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It's been awhile since the last thread. Post the best and worst odottemita/dance cover and performance videos! Let's be weebs and dance together, /cgl/!

As a side note, I heard a rumor that the recent J-Pop Summit Odottemita Dance Contest was the last odottemita contest to be held by them? Can anyone confirm or give more info?

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Any dance recommendations? I currently know Start Dash, Happy Happy Morning, Mune Mune Kyun, Renai Circulation, Gigantic O.T.N., Love & Joy, Love X Love Whistle, and all the Haruhi ones

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I recommend [email protected] cinderella girls! Dances are cute or cool based on the idols who perform them.

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The only thing worth going to at the recent Halloween Expo, for the pay for part, the only thing that had an audience in the theatre was the Sigma Omega performance


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>cute girls
>pretty good dancing
Wow this is group and audience goals. Where does Halloween Expo take place? Unless it's out of the US, I've never seen such an engaging wotagei crowd at a cosplay/odottemita idol performance.

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>That too-small indoor stage

That's so sad, it would have been more impressive if they'd had enough space.

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Berry Risa finally uploaded a cover and I couldn't be happier


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Said event was held at a university campus. It was mostly a flop apart from the wotagei events due to rain and last year being an utter disappointment and disjointed mess

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I may not go to this con, but I might try to attend a Vancouver convention to get a first had experience of the idol/wotagei crowd. It will be super easy for me since I will be moving to Seattle soon.

On that note, where are the best conventions for odottemita performances and idol/wotagei culture? My state recently had its first idol festival at a convention. What is it like where you are located?

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How many want to bet Hoshi either forced her way to perform or did some shitty hallway performance? I heard the Japan Night event was 21+ only and she got rejected entrance

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Great to see an Odottemita fan, Sakuracon had a Cover Dance show qt the garden this year.


Here in Van we got five groups.

EPS infinity, which is a high school club which covers LL.

Van48, akb cover dances

Sigma Omega, also LL. Seen in the video

Natsu Heroes: Also Love Live

And Zeus! They will be at Nihon Expo coming november. Small con though and I haven seen them dance yet.

unfortunately if you want [email protected] or Aikatsu you are gonna be sol. LL is the only idol series to be given proper attention

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw3FHU_pDvs tis the season. currently learning this one

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Holy crap this right up my alley.

>tfw used to be a Eurobeat/ParaPara addict and stopped when it fell out of style
Maybe I should get back into this and Kpop routines for exercise..

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I really like choreography Penta did in her version


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Never heard of this girl before and I need some drama.

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Hoshi is a underage aidoru wanna-be who has countless failed net-idol and real life idol groups, makes gofundme campaigns with zero success (and pretty sure with zero knowledge of her parents knowing), and is overall delusional about being an idol. She will ask for concrit but will delete actual concrit and keep comments that praise her un-existent singing and dancing skills. Overall cringy aidoru girl who surprisingly hasn't become a lolcow yet.

Theres a a whole lot more to her drama that I dont want to type out but read up the archives to find out more.

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That's what I do, I learn them for exercise.

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I mean to use this one


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I give them an A for effort but this is really shitty. I hope they get more opportunities to practice or cut the girls that live so far. Distance is a really shitty excuse for limited group practice.

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Ririri re-danced Happy Halloween!


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This anon here. I'm not entirely sure where to start getting into this. I've subscribed to a few people listed here already but looking for more!

Looking for not overly complicated stuff to start out with. Just stuff to exercise to. If anyone knows dancers who sort of go over the steps before launching into it, I'd be so happy.

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None of them are smiling. They all look like they hate being there. No energy.

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I have to agree on that, they simply lack the energy and spirit to pull it off. Needs a lot of work.

Here is Zeus


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Same quality as >>9231438 but high quality cosplay ans cute girls that compensates to a point. They fluctuate a lot with their quality of dance and I was left confused by the middle of the performance.

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Another group that looks unhappy and unenergetic. Why choose Love Live if you aren't going to put the right spark into it? The girls are cute though.

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Accessibility. You know how hard is it to get into [email protected] and Aikatsu?

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Well to be honest, as much as I love Aikatsu the dances suck. Half are catwalks and the rest are super easy plain looking dances. Even the characters who are supposed to be super good in dancing do boring dances (like S4 girl in aikatsu stars recently)... There might be some exceptions like Rin but I don't think there are much.

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I really like Juliane from NovaDrop. Her singing might be weak, but she has nice stage movement and dancing. Does anyone else like a certain member of a group they follow? Why do you like them?


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Cringe rose is somehow going to MCM. Place your bets now.


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Are you serious? I hear so much bad shit about her.
I admire her dedication but she's a pretty shitty person and her group is super lacking.

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I wasn't really talking about her as a person but more her technique and stage presence. I don't know her as a person.

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I'm not a specialist but singing will dancing always seem to be a bad idea

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So what do you see as most important for in an odottemita group? Thinking about next year's idol dance cover competition and wanted a professional critics that isn't based on just dancing what's popular.

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Individually, I look for confident dancers who practice, look like they know what their doing and express emotion based parts of the song and/or dance.

Group wise, I want to see if everyone is in unison, can flow to their positions, and overall can work together during the performance if that makes sense.

Groups are really a hit or miss based on those factors. I would say focus on group and individual practice based around all these factors listed above. Group practice is just as important as individual practice so find a balance and find weak points in yourself and your group members early on. Don't be afraid to give and recieve concrit and be sure the members can take and give concrit.

Good luck, anon! Be sure to tell us the results!

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Post more Halloween covers!


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I agree with this anon >>9235139! In addition, pick a dance that is in your skill range and do it properly: A dance with perfect sync and energy vs a too challenging dance done halfheartedly. Remember to have fun and good luck!

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Source on that qt? She looks adorable!

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Dancing/singing aside, she looks awful. The clothes look frumpy, her hair is shit, and she looks like a 45 yo.
If she'd worn something brighter/more fitting to the characters it would have been so much better.

