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Post about your feels, and tell feelsy stories.

Keep it cgl-related. Try not to pick any fights and get the thread deleted, okay, gulls?

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>tfw you hit it off with a cute cosplay grill, then never hear from her again.

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>tfw you see two dresses on mercari slip out of your grasp while you wait for your SS to open

That was pure pain.

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Sometimes I just want to be a bad person and vent out all the ugly feelings I have towards lolita. Post caps of my mods lying through their teeth, comm members talking shit about each other, posting the efame hoes on the ita thread where they can get picked at by gulls until there's nothing left.
I know I want to do all these things because my comm members have done it to me. That's the whole reason why I started lurking here. Nothing sucks worse than finding out that your lolita friends are not your friends at all. I wish I could dish it right back at them, and make them feel like shit as anons from all over chime in to the frenzy.
But that's not who I am, and it sucks.

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I'm a big beardy manly-man and I can never be cute and pretty.

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Too fat for my favorite dress right now. I started dieting and working out but it's not showing yet. I hung the dress on my wall so I will see it first thing when I wake every day.

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Sounds like you need to either stop wearing lolita or stop caring what people on the internet think of you. Lolitas are mostly shitty people with a shitty mentality and that's not going to change, so either stop wearing the fashion and associating with histrionic self-obsessed megacunts or get over it.

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>asked husband to zip me up
>he dusted potato chip crumbs off his hands by rubbing them on his shirt and went for my dress
>I recoiled immediately
>he got offended
I will not apologize. Wash your hands like a normal person.

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Work hard and you'll get there, anon.

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>browsing the sales comms, "Leaving Lolita Sales"
>think to myself "worth a look, why not"
>then I notice who's posted the sale
>and it's an irresponsible drama-llama who I really dislike

I didn't see this coming, but I'm so happy I won't have to be polite to her at meets anymore, or see her terrible "bittersweet" coords clogging up the group pics.

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I relate. What comm are you in?

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you're disgusting for marrying someone that disgusting

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This game has done more for getting me out of a clothing depression rut than a whole closet full of lolita. I am now looking into cute everyday, larme, vintage girly, onesan ageha style. I'm going back to the gym, throwing out all my old make-up and skincare, reviewing my sewing patterns and getting my machine out of storage.

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My dermatillomania is really bad lately. I pick at the piercing on my ear and it's getting to the point that I can't cover it up by wearing earrings because it hurts too badly. It looks so gross but Im having such a hard time stopping.

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>tfw been cosplaying for five years
>still not kawaii enough

Will I ever get it right?

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Do what I do, wear helmeted costumes to cover up the ugly.

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>turning 20yo and bro turns 18
>well-off grandpa invites us all to the restaurant
>grandpa is super old school and think that when a girl turns 20 she must be offered some precious jewelry to keep forever
It's cute and all but
>my brother got 150$
>got an ugly tacky necklace and probably won't be able to sell for shit
All that cheap brand and/or all these games i could have bought with the 150$ instead...Yes i'm an ungrateful cunt but just looking at that fug necklace makes me angry

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Pics? How bad can precious jewellery be? Also, it's the thought that counts. Jesus.

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>Only ever print 5-8 full pages since I got the printer
>fire up printer today for lolita craft purposes

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>Also, it's the thought that counts
>Yes i'm an ungrateful cunt
Anon knows. But also curious for the jewels.
>sage for no feels

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Get a laser printer, for real. Toner lasts 4 fucking ever

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I can't print on fabric with toner, though. Gotta be an inkjet, sadly.

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>deciding what cut of a dress I want from a taobao preorder
>ask boyfriend
>he muses for a second but his eyes glance over the SS page
>"jeez these dresses are expensive. "
>me:"I didn't think $90 was that bad..."
>spend the next five minutes explaining taobao and Chinese currency to him.
>mind blown
>he's suddenly super supportive of me getting cute things i like from TB.

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This is like the modern version of people freaking out over Anna House prices (which were in Hong Kong Dollars)

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>tfw photograph poorly

i'm not even fat or hideous, it's just so obvious that i have no clue what to do with my body and my face. the awkward really ruins photos.

i'm literally looking up videos on how to smile

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>mfw my drink exploded on my lolita dress on Sunday at Disneyland.

Thank good it's machine washable.

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You can do it but take care of yourself anon- I know this seems like good motivation but in the past when I've held on to dresses that were too small with the mentality of "someday!" It just made me more depressed every time I looked at the dresses.

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I know this feel, except that no posing or smiling tutorials in the world can help me. I look fine in mirrors but in photographs and videos I look like some lovecraftian abomination. Feels bad but it is what it is.

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I just unpacked a 4.5kg box of my favourite brand and it all fits.

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As silly as it sounds, practice. Take a moment to compose yourself before you pose for a picture. Also if you know you're going to be photographed, make sure your make-up and hair are looking good (wipe your face down with blotting paper or run a comb through your hair). Become a human optical illusion.

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That's great, anon! Enjoy it! What did you get?

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>worrying about the fit in the first place

is it MMM or something?

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Cocolulu, and gyaru brand can be pretty small sometimes and i'm a chub, so I wasn't 100%. I got 16 shirts, two hoodies, a bunch of necklaces, three hats, and some hair accessories. For 50GBP. Straight up loving life right now.

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I finally worked up the courage to ask out the girl I like to come to my Halloween party and she said yes and that she wants to cosplay with me at a con! I'm ecstatic beyond words.

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Forgot to add to my post, but a lolita I've admired since my EGL livejournal days is apparently having a leaving lolita sale and I'm sad to see her go, but it's her choice to leave.

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Same. Feels bad man

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Ever since I learned about lolita ive wanted to be a lifestyle lolita.....i finally have enough wardrobe to keep it up but I work at a daycare in the baby/toddler room....haha

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I weight 170lbs and the only way I've ever been able to lose weight was to starve myself. My first goal is 150, but my final goal is 130. At least with the money I'll save from buying food I can use towards brand.

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most lifestyle lolitas seem to keep their lolita wardrobe separate from work unless it proves to be appropriate attire. gigs that pay well and allow you to wear lolita are rather hard to come by. my plan is to work from home in order to avoid this. you can still lifestyle though--it's not like other lifestylers will look down on you for keeping brand away from grubby toddler hands. throw it on when you get home.

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So do it.
I can relate because my ex comm members had unwarranted self-importance and looked down on me when the reality was their coords were shit and so were their personalities. The only reason half of them got worshipped so much was because they were also cosplayers, and one even had a shop where she'd markup basic taobao junk.
I posted the lot of them here and exposed a couple as the fools they were. Sometimes they'd sabotage themselves. Nothing about me fundamentally changed, I just brought to light the types of persons these members actually were.

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You're gonna gain it all back that way.

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why only starving yourself? are you unable to restrict your calories bit by bit/really exercise? i just see so many gulls posting about starving themselves. they see it as a shortcut but really it takes longer and doesn't work. i thought most of us passed this phase in highschool. not even trying to be mean, just go for a run and stop eating shit/eating a lot.

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I don't eat much now anyway, what's the fucking difference from not eating at all? I work out everyday and despite losing fat, the weight stays from gaining muscle and I'm sick of it.

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if you're losing fat and gaining muscle then why the fuck do you care about your weight?

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Because I still look like a fat ugly lard. I don't want muscle, I want to be skinny.

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You realize that some people can't be twigs right?

>> No.9225745

Well then I'll just have to kill myself, right? If I can't be skinny, why bother living?

>> No.9225746

Now see, this is why you get professional help.
Or you fucking suck it up an learn to sew your own shit.

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>tfw I have the same thoughts

I know it's unhealthy and I should probably let my psychiatrist know for once how much I truly hate myself but I can't bring myself to it. I'll feel like I'm overreacting in the end.

>> No.9225760

I can't afford help, so guess I'm hopeless. I can see it's just shit work. If I give you the knife would you stab me?

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See, now I think you're just trolling.

>> No.9225763

That's your wrong opinion to believe.

>> No.9225767

This is 4chan. take the time to look at the link.

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Same feels. I hate any pictures of me in lolita that aren't huge group shots where everyone is crowded in because I pose like a fucking moron even after practicing and my face is not photogenic at all.

I was so embarrassed by photos from the last meet I went to; it was like I completely forgot everything I'd ever practiced or learned about posing. Fuck, I'm getting embarrassed just thinking about it. I'm going to practice obsessively before the next event until I automatically snap into poses that at least aren't completely unflattering.

>> No.9225771

I've felt this way for years, no amount of help will fix that.

>> No.9225781

>That's your wrong opinion to believe.
That's your wrong opinion to believe.

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oh my god are you irritating

people's bodies are not built the same way. tiny japanese models are built differently from the average western woman.

lusting after a body type that you will never have is stupid. trying to garner pity on the internet for your misunderstanding of how bodies work is stupid.

lose weight healthily. stop throwing around the "wah i'm gonna kill myself" and make some real progress. you can be slim but you will never be a twig if that's not how your body works. stop comparing yourself to people you will never look like. go cry on /fit/ if you need to.

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And you're a fucking cunt

>> No.9225806

obviously hit a nerve there dearie.

>> No.9225807

Just ignore her, she's clearly retarded.

>> No.9225808

okiedokie fattie, i'll be over here having fun and looking cute in my ectomorph body. :^)

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>I'm fat and lazy and literally won't put effort in anything so I think the only way I can lose weight is to starve myself
You'll never get to where you want with that mentality.
I've even got a good ole hashtag thyroid problem, but I haven't let that stop me.
You're obviously eating too much, it's simple. You say you workout but I know you're probably not working out as much as you think you are, or burning as much as you think you do.
If you post a throw away email I would be happy to assist you and help you with diet and nutrition personally, because I don't like seeing this mindset. I used to be a fatty when I was younger but now I'm a moderately fit-chan.

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I just got an online sugar daddy. He's already bought me two different dresses I wanted, on top of giving me an allowance. I have never been this happy before.

>> No.9225838

Have fun with that. I'm just gonna kill myself tonight.

>> No.9225843

we both know you're not, and you're going to be in the next feels thread whining about your weight again

pay attention to the anons giving you tips and actually do something useful for your body. do you really want to die as a fatty?

>> No.9225846

You're gonna be remembered forever as a fat fuck then.

>> No.9225854

I can't believe you two are falling for this crap.

