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Post about your feels.

Keep it /cgl/ related. Pointless arguments get these thread deleted.

Previous thread >>9232231

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My mother (somehow!!) came across this video while searching for lolita stuff, and now she's convinced that this is what lolita is all about. Jesus, she's never going to respect my hobby again.


WARNING: Not safe for work or sanity.

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this is genuinely horrific

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How does that even show up for lolita? There's no lolita on that page in any description or comment.

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>lone lolita for years
>join a lolita comm
>meet someone and really hit it off
>invite her out to a bar/party
>end up hooking up
>"oh anon I have a boyfriend he is gunna kill me"
>are u fucking serious
>become a lone lolita again

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ask her if she seems ANY similarities between what this attentionwhore is wearing, and what your dresses look like. unless she's completely dense she'll be able to spot the difference.

man, i understand parents wanting what's best for their kids, but i always get triggered when i hear about how other lolitas' folks get so up in arms about it. i got so lucky. i laugh when i see babyboomer comments on lolita articles and stuff. do they choose to be that blind?

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My parents have been fairly good about the whole lolita thing. I don't think they get it or like it but they don't really care much about it.

Considering I cosplayed homestuck for years before I think they prefer this.

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All the pretty girls I hit it off with at cons live like 5+ hours away.

I just want a con gf. So sick of normie grills.

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it's slimmer pickings when you are more picky anon.

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>inori cosplay comes in the mail today
>knew I shouldn't have gotten this cosplay in the first place, I don't have the body type for it or skin color
>want to do it anyways because it seems like such a fun cosplay
>try it on, my butt makes it almost not able to fit
>thighs are like bursting out of those leg holes on the inner thigh
>boobs are being crushed
>however, I might be able to make it work if I lose weight
>been doing muscle training the last few months and don't want to stop, but I also want to be skinny
>can't decide if I want to be skinny or or sexy basically
I wish there was a middle ground and there might be, and maybe I'll be able to pull off this cosplay ten pounds less, but I should have listened to the sign of me feeling like my skin color not working with the outfit in the beginning and not getting my hopes up.
I just don't want to end up in the bad cosplay threads.

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Muscle training will not make you buff I promise you. Unless you are trying you are not going to have noticeable muscle. Doing muscle training is a great way to burn fat though for some people. Keep at it and don't change up your entire routine for one cosplay that you don't even feel confident in anyway,

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mods deleted my thread so I'm taking over this one

thank you in advanced

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Yeah I get where you're attempting to come from, but I've been sticking to a pretty serious regime of intentional muscle building and I've gotten broader shoulders and bulkier quads and well as the other usual bullshit. When you put in work you're going to actually get muscle, as I've been doing, and not just fat loss.
What I'm saying is I don't know if I want to continue this and get even stronger or just be dainty and skinny.

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oh good, i was just about to say

sorry about your former lolita little sister, that's fucked and like you said at least she didn't get the dress

on a lighter note, you wanna talk releases, let's talk releases. new to me i guess, since i live in the states now

anything catch your eye? i immediately pounced onto heavenly cross even though crosses are a massive meme

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I don't normally like crosses buuuuuut

I helped myself to the white OP

it's really beautiful

I might wear it on Christmas

I want to say what happened with my former lolita little sister was okay

but if I'm being honest I'm still really salty about it

probably will be for a few years to come

I trusted her with a lot

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i'm neutral about crosses, i got the pink jsk though because it looks so princessy. i considered the op because of the pretty detail around the neck but it's so hot here

as long as you're okay with it i guess. maybe the salt will fade with time. making friends is really hard after somebody betrays you like that

>tfw befriended somebody and they ended up stalking me and leaving creepy packages at my house


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>heavenly cross OP
it's a hideous potato sack

>> No.9237072

>not making sack dresses look good

jealous fatty detected

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I don't really have a lot of blouses that would be suited for it so I went for the OP

pink was my second choice

Ill get over it eventually


shoulda listened to husband on this one

but I didn't because he can be kinda overprotective

sorry you don't have the body for it that you wouldn't mind it being a sack

I always feel bad for people who bitch about sack cuts

clearly you're upset about it not being flattering

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>tfw weeb
>tfw literally 99.9% of my state's cosplay comm are harley quinn, male harley quinn, joker, and female joker cosplaying normies

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>tfw i realized the blouse thing after i got it

i'm so new

hopefully the ones i have will do. something with fluttery sleeves and not too much of a collar. i guess i'll figure it out when it gets here

i know this overprotective feel

my SO is really wary of any friends i make but he's right most of the time

feelsbad. i'm really bad at judging peoples' character evidently

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he got fucked over hard by someone he was close to so now he's warry of like practically everyone

I thought it was more of that but eh lesson learned

he delt with me being pouty over it

what a champ

Heavenly cross is so different from the styles I normally go to so i knew the blouse thing would be an issue

thankfully I avoided it

recently also got more of MCD

was very pleased

pissed that they released it in sax tho, just like with Baked Sweets Parade

I don't think it looks good in sax

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I wanna die.
I wanna die.
This makes me wanna die.

But how the hell would your mother even associate this with lolita? Like even if she found it by searching for lolita, I couldn't see how she would make the connection between the two. It's like, if I searched for "Cheetah" and it showed me pictures of The Spice Girls I on google search just because of some weird SEO tags I wouldn't associate the two.

Has she actually talked to you about it?

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yeah, my closet is mostly cutesy prints and this is really decadent looking

MCD a cute especially in the pink and offwhite colorways. i really like the one piece but i wasn't prepared to buy it

i think that sax is an unnatural color for desserts prints. there's none of that color featured in the desserts themselves so it looks off. yet the mint triggers me less for some reason

one day, MCD

>> No.9237084 [DELETED] 

I really like mint when it comes to dessert prints but I have terrible taste

sax tho

it looks really bad

pink is my personal fave for MCD

I think the cut on the OP is cute but I don't exactly understand why it's the most popular

people say the normal waist JSK is plain but it's such a busy print so I think a more toned down cut is okay isn't it?


I'm happy with my two new JSKs for it

rerelease for Dreamy Planetarium with a pink colorway that doesn't have a cut that is ass when AP?

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>been feeling pretty low lately
>moodswings all over the place
>thought my anxiety was under control as I'd been doing fine for a year (mostly because my circumstances changed, I never got any actual treatment for it)
>suddenly I'm constantly worrying about random bullshit, racing thoughts are ruining my focus and giving me physical issues like chest pains and nausea over the most minor shit
>very behind on uni, started getting my shit together again but after a couple of months being a shut-in I feel on edge just being around the crowds on campus, even though I never problems like this before
>constantly worrying about worrying because I'm afraid that this is the start of a downward cycle and I'll eventually fuck up my life as much as I did in high school
>last time I was depressed lolita was one of my only motivations to keep going, as saving for future purchases, waiting for releases and always having something in the mail gave me long-term goals to live for
>this time, I've gone off most of my wardrobe
>things I was so excited to receive suddenly seem uninteresting to me
>can't tell if my style has changed or if I'm just losing interest in hobbies because of my depressive state
>kind of want to sell a lot of stuff but can't work up the motivation to make the sales posts
>don't know what I'd buy even if I did sell stuff as the rest of my wishlist is pretty expensive and I'd have to sell 4-6 less-liked dresses to buy one new one

As I'm typing this I'm actually in a pretty decent mood, but the pattern of my emotions lately has been predominantly bad, and the backlog of stuff I'm screwing up or not getting round to in my bad phases is getting to be more than I can manage when I'm okay.

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what are your favorite motifs in lolita, and what are your favorite prints?

>> No.9237090 [DELETED] 

favorite motifs are sweets n space

favorite print ever is dreamy planetarium because I am fucking garbage and a whore for anything space related

I hate sax but I bought it in sax because I loved the print

right now I'm really feeling milky swan and creamy berry fairy dream too

my absolute least favorite is Cats Tea Party

I just hate it so much it's not even rational

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mint is just a really cute color in general i think. i'd take it over regular green or sax anytime.

>tfw no mint in my wardrobe

i'm just a sucker for OPs with that kind of high waisted cut and bodice detail. it's really sweet. but most people look shit in empire cuts so i'm also like??? why are people doing that to themselves

the more plain cut JSK is cute, and so is the one with the round collar. sack dresses are just so cute

they only get a bad rep because gulls are angry they can't pull em off

>> No.9237097 [DELETED] 

>they only get a bad rep because gulls are angry they can't pull em off

this is painfully true

the same thing happens with salopettes btw

don't get me wrong, I really like cuts like MCD's op, but I don't normally see them sell out like they do with MCD

so I'm confused

>> No.9237098

What do you think of Meta's matryoshka print?

>> No.9237100 [DELETED] 

it's not my style at all but it's not bad by meta standards

>> No.9237101

>tfw surrounded by and covered with crafting supplies

my creative process is a beautiful mess

>> No.9237102

yeah salopettes too. i have a chuckle when gulls talk about dresses they hate because i can tell it's not the dress itself that's the issue

gulls pls

yeah that's weird, i guess it's just one of those things where people are like "i know everybody's going to get the MCD OP" so they get the MCD OP for the sake of having a sought after cut

i'm not enough of an oldfag to know if this happens with other releases

>> No.9237103

Didn't think so. Have you ever tried other styles and what are your thoughts of them?

Messes just make me mad lol

>> No.9237107

and I thought I had it bad when my family thought lolita was a cult where everyone worshipped Mana

>> No.9237108 [DELETED] 

you're right, this happens a lot and /cgl/ is a good blatant example of it

because it's popular people want it

I mean it's okay to have shit taste

you don't have to follow what everyone else wants

other styles of Lolita? I haven't tried them but

gothic is so beautiful to me

SO beautiful

but I have a mean case of baby face and it doesn't suit me and I know it so I don't feel as comfortable in it

other styles of fashion

I will wear uchuu

but that's about it

I like what /cgl/ calls larme but there's always this sort of sexy feel to it and I don't like looking/feeling sexy so I avoid it

>it isn't

what alternate universe did I stumble upon?

>> No.9237113

I read that as 'baked sweet potato' originally.

>> No.9237118 [DELETED] 

sounds comfy

>> No.9237119

I'm a sweet/classic and love gothic too but it would look silly on me. Why don't you get some things to wear at home?

And how's Vantablack, will you tell him anon said hi

>> No.9237125 [DELETED] 

I have clothes I wear for working on crafty stuff but it's just basic

most of the time I'm at home I'm in Lolita anyway

dressing up is something I've always loved

never grew out of it

so to get to do it daily? I wouldn't pass it up

Vantablack is doing well


but well

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>it's okay to have shit taste

this. i like really juvenile prints (think dreamy baby room and kiss me cat) and it triggers seagulls like nothing else because of the ageplay meme

at least i know i don't look like a weird middle aged fetishist because i'm small and have an alien baby face. bring on the toy prints and the stuffed animal prints pls

but i'm starting to like the more classic sweet that BTSSB seems to offer a lot, i think i could do that

>tfw eyeing the MCD OP more and more

help, i'm falling for the meme too

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Gothic, lolita or otherwise, looks great on baby faces. I mean, I don't think I could see that rocking some cyber goth fashion...