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I am living for the wotagei chants in these

This looks so clean and perfect as usual

>> No.9237506

the one in the white is so stiff. It doesn't help that the dance was originally from a group with 6 people so it makes it look super messy when only 2 are dancing.

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This is probably one of my favorite dance groups


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Oh gosh this is cute. The outfits, no one with stupid hair, everyone looks energetic and on time. The transitions are great.
Here is the kicker...are any of them crazy? Cause this seems to good to be true.

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Try playing the YouTube videos at half speed as well while you're going over the steps.

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Who is ready for the Christmas covers?

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I love this??? Finally a group that's perfect!

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Don't try to look cutesy, don't wear too-tight clothes, and practice like mad. If you're doing a cutesy dance try to smile naturally instead of doing kawaii uguu faces, because that will make you look like a constipated frog.

Be cheerful and energetic when dancing, and know the dance inside out. Dance in front of a mirror so you can practice the bits that make you feel like an idiot.

If you're going to be in a competition, make sure your makeup and costumes are easy to dance in and won't get smudged and sweaty. If you can't move, you're not going to have a chance at winning no matter how epic your costume is. Also, go for fresh-faced natural makeup instead of the Nigri look, and bake it on. It'll last forever and you won't have to worry about your face melting off.

Sorry if this sounds obvious,but way too many people make the same stupid mistakes on stage.

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tfw never gonna find a group for this

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This is so crazy gooooooood

Their movements are all so tightly in sync and the choreography is exciting and flows well. Every member is cheerfully bouncy and selling the performance. Even the silly pantomime bits work great.
>dat idol handshake
>dat rpg battle

These renew my hopes for western dance groups

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She, now known as Hibiki, got into some AKB wannabe group now. USA50 is the name, loks cringeworthy already.

>> No.9246248

I expect usa50 to fail miserably and seeing as only five people passed it's already set in stone it will

>> No.9247132

I was told only 5 people auditioned anyways. Net idol community sees USA50 as a joke in all honesty. I heard Hoshi/Hibiki gave the creator of the group a sob story and that's how she passed. The creator is also very delusional and already has had drama within the management part of the group. She wants everyone apart of the project (member and staff) to stay 100% dedicated and make USA50 their full-time job like she has. Also mind you that the creator also had a newborn child. How is she buying all this AKB merch, putting money toward the group, and taking care of her children?? It just doesn't add up and it's concerning that she probably isn't even taking care of her kid.

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>when you really want to start a group instead of dancing by yourself like a loser but none of your friends are into J-pop much less dancing

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Pls post more USA50 updates

>> No.9247944

Same feeling for that and Kpop.

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Everyone have tips on how to become for synch ? Like, we count time for everymove, but it's inside the movement itself that we are not completly synch. It's like if we don't take all the same exact time in space, or we don't, for example do the move at the same height with our arms. ( it's kinda hard to explain ). But, yeah. We don't have the money to hire a coach so I wonder if you had tips or tricks ~

>> No.9249082

Practice in front of a mirror together. Agree on how high up you bring your arms/legs/etc. for a move. And then practice. A lot. There's really not much more to it

>> No.9249594

Focus more on group practice if you are having trouble synching up. It's honestly takes a lot of group practice and there's no special trick except taking it slow and agreeing on how everyone moved.

>> No.9249627

Learning the choreography together instead of each one by themselves also helps a lot... I've tried different methods with the dance groups I was in and this one as the best... you learn the same steps, the same way and at the same time. And also as always... practice, practice and practice

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Another Berry cover!

>> No.9250831

ahh this brings back memories of when i met her in Houston during AM to see Morning Musume 16'. I'm so glad she is uploading covers more frequently.

>> No.9250861

Why would you even want to?

>> No.9252146

with the holidays coming up, anyone have any favorite themed dances?

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So there's this event that's been around for a while here in FL called Kira Kira Pop and was wondering how it was? I couldn't attend but they bring idol acts and dance groups to their shows.

>> No.9255825


The group is from Finland, and the girls in the duet are also in the same group. They are called Hitode Army, and consist of Nani, Petra, Neido, Noora, and Vimppu

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File: 59 KB, 714x682, inferno cop nani.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Group is up to 8 members now after adding some new members already. Some of the members really need better pictures though. Maybe it'll get better.

>> No.9256661

I'm curious how it went as well, all I know of it is that Paida performed and she's pretty good if her song choices are actually within her range.

>> No.9256874

Did they already select those? Didn't they just pass 1st audition round and continue to 2nd round

>> No.9257166

They're just who passed the first round. They have to prove themselves worthy of being in the group

>> No.9257269

I like that they have to prove themselves worthy to join the group. Every group audition process should do what they are doing with their audition process.

>> No.9257333

I really think most of them made it into the group because they got so little auditions. "Hibiki" made it past the first round and everyone knows how bad she is.

>> No.9257439

I don't really get USA50's purpose? They require english songs so are they only going to do english music? Will they cover popular japanese songs or will they create their own like Oishii Project or 4te? I've been looking into them but I really don't get what they're aiming to do with all of this besides the AKB spinoff which never goes well.

>> No.9257685

There main goal in the beginning was to get noticed by Aki-P and make them a official sister group. Thankfully someone bitched them out about it bringing up Hibiki's NYC48, how it failed miserably, that there will be potential legal actions taken against them if they continue, and finally, that idol culture will NEVER work in the mainstream US music scene. There still aiming to be an (shitty) idol group but ~tried~ to distance themselves away from the 48 concept. The creator is delusional. I can't wait to see this fail. She even admits to being unhappy with the talent, especially Hibiki.

>> No.9257793

Besides the obvious idol culture just not working here in the US, I think the problem is they don't have proper credentials or past experiences and yet they expect talented people to come out and go through months of an audition process to be in a mediocre group. Oishii Project had Becki Cruel (despite what negatives people could say about her, she's gone way farther than any of these net-idols wish they could go). 4te has Oishii Project veterans and a management that has participated in successful groups in the past like Pinku Project. If they had experience like that it could be a different story.

>> No.9257839

Where did she admit to being unhappy with the talent, out of curiosity? Do you know her personally or does she have a blog or something?