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> be me
> gain a shitload of college weight
> went from 99lbs > 140lbs
> wtf.gif
> start eating healthier, exercise more (two doggets)
> lose 30lbs over 6-8 months
> still not happy
> diet, diet, diet
> 110lbs
> diet more
> 110lbs
> ???
> exericise more
> 110lbs
> Stop stressing out so much about how nothing is working and how shit I'm feeling. decide not to diet
> do lots of meditation, walking, eat balanced meals but don't restrict or starve self
> lose 10lbs in 3 months

Starving doesn't get you to where you want to be. You might lose at first, but you also might stall and still be a hangry, tubby beast. I was.

I appear to have found the right balance for me. Maybe you need to find yours?

Good luck anon

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Thank you, it was nice of you to respond. I will be intelligent about it, I'm not like >>9225702 or looking for attention or asspats. It just helps to
post about it here. I fit some of my dresses but I miss wearing this one so much.

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Wow rude much

>> No.9225902

The rest of us who are trying to lose weight sensibly get tired of the starve, can't get help, 'blame everything else' fatties and their unrealistic posts making all fatties seem like dramatic imbeciles. How can you not be annoyed by those posts in this thread? Calories in, calories out.

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Gone for the last few days only to come back to my room to find
>wardrobe were I keep my sewing machine, notions, cosplays and material was broken in to and no ware to be found
> Find out from grandfather, that my junkie sister and her bf "came across" some old theater items and they were getting rid of them
>this morning they where found OD in a parking lot, again
>parents are calling me demanding, that I go to the hospital to support my sister
>tell my father what happened, he tells me that maybe it will help me grow up instead of me playing dress up all the time

Oh yes, I will support her all right, filling a police report might get me kicked out but at least, it will drill something into her head.

On another note I had lots of fun at AAC.

>> No.9225929

why do some parents keep supporting the junkie sibling but never the other?

>> No.9225936

I'm so triggered.
My sister is a dirt bag meth head but gets asspats and "but she's the baby!" Bitch is 22 ffs and everyone lays down their money and help at her feet when they know it all goes to her scummy bf and meth.

>> No.9225937

Your parents are enablers and your dad is an asshole. If you can't move. Invest in locks. LOTS of them. On your door, your closet, etc....

I have the same problem. My brother is a rapist, and constantly in and out of jail. My dad and I found out my mom was sending my brother money while in jail. We were both pissed because money was already tight and I was paying rent. My dad threatened divorce over my mom enabling my brother and I threatened to cut back on paying rent(cause if she could afford to send my brother money in jail, then they didn't need as much of my rent money) thankfully she seemed to get the severity of the situation and stopped.

>> No.9225968


She the oldest sister from my step mother, and as she puts it the "star child, destined to become something special", bitch is 26 and still hasn't graduated high school.

As for locks, they take them down, because they want to know if I am trying to kill myself, "so I can get the help I need, because being anti-social all the time is bad for you"

Thanks for the support, I have even told her that I would pay for her to go to rehab, she refuses. All of hell will break loose tonight, and I may wind out homeless, but I hope that something clicks with them that she has major problem, and needs help.

>> No.9225972

Honestly you're better off out of that environment. It's an awful GC/SG dynamic going on that's a toxic rnvironment that's just not healthy for you. Start prepping up some bags, get your important personal documents, and gtfo of there asap.

>> No.9225973

Oh wow its worse than I thought :( I'm so sorry anon; I can only hope you can find somewhere safe to go. I'm even more disgusted that your father isn't defending you more against your step mother; who is clearly playing favorites.
Ug its just so reminiscent of my teen years being called the antisocial one for having sole close friends and keeping to myself while my sister was skipping school, doing drugs and riding grown men's cocks from 13...

>> No.9225981

>TFW no /cgl/ girlfriend

>> No.9225995

You won't lose weight that way. You need to recondition yourself to eat healthier, and I mean really research it. Non-fat is a meme, don't fall for that shit, because your body needs fats and skimping out of them will make you overeat to compensate.

Just watch what you eat, balance it, and try going for nutrient dense foods with decent calorie counts.

Avoid over indulging in sugars, but that doesn't mean you need to completely cut them from your diet.

>> No.9226009

I too, frequent raisedbynarcissists.

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>be 70 pounds overweight
>in 2014, lose 60 pounds
>keep it off
>break up with my gf in 2016
>get really depressed
>put on 20 pounds
>fuck it, cosplay Spider-Man anyway
>feel fat af

Fuck, I need to lose this extra weight now.

>> No.9226049

She's trying to help you but you're not taking the nice help so she had to be blunt, fatty.

>> No.9226069

Yeah. My parents aren't narcs but my dad was a neglectful, abusive dick, and my mom was his enabler(which in turns she enables her shithead of a son). But it has helped give me a better understanding of our relationship dynamic.

>> No.9226072

I wish I could find another lesbian lolita. I want a gf I can dress in matching outfits with

>> No.9226100

Mine are. Shitty parents really fuckin suck.

>> No.9226108

Same. I'm too ugly to approach any of the grills in my comm, tho.

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>making the move to Japan in spring
>struggling to learn Japanese
>pouring through websites and blogs and realizing how hard this shito is going to be
>realize this is my last Christmas with my family for a while
>at least buying brand will be fuck tons easier.

I mean I am seriously excited to go still but hoboy everything is starting to hit me at once.

>> No.9226175

I wish I could find a gf who was cute and thin, it seems like all the lesbian lolitas I meet are either fat itas or fake bois.

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File: 415 KB, 245x170, beinglolitaissuffering.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lost 10 lbs out of the 25 I want to lose
>buy dream dress to celebrate
>shipping on dress is delayed
>takes weeks to arrive
>finally comes in
>excitedly tries on
>dress just doesn't quite fit

I mean at least I'll have it when I lose the rest of my weight but like seriously??

>> No.9226209

It sounds like you have an unhealthy lifestyle if you lose/gain instead of getting to and staying at a healthy weight.

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>tfw skinny fat endomorph
>tried dieting exercising, etc
>realize theres no way i can get out of the brick body shape
I want to get off mr. bones' wild ride

>> No.9226215

i know that feel, anon
I've got dermatophagia and can't stop picking and biting at my fingers
they're all raw and scabby/peely because of it, and I know I can never get cute acrylics out of shame...

>> No.9226223

No one can change their body type but staying at the leanest end of your weight usually always helps an endomorph look their best.

Frame size plays a part too, some people do have 'bigger bones' so it affects how they carry weight. There are charts to measure wrist size to tell your frame size.

But safe to say that for lolita, everyone looks best at their healthiest slim weight.

>> No.9226227

also an ectomorph and okay with it, but isn't mesomorph the ideal?

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Coresetto, anon

>> No.9226231

I believe in you anon, it can be done, just don't wreck yourself.

>> No.9226234

i'm actually halfway between an ectomorph and mesomorph. very small frame but still shapely without the chub. i think that's the best place for me to be.

genetics are a cruel mistress but i respect that you've really tried

strategic shapewear might be able to help break up your shape a little bit

>> No.9226238

Not that anon but there isn't an 'ideal'. It's just good to know your type and dress for it. Customizing diet and exercise for your type is also a thing but should be discussed in /fit/.

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>tfw cooing at my friend's rabbit
>accidentally blurt out "ohhh who's a little cute bunny bun-bun chan?"
>friend looks at me super weird

I am super weeb trash and always will be. Fuck.

>> No.9226248

if it makes you feel better I think your reaction is one of the ONLY appropriate reactions when it comes to seeing a bunny bun bun chan

>> No.9226269

Weights is your next step as long as you don't aspire to Japanese twig legs. You will never get boobs without implants but at least you can have a bit of a butt.

>> No.9226270


>> No.9226275

>Bought a cheap sailor fuku cosplay from a convention
>Best feeling in the world when I first put it on
>Can only wear it in the bathroom due to fearing my family finding out that I crossdress
>Wish I could wear it more

Not really feelsy, but it sucks.

>> No.9226317

Why are you moving to Japan?

>> No.9226322

Teaching. Ive taught English elsewhere but this is my first assignment that will be a year long minimum.

>> No.9226429

Good luck! Moving to a foreign country can be stressful. Check /trv/ for help. Btw, I realized all the hiragana and katakana I learned weren't as helpful as the little bit of kanji I knew. Learn some basic travel phrases to get you started. Are you moving to Tokyo?

>> No.9226436

Thanks for the tip! Ive been focusing on hiragana and katakana but I need to work on kanji more.

And dont know yet, my teaching company hasnt given me my location assignment yet. I am hoping for the Kanto area though.

>> No.9226443

Congrats Anon! I wish you a good time :3

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File: 88 KB, 622x622, 1473967676283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't cosplay, but...

>be at anime con a few years ago
>skinny dude with free hugs sign
>fat, ugly friend grabs it and then just holds it and people start hugging him
>skinny dude just hangs his head and walks away

I felt terrible but that didn't stop me from laughing.


>be at anime con again
>7/10 girl in Haruhi cosplay who looks like she was probably in a recent motorcycle accident or something, a bit of roadrash
>she is super shy and reserved, clearly having second thoughts about putting herself out there like this
>ask her if haruhi is her favorite character, she didn't even notice me there from looking down so it startles her a bit, but she looks up and says meekly "i don't really have a favorite"
>laugh and tell her "well, haruhi is my favorite, and you really knocked it out of the park"
>she just looks up at me all offended like and says "seriously?" in a moderately bitchy voice
>shrug and go about my shit
>run into her later that day and she stops me and hands me this little haruhi key chain and then just shimmies away without a word

I never talked to her again, but I saw her on the little stage they use to show off cosplay and she looked happy. It made me pretty happy, too.

>> No.9226449

Do you still have the little keychain anon? That's strangely hella' cute.

>> No.9226450

If it's Interac you won't get a location until like a month before you leave. But Kanto has the best shopping, so I hope you get it!

>> No.9226452

Nah, it was lost in my luggage when i was in the navy.

They sent it to the wrong fucking state and half my shit was missing. Someone jacked the HDD out of my xbox too, bastards.

>> No.9226472


>sent it to the wrong state
>jacked a HDD out of your xbox

Nah m8, your shit didn't get lost, your shit got stolen.

>> No.9226480

>tfw seemingly the only person in friend circle without shitty home situation

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely grateful for the situation I grew up in, but it makes it impossible for me to vent (and in turn I just crop it up) because I feel like I have no reason to really complain.

Is the amount of shitty parents really this high, or is it just easier to find their kids within anime related communities? Being the spot for a lot of social outcasts and all.