But I think you'd suit gothic lolita. I think lolita as a whole looks best with softer faces, even the gothic lolita styles (which I do live vicariously through pictures and decor).

It's why I don't wear it.

>> No.9237132 [DELETED] 

I'm really picky when it comes to baby

desu I'm a major AP fan and probably always will be

every now and then baby puts out something I have to have

embrace your shit taste anon

let it flow through you and strengthen you

idk ive always thought people who are "beautiful" as opposed to "adorable" suit gothic more

I like oddities and just spoopy stuff in general but I get discouraged when i think about wearing it

I've always been told I have a sweet/cute/innocent(you get the picture) face so I KNOW sweet suits me

just don't have the confidence that gothic would work

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Sorry anon I'd hold you if I could and I don't even know you.

I don't know the full scenario but it's not like she magically forgot she had a boyfriend, if she cheats casually on him, she'd probably turn around and do it to you.

>> No.9237153

I don't have a girlfriend, trap or otherwise. Feels bad, man. I've always wanted to do a couple's cosplay like Lawrence and Holo or Okabe and Kurisu or the like.

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You type like a fucking autist. Thank you for using a trip so I can filter you. The fact that the other Anon you're talking to is imitating your typing mannerisms seems either like very subtle sleight or a disturbing attempt to win your attention. Disgusting.

Polite sage for off-topic.

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I hope I made you smile, Anon.

>> No.9237169 [DELETED] 

is that you, literallywho-chan?

maybe not, because literallywho-chan would be raving about how HWC and i are the same person

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After seeing this i realized i will never be as cute/talented as the center girl in this video.
My day is effectively ruined.

>> No.9237171 [DELETED] 


No idea who you're talking about.

>> No.9237177

the talented part you can fix. get off your ass and learn how to dance.

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>everyone grabs waist
>one girl grabs ass
what's her problem?

>> No.9237204

chronic lesbianism

>> No.9237216

>Start costume
>Get halfway done
>Think it looks shit and I picked the wing thing to cosplay
>Anxiety and depression kick in
>Still haven't been to a con or finished an outfit

This has happened like 4 times. I have a samurai Jack costume half done. I have a male ryuuko costume where all I need is pants and a glove and I've still never been to a con because I'm terrified people will make fun of me or otherwise just ignore the effort.
Save me pls this process hasn't stopped for 5 years and I'm 24 ;_;

>> No.9237219

You have to remember that resistance training is incredibly good for bone and joint health. Bone density increases and increasing connecting tissue toughness has lifetime good effects. So I would say just find something else that fits you rather than forcing yourself to do something you don't think you suit anyway.

>> No.9237256

>forcing meme into fake feels story

nice try anon. 2/10

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>ordering custom shoes thru Clobba
>have big lady feet
>Martin replies saying "oh Anon, you don't have to size up so much, this seller makes the shoes true to size"
>have to explain that this is my real shoe size
>his response is akin to "oh, my bad xD"

unintentionally cyberbullied by nicest customer serv. rep of all time. at least he didn't ask me if I'm really a dude.

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no one can save you from having absolutely no balls, anon

>> No.9237301

>getting confident in coording skills
>decide to create a tumblr to post it on
>get a few followers in a month
>all porn blogs

what is going on?

>> No.9237305

welcome to tumblr

dd/lg is such a thing now and i deleted the blog where i posted my coordinates because that shit made me feel grimy. especially when people add captions to their reblogs


>> No.9237317

There are many porn spam blogs that regularly follow people, it's irritating but they're just bots. Unless you mean that actual individuals with porn blogs started following you. Either way, best course of action is to simply block them.

>> No.9237381

Yes if course my lack of testicles is totally my problem not my crippling social anxiety or depression. You have to remember that i haven't never been out in costume before. All of my social anxiety revolves around the fact that every time I have tried doing something cool in a costume I get either ignored or outright teased. People go on and on about how accepting these communities are yet I've never seen anyone be outwardly friendly to me even when approached in a kind manner. Tell me you would have balls after failing miserably several times doing something you thought you enjoyed...

>> No.9237390

Try taking a potassium supplement or just eating banana's for the mood swings, it helps and with all the salt in food today, a lot of people suffer from it

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6 years ago I've used to be really into things i liked as a teen (animu and RPG maker games mainly) I would RP,read fanfics,watch AMVs,ship characters,secretly draw my self insert OC in the style of the anime/game/...,talk for hours with fellow fans,funpost,cosplay,squeal about muh waifu/husbando,... Then I grew up.
Haven't been into a game/anime/... like that ever since.
That is, until Undertale came out.
At first I just enjoyed it, it was real nice, now one year passed and I fell deeper into it.
I feel like i'm 14 all over again.
>drew my self insert OC into 3 different Undertale AUs(the ones i deem ok when well done) styles and daydreamed about fun stories that would happen
>read some fanfics, teared up reading Flowerfell even if it's edgelordery, even read a fic or two of my fave x reader.
>watched loads of (mostly good) flipnotes/MVs/animations/dubs about it
>have 20 OSTs/remixs/... on my playlist
>Go to the Undertale General on /vg/ nearly every day to discuss UT and joke around with people
>Actually begin to think about cosplaying Frisk and make 6 little souls flying around me with wire or some shit
I mean I have more standards and am way more mature and calm than before but I'm still embarassed about how much of a sperg I am.

>> No.9237410

Or maybe anon should seek -professional help- and figure out what the actual problem is first?

Seriously don't fuck around with depression. Maybe it's a deficiency, but Psychiatrists and therapists will generally order blood work to check that sort of thing anyway, so it's better to go talk to a professional in the long run

>> No.9237425

> tfw doing male harley Quinn for Halloween (and probably my first con).

I live in a pretty big city and work at the busiest gay bar in town and i still haven't seen any male Harley Quinns yet, a few female.

>> No.9237427

I wasn't saying they shouldn't get professional help, I was saying I suffered from mood swings and I found potassium helped.

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Off topic but what the fuck is going on in that picture, is she wearing a skirt over another print JSK?

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First piece of brand is in the mail!

>> No.9237438

I know that feel, anon. Europe is suffering.

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i think it's just a tiered jsk? could be wrong

that's so exciting! what'd you get?

i'm having similar feels, 2 AP dresses in the mail and when they arrive i'll have collected 10 burando main pieces! i only had one in the beginning of the year so i'm really happy

once you go burando it's hard to go back. join us

>> No.9237447

There are two hems visible, she's wearing two different printed pieces (a skirt layered under a JSK is my guess). Strange.

>> No.9237448

placebos are powerful motherfuckers

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Sorry for ant sized picture, I'm starting small but already have my eye on a few skirts and JSKs. Not ready to buy new, so lurking on LM

>> No.9237483

It looks like she's wearing what seems like Memorial Cake under her Honey Cake dress? How strange

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Its not really a story or anything, but more like a question.

See, Im trying to pen this character for a fic of mine who is
>blunt, almost never sugarcoat things she had in her mind to people
>spat opiniated "truth" at people to belittle them for fun
>almost no self awareness that she is being rude
>a freak, but keep it lowkey
>can held herself in a debate, but talk back to her long enough using an equally rude tone and she'll cry

The thing is, I want to make her casual get up to be described as "cute" ,like somekind of denomination of Jfash / lolita or something, but I dont know almost any thing about the stereotype or ascociation of personality that wears a specific style. Can you point out what clothes a person like this would wear? I am giving her this clothing selection to her just for some comical effect, just to point out further her self unawareness about her surrounding.

>> No.9237522

Oh don't feel bad anon there are a lot of older fans in Undertale. We are probably a minority and a less vocal one at that but there isn't a reason to feel so embarrassed about it. I cosplayed as Burgerpants this last year and it was quite fun.

Live your dreams anon!

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She's a spoiled brat?

Hime gyaru.

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File: 31 KB, 240x400, cellpicture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>receive old meta cardigan yesterday
>carefully wash it and remove piling
>looks good again and try it on
>doesn't look as nice on my bust
>"Oh well, I can easily sell it!"
>undress and inspect cardigan so I can take pictures
>suddenly notice 3 little holes on the arms that have not been there before
>probably my pointy gel nails made the holes when I put it on

Please someone, come to my house and take all my burando, I don't deserve it.

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>tfw ask crush to join me for upcoming con
>he says he can go on one of the days


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>two carts full of kawaii clothing and nanchatte
>wear wig and makeup to school for costume
>feel so cute and adorable
>come home and take off wig
>suddenly masculine woman again
>browse ouji topics, bookmark some ouji sets
>look at kawaii cart
>torn between the two

I'm too androgynous to pull off the cute girl look without going full wig and crazy makeup but I don't feel cute wearing ouji/crossplay. I just want to be adorable.. maybe I should just be the arm candy of an adorable lolita/cute cosplayer.

>> No.9237615

spam followers are pretty common, get them every day on my lolita blog. pretty sure they use keywords to follow blogs and 'princess' and 'lolita' are prob on the list. if they have a gif header, some title that doesnt make sense, & post exclusively porn with no mention of a kink, they are a bot & you should block and report them as spam

>> No.9237621

>get a pretty good paycheck, excited to treat myself to some new accessories, maybe a new jacket
>go to check the mail, there's a government bill in there for us
>they want back some old tax credits from years ago bc they didn't know we were common law
>feel guilty at the thought of spending money on myself now bc i will have to contribute to this garbage bill & partner will be upset with me if i buy myself something and then complain about having to pay the bill with him

should also mention i hate my job & was momentarily feeling like it was worth it bc good ish money

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That's rough. I'm sorry, anon.

There used to be these two massively overweight girls in my comm. They weren't even lolitas. They just showed up to our teas in kigurumi.

Last month, they drowned in a lake. I feel terrible, because we used to ridicule them all the time. We called them our comm's "balls" because there were two of them, they were big and round, and they were always in a sack.

At least your crush probably left you with lots of fond memories. When I think of these poor girls, I just feel like a raging cunt.

>> No.9237662

I have to ask, how'd the manage to drown together in a lake?
Also don't feel bad. You were a bit harsh but it's not like you should've welcomed them with open arms into your comm when they dressed like that. I mean, everyone is going to die someday so there's no point to going "I should've tolerated them because they're going to die."

>> No.9237710

Not that anon, but everyone gets ignored. Everyone gets teased. And everyone fails. But not everyone quits and the ones who don't are the ones who get good.

Anxiety and depression are hard, yes. I have them too, and I understand. But you're also making excuses for yourself assuming that no one else has or overcomes these issues. When they do.

>> No.9237712
File: 7 KB, 200x156, 0c4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm 5'11" and thin, I've been told I have "amazing legs", so I've always picked leggy characters to cosplay.

Today I was sunbathing on my bed and noticed I have spider veins all down the back of both calves and beginning to go to my upper thighs, and my cellulite is getting out of control, too.