>> No.9257907

None of those are Hibiki's group (NYC and AME), she just happens to be the most delusional and most promotive person.

I've seen other posts about what would be insider info and either that anon is in the group, they're the person running it, they're staff, or someone within the group has told them this. Cause this isn't just "public knowledge"

>> No.9257910

You're right that none have credentials. Would argue that the members don't need them (know how many actually idols come from absolutely nowhere?). But for the person running it, that's really
Important. She literally just popped up.

>> No.9257966

I honestly thought the creator was just a oldfag weeb going through a midlife crisis and happened to find AKB48. She really did pop out of nowhere and made all this her priority. I still worry that she is putting more effort into USA50, 48O, and buying AKB merchandise than taking care of her two kids.

>> No.9258007

If we're talking about Hibiki rn, can someone link me to any of her videos so I can see for myself how she is?

>> No.9258232


>> No.9258235

That's because it looks like she is. If you're gonna put all you shit in one basket at least make it something worth while. I don't know who's worse; her or the girl from flusay

>> No.9258283

she got through with that audition? odd
I've never actually heard her sing until now and i kind of wish i hadn't

>> No.9258603

I just internally vomited. Thank you

>> No.9258629

Every time i doubt my ability to sing or dance, I look back at Hoshi/Hibiki and thank every religious and mythological figure I am not her.

>> No.9258983

Can you link me to any of her dancing vids?

>> No.9259000

If anyone got her cringe performance at that one café I'd be eternally thankful

>> No.9259054


She removed them all. This is all that's left unless someone else has copies or recorded her.


>> No.9259080

That was cringy as all hell. Literally the worst dance cover I've ever seen of Luka Luka Night Fever in all my life

>> No.9259082

That video makes me wonder why they try. 11:11 like to dislike ratio. Damn

>> No.9259918

I actually know these girls so my opinion might be biased, but none of them are crazy, they're all pretty sweet.

>> No.9263247

What do people think of heavy-set/overweight dancers? Are there any overweight dancers you like?

>> No.9263250

Why watch gross fatties when you can watch cute japanese people do the exact same dance?

>> No.9263275

Why don't we post more good dances instead of bad ones?

I think there was one earlier in this thread that danced well. Don't remember which.

>> No.9263560

Why insult some perfectly healthy people when you dismiss some probably unhealthy people?

>> No.9263588

It's encouraging, if they are having fun and feel supported they are more likely to continue dancing and hopefully taking care of themselves. It is a great exercise after all!

>> No.9263592

It's really not, unless you dance without stopping for a half-hour straight.

>> No.9263597


That's how you improve anyway, though

>> No.9264227

I've been looking at dance groups outside the states and europe. Does anyone have any favorite dance groups that are in other asian countries?


>> No.9265157

Any activity involving lots of movement is great exercise if you do it for half an hour straight. But it's still exercise if you do it regularly. Doing five push-ups isn't exercise is it?

>> No.9265641

But it's fun too! Meaning one might be more inspired to stick with it than by doing pushups.

>> No.9266808

What are some of your favorite christmas themed dances?

>> No.9268690


>> No.9269672


Here is a vlog from the Florida party. They had some idol girls and some DJ's. It looks pretty cool imo


>> No.9269677

This is the perfect example of a group that is trying to do something way out of their skill level and as a result they are failing horribly.

>> No.9269965

The only one even close to decent (it'd be stretching to say good) is Julee (pink).

>> No.9270867

They performed it again a few months later and I think a lot more of the dance moves are in sync - although I think there could still be more energy and better facial expressions while performing. All that tells me is that putting on a good performance is really, really hard.


>> No.9270888

Still not good. Self post?

>> No.9270911

This is awful as their moves are so sloppy and out of sync, especially on their turns. It is also very awkward to watch as they are trying so hard to be sexy. The fat girl is especially bad.

>> No.9270917


Nope! They're just in my area so I'm interested in hearing what people think of them.

>> No.9271476

For a simple dance like this one it really could have been more in sync. If they did the other more difficult choreo to that song I'd get it. The energy isn't there either, don't half do a dance move, finish what you start!

>> No.9271882

time for some classic cringe. i cant choose a video so ill just link the channel.


>> No.9272038

I started with the Brainstorming cover. Practice just doesn't seem to be a concept here...


>> No.9272041

I don't know what plant you live on but out of them all the fat girl did better than the others. I will never understand why 4ch hates 'fatties' even when they're close to decent.

>> No.9272042

Nanami is so horrible she should just give up.

>> No.9272350

So I'm guessing your the fat one in the group?

>> No.9272372

I tried giving her a chance but the fact that she's always staring at her other screen to see the dance moves irk me to no end.

>> No.9272462

They needed more practice in front of a mirror.

>> No.9272465

I had DJ friends who were there.

>> No.9272468

ohey. Speaking of. I know that DJ! I operated his video feed for him at a rave once

>> No.9272565

Not a chance as I'm not even white. But if you really think she's the worst out them all then there's problems because I could point out at least two worse then her in that group.

>> No.9272745

I'd agree desu. Two of them looked completely lost at times. I'd say she had the dance down the most.

Doesn't mean it was good though.

>> No.9273535

Amaitsuki amazes me again! I just wish Melody was a better dancer.


>> No.9273683

Considering they're dancing in the rain, pretty darn decent

>> No.9274220

What're you two talking about, they were out of sync and the movement was so loose and sloppy. They look like children jumping around. I've seen worse, but I wouldn't even call this decent

>> No.9274337

I miss danceroid group covers :/ Many were good but they also supplied some cringe moments.


And my fave cringe:

>> No.9274524

that's why i said decent, I've definitely seen a lot worse haha

>> No.9274531

Then you try it.

>> No.9274537

Danceroid was and is (referring to Q'ulle but they're an actual group) one of the best dance groups ever. It saddens me to see their stuff ruined.

>> No.9274541

the first one their skirts are entirely too short >< it's a bit tasteless
I like the baby manics cover, they all seem to know what were doing minus sync errors

The SNW one.....I mean they're good dancers but um- too much.