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I just bought the ultimate dream dress I had been hunting for a couple of years. When it arrives, my wardrobe has every piece I've ever lusted after and some extras. It feels both empty and happy at the same time. Now I can wear the most beautiful clothes I've ever seen, and live the frilly dream.

> tfw lone lolita without any nearby community, so there's no one to dress up with
> the only other lolita in this city was a massive sperg who within ten minutes of us meeting listed every health issue she is having and wanted to hold a pity party for herself

At least SO is supportive and willing to try aristo so we could dress up together, but he just isn't that much into it.

>> No.9226586

>lost best friend this weekend
>been really upset since then, only thing cheering me up is looking at cute clothes and figures that I want to buy as soon as I have money
>Mom catches me as I'm eyeing a limited edition indie brand purse from Japan that I've been wanting for a while
>Tells me to buy it and consider it an early christmas present from parents
>Shop only accepts bank transfers
>My bank won't allow me to use Japanese signs when transferring money
>Can't contact bank either asking for help because I'd need to send them the bill that has Japanese signs on it
>Their entire database does not understand Japanese signs
>fml that's more trouble than what I have energy for right now
>I was happy for a whole 5 minutes, now I'm probably banned from ever buying anything from that shop again

I just want to furiously vomit everywhere, that's how upset I am at everything but my parents right now.

>> No.9226589

I'm sorry, anon. You deserve small comforts. Maybe use a shopping service?

>> No.9226596
File: 69 KB, 340x372, 1473080528415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Following up on my post form the last thread:

>Get and start a new job today!
>Gonna make FAT STAX.
>Nervous breakout overnight leaves my face looking like angry ground beef.
>Shotgun'd a skirt thinking it was in a different colourway.
>Too aspie to back out because I asked her to hold it and she's in my local comm aw geez.
>Don't really want it that much but
>It doesn't matter because FAT STAX.

>> No.9226597

Yeah that's the plan. I'm gonna be getting a lot of money for my birthday in the start of 2017, so I will be placing a massive FromJapan order then. All I can hope is that the purse is still on sale at the time, but if not then I should at least be able to find something else that's just as cute which is the best comfort I have right now.

The big issue is just having to wait till January to treat myself to anything. I could really use some good old shopping therapy right now, but the money's not there and my parents can't afford to give me my birthday money/present in full until the day. Gotta stay patient as hard as it is right now.

>> No.9226720

>BF wants to cosplay with me
>he's overweight and more masculine faced than 90% of animu
>tell him he needs to lose weight, put him on a diet
>he does amazing, loses a bunch of weight with more to go
>doesnt matter, has serious excess skin esp on the gut. being smaller has made him look even worse
>no idea how to hide it and have to pretend it doesn't look terrible
>feel like i've made it worse

>> No.9226733

>tfw you get an embroidery machine for plushies after much waffling
>totally cowed about how to use it
>no time/extra money to figure it out
>realize that you don't really like how machine embroidery looks


>> No.9226738

>work a million hours
>overtime for three weeks straight
>feel dead but know it means more money for burando
>tfw I can start bidding on y!j auctions again

>> No.9226741

You're a horrible person and I hope your boyfriend leaves you.

>> No.9226744

you are right.

but that said, i'm proud of him for losing so much weight. it was frustrating for us both when he would get winded walking the dog or couldn't fit on a roller coaster with me. he's still got a ways to go but it's only going to get worse. i have no idea how to hide excess skin in clothes

>> No.9226756

If he's lost such a significant amount of weight, try crowd-funding for surgery to remove the excess skin. It's the only way to do it at a certain point, if he's really young it may recover but not for years. Also plenty of characters with hoods and cloaks and loose-fitting tops. Wear some spanx underneath.

My husband went from 150 kg to 88 kg lately. He's all chickeny looking now when he was bear-mode before and I really miss it. He's still 6 foot tall, so I'm gently pushing him to go work out and do more strength training. It helps if you go together too.

>> No.9226765

Sounds like our guys were in a similar boat. mine isn't down as low as yours is now, yet, but he's doing better every day. i know his goal is 88 kg. it's weird because I have always wanted him to lose weight, to be healthier and in better shape and perhaps more attractive, but i'm realizing I love who he was, too, and right now it seems like I've just made it worse.

I don't know if he'd even want surgery. I haven't asked him about it. I don't know how to bring it up. Plus I hear it's a total bitch too.

>> No.9226770

My guy complains about his 'fat' and 'love handles' and I just gently tell him it's loose skin and it'll go away. It's doesn't look that extreme desu and I love him the way he is. Seriously invest in some spax, or men's compression shirts from AliExpress. We have a couple 20 dollar ones and he looks so fit in it, he really likes them too and it makes him feel more confident. He wears them under his shirts when he has an important talk or presentation at work. Also seriously bulking up more will help with the skin so much. Especially around the arms and neck.

I know surgery is expensive and painful. If he doesn't mind then it's his choice. Otherwise you just have to accept it and work around it. Compression shirts. Seriously.

>> No.9226774
File: 299 KB, 500x301, 1424020924121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same dude. I look nice in the mirror, everyone tell me i'm such a cute girl,...
but the second somebody takes a pic of me my dark circles/eyebags are so noticeable, i seem to have gained 10lbs,and i just look so awkward. I end up hiding my face with my hands most of the time. or asking nicely to edit the pic later on

>> No.9226776

Bruh, that's some haul you got there
>chub girl in cocolulu
You must be looking cute as fuck.

>> No.9226805

My guy is a bit older (early 30s) and I'm not sure his is going away. He also has some minor looseness around the upper arms. I would love him to work out more (we even have a gym) but with school part time and work full time, I feel lucky that he's been able to lose the weight he has on diet alone. Any chance you can supply a link for the shirts you got, or even a picture? I have no experience on that.

it doesn't help that he's really sensitive so it's hard to bring it up. Even when I try nicely. I can tell him that he's got something in his teeth and he'll drop everything, run to the bathroom and refuse to come out until it's fixed. so talking about his weight with him is like 100x worse. Also thank you anon. you have helped me.

>> No.9226815

> want to get back into alt fashion
> no real social life to wear more dramatic looks to

I'm a senior dev and have no dress code at my office, but the idea of just showing up dressed to the nines feels really uncomfortable?

>> No.9226829

You don't have to be dressed to the nines or have an active social life to wear alt. fashion, it can be as outlandish or casual as you want. Considering what basic normie fashion looks like, wearing alt. fashion (whether jfash or not) isn't difficult at all.

>> No.9226838

Start more casual and work up to more extreme looks. So when you dress extreme your work isn't like, "Wow, normie fashion person, what's going on?" instead they're like,"Oh, that's Alt-chan. They always dress fun, but look nicer than normal today." A gradual increase instead of an immediate jump.

>> No.9226868

Try circuit training, only takes 30 minutes per work-out. Look up some routines online and just follow them for 4 weeks. Also make it a couple thing, go together, it really helps.

This looks like the type of shirt we have, not sure about this exact supplier though. Make sure to check the sizing and measure him correctly.


Don't nitpick his weight or appearance. Instead focus on something you do like, and encourage him positively.

Instead of
>hey your love handles are flabby

>Wow you're so sexy when you lift weights
>I love how your shoulders are getting all buff and muscular

He'll get real chuffed and try to please you more.

>> No.9226920
File: 36 KB, 500x500, IMG_6193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be lolita-husbando pit crew
>help wife-chan with pictures and meetup support, dress spot checking
>do it out of love, but man sometimes ladies have heavy ass bags and tea party food isn't FOOD
>later after meet ups she gets praise on coords and posted photos happen all over
>wife is happy with success
>get secondhand credit and feels as well
>she happy i'm happy
>if you can't be harajuku, then at least you can be handy

Pit crew is love, Pit crew is life

>> No.9226927

Where'd you find him? And when you say online does that mean no meetups/no sex?

>> No.9226933

that's cute anon! Me and the bf try to do things like this but I'm cosplay not loli. last one was more

>bf helps with pictures and meetup support
>attend new meetup with new comm
>walk in on 5 overweight greasy wig-less tweens 'making out' for 'muh yaois'
>we both leave and head for bar
>I buy drinks as an apology for wtfever that was

>> No.9226934

Not her but very similar feels from her. In the last thread he posted his email.
No sex or meetup but he's actually kinda cute desu so I may actually arrange one myself.

>> No.9226937

When someone tells you you're a cute girl, it's usually just condescending or patronizing.

>> No.9226938

Thanks for the reply! I've been looking for an sb without luck so I was just curious. I hope things go well for you & yours.

>> No.9226942

You probably weren't "dieting" as much as you think you were. When you only weigh as much as a leaf in the first place you can live off a fucking potato chip.

>> No.9226948

I have taken many a bullet at cons when the Unsleaed Bodypaint goblin goes for the VIP. They train you in pit crew school to scan the crowd for homestuck.

I'm thinking next con I might just get out a suit, some shades and getting some "secret service" headphones.

>> No.9226959

I know this feel.

>pretty good parents who prioritize their children first
>financial situation isn't so hot so work to help out
>personally feel indebted and respect for them, extreme filial piety etc
>as a teen didn't even blame parents with my teen edge, blamed the world for not giving them what they deserved
>work hard but no luck or good opportunities
>college peers living cushy lives with families that supported them to do unpaid internships, different state job opportunities, and overseas traveling
>my venting of wanting nice things and a break for my family seems materialistic compared to their tumblr levels of oversharing on social anxiety, depression, and projection of these traits onto FotM anime characters
>tfw probably have social anxiety, depression, and HFA but don't want to worry my parents so I just keep working harder

Oversharing now with a tl;dr but just let me have my vent in a feels thread

>> No.9227015

I actually have a story similar to this

>Be at Metrocon 2014
>Take bad hallway shots of my favorite cosplays
>It's one of my favorite things to do at cons
>Run into Iceburg cosplayer from One Piece
>Been a One Piece fan since childhood, so of course I had to ask for a picture
>Take picture of Iceburg cosplayer
>After taking the picture the Iceburg cosplayer removes their bracelet and gives it to me.

I'm not 100% sure why they did it, but I think it was because I was the first person to recognize their cosplay. Regardless, I haven't been able to attend that con since that year I plan on wearing it to Metrocon next time I go in hopes of running into them again, lol. It was the first time I've had an experience like that. It was nice though.

>> No.9227019

>tfw see a lot of attractive cosplayers at cons

I feel like I shouldn't be looking at 'em since I feel like I'd probably just be creeping them out or ogling them and they probably deal with enough of that. But damn I know a lot of attractive people.