Guess I'm doomed to wear nude tights from now on. I just hope it doesn't get too much worse.

>> No.9237817

From what I heard, they both tried to dive off some high rocks. Didn't make it.

>> No.9237823

I know this feel anon. I'm skinnyfat but my legs are horrible. I feel disgusting.
All cosplays that show leg are pretty much off limits for me, which is a lot. And if I ever decide to do one it would barely show any leg and I'd probably make myself wear multiple pairs of tights....not even sure how that'd look.

>> No.9237827
File: 91 KB, 399x365, 1445740139302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wasn't planning to cosplay at next con
>find a meet up for a new series I like
>see a bunch of landwhales and closet cosplay wearers posting on the fb event
>cannot resist the urge to show up there in costume looking better than everyone else

>> No.9237836
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>tfw you can only attend Sunday at a con

Gdi, that's the garbage day! How am I supposed to meet kawaii new people on just Sunday?!

Does anyone here actually give a shit about Sunday? Be real.

>> No.9237846


Lol why don't you just exercise you lazy fucks.

>> No.9237851

Welcome to the world of adulthood.
It sucks and you have to take like 10 years to find something enjoyable that doesn't pay nothing at all.

>> No.9237855
File: 486 KB, 500x268, 1471260444635.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being this eager to call someone fat
Lol exercise gets rid of spider veins now thanks for the advice

>> No.9237862

I see where you are coming from and I agree that a lot of people do overcome that and it becomes a very enjoyable hobby. The point I'm really trying to make is that the idea is something interesting but the actual going out and doing of the activity isn't any fun for me. I have had no positive experiences in cosplay only negative. Maybe if there was some fun community or good moments things would be different And I wouldn't feel that way about putting on a costume and pretending to be someone far more social than I am. But why would anyone do anything they don't enjoy for extended periods of time.
I want to enjoy the hobby and the initial creation of a costume or prop building is exciting but it always devolves to failure eventually. What do other people do to get over that hump?
And no I'm really not interested in your "just do it" advice because if that was the answer it would have fucking happened already.

>> No.9237867

I'd argue they were just as successfull as they wanted to be. They achieved their goal. Albeit the goal was very grim and saddening.

>> No.9237868

It won't get rid of those but your cellulite is literally just fat and that can be easily eroded by dietary change and exercise. I mean it's your life you choose to do what you will with it but there are solutions to at least some of your problems if you just have the motivation to do something about it.

>> No.9237880

Well what advice do you want other than "just do it"? Wish upon a star? Sit on your ass until suddenly things are positive? Life doesn't work that way.

If you're not enjoying it; stop doing it. Find a different hobby. If you want to enjoy it; keep going until you meet people who make it enjoyable. There are literally no other options.

If you want more tailored advise you're going to need to be less vague about what your issue is. All you've really said so far is that you have "negative experiences" and people aren't especially friendly when you approach them, that's not a lot to go on. How are you approaching them? What kind of people are you approaching? What exactly do they say when you approach them? Is it possible you're taking a neutral reaction as a negative one when it's not? What are these negative experiences you've had? Give a bloody example, we aren't mind readers and can't give specific advise on a situation where we don't know the specifics.

>> No.9237887

Do what you like, don't try to force yourself into ouji just because you look masculine. If you want to be cute and ouji doesn't make you feel cute, don't wear ouji. Have you thought about changing your real hairstyle to something similar to the wigs? Bangs, face-framing layers, etc that can help to make your face look cuter.

>> No.9237889

x3 I just buyed my first Apee dress!

>> No.9237897

I do like how I look in ouji/crossplay because it gets me attention from girls and I'm hella gay but yeah, being adorable is so much better.
Right now I have a pixie cut and it'll take a few months to grow out, hence the wigs.

>> No.9237902

Not entirely true. Skinny women can get cellulite (and fat women can not have cellulite) because the bumpy appearance is more to do with the collagen and elastin being too weak to hold the fat in place in a non-lumpy way than it is to do with the amount of fat on your body. Being obese will make it more obvious, but even if you're skinny you won't have literally no subcutaneous fat on your body and it can still show up. I freaked the fuck out when I got cellulite while underweight because most of the advice I saw online that wasn't trying to shill snake oil pills assumed cellulite = obesity and suggested losing weight as a solution (exercising did nothing for me). Finding out it's a genetic curse you can't do much about is part-reassuring, part massive downer.

>> No.9237907
File: 56 KB, 840x630, weebjail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you saying they suicide??


>> No.9237922

thanks, adding more nugu waifus to my list.
makeup and/or surgery for cuteness, and as for talent practice like a trainee.

>> No.9237938
File: 88 KB, 310x464, 1457039609350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tl;dr i have no local friends anymore
>too poor for out of state cons to go w/ best friend
>will have to go to cons alone and feel like a sperglord thanks to my social anxiety

any 'gulls have advice for going to a con alone?

>> No.9237946

Take a camera and take a lot of photos of people. It'll give you a way to talk to people, especially those in a fandom you like.
Definitely cosplay! I have social anxiety and oddly enough, being in costume makes me more confident.

>> No.9237972

What state are you in, anon?

>> No.9237989
File: 90 KB, 393x374, stockinmad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9238013

I dunno if they commit sudoku with so little information but it seems dodgy.

>> No.9238014

>Smallish city
>Local con
>"Hey anon, I bet you we'll see 12 Harleys"
>Oh it's on now motherfucker, put on your big boy panties
>"Done. I win if it's over 12."
>56 Harley 'cosplayers'
Near a quarter of them were 'men'

>> No.9238015
File: 14 KB, 250x250, what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Commit... sudoku?

>> No.9238016


>> No.9238018

Ah. Meme.

>> No.9238020

Fwiw, we never mocked them to their faces. We were always civil, and only called them "our balls" when they were absent.

I wish I could apologize, regardless.

>> No.9238032
File: 342 KB, 394x394, 1473555616741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9238034

Would having a larger muscle mass behind the subcutaneous fat help. Ive never had problems with any kind of awkward fat deposition (yay genetic lottery I suppose) but I know that when I get stronger it mitigates most of the impact of for instance the annoying crease between my ass and thighs. Even though ostensibly I have a similar body fat percentage.

>> No.9238036

It's a bad dad joke way of saying sepukku. I'm sure everyone on 4chan is well aware of what sepukku is.

>> No.9238066

Holy shit that's a lot. I wouldn't have guessed above a dozen.

>> No.9238072

I don't really enjoy cons anymore but my life feels so empty without them. I really just want to drink and socialize with fellow nerds/weebs but my group has had too many dramas to be fun anymore, and things have become so cliquey these days that finding a new group is impossible, at least for older fans like me.

It fuckin' sucks.

>> No.9238076
File: 2.31 MB, 369x268, shialecry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get notice dress I'm after is for sale
>immediately message seller though they are selling it for over 100 more than last sale of dress
>whatever they can sell it for what they want
>while waiting for reply check listing photos
>seller has raised the price of the dress even more

Perfect time for my currency to be in the toilet...Would it be rude to ask them why they increased it?

>> No.9238095

I'm going through the same thing ugh. My group ruined itself after letting batshit crazy people in and clinging on to them. I've been trying to join new groups but ran into cliquey ones like you said. Lots of groups I've been around are people who are already long-term friends that end up making me feel left out... or a gathering of underage cringey weebs.

>> No.9238101

Working out can actually improve cellulite by ridding the body of adipose tissue; this usually only works in people who developed adipose tissue by gaining muscle mass and then losing it.

However we also gain adipose tissue as a secondary sex characteristic. The skin also weakens and thins as we get older, worsening the appearance. There's not much that can be done for such cellulite.

Staying hydrated will help more then anything because swelling and bloating make it worse.

>> No.9238104

And remember that cellulite is when the connective tissue in your skin that normally holds everything in nice and tight breaks down and loosens.

So... vitamins and minerals for your skin will help from the inside out.

>> No.9238107

And really weird... but apparently tight fitting underwear and clothing can actually contribute to cellulite by constricting blood circulation to the skin, worsening the appearance and speeding the progression. Apparently thongs and loose fitting clothes are preferable. (or just drink water).

>> No.9238117

So nudist beach cosplay every con. I getcha now.

Though as a man that was quite informative and enjoyable thank you anon.

>> No.9238120

Yes and no. You would have to combine it with a lower body fat percentage as well so that the muscle there is giving shape to the overlying fat and making any cellulite present less obvious. But the thing is because it's a connective tissue structure issue you can't rid yourself of it entirely once it's there unless your body decides to just randomly do it.

>> No.9238121
File: 68 KB, 633x758, 1475628768201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tons of emails asking for rush shipping/processing for halloween
>some not willing to pay for priority/expedited shipping but want it guaranteed on time
>people purchasing on "accident" and wanting refunds
>one idiotic customer sending literally 20+ separate emails within 3 minutes
>doesn't pay until thursday night so ship friday morning
>get email while leaving post office saying she NEEDS it on halloween (previously said she needed it for after halloween)
>annoyed but email tracking number
>customer gets brother to email 5+ times in a row to ask for tracking number after already emailing it
>banned customer keeps trying to order every week
>been 6 or so times now
>keep telling her she is banned for false Paypal fraud claims
>says she's sorry and ACCIDENTALLY filed the claim against us
>keeps emailing from same email but changes her "name"

>> No.9238126

>look at local comm's facebook page
>see an event that looks fun
>think "oh, this is a great opportunity to socialize with fellow lolitas and really get to know somebody"
>close tab
>funpost on /cgl/

i've been accepted to the page and i'm sure i could just show up as a new member if i RSVP, but that shit takes real people skills. i think i only like the idea of joining a comm but will probably never do it. the benefits would be getting to go out in lolita more and being around people who could really appreciate my burando and the quality of my coords, but it just never outweighs the negatives of irl human interaction to me. feelsbad


>comment on an online comm post
>accidentally refer to other girls as "anons" out of habit


>> No.9238128

>Lots of groups I've been around are people who are already long-term friends that end up making me feel left out... or a gathering of underage cringey weebs.

Yeah, this is what I've found, too.

It's not just the group's fault that I've left, though, some of it is mine too. I said something inappropriate to one of the girls when I was drunk and it blew up into a whole awkward thing. The rest of the group thinks it wasn't a big deal, but she's always there and she goes out of her way to make it uncomfortable for me to be around.

>> No.9238130

Anecdote time
>Go to event for Fandom that I enjoy but none of my friends do
> Dress up in admittedly pretty hurried costume
> Everyone at event is in their own group of friends
> Impossible to try and shoehorn myself into something that is clearly a group thing
> Noone ever comments on costume
> There are prizes for people who came best dressed
> 5 people came dressed in something
> 4 get prizes and I get nothing
> Try and ask why I didn't get anything
> Get told to fuck off and stop whining
> Leave and cry on my way home

I'm sure there are Fandoms where this doesn't happen but that particular one felt like evry time I tried to talk to anyone I was forcing myself into their little clique. That and the whole zero comment of the fact that I was one of the few people that bothered to dress as anything. Plus no friendly people approaching me at all. I had an ex girlfriend once tell me " you are a tall handsome fit Male you look really confident and i don't think I would ever approach you at random on the Street if I didn't already know you".