>> No.9274545

I would love to see more nice quality Q'ulle covers, their dances are always entertaining

>> No.9274578

I agree with Baby Maniacs. And I'm not sure if the girls in that one are still in the group but their most recent stuff isn't too bad.

>> No.9274800

I know one of the girls in the first one. She complained that their leader refused to really do anything about the sizing (all ordered the one size fit all deal). I feel bad for the taller girls.

>> No.9274851

that really does suck, I personally would not have felt comfortable in something that doesn't fit well.

>> No.9275088

I remember some one posting on their tumblr telling them to wear longer skirts and practice more. the leader retaliated less than gracefully to the critisim

>> No.9275122

link to her tumblr? i wanna find that post

>> No.9275158


Gotta go back a bit though.

>> No.9275663

Does anyone have a link to that cute little asian girl doing the dance to the Yo Kai watch song? The child dancer.

>> No.9276183

That is a vague statement......

>> No.9276202


>> No.9276207

Sounds like you're talking about Ririri!
The video of her dancing to Yokai Watch is over 2 years old though.

>> No.9276265

Enjoy some cute maids dancing

>> No.9276740

Thank you!

>> No.9277421

What are your opinoins on what would make a good setlist for a performance? Would it be better to include a variety of themes, or stick to a certain theme, for example "space" or "halloween"

>> No.9277455

In my opinion, it honestly depends on the group as well as where and when they are performing. If they're performing on a holiday like Halloween or Christmas, then the set list should be all or mostly about that holiday. If it's a themed show go with the theme. If it's a general con/performance, the setlist should show their talent but within their limits. If they can do a cute dance and do a rock-type dance just as well, do both. If you can only do one then stick to that especially if you've never practiced it before or performed it before.

>> No.9277623
File: 135 KB, 803x652, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you just filter so only asks show its like the first post. They're delusional if they really see no issue with doing one size fits all when half the girls are fatties. The video looks like some are wearing diapers thanks to the white tights.

>> No.9277731

That's such a bullshit response. For one, they knew yet did nothing. For two, they're a fucking maid cafe it doesn't matter if you were a dance team at the moment. Honestly they do give a bad name to maid cafes.

>> No.9277734

Can someone explain to me what classifies as a fattie? I see it thrown around for people who would and wouldn't be fat and it's confusing.

>> No.9277782


While neither of them are amazing/good, I feel bad for Hollie because wow she has potential and it is being wasted and she's paired with Nanami which is just horrible. And that auto tune holy fuck.

>> No.9277915

After meeting their head person at a con, I venture to guess she has power trips. She seems to degrade the ones thinner cuter or more talented and seeing this makes me roll my eyes as to how they could be taken seriously. Their dance uniforms hardly ever look put together as a team.
Head girl in the cotton candy wig:

>> No.9277935

Wow. And again with the short skirts. Her ass is basically hanging out more than the others. I also couldn't help but notice her tights too... Maybe she shouldn't lead.

>> No.9277952

Half of what you see there quit or moved on so yeah. I would think the more put together ones or more skilled would be lead.
Seems like a problem group US groups.

>> No.9277953

*in US

>> No.9277985

even if they were just a dance team they as a leader she should care about how her members are looking.

>> No.9277990

the heck did i just watch-
Hollie was a better dancer but they both need not to not sing again. Especially with tragic autotune.

>> No.9278003

the black tights makes it more tolerable, but again the too short skirt is a bad look. In positive news I find the girl with orange paws to be the cutest of them all aw

>> No.9278132

Also met the head person at a con. She claims to be trained as a real dancer but after seeing these videos, no. Just no.

>> No.9278334

why did she refer to sexual harassment in japanese.... ...

>> No.9278342

The head will often use Japanese cause she is fluent and " practically Japanese."

>> No.9278345
File: 156 KB, 2250x756, 12778842_1063702210339049_7153526290144465346_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The following performance year at the Japanese festival...still didn't heed the warning about short skirts. You can't do one size fits all for dance covers all the time.

>> No.9278364

See >>9278345 and you decide.

>> No.9278401

I know which ones would be considered fat (like second from right and the obvious center) but then even others would be called fat that aren't and that's what makes it confusing.

>> No.9278434

They're definitely a couple sizes up from the rest of the girls, but they don't look fat really..chubby at most. I think the unflattering dance outfits aren't doing them any favors, with properly sized clothing they'd all look pretty good.

>> No.9278774

agreed, actual clothes that fit would make a world of difference

>> No.9279469

I don't have a problem with bloomers. Hitode Army wears cute shorts under their uniforms. I think it is if it looks well put together.

>> No.9279691


>> No.9279709

I never thought I'd see a pinku bento box in real life.

>> No.9280220

for some positives, I love this

>> No.9280223

I would love to see covers of this, but then again I don't want the dance to be butchered-

>> No.9280247

Im starting notice that western and specifically predominantly/all white composed American groups take zero care into what they do. Like watching Japanese or Chinese or Korean dancers dance to Japanese or Chinese or Korean songs and watching many/most non-whites dancing to the same songs by comparison, most whites seem to not give any shits to even they screw up or if they get criticism or if something is just wrong and that's really bad. I don't mean that to be degrading but look at Crystal Rose's UK unit. If you order them best to worst, most likely who is at the very bottom?

>> No.9280272

(Continuing on my own statement) Or at least they care less about being cringey (in a bad way). Because they don't practice enough.

>> No.9280286



>> No.9280294

Holly with the Asian girl either on par with her or just above.

>> No.9280553

Not that anon, but this is Crystal Rose:

>> No.9280579

They also have a more recent one without the other white girl.

>> No.9280632


Pink and red suck. Also the strap coming off one of the girls should tip off about having dress rehearsals to troubleshoot shit like that.

>> No.9280683

It's not just Crystal Rose that are shit but pretty much the whole of the UKs odorite community. I liked Seiza Project when they were putting out stuff, and the new (ish) group Prism. But even then they aren't amazing.

The only western group I've really loved is Hitode Army. I don't follow any US groups so can't really comment on them.