>> No.9227023

it's okay anon, sometimes I break and I do share a bit (I always regret it) but then they'll talk or post about their abusive parents or being sexually assaulted and I feel like I look like a dick for even daring to complain.
I also never blamed my parents for anything, I can't imagine even doing so.

Sometimes I wonder if all they say is really true, and if they aren't just making it sound worse then it really is. Especially about 'controlling' parents, because it seems like everyone thinks their mom or dad is a narcissist these days?

>> No.9227041

>tfw I move out of state to a new state known for tourism and having a lot of people
>figured the lolita comm here would be pretty active and good
>join the comm, theyve hosted, or tried to host a few events over the last few months
>they tend to get canceled or be very limited space
>manage to go to one and am greeted by some pretty bad looking itas
>never thought I was really great but compared to them Im Misako

Fuck I had higher hopes for this comm but oh well, im moving away again in a few months and back to my sweet small active comm.

>> No.9227070

Having good parents or wealth shouldn't even be things to feel ashamed of as long as you acknowledge where it's helped you. Whenever I wish I could buy something (even for practical reasons), I'm told "Why don't you JUST buy it?" I generally don't like to assume that someone talking about personal abuse or assault is lying; but the people I know who talk about their parents only talk about how their parents forced them to study in school or disagreed with their tumblr-inspired social justice - and these are people in their 20s.

Sorry that your problems are always dismissed though. It's shitty when you put yourself out there only for someone to make you regret it. And annoying when people find you harder to connect to or less relatable because you don't shit talk your parents

To keep on topic:
>Ordered some supplies from alibaba for the first time
>Placed order 30 days ago
>Last shipping info was from 20 days ago that says it's getting ready
>Estimate was supposed to be 2 weeks

>> No.9227071

*meant aliexpress not alibaba

>> No.9227073

semi-relevant feels:

>tfw computer engineering turbo-autist
>hitting that age when i need to go it alone
>dream of a job where i can stay at home in my frills and do grunt work

i'm near my degree so this future is kind of feasible but this shit is still really stressful and likely doesn't pay well

i really don't want to wear pantsuits and office stuff for the rest of my life but at the rate i'm going this is what's going to happen

this is getting OT but unless their story is along the lines of "my father pinched me in public and i stood up to him and everyone clapped and a lady gave me $1000000" please give your friends the benefit of the doubt

i had a life that sounds absolutely fucking ridiculously awful and it was always discredited when i tried to open up to people. shit sucks. if you're suspicious at least try to keep it to yourself because being grilled for answers is the worst when you don't want to remember that stuff.

>> No.9227085


Oh don't worry I believe them, especially the abusive/assault stuff. It's more with some people that just post vague claims I doubt. I guess I"m more suspicious after helping out a friend for years only to turn out she was a pathological liar and made pretty much everything up.

I would never discredit what someone tells me in private, I trust them enough for that.

>> No.9227090

ouch, sorry anon. i hope you don't hold it against her too much, there's obviously something very wrong that makes her feel like she has to compensate with lies. you sound like a good friend.

relevant feel so we don't get baleeted:
>tfw a dream dress in correct cut and colorway surfaces on LM

except i wasn't prepared for this and have no expendable dollars. it's a bad feel after losing another dress a couple days ago ;;

>> No.9227098

Give me a fucking break.
I'm tired of my coords getting posted here just so people can trash them.
Just don't post them if you don't like them. I post them to my personal account it's not like I'm asking for critique. I have my own style and I'm happy with it how much autist you have to be to police what people wear?

>> No.9227100

sorry you got posted :^)

>> No.9227104


>> No.9227106

If youre posting them to your personal account how are they making it onto here? Maybe you need to retweak your privacy and start unfriending questionable people

>> No.9227107

>how much autist you have to be to police what people wear?

Anon, we're all autistic here

>> No.9227114

I dunno, I've gotten to experience both sides of this coin, and they both suck.
>Father: Extremely rich. 250-350K a year. Extremely abusive but couldn't prove it. Court mandated visitation twice a month + summers + christmas break + spring break.
>Mom: Extremely poor. 8K a year. Loved me and my brother to hell and back, and fought her damnedest to give me the best that she could.

So from someone with the unique perspective of knowing: the struggles you've had because of poverty suck just as much as the struggles your friends experienced because of their family. One does not invalidate the other. You're allowed to get upset about the bad things that happen in your life, and it's not healthy to bottle those things up. There is no shame in feeling your emotions, and in needing support when you do so. Life isn't a tragedy pissing contest and if your friends treat it like one, they're not very good friends.

>> No.9227115

I accept requests from people who like my style / wants to follow me. Why the fuck would you follow someone you don't even like? Boohoo there's a person who dresses in a way unappealing to you. What a tragedy.

It's just getting harder to keep my lurking

>> No.9227117

if you're afraid of criticism, just don't post your shit

i'm not advocating others being dicks but you must understand that what you put out there is for others to see and judge

if you don't like being under the public eye and hearing the opinions of others, it may be best to keep your stuff private. and only accept people you actually know.

>> No.9227120

So you are saying it is impossible being open to friendships from same-minded people without being criticized from different minded people? Because I'm pretty sure I never asked for critique, nor I want to fit in with them.

>> No.9227122

i'm not trying to attack you, so you can drop the defensive attitude

accepting people who you don't know will always open a risk of them posting you/not agreeing with what you wear or like

did you read what i said? is your page private? only accept people you really know/have talked to thoroughly if you're afraid of this happening again. i'm trying to help you. screaming into the cesspool that is /cgl/ will not help you any.

>> No.9227123

No you fucking retard, we're saying to be careful with who you let see your shit.

If criticism hurts your fragile ego that much then you need to be careful with who you let into your "personal account".

I post a lot of pictures in lolita that would not fly on here, I post them to my PERSONAL account where the people I add are people I personally know. People I know wouldnt do shit like post me to a website to make fun of me.

Be personally responsible for your shit and understand that people will always have some critic whether they tell you or not, sometimes even your best friends might secretly think "wow that outfit looks like shit"

>> No.9227126

It was a genuine question, sorry if it sounded defensive. I understand the risk but I don't understand people, why would someone act this childish?
Plus like I said I want to meet with like-minded people with similar fashion aesthetic so only accepting people I know wouldn't help. Plus I live in the middle of nowhere so my only option making friends is online.

>> No.9227128

Oh anon, it's almost adorable how naive you are.

>> No.9227129


See before going full autist>>> >>9227126

>> No.9227220

That's so funny and cool. You do great job Anon :3

Myself I wouldn't have made it during cons without my SO. His help and support are invaluable. So it's great you help your partner too! Keep up the attitude :)

>> No.9227235
File: 205 KB, 431x417, 1395482384099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Went out with bf's normie work people. They super excitedly tell about their white picket fence life goals. Feel super awk af about own pop culture art and weeb goals, can already tell planning a house weighs more as social currency and not really into boasting either.

I had a raging fire of a thousand white hot suns of motivation inside me yesterday, now I just feel like every other sad talentless art faggit out there. How do you keep your spine when you meet new people?

>> No.9227238

by not being so self conscious about what others think of me because I'm an adult

>> No.9227256

>hanging out with normies
I have a normie friend I met while pokemon go was at its most popular.

>likes listening to me talk
>loves it when I take her to asian markets/shopping centers/spas
>fascinated by videogames
>refuses to try any videogames, even the easiest of ones
>knows i play otome games but she's pretty convinced the only reason a person would play it is if they're really lonely

She's cool to hang out with, but I feel like a huge dweeb around her. I'm glad I can show her my favorite weeby hangouts though.

anon, while you do have weeb goals, its best to have normie goals too. mine kind of tie together though honestly

>what you tell normies
"I'm planning to get a house/apt sometime in (reasonable time you can afford a house)"
>myactual motivation
"if I get a house, imagine having my own video game/weeb paradise room"

>what you tell normies
"I'm also saving up to go overseas (if you ask name a country other than Japan if you wanna hide your power level)"
>your actual motivation
"all that weeb swag I can get overseas, mm delicious Japanese fashion"

fucking everyone fakes it anon. hell, even my normie friend fakes it. she's super passionate about politics and will go on for hours about it, but she hides her interest for the most part so she wont scare anyone off.

>> No.9227260
File: 656 KB, 500x282, tumblr_lyb339TJy21qktlzuo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in complete dread ever since working out, my back muscles got broader and I no longer fit into some of my favorite dresses. Last time I complained about this to my boyfriend he just said "stop being fat then". Even my suit jackets for work got tight around my arms and I sorry busting a seam when I drink my goddamn coffee.

>> No.9227261

*so close
Not sorry. Not sorry at all.

>> No.9227263

he's right tho

stop being fat

>> No.9227269

she's been working out. work on your english comprehension

>> No.9227281

eat less

>> No.9227284

I feel this, anon. I swim regularly and my shoulder/back muscles are pretty well defined. I've always got to ask for upper arm and shoulder measurements.

>> No.9227285


Not that anon but running 10 km only burns like 300 kcal. Working out only burns so many calories a day because of how efficient our bodies are.

The real strategy to losing weight is to re-evaluate what you eat and to change your diet so you're still getting satisfied every meal but are consuming less calories overall.

>> No.9227291


>> No.9227352
File: 18 KB, 480x472, 14724574_287741391619095_5246072007703596626_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really hate Facebook's algorithm for determining speed of message response on a FB page. Basically, if you don't respond fast enough to any messages you receive, they turn off the message icon on your page and encourage you to respond faster (i.e. in less than an hour). So I'm currently being penalized for not responding to one thirsty rando's constant messages telling me how much he loves me and sending kissy faces/hearts, which Facebook has determined to be Very Important Messages. I'm considering just blocking him, honestly.

>> No.9227405

Because there's shitty people out there who like to hate people. They find pleasure in being your "friend" so they can gain access to your weaknesses and laugh at your expense.

>> No.9227443

This doesn't happen on my account?? What do you mean penalized?