There disect away.

>> No.9238133

>ask why i didn't get anything

there was your mistake. accept that shit with grace no matter how unfair it is. otherwise you just sound whiny and i would probably tell you to fuck off too. you knew your costume was hurried, so you shouldn't have expected much.

>> No.9238138 [DELETED] 

One guys costume was him wearing a swim suit and using permanent marker to give himself "tattoos" I couldn't have possibly been worse than that. Also the character he was protesting was supposed to be done grizzled tough guy and he was probably 250lbs of flab and body hair. I was maybe as bad as that, yes, but not worse. Not worse enough to not get a keychain that the event organiser got given for free for hosting the event.

>> No.9238141

justifying your costume to me isn't going to get you a keychain, dude. take it for what it is and do your best on your future cosplay. i haven't read through your other posts but that bit about asking why you didn't get a prize (and a really petty prize at that) just struck me as really poor behavior. stay humble.

>> No.9238156

Jesus Christ.

Unrelated, but I recently had USPS fall off their rocker and lose a package before it even got put into transit.

>> No.9238185

USPS is fucking up a lot lately. I've had international packages say they are going to the wrong country when you look up the tracking. And that's if the USPS website is even up.

>> No.9238194

>tfw guys don't want to stare at you because of this whole "cosplay is not consent" shit
I honestly kinda wanna go to a con with a bullet vibe in and see if anyone notices. Anyone tried this before?

>> No.9238196
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1474839324265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's alright anon. martin once tried to convince me that i didn't need custom size and my bust/waist were just fine for a size M. he didn't believe the insane length of my grotesque monkey arms.

>> No.9238197

I felt this way but my social skills aren't as bad as I think they are in my head so to speak.

I'm a true introvert and joined my comm to meet some nice girls that I wouldn't mind being friends with but... whenever I try to talk lolita with these girls they are all slightly put off or something. I don't get it. A lot of them seem to be handmade but even the ones that wear brand like.. don't care to talk about the fashion at all? I'm at a loss.
That's what I really wanted from meets so I think I'm just gonna go back to being a lonelita. I went to several meets and had lovely conversations, none of which were really about the fashion itself. Whatevs. They are fun parties at least.

I'm not like crazy social either. So maybe that's part of it? I mean I talked to people but I don't actually like talking to people. I'd much rather sit at home on my computer and fuck with anons and attempt having lolita conversations and then just end up funposting until some socially undeveloped retard throws a fit.

>> No.9238202

>>banned customer keeps trying to order every week
>>been 6 or so times now
>>keep telling her she is banned for false Paypal fraud claims
>>says she's sorry and ACCIDENTALLY filed the claim against us
>>keeps emailing from same email but changes her "name"
lol tell me it's hwc

>> No.9238205

anon i'm a 5'10 woman with a fairly masculine face who tried for yeaaars to be more small and cute. i tried ouji too. just fucking wear what makes you happy. if you feel good in it you probably look pretty good in it. people pick up on confidence.

>> No.9238215

I have a package in the mail right now. I've been able to track the package just fine until today. It was today that UPS handed the package off to USPS.

Oh well.

>> No.9238217
File: 20 KB, 306x306, 1476760386488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god, no. It's not HWC.

Although this development just happened:
>restock item which banned customer attempted to purchase
>new customer named "Shadow" purchases item
>"Shadow" immediately opens paypal dispute for fraud
>refund item and issue warning to email
>restock item for 2nd time
>"Shadow" purchases item within 10 minutes
>address changed to same state as banned customer

>> No.9238218
File: 274 KB, 500x612, nanitobesore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this Housewife-chan?

>> No.9238219
File: 645 KB, 500x580, 63456345.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you me, anon? most of my social ineptness is probably in my head and i hope i'll push myself to go to at least one meet just to say i did

i've read a lot of gulls saying similar things--about how lolitas in their comms didn't even really want to talk about lolita. more like a social gathering to talk about the weather while wearing pretty clothes. i'm afraid i might not fit in because i'm always excited to talk about new releases and stuff, but from what i've seen it seems that a significant amount of people just don't care.

nothing bad about (good) handmade lolitas and people who primarily buy offbrand but i'd expect them to care at least a little about what's going on with the fashion.

in the end it just doesn't really seem worth the effort because /cgl/ is right here and i can talk lolita to salty gulls from my bed. it's not the same but it counts for something i guess

>> No.9238222

I wonder if a call to Paypal would put a stop to fraudulent disputes.

>> No.9238226

This complaint retardation (and it was silly of me to do that I do agree) happened at the very end of the event. At that point after all of the nothing that had happened I figured a little bit of tension was better than the whole lot of nothing.

Was it dumb, yes, did it change my opinion of the event up to that point, no.

Besides there is plenty more to chew on there than just that piece of stupidity.

>> No.9238227

I've called them before and even forwarded them the emails she sent saying that the fraud claim was an accident and how she wants to keep purchasing things. They said there is nothing they can do for me except to have me keep the money. It took them at least 2 weeks after that phone call to close the dispute, and they refunded her money (but also let me keep mine). Their customer service is closed at the moment, but I will be calling them when it opens. Fucking annoying. Also just googled the distance between the old banned customer and this new one, and their addresses are only 4 miles apart.

>> No.9238231

My friends and a I usually take count of how many Deadpools we see over the con weekend, but this seems like a good idea too.

>> No.9238234

>spends almost 10 years with a guy who cringed every time you wear Lolita and calls you and ageplayer just for wearing it.

> falls out of intrest with the fashion but keeps favorite thing from closet locked up in a storage bag at the back of the closet.

>leaves own community because of it

>meets up with a girl at a convention who really thinks the fashion is cute.

>we hit it off and she moves back to the state she's from since she was just there helping a friend.

>talk with her behind husbands back and find happiness again in the fashion.

>girl buys me a dress from the east coast baby store.

> I receive dress and husband flips out about me waisting money on pointless things when he doesn't pay bills and only buys video games with his money.

>Girl I met telling me that he's no good trash and I should file for divorce.

>girl says she will help me

>I'm sitting here looking at the divorce papers without any sadness or depression in going forth with the divorce.

>husband discovers papers and keys my car.

>I still don't know if I should file the divorce and hook up with Lolita loving girl. Or is such a person too good to be real and my depression is playing tricks on me.

>> No.9238236

She's either REALLY nice, or bats for the other team and wants some ntr action.

>> No.9238237

>husband discovers papers and keys my car.


>> No.9238238

I had a seller do this recently. Once I asked if they had more proof pictures , cause I was really interested, they added $40 to the BIN. What was even better was that she expected PP fees to be paid by the buyer which is against ToS


>> No.9238240

> tfw shipping has updated for a week.

>> No.9238241

Your husband sounds kinda shitty. He doesn't have to love lolita but he should be supportive of it if it's not detrimental. His reaction to things makes him seem controlling, why waste more of your life with someone like that?

>> No.9238242

Why is it that every cute guy I find at cons is gay?

>> No.9238243

>tfw no /cgl/ wife to abuse and shame for a decade then get ntr'd by a lesbian

be sure to text him lots of ahegao double peace pics while making fun of his manhood and ability in bed

>> No.9238253
File: 14 KB, 313x313, butthurtazn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You bastard. This song has been stuck in my head since last night.

>> No.9238254

Well actually it's not for ntr action. The girl was in an abusive relationship before and helped me realize that I was being minupulated by my husband. The fact that he's keyed my car has her concerned about my safety. I didn't realize how bad it was till she pinpointed the abuse and how he's minupulating me mentally to take care of him and pay his bills while he works a part time pizza job and I work 5-6 days a week 8-10 hours a day and provide the insurance benefits and rent. She's more helping me not be complainant.

I plan on grabbing my things and my cats then moving into my mothers for a while upstate. I have slowly put things at a friends house and sent some to my mother for safe keeping. I will probably file for divorce and leave while he's at work one day. I'm just scared because he's expressed violence.

This is a good idea actually. But I have more class then to give him something to post to /b/.

>> No.9238255

Recently had a bet with a friend about this myself. We went to SacAnime and played Whack a Harley. I gave him good odds; Plus or Minus 3 to anything he picked, he said 14.

43 Harley's later, he owed me a bottle of Whiskey

>> No.9238264

stop picking the gay ones?
I dunno anon maybe you have some sort of secret nose for the hormones that gay men are flying about.

>> No.9238266

If there is expression of violence you can take it to the police of a shelter. Both can help.

Must feel bad though being in such a shitty relationship where you can't even enjoy your hobby. Your husband doesn't need to agree with something you enjoy he doesn't have to enjoy it himself but he should at least see the benefit you get from doing something you enjoy.

I feel for you anon go live that lesbian lolita life

>> No.9238274

I would use the police to help keep me safe, but I don't trust the police in the part of town I live in. When I was a child my father was beating the living shit out of my mother and the police didn't do any thing about it. Their reasoning is that no one saw it because I locked myself in the bedroom closet and didn't witness it with my own eyes. So it was a he said she said stance and they sided with the man of the house. So I have a hard time trusting the police in this area. That's why I'm going to my mothers up north since the police don't take lightly to domestic violence. She will also help me with all the paper work and legal stuff to get an order of protection on him. I would rather have the loving affection of another woman who won't throw a tantrum when I tell her no to sex. I don't know what I'll do with myself not being guilt tripped to doing something I don't want to do. And have someone who will support and love the clothes I love to wear. And better yet have some of the best sex you can ever have in your life.

>> No.9238290

sounds like you desperately need to escape your situation. I know it is hard to get out of abusive relationships. I would advise seeking out a womans shelter. Those people are saints and can really help with some of what you are going through if you think it gets that bad and you have no other alternative.

>> No.9238293

Please please get treatment.
I'm serious. Go to a doctor, work out something good for you, stick to it. It will be so much easier to just do everyday stuff. You can't go on untreated, this will come back again and again in you life.
As for lolita, this disinterest may be a result of your psychological state.

>> No.9238294

My room looks like after a hurricane or something when I craft. Totally feel you Anon.

>> No.9238297

The best part about cleaning out a crafting desk is finding all of the hidden gems underneath the pile of beautiful creative filth.

And the amazing paintings I've made by spilling glues, paints and staining things as well. Every desk a painting in progress.

>> No.9238319

Just find a group of people who will grow you in public. Ive seen gross like that float around. You get all of the exhibitionism but without the rapey creeps who might actually sexually assault you.

>> No.9238321

I love this feeling... until it's time to stop what you're making and pack up. Being surrounded by craft supplies and 'potential masterpieces' helps take my mind of the general shit-hole that is life.

>> No.9238342

>puts no effort in
>gets attention proportional to effort
>whines because he got nothing
I think I know what happened there. And I imagine every time you talked to people you were hoping for attention on your costume, whereas they probably wondered why you bothered to do something clearly so half assed.