>> No.9280699

It's rare to find a US group that actually puts the effort forward. And sadly it's usually lackluster Love Live groups these days.

>> No.9280795


The only thing that saves prism is the girl who cosplays Eli and Rin on occasion. The smaller buck-toothed asian can't dance for shit and is an attention seeking whore who posts pics of herself in japanese swimsuits on insta. She even admits to doing shit for 'the attenshuns'.
The other girl just offers up nothing, fat as fuck, butchers most of the characters she cosplays within the group (anyone else despair at that CURLY wig she used for Miki from Idolmaster?)

>> No.9280958

Looks like Berry is doing a new video every day this month!
I love her style but I feel a little bad for her because the first comment on all her videos is from some wierd older guy radical feminist.

>> No.9280996

Call me crazy but I see nothing wrong with their dancing? I went back to even check their recent videos and I have no idea what you're talking about. Even the wig thing is so minor, you sound like you're shitting just to shit. Furthermore when was the last time you looked at the group? Because some things have changed.

>> No.9281001

He seems really creepy.

>> No.9281053

I'm gonna go with calling you crazy then? Their moves are sloppy and out of time. The whole point of dancing well is to be in time and define your moves. They also have zero stage presence and don't smile much, or seem in to what they're doing. Check the original of that dance and hopefully you'll see the difference.

>> No.9281138

For what it's worth I've seen them perform live and inclined to agree with >>9280996 more? They're definitely not perfect but they were fun to watch, having some really enthusiastic people in the first few rows of the audience made the atmosphere better too. They are not flawless but by far one of the better UK groups.

>> No.9281288

Which members are you? Why defend sloppiness? Also by the end of the first concert, 75% of the audience left. It's even in their We Are Crystal Rose video at the end. There the worst UK group, probably on the same level as Wish Sisters.

>> No.9281290

Who in the fuck do you think you are? We weren't even talking about crystal rose you dipshit. We were talking about PRISM. I was the one who mentioned crystal rose as a bad example in the first place. Get the fuck out.

>> No.9282827

Whoa there, not that serious m8

>> No.9283088


When you see it

>> No.9283134

What am I looking for? Other than horrible dancing.

>> No.9283412

Serious question, what about the dancing is horrible? The dance moves seem to be in sync for the most part, except for a few spots, but the energy and facial expressions seem a bit tired. What could be done to improve the performance? (I'm not associated with this video or group at all, I'm just new to dance shit and interested in improving my own skills as much as possible.)

>> No.9283699

Alongside ichigo chu's group

>> No.9283716

Look me in the eye and tell me the Asian girl doesn't suck donkey balls at dancing here.

>> No.9283725

>Holly with the Asian girl either on par with her or just above.
Direct quote from my other post. So yes she does suck but at least she doesn't look like a flailing whatever it is.

>> No.9283733

Maybe it's simply the fact that I know the dance, but many of the moves are wrong and just as many are out of sync. Not only that, but with as many people as they have, fluid motions and movements REALLY need to be worked on. It's not as sloppy as half the stuff that is posted on here but it's still sloppy. The energy and facials are also lacking but the girl who did Reina's parts did alright (it wasn't good but it wasn't to the point where it was butchered).

>> No.9283764

Speaking as someone who doesn't know the dance, it looked fine to me. Some of them seemed to get tired near the end, but they were mostly hidden in the back. People needed to smile and put a little more heart into their moves, and some of the girls really need to style their hair better. Besides that, though, it looked way more practiced and put together than most of the dances here.

To me it looks like a bunch of people who maybe have no real dance experience but worked hard and got the moves down. It lacks fluidity like >>9283733 said but it's not horrible, especially for western groups.

>> No.9283844


Well there was the EPS Infinity video at Nihon Expo Winter edition. Only reason why even the con scene gave two shits about it. The one who did professional filming on it put it on FB.


>> No.9284301

Not being funny, but the atmosphere being created by how enthusiastic the front row is (who were most likely friends) doesn't necessarily mean the group is good.

>> No.9284303

They're rather flat footed, imo, and pretty sloppy with arm movements.

To be fair, I've seen groups dragged over the coals for less than this. Heck, groups dragged over the coals for their dancing and there aren't even any videos OF them dancing.

>> No.9284307

I don't think the person was saying that the group was good because of that but rather the group has someone being hyped where not even many get that. There's a difference between having a party where nobody is dancing and a party where some people are dancing.

>> No.9284311

They do lack energy but their arm movements don't look sloppy unless you're looking at older videos. But for the other anon to say they completely suck is far from true when there have been way worse on here. It's a group of 3 people and those three people have better dances than groups of five or more.

>> No.9284321

Yeah, like >>9284307 says. The people at the front seemed like they knew them well but it gave the opportunity for other people further back in the audience to get hyped too. Like I say, not perfect, but better than most other UK groups.

>> No.9284328


Nah. The videos from the second half of the year are even worse than their live performances, and thats taking into account that they can have do-overs. I'm also disappointed in the cosplays/wigs of the white girl with them. Just because you're dancing doesn't mean that your make up and cosplay can go out of the window in quality, it means you have more things to watch out for.

>> No.9284351

Hitode Army is constanly getting shit on their necks because they use black shorts underneath.

>> No.9284386

But that doesn't mean they're any good, just have good fanbase/support.

That would be like saying static noise is good if people were having fun with it crackling away.

>> No.9284394

Didn't say it was the reason WHY they were good, just said it helped the atmosphere.

>> No.9284441

Honestly your opinions (and the others) are your opinions. I haven't said they were amazing or great or that their displays were on point, I was just saying that they're far from sucking.

>> No.9285229

Can someone post some videos of prism? It seems like a pretty common dance group name so I'm having trouble finding videos to look at.

>> No.9285232

The group discussed earlier in this thread? Sure, here's a few randomly selected ones.



>> No.9285244
File: 509 KB, 496x457, kozue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anything by kozue is going to be great, guaranteed


>> No.9285245


>> No.9285248

happy synthesizer, Luka luka night fever, megu megu fure endless night, ia ia night of desire, drop pop candy, galaxias, viva happy

for advanced then Marine bloomin or a fun one like Marine dreamin :)

>> No.9285458

have some fresh LL cringe. surprised she can raise her arms that high.