>> No.9227447

>sell dress on LM right after listing
>Super excited because I needed the money
>Grandma who raised me ends up in hospital the same day
>Message buyer and say I might not ship right away (because I have to drive my grandpa back and forth to the hospital an hour away)
>She says it's fine and she'll pay that day
>Ready to ship the following day either before or after hospital visit
>Have to drive back and forth multiple times a day because her condition goes from stable to critical
>Doesn't pay yet
>Grandma died
>Just find out seller paid sometime during the final drive
Now I have to find sometime tomorrow to ship in the midst of taking care of funeral arrangements and anything else necessary. A-at least I'll have money to pay for shipping my japonica order :(

>> No.9227451

I'm sure your buyer would understand, anon

>> No.9227452

>tfw getting comfy lying on my front
>remember I'm only comfy because I'm a member of the itty bitty titty committee
>cry myself to sleep

>> No.9227455

If anything I've found more guys at cons into DFC than large chest.....sadly sifting out the lolicons isnt as easy....

>> No.9227458

Communicate with your seller. Explain your situation as much as you're comfortable doing and let the seller know when you're planning on shipping. They'll appreciate being kept in the loop.

>> No.9227467

It doesn't happen on regular accounts, just FB pages (like cosplay pages and such). The little message icon (alerting people to the fact that they can message you) doesn't turn on unless you respond quickly enough for FB's algorithm. That's what I meant by penalized. The icon is generally a sign that a page is active and well-managed, and I'd be more than happy to respond quickly to my messages if they weren't, you know, really creepy.

>> No.9227471

My mom helped me stop that as a kid by smearing an extremely foul-tasting fluid on my fingers. It was a medical tincture I believe. Ask your doctor.

>> No.9227472

I think I'm just gonna try to run out to the post office during the day sometime, I have no idea how long making the arrangements will take and this transaction has already taken much longer than my usual sales. Oftentimes I invoice, get the payment, and ship within the same day. I hate having things sitting around since I frequently get seller's remorse.

I'm happy gulls were supportive, though. It's going to take forever for me to get matters settled with my family, their will is a joint will and they had wanted to change it... but never did. Now it's too late and I'll have to go to court to try to get the will thrown out somehow. I was wearing lolita almost daily but it looks like I'm not going to have any time for awhile.

>> No.9227477

Have you been doing heavy weight lifting?

Add stretching into your routine, pilates or yoga. This will help tone muscles and avoid bulking.

From what I also understand, isometric exercises may be a better choice alone or combine with weight lifting.

There's ways to avoid getting bulky. /fit/ would know more.

>> No.9227478

And if you don't care about strength, you should consider purely cardio sans any weight lifting.

Brisk walking, jogging, hiking, and so forth will all avoid muscle mass while improving your health.

>> No.9227488
File: 2.28 MB, 540x303, stoplikingthings.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>turned 24
>mom says I'm too old to cosplay
>is worried I'm only doing it to "creep on" underage girls

>> No.9227491

You're building muscle mass without losing fat. It's impossible to do both at the same time. I had this problem before, bulked like mad and gained 4 kg. Then I cut and I'm down 2 kg from my base weight (so 6 kg down including the 4 I put on) but a lot leaner in BFP.

>lighter weights more reps
>cut carbs (all sugar, get artificial sweeteners for coffee n shit)
>intermittent fasting

Also stop doing back exercises if you're so worried. Take a couple ibuprofen after lifting it'll reduce swelling.

>> No.9227504
File: 13 KB, 267x199, 10401993_10152966321170569_5786075615480467773_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanting a thin gf
>not liking chubby queer girls with mental issues
how boring

ngl famalam I'm still not over my chubby crazy ex but o well

>> No.9227505

Ngl, it's a pretty cute look. It's nice to have stuff I can be a shameless fatass in, the winter body's goin' good.

>> No.9227506
File: 191 KB, 1200x900, tumblr_o1e37lXcjx1qbdkw9o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I've lost any passion I had for cosplay.
At my last few cons I simply felt.. inadequate. I could do my best, work my hardest, but I just feel like an outsider because I'm not a super pretty girl or a 16 year old who's friends with everyone.
I thought maybe if I took a break I'd feel better but I don't. All the time, money, and effort I put into this hobby just ended up making me feel like even more of a loser, even in a nerdy hobby.
I never thought it'd actually come to this point but here I am, what used to motivate me has ended up crushing me.

>> No.9227511

You can't be that chub.

You are making it sound like you are a porker.

>> No.9227515

I know it's 4chan but some answers are too stupid for me

>> No.9227521

>very underweight in high school, been in recovery since
>finally back to my a healthy weight but my body shape has changed so I fit different sizes
>almost all the clothes I bought in the past few years no longer fit, all my bras and most of my pants are literally unwearable
>scraping the borderline of the healthy BMI range as it is and can't lose weight to fit back into the stuff, so I need to actually pay to replace it
>lolita wardrobe wasn't affected because it's one size
>realise that I have a choice between either becoming a lifestyler or selling the toned-down part of my lolita wardrobe to fund mainstream clothes

I have no idea which to choose. I actually like the current autumn/winter trends but normal clothes are so expensive for the amount and quality of material and workmanship you're getting. I actually have a lot of simpler lolita dresses that are more wearable for everyday, but I'm bored of all those pieces anyway so I'm not sure which I'd rather pick.

>> No.9227542

These body types are a fucking meme. Going by the male pictures: If a supposed "ectomorph" starts working out he becomes a taller mesomorph and after a while a further scaled up endomorph. Wideness is almost entirely dictated by muscle and fat mass. The bone structure of humans simply does not have natural genetic variation from Elf to Dwarf unless you count congenital sicknesses /deformities like Marfans. That Ectomorph body is on a level of caricature you'd expect from a person with Marfans syndrome. Which is, again, primarily characterized by being very tall and having issues building up fat and muscle, which leads to the skinny build.

Allow me to demonstrate: most people will think of someone like The Rock when they think of Mesomorph. The thing is, The Rock is fucking six foot two to six foot five, depending on if you believe the exaggerated billed height or not. That's in the territory you'd qualify for lanky fucker any time, if he was slim. But fact is that The Rock takes a substantial amount of steroids and lifts a lot. This allows him to have the wide, massive frame. If he'd stop lifting and stop taking the roids, he'd slim down to what this "chart" classifies as Ectomorph again in very little time.

Your body 'type' is dictated by your activity level and eating habits. Do not box yourself into one body type unless you're a genetic freak. You can get into and out of practically any of them when you try hard enough.

>> No.9227543

Sell a couple of pieces you are bored of wearing and use that to fund some of the more expensive staples like a couple of pairs of jeans. Then thrift everything else you need, or buy from eBay, what for sales etc. Normie clothes don't have to be expensive. Then you can do both depending on your mood.

>> No.9227546

>GC/SG dynamic
A what? Google gives me a German soccer club.

>> No.9227553

Get plastic surgery to remove the excess skin, it's the only thing that really helps

>> No.9227565

Fuck off my dudes, this is pure misinformation. DO NOT stretch when lifting heavy weights, it directly weakens the muscles. There is no such thing as toning either. DO NOT take any fucking drugs while lifting, jesus christ. And you CAN build muscle on a caloric deficit (which is what I am doing right now in preparation of going to the army), if you've got any fat reserves at all, and basically everyone in our societies does, especially women.

You're doing FINE. You are not fat. You did get swole. This is good, objectively speaking, for your body. Maybe not for your slim fit tailored wardrobe. You might want to check what your body goals are and then aim for either trading your dresses / suits in for those with more space in the upper back and arms or, well,abandon getting swole, but I'd argue the former is a much healthier choice in the long term.

>> No.9227578

is this board just /girl/

>> No.9227623

By not giving a shit.
I have similar goals though, just different reasons.

- Want a house
>so I can be a cat lady, decorate to my heart's content, have my own crafting/cosplay room and walk in wardrobe full of frilly shit.

- Want to travel
>to Japan and spend all my money
>to cons

- Want to progress my career and be relatively good at what I do
>because I'll have more money to spend on shit, and work might pay for me to travel to Japan
>because I might be able to take leave for big cons and tack them onto work trips
>because I can afford several cats

>> No.9227661

I swear I start to think whole 4chan is retarded when I see comments like this

>> No.9227666

I have quite large boobs and I always sleep on my front anon. I think boobs are uncomfortable thing is a lie.

>> No.9227667

Me too anon, me too.

>> No.9227669

You are an idiot. These are "natural" body types so if you are lifting-stuffing your face or starving yourself you cant determine which one you are. Normally eating and functioning individuals can have either one of these tpes naturally.

>> No.9227671

Natural is none of those. The norm at the moment is overweight chubster. Do not forget the statistics. Two thirds of the US are overweight, one third is obese. You can't even see the "natural" bodytype under all the lard.

>> No.9227678

>Living in the US
that's your problem.

>> No.9227679

Big titties here anon. Sometimes my nipples go to sleep if i am leaning on them. Also dog stands on the one thats squished onto the bed. Not a nice way to wake up. Also stupid expensive bras. They are going to be at my navel when i am my grandmothers age, be able to tuck em into my waistband. And cooking is scary as I could lean over a pot and not notice for a few seconds. Also useless as so big and desentised that my hubby might as well be petting a cat on my lap as stroking my boobs for all i feel it. Nvm the creepers and how hard it is to fit clothes.

You rock them itty bitties!

>> No.9227692

half of cgl seems to think they must be obese the moment they are 5 pounds over average.

I think these Asian fashions and their measurements have skewed perspective a bit (I know they skewed mine)

>> No.9227737

I'm a chub but I never had any problem with asian sizes. I'm a very petite chub tho, I can see how it can be problematic for someone taller.

>> No.9227752

Stop front sleeping. That goes for everyone in this thread. It's fucking awful for you in so many ways.

>> No.9227765

Being an addict is one thing, but I don't and can't understand the mentality of parents who continue to support their children when they've done something as bad as rape. I would consider my kid dead if they did something as awful as that. Not to mention the guilt of either my genes or my parenting being in some way responsible for them turning out such a shitbag.

>> No.9227766

but i was told you'll get sex dreams if you sleep like this, and also if you barf you wont suffocate and drown in your own puke that way.

>> No.9227778

I think that has a lot to do with it, as someone who's really tall it can feel like it'll always be impossible to fit in them.

Well kinda, because you'll always be too tall for the clothes.

what's wrong with it? I can't sleep any other way.

>> No.9227788

>tfw the course you've been stressing over isn't even required for the program you're interested in
>the feeling of joy this morning when i got to drop that shit like a flaming turd
Not a /cgl/ feel, I'm sorry, I know. But holy hell you guys, I'm so happy right now. Now I can focus all of my energy on A&P.

>> No.9227789

Why do you think it's childish to voice an opinion only when it's an opinion you don't like? Other people will not always like you or what you do, being a grown up is accepting that and taking it in your stride. You have a choice as to whether or not you let it get to you. You choose to be offended by it, when you could choose to not be.