>> No.9238347

There's still chances to meet new groups for oldfags! Try one of the local/country threads here, or look for a nerd group on meetup dot com based on your interests. My advice is to do some activity like games or food or sightseeing as the main point to keep things flowing while you decide who you want to actually drink and socialize with.

>> No.9238374

Ayyo thanks.. I can work this out

>> No.9238386

Go through this. You can do this. Best of luck

>> No.9238387

>people who will grow you in public. Ive seen gross like that
grope? group?

>> No.9238408

I'm a depressed NEET and I have zero reason to leave the house anymore. I've been trying to get help for over a month now but bureaucracy is hell, my first appointment with some kind of psychologist is next week. I really, really want to have a reason to go outside again. Doing stuff is supposed to help depression, autumn is my favourite season and most of all I want to dress up and wear my frills again.

I don't really have friends/people near me to do things with. Can you recommend any activities that would be fun to do on my own and get dressed up for? I don't want to lie in bed all day anymore.

>> No.9238410
File: 182 KB, 1194x466, tempted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw item I've always wanted is finally on sale
I've been wanting one of these so bad to dress up in cosplay/lolita for sales proof photos and my coord photos.

>> No.9238411

>tfw used to be the same

I dropped out of college last year and stayed home for almost an entire year before getting back to school.
Honestly I can't really give any advice, during that time I maybe went outside once a week, so I know how mind-numbing it can be.

Try just going for walks maybe? Sign up for volunteer work?

>> No.9238413

Thanks for the suggestions, anon. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get out of it? My depression really seems endless currently, and I don't believe talking to someone once a month is going to have much effect.

>> No.9238417

It depends a lot on what you like to do but here are some ideas: Go to the library and pick up a book you want to read and find someplace nice to read it, like a nice park for example; spoil yourself with tea and a cute dessert at a tea house; take yourself out to a movie or a play; or go hunting for loliables (blouses, cardigans, socks, accessories, you never know what you might find), familiar stores like Forever21 or H&M are nice but consider looking for interesting finds in thrift/vintage/antique stores as well.

>> No.9238418


>> No.9238419

I don't think I had depression, at least not diagnosed, and the only reason I'm somewhat out of it is because I hated being at home all day so much I just went back to school. Not a perfect solution since I'm not doing something I enjoy I just went with whatever that would force me to go outside.

So take my advice with a grain of salt; first of all talking to a psychologist and how much it helps depends on how you're going about it and how good you get along with said psychologist.
So it's important to go there with some sort of idea what you want to talk about, there's no reason for it to help if you're planning on hiding stuff and not telling how you really feel. I say this out of experience, you're just digging your own grave.
Secondly try finding something that might give you a sense of purpose, which is why volunteerwork might be a good idea. It's not going to magically solve your depression, but having a reason to go outside and socialize is already a million times better then sitting at home all day. And it also helps that you'll be able to help others, giving you a sense of being needed and usefull.

Sorry it's a bit ramble-y, but I tried!

>> No.9238423

Thanks anon! I live in hicksville so there's not many nice places but these ideas will definitely help.

Yeah, going to school just to do something is what I tried this year but I ended up immediately dropping out, at least it saves me money.

Yeah, I'm planning on making the most of it, I'm mostly just skeptical because I don't believe in people. In fact, I really, really hate people. Which is also why most of the volunteerwork I've found isn't really suitable, as it's all about being social and interacting with others, which I'm just bad at. I suppose I'll keep looking.

>> No.9238424

I see, well then it'll be important to discuss with your psychologist how you can learn to get along better with people. Even if you don't really want to, it's going to be better then your situation right now.

It's important in this case that you want to change, if you hate people and have no desire to stop hating people, you're probably not going to get much out of any help.

>> No.9238440

A healthy sex life leads to a generally happy life, anon!

>> No.9238443

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

Why even live, bros?

>> No.9238447

they kind of do choose to be that blind. my mom was CONVINCED that Sailor Moon was Japanese porn when I was a kid. She'd ask me over and over again if there was sex or naked people in it. it aired on fucking cartoon network, come on now.

>> No.9238459

Yes my phone hates me most days.

>> No.9238461

Ok, so how do these groping groups work, and how can they possibly not have rapey creeps in them???

>> No.9238462

You what. Ive already addressed that all of 5 people turned up in a costume and you are making a huge assumption based on zero information. Also that isn't really advice and doesnt really help with any of the issues I raised.

>> No.9238463

Maybe tunamelt did. Do you do the "sexy version" cosplay that gets so many complaints on this board?

>> No.9238467

Well just find a group of people who are comfortable being touchey. Don't ask me how you look for that specifically because I have no idea I just know that it exists.
Also yeah but given that it is a group of people you presumably will get to know you will hopefully be able to figure out who the weird creepy people are. Also sounds to me like that is what anyway. Better the weird creepy you know and can ass blast if something gross happens than the 45 year old overweight sex offender.

>> No.9238545

> tries to order colored lenses from Vision Direct
> receives wrong color, customer service ruins my life
> resort to circle lenses, orders from Pinky Paradise
> receives wrong color AGAIN

I'm going to pray their customer service can ship me a replacement without a month of unfulfilled agony like Vision Direct is currently going on with, but overseas shipping is infuriating, and I don't get why the universe doesn't want me to have one pair of violet contacts.

>> No.9238591
File: 117 KB, 800x700, 1448991742688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least your not a skeletonfucker

>> No.9238602
File: 221 KB, 500x375, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw a stranger references the first song of beauty and the beast where they are basically singing it's a shame belle is weird because she's pretty to describe you when you're out in Lolita

fuck you too lady

>> No.9238616

>boss gives ultimatum of quit or be fired
>two week notice, hated job anyways fyeah.jpeg
>job is working in apartment office for free living
>rent too expensive to afford normally
>try to find house to rent because hate complex's now
>realtor's screwing me over, companies taking 5+ days to go over applications
>my old asst.mgr won't send back rental versification for me.
>have enough money in savings but longer it takes, savings are dwindling
>can't get any of the fall luckypacks, and selling off most of my lolita to cover moving costs.

After I've missed out on 8 months of EGL/Animu events thanks to my shitty job, it's screwing me over one last time.


>be super busy packing/working/house hunting
>mail out package like 6 days late
>refund this girls shipping because i'm a piece of shit and she shouldn't have to pay for that.
>but money from original transaction isn't in bank account or pp account,
>only $20 can't find the energy to care but I should.

>> No.9238624

Ehh, found missing money. It went towards paying a monthly subscription I keep forgetting to cancel.

>> No.9238768

You should really look into that. Ive never understood how people can forget about monthly non mandatory subscriptions. But maybe that is because I basically have to live week by week and thus don't have the luxury of consistent income

>> No.9238769

I'm short and flat and I have no waist, so no matter how I coord, I will always be frumpy.
I tried to look elegant. It didn't work, so now I intentionally choose things that look frumptastic, so people will blame my clothes, not my natural homeliness.
I'm pretty much resigned to perpetual mediocrity.

>> No.9238796

kinda sounds like you really need the social interaction..
please go outside

>> No.9238824

he sounds scary af and it sounds like you've gotten too used to his attitude. he destroyed your personal property because he was upset with you. that is not normal behaviour!! it only gets worse from there!! i say get out of there as fast as you can and ride off into the sunset with your new lolita gf

>> No.9238834

i'm still probably not going to join the comm but i'll run errands in lolita just for you, anon

also might be moving to a city like Portland or SanFran soon so more likely to get involved over there! living in the middle of nowhere right now and it doesn't help at all

>> No.9238839

This is because girls who are new aren't knowledgeable enough to hold any interesting discussions, and girls that are experienced in the fashion have other outlets to discuss lolita. I felt like this in comms I was in until I realised the reason lolita topics rarely got brought up at meets was because most girls had already discussed them to death on /cgl/ or with lolita friends via PM and had nothing new to say. Plus some topics in the community are kind of controversial or rude to discuss (ex. saying that you think a certain style of dress always looks hideous when someone at the meet is wearing it, or that you hate a certain style, or that you don't like brolitas at meets, anything to do wiht replicas) so people avoid these topics in the comm and only bring them up among private gatherings of friends. Go for long enough to make some actual friends and it's more fun.

>> No.9238841

What >>9238824 said. The fact he keyed your car should make you more firm in your decision to divorce. Why the fuck would you consider that a reason to get back with him? Reading between the lines, it sounds like there were more issues in your relationship than the fact he didn't like lolita.

>> No.9238844

>do couple cosplay
>never been stopped for pictures so many times in my life
>know my costume is mediocre and we're only getting stopped because my boyfriend is a dead ringer for his character
>photos start going up, he looks like a stunning animu sex god and I look like his frumpy sister

Just gonna hide in our room and drink for the rest of the con desu

>> No.9238862


first off she's not a Lolita. She just likes the aesthetics of the fashion but doesn't dress it her self.

Second, yes he's done worse then the car thing. He's thrown plates, game controllers and even handled me rough when I denied him sex and took it any way.

I know it's hesitant in my part but divorce is going to happen. I simply and not sure that I'm doing this safely and not doing it out of my own selfishness.

>> No.9238865

Now that I dont have personal income and have to be more frugal, I'm going through my bank statement and paypal statements and cancelling 90% of any video or mailing subscriptions. I'm just so tired and depressed, I haven't done ot yet :(

>> No.9238887

Volunteering really helped me when I was a shut-in with appalling social skills. A good place will help you grow and appreciate you for the skills you have, and, as a bonus, you'll get to feel better about yourself because you'll be exposed to lots of people who are even more unemployable than you. Guessing you're not in the UK because you somehow got an appointment with a psychologist in only a month, but everything I've ever volunteered at here has had a mixture of sweet old biddies that bring cake, young teens looking for extracurriculars, and barely-functioning alcoholics, ex-addicts and people with serious mental health problems or disabilities. The management will be used to working around people's issues and finding tasks kids with no life experience can do, and there are bound to be people there who are bigger fuck-ups than you.

I'd also say not to just try one place and then give up. I have had great volunteering experiences but I've also had bad managers and bitchy co-workers just like in any job, so it's worth trying a few different places to see where you feel comfortable.

>In fact, I really, really hate people. Which is also why most of the volunteerwork I've found isn't really suitable, as it's all about being social and interacting with others, which I'm just bad at.
Most charity shops will allow you to work in the back room sorting and pricing stuff, where you won't have to interact with people and will get first pick of donated goods. Tree planting and maintenance work at nature reserves is done in a group but you won't have to talk or work close to people. You can also do stuff that'd make you feel useful without going through a specific volunteer organisation, for example going on nature walks and recording what you see so you can log sightings of certain species for citizen science projects, or even going and taking photos for a shitty aesthetic blog or insta account.

>> No.9238904

Also, pick a placement somewhere you like to go to incentivize you going, if necessary. For example, if you like the anonymity of being somewhere where people don't know you and your local thrift store is full of trash, see if it's possible to travel from hicksville to the nearest big city (or a richer or more touristy town with a better calibre of donations) and volunteer there instead.