>> No.9285489


Their Yume no Tobira was cringe. The Umi wasn't suited for the costume at all and her make up is terrible.
The kotori isnt a bad dancer but her face does nothing at all, and the other two just draw me in because of HOW bad they are. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion.

I got around to watching the idolmaster one anon mentioned earlier because LL is bottom bitch with easy choreo and its easy to point and hop. Yume is probably at the top for complexity and they can't even do that right so I went to look at different sources I'm familiar with.

How did they ever think that those outfits were a good idea? Again with terrible make up and wigs.

>> No.9285491


Points to her for emoting with her face properly and doing something with it rather than looking gormless. I dont think she's doing that terribly.

>> No.9285492

.... What are they wearing?

>> No.9285493


Looking at the starting image, the blonde one has WAY too much blush.

>> No.9285497


This group seems to do ok indoors, but outside fuck it up. Is there a mirror or something for their SDS?

>> No.9285498


In the studio? yes.

>> No.9285519

Anyone got any solo [email protected] dance cover videos that aren't Kyun! Vampire Girl?

>> No.9285693

Oh god. What made it think that was a good idea?

>> No.9285720

I like how it's in an exercise room that clearly does not belong to her.

>> No.9285905

she's having fun, and keeping beat better than half of what i've seen. How greyish purple her wig is bothers me though but that's a cosplay topic, and a better location than an exercise room would have been ideal.

>> No.9285908

I remember seeing this group here and saw they uploaded some new stuff.


>> No.9285948

ugh i don't understand why they put the one in the mustard wig as the center in the beginning. she obviously didn't learn the dances and has a resting bitch face to go along.

>> No.9285987

theres no cringe thread and you guys eat this kiind of shit up so enjoy

>> No.9286077

I like babymetal and I fucking hate this song

>> No.9287227


their outfits are cute. I love when groups have customized outfits like this

>> No.9287288

I love Iro Bang a lot. They're talented dancers. I'd like them to do a MV or something to go along with the song since there's only a dance version. Wonder what happened.

>> No.9287732

I just found their channel and they're already one of my favorites. They clearly put work into what they do <3


>> No.9288335

Those ARE really cute! I always appreciate when member colors are a bit unusual - the dark green, light spring green, and dusky pink are good choices.

>> No.9288353

agreed, you don't see those colors often so it's refreshing

>> No.9289435


>> No.9289461

At least her blazer isn't showcasing each and every one of her fat folds.

>> No.9289507

Yikes. I know it's not always easy to lose weight, but it IS easy to buy clothes that fit your frame. No matter what body shape you have, you're going to look worse in ill fitting clothes.

>> No.9289640

Woah I thought Kozue was just solo still. Had no idea she made a group!

>> No.9289663

Is Deresute okay?

>> No.9291287

Any fresh cringe?

>> No.9293797

How do anons feel about Dansu to Pantsu? They released some new videos.

>> No.9293888

this is so cute, this dance.

>> No.9293973


It's not odottemita cringe, but Hoshi/Hibiki from USA50 just had an "interview" on an anime-based radio show...

>> No.9294003

I tried listening to it but couldnt stand the way she talked. How many want to bet the delusional manager of USA50 and Hibiki just forced themselves onto there?

>> No.9294106

Yeah I saw that and it was horrible. Out of all people they picked hibiki who's probably the worse representative the group could have.

I wouldn't be surprised if the manager didn't know until last minute and hibiki just set it up for herself.

>> No.9294119

She does have past history of joining groups while in othee groups and doing unapproved activities under said groups ontop of giving nonstop excuses and doing a majoirty of her "career" without any parental approval. She is probably the worst person to accept into any group.

>> No.9294350

I never actually looked for quality content from them, I'm more of a fan of their community aspect, like how much of a family they are if that makes sense.

>> No.9294352

is there a link?

>> No.9294372

It's funny you said that too because she said on the show that her parents approve of it. Wonder if they really do or if she said that to not seem like an idiot child.

>> No.9294373


It's from 2 to 25. When I heard from 20 on.

>> No.9294375

My sentence doesn't make sense. When I heard I only heard from the 20 mark so good luck.

>> No.9294811

I couldn't force mysef to listen to the whole thing

>> No.9294984

She is known for lieing about her parental approval yet despite all this, she is still getting accepted into groups?? Either that or USA50 is so desperate there willing to deal with her.

>> No.9294993

They're pretty desperate

>> No.9295003

they seemed pretty desperate to me.
Didn't they just start off with the chicago area and then had to expand since no one auditioned?

>> No.9295116

Completely desperate. Nobody in that group even LOOKS idol material.


>> No.9295474

Whats this drama with ngi45? can someone give deets?

>> No.9295615
File: 24 KB, 284x412, Screenshot 2016-12-21 at 2.14.19 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all I could really find, not a very professional response.

>> No.9295616

How is it even drama nobody even knew who it was but that's one less worthless and mediocre group to worry about

>> No.9295671

Damn, I had actually auditioned for that and was looking forward to being able to sing some original music. Oh well though.

>> No.9295679


Bullet dodged.

>> No.9295701

If you want to sing original music don't use net idol groups because they will fail or it'll be mediocre.

>> No.9295711

I'm pretty mediocre too, to be honest. Any recommendations for opportunities to sing original music? I did choir for a while, so stuff like that? I don't know how to write music on my own, so that's why I was looking forward to taking part in something like this.

>> No.9295744

Honestly original music is more than instrumentals. Even if you write your own lyrics and think of a melody then that's music. Find people you know who make music, ask around, save money for a while to even do one song. Just make sure everything is spelled out and copyrighted so you don't run into trouble. If you have a mac, you can even learn GarageBand.

>> No.9295896

sweet jesus the faces the brunette girl makes are super scary

>> No.9295905

christ did they even bother to learn the dance?

>> No.9295909

The person who was having the auditions deleted the youtube and email address and also blocked anyone who auditioned without saying shit.