>> No.9227793


This is technically a bit shady, but have you considered having a friend send you messages now and again to boost your reply rating? Like random stickers and whatnot, so it sees that you're active.

>> No.9227798

>but i was told you'll get sex dreams if you sleep like this,

That is utter nonsense. You are stupidly naive.
>and also if you barf you wont suffocate and drown in your own puke that way.

What are you doing that puking in your sleep and dying is of such massive concern for you every single time you go to sleep? Sleeping on your side is better, the recovery position is sideways.

Increases the risk of SADS, increases your blood pressure, increases breast cancer risk regardless of breast size. It's awful for your posture, neck and spine because your back doesn't curve like it's naturally supposed to, and you have to keep your head turned to one side to breathe.

If you can't sleep any other way idk what you can do, but I was a chronic thumb sucker until I was like fifteen, couldn't sleep without it. You can break habits like that.

>> No.9227801
File: 56 KB, 447x511, af1519acdf49bb8c1a94d34dcb87c816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw I'm finally comfortable enough with my body that I don't feel like shit and want to start experimenting with fashion and wearing girly shit but whenever I get a dress my mother, who used food as a form of love/positive reinforcement which was why I spent my childhood and teen years as a fatty and still struggle with my relationship with food, says isn't it to girly/dressy? Woman! I'm allowed to change my style up! Just because I've worn nothing but jeans and oversized t-shirts for years doesn't mean that's all I can ever wear!

>> No.9227802

I have a friend who got the surgery and regrets it. It was super painful and the scars are pretty bad

>> No.9227808

this is a really late response but i have dermatillomania really badly as well and you should look into putting hydrocolloid bandages on the scabs + zits etc that you want to pick at and pop

>> No.9227813

>tfw have chubby hammy wrists and fat sausage fingers no matter my weight because of my bone structure
a-at least i can lose enough weight to make my hip bones visible again even though everyone can see my wrists and not my hips and it probably makes a bad first impression
also even natural long nails (one of my favourite looks) look ridiculous on me... like a fat toddler wearing acrylics
polite sage for being a whiny bitch over things i can't change

>> No.9227814

>"don't stretch when working out to build that extra bit of muscle"
>my athlete/coach jimmies are rustled as fuck

holy shit what is wrong with you??? is this what /fit/ tells people??? I hope you enjoy every one of your future injuries. jesus christ...

BUT to get this back on track...

>mfw I love my athletic legs but my calves are too big to fit brand socks without looking like a short, distorted mess
>have to resort to tights for everything and it gets so dull
>I just want kawaii legwear for tree trunk legs

>> No.9227831

I know those sock feels anon. My calves aren't particularly big, but i'm tall, so cute OTKs rarely actually go over the knee for me.

Try sourcing your socks from etsy or western makers, you'll probably have more luck finding stuff that fits!

>> No.9227837

I can't image the scars being worse then having gross sweaty overlapping skin

>> No.9227838
File: 463 KB, 260x208, angry child noises.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>move to new neighbourhood
>beautiful castle and castle gardens practically in my backyard
>while on a walk, notice one of the outer buildings has been converted to a tea house that seems to be independent of the rest of the castle (which is owned and managed by the city)
>it’s closed at the time, but there’s a menu outside and everything seems very affordable
>it’s super accessible to public transport, too
>oh shit did I just find the perfect lolita meetup location?
>return next day to scope out the place
>realize interior is super modern, minimalist and industrial looking
>not even in a funky steampunk way (Google images is not helping) but just cold steel and cheap plastic everywhere
>tea and sammiches aren’t worth it, either
>guess I’m not taking my comm here after all
I don’t understand why anyone would have a tea house located in a castle, overlooking a majestic courtyard on one side and the beautifully kept castle gardens on the other, and NOT go with an at least somewhat matching interior theme. Plus if you’re going to serve crappy food you can at least make up for it by being pretty. I’m so disappointed I’m angry.

>> No.9227858
File: 50 KB, 500x277, 3747668+_fe10808dd2a84f7422ef9544ea65d57f[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Can't draw for shit
>have all these great clothing ideas
>want to partner with an artist to make clothes frequently together
>if I plan to sell our collab designs I'd like to work something out where we both get profit from it
>every artist has avoided the hell out of me, ignoring my emails, messages, everything.

I'm tired of this, holy shit I just want a good artist to pay frequently that is fine with designing lingerie/tshirts/other clothes together is that so hard to fucking ask?

I have the money, just let me pay you holy fucking hell

>> No.9227866 [DELETED] 

>be slim person
>get cold VERY easily, 75 is chilly kind of bullshit
>have group of con friends who are all overweight
>agree to room with them at our last con
>the second we get to the room (that they told me could sleep all five of us but only had bed space for four), they all start saying they have medical conditions and bad backs and need the beds the whole weekend
>aight, I guess I'll take the floor
>they keep the room at 60 the entire time
>freezing, barely able to sleep at all, even leave one night to stay with another friend in the same hotel
>"we're sorry you're so cold, anon!"
>ask if we can up the temperature a bit, just a few degrees
>"but anon, our medical conditions make us get hot so easily, we won't be able to sleep"
>it's not your medical conditions, you fucking fatasses
>but four against one, fair enough
>they're expecting me to room with them at another con we're all going to since I'd agreed to it before the last con

I don't want to back out on them and make it harder for them to afford their hotel room, but I'd honestly rather eat the cost of staying by myself than spend another weekend shivering nonstop every time I'm in the room and putting up with their excuses for their obesity.

>> No.9227875

That really doesn't sound like a great deal for whoever you hire t b h. You want them to draw and make the physical clothing? What part do you play in this?

>> No.9227876

I know this isn't the help thread but if you can sew or have funded any type of project before, make sure you send soliticitions with a link to an online portfolio. If you have no track record and only plan to be "the brains", then... good luck.

>> No.9227884

why would they want to make your stuff, when they can just put their own work on clothes through the 69392 services that exist for this exact reason? they'll get paid either way...

unless you are looking to personally design and construct something intricate and have them provide a design, then there really is nothing to benefit them.

>> No.9227888

>tfw having to finally confront my disordered eating which ruined my past successful and healthy weight-loss (and life) so I can fit into my lolita and cute clothes again

I was listening to a podcast where this woman had a ton of excess skin at her legs after extreme weight-loss. She ended up getting a skin reduction that left her with sutures/stitches on the inside of her legs, then went on about how they split open during the healing process and she had to stuff the gaps with cotton balls till she could get help the next day. Left her with massive scars that looked like the inseams of pant legs, even if they had healed with no issues.

I guess abdominal skin reduction would be less drastic or severe, but skin removal is still awfully serious.

>> No.9227898

5'5 and 147lbs, though to be fair a fair bit of that is muscle. It's pretty fat by gyaru standards but I try not to worry about it too much- just gotta keep an eye on what I eat so I don't go overboard.

yeah you're not wrong

>> No.9227902 [DELETED] 


>we collab on the design, I can do some sketches but very rough ones, they clean it up and make a better version
>or alternatively I tell them the basic ideas for an outfit, they throw the ideas into a sketch and we work out something we both like
>I pay them for said work, per work
>they make a better version of it or slap it on a Tshirt/swimsuit/dress
>I deal with finding tshirt/clothing providers/getting it made
>not only do I pay them for their artwork but they get as much percentage from the profits as I can possibly give them without losing money

explain to me how that's a bad deal to the artist.

>> No.9227904

You're pretty fat by normal people standards

>> No.9227912

>we collab on the design, I can do some sketches but very rough ones, they clean it up and make a better version
>or alternatively I tell them the basic ideas for an outfit, they throw the ideas into a sketch and we work out something we both like
>I pay them for said work, per work, for their art.
>I deal with finding tshirt/clothing providers/getting it made
>not only do I pay them for their artwork but they get as much percentage from the profits as I can possibly give them without losing money

so in short
>I pay them for art
>I do all the other work
>they make even more money from their art after getting paid already

explain to me how that's a bad deal to the artist.

I just think it would be fun to do. I have all these great ideas but I lack the artistic skill, and would love to help a artist out by giving them frequent commissions.

>> No.9227914

welp, i'll bite. what kind of style are you looking for? are we talking typical animu shit? hyper-detailed stuff (e.g. LoL splash art)? or cutesy/simplified?

i hope you're specifying this stuff to the artists you've been pursuing because without some details we seriously have no clue. we're also very flighty and not used to hearing the word "money"

>> No.9227926

senpai i really don't know why you're trying to dig at me when I've had like three posts about not caring about it

>> No.9227940

It's a great as long as you're paying proper licensing fees and have a contract out. Almost 100% of main fashion designers work this way.

Just note, cost of lisencing art for resale is waaaay higher than just the cost of the art. As long as you and the artist are upfront about the price, it can work out wonderfully for both of you.

>> No.9227949

you should prob just lose weight

>> No.9227951

How much have you been offering to artists? Also this >>9227940

>> No.9227959
File: 67 KB, 251x201, 1476303420802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9227961
File: 230 KB, 600x600, TB2YvQ0bpHzQeBjSZFHX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw just get an email from hicktown rural college saying Student Association is putting on a Halloween costume contest next week with prizes

It's my fucking turn to shine, anons.

>> No.9227963

I don't plan to sell until I make a few prototypes/ build a portfolio. I've been working with a "name your own price" type deal and literally have been taking any artist who would be willing since so many ignore/avoid my offer for the most part. It would probably be done through store envy or something similar , im not planning for anything big since this would just be a hobby to me. The only reason I would want to sell is to share the creations with others, rather than keep them to myself.

>> No.9227966

There is literally no benefit to having a large chest.

>> No.9227969

Best of luck anon. Show those normalfags how it's done!

>> No.9227971

sounds like you're just mad at yourself for being fat desu

>> No.9227972

Not even that anon so jokes on you and your shitty ass bait

>> No.9227973

doesn't mean you can't be mad at yourself for being fat

>> No.9227977

Doesn't mean your bait isn't still shitty :^)

>> No.9227981

Sexy/cute animu type stuff. I really like qtmilk's work as an example. (One of the many artists that straight up ignored my emails sadly)

>> No.9227983 [DELETED] 

sorry you're fat

>> No.9227988

Wow, you feel sorry for me anon?!!!?! It's nice to know somebody cares~

>> No.9227990


how to do this properly

>hey I want to commission you
> if yes, say you want to purchase printing rights for x (not copyright)
> if they're savvy, they'll give you the price for that
>sweeten deal with 'you get x% if I make over x sales'

you can't just say 'draw this, we'll make money together'

just noting that you can't be very aggressive or use salesman tactics. just ask for commissions and licensing fees.