What >>9238424 said is important, but remember that even if your social skills don't actively improve from volunteering, it should at least stop them deteriorating from lack of practice.

>> No.9238910

Its okay anon. I am voluntarily quitting my job and moving back in with my parents because I am suffering from severe depression and anxiety after my gf broke up with me and stole my dog. Don't feel bad about using your support mechanisms it'll put you in a better place in the long run and life is about more than money.
Just sort out one thing at a time like plan to go through your bank statement one day then take a breather and then the next day go through PayPal. I find writing lists helps me to keep my mind on track otherwise I will just forget/lose all motivation. Perhaps it's something you could try.

>> No.9238918

my friend doesnt know anything about how to craft or sew or make anything so I usually end up making all their cosplays.
I bring up how she needs to start learning some of this shit herself because I can't keep making her costumes for fucking free all the time, I want more time to work on my stuff. And she brings up shit like "well maybe you should teach me :("
Bitch, I learned all this shit on my own fucking time. Go on google, look up tutorials, trial-and-error, fucking learn it yourself, fuck. I hate how she and all my craft-retarded friends think its my job to help them whenever it comes to stuff like this.
I wish all my friends werent such normies.

>> No.9238926

Why the fuck are you still making shit for them?
You know you could do this thing called 'stop'. I hear it's very effective.
The fact that you keep doing shit for them means they have even less reason to learn so just stop and maybe they will for once.

>> No.9238933

Idk it started off as me just doing her a solid like, "hey lets go to con together and I'll make both our costumes!" which was fun the first time but she got this idea in her head that I'll just do it every time ?
I straight up told her that I dont want to make her costumes this year, and she agreed, saying that she still wanted to cosplay and wanted me to give her some guidance but now here I am again making the entire thing for her because shes too uncreative to actually try and learn something herself.
I wouldnt have done this again but she already got everything for it and I'm too deep into the project to dump it back on her.
I just dont want to go to con with her without a cosplay because I know it'd be awkward and shed be a downer about it.

>> No.9238937

I can't find my stocking that I'll use for a cosplay tomorrow. I know it's somewhere in my pile of mess and dust that I'm allergic to, that it's uncomfortable to dig through. But maybe I'll just give up and look more tomorrow. Hopefully I can find it.

>> No.9238985
File: 441 KB, 495x354, tumblr_ocjcjtlaPS1vq1xquo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw been working on 11.11 order for Ali and Taobao for a month now and still over budget

I'm at $163 for Ali and $145 for Taobao. I'm going to wait on cutting back again until I see the 11.11 sale prices. Maybe the shopping goddesses will smile on me.

>> No.9238992

> I just dont want to go to con with her without a cosplay because I know it'd be awkward and shed be a downer about it.

So? Maybe it would motivate her to make her own shit. Stop being a door mat a charge her next time, I bet she'll learn to do shit on her own real quick.

>> No.9238996

>have pcute gf
>all these cosplay ideas
>she goes insane
>breaks up with me
>gets horrible tattoo between her tits
>gets a boyfriend like, not even a month later

>> No.9239014
File: 41 KB, 600x450, CKnT8lIUYAABAfi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll be ur new cosplay gf
I don't have any tattoos

>> No.9239015

>handled me rough when I denied him sex and took it any way.
That's rape. I am so, so glad you're taking the steps to divorce this guy.

I was once in a similar situation- extremely controlling, forceful asshole who threw ragefits if I did anything he didn't approve of, took sex when he wanted it, and tried to cut me off from friends.

If you can, see if you might be able to press charges for sexual assault, and absolutely get a restraining order. Get something to defend yourself with, too.

He needs to be locked up.

>> No.9239016

See I don't mind tattoos, I'm a big fan and I want some for myself. But the one she got was ugly, blurry and faded really fast and looks like a bad bruise.

>> No.9239020

>hate ageplay
>think even mainstream kink shit like calling your bf "daddy" is gross
>vaguely uncomfortable by even super mainstream infantilising terms of endearment like "babe" and "baby" that aren't even interpreted as kinky
>don't have a separate lolita Facebook
>mostly post to closed groups like CoF so my normal friends won't see pics
>figured that since I have tight privacy settings and only have IRL friends on my friend list that it couldn't hurt to post the odd coord to my profile, if I avoid toy motifs etc
>they're pretty popular, 90% girls liking them but that's to be expected
>feels good that there are normal people out there who don't think I'm a hideous weirdo

>months later
>in a conversation with an acquaintance
>realise they think I'm into ageplay
>they assumed I was open about it because I've posted sweet lolita pics on my profile
>disgusted because it's absolutely not my kink
>confused because as far as I can tell nobody has unfriended me
>disgusted again because I realise that I have friends who thought I was posting kink shit to my Facebook and were weirded out but mostly okay with it?
>feel the urge to purge all my photos from the internet but keep trying to reassure myself that it's probably only one or two people that think this, r-right?

>> No.9239028

Tattoos ruin otherwise good cosplay imo

>> No.9239048

I know it's rape but you try and report that and the police just shrug it off because "married couples can't be raped". I stated yesterday that my police force is absolute garbage unless someone else witnesses it. Also the amount of people now that go "that's not rape" is astounding and I honestly don't want to play the rape card in a society that doesn't know what rape is anymore. I'm not seeking attention from friends or society. I just want him out of my life and start my new life with this girl I fell for.

>> No.9239049
File: 36 KB, 432x576, lkjlkjl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>commissioned someone last month for con next weekend
>had decent pics of their own work so went ahead with it
>paid for materials first
>they’re very responsive and send progress pics weekly
>fast forward to when they’re actually finishing up the costume
>send me an invoice with final payment and shipping
>i ask for final pics and it takes them a few days and a reminder email before they send one
>final pics look good
>send payment and they say they’ll ship it out monday and email me the tracking number
>tuesday comes and no email
>wednesday i follow up with what is the tracking #?
>sat fed up and email them asking wheres my fuckin tracking # (was actually very cordial about it)
>they get back to me today and say there was no tracking # provided but “here’s a receipt that i shipped it anon!!”
>dated friday, aka yesterday
>convention is next week
>realization that the props i had worked on are all for nothing

can i do anything about this besides cry and wish i had gone to someone more competent? i mean at this point i'm doubtful it'll even reach me on time

>> No.9239055

I had that except it was a week later and she was still sleeping in the same bed as me because she was too lazy to move out or buy her own furniture.

The worst part is she started dating someone who lived half the world away whilst still living with the ex boyfriend (me) that was literally in the same room as her.

Fucking kill me. Anon I know your feels and I don't want to feel them this was almost a year ago and she is still stuck in my head in all of the worst ways and I just want to stop thinking about her but my brain is all hah nope fuuck you time to get hit with the freight train of regret. make it stop

>> No.9239056

I'd be super pissed if I were you, anon. They knew your deadline, didn't they? And if they have a receipt it should have a tracking number on it because what idiot doesn't pay the extra $5 (if that) for tracking?

>> No.9239058
File: 3.39 MB, 1920x1058, b4b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to fucking do cute couple cosplay shit.

Possibly be in character. Take cute photos together. Cute, romantic shit.


>> No.9239059
File: 17 KB, 316x239, amygun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 27
>never had interest in sex
>feel like a freak as I watch my friends start to reproduce while I've never even fucked

I went to a con last week and some grill blatantly offered me a fuck, and I didn't take it. She was cute, too. She was dressed as Rogue from X-Men, one of the better Marvel waifus. What is wrong with me?

>> No.9239060

I constantly make couple cosplays with my husband where I'm a young boy character and he's the kid's older mentor and I feel like he's going to think I have some sort of weird complex.
Also I feel bad that I never make us cosplays that would be normal for us to wear while fucking.

>> No.9239061

yes, i made sure to mention the con was in a month and if it was a reasonable time frame for them, and they accepted. i don't know what they were thinking not having a tracking number, for both our peace of minds??

i'm just really bummed right now

>> No.9239066

You're asexual, no biggie.

>> No.9239068

Yeah, but... I'm getting pretty old. It's probably time I put it in a grill, even if it's just once.

>> No.9239069

For everyone lamenting not having a significant other or everyone who has never had a significant other.

Remember, cute cosplays, warm nights, and good feels aside, it's only good while it lasts.

To those who never had a partner specifically, you may be missing out on a lot of good, but you are also missing out on a lot of potential pain. Then the memories aren't so great anymore.

>> No.9239075

I hope a miracle happens and you get it, anon.

>> No.9239078

>on way to a meet
>wearing beret and keels
>been walking for 5 minutes, look at self in window
>beret is gone
>fucking book it down the block
>beret luckily still here
>that's how I learned I can run in heels
jesus fuck, that feeling of fear was so strong. anything similar happen to you gulls?

>> No.9239080

I left my handbag in a Starbucks one time and didn't realise until I'd gone through the barriers onto the train station platform and sat there ten minutes waiting for my train. Panicked so much when I ran back for it. None of the staff had even noticed it and taken it behind the counter, it was still there on a table where anyone could have grabbed it but thankfully no-one did.

>> No.9239090
File: 982 KB, 245x215, daygfy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>walking along w/ comm
>feel cold below
>realize that, at some point, my panties fell down and I lost them

>> No.9239093

The moment someone shows they're controlling like this, you should know that they aren't someone you should spend your life with.

Maybe not now, but some time down the line you'll regret it if you stay with him. Your partner should never get in the way of your own happiness, they should try their best to help you.

If you're not sad about the divorce papers it's probably something that's been a long time coming.

>> No.9239096

Too many people don't realize they're in an abusive relationship just because they aren't getting physically harmed.

If he controls you like you're a pet in a non kinky way then he's most likely abusing you and you can't truly find happiness with someone like this.

Take it from someone else who has been in a long time emotionally abusive relationship. You will be much happier without him even if you've become comfortable with him.

>> No.9239098

You probably are right. Why would people think you are trying to advertise a sexual fetish on Facebook. Noone thinks that. it is almost certainly just one person being awkward and noone else will be thinking the same.

>> No.9239102

dang. I'm worried for myself and mainly older members in my comm who have professional lives because we've got a lot of dumb teens who are into that shit, and I don't anyone to get indirectly involved.

>> No.9239108

How is this even possible? This doesn't sound possible.

>> No.9239112
File: 191 KB, 500x500, 1448014148730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dressing in lolita is the only thing that made me happy
>was able to calm suicidal tenancies with it
>after two years, dressing in lolita does nothing for me
>27 years old and never had a fulfilling relationship, just one years ago where i was pressured into by someone who threatened to kill himself if i rejected him
>only ever fall for guys painfully out of my league so i can never get in a relationship
>not willing to lower my standards because i'm a retard
>feel unbearably lonely
>only real friend killed himself last year
>try dressing up extra pretty today to see if it works, taking like 3 hours to do my hair, makeup, and nails
>look in mirror
>literally just fall back into my bed and sob unbearably
>buy helium tank, oven bags, plastic tubing, and plumber's putty from amazon
>package will be here next week

i just wanted my last thoughts said somewhere, i'm not looking for help

it's been nice being a part of this community, girls

>> No.9239116

You can't dress in lolita when you are dead. You can't do anything when you are dead.

