Senpai tells her that I'm in his room because I'm underaged for drinking and there's alcohol in the party room
>Naru-cos is definitely not happy with that at all but she can't argue because they'd be in trouble if a minor was in the party room
>I'm grateful to be in Senpai's room an the three girls he shares with are nice, they're all AA so they go to bed early and wake early
>Senpai is a total gentleman and even offers his spot on the bed because he's sick and going to sleep in a chair
>I feel bad anyway and so I tell him I'll keep him company and sleep in the other chair
>really just don't want to share a bed with a stranger, no offense to the girl because she was nice but once again, raging homo and not really out but awkward about sharing intimate space with other women without them knowing about it
>keep thinking Naru-Cos will unpack and come get me to walk around the con
>an hour passes and she never knocks on the door
>Senpai asks me hang with his group instead
>he's asked me to cosplay with them before but I never really got around to it because unemployed and just going to cons took all my weeb money
>just happen to be crossplaying an easy character from a series Senpai's group does though
>I get changed and head out with him
>Naru-cos must've been lurking because she comes out of the party room in her one costume and immediately tries to join us
>Senpai and me are oblivious and tell her to hang out and that we're cosplaying X series together, isn't that cool?
>Naru-cos hasn't even seen the series but tags along anyway, gets huffy when we meet the group
>gets more huffy when me and the group get stopped for photos
>my cosplay is nothing compared to theirs but I get asked in the photos anyway because group series
>Naru-Cos starts trying to flirt with photographers to get photos
>preens and acts like she's famous when she gets a few

>> No.9188957

>she starts sulking again when everyone heads back to the room for the night
>Senpai and me get into our chairs, I don't think either of us sleep well because he's sick
>one of the AA girls gets up super early and leaves
>Senpai immediately takes the empty bed
>starts patting the empty side and telling me to get in bed since the chairs suck
>I make a joke about the girls beside us majorly going to misunderstand when they wake up
>end up taking the bed anyway and we're both out
>wake up to banging on the door
>the two other AA girls open it on their way out
>Naru-Cos looks pretty damn pissed when she sees us
>both of us are pretty far apart on the bed and Senpai knows I'm homo and also is a major gentleman so we're not even near enough to touch
>sleeping with plushie cosplay props from the day before between us for goodness sakes
>Naru-Cos still acts like she walks in on us spooning or something
>suddenly demands she wants to go home even though it's super early Sunday and we hadn't gotten then until Friday afternoon because of me being in school until that summer
>ask her why
>she whines about how she had to sleep on the floor next to the door in the party room
>I think she's mad because I got a bed even though I'd been in a chair most of the con
>she's driving so I agree and start packing my stuff
>senpai even helps out and Naru-Cos just stands there and sulks the entire time
>drive home is pretty awkward
>find out later (after the second con) that Naru-Cos had been talking shit about me online ever since
>apparently she had a HUGE crush on Senpai and had been trying to date him for years
>Senpai either didn't know or just tried to ignore it
>Senpai is now a small time voice actor/singer and had a professional cosplay gig a while back for some big name cons
>Naru-Cos is still posting photos of her old famous costume every few months just to remind people of her old fame from years ago without ever achieving it again
>needless to say they never dated

>> No.9189356

/r9k/ is that way >>>>

>> No.9189530

Yeah. Pulling out the condoms is a thing you do about 5 seconds before you apply one and after you have gotten an obviously willing participant at least half undressed. Just waving about randomly that you've got condoms is a social no.

>> No.9189735

This little story made me happy for some reason lol

>> No.9189876

I just got home from Oz Comic con.
It was by far the worst con I've been to.

>> No.9189890

Any deets? I had the impression that Brisbane cons weren't that bad.

>> No.9189892

I don't have anything Cgl related, but at Otakon my man was coming back from the con (I was asleep- I don't do Thursday nights after the drive, too tired) and he was cut from his eye to his hairline, jumped for his wallet and dumped off in a park. He woke up at 6am and some nice woman got him an uber that didn't charge him.

He looked like death incarnate - blood everywhere and weeb men kept saying "nice makeup!" When he walked by on our way to urgent care.

The last Cgl related thing that happened to me was some crazy Ita tried to make me feel her underwear to see if she needed to put a new tampon in, because she couldn't reach. (Fat arms too restricted lol.) said fuck that and noped out of there.

>> No.9189896

Ps he's just a black cat, the con before last he was drugged, and the one before that he fell on his face and had to get stitches in the hotel hallway. I think he has significant brain damage by now. I'm not leaving him out of my sight at cons ever again.

>> No.9190267

Brisbane cons are usually pretty alright, but OZCC this year was totally dead. They had four stages which were all placed on the con floor and the vendors barely filled the rest of the space in the hall. I know of a bunch of people who went saturday and then decided it wasn't worth going a second day. The only reason I even went Sunday was because I'd already paid for my ticket. Overall there just wasn't anything to do, and artist's alley was about 15 people all up.
Championships of cosplay was dull.

>> No.9191495

This - once i got there, i instantly regreted it, but it was too late to go back.


>> No.9192551

The worst thing that happened that year is my besty heard some French Jews talking shit behind us and turned around on a dime and told them in French to fuck off before she turned them into baguettes. (Or at least that's what she translated. )
Either way they girls looked super surprised and hurt someone else knew their language in dirty ol murrica.

>> No.9192566

There was a cop conversion happening right before Colossalcon one year?>>9181514
Not to be a dick anon but I think it's amazing you guys are still friends.
If I found out that happened and I was the one holding her badge (aka the reason she couldn't get to safety) I would have never been able to look her in the eye again. Good on you.

>> No.9192591

This is such a cute friend story. It makes me wanna take a small cosplayer under my wig and safely guide them through cons n shit.

>> No.9192592

Anon I don't think you understand how hoopskirts work

Yeah. One was actually a shitty "formal" cosplay and the other times were related to my old living history museum job. The cutest probably was when handing out fliers for our annual ghost tour during the town's Halloween parade and I hear a child scream ARIEL and dive under my skirt. Her mom had to drag her out because apparently thermal flannel pettis and a hoopskirt make a very appealing child size tent on a chilly October night.

>> No.9192833

Glad it evoked something other than rage/terror for once. I tried to keep it super vague so I wouldn't end up outing Senpai but I wanted to brag on him so much even though we're no longer close due to distance because of how far he's come.

Do it! I know it really helped me a lot and got me into doing more conventions and more cosplay because despite of how big time Senpai seemed to be to a little weeb like me, he was always really sweet and always took the time to meet with me at least a little each convention no matter how busy he was running an event or practicing to perform.

>> No.9194769
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>If you're "overconfident" and pull out condoms, it's a no go.
>If you don't make a move, you're a fucking beta and it's a no go.

Yeah, and if you stay away from water you die of dehydration, but if you get all the water you can you drown! All these contradictions are so confusing. Maybe you should just kill yourself!

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