>> No.9227992

>would just be a hobby to me

this is an issue.

>> No.9228000

I suggest when contacting artists, you also send two images:
>a moodboard of styles and examples you imagine the tshirts to be like
>some of your sketches

It also depends on who you're contacting. Since anyone can call themselves an artist online nowadays, there's a really big range of skillset + industry experience. An artist who's used to internet/fandom prices will froth at the thought of $60-$120 t-shirt commission. Another artist might charge industry rates of $500-$1000 (this is going off illustration commissions without licensing/reuse fee). The problem is that a lot of artists who charge/get paid industry rates often get emails like yours where "name your price" come from people who expect to pay $50 since most people are blown away by how much actual industry rates are. It might help if you give a suggested budget amount in your emails so they know what kind of person they're dealing with.

Also consider what >>9227876 said. You have to offer some incentive on a collaboration. Not a fan of omocat, but she's doing a collaboration with other popular artists lately based on her networking/connections with them and the fact that omocat's popularity and name will boost exposure to the other artists. Plus, she has people like Sachin Teng in it so it's an equally distributed promotion for all the artists involved.

Giving my two cents, so if I got any part wrong, feel free to correct them.

>> No.9228006
File: 49 KB, 620x352, 3593421-1942512601-Sadak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to try! Going as Sadako because it's the most identifiable horror things around.

>> No.9228044

>hey I want to commission you
> if yes, say you want to purchase printing rights for x (not copyright)

thats all good and dandy but everyone stops contacting me at
> if yes, say you want to purchase printing rights for x (not copyright)
I work 7 days a week i dont have enough time for it to be anything else. I'm just someone who wants to g

didn't know that industry rates were this crazy, even for just selling small time. I'd be find with just getting an artist to frequently commission for clothing designs and not selling the work then, just my own personal wardrobe.

I've been going for under $75 for starting commissions (as in no rights owned, just testing out the artist)
I want to see how some people react on their designs, which ones they like best, would they be interested, and based on that I'd probably adjust my prices to somewhere under $150 for the first sales. (big risk in starting sales to see if people bite, would most definitely raise in the future once things pick up)

another problem I've been having is even if i made designs i dont want to sell and just would want to wear, I'd love to do photoshoots in said clothes made, and perhaps sell prints (of me wearing said outfit)

that alone has artists dropping contact with me, and I don't quite understand why... mainly due to them dropping contact completely without any explanation as to why, or any attempt to talk it out with me.

I'm new to this whole thing and trying to learn best i can, and without artists giving me any answers as to why they're avoiding me I'm trying my damnedest to learn what the hell i'm doing wrong and how I should approach artists in the future with a deal we'd both be happy with

>> No.9228049

Thrift shop for normal clothes. If wearing used clothes weirds you out, some places get brand new with tags overstock from major retailers.

>> No.9228058

You keep saying "outfits" and also insisting that you want to commission artists to do graphic art that would go on a t-shirt or something like that. Which is it?

You seem like an unnecessary middle man for what lots of artists already do. The people in the artists' alley thread are already pretty comfortable contacting manufacturers to put their art on shit. Why do they need someone like you?

>> No.9228064

>sell prints (of me wearing said outfit)
Honestly if it were me I'd drop contact, too. It sounds like you have no idea how the industry works or what's feasible.

For the OC ~ideas~ donut steel, I suppose?

>> No.9228068

anon, I would re-read >>9228000.

>Another artist might charge industry rates of $500-$1000 (this is going off illustration commissions without licensing/reuse fee)

they are saying that industry rates for JUST a commision are $500-1000, which I can attest to as a comic fan who commissions professionals from time to time. and that's just for the art, not for any rights to sell it.

even if you just want it for a shirt that you are selling pics of, you are offering $75 dollars for likely many hours of people's valuable time, that you then want to turn around and make money off of.

I don't want to sound mean, because you seem new to this. but many artists will view this as naive and underpriced at best and insulting at worst.

You are going to have to save up a lot more for this project to get someone to bite, or learn to draw yourself.

>> No.9228072

The incentive thing comes to play again. Think of it this way:
1. Artist gets $75 for commission, you sell 10 shirts for $20 ($10 for 50% with artist). That's 75 + 10(10) = $175 total

2. Artist sells on their own site with their own designs, 10 shirts for $20 = $200

$75 commission is plausible for internet artist prices if it's a one-off illustration for personal use. Then you usually ask permission to the artist if you can print a personal one-off shirt for it. I think most artists are fine with that. The moment you bring in making multiple shirts for nonpersonal use, it starts raising flags.

Also I don't understand what you're going for with this
>i dont want to sell and just would want to wear, I'd love to do photoshoots in said clothes made, and perhaps sell prints (of me wearing said outfit)
I would be fine with someone making a personal shirt and taking pictures since it's promotion for me but selling it is just strange. Hiring a model to boost my professional portfolio like omocat would be a more appealing incentive to me.

>> No.9228077

Sorry, a bit tired. Hit the 20 hour no sleep mark and it's getting to me.
No no no when I say $75 I mean for just regular commissions. Like no plans to profit just a regular, normal commission. No tshirts, no selling, just pure art. I think you might have misread a bit as well.

It's pretty shitty to just straight up drop contact with someone without at least telling them why. How in the ever living fuck am I supposed to learn and improve if no one tells me shit. This is the most information I've gotten about commissions so far since everyone is so damn avoidint

I literally am coming up with the designs myself. I just want someone to draw what I can't. Im just someone who just wants to bring their ideas to life.
I have a couple tshirt ideas and a few more complex design ideas.

>> No.9228087

dude, I am telling you that industry rates for plain old art comissions are $500-1000. as in, I walk up to Dustin Nguyen and say "hey can you draw me Batman?" and he would probably respond "sure, for a thousand dollars"

you're prices are just way too low for anything beyond newbie Internet artists. again, that's not even looking at selling anything at all.

>> No.9228092

>i dont have enough time for it to be anything else

then where am I going to profit from this deal? if it's a 'hobby' it's not serious.

If you were to commission me and you wanted printing rights, it would be about $750 just for t-shirts.

> I'm trying my damnedest to learn what the hell i'm doing wrong

this type of language is off putting. Do you have a sample of the emails you send? literally just screen shot and block out names

>> No.9228110

where you at anon?? if its in illinois I'd love to see a lolita irl (i lurk only because no money & fat so i have no burando lol)

>> No.9228116

alright, I'm going to be honest about the whole art thing since its taking up the thread

>after this talk I don't give a shit about profiting off of stuff anymore, like I said, the only reason I'd want to sell would be purely to share creations with others.
>I'd rather just stick to simple commissions for clothing designs for me, and only me

>I only like to show support to beginner artists (as in ones just trying to get their art out there, not necessarily garbage artists, but not quite perfection either), while I do have a couple thousand dollars saved for this project, I only want beginners because I have a huge soft spot for them (not just for artists, but any commission based work). any beginner to the commission scene selling for $500 is either full of themselves and/or a waste of time (just look how laughable a lot of etsy is)

>when I say "outfits" I mean helping with anything from tshirts, full outfits, full costume ideas, the works. I have lots of ideas and I just dont have the artistic skill to do it

I appreciate finally getting some honest answers and some help/advice with this, I've been asking outside of 4chan of course, but I find here is the best place for an honest, unfiltered opinion


I know I don't sound professional, but at the end of the day, we're on 4chan. I'm not going to call my assistant up and request that he write anon text posts for me, let alone go through my emails to send you guys a sampling to prove some sort of a point to an anonymous imageboard. that's unnecessary, downright silly, and wastes everyone's time,

you giving me shit for acting unprofessional on 4chan of all places is downright laughable

>> No.9228126

>you giving me shit for acting unprofessional on 4chan of all places is downright laughable

No one is giving you shit for anything. Maybe the fact you're so defensive is why artists just stop talking to you instead of laying out their reasons.

>> No.9228133

okie dokie then, if you're just looking at beginner artists:

1) go to tumblr and find an artist's blog
2) check if they have open comisisons, see what their prices are and if they list them (use the "search" function if it's not readily available. they'll often make commission posts)
3) ask for a commision. tell them what you want them to draw and that you want to put it on a shirt for yourself
4) offer slightly more than their going rate b/c shirt
5) wait for their reply

I literally cannot spoon feed you any more than this. if you are still having issues the problem is probably you (or what you are askin them to draw)

>> No.9228134

>refusing to show emails
>asking why people stop emailing back
>keeps repeating self and not really answering questions

see, this tells me you're probably an asshole. go learn to draw or something.

>> No.9228140
File: 30 KB, 540x538, large[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe the fact you're so defensive is why artists just stop talking to you instead of laying out their reasons.
>why artists just stop talking to you
that would be an excellent point to make, if i wrote my own emails.

I got the information I needed, I'm tired as hell, I'm done with this conversation, and you personally can eat my entire unproffessional on 4chan ass. peace

>> No.9228143

wait, you don't write your own emails?

no wonder people probably think you're scamming.

>> No.9228148

I'm the anon who wrote the two advice textblocks. Again, it depends on the artists you're trying to pick. I don't mean beginner or veteran, but ones like if they're an artist on tumblr/twitter who are selling "$25 torso up 3/4 view anime portrait + $10 for an extra character" or the ones like Sachin Teng (hobbyist/amateur vs professional).

There's nothing wrong with wanting to support beginners/amateurs since they can be equally as good as professionals. However, you're coming off as someone who only wants beginners because they're cheap.
>selling for $500 is either full of themselves and/or a waste of time
Depends on how they want to brand/market themselves. Artist (of all skill level) get comments and reactions like these a lot so that's probably why they don't reply to your emails as well as others- they're so used to receiving and filtering out lowball offers. Yes, it would be polite of them to reply no and move on. Not trying to be mean or attack you, but giving possible reasons as to why your efforts haven't been reciprocated.

If you want to get a beginner internet artist, I would suggest offering a minimum of $120 (stand alone commission without reuse fees) as a start. You' will probably get better reception once you go in the hundreds.