Is there nothing beautiful you can see?

>> No.9239118
File: 137 KB, 418x387, bloomers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9239119

I also can't be in despair while I'm dead.

>> No.9239121

Look, I'm not going to tell you that suicide is never the answer because that's bullshit. But let me ask you this, do you have family? Would they suffer if you are gone? Because if so you kinda have to suck it up and at least wait until they are dead otherwise you're pretty terrible for making them suffer.

>> No.9239122
File: 1.79 MB, 400x222, tumblr_of0rdqXZWX1s02vreo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I did a fair today. The paperwork said we'd be provided a 6ft table, two chairs, and a wastepaper basket.
>Recieved NONE of them. Even asked the lady doing check-in at the event about them and was told we weren't getting them.
We were fucking lucky that their were benches right behind us but I lost a tables worth of display space.

The whole event was disorganized as hell
I had to email them to confirm they recieved my payment, and they never sent us even so much as an email saying where the fuck vendors are suppose to park or where we sign in at.

Thank god it was cheap gor a space but still it's a load of horse manure how they handled things.

>> No.9239127

No, I know. That's why I said "try and see if you can" rather than getting all up in your face like I've actually had people do to me when I've mentioned my situation.

I wasn't able to report my own case because I was living under the same roof as the guy and the only injuries I had were leg bruises which weren't specific enough of an injury.

Are you at least considering opening a restraining order? They're pretty ridiculously easy to get in several states. My worry is that someone with controlling, self-entitled tendencies like that is bound to try and follow you after the divorce. Even if the police in your area suck, it delivers a clear message to him that you're serious and willing to have him locked up if he comes near you.

>> No.9239129

Have you tried getting help, anon? Life doesn't have to be like this.

>> No.9239130

Before that package comes, please take the time to think about everything the dead cannot experience, memory included.

Do you have 'something' to hope for?

>> No.9239133

Can you get a discount on what you did pay for the fact they promised a table and didn't provide?

>> No.9239136
File: 914 KB, 1280x720, 5Z3pp55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

s-same ;-;
I'm so desperate.

>> No.9239139

I plan to fill out a feedback email about how poorly everything was handled. A family member suggested the same thing.

Though apparently poor organization is par for the course for the area. At least the last one was properly organized.

>> No.9239146
File: 193 KB, 560x555, how horryfying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not wearing bloomers

>> No.9239150

What's with all the women ITT marring violent rapists who hate their hobbies?

Is everything /r9k/ says true?

>> No.9239151

it's because they can spell marrying. competency is sexy.

>> No.9239153

Yeah, the police and organizations exist for that sort of thing. The police will come escort people for their safety upon request. It might be helpful to see if an officer will provide their presence the day your move your stuff. At the very least, multiple friends.

>> No.9239158

Not her but this is like saying
>do you have a boy who loves you? If so, you're terrible for rejecting him and making him suffer

Other people's feelings shouldn't be a reason to burden yourself. They'll live on, they'll heal, but to keep you alive because THEY don't want you gone is selfish on their end; not the other way around. It's your life, and ultimately no matter how much they care for you the decision affects you more than anyone else.

>> No.9239159

I think that was a pretty obvious typo, not how I actually think the word is spelled. And if you're going to play grammar-nazi, you should capitalize your own posts correctly.

Still, the fact that you're so quick to attack me and defend said violent, lolita-hating rapists just because I mentioned /r9k/ is pretty telling that it really is all true.

>> No.9239160
File: 71 KB, 191x250, queen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd say it's hit or miss, even for /r9k/.

There's a chance she could turn out to be the queen of the black puddle.

You don't wake up one day and say, 'I want to marry a violent rapist.' I mean, serial killers get away with crimes for lengthy periods of time generally because people don't think they are serial killers. Shit happens.

>> No.9239161

>comparing your family who has known you literally your whole life to a boy who loves you

You drunk? Cause permanently removing yourself from people who have seen you grow and turn into the person you are is on no way the same level as the example you gave.

>> No.9239162

/r9k/ will say anything to convince themselves that it's everyone's fault but their own that they don't have a gf

>> No.9239163

What if he's a childhood friend? The point is that you'll inevitably make decisions in your life that will hurt those around you; some more than others.

You can't hinder yourself from what you think is best for YOU simply because others will be hurt by that decision.

>> No.9239164

You're right, no more excuses.

I'll start going to cons, raping women, and telling them their dresses are stupid and too expensive afterwards. Then girls will be all over me.

>> No.9239165

Your entire family is not the same as one boy. Im not sure why you're so #triggered over this that you are unable to see the differences between the two.

>> No.9239166

Well, if her best friend were still alive...

Maybe they could have stopped her from ordering off Amazon.

>> No.9239167

>You can't go on untreated, this will come back again and again in you life.
You're right, but I was on the waiting list for treatment for years in high school and I'm just not sure if I have the energy to re-engage with the whole bureaucratic process of it. Where I live the services are so overstretched that you aren't considered high-priority enough to deal with in less than a year unless you're actively trying to kill youself (legit, I knew someone who was failing school, referred to mental health services multiple times over the course of a year for daily self-harm, and they weren't considered a high priority enough case to even see a counsellor until they were hospitalised for a failed suicide attempt). For a comparatively mild case of anxiety and depression like me where the main issue is that I'm afraid of relapsing and want intervention in case I get worse, there's no chance. I think I can get beta blockers from a GP as an adult without having to wait to see a psychiatrist though, and I'm definitely going to try to get what I can from university services. The problem is that with extreme mood swings I can see someone while I'm okay and they'd think I was a time waster with nothing wrong with them, and it's hard to express and quantify to what extent and how often I'm down. Maybe I should try to fill in a mood tracker as some sort of proof before even approaching the health service.

I got a lot better when I moved out so I thought most of the issues were caused by a bad family situation, but it's coming back with a vengeance now so it's obvious the change of circumstance wasn't enough. As for lolita, I'm less worried about it now as I've been browsing inspo threads and still like it a bit, I'm just not feeling deep emotions.

Does masturbation count? I'm probably not in a good state for a relationship right now.

>> No.9239168

they could easily get gf's if they used their neetbux to buy gulls brand
no excuses.

>> No.9239169 [DELETED] 

Years to see a psychologist or psychiatrist?

>> No.9239170

my SO loves lolita and buys me burando

>> No.9239171

Abusers almost always start off "nice" and wait until you're in a position where you can't leave to start with the raping and the insulting. It's like boiling a frog - the victim doesn't notice what's happening for a long time because the change is too gradual to notice straight away.

>> No.9239172

>just buy sex/attention from girls
Hmm, so you're basically saying, women are whores?

I guess /r9k/ really is right, women are personally agreeing.

>> No.9239173
File: 94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We tend to fall for those who aren't always best for us for complex psychological reasons.

This video is also from the same channel and somewhat related.


>> No.9239174

Pretty sure they're saying if you are as pathetic as the faggots on /r9k/ the only women who would give you attention are compensated whores.

>> No.9239175

Have you tried asking to be committed?

They may have a police officer drive you to the hospital, you won't be able to leave at your own free will, and the hospital may be as far as an hour or two away...

But if you really need help and haven't tried that, it's worth a shot.

>> No.9239176

anon whose SO buys her burando
you need to realize that sometimes, when you really love someone, if you have extra money and you know you can put a smile on their face or see them wear something you like, you might just buy that thing. My man buys me nice stuff he wants to see me wear than I like. I buy him nice stuff I wanna see him wear that he likes. And other random shit. Relationships are all about give and take bro and that's something you're gonna have to realize. Be a bit less selfish

>> No.9239177

>as pathetic
Listen I'm trying my best to rape as many women as I can, and calling lolita stupid and ugly every opportunity I get.

Not all of us can just be born rapists you know. Some guys have to work for it. "Just be yourself" doesn't work if you're not a natural.

>> No.9239178
File: 6 KB, 225x225, tipboater.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9239180

are you seriously just going to let your burando rot in your closet

tell me you're making some kind of plans

>> No.9239181

I don't get it, are you trying to say r9k isn't pathetic?
I thought even they knew they were

>> No.9239183

Some women will allow you to provide currency for favors such as sex and eye candy to parade around where ever meets your fancy.

There is also such thing as a sugar mama on the opposite end of the spectrum.

>> No.9239184

suicide anon here

i've been avoiding getting into the conversation because i really don't care too much for it but i won't allow you to roleplay the scenario of what my friend "would" have done.

my best friend and i frequently discussed suicide and were both very understanding that life is a never ending struggle. death isn't a negative, life is usually negative, death is zero. i'm honestly not "saddened" by his death per se just have nobody else to talk with who understands me. i'm actually in a way glad that he died because he was living a worse life than i was.

>> No.9239185

another gull whose SO buys burando and is happy to take me out in public on dates wearing it. peoples' bad experiences just stick out more than the good ones. i don't understand why people put up with the behavior described in this thread for so long, but at the same time, i guess i do. sometimes it's just not that easy.

>> No.9239187

You are right, they perhaps would have never known beforehand.

Having someone to talk to is important. Sometimes we lose the ability to see any beauty in the world. I wish it didn't happen because that's when we die.

I'm not saying they would have physically stopped you...

>> No.9239193

I did state before that i was going to get a restraining order on him once the papers for divorce are filed. I'm going to live at my mothers for a month so he can get out of the apartment and I can close my rent. Then I'll move north near Mom since I can take my work with me. He doesn't drive so he won't bother me there if at all.

Nah the police in my area are shit. I have stated this before above. They won't help out unless there's witness. And the women's help facilities are for women with children. I can't have kids so I have no kids.

>> No.9239195

The NHS, everybody. Great if you have a physical problem, absolutely appalling for mental health. I'm not sure what it's like for adults in the area I live in now, but children's services (under-18s) are a shambles country-wide because the law has all these safeguards in place to stop GPs handing out drugs to kids willy-nilly, but the service is too underfunded to pay to implement them properly. So under-18s aren't allowed to get or change a prescription for antidepressants without seeing a psychiatrist, but some areas have a massive shortage of psychiatrists (it's an absolute joke, the area my parents lived in literally had one child psychiatrist in an area of ~200,000 people), so teenagers have to wait ages to get access to treatment. Similarly, high-severity cases require more thorough treatment, but that sometimes means that if you case is considered a severe one, you'll actually be on a longer waiting list than being in a lower band because the service doesn't employ enough people considered qualified to treat all the high-priority cases.

sage for not cgl-related but it's an absolute fucking mess

This seems a bit extreme, am I coming off that badly?

Good luck.

>> No.9239197

bad idea. friend of mine was committed and it was hellish and left her with a bunch of medical debt

>> No.9239198

Meant to reply to >>9239169.

>> No.9239199
File: 3 KB, 346x89, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess it was deleted.

>> No.9239200

No, but if you ever feel you are getting there... before you get there.

>> No.9239201

NHS doesn't do medical debt. Not everyone lives in murrica.