>> No.9295912

No because they even said themselves they only had two days to practice. the dance moves done even seem that hard and half of what they did are dances they could've learned on their own

>> No.9295920

A classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FekdGhbtc4

>> No.9295936

What do you guys think about those love live dance contests on instagram? Do you keep up or participate in any of them?

>> No.9296016

I never even knew that was a thing

>> No.9296019

I'm more bothered that all of their skirts are different, but that's me being picky--

>> No.9296022

and if they had a rin why didn't they just switch wigs lol

>> No.9296323

Must be the same person behind sakura station. They probably have mental issues. People should stop auditioning for sketchy ass projects, like project passion, ame48, usa number something and so on. When no faces or decently made graphics are shown it's obviously sketchy. Be wary of crappy vocaloid or loli pitched music. And the windows movie maker edition, with some spelling mistakes. If you do take these people seriously, then you brought it on yourself. Stop trusting 14 year olds and early twenty - mid thirty aged life crisis suffering women.

If there is original music ongoing, the least you should expect is an instrumental sample in the audition announcement. It's not so hard to spot a mess in progress.

>> No.9296337


Tell/show us more. This sounds like one hell of a car crash and I want front row seats and hot popcorn.

>> No.9296377

I think it's a little much to assume it's the same person as Sakura Station? Won't lie I thought it too but still think it's a jump because there seemed to be drama behind Sakura Station which why would they come back even as someone else if there was the risk of reinstating it (the same people are in the community as when everything happened).

Also please explain what your definition of sketchy is. I will agree, spelling mistakes and groups based off other already existing groups are too much. There could be a group with amazing graphics and audios that can be easily as sketchy. I wouldn't say stop trusting. More like stop acting like it's your only way to do something.

Last point but adding a clip of instrumental won't exactly do much? When have you ever seen a group - net or otherwise - include samples of their music? That's just dumb. Velvet Kitsune has literally put their music up for sale before the group even exists. It's so easy to go in, make a quick song and mix, and copyright it then have them be faced with stealing if they haven't already done it themselves.

>> No.9296861


someone please tell me the name of this group/where to find more theyre so cute

>> No.9296935

I'm growing a bit tired of the cyber love live fad, this one made me a bit sad. The filming is nice, but the dancing is awkward.


>> No.9297045

A lot of their videos are tagged with 波利花菜园 I thought they used to have an Eng. name but I can't find it anymore

A whole bunch of their videos are here though! (There is a sina. weibo account too) http://space.bilibili.com/724686/#!/channel-detail/1132/1/0

>> No.9297070

>putting the short one behind all the taller ones
I think that triggered me the most.

>> No.9297270


Wonder if they are Taiwanese or Mainlander. A lot of these cover groups for LL! are usually from China.

>> No.9297289

To be fair, it's a preset dance and you can't really switch it up much

But that room is waaaaay too small. You should be able to see all the girls pretty clearly but yeah they are having to squish up.

Those costumes are also really short on most of those girls...

>> No.9297359

This is honestly a perfect example of why you need to have space during a dance. It screws up the dance.

Well the costumes themselves are short anyway so not much to really do about it.

>> No.9297367

At least wear white shorts

>> No.9297452

Why white and I'm pretty sure they are wearing shorts?

>> No.9297455

Why put the one that has no clue even what way to turn in the very center?

>> No.9297482

I went back and looked at their channel. I really wonder what made them use that small space when even their practice video(s) are in PRACTICE ROOMS with more than enough space. Was it a choice or as it a "we'll have enough room for you guys just come" and it was definitely not enough room?

>> No.9297508

the white shorts would blend better with the white petticoats and become less noticeable.

>> No.9297512

>To be fair, it's a preset dance and you can't really switch it up much
That's what I sort of figured, I just kind of wondered why they chose characters the way they did, then, seeing as that would be an issue.

White would blend with their white underskirt, instead of being an obvious, stark contrast.

>> No.9297514


despite the negatives Amaitsuki can get, they do have a handful of talented ones.

>> No.9297516

most love live groups don't even put things like that into consideration honestly

>> No.9297581

According to the comments, their Umi couldn't make it so they had to have someone else learn the center position the night before.

>> No.9297605

I don't understand the point of flusay girls if most of their members are horrid and still are in their trainee groups. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

>> No.9297685

why not just... wait? shit like that is the most baffling to me. why would you rather rush out a shit product than wait to make a good one?

>> No.9297696

True. I just saw this one, I think it's one of the best I've seen from them. Maybe because there are less members kek.

>> No.9297731

The product was kind of shit anyway thanks to the size of the room. But it's not exactly that easy to just wait? From the looks of it, that's someone's studio and they hired someone to record and probably edit. "Just waiting" isn't always an option especially when most photographers and videographers have a clause where if you wait until the day or two before to cancel, you can't get your money back.

>> No.9297740


>> No.9297750

Because you shorts should always match your petticoats. Black with white? Obvious af

I've done dance groups and cosplay groups, and you generally pick who you want to cosplay and stick with it. They may have other dance covers with them the same girl as they are here.

The angle really doesn't help them, to be honest. If it was at a higher angle it'd be better that a slightly below waist angle.

Small room+awkward camera angle = can't see smol people

They may not have been able to cancel the camera guy and studio without some kinda fine.

Omitting Umi from this dance does not work either, as each member is actually pretty integral to each part. You need 9 members or it looks a bit... rubbish.

>> No.9297905


>> No.9297914

This highlights why you prerecord and lip sync rather than sing and dance. You can't catch your breath and the audio can fuck up with a mic. Plus, with them in corsets (I think?) further fucks them over as they can't draw a deep breath to actually sing.

10/10 for effort though

>> No.9297936

I just thought they can't sing. It takes practice to actually sing and dance which takes time to build which they obviously didn't do. Seemed as time went on they just didn't sing.

>> No.9298033

Yeah, and also Umi is the center of this song so you can't really cut her from the dance even more than any other position.

>> No.9298050

actually since umi is the center, you can get away with cutting her out of it since she doesn't have a partner like the others do. With a few adjustments it can work out fine.