>> No.9228152

surprise! it was a hot topic exec all along

>> No.9228154

I'm at AUSA right now, Day 0. There are cute cosplayers eating next to me in a bar. I'm wasting a few hours outside because both of the couples I'm rooming with (I thought there'd only be one but the second brought their fwb) are fucking. I'm at the bottom of a redbull and a strawberry daiquiri. If anyone wants to rescue me, look for the black guy with the lewd Felicia jacket.

>> No.9228158

Wew so edge

>> No.9228159

No meetups, but it's like a pay-for-gf long distance. I'm sure he has other sugar babies for when he travels, but right now I'm pretty happy with how things are.

>> No.9228163

I just met a sugar daddy who literally likes to take me shopping and doesn't even want to do anything sexual. And he likes Lolita!. Life is fucking good.

>> No.9228170

it's amazing how many of these exist. my roommate in college had aguy who sent her shit for years, and all she had to do was listen to him complain and ask for stuff. laptop, tablet, vidya, clothes, jewelry, rare toys & figs, the works. eventually she had to stop because he got weird and started insisting they meet up but it worked for years.

>> No.9228172 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 600x600, 1473128539804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel so lost and scared gulls.
My mother is maybe going to die and if she does that also mean i will be left alone with my absuive father (he restrains himself around my mother but he can be so hurtful and downright hainous he isn't godawful but just a super toxic person).
My mother just now told me she knows how he is and that even though i have chronique fatigue/depression and asperger, if she dies, i must find a job,anything,find an apartment and run away from home.
I am in tears i feel so lost and scared and unsure about the future. I wish i didnt need to sleep so much i wish i wasn't so stressed for nothing and that i wasnt a goddamn useless autist.
I already couldnt get a normal high school diploma (got homeschooled and did formations in subjects that interedted me resulting in three little diplomas) because of getting hardcore bullied because i was a weirdo.
Even lolita, video games,...and everything cant bring me joy anymore.

>> No.9228176

Anon, is there any type of shelter that might help you out?

>> No.9228188

I think I will eventually find something.
I just want to live a happy life you know,just not having these problems crushing me constantly and not being so sensitive. I just want to be happy but maybe I don't deserve to? Maybe i did something real shitty and am getting punished by karma? Sorry if I am ranting like a 13yo i just needed to get it out of my chest

>> No.9228189

Uh I'm not Illinois, sorry?

>> No.9228191

Are you underage? If so there are many shelters available that will help you get an education and even a chance to get into competitive college. Try contacting quest bridge. If your story is true about your family and up bringing they can help you.

If you are above 20 go to a women shelter! There are many financial help programs available to you if you go.

Best of luck

>> No.9228192

Relevant feels because the rest is OT as fuck: I just want butt-length natural hair that I can incorporate into lolita. I know a few girls with natural beautiful long hair and it suits the style so nicely. Mine stops growing and It's the worst. Wigs are uncomfortable but if I want that effect, I have to wear them.

Fuck, anon. No extended family? No siblings? No friends? A shelter or a kind internet denizen might be able to help for a home situation. Your father sounds shit but you have time to find options. Also I know you're sad but stop thinking like this >>9228188 because it's not true. That kind of stuff (karma, universal punishments) doesn't exist and is just going to make you sadder.

Christ, how the hell do I even go about this? I'm not fat/ugly/autistic so it shouldn't be hard. But SB/SD sites seem too public and I wouldn't want my face associated with that shit.

Maybe I should just findomme because I give no fucks about men and literally just want their money.

>> No.9228193

It's okay anon, but really, don't blame this on yourself. Nobody deserves such a shit situation. Please don't put yourself down.

Try looking for shelters for battered women? I don't know if they accept a case like yours, but it's a good first try?

>> No.9228199

(What the hell? my post got deleted?)
Thank you anon i'll keep that in mind. My birthday was last month I am freshly 20

Thank you anon. Reading this kinda helped me feel better. I will do my best to find something. I knew about a guy on 4chan close to me location wise and i used to play vidya with him but he was trying to get in my pants (even though he knew i wasnt attracted to dudes or having sex) so i don't think it's a good idea to ask him. He was a cool dude though.

>> No.9228200

it got deleted because it's off topic and you need to get over it

>> No.9228202

Thank you anon. Nah i don't think so, but i will find something, thanks for your suggestion i will keep it in mind just in case.

>> No.9228206

>go through wig stash
>realize the wig I thought I had for my Halloween costume is the wrong color
>drop $13 on eBay wig
>Estimated Arrival: Thursday 27th
>that's the day I need it

Please arrive early, wig. My Halloween depends on you so I can be the spookiest on campus.

>> No.9228215

Like the other anon said, it's a really serious surgery and i don't really find it funny after seeing it first hand. A lot of people say they would rather live with the loose skin. It's not "gross and sweaty," it's literally purely cosmetic. He even got it completely paid for becuase his weightloss video went really viral but he said he only did it becuase everyone else kept pressing it.

>> No.9228242

>be me
>be noob
>fall in love with gothic lolita
>too fat for Moitie
>too fit for Haenuli
>eternal struggle
>should i go sweet even tho i don't like it that much, just because it is more poplar = more clothes available?
>and am horrified by dat MMM rabbit fur scarf
>but i love gothic aesthetic
>eternal struggle continues

>> No.9228245

Did you even read what other anon posted? It's not about criticism, following someone you don't actually enjoy following is childish. It's like following normie brands and critisizing it with being normie.
Plus all this "my opinions are so important" attitude is snowflakey.

>> No.9228246

lurk more

>> No.9228265

I'm interested, you can mail me today or tomorrow. I can't promise I'll be checking this mail regularly after that.

>> No.9228276

I didn't have my face on it, my profile pic was of my back and my long hair. Only once we started talking did I show him my face and then we met up somewhere in public for drinks to see if he'd be interested. I used a Google voice number to text/talk to him so that if things go sour he doesn't actually know my info. We are both ageplayers (I know, I know, but I swear that has nothing to do with why I like Lolita) so I just act "little" privately with him. I messaged him after seeing his profile because he specifically mentioned that he didn't want to do anything sexual. There is obviously a sexual aspect to it and I model clothes/lingerie, but we're not doing sex acts, and he knows that I'm actually sexually interested in other men. He likes it because it makes me seem "unattainable". I just get to act excited and shop (for all types of clothes, not just Lolita) and he gets to feel like he's living out a fantasy. He's also not an old man, he's actually pretty young.

Findomming is not that simple. You need to legit know about investing, debts, and general finance if you're going to do that, not just keep some money for yourself and throw the rest back at him.

>> No.9228289

I'm chubby and the site doesn't care. The main reason I nabbed this dude is because he had nerdy hobbies he was tired of the other SB's he talked to pretending to be interested in for the cash. I think it's part of the reason he's being so generous to me. If you've got something interesting, use it to your advantage.

>> No.9228314

I will send many prayers to Mana-sama for you!

>> No.9228320

>Applied to cons that I have been accepted in for 5 years.
>Get denied by the new upper classmen this year for being old news.
>Haven't heard back from the last con I applied to
>Apply to new bigger cons
>Got denied from most of them
>Feeling really depressed

>> No.9228322

same. i also feel like i've outgrown a lot of the people i used to hang out with at cons because all they want to do is get shitfaced and i just don't enjoy drinking like that anymore

>> No.9228323


you need to be knocked on your ass now and then

>> No.9228337
File: 131 KB, 636x1019, 1446418088797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>praying to Mana-sama for a cosplayer

>> No.9228383
File: 25 KB, 227x351, Mana-malice-mizer-11894681-227-351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can totally pray to VK-era Mana for cosplay needs.

>> No.9228387

>I'd love to do photoshoots in said clothes made, and perhaps sell prints
Consider this: don't tell artists that you're planning to sell pictures of you wearing their work.

>> No.9228415

I like to think mana is a benevolent god, and while not everyone lets him into their hearts, he will always love them just the same.

>> No.9228490

Seconding being interested. I'd like to see what you have in mind. Throwaway email included (don't judge me, I made it like 4 years ago when I was a huge weeb)

>> No.9228526

Your reaction image made me nostalgia hard.

>> No.9228542

>went into artist alley
>some dude is having a seizure
>fat grill screaming over him
>run away
>come back later
>guy is back at his seat as if nothing happened

I was fucking scare

>> No.9228610

Is your brain just /dumb/

>> No.9228623

Do your own thing Anon! Maybe talk about this with your mom? Explain that what you like about the clothes, how they make you feel, describe the fashion of your choice. Chances are she's just confused.

About the food thing I totally feel you heh.

>> No.9228713

>Start new job.
>Gotta save for Japan trip and buying shittons of clothes in Japan!
>Keep getting tempted by local common sales.
>Alright, I'll just lurk CC and brand stores instead to remind myself of the end-goal.
>Haha bought a huge order at CC already.

I'm not gonna make it the next 5 months, /ceeg/. I can't do it.

>> No.9228772

>be white girl
>love anime and k-drama
>go to cons
>fall in love with k-pop tier oppa
>he has a gf
>"Oh well, it's probably a korean girl, they statistically don't marry outside of their race."
>it's a white girl

when will I get my oppa?


>> No.9228779

Here's the same answer I give to all the virgin retards on /r9k/: you'll get a friend the day you decide to be a friend. You'll get a boyfriend the day you decide to be a girlfriend.

>> No.9228826
File: 247 KB, 500x411, 0c35f957-11a8-43d8-a19c-8efd7577892e..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to kill myself next year and I wanna funnel all my savings into sugaring a seagull so my money doesn't just go to waste when I die.

I don't even need nudes or weird creepy stuff in return. I just want to make someone happy before I go. I have $46k just sitting in my account collecting dust.

>> No.9228829

Anon, why do you want to kill yourself?

>> No.9228832

C'mon. Tell us all about your feels.
> I just want to make someone happy before I go.
You know what would make me happy? You not to kill yourself. Maybe live a good life eh? That'd be nice.

>> No.9228845

Anon, please don't. We can talk about this.

I'm making a new feels thread at >>9228834 if you wanna talk. Please, get help.

>> No.9229026

I'm up for this anon, maybe in you sugaring me it'll make you happy enough to want to continue living~

>> No.9230768

Dude can you pay my student loan?

>> No.9231595

>if you can't be harajuku, you can at least be handy

keep your stick on the ice, anon

>> No.9231607
File: 8 KB, 333x359, 1476025211315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, pls, I need sugaring. But, I'm sorry you're feeling this way.

>> No.9232092 [DELETED] 
File: 655 KB, 1936x2258, 1477294213610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no big benis bf

>> No.9232094

add me on skype

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