>> No.9239203

It's not pleasant, no.

>> No.9239206

I don't know if the U.K. does voluntary commitment in the way the U.S. will.

>> No.9239208

Different anon here.There's no medical debt from situations like that in the UK luckily, the NHS is free at point of use.

It is however really hard to get sectioned. I tried when I was suicidal. The bed shortage was so bad that they told me I was fine and should go back to work (plan involved poisonous chemicals found there). Now I'm glad I didn't get admitted because even for inpatients access to treatment is bad and I know I would have been put into high dose drugs rather than getting more suitable help.

Instead I paid for my own counselling. Really messed me up financially for a while even just to pay for 10 sessions- £50 each and I had to stop going when my savings ran out, but I did make enough progress to stay safe.

>> No.9239229

I really like this youtube channel good choice anon.

>> No.9239245

>days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder
>Hallowe'en's a-coming
>getting urges to overhaul both my normie and lolita wardrobe and replace most of it with goth stuff
>can't tell whether my style is changing or I'm just doing the normal people thing of wanting darker colours in winter
>'tis the season when I try to decide whether to sell off half my wardrobe and do a complete overhaul, or whether to sit here and be peeved for a few months until my tastes change again

My taste in lolita has changed over the years, but I've also had phases where my love for different styles and motifs decreased without fully going away, so I never know when it's really time to sell and when it's just a phase and I'll get back into the style later. Usually I deal with it by just buying stuff to fit my new taste and not selling older stuff until I've not worn it for months, but right now it's either sell old stuff to fund new stuff or not have new stuff at all.

Did anyone else's style change since they got into lolita? How do you know when it's changing and when you're just temporarily interested in a trend?

>> No.9239290

Can you please be my gf I'll put you on a pedestal and worship you like a queen for eternity.

At the very least post a pic so I can fantasize about having had a gf only for only a second

>> No.9239292

This channel speaks so much to me. Thank you so much for this. I've been binge watching their stuff for the last hour.

>> No.9239295

>someone offered me $75 for a commission
>found out the commissioner wants to wear it on a tshirt they'd go to work in
>mark it up to $300 because I don't want to get scammed if they're making any money off of it
>they don't get back to my emails

It's a shame, I could have bought that second hand brand I was looking at too.

Its hard being an artist, people who want shit from you are so damn flakey or try to scam you, and don't even get me started on trying to do work for people's shitty self insert OCs

>> No.9239296

If you want anon, I am willing to talk about this. This isn't a new topic to me. I've spent most of my life struggling so, talking about it helps in a way. A form of venting I guess.

>> No.9239297

Lately I've had more of an issue of commissioners trying to get chummy with me. Talking as if we're best buddies just because they commissioned me a few times.

Why can't people just stop talking after the transaction is done.

>> No.9239306 [DELETED] 

> $300
>because they wanted to wear it to work
Holy shit you're an asshole. Do you charge students $200 to wear a shirt with your stuff on it for spirit week?

>> No.9239308

>based on assumptions
Holy shit you're an asshole, I would have walked too.

>> No.9239309

Maybe do a less radical overhaul if you have some things you haven't worn for a while? I'm at the point of having two full wardrobes' worth of normie clothes + my lolita wardrobe, so I'm clearly the worst person to ask about changing taste. I'm currently having nostalgia for my mallgoth days/myspace days and looking at some of the newage tumblr gothkids + japanese goths on instagram thinking maybe I should lose some weight and get into this again.

In terms of style change I think about what I am actually likely to reach for in my wardrobe and try to imagine outfits for everyday situations - if I can't really put that together in my head I'm probably not going to wear an item.

>> No.9239311

Ugh, I know. This is usually because they want to get shit for free from you in the future. Just stop responding and they'll get the hint.

They told me they wanted a halloween commission which sounded fine, but then they went on to tell me how they wanted to wear it on a tshirt while they were at work, some shit about being allowed to break usual dress code for halloween. If they wear MY design while they are working they are 100% making profit with my design and I deserve to be compensated as such.

>> No.9239315

What the fuck. They aren't making any profit, they're going to their usual job with your design on their shirt....

>> No.9239317

>at con in coord
>wearing extremely uncomfortable Hot Tomato heels
>look down at hands
>don't see the Reika photobook I just paid $25 for and got autographed
>run my ass through the crowded hall back to where I was sitting
>photobook got snatched up
>never see it again
>limping the rest of the day from foot pain
>haven't been to a con with Reika since
>tossed those shoes immediately after con

A-At least she complimented my coord.

>> No.9239321
File: 1.42 MB, 1936x1121, IMG_7154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In love with girl in my comm for 2 years
>She is straight as a broomstick
>She is everything I ever wanted
>Try my best to get over her because we will never be but I always compare other girls to her so can't be happy with them
>Support her as best as she can through all her failed relationships
>She knows I like her but sucks at comforting the issue sometimes
>"If you were a boy I would date you, but you wouldn't be a lolita so I like you how you are"

Only the dead can know relief from this agony.

>> No.9239335

>Just stop responding and they'll get the hint.

Yeah that's what I'm going with right now but they're definitely not allowed to commission me again. I want money but I'm not this desperate, and next time they message me I"ll be sure to explain them why.

>> No.9239380

Nothing, I'm in the same boat and everyone else thinks it's weird but I just don't give a fuck

>> No.9239383

yeah, i don't understand how they are making a profit off of your design by wearing it on a shirt??

>> No.9239386

I wasn't wearing lolita. Just some J-fash stuff.

>> No.9239395

Stop putting them on a pedestal. You are raising them up to be something they are not. You have to make the realisation that they simply will never be interested in you and if you aren't comfortable with being just friends then you need to walk away from that until such a time as you can learn to understand the relationship you have as purely platonic.

>> No.9239463

$300 is a reasonable price for print resolution files and limited personal printing rights.

The reasoning here >>9239311 is totally flawed, but that doesn't make their price unfair.

>> No.9239480

>go to con still hung up on an ex
>return from con absolutely madly in love with my boyfriend again and thinking about how and when to propose to him
Amazing what a good bit of cosplay sex can do for your relationship baggage

>> No.9239528

They are LITERALLY wearing it while making money.
Thank you, I don't want to sell my art for less than its worth.

>> No.9239533

i wear clothes to work every day, but i don't get more money based on what i'm wearing??

>> No.9239536

the person you just thanked called you a low key idiot, and after seeing you so miserably fail in understanding that I'm strongly inclined to agree

>> No.9239541

yeah sounds like they just wanted to wear it to work for one day? like a normal day job. i can see a huge price hike being justified if they needed rights to your art but like.. you can buy a t-shirt from redbubble and wear it to work and no artist is going to ask for $300 for it. i'd stop replying to your emails too, that hike is unreasonable.

>> No.9239568

Please post email. Will be your Internet bf as long as you're not obese. Thx
Not kidding
Plis respond

>> No.9239617


It was nothin personnel, boys~

>> No.9239623

Damn anon, you're an idiot.

>> No.9239631

Is this bait?

>> No.9239645


I was only pretending to like you to get your hopes up, but no one will ever like you.

Enjoy killing yourself.

>> No.9239646
File: 58 KB, 500x745, 499f3eeed414e8ec566557696fc8bc7f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2nd anon still hanging on to the last threads of hope that this may be a test. Plis respond

>> No.9239659

>Hung Up on ex
>Dating someone new

Why on earth would you start dating someone when you are not fully over an old relationship. What the fuck is wrong with people. you don't come into a relationship with that much baggage you just set yourself up for failure.

>> No.9239668

Rebounds. its not new anon.

>> No.9239683
File: 75 KB, 298x473, flanderspeekb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>walking through artist alley today
>girl gives me free bath bomb for being "too cute"

Do... Do you think she thought I was cute?

>> No.9239685


>> No.9239844
File: 67 KB, 272x272, tomokosad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9239885

> Rebound
> "I want to marry him after havy cosplay sex"

I'm not sure what you are trying to say here but its dumb.

>> No.9239958
File: 27 KB, 531x363, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when you have to unfollow someone you enjoy reblogging because they keep signal boosting another money-grubbing cosplayer from your state comm

>> No.9240048

You know in the age of the internet I'm surprised that people haven't learned to ignore the noxious things people post since nowadays anyone you like is bound to use some form of suicidal media to outlet some facet of their insanity for all the world to see. Just learn to ignore the garbage and enjoy the person for only what you value.

>> No.9240163

Sup. /fit/ here.

Skinny is usually sexy, too. Keep up the muscle training, but also eat at a defecit.

If you wanna lose weight through faster, more extreme measures, go check out /fa/'s thinspo threads. They're pro-anorexic and have ways to shed a lot of weight. They're just hard on you and your body, and you probably wouldn't want to work out if you're near starving yourself.

But I'm sure you knew all of this already.

tl;dr eat less but keep doing muscle exercise.


>> No.9240164

>Doing muscle training is a great way to burn fat though for some people.

Nope. It does increase your energy expenditure, and makes you stronger, which is fucking great for you in a whole host of ways. However, if you want to burn fat, then eat less, and do cardio.

>> No.9240172

Fucking CCS. Great series.

>> No.9240243

Walk to a local park. Sit down on a bench. Be in the outside.

Take a book if it's too much to do it with nothing.

>> No.9240285
File: 30 KB, 515x278, why1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I'm installing a blocker to keep her posts from popping up anymore when they're reblogged through the person I follow. At least I'm not the only one fed up.

>oh I didn't mean to badger anyone for money I just wanted to let everyone know I hadn't gotten any of their money yet

>> No.9240348

>Halloween is fave time of year
>don't get odd looks for wearing fancier lolita
>bf says he'll pick me up so we can spend day out together
>have been feeling kind of ugly so make an effort with makeup and hair and feel a lot better about myself
> bf is running late, hasn't msged
>not too worried
>bf is 3 hours late, he's not coming

Suppose if there was a day to feel comfortable on my own in lolita it would be today.

Boy do I feel like a fucking idiot.

>> No.9240362

posted in a dying thread man

>> No.9242568
File: 15 KB, 250x250, 1477707362966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go

>> No.9243166

Go do it, a true relationship is about accepting and supporting eachother whatever makes you/them happy. If you don't get that from him than he is definitely not the one. That and 'keys your car', like the rest said that's too controlling. He has the feeling he wants to be in control, maybe something else is going on in his life but he shouldn't do this and after ten years he should be a better person. So get rid of him, that will definitely make it better.

>> No.9243298

>Increase energy expenditure (weights)
>Keep input energy the same (no extra food)
>Not lose weight (stored energy)


>> No.9244364

I never said it doesn't burn fat. I said "Nope" to the idea that it's a great way to burn fat. Adding on more muscle does cause your body to burn more energy, since you muscles require more energy to maintain. However, the energy required burned building muscle (through anaerobic exercise) isn't that great. You're better off doing cardio (aerobic exercise).

However, cardio should be looked at as a fat burning additon, and not your main method of burning fat. Your best way to lose it is to eat less, and change what you eat so that you eat more protein.

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