>> No.9298076

Not in less than a day without rearranging the parts. And realistically, no you cannot change out a center especially when moves are depending on them.

>> No.9298169
File: 109 KB, 540x669, IMG_20161224_012227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys seen this group on Instagram yet? They're marketing themselves as a fully original group. I'm anticipating a clusterfuck, since most of their members look like teens.

>> No.9298174

Two things:
I only saw two pictures of members and they're two of three 16 year olds so.
Their profiles literally say 14-16 so there's that.

Other than that, I'd be willing to give at least their first song a chance. Even though it's another cringe waiting to happen, it's enough to see their actual talent and costumes. Makes me curious so I'll be keeping an eye on them. It'd be nice if they were in the same place which I really hope is true.

>> No.9298181

I met the girl doing Stella (?) a while back and she said someone offered to produce a group of her friends.

>> No.9298186

I hope people are gentle to them.

>> No.9298200

That's really interesting.

Did digging and found they were originally pony themed.......?

>> No.9298362

Those outfits look like magical girls rofl

It's fun to design an OTT idol outfit, but realistically they will be expensive as fuck to sew, especially with all the accessories and wigs, and they might not be great to dance in. And they'll pretty much have to wear them forever since I don't imagine they'll be having many more team outfits with that level of detail. Still, wishing them the best.

>> No.9298364

Usually, centres can be cut and are the easiest to omit but only if they stay still. Umi does not. It's like cutting Eli from the centre of Mermaid, it will look weird - however, Honks from OP1? Works brilliantly.

With most centres you can do this, but Umi has solos and basically acts as if she's controlling the others. It looks weird without her.

Singing on stage is different than just singing. They might have been ok in practice, but the audio was blaring and they had to shout - that always ruins singing

>> No.9298379

if you listen a good amount of them end up off key, I'd say they just couldn't sing desu

>> No.9298381

I know what singing on a stage is like. With or without music directly in your ear it's not that hard and if they have to scream that's not their fault. My point to the original was they can't sing at all versus not being able to sing and dance. Besides if you have to scream to be heard over music especially with mics then something is wrong there don't you think? They just can't sing (and some don't even know the lyrics).

>> No.9298994

Happy Holidays


>> No.9299148

The autotuned is killing me.
I feel bad because I just realize I know one of them in real life and she is really weird. I didn't know she was part of FG.

>> No.9299447

I can't for the life of me understand how Nanami's wasted over 6 years of her life making music for Flusay Girls and has barely improved at all

>> No.9299513

That is a really good point. I wonder if they're actually making money because if they have saved anything, shouldn't they be able to have better music by now?

>> No.9299892

This outfit is so cute!

>> No.9300551

wow these guys are great!


>> No.9300559


>> No.9301987

What are you guy's thoughts on Maid's of England?


>> No.9301997


>> No.9302010

I couldn't finish watching it. They started fine, decent even, but I cringed when yellow did that uguu feiku high-up pitchi voisu, and purple had a shaky voice, she sounded terrified, and maybe she can sing, I don't know, but she missed every note. Both ruined the performance for me. Aitakatta is a pretty easy song to dance and hard to screw up.

>> No.9302052

I went through some other videos of theirs...the purple girl DEFINTELY can't sing, holy shit. She sounds like an old man singing in falsetto. What made this group even think it's a good idea to let her sing?

>> No.9302055

The fact that it's her group. She's the founder of MOE as a cafe & idol unit.

>> No.9302068 [DELETED] 

You know her personally? Surely if she's the founder, she would try and make the better singers sing more...so the group is more successful. She actually holding them back. The yellow huh pitched one is okay. The red one is really good. They should make her sing the most.

>> No.9302098

red one has the best voice by far

>> No.9302125

The purple one has a terrible voice. Red one is best. Rest are average

>> No.9302134

Okay I still stand by my no. I went back because I stopped watching after the intro to aitakatta because how do you fuck that up. I shouldn't have gone back.

>> No.9304163

It's pretty nice to see more musumen covers, hope more people cover them in the future because their dances are cute


>> No.9304328

Their dances are cute. Those dancers are not.
It'd be nice to see some good Musumen covers.

>> No.9304519

So cute = good dance now? Then about 1/2 of musumen should quit. As should half of some other dancers who are also good. The cover isn't perfect but it's good.

>> No.9304591

They're cute enough. Healthy bodies, cute sweaters (maybe not the yellow sweater though), smiling while dancing. Their dance is pretty in sync as well.

>> No.9304597


>> No.9304608

Still questioning why they did this song twice.

>> No.9304614

Are they singing a half step apart from each other?? Holy shit the dissonance!

>> No.9304662

This is why people pick on americans. They are cute but they still need to lose a little weight, to prevent pre-diabetes.

>> No.9304700

I honestly can't believe people don't understand the concept of not being a stick doesn't equal being overweight and unhealthy. They don't look anywhere near an unhealthy weight. If they're "unhealthy" then some of the girls posted should be dead.

>> No.9304703

In addition, look at the fucking title. UK is totally America guys!

>> No.9304720

this is much better at .5 speed

>> No.9305178

I didn't say they needed to be sticks. They just need to lose a couple of pounds, that's all. Healthy people have some muscular definition, regular exercise, not at a pro level, would keep them healthy, unlike idol sticks.
I was talking about anon.

>> No.9305228

Unless I'm misreading a lot of these posts, anon was referring to the girls in the U.K. dance video - not Americans so I don't get how you were talking about anon. They don't need to "lose a couple of pounds" because there's nothing wrong with them. They are normal sized and you're not to say they're "too big" or unhealthy. Keep in mind everyone has a different body type so not everyone is going to have noticeable muscle definition or a slim figure. It's one thing for the person to actually need to lose weight due to their own negligence but it's totally different if they are already abnormal and healthy size or if they have an issue that causes them to gain weight or prevents from losing it (although the two after "or" are more rare).

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what's wrong with a dance being cute?

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disregard that above reply, got confused with the other replies
happy new years folks haha

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